15 October 2016

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15 Oct. 2016: 13 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:11
INDIA:PERSONAL LAW & uniform civil code
Govt’s stand on triple talaq in sync with Constitution: Union Law  Minister
Dehradun: Centre on Saturday said its stand on triple talaq is perfectly in sync with the spirit of the Constitution which is based on the principles of gender equality and justice. On Oct.7, the Centre had opposed in the Supreme Court the practice of triple talaq among Muslims, maintaining that it cannot be regarded as an essential part of religion.“Our stand on triple talaq which we had to be spelt out in response to a query by the apex court is precisely in accordance with the principles of gender justice, equality and dignity enshrined in the Constitution of India,” Union Minister for Law and Justice Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters. Welcoming the ongoing debate on triple talaq in the country, he said there must be a discussion on the status of a large section of women in a secular country like India as to whether or not they should be kept in a vulnerable condition.Prasad said the provision of triple talaq should also be viewed in the light of the fact that it doesn’t exist or is regulated by law in at least a dozen Muslim countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Egypt, Iran and Sudan besides several others.Replying to a question whether it did not reflect the BJP’s desire to impose a uniform civil code in the country, he said 2 were separate issues.“Law commission is discussing the issue of a uniform civil code and our stand on the issue of triple talaq has got nothing to do with that,” he said. Ministry of Law and Justice, in its affidavit, also referred to constitutional principles like gender equality, secularism, international covenants, religious practices and marital law prevalent in various Islamic countries to drive home the point that the practice of triple talaq, ‘nikah halala’ and polygamy needed to be adjudicated upon afresh by the apex court. PTI
If Islamic nations can regulate triple talaq, why can’t India: Law Minister Prasad
Islamic countries have also regulated ‘triple talaq’:Minister
Don't link triple talaq to Uniform Civil Code: Union Minister Naidu to Muslim board
New Delhi: A day after All India Muslim Personal Law Board called PM Narendra Modi "dictatorial", Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu ripped into the Board asking why it was dragging the PM into Uniform Civil Code issue.Calling for an "enlightened debate" on Uniform Civil Code, I&B Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said the "real mood" of the country was to end triple talaq and some people were trying to create confusion over the two issues."You (All India Muslim Personal Law Board) join the debate. Let there be enlightened debate you put forth your point of view. Let a consensus be evolved. Why are you trying to bring in the name of PM  and call him dictator," he said. TOI
Join consultation on triple talaq: Centre
Your Boycott Dictatorial, Not PM Modi: Minister Naidu To Muslim Law Board
Muslims In India Will Always Be Under Scanner If They Don't Abide By The Constitution: Shiv Sena
New Delhi: After All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and other Muslim outfits announced their decision to boycott of the Law Commission's exercise to seek inputs for a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Shiv Sena said that the Muslim community should abide by Law Commission's questionnaire as only then they will be considered 'true Muslims' and wanted to abide by the constitution. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut told ANI that it is not something unusual that Indian civil code has been opposed by the Muslim organisation. Huffington post
 RSS calls upon Muslim women to take to streets against orthodox elements, Muslim personal Law board
New Delhi:  Asserting that the Muslim personal Law is not a democratic body, the RSS on Saturday said Indian Muslim women should take inspiration from Pakistani women who in 1956, when the then Prime Minister Ali Bogra divorced his wife pronouncing 'triple talaq', took to the streets and the Pakistani authoritarian state had to bow down before them and alter the talaq . "Muslim Personal Law Board is not a democratic body as it doesn't represent the entire Muslim community; it only represents orthodox, conservatives of the 'Sunni community'," RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha told ANI."They should take to the streets; they should oppose the orthodox elements and fundamentals of Khomeini. There should be complete equality between man and woman irrespective of religion, caste, region and language," he said.RSS ideologue noted that the Muslim personal Law Board is not an elected body and is speaking the language of religious Islamic leader Ayatollah Khomeini."I would like to remind them that this is a liberal democratic country. We will not tolerate the language, behaviour and social philosophy of Ayatollah Khomeini. They should stop speaking Khomeini's language if they are serious about the democracy. They should demand referendum among the Muslim women. Ask them to go for referendum on triple talaq among the Muslim women, and you will find 99 percent of the Muslim women are for abolishing triple talaq. This is a moment to liberate Muslim women from the prison," he added.ANI
Muslim law board not a democratic body, women should protest against it: RSS
We'll ensure Muslim women fill UCC form: Anti-triple talaq activists
Barelvi sect opposes govt's stand on triple talaq, UCC; Filing affidavit in Supreme Court
Bareilly:  Barelvi sect of Muslims has opposed the Centre's stand on 'triple talaq' and the questionnaire by law panel on Uniform Civil Code (UCC), terming it is an infringement of personal laws and rights of minorities under the Constitution. After a meeting of clerics held at Dargah Ala Hazrat here last night, its ex-'sajjada nasheen' (administrator) and patron Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan in a statement issued today criticised the central govt 's affidavit submitted in the apex court and said the UCC questionnaire will be boycotted. "As per the Quran and Hadis, triple talaq is right in principle but according to Islam, pronouncing talaq thrice in one breath is not considered as good and Shariat courts give verdict on these issues in this light," he said. Filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court in this regard is an infringement of the personal laws and also the rights of the minorities given under the Constitution, he alleged. Khan said if the central govt "does not retract" from giving unnecessary stress on the issue, the Shariat Council of India will be forced to launch an agitation against it. The spokesman of Ala Hazrat Dargah, Mufti Salim Noori, alleged that the central govt  was trying to revive its old issue of Uniform Civil Code in the garb of triple talaq, which is not good for the country. Ulemas who took part in yesterday's meeting alleged that Muslim women were being "instigated against Islam" and the real aim of such people was to create internal differences on sensitive issues so as to end the Muslim personal law . PTI
Muslim groups ask Rajasthan leaders to come clean over triple tala, civil code
Jaipur: Muslim groups are increasing their pressure on BJP leaders and community leaders to come clean on the triple talaq and uniform civil code issue. Syed Sarwar Chishty, Gaddinashin khadim and ex-secretary of Anjuman Syed Zadgan of the Ajmer dargah have questioned BJP leadership and asked them to clear their stand on Centre's affidavit. "Cabinet minister Yunus Khan and chairmen of Madrassa board (Mehrunnisa Khan), Waqf board (Abu Bakar Naqvi) and Haj committee (Amin Khan) should tell us if they are with All AIMPLB or with the BJP govt on this issue," said Chishty, who extended the support of Ajmer dargah to AIMPLB. Putting pressure on BJP leaders, Salim Engineer, national secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami, has asked BJP Minority Morcha to clarify their views. "It's time that these so called national political leaders Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Hussien, Najma Heptulla and local state leaders explained to the public whether they believe in Sharia or in the ideology of BJP." When contacted,Amin Pathan, chairman, Haj committee, took a line opposite to his party's view and said, "I think the govt  should have taken the views of AIMPLB into account before submitting any affidavit."
Uniform Civil Code: Thousands of Muslims Protest at mosques in Hyderabad
Hyderabad: Thousands of Muslims on Friday came forward to oppose the introduction of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in masjids in the city even as they supported the stand of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) of boycotting the questionnaire released by Law Commission of India. Gatherings at several mosques were seen filling and signing a proforma which the board recently introduced. The document was a declaration of support for AIMPLB."We are with the All India Muslim Personal Law board to protect Shariat laws (sic)," one of the three declarations reads. Others asserted that the Constitution gave full freedom to Indians to practice their religion even as they rejected the UCC. "We are fully satisfied with the commands of the Islamic laws especially on Islamic orders related to nikah, talaq, khola, fuskh and wirasat (heritage). We are fully satisfied with and strongly deny the possibility of any change in them (sic)," another excerpt reads. According to city general secretary of the city chapter of the Jamiat-e-Ulama Hind, socio-religious organisations comprising religious figures, Peer Khaleeq Sabir, signatures were taken from Muslims at mosques in Secunderabad, Hashmatpet and Amberpet, among other places. "Several Muslims came forward and signed the forms in masjids such as Masjid-e-Zamzam in Amberpet, Jama Masjid in Secunderabad, Shahi Masjid and Hashmatpet Masjid and many others in the city," Sabir said. Announcements were made during Friday sermons in connection with the stand of AIMPLB, he added.TOI
TN Muslim organisations oppose uniform civil code
Chennai: A group of 22 Tamil Muslim organisations and political parties under the aegis of the ‘Federation of Muslim Organisations and Political Organisations in Tamil Nadu’ threw their weight behind All India Personal Law Board on Friday as they affirmed their opposition to the Centre’s efforts to explore the possibility of framing a uniform civil code. Addressing reporters here, Manithaneya Makkal Katchi president Prof. MH Jawahirullah said, “We will conduct a signature campaign against the uniform civil code and support the All India Muslim Personal Law Board,” he said. He pointed out that the civil and criminal laws differed even among the States and asked why the Muslim law alone was being discussed. thehindu
Karnataka: BJP trying to enforce uniform civil code, say activists
Triple Talaq: Appeals made during Friday prayers against Centre's move
Ahmedabad: Announcements and appeals were made during the Friday congregational prayer in mosques in city and across the state to support the AIMPLB for its stand against the Centre's view on triple talaq issue and its bid to introduce Uniform Civil Code.This happened after a meeting of religious leaders that took place at Jama Masjid on Thursday night, where it was decided to intensify the protest against the govt's "attack on religious matters" and "Sangh's agenda to destroy identity of the Muslims in India".During the congregational prayer on Friday afternoon, Imams in various mosques in the city made an appeal to Muslims unite against the 'unwarranted interference' in community affairs by the govt . A signature campaign was also kicked off by distribution declaration forms stating that the signatory fully supports the Shariah law and the govt is not entitled to alter it.Jama Masjid's Imam Mufti Shabbir Ahmed said that in almost all mosques of the city, appeals were made during prayer. Another participant in the meeting, Mufti Rizwan Tarapuri said, "I personally made an appeal and ensured that it happened in all mosques affiliated with our outfit. Similar appeals were made and signature campaigns took place in other cities and towns to." timesofindia
UP:  Muslims slam Modi govt 's stand on triple talaq
http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/triple-talaq-muslims-in-agra-islamic-clerics-modi-govt -aimplb-uniform-civil-code/1/787106.html
Agra:Modi govt's stand on the triple talaq issue has raised a storm in Agra, where Islamic clerics have declared that the Muslims of India will not allow the govt  to interfere with the Islamic laws.Addressing the assembly of Muslims at a local mosque in Agra after the Friday prayers, cleric Mufti Mudassar Ali Khan Qadri said that while it was true that Muslims had differing views on the triple talaq issue, no Muslim would agree to the imposition of the common civil code by the govt  as this was an attack on the basic tenets of Islam. Amir Ahmed Jafri, a local lawyer commented that triple talaq was wrong in its present form as the Holy Quran itself says that at least two witnesses are necessary in the matters of talaq, but the common civil code is something that could not be accepted as the govt was trying to push its own communal agenda in the name of social reforms. indiatoday
Ex-PM Deve Gowda opposes implementation of Uniform Civil Code
Ex-AG Soli slams Muslim board over Uniform Civil Code
Modi’s man Zafar Sareshwala says UCC will harm Hindus more than Muslims
New Delhi: Zafar Sareshwala, a close aide of PM Modi and the chancellor of Maulana Azad Urdu University on Thursday criticised the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) for calling the UCC “divisive” adding that the code has several pitfalls that the Hindus need to look out for. saisat
SC decision on triple talaq must be acceptable to all stakeholders: NCP MP Tariq Anwar
Interference in Shariat not tolerable: United Muslim Forum
Cong says impossible to implement” a uniform civil code
New Delhi: A day after the All India Muslim Personal Law Board slammed the govt  for its stand on the practice of triple talaq, Congress leader and ex-Law Minister M Veerappa Moily Friday asked Muslim community to “think of reforming themselves” so that the “axe of law” does not fall on them. He said religions will have to introspect and reform in every field “civilisation warrants” and “triple talaq is one such area where reform is necessary”. Maintaining “it is impossible to implement” a uniform civil code “in multi-cultural,multi-racial and multi-dimensional country like India”, he, however, said that rigid practices should change as time advances.I.express
Govt must take society into confidence: Cong on Uniform Civil Code
CPI cautions BJP, RSS against imposing triple talaq views
New Delhi: CPI on Saturday cautioned the BJP and the RSS not impose their opinions on triple talaq on Muslims, as it could lead to religious conflagration.CPI national secretary D. Raja told ANI, “BJP ministers and RSS should also understand that this issue should not be forced, as it can deviate people and can pit one religious community against the other. We all should strive for building a consensus. The fundamental point is, irrespective of religious affiliation or irrespective to what religion a person or women belongs to.ANI
Uniform civil code should be left to religious leaders: Mulayam
4 divorced Muslim women for every divorced Muslim man in India: HT
Mega defence deals inked at Modi-Putin summit, PM calls Russia 'old friend'
Goa: India on Saturday inked 3 mega defence deals with Russia that included purchase of a most advanced air defence missile system as part of 16 pacts even as 2 traditional allies strongly pitched for "zero tolerance" in dealing with terrorists and their supporters.The bilateral pacts were signed here after PM  Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin held "fruitful and substantive" wide-ranging talks encompassing entire gamut of bilateral ties. 2 sides also made three announcements to boost ties in sectors like trade and investment, hydrocarbons, space and smart cities.Modi prefaced his remarks at a joint press event with Putin invoking a Russian proverb to drive home the point that "an old friend is better than two new friends," in a reflection of India's apparent unhappiness over Russia's recent joint military exercise with Pakistan. Besides the purchase of 'gamechanger' S-400 Triumf long- range air defence systems from Russia at a cost of over USD 5 billion, other 2 deals related to procuring four Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project11356) guided-missile stealth frigates and setting up of a joint production facility for making Kamov helicopters.PTI
LIVE Brics Summit 2016 Goa: PM Modi, Xi Jinping bilateral talks underway
New Delhi:Shortly after concluding delegation-level talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, PM Narendra Modi is holding bilateral talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Earlier in the day, PM Modi and Vladimir Putin held delegation-level talks on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Goa. Both leaders later made statements detailing the partnership between the two countries. India and Russia signed a total of 16 agreements mostly in the fields of defence, energy, power, shipbuilding and space. Both PM Modi and President Putin also lay the foundation of units 3 and 4 of the Kudankulam nuclear plant via video conferencing.“We agreed to work on an annual military industrial conference that will allow stakeholders on both sides to institute and push collaboration,” said PM Modi. He called Russia an ‘old friend of India.’Top heads of state including Chinese President Xi Jinping and South African president Jacob Zuma are in Goa to attend the 8th BRICS summit. Representatives from the BIMSTEC countries will also be present at the summit. BRICS is an association of emerging national economies comprising of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. indianexpress
Russia will never do anything against India’s interests, says Foreign Secy Jaishankar
Srinagar: Jawan killed, 8 injured in militant attack on SSB convoy: indianexpress
Srinagar: A Sashastra Seema Bal jawan was killed and eight others were injured on Friday when militants attacked a convoy of three SSB vehicles at Zakura, on the outskirts of Srinagar. The militants fled after firing at the convoy and security personnel have mounted a search operation. Police said the jawans were on their way to a camp when they were attacked. Jawans retaliated and the firing lasted 15 minutes. A senior police officer said a jawan succumbed to injuries at the hospital. “Condition of two other jawans is critical,” he said.
BJP may call mid-term polls in states after surgical strikes: Gurudas Kamat
Bikaner: Congress leader Gurudas Kamat has said BJP may try to milk political advantage out of the Army’s surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir by calling for mid-term polls in multiple states, and asked party workers in Bikaner to be prepared for all eventualities. Addressing Congress workers at a state-level programme in Bikaner of Friday, Kamat alleged that PM  Narendra Modi and the BJP are taking “unwarranted” credit for the Army action, in the poll-bound state of UP . He said mid-term elections in some states are possible as the govt  was intent on taking advantage of the strikes and told party workers to be prepared for them.PTI
Curfew lifted across Kashmir even as restrictions on the assembly of people remain
Authorities in J&K on Saturday lifted the curfew imposed across the state after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, PTI reported. Prepaid mobile services were also restored in the region, more than three months after the unrest in the Valley began following Wani's death on July 8.Police said that while curbs on the movement of people had been lifted, restrictions on the assembly of people were still in force across the state. Security forces have been deployed in sensitive areas to maintain law and order, officials said. However, shops, business establishments and petrol pumps remained closed, even though private transport and autorickshaws were back on roads.scroll.in
14 Fridays on, no congregational prayers at Jamia Masjid: J&K
Muslim-Sikh help Pandit couple tie knot in Kashmir
Srinagar: 3-month long Kashmir unrest may have marred the traditional wedding season but Muslims and Sikhs joined hands to help solemnise the marriage of a Pandit couple in the Valley’s Pulwama district, setting an example of communal amity and brotherhood. Aashu Tikoo of Tahab village yesterday married Neeshu Pandita of nearby Loswani village and both the non-migrant families were joined by their Muslim and Sikh neighbours. Their neighbours -- mostly Muslims and Sikhs -- helped 2 families in making necessary arrangements like setting up of tents, firewood for the marriage feast, attending to guests including several migrant Pandits relatives. ‘Wanwun’ (traditional folk songs) saw Muslim women outnumber the relatives of couple during marriage ceremony while the men were busy decorating the house of the bride and the bridegroom and later helping clean the premises.PTI

Islamic Development Bank to be part of Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit
Ahmedabad: Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is going to cement ties with Islamic countries with many of them readying to participate in the eighth edition of the biennial event. Scheduled to be held in January, the summit is set to turn into a platform for India to take diplomatic engagement, initiated during PM  Narendra Modi's visits to some Middle East countries, to the next level of fostering bilateral partnerships.A bevy of high-profile govt  and business delegates from around two dozen Islamic countries as well as those predominantly Muslim will attend the investment summit, a brain child of Modi when he was Gujarat's CM .The prominent among to have confirmed their partici pation include names such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. Morocco, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives and Iran, too, are likely to join in. It all started in 2009 with VGGS witnessing limited participation from the Mus lim world. The subsequent editions saw interest gro wing stronger with 10 na tions making it to the 2015 edition."We got very good response from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar govt s and business communities. They not only confirmed that they would be sending govern ment delegations but key financial and corporate delegations as well," said chancellor of MANUU Zafar Sareshwala, who had accompanied Modi to Saudi Arabia and also led a Gujarat delegation last week to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.TOI
Malegaon blasts: Bombay HC asks NIA if Sadhvi Pragya can be kept behind bars
Mumbai: Bombay High Court Friday directed NIA to compile and submit all previous court orders concerning the 2008 Malegaon blasts accused Pragya Singh Thakur, while questioning if a person could be “kept behind bars even if there was no charge against him or her”. The directions came while the bench was hearing a plea filed by Thakur challenging a special court order that denied her bail. Thakur, who was given a ‘clean chit’ by the NIA earlier this year, had approached the HC through her counsel, claiming that the special NIA court that rejected her bail plea on June 28 this year, erred in doing so.“We would like to inspect both the chargesheets and go through the special court’s orders, particularly the one denying the appellant bail. We also want to go through the original records,” said the bench. Indianexpress

Govt plans to resurrect UPA-era counter terror agency
The govt is planning to bring back plans to establish the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), which were first introduced during the UPA govt ’s regime.The idea was earlier shelved after state govt ’s raised an opposition. However, according to sources Union home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi informed the parliamentary standing committee that “no final decision” has been taken on the issue yet.The NCTC was the brainchild of former Union home minister P Chidambaram, who now heads the standing committee as an opposition member, and it was modelled on the NCTC formed in the United States after the 9/11 attacks. hindustantimes
UP: Muslim School principal lands in jail for depicting Modi as Ravana in Facebook post
Meerut: Sharing a Facebook post, depicting PM  Narendra Modi and some BJP ministers as Ravana, proved costly for a school principal as he was booked and dispatched to jail on Thursday in communally sensitive Sardhana area, represented by BJP's controversial legislator Sangit Som.Mudassir Rana, principal of a private school in Sardhana, was booked by police on Tuesday under section 152-A of IPC  following a complaint filed by a Bajrang Dal leader.Rana had shared a Facebook post in which PM Modi was shown as Ravana. BJP chief Amit Shah, RSS head Mohan Bhagwat, yoga teacher Ramdev and some BJP ministers were shown as the devil king's extended heads. According to scriptures, Ravana had ten heads.Rana had allegedly uploaded the picture on Dussehra with a caption which read --'Burn this Ravana and end the evil'.TOI
Waqf Board removes 41 employees of Delhi appointed by AAP govt
New Delhi:CEO of Waqf Board removed 41 employees of Delhi Waqf Board Friday. Delhi govt had appointed them between April and May. Order to remove them stated their appointment was in violation of rules, said sources. No advertisements were issued for the posts, the sources added.The 41 were working on diverse posts. While 22 were contractual employees, 11 were daily wage earners and the rest were in the consolidated group. They were working as field staff, computer operators and on other posts. “The concurrence of finance department is mandatory when employees are recruited. This should be approved by the govt , which was not the case… Directive has been issued to to retain old staff recruited under rules. There are 42 old staffers in Waqf board,” said a source. indianexpress
Amanatullah Questioned In Waqf Board Recruitment Scam
New Delhi:Ex-Delhi Waqf Board chairman and AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was today questioned by Anti Corruption Branch  officials for around three hours in connection with the alleged recruitment scam in the body. "He was questioned about the formalities which are needed for recruitment, but he was evasive," said a senior ACB officer.PTI
 ‘Atheist’ conclave cancelled after religious leaders protest
Kanpur:Religious Leaders from various communities and locals on Friday created ruckus at the ashram of Swami Balendu, popularly known as ‘Atheist Guru’, at Vrindavan in Mathura after he announced that he would organise a two-day “atheist conclave”. The district administration, which had earlier given permission for the event, immediately cancelled the same on the ground that it may hurt religious sentiments.The organisers too later announced that they would not go ahead with the conclave. Spiritual guru-turned-atheist Swami Balendu had invited like-minded atheists, friends and acquaintances to his ashram for the conclave to be held on Oct.14 and 15. Umar Quadri, Imam of Shahi Jama Masjid of Mathura, said Balendu is a “publicity seeker” and has no right to hurt the feelings of believers. A few clerics from Jama Masjid too accompanied the protesters. indianexpress
Hindu outfit calls bandh in MP district over police action
Bhopal: After calling a bandh in Jhabua district on Friday over the alleged beating of three RSS and one BJP functionaries, who were accused of inciting communal violence in Petlawad town, Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM) has given a call for a bandh in Dhar on Saturday to protest against incidents of violence over the last three days. Petlawad police had taken into custody three RSS activists from their homes late on Wednesday in connection with violence that followed the passage of a tazia procession in the town on the occasion of Muharram. HJM alleged that the 3 functionaries and a BJP leader were beaten up in the Petlawad police station, and observed a bandh in the town on Thursday demanding suspension of sub-divisional police officer Rakesh Vyas. When the administration refused to act against the SDOP, HJM called for a bandh in the entire district on Friday. indianexpress
Can book Teesta Setalvad for spreading hatred via writings: HRD panel
New Delhi: Holding activist Teesta Setalvad of Sabrang Trust “culpable for hatred-filled, disharmony-spreading, ill-will generating, enmity-creating explosive writings”, a committee appointed by the Ministry of HRD has said there exists a prima facie case against her under Indian Penal Code sections 153-A and 153-B.These sections, which relate to promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony, and imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration, are punishable with jail terms and fine.The committee has also said that officials who were in the HRD ministry when the UPA was in power “can’t escape accountability, responsibility and culpability” because Rs 1.39 crore was released as grant to Sabrang Trust though it was not eligible for it. indianexpress
Qureshi gives immigration authorities slip, flies to Dubai
New Delhi: Controversial Delhi-based meat exporter Moin Qureshi was on Saturday detained at the airport here in a money laundering case but managed to give immigration authorities the slip and flew to Dubai after showing a court order in an income tax case, leaving officials red faced.An inquiry has been ordered by the immigration authorities into the gaffe. Qureshi was detained based on a Look Out Circular  issued by Enforcement Directorate (ED) in a money laundering case against him.As the immigration department informed ED about his detention, Qureshi presented a court order in which there was no restriction on his flying abroad. The immigration officer checked for the veracity of the court order and allowed him to fly to Dubai.As ED team reached the airport to take meat exporter into custody,they were informed that he had been allowed to fly on the basis of a court order.PTI
Meat exporter Moin Qureshi briefly detained at IGI airport in money laundering case
Bihar: Many hurt in fresh violence in Bhojpur, Madhepura
Ara/Madhepura/Patna: At least 3 persons were injured in a fresh violence at Piro in Bhojpur district where rioters torched two vehicles in the market area on Friday. Violence erupted a day after IG (Bihar Military Police) Ajitabh Kumar promised in a peace committee meeting that adequate forces would be deployed in the town to rein in the rioters. The district administration has shut down internet services in Bhojpur till further orders to prevent further misinformation and chaos. On Friday, two more people were arrested in connection with the communal flare up. Shahabad range DIG Mohammad Rahman, DM Virendra Prasad Yadav and SP Kshtranil Singh are camping in violence-hit areas to avoid any untoward incident. Meanwhile, rioters forcibly shut business establishments at Bihariganj in Madhepura on Friday.TOI
Pappu Yadav accuses BJP leaders of inciting communal violence
At least 19 killed in stampede near Varanasi, officials say death toll likely to rise
UP Muslims may prefer BSP over SP:The Hindu
Palestinians welcome UNESCO vote on al-Aqsa compound
Palestinian leaders have rejected Israeli criticism over a UNESCO draft resolution that condemned Israel's policies around al-Aqsa Mosque compound, while supposedly denying Jewish ties to the holy site in occupied East Jerusalem.Israel suspended cooperation with UNESCO on Friday, a day after UN cultural body criticised it for restricting Muslim access to the site, and for aggression by Israeli police and soldiers. UNESCO also recognised Israel as the occupying power.In a statement sent to Al Jazeera, the Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs said it welcomed the adoption of the resolution that reflected "the majority of member states commitment to confront [the Israeli] impunity and uphold the principles upon which UNESCO was founded".The statement added: "Rather than spending millions to spin the illegal colonisation into normalcy and distort reality, Israel, the occupying power, must understand that the only way to be treated like a normal state, is if starts acting like one, by ending its occupation of Palestine and seizing its irresponsible and illegal actions in the occupied land of the state of Palestine especially East Jerusalem. "Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki also criticised Irina Bokova, UNESCO director-general, after she distanced herself from Thursday's vote. aljazeera
UNESCO resolution scraps Jewish claim on Masjid-Al-Aqsa and Al-Buraq
Jerusalem Holy Site Muslim, Not Jewish: UN Resolution Could Heighten Tensions Between Israel And Europe
UNESCO vote: No link between Al-Aqsa and Judaism
Israel suspends UNESCO ties over al-Aqsa resolution
40,000 Syrians besieged by Hezbollah, Assad regime
Some 40,000 Syrians, more than half of them forcibly moved last year by Hezbollah and Assad regime forces to Madaya, Biqqin and Zabadani, lack access to qualified doctors, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported yesterday.Civilians are being besieged in these three towns by Hezbollah and Assad regime forces in order to put pressure on opposition forces who have besieged Fu’a and Kafraya in the countryside around the northern city of Idlib.The Assad regime intends to use civilians it has forcibly held in these towns on the outskirts of Damascus as a bargaining chip to force the opposition to lift their siege on the towns they have blockaded near Idlib.Syrians living under siege from both sides have been experiencing terrible living conditions for a year, or in some cases much more, due to a severe shortage of food and very poor medical healthcare. Sources from Madaya told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that besieged Syrians living under Hezbollah and Assad have been living without professional medical care for four years.The sources noted that the 40,000 people, mostly women and children, depend upon only four people for medical aid, one of whom is a veterinary and another a former dental student. middleeastmonitor
Syria's Aleppo pounded as Assad vows to 'clean' city
Daesh-held Dabiq in Syria under attack by Turkey, FSA
Arab coalition says it 'wrongly targeted' Yemen funeral
Arab coalition battling Houthi fighters in Yemen has admitted one of its warplanes had "wrongly targeted" a funeral in Sanaa that killed more than 140 people, and announced disciplinary proceedings "Because of non-compliance with coalition rules of engagement and procedures, and the issuing of incorrect information, a coalition aircraft wrongly targeted the location, resulting in civilian deaths and injuries," said an inquiry team of the Arab coalition assembled by Saudi Arabia." aljazeera
Pak boy, 7, beaten by classmates for being Muslim, family leaves 'Trump's America'
Saudi where even milk depends on oil, struggles to remake its economy:NYT

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