16 October 2016

16 Oct. 2016: 14 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:12
Bangalore terror case: Seeking to be free after 4 yrs in jail, 13 youths changed their plea from innocent to ‘guilty’; families begged them not to do so
Bangalore: Seeking to be free after 4 yrs in jail without bail, youths charged under a Bangalore terror case of 2012 changed their plea from innocent to ‘guilty’. Their families begged them not to do so, their lawyer said they could win. In the 4 years that Wahid Hussain, 31, has been in a grey cell in prison, waiting to be tried on charges of terrorism under UAPA, his neighbourhood in Hubli has changed. MBA degree holder was led away by the police — on charges of association with a dozen other Hubli youths, who allegedly came under the influence of Saudi-based Islamic radicalisers with hazy links to Pakistan terror outfits. After that day in August 2012, Wahid’s family, despite their conviction that 31-year-old did no wrong, withdrew into the shell of their home. “The last 4 years have been like a banishment to the forest for us. Time has gone so slowly. In the next few months, I think, time will fly,” says Wahid’s mother. However, Mehrunnisa’s anticipation of the return home of her younger son comes tinged with fear — of the tag of a convict.In the first week of Sept., Mehrunnisa, 62, and the parents of some of the other 12 youths arrested along with Wahid were told that their sons wanted to meet them.On the premises of the designated NIA special court for terrorism cases in Bengaluru, they were told that the 13 had decided to plead guilty. NIA officials call this “unprecedented”, saying they know of no other terror case where the accused have pleaded guilty at the start of the trial.The admission of guilt was part of a deal by the 13 for an early end to their incarceration — they have already spent 4 years without bail — under the tough UAPA law. Special NIA court judge B Muralidhar Pai tried to explain to the youths the consequences of pleading guilty, including that they could never get a govt job. The judge also gave them two days to reconsider their plea.When the youths stuck to their stand, the court, on Sept.15, sentenced all 13 to 5 years. This makes them eligible for release next year.“I begged them not to plead guilty. I said I would fall at their feet. I told them it is better to come out clean than as a convict. They said this was their best chance to return to a regular life,” says Mehrunnisa. The parent of one of the 12 others threatened to jump off the court building if his son stuck to his guilty plea. Initially, after parents met the youths, two of the 13 appeared to change their mind. But after their lawyer cautioned them that once the majority had pleaded guilty, the legal odds would be stacked heavily against them, they went with the other 11.The families had hired Hashmath Pasha, one of the foremost criminal defence lawyers in Karnataka, to fight their case. They had sold properties, borrowed money and collected donations from Muslim community to raise Pasha’s approximately Rs 50 lakh fees.“We were told 3 or 4 of the youths would face punishment because the NIA had a case against them. It was a shock that they all wanted to plead guilty to all the charges to end their misery,” says a parent. NIA prosecutor Arjun Ambalapatta says he got a green signal from the agency top brass on leniency for the 13. However, he contests that the guilty plea had little to do with the way the case was conducted. In his verdict, judge Pai said, “Public Prosecutor, NIA, submitted that the accused have voluntarily come forward to plead their guilt and thereby they have shown repentance. He has submitted that such a move…is a step towards reconnecting to the society.”A senior advocate involved with the defence of the 13 youths in the early stages of the case says this appears to be part of a new strategy of the NIA. Muslim NGOs and Jamiatul Ulema, which rallied financial and moral support for the youths, are dismayed over how the case has turned out. “Jamiatul Ulema collected money at mosques and other places saying it was to fight for the innocence of these youths. Donors are now asking whether anybody would contribute to such a cause in the future,” says Akmal Rizvi, an advocate with APCR, which has been at the forefront of the campaign for justice for the youths since 2012. Federation of Muslim NGOs has demanded that the govt ensure that trials in terrorism cases are expedited and that UAPA is amended to ensure “bail is granted when proof is not convincing” — unlike now, where an accused has to prove he or she is innocent to get bail.It has also demanded “independent review committees”, comprising high court judges, in all states to look at the evidence collected in terrorism cases before granting sanction for prosecution. Indian Express
PERSONAL LAW & uniform civil code
Personal laws must be constitutionally compliant, should not violate gender rights: Jaitley
New Delhi: Amid the ongoing debate over 'triple talaq', Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday said the govt  is of the clear view that personal laws should be constitutionally compliant and in conformity with norms of gender equality and the right to live with dignity. In a Facebook post titled "Triple talaq and the govt 's affidavit", he said that govt s in the past have shied from taking a categorical stand that personal laws must comply with Fundamental Rights but the present one has taken a clear position on the issue."Personal laws have to be constitutionally compliant and the institution of triple talaq, therefore, will have to be judged on the yardstick of equality and the Right to Live with Dignity. Needless to say that the same yardstick would be applicable to all other personal laws," he said.Observing that the constitutional validity of 'triple talaq' is distinct from the Uniform Civil Code, he said as of today, the issue before the Supreme Court is only with regard to the constitutional validity of triple talaq."The academic debate with regard to the Uniform Civil Code can go on before the Law Commission. Question to be answered is that assuming that each community has its separate personal law, should not those personal laws be constitutionally compliant?" Jaitley said.He said there is a fundamental distinction between religious practices, rituals and civil rights."Religious functions associated with birth, adoption, succession, marriage, death, can all be conducted through rituals and customs as per existing religious practices. "Should rights emanating from birth, adoption, succession, marriage, divorce etc. be guided by religion or by constitutional guarantees? Can there be inequality or compromise with human dignity in any of these matters?" Jaitley said.Some people may hold a conservative, if not obsolete, view that personal laws need not be constitutionally compliant, he said, adding "the Govt's view is clear. Personal laws have to be constitutionally compliant...".Jaitley said constitutional framers had expressed a hope in Directive Principles of State Policy that the State would endeavour to have a Uniform Civil Law and on more than one occasion, Supreme Court has enquired from govt its stand on the issue.Irrespective of whether Uniform Civil Code is today possible or otherwise, a pertinent question arises with regard to reforms within the personal laws of various communities," he said. "Reforming the personal laws, even if there is no uniformity, is an ongoing process.With passage of time,several provisions became obsolete, archaic and even got rusted. Govts, legislatures and communities have to respond to the need for a change," he said.PTI
Triple Talaq must be judged on the yardstick of equality, liberty: Jaitley

Long wait ahead before SC hears triple talaq, polygamy
New Delhi:There may be a long wait ahead before the Supreme Court expresses its views on the Constitutional legitimacy of triple talaq and polygamy in the Muslim community. The next hearing on the matter, which involves Muslim women petitioners, religious organisations, rights groups and the govt , was slated to be held on Oct.18. But the hearing is now expected to be deferred indefinitely owing to the setting up of a seven judge-bench that would commence adjudication on a batch of Constitution matters on the same day. 7-judge bench will be headed by Chief Justice of India TS Thakur, who also leads the bench that has been hearing petitions on the validity of triple talaq and polygamy. The notification for setting up the 7-judge bench was issued on the website of the Supreme Court on Sept.24. According to the list of business issued by the court registry, the CJI-led bench shall hear the other cases only if the Constitution bench cannot sit for some reason. In the last 2 months, a 9-judge bench, headed by the CJI,had examined the validity of state legislation on entry tax. These hearings are rarely deferred since larger benches are set up only after a detailed arrangement and scheduling of cases by all the judges on the bench. indianexpress
AIMPLB mobilizes support against Uniform Civil Code; Imams to spread awareness on the issue :DNA
New Delhi: All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) garners support amongst the scholars, maulanas and Ulema in Delhi on the issue of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) being pushed by the govt. The board is mobilizing the stakeholders to keep the movement against UCC on.The board sees UCC as another attempt by the govt to further isolate the community. The members of the board alleged that in the past two years, the govt has stirred issues ranging from love jihad, beef ban, removal of minority status of Aligarh Muslim University and the recent crises in Kashmir. AIMPLB, on Saturday, had called about 500 Imams from Delhi and NCR to explain the real situation of the issue. The plan is, if the govt fails to understand their position, Imams will spread awareness about the Islamic divorce proceedings. "Imams will make people understand the real concept of triple talaq," said Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, general secretary of the board. AIMPLB also plans to begin a signature campaign, which will be signed by Muslim women demanding no interference from the govt in Sharia law.
Uniform Civil Code Not Acceptable:Muslim Law Board
Massive signature campaign launched in masajid in support of Muslim Personal Law
Triple talaq is valid but misuse shouldn't be allowed:imams
Triple talaq works for women and not always against them: Asma Zehra, member AIMPLB
As the issue of ‘triple talaq’ rages over the uniform civil code, Teena Thacker spoke to Asma Zehra, working committee member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), to understand why has it become a political flashpoint.The govt  said that “triple talaq” violates the right to equality of women as well as their dignity, and it has no place in a secular country. Attacking Govt’s move, Ms Asma said, "Since the BJP govt  has come to power, suddenly a non-issue has become an issue. The issues pertaining to Muslim women are common to all women in India. Our stand is that the issue of “triple talaq” is blown out of proportion. It is a pre-planned attack by the BJP govt to target the Muslim personal law, to snatch away the fundamental rights. Everyone has a freedom of religion in this country and every community practices its own personal law." Explaining about Talaq, she said, "The verbal acceptance “qabool hai” makes the marriage valid, in the same way husband can finish the marriage. Women has the right to consent, she can refuse and accept. If she enters the wedlock and suppose the couple finds it difficult to sustain the marriage, there are 3 methods of separation: one is the right to talaq, which is a Quranic right given to the husband; second is the right of khula, which is the right of women to separate. However, if there is a situation that they fight and disagree with one another and if the woman wants to separate there is an option of going to a quasi for the dissolution of marriage."She added, " It (Tripple Talaq) is for the couple to decide. It works for women and not always against women." Asian Age
Over 44,000 sign online petition against reform in triple talaq, other Muslim personal laws
Mumbai: More than 44,000 people - 44,900 to be specific, have so far signed an online petition expressing their voice against any change or reform in triple talaq and other Muslim personal laws. The online petition started two days ago has received support from men and women both."We the undersigned Muslim men and women do hereby declare that we are fully satisfied with all the rulings of Islamic Shariah, particularly Nikah, Inheritance, Divorce, Khula, Faskh and Waqf", online petition started on change.org said."We deny that these need any reform or there is any scope there in", it added."We fully support All India Muslim Personal Law Board and firmly stand with it in its endeavors to safeguard Shariah Law.ummid.com
Law on prevention of communal riots more important than Uniform Civil Code: Mahmood Madani
Uniform Civil Code: Barelvi sect targets Modi govt
Imposing Sangh's Hindu Rashtra agenda in name of UCC dangerous: NCP
Constitution is our guide: TMC on Uniform Civil code
Triple talaq should be abolished, no such practice is followed in any civilised society: activist Shabnam Hashmi
Prachanda, Modi, Xi Jinping hold trilateral meeting in Goa on the sideline of BRICS summit: PTI
Kathmandu: PM Prachanda held a trilateral meeting with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit in Goa and pitched Nepal as a “dynamic bridge” between the two Asian giants, a media report here said on Sunday. Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, who reached India to attend BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach Summit on Saturday,first held a one-on-one meeting with Chinese President Xi which lasted for around 20 minutes and later Modi joined them, The Himalayan Times reported along with a photo of the meeting.The three leaders discussed issues of common interests, Prachanda’s personal secretary Prakash Dahal was quoted as saying.PTI
China-Nepal meet turns into a trilateral session after Modi drops in: HT
No India, China, Nepal trilateral meet: MEA
MEA has clarified, "No trilateral meet. Coincidence that all 3 leaders (PM Modi, Nepal PM and Chinese President) were present at the same time at leaders lounge.TOI
BRICS makes a case for strong quota-based and resourced International Monetary Fund
Benaulim:BRICS nations including India today sought a strong, quota-based and adequately resourced IMF to bridge the financing gap in infrastructure development to push economic growth in developing nations. "We reaffirm our commitment to a strong, quota based and adequately resourced International Monetary Fund (IMF). Borrowed resources by the IMF should be on a temporary basis," stated Goa Declaration on 8th BRICS Summit concluded here. PTI
BRICS pitch for commitment for combating corruption
India Russia pacts: Russia back with all guns blazing
8th BRICS Summit Goa Declaration: Here is the full text adopted by the member nations
Desipte slowdown, BRICS' potential, strength unchanged: Xi Jinping
Military exercise with Pakistan not targeted at India:Russia
J&K unrest enters 100-day: mobile net remains suspended
Srinagar:The ongoing unrest in Kashmir, triggered by killing of Burhan Wani in an encounter with security forces, on Sunday completed 100 days even as the Valley remained curfew-free in view of improvement in the situation. Valley has witnessed continuous shutdown for past 100 days with periodic relaxation as announced by the separatists who are spearheading the current agitation. Strike has crippled normal life in the Valley as shops, business establishments and petrol pumps have remained closed except for the relaxation period.The shutdown has affected the education of the children as schools, colleges and other educational institutions have been shut in the Valley. Authorities also imposed curfew and restrictions on most of these 100 days, throwing normal life out of gear in the Valley. Authorities had on Friday night restored outgoing call facility on prepaid mobile phone connections after three months in view of improving situation.However, mobile Internet services continued to remain suspended across Kashmir.PTI
J&K: Release of 150 pigeons stayed as ‘they could have been meant for insurgency’
Jammu;Suggesting that they could have been meant for terror activities in J&K, the state govt  has withheld the release of more than 150 pigeons, despite orders from a local court here.The pigeons, being transported in a vehicle from Amritsar to Anantnag, were seized by police on Oct.5. indianexpress
Kashmir’s economy is slowly finding its way around ‘protest calendar’ issued by separatists: indianexpress
Around 5.55 am, soon after the morning prayers, the silence around the Batamaloo bus stand in Srinagar is broken by the sound of clanging shutters, haggling customers and blaring taxi horns. The relaxation hours for the day, or the “golden hours” as some call them, have begun; and both the vendors and the customers are out to make the most of the time. They only have until 10 am to do so.Following the killing of Burhan Wani, business in the Valley has been crippled by a series of protests, curfew, clashes and shutdowns, with the economy suffering losses of an estimated Rs 10,000 crore. While curfew continues to be in force in parts of the Old City, in other regions, shopkeepers have been abiding by the ‘protest calendar’ issued every Wednesday by separatist leadership.
Newborn nibbled to death in J&K govt hospital;parents
Jammu:A newborn was nibbled by rats in the maternity ward of a govt  hospital in Kishtwar with parents claiming that the baby died due to rodent bites. Ghulam Hassan, a resident of the remote Chhatru village of the district, had taken his wife to the hospital where she delivered a baby boy on Thursday, a police officer said.He said that the baby was shifted to the maternity ward and when Hassan visited the ward on Saturday, he found the baby dead with rat bites visible on his body. “There was blood all over the body of the baby and the rats were still nibbling him when Hassan saw this,” he said.PTI
Filmmaker Kashyap takes on PM Modi: ‘You haven’t yet said sorry for your trip to meet Pakistani PM’
SC 7-judge bench to start hearing on 2-decade-old Hindutva judgement: PTI
New Delhi: The Supreme Court is all set to revisit its 2-decade-old Hindutva judgement for an authoritative pronouncement on electoral law categorising misuse of religion for electoral gains as "corrupt practice". 7-judge bench comprising Chief Justice T S Thakur and justices M B Lokur, S A Bobde, A K Goel, U U Lalit, D Y Chandrachud and L Nageswara Rao is likely to begin on Tuesday its crucial hearing in the matter.The apex court in February 2014 had decided to refer the matter to a seven judges bench.The issue assumes importance as questions were raised on its 1995 verdict which held that vote in name of "Hindutva/ Hinduism" did not prejudicially affect any candidate and since then three election petitions are pending on the subject in the apex court.The SC's 3-judge bench in 1995 had held that "Hindutva/Hinduism is a way of life of the people in the sub-continent" and "is a state of mind".The verdict was delivered in the case of Manohar Joshi versus NB Patil which was authored by Justice JS Verma who found that statement by Joshi that "First Hindu State will be established in Maharashtra did not amount to appeal on ground of religion".
Darul Uloom Deoband tells IAF official ‘not allowed to grow beard’ to quit job or seek forgiveness from god
Lucknow: Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband has issued a fatwa (edict) suggesting an official of Indian Air Force (IAF) to quit the job if he is not allowed to grow beard as per Islamic Sharia or “seek forgiveness from Allah” everyday he shaves till he finds a new job.The fatwa came on a query sent by the IAF official last week.In his query sent to the seminary, the official said that he joined the IAF at an early age and was “not having beard” then. He said he has now completed 10 years of service. “I feel because of this service, I came close to Islam because I meet different types of people at different places in India. Now I want to keep beard but in Air Force there is no permission to keep beard at this stage. I have to go for daily shave. I have two options —- either get discharged from service (without any pension benefit) or continue with daily shaving. So please suggest what should I do? Should I leave the service or continue?,” the official asked. The suggestion given by the seminary tells the official that if it was not permissible to grow beard as per the “rules (bylaws) of India Air Force” and “you had signed on the agreement in the beginning of service” then in that case he has only two options.“If you are financially well off and you can find out any other income source comfortably after leaving this job then in such a case you may prefer quitting this job. But in case you cannot arrange for suitable income source, then in such a case continue (with) your present job and keep on doing taubah and istighfar )seeking forgiveness from Allah). Also keep on looking for suitable job and when you get one leave this job,” the seminary suggested the official in the fatwa.When contacted, Darul Uloom’s vice-chancellor, Maulana Mufti Abul Qasim Nomani confirmed that such a “fatwa” has been issued. indian express
Rama, Valmiki were non-vegetarians: Minister Madhwaraj
A Ramlila at India Islamic Centre, RSS Leader Presides
New Delhi: This enactment of Ramayana, as if on cue, started precisely at the point Prime Minster Narendra Modi left the narrative this Vijayadashmi.Even the political symbolism in the choice of venue - India Islamic Centre in Delhi - matched PM’s presence at the Aishbagh Ramlila in Lucknow earlier this week. Completing the allegorical ensemble was the cultural troupe from the country with the largest Muslim population: Indonesia.“Message is for our neighbours.Indonesia is a Muslim country and like India all religions are respected there," says Shiram Joshi, closely associated with the function. Performed by Bali Ranganiketan Cultural Artists, programme was organised by 3 NGOs. Under the magnificent dome of the Islamic Cultural Centre this Friday evening, they all sat- foreign diplomats, ochre robed saadhus, Maulanas in shin-length Aligari pyjama. And they all waited with patience. Chief guest was stuck in a traffic snarl on his way from Mewat in adjoining Haryana. Indresh Kumar took his place on the podium and the proceedings began. On his right sat NSA Ajit Doval’s son Shaurya, and alumnus of Chicago University. He, like BJP leader Ram Madhav, is now actively associated with the right-wing think tank India Foundation.Indresh, a member of the RSS national executive, has been active as pracharak in border states including Jammu and Kashmir. Of late, he and his Muslim Rashtriya Manch have been working among religious minorities.CNN-News18
MP: Cops on run after RSS man’s arrest, families say hounded for doing job
Bhopal:“You don’t know who you have dared to touch. We can unseat CM s, even PM s. We can make or break govt s. You are worthless. Just wait, if we fail to remove your uniforms, we will leave the Sangh.’’ This was how RSS activists allegedly threatened police officers on the night of Sept.26, when Sangh pracharak Suresh Yadav was arrested from the organisation’s office in Baihar town of Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh for an “anti-Islam WhatsApp post”.Today, police officers involved in the arrest are on the run after the BJP govt  brought a slew of charges against them, including attempt to murder, robbery, trespass and criminal intimidation. On Friday, their family members submitted a three-page memorandum to DGP and the IG, seeking justice and asking why the policemen were being hounded for “doing their duty fearlessly” — it also gives the police version of the incident, including the alleged threats they faced after the arrest. Indian express
‘Rama, Krishna & Valmiki were non-vegetarians’
Mangaluru: Seeking a larger debate on the food habits of mythological personalities and ancestors, Udupi district in-charge Minister Pramod Madhwaraj said on Saturday that Valmiki, Rama and Krishna were non-vegetarians.Speaking after inaugurating the Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti celebrations, Mr. Madhwaraj said caste had not been a bar for those scaling new heights.He said he was consciously making the statement in the light of the ongoing debate on food habits across the country.The Minister sought a debate that would include the food habits of mythological personalities.He said Valmiki, hailing from the lowest stratum of the caste system, wrote the Ramayana . Excellence was not restricted to a particular class, caste or community. Valmiki’s achievements had come a long way in eradicating the caste system, he said. thehindu
Christian leaders meet Rajnath Singh, ask for protection and safeguarding places of worship
New Delhi: All India Christian Council held a national Christian leaders meeting in New Delhi with the Home Minister Rajnath Singh as the Chief Guest and Dr. Udit Raj as the Guest of honour on Friday, attended by over 1,000 leaders from all over India.In the meeting, Moderator Bishop Joseph D'Souza, President, All India Christian Council called upon the Christian community to strengthen and support the many development programs initiated by the PM Modi’s govt.All India Christian requested the Home Minister to send a circular to State Govt s and the Police officials to ensure protection of Christians and places of worships as some fringe and fanatic groups were attacking Christians in several states.TCN
Burning of municipal waste in vicinity contributes to discolouring of Taj Mahal
Washington:Burning of municipal solid waste in the vicinity of the iconic Taj Mahal is significantly contributing to the discolouring of the world heritage monument, an Indo-American research team has found. The research compared the impact of dung cake burning versus the burning of municipal solid waste (MSW) on browning of Taj Mahal and on the health of people living nearby.PTI
Chenab Valley observes shutdown against RSS rallies
Kishtwar/ Bhaderwah:Majority community observed complete shutdown in twin districts of Doda and Kishtwar as a mark of protest against RSS rallies and to show of solidarity with the people of Kashmir. The call was given by Markazi Seerat Committee Doda, Majlis-e-Shoura Kishtwar Anjuman Isalamia Bhadarwah and Gandoh and Masjid Committee Thathri.   Shops and other business establishments and private schools of majority community were closed, while govt schools, offices and Banks functioned normally and traffic plied on the roads as usual.Imam Jamia Masjid Kishtwar said that RSS was vitiating the peaceful atmosphere of Chenab region. Greater Kashmir

Kairana NHRC report timed for UP polls, say activists
Mumbai:Bebak Collective, a group that speaks for the rights of Muslim women, on Friday criticised a recently-released (NHRC report that appeared to validate claims made by BJP MP Hukum Singh who had, earlier this year, said 250 Hindu families had fled Kairana in Shamli out of fear.At an event here, speakers, including civil rights activist Teesta Setalvad and others from Kairana and Muzaffarnagar, alleged that the report has been ‘strategically released before the impending UP Assembly elections, which has a blatant communal undertone’. Group said, “Kairana, a small town of the recently-created Shamli district in Uttar Pradesh, has become conspicuous due to the zealous media reports alleging the ‘exodus’ of Hindu families during 2013-16 due to the ‘massive influx’ by [the affected in the] Muzaffarnagar riots. As a corollary to this sequence of incidents, NHRC report came out claiming the ‘exodus’ of Hindu families from Kairana town has been a result of of settlement of ‘certain’ communities in the town, because of which women feel unsafe and the crime rate has increased.” “If one looks back in time, Muzaffarnagar riots also happened right before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.Recent report, which comes before the UP Assembly elections, makes one ask whether communal violence has become intrinsic to electoral politics of the Indian democracy.”While activists from Kairana questioned the method by which NHRC report was compiled and its observations, Ms. Setalvad described the report as “shoddy” and not one appropriate for NHRC to put out. thehindu
Bahraich communal clash: 2 policemen suspended, 34 arrested
Bahraich: 2 policemen were suspended and 34 people have been arrested in connection with clashes during a Durga idol immersion procession that led to the death of a 6-year-old girl. “SHO Devanand and SI Pappu Yadav of Fakharpur police station have been suspended for laxity in connection with clashes between members of two communities during the procession,” SP Saligram Verma said. siasat
Communal tension grips 6 Bihar districts
 Communal clash grips 12 district of West Bengal, curfew imposed
Kolkata: Multiple communal clashes across West Bengal during Muharram and Durga puja and its immersion processions were reported.Tension continues in several districts of West Bengal over the past two days, leading the administration to imposed section 144 CrPC in the area.More than 50 people have been injured and over 100 shops and dozens of homes were destroyed in the fire.The situation has caused panic in the area and about 500 Muslim left their homes or are forced to take refuge in Calcutta.Siasat
7 million jobs can disappear by 2050, says a study
New Delhi: As many as 550 jobs have disappeared every day in last four years and if this trend continues, employment would shrink by 7 million by 2050 in the country, a study has claimed.Farmers, petty retail vendors, contract labourers and construction workers are the most vulnerable sections facing never before livelihood threats in India today, the study by Delhi-based civil society group PRAHAR has said.As per the data released by Labour Bureau early 2016, India created only 1.35 lakh jobs in 2015 in comparison to 4.19 lakh in 2013 and 9 lakh in 2011, the group said in a statement.PTI
Noida: 9 ‘naxals’ arrested in Hindon Vihar
New Delhi:9 suspected naxals were arrested from Hindon Vihar in Noida late Saturday night, UP  IG, ATS, Aseem Arun confirmed on Sunday. Official also confirmed that six pistols, 50 cartridges, three cars, 125 detonators and 2 laptops were also recovered. “They are adept at making bombs and were planning some incident in the Delhi-NCR region. Interrogation is still underway,” Arun said on Saturday. Among those arrested are Pawan Jharkhand of Madhubani in Bihar, Ranjit Paswan of Chandoli in UP, Sachin Kumar of Dankaur in Greater Noida, Krishna Kumar Ram from Sasaram in Bihar, and Suraj, a resident of Bulandshahr in UP. Suraj was the group’s local contact for conducting operations in the Delhi-NCR area, said sources.indian express
India’s only 'Urdu Science' magazine: The Hindu
Syrian rebels seize “doomsday” village where Islamic State promised final battle:Reuters
Beirut: An Islamic prophecy names Dabiq as the site of a battle between Muslims and infidels that will presage doomsday, a message Islamic State used extensively in its propaganda, going so far as to name its main publication after the village.Syrian rebels said they captured the village of Dabiq from Islamic State on Sunday, forcing the jihadist group from a stronghold where it had promised to fight a final, apocalyptic battle with the West. Its defeat at Dabiq, long a mainstay of Islamic State's propaganda, underscores the group's declining fortunes this year as it suffered battlefield defeats in Syria and Iraq and lost a string of senior leaders in targeted air strikes.The rebels, backed by Turkish tanks and warplanes, took Dabiq and neighbouring Soran after clashes on Sunday morning, said Ahmed Osman, head of the Sultan Murad group, one of the FSA factions involved in the fighting.“Daesh myth of their great battle in Dabiq is finished," he told Reuters. A Turkish military source said that while Dabiq was largely under control, Islamic State fighters were still firing on the FSA groups from outside the village and that some rebels had been killed in blasts by landmines and other bombs.
Syria war: Turkish-backed rebels seize Dabiq from ISIL
US military ‘begins shelling’ Daesh in Iraq’s Mosul
Kremlin calls Joe Biden's threat to 'cyber strike' Russia 'unprecedented' & pledges to protect itself from 'aggressive, unpredictable US'
As tensions continue to escalate between the US and Russia, the Kremlin has called Vice President Joe Biden's threat to 'send a message' through America's own cyber strike 'unprecedented'. Russia said it would protect itself from a potentially unpredictable attack from US, New York Post reported. 'Threats directed against Moscow and our state’s leadership are unprecedented because they are voiced at the level of US vice president.'To the backdrop of this aggressive, unpredictable line, we must take measures to protect (our) interests, to hedge risks,' a Kremlin spokesman said, according to RIA Novosti news agency. Russia said it would protect itself from the 'unpredictability and aggressiveness of the US'. Pictured, President Vladimir Putin watches the launch of a missile during naval exercisesJust one day early, Biden told NBC News: 'We're sending a message. We have the capacity to do it. It will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.'Daily Mail
Donald Trump pledges even better ties with New Delhi, says 'big fan of India & Hindus': TOI
New jersey: He came, he saw, he con...flated. Using the terms Indians and Hindus interchangeably, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump told a rally of Hindu-Americans on Saturday that there would be a "phenomenal future" for India and the US under his administration, while raging against the dangers from "radical Islamic terrorism" facing them.In what was arguably the first country- and ethno-religion specific rally ever addressed by a US Presidential candidate, Trump kept his word while turning up at an anti-terrorism charity event organized by Republican Hindu Coalition in this New Jersey suburb with a large ethnic Indian population, telling a crowd of about 5000 desis that he is a "big fan of India and big fan of Hindu." "If I am elected President, the Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in White House," Trump told the gathering, many of whom had soaked up two hours of kitschy Bollywood entertainment before his arrival. After lighting a lamp on the stage at the cavernous Raritan Center, Trump said he became familiar with India and Indians because he had two "massive" projects in India, both "very successful with very wonderful partners," and in which he became involved because he had "great confidence in India."
Trump’s quotes on India: Modi is a great man, I am a fan of Hindus
Besieged Gaza hits population milestone
 The besieged Gaza Strip has reached a milestone, with the birth of Walid Shaat bringing the territory's population to two million."He is a gift," the baby's father, civil servant Jihad Shaat, told Al Jazeera just days after Walid's birth last week. But between the smiles, coloured balloons and posing for photographs, Jihad appeared preoccupied."I hope Walid sees better days than his older brother, Motasem," he said, referring to Walid's half-brother, who was just 28 days old when an Israeli bomb destroyed the family's home, killing Jihad's first wife, in Khan Younis during the 2014 Gaza war. aljazeera
Compiled and edited by Anwarulhaq (Released at: 4:58 PM)


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