22 October 2016

22 Oct. 2016: 20 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:17
INDIA: PERSONAL LAW & uniform civil code
Gujarat: Thousands Muslim women protest against Uniform Civil Code
Surat: Thousands of Muslim women participated in a rally organized by All-Muslim Samaj to oppose Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the country on Friday.Over 25,000 women from Limbayat, Udhna, Rander, Adajan and walled city areas later submitted a memorandum to district collector saying that Muslim women will not tolerate any interference in their personal laws. Thats true, Any interfere in Muslim personal law is not accepted. For a muslim women or man Shriya is above everything. Humeria Shaikh, a housewife from Limbayat, said, "Sharia is oxygen for Muslim men and women and under no circumstances, we will agree to any changes in our personal law."All-Muslim Samaj member Maqsood Beg Mirza said, "A signature campaign has been started in the city to get the support of Muslim women against UCC. A huge response to the campaign should be a clear message to the central government that there can't be any compromise on Muslim Personal Law."TOI
We Love Shariat: Over 25,000 Muslim women protest against Uniform Civil Code in Surat
Minority community in Dahod opposes uniform civil code
Karnataka: Signature campaign against uniform civil code
Bengaluru:Hundreds of Muslims who gathered for Friday prayers in mosques across the state signed a declaration circulated on behalf of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board opposing common civil code.“Constitution of India has provided complete freedom for followers of all faiths to practise their religion. We therefore do not accept common civil code in any form. We are with All India Muslim Personal Law Board to save and protect Shariat laws,’’ states the declaration. indianexpress
Muslim women protest against ‘Sharia’ modification in Hubballi: thehindu
Protesting against any kind of interference in the Muslim Personal Law (Islamic Sharia) a mammoth rally comprising mainly of Muslim women was taken out in Hubballi on Saturday. In the protest, held under aegis of Anjuman-E-Islam, thousands of Muslim women and men took part and urged the Union Govt not to meddle with the Muslim Personal Law.
COIMBATORE: Signature campaign held against uniform civil code
Hyderabad: Signature campaign against UCC launched
Its time to abolish 'triple talaq': Naidu
Hyderabad: Describing ' triple talaq ' as anti-constitutional and anti-civilisation, Union minister Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday said its time country should abolish this"gender discrimination", in the light of principles of justice, dignity and equality. "Triple talaq is anti-constitutional, against law, against the principles of democracy and anti-civilisation. This kind of opinion is on the rise. There is a discussion going on, on this subject. Already so much of time has been taken. It is time the country should move forward to abolish 'triple talaq' to end the discrimination and also have gender justice and equality before law. We should end this," Naidu told reporters. "Even Muslim women are demanding justice.There should not be any gender discrimination. There should be gender justice. All are equal before the Constitution," he said speaking here.He suggested that as the Supreme Court is currently scrutinising the issue, anybody can go and voice their concerns.On the Uniform Civil Code, he said, "govt will do everything in a transparent manner. It will take Parliament into confidence. Some sections are resorting to a false propaganda that the government is trying to implement Common Civil Code from backdoor."PTI
Triple talaq, Uniform Civil Code can be discussed if any member raises it: Manmohan Vaidya, RSS
Hyderabad:Speaking on the eve of 3-day-long Akhil Bhartiya Karyakari Mandal baithak, RSS Prachar Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya said though triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code is not on agenda but if any member raises it then it will be discussed in this baithak. Elaborating on the sidelines of the press meet, Vaidya further said that issue of triple talaq has been brought forward by Muslim women only. Based on this the Supreme Court had asked for opinion.Public should come forward and participate in it. He also said that on the last day Bhaiya ji Joshi may speak on it.Manmohan Vaiday also said that a discussion on national scenario will be done and two resolutions will be brought in this baithak. Vaidya also said that meetings have started for communal harmony in which efforts are made to resolve differences between different communities. india today
Sunni Barelvi clerics start Shariat Bachao Andolan against Uniform Civil Code; seek Jains, Sikhs, Parsis support
Bareilly: Sunni Barelvi clerics on Friday began preparing to organize what they are calling a 'Shariat Bachao Andolan'. As part of this, they will prepare a plan on how to oppose the proposed Uniform Civil Code and the Centre's efforts to ban triple talaq.The clerics have begun a signature campaign both online and offline, demanding "protection of Muslim personal law as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution and protest Uniform Civil Code". Shariat Bachao Andolan has been started under the banner of All India Jamat Raza-E-Mustafa, a social organisation. The clerics associated with this campaign distributed 5,000 forms in Bareilly on Friday and also launched a website www.almindia.com/sbandalon to make people register their objection to the UCC."Our aim is to get 5 lakh forms filled within a week. A form can have signatures of 14 persons who declare that they want freedom of religion granted in the Indian Constitution and do not want the Uniform Civil Code," said Maulana Shahbudeen Razvi, general secretary of the organisation.Addressing a crowd of over 2,000, which raised slogans against the Centre, at Eidgah ground, Razvi said, "On the direction of RSS, the Modi government wants to communalise the country to provide benefit to BJP in UP assembly elections. When the Constitution has given the right to all religions and sects to follow the law on the basis of their faith, books and culture, why is the govt after triple talaq? They have no right to interfere in our law and we will oppose it at every level."Maulana Asjad Raza Qadri who is president of the organization and also city qazi, said, "After Modi govt came into power, it has been continuously playing with the feelings of Muslims. We will do our best to ensure the agenda of RSS and Modi fails."Mufti Asfaq Qadri, who was present at the meeting, said, "I request other minority communities, including Jains, Sikhs and Parsis to support us in defeating Modi's scheme of interfering with our Shariat law. If other minority communities remain quiet, the Centre will soon target them."TOI
Don’t touch personal laws: Muslim groups stage protest in Mumbai
Mumbai: Nearly 2,000 Muslims staged a dharna at Azad Maidan on Friday to demand reservation for their community in jobs and education. They will next hold a massive morcha on Dec.21 at Nagpur during the winter session of the legislature to press their demand. Leaders at the meeting organised by Jamiatul Ulema-e-Hind (Maharashtra) also asked the Center to stop “interfering” in Muslim personal laws. “Several inquiry commissions have recommended reservation for Muslims in order to remove the community’s educational and economic backwardness,” said Jamiatul Ulema-e-Hind (Maharashtra) president Hafiz Nadeem Siddiqui. After Marathas began holding rallies seeking reservation, Muslim groups too have started raising the reservation issue aggressively.They also protested the Center’s affidavit on triple talaq and polygamy in the Supreme Court and the law commission’s questionnaire seeking suggestions about modules of uniform civil code. We will not allow this to happen. The government must withdraw its affidavit in the SC and the law panel should recall the questionnaire,” said Mufti Mohd Huzaifah Qasmi. indiatribune
Triple talaq row: Muslim organisations step up protest against Centre
Lucknow:  Intensifying the campaign against the Centre and courts 'meddling' in Sharia laws, especially the triple talaq issue, All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has asked the Imams (Head) of mosques to sensitise people about the rights of women given by Islam. AIMPLB member Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahali appealed to all the Imams of city mosques to spread awareness amongst people about the rights given to women by Islam after the Friday prayers yesterday.In his address at Masjid Taqwiyatul Iman, he quoted several Quranic verses and sayings of Prophet about women having equal status and also about inheritance. He also quoted sayings of Prophet regarding the rights of wives in Islamic laws. Recently, AIMPLB launched a signature campaign against the affidavit of Central government and law commission on the triple talaq issue. People in large numbers, especially females, took part in the campaign. UNI
Adivasis knock on SC door against uniform civil code
New Delhi: DHNS: A group representing interests of tribals has approached the Supreme Court, contending that any direction to impose Uniform Civil Code would affect their distinct customs, culture, heritage and religious practices, including their right to practice polygamy and polyandry.Rashtriya Adivasi Ekta Parishad said the adivasis (tribals), numbered about 11 crore in the country, had their own personal laws and do not come in the category of Hindus as they worshipped nature instead of idols and performed burial of the dead. The marriage ceremony of the tribals was also different from the Hindus, it submitted.The application by the group, which claims to be working for the upliftment of scheduled tribes for 25 years, has added a new dimension to the controversy.In an impleadment application, the group claimed, "In case Uniform Civil Code is made, then the advasis’ right to marriage, worship, last rites and other ceremonies would be abrogated”. Move will not only affect Muslims but other communities having different customs and personal laws, it said.It pointed out that polygamy is found among the Naga tribes, the Gonds, the Baiga, the Lushai among others while polyandry is prevalent in Himalayan tract stretching from Kashmir to Assam. In its classical form, it is found among Tiyan, Toda, the Rota, the Khasa and the Ladhaki Bota, it pointed out. Likewise, the group said the dissolution of marriage and divorce are easily possible among the tribals on various grounds by a simply ceremony. Tribals can marry more than one woman and the bar imposed under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, does not apply on them. Delhi-based group also submitted that as per Article 44 of the Constitution, Uniform Civil Code is to be secured by the state and not any court. deccan chronicle
Dalits, OBCs and Tribals too come out against Uniform Civil Code
New Delhi: Echoing the sentiment of Muslim community, the SCs and STs as well as Lingayats, Buddhist and Other Backward Communities’ organizations have also came out in open to protest government initiative on Uniform Civil Code. They said that it was against the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution and that will obliterate their distinct identity from Hinduism.Addressing a joint press conference here on Thursday, dalit, tribal and Buddhist leaders have condemned the move in one voice. They described the move as ‘electoral gimmick’ of the Modi government in view of the forthcoming crucial assembly elections in UP.They also underlined that UCC is not only a Muslim issue but of hundreds of the religious entities across the country who do not believe in Hinduism in its Brahamanical face.Echoing his views, Prof. Baba Haste of Buddhist International Centre said imposition of UCC will threaten the very fabric of the country. Buddhist monk Prof. Bhante Samyak Rakshit said UCC will kill all the religious identities in the country.UCC is not only concerned to Muslims but also to other religious groups, it is a conspiracy to bring back the cruel ‘varnashrama’ (caste system) in the guise of UCC, he added.the indian awaaz
Congess leader defends polygamy, says men’s sexual desires need to be fulfilled within marriage
Congress leader Ibrahim Kodijal hasextended his support for the practice of polygamy as “it is necessary for a man to satisfy his sexual desires”. The leader, who hails from Karnataka, addressed a press conference in Mangaluru and said that if the wife is unwell, she would not be able to get involved in the act of sex. Hence, to stop the husband from proceeding to a sex worker, it is essential that polygamy was allowed.According to Kodijal, “Islam says you must not go to a sex worker, if you want, you can marry again.” He said that Islam allowed polygamy as it strongly condemns going to sex workers. He further said that Islam only allows a man to get married more than once, only if he is physically and financially capable of taking care of her. Ibrahim Kodijar has been a member of the Congress for and made these statements while responding to a question on Uniform Civil code. Financial Express
Man needs to have sex when wife is unwell: Congress leader defens polygamy in Islam
Muslim cleric criticises Modi govt move on Uniform Civil Code
Kolkata: A leading Muslim cleric on Friday accused the Modi government of hatching a conspiracy to "impose" the Uniform Civil Code in a bid to polarise the nation, and called for a nationwide road blockade to protest the move. With 2 Muslim TMC MPs - Sultan Ahmed and Idris Ali - by his side, Tipu Sultan Mosque Imam Syed Noor-Ur-Rahaman Barkati appealed to all communities to join hands to oppose the Centre's plans. "Modi government is trying to polarise the nation on communal lines by imposing the UCC on us. We won't accept it. We are totally opposed to it. "I appeal to all Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Dalits and other communities to join hands," Barkati said while speaking at a protest demonstration in front of Tipu Mosque. Hyderabad emerges as hub of campaign against Uniform Civil Code "We will organise a nationwide road blockade on the issue. I urge everybody to participate in this. We will also hold a rally at the Park Circus Maidan soon," he said. Both Ahmed and Ali univocally expressed their opposition to any move to impose UCC. "It will only end up jeopardising the country's unity. We won't allow any interference in our religious matters," said Ahmed. IANS
If Modi govt tries to abolish triple talaq, BJP will be finished; Shahi Imam
Muslim Personal Law Board launches signature campaign against Uniform Civil Code in Hyderabad
Facing ordeal through in-laws, Muslim Woman refuses to accept Talaq notice by Husband & will Move Family Court
Pune: Amid a raging debate over the issue of triple talaq, an 18-year-old Muslim woman, who was recently divorced as per Islamic tradition, has refused to accept the talaq and decided to take up cudgels against the “abhorrent practice”.Arshiya Bagwan alleged that soon after her marriage 2 years ago, her in-laws started torturing her. She was sent back to her parents’ house in Baramati town near Pune, where she received a divorce notice from her husband a few days back, with the word ‘talaq’ written 3 times.Narrating her ordeal in a press conference organised by Muslim Satya Shodhak Mandal on Friday, Arshiya said she was married to Mohammad Kazim Bagwan, a vegetable trader in the city at a tender age of 16. “After 6 months of marriage, my mother-in-law started torturing me for not conceiving. However, even after I became pregnant, the harassment continued,” she said.Arshiya, who is now a mother of an 8-month-old boy, said due to the constant quarrels and disputes at home, she was packed off to her parents’ house by her in-laws recently.I tried to resolve the matter with my husband mutually. However, he also started avoiding me and even stopped taking my calls. A few days back, I got a shock of my life, when I received a notice from my husband in which he had declared thrice that he was giving me talaqAs the woman was not willing to accept the talaq given in a “unilateral” way, she approached the Muslim Satyashodhak Mandal, a city-based reformist organisation.“Though I received the notice from my husband, I do not accept it and will go to the family court against this arbitrary method of separation,” she said.“I will help women from Muslim community, who have been subjected to such abhorrent practices,” she said. Shamshuddin Tamboli, president of MSM said that the organisation will support Arshiya and all those women in similar situation.In the coming days, we plan to hold symposia and meetings across the state to create awareness about triple talaq, polygamy and various other practices.PTI
Pune: girl fights triple talaq, plans to move family court
Pune Woman refuses to accept Talaq notice by Husband
18-year-old Muslim woman narrates her ordeal: ‘I do not accept this triple talaq system’:TOI
Bhopal Muslim women take husbands to court against talaq: India Tribune
Bhopal: Some Muslim women have challenged their husbands in the court of law after they separated from them pronouncing triple talaaq. Of 165 cases registered with Mahila Thana, 145 of them have filed by Muslim women. And almost 50 per cent of 145 cases are being filed in the civil court against the pronouncement of talaq. Moreover, complainants included those who were not present at time of talaq pronouncement, and were simply conveyed about the decision by the relatives.“We have been registering cases against triple talaq. Women come to us crying, urging to help them and counsel their husbands to desist from resorting to triple talaq,” said Sandhya Mishra, TI Mahila Thana. Safia Akhtar, state convener of Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), while talking to TOI said, “They have no way left, except to move to the civil judicial system, when the rules for marriage in our community are being taken for granted. Most of the women go for registering cases for domestic violence, dowry and other kind of atrocities to find the way out.”Mohib Ahmed, counsellor at Family counseling centre, at Mahila thana said, “The rules in Quran is pro-women. Currently, we had a case when triple talaq was misused and husband started living with other woman. It depends on women, whether they wish to opt for Khula (women can take initiative to separate from husband) or want to stay separately or demand for time and help from husband.”“Whenever they come to us for discussion about Talaq, its our priority to give them counseling. Thereafter even if they want to move court, its a free country and they can move for justice,” said shahar qazi, Mushtaq Ali Nadvi.
Women’s group backs demand to abolition instant arbitrary talaq
Pune: All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) supported the demand of Muslim women for the abolition of the instant arbitrary triple talaq on Friday in a statement issued by AIDWA president Malini Bhattacharya.AIDWA also condemned the efforts of the Modi Govt through statements by ministers to bring in the issue of a Uniform Civil Code. They said the questionnaire issued by Law Commission on Uniform Civil Code just at this point of time that has govt backing is a great disservice to reformers within community who are committed to reform in personal law but are against UCC. indian express
RSS demands removal of English as medium of instruction, ahead of new education policy formulation
RSS education wing, on Friday, demanded that the use of English language as the medium of instruction should be eliminated and emphasis instead should be on the mother tongue, from the HRD ministry, ahead of the constitution of the new education policy, as reported by Indian Express. RSS-affiliated Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas (SSUN) made a number of suggestions such as that foreign languages be removed completely from the curriculum — even as an alternative; that all research should be connected to "national requirements" and those projects that do not fulfill this criteria should be taken off UGC scholarships, and that references that insult Indian culture and offer incorrect explanations should also be removed, says Indian Express. According to India TV, RSS wing has also recommended that the ministry must attempt to gradually remove English at all levels of education, both in private and government schools, colleges and universities, in a meeting between Atul Kothari, leader of the SSUN and HRD minister Prakash Javadekar. Allegedly the government was asked to "immediately provide facilities to introduce education in Indian languages in English-medium institutions like IIT, IIM and NIT", by SSUN. An email response by the ministry on 14 Oct.read that his list of recommendations is noted and shall be discussed.Deccan Chronicle alleges that RSS affiliate has even asked for legal action against schools that do not let students speak in their mother tongue, as many schools have existing punishment systems, including remarks and fines, for students speaking in their native tongue. Kothari was reported as saying that many of his suggestions were appreciated.'Saffronisation of education' has been a popular phrase associated with Dinanath Batra, another RSS veteran of Shiksha Bachao Andolan, and leader of the SSUN. firstpost
2 out of 3 in prison are from weaker sections of society: NCRB
New Delhi: Indian prisoner is typically from a weaker caste or tribe, male and poorly educated. 2 out of every 3 prisoners in the country is a scheduled caste, tribe or backward caste person, or someone whose education was terminated before Class 10, a govt survey released on Friday showed. More than 95% of all prisoners were male. UP had the largest number of female inmates, 3,533 – compared to 85,214 male inmates.HT
Syed Ali Shah Geelani's son arrested, family barred from meeting ailing leader
Srinagar: J&K Police on Saturday arrested the elder son of Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and stopped his younger son from entering the octogenarian leader's residence, virtually cutting him off from all family contact, sources said.Naim Geelani, a doctor at a govt hospital here, was arrested at around 10 a.m. when he was on his way to the Hyderpora residence of the hardline Hurriyat leader."He was not allowed inside the house and police arrested him," a family source said.The arrest came ahead of the senior Geelani's scheduled "address to the nation" over telephone on Saturday afternoon. The address could not take place due to the jammers placed by the state authorities around the Hyderpora residence.Geelani's younger son, Naseem Geelani, an assistant professor at the Sheri-Kashmir Agricultural University of Science and Technology, was stopped by policemen from entering his father's house in the morning. "You are not allowed to meet Geelani," the police told Naseem.IANS
No congregational Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid for 15th straight week
Pak seeks international help to resolve Kashmir issue with India
Islamabad:In yet another attempt to internationalise the Kashmir issue, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US Jalil Abbas Jilani has called on the global community to help resolve the long-pending dispute with India, calling it a “nuclear flashpoint” in South Asia. Delivering a keynote address at World Affairs Council, at Washington-based think-tank, on Thursday night, the envoy said Kashmir was a “nuclear flashpoint” and it must not be underestimated.PTI
Missing JNU student: They wanted to kill him: eyewitness
New Delhi: As a mob of around 30 students rained blows, abuses and communal slurs on JNU student Najeeb Ahmed on the night of Oct.14, some of them could be heard saying tauntingly, “Issko 72 houron ke paas bhejna hai (We will send him to 72 virgins)”.As another day goes by without any trace of the missing JNU student, another eyewitness account comes to the fore of how the events unfolded on that night. Shahid Raza Khan, M.Phil student of School of International Studies (SIS) at the JNU, recounted to IANS the details of that night.Khan says that night he “heard some noise” and ran down to the first floor. He says Vikrant Kumar, ABVP member, saw him coming and approached him for help. “He asked me to save him from Najeeb, who he said was beating him for no reason,” Khan told IANS.“But when I saw Najeeb it was he who was bleeding from the mouth and nose. We called the warden and took Najeeb to the bathroom for a wash. But in no time about 25-30 other students came and thrashed Najeeb inside the bathroom,” he added.Vikrant is reported to have gone to Najeeb’s room to campaign for the post of Mess-Secretary and got into an altercation with him. ABVP members have claimed that Najeeb started the fight upon seeing Vikrant wear the ‘kaleva’ (sacred red thread) on his wrist.Khan also revealed that Najeeb was being continuously beaten by the mob on the way down to the Warden’s office.IANS
Najeeb case:200 protesting JNU students detained
New Delhi: Over 200 students of the JNU were detained here on Friday while demanding swift action to locate missing fellow student Najeeb Ahmed. Ahmed went missing on October 15 night from a university hostel after a brawl reportedly with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad members.The students were led away by police when they reached the Jantar Mantar protest site in the heart of the capital.They were taken to the Parliament Street Police Station. The students kept a steady chant of anti-police slogans while being detained.The police have set up a Special Investigation Team to trace Ahmed.IANS
Guj, Muzaffarnagar riots led youths to terrorism, police tells court in chargesheet
New Delhi:Rrots in Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar have motivated youths to join terrorism in India, the Delhi Police has told a court here in a charge sheet filed against 3 alleged JeM operatives. Chargesheet was filed before Additional Sessions Judge Reetesh Singh against the accused -- Mohd Sajid, Shakir and Sameer, who are currently in judicial custody. Chargesheet says "He (Sajid) talked to youths (in a meeting in his house on Dec.20,2015) about persecution of Muslims during Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar riots,apart from talking about the conditions of Muslims in Burma. He had said that they should be ready to face Gujarat-like situations in future. PTI
Threat to witness: SIMI man says 'it's cooked up'
Indore: 2 days after the court directed the police to provide protection to an independent witness in the SIMI trial, the SIMI man who allegedly made the threat has filed a rebuttal in court. In his application, Ahmed Baig has said that witness Atul Pathak was unnecessarily trying to seek attention by claiming he was threatened. He said Pathak sought police protection by cooking up a story of a threat made by him."Baig has also said that it is impossible for any of the accused to have breached the security ring of policemen and security guards escorting them, especially when the attention of everyone in court is on the accused," Baig's counsel Chandan Airen said.He also claimed that it was illogical and unreasonable to threaten the witness well after his chief examination had finished. "The witness's vested interests are exposed when he seeks protection from the imprisoned accused, who are lodged in a faraway Ahmedabad central jail in Gujarat," the application stated.Apart from submitting a rebuttal, chief examination of two witnesses ended on Thursday. TOI
Maharashtra backs CBI's demand for capital punishment in Bilkis Bano's gangrape case
Mumbai:After CBI asked for capital punishment for three convicts in the Bilkis Bano gangrape case, the Maharashtra government asked the Division bench of Justice VK Rahul Ramani and Justice Mridula Bhatkar for the harshest punishment. Public prosecutor Arfan Sait argued for the state of Maharashtra in support of CBI's demand for capital punishment for the accused in the Bilkis Bano gangrape case of 2002 Gujarat riots.Sait cited the Supreme Court judgement in which court had said that an organised crime or mass murder of innocent people would call for imposition of death sentence as deterrence. indiatoday
Jharkhand to probe NGOs for ‘diverting’ foreign funds for religious conversions
Ranchi: Jharkhand police will probe alleged diversion of an estimated Rs 310 crore foreign funds by NGOs for suspected religious conversions, official sources said on Saturday amid a raging controversy over activities of Christian missionaries in the tribal-majority state.Chief minister Raghubar Das ordered the probe by the CID after intelligence reports on the activities of at least 106 Christian-affiliated NGOs, the sources told HT.After the BJP government assumed power in the state, the right-wing RSS flagged what it said was large scale conversion of tribal people by Christian missionaries, allegedly through allurement of cash and kind.HT
NHRC full panel to study Kairana exodus report
NEW DELHI: National Human Rights Commission has decided to place before the full commission the findings of the Uttar Pradesh government and police on the exodus of 250 Hindu families from Kairana for alleged "atrocities" and "deteriorating" law and order situation. Interacting with reporters on the Foundation Day of NHRC on Friday, its chairperson and former Chief Justice of India HL Dattu said, "The Commission received the reports this week.We have not gone through it. It will be examined by the full commission."TOI
Egypt upholds 20-yr jail term for ex-Prez Morsi
CAIRO: An Egyptian court on Saturday upheld a 20-year jail term for former president Mohamed Morsi for violence charges, according to a judicial source.In April 2015, Morsi and several co-defendants were sentenced to 20 years in prison each in connection with deadly clashes outside the Ittihadiya presidential palace in eastern Cairo in 2012.Court of Cassation, Egypt’s highest appellate court, however, on Saturday rejected an appeal filed by Morsi and his co-defendants against their jail terms and upheld the verdict, the source said. While a total of 11 people – including 8 Morsi supporters – were killed in the clashes, the trial only addressed the death of 1 reporter and 2 anti-Morsi protesters. Saturday’s verdict is final and cannot be appealed by court. It, however, can still be overturned by a presidential pardon.Anadoluagency
Egypt court overturns life sentence for Brotherhood chief
An Egyptian court on Saturday overturned life sentences for Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide, and seven others accused of inciting violence west of Cairo in 2013.In mid-2014, Badie and 7 co-defendants were sentenced to life on charges of inciting violence west of Cairo, in which nine people were killed and 21 others injured.Six people were slapped with death sentences in absentia in the same case.On Saturday, Court of Cassation, Egypt’s highest appellate court, however, accepted an appeal filed by Badie and his co-defendants and ordered a retrial, judicial source said anonymously due to restrictions on speaking to media.Defense lawyer Osama al-Helw said court found an “error” in the trial proceedings of Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam al-Erian, one of the defendants, and ordered a retrial. middleeastmonitor
Egypt: Senior military official shot dead in Cairo
A senior Egyptian army officer was shot dead outside his home in a Cairo suburb, AFP news agency reported, citing a military official and a relative.Brigadier General Adel Ragaei, who commanded an armoured division deployed in the Sinai, died in a hail of bullets on Saturday, as he left his home in the Obour City suburb, according to his sister-in-law Huda Zein Elabedine. Fighters in Egypt have killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers, mostly in the Sinai Peninsula, but such attacks on senior officers are rare. aljazeera
Iraq: Security forces fight ISIL gunmen in Kirkuk
Security forces in Iraq are battling for a second day with ISIL gunmen who attacked the northern city of Kirkuk, after an assault that appeared aimed at diverting attention away from a major military push to retake Mosul, the armed group's last remaining stronghold in the country.Fighters armed with assault rifles and suicide vests struck government buildings, police stations and a power plant on Friday, killing dozens of security forces and civilians. "There is still ongoing fighting in certain areas of Kirkuk; this has been going on for more than 24 hours," Al Jazeera's Hoda Abdel-Hamid, reporting from outside the city,said on Saturday.Military commanders believe the assault on Kirkuk was an effort to create a diversion from the offensive on Mosul, 175km further north, which has been held by ISIL.Further north, allied forces pressed forward in their 6-day ground and air operation to recapture Mosul, recovering outlying territory before the big push into the city itself. Jazeera
UN blames Syria forces for third chemical attack
An international inquiry has blamed Syrian government forces for a third chemical weapons attack, according to a confidential report to the UNSC.The report, prepared by a joined committee set up by the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and seen by Reuters, was presented to the security council on Friday. UN experts behind the report said Syrian forces were responsible for a toxic gas attack in the village of Qmenas in Idlib province on March 16, 2015. The committee was unable to determine who was behind two other gas attacks - against Binnish in Idlib province in March 2015 and Kafr Zita in Hama province in April 2014.
Aleppo aid deliveries yet to take place, despite ceasefire
Afghan Taliban envoys in Pakistan to discuss possible peace talks - official: Reuters
Islamabad:A delegation from Taliban's political office visited Pakistan over the weekend, senior officials said on Saturday, for discussions that could include the latest informal effort to restart talks to end Afghanistan's long war.The visit comes days after Taliban sources said theyhad held informal meetings with Afghan and US officials in Qatar, the first direct meetings in more than a year after a fledgling process to halt 15-year-old conflict collapsed.Taliban sources said Mullah Abdul Manan - brother of the late Taliban founder Mullah Omar - met with US and Afghan officials but there was no breakthrough toward restarting formal talks.Taliban delegation will brief Pakistani secuirty agencies on Qatar meetings - which did not include Pakistani respresentatives - and complain about recent arrests of some of its senior commanders in Pakistan, senior member based in Doha said.Politicaloffice representatives Shahabuddin Dilawar, Jan Mohammad and Abdul Salam Hanafi travelled from Qatar and some other joined them in Pakistan, official said.Another Taliban member based in Afghanistan said the delegation had held one round of talks and would stay for few more days.Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed a delegation was visiting Pakistan but would not comment on the Qatar talks, which he has denied took place. "Delegation was sent to discuss some major issues with Pakistani leadership including the arrests of Afghan refugees and their repatriation to Afghanistan," Mujahid said. firstpost
No confirmation of Afghan Taliban delegation in Pak:Sartaj
Muslims stage protest prayers near Rome's Colosseum
Zuckerberg won’t censor Trump’s anti-Muslim ‘hate post’ on Facebook: Report
'Most tortured man in Guantanamo Bay' freed without charge after 14 years
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