12 October 2016

12 Oct. 2016: 10 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:09
India to lead global beef sector volumes despite rise in Hindu sentiment, says report
The rise of nationalistic Hindu sentiment notwithstanding, India’s beef sector will continue to be one of the country’s bright spots of agribusiness and will continue to lead the global beef trade in volume, according to Fitch group firm BMI Research. “India specialises in the production of cheap and abundant buffalo meat and will continue to lead the global beef trade in volume, amidst increasing demand for inexpensive meat in Asia and the Middle East,” BMI Research said in a report.However, India’s reliance on illegal trade routes to China makes the sector vulnerable to a potential crackdown on smuggling, it added.The report noted that after more than a year since the implementation of a ban of cow slaughter and consumption in the Indian state of Maharashtra on growing opposition to cow meat nationally, the country’s beef sector remains one of faster growing agribusiness markets.“India’s beef sector will continue to be one of the country’s agribusiness bright spots despite the rise of nationalistic Hindu sentiment,” it said.Low local consumption of beef has also allowed the country to record very large exportable surpluses, as only 50 per cent of production is consumed locally, compared with 80 per cent in Brazil, according to the report.“We forecast beef meat production to grow at a steady 4 per cent annually over 2016-2020, to reach 5.1 million tonnes at the end of that period,” BMI Research said in the paper.India, which overtook Brazil as the world’s largest beef exporter in 2014, will maintain a head start over its competitors in terms of exportable supply in the coming years as the country will record a surplus of 2.2 million tonnes on average over 2016-2020, compared with 2 million tonnes for Brazil and 1.5 million tonnes for Australia, the report said.Looking ahead, beef production growth will be mainly driven by the domestic growth in the dairy sector and by steady demand in the international market, BMI Research said.Paper highlighted that a significant part of India’s beef trade is done through illegal channels, as live cattle is exported to Bangladesh (prohibited by the Indian government) and frozen meat reaches China via Vietnam (which is prohibited by China). Therefore, it said, India’s beef market is at a high risk of a change in trade regulation or a crackdown on illegal trade. indianexpress
Start Looking For a New VC: HRD Ministry to AMU
New Delhi: Union HRD Ministry has kicked off the process to find a replacement for AMU Vice Chancellor Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah seven months before the expiry of his term, the manner of its actions raising concerns whether the institution’s minority status could be at risk.The ministry has written a letter to the university to initiate the process to find a replacement for Shah and also reminded it about the need to adhere to a clause of the UGC, which a few, including Shah, fear could undermine some of AMU’s distinctiveness. Shah confirmed to News18 receipt of the ministry’s letter and said he had sought legal opinion on the ‘UGC Regulations 2010’ that stipulates that V-C of any central university should have 10 years of teaching experience besides being an academician. “We are seeking legal advice on the adoption of UGC Regulations 2010, which we want to be examined first.We want to know if it is going to jeopardise our minority status, which is a very sensitive and important issue for us,” he said. Shah clarified AMU had no problems with the regulation, which is a general instruction for all central universities.“We are only examining if it will prejudice our stand or not,” he said. AMU has a “distinct process” to select the VC and the university was working on constituting a new selection panel for the next Vice Chancellor, which would be over by Nov., he said.News18.com
 Talaq & uniform civil code
Ahle Hadees opposes triple talaq but sounds caution: Indian Express report
New Delhi: As the triple talaq matter being heard in the Supreme Court picks up momentum, with the Centre filing an affidavit calling for it to be struck down on the grounds of gender justice, there is disquiet among members of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and significant sections of the Muslim community.A reclusive but influential section, Ahle Hadees, known as one among the more austere Sunni sects, said to take “textbook positions” on the interpretation of Islamic practice has made it clear that it sees triple talaq done in one sitting as “not right” but has questioned the government’s motives. The general secretary of the Ahle Hadees, Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi, in a rare interview, said: “We oppose the idea of triple talaq. This is not in keeping with the Quran and hadees (practice/sayings connected with the Prophet). We treat talaq said thrice in one go as one utterance only and taking full cognizance of how the Quran frowns upon divorce and advocates measured and patient attempts at reconciliation and the presence of proper ‘panches’ or wise counsel givers in the process, we are opposed to this form of talaq.”Maulana Mehdi, though, is categorical in his view that “the Centre and Courts should not interfere in personal matters of religion.”“It is a right under our Constitution to practise our own respective religion,” Mehdi said. “We are uneasy with the way the Centre’s argument is framed, to make it a contest between Islam and the Constitution, where Islam is made out to be out of line with ideas of equality and gender justice. This is wrong… Islam is not anti-women, Islam also allows Khula (where the woman is free to seek divorce).” Maulana Mehdi, though, pedals back from any criticism of the Board and says he is of the view that “at a time like this, as the Personal Law Board represents all of us, no attempt must be made to break ranks.”The chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Syed Jalaluddin Umari, echoed this. Underlining that all major Muslim organisations and a vast majority of the Muslim community stand solidly behind the Board, Umri said: “The problem of triple talaq and polygamy has been blown out of proportion with the sole motive of portraying Muslims as being patriarchal and misogynistic. The percentage of polygamy amongst Muslims is negligible. It is not mandatory for Muslims to practice polygamy but permission to have more than one wife does exist, albeit under certain conditions’’.indian express
Jamaat decries Govt stand on triple talaq:freepressjournal
Centre’s opposition to triple talaq goes against freedom of religion, says Jamaat-e-Islami Hind: scroll.in
Govt infringing on rights of Muslims,says JIH:greaterkashmir
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind opposes government 'bid to impose common civil code': Times of India
Govt's stand on 'triple talaq' infringement on rights, says Muslim Body: NDTV
Government's Stand On 'Triple Talaq' Infringement On Rights of Muslims: The Statesman
Muslim org slams govt over triple talaq:deccanherald
Anti Tripple Talaq & polygamy activist Moots New Marriage Act, AIMPLB Trashes Idea
As the debate over Triple Talaq heats up with the Centre telling Supreme Court that the practice violates fundamental rights, a Muslim women body has gone a step ahead and demanded a new Muslim Marriage Act on the lines of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Shaista Ambar, head of All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board, threw her weight behind Centre’s affidavit last week in the apex court that the concept of Triple Talaq violated fundamental rights. She told News18 that what the community needed was a new Muslim Marriage Act that should be based on Quranic principles of marriage while aligned with the law of the land. Ambar said she had written to the then President of India Pratibha Patil as early as 2009 on the need for such a law.Ambar’s suggestion for a new Act was rubbished by All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), a co-litigant in the Triple Talaq case that has been arguing that it is part of Sharia law and is as inevitable part of Islam.AIMPLB member Zafaryab Jilani said Ambar’s demand was “illusory” in nature. “If the act prohibits polygamy, then how can it be based on the Quran? Moreover, there are varied sects of Muslims in India…how will the law take into account Shia, Sunnis, Ahle Hadees, Hanafi, Hanbali, etc?” he asked.News18.com
No mention of triple talaq in Quran, claim women groups
Aimplb To Continue To Defend Triple Talaq
Any injustice done to women in name of Islam not correct: Heptulla backs Govt stand on Triple talaq, polygamy
New Delhi: The practice of ‘triple talaq’ is being given an “un-Islamic” interpretation by certain quarters, Manipur Governor Najma Heptulla said today.Asserting that Islam was “not a religion of inequality”, she told PTI that the practice of ‘triple talaq’ was being “wrongly interpreted”, as the concept of one-time ‘triple talaq’ does not exist.Refraining from commenting on the stand taken by the Modi govt urging the Supreme Court to abolish the custom, she said “this is not an issue where I can answer in affirmative or negative that I agree with the Centre’s stand or not. I can only give my views on the issue and what I feel about it.” Regarding abolishing of the practice of polygamy in Islam as has been done in Hinduism, Heptulla said people should think about it and any injustice done to women in the name of Islam was “not correct”.“Those who are misusing Islam and not treating women equally are wrong. I believe in what I say. Even a woman, on certain conditions of cruelty, injustice and other reasons, can seek dissolution of marriage but nobody speaks about it.PTI
Manohar Parrikar rejects Congress’s claim, says no surgical strikes conducted in the past
New Delhi: Rejecting Congress’s claim of conducting surgical strikes across LoC during the UPA rule, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said that there was no such Army operation in his knowledge. “I’m Defence Minister for two years, and from whatever I have learnt, there’s no surgical strike anytime earlier. What probably they are quoting are what is called as action taken by Border Action Teams.” Indian express
Parrikar lying unabashedly about surgical strikes: Congress hits back at Defence Minister
New Delhi:Congress responded sharply to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar's categorical assertion that the Congress's claims of carrying out surgical strikes were false. It demanded an apology from Parrikar, saying Congress governments had backed surgical strikes by the Army during the wars India has fought in 1947, 1962, 1965 and 1972."Blinded by political vote-garnering out of the blood and sacrifice of our soldiers, Mr Parrkiar is unabashedly lying. By claiming that no surgical strikes have been carried out before, Mr Parrkiar has insulted the armed forces and the sacrifices made by their personnel," said Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala.TOI
Earlier cross-LoC strikes had different goals: Ex-NSA Shankar Menon
Operations across LoC were not publicised in the past, before the Sept.28 strikes, because they were not aimed at domestic constituencies, former National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon has said. However, in the first comments made by a senior member of the UPA PMO on the issue, Menon also said he had no regrets about not announcing previous strikes, as they had different “goals” in mind.“Covert operations were not announced to the country because the primary goal was to pacify LoC and cut down infiltration and ceasefire violations, not to manage public opinion at home. By keeping operations covert rather than overt, it was made possible for the Pakistan Army to climb down and for a temporary peace to be re-established,“ Menon said in written replies to The Hindu. Menon said the term “surgical strikes” was a misnomer for the cross-LoC attacks, as it was a “cold war era” term that referred specifically to operations aimed at taking out the leadership of an adversary.“What we and Pakistan have been doing is not [surgical strikes], and the use of the term leads to confused thinking about cause and effect. What we have been doing is tactical, covert (until now), and is designed to keep or restore the peace on the line...”he said.The Hindu
Pakistan seeks bigger South Asian alliance to counter India’s influence in SAARC
Islamabad: Pakistan is looking for a possibility of creating a greater South Asian economic alliance, so that it can counter India’s hold on the eight-member SAARC, diplomatic observers said. The idea was pitched by parliamentary delegation from Pakistan, during its five-day visit to Washington last week. The Dawn quoted Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, saying in one of his interactions with the media, “A greater South Asia is already emerging. This greater South Asia includes China, Iran and the neighbouring Central Asian republics.” Hussain described China-Paki Economic Corridor as the key economic route linking South Asia with Central Asia. He pointed out that Gwadar port, would be the nearest warm water port, not only for China, but, also for the land-locked Central Asian states. He added that they want India to join this arrangement as well but Indians are unlikely to accept it as they are comfortable with the advantage that SAARC provides to them.ANI
Pampore encounter: 56-hour gunbattle comes to an end, 2 militants killed
Srinagar: 56-hour gunbattle between security forces and militants holed up in a government building at Pampore on the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway ended this afternoon with both the ultras hiding there shot dead.As there were reports of two to three militants present in the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) complex, the security forces had to search all the 50 rooms of the building before calling off the operation, an army official said. "We have recovered bodies of two militants and the search operation at the EDI building in Pampore has been almost completed," the army official said.While one militant was killed on Tuesday evening, the other militant was shot dead by the security forces on Wednesday, the official said. PTI
J&K Jamaat urges Jammu Muslims to forge unity
Srinagar:Expressing its serious concern over the rallies carried out by RSS in Doda and Kishtwar, Jama’at-e-Islami J&K said it was a well-planned act to trigger communal discord in the region.In a statement JeI said that PDP for the lust of chair had sold everything before RSS and BJP and other communal parties who are waiting for a time to effect a genocide of Muslim populace in the region. “Their sole aim is to make Jammu and Kashmir a hindu rastra and that is why they not only in Kishtwar, but earlier in Doda and Jammu also, marched with weapons and batons in public in order to create fear among Jammu Muslims and incite passions. During the regime of BJP, J&K witnessed immense communal divide by inciting passions, trouble and communal tensions.” “BJP evacuated Gujjar community from their land and shelters and even harassed them by invoking 1947 repetition by BJP Minister Chowdhary Lal Singh in recent past. This proves the ill intention of these communal and frenzy parties who are hell bent to harass, intimidate and maim Muslims for ideological hegemony.” greaterkashmir
Pak. delegation pulls out of S. Asian Jaipur Sufi Festival
Jaipur: In yet another fallout of India’s deteriorating relations with Pakistan, artistes and authors from the neighbouring country are set to give a miss to the South Asian Jaipur Sufi Festival beginning here on Friday.About 25 leading figures in the fields of arts, literature, theatre and Sufi mysticism from Pakistan were invited to the prestigious event.The event will be organised by the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature, in collaboration with the External Affairs Ministry and Rajasthan Tourism. The foundation is spearheaded by Punjabi writer Ajit Cour. Ms. Cour told The Hindu that the ongoing tension between the two countries has forced the Pakistani participants to pull out of the event. “As a strong votary of good cultural ties between the two nations, I can only regret over the decision of my Pakistani friends,” she said. thehindu
Chinese experts back Pak on Uri attack, says no evidence to prove Islamabad’s role
Beijing: Rallying behind Pakistan countering India’s allegation on terrorism, Chinese experts have said that there is no evidence of Islamabad’s involvement in Uri attack and also dubbed India’s move to completely seal its border with Pakistan was a “very irrational decision” and would complicate Indo-China relations further, a state media report on Tuesday."India is making a very irrational decision, since no exhaustive investigation has been conducted after the Uri incident, and no evidence proves Pakistan is behind the attack," the Global Times quoted Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow from the official think-tank Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy, as saying. Indiatvnews
China's dam-building in Brahmaputra could spell crisis for India
Zakir Naik linked Peace International School converted minors to Islam? Claim media reports
Kochi: Police team investigating the alleged links of Peace International School in Kochi with IS accused, has found that 6 students at the school were radicalised and converted to Islam. According to sources privy to investigation, the school authorities had even radicalised non-Muslim members of the management committee. At present, out of the 300 students, only two are non-Muslims.“Contents of the textbooks recovered from the school exhort the students to lay down their lives for Islam.A lesson in the textbook meant for Class II students asks a question- What Suzanne and Adam would do for religious conversion? Besides, the book contains many lessons, aimed at radicalising the students. One lesson asks ‘Why Islam wins the battles? The answer is Islam wins the fights because it is a sacrifice for Allah,” said an officer. However the police officers refused to disclose more details about the students and management committee members, who were converted.A police team led by Kochi Range IG S Sreejith has launched a probe into the syllabus and activities of the school following information that missing persons from Kerala, who reportedly joined the IS, were linked to the institution. newindianexpress
School’s textbooks prepared by Islamic centre team: The Hindu
'What advice will you give if your friend becomes Muslim?' asks Class II textbook: India Samvad
Case against school: Salafi groups accuse cops of anti-Muslim bias
Kozhikode: The decision by cops to register a case against the management committee of the Peace Educational Foundation in Kochi has drawn criticism from the Salafi groups in the state who alleged discrimination by police.The slapping of terror charges on individuals and institutions engaged in propagation of religion was highly condemnable, said Ithihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen (ISM), the youth wing of the Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen.The state committee of the ISM, which met here on Monday , said the attempts to denigrate an institution by spreading fabricated stories of religious conversion cannot be accepted."The police should end invoking terror charges on the basis of religion. It is unbecoming for a democratic society to defame an institution only on the basis of some report prepared by officials and not after a detailed investigation," ISM said. It added that the tendency of sending youths behind the bars after charging UAPA on the basis of some hearsay is a dangerous trend. It is the duty of the government to ensure that UAPA is not used indiscriminately against minorities, including Muslims. "It is not desirable to spread the misunderstandings in the name of textbooks that teaches only religion," ISM said.Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (Madavoor) faction said the police's decision to single out Muslim institutions, as the NIA does, should be condemned.Kerala government should not try to implement the agenda of the Sangh Parivar, it said. The KNM also registered protest against political parties that are branding all the Mujahid organisations as extremists. "It is not right to accuse the entire movement for the irresponsible stand of a few individuals," it said.TOI
Muslim forums allege discrimination by police
6 Kerala IS accused, closely following Zakir Naik, MM Akbar but hardly influenced by them: NIA
New Delhi: 6 men who were arrested from Kerala on Oct.2, have told their interrogators that though they closely followed Zakir Naik and another Kerala-based preacher, M M Akbar, their speeches did not have much influence on them. Investigators found several video clips on the mobile phones and laptops of the 6 accused containing the speeches of Naik and Akbar. Both preachers have been accused of radicalising. A senior NIA spokesperson said all 6 accused were Salafis (followers of the puritanical form of Islam) and this was the common thread that brought them together.“They were closely following the speeches of Naik and Akbar but told us that they were hardly influenced by them. They said the preachers spoke not only about Islam but other topics as well and theirs was one of the many speeches they [the group] followed,” said a senior home ministry official.NIA said the accused were inspired by the IS and had assembled at a hilltop in Kannur to plan attacks against key politicians in Kerala and Tamil Nadu when they were apprehended. the hindu
World’s 500 ‘Most Influential Muslims’ for 2016-17: Despite facing flak in India Zakir Naik still among ‘Honourable Mentions’
There is no change in the listing of 500 ‘Most Influential Muslims’ of the world as far as Indian Muslims are concerned. As like in last year’s listing, same two dozen personalities from India feature in the list for this year.However, what is noticeable in the listing prepared by Oman-based ‘Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre’ (RISSC), an independent research entity affiliated with the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, is that Dr Zakir Naik’s name appears under the dignitaries regarded as ‘Honourable Mentions’.It reflects that the forceful vilification campaign run by the Indian media against Dr Naik after the July Café terror attack in Bangladesh, had no impact on his reputation across the world. He is still regarded praiseworthy in the Muslim world.Dr Naik’s name is listed under two heads – ‘Preachers & Spiritual Guides’ and ‘Honorable Mentions’. It gives his details as:Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought is an international Islamic non-governmental, independent institute headquartered in Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This is the 8th year that the RISSC has released such a list. The publication selects Muslim individuals from a range of categories of influence, 13 in total. Among the top 50 in this list, there are only 2 known figures from India, a country with second largest Muslim population: Barelwi leader Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan and Maulana Mahmood Madani. Twocircles
130 'radicalised' people on NIA watch list: DNA
New Delhi : After arresting over 50 suspects for conspiring to set-up terror modules inspired by the IS or for providing material support to the militant group, the NIA has identified another 130 radicalised individuals, believed to be in contact with the accused. This watch list is a "preemptive measure" by the agency to track and monitor these individuals.IS does not have a direct presence in India and has also not claimed any attacks in India. Several conspiracies and plans have been foiled due to efforts of NIA and the state police. et, authorities have noticed a trend of a sizable population getting attracted to and supporting the IS ideology.The individuals on the watch list have not participated in any incriminating activities till now. They are, however, active on the social media and have made efforts on ground to gather support for IS, officials said. "They've tried to gather support for IS online and offline and enroll other members. They themselves, however, have refrained from joining any module,'' they added.The decision to put these individuals under surveillance was taken recently, after a few names cropped up frequently during interrogations. Consequently, the NIA wrote to police authorities in nine states – Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Haryana – asking them to monitor these supporters.
NIA arrests 5 suspected terorrists in Bihar:IANS
Patna: NIA has arrested 5 suspected terrorists, including 2 Pakistanis, from India-Nepal border in Raxaul, Bihar, police said."NIA has recovered a map of important places of Patna from the arrested suspects," a police official said.Police has to be very careful and cautious and must have proper intelligence network .According to police, a team of NIA and IB officials have been interrogating them to know more about their plan.
15.2% of Indians are undernourished: Global Hunger Index
New Delhi: Like most of its south Asian neighbours, India has a “serious” hunger problem with 15.2% of its citizens undernourished and 38.7% of under-five children stunted, said the Global Hunger Index report released by the Washington based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) on Tuesday. According to the report’s global rankings for 2016, India, which ranked 97 among 118 developing nations, fares worse than all its neighbours such as China (29), Nepal (72), Myanmar (75), Sri Lanka (84) and Bangladesh (90), except for Pakistan (107).Also, India’s global hunger index or GHI score of 28.5 is worse than the developing country average score of 21.3. While countries like Brazil and Argentina have a GHI score of less than 5 and ranked the best among developing nations, nations like Chad and Central African Republic fare the worst with a score of 44.3 and 46.1, respectively.The global community is not on course to end hunger by the UN Sustainable Development Goal deadline of 2030, IFPRI said in a statement while releasing the report.It added that if hunger declines at the same rate as it did since 1992, more than 45 countries, including India, Pakistan, Haiti, Yemen, and Afghanistan, will still have ‘moderate’ to ‘alarming’ hunger scores in the year 2030, far short of the goal to end hunger by that year.However, the report highlighted some bright spots, like 20 countries, including Rwanda, Cambodia, and Myanmar, who reduced their GHI scores by over 50% each since 2000 (India’s GHI score fell by 25.4% during this period), and the fact that no developing country for which data was available was in the “extremely alarming” category. livemint
Gujarat Una effects: Over 300 Dalits convert to Buddhism including 216 in Gujarat
Ahmedabad: Over 200 people from the Dalit community from Gujarat converted to Buddhism in 3 separate events organised by Buddhist organisations here on the occasion of Vijaya Dashmi, organisers said. Another 90 from the state converted to Buddhism in Nagpur, taking the total to over 300 Dalits. According to organisers, though conversions are carried out every year on Vijaya Dashmi, this year the numbers were high on account of the Una Dalit flogging incident. “As many as 140 Dalits converted to Buddhism at an event organised by Gujarat Buddhist Society in Dani Limda locality of Ahmedabad yesterday to mark Vijaya Dashmi,” Ramesh Banker, a member of Gujarat Buddhist Academy, which organised the event here, said.65 people from the community converted to Buddhism at a separate event organised in Kalol in Gandhinagar district, while 11 more converted in Wadhwan in Surendranagar district. Some of them also embraced Buddhism at an event organised at Kalol. A total of 65 persons converted at this event, P G Jyotikar of Buddhist Society of India, said.“Most Dalits prefer this day for conversion, as Ambedkar himself converted to Buddhism on this day in 1956. The reaction to the Una Dalit atrocity incident was evident in response we received from the converts,” Jyotikar said.While a total 216 Dalits converted to Buddhism at events organised in the state, around 90 more from the state converted to the religion at Nagpur, where Dalits from all over the country gather for conversion, Banker claimed. “With this, more than 300 Dalits in the state converted to Buddhism,” he claimed.“Buddhism is a humanist religion that offers equality to fellow Buddhists without any stratification of caste that we see in Hinduism, and therefore, we converted to Buddhism. Equality provides more opportunity to an individual to grow,” said Arvindsinh Chauhan.“Atrocity on Dalits takes place everywhere in the country because of inequality in Hinduism. We converted to Buddhism because in this religion everybody is considered equal,” she said.PTI
Mansa incident: Murdered Dalit youth’s chopped limb found, three arrested: Indian Express
Ludhiana:Two days after the brutal murder of Dalit youth Sukchain Singh Pali, Mansa police has recovered the chopped limb from the fields of one Rajinder Singh of village Gharangna in Mansa district on Wednesday. 3 of the 5 accused – Hardeep Singh, Balbir Singh and Sadhu Singh – were arrested, confirmed SSP Mansa Mukhwinder Singh. The remaining are yet to be arrested.The limb was sent to the hospital mortuary, but the family refused to get the postmortem done. Aside from demanding the arrest of culprits and placing murder charges, the family also demanded Rs 20 lakhs compensation, job for a family member and inclusion of SC/ST act in this case.
‘Rein of terror’ unleashed against Dalits in Punjab: Amarinder Singh
Gurdaspur: Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh on attacked the SAD govt over killing of a Dalit youth in Mansa, alleging that a “reign of terror” has been unleashed against the community in the state.“Dalits in the state are feeling extremely insecure and fear for their safety under the SAD rule,” he said.The former Chief Minister expressed shock and concern after a 20-year-old Dalit youth, who was allegedly involved in illegal liquor trade, was brutally killed and his leg chopped off allegedly by a rival group of liquor smugglers in the district.PTI
Students burn effigy of PM Modi, Amit Shah at JNU campus dubbing them as ‘Ravana’
New Delhi: A section of JNU students chose the visages of PM Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah to represent the demon king Ravana and burnt his effigy.The act might backfire on them considering the university administration’s decision last week to order a proctorial inquiry into the effigy-burning of the Gujarat govt and ‘gau-rakshak’ (cow vigilantes) and to issue show-cause notices to the students concerned.Members of Congress-affiliated National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) celebrated Dussehra last night by burning the effigy of Modi as Ravan, claiming that it was a protest against the Centre’s “failure” in honouring its promises and the continuous attacks on various educational institutions across the country.PTI
Denying sex to husband for long period ground for divorce: Delhi High Court
New Delhi; Denying sex to husband for a long time without any justification amounts to mental cruelty and is a ground for divorce, Delhi High Court has said. Verdict came on a petition by a husband seeking divorce, complaining that his wife had subjected him to mental cruelty by not allowing him to have physical relations for 4-and-a-half-years though she was not suffering from any physical disability.While allowing husband’s appeal, the high court granted a decree of divorce to him noting that the wife in a trial court had not specifically denied the allegation.“In view the foregoing discussion, we are of the considered view that the husband has fully established that he was subjected to mental cruelty by the wife by denying sex to him for a long period despite living under the same roof, without any justification and though she was not suffering from any physical disability,” a bench of Justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Pratibha Rani said.PTI
Patriarchy Couldn't Stop This 14-Year-Old Muslim Girl From Becoming A Wushu Martial Arts Champion
Syria's war: Russian air raids kill 56 in Aleppo: aljazeera
At least 56 people have been killed over the past 24 hours in the Syrian province of Aleppo as Russian air raids resumed over the countryside, sources said.The deaths from raids in Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr and Fardous neighbourhoods, as well as Ar-Rasheeqa city, were the results of the heaviest Russian bombardment in days on the city's rebel-held sector, people in the city said. Dozens were also wounded.Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a lull in fighting on Wednesday. "Silence is taking over Aleppo city. So far no gunshots or air strikes have been heard, since the air strike[s]," monitor said. Al Jazeera has seen a letter signed by at least 62 countries, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, calling on the UN Security Council to prevent further deaths from a "calculated campaign".
ISIS reduces prayer frequency 5 to 3 in Nineveh due to 'a state of war': ibtimes, Reuters
In a surprising move, the Islamic State group has reduced the number of times a Muslim resident of Nineveh in Iraq has to pray from 5 to 3, with the outfit's internal panel even issuing a fatwa in this regard. Defaulters will have to face severe punishment. According to a local news outlet:"Isis has issued a decree in Nineveh to lessen Muslim ritual prayers from 5 to 3 times a day, due to what it calls a state of war.
AK Party to bring constitutional reform proposal to parliament soon, PM Yıldırım says
Istanbul; PM Binali Yıldırım said on Wednesday that AK Party will soon bring the proposal for constitutional change to the parliament, which includes the presidential system.Speaking at AK Party's Extended Provincial Chairpersons meeting in Ankara, Yıldırım said that the party will give people the last say on the issue:"Whether it is passed by 330 votes or 367 votes, we will take the results to the people." DAILY SABAH
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sent feeds that helped police track minorities in, report says: Washington post
A powerful surveillance program that police used for tracking racially charged protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo., relied on special feeds of user data provided by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, according to an ACLU report Tuesday.The companies provided the data — often including the locations, photos and other information posted publicly by users — to Geofeedia, a Chicago-based company that says it analyzes social media posts to deliver real-time surveillance information to help 500 law enforcement agencies track and respond to crime. Social media companies cut off Geofeedia’s access to the streams of user data in recent weeks after ACLU discovered them and alerted the companies about looming public exposure.
France's Hollande admits 'problem with Islam'
Paris: President Francois Hollande speaks of "a problem with Islam" in French society, in excerpts published today of a book in which he also suggests that immigration needs to be curbed. "There is a problem with Islam because Islam requires (holy) sites and recognition," Hollande told two journalists from Le Monde newspaper for the book which will be published tomorrow."It's not Islam that poses a problem in the sense of its being a religion that is dangerous in itself, but because it wants to assert itself as a religion in the (French) republic," he is quoted as saying in "Un president ne devrait pas dire ca", which translates as "A president shouldn't say this". AFP
Islam is an infection, wearing Burqa is a crime: French presidential candidate Bruno Le Maire
China targets parents with religion rules in Xinjiang:Reuters

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