29 October 2016

29 Oct. 2016: 27 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:22
‘More Indians eating beef, buffalo meat’
New Delhi:The number of Indians eating beef and buffalo meat went up from 7.51 crore in 1999-2000 to 8.35 crore in 2011-12 while the total household consumption of beef/buffalo meat went down from 4.44 crore kg per month to 3.67 crore kg in the same time period. These findings come from National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) data. Three rounds of the Household Consumption Expenditure survey of NSSO (51, 55 and 68), spanning a decade — including the latest one from 2011-12 — were analysed by The Hindu in collaboration with India Datalabs, based at the Observer Research Foundation.Of late, “beef” and even buffalo meat consumption has been at the centre of a raging political controversy in India. Buffalo meat traders in Lucknow argue that due to the increase in the number of export factories, the supply to the common domestic market has dropped over the years.As per NSSO data, in U.P., the total quantity of buffalo meat consumed per month decreased from 1.25 crore kg in 1999-2000 to 90.5 lakh kg in 2011-12.However, a retailer in Lucknow, who preferred anonymity, said that the consumption of buffalo meat was often not reflected in the figures. “Lucknow produces two to three tonnes of kababs daily. This demand cannot be satisfied with the supply of goat meat. Buffalo meat is used to fill the shortage. It is common.”In Haryana, Mohammad Shakir, a meat-seller in the Jama Masjid area — the hub of buffalo meat in Gurugram — tells a different story. He says that business was booming for a decade till 2010, which coincides with the survey duration. But, he attributed the decrease in demand for buffalo meat over the past 4-5 years to the mushrooming of chicken shops. Consumption patterns vary across religions, data show. In 2011-12, 42% of Indian Muslims reported having eaten beef/buffalo meat in the month preceding the survey compared to 26.5% Christians and 1.4% Hindus.Our analysis shows that the number of Hindus eating beef/buffalo meat has been declining — 1.89 crore Hindus in 1999-2000 to 1.25 crore in 2011-12 — whereas among Muslims, the practice has been increasing — 4.8 crore Muslims to 6.34 crore in the same duration.Let’s compare the absolute values. In 1999-2000, for every five Muslims who would eat beef/buffalo meat, there were two Hindus who reported eating the meat as well. In 2011-12, the ratio declined: one Hindu for every 5 Muslims. When this was pointed out to Chaudhary Ahleh Umar Qureshi, UP secretary of the All India Jamiatul Quresh —frontal body of the Quresh community, who have traditionally been engaged as butchers — he seemed unconvinced. According to him, “60-70%” of those who eat buffalo meat — Lucknow’s famous kababs, the most sought after item — in the city’s well-known joints were Hindus. However, since they do not consume it at home, it goes unrecorded.NSSO data is self-reported and due to religious stigma, people might be under-reporting consumption details. The Hindu spoke to some Hindus in UP, mostly upper caste, who ate buffalo meat in restaurants but hid the fact from their families or friends. They said they were not allowed to cook buffalo meat at home.In all the States belonging to the Hindi heartland, less than 1%  of Hindus eat beef/buffalo meat.But in Assam, Punjab, and Bihar, beef/ buffalo meat-eating Hindu population increased by over 100%  — more than double, that means — from 1999-2000 to 2011-12. Ditto with Haryana — buffalo-meat eating Hindus increased from 25,160 to 56,174 — though it is still less than 1% of Hindu population in the State. The hindu 
JNU students protest outside police HQRS
New Delhi: JNU students on Friday staged a protest outside the Delhi Police headquarters at ITO against alleged police inaction in the case of disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed. The students demanded that the status of the probe by SIT be made public and asked why police has not yet examined the records and CCTV recordings of vehicles entering the JNU campus on the day Ahmed went missing. They also wondered why the police have not yet questioned the alleged "goons" who beat up Ahmed.Ahmed went missing on the night of Oct.14 after he was beaten up allegedly by some members of ABVP.A police complaint was filed and a Proctorial inquiry was initiated by the university. The police later formed an SIT to trace Ahmed.A student delegation, led by JNU JNUSU President Mohit Pandey, went into the headquarters to have deliberations on their demands with police officials.Another student body named Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) also took part in the protest.Students made attempts to remove the barricade but relented after JNUSU President Mohit Pandey pleaded with them not to resort to such actions and protest only peacefully.-IANS
We have lost all faith in JNU administration:Najeeb mother
New Delhi:“We have lost all faith in the university administration,” said Fatima, mother of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed, who has been missing for 13 days. Najeeb’s family said the JNU administration was devoid of humanity as it took V-C M.Jagadesh Kumar 4 days to meet them, despite Najeeb’s mother Fatima camping outside the Administration Block. “We want to ask V-C. If his son or daughter had been missing for even a day, would he not be worried? It has been 13 days, and you have not even acknowledged the fact that Najeeb was beaten the night before he went missing,or taken any disciplinary measures against those involved,” said sister Sadaf. The hindu  
Indian High Commission official Surjeet Singh leaves Pakistan for home
Islamabad: Pakistani Foreign Office in a statement said, “Foreign Secretary expressed deep concern over the activities of the Indian official that were in violation of the Vienna Convention and the established diplomatic norms.”Indian High Commission official, Surjeet Singh, who was declared persona non grata by Pakistan in a retaliatory action two days ago, left the country with his family on Saturday, a media report said. Surjeet Singh was declared persona non grata on October 27 and told to leave Pakistan in 48 hours by the Foreign Office, Geo News reported.Singh’s expulsion orders came within hours of India asking that a Pakistani High Commission official leave India for allegedly running a spy ring. Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, had summoned Indian High Commissioner, Gautam Bambawale, in Islamabad on Thursday and declared Surjeet Singh as persona non grata and asked that he leave the country by Saturday.Pakistani Foreign Office in a statement said, “Foreign Secretary expressed deep concern over the activities of the Indian official that were in violation of the Vienna Convention and the established diplomatic norms.” The action came hours after Indian Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar summoned Pak High Commissioner Abdul Basit in New Delhi that day to protest against Mehmood Akhtar, a visa officer at the Pak High Commission, who India accused of spying.IANS 
Tit for Tat: Now Pak accuses Indian embassy staffer for anti-Pak activities
PA of SP’s Rajya Sabha MP held in Pak spy racket case
New Delhi: The personal assistant of a Rajya Sabha MP of the Samajwadi Party has been arrested in connection with an espionage racket that allegedly involved a Pakistan high commission staffer.Delhi Police detained Farhat Akhtar, an aide of SP’s Munawwar Salim, on Friday night, said a senior Crime Branch officer. He was arrested after questioning.Police are also trying to catch hold of other members of the racket who were suspected of having close links with Pakistan high commission’s Mehmood Akhtar.“Based on Akhtar’s questioning, we called Farhat for clarifications. He is being questioned...,” a police source said.HT             
Will commit suicide if found to have links with Pakistan espionage ring:SP MP Munawwar Saleem
Bhopal: Samajwadi Party  MP Chaudhary Munawwar Saleem said on Saturday that he would commit suicide with his family if investigative agencies detects even an iota of evidence indicating his involvement in the espionage ring run by a Pakistani high commission official, which was uncovered by Delhi crime branch earlier this week. Saleem said that Farhat was appointed as his PA after due verifications by three different agencies including the Delhi police.TOI
I pushed for strikes against terror camps in Pak after 26/11 but more was gained from not attacking: Ex-NSA Menon
New Delhi:As the Modi govt  revels in the spotlight of the surgical strikes, the situation is trickling back to square one. Pakistan has resorted to heavy cross-border shelling and terrorist attacks continue in Kashmir.Meanwhile, it has come to light that India seriously considered attacking terror camps in Pakistan's Punjab province and the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in 2008 after the deadly terror attacks in Mumbai that left 166 people dead. Shivshankar Menon, who was then foreign secretary in the Manmohan Singh govt , has revealed in a book that he pressed for military action on LeT terror camps after the 26/11 attacks as it would have "would have been emotionally satisfying".In his book, 'Choices: Inside the Making of India's Foreign Policy', Menon, who went to become the National Security Advisor in the UPA govt , writes: "On sober reflection and in hindsight... the decision not to retaliate militarily and to concentrate on diplomatic, covert, and other means was the right one for that time and place."IndiaToday
Kashmir India’s internal matter: Syrian Prez Assad’s envoy 
New Delhi: Current impasse in Kashmir is an internal matter for India and the country has the right to deal with it in the manner it wants, said Syrian envoy to India,Riad Abbas. Syria supports India on all international forums, including Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Damascus has been a steadfast supporter of India on the Kashmir issue at various forums, including in OIC, Abbas told ETin an exclusive interaction amid the ongoing battle in his country against what he terms as externally sponsored ISIS. Referring to cross-border terrorism across regions, Abbas said LeT has links with ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi and Boko Haram in Nigeria.“These terror groups have one ideology — Wahabism. They have one colour and one principle.A high-level delegation from Syria may visit India in the future to explore further cooperation, officials aware of the matter said. Referring to the crisis in Syria, Abbas said the Syrian Army, with support from Russia, will be able to free Aleppo from the ISIS.TOI 
J&K Jamaat-e-Islami district head arrested in Bandipora
Srinagar: Jamaat-i-Islami District President Bandipora was arrested by police today in Sumlar village of the north Kashmir district. Hafiz Sikander Malik, 30, son of Abdul Gani Malik, resident of Gundpora Rampora, Bandipora was arrested in Sumlar village while he was on way to Bandipora after offering Friday prayers there," police sources said. greaterkashmir
Dalit, ST outfits organise signature campaign supporting Muslim Personal Law
Hyderabad: Supporting Muslim Personal Law Board’s stand against Uniform Civil Code, chiefs and authorities of Dalit and ST organisations distributed forms of signature campaign after Friday prayers at the foot of historical Makkah Masjid. CL Yadgiri, Ramulu Yadav, Prof. Parveen Kumar, led by Dalit leader J B Raju along with Chief Convenor Front Sanaullah Khan, Hayat Husain, Habeeb, Rasheed Khan Azad, Shaikh Faheem, Dr. Mohammed Nazim Ali, Sudarshan, M A Rasheed, Mohammed Vali and others were present.Ex-Corporator and Congress leader Mohammed Ghouse participated in the programme as Chief Guest. Later talking to media JB Raju expressed strong anger over Modi govt ’s attempts to implement Uniform Civil Code. He said Modi govt is trying to divide people of the country in the name of Uniform Civil Code. He further said, be it triple Talaq or some other issue, dalits and scheduled tribes will not remain silent on any injustice done towards Muslims. He revealed that Dalit and scheduled tribes support Muslims personal Law Board on this matter. He advised Muslims to organise signature campaign with patience and submit crores of signature forms to central govt.siasat
RSS against any injustice on basis of gender:UP leader
Lucknow: Amid A raging debate on triple talaq, RSS on Friday said it was opposed to any injustice on the basis of gender. Prabhu Narayan, RSS’s Awadh Prant sanghchalak, said that though the issue of triple talaq has been raised by Muslim women who have moved court, RSS believes that “no one should face injustice because of his gender”.“We believe everyone must get respect and equality,”he added.He further said that the RSS has been working to remove social evils like untouchability and social discrimination. indian express 
Muslim women feel secure under Sharia law: AIMPLB
New Delhi:Muslim women from across the country feel secure under the Sharia law and do not want a Uniform Civil Code, AIMPLB claimed today amid a raging debate on the practice of triple talaq. "It is not the personal law board or the women in it, who are against the proposed Uniform Civil Code, but Muslim women in general in the country do not want it. They feel safe and secure under the Sharia law," Kamal Faruqui, a member of AIMPLB said. The Board has already started a signature campaign in support of personal law."The campaign has already got support from Muslim women in Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. And, in many cases, where our members are not there, we are getting good support from them, mostly spontaneous," Faruqui claimed.Executive member of the AIMPLB, Asma Zehra, said Muslim women from across the country were coming together to demand that the personal law be protected.PTI 
Agra: Muslim women come out against Modi govt's move on Talaq
Agra:In a surprising change of stand over Triple Talaq issue following PM Modi's speeches in Mahoba and Varanasi on this issue, Muslim women of Agra held a protest march against the union govt 's interference in the Islamic laws and sent a memorandum addressed to the President of India, demanding that the Modi govt should be prevented from meddling with the ancient laws of Muslims.A large procession of Muslim men and women marched towards Agra Collectorate from the Muslim-dominated Mantola area and met the DM who was presented with the memorandum addressed to the President of India. Talking to India Today after the protest march ended, Raziya Begum asked PM Modi to first look inside his home where his own legally wedded wife was living a life of separation. If there had been any injustice in the 1400 years old Islamic law, then the billions of Muslims would not have been living such happy and prosperous lives all over the world. Girls College Principal Dr Farhat Bano said that the Central govt  had no business interfering with the religious laws of Muslims as the Muslims will only obey the law written down in the Holy Quran and no other law of law could be applicable on them despite what the govt  may say. Sultana Qureshi said that India was under Muslim rule for 1,300 years and under British rule for 250 years but no govt ever interfered with the Islamic laws and in under 36 months of rule, Modi has started a debate over the validity of Islamic laws, which was intolerable. She said that it seems that Modi is being influenced by the impending elections in 5 states including UP, in order to gather as many Hindu votes in his favour as possible. She said that the Muslim women will oppose this interference at all costs and will not allow the Islamic laws to be abrogated in the name of common civil code. It was probably the first time in the history of Agra, when so many Burqa-clad women descended on the city's streets to protest against the central govt.Even foreign tourists watched the spectacle in amazement and snapped pictures of the procession in their cameras.
Will forget our differences to combat political attack on Shariah: Sunni cleric
Mangaluru: Issuing a stern warning to union govt  against trying to interfere in Islamic Shariah, a veteran Sunni cleric of coastal Karnataka has said that all members of Muslim community are ready to sink their differences to counter the politically motivated conspiracies against ‘the religion of peace’. Speaking at a protest meet organised by the Federation of Sunni Organisations of Dakshina Kannada on Friday in front of the office of deputy commissioner in the city, Ibrahim Musliyar Bekal,Khazi of Udupi, said that govt  should not misunderstand that Muslims are divided.“Yes, there are differences among Muslims. But, we are united and we will not tolerate any kind of external meddling in the affairs of Shariah,” he said in presence of the leaders of various Sunni organisations such as SJU, SJM, SYS, SSF, SMA, SEDC, KMJC and KCF. coastaldigest
Community will give befitting reply if govt implements Uniform Civil Code: Sunni bodies 
New Delhi;Hitting out at Centre over Law Commission’s move relating to triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code, a body representing Sunni Muslims today accused the govt  of making the move in view of UP elections and warned that the community will give befitting reply if it was implemented. All India Tanzeem Ulema-a-Islam (AITUI) also staged protest over the issue in New Delhi, demanding the govt to withdraw the “communal” move.“Commission is interfering in the personal laws of the Muslims. This is being done to polarise voters in view of the UP polls at the behest of the RSS. Any move to further the step will be given befitting reply by people during the 2017 polls. “We want the Commission to withdraw the step,” AITUI head Mufti Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain Qadri, said according to a statement.The demonstrators also urged members of other minority communities such as Jain, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians to join the protest, saying “their rights too may be trampled upon”. “UCC will affect personal laws of not only of Mulsims, but these communities too. So, they should also join us,” Maulana Shahabuddin Rizvi, general secretary of All India Jamat Raza-e Mustafa of Bareilly said.PTI 
Seminar on Islamic family laws at Jamiat ul Falah on Nov 5 
Bilariya Ganj (Azamgarh): The whole country is fighting collectively against the enemies of Islam, who have in their hearts, intentions of amending Muslim Personal Law and assaulting Shariah laws. Advancing a step ahead, the world-renowned madrasa “Jamiat ul Falah” has planned to organize a two day seminar on Islamic family laws, so that the common Indians may be acquainted with beneficence and auspiciousness of Muslim Personal Law. This seminar will be attended by Maulana Sayyed Jalaluddin Umri,deputy secretary of All India Muslim Personal law Board and on the other hand, Mohammad Jafar of working committee is also invited. The program will also be addressed by Director of Shibli Academy, Prof. Ishteyaque Ahmad Zilli and Vice president of Jamat-e-Islami Maulana Mohammad Nusrat. Muslim Mirror 
Issues bigger than triple talaq plague community: Varanasi Muslims
Campaign against infringement of religious rights of Muslims to be stepped up
Odisha: Muslim body opposes any change of Islamic Shariah laws and to implement UCC
Mysore: Forum mulls signature campaign against uniform civil code
Triple talaq: Rampur Jama Masjid undertakes campaign to oppose Centre
Kalaburagi: Muslims to rally against uniform civil code on Nov 5
Muslim women ask PM Modi to secure justice for Zakia Jaffery; defend Shariah and triple talaq
Triple talaq ‘undesirable, but permissible’
RSS Muslim wing to hold national Islamic convention in Agra in support of Modi
Agra:In an attempt to truly develop a secular outlook, the BJP and RSS are making full efforts to end their communal and anti-Muslim image and are in search of new ways to attract the largest minority community in India towards the party. PM Modi's "Pradhanmantri Nayi Manzil Yojna" has been formulated to assist Madrassa students in going for higher education and while it has been praised by the Muslim community, they are still not ready to embrace the BJP.Now, Bhartiya Muslim Rashtriya Manch, a unit of RSS is planning to organise a national convention of Islamic clerics in Agra in November, to make the Muslims aware of the true intentions of the BJP govt  towards the welfare of Muslims. In the light of the current controversy over triple talaq and Common Civil Code, this convention is being seen as an effort at damage control by the RSS and the BJP, just before the announcement of the assembly elections in UP. india today 
VIJAYAWADA: Muslims march against Uniform Civil Code
Triple talaq: Rampur Jama Masjid undertakes signature campaign
Nagpur:Muslim body opposes Central govt stand on triple talaq issue

Bans IRF, under UAPA, move will be unwarranted, illegal, abuse of statute: Dr Zakir Naik lawyer 
Mubin Solkar, the lawyer of Dr Zakir Naik, has said that if the central govt  bans his client’s NGO, IRF, under the provisions of the UAPA, such a move would be unwarranted, illegal and an abuse of the statute.Solkar, however, said he had not yet seen the police report or the note sent by the state govt  recommending the ban on IRF on grounds of it indulging in any alleged unlawful activities and so it would not be possible for him to respond to it. Solkar further said there were two types of bans that could be imposed on any organisation. However, for that the tribunal of a sitting high court judge is supposed to take a final call after giving a chance to the govt  as well as the affected organisation, he said. He said that as per the law the organisation’s “object” should be to promote enmity between different groups. “IRF does not have as its object the promotion of communal disharmony or creating enmity between religious groups, much less committing terrorist activities. Provisions of the UAPA, therefore, cannot be invoked against IRF,” said Solkar. He further said, “None of authentic statements or speeches of Dr Naik, if viewed in its entirety and proper context, can be termed objectionable or promoting enmity or hatred between religious groups. Dr Naik has never inspired or instigated any Muslim youth to commit terrorist acts.”Asian Age 
Karnataka: Ex-Minister Qamarul Islamcondemns call for burkha ban in schools
Kalaburagi: The former Minister Qamarul Islam, member of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board and founder member of the All-India Milli Council, condemned the blatant attempts of right wing student organisations to communalise college campuses in North Karnataka districts by calling for a ban on girl students wearing burkhas in classrooms. Referring to reports in The Hindu that the such a call for the ban had been made in some of the colleges in Haveri district, Mr. Qamarul, also the founder member of the All-India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, told presspersons that such a call was an infringement on the religious rights of Muslim girls and would be opposed by the community. Qamarul said the State govt  should intervene immediately and ensure the protection of the Muslim girl students in college campuses in Haveri and other parts of Karnataka. He accused right-wing student organisations of spreading communal tension prevalent in coastal districts to other parts by trying impose a burkha ban in Haveri.
RSS opposes Tipu Jayanti, threatens to stage protests in Karnataka
Bengaluru:RSS on Friday opposed the celebration of ‘Tipu Jayanti’ in Karnataka this year, saying they would stage protests against it as the ruler of the erstwhile Mysore kingdom was a “religious bigot and a violent sultan”.“Our outfits will be out on the streets to stage protests against Tipu Jayanti as the then Mysuru ruler was a tyrant, a religious bigot and a violent sultan,” RSS kshetriya sarsanghchalak of Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, V Nagaraj told reporters here.Tipu Jayanti, slated to be celebrated across the state on November 10, is being observed since last year following a Congress govt  decision which had triggered a major row and caused violence in Kodagu district in November last.PTI
Will seek ban on PFI, SDPI if involved, says RSS
Bengaluru: RSS on Friday announced that it would seek a ban on the PFI and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), if the organisations are found to have played a role in the murder of Rudresh R - the RSS worker who was hacked to death on Kamaraj Road on Oct.16.Appreciating the work of police, who have arrested four suspects in connection with the murder, Kshetreeya Sanghachalak V Nagaraj said, "If the involvement of PFI and SDPI in a larger conspiracy is proved, we will seek a ban on them from the Centre."TOI 
RSS to support saints on construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya: UP leader 
Lucknow: RSS on Friday reiterated that Ram Temple at Ayodhya is fully supported by the Sangh but the decision on its construction would be taken by the saints through Dharma Sansad."We have always supported the agitation of the saints but they have to lead for the construction of the temple and RSS will only give them support," said Prant Sanghchalak Prabhu Narain here. Narain said RSS has nothing to do with the construction of the Ram Temple but has always supported the cause. "It is the duty of the govt to remove the obstacles and the saints would decide on the construction through its Dharma Sansad," he said. RSS state chief said that they have always supported the stand taken by the Dharma Sansad but never came in the front over the matter. He added it was the public which demolished the disputed structure and now they will only construct a grand temple.UNI
Why don’t you shut down courts? SC slams govt over delay in appointing judges
New Delhi:The Supreme Court rebuked the govt  on Friday for “scuttling” the working of judiciary by sitting on the appointment of judges in various high courts despite the recommendation of a recruitment collegium.“Today we have a situation where courtrooms are locked because there are no judges. For example, Karnataka…. Why don’t you lock the courts?” a bench headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur asked, adding: “Executive inaction is decimating the institution (judiciary).”Bench is hearing a public interest litigation on the judicial appointment process in 24 high courts, which together have more than 450 vacancies against the sanctioned strength of 1,041.“You are scuttling the working of the institution,” the bench, which has been asking the govt  to show urgency, said.
India 3rd in terror deaths after ISIS-Boko Haram areas:Additional Solicitor General  tells SC
New Delhi :India ranks third among world nations most inflicted with terrorism and insurgency related deaths, after the areas ridden with violence by ISIS and Nigeria's Boko Haram, the Supreme Court was told today. Making this submission, the Chhattisgarh govt  also claimed in the apex court that more people were being killed in this Naxal-affected state than terror-hit Jammu and Kashmir and the involvement of extreme left-wing activists in the area was adding fuel to the fire."Today more security personnel are deployed in Chhattisgarh than in Jammu and Kashmir. Several policemen are being killed in Naxal violence in these areas. We are taking steps to contain the Naxal problems. We are carrying out lot of infrastructural work over there. We are passing through a phase," Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told a bench of Justices M B Lokur and Adarsh Kumar Goel. PTI 
Peda communal clashes: BJP-affiliated lawyer’s bail plea rejected
Bijnor: A court here on Friday trashed the bail application of Aishwarya Chaudhary-- the district president of BJP-affiliated Adhivakta Sangh-- who is in the jail in connection with the last month's communal clashes in Peda village which left three persons dead and over a dozen injured.The plea was rejected by district judge PK Chaurasia.Chaudhary's lawyer, Anil Chaudhary, had filed the application a few days ago and the hearing was set for Friday.TOI 
Know Right Now: Rohingya Muslims in "Final Stages of Genocide" in Burma:New Report
Despite the US-led rolling back of economic sanctions and internationally backed national elections taking place early next month, more than a million people in Burma are facing state-sponsored genocide, according to a new report.Rohingya Muslim community of the military-dominated Southeast Asian nation, which is now officially known as Myanmar, has been systematically persecuted and expunged from the national narrative — often at the behest of powerful extremist groups from the country’s majority Buddhist population and even govt  authorities — to the point where complete extermination is a possibility, according to a damning new study by International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at Queen Mary University of London.“Rohingya face the final stages of genocide,” concludes the report. ISCI uses noted genocide expert Daniel Feierstein’s framework of the six stages of genocide, outlined in his 2014 book Genocide as Social Practice, as a lens through which to view Burma.Through interviews with stakeholders on both sides of what it describes as ethnic cleansing, as well as media reports and leaked govt  documents, the report enumerates how the Rohingya have undergone first 4 stages — stigmatization and dehumanization; harassment, violence and terror; isolation and segregation; systematic weakening — and are on the verge of “mass annihilation.” 6th stage, which involves the “removal of the victim group from collective history,” is already under way in many respects, the report says.time.com
UN expert urges international community to continue to address human rights challenges in Myanmar
Rohingya women raped, homes destroyed as Myanmar cracks down on militants
Myanmar urged to let UN join probe of Rakhine violence
US voices concern to Myanmar about reported rapes of Rohingya women
Widespread condemnation for Houthi attempt to strike Makkah
There has been widespread condemnation of the attempt by Houthi militias to strike the Holy City of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, Al-Resalah has reported. Saudi govt revealed on Thursday that its forces had intercepted a “ballistic missile” 65 kilometres from the city. It was fired by the Houthis, it claimed.“ Houthis and Saleh’s militiamen did not care about the holy sites and targeted the city from where Islam sprang and to which all Muslims in the world turn their faces during their prayers,” commented Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir.  According to the Committee of Supreme Scholars in Saudi Arabia, “Targeting [Makkah and Madinah] is a massive crime.” It is, Ulema added, evidence of Iran’s intention behind planting the Houthis in Yemen.The attempted strike against Makkah was also condemned by Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation Council.“This oppressive attack which did not respect the holiest site for one and half a billion Muslim incites the feelings of all Muslims and shows disrespect to the Islamic sites,” said Abdel-Latif Al-Zayyani. His views were echoed by Qatar, Bahrain and Sudan, who all said that the “flagrant violation” of Islamic norms was “incitement” for the feelings of Muslims all over the world. middleeastmonitor
Saudi says Yemen's Houthis fire missile toward Mecca
OIC condemns Houthis for firing missile targeting Makkah
Amnesty: US-led Coalition using white phosphorus in Mosul
Amnesty International has confirmed “credible reports” that white phosphorus munitions have been used in the battle to recapture Mosul from Daesh militants, placing civilian lives at extreme risk of injury or death.Amnesty cited a New York Times photographer who provided them with images of white phosphorus rounds being deployed around the Assyrian Christian town of Karemlesh, not far from Mosul, Iraq’s second city and Daesh’s last major urban stronghold.Other villagers living in the vicinity of Mosul also confirmed sighting use of white phosphorus, a highly flammable chemical munition that can burn through skin, muscle and bone.Although Amnesty had no information as to who deployed these munitions, it did identify that the dispersal pattern appeared to resemble US-made 155mm M825A1 projectiles. According to the human rights organisation, these munitions eject 116 wedges of white phosphorus over an area of up to 250 metres wide.This means that either the US-led coalition used them, or else Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) or Kurdish Peshmerga did, all of whom receive arms supplies from the US. middleeastmonitor
Shia militias open new front in battle for Mosul
Shia militias say they have launched an assault to the west of Mosul, opening up a new front in the battle to drive ISIL from the country's second city and the group's last major bastion in the country.The coalition of militias, know as the Popular Mobilisation Units, had not played a heavy part in the fighting but the offensive on Saturday indicates a bigger role than many observers had anticipated.Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, reporting from Iraq, said that though many towns and villages on the road to Mosul had been taken by the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, the city itself - and ISIL's position there - remained as formidable as it was before the operation to take the city began 12 days ago. aljazeera
Egypt gives life sentences to more Brotherhood supporters : reuters
An Egyptian court sentenced two Muslim Brotherhood supporters on Saturday to life in prison and 16 others to 15 years in jail for a violent assault on a Cairo neighborhood in 2013 after the ouster of former president Mohamed Mursi.The attack, which left seven dead, was part of a wave of violence that swept across Egypt after the army removed elected Islamist president Mursi from power in July 2013 following mass protests against his rule.Since deposing Mursi, the authorities have held mass trials for thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters, with hundreds receiving death sentences or lengthy prison terms.The 104 defendants in Saturday's case, dubbed by local media as the "Boulaq Abou al-Ela case" for the run-down Cairo district where the riot took place, were part of a pro-Brotherhood march held two days after sit-ins supporting the group were violently dispersed leaving hundreds dead.The defendants were tried on a range of charges that included murder, assault, joining an armed gang, resisting arrest, damaging public and private property, and possession of firearms, judicial sources said.Eighty-6 of the defendants were found innocent, the sources added.
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