26 October 2016

26 Oct. 2016: 24 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:20
INDIA: PERSONAL LAW vs uniform civil code
Submit views by Nov.21 on Uniform Civil Code: Law Commission to heads of political parties
As the debate over uniform civil code grows intense, Law Commission is widening its consultation on the contentious issue and has written to all national and state political parties asking them to share their views.  In the letter addressed to heads of all national and state political parties enrolled with the Election Commission, the law commission has asked them to submit their views by Nov.21 and also plans to invite their representatives for interaction on the subject.  Election Commission has recognised 7 parties at the national level and 49 at the state level. 7national parties are BJP, Congress, BSP, NCP, CPI, CPI(M) and Trinamool Congress. The panel has sent a questionnaire on the subject to the parties and asked them to send their views by Nov.21. Should the practice of triple talaq be abolished and whether a uniform civil code should be optional, the Law Commission questionnaire had on October 7 asked the people seeking their response on these sensitive issues, broached perhaps for first time.“Commission, after several rounds of deliberations, has formulated a questionnaire to understand what does the general public feel about the uniform civil code.“Since political parties are the backbone of any successful democracy, their opinion, not only with regard to the questionnaire, but also any other input pertaining to this aspect, is very important,” law panel chairman Justice (Retd) BS Chauhan has written to heads of all political parties.In an effort to have maximum consultation on the issue, he has asked them to communicate their views on the subject. Commission has said that it would also invite representatives of political parties at a later date to interact with them on the controversial subject.“Your cooperation would go a long way in assisting the commission to bring out an impeccable report on the uniform civil code,” he said in the letters to BJP’s Amit Shah, Congress’ Sonia Gandhi, MIM’s Asaduddin Owaisi and others. india tv news
Law Commission invites view on uniform civil code
Uniform Civil Code not without consensus: Naidu
New Delhi:Uniform Civil Code (UCC) will not be brought through the back door and without a consensus, says I&B Minister M Venkaiah Naidu who rejects the charge that contentious issues have been raked up by BJP to polarize elections, especially in UP .Issues like triple talaq, civil code and Ram temple will not be used by BJP for political mileage in the upcoming elections, says the Minister who asserts that they will be fought on development agenda. Holding that such crucial issues should not be looked through prism of electoral benefit, the Chief Spokesperson of the govt  also rejects opposition criticism that surgical strikes were being politicized. “Govt  does not consider it (triple talaq) as a religious matter. It is a question of gender sensitivity. It is wrong to say that we are interfering in Muslim issues. “The same Indian Parliament, the same political system had brought Hindu Code Bill, Divorce Act, banning Hindu Marriage Act, banning dowry and Sati practice, all these things are done by Indian Parliament,” Naidu told PTI in an interview.Making it clear that broad consensus will be required for bringing Uniform Civil Code, he said the allegations that Triple Talaq is a backdoor entry for the UCC was unjustified.“We are not discussing about the common civil code or uniform civil code as of now. Law Commission has issued a questionnaire and asked people to react.“You cannot have a uniform Civil Code without a broad consensus. You have to work and move in that direction,” he said hoping that the Supreme Court will come out with the right decision on the issue of triple talaq. Defending the govt  ffidavit in the Supreme Court on triple talaq issue, he said nobody then said it (Sati) was a Hindu practice that govt  was interfering in that.PTI
Uniform Civil Code will not be brought by back door:Naidu
Talaq issue politicised: Engineer Saleem
The past month or so has not been easy for Muslim bodies. Every now and then questions have been asked about the validity of triple talaq —why the method of instant, irrevocable divorce should be allowed in India after it has been cast aside in about a dozen Muslim countries. There have been dissenting voices from among Muslim women, too. All India Muslim Personal Law Board has argued that the govt  has no role to play in religious matters and that divine word is immutable. Various Muslim bodies recently came on a common platform to decry any move aimed at adopting a uniform civil code, but they did not react on the subject of triple talaq in the same unequivocal manner. While arguing that the best method of divorce is the one prescribed by the Quran, they stopped short of condemning the practice altogether. Some of them conceded feebly that it is talaq-e-biddat, or divorce with innovation not backed by Quran or the Shariah. Amidst the din, the cool-headed and articulate secretary-general of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammed Salim Engineer, cleared the air on the subject. While admitting that there is a section within the community that accepts triple talaq and quotes a decision of Caliph Umar in its favour, he stated that talaq as such should be the last option if a marriage failed. Islam, he emphasised, encouraged believers to explore all options of reconciliation. The process for divorce is outlined by the Quran, he added. Expressing concern that there is a trust deficit between the community and the govt , Engineer reiterated that a small issue had been blown out of proportion with ulterior motives. “And the media do not present the right picture,” he added. He spoke to Frontline on the sensitive issues of triple talaq, halala, jurisdiction of the courts, and interpretation of the scriptures. Engineer Saleem said, "On the subject of triple talaq, we all consider the Quranic procedure to be the right one, but there are some people who believe that triple talaq at one go also dissolves marriage. They do quote from the ruling of Caliph Umar, but those were exceptions rather than the norm. Having said that, we must not forget that triple talaq in some cases can be beneficial for a woman if she is trapped in a bad or violence-ridden marriage. We, and most Muslim bodies, believe that on the subject of talaq intention is paramount. If a person says talaq many times over but does not mean to end the marriage, then it is considered single, revocable divorce. No remarriage is necessary in such a case. The man and the woman concerned can go back to living as husband and wife. However, the issue has been blown out of proportion in recent times. There is complete politicisation of the issue, and people who know nothing on the subject are calling for a ban." frontline
If there is common criminal law then there cannot be 2 different civil laws: RSS
New Delhi:Taking strong exception to imposing triple talaq across the country, the RSS on Wednesday accused the opposition of pursuing a highly reactionary form of politics and supporting the discourse which could take India back into the medieval age.“All the laws you have common… only for the women you want a separate law. I think this is endorsement of fundamentalism, endorsement to the reactionary politics. The opposition is pursuing highly reactionary politics in the country and supporting the discourse which is taking back India to the medieval age,” RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha told ANI. Dubbing the demand of triple talaq as an attack on the dignity of women, Sinha called for equality between men and women.if there is a common criminal law then there cannot be two different civil laws. He further said if there is a common criminal law then there cannot be two different civil laws.ANI
Hindu outfit launches signature campaign  for Uniform Civil Code
Tirupur:K. Gopinath, a lawyer-activist and founder president of Hindu Munnetra Kazhagam, has launched a signature campaign in support of Uniform Civil Code and is to move the court to get the Code enforced at the earliest. “Uniform Civil Code is imperative for replacing personal laws based on customs of different major religious communities in the country and thereby, ensure equality, secularism and protection of women’s rights”, he told The Hindu. According to him, implementation of the Code covering marriage, divorce, inheritance, maintenance and adoption will be a significant milestone, as the current laws of certain religions have been posing “problems” to women.“Even Islamic nations are doing away with triple talaq. In these circumstances, Uniform Civil Code gains greater significance in India”, he said. The signatures that he is collecting would be sent to Law Commission and the President of India.On the legal steps planned, he said that a writ petition would be filed in an appropriate court within the next few days to expedite the process of constitutional ratification of the Code.Meanwhile, organisations like Popular Front of India were involved in collection of signatures in Tirupur city and its immediate suburbs against the proposed implementation of the Code.“We have been following Islamic canonical laws which need to be respected”, said Muslim outfit members.the hindu
Don’t interfere with Muslim personal law, govt warned: Bihar Muslim leaders
Biharsharif: Muslim spiritual leaders and scholars has opposed any interference with the Muslim personal law over the raging triple talaq and uniform civil code issues. Participating in a meeting at Baradari near Jama Masjid, Imams of several mosques across the district, spiritual leaders and scholars unanimously opposed any move to 'abolish' the prevalent triple talaq and introduce a common civil code for all.Qazi Wasiuddin Qasmi from Imarat-e-Sharia, Patna, called for an open debate over the issue and said it was a conspiracy hatched by the RSS and PM Modi to deprive Muslims of their constitutionally guaranteed practices enshrined in Muslim Personal Law.Raees Ahmad Jafri and Dr Neyaz Ahmad said the Modi govt  has done what no Muslim organization could do in 100 years for them — brought them together on one platform. Noted Muslim scholars, including Maulana Nuruddin Asdaq, Maulana Kafil Ahmad Nadvi, Maulana Mehtab Alam and several others spoke at the meeting which was attended by many.TOI
AP:20 Muslim groups join chorus against Uniform Code
Vijayawada: Upset over Central govt’s proposal to implement Uniform Civil Code, representatives of various Muslim organisations on Tuesday came together and declared that they would protect the Sharia law at any cost.At a meeting organised in the city, members of about 20 organisations under the banner of Andhra Pradesh Ahle Sunnatul Jamat discussed the triple talaq issue.Andhra Pradesh Ahle Sunnat Jamat Forum convener Mufti Abdul Khadeer Rizwi and co-convener M.Altaf Raza said the Muslim personal law had been in existence in India since 1937 and all Muslims of India follow the Sharia law to resolve their problems. the Hindu
Online petition "Justice for Jashodaben" Modi's estranged wife accuses PM of hypocrisy
Mumbai: Started what it appears to counter Narendra Modi's assertions about "triple talaq" and "Rights of Muslim women" made during a rally in UP  on Monday, an online petition accused the PM  of hypocrisy, ruining the life of his estranged wife Jashodaben and a "young girl from Ahmedabad" and asked him to first "practice what he preaches".The online petition titled "Justice for Jadhodaben" by Mission Possible for Justice & Rights has received more than 1350 - 1373 to be specific, signatures in just few hours of its launch on Tuesday. Online petition while quoting different newspaper reports to cite PM  Modi's speech during the rally in UP  on Monday accused him of double standard, destroying the life of Jashodaben - his estranged wife and a "young girl from Ahmedabad" and called upon him to stop "shedding crocodile tears and stop patronizing Muslim women". ummid.com
Why stop at triple talaq: Women activists want PM to do more for women
New Delhi: Narendra Modi coming out strongly against the practice of immediate divorce or triple talaq in some Muslim communities had women’s rights activists asking why he had not talked of wider concerns of equality.Ranjana Kumari, a women’s rights activist and the director of the Centre for Social Research, said, while she welcomed Mr. Modi’s opposition to triple talaq, issues of “real equality” had not been touched upon.“Women’s rights movement has been asking for all personal laws to be abolished.These laws are inherently patriarchal. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Jain, personal laws discriminate against women,” she said.the hindu
Triple talaq has no sanction in Islamic law:Prof. Tahir Mahmood
Shayara Bano case in SC: First understand all forms of separation under Muslim personal laws
UP Congress chief Raj Babbar attacks PM on triple talaq
Uniform Civil Code: Antony calls for consensus
Najeeb was naive, incapable of attacking anyone, says missing JNU student's roommate
New Delhi:Missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed was "very mild-mannered and was always studying", says his roommate Mohd.Qasim, who denies writing a letter to the Warden asking that Najeeb be kept out of bounds of the hostel.Qasim told IANS that he issued another letter since, on October 18, testifying that Najeeb was of humble character.Qasim, who is studying Arabic in the School of Languages, is also a member of Hostel Committee of Mahi-Mandvi where Najeeb was beaten on the intervening night of Oct.14-15 and has been missing since.Qasim told IANS that he did not write the first letter, but "only signed it". The letter has been doing the rounds on social media.Qasim said the first letter, was "signed in a hurry" during the tumultuous atmosphere following the assault on Najeeb allegedly by ABVP members."The first letter was written by a student of the same hostel, who was Election Committee (EC) member during last month's elections. He wrote the letter while I was trying to assuage the crowd inside the Warden's office that night. My only priority was the safety of Najeeb as the mob was baying for his blood," Qasim told IANS."It was only on October 17 while going to the Proctor's office for my deposition that I was accosted by this person, who said 'Zyada uchchlo mat, ek baar apna letter jaake padhlo' (Don't fly so high and read the letter which you have signed). I then read the letter which has so many incongruities and is a far cry from the truth," he said.In the new letter, Qasim has testified Najeeb's character as filled with humility."Despite being older than me, he would always talk to me with respect. He had no political affiliations at all. One day he even asked me what AISA  stood for," Qasim added.Qasim expressed dismay over the "false news" disseminated by the electronic media on the first letter without checking its authenticity or cross checking facts. He cast doubts on the political affiliations of the student, who he alleges wrote the first letter, and maintains that being an EC member he ought to have been politically neutral.IANS
The mystery of the missing Indian student: BBC
Protest for Najeeb at Jamia
Mumbai: IIT-B students voice solidarity with missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed
In open letter, JNU faculty members condemn JNU administration's “callous handling” of Najeeb’s case
Akhilesh meets Governor; is UP CM ready for no-confidence motion?
Lucknow: Amid the ongoing turmoil in ruling Samajwadi Party, UP  CM  Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday met Governor Ram Naik. CM Akhilesh Yadav met Ram Naik as a courtesy call as the Governor will leave for Mumbai shortly, reported ANI. However speculations are on rife whether Akhilesh Yadav led govt  has majority in UP  Assembly following war between the CM  and his uncle and brother of Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, Shivpal Singh Yadav.BJP, that is leaving no stone unturned to wrest power in UP, has been targeting Akhilesh govt  since the internal fight broke out in Samajwadi Party. BJP has indicated that it may bring no-confidence motion in UP Assembly asking Akhilesh to prove majority. Akhilesh may have met Governor Ram Naik to inform him about the surprising developments within Samajwadi Party. There was no official word from Raj Bhavan on the meeting and officials said it was a routine meeting in which the CM  extended “advance greetings” for Diwali to Governor. A report of IANS said during the meeting Akhilesh informed the Governor of the developments within his party. The report further added that the CM  handed over a letter of support from 205 legislators of his party and briefed Ram Naik about the legislature meeting of his party MLAs.  Akhilesh Yadav’s meeting with Governor Ram Naik is being seen as an attempt by the CM ’s camp to pre-empt any move by his uncle Shivpal Yadav and father Mulayam Singh Yadav or opposition parties to upstage him at any point of time in near future. The development came a day after SP supremo made it clear that Akhilesh Yadav will continue as the CM . india.com
SP war: One more CM-loyalist expelled, Akhilesh meets Governor
Condition in J&K will soon become better: Yashwant Sinha after meeting separatists
New Delhi: Senior BJP leader and former finance minister Yashwant Sinha, who led a delegation to meet separatist leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Syed Geelani, on Wednesday said that condition in Jammu & Kashmir will soon become better. “Today I can assure you that conditions in J&K will soon become better. We have to look forward, not backward,” said Sinha.In a bid to break the three- month impasse in Kashmir triggered by the killing of Burhan Wani, Sinha on Tuesday led a five-member delegation of civil society members to meet the separatist leaders, creating ripples in political circle. The other members of the delegation were Wajahat Habibullah, ex bureaucrat and ex-chairman of National Commission for Minorities, Kapil Kak, former Air Vice-Marshal, journalist Bharat Bhushan and Sushoba Barve of Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation. indianexpress
India slams UNSC for ‘unimplementable’ peacekeeping mandates
UN:India has strongly criticised a “fragmented” UN Security Council for coming up with “unwieldy” and “unimplementable” peacekeeping mandates that put the credibility of the UN and safety and security of peacekeepers at grave risk. Speaking at a General Assembly debate on peacekeeping operations, India’s Deputy Permanent Representative Tanmaya Lal said, “Peacekeeping, the signature activity of the UN, is under tremendous stress today.”“Multiplicity of tasks and Christmas-tree mandates; a departure from well-established principles of impartiality; an avoidance of the primacy of politics; a focus on mere ‘band aid’ solutions through peacekeeping, and a near absolute lack of effective consultations amongst the Troop Contributing Countries (TCCs), Security Council and the Secretariat are all part of the existential and philosophical dilemma facing the peacekeeping today,” Lal said.PTI
India ranked at lowly 87 in gender gap index
Geneva/new Delhi;India was Wednesday ranked low at 87th place globally in terms of gender equality despite a jump of 21 places from last year largely due to progress on the education front while Iceland has topped the chart. India was ranked 108th on the annual Global Gender Gap index compiled by Geneva-based World Economic Forum. India has closed its gender gap by 2 % in a year and its gap now stands at 68 % across the four pillars that WEF measures — economy, education, health and political representation.PTI
MLA Amanatullah in fresh trouble as Delhi Police register FIR on assault charges
New Delhi:In a fresh trouble for Amanatullah Khan, Delhi Police on Wednesday registered an FIR against the controversial AAP MLA and his supporters for allegedly threatening a group of protesters who were staging a demonstration over civic problems in his constituency, news agency ANI reported.In the FIR registered at Jamia Nagar police station, the complainant accused the AAP MLA and his supporters of attacking him on the intervening night of October 16-17th. Jamia Nagar police have registered a non-cognizable report (NCR) against the legislator. indianexpress
Delhi HC stays Look out Circular against Moin Qureshi
New Delhi:Delhi High Court on Tuesday stayed till Nov. 16 the Lookout Circular issued against controversial meat exporter Moin Qureshi and asked him to appear before the Enforcement Directorate for questioning in a money laundering case lodged against him. Justice A K Pathak, however, refused to grant any interim protection from arrest and taking coercive action against Qureshi while asking him to appear before ED on November 22. He had recently managed to go abroad despite an LoC issued against him by the agency.PTI
Gujarat: Gulberg Society convict gets 10-day bail
Ahmedabad: Gujarat High Court on Tuesday granted 10-day interim bail to Jayesh Madanlal Jinger alias Babbar. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the special court earlier this year in the Gulberg Society massacre case. The court granted him relief on health grounds. Jinger is said to be suffering from tuberculosis and being treated at civil hospital in Ahmedabad. The court, however, rejected pleas of four other convicts.On Monday, it rejected the petition of former VHP leader Atul Vaidya, who wanted to extend this interim bail on the ground of his wife’s treatment. The state govt  had opposed the petition, saying that out of 99 days since he was convicted, Vaidya was out on temporary bail for 59 days. indianexpress
Jihadi communal violence forcing Hindus to flee from certain states, claims RSS leader Bhaiyyaji: india today
Hyderabad: 3 day Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal of RSS came to an end today, with the special focus being on the jihadi communal violence unleashed on Hindus that forced them to flee not only in UP  but in other states like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Karnataka.Detailing about the brutal violence unleashed in the states, Bhayyaji Joshi said,"These are not isolated localized incidents but appear to be part of a nexus among the radicalized elements in the southern states whose linkages are seen with international terrorist organization like IS, as evident from recent arrest in Kerala and Telangana."
NCM says 'no evidence' of large-scale migration of any community from Kairana
New Delhi: In a report based on a field visit last week, the National Commission for Minorities on Tuesday affirmed that there is "no evidence" of large-scale migration of communities from Kairana town in Shamli district of UP . It said that there is "no unusual" tension among local Muslims and Hindus here.Citing that rehabilitation of displaced communities was unsatisfactory, NCM has recommended that the UP govt  must carry out a detailed survey of those displaced due to the communal violence of 2013 in Muzaffarnagar to assess their present status and living conditions. timesofindia
Indian security forces went on a village-burning rampage, investigation finds: Washington Post
It may be a forgotten atrocity in a forgotten war, but now, 5½ years later, the burning of the village of Tarmetla, in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, by Indian security forces is finally getting some of the recognition it deserves. The state police had held on to their claim that guerrilla fighters had burned the village, killing people and sexually assaulting women as they went. But a long-delayed inquiry by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation found that the police had done it themselves and, in a rare if not unprecedented move, named and charged specific police personnel.In March 2011, the residents of Tarmetla, as well as of the nearby villages of Morpalli and Timapuram, were chased from their homes by heavily armed police and paramilitary soldiers who believed militants were being harbored there.Heavily forested, remote region of India where the incident occurred is home to a decades-old Maoist-inspired insurgency that has taken root primarily among indigenous tribal populations known as adivasis.According to CBI report, more than 400 soldiers belonging to Indian paramilitary units in addition to local militias co-opted by the Indian state to fight the guerrilla groups descended upon Tarmetla in the early morning. They burned hundreds of abandoned homes and granaries. washingtonpost
Security forces burnt 160 homes in Chhattisgarh village in March 2011: CBI
No satisfactory material found to declare Sanatan Sanstha a ‘terror outfit’: Centre to Bombay HC
Mumbai:Central govt  on Wednesday informed the Bombay High Court that till date it has not found any satisfactory material to declare right wing organisation Sanatan Sanstha as a “terror outfit” under UAPAand ban it. A division bench of Justices NH Patil and P D Naik was hearing a petition filed by one Vijay Rokade seeking a ban on the organisation, members of which are alleged to have carried out terror activities in Panvel and Thane.PTI
2 Muslim men held for inciting communal tension in MP's Dhar
Mhow: 2 accused were on Tuesday arrested in connection with the clash between two communities in Gandhwani town of Dhar district, police said.Dhar SP Rajesh Hingankar said that acting on a tip off police have arrested the two accused Hammu alias Amjad Shah and Golu Pathan while they were on the way to Ratlam.They were on the run for past many days and search for another accused Aslam is on. Police have also announced a reward of Rs 5,000 each on them to know about their whereabouts.Police said, while investigating they came to know that Amjad Shah participated in one of the akharas during Muharram procession and he was the one who instigated the violence when the akhara and Durga procession passed on the same time. timesofindia
No beard for Muslims in Kerala police force
Muslim members of Kerala Police would not have the freedom to sport a beard, the state govt  made it unambiguously clear in the Assembly on Tuesday.And despite the best efforts by TV Ibrahim, MLA, to impress upon the govt  to allow the Islamic personnel in the state police to sport a beard, Minority Affairs Minister  K T Jaleel was adamant that the demand was not worth heeding.According to Jaleel, growing facial hair was in no way linked to Islam. He sought to substantiate the claim by pointing out that none of the 18 IUML MLAs in the state Assembly, including T V Ibrahim sported beards.“If growing beard had anything to do with religion, wouldn’t the IUML members have sported beards?” he said.At this juncture, as if to place it on the record, IUML Leader P K Kunhalikutty said it would be unfair on his part if he did not say that there were several people, who linked sporting beard to their religious faith. Nonetheless, he said whether or not to grow facial hair was purely a matter of personal choice. newindianexpress
Tired of Persecution By ‘Gau Rakshaks’, Rajasthan’s Banjaras Are Raising Their Voice
More than 30 youths from Kerala attended IS training camps in Afghanistan: NIA
New Delhi: NIA  probe on the 21 missing persons from Kerala has unearthed that more than 30 youths from the state had attended IS training camps in Afghanistan and many had returned to the state to run the sleeper cells.The investigations also revealed that many educated Muslim youths from the state who were working in Gulf countries had strong links with IS terror networks and were in close contact with the prophets of terror. And some of NRI businessmen from Kerala funded their activities."The image of secular Kerala is a vanity. The state has been a breeding ground of terror networks. Many organisations and religious outfits were facilitating their activities," a senior police official told India Today."It's not limited to radical Muslim outfits. Even the so called religious groups which claim secular credentials promoted the prophets of terror," the officials added.india today
US-led coalition killed 300 civilians in just 11 air strikes in Mosul, Amnesty International report finds
At least 300 civilians have been killed in just 11 air strikes by the US-led coalition, a report has found amid concern for families trapped in Isis’ stronghold of Mosul.Amnesty International urged the Pentagon and its allies to “come clean” about the full extent of deaths in operations against the so-called Islamic State, with official inquiries so far acknowledging only dozens of casualties. Assessing reports from the ground, eyewitness interviews, satellite imagery,photos and video footage, investigators said US Central Command (Centcom) may have “failed to take necessary precautions to spare civilians and carried out unlawful attacks” in Syria.  The 11 coalition attacks reviewed by Amnesty include strikes during operations to drive Isis out of Manbij over the summer, when more than 100 civilians, including children, where reportedly killed in villages of al-Tukhar, al-Hadhadh and al-Ghandoura in their homes and at a market.Lynn Maalouf, deputy director for research at Amnesty International’s Beirut office, said: “It’s high time the US authorities came clean about the full extent of the civilian damage caused by coalition attacks in Syria.“We fear US-led coalition is significantly underestimating the harm caused to civilians in its operations in Syria.“Analysis of available evidence suggests that in each of these cases, coalition forces failed to take adequate precautions to minimise harm to civilians and damage to civilian objects. “Some of these attacks may constitute disproportionate or otherwise indiscriminate attacks.”She echoed concern raised by the UN and other groups for more than 1 million civilians trapped in the Iraqi city of Mosul, Isis’ largest remaining stronghold in the country, as it is targeted by an international ground and air advance.“It is even more pressing that Centcom be fully transparent about the impact of their military actions on civilians,” Ms Maalouf added.The Independent UK
US-led coalition killed 300 Syrian civilians in 11 probed strikes : Amnesty
UN concerned about 'collective punishment' of Arabs in Kirkuk: reuters
Iraqi soldiers abuse children near Mosul
Aleppo: Russia under fire at Human Rights Council
Russia's seat on UN Human Rights Council is under threat due to its support of the Syrian govt 's air campaign in Aleppo.Over 80 human rights and aid organisations, including Human Rights Watch, CARE International and Refugees International, have urged UN member states to drop Russia from the Geneva-based Human Rights Council over its campaign in Syria.In a joint statement published, the organisations urged UN member states to "question seriously whether Russia's role in Syria - which includes supporting and undertaking military actions which have routinely targeted civilians and civilian objects - renders it fit to serve on the UN's premier inter-govt al human rights institution".aljazeera
Syria monitor: School children among 22 dead in Idlib strikes
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said airstrikes killed at least 22 people in a village in Syria’s opposition-held Idlib province today, seven of them children.Observatory, a British-based war monitor, said warplanes struck several locations in the Haas village, including an elementary and middle school, killing at least one teacher as well as the children.A report on Syrian state TV quoted a military source as saying a number of militants had been killed when their positions were targeted in Haas, but did not mention a school.Syria’s civil war pits President Bashar Al-Assad, backed by Russia, Iran and Shia Muslim militias from Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan against an array of mostly Sunni rebel groups including some backed by Turkey, Gulf monarchies and the US.  Middle east monitor
Assad forces suspected of dropping barrel bombs on Turkey-backed opposition
UNESCO passes new resolution on Jerusalem; Palestinians laud it
Ramallah:UNESCO voted on Wednesday on a resolution reaffirming the status quo at Al Aqsa Mosque compound as a Muslim holy site of worship.Palestinians applauded the UNESCO vote and called on Israel to respect the status quo of the mosque compound and stop provocative acts against it.The resolution, proposed by Kuwait, Lebanon, Tunisia, used the Muslim term “Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif” to refer to the compound located in Jerusalem’s Old City, a step that angered Israel which wanted to include the Jewish term “Temple Mount” to it.The resolution also deplored Israeli measures and policies in Jerusalem and particularly at the mosque which jeopardized the right of Muslims to worship at their mosque.The resolution further reaffirmed the necessity to respect and safeguard the integrity, authenticity and cultural heritage of Al-Aqsa Mosque /Al-Haram Al-Sharif, as reflected in the Status Quo, as a Muslim Holy Site of worship and as an integral part of a World Cultural Heritage site.Ten member states supported the resolution, while only two opposed it and eight countries abstained. One member state representative was absent.The resolution said that “safeguarding of the authenticity, integrity and cultural heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem on both sides of its Walls, shall in any way affect the relevant United Nations resolutions and decisions, in particular the relevant Security Council resolutions on the legal status of Jerusalem.”WAFA
Unesco adopts controversial resolution on Jerusalem holy sites: The Gaurdian
Despite defeat, Netanyahu hails progress for Israel at UNESCO: Times of Israel
3,000 Jews storm Al-Aqsa in October
Bangladesh police kill 2 Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami  men
Bangladeshi police have shot dead two members of the country's Jamaat-e-Islami Party in gunfights amid growing concern of extrajudicial killings by security forces across the Asian country. Azbahar Ali Sheikh, a senior police officer, confirmed that a Jamaat leader from the western district of Jhenaidah and a leader of its student wing were killed during a raid early Tuesday."They fired from pistols and threw 3 (Molotov) cocktails at policemen when they challenged them at 3:45 am. We fired back and two people were hit. Later we learnt their identities," media outlets quoted Ali Sheikh as saying.A senior Jamaat official has vehemently denied that the two party figures were killed in gun battles, saying both had been picked up by plainclothesmen early last month."It is cooked up (by police)," the official told AFP on condition of anonymity, adding that another Jamaat member had also been killed in "fake gunfights."Nur Khan Liton, a top human rights activist, called for a judicial probe into the latest killings, saying, "We've serious questions about these deaths. We think these are extrajudicial killings." He added that local newspapers had earlier reported the two figures missing.press tv
Indonesia’s top court weighs ban on sex outside marriage: Washington Post
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