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Saturday, 6 May 2017

06 May 2017: 09 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:183
Bilkis Bano ‘wants the same justice’ after SC upholds death penalty for Delh’s Nirbhaya gangrape convicts
Bilkis Bano, who was gangraped during the 2002 Gujarat riots, has also sought death penalty for her attackers, after the Supreme Court on Friday upheld the death sentences awarded to the four men convicted for the 2012 Delhi gangrape. The 36-year-old told HT that she, too, “wants to get the same justice” and will consult lawyers to decide on further course of action. The Bombay High Court on Thursday had dismissed an appeal by the CBI to enhance the punishment of 3 of the 11 convicts who had brutally assaulted Bano – then 19 and 5 months pregnant – to a death sentence. The attackers had also killed 14 members of her family, including her 3-year-old child, on March 6, 2002, in Randhikpur near Ahmedabad.CBI had sought death sentences for Jaswant Nai, Govind Nai, and Sailesh Bhatt, informing the High Court that this was a “rarest of rare case”. The Supreme Court on Friday had used this very term to justify its verdict in the Delhi gangrape.Bilkis’ husband  Yakub told HT that the death sentence would act as a deterrent. “No other woman in India should have to face such a ghastly crime. It will act as a deterrent to future crimes, irrespective of their religion,” he told the daily.The 2 verdicts, coming within a day of each other, drew charges of lack of uniformity in the judicial process. A section of lawyers said the Bilkis Bano case was equally, if not more, brutal and should have qualified as a rarest of rare case, reported The Hindu. “As an opponent of death penalty, I wouldn’t have supported it in Ms Bano’s case. But I’m using it as an example just to say that when it comes to handing out punishments, the judiciary does not have a uniform standard. It gives death penalty to some, not to others,” said lawyer Rebecca John.Another lawyer, Mahmood Pracha, told The Hindu: “It [Ms Bano’s case] was no less a rarest of rare case...I don’t know what weighs in the mind of a judge. In the overall current scenario, it creates doubt in the minds of people.”Political leaders, too, compared the two judgments – Congress leader and President Pranab Mukherjee’s daughter Sharmistha Mukherjee tweeted, “Finally justice given in Nirbhaya case. What about Bilkis Bano? We should fight for the harshest punishment for those beasts who raped her and killed her child.”
Dec 16 gang rape verdict: Bilkis Bano wants death penalty for her rapists too
Hope SC gives death to convicts in my case: Bilkis Bano
Bilkis Bano rape case: Probe unsatisfactory, failed to screen culprits, observes Bombay HC
Mumbai: Bombay High Court on Thursday upheld conviction of 11 men in the Bilkis Bano gang rape case observing that the probe in the case not only unsatisfactory but smacked of steps to screen culprits to protect them. The court also convicted five Gujarat Police personnel, 2 doctors for errors in investigation. “The investigation was not only unsatisfactory but it smacked of dishonest steps to screen the culprits,” HC bench said.“In a case like this, we need to look through the evidence, sift the evidence minutely and carefully, as the truth lies beyond the layers of omissions and contradictions and dishonest, callous investigation,” said the division bench.
Case of 2 crimes and 2 varying verdicts:AESHA DATTA
Nirbhaya judgement vs Bilkis Bano case: Twitter erupts in anger on selective application of death penalty
Bilkis gangrape case: Owaisi asks Centre to move SC seeking death penalty for convicts
Hyderabad: Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi has asked the Centre to move the Supreme Court to seek death penalty for the convicts in the 2002 post-Godhra Gujarat riot case involving the gang-rape of Bilkis Bano and the killing of her family members. MIM chief raised the demand a day after the Bombay High Court upheld the conviction and life sentence of 12 people in the Bilkis Bano case and set aside the acquittal of seven others.“I believe this (Bilkis) is a fit case in which the culprits should have been awarded the death penalty. “Here comes a chance (for PM Modi). File appeal in the Supreme court against the high court judgement and see to it that it is converted into death penalty,” he said.Modi was the CM of Gujarat when Bilkis Bano was raped and her family members were killed, AIMIM leader said. The Supreme Court handed over the case to the CBI because earlier there was no proper investigation, he said. indianexpress
Nirbhaya Verdict Great But Why No Death Penalty For Bilkis Bano’s Rapists, Ask Activists
Nirbhaya gangrape convicts to be hanged, confirms SC
New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday confirmed the death sentence awarded by the Delhi High Court to the four convicts in the December 16 gangrape case. The bench comprising Justice Dipak Misra, R Banumathi and Ashok Bhushan heard the plea by the four convicts – Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur.The top court said the act ‘demonstrates perversion of the accused’ and added that if any case warrants a death sentence, it’s this one. indianexpress
‘Brutal, barbaric, diabolic’: SC upholds death for convicts in 2012 gang rape case
Muslim Personal Law
Assam’s BJP Govt’s pension plan for triple talaq victims: Why single out Muslim women ask leaders, activists
New Delhi: Assam Govt's plan to provide interim pension and skill training to Muslim women who have been divorced through triple talaq has not gone down well with women's organisations. They have protested the singling out of one community for extending the benefit and the fear that this may be politicised at a time when there is a raging debate over the issue. Calling the Assam Govt  scheme "condemnable", Annie Raja, general secretary of the National Federation for Indian Women, said all divorced women should be treated equally. "No political party should use the plight of women who have faced the trauma of divorce to gain political mileage."She is not alone. Zakia Soman of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan said, "The important point is that the hardships of all women who are divorced are equal.So why segregate like this on the basis of triple talaq."While commending the initiative, AIMPLB member SQR Ilyas put in a caveat. "All welfare schemes and benefits for women in distress must be there but it should not happen that one community is specifically highlighted because of triple talaq." He said the board is already building awareness against instant triple talaq and asserted that "cases of divorce by way of triple talaq were not many as was being projected." However, AIMPLB member Kamal Faruqui who is normally very vocal on the issue chose not to comment claiming the matter was before SC. Maimoona Mollah of All India Democratic Women's Association questioned Govt's decision to give an interim pension.TOI
Assam pension plan for triple talaq victims draws criticism
New Delhi: BJP-led Assam Govt's decision to provide pension to Muslim women divorced through triple talaq came in for severe condemnation from Congress and CPM even as BJP maintained that there was nothing wrong with the move. Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala said discrimination among destitute women on the grounds of religion was unfair and unwarranted. "Why should destitute or abandoned Hindu women be not given similar pension and assistance by the state Govt ?" he asked.CPM politburo member Brinda Karat went a step ahead and said the Assam Govt  had proved itself "unlettered" in the area of women's rights and had turned the 'sabka saath sabka vikas' slogan on its head. timesofindia
End of triple talaq would not guarantee alleviation of all woes of Muslim women, say rights activists: PTI
Mumbai: A group of activists working for the welfare of Muslims, especially women, have said that apart from triple talaq there are several other serious issues concerning the community that need to be addressed on a priority basis. Activists from different advocacy groups, based mainly in Maharashtra and Gujarat, feel that lack of education and healthcare facilities, sense of insecurity, beef ban, communal riots targeting the minorities and unemployment are some of the issues that Muslims were facing, which need to be addressed.The group, which issued a joint statement recently, included Bebaak Collective, Aawaz-e-Niswaan, Parvaaz Sangathan, Janvikas, Sahiya and Muslim Mahila Manch. “We want what the Constitution says for equal opportunities and human rights to every Indian citizen. End of triple talaq would not guarantee alleviation of all the woes of Muslim women,” said Hasina Khan of Bebaak Collective.“PM Narendra Modi’s stand on triple talaq alone is not sufficient. It needs to go beyond that,” Hasina, an intervenor in Shayara Bano case, said. Terming the previous Govts at the Centre as merely “vote seekers”, she said, “It is good that Modi Govt has raised the issue of triple talaq, but it should also be cleared that we do not consider Modi as our hero.”Khairunnisa Pathan of Parvaaj Sangathan said it was good that the triple talaq issue has got some momentum but there are other issues as well, which are creating panic and insecurity among the Muslims countrywide.
Talaq said once is enough: Jamaat-e-Islami women’s wing
Nagpur: "Talaq uttered just once is enough for separation of man and wife. However, there is a scope for reconciliation when divorce is granted this way. But pronouncing triple talaq in a single sitting ruptures the marriage irrevocably," said Sumaiyya Sheikh, a member of the women's wing of Nagpur west of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), on Friday.Sheikh was speaking at a meet of intellectuals organized as part a fortnight-long countrywide awareness campaign on Muslim personal law by JIH exclusively for women at Marcas Masjid, Jaffar Nagar. A number of intellectuals, including doctors, engineers, lawyers, professors and social activists, participated in the programme.With the ongoing controversy over triple talaq and uniform civil code, the Jamaat emphasized the need for endorsing Shariat Law (Islamic Law) for its protection. The meeting also discussed code of conduct for marriage, divorce and inheritance to clear misconceptions and help women know their rights.Sheikh claimed that most men in India have knowledge only about talaq-ul-biddat (uttering talaq thrice) which is a sinful method. Explaining benefits of talaq-ul-ahsan, the most approved way, she said, "A couple can reconcile within three months after talaq is said only once. Post this period, they have to carry out the process of nikah (marriage) again. There is no time frame for reuniting in this case."Triple talaq said in anger does not leave any chance for reunion, she added.According to Benazir Khan, talaq is a blessing in disguise for Muslims. She said, "Unlike the Hindu Marriage Act which does not allow separation within 1.5 years of marriage, Shariat law offers immediate end to marital relationship in case it does not work." Men who resort to triple talaq and exploit women will now have to face social boycott, said Khan.TOI
BJP wants to stop triple talaq distress: Amit Shah
Agartala: BJP President Amit Shah on Saturday said that his party wants to stop Muslim women from the sufferings related with triple talaq."Triple talaq must stop... it should not continue," he told media persons here, adding that it causes a lot of suffering to Muslim women.
Minister Manoj Sinha hails work done by Yogi govt, calls 'triple talaq' a matter of women's self-respect
Small Muslim group in UP bans 'triple talaq' at one go
Sambhal:A small group of Muslims living in this UP district has banned the practice of 'triple talaq' at one go. The 'Turk' group will also consider it a husband's fault if a case of 'triple talaq' at one go is reported before panchayat.However, it was suggested that in unavoidable cases, a man should utter talaq but only once and give time to his wife for things to resolve. The decision was taken in a meeting of the 'Turk' group, which has about 50,000 members living in 50 villages of this Sambhal district. Asrar Ahmed, who presided over the panchayat meeting, termed the practice of 'triple talaq' at one go as wrong and said the community has decided to do away with it. PTI
Why is PM Modi Silent on Vrindavan Widows:Yechury
Kolkata: CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury questioned PM  Narendra Modi’s intention to oppose Triple Talaq.“I would like to ask why he is showing sympathy towards Muslim women and not on those widows who are there in Vrindavan. What is his stand on Women’s Reservation Bill despite having majority in Lok Sabha?” he
India comes in the line of fire at UNHRC over rights record
New Delhi: India faced questions about its human rights records from over 100 countries, ranging from attacks on Africans to restrictions on foreign funding of NGOs, even as it asserted that a “vibrant” civil society and “fiercely independent” judiciary was enough to address any aberrations.On Thursday, India was under the spotlight for the 3rd time during the universal periodic review (UPR) at the UNHRC, peer-based scrutiny of a nation’s human rights situation. Attorney general Mukul Rohatgi led an inter-ministerial delegation at UNHRC’s 27th UPR session. Around 110 nations spoke for about one minute each  during the afternoon session, but several had also submitted written questions earlier. Report will be formally adopted on May 9. Although India claimed at the UNHRC that it takes “pride in our extremely vibrant civil society,” there was disquiet among various states about restrictions on activists and human rights defenders, which was reflected in their interventions.US, Norway, Australia, Germany, Ireland and the Czech Republic were among the dozen countries to raise issue about the clampdown on foreign funds for voluntary agencies.Ireland urged India to review FCRA in light of its negative impact on civil society and to give special attention to human rights defenders working with minority rights, journalists and children.Similarly, German delegate said that his country was “worried about the continued social hardship endured especially by marginalised groups, and is concerned about restrictions on civil society”. thewire
What UN said as India defended its human rights record
Katju rips apart govt’s stand on secularism at UNHRC
Only PM Modi can solve problems in Kashmir:CM Mufti
Jammu:Only PM  Narendra Modi can resolve the problems plaguing Kashmir, CM  Mehbooba Mufti said on Saturday as her Govt  struggled to keep a lid on increasing violence and bitterness in the Valley.Amid speculations of the Centre dismissing her administration and imposing Governor’s Rule in the state, Mehbooba threw her weight behind Modi and praised the PM for his surprise Christmas visit to Lahore two years ago.“PM of our country had been given a very strong mandate by the people. I am saying it again and I may be criticised for it but if there is someone, who could find solution to the problem of J&K , it is Shri Narendra Modi ji and none else,” she told a gathering after inaugurating a flyover in Jammu.“If J&K  has to be bailed out of this quagmire of violence and unrest, it is only the PM Modi ji who can help.” hindustantimes
Centre ‘conspiring’ to escalate tensions in Kashmir for Lok Sabha poll gains: Yechury
Kolkatal:CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury Friday said the Centre is “conspiring” to escalate tensions in Kashmir so it could reap benefits in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.“Govt has lost the opportunity to find a solution to unrest in Kashmir. I do not know whether it was intentional. It seems there is a conspiracy by the Centre not to find a solution to the unrest,” Yechury said on the sidelines of an event organised to commemorate Karl Marx’s birth anniversary. indianexpress
Students clash with forces in J&K's Handwara, Pulwama
Srinagar: Clashes broke out on Saturday between protesting students and security forces in Handwara town in north and Pulwama in south Kashmir, the police said.Several students have been injured in the clashes which were going on till last reports came in.Dozens of students from the Govt  higher secondary school in Newa area of Pulwama district staged a protest against the alleged high-handedness of security forces, a police official said.He said the students were asked by security forces to disperse but they refused, leading to clashes. The students pelted stones at security forces, who resorted to baton charge and tear smoke shelling, the official said, adding that clashes were going on till the reports last came in.Similar protests took place in Handwara town of Kupwara district where students of the Govt  degree college clashes with security forces, the official said.PTI
Pak,Saudi channels into Kashmir, stoke 'azadi' rage:TOI
Srinagar:Saudi clerics and Pakistani news anchors are being beamed direct to Kashmiri homes, and are stoking the fires of 'azadi'. Over 50 Saudi and Pakistani channels, including Zakir Naik's banned Peace TV preaching Salafist Islam, and others indulging in anti-India propaganda are running without necessary clearances via private cable networks in Kashmir.All this is happening under the nose of the PDP-BJP govt, which even subscribes to these cable services in some of its offices and buildings. Although satellite TV service providers like Tata Sky, Airtel digital TV and Dish TV, are available in Kashmir, most people subscribe to private cable. A cable operator, who did not want to be named, said that there are over 50,000 private cable connections in Srinagar alone, and only because these broadcast Pakistani and Saudi channels.Besides Naik's Peace TV Urdu and English channels, private operators air Saudi and Pakistani channels like Saudi Sunnah, Saudi Quran, Al Arabia, Paigham, Hidayat, Noor, Madani, Sehar, Karbala, Hadi, Sehar, Ary QTV , Bethat, Ahlibat, Message, Falak, Geo News, Ary News, Dawn News, and many others, which cannot be accessed through satellite TV service providers. None of these channels is permitted to air in the rest of the country by I&B ministry.Amjad Noor, owner of Site Entertainment Network (SEN)-the biggest local cable network in Srinagar which has been running for the last 20 years and is subscribed by some Govt  offices, said all Saudi and Pakistani channels were "free-to-air" and "legal" because J&K has its "own constitution under Article 370 and a separate law, Ranbir Penal Code"."We have been beaming these channels ever since these were launched because Kashmir is a religious place. We also broadcast Hindu religious channels even though there are hardly any Hindus living in Kashmir. Also, these channels are running not just in Kashmir but in Jammu via other cable operators," Noor said.
Clamp down on Pakistani channels, Naidu tells J-K govt
New Delhi: Union information and broadcasting minister M Venkaiah Naidu has asked the J&K  Govt  to ensure that Pakistani channels are not aired in the Valley.The minister spoke to the state chief secretary in this regard on Friday.
Kashmir; Cash transactions stopped in 40 bank branches
Srinagar:In wake of militants targeting banks in south Kashmir, cash transactions at nearly 40 branches in sensitive areas of Pulwama and Shopian districts in South Kashmir have been stopped.The step has been taken following an advisory issued by security agencies asking the banks operating in the two districts to stop cash deliveries apprehending more such attacks.The cash transactions have been stopped at the branches belonging to the J&K Bank and Ellaquai Dehati Bank, which were targeted by militants recently.A senior official of J&K  Bank said all other banking operations including ATM services would continue in these areas.PTI
He was taken forcibly, used as human shield by army: Kashmiri family of slain Sumo driver
Shopian:The family of slain Sumo driver killed while ferrying army men in Shopian Friday alleged that he was taken forcibly by the army and was used as a ‘human shield’ in a purely army operation. 40-year-old Nazir Ahmad Sheikh son of Abdul Ahad Sheikh of Kaczdoora village in Shopian was killed after militants fired on army men travelling in his vehicle at Kiloora area of Shopian. 2 army men including a Major were injured in the attack.Sheikh’s family alleged today that he was taken forcibly by 62 RR personnel stationed at Chaudhrygund area of Shopian district. “He ferried passengers from Kapran to Shopian. He was stopped by 62 RR personnel at Chaudhrygund. They took his registration papers and asked him to ferry their men to Imam Sahib area in Shopian,” one of his family member said. He said this was not the first time Sheikh was taken forcibly by army like this. risingkashmir
Muslim IAS-IPS couple who offered to look after Kashmir martyr’s daughter meet family:HT report
Punjab:Muslim IAS-IPS couple of Himachal Pradesh who offered desire to look after Khushdeep Kaur, the 12-year-old daughter of naib subedar Paramjit Singh, met their family at Vain Poin village in Tarn Taran on Saturday.Paramjit Singh was killed by the border action team of the Pakistan army in J&K ’s Poonch sector earlier this week.Yunus Khan and his wife Anjum Ara had earlier spoken to the family and expressed the desire of looking after her till she grows independent. The martyr’s wife Paramjit Kaur on Saturday said she was happy that Khushdeep will now be able to fulfil her father’s dream. She said the naib subedar loved Khushdeep and wanted her to study and be successful in life. She said it was by God’s grace that her father’s dream was going to come true. She said Khushdeep was also happy that she would now be able to fulfil her father’s dream. Born in Malerkotla, Punjab, Yunus Khan is an Indian Administrative Service officer of the 2010-batch and is posted as deputy commissioner, Kullu. His wife, Anjum Ara, is an Indian Police Service officer of the 2011-batch and is posted as the superintendent of police, Solan. hindustantimes
Govt declares entire Assam as ‘disturbed’ area under AFSPA for 3 more months -declares-entire-assam-as-disturbed-area-under-afspa-for-3-more-months/story-dwvM36XcpVpC5FDWqYvjfJ.html
New Delhi: Centre has declared the entire Assam as a “disturbed” area under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act -- AFSPA -- for 3 more months, citing various violent activities by insurgent groups ULFA, NDFB and others. In a gazette notification, the Home Ministry said the entire Assam, besides bordering areas of Meghalaya, have been declared “disturbed” under the AFSPA for 3 months with effect from May 3. The ministry said there were 75 incidents of violence in Assam in 2016 in which 33 people, including 4 security personnel, were killed and 14 others were abducted. Besides, there were 9 violent incidents in the state in which four people, including 2 security personnel, were killed in 2017.PTI
Only Wakf tribunal can decide whether property is wakf or not: SC
When the main question involved in the suit is whether the suit land is a Wakf property or not, it can be decided only by the Wakf Tribunal, and not by the civil court, the Supreme Court has held in Rajasthan Wakf Board vs Devki Nandan Pathak.A bench comprising Justice AM Sapre and Justice RK Agrawal also held that matters falling under Sections 51 and 52 of the Wakf Act are also required to be decided by the tribunal and not by the civil court. The court has now remanded the matter to the high court for deciding the revision afresh on merits.In the instant case, the Wakf Tribunal, on a plea by Wakf Board, had granted permanent injunction in respect of the property in question and declared the sale deed executed in favour of the other party ‘null and void’. The HC set aside this order holding that the tribunal has no jurisdiction in the matter and on the ground that since no order was made by any authority under the said Act, the applicant before the Wakf Tribunal could not be said to be the person aggrieved also as contemplated in Section 83(2) of the said Act and hence the tribunal would have no jurisdiction to determine the issue involved in the suit. Relying on an apex court judgment, the high court observed that in so far as the relief of cancellation of sale deed is concerned, it is to be tried by the civil court for the reason that it is not covered by Section 6 or 7 of the Wakf Act.
BJP supporters are passing off a Mexican stabbing video as one of RSS member getting killed in Kerala: Alt news
Puneet Sharma, who is followed by PM Modi on Twitter, posted a video of one person being tied up and stabbed repeatedly. In this video that he posted at 3:47 PM on 3rd March 2017, Puneet claimed that the video is that of a RSS member getting killed in Kerala. Considering that he has over 31.8k followers on Twitter, the video got massively retweeted. He wrote “केरल में हो रहे @RSSorg एवं @BJP4India कार्यकर्ताओ पर अत्याचार की वीडियो देखने के बाद जिस हिन्दू का खून खोले, खून नही वो पानी है।” (After watching this video of torture on RSS Karyakarta in Kerala, those Hindu whose blood doesn’t boil, their blood is not blood but water). The link to the video is at the bottom of the post.Puneet Sharma’s twitter video was embedded in a blog post by a site called ‘‘ with a title “VIDEO : केरल में RSS और BJP के कार्यकर्ताओं पर हो रहे अत्याचार का खौफनाक मंजर!” (A horrifying instance of the torture on RSS/BJP workers in Kerala). This post, in turn, has been shared close to 10k times on different social media networks. altnews
UP: Saharanpur on boil again: One dead, Thakurs burn 25 Dalit homes after clash
Saharanpur district of western UP remains tense after Thakurs of the area tried to take a procession parade on Maharana Pratap in the region.Violence started after the Thakur community of Shimlana village took out a procession march to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, and it moved towards a Dalit dominated village Shabbirpur.At Shabbirpur, residents raised objection and as a result of that a verbal spat started between the two groups. Whole argument led to spark of violence which was supported by stone pelting and burning of private as well as public properties. After a Dalit woman was hit badly by the stone, the Dalit community also started stone pelting. Things turned out more ugly and Thakurs allegedly broke Ravidas temple and a statue of Ambedkar. During the altercation, a stone hit 25-year-old Sumit s/o Dharmpal on the head and he was declared dead when taken to the hospital. When the news of the death reached the clash site, members of Thakur community set ablaze 25 houses of the Dalit community.Moreover, the police was also targeted this time the mob. A fire engine was broke down and three police vehicles were set on fire. Chaman Singh Chavda, CO Deoband, also got injured when he intervened into the matter. Violence came to a halt after District Magistrate NP Singh and SSP Subhash Dubey reached the spot with security forces from adjoining districts.SSP Dubey said, “The situation is tense but in control. To maintain the peace is our priority.”Earlier on April 20, situation in Saharanpur got communally tense when Saharanpur MP from BJP Ram Lakhan Pal Sharma tried to take out a procession March in remembrance of Dr. BR Ambedkar without permission from the Govt .Sharma’s brother Raghav Lakhanpal Sharma started beating police personnel while Ram Lakhanpal Sharma started shouting on Police to shoot Muslims.FIR was lodged against both of them.TCN
UP: 1 dead, 25 houses torched as Thakurs, Dalits clash in Saharanpur:HT
Saharanpur violence: Mayawati accuses Yogi Govt  of saffron appeasement -of-saffron-appeasement/story-C7j0wpBLZUk81RLbKtb2dL.html
Lucknow: Expressing concern over the clash between Thakurs and Dalits in Saharanpur, BSP chief Mayawati on Saturday accused Yogi Adityanath Govt  of “saffron appeasement”. A man was killed and at least 15 others were injured in clashes at Shabirpur village of Saharanpur on Friday when Dalits objected to a procession taken out by Thakurs to commemorate the birth anniversary of Rajput king Maharana Pratap. This was the second clash in Saharanpur in a fortnight involving Dalits.Mayawati said she was sad and worried over caste clashes in UP. “After communal riots, caste violence is now disturbing the state. It indicates that improving law and order is not the BJP’s cup of tea,” she said. hindustantimes
Mahadalit women stopped from entering temple, thrashed in Bihar: FIR
Patna:Tension prevails at a village in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district, 71 km north of state capital Patna, for the second consecutive day after a Mahadalit woman registered an FIR alleging that she and other women of her family were prevented by some village strongmen from entering a temple. Complainant Usha Devi, 30, of Bishunpur Baghnagari village in Sakra police station area said they were also thrashed for registering their protest on Friday.Confirming the lodging of FIR, police said the injured women were provided first aid at Sakra primary healthcentre.Muzaffarpur deputy superintendent of police (east) Mutaffique Ahmad said a police team was camping at the village to avert any untoward incident.“We have strengthened security arrangements in the village in the view of tension after registration of FIR against four named and three unidentified accused. FIR was registered on the basis of statement made by Devi,” Ahmed said. HT
HC summons UP chief secretary with records of Gorakhpur riots in which CM Adityanath is named accused
Lucknow: Allahabad High Court on Thursday summoned the chief secretary of UP , directing him to bring along all documents relating to the 2007 Gorakhpur riots in which the then local MP and current CM  Yogi Adityanath was named as an accused. A division bench of justices Ramesh Sinha and Umesh Chandra Srivastava directed the chief secretary to appear in person on May 11 and file a personal affidavit besides producing all documents relating to the 2007 riots, including the sanction given by the state Govt  to prosecute the accused.The order was passed on a petition filed by Parvez Parwaz, the complainant in the FIR that was lodged at Cantt police station of Gorakhpur in connection with the riots, and Asad Hayat, a witness in the case. siasat
Control illegal activities in name of cow protection, religious conversion: UP  DGP directs officers
UP  DGP Sulkhan Singh Friday directed SSPs and SPs of all districts to “effectively control” illegal activities committed by “vigilantes” in the name of cow protection, morality, religious conversion or illegal trafficking of milch animals.Singh asked the officers to register FIRs against vigilantes when they violated the law, and to prepare dossiers on them after identification with help of intelligence networks. indianexpress
Cow vigilantes thrash 2 Hindu farmers walking cattle home in Greater Noida
Greater Noida: 2 farmers returning home with a cow and a calf were thrashed on Thursday afternoon in Greater Noida in the same kind of violent vigilantism that led to the lynching of dairy farmer Pehlu Khan in Alwar last month.Bhoop Singh (50) and his 30-year-old nephew Jabar Singh were accosted in a Jewar village by a group of men (8-9 in number), who accused them of being cattle smugglers and rained punches and kicks on them."We pleaded that we were Hindus and local farmers, but they did not listen," Jabar later told TOI at Noida's district hospital, where he and his uncle were brought for treatment. "They abused us verbally and kicked us on the stomach and even the face. We collapsed on the ground but they continued beating us." But the men, who introduced themselves to police as BJP workers, did not relent. Instead, they dragged Bhoop and Jabar nearly 1.5km to Jewar police station and handed them over to the cops, saying they had caught cattle smugglers "red-handed". In the meantime, people had gathered, at the spot where the assault happened and along the road to the police station. But no one intervened.The truth became apparent to the police when they questioned Bhoop and Jabar and verified their version with people in Sirsa Khadar, the village where they live, and Mehndipur, where they were returning from. timesofindia
Mob attacks 2 Hindu men transporting cows near Noida
Why this incident should serve as alarm for even Hindu owners of cow
Pehlu Khan was killed by 'gau rakshaks' because he was a Muslim: Ex-CIC Wajahat Habibullah
New Delhi: Former Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Wajahat Habibullah on Friday highlighted the rise of "religious radicalism" in the country and said dairy farmer Pehlu Khan, who was killed by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan, was targeted because he was a Muslim.Speaking at a symposium on 'Religious Persecution of Baha'is in Iran and Belief in the Interfaith Co-existence', Habibullah said that by allowing atrocities on Baha'is, leaders in Iran are giving Islam a bad name. "We now have this rise of religious radicalism. Iran itself fighting against the rise of ISIS."In our own country we have this instance of Pehlu Khan...Simply because he was a Muslim. This is the time for all of those who are right thinking and religious minded for standing together," Habibullah said.PTI

Country slipping into hands of goons, Hindus should come out to protect it
New Delhi: "The rule of State seems to have ended, or State has willingly promoted such elements who catch, assault and kill people and loot their cattle. This can't happen without tacit support of State. It seems country has slipped into the hands of goons...And this all in the name of Hindu Rashtra...More than others, Hindus of the country should think if they have lost their civilization or they want to protect it," said Prof. Apoorvanand Jha of Delhi University.Deeply aggrieved at incidents of lynching of Muslim men in the name of cow protection, Prof. Jha said it would be a crude joke if one keeps mum on such incidents but talks about rights of women.IndiaTomorrow
Malegaon blast: NIA gets SC notice on Purohit plea
New Delhi: Supreme Court on Friday issued notice to the NIA on Malegaon blast accused Lt Col Srikant Purohit's bail plea. Purohit has said the Bombay HC erred in granting bail to Pragya Thakur but denying him relief in the same case.Senior advocate Gopal Subramaniam and advocate Neela Gokhale informed a bench of Justices R K Agrawal and A M Sapre that Purohit was regarded as an excellent counter-insurgency officer and alleged that he was framed in the case. Purohit has been in jail for more than 8 years.TOI
Gujarat HC rejects double jeopardy plea by blasts accused
Ahmedabad: Gujarat high court on Friday turned down a petition by one of those accused in the 2008 serial blasts case, Raziuddin Nasir, who demanded discharge on the grounds that he was acquitted by a Karnataka court in a case based on same conspiracy.Raziuddin, the son of Maulana Nasiruddin who was arrested and later acquitted in a Pota case, first requested the trial court to drop the case against him on the grounds that a similar case was lodged by Karnataka police against him and a court in Hubli acquitted him in Feb.last year on the grounds that he could not be convicted merely by statements from police personnel. There was no evidence against him with regard to the charges of criminal conspiracy, waging war against the nation etc. timesofindia
Qureshi,alleged ISI man,had been held during Gujarat riots
Ahmedabad:Gujarat police Friday on said that Altaf Qureshi, suspected ISI agent held from Mumbai two days ago, had been arrested during a communal riot at Dhoraji in Rajkot district of the state in 2002. After Qureshi was arrested from south Mumbai by Anti Terrorism Squads of UP  and Maharashtra, Rajkot police started probe into his links in Gujarat, said Rajkot Superintendent of Police Antrip Sood. Qureshi (37), accused of working for Pakistan’s spy agency ISI, had been arrested and charge-sheeted in a rioting case at Dhoraji town, his native place, back in 2002. PTI
Gujarat: Judicial probe ordered into custodial death of a man accused of cow slaughter
Ahmedabad: Gujarat Govt on Saturday ordered a judicial probe into the custodial death of a tribal man arrested under the newly enacted cow protection law for allegedly slaughtering bovines. Sabarkantha police, under whose custody Kodar Gamar died on Thursday night, however ruled out any foul play in the incident.  Gamar, in his 60s, had collapsed after he went to take a bath on Wednesday evening, said a police official, adding the accused had earlier complained of uneasiness.A case was registered against Kodar Gamar, his son and 3 others on April 26 at Kheroj police station in Sabarkantha under the Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act 2011 for “slaughtering” cows.Gamar and 2 others were remanded to police custody on May 2.HT
Haridwar: RSS backed Muslim Manch begins meet at new venue after opposition from Hindu groups
Haridwar: 3 days after 2 organisations of priests objected to Muslim Rashtriya Manch’s (MRM) meeting here, the 2-day convention began at Piran Kaliyar, about 20 km from the city, on Friday. More than 400 participants, 150 of whom were estimated to be from the Muslim community, reported for the meeting which began at 6 pm. MRM national convener Indresh Kumar was present and is likely to take part in various sessions of the executive committee meeting on May 6 as well. MRM, an RSS-affiliate body, organised the meet in order to “build consensus among Muslims on the Ram temple and triple talaq issues.” Members said that other topics which will be discussed include Pakistan occupied Kashmir, communal riots, education, skill development and others.The change in venue of the meeting took place after the two organisations, Brahman Sabha and Akhil Bharatiya Yuva Tirth Purohit Mahasabha, warned three days ago that MRM will have to face opposition if it went ahead with its meeting which was proposed to be held at the Nishkam Sewa Trust, which is a stone’s throw away from the Har-ki-Pauri ghat. timesofindia
Jharkhand: A Saddam Hussain gets HC nod to challenge CBSE refusal to change name
Ranchi:Jharkhand high court on Friday allowed Jamshedpur-born marine engineer, Saddam Hussain, who had legally changed his name to Sajid Hussain, to challenge a recent order of the CBSE rejecting his application to change his name in the Class 10 and 12 exam certificates. Hussain had decided to change his name after finding it difficult to secure a job.Though he managed to get fresh passport, aadhaar card, driving licence and pan card with his new name, Hussain failed to get his name changed in the educational certificates as CBSE governing body rejected his application on April 28, clarifying that there was no such provision in the examination by laws.The court, however, refused the request of petitioner’s counsel to pass a favourable order, observing that Hussain had not challenged the CBSE’s rejection order yet.Hussain, 25, is suffering for the last two years for carrying the name of former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. Hussain claims he has failed to find a job because of his namesake. hindustantimes
Smriti Irani's husband a share-holder in firm accused of land grabbing; Congress seeks probe
Bhopal: Umaria district administration has instituted a probe into allegations by a primary school headmaster that a company having union minister Smriti Irani's husband, Zubin Irani as a shareholder has allegedly grabbed a part of the school’s land.  The administration in Umaria district of MP has ordered a probe following allegations by headmaster Janki Prasad Tiwari, that company had grabbed land in Kuchwahi village, close to Bandhavgarh National Park."We've begun a probe and also received a letter from union minister Irani, in which she has asked us to conduct an independent probe as her husband's name has been unnecessarily dragged in the matter. It is not her husband, but the company in which he is a shareholder which purchased the land in 2016. Prima facie, no school land has been grabbed or encroached. The probe is underway and its outcome will be known in 4 to 5 days," Umaria collector Abhishek Singh said. newindianexpress
Naroda Gam massacre: Muslim men witness in favour of Hindu accused
Ahmedabad: Naroda Massacre that took place on Feb.2002 during 2002 Gujarat Riots, has 2 new muslim witnesses came forward to give alibi for one of the accused, Dinesh Patel in the case, in Special SIT Court.The riot that lasted 10 hours murdering, burning many and raping women was deemed “the largest single case of mass murder” during the 2002 Gujarat riots.After the communal violence, a curfew was imposed in the state and army troops were called in to contain further violence. Maqbulkhan Gulabkhan Pathan and Nizam Gulamali Ansari were issued summons to be present in the court on the request of the accuse.Pathan, a resident of Jahapura in his statement in the court says, back then in 2002 when the Massacre happened he was working with a private company in GIDC in Naroda. He reached his organization around 7.30am in the morning on 28 Feb, 2002.TOI /siasat
Two Muslim witnesses provide alibi for accused
300 girl students taken ill due to chemical leakage in Delhi
New Delhi: Over 300 students were hospitalised on Saturday after toxic fumes spread due to chemical leakage at a container depot near 2 schools in southeast Delhi's Tughlakabad area. timesofindia
Maulana Masood Madani's ‘rape victim’ lied about herself: Cops
Meerut: Deoband cleric and brother of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind general secretary, Maulana Masood Madani, was arrested on March 18, following a complaint from a woman who claimed that Madani had raped her under the pretext of curing her infertility with medicines and magic. Now, it has emerged that the woman, in her statement before the magistrate and the police, had lied about her name and her address. During investigation, when a police team visited the address mentioned by the woman, they found out that she never lived there and subsequently found that the name she had provided them with was also fake. The police will now file charges against the woman for having lied in her statement to the magistrate."When police visited the address given by the woman in her statement for investigation, it turned out that the woman never actually lived there. On further investigation, it was revealed that she had also given a false name. We then found out what her correct address and name is. But we have not yet been able to ascertain why she lied," a police source told TOI.The police will now file a complaint against the woman also in connection with the case on the charge of lying in her statement before magistrate. "It has emerged that the woman had lied about her name and her address in the statement that she gave to the police and also in the statement that she recorded in front of the magistrate. Now, since she also lied in front of the magistrate, a connected case will have to be filed against her. We will have to question her about her reasons for lying," said Saharanpur SSP Subhas Chandra Dubey. Police officials said the discrepancies have cast a large shadow of doubt over the entire case. timesofindia
ISI spy Satvinder linked to Pak espionage racket in MP-Chhattisgarh brought for interrogation
Bhopal:Satvinder Singh, the ISI agent, who was arrested in Jammu for sending information to Pakistan, and for his links with ISI agents across Central India, has been brought to Chhattisgarh for interrogation.It was after Satvinder and his companion Dadu's arrest that the information about the spying racket in Central India was revealed to security agencies. Subsequently, police had arrested Dhruv Saxena, who was earlier associated with IT cell of BJYM. A series of arrests had followed from Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Satna and later from Chhattisgarh and
Court junks FIR against AMU pro-VC, officials
A local court has scrapped an FIR lodged against the AMU pro-vice chancellor, S Ahmad Ali, and two other officials on a complaint by a former varsity student in connection with violent incidents on the campus on April 23 last year.CJM Gyanendra Singh expunged the FIR lodged on the complaint of Mohammad Zorez after the police gave a clean chit to the officials.He also directed that a case be filed against Zorez for lodging a false complaint against the three officials and 14 students.On April 6, the court had directed that a case should be filed against Ali, the Proctor, Prof. M. Mohsin Khan, and the Deputy Proctor, Prof. Mahmood S. Khan, at the Civil Lines police station on the basis of affidavit submitted by Zorez.PTI

Will reach out to Govt  on AMU’s minority status: new VC -on-amus-minority-status-says-new-vice-chancellor-4642705/
Dr Tariq Mansoor, AMU’s new V-C, speaks to Indian Express about his priorities for the next 5 years, which include ensuring a student-friendly campus. Replying to the question as Centre has opposed AMU’s claim to minority status, Will you reach out to Govt?, he said, "Yes, definitely. We have to talk to everyone concerned. Things can only be solved through dialogue and discussion." Indian Express
Sadiq encounter:Gujarat HC rejects plea for compensation
Ahmedabad: Gujarat High Court Friday rejected a petition moved by the father of Sadiq Jamal Mehtar seeking Rs 50 lakh compensation from the state Govt  for his son’s death in an alleged fake encounter in 2003. As per the CBI probe, encounter was staged by a team of Gujarat police officers, who had branded Sadiq Jamal as a LeT terrorist. indianexpress
Suspended from AAP, Amanatullah Khan made Delhi Assembly panel chief
New Delhi:A fresh round of tussle may erupt in the Aam Aadmi Party as its MLA Amanatullah Khan, who was recently suspended from the party for attacking senior leader Kumar Vishwas, has been appointed the chairman of a panel of the Delhi Assembly. Khan, the MLA from Okhla, has also been appointed a member in seven newly constituted committees, including the Special Inquiry Committee, of the House by the Speaker.The move is seemed to have been taken to placate Khan, considered as a prominent Muslim face in the party. An MLA, who had spoken in favour of Vishwas, termed Khan’s appointment as a “promotion”.PTI
Ismail Haniya elected new political chief of Hamas
Ismail Haniya has been elected as the new leader of Hamas' political bureau, according to the Palestinian movement's news agency.The announcement on Satuday came just days after Hamas unveiled a more moderate stance towards Israel. Khalid Meshaal, who preceded Haniya as leader of the bureau, confirmed the transition of power to Al Jazeera."I would like to announce that this new council has elected Abu al-Abed, my brother Ismail Haniya, the president of the political bureau of the movement," Meshaal, who had been in charge of the political wing for the past 10 years, said.Haniya, 54, is expected to remain in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave run by Hamas since 2007, unlike Meshaal who lives in exile in Qarar's capital, Doha, and has completed the maximum two terms in office.On Monday, Hamas unveiled a new policy document easing its stance on Israel after having long called for its destruction. Al Jazeera
ICRC: Prisoner family visits are Israel’s obligation under international law
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which is in charge of coordinating with Israeli authorities to arrange family visitations for Palestinian prisoners, released a statement Wednesday calling upon Israel to abide by international humanitarian law and increase family visits to Palestinian prisoners detained inside Israel.The statement quoted Jacques de Maio, head of the ICRC delegation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, as saying that “family contact must be improved, not further restricted,” referring to Israel’s suspension of family visits for hunger-striking prisoners, and of the visitation permits for their families. middleeastmonitor
Zurich recommends ban on Quran distribution campaign in public spaces: Reuters
Zurich:Zurich’s public safety office on Friday recommended towns in Switzerland’s most populous canton ban a campaign that hands out Korans in public spaces, describing it as a front for incitement of radical activities including jihadist involvement. The recommendation clashed with an assessment by federal intelligence services published three days before which concluded a ban on the campaign’s Koran distribution would lead to a “strong conflict with exercise of religious freedom”.
Pak rejects bill seeking to raise minimum age for marriage for girls, terms it 'un-Islamic'
Pakistani lawmakers have unanimously rejected a bill aimed at increasing the minimum age for marriage of a girl from 16 to 18 years, terming the proposed amendment as "un-Islamic". PTI
Egypt court orders release of Muslim Brotherhood leader
Cairo:  An Egyptian court has ordered the release on bail of a senior leader and financier of outlawed Muslim Brotherhood who has been in detention for nearly 2 years. A judicial official said today that businessman Hassan Malik is to be released within 48 hours on bail of 20,000 Egyptian pounds and pending the prosecution didn't challenge the decision. The official spoke on condition of anonymity under regulations.AP
Egypt Al-Azhar head replaced after calling Muslim reformer ‘apostate’
 Head of Egypt’s Al-Azhar university, one of the world’s leading Islamic seats of learning, has been replaced after labeling a controversial Muslim reformer an apostate, the institution said. Development came as Al-Azhar was pressured by critics who say the venerable Sunni Muslim authority has not done enough to counter Islamist extremism.  Ahmed Hosni Taha, the acting university president, had been forced to apologize on Thursday after saying reformer Islam al-Behairy was an “apostate” for attacking some of the founding scholars of Islamic law.His apology was followed by a statement on Friday from Al-Azhar saying that Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb, who heads the institution that runs the university, had replaced Taha.AFP
Trump to Head to Saudi , Israel, Rome on 1st overseas Trip
In a surprise announcement, White House said President Donald Trump’s first overseas trip will be to Saudi Arabia, where he will meet with leaders from numerous Muslim nations to discuss a coordinated ideological campaign against radical Islam. The trip is scheduled for later in May.Voice of America  
Putin’s secret weapon in Syria: Sunni-Muslim Chechen forces
Russia has deployed roughly 1,000 Sunni-Muslim Special Forces from Chechnya to Syria in an effort to hide its casualty figures and curtail the Assad regime if it undermines Moscow’s wider interests in the Middle East concludes a report by the global magazine Foreign Policy.Moscow has quietly deployed roughly 1,000 Muslim Special Forces from Russia’s southern regions since the end of last year, a clear sign that Moscow is serious about upping its ground game in Syria, say authors.
Russia ready to work with Saudi, US on Syria
The head of Russia’s delegation to the Syrian peace talks in Astana, Alexander Lavrentiev, said that his country is ready to work with Saudi Arabia and the US regarding Syria. middleeastmonitor
Assad regime continues to produce chemical weapons – intelligence report
A western intelligence agency has revealed that the Syrian regime of President Bashar Al-Assad continues to produce chemical weapons in violation of a 2013 deal to eliminate them, AlKhaleej Online reported yesterday. middleeastmonitor
Germany to ban Turkish nationals from death penalty vote
Germany said on Friday it would not allow Turks to vote on its territory in any Turkish referendum on reintroduction of the death penalty, with the Netherlands possibly preparing to follow suit.A spokesperson for German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday that allowing such an option to vote was not possible in Germany middleeasteye
Afghan Taliban take district near northern Kunduz:Reuters
Kunduz:Taliban militants captured a district just outside the northern Afghan city of Kunduz on Saturday, officials said, pointing to renewed pickup in fighting after the insurgents announced their annual spring offensive last week.Mahfouz Akbari, a police spokesman for eastern Afghanistan, said security forces had pulled out of Qala-i-Zal district, west of Kunduz city, on Saturday to avoid further civilian and military casualties after heavy fighting. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said insurgents had taken police HQRS, Governor’s compound and all security checkpoints. thehindu
Cautious welcome to Saudi decree over guardian system
A Saudi royal decree allowing women greater access to Govt  services without the consent of a male relative has drawn positive, but cautious, responses from human rights advocates. The decree by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, issued last month but first reported on Thursday, said women should not be required to obtain consent for services "unless there is a legal basis for the request in accordance with the provision of the Islamic [law]", according to local media. aljazeera
Attacks on India's minority Muslims by Hindu vigilantes mount: Sujoy Dhar, for USA TODAY
India can't hide its rape culture by hanging Jyoti Singh's murderers: Ashley Tellis
Jyoti Singh & Bilkis Bano: 2 women. 2 judgments. 2 lessons of hope: Posted By Deepanjana Pal
Friendly match between Sangh Parivar and Police in West Bengal:Causes of the Telinipara riot : Milli Gazette Online
Modi Wants to Give Muslim Women Their Rights. So Why Did He Abandon Bilkis in Her Hour of Need?Siddharth Varadarajan
Why does India consistently push the (false) narrative of radicalisation in Kashmir?Hilal Mir, Kashmiri journalist
Did you know our Hindu ancestors ate beef? Kamal Mitra Chenoy
Nirbhaya vs Bilkis verdicts: Law selective in deciding rarest of rare cases?India Today
At UN, It’s No to Hindu Rashtra, We are a Secular Country, the Land of Gandhi & Buddha: India:
JNU and the politics of alienation: On AISA that failed a Muslim comrade: Sharjeel Imam, research scholar, JNU
Delhi gang rape verdict: Not rarest of rare case, but rarest of rare outrage:VQUEERAM ADITYA
Was the Bilkis Bano gang rape case any less inhuman than Nirbhaya's?Natalia George
Arnab’s Last But Not Finest Newshour: Will Republic Get it Right?Rohit Khanna
Assam sits on a powder keg; Nearly 5 Million muslims overnight become ‘illegal’: Abdul Bari Masoud | Caravan Daily
Why Hindu farmers and cattle traders in Rajasthan are angry with gau rakshaks; Ajaz Ashraf
Echoes of Gaza in Kashmir:Aijaz Zaka Syed    
Fear of Sharia: Harvard project aims to shed light on Islamic law
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