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04 May 2017: 07 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:182
Bilkis Bano gangrape case: HC upholds life imprisonment for 11 convicts, rejects CBI plea for death penalty
New Delhi: Bombay High Court has upheld the life sentence order of the trial court against the 11 accused in the 2002 Bilkis Bano gangrape case. The court has, however, set aside acquittal of the rest of the accused in the case which include Gujarat police officers and doctors of the Govt hospital. The court further said that it will consider the undergone jailed period of the convicts as part of their sentence but will impose a fine on them.They were sentenced to life by a trial court in 2008, for the gangrape of Bilkis Bano and for the murder of her family members in the wake of the Godhra riots. They had then filed an appeal in the High Court challenging their conviction. The Central Bureau of Investigation had sought death penalty for the three men convicted for having gangraped Bilkis Bano and murdered her family members. The court has, however, set aside the plea for enhancement.Appearing for the CBI, Hiten Venegaonkar had argued that the present case was that of “mass murder” as 14 members of a family, including babies who were a few days old. The riots caused a situation of “exodus” and while the family was on the run, they were raped and murdered. Therefore the case belonged to the “rarest of rare” category and warranted the maximum punishment. HC had, meanwhile, rejected an intervention application filed by Bilkis Bano seeking that she be granted hearing. indianexpress
Bilkis Bano hails Bombay HC verdict, says she and her family can live free of fear
Gang-rape victim Bilkis Bano has hailed a Bombay High Court verdict that upheld the life terms given to 11 convicts in the 2002 incident and quashed acquittal of 5 Gujarat policemen. "I am very grateful that this verdict has, yet again, vindicated me, and upheld my faith in the judiciary," Bano alias Bilkis Yakub Rasool said in a statement issued through her lawyer. Bilkis was gang-raped in Devgad-Baria village near Dahod on March 3, 2002 during the Gujarat riots.Bilkis and around a dozen of her family members were attacked by a mob, leading to killing of around a dozen of her family members.She said she was happy that Gujarat and its officials now stand charged with tampering of evidence."For state officers, whose sworn duty it is to protect the citizens and ensure justice, this should be their great moral shame, to bear forever," Bilkis said, in reference to the quashing of acquittal of five policemen.IANS 
Bilkis rape case: No death penalty for convicts, says HC
Assam proposes 2-child norm from Panchayat to MP-level
Guwahati: Assam Govt  today proposed to debar persons with more than 2 children from contesting any election in the state, right from the panchayat level to MP-level.While proposing to bring laws to bar people with more than two children from contesting election for panchayat, municipal and other statutory bodies and committees at the state level, Assam Govt  will take up the issue with Central Govt for its implementation in case of MLAs and MPs from the state.Addressing a press conference while releasing second draft of a state population policy, state Health minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma said, "We have made some changes in the first draft population policy after receiving feedback. Some minor changes could be incorporated later and placed before the next state Cabinet meeting. We will, then, place the final draft policy before the state legislative assembly in August."Stressing on the need to 'lead by example', the minister said the new draft has proposal for making it compulsory to adherence of two-child norm for MLAs and MPs from the state and the state Govt will approach the Centre for suitable amendments in the relevant acts to enforce it for Assam.The first draft policy had already mooted a strict 2-child policy for Govt  servants and elected/nominated representatives of panchayat, municipal and statutory bodies, with the second draft taking it a step further to include MLAs and MPs from the state.The second draft policy contains measures for thrust on women education, legal framework for protection of women's rights and special schemes for widows/single women/divorcees, especially belonging to economically and socially backward sections and Muslime women divorcees (triple talaq). UNI
Troops block Kashmir villages amid rebel hunt: aljazeera
Thousands of soldiers and paramilitaries were engaged in a huge operation in Kashmir, where armed rebels have repeatedly attacked Govt forces in recent weeks. Police said Govt forces had surrounded at least 20 villages in the drive, launched on Thursday, in Shopian district in the volatile south of the disputed Himalayan region."It is an unprecedented operation," deputy inspector general of police SP Pani told AFP."It is impossible to capture the militants, but we hope there will be contact [exchange of fire] with them in the course of the day."Suspected rebels are frequently killed in shootouts with security forces in Kashmir, but are only rarely captured alive.Witnesses said hundreds of residents came out onto the streets in two villages, Sug and Tarkwangan, during the search operations and threw stones at the soldiers.One said soldiers attacked private homes in his village with sticks and rocks. "It was scary. Many houses were damaged," villager said by phone, requesting anonymity.Witnesses said army helicopters were hovering above the area as the search operations were going on. aljazeera
Security forces conduct massive operation to flush out militants from Shopian district
Kashmir: Security personnel cordon off villages in Shopian district in major crackdown
1,000 Jan Sena saints volunteer help in Kashmir to boost morale, take on stone-pelters
Kanpur: A squad of 1,000 saints from the Jan Sena, a Kanpur-based religious organisation, will leave for J&K on May 7 to help Army jawans and paramilitary forces take on stone-pelters in the strife-torn state.Additional squads of saints may be sent later as per the requirement, said Jan Sena founder Balyogi Arun Puri Chaitanay Maharaj. Puri is the head priest of Siddhanth temple in Janjmau. Sena founder claimed they have decided to go ahead with the proposed plan under ‘Yudha Vijay Yagya’ despite the authorities forbidding them from doing so. “We sought permission from PM  Narendra Modi to allow us into Kashmir for boosting the morale of jawans and helping them take on stone-pelters, but did not get it.The district administration also denied us permission.However, we are determined to go, regardless of the consequences. If our members are stopped, we will travel in our individual capacity and regroup once we get there,” he said. aljazeera
Islamabad denies LoC cease-fire violation and troop mutilation as Abdul Basit is summoned to Delhi
Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar has reportedly summoned Pakistan's High Commissioner Abdul Basit to demand that Islamabad take action against soldiers and officers responsible for the killing and mutilation of two Indian soldiers. Indian army has said the soldiers were killed and mutilated Monday in an ambush by Pakistani soldiers along the highly militarized de-facto border that divides the disputed region of Kashmir between the nuclear-armed rivals.India said that Pakistani soldiers fired rockets and mortars at two Indian positions southwest of the LoC in Krishna Ghati sector.It also accused Pakistani soldiers of ambushing an Indian patrol operating between the two posts and mutilating the bodies of two slain Indian soldiers.DailyMail
Muslim Personal Law
Most advanced community in India is Muslim as laws were available for divorce, marriages, inheritance, Islam gave them all rights centuries ago:  Mary E John, Ex-Director of Centre for Women's Development Studies
New Delhi: Injustice with women on the basis of gender has become a global phenomenon and so there is a strong need to break the mindset and social systems that encourage this injustice, said Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind while presiding over a seminar "Gender Justice & Our Society" in New Delhi on Wednesday.
 "Customs and traditions of society mostly do injustice with women. Also in the countries which call themselves champion of liberty and freedom of women, the status of women is not better as the societies there have almost demolished the system of marriage, divorce etc.," he said.He deliberated on rights enjoyed by women in Islam.Nikah is conducted on the permission of woman. She has liberty to go out of marriage through Khula. She has right in inheritance. Widows and divorcees have right to remarry.Speaking on Triple Talaq, he said: "A perception is being created that Muslim society and All India Muslim Personal Law Board support Triple Talaq in one seating. It is completely wrong. No one likes Triple Talq in one seating. It is against the teachings of Islam and it should be stopped."But he made it clear that in the garb of Triple Talaq, some sinister attempts are being made to impose a system on the Muslims.Other eminent persons who spoke at the seminar included Ajay Kumar, Chief  Editor, News Nation TV channel; Mary E John, Member, Executive Committee, Centre for Women's Development Studies; and Prof. Haseena Hashia, Jamia Millia Islamia. "In the 20th century India, the most advanced community was Muslim as laws were available for divorce, marriages, education and inheritance. Islam gave them all rights several centuries ago," said Mary E John. "Before independence, Muslims were advanced but after independence the reform was stopped among them too. They need to focus on that," she said. India Tomorrow
Women divorced through triple talaq to get interim pension in Assam
Guwahati: Muslim women in Assam who have been divorced using the provision of triple talaq will be provided interim pension by the BJP-led Assam Govt as per a new policy. Health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma disclosed this here today while informing about the changes made to state’s draft population policy announced last month. Draft, which is being renamed as population and women empowerment policy, bars those having more than 2 children or marrying before legally permissible age from getting Govt  jobs.“There will be provision for skill upgradation of Muslim women divorcee to help in gainful employment and in the interim, such victims of triple talaq will be given family pension,” Sarma said.Divorcees and single women from other communities will also be given skill-based education and employment, but they won’t get interim pension. Sarma said “steps will be taken to prevent and deter women from being abandoned or deserted (or divorced) by husband on flimsy grounds such as birth of girl child,etc. We will bring a law which will make it a punishable offence.”
RSS Muslim Manch may adopt kids of talaq victims
Kolkata: Muslim Rastriya Manch national executive committee will discuss a proposal for adopting minor children of Muslim women divorced through triple talaq. MRM is a body floated by RSS. MRM’s Bengal unit has prepared a preliminary list of such children in several districts and has proposed to provide them free education. Senior functionaries of MRM said that the issue would be discussed at its national executive meeting in Roorkee on Friday and Saturday. MRM members said it had come across many Muslim women and single mothers from Bengal divorced through triple talaq. “We have received a proposal from the Bengal unit and some other states seeking scheme for children of women who have undergone triple talaq. We are trying to build a fund for rehabilitation and studies of the children of our Muslim sisters.Bengal unit has proposed to provide free education to children free,” Sahid Akhtar, convener of eastern states for MRM said.
Muslim Woman in UP wants to give Triple Talaq to her ‘abusive husband’: India Times
In what could further push the debate over triple talaq, a woman in Meerut, identified as Amreen Bano wants to give triple talaq to her abusive husband. 24-year-old Amreen has filed an FIR against her husband, alleging that she was beaten and tortured every day by him and her brother as well. She also suffered a miscarriage."My husband does not say anything. He does not give money to me, my kids or my nephew, nieces. I want him to go to jail and I want to give talaq to my husband. Like in the Muslim community a man gives talaq by saying it three times. I want to do the same," Bano told ANI.Amreen and her sister Farheen (22), who were married to 2 brothers from a neighbouring village in 2012.Both the sisters alleged that since the wedding, they have been frequently beaten and abused by her husbands, Sabir and Shakir. Yesterday, the sisters went to meet a senior police officer, alleging that no action had been taken by the local police on their complaint against their husbands. Indiatimes  /ANI
UP: Meerut woman wants to use triple talaq against her abusive husband
Muslim woman wants to give triple talaq to husband, cites unnatural sex, domestic violence as reasons
BJP communalising triple talaq, trying to impose Hindu law: Javed Anand led Muslim group
New Delhi: A Muslim group has accused the BJP Govt of communalising triple talaq, while terming its proposal of Uniform Civil Code an attempt to impose Hindu personal law. "BJP has made a lot of noise (about triple talaq and nikal halala). Without questions, they are communalising and politicising the whole issue," Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) General Secretary Javed Anand told IANS. He said that it was "interesting" that this call for an Uniform Civil Code came from one particular ideological quarter - the Sangh Parivar - but there was no clarity on what it would entail. "We have repeatedly and publicly asked for the BJP or anyone from the Sangh Parivar to offer a draft of what a Uniform Civil Code would look like. Which code are they referring to? Is it the concept of it or is it about the uniform gender justice?" he said, adding the demand from one side only leads rise to a suspicion that it could only be an attempt to impose Hindu personal law and that's why there is opposition. IANS
Fully satisfied with Islamic Laws on nikah, talaq, fasakh, virasat: Muslim Law Board
New Delhi:All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), in its one page pro forma submitted to the Law Commission, has opposed any probable amendments to triple talaq. The board’s document says: “We are fully satisfied with the commands of Islamic laws, especially on Islamic orders related to nikah (marriage), talaq (divorce), fasakh (annulment) and virasat (inheritance). We are fully satisfied with and strongly deny the possibility of any type of change in them.” ET has reviewed a copy of the board’s pro forma. Invoking the Constitution, it further reads: “The Constitution of India has provided complete freedom for followers of all faiths to practice their religion. We, therefore, do not accept uniform civil code in any form.” The pro forma concludes:“We are with All India Muslim Personal Law Board to save and protect shariah laws.” The board claimed to have obtained signatures from over 4 crore Muslims endorsing its pro forma. Providing their email addresses, the board has appealed to all the signatories to email a copy of the pro forma to PM Narendra Modi, PMO and Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The board recently submitted a disk to the Law Commission of India, which is tasked with exploring the feasibility of a uniform civil code in the country. ET
SC rejects plea for making Hindi compulsory in schools, says somebody will ask for making Sanskrit mandatory
“Why have you come to court with this demand. You say you are a BJP man. Why don’t you approach the Govt? Your party is in power”, the bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar told petitioner Ashwini Kumar Upadhyaya. The Supreme Court today rejected a PIL ×led by a Delhi BJP leader which sought a direction to the Centre to make study of Hindi compulsory for all students of Classes IVIII telling him to approach the Govt  directly as “his party was in power”.“Why have you come to court with this demand. You say you are a BJP man. Why don’t you approach the Govt? Your party is in power”, the bench headed by Chief Justice JS Khehar told petitioner Ashwini Kumar Upadhyaya.When his lawyer R S Suri insisted the bench to issue notice, the CJI shot back raising peals of laughter in the courtroom: “Look the court cannot interfere in such issues. Today you are asking for Hindi.Tomorrow somebody will come to court and ask for making study of Sanskrit mandatory. You and me would ask for Punjabi” . Advocate Suri has then withdrawn the petition. The Court dismissed it as withdrawn.On April 24 also the same bench declined to entertain a PIL led by Upadhyay for a direction to the Govt  to review the working of the Constitution saying his party was in power and better approach his Govt .“When your party (BJP) is in power at the Centre and no decision was taken, the court cannot intervene as the issue raised by him is a policy matter and it is indeed the prerogative of legislature and executive. You approach the Govt”, CJI had told Upadhyaya then also. livelaw
SC’s no to plea to make Hindi compulsory in class I to VIII
Shun beef, adopt cows: RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar to tell Muslims
New Delhi: RSS-mentored Muslim Rashtriya Manch, which is scheduled to meet at Piran Kaliyar near Roorkee on May 5 and May 6, will tell Muslim families to adopt cows and learn about their benefits. It will also ask madrasas to train students on the “ethos of Bharat”. Construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya, deciding a place where the Babri Masjid could be rebuilt and triple talaq will also be discussed at the two-day event. Over 300 moulvis are expected to participate in the meeting. Piran Kaliyar is the dargah of 13th century Sufi saint of Chishti Order — Alauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir Kalyari, also known as Sarkar Sabir Pak. Indresh Kumar, senior RSS pracharak who mentors MRM, said the objective of the meeting was to drive the Muslim community towards a consensus on most raging issues. “Even the Quran says cow meat is not to be eaten. The purpose of the meeting is to put forward some thinking points in front of the decision-makers of the community and arrive at a consensus,” Kumar said. “Arabs shunned beef for many years. Eating beef is something that has come up recently among Muslims. Over 150 Muslim families across India are already running gaushalas. We have identified them and we want them to be the examples for the community,” he said. Kumar said madrasas, which give taleem (training students on the sayings of the Quran), should also teach about “Bharatiya tehzeeb”. Madrasas should also teach them to co-opt and live peacefully with Hindus and understand the essence of Indian culture, he added. On Ram temple and Babri Masjid, Kumar said: “It is certain that the temple will be built where masjid stood. Many people have proved that Lord Ram was born there. Muslims can decide where Babri Masjid should come up through discussion,” Kumar said. economictimes
Congress corners RSS for urging Muslims to adopt cows
Taking a dig at RSS Muslim wing for urging Muslims to adopt cows and open gaushalas, Congress termed it a double standard, while saying that ones, who never fed fodder to cows, were promoting cow protection. All those friends, who have become self-proclaimed chiefs should be asked whether they served even a single cow in their constituency. Those who have never fed fodder to cow are promoting this by wearing a mask of cow protectors.What else can be more double-standard than this? Randeep Singh Surjewala said. ANI
Goa beef traders demand protection against cow
Panaji: Beef traders in Goa on Wednesday demanded police protection, alleging they were being attacked while transporting beef or beef waste by self-styled local “gau rakshaks” (cow vigilantes).Addressing a press conference here, Manna Bepari, President of the Qureshi Meat Traders Association of Goa, said that the association had also appealed to CM  Manohar Parrikar, requesting him to put such vigilante groups under surveillance.“We have FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), health and municipality licences, unlike in UP. Despite this, they are trying to replicate what is happening in that state. We will never allow this to happen. We want Goa Govt …CM  to protect us,” Bepari said.Last week, traders transporting a consignment of beef waste to a Govt -endorsed disposal centre located at the only legal abattoir here — Goa Meat Complex — were stopped allegedly by gau rakshaks after stoning the vehicle and attacking its inmates.Bepari claimed that such incidents were on the rise in Goa.IANS
SC bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra refuses to pass order on banning right-wing terrorists
 The Supreme Court today refused to pass any order to direct DGPs of states to appoint a police officer in each district to enforce the ban on right-wing terrorists posing themselves as cow vigilante groups, saying it will first seek the response from Centre and the state Govts.A bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra said at this juncture, it cannot pass any order directing the DGPs of states to appoint police officers to enforce ban on such groups without knowing the stands taken by the Centre and the state Govts.The bench also comprising Justices A M Khanwilkar and M M Shantanagoudar said the Centre and five states, which have not filed their replies so far, should file it in 6 weeks.Senior advocate Sanjay Hegde informed the court that only Karnataka had filed a reply so far with regard to the plea, while the Centre and the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand and UP  have not filed them yet.He said that by the time the state Govt s file their replies, the police chiefs of the states should be directed to appoint a police officer to ensure the ban on these groups as there were increasing incidents of violence.“No, we cannot pass orders like this. We have to first see what is the response of Centre and state Govts. Let the reply come,” the bench said. The bench posted the matter for further hearing after summer vacation while allowing an NGO Vishwa Gau Raksha Vahini to be impleaded as party. NGO has sought dismissal of petition as non-maintainable. jantakareporter
In Kashmir, nomads battle cow vigilantes to keep alive traditional practice
Rajouri:Given his agility, Bilal Ahmed (35) could be a champion sprinter in any hurdle race – save the fact that he is not leaping on a track but zigzagging his way down a slope on the Pir Panjal mountain range, followed by his herd of 250 sheep.Ahmed has already walked for 18 days and crossed the treacherous mountains in J&K. He will start again and reach the hill station Sonmarg after 13 days -- where he will stay till Sept.According to researchers, over 30% of the state’s 2-million-strong pastoral nomadic community Gujjar and Bakerwal reside in the mountains of Kashmir in summer and on the plains of Jammu in winter, travelling with their animals through hundreds of kilometers when seasons change.HT
Tariq Mansoor is new AMU V-C
New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee appointed Tariq Mansoor as AMU V-C. Mansoor, 60, the principal of AMU’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, will succeed Lt Gen (retd) Zameeruddin Shah, who will retire on May 17. He has been associated with the university for 35 years. “I do not know anything about this as I have not received an official communication or order from the Govt  yet,” Mansoor said.Mansoor was selected from a list of 3 names that the university’s court had sent to Union HRD ministry 2 months ago. Abu Saleh Sharif, executive director and chief scholar, US-India Policy Institute, Washington, and Shahid Jameel, CEO, Welcome Trust and DBT India Alliance were the other two contenders. A section within the university has pointed out that Sharif and Jameel had never served as professors in an educational institution as mandated by the UGC. The matter went to the Supreme Court. It refused to interfere in the selection process saying that all three candidates fulfilled academic guidelines.Indian Express
MP Official's request to live with Abu Salem in jail has sent govt into a tizzy
Bhopal: How far would authors go to research their books? Author Anny Cook once roasted and processed acorns in her apartment to see if they could be preserved for a survivalist novel she was writing, set in 500 BC America.In MP, a serving bureaucrat is determined to share a jail with Abu Salem so that he can study the dreaded gangster intimately for a book on his romantic life.Understandably, the state administration, which has never encountered a request of this sort, is flummoxed. The plea of officer Niyaz Ahmad Khan, currently posted as Additional Collector in Guna, has reached the General Administration Dept (GAD). Khan is writing a book on the don's relationship with actress Monica Bedi and has requested the Govt  to send him to the Navi Mumbai prison where Salem is incarcerated so he could research his subject.It seems Khan has already picked a name for his novel — 'Love Demands Blood' — a dramatic thriller inspired by the tragedy of Salem and Bedi's relationship. A top official at the secretariat, who did not wish to be named, told HuffPost India, "It is a highly sensitive matter and we are examining it"."No decision has been taken on the application as yet," he added.huffingtonpost
Sadhvi Pragya seeks discharge from Malegaon blast case
Mumbai: Over A week after she was granted bail by Bombay High Court, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has sought discharge from the Malegaon 2008 blast case. The special court in Mumbai is currently hearing arguments on framing of charges against the accused, including Thakur. In the discharge plea filed by Thakur through advocate Prashant Maggu, she has said since the HC has observed that there is no prima facie evidence against her, she is “entitled for discharge” from the case. “HC observations on the bail granted to her (Thakur) has considered all evidence against her, including on the points of ownership of the motorcycle and presence in alleged conspiracy meetings. The order states that there is no prima facie evidence against her, so we have argued for discharge from the case,” Maggu said. indian express
Probe not complete, Zakir aide’s bail plea opposed by ED
Mumbai:Enforcement directorate (ED) opposed the bail plea of Aamir Gazdar, a close aide of IRF founder Zakir Naik, on the grounds that the investigation is not complete.ED said further investigations are on to identify other proceeds of crime and efforts were on to locate Naik and his other associates. Gazdar was arrested in a money-laundering case.Special judge adjourned bail hearing to May 15. timesofindia
UP: Muslim youth says ATS, NIA torturing him, trying to falsely implicate in terrorism cases
Lucknow: A Kanpur youth has alleged that ATS and NIA sleuths are torturing him, trying to falsely implicate him in terrorism cases and link him to a suspected terrorist whose "encounter" killing had created a controversy during the UP  elections. Mohammad Atif, 26, an embroidery factory worker who lives in the Bangali Ghat locality in the city's Jajmau area, has written to the Chief Justice of India, the Union home minister and the director-general of UP  police alleging that the two agencies were summoning him at their offices every alternate day, thrashing him and mounting pressure on him to "own up to" involvement in terrorist activities along with Mohammad Saifullah, the suspected terrorist shot dead by the ATS a day before the last phase of polling in UP  in March. "The intelligence agencies would be held responsible for any eventuality against me or my family," Atif has written in the letter.Atif held a media conference in Lucknow along with his lawyer, Mohammad Shoeb, and alleged that ATS and the NIA had made him sign on blank papers."Agencies have also taken my Facebook password. I am receiving phone calls from dubious persons from Calcutta and Chennai. ATS and NIA sleuths call me in the middle of the night and ask me to go to their office in Lucknow at 9:30am. They interrogate me frequently and threaten to kill my wife and newborn daughter if I didn't say I had links with Saifullah," alleged Atif.Atif alleged at the conference that interrogators had made him sit face to face with a retired air force officer accused of "radicalising" Saifullah and force him to accept that he knew ex-serviceman for long."I do embroidery in a factory in Kanpur where Waqar Anas, a relative of Saifullah, used to work with me. I had met Saifullah there once or twice.But I didn't know him much,"he said.Lawyer Shoeb alleged that the intelligence agencies were "cooking up evidence against Atif to implicate him in a case".telegraphindia
3 ISI suspects arrested from Mumbai, Faizabad
Mumbai: 3 suspected agents of Pakistan's ISI have been arrested from Mumbai and UP , police said on Thursday. An official said the arrests were made in a joint operation by ATS of UP and Maharashtra, PTI reported. Acting on leads provided by ISI suspect Aftab Ali, arrested from UP’s Faizabad on Wednesday, the UP ATS picked up Altaf Qureshi on Wednesday night from south Mumbai’s Masjid Bunder and Javed Iqbal from Agreepada, also in Mumbai, on Thursday morning, IG UP-ATS Aseem Arun said in Lucknow.News18/PTI
Najeeb case: Court quashes order on JNU students' consent on polygraph test
New Delhi: A city court quashed a police order summoning nine JNU students for recording their consent or denial for a lie-detector test in the case relating to the missing university student, Najeeb.ASJ Sidharth Sharma set aside order passed by a magisterial court after it noted a defect in the notice sent by the IO to the students. It, however, allowed the IO to send them a fresh notice.PTI 
Hyderabad Police registers case against Digvijaya Singh
Hyderabad: Jubilee Hills police station registered a case against Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh for his controversial remark that Telangana cops had been trapping Muslim youths into ISIS through inflammatory posts from their fake sites.Telangana Youth leader Dinesh Chowdary lodged a complaint with the police that Digvijaya had demoralised the Telangana police and created fear among people of the state besides hurting the feelings of section of society.Mumbai Mirror
BJP MP not a tribal: MP govt scraps her ST certificate
Bhopal:MP Govt has scrapped the scheduled tribe certificate of BJP national secretary and sitting MP Jyoti Dhurve, triggering calls for her resignation from the reserved constituency.HT
UP Governor writes to Adityanath, seeks action against Azam Khan
Lucknow: UP  Governor Ram Naik has written to CM  Yogi Adityanath, seeking action against former Minister Mohammad Azam Khan on various charges, including misuse of official position .In his letter, the Governor has enumerated 14 points on the basis of which he wants action against Khan. IANS
If no compromise, court shall resolve Ram Temple issue: Subramanian Swamy
Lucknow: If Muslims do not want a compromise on the Ram Temple issue, there is a court to resolve the land dispute in Ayodhya, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today said, drawing sharp retort from the Babri Masjid Action Committee.
"If they do not want a compromise, we have the court. We have already won in the Allahabad High Court, which has ruled that Lord Rama was born at a place of central dome as per faith. If you talk of Hindu-Muslim unity, a mosque can be constructed anywhere, but it cannot be constructed where Lord Rama took birth," Swamy told reporters after his meeting with UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath here, sounding confident of legal victory in the matter.PTI
Family of Muslim man lynched by a mob is thinking about leaving their village in Bulandshahr
After an elderly man was beaten to death by a mob in UP's Bulandshahr, family is now considering leaving their home in Sohi village."There are only 4 Muslim families in this village of 150 families. There is a threat to our lives," Yaseen, younger son of Ghulam Mohammad  said. Mohammad was attacked because a young Muslim man from Sohi village in Bulandshahr had eloped with a Hindu woman from the neighboring village of Fazalpur. HT reported that Mohammad was killed because he refused to divulge information about the whereabouts of the couple. huffingtonpost
UP: Police detain interfaith couple whose disappearance led to man being lynched
Rajasthan’s school mergers have dealt a blow to Urdu teaching, and its speakers allege a conspiracy
The residents of Pahadganj are furious. In 2014, the Urdu-medium primary school in this neighbourhood in Jaipur city, Rajasthan, was merged with a Hindi-medium senior secondary school that operated out of the same premises in the morning shift. The language of instruction at the merged school with classes from 1 till 12 is now uniformly Hindi.Since 2014, the Rajasthan Govt  has merged over 17,000 public schools into other such institutions, with the promise that this pooling of teaching and other resources would improve the overall quality of education. Another lot is set to go this summer, with some activists estimating that the number could be over 3,700. In the process, schools that used minority languages as mediums of instruction have been subsumed within Hindi-medium institutions, leading to widespread resentment among their speakers, especially Muslims who form the largest section of Urdu speakers. There are also schools catering to Sindhi speakers, though their numbers are much lower. Scroll
EVM tampering: EC to convene all-party meet on May 12
New Delhi: Election Commission of India has called for an all-party meeting in Delhi on May 12 to address the issue of accuracy of the electronic voting machines, ANI reported.
Iran delay in oilfield contract leads to cracks in Tehran-Delhi ties: timesofindia
New Delhi: A war of attrition appears to be on between India and Iran over Tehran's delay in awarding contract for a major gas field. A move by Indian state-run refiners to reduce Iranian oil imports has prompted Iran to retaliate by reducing the credit period by a third and raising ocean freight.India had stood by Iran through the sanctions over Tehran's nuclear pro gramme and continued to buy its crude after securing a US waiver, citing its rising appetite for oil. That relationship appears to have developed cracks over Tehran dragging its feet for nearly a decade in awarding the contract for Farzad-B gas field discovered by an Indian consortium led by ONGC Videsh.
Russia, Iran,Turkey agree on Syria 'de-escalation zones'
Russia, Iran and Turkey have signed a deal calling for the setup of so-called de-escalation zones in war-torn Syria during talks in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana.The signing ceremony on Thursday was briefly interrrupted by members of the delegation of the Syrian armed opposition, who stormed out in protest against Iran's participation in the deal."We saw several members of the opposition delegation stand up furiously condemning what was going on," Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, reporting from Astana, said. "They shouted that Iran should not be a signatory to this. In fact, they went as far to saying that Iran is a criminal entity that shouldn't be here and they stormed out."Elshayyal said that neither the Syrian Govt , nor the opposition - which on Wednesday suspended its participation in the talks protesting against ongoing air raids - had signed the agreement. "It is very clear that this is regional powers who have decided that they are going to bulldoze their way forward and decide what’s best for Syria," he said.aljazeera
Iran oppositionist accused of insulting troops in Syria
Tehran:Iran’s public prosecutor heard a lawsuit lodged against an opposition party leader -- known for his close ties with Iran’s reformist current -- for allegedly "insulting Iranian soldiers fighting in Syria”. Gholamhossein Karbaschi, head of the Kargozaran-e Sazandegi-e Iran Party, voiced sorrow over the deaths of Iranian soldiers fighting in war-torn Syria.“Our hearts long for peace in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen;that oppressed be given succor and that the Shia are empowered,” Karbaschi declared in his address.“But can this be achieved by sending money and arms and by carrying out military operations [in the above-mentioned conflict zones]?" he asked. Anadolu
Russia beefs up troop strength in Aleppo’s Afrin
Aleppo:Following recent Turkish military operations against PKK terrorist group's Syrian affiliates, Russia has reportedly deployed fresh troops to several areas of Aleppo's Afrin district. Russia now maintains a significant troop presence in the valley linking Afrin’s villages of Deir Sufan and Zeitouna, the Bifanun Mountain region and the village of Tal Acar. Anadolu Agency
Turkey 'took precautions before' Iraq, Syria airstrikes
Ankara: Turkish military has clarified it shared all necessary information with civilian and military representatives before carrying out airstrikes in northern Iraq’s Sinjar Mountain region and northern Syria on April 25. Turkish General Staff said all necessary precautions had been taken and maximum care was ensured to avoid casualties among official personnel and civilians in the airstrikes. Anadolu Agency
Syria: Residents of besieged Ghouta fear it is time to flee
The humanitarian situation on the outskirts of the capital of Syria, Damascus, is worsening as Govt  forces continue their siege on the opposition stronghold of Eastern Ghouta.In the seventh day of fighting, UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said today that the infighting between rebel groups Jaish al-Islam, the al-Rahman Corps and the al-Qaeda-linked Levant Liberation Committee(Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) has killed at least 143 people, including 13 civilians. Aljazeera
Hekmatyar returns to Kabul under EU-backed deal
Kabul: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the country's ex-rebel leaders from the 90s-civil war period, arrived in the capital on Thursday under an EU-backed peace deal with the Afghan Govt, almost 20 years after he left Kabul.Hekmatyar, who heads the Hezb-e-Islami party, drove all the way from eastern Nangarhar province and entered the city in a heavily-armed convoy of armored vehicles and pick-up trucks packed with his top commanders and fighters.His party supporters had decorated the Kabul-Nangarhar Highway and roads in Kabul with his posters. Afghan air force helicopters were also used to escort his convoy.Hashmatullah Arshad, party spokesman, said their leader had reached his residence in the Darul Aman neighborhood of Kabul.Arshad said Hekmatyar would visit the presidential palace later in the day and meet President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. A moot to welcome the former rebel leader has also been arranged at the palace. Afghan Govt  had released at least 55 prisoners associated with his party before the he arrived in capital in line with the Sept. 2016 peace deal. On Saturday, the veteran Afghan mujahedeen leader made his first public address since returning to Afghanistan following almost two decades of self-imposed exile. Speaking in eastern Laghman province, he had urged the Afghan Taliban to shun violence and join the peace process. Anadolu Agency
Wary mood in Kabul as ex-warlord Hekmatyar set to return: Reuters
Over half of Rohingya girls who fled violence became child brides - UN survey
Kuala Lumpur:More than half of Rohingya Muslim girls who fled violence in western Myanmar ended up becoming child brides, according to a UN survey that also showed widespread domestic abuse.Since 2012, violence and communal clashes in Myanmar's Rakhine state have forced more than 168,000 of the ethnic Muslim Rohingya minorities to flee, including a rising number of women and girls, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR.In a survey of 85 Rohingya women and girls who have fled to India, Malaysia and Indonesia, UNHCR found about 60 % married before the age of 18. Average age that they gave birth to their first child was 18.Reuters
Trump: ’Very good’ chance for Israel-Palestine peace
Washington: The prospects for peace between Israel and Palestine are "very good", President Donald Trump said Wednesday. “We will get it done," Trump said as he welcomed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House for the first time since he took office in Jan. Trump reiterated his stance that peace cannot be imposed by the US or "any other nation", stressing the parties themselves "must work together to reach an agreement that allows both peoples to live, worship, and thrive, and prosper in peace.""I will do whatever is necessary to facilitate the agreement," he said. Anadolu
Israel cuts back financial aid to UN over UNESCO vote
Israel said it will cut back $1 million in aid for UNESCO in response to a recent resolution which is critical of Israeli policy in Jerusalem.Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who announced the decision at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, said he had ordered the foreign ministry to immediately implement the order.Meanwhile, the Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the Swedish Ambassador to Israel, Carl Magnus Nesser on, following Sweden’s support for UNESCO resolution. Israeli Minister Miri Regev, called on Govt  to close the UNESCO HQRS in Jerusalem and confiscate its building.
Israeli army storms hospital in occupied W.Bank
Ramallah: Several Palestinians were injured on Thursday when Israeli forces stormed the Ramallah Medical Center in Israeli-occupied West Bank in a dawn raid, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.“Israeli troops raided the medical center and fired live ammunition and teargas at Palestinian youth who responded by throwing stones,” the ministry said in a statement. Anadolu
Report reveals shocking reality of media restrictions in Palestine
Palestinian Journalists Syndicate has documented 66 new Israeli violations of media freedoms in the Palestinian occupied territories during the first quarter of 2017.In a statement issued on Wednesday to mark the Press Freedom Day, the Syndicate said the Israeli authorities continue to detain 28 journalists including six administrative detainees; held without a charge or trial.According to statement, Israeli attacks on journalists included shooting with bullets and gas bombs, beatings, denial of press coverage and restrictions of freedom of movement, such as preventing them from entering the city of Jerusalem and traveling abroad. middleeastmonitor
FIBA allows hijab in professional basketball
Headgear, including the hijab and yarmulkes, will be allowed in professional basketball following the approval of a proposal by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) that overturns a ban on such head coverings. The organisation's central board approved the proposal on Wednesday and the new rule was formally ratified during FIBA's midterm congress on Thursday. "It came up in our board meeting and everyone supported making the change," USA Basketball CEO Jim Tooley told AP news agency prior to Thursday's FIBA meeting. aljazeera
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