22 May 2017

22 May 2017: 25 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:198
Will issue advisory  to Qazis to tell grooms not to resort to triple talaq, those resorting to it will face social boycott: AIMPLB files affidavit in SC
New Delhi: Muslims resorting to triple talaq will face "social boycott" and an advisory will be issued to the Qazis that they should tell the grooms that they will not resort to such a form of divorce, prominent Muslim body told the Supreme Court today. Dubbing triple talaq as an "undesirable practice" in the Shariat or Islamic law, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said a dispute between husband and wife should be settled through "mutual interaction" and a code of conduct on this has been released by it, keeping in mind the tenets of the Shariat.The AIMPLB, which filed an affidavit, said that in order to discourage triple talaq as a form of divorce, it has decided to "socially boycott" those Muslims who resort to saying talaq in one go and reduce such divorce incidents.It told the apex court that it has already passed a resolution in its working committee meeting on April 15-16 against the practice of triple talaq."The stand of Shariat is clear about divorce that the pronouncement of divorce without any reason and that three divorces in one go are not the correct method of pronouncement of divorce. Such a practice is strongly condemned by the Shariat," it said.In its affidavit, AIMPLB said it has decided to issue an advisory through its website, publications and social media platforms asking Qazis (judge of a Sharia court) to tell the bridegroom at the time of executing the Nikahnama (marriage contract) that they would not resort to three divorces in one sitting in case of differences, as this is an "undesirable practice in Shariat"."At the time of performing?Nikah?(marriage), person performing the ?Nikah? will advise the bridegroom/man that in case of differences leading to talaq the bridegroom/man shall not pronounce three divorces in one sitting since it is an undesirable practice in Shariat," the affidavit filed by AIMPLB secretary Mohammad Fazlurrahim said."At time of performing Nikah, the person performing the Nikah will advise both the bridegroom/man and the bride/woman to incorporate a condition in Nikahnama to exclude resorting to pronouncement of 3 divorces by her husband in one sitting," it said.AIMPLB said it would start a "grand public movement" to ensure that the people desist from pronouncing divorce without any reason and that in case of necessity, only one divorce should be resorted to and in any case three divorces in one go should not be resorted to."Every effort should be made to convey this message to all segments of Muslims, especially to the poor population, and the help of Imams and orators of the mosques should be called for," it said. AIMPLB affidavit would be perused by a five-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar which had reserved its verdict on the triple talaq issue last week.PTI
Will advise Qazis to tell grooms not to resort to triple talaq: Muslim board tells SC
Triple Talaq: AIMPLB tells SC it will issue advisory against pronouncing divorce thrice in one go
Anti-Triple talaq, women organizations, petitioners reject AIMPLB's decision to issue circular to qazis
New Delhi: Women organisations and aggrieved petitioners before the Supreme Court have rejected the All India Muslim Personal Law Board's move to issue a circular to qazis countrywide to discourage the practice of triple talaq - terming it as an "eyewash" and "useless exercise".They are unanimous that no statute gives the qazis a supervisory power over marriages nor do they have a legal status.TOI
Not a single case of triple talaq in 1.5 yr while women seek more khula than men’s talaq at MP Qaziyat
Bhopal: Not a single case of triple talaq has come for hearing before the Bhopal Qaziyat (Islamic Court) during the past-one-and-a-half year while interestingly the number of women seeking khula (a procedure through which a woman can seek divorce from her husband) is substantially higher than the men looking to divorce during the same period. Bhopal Qaziyat covers 3 districts Bhopal, Sehore and Raisen.According to the information provided by the office of the Masajid Committee Bhopal, 459 women sought khula while 386 men sought talaq in the year 2016 and the number of women seeking khula till March 31, 2017 was 131 while 80 men sought talaq during this period.  The number of Muslim women seeking divorce has been double than men in 2017.In the last 2 years, 60% of cases for divorce were filled by Muslim women reported TOI. Interestingly, there had not been a single case of triple talaq during the period.At a time when the nation is very much concerned over talaq and right from the Supreme Court to the PM  and the ruling BJP expressed their concern in their way, the picture coming from Madhya Pradesh Qaziyat is just opposite to the hysteria expressed over debates on national TV channels. Bhopal Shahar Qazi Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi while talking to The Pioneer over the issue said, "The imbalance between rights and duties is resulting in home breaking. Both men and women are responsible for this imbalance as both looks for their rights and forget their duties. The society must seriously think over this and both men and women should work to make balance between rights and duties in such a way that it should not result in ruining families."Dr Sufiya Fatima Hussaini, a practising doctor of the city and member women wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said Islam provides equal rights to women, in fact the right to accept groom is totally of the bride, without her consent nikah (marriage) could not get completed and like the men have the right to divorce the women, the women also have the right of khula to get separated from men. Cases of triple talaq are rare of the rarest and the Board has already formulated to deal with that, the Govt  and the courts are unnecessary interfering in Muslim Personal Law that constitution has provided to the community, she added. TOI reported that the difference between pronouncement of 'Talaq' by men and 'Khula' by women is that the married woman seeking divorce forgoes her right to dower (or Mehr) that she receives from her husband. Mehr, an amount paid by man to the woman he intends to marry, is fixed as per demands of the bride. The proceeding take place at more than a century old Bhopal Qaziyat (Islamic Court) which cater to cases from Bhopal, Sehore and Raisen - all 3 were part of erstwhile Bhopal State. The Pioneer /TOI
More Muslim women in Bhopal seek ‘Khula’ : TOI
Triple talaq is inhumane, exploits women:Uttarakhand CM
New Delhi: Uttarakhand CM  Trivendra Singh Rawat has said in a statement that he believes the practice of Triple talaq is inhumane, unconstitutional and is used as a tool to exploit women. "The arguments during the triple talaq issue hearing in the Supreme Court makes it clear that such a practice is not justified under Shariat law," Rawat said. Women constitute one-half of society and this section is being "exploited", he said, adding that the practice must end forever.Saying that triple talaq was neither humane nor constitutional, the CM  said, "It (triple talaq) can't be supported because it is against humanity. It is nothing but cruelty to women. I am sure whatever judgement the Supreme Court will deliver, it will have positive impact on society."Times Now
UP: Discriminated by Hindus, 2000 Dalits threaten to embrace Islam
New Delhi: In news being reported from UP’s Aligarh, approximately 2000 Dalit individuals have been threatened to embrace the Islam religion by the upper caste Thakurs of the district. The conversion took place after constant ill-treatment to Dalits by the upper caste. As per reports doing rounds, after being constantly persecuted by the upper Hindu caste, Dalits on Sunday immersed the idols of their Hindu Gods into a small stream of water in their village, bidding adieu to their religion.Talking to a leading daily, a Dalit leader from of Keshopur Jhopri village said that they took to the decision of conversion following the constant discrimination by the upper caste Hindus. He also said that when the elections are around the corner Dalits get treated at par with Hindus, just for votes as after the elections are over the discrimination hovers the Dalits. Taking a dig at UP  ruling BJP, the Dalit leader said that since BJP took to power, the Hindus have started showing their power by discriminating Dalits. The leader said, “Atrocities against Dalits have been on the rise with the active participation of right-wing Hindu organizations. Thakurs not only discriminate against us, but our children are also harassed at school by upper caste children.”The whole matter got escalated after a clash which took place on Tuesday over the construction of Dalit’s Bhairav Baba temple at the site of an abandoned well. Meanwhile, Thakurs habiting in the village have objected to this temple construction.Commenting on the matter, a local villager said that Dalits were planning a construction of Bhairav Baba temple where an idol of Bhairav Baba could be installed but the Thakurs of the village had dugged out drains from their washrooms towards the spot where the Dalits were planning the construction.After objecting their act, they got together and started beating Dalits, local added.However, taking Thakurs stand the village pradhan’s husband, Devendra Chauhan said that they have done nothing wrong.Previously, the agitated individuals have accused BJP workers of mistreating them when violence hit Saharanpur and Sambhal. Following dangerous clashes between two groups in the region, the converted Dalits said that they have lost their faith in Hinduism.The individuals have also flunked the Hindu idols in their home into the river. They said that they had high expectations from the Modi and Yogi Govt  but had been left utterly disappointed. news x
Harassed by Thakurs, 2,000 Dalits in Aligarh threaten to convert to Islam
During massive Dalit protest in Delhi, many threaten to convert over Saharanpur violence
Protesting against ‘atrocities’, Dalits wave black flags at CM Adityanath
Bareilly: In a show of protest against alleged atrocities against Dalits across UP, members of Dalit Shoshan Mukti Morcha (DSMM) gathered outside Vikas Bhavan in Moradabad, waving black flags at CM  Yogi Adityanath. They said if cases lodged against them are not taken back, they will intensify their protest. As soon as the CM started a review meeting with the officials inside Vikas Bhavan, BSP supporters and DSMM members led by the organization's president Chandan Raidas marched towards the meeting venue waving black flags and shouting slogans. Though the agitators were stopped around 300 metres from Vikas Bhavan, they continued to raise slogans against the CM — "Yogiji go back" and "Dalit virodhi ye sarkar, nahi chalegi-nahi chalegi (anti-Dalit Govt  can't run the state)".DSMM president Raidas said, "Dalits are being labelled as Naxals and terrorists if they raise their voice against the atrocities committed against the community by upper caste members and police. We will not hesitate in taking up arms and throwing state into chaos by indulging in arson if our voice is suppressed and cases are not taken back against Dalits in Saharanpur. In Saharanpur, police arrested and booked only Dalits. We will not tolerate such a 'Manuvadi' Govt  in the state. We will step up our protest in the time to come."TOI
Dalits show black flags to Yogi: 500 booked
Lucknow: UP CM  Yogi Adityanath has registered a case against 500 protesters for showing him black flags. The flags were shown by Dalit group, who were protesting against Saharanpur violence which shook the whole city.Over 500 protesters jammed the roads, raised slogans in protest against CM Adityanath, post which the police filed a case under section 143/341 of IPC and seven  people have been booked under criminal law in Moradabad police station. The police are on a hunt of the accused.ABP LIVE 
2 Dalit boys assaulted, paraded naked in Maharashtra's Ulhasnagar for stealing snacks
Mumbai : In a shocking incident, two minor Dalit boys were allegedly assaulted, their heads tonsured and paraded naked with a garland of chappals around their necks in Ulhasnagar in Thane district of Maharashtra on Saturday evening.The boys, aged 8 and 9 years, respectively, who are brothers, were accused of stealing chakli from a shop in Ulhasnagar. The Hill Line police have arrested Mehmood Pathan, 69, and his sons Irfan, 25, and Tavakal, 20, who run the shop.
Yogi Adityanath govt to scrap 20% quota for minorities in welfare schemes:
Lucknow: CM Yogi Adityanath led UP  Govt  is likely to scrap 20% quota to minorities in seeking benefits of welfare schemes. Ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party Govt fixed 20% quota to minorities in 85 schemes launched by 30 departments of the state Govt . According to television reports, Yogi Adityanath led BJP Govt  in UP  is planning to do away with 20%  minority quota. No official statement has been made in this regard so far.The Samajwadi Party cabinet had cleared 20% quota and work allotment to minorities in various Govt  welfare schemes. In its manifesto, the SP had promised to treat all Muslims as ‘most backward’ and provide reservation to them like Dalits, in proportion to their population.If the UP  Govt , presently led by Yogi Adityanath, ends minority quota, it would be seen as one of the major decisions taken by the newly-elected BJP Govt .
UP Govt scraps Akhilesh's 20 %  minority quota scheme
Minorities should get benefit as per need, unnecessary quotas should be avoided: UP  Minister Raza
 UP  Minorities Affair Minister Mohsin Raza on Monday said that minorities in the state should be given benefits as per requirement, news agency ANI reported. Raza added that unecessary quotas to minorites should be avoided and said that only justified benefits will be given in future. “Things should be given to minorities as per requirement, quotas shouldn’t be decided unnecessarily, benefits to minorities will be given in justified manner,” Raza said. financialexpress
30 yrs after UP’s Hashimpura massacre, survivors recount night of ‘bloodbath’, rue lack of justice
Hashimpura: At 80, Jamaluddin’s memory is fading but he still remembers May 22, 1987 like it was yesterday.“Wo humaare aur humaare bachchon ke liye qayamat ka din tha… qayamat ka” (It was a day of doom for us and our children), Jamaluddin, who uses only one name, tells HT.30 years ago, he lost his eldest son Qamaruddin allegedly to the bullets of the PAC of UP .The armed police team allegedly rounded up hundreds of Muslim men in Meerut’s Hashimpura locality, picked out some of them, drove them to nearby water bodies in a truck and shot each of them. The force had been attacked a day before, during Hindu-Muslim riots, and apparently wanted to teach the community a lesson, activists say.Historians and experts later described the killings as among India’s worst incidents of custodial violence. The trial began only in 1996, and 2 years ago all accused were cleared of all charges by a trial court in what activists have called a grave miscarriage of justice.“It took 28 years for the judgment to come and all of them were acquitted. It was a terrible day for us,” Hazra, a 72-year-old woman who lost her eldest son, recounts.Back in Hashimpura, a crumbling Muslim-majority neighbouring in the heart of Meerut, residents struggle to move on. Timber shops and textile workshops jostle for space in the maze of narrow streets with cheek-by-jowl tenements. “They dragged a man outside, shot him and threw him into the water. That sight caused mayhem. It was then that we realised that they had brought us here to kill us. When everyone refused to be dragged out of the truck, they opened fire at all of us. It was a bloodbath,” says Babuddin, a textile worker now in his forties. He says he was a teenager originally from Darbhanga in Bihar, and one of the few people who survived the alleged massacre. Babuddin became a witness in the trial that ended in 2015 with the acquittal of all accused on account of insufficient evidence. A challenge to the verdict is pending before the Delhi high court.“We have asked for certain additional documents from the state that were relevant but had not been presented in the trial. The date is now fixed for 13th of July,” said Vrinda Grover, advocate for the victims. Many of the families aren’t hopeful of a breakthrough and say that the investigation was shoddy. HT
Remembering Hashimpura Communal Massacre: A Chronicle of Impunity:Kabir Upmanyu & Rosheena Zehra
India, Israel to enlarge web of ties, institutionalise cyber security dialogue
New Delhi: With national cyber security coordinator in the PMO Dr Gulshan Rai bound for Tel Aviv this week, India and Israel are all set to institutionalise cyber security cooperation in the run-up to PM  Narendra Modi’s maiden visit to Jerusalem in July.Israeli and Indian diplomatic sources also confirmed that secretary (Industrial Promotion and Policy) Ramesh Abhishek, along with Invest India team, reached Tel Aviv on Sunday, a day after foreign secretary S Jaishankar left for India after meeting PM  Benyamin Netanyahu last Friday. Abhishek will hold talks with his Israeli counterpart to promote investment in India under Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative besides the defence sector.Despite India and Israel being close partners in defence and security for the past two decades, the two countries have still to institutionalise cyber security dialogue.Israel is a leading global power in offensive and defensive technologies, and is one of the very few countries to have the capability of intercepting Net-based communication platforms.Given that terror and extremist groups world over communicate through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), India looks toward Israeli cooperation in this vital area.Although it is early days yet, India and Israel would like to exchange notes on protecting national databases from malware and hackers.The two sides are preparing to set up a dialogue or a joint working group where cyber-experts from both sides could exchange information or technologies for mutual benefit.Israel is also reaching out to CMs of key Indian states like UP , Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra for one-on-one dialogues with agriculture, irrigation, water and sanitation majors over the coming months in order to cooperate on specific state-related problems.HT
Israel aerospace industries signs $630 million deal with India
Jerusalem: State-owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said on Sunday it had closed another major deal worth $630 million with India to supply advanced long range air and missile defence systems for four ships of the Indian Navy.The deal, a major boost to the ‘Make in India’ campaign, will be jointly executed with the Indian govt’s BEL, and comes close on the heels of Israel’s largest defence contract ever worth $2 billion to supply the Indian Army and Navy with missile defence systems.IAI said the $630-million contract is for supplying Long Range Surface to Air Missile (LRSAM) systems. PTI
No room yet for India in NSG, says China
Beijing: China has said it would oppose India’s unilateral entry into the NSG, pending a consensus on the membership of the nuclear weapon states that have not signed NPT.In response to a question, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, “China's position on the non-NPT member’s participation in the NSG has not changed.”48 nation NSG is expected to hold its plenary next month in Bern, Switzerland, where New Delhi’s entry is expected to be discussed. New Delhi formally applied for NSG membership in May last year, but China has consistently blocked India’s bid, pointing to the need for devolving universally applicable membership criteria for all countries that have not signed the NPT, but had become nuclear weapon states. the hindu
Human shield row: Army major who ‘tied’ Kashmiri man to jeep honoured
New Delhi: An army major, who was in the eye of a storm for allegedly tying a Kashmiri man to a jeep to use him as a human shield, has been awarded the army chief’s commendation card.Confirming the development, army spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand said the officer had been awarded the Chief of Army Staff’s Commendation (COAS) card for “sustained efforts in CI (counter insurgency) operations.” Sustained efforts imply that the officer has been recognised for work done by him over a period of time.Asked if the recognition was related to the jeep incident, Col Anand told HT, “I reiterate he has been awarded for his sustained efforts.”The army found itself in the middle of a firestorm after the surfacing of a video clip that purportedly showed the man tied to the fender of a Rakshak jeep and paraded through villages. A day after the video clip surfaced on April 14, the army ordered a probe into the incident. HT
Major Gogoi, who tied youth to jeep as human shield, awarded by Army for counter-insurgency ops
BJP MP Paresh Rawal suggests writer Arundhati Roy be treated as human shield in Kashmir
New Delhi: Bollywood actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal found himself in the middle of a Twitter storm on Monday after he said that writer Arundhati Roy be tied to an army jeep, suggesting she be used in a manner similar to a Kashmiri man in the Valley last month.“Instead of tying stone pelter on the army jeep tie Arundhati Roy!”, the Lok Sabha member from Gujarat tweeted late on Sunday. It wasn’t clear what context he was speaking in.His comments drew condemnation from many users on Twitter, some seeing it as an attempt to incite violence by an elected public representative. The April incident in which a Kashmiri man was tied to an army jeep, ostensibly as a human shield, sparked outrage in Kashmir. The army launched a court of inquiry against a Major over the incident. Rawal also endorsed a tweet by another user that suggested journalist Sagarika Ghose be treated similarly.Roy is an award-winning writer whose views on Kashmiri separatism has been a cause for controversy. She has also been a strong critic of PM  Narendra Modi, who rose from the state where Rawal is now an MP.“Wonderful sir, too good. You really are a model parliamentarian,” tweeted Sagarika Ghose in a seemingly sarcastic vein, quoting Rawal’s tweet.
Paresh Rawal says tie Arundhati Roy to Army jeep instead of stone-pelter
NIA to move cautiously against Geelani in probe into ''receipt of funds from Hafiz Saeed''
New Delhi: NIA, which has registered a Preliminary Enquiry (PE)against Kashmiri separatist leaders, for allegedly receiving funds from Hafiz Saeed to create unrest in the Valley, would be cautious in questioning Syed Ali Shah Geelani.A senior Home Ministry official said questioning Mr. Geelani would not be easy and the NIA would require “irrefutable evidence” before it landed at the Hurriyat leader’s residence. thehindu
Concerned Citizens Group says situation not normal in Kashmir, urges for peaceful Ramadan
Srinagar: “Concerned Citizens Group”, a Delhi-based civil society group, on Monday said that the situation is far from normal in J&K  and urged for peace during the forthcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan, while giving a call to central Govt  on starting talks with all stakeholders in the valley region. “There is no respite from violence in parts of Kashmir and along the LoC and IB in J&K . The situation is far from normal in the State and we cannot continue to live in denial,” said a statement of Concerned Citizens Group (CCG) comprising people from different fields of life.The signatories to the statement included senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha, Justice (Retd) AP Shah, Salman Haidar, JF Ribeiro, Wajahat Habibullah,  Vappala Balachandran, A S Dulat, Nirupama Rao, Aruna Roy, Syeda Hameed, Kapil Kak, Manish Tewari, Badri Raina, Zoya Hasan, Ramhchandra Guha, S Irfan Habib, Prem Shankar Jha, Shekhar Gupta, John Dayal, Bharat Bhushan and Sushobha Barve. newindianexpress
Kashmir issue won’t be resolved until BJP changes its ‘Hindu rashtra’ mindset: Congress
New Delhi :Reacting to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that the Centre will soon find a “permanent solution” to Kashmir issue, the Congress Monday said it was the “pet dialogue” of BJP and that the issue won’t be resolved unless the party changed its “Hindu rashtra mindset”, news agency ANI reported. Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar accused the Centre of not doing anything in the last 3 years to work out a solution for the problems in Kashmir. indianexpress
Congress dismisses reports of ICJ intervention in Kashmir, says Pakistan is ‘highly mistaken’
New Delhi : Amid reports that Pakistan is considering moving the International Court of Justice to settle what it calls a long-standing issue over Kashmir with India, Congress on Monday said UN’s top court’s interference in the matter would not be a practical move and that Islamabad was “highly mistaken” over the issue.“A long-pending issue like Kashmir is not one to be solved by the ICJ. This is not practical, since the 2 cases (the other being Kulbhushan case) are very different from one another,” Congress leader PC Chacko said. indianexpress
Kashmir dispute, religious strife ‘risks’ to investment in India, could ‘destabilise economy’: Foreign fund firms
New York/New Delhi: A number of large foreign funds, managing trillions of dollars of investor assets globally, have flagged ‘persisting religious conflicts’ and ‘Kashmir dispute’ as potential risks to their investments in India, saying such “tensions” could destabilise the Indian economy.JPMorgan, one of the largest wealth managers in the world with asset under management of over $1.7 trillion, alone has flagged these “religious and border disputes” regarding investments in India in at least eight regulatory filings made by its various funds so far this month.Besides, a number of other funds, including the India Fund managed by Aberdeen Asset Management, which has more than $380 billion of assets under management, have listed similar “risks” in their regulatory filings made with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Other such funds include Eaton Vance Greater India Fund, Mathews International Funds, Alps Funds (Financial Investors Trust), Franklin Templeton International Trust, Global X Funds and iShares Trust (managed by BlackRock Fund Advisors).Besides, Wasatch Funds Trust, Arthur J Gallagher & Co and Causeway Capital Management Trust have also flagged similar concerns. PTI

Indian Muslim man arrested in Pakistan: Mumbai police yet to locate family
An Indian was allegedly arrested in Islamabad for incomplete travel documents, triggering a police search on Sunday in and near an address in a western Mumbai suburb. The suspect, Sheikh Nabi Ahmed, is from “755, behind Tabassum hotel, Bandra Plot, Jogeshwari East”. But police were yet to locate his family. Locals said the family used to stay in the area, but sold their home and moved out some years ago.“I do not know about their current address,” said a resident, who didn’t wish to be named.According to Pakistani media reports, Ahmed was taken into custody after he failed to produce any travel documents when he was stopped at a checkpost on Nazimuddin Road in Sector F-8 of Islamabad.He was booked for illegal entry and stay in the country, and a magistrate sent him to jail. An official of the Indian high commission said the mission does not have any information about the arrest.HT
Myanmar’s ethnic minorities feel the heat after Rohingyas, flee to India: HT report
Guwahati: After Rohingya Muslim community, it is now the turn of ethnic minorities to flee communal violence and intimidation in Myanmar.Officials of the paramilitary Assam Rifles said some 300 people, mostly women and children, crossed over from Myanmar to Khaikhy and Lungpuk villages of southern Mizoram’s Saiha district on May 19. District borders Chin and Rakhine states of Myanmar. The refugees, belonging to the same ethnic stock as the Mara tribe inhabiting southern Mizoram, had fled atrocities by a Myanmar-based ethnic insurgent group called Arakan Army.“Refugees said they are from Ralie village in Myanmar’s Chin state across the border. The insurgents drove them out but held back most of the males,” a Major in the unit said. Another unconfirmed report said more than 100 people also crossed over into Nagaland to escape a battle between the Myanmar army and the mining mafia. Nagaland adjoins Myanmar’s Sagaing Division where ethnic minorities, mostly Christians, allegedly face persecution by majoritarian Buddhist groups. Maras, also called Miram, are one of 53 ethnic groups in Myanmar’s Chin state. Arakanese have been in a state of conflict with the Rohingyas since 2012, resulting in more than 200,000 Rohingyas fleeing Myanmar. China too has been bearing the burden of ethnic conflicts and intermittent wars between the Myanmar army and more than 20 armed insurgent groups“Because of poor road network, two teams of Assam Rifles personnel reached the villages early morning on May 20. The local villagers had provided them food and shelter. We counted more than 200 people during profiling of the refugees, but another 77 came to Khaikhy village in the afternoon,” a senior Assam Rifles officer said. hindustantimes
Muzaffarnagar: Police find footage of assault on two Muslims, no complaint yet
Lucknow: 2 days after Muzaffarnagar police booked four people — two Hindus and two Muslims — for fighting in a public place, a video of the incident has surfaced that shows the two accused Muslim youths being assaulted by a group, police said. However, they are yet to receive any complaint in the matter. The incident took place on May 19. All four youths — identified as Shiva, Kashish, Abdulla and Amir — were booked under Section 151 of the CrPC (arrest to prevent commission of cognizable offences) and granted bail the same day.According to the police, after seeing the video, which has gone viral, they contacted the families of Abdulla and Amir to file an FIR in the matter, but they refused to do. Additional SP, Muzaffarnagar, Aditya Prakash Verma said: “The families of Abdulla and Amir have so far not submitted any complaint to get an FIR registered.” Neither family seemed interested in pursuing the matter, he said. Abdulla and Amir are residents of Muslim-dominated Bagheri village. Station House Officer of Nai Mandi police station, Prabhakar Kentura, said that on May 19 afternoon the police got information about a clash between two groups near Kamla farmhouse over eve-teasing. The police went to the spot and caught four persons. indianexpress
NHRC asks Jharkhand police chief to file report on lynching cases
New Delhi: NHRC has asked Jharkhand’s police chief to submit a report within four weeks into the alleged lynching last Thursday of a few men who were suspected to be child-lifters. The commission, acting on its own based on a media report, observed that the media report’s content is ”unpleasant”. “A civilised society cannot allow such heinous crimes to occur where human lives are taken by angry mob merely on suspicion of them being anti-social elements,” the NHRC said in a strongly-worded statement released on Monday.PTI
Maternal healthcare expenses push 46.6% mothers in India into poverty: Study
Maternal healthcare expenses push 46.6% mothers in India into poverty – with the illiterate being especially susceptible – according to this Dec 2016 study by researchers from JNU and IIT, Roorkee. The expenses include childbirth, antenatal care and postnatal care expenses.Catastrophic expenditure is greater than or equal to 40% of a household’s non-subsistence income, i.e. income available after basic needs have been met, according to WHO. The threshold of 40% can differ according to countries, said the WHO; the 2016 study has analysed the data at two thresholds: 10% and 40%. hindustantimes
CBI Special Court defers hearing in Babri demolition conspiracy  case to May 24
Lucknow: Special CBI Court (Ayodhya Prakaran) has fixed May 24 as the next date for hearing the Babri demolition conspiracy case when one of the accused, who was to appear before the court on Monday, did not appear. In pursuance of the Supreme Court order to begin day to day hearing in the case and complete the trial in two years, the Special CBI Court had issued summons to six accused for personal appearance. Of these, five had appeared on Saturday and were granted bail. The sixth accused was to appear but his counsel pleaded for another opportunity.Accepting the pleas, Special CBI Court directed the counsel to make sure his presence in the court on May 24, the next date of hearing. Special CBI Judge Justice SK Yadav has directed the investigating agency to ensure presence of all accused and witnesses on day of hearing the case. LK Advani, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi Uma Bharati are yet to appear before the court.DNA
Spl CBI court to hear Babri demolition case on May 24
Uma Bharti on Babri Masjid demolition: I want to know what the conspiracy is all about
New Delhi:Unaffected by the Supreme Court order that she be tried for conspiracy in the Babri Masjid demolition case, Union minister Uma Bharti said she was a part of the Ram Mandir Andolan. "I want to know what the conspiracy is all about," said Bharti, who is union minister in Modi govt. She said that she will not resign from the cabinet at the "behest of Congress which had imposed Emergency".IndiaToday
ED looks to identify more assets of Zakir Naik
Mumbai: Enforcement Directorate (ED) is trying to tighten its grip around Zakir Naik. The investigators are trying to identify more properties owned by Naik.Sources in the ED said that probe has hinted that properties might have been registered in the name of his family members and hence the agency is conducting detailed scrutiny of the same.“The money sent by Naik between 2013 and 2016 was used by his aide Amir Gazdar. We had attached Naik’s properties in Feb. However, it seems that he owns more properties in Mumbai. We are trying to identify them,” said an ED officer. ED has attached Naik’s various assets, including his investment in mutual fund worth Rs 9.41 crore. Islamic Education Trust’s school in Chennai worth Rs 7.05 crore, a godown of Naik’s media arm, M/s Harmony Media Pvt Ltd worth Rs 68 lakh and bank accounts of IRF that had deposits worth Rs 1.23 crore.ASIAN AGE
Can’t confirm if Zakir has Saudi citizenship:Mumbai police
Mumbai : The police have said they have no confirmation on reports that Zakir Naik was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia. A source close to the Naik’s IRF refuted the reports, adding no country in the Middle East had made such an offer. Recently, there were similar reports of Naik being in Malaysia in April 2017, which the ED officials were checking saying they may explore the avenues of mutual legal assistance treaty (MLAT) with the country.But authorities said they are unaware if the latest reports are authentic. hindustantimes
National Shooter's husband, mother-in-law charged with forcing her to convert to Islam
New Delhi: CBI has filed a charge sheet against the husband and mother-in-law of national-level shooter Tara Sahdev for allegedly forcing her to convert to Islam.The agency has also slapped charges of rape against her husband.In its charge sheet filed at a CBI court in Ranchi, the agency has charged Sahdev's husband Ranjit Singh Kohli alias Raqibul Hasan, her mother-in-law Kaushal Rani, and the then Registrar, Vigilance, Jharkhand High Court Mushtaque Ahmed, currently under suspension, for alleged criminal conspiracy, dowry, among others.Sahdev got married to Kohli on July 7, 2014. The athlete, 23, alleged that she was tortured to convert to Islam. Sahdev had earlier claimed that Ranjit had concealed his religion before their marriage.PTI 
Apps aplenty to help tech-savvy Muslims observe Ramzan
LUCKNOW:A number of mobile applications have been introduced to help Muslims with their religious observances during the holy month of Ramzan which begins in May-end.The apps promise to help the devout keep track of prayer, sehari (morning meal), and iftaar (evening meal) timings, besides recipes. Some of these are even ready to help find the right direction of prayers, vital for any devout Muslim.of these apps have already notched high downloads. And many more are being launched each day to cater to the needs of the fasting faithful. The apps are of both Indian and foreign origin.HT
Trump in Jerusalem to explore Palestinian-Israeli talks
US President Donald Trump has arrived in Israel where he will visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem to seek ways to restart talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli Govt .Trump spoke of a "rare opportunity" to bring peace to the region as he landed in Tel Aviv on Monday. His visit is part of his first trip abroad as president and follows an initial stop in Saudi Arabia, On Monday afternoon, US prediedent will hold talks with Israeli PM Netanyahu. Mohamed Shtayyeh, ex-Palestinian negotiator, said that the key sticking point was the issue of Israel's illegal settlement construction in occupied Palestinian territory."Can President Trump put Netanyahu in a situation in which he is going to stop settlements, or not. I think this is the real test."If Trump can deliver Netanyahu on the issue of settlements, I think we'll have a good way out. If not, then i think the whole process will be doomed," Shtayyeh said.Fawzi Barhoum, a spokesman for Hamas, said Trump will not be an honest broker in future talks. "He [Trump] has a complete bias towards Israeli occupation ... which is a wrong US approach towards the Palestinian people," Barhoum said."Trump's statement concerning the Hamas movement and describing it as a terror group is altering facts and we reject it."US is Israel's most important ally, providing it with more than $3bn in defence aid annually.Ahead of Trump's arrival, Palestinians were holding a general strike in the West Bank in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners in Israeli jails.Hundreds of protesters blocked roads in cities and towns of the West Bank as the hunger strike entered its 36th day Monday.A Palestinian advocacy group says several of the hundreds of hunger striking prisoners were moved to hospitals. The Palestinian prisoners' affairs committee called for a "day of rage" on Tuesday, for "the voice of the prisoners to be heard by the president".Trump is scheduled to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Tuesday, and will also visit Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in West Jerusalem and give a speech at the Israel Museum.
Israel settlements a sticking point in Trump's Jerusalem visit
Israelis, Arabs share ‘common cause’ against Iran, says Trump during in Israel:AP
Peace between Abrahamic religions would resolve Israel-Palestine conflict: Donald Trump at Arab-Islam-US summit
Trump becomes 1st sitting US Prez to visit Jerusalem's Western Wall
Jerusalem: A convoy of black armored vehicles poured through the gates to Jerusalem's Western Wall on Monday afternoon as US President Donald Trump became the first serving U.S. president to visit Judaism's holiest site.Alongside Jewish daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump visited the wall after making his way from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher -- one of Christianity's holiest site -- elsewhere in the Old City. Trump prayed at the wall and placed a note between its bricks -- a local tradition -- while his daughter prayed in a separate section for women. Trump visited the Old City at a time when its streets were dark and its shops empty and shuttered for a general strike held to support hunger-striking Palestinians imprisoned by Israel.Palestinian residents appeared ambivalent about the high-profile visit, echoing the belief that Trump’s visit was no different than those of other US leaders before him and entertaining little hope in his ability to reach a final peace settlement."Nothing changes. All the presidents have come before and nothing changed," Rami Samara, a 39-year-old tour guide from the city's Christian Quarter said ."He shouldn't have come on this day because it's Jerusalem Day [this week] for Israelis. But it’s a sad day for Palestinians," he added.Trump's visit comes just before Israelis on Wednesday will mark the "unification" of Jerusalem 50 years ago,which is regarded by Palestinians and international community as the “occupation” of East Jerusalem. toldAnadolu
Netanyahu says Jerusalem 'will always be Israel's capital'
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Jerusalem will always be the capital of the Jewish state, speaking ahead of a visit by US President Donald Trump.AFP
Abbas offers Trump giving up 6.5% of Palestinian land to Israel
West Bank(PIC);Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will present a plan that would see the Palestinians giving up 6.5 percent of their lands to Israel, 3 times as much as previously offered, during US President Donald Trump's visit to the West Bank on Tuesday, Middle East Eye (MEE) revealed. MEE quoted a Palestinian official close to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as saying that the proposal excludes Jerusalem and appears to cement the vision of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement." Palestinian side will be presenting, during the meeting with Trump, a new vision which is quite detached from that of the majority of the Palestinian people. This vision is based on exchanging a lot of Palestinian lands,” the source told the MEE.
Trump says Islam as “one of the world’s great faiths drops phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ on Saudi trip to soften tone on Muslims: The  Independent UK
President Donald Trump set aside a defiant catchphrase of his political campaign in his first major address to the Muslim world, refraining from using “radical Islamic terrorism” to describe the threat. During the campaign, Trump said repeatedly that any politician who wouldn’t use those words was too weak or obsessed with political correctness to be president. In the run-up to the speech in Riyadh on Sunday, Trump’s advisers had suggested he would substitute the more muted “Islamist extremism.”Trump — never known for sticking to the script in prepared speeches — went instead with describing the need to confront “the crisis of Islamic extremism, and the Islamists and Islamic terror of all kinds.” The deviation from the script was inadvertent near the end of a long day, according to a White House official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity.But the point was made: Trump’s previously favoured three-word phrase was gone.Trump also repeatedly acknowledged the efforts and achievements of Muslim countries in battling extremism. He singled out Shiite-ruled Iran, Saudi Arabia’s main regional rival, for sponsoring terrorism financially and militarily from Syria to Yemen. In the speech, he described Islam as “one of the world’s great faiths” — a far cry from a phrase he once used during the campaign when he said, “I think Islam hates us.”
Riyadh summit discusses ways of rooting out terrorism
What Trump missed in his address on tolerance – American Muslims
Trump's views on Islam 'continue to evolve,' Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says
US officials: Trump must stop Gaza sewage from reaching Israeli beaches
A number of US Congressmen sent a message to President Donald Trump calling for him to find a solution for Gaza’s waste and sanitation which they say is drifting onto Israeli beaches, Al-Resalah paper reported.In their letter, which Israel’s Maariv news site reported, the Congressmen outlined the security threats caused to Israel by this environmental problem, stressing their support for Israel in its measures to treat the problem. 14 congressmen called on Trump to find a solution for the waste water in Gaza as part of his efforts to achieve peace. middleeastmonitor

4,000 Israelis storm Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus
2 Palestinians were detained last night after clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers who escorted some 4,000 right-wing Israelis to Joseph’s Tomb east of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank last night.Among the group of Israelis who arrived to the site under armed protection was Mike Huckabee, former US governor of the state of Arkansas, who ran against Donald Trump in the Republican presidential race.Local sources said that thousands of extremist Israelis and settlers arrived in 18 buses under heavy military protection and performed Jewish rituals from around 02:00 until the early hours of the morning. middleeastmonitor
Reformists sweep Tehran, major cities in Iran municipal council elections
Iran's coalition of reformists and moderates has swept to power in major cities across the country, results showed Monday, redrawing the political map and amplifying the resounding re-election of President Hassan Rouhani.The coalition now has control of the six largest Iranian cities, including capital Tehran, the Shiite holy city of Mashhad and tourist hotspot Isfahan -- and could capture more when final results are announced.The reformist daily newspaper Shargh said reformists were also leading in other major Iranian cities like Kerman, Semnan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Zahedan. Each province's governor announces the final results of the municipal elections and tallying results from those votes always take more time than presidential polls.In Tehran, Iranian state television reported Monday that Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, a son of the influential late former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, won more than 1.7 million votes to come in first among the council candidates. Rafsanjani's vote total surpassed all the votes received in Tehran by hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi in his failed presidential bid against Rouhani.The sweep means reformists can replace Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, who had been a presidential candidate before withdrawing to support Raisi. Qalibaf and other Tehran officials had faced criticism in recent weeks over a massive January fire at a historic high-rise that caused the building to collapse, killing 26 people, including 16 firefighters. Daily Sabah
Iraq’s Sadr calls on Iran to abandon political,sectarian talk
The leader of Sadrist movement in Iraq, Muqtada Al-Sadr, called on Iran to adopt a policy of openness towards the region’s countries and abandon “political and sectarian polemics”. Sadr’s remarks came in a letter in response to a question by one of his supporters about his position regarding the victory of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to a 2nd term as head of the country.“We congratulate the Iranian people on the victory of its moderate reformist candidate, Rouhani, despite fierce political conflicts,” he said. middleeastmonitor
Turkey’s state of emergency set to continue indefinitely
In a signal that Turkey faces indefinite rule by decree, President Tayyip Erdogan announced on Sunday that a state of emergency, introduced as a temporary measure after last year’s failed coup, would continue until the country achieved “welfare and peace”.The state of emergency allows Erdogan and his cabinet to issue sweeping decrees without parliamentary oversight or review by the constitutional court, giving him an almost untrammeled grip on power. So far, the decrees have allowed Erdogan to jail more than 40,000 people accused of plotting the failed coup, fire or suspend more than 140,000 additional people, shut down about 1,500 civil groups, arrest at least 120 journalists and close more than 150 news media outlets. irishtimes
Turkey opens trial of suspected military coup plotters
More than 220 suspects, including over two dozen former Turkish generals, have gone on trial accused of being among the ringleaders of the attempted coup last year aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.Protesters outside Turkey's largest courtroom in the Sincan district of Ankara called on Monday for the death penalty for the accused and flung rope nooses at the defendants as they were paraded into court handcuffed and held by the security forces. aljazeera
Erdogan vows fight against Turkey’s enemies as he returns to lead party
ANKARA:President Tayyip Erdogan pledged to fight Turkey’s enemies at home and abroad on Sunday ahead of his election as leader of the ruling AK Party, which made him the first Turk in nearly 70 years to serve simultaneously as head of state and of a political party.Reuters
Diplomat confirms Saudi ’s role in lifting sanctions on Sudan
Saudi Arabia is playing a pivotal role in persuading the United States to permanently lift economic sanctions against Sudan, the Kingdom’s Ambassador to Khartoum, Ali Bin Hassan Jaafar, revealed yesterday.Speaking in an interview on Blue Nile satellite TV, Jaafar confirmed that Saudi Arabia is leading efforts to achieve the complete lifting of sanctions against Sudan next July.The Saudi envoy added that the removal of sanctions would mean that the economic relations between Saudi and Sudan would reach an unprecedented level. Middleeastmonitor
UN urges Libya to release all refugees, asylum seekers
The head of UN refugee agency has urged Libyan authorities to free all asylum seekers and refugees from its detention centres.Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, visited one of the detention centres in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Sunday."I fully appreciate that the Govt  has security concerns," he said, but added that "other solutions" could be found for people fleeing countries in conflict such as Syria and Somalia.Thousands of refugees are being held in dozens of detention centres in Libya, after being stopped or rescued from rickety boats as they attempted the perilous Mediterranean crossing to Europe. aljazeera

Report: 63,000 unaccompanied minors came to Europe in 2016
The European Statistical Centre (Eurostat) announced that 63,000 unaccompanied minors entered the European Union in 2016, more than half of them came from Syria and Afghanistan.The centre published its findings on unaccompanied minor migrants last week noting that 63,000 international protection applications filed by unaccompanied minors were sent to European Union member states last year; 65 %  of the number which applied in 2015. middleeastmonitor
Egypt 48 for military trials over Palm Sunday bombings
Egyptian authorities have referred 48 people to military courts for suspected involvement in the Palm Sunday bombings which killed over 45 people in two churches.Authorities have detained 38 of the suspects and are still looking for 17 people. Wilayet Sinai claimed responsibility for the twin blasts in Tanta on the Nile Delta and in Alexandria.Public prosecutor, Nabil Sadek, said that of the 48 suspects some are leaders of Daesh and formed cells in Cairo and in Qena so they could carry out the attacks. middleeastmonitor
Donald Trump attends first Arab-Islamic-American Summit: Was this political event just to isolate Iran? Omair Anas

Let’s talk about racism | North Indians are ‘gora-chitta’, dark skin is for the South: Anna MM Vetticad

Abolition of triple talaq is an idea whose time has come: Manish Tewari, Ex UPA minister

Gulzar Ahmed Bani: Case of 'unreliable witness and conspiracy between Delhi and UP  police': ET

Zakir Naik: Why India wants to arrest the preacher?Saif Khalid, Aljazeera feature

Assam’s Proposed Two-Child Policy Reflects the Anti-Minority Agenda at Play Across India: Charu Bahri
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