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Saturday, 20 May 2017

20 May 2017: 23 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:196
7 including 4 Muslims lynched by mob in Jharkhand in 2 separate attacks over kidnap rumours
7 persons, including 2 brothers returning from work linked to the Swachh Bharat campaign, were beaten to death by mobs in two attacks over the last 24 hours in tribal-dominated areas near Jamshedpur following rumours of gangs involved in kidnapping children being active in the region. Jharkhand Police said 2 other persons were killed similarly on May 12 and May 13 in the neighbouring Jadugora and Asanboni areas.Kolhan DIG Prabhat Kumar said, “Lynchings took place because of rumours of a child-lifting gang in the area even though no such case has been reported. We don’t know how this rumour began and who started it.”Police said members of the mob involved in the attacks were from the tribal community.On Friday, residents in different areas near Jamshedpur in East Singbhum district and Seraikela-Kharsawan district, where Thursday’s attacks took place, staged protests against the killings, downing shutters in shops and blocking roads. In Jugsalai market, a tribal was assaulted and his bicycle set ablaze. 3 of those killed in the first incident at Rajnagar on Thursday morning were identified as Sheikh Sajju (25), Sheikh Siraj (26) and Naim (35). Another member of this group, Sheikh Halim (28), was initially reported missing but his body was found in the locality on Friday, said police. Family members of the 4 have refused to accept their bodies from the morgue and demanded Rs 25 lakh as compensation from Jharkhand CM  Raghubar Das. They refused to accept the Rs 2 lakh offered by the state Govt on Friday. In the 2nd incident on Thursday afternoon, police said, Gautam Verma (27), his brother Vikas Verma (25),and their friend Gangesh Gupta were beaten to death in front of their 80-year-old grandmother as they were returning to Jamshedpur. A fourth member of the group, Uttam Verma, the elder brother of Gautam and Vikas, suffered injuries in the attack, police said. Uttam said from a hospital in Jamshedpur,“They were standing on the road with swords and other arms. When police arrived, my brother got into the police jeep. But the mob dragged him out and killed him in front of my eyes. Our 80-year-old grandmother, who was with us, was made to watch, too. The police just stood there and did nothing.”Uttam said they had recently started a toilet installation business and were in the area to identify spots to place hoardings as part of the Centre’s flagship cleanliness initiative.The reason why the first group was visiting the area was still not known, said police.In the first incident, police said, Sajju, Siraj, Naim and Halim were visiting villages under the Bagbeda police station when they were chased for close to two hours by a mob and attacked in Rajnagar.”They had started their journey on Wednesday night from Haldipokhar in East Singhbhum for Rajnagar in Seraikela-Kharsawan district. They were stopped at Sobhapur village by the mob, which alleged that they were child-lifters. When Rajnagar police station officer-in-charge Tuleshwar Kushwaha and other policemen arrived at the spot, the mob set their jeep ablaze and heckled them,” said police sources. “While Sajju, Siraj and Halim managed to flee, the mob beat Naim with stones and wooden sticks. Another police team took Naim to a hospital in Seraikela where he succumbed to injuries,” said sources.According to police, the mob later caught hold of Sajju and Siraj at the house of a local resident, Sunil Mahto at Shosomauli village in Rajnagar.“They lynched the 2 despite resistance from a group of locals,” said police sources.In the second incident, Verma family and their friends were attacked at Bagpeda.Last week, Nikhil Tudu and Naseem were killed by mobs in similar attacks.Indianexpress
Hands folded, blood-soaked body: Pictures of Naeem begging for life capture brutality of Jharkhand lynching
Jamshedpur: In the last photographs taken of him, Mohammed Naeem is pleading to a group of villagers as blood trickles down from his head. Half of his body is soaked in red. His shirt presumably ripped away, and dirt marks on his pants suggest he was kicked repeatedly. Hands folded, the father of three struggles to convince the people surrounding him that he is innocent. But they lynch him anyway. Naeem was the last of 4 people to be beaten to death on Thursday by villagers in Sobhapur, less than an hour’s drive from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand’s most populous city. Another group of 3 were lynched less than 20 km away. hindustantimes
Jharkhand lynching: How mob justice took 3 lives on a single night
Jharkhand lynching: ‘Saw my brother die in front of my eyes:Uttam Verma
No communal angle in lynching of Muslim cattle traders: Jharkhand police
6 people, 3 of them Muslim cattle traders, were lynched by tribal villagers in Jharkhand’s Seraikela-Kharsawan district near the steel city of Jamshedpur in three separate incidents within 24 hours following rumours about child-lifting gangs on the prowl. Police denied there was any communal angle behind the killings even as Jamshedpur, in neighbouring East Singhbhum district, witnessed massive public protests on Friday. PTI 
Protest at outside Jharkhand Bhawan in Delhi against ‘holy mob’: okhla times
Some Okhla-based activists, along with Delhi-based activists, turned up outside Jharkhand Bhawan in Delhi today to protest against the Holy Mob. Protesting peacefully, they carried a banner written on protest against Holy Mob. Moreover, the protest was also telecast live on the social media.According to report, three Muslim cattle traders were lynched to death by an angry mob over child-lifting rumours in a Jharkhand village near Jamshedpur on Thursday.
Muzaffarnagar Bajrang Dal activists thrash 2 youths who had come to meet their female FB friends
New Delhi:The extremist Hindu organisation Bajrang Dal has hit the headlines in UP's Muzaffarnagar. Some members of the infamous Hindu fundamentalist organisation grabbed two young men and thrashed them in public.A group of Bajrang Dal activists on Saturday mercilessly bashed two youth who had reportedly come to meet girls they had met on social media site, Facebook.The video, which has gone viral, has Bajrang Dal activists mocking law and order at their will.The violent Bajrang Dal activists are seen thrashing the two young men brutally. They ask their names as one of the activists continues to hit one of the young men.Another Bajrang Dal member failed to stop slapping the youth. After a few seconds into the video, a man grabs a leather belt and unleashes the fury upon one of the youths. According to ANI inputs, a police complaint was filed after which four persons, including two Bajrang Dal activists, were arrested.However, they were later released on 
Jaipur’s Meat Sellers Living in Fear After Intimidation, Licence Crackdown
Jaipur: In the last 3 weeks, Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) has sealed approximately 100 meat shops in the city. The closures are apparently because these shops had not renewed their licences – but the owners have alleged that the JMC has not issued any licence renewals since 2016.After spending decades working in the meat business, the owners are confused by the sudden crackdown. “The licences for the year 2016-17 were not issued because a proposal for licence fee increment was under consideration,” Kamlesh Meena, a senior veterinary officer at the JMC, told The Wire.Meat shop licences issued by the JMC are valid only for one year. “The renewal process takes almost the whole year. We start applying from April and get the renewal in February, just two months before its expiration. The licence should be renewed for at least five years,” said Abdul Rauf Qureshi, president of the New Jaipur Meat Merchants’ Association.“I was working in my shop as usual when some officials came asking for a licence. This was the 1st  time I had encountered any interference with our business. I showed them the latest licence I had (from 2015) and daily slips from the Chainpura (legal) slaughterhouse. But they wanted only the renewed licence, which nobody has. They started threatening me, saying they will take action using Section 133 and make me close my shop. Our shop is the oldest in the area, it’s almost 50 years old now. My father used to run it and now I take care of it,” said Riyazuddin Qureshi (37), a meat seller in Sindhi colony, Jaipur. the wire
Alwar lynching: Pehlu Khan’s cows find shelter in his ‘assailants’ gaushala
Alwar: In an irony of ironies, the cows that Pehlu Khan - the Muslim man lynched by vigilantes in Rajasthan’s Alwar in April - was suspected to be smuggling have found shelter in a gaushala run by one of his alleged assailants. The cows are currently sharing space with 600 other bovines in Shri Rath Sarvajanik Gaushala of Dahmi village. The cowshed was run by one Jagmal Yadav, who has been on the run since Khan’s death at a hospital two days after being brutally assaulted.2
Babri Masjid demolition case: VHP leaders surrender in CBI special court, get bail
Lucknow: A CBI special court on Saturday granted bail to 5 VHP leaders in the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition case on personal bond of Rs 20,000 each and a guarantor for every defendant. Judge SK Yadav approved the bail applications of Ram Vilas Vedanti (59),Mahant Nritya Gopal Das (79), Mahant Dharamdas (68), Champat Rai Bansal (71) and Baikunth Lal Sharma (88) after they surrendered in the court before applying for bail. A sixth accused, Shiv Sena leader Satish Pradhan from Mumbai did not appear because he is unwell. “All 5 persons have been granted bail by the court. Satish Pradhan will appear on Wednesday,” said KK Mishra, counsel of VHP leaders. Following directions of the Supreme Court for daily hearing of the case, the judge fixed Monday as the next date of hearing.“After appearance of Satish Pradhan before the court, date for appearance of LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti will be fixed,” Mishra added.The court campus, which has been set-up on the third floor of the Institute of Cooperative and Corporate Management Research and Training, Indira Nagar, resonated with chants of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ when the VHP leaders came out after their bail applications were approved.VHP leaders appeared before the special court after it sent them a notice. According to ANI the court was hearing a case against the accused alleged to having been involved in demolition of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya in 1992.This comes a week after the Supreme Court allowed the CBI's appeal in the Babri Masjid demolition case and restored criminal conspiracy charges against BJP leaders LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh among others.The apex court ordered that two separate cases in Lucknow and Raebareli against Advani, Joshi and Bharti and unknown 'kar sevaks' shall be brought together in one trial.The Supreme Court also directed the trial court in Lucknow to commence the proceedings in four weeks and hear the matter on a day-to-day basis so as to complete the hearing in two years. The SC also said there will be no 'de novo' (fresh) trial.HT/ANI
Babri Masjid demolition case: former BJP MP, VHP leaders surrenders to CBI, gets bail
Babri Masjid case: Ram Vilas Vedanti, Champat Rai, BL Sharma, Mahant Nritya Gopal Das and Dharamdas surrender in Spal CBI court in Lucknow
Babri demolition case: Vedanti reveals Babri demolition had backing of then Govt
After being granted bail in the much disputed 1992 Babri Masjid demolition case, former MP RV Vedanti today, in an explosive revelation, said the pulling down of the 'edifice' had the backing of the then Govt .Vedanti said that then PM  P.V. Narasimha Rao had agreed to their request of not sending any forces in order to smoothen the process of demolition without any hindrance."On the night of Dec.5,1992 around 11 pm, then PM  Narsimha Rao called me and asked what would happen tomorrow? I told him that the kar sevaks would not move back behind demolishing the structure. He then asked what help I wanted.I told him that if their forces don't come, we would demolish it, to which Narsimha Rao agreed," ANI
180 Dalit families convert to Buddhism in riot-hit Saharanpur
Meerut: Some 180 Dalit families from three villages of Saharanpur district have converted to Buddhism in protest against what they called unfair targeting of the community and Bhim Army, after incidents of violence over the past month in Saharanpur.Dalit residents of villages around Shabbirpur, where 60 houses of the community were allegedly burnt by Thakurs, said they had been living in fear ever since."Police and the Thakurs are hand-in-glove. We want to flee. We hope that the conversion will give us some strength," said a Dalit resident of Shabbirpur.In the recent past, several incidents of violence involving Dalits have been reported in Saharanpur. On April 20, skirmishes broke out in Sadak Doodhli village over an Ambedkar Jayanti procession.On May 5, another clash occurred over a procession of Maharana Pratap taken out by Thakurs in Shabbirpur village, in which a Thakur man died and several people of both communities were injured.On May 9, a group of Dalits led by the Bhim Army were on their way to hold a 'mahapanchayat' when they were stopped by the police, leading to stone pelting and arson in which three policemen were injured.Members of the Bhim Army have been on the run ever since after multiple FIRs were registered against them. "Everybody is targeting Dalits and the Bhim Army. The truth is it was a pre-planned attack on Dalits. The villages were attacked at a time when the men were out in the fields. Women were beaten up. One woman's hand was cut off by a sword. But, the police are not doing anything about that. Instead, they are targeting the Bhim Army, which is only working for the powerless and voiceless Dalits. They are calling us Naxalites, and putting 14-year-old Dalits behind bars," said Vinay Ratan Singh, national president of Bhim Army to TOI, talking on the phone from an undisclosed location."This conversion is just the beginning. Now more and more of us will convert to Buddhism. If we are not treated as human beings in Hinduism, we will not remain silent spectators," Singh added.Saharanpur police, however, are not taking the conversion seriously. "See, Buddhism is only a branch of Hinduism. Like some people go to Arya Samaj temple, some people will go to Buddhist temples. Everybody at the end of the day is Hindu," a policeman told TOI.
Dalit movement gathers steam after Saharanpur violence
Saharanpur: Bheem Army chief booked, 5 of its workers held; cops foil Thakurs’ meet
Lucknow: Weeks after clashes between Thakurs and Dalits in Saharanpur district, police are still lodging FIRs and arresting people on charges of instigating communities, violence and provisions of the Information Technology Act.While 5 activists of Bheem Sena have been arrested and three other activists —- including Bheem Sena head Chandrashekhar —- booked, an alleged attempt to hold a panchayat of Thakur-community members has also been foiled.Sadar Bazar police station SHO Piyush Dixit said a case was filed against Chandrashekhar on Thursday on the basis of an audio clip purportedly released by him. indianexpress
Gujarat riots witness:Didn't see Bajrangi in mob
Ahmedabad: One more witness came before the special SIT court hearing the Naroda Gam massacre case and deposed on Friday that he did not see the key accused persons - Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi and VHP leader Jaideep Patel -in the mob that was rioting in the area on February 28, 2002.Eleven persons were killed in the Naroda Gam massacre that took place during the 2002 riots in Gujarat. As many as 84 persons are being tried for the killings.Apart from Bajrangi and Patel, ex minister Maya Kodnani is also an accused in this case. Bajrangi andKodnani were convicted to life imprisonment in another 2002 riots case, Naroda Patia massacre, in which 97 persons were killed.Kishan Kirstal, who lives in Naroda, appeared as a defence witness and told the court that he passed through the market of Naroda Gam twice on the morning of Feb28, 2002, but did not perceive tension there. At around 1.30pm, he saw a mob rioting near Mayur Hotel. He said he did not see Bajrangi, Patel or Vallabh Patel in the mob. Vallabh was a BJP municipal councillor from the area then.TOI
Zakir Naik denies being granted Saudi citizenship
Dr Zakir Naik, has denied media reports of him being granted Saudi citizenship. In a statement, his organisation IRF, said, “It (news of Saudi citizenship) is false, unless Allah wills. This is how media even prints gossip as facts.”Quoting sources, Middle East Monitor website had reported that King Salman had intervened to grant Naik Saudi citizenship to protect him from an arrest by Interpol. Janta Ka Reporter
Naik denies reports of Saudi citizenship:TheQuint
Has Zakir Naik got Saudi citizenship? India Today
Pak funding: Hurriyat suspends Nayeem Khan over sting op remarks
Srinagar: The Geelani faction of the Hurriyat Conference suspended the membership of Jammu Kashmir National Front chairman Nayeem Khan on Saturday, a few days after a sting operation by a Noida-based television channel allegedly showed him admitting to the use of Pakistani funds to finance the 2016 unrest.Confirming the development, a Hurriyat leader told Hindustan Times that Khan will remain suspended until “further inquiries are conducted”.Earlier in the day, Khan told reporters that the sting operation was “fake and doctored”. Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, he alleged that the media group had used his statements out of context to “defame the Kashmir struggle”.“We generate funds at the local level to help victims of the conflict,” Khan added.The sting operation, which also featured Tehreek-E-Hurriyat leader Gazi Javed Baba and J&K Liberation Front (R)chairman Farooq Ahmed Dar, showed Khan saying that all “separatists get funds from Pakistan”. Neither of the three had been in the news in recent times. Separatist leader Yasin Malik lodged a police complaint against a woman journalist of the media group concerned on Friday, alleging that she “breached his privacy”. “I was sleeping when she barged into my room, asking questions about the sting.I was half-asleep. This is against the ethics of journalism. You don’t barge into people’s bedrooms, telling the family that you have an appointment,’’ separatist leader said. An NIA team had arrived in Srinagar the previous day to question top separatist leaders regarding funds received from Pakistani sources, including terror outfit LeT, to fuel the Kashmir unrest.Although sources said four prominent separatist figures – including Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Khan – will be questioned in this regard, a Hurriyat spokesman said they have “received no notice so far”.HT
Alarmed at probe, Hurriyat says it has no terror links to Lashkar
Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference reacted with anger and alarm to Centre's announcement of NIA's probe into the source of its foreign funding.NIA stepped in after allegations made by Hurriyat official Nayeem Khan of the Geelani faction that separatists, including Syed Ali Shah Geelani, received funds from Lashkar-e-Taiba to carry out terror activities in the Kashmir Valley. Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar, also of the Geelani faction, denied links to LeT, saying,"Agency has earlier harassed and questioned party officials, including Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai and Syed Geelani's son-in-law, but could not find anything. These are fabricated charges to pressure us, as authorities are unable to control clashes in Kashmir." JKLF chief Yasin Malik, who joined the Hurriyat in 2016, said, "They try to prove I'm receiving funds from Pakistan.They've tried to do the same many times but failed to prove me politically corrupt." TOI
NIA orders enquiry into Hurriyat funding in Kashmir by Pak terrorists
Kashmir: District magistrate imposes restrictions in three areas of Srinagar citing law and order
Srinagar: Authorities on Satuday imposed restrictions on the assembly of people in three police station areas of Srinagar as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order. The restrictions have been imposed in three police station areas in old city, an order issued by district magistrate (deputy commissioner) Srinagar, Farooq Ahmad Lone, said here.PTI
Rs 246 cr spent on training scheme for Kashmiris, only 10% get jobs
New Delhi: 6 years after New Delhi introduced Udaan, a flagship programme to provide Kashmiri youth with professional training and jobs, an HT investigation shows fewer than 10,000 people, or just over 10% of the target, were employed through a scheme riddled with corruption. The low rate of success comes despite an expenditure of Rs 246 crore that the Govt  gave private companies to cover accommodation, food and travel expenses of candidates.Worse, of the 9,780 Kashmiri youths who received jobs under Udaan, it is unclear how many are still employed because the scheme’s nodal agency,National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), eventually loses track of the beneficiaries.“As mandated in Udaan guidelines, all candidates are tracked up to three months after they join the organisation,” an NSDC spokesman wrote by email on condition of anonymity.HT has also found instances of job offer letters being forged to claim money, and of humanities students being placed for training in technical subjects they knew little about. The NSDC spokesman said they hadn’t come across any such complaints.HT
ICJ can’t nullify Jadhav’s death sentence, gave no ruling on consular access: Sartaj Aziz
Pakistan said on Saturday that its domestic laws will prevail in the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, ex-Indian Navy officer given capital punishment by a military court, and the International Court of Justice cannot nullify his death sentence.Sartaj Aziz, the adviser on foreign policy to PM  Nawaz Sharif, said ICJ had not given any ruling on providing consular access to Jadhav. No decision has been made on the matter of consular access, he said while addressing a news conference along with foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua.Aziz noted that Europe was opposed to the death penalty and it was normal for the ICJ to stay Jadhav’s execution. He said the ICJ had a tradition of ruling against the death penalty.“But they cannot nullify our sentence,” he said, adding Jadhav’s case would be handled according to Pakistani law.HT
Musharraf: Jadhav bigger terrorist than Ajmal Kasab, Pak should have ignored India's ICJ petition
Pervez Musharraf on Friday said that Kulbhushan Jadhav is a bigger terrorist than Ajmal Kasab.In an interview to Pakistan's ARY News, Musharraf drew parallels between Jadhav and Kasab, who was hanged to death in India for his role in the Mumbai attacks. Musharraf said Kasab was just a "pawn" while Jadhav is responsible for getting "dozens of people" to carry out terrorist activities."Who is a bigger culprit (between Jadhav and Kasab)," Musharraf rhetorically asked, before saying, "Obviously it is Jadhav." "I don't even know how many people's deaths Jadhav is responsible for," Musharraf added.The former Pakistani army chief also slammed his country for appearing in the International Court of Justice, which this week put a stay on Jadhav's death sentence. "It was wrong that India went to the ICJ," Musharraf said, adding, "Pakistan should not have gone (to the ICJ".Issues of espionage and sabotage are Pakistan's internal matters, Musharraf added, saying no one has the authority to advise his country on these issues.He also went on to indicate that world bodies like the UN and the ICJ don't have any real power. Directives issued by these world bodies are ignored by some countries, he said when asked whether Pakistan could have realistically avoided sending a team to ICJ to defend against India's claim.IndiaToday
ICJ stays  Kulbhushan execution: Cleric offers Rs 20L to garland Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif with shoes

Hate speech case against Adityanath: HC bench restrains court from passing order on closure report
Lucknow : An Allahabad High Court bench comprising Justices Umesh Chandra Srivastava and Ramesh Sinha has “restrained” a Gorakhpur court from passing any order on the closure report submitted by CB-CID in a 2007 hate speech case, in which CM  Yogi Adityanath had been named among others. The order was passed on May 11, day the state Govt  in an affidavit informed the court that it had refused sanction for prosecution of the CM  and others named as accused.In its order, the HC bench also asked the Chief Secretary to file details of the status of all 29 cases registered in connection with incidents of communal violence that occurred on Jan 27, 2007, in Gorakhpur district.“As it is apparent from record that 29 criminal cases, including the present case, were registered with respect to the incident dated 27.1.2007 in district Gorakhpur where communal riots broke out…as there has been loss of lives and properties of public at large, we direct the Chief Secretary of the state to file status of all those cases till date through a detailed comparative chart,” the order said. Indianexpress
2007 Gorakhpur riot case against Adityanath: UP govt counsel sacked -counsel-misleads-court-in-riot-case-sacked.html
Lucknow: UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s Govt in UP has relieved Govt counsel Vimlendu Tripathi of his charge. He had misled the Allahabad high court on a case in which Yogi Adityanath was the main accused.A GO issued by special secretary, law, Brijesh Kumar Misra, on Thursday, stated that the order of April 23, 2017 appointing Vimlendu Tripathi as Govt  counsel was being cancelled. According to sources, Tripathi is the first casualty of the pending criminal case against Yogi Adityanath in the 2007 Gorakhpur communal riot case pending before Allahabad HC. Tripathi has reportedly been punished following the Allahabad high court’s adverse comment against him. The division bench of justices Ramesh Sinha and Umesh Chandra Srivastava had charged Tripathi of misleading the court to complicate issues by not letting the court know on May 4 that the principal secretary Home, who is the competent authority in the matter, had already taken a decision the previous day, that is on May 3, refusing the sanction for prosecution against Adityanath, main accused in the case. On May 4, the court passed an order calling upon the UP chief secretary to clarify whether on the Draft Final Report, which was submitted by Crime Branch of CID(CB-CID) after probe, was pending for approval or grant of sanction for prosecution of the accused was awaited.The court termed as “painful and disturbing” the fact that Tripathi did not inform the court on the matter though he later offered an oral apology. Petition under consideration had been filed by social activist Parvez Parwaz along with advocate Asad Hayat. Asian Age
Not anti-Muslim riots, new NCERT text book will call it Gujarat riots from now
It will be known as Gujarat riots and not anti-Muslim riots in the NCERT textbooks. The decision to term the 2002 incident as Gujarat riots was taken at a meeting of the course review committee that includes representatives of CBSE and NCERT, HT reported while quoting sources. The textbook for the Class 12 which was published when the UPA was ruling referred to the incident as the anti-Muslim riots. Now it will be called as the Gujarat riots only. Around 800 Muslims and 250 Hindus were killed in the riots that took place between Feb.and March 2002. The violence was a result of the train burning incident at Godhra in which 57 Hindu pilgrims were killed. The new text book would effect this change once it is printed. The new text books are expected to be printed by the end of 2017. NCERT has however termed the move as routine and aimed at keeping the text books updated.A chapter titled "Politics in India since Independence" (page 187) in Class XII political science textbook has a passage under the heading "Anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat".It reads- "In February-March 2002, large-scale violence against Muslims took place in Gujarat...A bogey of a train that was returning from Ayodhya and was full of karsevaks was set on fire...Suspecting the hands of Muslims in setting fire to the bogey, large-scale violence against Muslims began in many parts of Gujarat..."the passage reads. OneIndia News
Revised NCERT Class XII Textbook To Say 2002 Gujarat Riots Weren't 'Anti-Muslim'
Sabarmati Express blast: Kashmiri AMU researcher Gulzar Wani  acquitted of all charges after 16 yrs
Lucknow/New Delhi: A court in UP ’s Barabanki district acquitted former AMU research scholar and suspected Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) operative Gulzar Ahmed Wani on Saturday of all charges in the 2000 Sabarmati Express blast case.“The court of additional sessions judge MA Khan acquitted Wani and co-accused Abdul Mubeen of all the charges due to lack of evidence,” Prabhat Singh, Wani’s counsel said. Mobin was already on bail since 2008.Passing the order, Judge MA Khan observed that no evidence had been produced by the police before the court against Gulzar Ahmad Wani and Abdul Mobeen.Only of the basis of portraying them as SIMI members, the cops had made the two accused in the Sabarmati Express blast, said the court.  Wani, who was pursuing his PhD in AMU’s Arabic department, was arrested from New Delhi on July 31, 2001, and named as an accused in the case. He was 28 years old.A resident of Tapper Pattan in Baramulla district of north Kashmir, Wani, has been in jail since then. After Saturday’s verdict, Wani would be a free man after languishing behind bars for 16 years. His family, the counsel said, was in Lucknow to complete his release formalities from the jail.Wani was also accused of being a conspirator in 10 other cases of explosions and slapped with 14 FIRs in different police stations of Delhi, Maharashtra and UP prior to 2000. But he was acquitted in all other cases.On April 25 this year, the Supreme Court termed Wani’s custody spanning over 16 years without bail as “shame”. “He has been acquitted in 10 out of the 11 cases but still you want him to be in jail without bail,” a bench of Chief Justice JS Khehar and justice DY Chandrachud told the counsel for UP Govt , who opposed Wani’s bail. The top court also fixed a date in November for his release even if the trial was incomplete.Among the 11 cases against him, Wani was, however, convicted for 10 years for allegedly carrying explosives to trigger a blast in Delhi.But, Singh said, his sentence was suspended and that it was one of the longest jail terms for a person before being acquitted in all cases. The only pending case against him was the Sabarmati Express train blast case. hindustantimes
Sabarmati Express blast: After 16 yrs of imprisonment, Court acquits ex-AMU scholar
Sabarmati Express Blast: Ex-AMU Student Acquitted Of Charges After 16 Years
NIA won’t challenge Aseemanand bail
New Delhi: NIA will not challenge the bail granted to Swami Aseemanand in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case two months ago. Its decision is based on a couple of Supreme Court verdicts that had justified bail to "non-hardcore" terror undertrials on grounds of delayed prosecution and long incarceration.Aseemanand had walked free in March this year after he was granted bail by a Hyderabad court in the 2007 case. At the time, he was already on bail in the 2007 Samjhauta Express case and had just got acquitted in the Ajmer Sharif blast case. Home ministry sources told TOI that NIA took a decision around 20 days back not to appeal against the Hyderabad court's bail order.NIA chief Sharad Kumar, when contacted, refused to confirm or deny the development. Earlier, the agency had refused to challenge bail granted to Aseemanand by the Punjab & Haryana high court in the 2008 Samjhauta blast case, taking the view that there were no legal grounds to file an appeal in the SC.Sources said NIA's decision not to challenge Aseemanand's bail in the Mecca masjid case is based on Supreme Court verdicts in the Shaheen Welfare Association Vs Union of India & Others case (1996) and Jayant Kumar Ghosh Vs NIA case (2014).TOI
Muslim Personal Law
Govt may step in and enact a law to ensure triple talaq is banned: Venkaiah Naidu
New Delhi: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has said the Govt  may be driven to step in and enact a law banning triple talaq — an instant divorce practice under Islamic law — if the Muslim community does not ‘change’ the practice. Citing other instances of ancient practices banned by the Govt  such as the Hindu traditions of child marriage, sati and dowry, Naidu said the Govt  was not trying to ‘interfere’ with personal matters but trying to ensure justice to women and equality before the law.“It is for the society to take up the issue and it will be good if the (Muslim) society itself changed the practice. Otherwise, a situation may arise where the Govt  will have to bring in a legislation (banning triple talaq),” Naidu was quoted as saying by news agency PTI. He added that the decision was not only limited to triple talaq, but will be applicable to any practice ‘against the society’s good’.“This is not to interfere in anybody’s personal matters, but at the same time it’s a question of justice to women.All women should have equal rights. Equality before law…that’s the issue,” Naidu said. “Hindu society discussed child marriages and Parliament passed a legislation banning it. Second is sati sahagaman, an ancient practice, wherein a woman too ended her life following her husband’s death. Now it is prohibited by law, by the Hindu society itself. Third is dowry. Dowry Prohibition Act was passed and the Hindu society accepted it,” he added. indianexpress
Govt will enact law if Muslims fail to 'change' practice: Naidu on triple talaq

'This battle is about women and not religion': Maneka Gandhi speaks out about triple talaq
Union Minister Maneka Gandhi raised the contentious triple talaq issue with PM Narendra Modi, and maintains retrograde practices in any religion should be weeded out.  Her comments came a day after the Supreme Court concluded hearing arguments against and in favour of the Islamic divorce practice that allows men to split up with their wives by saying 'talaq' thrice. 'The matter came to me after a court order and I took it to PM  Narendra Modi as far back as in 2016,' she said. 'After this, a group of ministers was formed and the Govt's stand was very sensible, which was the same as my stand. We want the happiness and well-being of all women, irrespective of religion or region...'Therefore, any custom that is unfair should be weeded out. It has nothing to do with Muslim or Hindu community. It's just women,' Gandhi said in the exclusive interview.  DailyMail
Scrap triple talaq immediately:Najma Heptullah
Imphal: Manipur Governor Najma A Heptullah, has called for the immediate scrapping of triple talaq, saying that it is a medium of oppression. Dr. Heptulla said, "Triple talaq should be scrapped immediately as it is only a medium of oppression. It is contradictory that we are living in the age of Facebook and Whatsapp and we are favouring a 1400-year-old ritual."ANI
Muslim judge on multi-faith bench kept mum all through in duing hearings on Triple talaq: TOI report
New Delhi: A unique, multi-faith 5-judge bench of the Supreme Court, with a Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Hindu and Muslim on it, concluded hearings on the challenge to the triple talaq practice on Thursday but Justice Abdul Nazeer did not utter a single word during the 6-day hearing.CJI J S Khehar and Justices Kurian Joseph, RF Nariman and UU Lalit freely engaged the counsel seeking clarifications on doubts over religious practices and customs of the Muslim community, but Justice Nazeer had no question to ask. Probably, he was well aware of the origin, practice and prevalence of triple talaq among Muslims in India and abroad.No hearing in any court in India on any Muslim custom, practice or personal law can be complete without referring to Sir Dinshah Fardunji Mulla's monumental work on interpretation of Mohamedan law. When Mulla was referred to by senior advocate Salman Khurshid on Thursday, Justice Nariman said, "Mulla was not only a great scholar on Muslim law but also a qualified priest like me in the Parsi community." Justice Joseph, who had absented himself from Chief Justices Conference in 2015 protesting at the event being scheduled on Good Friday and shooting off a letter to the PM reminding him that equal importance must be shown to sacred days of all religions, was the most vociferous. He asked simple and intricate questions about the connection between religion and social practices. He also made the counsel feel at ease before the bench.While AIMPLB was adamant that Muslim personal law practices could not be tested for its validity by courts, petitioners were adamant that triple talaq was a blot on the Muslim community for denying right to equality to women. With the division getting sharper as the conclusion of hearing neared, senior advocate Indira Jaising said, "SC has to walk the razor's edge.There is no escaping this." CJI Khehar replied in a lighter vein, "If we walk the razor's edge, we will be cut into 2." Another advocate, Ashwini Upadhyay, attempted to ridicule AIMPLB's stand saying tomorrow there would be a Hindu Personal Law Board to take a rigid stand on Hindu practices. The bench stopped him and said, "You are a lawyer, don't argue this."TOI
Future elections will be conducted using EVMs and VVPATs, says Election Commission
In the wake of a string of allegations levied on the Election Commission of India (ECI) regarding the use of EVMs in March’s Assembly polls, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Nasim Zaidi clarified that future elections would be conducted using both EVMs and Voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPATs). In lieu of this clarification, the EC also issued a statement challenging state and central political parties to prove their stance on the EVMs being tampered with.“EC has put forth a challenge, which will be open from June 3. Interested participants must register by 5 p.m. on May 26. Either through a combination of key press or communication with the control unit, ballot unit or both via external hardware, participants must be able to prove their allegation of tampering,” asserted ZaidiAddressing a media briefing here on Saturday, Zaidi while rubbishing the claims of EVM tampering said no credible information was received to strengthen the complaints of tampering.“Complaints came after elections in the five states, but we did not receive any credible material information on EVM tampering from the complainants. We believe in complete transparency and have no reason to hide anything,” he said.“We conducted a thorough investigation after we received complaints following the elections held in Bhind. It has been made clear through the demo that no tampering was done. These are baseless rumours,” he added. Asserting the implausibility of tweaking the process through external hardware, Zaidi revealed that EVMs, being standalone machines, have no frequency receivers or data decoders to support technology involved with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any such services requiring a stable internet connection. Commenting on the accusation of Trojan horse, a key-press sequence being used to deliberate data on the chip, Zaidi while dismissing the same said the chip was a one-time programmable device.“Trojan Horse cannot be inserted into EVMs since the chip on the EVM is one-time programmable. It doesn't have a Wi-Fi chip and therefore cannot receive external signals either,” said Zaidi.EC’s new version of EVMs comes with self-diagnostic tamper-detection software which recognises digital signature. Hence, any alleged mishandling would be immediately detected, said Zaidi.ANI
Election Commission throws open EVM challenge from June 3, asserts machines are tamper-proof
MP BJP functionary among 9 arrested for running prostitution racket through website, 4 women rescued:
Bhopal: A gang that was allegedly involved in running a prostitution racket was busted, with the arrest of nine persons on Friday.The gang members lured girls--mostly from other states including Noth East, with the promise of jobs and later threw them into prostitution racket. Cyber Cell had got information about the sex racket after it received complaint about a pornographic website that was being used to contact those who solicited sex workers. The police conducted a raid and arrested the gang members. The racket was run from a house in Arera Colony in Bhopal. Those arrested include Neeraj Shakya, who is a BJP functionary. He was media in-charge of the party's scheduled caste wing. After the arrests and the revelation, BJP has expelled him from the party. AIG Cyber Cell Shailendra Chauhan, said that the the accused may have links with gangs in other states too. The kingpin Subhash Dwivedi alias Vir is yet to be arrested.The modus operandi of the gang members was such that they tracked girls who applied on job sites. They would contact the girls and offer them job of receptionist or a job at the call centre.After the girl would arrive, a gang member introducing himself as 'reception manager' would met them and promise job. However, the girls were later forced into sex racket. Those arrested include Suresh Gahlot, Neeraj Shakya, Ravi Prajapati, Harjeet Dhanwani, Manoj Gupta, Krishna Kumar Jaiswal, Misba Uddin and Suresh Belani. The police are interrogating the
Kerala Law Student Chops Off Genitals Of A Swami, Her Alleged Rapist                
Kerala: That's how her 8-year-old ordeal ended on Friday. A 23-year-old law student in Kerala allegedly chopped off the penis of a swami, a self-styled godman, who had been allegedly raping her for many years at her house. Accused identified as Swami Ganeshananda, or Hari swami as he is also known as, is a member of the Panmana Ashram in Kollam.Kerala CM  Pinarayi Vijayan reacted to the incident and said that it was brave of her to take such a step. "It's a courageous and strong act by the woman," he said.Prameela Devi, member of the Kerala State Women's Commission, said such an act is unacceptable. People like these are supposed to be role models not rapists, Ms Devi added. 54-year-old swami first allegedly assaulted the girl when she was 16. The girl has told the police that the swami would come to their home to meet her mother and whenever he got the opportunity, he would allegedly rape her.Last night, when the accused again showed up at their home and tried to force himself on her, she got hold of a knife and attacked his penis. She immediately called the police. after the incident.Accused was rushed to the Trivandrum Medical College. A team of experts conducted a plastic surgery on godman, who is said to is be out of danger now.Sparjan Kumar, Trivandrum City police commissioner said that the swami abused the woman in several ways. ndtv
Kerala: Woman chops off genitals of a Swami after he tries to rape her
Kerala: 54-yr-old swami's genitals Chopped Off by girl, CM lauds woman's 'courageous step'
Kerala swami claims he, not girl, chopped off his sexual organ as it was not useful
Tension in Aligarh old city over mosque repair work, security up
Aligarh: Security in some sensitive localities in the old city area in Aligarh has been beefed up with deployment of RAF team after tension between members of two communities over repair work at a mosque. A police official said today that two sides exchanged brickbats at Phool Chowk under Kotwali police station area last night. The police had to use mild force to restore the order, the official said. The trouble began when a shopkeeper from one community objected to the installation of a new minaret to replace a damaged one.Police said that his shop was in the building adjoining the mosque and the shopkeeper argued the new minaret was larger than the original one and this could obstruct any future construction by him.The mosque committee agreed to install a smaller minaret after the authorities intervened. However, rumours started that the mosque was going to be demolished after senior district BJP leaders arrived on the spot.SSP Rajesh Pandey told PTI the situation “is well under control” but police are taking no chances. Rapid Action Force team has been deployed in the area and the dispute over the minaret has been resolved, he added. Meanwhile, a senior district official is reported to have asked the members of the mosque committee as to how repair works at a place of worship was undertaken “without official permission”.PTI
Tension in Aligarh over construction of a pillar in a mosque
Experts on GST rates: Indeed a new beginning but telecom, insurance, hotel booking to pinch consumer
Putting rest to concerns whether the 1 July rollout of GST is possible, GST Council finalised rates for various products and services over the last two days. Experts now feel the meeting the deadline will not be an issue, though there are a few more issues to be sorted out.For various industrial sectors, it is indeed good news that the Govt  has ended the uncertainty surrounding the taxation regime in time. However, not all sectors are happy. So also the tax experts. firstpost
BJP fields record number of Muslim candidates in Malegaon, Bhiwandi corporation polls
Mumbai: In a major outreach towards the minority community in two of Maharashtra’s minority-dominated towns, BJP has fielded a record number of Muslim candidates in Malegaon and Bhiwandi for the upcoming urban local body elections.In Malegaon, located 280 km north of Mumbai where Muslims constitute 79 %  of the town’s population, BJP is contesting on 50 seats in the 84-member civic body. Of these 50 candidates, 30 are Muslims. In Bhiwandi, located 35 km north of Mumbai, Muslims constitute 52% of the city’s 7 lakh population as per 2011 census. BJP is contesting 57 of the 90 seats. It has fielded 18 Muslim candidates in the city.“For me, personally, I believe the BJP has won even before the elections as we have been able to reach out to our brethren. BJP has for long been unfairly criticised as being anti-Muslim. When poll process was announced, we had over 170-180 Muslims who approached us seeking tickets. This signifies a huge change in mindset and is truly a victory of our democracy,” said Nitin Pophale, member of BJP’s state working committee, who is handling the elections in the town. BJP has never been able to make a mark in the Malegaon Municipal Corporation, which has been dominated by the Congress and Janata Dal over the years. Indianexpress
In UP polls, those with criminal cases won more votes: Report
New Delhi: The winning candidates with criminal and serious criminal cases pending against them polled a higher vote share (44 % ) compared with candidates with a clean record (43 % ) in the recent assembly elections in UP .The surprising revelation has been made by the ADR on Friday in a report analysing the vote share and representativeness of elected candidates in UP  and Uttarakhand assembly polls held in February-March this year. In Uttarakhand, however, candidates with clean record won with a marginally higher vote share (48 % ) compared with those with criminal record (47 % ).In both the states, the maximum number of all candidates won with a vote share between 41 %  to 50 % .In a positive trend for the Indian democracy, the ADR report said in both the states, the vote share of the winning candidates also significantly increased compared with 2012 assembly elections.“ Winners of the 2017 UP  assembly elections won by an average of 43 %  of total votes polled. In 2012 elections, winners won by an average of 35% of total votes polled,” the report noted.IANS
Will uproot Modi govt. before it completes term: Lalu
Patna: Stung by a series of scam charges and Income Tax raids against his family members, Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad on Friday declared that he would uproot the Narendra Modi Govt  at the Centre “before it completes its 5-year term.”He also accused the BJP of conspiring to tarnish his image through I-T raids and making “frivolous allegations” against his sons and daughter.“Listen, BJP/RSS people, Lalu will drag you off your seat in Delhi, whatever be my situation... Get this straight… don’t you dare threaten me,” tweeted Lalu Prasad. On the recent Income Tax raids against his family members and others in connection with several “dubious” land deals, Prasad’s second tweet asked: “Chapa…Chapa…Chapa...Chapa...kiska Chapa? Kisko Chapa? Chapa to hum marenge 2019 mein...Main dusron ka hausla digata hun, mera kaun digayega (Raid…Raid… Raid… whose raid? Who is being raided? … I’ll do a raid in 2019…I make others nervous, who will make me nervous?). Prasad asked the media to name the 22 places where Income Tax officials had conducted raids. “How did they [the media] report without any verification or evidence,” he asked.Speaking to a select group of journalists in Patna, RJD chief said Modi Govt  had completed 3 years.“But it’s not going to complete its full 5-year term...BJP has been conspiring to tarnish Lalu’s reputation… How can my family and I become super rich and others remain paupers ..It’s all part of a political conspiracy.”the hindu
‘ISI agent’, 2 Pakistani men detained in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer
Jaipur: A suspected agent of Pakistan’s ISI was detained in a joint operation in Jaisalmer by the intelligence units of Rajasthan Police and the Indian Army, officials said on Saturday. Two Pakistani nationals were also detained in another operation but officials said they will be sent back. A report by IANS said Haji Khan was detained from his house in Kunjari village of Jaisalmer following intelligence inputs.Khan, accused of sending confidential information to ISI, has been sent to Jodhpur for further interrogation, a Rajasthan Police official said.“Khan was detained a few months back but released due to lack of evidence,” official said, adding:“He used to visit Pakistan at regular intervals as his maternal house is there.”HT
Rouhani wins Iran's presidential election: aljazeera
Iran's reformist President Hassan Rouhani has decisively won the country's presidential election, according to official results, fending off a challenge by principlist rival, Ebrahim Raisi. With all of votes in Friday's poll counted, Rouhani was re-elected with 57 percent, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmanifazli said on Saturday."Of some 41.2 million total votes cast, Rouhani got 23.5 ...and won the election," Rahmanifazli said in remarks carried live by state TV.Raisi, Rouhani's closest rival, got 15.8 million votes, he added.A big turnout on Friday led to the vote being extended by several hours to deal with long queues.The election was seen by many as a verdict on Rouhani's policy of opening up Iran to the world and his efforts to rebuild its stagnant economy. Rouhani swept into office four years ago on a promise to reduce Iran's international isolation.Friday poll was the first since he negotiated a historic deal with world powers in 2015 to curb the country's nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief.In the campaign trail, Rouhani sought to frame the vote as a choice between greater civil liberties and "extremism", criticising continued arrest of reformist leaders and activists.
Iran state TV declares Rouhani wins vote for 2nd term
Iran election: Rouhani set to seal landslide victory
PM Modi congratulates Rouhani on resounding victory, says India committed to strengthening ties with Iran
Trump arrives in Saudi in first foreign trip
US President Donald Trump has arrived in Saudi Arabia on the first leg of his first foreign trip since taking office, in a crucial test abroad as political scandals mount at home.In a red-carpet airport welcome, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud greeted Trump, his wife Melania and his entourage shortly after they landed in the capital, Riyadh, around 06:50GMT on Saturday. Trump will hold a series of meetings with the king and other Arab and Muslim leaders on Saturday and Sunday, before jetting off to Israel, the occupied Palestinian Territories, the Vatican, Belgium and Italy in a 9-day tour across the Middle East and Europe.During the two-day visit to the kingdom, Trump is expected to sign a major weapons deal, give a speech on Islam and discuss the battle against "terrorism" with more than 50 leaders.It is the first time a US president has chosen Saudi Arabia as the first stop on a maiden trip.Trump's visit is seen as highly symbolic, as he looks to repair Washington's ties with its closest Arab ally. aljazeera
trump’s speech on islam being drafted by ‘stephen miller’- composer of ‘muslim ban’ speech
Washington: Stephen Miller, an architect who composed speech on ‘Muslim Ban’ has been assigned the task of drafting Trump’s speech on Islam.The speech on combating radical Islam is to be given to around 50 Muslim leaders during the President’s first official visit to Saudi Arabia. Wonder where this draft will land Trump.“President will deliver an inspiring but direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology and the president’s hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam to dominate across the world,” NSA HR McMaster said. “The speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world against common enemies of all civilization and to demonstrate America’s commitment to our Muslim partners,” he added.Miller, who is senior adviser to the President, played a key role in drafting the Trump administration’s ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries, which was denounced as a ban on Muslims. Saudi Arabia was not on list of seven Muslim-majority countries affected by the President’s ban. saisat
US, Saudi sign $110 bln arms deal to support Riyadh’s defense needs
Saudi King Salman presents Trump with King Abdulaziz Medal
Saudis backing Islamabad request for Trump-Nawaz Sharif meet at Riyadh summit tomorrow: Pak media
 Saudia Arabia maybe backing Islamabad's request for PM  Nawaz Sharif meeting with US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of a summit tomorrow in Riyadh that some are touting as an 'Arab Nato' meet, Pakistani media reported."Diplomatic sources" told Dawn that on Saudi Arabia's urging the "Americans are trying to find space for a very brief one-on-one between Mr Sharif and Mr Trump". Sources told the Tribune that Sharif "will raise the issue of extremism, terrorism and human rights violations" in Kashmir with the US President.Sharif is among 54 leaders scheduled to join Trump for the Arab Islamic American Summit being held on Sunday. He was invited by Saudi king Suleman bin Abdul Aziz.TOI
Depopulation of last free Homs neighbourhood by Syria regime continues
Syrian civilians and opposition fighters began to leave the last opposition-held district of Homs city today under a deal that will see dictator President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime take back the area once they have depopulated it of anti-Assad elements, a Reuters witness, a monitor and state media said.At least one bus carrying families of civilians and some fighters left Al-Waer district earlier, and dozens more were expected to follow, bringing some 2,500 people out of the neighbourhood long besieged by Govt forces and their allies.The evacuation and depopulation of Al-Waer district is one of the largest of its kind, after a series of similar deals in recent months brought many areas of western Syria long held by the opposition and besieged by Govt  and allied forces back under Assad regime’s control. Middleeastmonitor
UN sees ‘incremental progress’ in Syria talks
UN envoy Staffan de Mistura ended 4 days of Syria talks yesterday, saying there had been “incremental progress” and he planned to reconvene negotiations in June. But the warring sides still showed no sign of wanting to be in the same room, let alone on the same page in terms of negotiating Syria’s political future.Syrian regime negotiator Bashar Al-Ja’afari told reporters the talks had not included any discussion of the four main agenda items – reformed governance, new elections, a new constitution and the fight against terrorism.He suggested the United States had tried to undermine his negotiating position by saying at the start of the round that a crematorium had been built at Sednaya prison north of Damascus to dispose of detainees’ remains.middleeastmonitor
164 Palestinians wounded by Israeli forces in W. Bank, Gaza Strip: middleeastmonitor
Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) reported that Israeli forces wounded 164 Palestinians as they cracked down on protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in solidarity with hunger strikers. In a statement, the PRC said that one of the Palestinians from Nablus suffered moderate injuries after he was shot with a live bullet in the leg, while two others suffered moderate wounds as they were shot in the upper parts of their bodies in eastern Gaza.PRC also reported dozens suffered light wounds after they were shot with rubber bullets, while others suffered breathing problems due to tear gas inhalation. Earlier this week, protests were arranged in solidarity with the hunger strikers in a Friday “day of anger” in order to pressure Israel.Activist committees called on Palestinians to clash with Israeli forces if at all possible.
Interview: Of Torture, Impunity and the False Charges on Abdul Wahid Shaikh: The Wire
A Tale Of Modern Slavery Has Horrified America, But In India It's A Familiar Story: Sandip Roy Editor, HuffPost
Modi must begin talks in Kashmir before it is too late: Islamism is on the rise in Valley, separatists are fast losing control of the street: Barkha Dutt
Metal cows,attacks: 10 months since Una assault, cow politics still stalks Gujarat’s Dalits:Aarefa Johari
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