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02 May 2017: 05 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:180
INDIA: Muslim Personal Law
Don't rake up triple talaq, focus on Muslim education, Jamaat-e-Islamic Hind women leaders tell Govt
New Delhi: Instead of raking up the triple talaq issue, the Govt  should focus more on education and other basic facilities to India's "under-privileged" communities, including Muslims, a woman leader of the Jamaat-e-Islamic Hind (JIH) said on Tuesday.  JIH Secretary (Women wing) Atiya Siddiqua said a negative image of Muslims was being portrayed to show Muslim men as dominant and women as victims.Reacting to PM  Narendra Modi's statement asking Muslim leaders not to politicise triple talaq, Siddiqua said it was the Govt  which was unnecessarily blowing triple talaq and polygamy out of proportion."These practices have been in Islam since the beginning. Why was there no hue and cry (about it) so far? Why did this happen all of a sudden?" Siddiqua asked."The fact is that the practice of polygamy among Muslims is too low than other communities and the percentage of divorce is also least among Muslims."She asked the Govt not to interfere in Muslim religious matters and termed polygamy as a "divine law and boon for society" because it can give social and financial security to widows and uplift their status.She said the Jamaat had been conducting a pan-India awareness programme with Muslims over issues like marriage, divorce and inheritance. 15-day awareness programme ends on 7 May."During our visit to various slum areas (in UP), Muslim women told us that the education of their children was their priority. It (triple talaq) is a non-issue. It is being politicised unnecessarily."Govt should take up issues like education and basic facilities... for underprivileged," Siddiqua said.She said Muslim clerics have also been advised to deliver Friday sermons related to Muslim personal laws and eliminate misconceptions about it. Shaista Rafat, in-charge of JIH Delhi and Haryana women wing, said Islamic laws were "divine and they are for the good of people. Those who say these practices should be abolished are unaware about the Shariah laws."PTI/firstpost
Focus on Muslim education than triple talaq, Govt  told: indianexpress
Focus on under-privileged communities, not on triple talaq: JIH tells govt Polygamy is a 'divine law and boon for society', said JIH women secretary Atiya Siddiqua
Focus on Muslim education than triple talaq, Jamaat-e-Islamic Hind tells Govt  : business-standard/IANS
http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/focus-on-muslim-education-than-triple-talaq-Govt -told-117050200541_1.html 
Focus on Muslim education than triple talaq, Govt  told: millenniumpost
http://www.millenniumpost.in/nation/focus-on-muslim-education-than-triple-talaq-Govt -told-239656
Focus on Muslim education than triple talaq, Muslim women tell Govt: greaterkashmir
http://m.greaterkashmir.com/news/india/focus-on-muslim-education-than-triple-talaq-muslim-women-tell-Govt /248194.html
Muslim body to PM Modi: Focus on education and other basic issues, not triple talaq: India today
Triple Talaq non-issue, Muslim women more need higher education, business opportunities, say Muslim women leaders: India Tomorrow
Muslim Personal Laws Most Progressive of All Communities: Legal Luminaries at Kolkata Seminar
Kolkata:“Among all personal laws, I regard Muslim personal laws as most progressive,” Advocate Flavia Agnes said while speaking at a one day national seminar organized here at Aliah University.Ms Agnes, who has written extensively on women’s issues added that the court ban on triple talaq will prove ineffective as Muslim men may then start deserting their wives, like Narendra Modi abandoned his wife. She also accused the media of ignorance over the subject and suggested that they were playing into the hands of vested political interests by only highlighting certain kind of reports related to Muslim women. The one day seminar on ‘Media and Marginality: Situating the Minority In Popular Narratives’ was organized by the Dept of Journalism and Mass Communication of Aliah University and Association SNAP on Sunday.In this one-day  power-packed deliberation, panelists shared their views on socio-economic conditions of minorities, political debates regarding Muslim rights seen through the conflicting prism of personal laws and uniform civil code, coverage of minority issues in main stream media and issues of stereotyping.A. Faizur Rahman, Secretary General of Chennai based Islamic Forum for the Promotion of Moderate Thought, who was in the same panel with Agnes, gave a historicity of Triple Talaq, polygamy and Indian judiciary. He reminded the audience that the uniform civil code is impractical in current situation as there is not just MPL but several other communities have their own code of laws. He, however, added that instant triple talaq has not basis in Quran that lays down clear methods for separation between husband and wife.The session was chaired by senior lawyer of the Calcutta High Court Syed Shahid Imam.Caravan Daily
Divorce rate among Muslims low: AIMPLB
Hyderabad: The women's wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board on Saturday claimed the rate of divorce among Muslims was low compared to other communities and that the issue of triple talaq was being projected in wrong light.Dr Asma Zohra, chief organiser of the AIMPLB women's wing and a resident of Hyderabad, was sharing data collected from family courts in Muslim-concentrated districts across the country in the backdrop of a debate on triple talaq.The collection of data started in May 2016 through RTI for 5 years from 2011-2015. Dr Zohra said that women are well protected under Islam, a fact that is reflected by the low percentage of Muslim women seeking divorce.She said that so far, 16 family courts furnished detailed consolidated reports and that they had compiled the report, which shows that the divorce rate was minimal in the Muslim community.“Similarly, we collected details from various Darul Qaza (office of the qazi), which also indicate that only 2-3 %  cases are related to divorce – and most were initiated by women only,” the AIMPLB women’s wing president said.Dr Zohra said as per the report prepared by Muslim Mahila Research Kendra in coordination with Sharia Committee for Women, the number of cases of divorce for Muslims stood at 1,307 against those of Hindus at 16,505.“The issue of triple talaq cropped up in recent years and was politicised. The issue needs to be understood in the right manner and perspective. Islam gives certain liberties to women and they are well protected in the community,” Dr Zohra said.Deccan Chronicle
AIMPLB asks govt not to intervene in Personal Law
Lucknow:  PM  Narendra Modi’s comments on the triple talaq on the second consecutive day on Sunday has drawn  sharp reaction from All India Muslim personal law board (AIMPLB). The board has said no PM of India has interfered in such a blatant manner in the affairs of the muslim personal law as done by the present PM Narendra Modi.AIMPLB   reiterated its demand from the Govt not to interfere in the muslim personal which is part of the Shariat. Jafaryab Jilani former additional advocate general and member of the executive committee of AIMPLB said here that `one can easily identify as to who has politicized triple talaq issue. No PM  other than Narendra Modi  like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Atal Bihari  Vajpayee never intervened in the muslim personal law, but Modi has spoken several times on this issue’’. dailypioneer
UP BJP to hold conferences on triple talaq, women empowerment
Lucknow: UP  BJP has decided to hold a conference on triple talaq and women empowerment in the State in September this year. State party unit will also hold several other programmes to commemorate the birth centenary of party's ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhaya.The idea is also to generate the peoples' mandate for the upcoming urban local bodies elections.The State Working Committee meeting here on the second day today resolved to organise the triple talaq and women empowerment conference by the minority cell in September, UP BJP General Secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak said here while briefing the mediapersons about the decisions taken at the State Working Committee meeting.Pathak said the party will organise the birth anniversary of Deen Dayal Upadhaya in a big way with pubic interaction and reaching to every household between May 10 to 25.UNI
UP minister Maurya calls triple talaq a curse for society
Varanasi: UP labour minister Swami Prasad Maurya called the Islamic practice of triple talaq a curse for society on Monday, and said the Govt  will ensure that “victims” of the tradition get justice. Maurya had last week triggered criticism from the Muslim community on the triple talaq issue when he said that their men abused the tradition to “satisfy their lust”.HT

India draws red line on Kashmir to Erdogan: Bilateral, about terror
New Delhi: A day after Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan advocated a “multilateral dialogue” to settle the J&K  question, PM  Narendra Modi on Monday said that both sides have agreed to work together to strengthen cooperation “bilaterally” and “multilaterally” to effectively counter terrorism. While Kashmir was not mentioned in the prepared statements by either Modi or Erdogan, India drew the red line that Kashmir is a “bilateral” issue between India and Pakistan and that it sees the dispute through the prism of “cross-border and state-sponsored terrorism” being perpetrated by Pakistan in the Valley. Asked if Erdogan mentioned mediation on J&K during his meeting with Modi, MEA spokesperson Gopal Baglay said:“Our position is very clear and it was mentioned to them that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Terrorism was discussed in detail and they were told that in Kashmir, we have been victims of cross-border and state-sponsored terrorism. We have been ready to talk to Pakistan bilaterally on not just Kashmir but also terrorism and other outstanding issues. And we are ready to hold talks on Kashmir bilaterally, as stipulated in Shimla Agreement and Lahore declaration.” indianexpress
Pak welcomes Erdogan’s offer to help resolve Kashmir issue
Islamabad: Pakistan has welcomed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s suggestion of having a multilateral dialogue to resolve the Kashmir issue, an offer India has virtually rejected. Ahead of his India visit,Erdogan had said, “We should not allow more casualties to occur (in Kashmir). By having a multilateral dialogue, (in which) we can be involved, we can seek ways to settle the issue once and for all.”“Pakistan welcomes the Turkish President’s offer to strengthen the dialogue process among the stakeholders for resolving the Kashmir issue,” the Pakistan Foreign Office said in a statement last night. Erdogan’s meeting with PM  Narendra Modi on Monday came in the shadow of his comments on Kashmir that were not well received in India.However, Pakistan welcomed Erdogan’s remarks, saying, “Pakistan has always welcomed the statements and endeavours aimed at addressing the human rights issues” in Kashmir and the resolution of the J&K  issue.The situation in Kashmir, especially in terms of human rights violations and implications for the regional and global security, due to the unresolved dispute, have raised serious concerns across the globe, the Foreign Office said.PTI
'Chinese Communist Party officials funding Dalai Lama'
Beijing: In a rare disclosure, China's ruling Communist Party has said some of its officials were funding the Dalai Lama by donating money to him, undermining the fight against "separatist" forces.A senior discipline inspection official has "lambasted some party officials for allegedly donating money to the 14th Dalai Lama , saying such behaviour severely undermines the party's fight against separatism," state-run Global Times reported on Tuesday.Some party officials have neglected important political issues and the country's anti-separatist struggle, Wang Yongjun, head of the discipline watchdog in Tibet, which is officially called the Tibet Autonomous Region, was quoted as saying.The Global Times, a tabloid publication attached the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), also quoted a 2016 report issued by Tibet's discipline watchdog linking "15 party officials to alleged illegal overseas separatist organisations in 2014 who provided intelligence to the Dalai Lama clique and funded secessionist activities."It, however, did not reveal the names or the designations of the officials.This is the first time official media here has come out with a disclosure of Chinese officials' links with Dalai Lama after he fled from China to India in 1959.PTI
Beijing gearing up to meddle in Kashmir through CPEC, says Chinese media
Beijing:It is finally out in the open. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be Beijing’s road to Kashmir, Chinese media has said, proving true India’s fear of China meddling in the dispute.Beijing invested in the CPEC despite India’s concerns with an eventual aim to interfere in Kashmir dispute under the guise of protecting its investments, state media said on Tuesday, putting on paper for the first time the country’s long-term strategy to play “mediator”.“Given the massive investment that China has made in countries along the One Belt, One Road, China now has a vested interest in helping resolve regional conflicts including the dispute over Kashmir between India and Pakistan,” an article in the nationalistic tabloid Global Times said.Chinese President Xi Jinping’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) is an ambitious plan to build a new Silk Road linking Asia, Africa and Europe by pumping in billions of dollars in infrastructure projects such as railways, ports and power grids.The write-up indicates that China only appears not to “interfere” in the internal affairs of other countries but its investments, for example in the CPEC, gives Beijing the perfect cover to launch its diplomatic game.It probably explains the model of interference that China is beginning to follow: First invest, next interfere.With its “iron brother” friendship with Pakistan, it is also fairly clear which way Beijing will swing when -- not if -- it decides to meddle in the complex Kashmir dispute. HT
J&K:Anantnag bye-poll cancelled amid on-going violence
New Delhi: Election Commission has cancelled bye-election to Anantnag Lok Sabha seat, scheduled to take place on May 25, PTI has reported. The decision comes amid the on-going violence in J&K, making the situation unfeasible to hold elections. The byelection to Anantnag seat was necessitated following the resignation of MP Mehbooba Mufti last year to take over as CM  of J&K. In this election, her brother Mufti Tassaduq Hussain will be looking to retain the seat.Earlier this month, Election Commission had written to Ministry of Home Affairs asking that 75,000 personnel be deployed to ensure the safety of those who step out to vote as well as to ensure there’s no violence at polling booths in constituency. Govt, in its reply, has said it would be able to deploy only 30,000 personnel or 300 companies of paramilitary forces. The demand, say officials, seemed unprecedented as in the recently concluded elections to five states, EC had sought 700 companies or 70,000 personnel. This time they wanted the same amount for just one constituency. indianexpress
World has rejected India’s claim that Kashmir conflict is cross-border terrorism: Pakistan’s Sartaj Aziz
Pakistan claimed on Tuesday that the international community has rejected India’s contention that the turmoil in Kashmir is primarily a cross-border terrorism issue, blaming New Delhi for “scuttling” all opportunities for a “meaningful” dialogue to resolve the issue.Pakistan PM ’s foreign affairs adviser Sartaj Aziz, in a hard-hitting statement, said Islamabad has always welcomed the endeavours aimed at addressing the human rights issues in the Valley and the resolution of the Kashmir issue.“India’s contention that the Kashmir issue is, primarily, an issue of cross-border terrorism, is a claim that no one in the world is prepared to accept today,” Aziz said in a statement issued by the Foreign Office.He also welcomed Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s suggestion of having a multilateral dialogue to resolve the issue.PTI
Govt gives Army free hand to avenge Pak mutilation act: Sources
http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Govt -gives-army-free-hand-to-avenge-pakistans-mutilation-act-sources/articleshow/58464264.cms
New Delhi: In a fresh outrage by Pakistan, two Indian soldiers were beheaded and another injured by a Pakistani 'border action team' (BAT) that sneaked into Indian territory under cover of heavy shelling in the Krishna Ghati sector in Poonch district+ of J&K on Monday.The provocation led the two armies to sharply escalate their exchange of fire in several areas along 778-km LoC in J&K, worsening the already deep chill in India-Pakistan ties.India vowed to exact revenge for the "barbaric" mutilation of the bodies during the well-planned BAT raid and ambush conducted over 200 metres inside Indian territory, which came less than 24 hours after Pakistan army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited the LoC. Timesofindia
Pakistan denies cross LoC movement, mutilation of soldiers' bodies
Pakistan military on Tuesday denied any cross LoC movement by its troops and mutilation of Indian soldiers' bodies. In a press release, the military stated that a hotline was established between local commanders of both countries in the Rawalakot-Poonch sector to hold talks on the alleged incident. “Indian counterpart was told that there has been no CFV or crossing of LoC by Pakistani troops nor any mutilation of Indian soldiers' bodies,” it said. The Indian authorities were told that there was unnecessary media hype following the allegations. “Pakistan remains fully committed to maintaining peace and tranquility along the LoC and expects the same from the other side and hope prudence is exercised and no steps are taken that may lead to vitiating of environment and affecting peace along LoC,” the statement said. thehindu
Pak resorting to proxies against India and Afghanistan, experts tell US Congress:PTI
Washington: Afghanistan’s relationship with India is unacceptable to Pakistan, which is using proxies like Haqqani network and the Taliban against its neighbours, eminent experts have told US lawmakers.“Afghanistan’s strongest regional ally is India, that is unacceptable to Pakistan. India is an enemy, while the Afghan Govt  is an ally in the Indian Govt ,” Seth Jones, director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center, Rand Corporation, said during a Congressional hearing last week.“Pakistan has resorted to proxy organisations to further its foreign policy goals both in places like J&K  against the Indians and in Afghanistan and that means support to organisations like the Haqqani Network and the Taliban, so it’s a proxy war,” Jones said in response to a question from Congressman Ted Poe. Hindustantimes/PTI
Indian Govt  needs to stop targeting NGOs that criticise it, HRW to UN
http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2017/05/02/indian-Govt -needs-to-stop-targetting-ngos-that-criticise-i_a_22064443/?ncid=fcbklnkinhpmg00000001
New Delhi: Days before the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) reviews India's human rights record, international advocacy group HRW has asked the UN to "condemn the crackdown on rights" in the country."UN member countries should call on India to stop targeting NGOs and others who criticize the Govt  or its policies," according to an HRW press release. UN will conduct the Universal Periodic Review of India's human rights record on 4 May."UN review comes at a time when freedoms long-cherished in India are seriously being challenged and critics are increasingly under attack," said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch, in a statement. "UN member countries should raise alarm bells that India's proud history of respect for peaceful dissent crucial for protecting the poor and vulnerable is at real risk."The international human rights organisation's statement refers to the Indian govt's decision to refuse foreign funding to more than two dozen NGOs, as well as use of sedition laws to contain peaceful dissent. huffingtonpost
UNHRC to review India's rights record on May 4
'Human Rights Training Low Priority In Police Departments': Indian NHRC To UN
Indian National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) noted that the country’s approach to the torture law is misguided, to say the least.These comments were made in its report to UN Human Rights Council as part of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review process submitted in August 2016. India’s turn for review is coming up on May 4 in Geneva and the country will be represented by attorney general Mukul Rohatgi. NHRC has lauded some of the country’s efforts in its policies and funding on changing the situation for women and children. It has noted mixed indicators that are too early to assess fairly at this time.With a spurt in nationwide reporting on communal friction, the NHRC has urged the state and central Govt s to be more vigilant and holds fringe right-wing Hindutva organisations responsible for the turmoil. outlookindia
Godhra riots: SC to continue hearing Setalvad’s plea
New Delhi: Supreme Court will today hear the case involving social activist Teesta Setalvad in connection with misappropriation of funds meant for the riot victims’ of Godhra. Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta is appearing for the Gujarat Govt, while senior advocate Kapil Sibal is appearing for Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand.Teesta, her husband and 2 NGOs - Sabrang Trust and Citizens for Justice and Peace – earlier approached the apex court challenging the Oct.7, 2015, verdict of Gujarat High Court, which had rejected their pleas for defreezing their personal bank accounts.ANI 
Chhattisgarh Official's Facebook Post Reveals Horrific Police Torture Of Minor Tribal Girls: huffingtonpost
A woman official of the Govt of Chhattisgarh has irked the authorities with a Facebook post raising questions about a model of governance that allows for alleged harassment of tribal people in the state."I am a witness to the torture of minor tribal girls ... In the police stations, women personnel have stripped and tortured girls as old as 14 and 16 ...They were given electric shock on their hands and breasts. I have seen the marks ... I was horrified ...Why third-degree torture on minors? I have given directions for their treatment", Varsha Dongre, deputy jailer of Raipur Central Jail, recently wrote in a post in Hindi."We need to introspect, because those who are getting killed in either side of this war in Bastar are our own people. The capitalist system is being forced on Bastar, tribals are being pushed out of their lands, their villages are being burnt, women raped — all this to grab land and forests. All this isn't being done to end Naxalism", she added.Coming in the wake of the Maoist attack on CRPF jawans in Sukma district of the state, her comments were shared widely on social media. The jail dept has ordered a probe, based on her allegations.
Muslim man beaten to death after relative flees with Hindu girl in UP
New Delhi: UP citizens once again took law in their hands after members of a right-wing militant group killed a 45-year-old man in Bulandshahr.The victim has been identified as Ghulam Mohammad, a resident of Sohi village under the Pahasu Police Station.According to police, a distant relative named Yusuf of Sohi was responsible for the attack on Ghulam.19-year-old Yusuf allegedly kidnapped an 18-year-old Hindu girl, a resident of village Fazalpur, also in the Pahasu area, on April 27. Activists of the right-wing group wanted to know about Yusuf and his location. They saw Ghulam in a mango orchard, dragged him to a secluded spot and beat him to death while inquiring about the whereabouts of Yusuf.An FIR has been filed against "unidentified activists".India Samvad
Adityanath defending crackdown on slaughterhouses
Lucknow: UP CM  Yogi Adityanath said many had initially thought that PM  Narendra Modi had nominated ‘namoona’ (an oddity or maverick) as CM but indicated that it wasn’t the case. As proof, Adityanath defended his Govt ’s crackdown on illegal  slaughter houses in the state and said that vegetarians were not inferior to non-vegetarians.“When I was named CM many thought PM Modi had nominated a namoona CM,” Adityanath said at the BJP working committee meeting and then highlighted his Govt’s crackdown on illegal slaughter houses to indicate that this wasn’t the case. hindustantimes
Presidential poll: 9 parties join hands to take on BJP
New Delhi: 9 Opposition parties on Monday joined hands and called for a united fight against BJP and NDA Govt.At a gathering on late Socialist Madhu Limaya's 95th birth anniversary, they spoke of burying their differences in order to forge a larger unity against 'the challenges posed by BJP-RSS combine to the democratic secular and pluralists character of India and its Constitution".Many also said the upcoming Presidential elections should be treated as the first stage in scripting Opposition unity. If Samajwadi organisers invited Congress to signal how "anti-BJPism" has replaced "anti-Congressism" as the Opposition plank, AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh responded by asserting how Congress-Samajwadi-Communist political streams, despite their differences have always been different from the "divisive and communal approach of BJP and Sangh". "All progressive forces now must wage a united fight against BJP and RSS on basis of issues and ideology. It is important not to convert political fight into mere clash of personalities as the BJP and NDA regime are trying in order to divert focus from their policies administrative failures", Singh said while recalling how the Opposition in the 1960s had lost to Indira Gandhi when they converted their fight against her into a fight against a personality.Many felt Singh was underlining the tactical need to focus Opposition against the policies of Modi regime than making it a fight against the projected persona of Modi.Singh said unlike Ram Manohar Lohia's extreme anti-Congress stand, Limaya had praised Indira Gandhi on creation of Bangladesh. JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav said the anti-BJP unity of Opposition parties, already started in Parliament, is now expanding to the ground. He alleged under NDA regime, the situation from J&K to Northeast to South has become tense and fragile as "BJP-RSS is insisting on imposing its ideological, political and cultural vision everywhere". Timesofindia
135 million Aadhaar numbers leaked by govt agencies, reveals new report
 Irresponsible information security practices by a major central Govt  ministry and a state Govt  may have exposed up to 135 million Aadhaar numbers, according to a new research report released on Monday.The last 2 months have seen a wave of data leaks, mostly due improper information security practices, from various central Govt  and state Govt  departments.A new report, released by the Centre for Internet and Society, studied four Govt  databases. First 2 belong to the rural development ministry: the National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)’s dashboard and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)’s portal.The second 2 databases deal with the state of Andhra Pradesh: namely, the state Govt’s own NREGA portal and the online dashboard of a state Govt  scheme called “Chandranna Bima”.“Based on the numbers available on the websites looked at, estimated number of Aadhaar numbers leaked through these 4 portals could be around 130-135 million and the number of bank accounts numbers leaked at around 100 million from the specific portals we looked at,” the report’s authors, Amber Sinha and Srinivas Kodali, state.The data leaks come, in part, from the Govt ’s decision to provide online dashboards that were likely meant for general transparency and easy administration. However, as the report notes, while open data portals are a laudable goal, if there aren’t any proper safeguards, results can be downright disastrous.“While availability of aggregate information on the dashboard may play a role in making Govt  functioning more transparent, the fact that granular details about individuals including sensitive PII such as Aadhaar number, caste, religion, address, photographs and financial information are only a few clicks away suggest how poorly conceived these initiatives are,” the report says.TheWire / business-standard
Amanatullah Khan resigns from AAP post
New Delhi: A day after accusing AAP leader Kumar Vishwas of “plotting a coup” in the party, AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan on Monday resigned from the party’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC).#Speaking to reporters after the PAC meeting, Deputy CM  Manish Sisodia said the party leadership was upset with both Khan as well Vishwas for airing their differences in public. He said the PAC has accepted Khan’s resignation. “Arvindji is upset with both Kumar and Amanatullah. PAC also discussed Vishwas’ absence from the meeting. Even he (Vishwas) has been giving interviews and releasing video. The party is also unhappy with this. “CM  and other party leaders are upset over statements given outside the party forum. If anyone has grievances, they can raise them with the party leadership,” Sisodia said. Thehindu/PTI
Ex-minister Rahman Khan's letter that sought to protect Zakir Naik from Hindu Janajagruti Samiti goes viral:DNA
A letter allegedly written by Congress Minister, seeking the Govt 's protection for Zakir Naik against the campaign run by a regional channel and a Hindu group during UPA regime has goes viral on social Media. NIA had registered a case against Naik under UAPA last year.Congress Minister Rahman Khan had reportedly written a letter to Minister of State (MoS) for I&B  Manish Tiwari on Feb.15, 2013, terming Naik as a 'renowned Islamic scholar.'"I enclose a letter dated 3, Dec.2012, from Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai, seeking protection from a campaign by Sudarshan TV and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to allegedly defame Dr. Zakir Naik, a renowned Indian Islamic Scholar and President, IRF, Mumbai," the letter reads, which has now surfaced on social media."To support the contention, the Foundation has also sent a pack of 2 CDs enclosed along with the letter. " Khan said.The then Congress minister also stated that as indicated in the letter, the aforementioned news agencies have seemingly resorted to project. Naik as a sympathiser of terrorism for vested interests. "I would, therefore, request you to kindly look into the matter in order to prevent any confrontation between communities and flaring up of communal sentiments," he added.DNA
I am ready to take any responsibility: Pragya Singh Thakur
Bhopal: In an exclusive interview, Malegaon blasts accused Pragya Singh Thakur, who is out on conditional bail, has not ruled out her entry into politics. She said that she was ready to don any role as and when her country demands.Though the wheel-chaired saffron clad activist skirted the question on politics she categorically stated, "Be it politics or anything else, I am a nationalist and I am ready to take up any responsibility that the country demands from me". If she ever enters politics, what would be her place of choice, the Sadhvi prefered Madhya Pradesh. However, in the same breath, Pragya said, "But I have not nurtured any political ambition or otherwise. As a sanyasi, I have devoted my life to the country and I am ready to do anything and take any responsibility as and when the country demands."About her arrest by ATS Mumbai, the Sadhvi said, "The main target of my arrest was RSS. The cops put a lot of pressure on me to admit my role in blast along with a few names of RSS functionaries. Since I am a Sanyasi, how would I lie, and yield to pressure from ATS."TOI
Shift focus from gau-raksha and triple talaq, focus on borders: Mayawati
Lucknow: BSP chief Mayawati on Tuesday expressed pain at the beheading of Indian jawans on the border and said the time has come to shift focus from “divisive” matters like cow protection and triple talaq to law and order and security.She criticised BJP saying that though the party was in power at the Centre and in many states, it had been unable to control the situation as a result of which borders were not safe and jawans were being killed on a daily basis.“Time has now come to shift focus from narrow and divisive issues like ‘Gau raksha’ (cow protection), slaughter houses, love-jihad and triple talaq to national interest, law and order and borders,” she said.PTI  
Legal notice to TOI for carrying ‘false news report’; AMU V-C demands unconditional written apology
New Delhi: AMU V-C Lt. Gen Zameer Uddin Shah on Monday served a legal notice to the Times of India (TOI) for publishing a ‘defamatory’ news item demanding immediate unconditional public apology in writing and categorically making the statement that the contents in the news story are wrong and false. He also threatened to drag the paper to the court if it does not comply the notice. Serving the notice  through Diwan Advocates to The Editor, the Times of India; Ms. Anuja Jaiswal, Correspondent; Mr. Rajiv Yadav, Publisher; and  Mr. Anshul Chaturvedi, Editor (Delhi Market),  AMU VC said if the paper did not comply with the notice within four days, he would be constrained to initiate appropriate proceedings, both civil and criminal. TOI had carried the story on April 28, 2017 titled as “After HRD Nod, UGC sets up panel to probe, AMU VC” which stated that “….UGC has constituted a five member team on the instructions of Union HRD Ministry to conduct a detailed investigation into the allegations of financial, administrative, and academic irregularities and mismanagement against AMU…..”.Counsel for VC, Dr. Farrukh Khan said the impugned article in TOI has tarnished the reputation of his client who is the VC of AMU since 2012 and has an unblemished and highly acclaimed record of public service.Caravan Daily
HC seeks reply from Govt on plea against Tv programme hosted by alleged  ISI agent Tarek Fatah
New Delhi: Delhi High Court sought Govt ’s response on a plea to immediately halt all future episodes of a TV series ‘Fatah Ka Fatwa’, alleging that it promoted enmity between communities. A bench of acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Anu Malhotra said that the parties involved should ensure that an affidavit is filed on their behalf within four weeks.It asked the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to state whether there was any substance in the allegation made by the petitioner and fixed the matter for further hearing on Sept 19.PTI
Women sarpanches in Haryana: Village gets award for best sex ratio, but sarpanches say veil won’t go yet
Manas(kaithal): On May 29 last year, a mahila mahapanchayat was organised by Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Shakti Manch at Manas village in Kaithal. The aim of the panchayat was to spread the message of equality of women. In a first, the two women sarpanches of the village were asked to remove their veil and address the gathering, which also comprised men. Dr Santosh Dahiya, president of the Manch and a social activist who organised the panchayat, said that while one of the sarpanches instantly agreed when she asked her to lift her veil and speak to the gathering, other required some convincing. The difference between the 2 sarpanches is still evident 11 months after the panchayat. The village elected two sarpanches because of its large size. It has more than 5,000 voters. Mukesh (27), who has done MA and B.Ed, is more vocal about the issues in the village. Class XII pass Rupesh (23) leaves it to her husband to do most of the talking. Rupesh says, “It was the first time I addressed a gathering. I just said that the we need to take the beti bachao, beti padhao programme forward.”Her husband Narender chips in, “Concept of veil will not end in villages as we consider it our culture. The purdah is only from elders. The tradition is there since the beginning. Even if someone leaves it, people will say she has no shame.” indianexpress
Bhopal: Thousands bid farewell to Scholar Saeed Miyan
Bhopal: Islamic scholar and Rector of Darul Uloom Taj-ul-Masajid, Bhopal Peer Maulana Mohammed Saeed Mujaddidi who breathed his last on Sunday was laid to rest on Monday. About 2 lakh people including Muslims and large number of Hindus cutting aside boundaries of religion bid tearful farewell to their respected religious scholar.CM  Shivraj Singh Chouhan paid tribute to the Islamic scholar of Bhopal Peer Saeed Miyan by visiting his house in the morning and condoled the bereaved family.Bhopal mayor Alok Sharma accompanied the CM  on the occasion.All India Muslim Personal Law Board president Maulana Rabe Hasan Nadvi, general secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani and other office bearers have expressed profound grief over the demise of Peer Sahab. dailypioneer
MP CM expresses grief over demise of Saeed Miyan
Hamas accepts Palestinian state with 1967 borders
Hamas has presented a new political document that accepts the formation of a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders, without recognising the statehood of Israel, and says that the conflict in Palestine is not a religious one.The positions were made official on Monday in Qatar's capital, Doha, by Khaled Meshaal, the leader-in-exile of the Palestinian group that runs the besieged Gaza Strip."We shall not waive an inch of the Palestinian home soil, no matter what the recent pressures are and no matter how long occupation," Meshaal told reporters as he revealed the document to the public after 2 years of work. "Hamas rejects any idea except liberating the home soil entirely and completely, although it does not necessarily mean we recognise Zionist entity or give up any of our Palestinian rights."While Hamas' 1988 founding charter called for the takeover of all of mandate Palestine, including present-day Israel, the new document says it will accept the 1967 borders as the basis for a Palestinian state,with Jerusalem as its capital and refugees back to their homes. 1967 borders refer to those that existed before the war in which Israel occupied East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip.Hamas has been accused of being dogmatic, and living in a straight jacket.[Mashaal] made it clear that the new Hamas, if you will, is dynamic and open-minded.He said their philosophy and the philosophy behind writing a new charter is that "we are going to be a dynamic and open organisation". He also said that they will have a dual strategy.On the one hand, they will continue to resist occupation by all means necessary. But on the other hand, they will be an open and moderate political group.[Mashaal] said that all of that is stemming from Hamas’ experience, not only over the past three decades, but particularly over the past 10 years, when Hamas was actually governing after it won the elections of 2006.So I think the approach  "we are open, we are changing and we might have a new charter moving forward", it means that they are open to dialogue and compromise. But it does not go as far as to fully recognise Israel and says Hamas does not relinquish its goal of "liberating all of Palestine"."Hamas considers establishment of a Palestinian state, sovereign and complete, on the basis of the June 4, 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital and the provision for all the refugees to return to their homeland is an agreeable form that has won a consensus among all the movement members," Meshaal said.The document also falls short of accepting the two-state solution that is assumed to be the end product of the Oslo Accords between Israel and the PLO.It also clarifies that Hamas' fight is with "Zionist project", not with the religion of Judaism, making a distinction between Jews who believe in Judaism and "Zionist Israeli citizens who occupy Palestinian lands".It also sidesteps language in the group's original charter that affirms its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, and says that Hamas is a fully independent organisation. Analysts said the release of the document appears to be an attempt by Hamas to seem more pragmatic and help it to avoid international isolation. aljazeera
UNESCO to vote on Jerusalem resolution
UNESCO is expected to vote on the status of holy sites in the occupied eastern part of Jerusalem, prompting condemnation from the Israeli Govt. With a vote scheduled for Tuesday, Israel has called for other member countries to vote against it.The resolution says blames Israel for "persistent excavations, tunneling, works and projects in East Jerusalem", which it has occupied along with the rest of the West Bank since the 1967 Middle East war."We expect that the international community will follow suit and take actions according to their international legal obligations," the Palestinian Authority foreign ministry's Ammar Hijazi told Al Jazeera. Israel's occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the besieged Gaza Strip is considered illegal under international law. More than half-a-million Israelis live in Jewish-only settlements across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, according to the Israeli rights group B'Tselem. aljazeera
US backed Kurdish forces 'take 90%' of Syria's Tabqa
Kurdish forces are reported to have taken 90 % of Tabqa city in Syria's Raqqa province from ISIL amid clashes that have left an estimated 19 people dead.The claim was made by the official spokesperson for Ghadab al-Furat, a Kurdish group fighting under the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which launched a campaign in Oct.2016 to retake Raqqa, de facto capital of ISIL, in northern Syria."After taking the old city, we now control around 90 % of Tabqa ...we advanced against the ISIL and pushed further to the other parts of the city," Jihan Sheikh, of the Ghadab al-Furat  told Al Jazeera. aljazeera
ISIL attack kills 10 Iraqi soldiers in Anbar
Fighters from ISIL have killed at least 10 Iraqi soldiers in the country's western province of Anbar, according to officials.No claim of responsibility for the killing has been made."We had 10 soldiers killed and 6 wounded in an attack by Daesh early this morning," an army lieutenant-colonel told AFP on Tuesday. A police officer and a local official confirmed the attack and casualty toll. aljazeera
Rogue FBI woman spy married IS terrorist: CNN
An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance married a key ISIS operative she was assigned to investigate in 2014, and served 2 years in prison before being released last year, CNN reported on Monday.Daniela Greene, who joined FBI in 2011 and worked at its Detroit bureau, married Denis Cuspert, a German rapper turned ISIS terrorist, CNN said. 38-year-old made a guilty plea to making false statements involving international terrorism and was released in Aug. 2016.Greene somehow fled back to the US within weeks of marrying Cuspert and was arrested on Aug.8, 2014, and agreed to cooperate with authorities, according to CNN. HT
Dozens of civilians killed in CAR violence: HRW
Armed groups in Central African Republic (CAR) have killed at least 45 civilians in apparent reprisal strikes over the past three months, a human-rights watchdog says in a new report. The violence pitted armed groups against one another in the central province of Ouaka, which is on the border of the mainly Muslim north and the mainly Christian south of the country."As factions vie for power in the Central African Republic, civilians on all sides are exposed to their deadly attacks," Lewis Mudge, Africa researcher at the US-based HRW) said. aljazeera
Turkey's EU dream is over, for now, top official says
Turkey under President Tayyip Erdogan has turned its back on joining the European Union, at least for now, the bloc's top official dealing with Ankara said, offering economic cooperation instead if both sides can restore friendly ties.After years of stalemate on Turkey's bid to join the world's biggest trading bloc, EU Govt s say the process is dead, citing Erdogan's crackdown on dissidents, his 'Nazi' jibes at Germany and a referendum giving him sweeping new powers that a rights group says lack checks and balances."Everybody's clear that, currently at least, Turkey is moving away from a European perspective," European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who oversees EU membership bids, told Reuters.Reuters
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Raja Mandala: Warming up cold Turkey: C. Raja Mohan
Higher education, low regulation: Furqan Qamar, secretary general of Association of Indian Universities
Honorary doctorates by central universities: How recipients are picked
Don't use the cow to create schisms - Harsh Mander, HT
The real target of Modi’s Babri Masjid case manoeuvre may have been the Congress, not Advani: Anita Katyal
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