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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

09 May 2017: 12 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:186
INDIA:Muslim Personal Law
Basic rights of women cannot be violated in the name of personal law; marriages are contracts, can’t be ended by husband alone: Allahabad HC observation on triple talaq
New Delhi:Amid the raging debate over triple talaq in the country, the Allahabad High Court on Tuesday observed that basic human rights of women cannot be violated in the name of personal law, according to ANI. In its judgment, the High Court termed triple talaq as violation of the right of equality and that Muslim men cannot give divorce in this way, it is against the right of equality. Personal law can only be implemented under the Constitution, the court said. “No fatwa can be contrary to someone’s rights,” the court said according to ANI. The court also said the practice of triple talaq among Muslims is “unsustainable” and “bad in law because Muslim marriages are contracts that cannot be unilaterally rescinded by the husband”, according to a HT report.The observation of the court came while hearing a petition filed by a man whose wife filed a criminal case against him for allegedly torturing her for dowry and then divorcing her in this manner when she refused to give in to the demand for dowry. The hearing in the case was held on April 19; the details of the judgment were made public today. The judgment saw the court dismissing the man’s plea to scrap  criminal proceedings against him. indianexpress
Manner of divorce questions ‘equality’, says Allahabad HC on Triple Talaq
The practice of triple talaq puts a question mark on equal rights, observes Allahabad High Court
Muslim marriages are contracts, can’t be ended by husband alone: Allahabad HC
Triple talaq unconstitutional and violates basic rights of Muslim women, says Allahabad High Court
HC is right. A Muslim man does not enjoy arbitrary power to impose triple talaq, says Vijaya Singh, SC advocate
 Clerics question right of govt to make changes in sharia laws: Jamaat concluding meet on Muslim Law campaign
New Delhi: This was the question clerics participating in the concluding meeting of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's nationwide Muslim personal law awareness campaign raised yesterday, according to a statement issued by the organisation.When Prophet Muhammad himself did not have the right to make changes to the divine shariat, how come Muslims allow any Govt or court to do so? This was the question clerics participating in the concluding meeting of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's nationwide Muslim personal law awareness campaign raised yesterday, according to a statement issued by the organisation. "India's top Muslim clerics have unequivocally asserted that shariat (personal laws) is divine and hence, no Govt  or court has the right to make any changes in it," the statement reads. The clerics observed that Muslim disputes over family matters are reaching courts because of "ignorance or deliberate" misuse of shariat provisions and so the personal laws cannot be held responsible for it."Instead, there is a strong need to educate Muslim masses about shariat to impress upon them to follow it honestly and to open counselling centres and shariat panchayats to resolve any dispute over family matters," the statement added. JIH's president Syed Jalaluddin Umari, All India Muslim Personal Law Board secretaries Khalid Saifullah Rahmani and Maulana Fazlurrehman Mujaddidi and Islamic scholar Zafarul Islam Khan and others took part in the meeting.Mujaddidi said the recent "hue and cry" over the practices of 'triple talaq' and polygamy were "part of a global conspiracy" to target social and family system of Islam, the statement said.The meeting was culmination of JIH's awareness campaign held between April 23 and May 7. PTI /DNA
No govt or court has right to change Shariat, say top Indian Muslim clerics: Rising Kashmir
Muslims question right of govt to make changes in sharia laws: India Today/ PTI
Govt, Court have no right to make changes in Shariat, say: Muslim clerics: theindianawaaz
No govt or court has right to effect changes in Shariat:The Milli Gazette Online -or-court-has-right-to-effect-changes-in-shariat
Govt will not interfere in our lives, if we remain firm on Shariah, says AIMPLB : Twocircles
Triple talaq is a sin, says Jamaat-e-Islami Hind at meet
Nagpur: The issue of triple talaq is being politicized in India which is unwarranted. Islam considers triple talaq to be a sin and provides better alternatives like Talaq-ul-Ahsan (single utterance) which is the most approved, natural and flexible method and has a scope for reconciliation, said Mohd Saleem, general secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Delhi. Saleem was speaking at a public meeting organized by JIH to mark the conclusion of a fortnight-long nationwide awareness campaign on Muslim personal law in Jafar Nagar, on Sunday. Shariat is a way of life and cannot be rewritten in the name of social reforms, he said. "Some people assume Muslim personal law to be different from Shariat whereas the former is a part of the latter, exclusively dealing with personal issues like marriage, divorce and inheritance," he said.People amended their religious rules over a period of time as they were man-made and required corrections. But Shariat is flawless and applicable to all eras as it is bestowed by the Almighty himself. People who portray Shariat's image as a weapon to exploit women are far from quranic literacy and need to be educated, Saleem added.Explaining the subtle method, Mufti Sabir, Ahbab Colony's Imam, said if marital dispute is not resolved after the intervention of elders from both parties, the husband can utter talaq once and wait for a grace period of three months. Man and wife have a chance to reconcile within this period, post which they need to marry again for staying together. They can reunite anytime in life, he added.Abdul Wahab Parekh, member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board said pronouncing triple talaq in one sitting ruptures the relationship with no scope for reconciliation. He exhorted people to not resort to this 'evil practice'. Of all the rules that an Indian Muslim follows, 95% are constitutional and merely 5% are personal laws, said Parekh.Convener of the campaign Azhar Warsi said in India the ratio of divorce is the least among the Muslims even when the process is verbal. timesofindia
Give time to SC, Muslim Board, clerics to arrive at a consensus over triple talaq issue: Maulana Arshad Madani
Varanasi:Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind president Maulana Arshad Madani said on Monday that the Supreme Court, Muslim Personal Law Board and clerics should be given sufficient time to arrive at a consensus on the issue of triple talaq.Speaking to the press at Nadesar, Madani also condemned a section of media for giving hype to the issue and also "the people debating the issue on TV channels by posing as Muslim scholars".He said Islam does not sanction triple talaq in one sitting. By meeting Muslim families, one can find that triple talaq is not such a big issue as it is being projected, especially on some news channels. More shocking is to see that anyone sporting a long beard and a skull cap is being presented on TV channels as a Muslim scholar. In reality, they do not have sufficient knowledge of Islam. This section of media paints a picture that all women are suffering due to triple talaq.Instead, he said, people should be patient and allow the SC, Muslim Personal Law Board and clerics to find out an amicable solution. Madani termed the action of CM  Aditya Nath Yogi and his Govt  on illegally operating slaughterhouses as correct. Shariat also not allow illegal practices, he said. "If your work hurts anyone or any section of society it should be stopped," said the cleric adding, "people associated with this work should opt for some other work to earn livelihood if they are in crisis." He said that the Yogi Govt  should be given 4-5 months more before assessing its performance. He said the Govt 's slogan of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' would prove correct only when the motive of communal elements to spread disharmony failed.
Madani lashed out at Triple Talaq propaganda: TCN
Darul Uloom says yes for nikah through video calling
Meerut: Shamli’s 370 years old Jama Masjid on Monday witnessed a wedding through video calling.Clerics of the city mosque had to take permission from Darul Uloom, Deoband to perform the nikah.25-year-old Abid Ahmad Qureshi’s marriage was fixed with Nahid Anjum of Shamli. The nikah was to be performed on Monday.However, Qureshi, who works in Saudi Arabia, could not make it to the city as his travel documents were not complete.“We were disappointed and unsure about the fate of the marriage. Invitation cards had been distributed and all arrangements were in place. We could not have postponed the wedding at this hour,” said Ilahi Qureshi, the father of the bride.Eventually, both the families sought the intervention of Imam of Jama Masjid, who in turn took the matter to Darul Uloom, Deoband.“We made an online request to Darul Uloom and it solved our problem. It said that though the nikah is not done this way, but at the same time, problem is genuine and Islam is a flexible religion. So we decided to perform the nikah through video calling with ‘qazis’ sitting on both the sides,” said Imam Maulana Shaukeen.TOI
India’s ties with Israel should not be at cost of Palestinian, says Mahmoud Abbas aid ahead of his India visit
Ramallah: India has the right to build relations with Israel but it should not come at the "expense" of New Delhis firm support for the Palestinian cause, a close aide of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said today.Ahead of Abbas visit to India next week, Dr Majdi Khaldi, a senior Palestinian official, described Indias relations with Palestine as "historic" and "steady" and asserted that the Palestinians want to strengthen their ties with India and seek support for their "struggle"."India has the right to have relations with Israel and any other country but what we care about is that it should not be at the expense of its relations with Palestine and its principled stand supporting the Palestinian cause that we should have our state within the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital," Khaldi, a senior diplomatic adviser of Abbas, told PTI in an interview.Responding to a question about PM  Narendra Modi only visiting Israel later this year, skipping Palestine, Khaldi said, "it is his decision"."It is up to the Indian PM  to decide when and where to visit. It is his decision. President (Abbas) was invited by the PM  (Modi) to visit India which he is doing," the aide to the Palestinian president said.Several MoUs will be signed between India and Palestine during Abbas visit to New Delhi from May 14 to 17 with special emphasis on cooperation in the fields of health, agriculture, sports and youth affairs, the official said."We are looking forward to the exchange between our president and the Indian president and also with PM  Modi. The president met PM  Modi in New York and Paris. This is an important visit which will help relations to flourish in many areas and also renew relations in several others", the senior diplomatic advisor said."We are interested in strengthening our relations with India and to continue getting its political support for our cause and this is the most important thing for us, irrespective of Indias relations with Israel. The most important thing is that it should not be at the expense of our relations, the good relations between India and Palestine," he asserted. Abbas will be visiting India following his recent meetings in Cairo, Amman and with US President Donald Trump in Washington. He is likely to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow from where he would fly out to New Delhi.PTI
‘India can play great role in peace efforts’
Ahead of Modi's visit, Israel invites Congress leaders too
New Delhi: Ahead of PM  Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel in July, Tel Aviv is trying to achieve a political consensus on Indo-Israeli ties by inviting Congress leader Manish Tewari for three days beginning Monday to attend conferences on security issues. The meet will also be attended by Shaurya Doval, director of India Foundation. The delegation, which also includes Jaiveer Shergill, a Congress functionary from Punjab, has been invited by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv, NSA Administration and Centre for Global Security Research. The members of the Indian delegation will speak on security and economic issues facing South Asia and West Asian region. The delegation also comprises individuals who have expertise on security issues. economictimes
Israel wants India to adopt its innovative technologies
25 yrs of Indo-Israeli diplomatic relations:TOI
Delhi Assembly passes resolution for use of paper ballots, VVPAT after AAP demonstrates how EVMs can be ‘manipulated’
AAP on Tuesday staged in the Delhi Assembly a “live demonstration of EVM manipulation.” AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj claimed that anyone knowing a “secret code” can tamper with the EVMs and the code can be fed into a machine while casting vote. Election Commission of India has time and again rubbished allegations that EVMs can be programmed to favour any particular party. Before Bhardwaj’s “demonstration”, Kejriwal tweeted, “Saurabh Bhardwaj will reveal the truth behind a big conspiracy in the country. Satyameva Jayate”. Bhardwaj, who represents the Greater Kailash constituency, claimed that in his capacity as an engineer, he had extensively worked in this area and was aware of how the machines can be fiddled with.Earlier in the day, sacked Minister Kapil Mishra has knocked the CBI doors to file bribery complaints against Kejriwal and his Cabinet colleagues.Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia attacks the BJP, saying, “You [the BJP] didn't win U.P. polls or in Delhi. This [EVM] did. “Saurabh Bhardwaj deserves a standing ovation for his demonstration.” The hindu
AAP accepts Election Commission’s challenge to ‘rig an actual EVM at hackathon, instead of a dummy’
New Delhi: Following the EVMs hack demonstration by AAP, the Election Commission refuted all claims of the party saying that the machine used in the demonstration was a mere replica and not the actual EVM used in polls. After dismissing the AAP’s demonstration, Election Commission of India challenged them to rig the EVMs at the hackathon in a few weeks. As per latest reports, AAP has accepted the challenge and said they will prove their claims at the hackathon as well.Election Commission also stated that since a prototype was used in the demonstration at today’s special Delhi assembly session, they said anyone can assemble such a sample machine. The Election Commission emphasised the fact that the machine which was used was just a ‘look-alike’ and not the actual machine which is used in polls. They also seemed quite confident when they challenged the AAP and other hackers at the special open challenge to tamper with EVM session which they have scheduled for this month. With this the Election Commission kept their stand and said that the EVMs used in the polls are tamper proof.
EVM tampering: This is how AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj claimed any candidate can be made to win
Live updates: AAP demonstrates how EVMs can be ‘manipulated’ in Delhi Assembly
After EC questions Delhi Assembly EVM hacking demo, AAP dares: Give us a real machine
'My Brother-in-law is No More', Tweets Kejriwal's Wife After Mishra’s Allegations
New Delhi: Delhi CM ’s wife Sunita Kejriwal, on Monday, slammed expelled water minister Kapil Mishra and accused him of reading out a “written script”.The news came as a surprise to many, who until Sunday had no idea about Surender Kumar Bansal’s whereabouts.Sources told News18 that Bansal died on Sunday at a private hospital in Gurgaon. According to reports, Bansal’s sugar level had shot up to fatal levels.Earlier today, in keeping up with his salvos against Kejriwal, expelled Delhi minister alleged that the CM had helped his brother-in-law “settle” a land deal worth crores of rupees.“Satyendar Jain told me, in a private conversation, that he had settled a land deal worth Rs 50 crore for Kejriwal’s brother-in-law Surender Kumar Bansal,” Mishra alleged.This brought the spotlight back on Bansal, who in January was under the radar for alleged irregularities in dealing with the construction of a drain on GT Karnal
'Clashes involving Dalits new flashpoint in Western UP?'
Meerut: In the past fifteen days, Saharanpur has witnessed two major clashes involving Dalits. When clashes broke out between a group of Hindus and Muslims on April 20 in Sadak Dudhali village over an Ambedkar Jayanti procession – which was curiously taken out a week after BR Ambedkar’s birth anniversary on April 14 and with no participation from the local Dalit population, Dalits from the village claimed that it was “engineered” and the “BJP wanted to misuse Ambedkar’s name to organise a riot.” Dalits claimed that they too had been targeted. The incident between Dalits and Thakurs on Friday also started when Dalits objected to a Maharana Pratap Jayanti procession being taken out with loud DJ. In the ensuing clashes, one person was killed, 16 others injured while seven Dalit houses were torched in Shabbirpur village. The village continues to be tense and has been turned into a virtual fortress by the police. Dalit scholars say that clashes between Dalits and upper castes could be the new flashpoint of violence in Western UP as upper castes grow increasingly emboldened and interpret the pro-BJP mandate in UP, as an anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim mandate.Dalit thinker and writer Chandra Bhan Prasad said, “BJP’s victory in UP assembly elections is being seen by their supporters as not just an anti-Muslim mandate but also an anti-Dalit mandate. BSP managed to maintain a vote share of 22.3%, which means that the Dalits stayed with the BSP, despite the BJP’s many assertions to the contrary. The fact that Dalits stayed with the BSP has irked the BJP supporters. That is the core reason behind these incidents. As upper caste assertion and aggressiveness is growing, these kinds of incidents are bound to rise. And as some Dalits are economically sufficient, especially in the Saharanpur region, there is bound to be a reaction.”Badri Narayan, professor of social history and cultural anthropology at GB Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad, said, “There is a delicate social balance which exists in our society and it has to be managed very carefully and tactfully. Unfortunately, what happens is that the followers of the political party which is in charge, get aggressive and tend to do things which disturb the social balance. And this happens with every political party. All political parties need to ensure that a clear message is sent out from the top to their cadres that all persons belonging to any religion or caste must be treated equally. That is what all political parties must do, and the Govt  also must do. That doesn’t happen as much as it should.”Many Dalit youths from the Sadak Dudhali village where the April 20 violence occurred have claimed that the local BJP leaders wanted to pit Dalits against Muslims for their political gain. timesofindia
Modi is best PM, caste, untouchability result of Arab, Mughal invasions: New ICSSR chief
New Delhi: Narendra Modi is the best PM  and the worst victim of intolerance; caste in its present form and untouchability are a result of Arab, Turk and Mughal invasions; Macaulayism and the dominance of Marxists led to India’s intellectual decline; and, the Opposition’s support to JNU students hurt nationalistic sentiments. These are the views of BB Kumar,newly-appointed chairman of the Indian Council Of Social Science Research (ICSSR), which were published in the form of signed editorials in Dialogue, an English quarterly journal he edits, over the last 2 years.  Kumar, an anthropologist by training, was appointed on May 2 by the HRD Ministry as the head of ICSSR, the apex body for promoting research in social sciences. He joined office on May 5.76-year-old was shortlisted by a panel with Ashok Modak, National Research Professor and former BJP MLC from Maharashtra, and historian Satish Mittal, president of the RSS-backed Akhil Bharathiya Itihaas Sankalan Yojana, as members.In an editorial published in the Jan-March issue of 2016, Kumar wrote:“Aggressive anti-Hindu agenda of conversion of the Muslim rulers, their capture and sale of Hindus as slaves, etc., led lakhs of Hindus to run away to the forests for saving themselves; many started taking pig’s flesh to avoid becoming Muslims; they, eventually, become Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes… A point, needing emphasis, is that caste in the present form, untouchability and intra-Hindu societal exploitation are entirely non-Hindu factors. Dominant JNU type scholarship in the field of Social Sciences has neither the tendency nor the will and understanding to put the discourse in proper perspective.”The Indian Express
Kerala mosque opens door for NEET aspirants, waiting parents
New Delhi: CBSE NEET 2017 exam concluded on May 7 and along with it the accounts of harrowing experience students had to go through began surfacing online. Amidst all the stories of humiliation, injustice and paper leak allegation stories, a story of human compassion has emerged from Aluva, Kerala. In an heartwarming incident of kindness parents of wards who had gone inside the centre to give exam were given space to rest, provided with food items and water till their children finished the exam. On Sunday morning, when Muhammad Navas, Secretary of Vadi Huda Trust and his friends came out of the Mosque after offering the morning prayer, they saw a huge crowd along with vehicles in front of the mosque. After enquiring to some families who were present there, the people from the trust, which operates the Mosque opposite the Sivagiri School, got to know that the people came there from distant places to write the NEET exam.
Education scenario in Goa degrading: SIO
Panaji: Blaming the selective implementation of RTE for the failure of the no detention policy, president of the student Islamic organisation (SIO) Nahas Mala said that the failure has increased the dropout rate across the country. Speaking to media persons about the importance of RTE, Mala discarded the premise that children are not studying as they are not afraid of failing grades."The reason behind the inclusion of 'no detention policy' in RTE was to reduce the number of dropout students. Students from the marginalized community never came back to school when they were detained in the same class. To overcome the situation, this policy was envisaged, targeting the backward communities," Mala said, adding that contrary to the plans, the dropout rate has increased due to poor implementation.Mala supported his claims by stating that the failure rate at class nine in Goa stood at 34%. timesofindia
Madhu Kishwar named to JNU council as School of Arts expert, Dean objects: indian express
New Delhi: JNU V-C M Jagadesh Kumar has nominated scholar-activist Madhu Kishwar to the university’s Academic Council (AC) to represent the School of Arts & Aesthetics (SAA) as an outside expert for 2 years.As an AC member, Kishwar will have the power to decide on matters related to JNU’s academic policies.When contacted, SAA Dean Bishnupriya Dutt said: “We were given a letter asking us to suggest names of experts pertaining to the discipline. We sent 6 names of people who are prominent in the field of arts. Her (Kishwar’s) name wasn’t part of the list because she has nothing to do with the study of the arts.”“We are very confused and bewildered why these names were rejected and somebody who has no connection with our discipline was selected. It has never happened before in 17 years of this school’s existence. Until date, one of the names — and usually the first name on the list — is the one that has been selected by V-C.” Dutt said.
Assam: SC defers hearing on citizenship issue
New Delhi: The hearing of the petitions challenging Section 6A of the Citizenship Act has been deferred by a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court and it is likely to be held after vacation as some of the petitioners have sought time to file additional affidavits. Constitution Bench comprising Justice Madan B Lokur, Justice RK Agarwal, Justice Prafulla C Pant, Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Ashok Bhushan today heard the counsels representing the petitioners before deciding to defer it for the time being. The Central Govt ’s counsel also pleaded that they needed time to make submissions.The matter would now be referred to Chief Justice of India, Justice JS Khehar, who will fix a fresh schedule. Bench is also likely to be reconstituted as Justice Prafulla CPant is scheduled to retire.The petitioners included Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, All Assam Minority Students Union, Asom Sanmilita Mahasangha, Assam Public Works, Asam Sahitya Sabha, Joint Action Committee for Bengali Refugees, Dipak Kumar Nath, Purbottar Hindustani Sammelan, Sadou Asom Ahom Sanstha, Pranab Kumar Mazumdar and Swajan among others. Meanwhile, All Assam Students Union adviser Samujjal Bhattacharya said that they are defending the Assam Accord with its cut-off date of March 25, 1971. assamtribune
SC lauds efforts of Haji Ali in removing encroachments
New Delhi:Supreme Court asked Mumbai's Haji Ali Dargah Trust to remove encroachments in a 500 square metre area in the historic shrine within four weeks, while lauding its efforts in this regard so far.The apex court said if the encroachers failed to comply with the order to remove the encroachments by June 6, then the JTF set up by the Bombay High Court will come into picture and begin the work of removing them from June 10 and complete the task by June 30.PTI  
No action against a single BJP leader despite multiple reports by minority commission since 2014
New Delhi:Ever since Modi Govt  has taken over Delhi, the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) at various intervals from 2014 have raised serious doubts and concerns over the statements of various BJP leaders including their MPs and MLAs.A team of NCM officials visited Saharanpur in UP  and parts of Maharashtra from July 2014. Based on their visits, NCM chairperson wrote a letter to MHA Rajnath Singh on 18th September 2014 and raised concerns over hate speeches and inflammatory remarks made by public representatives. NCM termed their actions as an attempt to disturb communal harmony and peace. The letters also added that such incidents were increasing day by day.Interestingly, the letter pointed to 3 very specific incidents with regards to the matter of subject: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj strongly associating terrorism with Madarsa and Muslims.Derogatory comments by BJP MLA Usha Thakur of Madhya Pradesh about Muslims with regards to Garba celebrations. She demanded a ban on Muslims in Garba pandals.A statement made by Yogi Adityanath on Love Jihad (the statement on which the NCM raised concerns is when Yogi was not UP CM)The letter sought action against these three inflammatory and offensive remarks, saying they can create a lot of tension between the two communities.After the Trilokpuri riots incident in India's capital Delhi, a letter was written by NCM to the then Lieutenant general of Delhi Najeeb Jung. After communal tension in Faridabad, where Muslims were stopped from building mosques in the area, a team of NCM visited the place in May 2015. india today
Now, Beijing deletes envoy’s suggestion to rename China-Pak corridor
Beijing: An embarrassed China has expunged its India envoy’s suggestion that Beijing could think renaming the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to allay New Delhi’s concerns. India has reservation about the ambitious project as it passes through Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir, which New Delhi says challenges its sovereignty by lending legitimacy to Pakistan’s claim over the territory.The suggestion made by Luo Zhaohui has been removed from the version of his speech published on the Chinese embassy’s website.With Pakistan PM  Nawaz Sharif expected in Beijing next week for the high-profile belt and road forum (BRF), it would have be awkward for Beijing to be seen tweaking the name of the expensive and prestigious project to be showcased at the BRF.And, that too on behalf of India, which has firmly refused to be part of President Xi Jinping’s multi-billion dollar One Road, One Belt (OBOR) initiative that aims to build a new Silk route.Speaking at the United Service Institution (USI) in New Delhi on Friday, Luo said China could think about renaming CPEC, referring to India’s concerns over the corridor passing through PoK.HT
To allay India’s fears, Chinese ambassador to New Delhi offers to rename China-Pak economic corridor
Sohail Mahmood to be Pakistan’s new envoy to India as Abdul Basit completes tenure
Sohail Mahmood, one of Pakistan’s senior-most diplomats, will be the country’s new High Commissioner to India, diplomatic sources said on Monday.Mahmood, 55, currently Pakistan’s ambassador in Turkey, was granted a visa by India on Friday, sources in Indian High Commission said.He will replace Abdul Basit who has already completed his  tenure in New Delhi.PTI
Kashmir: Civilians allege army going door-to-door to collect their details, claim privacy breach
Srinagar: Residents of south Kashmir’s Bijbehara area, ancestral base of CM  Mehbooba Mufti, alleged that soldiers from a Rashtriya Rifles unit were visiting households and collecting details of the people living there, including toddlers and infants.The soldiers put a sign on the door of the house after gathering the information.The people are not happy with the door-to-door survey, saying the exercise was intimidating and breached their privacy.“Soldiers have been coming and asking minute details such as the number of family members, their names, occupation, age, gender and all other things, village after village in the area,” said a resident of Bijbehara in Anantnag district.Security agencies are known to conduct such drives in civilian areas close to their camps. In March, Rashtriya Rifles troopers deployed in an area in north Kashmir’s Sopore apparently did a similar exercise, offending the locals.An army officer defended such exercises as “routine” and conducted occasionally by army units to know their neighbours.Local newspaper Rising Kashmir quoted residents of New Colony in Bijbehara town as saying that the soldiers told them the survey was conducted on behalf of the revenue department. The alleged drive in Bijbehara follows last Thursday’s anti-insurgency door-to-door search with around 4,000 troops, helicopters and drones in south Kashmir’s Shopian district — the biggest combing mission against militants for more than a decade.HT
Kashmir struggle indigenous, not like IS and Al-Qaeda, say separatists
Srinagar: The joint separatist leadership in Kashmir Monday distanced itself from global jihadi outfits like ISIS and Al Qaeda, saying their “freedom struggle” “is indigenous”.“The ongoing freedom struggle is indigenous. Terrorism and the freedom movement are poles apart,” the joint leadership of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik said in a statement.“The Indian agencies are desperate to malign the movement and under a well thought out plan they were drafting policies to bring a bad name to the freedom struggle of Kashmir”, they said.“Our movement has nothing to do with these world-level groups and practically they are nonexistent in the state. There is no role for these groups in our movement,” they said.“Authorities in Delhi have now started to play a vicious game under the garb and label of ‘holy war’. It is a ploy to create a wedge between people and bravehearts (militants).” indianexpress
Mirwaiz, Geelani condemn ban on TV channels, social media
Shakeel Saifi announces Rs 5 crore reward for those beheading Pak soldiers
A little-known Muslim organisation has announced a cash reward of Rs 5 crore for those who behead Pakistani soldiers and hand over the heads to India.Mohammad Shakeel Saifi, the Chairman of Muslim Yuva Atankwad Virodhi Samiti, said he would collect the amount from his volunteers and public and give it to the one who brings heads of Pakistani soldiers who mutilated bodies of 2 Indian soldiers at the LoC recently. HT
Armymen favour political intervention in Kashmir
New Delhi: Without changing the aggressive security posture taken in Kashmir, the Union Govt  needs to immediately intervene politically if the level of violence has to come down anytime soon, a significant number of military officers say. Among military officers dealing with Kashmir, there is almost unanimity about the need for urgent political intervention if the situation has to improve. thehindu
Delhi: Rohingyas in capital dread coming months
It has been 5 years since over 1,00,000 Rohingyas, a Muslim community from Rakhine in Myanmar, had to flee persecution in their country and take refuge in other South Asian countries. This wave of exodus brought 48 Rohingya families to Delhi, who now live in a small, makeshift settlement, named Darul Hijrat camp, near the Kalindi Kunj bridge in extremely poor conditions. Last year, another calamity befell these families. As many as 50 people contracted dengue or chikungunya in the camp. Most residents work as daily wagers and earn Rs 150-200 per day. With little help from the Govt  or the UNHCR, the added expenditure of medicines broke the back of many a families.The mere memory of that time is enough to make the camp residents dread the coming months — the disease season of the year."Women and children were most affected as they spend more time in the camp, while men go out to work," said Ali Johar, a Rohingya, who works as a UNHCR health volunteer. "Every day, from 6 pm till next morning, you cannot even stand outside because of the mosquitoes. There are several open drains nearby, making the area a hotbed for mosquitoes and flies,"he further said.Of the total 226 people living in the camp, 95 are kids, with 50 of them are below five years of age. These children are much more prone to these vector-borne diseases as they spend their entire time in the camp and are also quite undernourished. dnaindia
BJP asks backward Muslims to embrace Modi's policies
New Delhi: BJP's Muslim leaders today urged backward sections of the community to embrace PM  Narendra Modi's "pro-poor" policies at a meeting organised here following his call to the party to reach out to them.Making a distinction between backwards and others among Muslims, Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the poor Muslims have been unable to take advantage of the welfare schemes for minorities and claimed that Modi's "pro- poor" policies will uplift them.Modi had asked leaders at the party's national executive meeting in Bhubaneswar to reach out to the backward Muslims, saying they will also benefit from his Govt 's bill that seeks constitutional status for the OBC Commission but was stalled by opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha.PTI
RSS Muslim wing wants PoK, Kailash Mansarovar merged with India, to build Ram temple in Ayodhya
New Delhi: Muslim arm of the RSS has passed a resolution for merger of PoK and Kailash Mansarovar with India.Kailash Mansarovar, a pilgrimage site for Hindus, is in Tibet.Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) at its 2-day national executive meeting that concluded over the weekend in Uttarakhand’s Roorkee resolved to push the Centre for the unification of the two Kashmirs to bring peace in the Valley and in the region.Both resolutions expected to stoke a controversy are in line with the Sangh’s position on Kashmir and China. MRM’s national convenor Mohd Afzal told HT that the organisation will push for the merger of PoK with India using “diplomatic means or through the use of force”.“This is the only way to end the Kashmir problem; to ensure peace along the border and an end to stone-pelting and violence in the Valley,” Afzal said.He said the Govt  must also ensure that India should get Kailash Mansarovar, a holy place for Hindus.MRM passed 4 more resolutions to support education and skill development of the Muslim community, ending the practice of triple talaq, making beef consumption illegal and construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya. Another contentious issue that the MRM has agreed to back is the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. “Starting May 12 in Meerut, over 3,000 meetings will be held across the country to create awareness about the 5 resolutions that were passed and to gather support,” Afzal told HT. HT
After Ramzan, Ilyasi led Imam group to meet in Delhi to find amicable solution to Ram Temple issue, urges Govt to declare cow national animal
Allahabad: President of All-India Imam Organisation Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi on Saturday said Muslim clerics from all over the country would meet in New Delhi after Ramzan to find an amicable solution to the Ram Temple issue.“I welcome the stand of the Supreme Court on the issue and believe that the dispute should be amicably settled by the Imams and Hindu saints through dialogue held in a cordial environment,” Ilyasi said while talking to a section of media.The cleric was on a day-long visit to Allahabad as part of the Bharat Ekta Yatra aimed at strengthening communal harmony recently.“We will try to arrive at a consensus for peaceful settlement to the issue which is acceptable to both Hindus and Muslims,” Ilyasi said.“All parties can sit together and solve the dispute. In the proposed meet, the clerics will discuss the Ayodhya dispute. Based on the outcome of the meet, we will later hold talks with temple priests and saints,” he said.Coming down heavily on Pakistan for mutilation of the bodies of army men, Ilyasi urged the PM  and the home minister to give a befitting reply to Pakistan.“Enough is enough. So many times dialogue has taken place between the two countries. Indians will no longer tolerance such incidents,” he added.Ilyasi said Kashmiri children and youth, who should be having pens in their hands, were getting influenced by separatist leaders and pelting security forces with stones. “I believe these separatist leaders should go to Pakistan if they so desire. But staying in India and speaking the language that they are using is unacceptable,” he added.Ilyasi urged the central Govt  to declare cow the national animal of India but recommended that legal slaughterhouses should be allowed to function without any harassment.He said triple talaq was being used as a tool of injustice against Muslim women. Expressed happiness over Muslims, especially women, were practicing yoga. hindustantimes
Demonetisation did not impede future black money flows: UN report
Indian Govt ’s demonetisation measures did not impede future black money flows in new denominations, a UN report said. According to UN Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2017, complementary measures to demonetisation would be required to target all forms of undeclared wealth and assets.“Broader structural reforms which could also contribute to enhanced transparency include: the implementation of a goods and services tax; voluntary disclosure of income scheme; and tracking of high-value transactions through taxpayer identification numbers,” it said.“Other measures, such as reforming the real estate registration process to ensure transparency, are being discussed.”IANS
RSS using even children to plot murders in Kerala: CM
Hitting out at RSS, CM Pinarayi Vijayan alleged the organisation used even children to plot murders in the State. Replying to questions in the Assembly about RSS’ activities in the state, Pinarayi said when a child joined the RSS, neither his/her humanity nor cultural consciousness got enhanced. “Biggest allegation is it drains out the child’s humanity,” said Pinarayi who accused the RSS leadership of training its cadre for organising and conducting various attacks.He also alleged the intention behind murdering the madrassa teacher in Kasargod was to unleash communal riots. newindianexpress
No confirmation on death of 2 Keralities who joined terror outfits: Kerala CM
Govt has no confirmation on the death of two Keralites who allegedly joined terror groups last year, Kerala CM  Pinarayi Vijayan said today. "We have reports about the death of 2 persons from Kerala who went missing, but no confirmation on it," Vijayan told the state assembly during question hour. He said it has come to the notice of the Govt  functioning of banned outfits like IS and Maoists in the state.PTI
Hindutva responsible for BJP success, shocking they declared India secular in UN: Shiv Sena
Mumbai:Shiv Sena – an ally in the Centre and Maharashtra Govt  – on Monday slammed the Centre over its stand in the United Nations that India is a secular country with no state religion. Sena in an editorial in party’s mouthpiece Saamana said it expected the Modi Govt  to make the country a “Hindu Rashtra” .Last week, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, who led the Indian delegation to the UN Human Rights Council, said, “India is a secular state with no state religion.” hindustantimes
SC sentences Justice Karnan to 6 months in jail for contempt of court
New Delhi:The Supreme Court created history on Tuesday by holding sitting Calcutta HC judge C S Karnan guilty of contempt of court and punishing him with six month jail.Karnan, who was to retire on June 11, will spend the last month of his tenure as judge and five months thereafter in jail.A seven-judge bench headed by CJI JS Khehar said Justice Karnan is guilty of contempt of SC, judiciary and judicial process. timesofindia
SC bars media from publishing Karnan’s statements
Egypt issues life sentence for Muslim Brotherhood chief
An Egyptian court has sentenced the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide Mohammed Badie and two prominent leaders of the group to life in prison for "planning violent attacks", judicial officials and a lawyer said. Badie and 37 others connected to the "Rabaa operations room" case are accused of conspiring to stir unrest during protests that followed the July 2013 military-led overthrow of Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi, who hailed from the Brotherhood. Public Prosecutor's Office charged the accused with "preparing an operations room to confront the state and create chaos in the country following the dismantling of the Rabaa al-Adawiya sit-in" and "planning to burn public property and churches".On August 14, 2013, security forces stormed a large protest gathering at Rabaa in the capital Cairo and allegedly shot hundreds of unarmed demonstrators.Giza criminal court sentenced Badie to a life term, along with Mahmoud Ghozlan, a Brotherhood spokesman, and Hossam Abubakr, a member of its guidance bureau, the officials and defence lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud said.US-Egyptian citizen Mohammed Sultan, his father Salah Sultan, and Ahmed Aref, another spokesman for the group, were among other defendants sentenced to serve five years behind bars.Egyptian authorities deported Mohammed Sultan to the US in May 2015, while his father remains in custody.Other sentencees include two journalists from the Rassd news network, Abdullah al-Fakharany and Samy Mostafa, and a presenter of the Islamist Amgad channel, Mosaad al-Barbary. 21 others were acquitted on Monday, including Gehad Haddad, an international spokesman for the Brotherhood.The retrial came after Egypt's Court of Cassation scrapped a 2015 ruling under which Badie and 13 others were condemned to death, and 34 defendants given life terms."We will appeal for everyone who was convicted," Abdel Maksoud told AFP. The Court of Cassation would have to issue a final ruling in such an appeal. Aljazeera
Egyptian forces kill Brotherhood men in shootout:Reuters
Egyptian security forces killed 8 militants they identified as members of the Muslim Brotherhood in a shootout in the country's south, the interior ministry said on Monday.President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has launched the toughest crackdown on Islamists in Egypt's modern history after toppling President Mursi in 2013. Brotherhood maintains that its activities are peaceful and had no immediate comment. An interior ministry statement said those killed included Helmi Saad Masri, whom it described as a prominent Brotherhood leader. dnaindia
Rights group: 30 civilians killed in Sinai in April
30 civilians were killed in northern Sinai in April at the hands of the Egyptian army and armed groups, the Sinai Organisation for Human Rights has revealed.According to the Palestinian news agency Safa, the Geneva-based organisation said that at least 30 civilians were killed, including seven children and three women. middleeastmonitor
Meshaal denies plans to head international Brotherhood
Outgoing head of Hamas’ political bureau, Khaled Meshaal has denied reports that he has received an offer to head the international organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood group, according to Quds Press.Speaking to the news agency Meshaal said he couldn’t receive such an offer because  “Hamas is a Palestinian movement” that limits its work within the framework of the Palestinian cause.Last week, Hamas’ Shura Council elected Ismail Haniyah, the former Palestinian PM  and longtime Hamas senior member, to replace Meshaal as political bureau chief.Meshaal told Quds Press that Hamas does not intervene in the affairs of other countries or movements and groups, adding that the Palestinian movement is “independent” from any other group. middleeastmonitor
1,600 cases of enforced disappearance cases among Palestinians in Syria
Task Group for Sake of Palestinian Refugees in Syria documented 1,600 cases of enforced disappearance among Palestinian refugees in Syrian regime prisons since 2011, the Anadolu reported. Task Group said that the real number of enforced disappearance cases is much larger but there are no official statistics issued by the Syrian regime.It added that it could not get the real number of cases because many families are afraid to report that their relatives are missing. Task Group called for Syrian regime to reveal information about hundreds of such cases and other Palestinian detainees whose fate remains unknown. middleeastmonitor
Qatar FM: No substitute for Bashar al-Assad's departure
The implementation of de-escalation zones should not be used to delay a solution to the Syrian conflict and the question of political transition, Qatar's foreign minister has said. Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said President Bashar al-Assad ought to leave office in any final peace agreement.He said the de-escalation zones "are a step towards reaching a solution and not the solution itself"."There should be a clear message that political transition is based on the Geneva I declaration, which ends with Bashar al-Assad and his regime leaving power and the establishment of a transitional authority." Al Thani's remarks came as the office of Staffan de Mistura, UN special envoy to Syria, announced that talks between the Syrian Govt and the opposition on ending the war will reconvene in Geneva on May 16. aljazeera
Palestinian relatives of arson victims sue Israel
Relatives of a Palestinian family burned alive have filed a lawsuit against Israel demanding it be held responsible and pay damages over the 2015 attack blamed on Jewish groups in the occupied West Bank.Eighteen-month-old Ali Dawabsheh died along with his parents when their house was firebombed in July 2015.His brother Ahmed, now six, was the sole survivor but was left with severe burns. aljazeera
Israel accused of 'killing children with impunity'
West Bank:At the Hjeiji family home in the occupied West Bank village of Qarawat Bani Zeid, classmates, friends and relatives of Fatima Hjeiji lined up to pay their respects.One by one, the women and girls hugged Fatima's mother Dareen and offered sympathetic words."She was such a lovely girl. Everybody at school loved her," said Nadin Imad, 17, who attended the girls' school in the village with Fatima."I was in class with her since the first grade. She had a very strong character and was not afraid to say whatever she wanted."The previous afternoon had begun like any other afternoon in the Hjeiji household. Fatima, 16, had returned home from school around 1.30pm and updated her mother on the morning's events."It was a normal day, nothing unusual," said Dareen Hjeiji. aljazeera
Erdogan calls Israel policy on Palestinians 'racist'
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has compared Israel's policies against the Palestinians to the racism of the early days of the US and the apartheid-era in South Africa. aljazeera
Nearly 90,000 Afghans displaced in 2017, says UN
The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has forced 88481 people to leave their homes since the beginning of 2017, according to a United Nations report.Displacements occurred in 29 of the country's 34 provinces, stated the report on Tuesday. It noted that the security situation across all regions had grown more volatile as clashes continue in a number of provinces.North-eastern Kunduz and Badakhshan provinces have been witnessing especially fierce fighting as Taliban forces captured two districts within a week after the announcement of their spring offensive.Since January, 34,881 individuals have been displaced in that region: "just under 40 % of the total population displaced countrywide," says the report.In Kunduz, the UN estimates that, additionally, more than 30,000 individuals have been displaced by fighting in the district of Qala-e Zal, as well by fighting along the Kunduz-Khanabad highway in the past days alone.In 2016, more than 660,600 civilians fled their villages and homes. ongoing
57% increase in anti-Muslim bias incidents in US:group
Boston: When the Al-Kareem mosque in Providence, Rhode Island, received a threatening letter in November calling Muslims a “vile and filthy people”, its members were frightened enough that they asked for and got extra police protection.The 42-year-old mosque was far from alone. The letter it received was one of 2,213 anti-Muslim bias incidents in the US last year, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.The report found a 57% increase in the number of incidents in 2016, up from 1,409 in 2015. Incidents increased 5% from 2014 to 2015.While the group had been seeing a rise in anti-Muslim incidents prior to Donald Trump’s stunning rise in last year’s presidential primaries and Nov election victory, it said the acceleration in bias incidents was due in part to Trump’s focus on militant Islamist groups and anti-immigrant rhetoric.Rhode Island’s oldest mosque was only threatened, while others in Florida and Texas were set ablaze in cases ruled arson. But knowledge of how common threats had become was far from comforting for Faissal Elansari, a member of the mosque’s board.“Hearing about it is not the same thing as when you receive it, it was definitely a weird feeling,” Elansari said. CAIR officials decided in start what they intend to be quarterly reports after noticing a pickup in complaints beginning in 2014, following the rise of Islamic State killings in the Middle East and attacks inspired by the group in Europe and the US.Reuters
Trump admin insists travel ban not anti-Muslim
Did Donald Trump’s contested travel ban deliberately single out Muslims? US administration fiercely denied it during an appeals court hearing Monday -- despite the president’s campaign call for a blanket Muslim ban.The hearing came as Trump seeks to bounce back from a series of stinging judicial defeats over his controversial effort to bar travelers from half a dozen mainly Muslim countries.The question of intention is key since the US Constitution forbids religious discrimination. Trump’s detractors say it is beyond doubt that Muslims were the ban’s intended target, but the administration says it is motivated strictly by national security concerns, an area where US presidents have wide powers. AFP
Myanmar urged to reopen 2 Muslim schools
YANGON, Myanmar: An international rights group on Monday urged the Govt  of Myanmar to reopen two Muslim religious schools that were shut down late April following the demands of a mob led by ultra-nationalist monks.Local authorities -- following negotiations with local Muslim leaders -- closed two madrasahs in Tharkayta Township of the country’s largest city, Yangon, on April 28 after more than 100 people led by ultra-nationalist Buddhist monks demanded the immediate closure of religious schools in the area which they claimed were being operated as mosques.New York-based Human Rights Watch on Monday said the closure was "the latest Govt  failure to protect country’s religious minorities".
Jakarta governor Ahok found guilty of blasphemy
An Indonesian court has found Jakarta's outgoing Christian governor guilty of blasphemy against Islam.Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, was sentenced to two years in prison on Tuesday in a south Jakarta courtroom over comments he made regarding what he believed to be the misinterpretation of certain verses of the Quran.As hundreds of protesters gathered outside calling for the maximum penalty to be given, Dwiarso Budi Santiarto, the presiding judge, told the court that Purnama was "convincingly guilty of committing blasphemy". aljazeera
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