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08 May 2017: 11 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:185
INDIA:Muslim Personal Law
No govt or court has right to effect changes in Shariat: Top Muslim clerics at Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s programme
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New Delhi: India’s top Muslim clerics have unequivocally asserted that Shariat is divine and hence no Govt  or court has right to make any changes in it. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had no such right, how Muslims can give that right to any Govt or court, they asked while speaking at the concluding program of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s nationwide Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign, held at Aiwan-e Ghalib here on Sunday evening. The clerics categorically asserted that Muslim disputes over family matters are reaching courts because of ignorance or deliberate misuse of Shariat provisions, and so Shariat cannot be held responsible for it. Instead, there is strong need to educate the Muslim masses about Shariat, to impress upon them to follow it honestly and to open counseling centers and Shariat panchayats to resolve any disputes over family matters like marriage, divorce, and inheritance. “When Muslims were in power they never interfered in customs, traditions and personal laws of other communities and that is why the British regime respected Islamic Shariat and in 1937 the Shariat Application Act was passed to ensure that courts decide according to Islamic Shariat in family matters like marriage, divorce, and inheritance if both parties are Muslim,” said Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board.He urged Muslims to have full faith and belief in Shariat, acquire its knowledge and practice it fully and honestly. Maulana Fazlurrehman Mujaddidi, Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, termed the recent hue and cry over talaq and polygamy as part of a global conspiracy to target social and family system of Islam. “We have lost our political system and also an economic system, and now there is a global conspiracy to target our social and family system. Islamic civilization and social system are being targeted as they are a big impediment in the way of Western civilization,” said Maulana Mujaddidi at the program that was presided over by Jamaat chief Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari. “Talaq is a need of human society. When a husband and wife cannot live together for any reason, they can get separated through Talaq,” he said.Maulana Ateeque Ahmed Bastawi, Convener, Darul Qaza committee, All India Muslim Personal Law Board said: “No Govt  or court will be able to make any change in our Shariat if we Muslims remain firm on it. When we ignore Shariat, courts, and Govt s get an opportunity to interfere in it.” He also advised Muslims to avoid going courts on family issues and stressed on setting up of counseling committee in every Muslim locality in the country to resolve disputes of marriage, divorce etc.Eminent Islamic scholar Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan said Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is one of 23 items mentioned in the Directive Principles of the Indian Constitution but only UCC is singled out by people with vested interests.In his presidential speech, president of Jamaat Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said: “During the campaign, I addressed several events in different parts of the country. The huge number of people at those programs gave a clear message that Muslims are not ready to keep off Islam and Shariat and this should be clear to all.” Maulana Umari said that no injustice can even be imagined in any law framed by Allah. “A Govt , a community or a party or an individual can do injustice but this cannot be said about Almighty Allah that He would take the side of any. So there cannot be injustice with any gender or group or individual in any law framed by Allah,” he said. Earlier at the program, Mohammad Jafar, Convener of Jamaat’s Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign (23 April – 7 May) said that through thousands of programs during the campaign, around 100 million people were reached directly or indirectly with the message Islam and Shariat. Major programs were held in all capital cities besides special programs for women. Women cadres of Jamaat campaigned in towns and villages and educated people about marriage, divorce, and inheritance. Some 84 press conferences were addressed by Jamaat’s women leaders while 1500 programs were organized only for women. Around 6 lakh booklets and 17 lakh pamphlets on women issues were distributed. About 32 lakh people were reached through personal contacts and 12,500 Friday sermons were used to educate the Muslim masses on Shariat.webiste
No govt or court has right to effect changes in Shariat, say Top Muslim clerics:
Pic of Aiwan e Ghalib dais where last day of Muslim Personal Law awareness campaign held: okhlatimes
News in picture – Jamaat’s Muslim personal law campaign concluding program, watch video: viewsheadlines
Ignorance mars personal law debate: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Gujarat seminar
Ahmedabad: As the debate on relevance of triple talaq gets momentum in the country, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's, Gujarat chapter, organized a seminar, on Sunday, as part of their awareness campaign for Muslim Personal Law and Sharia laws. The seminar was held at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Hall in Saraspur where members of Muslim community participated and shared their views.Gujarat convener for the campaign Mohammad Ilyas Qureshi in his speech mentioned that the current debate is result of the ignorance of the Islamic laws and Sharia among the Muslims and population at large.Shakeel Ahmed Rajput, president of the Gujarat chapter, said that there are a number of practices, customs and traditions which are against the idea of Sharia and they should be changed. "Family is the primary unit of the society and the rules should ensure that the love and respect continues in the institution. Customs like dowry are akin to crimes such as theft and robbery," he said.Woman community leader Arifa Parnavi in her speech said that there is need to get women educated so that they can understand their rights. "There should be a good number of counselling centers to resolve domestic issues so that the families should not go to the courts to seek justice," she said.TOI
Ranchi : Jamaat-e-Islami Hind to spread awareness about Personal Law
Ranchi (Daltonganj ): Majority of Muslims are ignorant about the finer points of Talaq, said a campaigner, Matin Tariq, of the Daltonganj unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Matin said, “Our own community does not know about the Muslim Personal Law and the result of which is that others go noisy over it and issue tons of statements without understanding that dissemination of wrong ideas and concepts are harmful to the entire society.” On the issue of Talaq, Matin Tariq said there is a strong need for setting up of counselling centres all over the country where people should be counselled over this. He further said that no one has any right to interpret or misinterpret the tenets of Ttalaq as per his own considerations and limits of knowledge. Ali Imam, local president of Daltonganj unit of Jammat - e- Islami Hind said the 15-day campaign launched by this unit is for massive awareness about Muslim Personal Law. However, Imam said as the issue of Talaq is the raging issue now the awareness was too focused on it as well. dailypioneer
Triple Talaq should be seen with perspective of reform not religion: Mukhtar Naqvi
New Delhi:Centre on Sunday launched a scathing at political leaders for politicizing the issue of Triple Talaq while saying that the matter should not be seen with the perspective of religion but ‘reform’.“Triple Talaq issue is not a matter of communalism. It should not be seen with the perspective of religion but reform. Those who are trying to give it a communal angle, they should understand that improvement is necessary for the society,” Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said. Reiterating PM Narendra Modi’s assertion of not politicizing the Triple Talaq matter, he further said society needs to improve and creating any kind of hindrance is not called for.ANI
No solid numbers for triple talaq, but divorce data show interesting trends: indianexpress
Bhopal: Hindu Sena chief drags youth with vehicle, smashes head, later crushes him to death
Bhopal: In a horrific incident, a youth was killed by dragging him with a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and later smashing his head against a water tanker before crushing him to death under the four-wheeler.The victim, Salman, died on the spot. His brother was also attacked with a sword and his condition remains serious.The incident occurred in MP Nagar in Bhopal. The main accused, Shivaji Patil, is district chief of Rashtriya Hindu Sena.He and his accomplices have been booked for murder. The incident occurred after Patil and other armed goons had targeted nearly two dozen vehicles, smashing the windowpanes near Pragati Petrol Pump.They were also abusing and shouting. When Salman, 25, whose father's vehicle was also damaged, reached the spot and objected, Shivaji Patil and his companions attacked him. Salman's brother Sohail was also attacked and beaten. He got injured. Salman later succumbed to injuries in the hospital.His brother's condition remains serious. The victim's father Abdul Saeed said that Shivaji Patil, Bharat Soni, Chhotu and others brutally beat Salman and later dragged him for over 200 metres, before smashing his head against a water tanker"."Then they ran him over with the vehicle", he said. "They kept on thrashing him, crushed him and there was no one to save him. I felt so helpless", Saeed said. The main accused, Patil, has a long criminal record. Local police officials told media persons that he has over half-a-dozen criminal cases against him. Patil was allegedly involved in extortion from transporters.After the incident, the goons had threatened local residents and warned them against informing police about their identities. The police reached the spot much later. Apart from Shiva, one of his accomplices Rocky has also been caught.When the policemen reached the locality later, they faced local residents' ire. People were upset that the goons killed a youth and managed to escape.The victim, Salman's marriage was scheduled this month. The engagement ceremony was held recently. On May 21st, the wedding was scheduled. Patil has been involved in crimes in the past too. He is district chief of Rashtriya Hindu Sena. He has been arrested.NewsBits.in
Amit Shah, Adityanath meet NRI donors pressing for work to begin on Ram temple in Ayodhya
More than 150 international donors to the Sangh Parivar had meetings last week in Delhi and Lucknow to urge the Govt  to build a Ram temple on the site of the demolished Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.460-year-old mosque was demolished on December 6, 1992, by a mob affiliated to the Sangh. They claim that the mosque was built on birthplace of the god Ram. The non-resident Indians, who were afforded an unusually high level of access to BJP President Amit Shah and UP CM Adityanath, were taken to Ayodhya, where they visited “the spot on which Ram temple is to be constructed” and inspected the Sangh Parivar’s preparations at Karsevakpuram, the VHP’s front office in the town.“They were over 150 in number and had come from 22 different countries, the majority from the US, Canada, UK and United Arab Emirates,” VHP’s spokesperson Vinod Bansal told Scroll.in on Sunday, a day after the tour ended. His organisation put the trip together.“NRIs expresed their desire to fund Ram temple at Ayodhya but asked the Govt  to remove all hurdles and start the construction before 2019 Lok Sabha election,” Bansal said. “They are getting restless because they don’t understand why this can’t happen now that the BJP is in power both at the Centre and in the state.”scroll.in

'Don't Cross Limits' Shouts BJP Lawmaker, Reducing Woman IPS Officer Charu Nigam To Tears
Gorakhpur:  A senior BJP lawmaker from Gorakhpur, the home turf of UP CM Yogi Adityanath, got into an argument with a senior police officer of the area on Sunday afternoon, asking her not to cross her limits, which made IPS officer, Charu Nigam break down.The incident happened when a group of women had blocked a road near the Koilhwa village alleging the complicity of the police and the administration in the sale of illicit liquor in the area.As the situation got tense, there was a scuffle between the women and the police present at the spot. The police says there was stone pelting from the crowd after which there was a lathi-charge - some women were injured. Immediately afterwards, Dr Radha Mohan Das Agarwal, veteran BJP lawmaker from Gorakhpur and also a famous doctor reached the spot and picked up an argument with Ms Nigam, an IPS officer of the 2013 batch currently under training in Gorakhpur. BJP lawmaker repeatedly wagged his finger at the IPS officer while yelling. ndtv
This Dalit Groom Was Beaten Up, Because He 'Dared' To Take Decorated Car To His Wedding
Just a week after Kerosene oil was poured in a well used by lower section of the society, because a dalit man hired band party for his daughter's wedding in Agar Malwa, Madyra Pradesh, here's yet another case of atrocities against dalits from the state. In a shocking incident, a dalit groom was beaten up for taking a decorated car to his wedding venue at Deri village in Chhatarpur district of MP.Arvind Singh, Akhand Singh, Prithvi Singh and Pintu Vishwakarma attacked Prakash Bansal, who was heading for the wedding venue in a decorated car last night, Inspector Rameshwar Dayal of Orchha Road police station said.The group of four men forced Bansal to alight from the car and thrashed him and six others of the marriage party, he said.INDIATIMES
Communal riots erupted in Adilabad: police resorted to tear gas, Muslim properties damaged
Hyderabad: After a message got viral on WhatsApp, communal riots erupted in Utnoor, Adilabad district. Persons from two communities indulged in violent activities.According to the details, an abusive message against the Muslims got viral on WhatsApp. In response to it, a youth posted an audio record which also became viral in no time. After this, the activists of Hindu Vahini, VHP and other Hindu outfits broke the locks of 16 shops belonging to Muslims and damaged the properties. After getting the news, the leaders of local minority community informed the state minority leaders. They contacted the IG of Hyderabad on telephone and apprised him of the situation in Utnoor. He assured that he would instruct DIG, Commissioner and SP of the district to control the situation immediately. Due to the delay of police, a lot of damage has been caused to Muslim properties. Police clamped section 144 during the night time. Despite this, the next day, 2 communities collided with each other near the old bus stand which is in the vicinity of police station. Heavy pelting of stone was done. Police released tear gas shells. People of both the communities got injured. District SP, P. Srinivas got an injury on his hand and DSP, Lakshmi Narayana got wounded in his foot.The Muslims were told to offer Zohar prayer in their houses. Police pickets were posted at all the Masajid. According to reports, after the last night incident, a large number of activists belonging to Hindu Vahini and VHP gathered from the nearby places, due to which the situation went out of control. siasat
Mob attacks police station in Telangana's Utnoor after communal remark on WhatsApp stirs tempers
Whistleblower Who Wrote About Sexual Abuse of Minors By Chhattisgarh Police is Suspended
New Delhi: Citing ‘indiscipline’, the Chhattisgarh Govt on May 6 suspended state prison official Varsha Dongre, who had posted on Facebook about gross human rights violations by the state. The deputy superintendent of Raipur central jail, in a Facebook post which she deleted later, had alleged that state security personnel indulged in widespread torture and sexual abuse of minor Adivasi girls inside prisons.At a time when the April 24 Maoist attack on Central Reserve Police Force personnel stationed in Bastar’s Sukma had focused political and media attention on the need for a purely military strategy to handle the conflict in Adivasi-dominated Bastar, Dongre’s allegations set off alarm bells in Raipur and Delhi.She called for “introspection” on the part of state authorities and had raised critical questions about Govt ’s role in handling the conflict between Maoists and the state.While the video news agency ANI first tweeted about her suspension, state officials later confirmed the Govt ’s decision.“Ms. Varsha Dongre has been suspended and charge-sheeted after it was found in a preliminary inquiry that her conduct was in violation of service rules and other rules,” Girdhari Nayak, the DGPjail) was quoted as saying in The Hindu.THE WIRE
Allahabad HC to hear Vishwanath temple, Gyanvapi mosque dispute on May 10
Lucknow: Allahabad high court will hear the Kashi Vishwanath Temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute on Wednesday.The Sunni Central Board of Waqf had filed a petition in 1998 challenging the orders passed by the additional district judge (Varanasi) on Oct. 10, 1997 and on Sept.23, 1998 in which he directed that status quo as on 1947 should be maintained and arrangements should be made to provide land to the parties for prayers and other religious purposes.Sunni Central Board of Waqf pleaded that the dispute had already been decided by the district court in 1942. However, in Sept.1991, the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991, was enacted and later the temple’s Trust filed a civil suit after which the Waqf Board filed an impleadment application seeking its inclusion as a party to suit.The civil judge dismissed the Board’s application and the court also rejected the revision petition challenging order. Waqf Board later approached the HC. hindustantimes
SC seeks govt response to plea seeking ban on female
genital mutilation
New Delhi: The Supreme Court has sought the response of the Centre and three states in response to a petition seeking a ban the practice of female circumcision which activists say violates the fundamental rights of women.The order came on a petition filed by an advocate, Sunita Tiwari, who argues that there should be law against the practice as it was violative of human and child rights.The petition highlights the secretive tradition of female circumcision among the Dawoodi Bohras, a Shia Muslims sect also referred to as Tayyabi Mustaili Ismailis. In the last few years, female members of the sect have spoken out against the practice and even launched online campaigns. While there is no specific provision in law banning the practice of ‘khatna’ or female circumcision, there are voices from the community members to stop the practice. hindustantimes
Reach out to Kashmir's stone-throwing youth, Muslim students group SIO
Panaji: BJP-led Central Govt  should reach out to the youth indulging in stone-pelting in J&K  and channelise their energies positively, because the party shares power in the troubled state, said the chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's student wing. Students Islamic Organisation of India President Nhas Mala also said that voices had also been raised to protest atrocities in academia against Dalits and Muslims students following the mysterious death of Hyderabad Central University scholar Rohit Vemula. Asked about what could be done to channelise the energies of Kashmiri students and youth, indulging in stone throwing, he said: "Actually, it is the duty of the central Govt , because they are sharing power with PDP in Kashmir and it is their duty to channelise."Mala also said that the situation was grim for Dalit and Muslim students in the country and the mysterious disappearance of JNU student Najeeb and Vemula's death showed travails students of both communities faced."Rohit's case was not a new issue. He was 11th victim in Hyderabad University. After his 'institutional murder', the matter came into the limelight and into the attention and afterward it became a movement," he said.IANS
‘If I were a bird, I would fly home to Burma’: Jammu’s Rohingya refugees hit by wave of hostility
“We were told India is a good democratic country.”That was 48-year-old Zahid Hussain’s explanation for why he and 7,000 members of Myanmar’s Rohingya ethnic group chose to flee persecution at home to settle in J&K. Most of them live in Jammu and Samba districts.“People of Jammu have been accepting of us,” said Hussain, who arrived in Jammu in 2009 and runs a modest dhaba in a refugee camp in the Narwal area. For instance, after a fire destroyed 81 shelters in the Narwal Rohingya camp in November, local residents came forward with cash and material help.But now, Jammu’s Rohingya community is on edge. A fire in the Bhagwati Nagar refugee camp in April did not produce the same kind of neighbourliness. Though the authorities believe that the blaze was the result of an electrical short-circuit, some in the community insist that it was an act of sabotage.“Haalat nazuk hai,” Hussain observed grimly. The situation is delicate. “In the last two months, people have begun to look at us with suspicion. We stay awake at night, keeping a watch.”Described as the world’s most persecuted community, the Rohingya people are a minority, Bengali dialect-speaking, ethnic Muslim group found mainly in Myankar’s western state of Rakhine, formerly Arakan. Rohingyas have been persecuted for decades in Myanmar, which views them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh – a claim the community strongly contests. Because of the persecution, thousands of Rohingyas have fled Myanmar over the years for Bangladesh, with some coming onward to India.According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, there are 14,000 Rohingya refugees and asylum-seekers in India now, of whom half are in J&K. scroll.in
School students clash with security forces in Kashmir
Srinagar:School students clashed with security forces on Monday during a protest march held in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district against the alleged high-handedness of security personnel, police said.The march, which was taken out in Tral area, near Srinagar, was stopped by security forces. The students threw stones at security personnel who charged at them with batons in response.The clashes are ongoing and there have been no reports of injuries so far, a police official said. The students were demanding action against security personnel who allegedly roughed up students during protests and the release of their arrested schoolmates.PTI
Prolonged Kashmir unrest might impact GST roll-out in militancy-hit state
 Political wrangling over continuing unrest in Kashmir might cast a shadow on the planned roll out of the GST in the trouble-torn state from July 1, a deadline set by the Centre for introducing the unified indirect tax regime across the country.If J&K  fails to meet the deadline, it will keep the state out of the national common market that GST is creating, keep tax burden high on consumers and dent profits of industry. hindustantimes
Imaginative compromise only solution to Kashmir: separatist Abdul Gani Bhat
Srinagar: In the autumn of his life, Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat, the veteran separatist ideologue may have fallen off the Hurriyat grid that hogs the limelight but he, more than anyone else, talks with the breeze of spring and the passion of summer about why an imaginative compromise between India and Pakistan is the only solution to the Kashmir conflict.As the April sun warms the balcony of his decrepit house and run-down furniture, the 82-year-old Professor who once taught Persian and remains the original voice of the pro-Pakistan sentiment in Kashmir, speaks with agility: "There is no alternative to bilateral dialogue. Talks must happen between the two sovereigns. They need to go beyond the beaten tracks and yesterday's intransigence because the situation here is grave." timesofindia
National media must stop spreading hatred against people of Kashmir: CM Mehbooba Mufti
New Delhi: J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti on Monday came out in defence of the youth in her state saying not all the youth in the state were stone pelters and it was just some of them that pelted stones. Speaking to news agency ANI, Mufti said, “Few people pelt stones, all the youths of Jammu-Kashmir don’t do that.” Mehbooba also requested national media to stop spreading hatred against the people of J&K. “I request national media to not show discussions on TV that spread hatred against people of J&K in the country,” she said. indianexpress
Norway’s envoy calls on Omar, discusses Kashmir issue
Srinagar:Norway’s envoy to India Nils Ragnar Kamsvag today called on National Conference working president Omar Abdullah here and discussed the Kashmir issue with him. Kamsvag met the ex-J&K CM at latter’s Gupkar residence. The overall political and economic situation of the state came up for a detailed discussion during the hour-long meeting between the 2, a spokesman of the National Conference, the opposition in the state, said. He added that Omar briefed the envoy about the prevailing situation in J&K  and NC’s stand on it.PTI
MP riots over cow: SC pulls up police for not examining videos
New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday took the MP police to task, saying it seemed it had not examined the videos and photographs pertaining to the 2013 communal riots, triggered by an alleged rumour that a cow had been slaughtered.“Who are the culprits? In charge sheets, you (Madhya Pradesh) say that you do not identify the persons as there were around 200 people in the mob… it seems that video CD has not been taken into consideration,” a bench comprising Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justices DY Chandrachud and SK Kaul said.The bench then directed the IO, who had probed 12 FIRs lodged in connection with the riots that had taken place on Sept.9, 2013 in Kheda and Pahatgaon villages of Harda district, to appear before it on July 17, the next date of hearing.PTI
Truth behind the photo of an angry mob shared by Hindus, Muslims, Christiansl:FactChecker.in
A graphic photograph of 2 young men engulfed in flames lying on a street flanked by an angry mob–this image that surfaces periodically on social media is in circulation once again. It has been used, every time, to whip up rumours of atrocities against one community by another: It could be Hindus, Muslims or Christians.A BOOM factcheck revealed that this image is almost nine years old and is often accompanied by allegations of a media conspiracy to gag the truth.The image has also been used with stories of atrocities against various ethnic minorities in different parts of the world–the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Christians in Nigeria.The image is now doing the rounds on Twitter claiming ‘Hindus killed in Pakistan’ or ‘Hindus killed in Jammu’.It was the Hindi newspaper NavBharat Times that debunked the story behind the image. The photo was shot in Karachi, Pakistan, on May 14, 2008.HT
Maulana Azad kin donates historical treasure trove to AMU
Kolkata: In a rare act of generosity, personal belongings of Maulana Azad have been donated by his legal heirs to the AMU. Azad, who had spent the early years of his life in Kolkata, has left behind a rare collection that have both historic and sentimental value. That included his translation of the Quran and comments on some issues from the Holy book, a dinner set with his initials, letters penned in Urdu, watches and books in Arabic. Recently, they were all officially handed over to AMU's VC Zamir Uddin Shah. timesofindia
Jharkhand demands air Intel, Madrasa-Modernisation for tackling Naxalism
Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das has asked the Centre to establish Air Surveillance Unit in Ranchi and modernisation of madrasas in the state to combat naxalism. Speaking at the meeting of the CM s of naxal-affected states here, he also said Integrated Action Plan, which focuses on the creation of public infrastructure and services in naxal-affected regions, should be re-introduced.CM also raised “issues” which found brief mention in the speech of Bihar CM  Nitish Kumar.In bulleted-points, Das presented the “issues related to Govt  of India for effective conduct of anti-naxal operations in Jharkhand”.PTI
CoBRA to ‘bite’ Naxals; 2000 commandos to enter Sukma
New Delhi: CRPF will soon deploy a fresh squad of about 2,000 commandos from its special guerrilla warfare CoBRA battalions in and around the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh to defang the Maoists and their arsenal. Sukma and its adjoining areas have witnessed some of the deadliest ambushes on security forces recently like the one where 25 CRPF men were killed in the Burkapal area of the district on April 24.PTI
Pleas against EVMs without VVPAT: SC seeks ECI’s affidavit
New Delhi: Supreme Court on Monday asked the Election Commission of India (ECI) to file an affidavit giving details of how much fund they have received from the Centre to procure paper trail equipment for use with electronic voting machines.A bench of Justices J Chelameswar and S Abdul Nazeer gave the direction to the ECI after senior counsel P Chidambaram, appearing for the BSP, referred to media reports and said the Centre has sanctioned funds for procurement of voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT). Union Cabinet had last month cleared ECI’s proposal for Rs 3,174 crore to procure the VVPAT equipments for use in the future elections.“ECI is here. Let them file a counter affidavit detailing as to when these machines (VVPAT) will be used in elections. Elections for some states are coming. Let them say this specifically,” Chidambaram told the bench.PTI
Bilkis Bano: Content with HC verdict, don’t want anyone to die in my name
New Delhi:Refusing to compare her case with the Nirbhaya gang-rape case where the apex court upheld death penalty for the convicts, Gujarat gang-rape survivor Bilkis Bano on Monday said she was content with the Bombay High Court rejecting the death penalty plea in her case. In one of the most horrifying incidents during the 2002 Gujarat riots, Bano, then 19 and pregnant, was brutalised by a gang of men and many of her family members killed in front of her eyes.IANS
Bilkis Bano: ‘I Want Justice, Not Revenge, I Want My Daughters to Grow Up in a Safe India’
Shivraj Singh Chouhan goes UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s way, says no illegal slaughterhouses will be allowed in MP
Echoing UP CM Yogi Adityanath, MP CM  Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Sunday said that no illegal slaughterhouses will be allowed to function in the state. “No illegal slaughterhouses will be allowed to function in MP,” Chouhan said. PTI
Beef biryani row: Hisar university says Mewat samples from cow/oxen
Chandigarh: 6 days after People for Animal (PFA) chairman Naresh Kadyan filed a police complaint alleging Govt  officials of going slow over Mewat biryani samples collected in 2016, Hisar’s Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences on Monday clarified that the samples sent to the university belonged to ‘cow/oxen’. Haryana police now say that it would act on a complaint filed by Kadyan after receiving a formal report from the university. Kadyan alleges that the “cows were slaughtered to get beef biryani unlawfully without any permit.” “The meat of cow and oxen is referred as beef. It means that all seven samples have been found beef-positive. The accused may be punished with up to 7 years imprisonment for the offence,” says Kadyan.The biryani samples were collected from seven traders in 2016 suspecting that these were product of beef. indianexpress
Kapil Mishra didn’t complain about Rs 2 crore, ACB chief Meena
Delhi ACB chief, MK Meena, told reporters on Monday that the sacked minister, Kapil Mishra, had not registered any complaint regarding his allegations that Arvind Kejriwal accepted Rs 2 crore cash from his health minister, Satyender Jain. This assumes significance in light of Mishra’s sensational claims that Kejriwal had accepted Rs 2 crore in cash from Jain on Sunday. This claim had caused a political earthquake of sorts as media debated the perceived damage to Kejriwal’s image as Clean. jantakareporter
Fodder scam: SC revives criminal conspiracy charge against Lalu
New Delhi:The Supreme Court reinstated on Monday criminal conspiracy charges against Lalu Prasad in a fodder scam case, and said that the former Bihar CM  will be tried in each of the five remaining cases against him.The ruling came on an appeal by the CBI against a 2014 order from the Jharkhand high court that said Prasad could not be tried for the same crime twice, referring to his previous conviction that also led to his disqualification from Parliament and earned him a ban from contesting elections.The SC said the HC should have been consistent in its findings and should not have given different views for different sets of accused in a case. It also pulled up the CBI for being late in filing its appeal.HT
Muslims don’t need to prove patriotism: Arshad Madani
Ahmedabad: Maulana Saiyed Arshad Madani, president of Jamiat E Ulama (JUH), said the Muslims need not prove their patriotism to anybody, or be on the defensive amid accusations of terror. “The Muslims cannot be cowered by saffron forces, whose campaign of communal hatred will have to be countered by love for all,” said Madani, while addressing a gathering during the Kaumi Ekta Maha Sammellan. indianexpress
Sabarmati blast: 4-member panel formed to monitor trial
Lucknow:Following the Supreme Court’s observation that the 2000 Sabarmati Express blast trial was moving at a snail’s pace, the Barabanki administration has formed a four-member committee comprising prosecution officials to monitor the trial. Nine passengers were killed in the blast, which occurred in a general compartment of the Sabarmati Express when it had reached Barabanki on the night of August 14, 2000. The case has been pending in a local court of the district. indianexpress
Delhi: 2 member panel to draft appointment rules for Waqf Tribunal
A 2-member committee has been formed by the Delhi Govt  to draft the terms and conditions for appointment of the chairman and members of the Waqf Tribunal.The committee, formed last week, by the Delhi Govt 's revenue department will be headed will be headed by the DM (South) Amzad Tak, a senior Revenue department official said.The panel will submit its report in next three weeks, he added.Earlier, the tribunal was a one-member body. It has been made a three-member body following an amendment in the Waqf Act in 2013.PTI
Viral post claims PM  Modi paid for Puja at Kedarnath
‘Authorities in Egypt tried to poison Morsi’
Egypt’s prison authorities served ousted President Mohamed Morsi food which was laced with poison, Mekameleen reported his son saying.“There was a meal which was presented to my father, if he had eaten it, there would have been a crime committed against him,” Abdullah wrote on Facebook.The son of the ousted president said this happened in 2015, adding that his father made the authorities aware of this by announcing it during his trial.Abdullah went on to say that he had been prevented from visiting his father in Tora prison, south of Cairo, once again, adding that he was informed that ban on family visits was still in place for the fourth year in a row. The last time the family had contact with him was on 7 Nov. 2013, he explained. There was no immediate comment from the security authorities, according to the Anadolu Agency. middleeastmonitor
Egypt’s ex-interior minister Al-Adli flees police custody
Egypt’s former Interior Minister, Habib Al-Adli, is believed to have escaped police custody evading a seven year jail term for corruption.Al-Adli, who was under house arrest in his villa in Sheikh Zayed City, disappeared completely from sight and severed all contact with his family and lawyer.He has chosen not to appeal the decision as the court ruled that he would need to be present at the hearing.Al-Adli was acquitted of all cases against him except for one case in which he was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of ordering police conscripts as free labour on his private properties.
Iran warns will hit militant 'safe havens' inside Pak:Reuters
Tehran: Head of the Iranian armed forces warned Islamabad on Monday that Tehran would hit bases inside Pakistan if the Govt  does not confront Sunni militants who carry out cross-border attacks.10 Iranian border guards were killed by militants last month. Iran said Jaish al Adl, a Sunni militant group, had shot the guards with long-range guns, fired from inside Pakistan.The border area has long been plagued by unrest from both drug smuggling gangs and separatist militants."We cannot accept the continuation of this situation," Major General Mohammad Baqeri, the head of the Iranian armed forces was quoted as saying by state IRNA.TOI
Iran warn military action inside Pakistan
Pakistan seeks US help to break Afghan-India ‘nexus’
Islamabad: Pakistan has sought US help to break the alleged alliance between India and Afghanistan “for the sake of regional peace”, a media report in Islamabad said on Monday. A senior official at the Pakistan foreign ministry said that during recent contacts Washington was urged to play its role to defuse Pakistan-Afghan tension.“We know the US has a stake in Afghanistan. They (US) want peace between us but India is trying to disrupt these efforts. We have asked them to take care of India if they can. New Delhi is obviously pulling their (Afghanistan’s) strings,” official, who remains in contact with Washington,told The Nation.Pakistan has previously blamed India for strained ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan.IANS
French Prez poll: Emmanuel Macron's win welcomed by European leaders
Many European leaders are voicing relief after pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron decisively won French  presidential election victory against Marine Le Pen, the far-right nationalist who had threatened to pull France out of the European Union.Macron's emphatic victory - he won around 66 % compared to Le Pen's 34% - has brought relief to European allies who feared another populist upheaval to follow Britain's vote to quit the EU and Donald Trump's election as US president.Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane, reporting from Berlin on Monday, said there is "palpable relief" in Germany now that Macron has won. aljazeera
French election: What does Emmanuel Macron stand for?
Centrist Macron triumphs over neo-fascist Le Pen in French presidential poll
Belgium just banned kosher, halal slaughter in its biggest territory
Belgium's Wallooon region has voted to ban kosher and halal meats by outlawing the slaughter of unstunned animals.The environment committee of southern Belgium's Walloon Parliament voted unanimously for the ban, which will take effect on 1 Sept, 2019.Both Jewish kosher and Islamic halal rituals require the butcher to swiftly slaughter the animal by slitting its throat and draining its blood, a process condemned by animal rights campaigners, who argue it is more humane to stun animals before killing them.Similar legislation has been proposed by parliament in northern Flemish region. European Jewish Congress has strongly condemned the decision, calling it "scandalous".A ban on the slaughter of animals without stunning will come into effect in Jan.2019 in the Flemish region of Belgium,the De Morgen daily paper reports. Belgium's Muslim community said its religious council has previously expressed its opposition to stunned slaughter and there had been no change in its stance since then."Muslims are worried about whether they can eat halal food ... in conformity with their religious rites and beliefs," the Belgian Muslim Executive said.Countries including Denmark, Switzerland and New Zealand already prohibit unstunned slaughter. independent
UN: 2m children displaced by South Sudan conflict
The civil war in South Sudan has forced more than two million children to flee their homes, according to two UN agencies.Children make up 62 % of the more than 1.8 million South Sudanese refugees who have arrived mainly in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan, say the UN children's fund, UNICEF, and the refugee agency, UNHCR.More than a million children have, meanwhile, been internally displaced."No refugee crisis today worries me more than South Sudan," said Valentin Tapsoba, Africa director for UNHCR. aljazeera
1,500 Moroccans go on hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners
Over 1,500 Moroccan activists have started a hunger strike in Rabat in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who started a collective hunger on 17 April.The Moroccan Coalition for Palestine and Anti-normalisation with Israel said in a statement yesterday that 1,500 Moroccan activists in more than 50 cities have started a hunger strike for 24 hours in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.The activists staged their strike in the Moroccan Association for Human Rights where they raised Palestinian flags and photographs of some of the Palestinian detainees. middleeastmonitor
Philippines: Police focus on Shiite imam in blast probe, reject Islamic State claim
Philippine police believe a Shiite Muslim cleric was the likely target of explosions that killed two people in Manila, an official said on Monday, rejecting Islamic State claims of involvement.6 others were injured when two explosions rocked the office of the imam, Nasser Abinal, in the capital's busy Quiapo district on Saturday.Oscar Albayalde, head of police forces in the capital, said the bomb was apparently intended for Abinal who is also Govt  tax officer for the Manila region.He was not at the office at the time."He admitted there were threats to his life in the past" while being questioned by police, said Albayalde.As police were searching the blast site late Saturday, another explosion rocked the area, possibly from a second bomb planted earlier, said Albayalde."This has nothing to do with terrorism. There is no indication that this was done by a terror group, local or foreign," he said.PTI

IS holds off US-backed force in Syria's Tabqa: Monitor
Beirut: Dozens of Islamic State group fighters cornered in a northern part of Syria's Tabqa are holding off US-backed forces that hold almost all of the city, a monitor said on Sunday.Tabqa sits on the Euphrates River and on a strategic supply route about 55 km west of Raqa, the Syrian heart of IS's so-called caliphate.In their drive for Raqa, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have captured more than 90%  of Tabqa, but have not been able to fully clear the jihadists out of the city or the adjacent dam."SDF hasn't been able to seize complete control of Tabqa because IS fighters are still present in the neighbourhoods of Wahdah and Hurriyah," said Rami Abdel Rahman, who heads Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.PTI
Former US prisoner now leading Iraq’s Interior ministry
Baghdad:Qasim al-Araji has defended the US-led coalition and use of airstrikes in Mosul on the floor of parliament -- a rarity.Just over 10 years ago, Qasim al-Araji was being arrested a second time by American forces in Iraq. The charges were serious — smuggling arms used to attack U.S. troops and involvement in an assassination cell at the height of sectarian violence that engulfed Iraq following the 2003 toppling of Saddam Hussein.Now, he heads of one of Iraq’s most powerful ministries.With credentials that include training from Iranian special operators known as the Quds force and time spent as a guerrilla and militia commander, Iraq’s Interior Minister  Al-Araji is now trumpeting his respect for human rights and support for the U.S.-led coalition in the fight against the Islamic State group. But the forces he now commands have a long history of Shia domination and abuse, factors that partially contributed to the rise in support for the IS in Iraq.AP
It’s Politically-Connected Mining Mafia, Not JNU Students, We Should Question on Naxal Violence: Basant Rath, IPS

Remembering the massacre of 45,000 Algerians

How RSS And Amit Shah Are Plotting The Election For President: Swati Chaturvedi, journalist

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