01 November 2016

01 Nov. 2016: 30 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:25
Concerned over SIMI activists' killing: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

New Delhi: The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) on Tuesday expressed concern over the killing of eight SIMI undertrial activists in an alleged encounter by Madhya Pradesh Police.JIH Secretary General Muhammad Salim Engineer said the killing of eight undertrial prisoners in Bhopal was highly disturbing, adding that several media reports suggested it was a fake encounter. "The entire episode raises several uncomfortable questions. Was it possible for the accused to scale over 30-feet high wall of the most secure jail in Madhya Pradesh? How could they lay hands on weapons? Why are there contradictory statements from officials over whether prisoners had weapons or not?" he said."How did they get new clothes, watches and bands? If they had connections to get weapons, why couldn't they get a vehicle to escape? Why no policeman was injured in the encounter? Why were the CCTVs (in Bhopal Central Jail) not functioning? How all of them moved together rather than dispersing and couldn't go further in eight hours?"Engineer said the organisation demanded a high-level inquiry under Supreme Court supervision to bring out the facts about the alleged jailbreak and the encounter.He said a lawyer for the accused had maintained that the case against his clients was very weak and there was every likelihood of their acquittal soon.IANS
NHRC issues notices to MP’s top bureaucrat, cops for killing prisoners
New Delhi: The country’s human rights watchdog has issued notices to the Madhya Pradesh govt and state police for the shooting of 8 prisoners who had escaped from a Bhopal jail. National Human Rights Commission sent notices the state’s chief secretary, director general of police, DG of prisons & inspector general of prisons for the killing alleged activists of the SIMI.HT 
Encounter is unquestionable, will not be probed by NIA, it will probe only jail break:MP govt firms but doubts swirl
Bhopal: A police shooting of 8 Islamist prisoners escaping from a Bhopal jail will not be investigated, MP home minister Bhupendra Singh said on Tuesday, despite persistent doubts the killings were staged. Men, members of the SIMI awaiting trial, fled the high security jail early on Monday after slitting the throat of a prison guard. Hours later, police tracked down and shot all 8 dead. But 2 videos purportedly of the ‘encounter’ and a string of unanswered questions have led human rights activists and opposition parties to doubt the genuineness of the police claims. “Our police tracked the absconding SIMI men in a short time and neutralized them bravely. Nothing more needs to be said on it,” Bhupendra Singh, state home minister, told HT. “Encounter is unquestionable and it will not be probed by NIA. They will investigate only the jail break and how it happened,” he said.Police insist there was no breakdown in security at the prison or that protocols were violated in engaging the fleeing prisoners. But they have offered little explanations to questions raised over the jailbreak and the circumstances of the killings. For instance, hours before police gunned down SIMI men and recovered a sharp weapon they allegedly used to kill the prison guard, Indian media was already reporting on the exact nature of the “knife”. Quoting police sources, those reports said the sharp weapon was fashioned out of spoons and plates. 3 hours later one of the purported videos of the encounter showed policemen recovering a sharp metallic object from one of the dead men. So-called weapon fitted the description of the “knife” earlier reported by TV channels, raising questions over how police knew “knife” had been made out of kitchen utensils even before recovering it. Neither has police offered any explanation on why the prisoners chose to scale a stretch of the perimeter wall that was next to a watch tower manned by two sentries round-the-clock. Bhopal Central Jail premises are built in 2 concentric circles with an outer wall 18 feet high and an inner perimeter wall 8 feet high. The barracks are located inside the inner perimeter, making it nearly impossible to escape undetected. Jail has 2,900 prisoners and hundreds of guards and watch towers.Some of the jail surveillance cameras weren’t working either that night.HT
Encounter unquestionable, jail break massive lapse: MP home minister
‘Cops murdered my son’: SIMI suspect’s mother says encounter staged
Bhopal/Khandwa:Mother of one of 8 SIMI suspects said the police encounter in Acharapura village on Monday was “staged”. Salma Bi, whose son Zakir Hussein was gunned down by the police, said: “My son has been killed in a pre-planned encounter.”“Neither did my son or his fellow jail inmates escape from the prison nor did they fire at the police before being gunned down in so-called encounter in the Acharapura village.”“When I met Zakir the last time at the Bhopal central jail on Eid-ul-Azha in Sept,he had told me that he was not safe and anything could be done to him, both inside the jail or outside the jail by the police,” Salma told HT from her home town in Khandwa.“Zakir had asked me to meet him at short intervals for his safety, which I couldn’t do and the result is for all to see.” The woman accused the local police of assaulting her when they came to inquire about Zakir after he escaped and keeping the news of his death from her.“8 to 10 cops of the Khandwa district police came to our house after the alleged jail escape on Monday and asked me about my son and his friends. When I asked why they were troubling us again and again, one of the cops slapped me 4 times and even pushed away my visually challenged sister-in-law Rehana Bi,” she said. She asked if it could be just a coincidence that the local cops had visited their house a fortnight ago and had asked them not to leave Khandwa at any cost. Zakir  was the eldest of the 4 children of Salma and her Badru Hussain, who owns a construction material shop in Aman Nagar-Ganesh Talai locality in Khandwa.Salma expressed fear that the police might also kill Zakir’s younger brother Altaf, lodged at the Bhopal central jail in other terror-related cases for last 6 years. “Cops have murdered one of my sons in pre-planned manner and might do the same with my second son,” she said.HT
Bhopal encounter: Families of killed SIMI members demand CBI probe into 'cold-blooded murders'
Families of the 8 men have demanded an investigation into the police encounter in which they were shot dead, PTI reported. Referring to the killings as "cold-blooded murders", the families will approach the Madhya Pradesh High Court seeking an inquiry by the CBI.Families of 7 of the 8  men have arrived in Bhopal to collect their bodies for their last rites. sroll.in
Stop habit of questioning authorities, police: Union Minister Rijiju on killing of SIMI men
New Delhi:  Amid the controversy over the killing of 8 SIMI activists, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju today said the ‘habit’ of raising doubts and questioning the police should stop and no conclusion should be drawn on the basis of videos only.“It is not good to raise questions on security forces dealing with terrorists just on the basis of videos,” he said.PTI
Slain men’s lawyer asks why jail CCTV footage not seized
Over 24 hours after the ‘encounter’ in which the Madhya Pradesh police killed 8 so-called SIMI activists about 15 kms outside Bhopal, doubts are being expressed over why the authorities have shied away from seizing footage of CCTV cameras installed in the city jail.Speaking to The Quint over phone, the lawyer for some of the 8 alleged SIMI cadres, Parvez Alam, said, “I do not buy the police’s explanation that the CCTV cameras were not functioning the night when a brawl took place between a jail warder Ramashankar and some of the undertrials. “Bhopal central jail is an ISO 9001 certified prison, which makes it mandatory to have well-functioning CCTV cameras. The jail authorities’ and the state Anti-Terrorist Cell’s activities within the jail must have been captured by the CCTV cameras.”He demanded release of the CCTV footage.Claiming that the details of the autopsies performed late last night on the 8  bodies “is being kept a closely guarded secret and their copies were yet to be given to the next of kin of those killed,” Alam said the circumstances leading to the “questionable encounter” call for a probe by the CBI and “not the NIA”.Interestingly, Jaleel, the 18-year-old son of one of the alleged SIMI activists, Akeel Khilji, was picked up by two ATS men as early as 6am on 31 October, the day of the so-called encounter. Highly-placed police sources questioned the necessity to “pick up” Jaleel from Khandwa at dawn when the encounter is said to have occurred between 10:30am and 11am on 31 October. This suggests that the 8  SIMI men, including Khilji, were long dead before the police “broke” the news of the encounter. Javed Chauhan, the Khandwa-based former lawyer of some of the slain SIMI activists, said that the sequence of events, beginning within the jail premises and ending at Manikhedi Patthar about 15 kms from Bhopal city, indicate that the 8  men “did not escape by scaling the very high walls of the prison but were taken out in a vehicle” after the warder collapsed and died because of the grievous injuries he sustained in a fight on the intervening night of 30 and 31 November.This was seconded by Alam who said that “unhe jail se nikaal ke le jaya gaya tha (they were taken out of the jail).”“The undertrials could not have covered 15 kms in a span of a few hours and that too with no vehicle at their disposal. Conventional wisdom suggests that escaped prisons usually do not bunch together after a jail break. Each goes his own way,” Chauhan said.Both Alam and Chauhan pointed to the following grave inconsistencies in the police version of the events leading up to the encounter which the Madhya Pradesh Congress has described as “staged” and “fake”. Both lawyers claimed that most of the 46 bullets fired at the 8  men hit either their heads or their chests.The police made no arrests of the so-called facilitators in a nearby village who provided the 8 men with three country-made revolvers or kattas.The undertrials had new clothes, sports shoes and wrist watches on, besides “being in the possession” of dry fruits and three country-made revolvers. If these were provided by facilitators from outside the jail, why was a getaway vehicle not arranged as well? 5 of the 8 men were seen on a grassy knoll at Manikhedi Patthar from where they waved at the police. Alam said no opportunity was given to the five to surrender even though the place had been surrounded by heavily armed ATS personnel. Scaling the 30-feet-high perimeter wall would have been impossible with a few bedsheets. Besides, what did the SIMI activists tie the bedsheets on to the other end to secure sufficient traction to climb up and then descend the wall?Using pieces of wood and toothbrush as keys to unlock the cell gate is impossible, if not laughable.“Intentional” delay caused to thwart the relatives of the slain men from reaching Bhopal from Khandwa. thequint
Encounter seems fake, SC should step in: Opposition
New Delhi: Suggesting that the elimination of 8  SIMI activists by the police at the same place on the outskirts of Bhopal appeared to be faked, the Congress party on Tuesday urged the Supreme Court to assign a retired judge to probe the matter. Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge told ANI, “I saw the photographs on television and they do bring suspicion. They make us think that was that encounter fake? Because it seems quite difficult to imagine that 8  people at a time were killed by the police at the same place together. This matter should be investigated and the Supreme Court should assign this matter to a retired Supreme Court judge to probe the matter and clear all doubts.”Accusing the MP govt  of using police for fulfilling the RSS agenda, BSP supremo Mayawati today demanded a judicial probe into the encounter of 8  prisoners associated with banned organisation SIMI.She also charged that police is misused for political and communal motives in BJP-ruled states.ANI 
Bhopal encounter: Another video shows SIMI terrorists attempting to surrender before police shot them (Watch)
SIMI activists used wood, toothbrush to make keys to escape: MP Police
SIMI jailbreak & encounter in MP: Is this in heart of India or middle of Caliphate? Ajay Singh
Mayawati demands judicial probe into the killing
http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/mayawati-demands-judicial-probe-into-killing-of-8 -simi-operatives/story-Fp8DDMXL5FevjoJIBWgsyJ.html
SIMI may use killings to instigate Muslims against BJP govt: Intelligence agencies
Why Do Only Muslims Break Out of Jail and Not Hindus: Digvijaya Singh
Watch: Third video of Bhopal alleged fake encounter raises more questions
SIMI activists’ encouner: It’s become fashionable to sympathise with terrorists:Venkaiah Naidu
'The bogey of SIMI': Bhopal killings must not be allowed to fall into a legal blackhole: JTSA
How Did SIMI Suspects Get Guns? MP Cops Must Answer Many Queries
SIMI activists encounter in Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh police version is full of contradictions: TS Sudhir
SC recipe for 'fake encounters' is harsh, ranges from probe to death penalty for cops
Like Aler encounter, Bhopal encounter reeks of injustice, false claims and damning lies: Amit Kumar
Over 55% of undertrials Muslim, Dalit or tribal: NCRB
New Delhi: Over 55 % of undertrials across the country are either Muslims, Dalits or tribals, according to NCRB’s prison data for 2015. According to NCRB, over 2-thirds of all jail inmates are undertrials. Data also shows that more than 70% of undertrials have not passed Class 10.Muslims, Dalits and tribals together account for 39% of India’s population, thus their share among undertrials is disproportionate to their population. According to 2011 Census, Muslims make up 14.2%, Scheduled Castes 16.6% and Scheduled Tribes 8.6% of India’s population.Besides, 3 communities have a lower representation among convicts as compared to undertrials. Together, they account for 50.4% of all convicts.Among Muslims, the community’s share of convicts is 15.8% , slightly above their representation in population, but their share among undertrials — at 20.9 %  — is far higher.SCs account for 21.6%  of undertrials and 20.9% of convicts, while STs make up 12.4%  of undertrials and 13.7% of convicts.Out of 2,82,076 undertrials lodged in various jails in the country, a total of 80,528 undertrials are illiterate (28.5% ) and 1,19,082 have education levels below Class 10 (42.2 % ).The data also shows that most of the undertrials have to spend over three months in jail before they can secure bail — close to 65 %  spend between three months and five years. indian express
Law panel’s Uniform Code survey draws 10,000 responses
New Delhi:Law Commission of India has received nearly 10,000 responses from the public since it initiated a debate on uniform civil code (UCC) a fortnight ago. "We have received a healthy response from citizens cutting across religious lines," law commission chairman Justice B S Chauhan told TOI. "The responses are varied. Some criticise the commission for taking up an issue which has been kept dead for decades. Some say it is a ploy to divide country further. But many have welcomed the start of a debate on the crucial issue which had not been touched by successive govt s for various reasons," a law panel official said. A young woman's response impressed Justice Chauhan. She said a woman suffered a lot during divorce. She had to fight a divorce case, then follow it up with another case to get maintenance from her former husband, and then face another legal battle to get the custody of her children, the woman said. Why could the judiciary not club all the three proceedings into one and give a composite ruling, she asked. Justice Chauhan saw the logic behind the woman's response, and has asked the research team in the law commission to work on the aspect of composite court proceedings encompassing divorce, maintenance and children's custody . "It is important for us to understand the views of political parties. The commission has requested them to send their responses to the questions by Nov.20," Justice Chauhan said. After receiving their responses, the commission plans to sit across the table with the representatives of each political party and discuss the intricacies involved in the formulation of a uni form civil code (UCC), he said. ET/TOI
AIMPLB Bengal convention to formulate action on Uniform Civil Code and triple talaq
Kolkata: Amid a raging debate over Uniform Civil Code and triple talaq, All India Muslim Personal Law Board said they will deliberate on the line of action to be taken over the issues, in its upcoming convention in the city. Describing the twin issues as an “infringement of the personal law and fundamental rights of Muslims”, AIMPLB said it would give a call for formation of a “secular platform” to counter BJP and RSS’s “evil designs”.“BJP-RSS is trying to infringe into the personal and fundamental rights of Muslims. This will never be tolerated. The upcoming convention will deal with the issues,” TMC MP and chairman of AIMPLB organising committee, Sultan Ahmed said. According to him, AIMPLB usually sticks to only Muslim personal laws which broadly cover marriage, talaq, succession and adoption-related issues, but this time it will step beyond its periphery and speak up against religious intolerance in the country. Ahmed will formally meet the state administration this week to finalise the venue for the 3-day Kolkata convention starting Nov.18. “We will sit with the state administration and police authorities and finalise the details this week. We have two venues in mind--Park Circus Maidan and Mohammedan Sporting Club for the public meeting,” he said.PTI
Goa Muslims want Personal Law to replace Portuguese Code
Panaji:Muslim community in Goa has come forward to demand that the Portuguese Civil Code be replaced by the Muslim Personal Law in Goa.The demand came at a meeting held in Margao on Sunday to oppose changes in the Shariat law at the national level.The public meeting held at Housing Board Football ground at Rumdamoll by AIMPLB was attended by large number of Muslims.The meeting was presided over by Maulana Khalid Saifulla and other dignitaries. They fear that the BJP govt would bring in the Hindu Personal Law in the name of Uniform Civil Code. But, they have also opposed Goa’s Portuguese Civil Code. “Constitution guarantees all the religious communities in the country to practice their own religions as per their religious scriptures. We should thus get the right to practice our own Personal Law”, stated Shaikh Shakeel while presenting the resolution.Goa news
HC dismisses plea by Muslim woman against divorce based on ‘forged’ papers
Chennai: Making it clear that a court dealing with writ petitions can only decide on questions of law and not questions of facts, the Madras High Court dismissed a plea moved by a Muslim woman seeking to set aside a ‘Khulanama’(document expressing consent for divorce) allegedly obtained by her husband in a fraudulent manner. According to S. Basheria, a mother of three, her husband TCA Mohamed Yusuf had obtained divorce through an authoritative verdict (fatwa) from the Govt  Chief Kazi, by showing a fake ‘Khulanama’ dated June 9, 2006, allegedly written by her.He subsequently married another woman.In 2007, when Ms.Basheria approached the HC seeking to call for records from the Govt  Chief Kazi in connection with the divorce granted based on the ‘Khulanama’ and to pay a compensation of Rs. 7 lakh, a single judge of the court dismissed the plea pointing out that a case of forgery was pending before a trial court. Hence, the court was not inclined to entertain the writ petition. “The rights of the petitioner are relegated to be renewed after the conclusion of the criminal trial. At this stage, the writ petition is premature and no relief can be given to the petitioner,” the single judge said.Assailing the order, Ms.Basheria moved the present appeal. Appellant contended that the single judge had failed to take note of the life of the appellants, who had been stranded by the act of her husband. She argued that the ‘Khulanama’ was a forged document and by virtue of the divorce certificate issued by Govt Chief Kazi, the appellant and her children were deprived of their rights. Denying her allegations, the Special Govt Pleader submitted that as per Muslim law, ‘Khulanama’ was valid if it contained a proposal and acceptance from the wife and the husband respectively.He added that the Govt  Chief Kazi was not a competent person to declare Khulanama valid or forged.Pointing out that allegations made by the appellants were disputed questions of fact, a Division Bench of said: “It is well settled law that the disputed questions of fact cannot be gone into by this court under Article 226 of the Constitution.” the hindu
HC dismisses Muslim woman’s appeal against divorce
Khazis are powerless when it comes to dissolution of marriage
Govt set to cancel foreign funding licence of Zakir Naik’s foundation
New Delhi: Zakir Naik’s Mumbai-based outfit IRF will no longer be allowed to receive foreign funding. “We have initiated the process of cancellation of foreign funding licence of the IRF,” said a senior home ministry official. MHA issues foreign funding license for all NGOs under FCRA.Earlier the MHA had put Naik’s organisation in prior-permission category under FCRA, which meant all foreign funding of the NGO was to be vetted by the govt  before it went into IRF’s bank account.MHA is also putting another outfit of Naik’s -- IRF Educational Trust --in the prior permission category. “We are issuing a notice to the trust for putting it under the prior permission category. We want to vet all foreign funding of the trust before it is deposited in outfit’s bank account,” said the official. Besides, the govt is almost ready with a cabinet note on the IRF to declare it ‘unlawful’ under section 3 of UAPA. Final vetting is being done. The declaration will mean no person can be a member of the foundation, hold meetings or collect funds for it. The existing assets of the outfit declared ‘unlawful’ can be taken over by the govt  by appointing a receiver for them.HT
Home Ministry issues notice to Zakir Naik's NGO IRF
No more foreign funds for Zakir Naik’s NGO: MHA
MHA notice to IRF not related to terrorism: Naik’s counsel
After MHA issued a showcause notice to IRF, run by Zakir Naik, Naik’s counsel, said the notice did not contain violations relating to terrorism or any terrorist activity alleged against the preacher. “There are certain violations which are mentioned. We are still studying the notice, will give reply to it within a stipulated period,” Naik’s counsel Mubin Solkar said. ANI
Prevent spread of ‘Saudi-style Islam’ by curbing foreign funding: MP Rajeev Chandrasekar to Rajnath
New Delhi: Independent Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekar has urged Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to undertake a crackdown on Salafist organizations that he alleged have "created dangerous pockets of radicalism and fundamentalism" using foreign financial contributions made by dubious organizations.In a letter to the Home Minister, Rajeev called for audits and investigations into the use of foreign funds by radical Salafist organizations, some of which he claimed posed a threat to nation through their propounding of 'Saudi-style Islam'. He has also called for an overhaul of FCRA, which regulates the receipt of foreign funding by Indian organizations. He also claimed that the rise of 'puritanical, Saudi-style Islam' in India has been among the factors behind the ongoing unrest in Kashmir.He said Rs 134 crore had been received by Salafist NGOs from Islamic countries over the past three years, which were supposed to be used for the construction and expansion of buildings such as schools, orphanages and madrassas. "However, of the funds received by organisations in India for such expansion, many are run on core Salafist beliefs, which are against Sufi Islam as practiced in the Indian subcontinent," Rajeev said in his letter.TOI
Arnab Goswami resigns as Editor-in Chief of Times Now, planning his own news venture
New Delhi:Senior journalist Arnab Goswami has resigned as the Editor-in Chief of Times Now. Goswami was not seen on his prime time show The Newshour in the past couple of days. Sources said that he announced his resignation at an editorial meeting. Goswami resigned from the post as he wanted to start something on his own, said sources. Channel, however, is still showing teasers of Newshours with Arnab. Goswami was recently given “Y category” security cover from the govt . He joined Times Now as its Editor-in-Chief in 2006. Powered by Goswami’s high-volume NewsHour on primetime, Times Now has been able to sideline a lot of the older players in the English new space. This success had led to Arnab Goswami being promoted as President, News, of Times Now and ET Now. Arnab is planning his own news venture, reports suggested. TheQuint.com reported that during his hour-long farewell speech he kept repeating that the “game has just begun”. Goswami made the announcement at the Times Now newsroom in Mumbai, with journalists from other centres joining in via video conference. indian express
Arnab quits Times Now, likely to begin new venture
Arnab resigns from Times Now, will remain in channel
Missing JNU student: Kejriwal assures family of all help
New Delhi: Delhi govt  will provide all help and assistance to trace Najeeb Ahmad, CM  Arvind Kejriwal assured the missing JNU student's family on Monday."I am with you and will do whatever is required to help trace him. It's a very serious matter and the govt will not let you down and use all its resources available to help you out," Kejriwal told Najeeb's mother, Fatima Nafees, who met him at his residence."I would leave no stone unturned in helping find Najeeb," Kejriwal was quoted as saying in a statement issued here. A delegation of JNUSU, headed by its General Secretary Satarupa Chakraborty, also accompanied Najeeb's family to the Cheif Minister's office and submitted a memorandum.IANS
A dark trade: Rape videos for sale in India:Al Jazeera
UP:In this industrial northern state, you can buy footage of a woman being raped for the price of a cheap meal. Al Jazeera found several videos that appeared to depict rape for sale across the state. They cost from Rs 20 to Rs 200 and are transmitted to a customer's mobile phone in a matter of seconds. Faces of the women are visible in these films. Their voices are clear. The attacks on them are brutal.In Meerut, a city in western UP, an area mostly known for the manufacturing of sporting goods, local contacts indicated that the movie files, marketed as "rape videos", were available in nearby villages. With shopkeepers cautious about selling them to non-locals, one local man in the village of Incholi - roughly 15km from Meerut - agreed to buy one and show it to Al Jazeera.   Shahnawaz, who declined to use his real name, said that the videos are not generally made with the intention of being sold on the open market. Still, he's heard a lot about them. "They make it to blackmail the victims [of rape] ... so that they don't go and file a complaint in the nearest police station," Shawnawaz explained.Sometimes, he said, videos are stolen from the perpetrator's phone when he takes his device to a shop for repairs. The stolen footage is them sold to anyone who asks for it.Most shopkeepers are careful to sell the videos only to locals, and generally deny any knowledge of them. Some, however, agreed to share explicit videos, including rape clips, with Al Jazeera.While customers seem to be savvy to the availability of the latest rape video, local police appear to be oblivious. When Al Jazeera contacted the District Inspector General of Police for Saharanpur Range, A K Shahi, he said he did not know what a rape video was."Rape video ... ye kya hota hai (Rape video, what is this)?" he asked.Al Jazeera was able to buy several of the videos with relative ease from different locations.Videos Al Jazeera saw were deeply disturbing, and included what appeared to be a minor. One woman begged her rapists to stop, saying that her only recourse would be suicide. Another begged her assailants to at least stop recording the attack. Al Jazeera
India-Palestine Techno Park to be set up in Ramallah
New Delhi: After last year’s indication that New Delhi will lean towards Tel Aviv more, India is back to its balancing act between Israel and Palestine. Ahead of the Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar’s visit to Palestine, India inked an agreement to establish a Techno Park in Ramallah with $12 million grant.The decision to establish the Park was announced during President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to Palestine last year. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, India will be giving a grant of $12 million for setting up the Palestine-India Techno Park with $3million being provided every six months.
2 Muslims dead in communal violence in Aligarh
Agra: Two people were killed and one other injured in communal violence in Kodiya Ganj area of Aligarh on Diwali night. The dead were identified as Bundu Khan (42) and his 17-year-old son Mohhabbat Khan. According to police there are conflicting versions to the happenings that led to the clash, which took a communal turn with members of the two communities joining in and taking sides. Police have registered counter-cases on the basis of the two versions and arrested three people, including Dinesh Kashyap's father and brother, Dhani Ram and Narendra respectively and their associate Sunahri Halwai. TOI
Communal clashes erupt in Bijnor, 11 injured
Bijnor: Less than 2 months after communal clashes broke out in Bijnor's Peda village, an incident of molestation in Nehtaur's Kareempur Mubarak village led to communal clashes here, in which 11 persons including SHO, 3 constables and 2 children, were injured. Police, however, denied any molestation incident and said the clashes began due to an old enemity between two groups. Heavy police has been deployed in the village and the situation is said to be under control.According to villagers, the tension began when 2 young girls were harassed by a shopkeeper who belonged to another community on Sunday. Later, the girls' relatives confronted the man which led to stone-pelting between two groups.TOI
RSS targeting minorities by inciting communal violence'
Malappuram: Noted Marathi writer and social activist Suresh Khairnar said Hidutva forces led by RSS are targeting minorities and trying their best to establish their hold in Kerala and West Bengal by inciting communal violence. He was addressing the valedictory session of the two-day national seminar on Islamophobia, organized by Platform for Innovative Thought Social Activity (PITSA) here on Sunday .TOI
BJP leader slams Muslim minister’s visit to Sabarimala
China sticks to stance of not backing India's case for NSG
Turkey's case against cleric Gulen has merit: US official
A senior State Department official said Monday that Turkey's contention that a Pennsylvania-based Muslim cleric and his followers were involved in the failed coup attempt may have some merit, even as the Obama administration says Turkey has provided little evidence to support their claim.Ankara is accusing Fethullah Gulen of orchestrating attempted military coup in July, which left more than 270 people dead, and is asking the US to extradite him. Official said there are "reasonable grounds" to take the Turkish govt's accusations against Gulen seriously. Official held a briefing for reporters but insisted on anonymity because he wasn't authorized to discuss the matter publicly.State Dept. official said that charity and educational organizations run by Gulen have suspicious structure and financing and look "a lot like the ways in which organized crime sets itself up of folks who are trying to hide money for money laundering" rather than a "benign religious movement."The briefing comes several days after Turkey's justice minister met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to press the extradition request. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag compared Gulen to Osama Bin Laden and warned that Washington's failure to hand Gulen over could seriously hurt bilateral ties. Washington views Turkey, a NATO member, as an important ally in the region in fighting terrorism. State Dept.official said US govt is examining Turkey's evidence against Gulen, but added that the evidence so far concerns alleged crimes committed by Gulen prior to the coup.AP
Turkey-Russia sign landmark deal on new map of  Syria
High-level govt sources told Yeni Şafak daily that a new map will be drawn including Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Raqqa, Al-Hasakah and Dery ez-Zor provinces of the country. Essence of the deal will reportedly allow Turkey-backed forces to enter Aleppo and Assad forces will withdraw from the city. Prewar demographic structure would be taken as the base of this project.Turkey and Russia will not accept the PYD / PKK terror corridor in northern Syria that aimed to include al-Hasakah, Tal Abyad, Ayn al Arab, Jarabulus, Al Rai, Azez, Marea and Afrin under the name of 'federation', 'canton' or 'autonomous region'. Both countries will fight jointly against the PYD / PKK terrorist group under Turkish military launched operation Euphrates Shield, according to the new deal.World Bulletin
UN wants independent probe into latest Myanmar violence
Yangon: UN and rights groups are pressuring Myanmar govt  to conduct an independent probe into allegations that soldiers are killing, raping and torturing Muslim villagers in western Rakhine State.Aid delivery and access to information in the area have been tightly restricted as Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships near the Bangladesh border have been under a military lockdown since Oct. 9, when armed individuals killed nine police officers and stole dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition.The ongoing military operation in the area, which is predominantly occupied by the country's stateless Muslim Rohingya population, has generated reports of widespread abuses against civilians. HRW said on Monday that satellite imagery shows evidence of fire-related destruction in the villages of Kyetyoepyin, Ngar Sar Kyu and Warpaik in Maungdaw Township on Oct. 22.Anadolu
Exclusive: Rohingya women say Myanmar soldiers raped them amid crackdown on militants
OIC head resigns after mocking Al-Sisi
The world’s largest pan-Islamic body, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, has announced that its secretary general resigned on Monday after mocked Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi during a meeting with Tunisia’s Beji Caid Essebsi. The OIC cited health reasons for the resignation of the Saudi-born Iyad Madani, two days after Cairo condemned the comment that provoked anger in Egypt. Ex-Saudi minister apparently mocked Al-Sisi by referring to his comments last week which were ridiculed widely on social media. In an attempt to inspire Egyptian citizens, Al-Sisi had claimed that for 10 years he had “nothing but water in his fridge.” Instead of being inspirational, his comments were mocked.During his meeting with President Essebsi, the OIC official mixed up Sisi’s name with that of his Tunisian host. “President Beji Caid Al-Sisi, Essebsi sorry.This is a big mistake. I’m sure your fridge has more than water, your Excellency.” middleeastmonitor
UN envoy unveils details of Yemen peace plan
Sanaa: UN Special Envoy for Yemen on Monday released details of a proposed “roadmap” to resolve the 2-year conflictIn a briefing by Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed before a UN Security Council meeting, the envoy said the peace plan envisaged a new vice-president for Yemen and a national unity govt.
Israel razes Muslim graves in East Jerusalem cemetery
Israeli authorities on Tuesday demolished several graves in occupied East Jerusalem's historical Bab al-Rahmeh cemetery east of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, according to a Palestinian official. "Personnel from the so-called ‘Israeli Nature Authority’ -- backed by large numbers of Israeli forces -- stormed the historical Bab al-Rahmeh cemetery and knocked down 8  graves," Mustafa Abu Zahra, head of the committee for the preservation of Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem, said. "Israel wants to transform the cemetery into a national park for Israeli Jews," he said. Bab al-Rahmeh is a Muslim cemetery that dates back more than 1,400 years. WorldBulletin
Iran’s borders extend to Red Sea & Mediterranean: official
Iran does not recognise borders when tracking down opponents, the deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps said on Monday. “You have witnessed how our borders have expanded beyond the Iranian border to reach the Red Sea and the east of the Mediterranean,” Hossein Salami told a crowd made up of paramilitaries. middleeastmonitor
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