15 November 2016

14 Nov. 2016: 13 Safar 1438: Vol: 8, No:35
New proposal for settlement of Ayodhya dispute; Petition filed to build new temple, mosque: PTI
Faizabad:Petition, with over 10,000 signatures from both communities, suggests that a temple and a mosque should be built at the site.A fresh proposal for settlement of Ayodhya dispute was submitted to Faizabad divisional commissioner suggesting that a temple and a mosque be built at the site.The petition, it is claimed, has been signed by about 10,000 members from both Hindu and Muslim communities with former High Court judge Palok Basu leading the initiative. Divisional Commissioner Surya Prakash Mishra, who is the receiver of the disputed site, said, “I received a memorandum regarding the dispute of Ayodhya and a bunch of photocopies containing some signatures. I have yet to decide what to do in this matter.”Justice Basu said that they were hopeful that the Supreme Court will take note of it. The petition, which has 10,502 signatures, was submitted on Sunday.“We have moved this negotiation process in the Supreme Court through the authorized person (Divisional Commissioner). We hope that the SC will honour the public sentiments of peace and harmony,” he said, adding they have proposed that the disputed site will house both Ram temple and a mosque.Justice Basu said their “local” effort to resolve the issue started in March 18, 2010. In the past, the main litigant in Babri Masjid case, Hashim Ansari, had along with Akhara Parishad president Mahant Gyan Das discussed an out-of-court settlement which broadly talked about the 70 acres of disputed premises accommodating both a mosque and a temple with a wall which will be 100 feet high.
Ayodhya:10,000 sign for amicable settlement
 Fresh proposal calls for mosque, temple side-by-side
India-Israel not a friendship to hide, says Israeli Prez, arrives on 8-day tour
New Delhi: Friendship between India and Israel is at work “day in, day out” and is not a relationship “we should be hiding,” Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has said as he pledged full support to India in fighting terrorism. Rivlin arrived on Monday on a 8-day visit to India, first by any Israeli President in nearly 2 decades. Rivlin acknowledged differences with India on the Palestinian issue but spoke warmly about the growing India-Israel ties as the 2 countries prepare to celebrate 25 years of establishment of full diplomatic ties between them next year. Pledging full support to India in fighting terrorism, Rivlin said that his country was proud to “stand with India in its defence of the values of democracy.”Answering a question on “murmurs” in Israel that India kept under wraps their relationship because of close ties with the Arab world and domestic political considerations, Rivlin said: “Israel is proud of our friendship with India and I believe that India is proud of its friendship with Israel. “Again, this is not just a friendship of leaders and govts. It is a friendship between people in all walks of life, in all fields of study, in all areas of trade. This is not a friendship we should be hiding. This is a friendship that we see at work day in, day out, at the very forefront of building a better world for Israelis, for Indians, and for all peoples,” Rivlin said, whose country is one of the biggest suppliers of defence equipment to India and is cooperating with it in a major way in dealing with terrorism. PTI
Israel Prez arrives in Delhi, to talks with Modi
16 people died after demonetisation in just 5-day
PM Narendra Modi said yesterday it will take another 50 days for normalization of currency usage in the country. That may take a huge toll on people, going by 15 deaths that have taken place in just four days. And these are just the ones that got reported.In Mumbai, a hospital refused to admit an ill newborn because the parents didn't have legal tender. The child died. The govt  has allowed the use of old currency notes only in govt -run hospitals. An 18 month old baby died in Vizag as the parents didn't have money to buy medicines. The private hospital refused to accept old currency notes of Rs 500 or 1,000. Doctors in Mainpuri in UP stopped treating one year old Kush, suffering from high fever, after his parents ran out of 100 rupee notes. The parents brought him home, where he soon died, his father's 500 rupee notes now worthless.In Pali district of Rajasthan, the ambulance wouldn't take Champalal Meghwal's new born to hospital as he only had Rs 500 and 1,000 notes. By the time Meghwal arranged 100 rupee notes, the child had died.In Kushinagar (UP),a washerwoman came to know of demonetisation only when she reached a bank to deposit two 1,000 rupee notes she had saved. When told these were no longer legal tender, she died of shock.Kandukuri Vinoda, 55, a home-maker in Mahubabad district of Telangana, thought her cash savings of Rs 54 lakh were now worthless. She had earned the cash by selling land to pay for her husband's treatment, daughter's dowry and buy a smaller piece of land. She committed suicide.In Howrah, West Bengal, a man tense over demonetisation murdered his wife because she returned empty handed from the ATM. He felt she should have waited longer in the queue.In Kaimur district of Bihar, a 45 year old man died of a massive heart attack as he feared his daughter's would-be in-laws may no longer accept his old currency notes in dowry. He had saved up Rs 35,000. In Thalassery, Kerala, a 45 year man went to deposit Rs 5 lakh for the 2nd day, after being unsuccessful on the first. He fell from the second floor while filling the deposit slip and died. An employee of the state electricity board, the man had taken the money as loan just the previous day. Local media reports said he was disturbed as he had not been able to change the currency notes.Vishwas Vartak, 72, died of a massive heart attack while waiting to deposit old currency notes at a bank in Mumbai.A 47 year old farmer had a heart attack waiting to exchange old currency notes in Tarapur in Gujarat. He needed money to pay farm labour.In Alappuzha, Kerala, 75 year old Karthikeyan collapsed before a bank and died. He had been waiting for an hour in the queue.In Udupi in Karnataka, a 96 year old man died waiting in a long queue at the bank, and the bank hadn't even opened yet.69 year old VinayKumar Pandey, a retired BSNL employee, died waiting in a queue at the bank to exchange currency notes in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. In Bhopal, a SBI cashier died of heart attack. Bank employees have been putting in extra hours and handling large queues.A businessman in Faizabad, UP , felt chest pain soon after watching PM Modi's 8 Nov. announcement of demonetisation. He died before the doctor could arrive. Huffingtonpost
11 deaths reported so far as queues up in banks
SBI cashier dies of heart attack in Bhopal amid rush to exchange notes
2 die as demonetisation turns tragic, chaos at banks
Daily limit at ATMs raised to Rs 2,500; exchange limit at banks up to Rs 4,500; old notes to be accepted till 24 Nov on public utility services
New Delhi: In a move aimed to ease long queues at banks, the finance ministry on Sunday directed banks to increase the daily cash withdrawal limits at ATMs to Rs 2,500 from Rs 2,000 and over the counter exchange limit to Rs 4,500 from Rs 4,000. Also, the govt  decided to increase the weekly withdrawal limit from bank accounts to Rs 24,000 from Rs 20,000, while the per day withdrawal limit of Rs 10,000 was removed. The finance ministry has also started issuance of Rs 500 notes.The decision came after the finance ministry took stock of the availability and distribution of all denomination of banknotes. According to The Hindu, those businesses with current accounts with banks can withdraw up to Rs. 50,000 to pay wages. The exemption deadline for all those services allowed to accept the old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes has been extended to the midnight of Nov.24, Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das said on Monday. These services include petrol pumps, pharmacies, and utility services amongst others, Das added, saying that the private sector was included in these exemptions. indian express/the hindu
Cash limits enhanced, separate queues for senior citizens:Govt announces new measures to tackle
PM Modi chairs meeting with Cabinet Ministers; Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes accepted till Nov 24
Demonetisation: No toll charges on National Highways till Nov.18 midnight
 Opposition trains guns on Modi; Cong-TMC meet as Kejriwal, Mayawati sharpen attack
At least 4 months needed to replace demonetised notes, not 50 days
Penalty on unexplained high deposits likely even before tax returns are filed
New Delhi:I-T Dept.may slap a hefty 200% penalty on unexplained high cash deposits in banks even before annual income tax returns are filed so as to prevent black money being converted into white during the 50-day window provided for turning in the junked Rs 500/1000 notes, a Finance Ministry official said.It is also collating data on spurt in deposits in zero- balance Jan Dhan accounts and will slap a 200% penalty on unexplained high value cash deposits, he said."Any unexplained source of income can be charged with tax and a 200 % penalty on it. That can happen before filing of ITR.No retrospective amendment is required if high value deposits are caught before filing ITR," he said.PTI
Income Tax officials unsure how to slap 200% penalty on income mismatch
Mumbai:As India struggles with demonetization, individuals and businesses are using old currency notes to settle debts while income tax officials are at a loss how to go about imposing 200% penalty -- as announced by a senior finance ministry official -- on such funds flowing into banks.Firms are clearing dues to suppliers, depositing cash in bank accounts to repay old loans, and buying memberships of clubs, SPAs and gyms; in all these cases their books would show that cash changed hands before Tuesday evening when demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee bills was announced. On the other hand, taxmen in several cities have told their superiors that there is no provision in the law to automatically slap penalty on such cash being deposited in banks, according to I-T officials, tax practitioners and bankers ET spoke to."There can be penalty on escaped income. But what do you do if someone deposits a crore with bank, pays 33% tax, and discloses the amount as income in his tax return filed for the assessment year '17-18? Even if it's driven by demonetization, this is technically voluntary declaration and shown as `income from other source'. This has been discussed in our meetings over the past few days... To impose penalty on this money, there has to be retrospective amendment of the income tax law," said a senior tax official.A 200% penalty would mean the entire declared amount going into the state coffer. timesofindia
Exchange or deposit of old currency not allowed at Cooperative Banks: RBI
Demonetisation: Monthly bank deposits in Sept at Rs 5.98 lakh cr, highest in 2 years
In one of the highest monthly bank deposit mobilisation over the last 2 years, Sept. 2016 saw an aggregate addition of Rs 5.98 lakh crore over that in Aug.2016 to hit an all-time high of Rs 1,02,08,290 crore. indianexpress
With ban on Internet in Kashmir Valley, plastic money is unusable too
Srinagar:As shops opened on Saturday evening, ex-CM  Farooq Abdullah arrived in Lal Chowk. Left without cash, Abdullah shopped on credit. “I did not have cash, so I told the shopkeepers I will pay later,” Abdullah said.He was able to shop on credit,unlike most people in the Valley. The ban on mobile Internet has compounded their problems — it has severely limited their ability to purchase items with debit and credit cards.“I had no money for a medical test,” said Zubair Ahmad, an engineer. “After finding 3 ATMs out of service, I finally managed to withdraw Rs 2,000. But the test cost Rs 2,400. I wanted to pay by debit card but they refused, saying their POS (point of sale) machine was not working because of the Internet ban. My friends finally bailed me out.”Internet services in the Valley have been suspended since July 8, and protests began. The govt later restored landline broadband Internet connections, but there are less than 6,000 broadband subscribers in the Valley. POS machines provided by banks — mostly J&K Bank and HDFC Bank — access mobile Internet through SIM cards. With mobile Internet down, POS machines are defunct. indian express
Modi, Adani and Black Money. Where’s Investigation Going? JOSY JOSEPH
Gujarati daily prank ‘predict’ demonetization move to curb black money in April?
Hyderabad: Farmers who turned millionaires overnight face prospect of losing lakhs
Hyderabad:Several farmers who sold their land in Amaravati Capital Region in 2013-14 were left holding a lot of cash in their bank lockers. They are now hunting for friends and relatives who can accommodate deposits up to Rs 2.5 lakh in their bank accounts without attracting a penalty. indianexpress
Dubai-based NRI shows off newly-acquired Rs 2,000 notes worth Rs 1,60,000
New Delhi: The sudden demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes has compelled people to take extreme measures to ensure their wallets don't dry up. While millions of Indians are tired of waiting in queues for endless hours and watching shutters fall right before their eyes, a Dubai-based Indian entrepreneur boastfully waves around Rs 1,60,000 worth of newly released Rs 2,000 notes.For MK Latheef, native of Kozhikode district in Kerala, collecting different currency notes is a hobby. He admitted to Khaleej Times that he got the money through his friends in India.Business Standard
APMC in Maha reacts to Black money ‘strike’: Farmers upset due to drastic drop in sales of fruits, veggies
Pune: Central govt’s decision to withdraw higher denomination notes has created a major road block for the state govt’s dream project to delist fruits and vegetables from Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMC). In want of liquid cash, Farmers Producers Organisations (FPOs) and farmer’s groups who directly sell fruits and vegetables in cities like Mumbai and Pune have complained of a drastic drop in sales which has put their business viability at risk.Like FPOs, the weekly farmers’ markets have also seen a drop in business of around 20-25 %.
Demonetisation brings wedding blues, households hit hard
The impact of demonetisation has been seen across the society in the day-to-day life of the citizens. Almost every individual has had futile attempts at withdrawing cash from banks and ATMs and daily life has been massively hit. Troubles have increased especially for middle class households and lower income families that do not have much cash deposits in their homes to manage without cash. Also, thousands of families are also struggling in this wedding season without having cash in hand to manage the expenses.indian express
Tired of standing in ATM queue, woman strips in Delhi
New Delhi:With each passing day, people seem to be resorting to extreme measures to get their hands on new currency notes.A woman waiting in line at an ATM in Mayur Vihar Phase 3 in New Delhi took off her shirt to protest against the shortage triggered by the ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes , leaving bystanders stunned.The woman was taken to Ghazipur Police Station after women personnel who were called to the scene made her cover up.The woman’s dare seemed to have paid off as, after brief questioning, she was taken to ATM nearby where she was able to withdraw
13 ways in which indians will convert their black money into white even after demonetisation
Citizens protest at Aligarh over currency ban
‘Tomorrow is Gurpurab, we have nothing to eat’
UNIFORM CIVIL CODE vs personal law
Each religion would continue to have personal laws:Law Commission head on Uniform Civil Code
New Delhi:At a time when the clamour against the govt 's move towards Uniform Civil Code is growing, Law Commission Chairman Justice BS Chauhan said that they were attempting to bring a synergy between family law and gender equality.In an interview to India Today, Chauhan argued that each religion would continue to have its own personal laws.He said presently, they were only seeking opinions on what should be the direction of the change. He said, "Law Commission of India is currently seeking public opinion on the Uniform Civil code/Family law reform and we have asked the stakeholders to give their opinion. However, if any amendment is proposed, it would definitely be without affecting the freedom of any religion."He added, "UCC, as we have understood, means that there should be no gender discrimination or injustice, and we may not necessarily seek standardisation." India Today
Centre should not interfere in Muslim personal law: Sunni Sanghatanegala Okkoota
Udupi:Sunni Sanghatanegala Okkoota organised a dharna in front of the Clock Tower here on Friday against, what it termed, Union govt’s move to interfere in the Shariat law. Maulana NKM Shaafi Saadi said it was essential to protect the Shariat law. If the constitutional rights given to Muslims were curtailed, the community would protest against it. Govt can curb black money, if it wanted to score political points in the forthcoming UP polls in, but it should not interfere in personal laws of the Muslim community. If any attempt was made to infringe upon the fundamental rights, the community would approach the courts, he said. the hindu
Kerala Shariat protection conference to cooperate with Muslim Personal Board : business-standard
 A 'Shariat protection conference' held at a nearby town decided to fully co-operate with All India Muslim Personal Law Board to 'safeguard' the Shariat act. Various resolutions were passed, one among which said the constitutionally approved Shariat act for Muslims in matters like marriage, divorce, property rights and Wakf Board administration will be strictly followed and 'safeguarded'.Another said it would oppose the Uniform Civil Code at all costs, a press release from the Shariat Protection conference, held at nearby Palyamkottai, said.
Uniform Civil Code: Muslim leaders demand abolition of article 44
Hyderabad:Muslim leaders, representing various religious, social and political organisations, warned BJP- Govt  against the imposition of Uniform Civil Code in the country. Addressing a hugely attended public meeting at All India Tahafuz-e-Shariyat Conference here, Muslim leaders urged the Centre to abolish Article 44 of the Constitution which provides for introduction of UCC.The meet, presided by Tahreek Muslim Shabban Mohammed Mushtaq Mallik, witnessed participation of eminent leaders from across the country.UNI
Major Muslim sects – Deobandi, Barailvi become united in Ajmer
JAIPUR: 2 Islamic sects with contrasting interpretations of the religion came together to share the stage in Ajmer on Sunday. Jamiat Ulema- I- Hind (JUH), a social organ of Deobandi Muslims who don't believe in shrine worship visited the Dargah in Ajmer which represents Sufi Muslims. The implications of this 'union' might impact the followers of both schools in the Indian subcontinent, which are known for sectarian clashes. "Let's keep our differences to ourselves so that our daily lives are not affected," said JUH leader Maulana Mahmood Madni,adding that Sufi values are antidote to the extremism and radicalization that has overtaken conservative Muslims. 'Union' happened on the side-lines of the 3-day 33 General Session of JUH meeting when JUH leaders, including general secretary Maulana Mahmood Madni visited the shrine of Khawaja Moinduddin Chishty in a bid to bridge the gap between the two opposing sects. Later Sufi Muslim leaders participated in the annual meet of JUH which was attended by over 50,000 people from across the country.Explaining the effects of the union, Abdul Wahid Khatri, general secretary of the JUH Rajasthan chapter, said, "The headquarters of both sects are in India---Deoband and Ajmer. This union will pass the message of brotherhood across the globe."Reacting on the development, Syed Wahid Angarahshah, secretary of Anjuman Syed Zadgan of Dargah Ajmer, said, "Burying the differences is a much needed step for the unification of Muslims of India. Now, we can have deliberations on issues, problems and solutions which are common to all of us."TOI
Muslim body JuH reaches out to Dalits with novel projects
At Jamiat Conclave, Call for Foolproof Nikahnama, Unity with Dalits and Tribals 
Board exams today, hope, fear in Valley: ‘Can’t lose year’: indianexpress
Srinagar:Tabish Rafiq’s eyes start hurting if he studies for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. On July 9, the 16-year-old was hit on the left eye by pellets fired by security forces during the protests in Pulwama’s Pampore in south Kashmir following the killing of militant Burhan Wani the day before.And yet, Rafiq is ready to appear for his Class 10 board examinations starting Tuesday. He is among over a lakh of students of Class 10 and 12, who will appear for the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education’s exams starting on Monday and Tuesday at over 1,000 centres. These students have attended barely 90 days of class in an academic session that follows an Oct-Oct annual cycle and has been disrupted by protests this time.
Kashmir unrest: JK Govt. to reopen schools in border areas from tomorrow
J&K govt orders opening of schools in Jammu -orders-opening-of-schools-in-jammu-district-1538467.html
Pakistan warns of escalation after 7 soldiers killed in Kashmir clashes
Islamabad: Pakistan’s military says Indian troops fired on its soldiers in Kashmir on Monday, killing 7 of them and prompting return fire, as officials warned that the tense standoff between the nuclear-armed rivals could escalate.The two sides have traded fire repeatedly in recent weeks across the LoC. The two nuclear rivals each claim the entire territory, and have fought two of their three wars over it.“The international community should pay attention,” Pakistani defence minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif told Geo News TV. “It can escalate. This could be catastrophic for the region.”AP
Fearing protests in Aligarh, AMU plans to organize event in Delhi
Agra: Apparently fearing opposition and protest over BJP's anti-minorities image and it's stand on the contentious issue of the minority status for AMU, the university authorities are mulling inviting PM  Narendra Modi to chair an international conference on clean Ganga project at a function in Delhi, instead of hosting the event in Aligarh.AMU VC, Lt Gen (Retd) Zameer Uddin Shah, on Friday held "informal discussions" with student union leaders to assess their views on the "PM" but did not disclose to them his plans of inviting him for the function. The feedback that VC got was apparently enough for him to decide against hosting the event in the university campus.TOI
Hyderabad: Blasphemous posting on FB sparks communal tension in old city
Hyderabad: Blasphemous content sparked tension in old city forcing police to swung into action. Santosh nagar Police have registered a case of outraging religious feelings in connection with the posting on social networking website. According to the sources people in Santoshnagar found a objectionable poster over facebook defiling Holy place Makkah. The agitated public came on roads staged a protest against the outrageous act of the miscreants.They also demanded the arrest of Vijay Kumar Kanhaiya who allegedly uploaded the blasphemous content. Agitators forced the shopkeepers to down their shutters that resulted chaos in South Zone area. Police force rushed to the affected areas, but the protestors reached near Historic Charminar and raised slogans to register their protest. siasat
Marathi book on Tipu Sultan shines light on his contributions to India
Solapur(Maharashtra):In an attempt to bring out the role and contributions of the great Mysore king Tipu Sultan, Sarfaraz Shaikh’s Marathi book Saltanat-E-Khudadad was unveiled on Saturday by eminent historian Ram Punyani.The launch was also attended by Maratha scholar Shrimant Kokate, Shaikh Subhan Ali, Advocate Shyam Kadam, Ram Gaikwad and Professor MR Kamble, Sheikh Latif, Mujib Qazi and Sheikh Nizamuddin.At the launch, Sheikh said that he had worked for nearly 6 years to write this 236 page-book. He referred to the works of Irfan Habib, Shiv Gajrani, Ishtiyaq Husain, Eijaz Husain, Jadunath Sarkar, P.Subramaniyam Shetty and others written in English, Marathi, urdu and Hindi. He also collected 450 letters written by Tipu and kept across different libraries of India. He said that politicians and other vested interests have tried to defame Tipu by saying he had demolished 8,000 temples, which is totally wrong. TCN
Students plan JNU Chalo for Najeeb tomorrow
New Delhi: On Nov.15, it will be a month since JNU student Najeeb Ahmed went missing. JNU Students' Union (JNUSU) has called for a 'JNU Chalo' protest on Monday.The students' union has asked participants—not just teachers and students but also the aam junta outside campus—to gather at Ganga Dhaba. It also stated that it is "trying its best to get this issue raised in the upcoming Parliament session." And, apparently, "legal action is also underway." timesofindia
Myanmar's army kills 30 Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine
Myanmar's military has killed about 30 Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state on Sunday, state media reported on Monday, marking the largest escalation of the conflict since fighting erupted in the northwest a month ago.The violence is the most serious to hit Rakhine since 2012, when communal clashes between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims killed hundreds and forced thousands to flee.Soldiers have poured into the Maungdaw area along Myanmar's frontier with Bangladesh in the north of Rakhine, responding to coordinated attacks on three border posts on Oct.9 in which 9 police officers were killed.Security forces have locked down the area, shutting out aid workers and independent observers before conducting sweeps of the villages.Skirmishes took place throughout the weekend, with state media reporting casualties sustained on both Saturday and Sunday.New satellite images released by HRW on Sunday showed widespread destruction of Rohingya villages, including some 430 homes that have been burnt down.Since Oct.9, more than 60 Rohingya Muslims and 17 Myanmar troops have been killed. Turkish Radio & TV(TRT)
Myanmar: 28 killed in new violence in Rakhine state
Violence Escalates in Western Burma As Army Launches Air Strikes Near Rohingya Villages
Trump asks people to stop harassment of Muslims, Latinos
Washington:Saddened by reports of harassment of Muslims, African-Americans and Latinos following his victory in the election, President-elect Donald Trump has for the first time publicly asked people to “Stop it”.“I am so saddened to hear that. And I say, ‘Stop it’ If it — if it helps. I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: Stop it,”Trump told the CBS’ ‘60 Minute’ on Sunday.He was responding to a question on a wave of alleged hate crimes against Muslims, Hispanic Americans, black people, ethnic minorities and LGBT community in recent days.“Do you want to say anything to those people?” he was asked. “I would say don’t do it, that’s terrible, ‘cause I’m gonna bring this country together,” Trump said. The president-elect said some section of the society are scared about him because they do not know him. He asked them not to be afraid.PTI
Trump says he will 'immediately' deport 2-3 million illegal immigrants with criminal records
President-elect Donald Trump has said he plans to deport 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records from the country immediately - and has insisted that he will build his wall. In his first interview since he won White House, Trump is reassuring his supporters that he will deport or incarcerate up to three million 'gang members' and 'drug dealers. Trump insisted that he will build the wall along the US-Mexico border that was a vital part of his presidential campaign. daily mail
Trump vows to end US support for Syrian rebels, instead to side with Assad, Putin
President-elect Donald Trump reaffirmed his campaign trail position that assisting the Syrian govt  in fighting Isis should be the US’ main objective in Syria, despite appeals from rebels for continued help in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad.“I’ve had an opposite view of many people regarding Syria. My attitude was you’re fighting Syria, Syria is fighting Isis, and you have to get rid of Isis,” he said in a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday.Trump has stated that while he “did not like [Assad] at all”, shoring up his regime is the best way to stem the extremism that has flourished in the chaos of the civil war and threatens the US. He has also been emphatic about mending ties with Russia, Syria’s long-standing ally and military backer in the conflict.“Russia is now totally aligned with Syria, and now you have Iran, which is becoming powerful, because of us, is aligned with Syria… Now we’re backing rebels against Syria, and we have no idea who those people are,” he told the Journal, referring to the hardline Sunni Islamist elements present in rebel ranks. If the US attacks Assad, “We end up fighting Russia,” he added.Trump’s shock victory in the US election this week was welcomed by Moscow and Tehran, as well as Damascus, where aides to Assad were cautiously optimistic in interviews on Thursday.President is “ready” to cooperate with Trump going forward, they said.To date US has tacitly supported rebels in Syria both logistically and financially, along with Turkey and Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Abu Hamed, head of the military council of rebel group Liwa al-Haq Brigade, was similarly dismissive. “Americans were never honest with us,” he said, speaking from Hama. “They left us in a quagmire that drowned the Syrians... everyone is trading with our blood and suffering.” Independent UK
Will strongly oppose Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric: Pramila Jayapal
Iraqi civilians stranded north of Mosul grow desperate
Hundreds of civilians who fled fighting near Daesh-controlled Mosul last week are stranded without basic humanitarian assistance, underlining challenges of the largest military operation in Iraq in over a decade.Families have been living for up to 6 days in abandoned homes and a school building in the village of Baybukh, about 6 km from frontline at Mosul’s northern border.Army is fighting within sight of city neighbourhoods, but advances have been slowed by presence of civilians who officers say are being used by the militants as human shields.4 weeks into the campaign to crush Daesh in Mosul, city is almost surrounded. But the jihadists’ defences have been breached so far only to the east, where they have battled elite troops for control of up to a dozen districts.Over 54,000 people have been displaced so far in the campaign and ultimately, 700,000 people are thought likely to need shelter, food, water or medical support. middleeastmonitor
Mosul:Displaced families face starvation in Khazarcamp
More than 500 Iraqi families who fled the fighting in eastern Mosul and sought refuge in the Khazar camp near Erbil are faced with starvation due to lack of food, water and medicine in the camp.A member of forces coalition from the province of Nineveh, Wesal Salim told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed news yesterday that 500 families arrived on Saturday to Khazar camp after fleeing the fighting east of Mosul. middleeastmonitor
Turkish jets hit al-Bab in push to take ISIL's Raqqa
Israeli committee approves bill legalising outposts
Israel has approved a controversial draft bill aimed at authorising Jewish settlements that were built on private Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank without Israeli govt  permission.The bill must now pass through three readings in parliament and also be ratified by the Supreme Court before it can become law.Sunday's vote was rushed through the ministerial committee for legislation in an attempt to prevent the evacuation of the outpost of Amona in the Israeli-occupied West Bank by the end of the year. aljazeera
Saudi bans schools from marking non-Islamic holidays
Riyadh: Saudi education ministry has warned international schools from marking non-Islamic occasions, such as Christmas and New Year, the media reported on Monday.The ban includes forbidding those schools from providing holidays on such occasions or changing the dates of exams to suit them, Xinhua news agency reported.IANS
Egypt arrests 200 Brotherhood members
Around 200 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been detained in connection with calls for protests against price increases that took place last week, Egyptian officials have said. Over 200 people were detained on Friday later released. Several hundred Brotherhood supporters responded to the calls to take to the streets last week to protest against raised prices and unemployment levels. Protests took place across Cairo and Alexandria. middleeastmonitor
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