12 November 2016

12 Nov. 2016: 11 Safar 1438: Vol: 8, No:33
Anger grows as banks struggle to swap banned notes; Govt says ATMs not recalibrated for new notes, to take 2-3 weeks
New Delhi: Anger intensified in India on Saturday as banks struggled to dispense cash following the government's decision to withdraw large denomination notes in an attempt to uncover billions of dollars in undeclared wealth. Tempers frayed as hundreds of thousands of people queued for hours outside banks for a third day to swap 500 and 1,000 rupee bank notes after the notes were abolished earlier in the week.The banned bills made up more than 80% of the currency in circulation, leaving millions of people without cash and threatening to bring much of the cash-driven economy to a halt.Customers argued and banged the glass doors at a Standard Chartered branch in southern Delhi after security guards blocked the entrance, saying there were too many people inside already. Others turned on Modi, criticising his ongoing visit to Japan while ordinary people suffered at home."He is taking bullet train rides in Japan and here you have old people knocking on bank doors for cash," said Prabhat Kumar, a college student who said he had spent 6 hours in the queue. "He has made a terrible mistake."Modi said he would pursue the fight against corruption and tax dodgers even if it meant scanning decades-old records."If unaccounted money is found out during the current clean up drive, accounts of tax evaders dating back to the country's independence in 1947 will be checked.If required I will hire people for this task," Modi told the Indian community in Kobe.Nearly half of India's 202,000 ATMs were shut on Friday and those that operated quickly ran out of new notes as scores of people descended upon them.Finance minister Arun Jaitley said ATMs had not been adjusted to handle new currency notes prior to the announcement in order to keep it under wraps. "Recalibration of ATMs will be completed within 2 weeks,"he added. Referring to inconvenience caused to public, Jaitley said there could be some, short-term disruptive cost to the economy due to the demonetisation drive but this would prove positive in the longer term.Traders in Delhi's vegetable market said they were considering shutting down the market as cash was running out and banks were dispensing a limited amount."We might have to close down until the situation stabilises," said Metharam Kriplani, president of Chambers of Azadpur Fruit and Vegetable Traders.People in Mumbai said grocers were charging 10 times the price of salt in return for accepting the old cash notes. Reuters
ATMs not equipped to dispense new notes, require machine reconfiguration: Report
ATMs have not been re-calibrated for new currency, it will take 2-3 weeks: Finance Minister Jaitley
Out of 2 lakh ATMs, only 85000 functional on Friday
How to identify fake Rs 2000 notes from real ones
How India's currency ban is hurting the poor:BBC
Kejriwal sees a huge scam behind demonetisation
http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/delhi-chief-minister-arvind-kejriwal-press-conference-in-new-delhi-over-demonetisation-move-by-central-govt /article9337875.ece
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that there is a huge scam behind the scrapping of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes.“In the name of tackling corruption, a scam is being carried out on a large scale. Some evidence has to come to light and TV channels are showing it. It is not something new that I’m saying,” Kejriwal said today.“On Nov.8, when PM Narendra Modi announced that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes will not be legal tenders any more, all friends and BJP people, who actually have all the black money, were informed prior. Those who had large amounts of black money got enough to time to take care of it, he said.“In the last 3 months, money has been deposited in all banks on a large scale, running into thousand of crores of rupees. This arouses suspicion,” he alleged. “When the deposits in quarters before that were in the negative or there was no growth, how did suddenly such high deposits were made between July and Sept.quarter? Whose money is this and how did such large scale deposits happen?” he asked.“It is the common man who is suffering due to this as those who have black money, have already done the setting,” he alleged.“There are huge queues outside banks, are there any big industrialists or black marketers in the queue? No. Shopkeepers, rickshaw pullers, auto rickshaw driver, farmers and labourers are in the queue. Do they have all the black money?” he said. Kejriwal alleged that demonetisation has led to a system of commissions and provided a fillip to black money instead. “Gold rates have gone up and black money has gone up instead of decreasing,” he said.the hindu
Demonetisation a 'big black scandal': Mamata Banerjee
Kolkata: Ratcheting up her demand for withdrawal of the Modi-led central govt 's decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes, West Bengal CM  Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said the move has turned out to be a "big black scandal". "This has turned out to be a big black scandal. Hardship for the common citizens and full advantage to the money launderers. I have said this before, but given the way the young, old and everyone is suffering let me again appeal to the Central govt  to withdraw this 'black' political decision which is anti-commoner," Banerjee tweeted. IANS
Ready to work with CPM to save country: Mamata on demonetisation
Mamata Banerjee Calls Demonetisation A 'Big Black Scandal', Demands Rollback
Kapil Sibal attacks demonetisation scheme, seeks probe of money pumped in Modi’s PM campaign
Demonetisation will not serve purpose of checking black money: CM Akhilesh
‘WB BJP deposited Rs 1cr hours before demonetisation’
New Delhi: CPI(M) hasclaimed that BJP was aware of the Centre's decision to demonetise currency of higher value in advance, while ruing that the move has affected the party's campaigning ahead of by-polls in few seats in West Bengal. "BJP's Bengal unit had deposited an amount of Rs 1 crore in a Kolkata bank, hours before PM Narendra Modi made the announcement on Tuesday. "The move has certainly affected our campaigning in terms of expenditure. Workers are facing trouble in procuring election material at the grassroots level," senior party leader Rabin Deb said. PTI
BJP leaked demonetisation information to benefit party
Demonetization: Uddhav Thackeray slams Modi
Mumbai:After the opposition, now the BJP is facing heat from its own ally over the scrapping of Rs 500 and  Rs 1,000 notes citing "torture" to common man, Shivsena Chief Uddhav Thackeray came down heavily on the move. It is seen as the most brazen attack on Modi govt's war on black money.Calling the serpentine queues outside banks as a "torture" Shivsena Thackeray went on to warn the Modi govt  of a surgical strike by the citizens that may cost him dear. india today
From Japan, Modi warns of more steps on black money, if required
Kobe: Acknowledging the hardship being faced by people back home following the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, PM Narendra Modi on Saturday said more steps could be taken to curb black money as warranted.Addressing the Indian diaspora here, Modi said he had already opened several windows for people to come clean on their ill-gotten wealth. After that, he said, he had to think of other ways and demonetisation was one such step -- a matter that had to be kept secret.He said that after the window offered in Sept.for people to declare their unaccounted wealth, Rs 125 lakh crore was received by banks. "If after this you think that the situation remains like before then it's not my fault," he said, adding that after the demonetization scheme, "there is no guarantee that more won't follow".IANS
Nation in chaos over demonetisation, Modi frolicking in Japan: Congress
Do Bazaar Rupye in Urdu, Dhon Hazaar Rupye in Hindi; Wrong Urdu, Hindi text on new Rs 2000 notes: scholars
If they do, the freshly minted maximum value currency of Rs 2,000 denomination is faulty, say Chennai-based Urdu scholars. While 'hazaar' means thousand, 'bazaar' means market. 'Do Bazaar Rupye'. This is found to have been printed in Urdu on Rs 2,000 currency. Instead of saying 'hazaar' which means 'thousand', they have committed a spelling error resulting in a word 'bazaar' which means market or shopping area, said U Mohamed Khalilullah, an Urdu scholar and chartered accountant.On the reverse side of the new Rs 2,000 note, the value of the currency has been printed in 15 languages. In Urdu, it is printed as 'Do Bazaar Rupye,' said Mohamed Khalilullah. He said the Hindi phrase too was not correct, as it has been printed as 'Dhon Hazaar Rupye', instead of 'Dho Hazaar Rupye.'TOI
Salt Crosses Rs. 300/kg in Delhi, NCR, UP, Govts Deny Shortage Rumours
http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/no-shortage-of-salt-dont-pay-heed-to-rumours-centre-delhi-govt -1624526
New Delhi/Lucknow: Amid rumours of a salt shortage in different parts of Delhi, NCR and UP, both central and Delhi govt s on Friday clarified there is no such shortage."There is no shortage of salt. State govt s have all powers to ensure its availability at reasonable prices," a central govt  spokesperson said.The clarification came after rumours were rife that the price of salt has gone up to Rs. 250 per kg in Delhi/NCR and Rs. 400 per kg in UP.This led to a panic-like situation in Noida, Laxmi Nagar, Chandni Chowk and some other places in the national capital."The department monitors the prices of 22 essential commodities on daily basis. As per the prices reported by centres from across the country, there has been no increase in price of salt whatsoever," Department of Food and Consumer Affairs said.There has been no report about any disruption in production of salt, its supply and distribution, it added.Earlier in the day, rumours of no salt stocks in UP led to panic buying in many parts of the state.IANS
One dead after rumours of salt shortage trigger panic in UP
New Delhi: Rumours of no salt stocks in UP  triggered a major law and order situation, leading to the death of a woman in Kanpur, police said on Saturday.In the panic buying around midnight, when the rumours spread like wildfire in Bakarganj Bazaar in Kanpur, Savita (52) too, rushed to buy some salt.In the melee she was pushed around and slipped into a drain, dying on the spot, the police said.siasat
Baby Dies After Mumbai Hospital Allegedly Refuses To Take 500, 1,000 Rupee Notes
MUMBAI: For Jagadish and Kiran Sharma, residents of Mumbai's Govandi area, the effect of the govt 's radical move to withdraw 500 and 1,000 rupee notes from circulation, has not just been bothersome but utterly devastating.The couple lost their newborn baby after allegedly being turned away by a private hospital in Govandi just because they did not have enough usable cash to make the deposit.Kiran went into labour at her home on Wednesday just minutes before her husband could manage transport to take her to the Jeevan Jyot Hospital and nursing home, which the couple have been visiting regularly for the last six months for check-ups.But the hospital turned them away after they requested to make a part of the deposit worth Rs. 6,000 in denominations of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, Jagadish said. "I requested them again and again, even telling them that the govt has directed hospitals to accept 500 and 1000 rupee notes for a few more days but they refused to hear us out," said Jagadish Sharma.NDTV
Hid in Washroom For an Hour: Official After Attack at IDBI Bank
What is about to follow is a first-person account of Daljit Kaur, an employee of the Subzi Mandi branch of IDBI bank in Delhi, where violence ensued on Saturday morning as a group of goons attacked bank officials with stones and injured several of them.  the Quint
 70-yr-old dies in front of Mumbai SBI branch
Mumbai: A 70-year-old Mulund resident who was standing in a long queue to deposit money and exchange demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes died after suffering a stroke on Friday afternoon outside a State Bank of India Branch in his neighbourhood. Vishwas Vartak, a former PWD employee, was leading a retired life at his residence in Aditya Park in Hari Om Nagar, Mulund East. The SBI branch had a long queue and there was no respite for Vartak, despite norms that senior citizens should have a separate queue. Vartak lived with his wife, two sons and daughters-in-law.DNA
Thane: Eyewitness recounts horror of 72-year-old collapsing to death in ATM line
3 people die in India in the wake of demonetization policy, Rahul Gandhi joins queue
Housewife 'jumps to death' after futile ATM visit
Howrah: A 27-year-old homemaker fell to death from her 10th-floor flat in a posh apartment complex in Howrah's Belur on Friday morning, soon after returning empty-handed from a nearby ATM.Police suspect she jumped off the balcony after a spat with her husband. Police have learnt that Madhu was asked by her husband, Brajesh, a realtor, to queue up at the ATM after picking up the couple's 2 kids from school. She was told to wait till Brajesh replaced her. Madhu did stop at the ATM, but returned home on finding it shut."I bade Madhu and the kids goodbye and left for work. I stepped out and was shocked to find my wife lying on the road with blood all around her. I don't know why she chose to take her life," said a distraught Brajesh. Other family members insisted Madhu did not commit suicide but accidentally fell from the balcony.TOI
In River Ganga now, there are notes of Rs 500, Rs 1000 flowing: PM Modi
New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi, who is on a 3-day visit to Japan, addressed diaspora community in Kobe on Saturday. Talking about his latest move to curb black money, he saluted the resolve of 125 crore Indian citizens who are facing hardships to help rid the country of corruption. Indian express
Shortage of new notes: Customers allegedly loot fair price shop in MP
Chhattarpur:Enraged over not getting ration from a fair price shop due to shortage of cash after Centre’s demonestisation move, people at Bardaha village here allegedly looted groceries from the outlet in protest. The shop owner Munni Lal Ahirwar has alleged in his complaint that the villagers looted foodgrains as they did not have cash to purchase it, police, however claimed that no such incident took place and it was only a minor scuffle.PTI
Irate customers attack bank staff in Kolkata, Howrah
Demonetisation may not win war against black money as Cash has less than 6% of share in it
New Delhi: The demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes is unlikely to help the govt  suck out black money from the economy as hoarders keep a tiny portion of their ill-gotten wealth in hard cash, going by income-tax data.Cash recovery has been less than 6% of the undisclosed income seized from tax evaders, shows an HT analysis of data from tax raids from financial year 2012-13 onwards. Critics argued the move would do little to unearth black money hoarded by the rich who park their cash in different asset classes than keep it idle.Tax data seem to bear that out. For instance, in income-tax probes from April 1 to Oct.31 this financial year, black-money holders accepted having stashed Rs 7,700 crore worth of ill-gotten assets. The cash component was merely Rs 408 crore or 5%. The remaining was invested in business, stocks, real estate and benami bank accounts, the data show. Financial year 2015-16 saw the highest black-money detection in the period, of which 6% was cash.HT
Dainik Jagran Journalist broke story about currency demonetisation a fortnight back
Lucknow:Though the Centre has claimed that the decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes was known only to a handful of people, the story was broken by a Kanpur-based Hindi journalist almost a fortnight before the dramatic late evening announcement by the PM .Brajesh Dubey of the Hindi daily Dainik Jagran is gleefully accepting congratulatory telephone calls and envious looks from his peers for his story of Oct.27 that also confidently reported that Rs 2,000 notes would be issued as replacement. Talking to IANS over the phone, Dubey, who is on the business beat for the Hindi daily, did not reveal his source for the story citing the “ethics of journalism”, but said it came from “informed and long-standing sources”.It was done routinely, he said, and did not draw attention even from colleagues, forget readers, until the Nov.8 “surgical strike” on black money -- an event that was so “top secret” that ministers were reportedly “quarantined” after the cabinet meeting where they were informed of the decision. Dubey is happy now that the story has not only been confirmed by subsequent developments, but also that his byline has been noticed by the fraternity everywhere.IANS
Currency ban won't affect netas. Only people will suffer: RSS leader Govindacharya
Veteran RSS leader KN Govindacharya has claimed that the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes announced by PM Narendra Modi would have negligible impact in bringing down the black money in the economy. According to Govindacharya, the demonetisation scheme and introduction of high value currency notes would result in weeding out only 3% of the black money.In a post on Facebook, the RSS leader wrote, "I was surprised and happy after scheme to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1000 was announced, but after giving it a deep thought, my excitement fizzled out. These 2 initiatives by Modiji would take out only 3% of the black money and would not have any far reaching consequences. This would end up being yet another election jumla of the PM." Catch news
Why Demonetisation Could Fail to Make a Dent on Terror Financing:Raghu Raman
Modi move a huge blow to purchasing power, may backfire on PM: Swaminathan Aiyer
Currency ban: Queues get longer at banks, ATMs; struggle for new notes continues
ATMs run dry as people make a dash for cash after demonetisation move
Watch: Bad in 2014, Great in 2016 – BJP’s Flip-Flop on Currency Exchange
India may soon see cash riots unless govt ensures adequate cash flow:Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay
Modi loses over 3 lakh followers on Twitter, Kejriwal gains
Demonetisation leaves lakhs of tea, jute workers in Bengal, Northeast unpaid
Countrywide Campus Protests On November 15 For Missing JNU Student
New Delhi:  JNU Students Union (JNUSU) on Friday called upon major student organisations across the country to hold campus protests on Nove.14-15 and to intensify the fight for Najeeb Ahmed, student of the JNU missing from campus here for last 26 days. At a conference organised on the JNU campus by the students union denounced the varsity's inaction and "total abdication"in its duty to bring the culprits to justice, and deliberated the ways in which the protest movement could be intensified.PTI
Najeeb Ahmed row: JNU Students blame Delhi Police for delay in efforts to trace him
New Delhi: The students of JNU campus criticized the Delhi Police on Saturday for delayed efforts to in find Najeeb Ahmed, who has been missing from last 28 days after allegedly being beaten up by a mob of 20 students comprising mostly of ABVP members.JNUSU President Mohit Pandey told ANI, “Police has not taken any action for finding Najeeb. They have not followed the procedures and responsibilities. Those who had beaten him were not interrogated. Constantly the members of ABVP are saved. We will go to police time and again. We will not let Najeeb forget understand our responsibility,”Police is delaying the investigation. Why is the basic investigation not happening? We want only Najeeb to be searched. We doubt that whether the Delhi police is really doing the investigation or not?” Former President Akbar said.ANI
Crime Branch to probe missing JNU student's case
3 MP cops ‘injured’ in Bhopal encounter go missing
Bhopal:3 MP policemen, who the govt  said were injured in a controversial encounter, appear to have gone missing. Repeated attempts to trace them ran into a police wall or angry and anxious family members.An HT investigation, however, found that none of them were seriously injured and one of them has been attending office without a break since the encounter on the outskirts of Bhopal on Oct.31. A family member of another cop told an HT reporter that the policeman had gone to hospital alone on his motorcycle. The 3 were said to have been injured when fired upon by 8 men who allegedly escaped from Bhopal jail and were shot dead by police in encounter, which has come under a cloud following contradictory statements by police officials and surfacing of amateur video clips.“They received cut injuries on hand and feet,” was the curt reply of SP (north) Arvind Saxena when asked about the nature of injuries. It was only after repeated requests that he revealed their names — special task force head constable Narayan Singh and crime branch constables Dinesh Khatri and Mayand Singh.But he refused to give their residential addresses. HT managed to meet the family members of two of the policemen.HT
2 weeks on, Khandwa’s Muslims still seething with anger over Bhopal encounter
Khandwa: It is almost two weeks since 8 men were gunned down in a police encounter hours after breaking out of the Bhopal jail, but sections of the Muslim community in Khandwa, the Madhya Pradesh town from where 5 of the killed fugitives hailed, is still seething with anger.Thousands had turned out for the funerals of 5 on Nov.2 and raised angry slogans against the state govt  and the police. Agitated mourners also pelted stones in Tapalchaal neighbourhood of the city, best known to outsiders for being the birthplace of legendary singer Kishore Kumar.Aqeel Ashraf, a prominent activist, said the encounter shrouded in controversy has further deepened the sense of alienation among the local Muslims. Khandwa-based lawyer and a prominent community member, Javed Chouhan, said the resentment and anger brewing among Muslim youth was a reaction to the encounter. Senior Congress leader Riaz Hussain said the Oct.31 killings have added to the communal tension. Cleric Syed Ansar Ali said a fair probe was the only way to stop Muslim youth from being radicalized.HT
SIMI men’s lawyer ‘denied’ entry to Bhopal jail, approaches police
Bhopal:A lawyer for 5 suspected SIMI men lodged in Bhopal Central Jail failed in his court-approved mission to meet the clients on Saturday, prompting him to approach the police. While counsel Parvez Alam claimed prison authorities demanded an untrue submission from him, jail superintendent Dinesh Nargave said his office was only going by routine formalities. Alam registered a complaint at Gandhinagar police station, alleging that Bhopal Central Jail authorities “denied” him a meeting with the five clients despite permission from the judiciary. The district and sessions court had, on Friday, allowed Alam a 20-minute meet with the five “operatives” of the banned Islamic students’ organisation inside the jail. Judge Ram Kumar Chaube, while dismissing a revision petition filed by Madhya Pradesh govt , specified that the lawyer should stick to the rules of the state jail manual.On Saturday, when Alam reached the Bhopal Central Central Jail at 10.35 am, he was asked to fill up a form. The lawyer said he was asked to write that Adil, Irfan, Javed, Zuber and Mohammed Sadiq, who he wanted to meet, were his relatives.“They are my clients; not relatives. I don’t understand why they are behaving like this,” Alam told HT. “They are now trying to frame me, too, as a SIMI activist.”The jail authorities showed disrespect to Friday’s court order, he added.HT
Bhopal encounter: Court rejects MP govt plea, allows lawyer to meet SIMI men in jail
Catching the lies of MP CM:Hemender Sharma
Encounter:HC asks petitioner to approach judicial panel
Never Named Anyone, Says Wife Of Murdered Tribal On Professor Nandini Sundar
RAIPUR:  Days after the murder of a villager in Chhattisgarh's Maoist-hit Bastar, the police cited his wife's complaint to name Delhi University professor Nandini Sundar and Jawaharlal Nehru University's Archana Prasad as murder suspects.Sitting in her home at a village around 400 km from Raipur, Shamnath Baghel's wife Vimla told NDTV that she didn't name Nandini Sundar or anyone at all, even the killers.Vimla says the family was sleeping on Nov 4, when the Maoists knocked on their door."When I did not open the door, they broke it down. They barged in and dragged my husband out of the house. They had guns, swords...They pointed a gun at me and asked me to stay inside. There were 15-20 men... I did not know any of them. I could not see them properly as they flashed a torch at me. They did not say a word. They took him and killed him on the road," said Vimla.NDTV
Wife of Murdered Bastar Villager Denies Naming Nandini Sundar and Others in FIR
India will not become 'pawn' for Japan: Chinese Daily
Beijing: India will not become a "pawn" for Japan to contain China, a Chinese state-run media said on Saturday, accusing Japan of exploiting Sino-India disputes for its own interests. "Japan wants to use the disputes between China and India to court India to help contain China. Japan seeks to urge India to meddle in the South China Sea issue, even at the cost of changing its long-held position of reducing nuclear usage to offer special benefits of civil nuclear cooperation to India," Global Times said in an editorial on PM  Narendra Modi's three-day visit to Japan."Looking at Japan's diplomatic policies over the past few years, (Japanese PM Shinzo) Abe administration has become more active trying to sway regional powers to encircle China," the daily said.PTI
UK regulator slaps penalty on Zakir Naik’s Peace TV for anit-Jewes speeches
New Delhi:Britain’s regulator, Ofcom, has imposed a penalty of £65,000 on Club TV Limited, the licence holder of Zakir Naik’s Peace TV Urdu in Britain for breach of the content code.Naik’s NGOs in India are currently under govt  scrutiny and the process has been initiated to declare them terrorist entities under the UAPA.The Ofcom regulator found the telecast of the public lectures by an Islamic scholar highly critical and potentially offensive to the Jewish people. This was broadcast on Sept.12 and 13 on Peace TV Urdu.The order issued on Friday, found a number of discriminatory remarks made on the Jewish people as an ethnic group in the lectures delivered by Islamic scholar Israr Ahmed who died in April 2010. The role and actions of the Jewish people through history from c.1500 to the present day were examined in the lectures that had comments like “this cursed people…this cursed race”, found to be offensive under the Ofcom code.The regulator observes that the breach of the code was serious as the content included numerous examples of overwhelmingly negative and stereotypical references to Jewish people which, in its view, were a form of hate speech. Ofcom was also concerned about the potential harm arising from such a speech.In its defence, Club TV expressed its sincere regret and acknowledged that the contents should not have been broadcast. However, it argued that its viewer profile is over 25 years old — i.e. the channel’s viewers were not the youngest and most impressionable. the hindu
Delhi:Violence erupted near Dargah at Jorbagh Karbala, 200 policemen deployed
New Delhi: Arguments between the 2 groups of people over the erection of parking gate inside a dargah allegedly at Jorbagh Karbala in South Delhi lead to violence with both sides pelting stones at each other as well as cars parked in the area for over 20 minutes on Friday night. The scuffle settled only after the police reached the spot and seized the area. Around 200 policemen were deployed to control the situation and five people were detained, police said. financialexpress
India,Pak should resume talks on J&K:ex-Hurriyat head
A separatist leader in the Valley Friday asked mainstream and separatist parties in J&K  to sit together and draft a resolution asking India and Pakistan to resume the dialogue on Kashmir issue. Former chairman of Hurriyat Conference Abdul Ghani Bhat said people in India and Pakistan should build pressure on their govt s against the “war mongering and jingoism”.During the release of his book Beyond Me, Bhat said the Kashmir conflict is the foundation of “darkness” in the subcontinent and has engulfed the whole South Asian region. He said all recognised parties in J&K, including the BJP, should “put their heads together” and draft a joint resolution asking India and Pakistan to end the stalemate.
Curfew imposed in parts of Srinagar, Friday prayers not allowed inside mosque; Geelani remains house arrest
Day before separatist march: Yasin Malik held again, Mirwaiz put under house arrest
Trump's victory followed by wave of hate crime attacks against minorities across US - led by his supporters
Police are investigating a wave of alleged hate crimes against Muslims, Hispanic Americans, black people, ethnic minorities and LGBT community in the wake of the US election.Attackers professing support for Donald Trump have been accused of numerous attacks in the 24 hours following his shock victory, including death threats, physical assaults and racist graffiti. Among the incidents is the alleged robbery of a Muslim student at San Diego State University by 2 men who “made comments about President-elect Donald Trump and Muslim community”, before stealing her purse, rucksack and car.SDSU Muslim Student Association said the victim was a black Muslim student wearing full Islamic dress, and is planning a demonstration against “anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, and all other forms of discrimination that have become increasingly normalised during the campaign and now election of Donald Trump”. Independent UP
Saudi student is beaten, killed in Wisconsin
After Trump’s win, hijab-clad Muslim students targeted on California campuses
Muslim Students Targeted In California Attacks: AFP
Black Americans fear racism, police violence postTrump
Protests against Donald Trump continue across US
Senior Saudi prince Turki al-Faisal says Trump shouldn't scrap Iran deal: Reuters
US President-elect Donald Trump should not scrap a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers but should take the nation to task for its "destabilizing activities" in the Middle East, said a former senior Saudi official.Gulf powers watched with alarm as US President Barack Obama forged a deal with its top regional foe over Iran's nuclear program last year and warned it would embolden Tehran's pursuit of regional hegemony in part through support for proxy groups fuelling regional conflicts."I don't think he should scrap it. It's been worked on for many years and the general consensus in the world, not just the United States, is that it has achieved an objective, which is a 15-year hiatus in the program that Iran embarked on to develop nuclear weapons," Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief and ex-ambassador to Washington and London said on Thursday.
Egyptian police arrest scores of anti-Sisi protesters
At least 130 people have been arrested across Egypt as calls for protests against poor economic conditions and rising prices went largely unheeded.In the capital, Cairo, where riot police had been deployed in force in anticipation of Friday's protests, some 39 alleged demonstrators were arrested.Police also quickly scattered several dozen protesters who assembled in the port city of Suez, according to media reports.Meanwhile in Beheira province, some 70km north of Cairo, sources told Al Jazeera that security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters. aljazeera
Egypt: IMF approves $12bn loan
Afghanistan: Explosion hits US airbase in Bagram
NATO says at least 4 people have been killed in an explosion inside the largest US military base in Afghanistan, with the Taliban claiming responsibility for attack.The explosion struck at dawn on Saturday inside heavily fortified Bagram Airfield, north of Kabul, as the Taliban step up attacks on Western targets before the onset of winter, when fighting usually ebbs.
Turkey detains chairman of opposition Cumhuriyetdaily
Istanbul Turkey’s state-run news agency says the chairman of the opposition Cumhuriyet daily has been detained as he returned from abroad, a week after several senior staff were arrested for allegedly supporting terrorist organisations.AP
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