13 November 2016

13 Nov. 2016: 12 Safar 1438: Vol: 8, No:34
Uniform Civil Code: Law Commission open to suggestions from tribals
New Delhi: With a section of the tribal population up in arms against the govt's move seeking opinion of Law Commission on possibility of having the Uniform Civil Code, the panel said it was "open" to objections and suggestions from the community. "The tribal community should make representation before the Commission. We would also like to know their stand," Law Commission Chairman BS Chauhan told PTI.He said the Commission considers tribals as a stakeholder in the entire exercise in which representations are coming from various communities."Tribals can also participate and debate in the entire exercise," the former apex court judge said.The opposition from a section of the tribal community assumed importance as a group has also moved the Supreme Court contending that the govt was making an attempt to impose the UCC which will be against their ethos, customs and religious practices.Rashtriya Adivasi Ekta Parishad, a group that claims to work for protecting Adivasi interests, has filed a petition in the SC seeking protection of their customs and religious practices, including their right to practice polygamy and polyandry.The petition in the apex court claimed the Adivasis (tribals) had their own personal laws and do not come in the category of Hindus as they worshipped nature instead of idols and performed burial of the dead.The marriage ceremonies of tribals are also different from that of Hindus, it submitted.PTI
Muslims won’t tolerate any interference in Shariah: Jamiat Ulama conclave in historic city of Ajmer
Ajmer: The 2-day 33rd general session of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind began here on Saturday at the historic city of Ajmer which has the privilege of having the shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chishti who is remembered as “Ghareeb Nawaz” and was embodiment of universal peace and communal harmony. The city popularly known as “Ajmer Sharif” has the distinction of people of all faiths and not just Muslims visiting the saint’s shrine to pay their obeisance. In the backdrop of Uniform Civil Code and Triple Talaaq controversy, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind’s general session began with all round refrain that Muslims will never tolerate any interference in the Muslim Personal Law as any such interference amounts to infringement of fundamental rights which have been enshrined in the Constitution of India to one and all countrymen.Showing the unity of all sects and schools of thought at the 33rd general session, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind President Maulana Mohammad Usman Mansurpuri said in his presidential address that there is a need to iron out the sectarian differences among the community as the communal forces are trying to exploit these to defame Islam and the Islamic Shariah. He exhorted Jamiat members and followers to attach themselves with the four lineage of Sufism. He said the decision to hold 33rd Jamiat session in Ajmer Sharif was to give a universal message of Islam against terrorism and communalism as Hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chishti always stood for these ideals.Sajjada nashin of Dargha Sirhind, Khawja Syed Sadiq Huassian and president of Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat (North) Khawja Junaid also addressed the Jamiat session and exhorted for unity and harmony among the community. Meanwhile, special invitee Javed Jamil, writer, speaking on the occasion said: “Communal Violence is a much bigger threat than Terrorism, and Hindu Terrorism more dangerous than Muslim Terrorism”.  siasat
Muslims won’t tolerate any interference in Islamic Shariah : Jamiat Ulama
Won’t Tolerate Interference:AIMPLB member
Bhopal: All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) executive committee member Maulana Khalilur Rehman Sajjad Nomani said that Muslims would not tolerate any interference in the Shariah law.Maulana Sajjad Nomani was addressing a Muslim women’s meeting over protection of Shariah that was attended by a large number of community women here on Saturday.AIMPLB executive committee member Arif Masood, Bhopal Mufti-e-Shahar Maulana Mufti Abul Kalam Qasmi and Somaiya Monai also addressed the gathering on the occasion. Maulana Nomani said, “Today, the people who are trying to interfere in the Shariah law by creating confusion over it do not know that Islam provides equal rights to women. Those who want to impose Uniform Civil Code in the cover of Talaq would never get success in their intents.” Dailypioneer
Triple Talaq should be banned: Javed Akhtar
Kerala Leaders call to protect sharia
Benami properties, gold next on agenda, Modi talks about 50 more days of pain; claims 'powerful enemies' out to 'destroy' him
New Delhi:PM  Narendra Modi on Sunday received standing ovation from audiences in Goa and Karnataka as he shed tears justifying his govt ’s demonetisation efforts, which have been criticised for mismanagement.These were his first speeches since last Tuesday when he addressed the nation to declare that the old series 500 and 1,000 would be illegal tender. On Sunday, Modi announced the next step in his war on “black money” and corruption would be a crackdown on benami properties.In a voice choked with emotion, Modi said in Goa he had made strong enemies who “will not let me live, who will destroy me.”“But I ask the people of the country to help in this fight against black money for the next 50 days,” he said, adding if the scheme should fail people could do whatever they thought fit with him. Without identifying the “enemies of the drive” the PM  sent out a strong warning to them, “If you haven’t realised what I am made of, then do now… I will dig into your records dating back to when India achieved its independence. I will give jobs to 100,000 youths and ask them to do this work.” Modi said his govt ’s intent to end conversion of black money into gold. He said the 2016-17 Budget did away with the tax on use of plastic money with the objective of moving towards a cashless society.But crucially, amid reports that the move has disrupted business and people are facing hardships, Modi attempted to correct the discourse. “The gains of this move would outweigh the pain,” he said, at the centenary celebration of an education society in Belgaum. Opposition parties on Sunday said they would raise the issue in Parliament during the winter session that begins Wednesday. Earlier in Goa, PM said: “This (demonetisation) isn’t the end. This isn’t a full stop, I declare,” the.He said demonetisation was a “secret operation” by his govt that took 10 months to plan by a “small and trusted group” of people.Businessstandard
'More projects' to fight graft; ready to face consequences: PM Modi
Thrashing criticism of govt's demonetization decision PM Modi vows won't stop, even if burnt alive
They will not leave me alive: Modi on demonetisation
Currency Demonetisation: PM Modi Turns Emotional, Says Left Home And Family For Nation
PM Modi attacks Congress: You could dare to stop only 25 paise, not higher denomination notes
Kejriwal to Modi: End demonetisation, jail your friends with accounts in Swiss bank
New Delhi:Delhi CM  Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday urged PM  Modi to immediately withdraw the decision to demonetise high value currency and jail those with illegal Swiss bank accounts. He also said that if the massive cash crunch across the country continued, it could lead to law and order issues and spiral out of control. “I urge the PM  to take back his decision” of Nov. 8 to demonetize the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes as it has created huge problems for the ordinary people,” he said.indianexpress
Demonetisation: United Opposition slams govt as Modi makes emotional appeal to bear hardship for 50 days
2 days after new Rs 2,000 note, a ‘fake’
Bengaluru:Barely 2 days after banks began issuing the new, ‘high-security’ Rs 2,000 notes, police in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka have registered a case of cheating against unknown persons for allegedly using a colour photocopy of the new note.Police said Ashok, a vegetable vendor, realised the note was fake when he was tallying the day’s collection. G Krishnaraj, Circle Police inspector of Chikkamagalur city, said one of the workers at Ashok’s stall accepted a Rs 2,000 note from a man who made purchases worth Rs 1,700. The suspect, so far unidentified, allegedly handed over the note and said he would collect the balance later. indianexpress
Fake note: Karnataka vegetable vendor duped with colour photocopy of Rs 2000 note
Recovery of fake notes dipped by 30 %  between 2013 & 2015: Fake became too ‘original’ to detect
Was PM Modi's demonetizaion plan leaked? The real story behind a Gujarati paper's 'prediction'
Ahmedabad: A city-based evening newspaper, which published a news item as a prank on its readers on April Fools Day saying the govt will scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, has been flooded with calls ever since the govt  demonetised them. The daily--Akila--is at pains now explaining to one and all that it was just an April fool prank as the picture of the story published on April 1, 2016, has gone viral on social media after the govt 's overnight decision on Tuesday."We had published the news on April 1, as a prank on our readers that high denomination notes of Rs 500 and Rs1000 will be discontinued. Its nothing but a coincidence that the news eventually turned out to be true after six months," owner and editor of the eveninger, Kirit Ganatra told PTI. There is a tradition in Gujarat that every local language newspaper gives one prank news on April Fool Day. The next day it is clarified in the paper that the particular news was a prank, those close to the establishment said adding that this is generally enjoyed by the readers.DNA
 Woman with Rs 25 lakh ends life in Telangana
Mahbubabad: A woman committed suicide on Thursday believing that the Rs 25 lakh cash in high denominations stashed at her house had become worthless.Kandukuri Vinoda, 55, of Shanigapuram village in Mahbubabad mandal had sold her 12 acres at Amanagal for Rs 76 lakh to realtors 2 months back. Since her husband was suffering from paralysis, the family needed money for his treatment.The buyers had paid Rs 48 lakh in instalments and the remaining amount was pending. Vinoda’s family had kept the money in their house instead of at a bank as they were planning to buy another piece of land. After paying about Rs 3 lakh for her husband’s treatment, she also cleared a debt of Rs 20 lakh.Locals said Vinoda wanted to give Rs 10 lakh each to her two daughters Rajitha and Kavitha as they hadn’t paid any dowry.Deccan Chronicle
Stop treating people like criminals: Shiv Sena
Shiv Sena has written to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley asking him to stop treating every citizen like a "criminal" in the wake of the demonetization of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. Rajya Sabha MPs Sanjay Raut and Anil Desai, while lauding the govt 's intent on cracking down on black money, expressed concern over the manner in which each and every Indian was being viewed as a criminal."We are worried about the way each citizen has been viewed as a criminal by the govt . The sudden declaration of the currency notes as illegal has rendered millions of people and households in chaos," Raut and Desai said in a letter to Jaitley released late on Saturday night.IANS
Use of Devanagari numerals on new banknotes draws complaints of Hindi chauvinism: scroll.in
In a sharp break from the tradition of not privileging one Indian language or script over the other, the use of Devanagari numerals on the new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes is the first such instance in India’s post-Independence history.The departure from the past has already triggered a murmur of resentment against the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Union govt , which is perceived to have slyly resorted to cultural imposition through the introduction of new notes.“The demonetisation has also proved to be a cultural opportunity,” wrote Pulapre Balakrishnan acidly in his piece, The New Colour of Money, in The Hindu, on Friday. Balakrishnan was referring to what has always been the project of the BJP – to establish the complete dominance of Hindi with the Devanagari script all over India.
Now Rs 3 crore deposit ahead of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 note ban puts W. Bengal BJP in a spot
Kolkata: Deposits of Rs 3 crore made by West Bengal BJP in a nationalised bank here eight days before PM's demonetisation announcement have triggered a controversy. Last transaction, involving Rs 40 lakh, was made minutes before the PM's speech. BJP has insisted that the events shouldn't be seen together; the cash deposits,it claimed, only proved compliance. The revelations, however, provided opposition parties enough ammunition to train their guns at BJP ahead of the Nov.19 bye-elections to one assembly and two Lok Sabha seats in the state. Sources in the Indian Bank's Central Avenue branch confirmed that the deposits were made in four tranches. According to a report published in CPM mouthpiece 'Ganashakti' on Friday, BJP had, on November 8, deposited Rs 60 lakh and then Rs 40 lakh - all of it in neatly packed 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. While the first deposit was made to a savings account (No.554510034) named BJP, West Bengal, in the afternoon, the second was made around 8pm. However, it is not clear how the bank was open at 8pm. According to the same report, in a different current account (also maintained by the party's state unit) Rs 75 lakh was deposited on November 1 and Rs 1.25 crore on Nov.5. ET
Demonetisation and its discontents: why black money isn't going anywhere: AMITABH PANDEY
Decision to Demonetise Currency Shows They Don’t Understand Capitalism: Prabhat Patnaik
Bihar shocker: Ambulance refuses to accept abolished notes, rape victim struggles 3 hours to reach hospital
Chandni Chowk traders say it will take 2 months to regain business
Demonetisation damage greater than its benefits, says Kaushik Basu
Jaipur: Infant dies, father says no cash for ambulance
Jaipur:A father claims to have run around for over four hours on Thursday night in Rajasthan’s Pali district looking for an ambulance that would accept Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 notes to take his newborn to hospital. By the time the family could arrange some Rs 100 notes, he said, the infant was dead.Champalal Meghwal said he was yet to tell his wife about the death of their first-born. Hours after the son’s death, his wife Manisha was discharged from the govt hospital in Pali and is back home at their village Lapod. “She keeps asking where our son is, and I keep telling her he is still at the district hospital undergoing treatment,” the 24-year-old said, adding he is afraid she may not survive the blow.“Our son was born at 4.11pm on Thursday at Govt  Bangar Hospital, but had some difficulty breathing. About four hours after his birth, the doctors referred him to Jodhpur ,” Meghwal, 24, a farmer, said. indianexpress
UP elections: 90% of people suffering, they will teach BJP a lesson, says Mayawati
If BJP contests next polls only by using cheque, I will admit black money wiped out: Salman Khurshid
FIR against doctor for ‘turning away’ sick baby over Rs 500 notes
Jamaat skeptical about govt’s claim to rein black money through demonetization
New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has expressed skepticism over govt’s claim to curb the circulation of black money by demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes. The Secretary General of Jamaat, Muhammad Salim Engineer said: “we are not convinced by govt’s claim that the demonetization scheme will curb black money. If black money was to be curbed, why introduce the 2000 rupee note. The assumption that black money is all hard cash and stashed in gunny bags is highly overstated. A substantial part of black money is stashed in Swiss banks, converted to bullion and invested in real estate. There is no concrete effort to book the guilty of siphoning funds abroad or having ‘’benami’’ property. This sudden announcement by the govt appears to be an election stunt and has resulted in a lot of inconvenience to millions of poor and middle class citizens. Lower income groups without a bank account, farmers and laborers are unduly penalized by this demonetization. The cash economy which actually protected India from the sub-prime financial crisis of 2008 will be irreparably damaged by this move and will kill the local market. Honest taxpaying citizens and housewives who have saved cash in their homes over a period of time are unnecessarily punished’’. sahilonline
As queues lengthen and banks run out of cash, the danger is of India losing patience
Chetan Bhagat’s long rant against demonetisation of Rs 500, Rs 1,000 is a must read
Subramanian Swamy Lashes out at Finance Ministry for 'Poor Planning and Execution'
Demonetization: Queues get longer at banks, ATMs
Get ready to live without milk and vegetables this week onwards, thanks to demonetization
MP:Curfew clamped in Vidisha after Bajrang Dal activist’s murder
Bhopal:Authorities imposed curfew in Vidisha town on Sunday following arson and stone pelting mainly by Bajrang Dal supporters after one of their men was allegedly stabbed to death. 23-year-old Deepak Kushwah allegedly died of stab wounds at Baksariya. He was said to be attacked by a group of men around 3 pm on Saturday.External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj represents Vidisha Lok Sabha seat.The administration has deployed heavy additional police force and a contingent of RAF as a precautionary measure in the area. Police in the neighbouring districts, including Bhopal have been asked to remain on standby to dash to Vidisha if required.On Sunday, violence erupted when the victim’s body was being taken home for his funeral. Agitated Bajrang Dal supporters set afire three thatched houses in a slum belonging to the community of the main accused, two trucks and a jeep and indulged in stone pelting. At least three persons sustained injuries in the stone pelting.“Curfew was imposed in the city after arson and stone pelting. It had a communal angle too. As many as 11 people were arrested since yesterday. Now, the situation is under control,” collector of Vidisha Anil Suchari said. According to police Deepak Kushwah allegedly involved in five criminal cases and had an old enmity with his attackers. About four days ago they had a clash but police failed to take action. Of the 13 accused, 11 have been arrested.Locals say the immediate reason for the clash was sale of liquor but the genesis of tension between two communities can be traced to a row between two sides on construction of shops at the idgah and saffron brigade’s demand for action against Rajya Sabha MP Chaudhary Munawar Saleem after his personal assistant was arrested on espionage charges recently. HT
 Vidisha tense after murder, violence; curfew clamped
UN members favour UNSC permanent seat for India
UN: India's bid for a permanent seat in a reformed UNSC has received a strong support from many UN member states, including the UK and France, who emphasised that the world body's top organ must reflect the emergence of new global powers. Over 50 speakers shared their suggestions, perspectives and concerns over reform of the 15-nation UNSC during a General Assembly session here last week."Many favoured bolstering representation for such emerging powers as Brazil, Germany, India and Japan. While some spotlighted the progress made in recent years through intergovtal negotiations on Security Council reform process, others voiced deep frustration that more had not yet been achieved," a summary of the Nov.7 meeting posted on the UN site said. PTI
Creating "Muslim as the enemy" is RSS-BJP mantra: Jignesh Mevani
New Delhi: Creating "Muslim as the enemy" to mobilize the Hindus and manufacture a conflict between the two communities, is the primary aim of the RSS-BJP govt  in the country, a meet organized by people's movement ‘Satyagarh Abhiyan' here today observed. It demanded a Supreme Court-monitored probe into the Oct.31 Bhopal encounter in which one police constable and eight under-trials were killed. The meet, attended by Gujarat Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani, CPI youth leader Ameeque Jamei, JNU Students Union president Mohit Panday, Gujarat lawyer Shamshad Pathan and others, expressed concern over politics of "fake encounter" in the country."Politics of fake encounter propelled the PM ship of Narendra Modi. We all know how Sadiq Jamal, Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsi Prajapati were eliminated by police after terming them as Lashkar affiliates. This politics of fake encounter is now being replicated by MP CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan,"Pathan said, adding that he may throw his hat in the ring for the position of PM soon ahead of the next general elections. Satyagrah Abhiyan has stepped up effort for mobilization of people from today at Jantar Mantar to spearhead the cause for justice for nine people, including the police constable killed in Madhya Pradesh. The police claim that alleged ‘SIMI activists' had killed the constable, before escaping from jail.Calling for a wider pan-India Dalit-Muslim OBC alliance, Jignesh Mewani said, that these communities need to come on one platform to fight the RSS led forces in the country.  India Tomorrow
Creating “Muslim as the enemy” is the RSS-BJP mantra, says Jignesh Mevani: Muslim Mirror
Students, Dalit activists joined hands  to call SC probe on Bhopal 'encounter'
27 days later, 275 km apart, Najeeb’s parents hope, waiting for news
Badaun/new Delhi:Lying on a stringed cot, fingers clasped behind his head, Nafees Ahmed looks up straight at the winter sun streaming in through the skylight of the courtyard. Ever since his son Najeeb went missing from his hostel room in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University on October 15, Nafees has spent most of his days — and nights — on this cot near the door of his home in Vaidon Tola, a neighbourhood in the Uttar Pradesh town of Badaun. “I don’t sleep inside these days. Mein sochta hoon kya pata woh yahin aa jaye aur mujhe bell sunayi na de (What if he comes here and I don’t hear the doorbell)?” he says.“Kya pata woh yahin aa jaye” is also what keeps Nafees’s wife Fatima awake at night, about 275 km away, at her sister-in-law’s home in Delhi’s Zakir Nagar. “Neend hi nahin aati, aur jab aati hai to ek dum khul jaati hai. Mera bachcha kahan hoga, kya kar raha hoga (I can’t sleep at night. And when I do, I wake up with a start, thinking where would my child be, what would he be doing)?” Indian express
JNU sloganeering: Spl Cell set to file chargesheet against 8 students
New Delhi: Having recorded the statements of eight Kashmiri students who allegedly raised anti-India slogans at an event held in JNU on Feb.9, the Delhi Police Special Cell said it has concluded its investigation and is likely to submit a chargesheet soon. Special Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Arvind Deep confirmed that the statements had been recorded and added, “Before filing a chargesheet, we are gathering some other crucial evidence.” According to sources, of 8 students, 2 are from JNU, three from Jamia Millia Islamia and one from Aligarh Muslim University. “The decision to summon them was taken after the raw video footage of the event was examined, and police received the forensic report. Central Forensic Science Laboratory, CBI, found the footage was authentic,” sources said.They added that letters were sent to the heads of the three central universities, asking them to direct the students to join the probe. Police had identified the students, two of them brothers, after questioning JNU student Umar Khalid and others. “All students said during questioning that they came to know about the event from social networking websites,” sources said.“Investigators scanned the social media profiles of the eight students and discovered that one of them had posted a slogan raised at the event on Facebook,” sources claimed.indian express
1.4 lakh students in 2,000 schools to take RSS exam
New Delhi; *“Astronomy and metaphysics are described in the Rig Veda”*“The concept of the atom can be traced to Vedic times”“Paramanu(beyond atom) was considered to be the smallest particle, which cannot be divided further. Nuclear energy is produced by splitting the same”*Sushruta is the “father of surgery”. He described over 300 surgical procedures… including a method of stitching intestines by using “ant-heads as stitching material”.These are pointers from a ‘study material’ issued by Vijnana Bharti, the science and technology wing of RSS, for an exam the outfit is conducting in over 2,000 govt  and private schools across the country on Nov.20. Around 1.4 lakh students from Classes 6 to11 will take the three-hour exam on ‘Indian contribution to science’ and the ‘Life of former President APJ Abdul Kalam’. indianexpress
UP madrassa teacher teaching students of different communities for free
Bareilly:Education is regarded as the key to achieving progress and harmony in society, and keeping this in mind, a teacher in UP's Bareilly is educating poor children for free.Nasreen Shamshi, primary school teacher of Urdu,teaches underprivileged children at a madrassa. She has authored a book to make the learning Urdu easier for her Hindi-speaking students. Teaching with a motto of keeping education above everything else, students of all communities are welcome to attend her free classes to learn Urdu and Hindi. "Students of all religions are studying in this madrassa, not only Muslims. We believe that education is for children of religions. I have around 14-15 non-Muslim students, all of them have shown a lot of interest in learning Urdu. This is because they are learning Urdu through Hindi in avery simple manner," Shamshi said.ANI
Sonia Gandhi likely to quit after Punjab, UP elections
New Delhi:Congress president Sonia Gandhi is likely to resign from her position as the party chief after the 2017 Assembly elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Reliable sources close to the party president said she will step down owing to health reasons. The sources added that she has not been keeping well and wanted to step down much earlier, but members of the party’s old guard wanted her to continue till elections in the two crucial states are done.indian express
Kirti Azad's wife Poonam joins AAP
New Delhi: Poonam Azad, wife of suspended Bharatiya Janata Party leader and MP Kirti Azad, has joined the AAP.TOI
Sheila Dikshit's son in law Imran arrested under Domestic Violence Act: The Hindu
New Delhi: Son in law of ex-Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit has been arrested for allegedly subjecting his wife to domestic violence. The accused Imran and Ms.Dikshit's daughter Latika had been living separately. The couple has two children. He has been booked under the Domestic Violence Act after the victim filed a complaint at the Barakhamba Police station and a case under relevant provisions of Domestic Violence Act was registered. Imran had separated from Dikshit's daughter, 10 months back.
Do not let vested interests tarnish the image of the great Tipu Sultan:Prof.BP Mahesh Chandra Guru
Can mistake that ruined majestic Kashmir lake be fixed?AP
MP govt announce cash rewards for villagers: But call records say most of calls received during encounter
Bhopal:Madhya Pradesh govt  has announced cash rewards for several villagers for helping security forces track down and kill 8 men last month, but records suggest most of the villagers had called an emergency police number while the encounter was already on. The police claim the SIMI activists who had broken out of the Bhopal jail were killed on Oct.31 in an encounter that took place between 10.45am and 11.45 am in the capital’s outskirts. They said the villagers had called the police control room and alerted them about the fugitives in the vicinity.But out of the 4 calls received alerting the police about the SIMI men, 3 were made while the encounter was underway. One was at 11.02am, followed by 2 back-to-back calls at 11.09am.The caller who dialed 100 at 11.02am actually told the police that he was following the fugitives headed towards a hillock near Khijradev village.The call records that seem to dispute the police version of the events further deepen the mystery over the encounter that activists have slammed as staged.State officials refused to comment on why locals who had called while the encounter was on were being rewarded. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan felicitated the villagers and announced a collective award of Rs 40 lakhs at a public function in Bhopal a day after the encounter. HT
Bhopal encounter: Despite court order, barred from meeting SIMI accused, says lawyer
No terror attack but MP branded Simi breeding ground:Shams Ur Rehman Alavi’s article
Islam to no longer be the state religion in Bangladesh's constitution, says ruling party: India Today
Dhaka:Bangladeshi ruling party Awami League leader Dr Abdur Razzak said that Islam will be withdrawn as the state religion from the constitution of Bangladesh.Awami League presidium member Dr Abdur Razzak at a discussion held at the National Press Club on Saturday said, "Endangering our lives we fought in Liberation war for a non-communal  Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country of communal harmony, here we live with people from all religions and Islam should not be accommodated as state religion in the constitution of Bangladesh." Islam was made the religion of the state by autocratic ruler Hussain M.Ershad damnifying the main spirit of Liberation War. He added "Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim" at the beginning of the constitution. Abdur Razzak was speaking at a round table titled "Deep Rooted Unity of Common People of Bangladesh and India to Counter Terrorism" organised by SAARC cultural society, where he said, "In different programs I told the journalist that I do not believe Islam should be in the constitution as state religion. It's merely a strategy. If opportunity comes we will repeal Islam from the constitution."
Obama signs executive order declaring probe Into election results; revote planned for Dec. 19th
Washington DC: Following the results of Tuesday night’s election, President Obama has signed Executive Order 13805, which orders a full recount of all votes cast in the election and calls for a special election to be held on December 19th. Obama signed the order in response to the concerns of thousands of voters across the country who said that they were prevented from casting a ballot on election day, too many absentee ballots have not been found or counted, equipment failures, as well as concerns that some members of the electoral college may have acted unethically.“People all over the country have been flooding my office with calls, telling my staff of horror stories about being harassed and intimidated by poll workers,” Obama told reporters. “Many have even said that they were flat out denied entry into the voting booths to cast their ballots if they were wearing a Hillary Clinton shirt or other signs showing support for her as President. This was especially bad in areas of Florida and North Carolina where there are high numbers of Latino and African American voters. We must investigate these claims. The margin of victory is too close to call, and the outcome of this election is too important. There is just too many legal challenges in too many states to just call this a victory for Trump.”Under the President’s order, the votes cast in all precincts nationwide will be recounted, and all poll workers who took part in Tuesday’s election will be subjected to strict background checks. This process is expected to take 30 days. In precincts where the Department of Justice has cause to believe that voter suppression has occurred, new elections will be held on Dec. 19th, with those results being used to help determine who will represent the individual states in the electoral college.Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is not happy with the president’s decision.AP
Trump's anti-Muslim rants disappeared due to technical glitch, are back on website
Corporations running the world used to be science fiction – Now it’s a reality: Aisha Dodwell
Hang yourself with your headscarf, says anonymous note to Muslim schoolteacher after Trump's win
Will a Muslim lead Democratic Party of US?
Ex-2016 presidential Democratic contender Bernie Sanders said he would be backing Keith Ellison –first Muslim to be elected to US Congress – for party’s leadership position. Democratic has been reeling since its loss in US elections last week that saw its candidate Hillary Clinton lose out to President-Elect Donald Trump.“I don't think the political establishment and the billionaires would like Keith Ellison as the DNC chair. Good! Join me in supporting Keith,” Sanders wrote. Al Arabiya
Netanyahu backs ‘racist’ bill to silence mosque prayer calls: Israeli daily
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he supports a bill to bar mosques from using loudspeaker systems for the Muslim call to prayer. times of israel
Gwadar port : Chinese ship opens new trade route via Paki port
Islamabad: Pakistan's top civilian and military leaders traveled to the country's southwest on Sunday to open a new international trade route by seeing off a Chinese ship that's exporting goods to the Middle East and Africa from the newly built Gwadar port.The first convoy of Chinese trucks carrying goods for sale abroad has arrived in Pakistan amid tight security using a road linking Gwadar to China's northwestern Xinjiang region, the govt  said in a statement.PM  Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan will provide best possible security to foreign investors to enable them to use the Chinese-funded port for international trade.Amid security concerns for foreign workers, the Pakistani army has created a special force to guard the new trade routes and the port, which is located in insurgency-wracked Baluchistan province where an overnight blast at a shrine killed nearly 50 people.AP
Pakistan’s strategic Gwadar port opens China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
Pakistan: 52 killed in blast Balochistan's shrine
At least 52 people have been killed and over 100 injured by a massive blast at a shrine in southwestern Pakistan on Saturday evening, said local officials.The blast occurred at the shrine of Sufi saint Shah Noorani located in the remote Lasbela district of southwestern Balochistan province, which is visited annually by thousands from across Pakistan.Sohail Rehman, Deputy Commissioner of the Khuzdar district, confirmed the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber. World Bulletin
Turkey dismisses 310 navy officers in failed coup probe
Istanbul:Turkey’s defence ministry has suspended or dismissed another 310 military personnel as part of an ongoing investigation into the movement allegedly responsible for July’s failed coup. The ministry tweeted om Sunday that 168 officers and 123 non-commissioned officers have been suspended from the navy, while 15 officers and four non-commissioned officers were dishonourably discharged.Over 4,200 military personnel had been dismissed by the ministry since the failed coup on July 15 which killed over 270 people.AP
Street battles rage in Mosul suburbs as ISIL hits back
ISIL fighters have launched several fierce counterattacks against Iraqi forces on the eastern outskirts of Mosul city, underscoring the intense battle ahead as govt  troops and their allies push into densely populated neighbourhoods.An ISIL suicide car bomber targeted Iraqi troops in the city's eastern Qadisiya neighbourhood early on Saturday, setting off heavy fighting that involved mortar rounds, gunfire, and rocket-propelled grenades.Iraqi officers told the AFP news agency fighting was also under way in the adjoining Arbajiya area.
Iraqi Kurd forces destroyed Arab homes: rights group
Iraqi Kurdish forces have unlawfully destroyed Arab homes and villages in northern Iraq over the past two years in what may amount to a war crime, rights group Human Rights Watch said on Sunday.Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are part of a 100,000-strong Iraqi alliance, helped by US-led air raids and military advisers, that is battling to retake Mosul from ISIL. New York-based rights group said in a report that violations between Sept.2014 and May 2016 in 21 towns and villages in disputed parts of the Kirkuk and Nineveh provinces had followed "a pattern of apparently unlawful demolitions". middleeastmonitor
Iraq army crushes child under a tank amidst war crimes allegations
Memo has seen horrifying leaked footage that shows what appears to be Iraqi soldiers torturing a child and dragging him through the desert before placing him in front of a tank for him to be crushed. The incident occurred during the ongoing operations to recapture Mosul from Daesh militants.The disturbing footage depicts ululating Iraqi soldiers towering over a clearly terrified child, named as Muhammad Ali Al-Hadidi by activists, who is covered in sand and is raising his hands in fear in a vain attempt to defend himself.Muhammad is then dragged through the desert before being hurled in front of a US-made Iraqi tank as the soldiers appear to be shouting sectarian slurs against the child, a Sunni. Muhammad is placed head first in front of the tank’s left-hand tracks.The soldiers then open fire in Muhammad’s general vicinity, before ordering the tank driver to move his vehicle over the defenceless child while telling each other, “Film me! Film me!”Intentionally torturing, killing, maiming and mutilating children during war is a war crime, a violation of international humanitarian law and a breach of children’s rights. middleeastmonitor
3 Rohingya villages burned in Myanmar: HRW
Satellite images show that several Rohingya village in Myanmar's Rakhine State have been burned to the ground in recent weeks, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Saturday.The New York-based rights group urged authorities to invite United Nations investigators to look into the destruction of a total of 430 buildings in three villages in the northern Maungdaw district between October 22 and November 10."New satellite images not only confirm the widespread destruction of Rohingya villages but show that it was even greater than we first thought," Brad Adams, HRW's Asia director, said in a statement.According to HRW, the damage took place in the villages of Pyaung Pyit, Kyet Yoe Pyin, and Wa Peik. aljazeera
Brotherhood leader Beltagi ‘abused’ in prison: Family
The family of jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed al-Beltagi has cited abuses and violations against him in prison in Egypt.Beltagi was detained in 2013, shortly after the military deposed Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, in a military coup.He was slapped with several jail terms on multiple charges, which he says were “politically-motivated”. In a Saturday statement, Beltagi’s family said he had been placed in solitary confinement in a windowless cell for two months. middleeastmonitor
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