02 November 2016

02 Nov. 2016: 01 Safar 1438: Vol: 8, No:26
Yes, SIMI men were unarmed when shot: ATS chief admits
Bhopal:  8 men who were shot dead in Bhopal were not armed when they were killed, the chief of MP's ATS told NDTV today. However, Sanjeev Shami added, "It is well settled in law when police can use force and take life. These men were dreaded criminals. If the police sees the possibility that such men can escape, they can use maximum force."Shami says he is aware that since he first declared the men who were killed were unarmed two days ago, other police and govt officers have contradicted him. He says he stands by his account."Even if the police are not being fired at, they can use such force," said Shami to NDTV. The encounter with the SIMI men was led by his ATS.His statement to NDTV differs vastly from the claims of other cops and Home Minister Bhupinder Singh who have alleged that though the prisoners had no arms when they broke out of jail, they were supplied, by the time the cops confronted them, with four country-made pistols which they used to keep from being taken back into custody.Post-mortem reports accessed today by NDTV show that the prisoners, who were arrested on charges including murder and terror attacks, were shot in the head, chest, feet and in the back. Forensic experts will determine how close the police was to the prisoners when they were killed. NDTV
ATS chief contradicts Bhopal inspector general, says SIMI men were unarmed
SIMI men had no guns, say witnesses
Bhopal:Scores of people from about a dozen villages ''witnessed'' the alleged encounter between the police and the SIMI undertrials who “escaped” from Bhopal central jail early on Monday, but eyewitnesses the Hindu spoke to did not recall “seeing” the suspects use firearms against the police.The eyewitnesses are sure the suspects threw stones at the police and the public, shouted curses, chanted slogans and challenged them to attack. Eyewitnesses also do not recollect spotting any pistols next to the bodies of the dead men, although many of them claimed that a knife-kind of object was lying near one of the slain persons. the hindu
Bullets hit SIMI suspects in chest, abdomen,  post-mortem report adds more doubts: India Today
New Delhi:Suspicions around alleged encounter near Bhopal deepened further after the doctor who performed autopsies of the 8 slain SIMI suspects revealed that the men died from gunshot wounds mostly in the abdomen and the chest."They died from gunshots,"said Ashok Sharma, who heads the medico-legal department of Bhopal's Gandhi Medical College. Most of the bullets, he told India Today, were fired into the chest and the abdomen of the fugitive SIMI suspects.Some shots pierced through them while some remained lodged inside, he explained. A bullet also hit the head of one of the men, Sharma said while the hospital authorities prepared their autopsy report.Usually, gunshot injuries in shootouts vary widely on body parts, experts say. Sharma's autopsy findings, as he disclosed to India Today, suggest the ballistic trauma on 8 men was mostly concentrated in their chest and abdomen.
8 men were fired upon from front, all sustained injuries in their head and chest, above waist: lawyer
Bhopal: Post-mortem report of 8 men who were gunned down says there were multiple entry and exit wounds on the bodies and that majority of them were above the waist, their lawyer said today.“They were fired upon from the front and all of them sustained injuries in their head and chest, above the waist,” lawyer Parvez Alam said.Repeating his claim that the suspects were killed in a fake encounter, Alam said police should fire below the waist in accordance with a Supreme Court ruling. After the opposition demanded an independent high-level judicial probe to verify the authenticity of the encounter, MP DGP Rishi Kumar Shukla announced the formation of a SIT on Tuesday to probe the killings.But Alam said he will petition a local court for the medical examination of the remaining members of the banned organisation lodged in the Bhopal jail, alleging they were assaulted. He also claimed that there was a threat to his life.“I am going to move Bhopal CJM court today, seeking to conduct medical examination on 20-odd so-called SIMI members in jail.“I have learnt that they have been brutally beaten,” Alam alleged, and said he will seek security from police.On Tuesday, bodies of 7 of the 8 men were buried in different parts of Madhya Pradesh amid tight security.HT
Each SIMI Man Shot At Least Twice, Some In The Back
Post-Mortem report adds to questions around encounter
Bijnor blast: All 6 accused killed, NIA to file closure report
Lucknow: NIA has decided to file a closure report in the 2014 Bijnor blast case involving six SIMI men following the death of all of them in police encounters. However, five of the alleged associates of these SIMI men in the blast case would face trial in court, as a chargesheet has already been filed against them. They are currently lodged in Lucknow District Jail.indianexpress
With all 5 suspects dead, 2014 Pune blast case likely to be closed
Pune: 3 of the alleged accused in the 2014 Faraskhana police station blast case were among the 8 killed in an ‘encounter’ with MP Police on Monday. 2other alleged accused in the case were killed in an ‘encounter’ by Telangana Police in April 2015. With all 5 accused dead, Maharashtra ATS is likely to close the case by filing a ‘summary report’, said officials. Indian express
Concerned over SIMI activists' killing: Jamaat-e-Islami
New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has expressed concern over the killing of 8 SIMI undertrial activists in an alleged encounter by Madhya Pradesh Police.JIH Secretary General Muhammad Salim Engineer said the killing of 8 undertrial prisoners in Bhopal was highly disturbing, adding that several media reports suggested it was a fake encounter."Entire episode raises several uncomfortable questions. Was it possible for the accused to scale over 30-feet high wall of the most secure jail in MP? How could they lay hands on weapons? Why are there contradictory statements from officials over whether prisoners had weapons or not?" he said."How did they get new clothes, watches and bands? If they had connections to get weapons, why couldn't they get a vehicle to escape? Why no policeman was injured in the encounter? Why were CCTVs (in Central Jail) not functioning?How all of them moved together rather than dispersing and couldn't go further in eight hours?" He demanded a high-level inquiry under Supreme Court supervision to bring out the facts about the alleged jailbreak and the encounter.He said a lawyer for the accused had maintained that the case against his clients was very weak and there was everylikelihood of their acquittal soon.IANS
Concerned over SIMI activists' killing: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
Jamaat-e-Islami voices concern over killing of SIMI undertrials in Bhopal
Bhopal Encounter: Leading Muslim organizations demand judicial probe
Bhopal Encounter: Outraged Muslim Groups, Rights Activists Demand Independent Judicial Probe
Separate probes into Madhya Pradesh jailbreak, encounter of SIMI men to begin
Bhopal:An SIT formed by Madhya Pradesh Police on Wednesday inspected the site of alleged encounter where eight SIMI men were gunned down on Monday while a separate investigation began into the jailbreak by extremists by recreating the scene. CID team led by SP Anurag Sharma also examined some people about the encounter, which has come under scanner with opposition parties and the lawyer of the slain SIMI activists pointing to several alleged smoking guns to claim that it was fake.Former Director General of Police Nandan Dubey, assigned by the state government with the task of investigating the daring jail break, visited the Central Jail here. The jail break scene was recreated as part of the probe and Dubey examined some prisoners also.PTI
Encounter: Court documents contest police version
New Delhi: As questions continue to be raised over the encounter of 8 suspected SIMI members court documents relating to at least 2 of the deceased highlight glaring contradictions in police version.According to MP police, the 2 men, identified as Mohammad Aqeel Khilji (s/o Mohammad Yusuf) and Amjad (s/o Ramzan Khan), were arrested under terror charges on June 13, 2011. At the time of the arrest, the police claimed that at 11.45 pm, they had raided Khilji's house in the Gulmohar Park area and busted a meeting attended by alleged SIMI operatives. The police further claimed that Khilji, Amjad and the other suspects were planning terror strikes. However, court documents accessed by DNA tell a different story. In the form of affidavits, pleas, bail applications, and most importantly—a magisterial court order – all of them dating between June 6 and June 10, these documents clearly show that the accused were in the custody of the police before June 13.Furthermore, the families of Khilji and Amjad claim that they were arrested on June 6.They claim that they had moved applications in the CJM court on June 6 complaining that the police had detained their sons. Documents back up the families' claims.DNA has access to a Court order acknowledging the bail applications by the families of the accused men. According to the order, the matter was heard in the court of CJM DS Chauhan on June 10, three days before the alleged meeting of SIMI operatives took place, as per the police's claims.CJM further posted the matter to be heard on June 13, while the police claimed that accused were arrested on the intervening nights of June 12 and June 13. In one of the applications on June 6, Amjad's mother claimed that the police detained Amjad's father Ramzan first, and she had then requested his release in exchange of Amjad. Another affidavit by Amjad's father on June 10, which recorded the signature of Ramzan Khan, showed that he was in police custody at the time.Family's applications cite Section437 (when bail may be taken in case of a non-bailable offence) suggesting that it was not serious terror charges as claimed by the police. Defence lawyers representing the accused claimed that most of the undertrials had a good chance of being acquitted. For instance, Javaid Chauhan, who represented Khilji, said that two of the four cases against his client were cleared. Chauhan also claimed that the evidence gathered by the police against the SIMI suspects was weak.DNA
Bhopal Encounter Controversy Won't Die Down, Court Documents Prove MP Police Version Fake
Bhopal Muslim clerics question encounter, call it 'highly suspicious'
Bhopal: Leading Muslim clerics in Bhopal on Tuesday expressed doubts over the veracity of the encounter in which 8 SIMI operatives were gunned down near Acharpura in the outskirts of Bhopal on Monday.They said that the jail break, the killing of head constable Ram Shankar and later the encounter in which 8 SIMI operatives were killed, is an episode that is "highly suspicious".In a joint statement issued today, the clerics said that a sitting Supreme Court judge should head the probe looking into the entire circumstances surrounding the jail break and its aftermath.Ulema have also said that the use of the term 'terrorist' even when trial hasn't completed is "wrong and illegal"."This practice must be stopped", the joint statement reads. The Shahar Qazi, Bhopal, Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadvi, influential clerics including Pir Saeed Miyan, Mufti-e-Azam Madhya Pradesh Abdul Razzaq Khan, Mufti-e-Shahar Abul Kalam Qasmi and many other prominent Ulema, have supported the demand. Huffingtonpost
Bhopal encounter is fake, says ex-SIMI chief
Lucknow: The former chief of SIMI has called the Bhopal encounter a “fake” one. He also said escaping from the jail in Madhya Pradesh was “impossible”. Shahid Badr Falahi, the former chief of SIMI also claimed that the undertrials killed on Monday could not be linked to the banned organisation as it has been inactive since 2001.TOI
Asking questions not good culture, says MoS (Home); CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan talks of chicken biryani
 Questions raised over police killings: aljazeera
 How media wrongly labelled undertrials as 'terrorists'
Did Indian police just gun down 8 prison fugitives in cold blood? govt would prefer you didn’t ask washington post
https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/11/01/did-indian-police-just-gun-down-8-prison-fugitives-in-cold-blood-the-govt -would-prefer-you-didnt-ask/
‘SIMI men were a threat to nation’: MP RSS leader
MP Encounter Deaths Spotlight Series Of Terror Arrests That Failed Court Scrutiny:USHINOR MAJUMDAR
Why police theories on jailbreak ring hollow
 NDTV’s Ravish nails down SIMI’s alleged fake encounter
SIMI men encounter is political vendetta: Mamata
'He's alive, kill him': New video of encounter emerges
Kin of SIMI men seek probe into ‘staged encounter’
After Lalu, Nitish also demands probe into killing
Army veteran's suicide: OROP stir intensifies, top opposition leaders detained
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was detained yet again on Tuesday evening after meeting ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal's family. Apart from him, Delhi Police has also detained Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia, Dilip Pandey and Sanjay Singh.Three days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that he has released Rs 5,500 crore for implementation of OROP scheme, the issue has gained momentum again. On Tuesday evening, Grewal from Haryana's Bhiwani district ended his life in the lawns behind the Jawahar Bhavan, which houses the Ministry of External Affairs.When Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia went Ram Manohar Lohia hospital in Delhi, they were prevented from seeing the Army Veteran's body.Commenting on the issue, Delhi Police told ANI, "During protest by political parties at RML Hospital today, none has been arrested. When leaders along with crowd started gathering at RML medical services got severely affected and orderliness deteriorated. Despite several requests when they didn't move, leaders and protesting followers were removed to Police stations and detained."When asked about the family of Grewal, the police said that due police procedure is on and the family members of deceased were are being spoken to. However, commenting on police's measures, Rural Development Minister of Delhi Gopal Rai was of the opinion that the police was being hooligans with them and requested them to not resort to similar treatment towards a "martyr's family."DNA
Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal Stopped From Meeting Ex-Armyman's Family
Ex-serviceman allegedly kills self over ‘One Rank One Pension’ issue
Choose your enemy, Hindu or Muslim migrants: Assam BJP minister Sarma
Guwahati: Stating that it is his party’s policy to differentiate between Hindu and Muslim migrants, Assam Minister and convenor of the BJP’s North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday asked the people of the state to choose their enemy — “the 1-1.5 lakh people or the 55 lakh people?”While he did not elaborate on the figures, Sarma seemed to be referring to Hindu and Muslim migrants as he was replying to queries on the opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Assam.Although there are no official figures of Hindu or Muslim migrants from Bangladesh in Assam, political groups often claim that the state has about 55 lakh Bangladeshi migrants. The reference to “1-1.5 lakh” people, however, does not match any known figure.“The whole thing is that we have to decide who our enemy is. Who is our enemy, the 1-1.5 lakh people or the 55 lakh people? The Assamese community is at the crossroads. We could not (save) 11 districts. If we continue to remain this way, six more districts will go out (of our hands) in the 2021 Census. In 2031, more (districts) will go out,” said Sarma, pressing for the Bill.While Sarma referred to “11 districts”, the 2011 Census identified nine districts as areas with Muslim majority, up from six in 2001. indian express
Haji Ali trust to disallow men from main tomb area to maintain gender equality
Delhi: Haji Ali Dargah Trust has decided to disallow both men and women from touching the sanctum sanctorum at the shrine as part of its proposal to ensure gender equality among worshippers.An affidavit and a map submitted by the trust in the Supreme Court described how it would construct a restricted area around the tomb, called “mujawar area”, where only “khadims” would be allowed to make offerings. Neither men nor women would be allowed inside the zone, it clarified. According to the reconstruction plan, the mujawar area would extend to a sizeable 12 square metres around the tomb. “The trustees believe in complete equality of men and women, as envisaged in Islam. To give effect to the said principle of equality, we have decided that both men and women shall be allowed to enter the room that houses the sanctum sanctorum of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari right up to the sanctum. However, neither men nor women will be allowed to touch the sanctum sanctorum,” the resolution stated.The new scheme, based on the “concept of equality between men and women in Islam”, was cleared by the trust on October 11 in view of an SC observation that women worshippers should not be discriminated against. HT
Muslim leaders decide to go ahead with AIMPLB conclave with or without Kolkata govt  nod
http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/kolkata/muslim-leaders-decide-to-go-ahead-with-aimplb-conclave-with-or-without-kolkata-govt -nod-3733062/
Kolkata:Confusion prevailed over the proposed convention of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) in Kolkata as the state govt  is yet to give permission for the 3-day meet. Now, Muslim leaders in the city have decided to hold the programme even if they do not get clearance from the govt. Mohammed Kamruzzaman, general secretary of All Bengal Minority Youth Federation, said: “Over 350 leaders will come to Kolkata for the convention. We had earlier written to the state govt seeking permission to hold the delegate session at Madinatul Hujjaj at New Town and the mass meeting at Park Circus Maidan but the state govt  is yet to give its permission. So, in a meeting yesterday it has been decided that we will go on with the programme as per schedule.” Trinamool MPs such as Sultan Ahmed and Idris Ali were also present at the meeting. Kamruzzaman added that while the federation had written to both Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and the state minority department regarding permission for the venues, they have not received any reply.“Leaders present at the meeting yesterday said while the last AIMPLB convention in Kolkata was held during the Left Front regime at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra and Park Circus ground, the current regime, which appears to be a patron of the minority community, is against us,” he added.Maulana Niyamat Hossain, president of Milli Ittehad Parishad echoed similar views.When contacted, Sultan Ahmed and Idris Ali said that they were optimistic that the govt  would give permission for the con.  indian express
Any attempt by govt to ban triple talaq will be strongly opposed by women:  female Scholar
Gorakhpur: A noted female Islamic scholar has said any attempt by the Modi govt  to do away with the practice of triple talaq would be opposed in the strongest possible terms by women themselves. Fariha Binte Hakeemullah, who is associated with Allahabad-based Islamic Education and Research Organization, said Muslim women in the country are happy with the existing Islamic laws on triple talaq through which Muslim men divorce their wives instantly by uttering the word thrice in one go.“Muslim women would continue following the Shariah law as it is better in their interest,” Hakeemullah said at a seminar on triple talaq in Gorakhpur on Monday.“When the Muslim women themselves do not want any changes in triple talaq and Shariah, why is the govt  interfering unnecessarily?” she asked, adding it was the constitutional right of Muslims to follow Shariah. Justifying the triple talaq, Hakeemullah said that it was the simplest way in which a Muslim couple could separate if they wanted to do so without any complications.“Talaq is the last option available to Muslim couples who want to separate. In Islam, couples who want to part ways have been asked to resolve their differences through discussions among themselves. Family elders may also intervene. The couple may finally opt for talaq if the issues are not sorted out,” she said. According to Hakeemullah, a large number of Muslim women, who attended the seminar, vowed to oppose any reform in the Islamic law. HT
Muslim women happy with Shariat: Asma Zohra
AMU VC hopes for favourable verdict on minority status issue
AGRA: Maintaining his faith in the judiciary, AMU vice chancellor Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah on Tuesday said that the university's stand on the issue of its minority character is clear and they would defend it in the court.Speaking at the 64th annual convocation of the university, Shah said, "We have a good legal team that takes care of the case and it is moving in the right direction. We have full faith in the judiciary and we are sure about a favourable outcome." He said that the AMU Amendment Act 1981 entrusted the university with the mandate to work for the educational and cultural advancement of Muslims of the country.TOI
IPS officer A.P. Siddiqui is new Jamia Millia Islamia registrar
NEW DELHI: A.P. Siddiqui, a senior IPS Officer of Himachal Pradesh cadre, has taken over as Registrar of Jamia Millia Islamia for a period of five years on deputation.A 1991-batch IPS Officer,  Siddiqui was ADG of Police (HQRS) in Himachal Pradesh before joining JMI.the hindu
Cong poll strategist Kishor meets Mulayam
New Delhi: Congress' poll strategist Prashant Kishor today held a two-hour meeting with Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, who is trying to cobble together an alliance of like-minded parties ahead of UP assembly polls due early next year.Kishor, along with SP leader Amar Singh, met Yadav at his Delhi residence this evening, apparently to discuss the possibility of an alliance before the poll dates are announced.Sources close to the development confirmed that Kishor met Yadav. There was talk in political circles that Yadav spoke with JD(U) leader and Bihar CM  Nitish Kumar, who is also in Delhi. However, there was no immediate confirmation. Kishor had managed Nitish Kumar's successful assembly poll campaign last year.PTI
Aligarh, Bijnore tense after clashes: thehindu
Meerut: Different parts of western Uttar Pradesh, including Aligarh and Bijnore, were on the edge after communal clashes were reported after Deepavali. 2 persons were allegedly killed and several injured in two separate incidents in Aligarh on Monday. Section 144 was imposed in the affected areas of Babri Mandi and Kodiya Ganj on Tuesday. Two separate incidents of communal clash were reported from Nehtaur’s Kareempur Mubarak village and Uledha village on Monday. 11 persons, including 4 policemen and two children, were injured during the clash in Kareempur while one person was killed and several injured in the clash over fire crackers in Uledha village.
Prohibitory orders imposed in Aligarh after communal clash in Babri Mandi
6 Pakistani High Commission officials leave India
New Delhi: As many as six officials in the Pakistani High Commission here today returned home amidst growing tension between the two countries after a Pakistani Mission staffer was caught in an espionage ring and expelled. Though there was no official confirmation on the number of diplomats leaving India, according to Pakistan High Commission sources there were six mission officials who have left or were in the process of leaving.“The decision has been taken after it became impossible for the officials to work in this vitiated atmosphere,” the sources alleged, adding that, “Indian govt  is threatening and blackmailing our diplomats. So in this condition, it is impossible for us to stay in this country and work.” According to the sources, those who have left include commercial counsellor Syed Furrukh Habib and first secretaries Khadim Hussain, Mudassir Cheema and Shahid Iqbal.PTI
India set to withdraw two officials from Pakistan mission
\NEW DELHI: India is set to withdraw two officials from the Indian high commission in Islamabad after Pakistani media revealed their identities for being allegedly involved in subversive activities.Rajesh Agnihotri and Balbir Singh, two Indian embassy officials, will be removed most likely before they are declared 'persona non-grata' by Pakistan.The two officials were identified and their photographs were being flashed repeatedly by different Pakistani TV news channels today.TOI
Dalits to join hands with MIM to counter stir by Marathas
After prominent Maratha organization Sambhaji Brigade registered itself as a political party and announced its intent to contest the forthcoming local polls, dalit organizations and MIM have come together to float a political front to counter Maratha politics.Various dalit organisations have planned a 'Maha Morcha' in Aurangabad on Friday and MIM has extended its support not only to the march, but also proposed a political front. A series of silent marches by the Maratha community started in Aurangabad in August and the dalit community is gearing up to put up a massive show of strength from the same place. Dalit leaders said the Aurangabad show will be followed up in the other parts of the state.TOI
BJP-led Centre revamps culture board, brings in pro-Modi artistes
Modi govt  revamped the Central Advisory Board on Culture (CABC) in September bringing in a slew of artistes mainly associated with the BJP or other right-wing association, reported ET.Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma reconstituted the 23-member panel and brought on new members like the noted danseuse Sonal Mansingh, vocalist Pt Channu Lal Misra and actor Anupam Kher.The three have been vocal supporters of the Modi govt  before and after it came to power.Other members of the panel are santoor player Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, flautist Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia, vocalist Rajan Mishra, noted Hindi author Narendra Kohli, Kannada author Professor SL Bhyrappa, Justice (Retd) M Rama Jois, artist Vasudeo Kamath, Sanskrit scholar Dr SR Leela, actor Pranjal Saikia and actor Victor Banerjee who is slated to play Narendra Modi in a biopic. Kohli and Bhyrappa have earlier come out in support of the Modi govt  amidst protests from their community.The only Muslim face of the panel is Rahman Ali who is the former history Professor from Ujjain Vikarm Vishwavidhyala. firstpost
‘Foreign defence companies paid huge bribes to alleged Indian arms dealer’
Stunning details of payments of millions of dollars by several foreign defence companies to an alleged Indian arms dealer, family have emerged in secret documents accessed by the BBC and The Guardian, and shared with The Hindu.Among the key details are remittance of almost €100 million (approx Rs. 730 crore) in just 12 months by Russian arms firms into accounts of companies controlled by Sudhir Choudhrie, his family and close associates; and about £10 million paid by British company Rolls-Royce to firms linked to him.Choudhrie’s lawyers told the BBC that the former Delhi resident, who now lives in London, has “never paid bribes to govt  officials or acted as an illegal middleman in defence deals.”The Hindu was given access to confidential details, including a key banking document of October 2, 2008 showing the massive payments into various accounts controlled by companies run by the Choudhrie family.Choudhrie has been investigated by the CBI and Enforcement Directorate in various arms deals in the past. Ever since his name emerged in the Tehelka tapes, Mr. Choudhrie and his family have been living in London. He figures in the CBI’s confidential list of ‘Undesirable Contact Men’, who are suspected of manipulating govt  contracts.The BBC’s Panorama, the current affairs investigative programme, has claimed that Rolls-Royce made secret payments of around £10 million to an unregistered Indian agent. Rolls-Royce says it has zero tolerance of bribery and corruption. “Panorama has learned Rolls-Royce paid the money to companies linked to arms dealer Sudhir Choudhrie,” the report says.The Hindu
Communal clash erupts in Gujarat’s Khambhat, 3 injured
Ahmedabad: 3 persons were injured while several shops and vehicles were torched during a clash between two communities in Khambhat town in Anand district today, police said.  The prima facie trigger behind the confrontation was a minor accident in city’s Pith Bajar area.“People from the 2 communities gathered against each other following a minor accident in Pith Bajar area in morning. They first hurled stones at each other before going on the rampage,” Khambhat police inspector PD Parmar said.Tension escalated soon after the people from both the communities started gathering in the main market area in the afternoon. “We learnt that at least three persons were injured in the clash. Several shops and vehicles were also set ablaze by the mob. We have deployed a large number of force to control the situation. As of now, there are no reports of any serious injury or fatality,” the officer said. “There was some violence during the day in Khambhat. But, we took swift action and controlled the situation,” SP Saurabh Singh told PTI. siasat
Iraq-Turkey tension rises amid battle for Mosul
Iraq's PM  has warned Turkey against provoking a confrontation while saying he does not want war.Haider al-Abadi made the comments after Turkey deployed tanks and artillery near the Iraqi border and insisted that any Turkish involvement would be a violation of national sovereignty.Turkey wants a a role in the battle to retake Mosul from the ISIL group, by virtue of being a member of the anti-ISIL coalition.However, Abadi rejected this assertion and repeatedly called on Turkey to withdraw troops it has deployed near the northern city.Turkish military sources said on Tuesday that tanks and artillery were being sent to southeastern districts near the Iraqi border. Aljazeera
Almost 1,800 people killed in Iraq last month, says UN; most were civilians
IS chief Baghdadi trapped by Iraqi Army inside Mosul, say reports: PTI
London: Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been trapped by Iraqi Army, which entered Mosul for the first time in more than two years for a final assault, a report has claimed. The battle for Mosul, where the self-declared caliph of IS is believed to be hiding, is likely to end in a decisive defeat for the terrorist group, the Independent reported. Fuad Hussein, chief of staff to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani, told the daily that his govt had information from multiple sources that “Baghdadi is there and, if he is killed, it will mean the collapse of the whole [IS] system.”Baghdadi has kept himself concealed for the last 8 or 9 months according to Hussein, who added that the caliph had become very dependent on IS commanders from Mosul and Tal Afar, a city just to the west of Mosul.The presence of Baghdadi in Mosul may complicate and prolong the battle for Mosul as his surviving adherents fight to the death to defend him. If he is killed, IS would have to choose a new caliph in the middle of a battle, but no successor would have the authority and prestige of Baghdadi. Hussein said “it is obvious that they will lose, but not how long this will take to happen.”He said Kurdish Peshmerga forces had been impressed by the extraordinary number of tunnels that Isis had dug in order to provide hiding places in the villages around Mosul. Major General Sami al-Aridi of the Iraqi special forces, said, "Daesh (IS) is fighting back and have set up concrete blast walls to block off the Karama neighbourhood and [stop] our troops’ advance.”
Battle for Aleppo: Russia offers humanitarian pause
Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered a new humanitarian pause in Syria's Aleppo, urging opposition fighters to use it to leave the besieged eastern districts. Russia's defence ministry said Putin ordered that the aid corridors - which Russia had opened earlier - will also be open on Friday, for longer hours, from 9am to 7pm, along with two new exit routes for the fighters to leave eastern Aleppo.The ministry announced Putin's new gesture in a statement on Wednesday. ALJAZEERA
Palestinians demand UK apologize for 1917 Balfour Declaration that helped create Israel
A campaign by Palestinian activists demanding the UK issue a formal apology for supporting the idea of a Jewish state in the Middle East almost a century ago is gaining momentum after the launch of a new parliamentary petition.Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Jenny Tonge hosted the launch at the House of Lords last Tuesday, where the plight of the Palestinian people was blamed on the legacy of the Balfour Declaration and wider British colonialism in the region.The activists, backed by the Palestinian diplomatic mission in the UK, intend to push the British govt  in the run-up to the document’s centennial in November 2017. If the petition – currently pending approval – reaches 100,000 signatures, parliament will have to consider debating the subject.Balfour Declaration was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild – head of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland – that promised support for the idea of a Jewish homeland in historical Palestine as long as the rights of existing non-Jewish communities were not “prejudiced.”Shortly after the letter was published, the Ottoman Empire was defeated by allied powers in World War I and Britain established mandate rule in the territory of historic Palestine, previously ruled by the Ottomans. rt.com

Saudi prince flogged in prison after court sentencing
Saudi Arabia has flogged a prince convicted in a criminal case, two weeks after another was executed for murder in rare punishment of the country’s royalty.The unnamed prince was lashed along with other convicts in a prison in the Red Sea city of Jeddah on Monday, the daily newspaper Okaz reported.It said the prince had been sentenced to flogging and jail without specifying the charges. It was unclear how many lashes he received.Last month, Saudi authorities executed Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir in a highly unusual case involving one of the thousands of members of the royal family.AFP

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