17 November 2016

17 Nov. 2016: 16 Safar 1438: Vol: 8, No:38
Israel 'using Indian tax money to oppress' Palestinians, says group of Indian activists: Aljazeera
A group of Indian activists has denounced Israel's "undemocratic and exclusionary regime of apartheid" towards Palestine, as India welcomed Israeli President Reuven Rivlin for a weeklong state visit. "India’s economic linkage with Israel, channels our public money through military deals to Israeli arms companies that transform these funds in to lethal military technology applied in the oppression, colonisation and ethnic cleansing, of the Palestinian people," the group of 70 individuals and 30 organisations said."We are shocked that Israel, with its lawless conduct has emerged as role model for the Indian nation-state, born in the struggle against colonialism and committed to peaceful relations in the neighbourhood."The criticism coincided with a welcome speech given by Indian President Shri Pranab Mukherjee in a state dinner hosted for Rivlin on Tuesday.Rivlin is the first Israeli president to visit India in 20 years, and it comes as the two countries celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations. The group of activists also warned against Indian PM Naredra Modi's reported visit to Israel, saying "there is nothing to celebrate" about the relationship, "neither for the Palestinian people now for Indian citizens who cherish human rights, democracy and peace."The group said that Israel is "using" the Indian market and tax money "to finance its crimes and to promote world views built on walls, wars, and exclusion." aljazeera
Visit to pave way for India-Israel FTA: Rivlin
New Delhi: India is a "top trading partner", Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said, expressing hope that his visit here will pave way for free trade pact (FTA) that will foster economic growth in both the nations. Rivlin's assertion could provide fresh momentum to the conclusion of FTA, which has remained elusive despite negotiations having begun more than six years ago. First round of negotiation was held here on 26 May, 2010. "I express here today an official Israeli hope that this visit to India will open the way to a full free trade agreement between our two countries and I am sure that the free trade agreement will boost our economies," Rivlin said. PTI
10% foreign students in Israel are Indians: Rivlin
Events in Kashmir 'hurt our conscience': Erdogan
Islamabad: Here on a 2-day visit, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan today raked up Kashmir issue twice, expressing concern over the violence saying events there continue to "hurt our conscience". Erdogan, whose country shares a warm and traditional relationship with Pakistan, also offered Turkey's cooperation in resolving the issue while he felt the resolution of the dispute lies in dialogue between India and Pakistan. "The events in Kashmir continues to hurt our conscience," he said in his address to a joint session of the Pakistan Parliament which was attended PM  Nawaz Sharif, Army chief Gen Raheel Sharif besides CMs of Punjab, Sindh among others.   "We are aware of the distress and suffering of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. We are deeply concerned about the increase of tension," he said. He said the situation in Kashmir once again demonstrated the importance and the urgency of the solution of this issue. The resolution of this dispute lies in dialogue between Pakistan and India for which Turkey is ready to extend any cooperation, he added. He said the international community should exert further efforts in order to solve this issue, which has political and humanitarian dimensions, according to justice and law. Earlier, after extensive talks with PM  Sharif, Erdogan held a joint press conference wherein he said that they talked about the situation in Kashmir. "Our brothers and sisters in Kashmir are suffering because of escalating tensions along LoC and Kashmir, which can no longer be ignored," Erdogan said. He stressed on the importance of dialogue to address the thorny issue. "The Kashmir issue needs to find a resolution for itself following a dialogue between Pakistan and India." PTI
‘Kashmir issue can't be ignored; India, Pak need to talk’
Kashmiris suffering due to Indo-Pak tensions: Erdogan
Iran overtakes Saudi Arabia as top oil supplier to India: Reuters
New Delhi:Iran overtook political rival Saudi Arabia as India's top oil supplier in Oct., shipping data showed, just ahead of a producers' meeting this month to hammer out the details on output cuts aimed at reining in a global glut.Iran used to be India's second-biggest oil supplier, a position it ceded to Iraq after tough Western sanctions over its nuclear development programme limited Tehran's exports and access to finance.
India has briefed OIC members about Pakistan's role in terror: Govt in Rajya Sabha
New Delhi:India has, at a high level, briefed its interlocutors in several countries including in member states of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) about Pakistan's role in aiding and abetting terrorism in J&K, Rajya Sabha was informed today. Replying to a written question on whether the Pakistan govt has sent 22 special envoys to world capitals to talk on the Kashmir issue, Minister of State in External Affairs MJ Akbar said according to Pakistan media sources, PM Nawaz Sharif designated 22 'special envoys' to apprise the world about the alleged "human rights abuses committed by Indian forces in Jammu & Kashmir". These special envoys visited Belgium, China, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, UK, US and UN (New York and Geneva), he said.PTI
Jamaat censures govt over IRF ban, calls it witch-hunt
New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has condemned the decision of the govt to ban Dr. Zakir Naik’s IRF under the UAPA. The Secretary General of Jamaat, Muhammad Saleem Engineer said,”Jamaat considers the ban to be a political witch-hunt aimed at silencing the voice of all who wish to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to profess and propagate religion. It is a signal and a warning to all minorities and especially Muslims not to espouse and propagate their religion in this country. This draconian move will not only weaken the secular nature of our polity but also deal a body blow to religious rights enshrined in our Constitution”. The JIH General Secretary continued, ” it should be noted that State Home Department of Maharashtra had recently drawn a blank and closed its probe against IRF for alleged FCRA violations. The Bangladeshi newspaper retracted its report which blamed Dr. Naik for inspiring terrorists. All prominent Muslim organizations including a close aide of the PM have recently condemned the crackdown on Dr. Naik, Peace TV and IRF. Jamaat therefore demands that govt should immediately roll back its decision to ban IRF and concentrate on easing the discomfort of citizens due to demonetization and solving basic issues plaguing our country like eradication of poverty, improving education and healthcare. We are confident that the ban on IRF will not stand up to judicial scrutiny and will be dismissed by the courts as completely baseless and devoid of concrete evidence”.
Maharashtra govt seeks consultation on educational institutes run by Zakir Naik's IRF
Mumbai: Maharashtra govt will be consulting its law and judiciary department on the future of educational institutions run by outlawed IRF, promoted by Zakir Naik.IRF Educational Trust of Naik runs the Islamic International School (IIS) at Mazgaon in Mumbai, which also has a branch in Chennai. Sources in the state education department said that the first step would be banning the trustees of IRF and other key persons associated with it from involving in the school's day-to-day functioning and management.The options being considered by govt include the appointment of a full-time administrator or putting in place some other arrangement that would avoid intervention by the banned trust's directors, they said.Govt will come up with a legal solution as the state cannot compromise with the future of the students, sources added.PTI
Geelani denounces ban on IRF run by Dr Zakir Naik
Srinagar: Syed Ali Geelani has strongly condemned the ban on IRF, run by Dr Zakir Nayak, saying “the contours of Hindu Rashtra are being unfolded with these actions. greaterkashmir
India: Ban on Islamic Scholar’s NGO Criticized
Demonetisation: Mamata, Kejriwal demand rollback in 3 days, warn of revolt and unrest
The govt felt the heat on the demonetisation issue as a united Opposition upped its ante against the currency ban on Thursday. Launching a multi-pronged protest agenda, the opposition parties created ruckus in the Lok Sabha, urging the Speaker to suspend Lok sabha proceedings for day. Rajya Sabha also had to be adjourned four times till the time of writing this article.  Meanwhile, Delhi CM  Arvind Kejriwal and Bengal CM  Mamata Banerjee took the front outside the house, addressing a joint rally at the Azadpur vegetable wholesale market in New Delhi.The duo, lashing out at the government, cried foul over the move to demonetise higher currency notes and alleged that there was a covert understanding between the govt and big shot industrialists who were splurging billions on weddings and yet were nowhere to be seen in the serpentine queues.Referring to mining baron Janardhan Reddy's daughter's wedding which saw many prominent politicians in attendance,Kejriwal took a dig at the govt, asking why he should not think that the govt was hand in glove with powerful industrialists. "While on one hand, they are offering the common man an alm of 2.5 crore for their children's wedding, Reddy splurged Rs 500 Crore on his daughter's wedding," Kejriwal said of the glittering affair that took place in the sprawling Palace Grounds in Bengaluru on Wednesday. "Who exchanged his notes worth of crores,"Kejriwal wondered. Demanding that govt take back the demonetisation decision in 3 days, he threatened of a simmering discontent amid people that will he said will soon take the shape of a revolt by the common man.firstpost.com
Mamata, Kejriwal warn of revolt over demonetisation
No rollback of currency ban, some CMs spreading panic:Jaitley
New Delhi:The govt ruled out on Thursday any rollback of a sudden recall of high-value banknotes, saying that the rush of frenzied customers at banks had steadily decreased over the past few days.In an interview to ANI, finance minister Arun Jaitley said there was no shortage of currency in the country to deal with the millions lined up outside banks and ATMs to withdraw, deposit or exchange old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 withdrawn last week.ANI
Relief for farmers, agri-traders, families celebrating weddings
New Delhi:With cash crunchfollowing demonetisation impacting agriculture sector, govt on Thursday announced a slew of measures aimed at smooth sowing season ahead, including permission to farmers to withdraw up to Rs 25,000 per week from their bank accounts.This apart, for families that have an upcoming wedding, one member of the household can withdraw up to Rs 250,000 one-time, subject to furnishing an undertaking that no other individual will be availing such a concession for the purpose and also upon giving the PAN card details. However, the amount of money that an individual can exchange from banks by handing over the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes has been lowered to Rs 2,000 from Rs 4,500 with effect from Friday. Use of indelible ink for such withdrawals will continue."Crop loans are sanctioned by various bank to farmers. The govt has allowed Rs 25,000 per week for farmers to draw in cash, subject to the limit of which crops they are sowing. This cash can also be taken from their Kisan credit card,"economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das said. "Farmers who sell their produce in mandis, against the payments they receive by way of cheque or RTGS method (electronic transfers into their bank accounts), they can draw up to Rs 25000 per week from their own account," he said.TOI
Rs 2.5 lakh withdrawal limit set for households celebrating weddings
10% of ATMs to be recalibrated today, no Rs 1000 note for now: Jaitley
Cash exchange limit reduced from rs 4,500 to Rs 2,000
A week after the govt’s currency ban, new regulations were announced on Nov. 17 to deal with the chaos that the cash shortage has brought on.The Economic Times reported that more curbs were introduced, with the limit for bank exchange for old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes being reduced from Rs 4,500 to Rs 2,000, effective from Nov. 18. The curb comes four days after the counter exchange limit was raised from Rs 4,000 to Rs 4,500 to coincide with the launch of the new Rs 500 rupee note, as NDTV had reported. thewire
Demonetisation day 8: ATMs run dry, exchange limit lowered to Rs 2,000 from tomorrow
Gujarat govt staff caught taking Rs 4 lakh bribe in new Rs 2000 notes
Ahmedabad:Gujarat police have arrested 2 govt employees for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 4 lakh in Rs 2000 notes, a crime that has perplexed investigators because of a limit set by govt on withdrawal of new currency.Anti-Corruption Branch officials say they nabbed 2 Kandla Port Trust officials in Kutch -- superintendent engineer Shrinivasu and sub-divisional officer Kumtekar – by laying a trap for Rudreshwar Sunamudi, who allegedly came to collect the bribe on behalf of the duo.But police are at a loss to understand how the money was procured because the govt has imposed a Rs 20,000 weekly limit on withdrawal of currency.Police say Sunamudi was allegedly the middleman who was to pay Shrinivasu Rs 2.5 lakh and Kumtekar Rs 1.5 lakh. All 3 have been arrested.HT
‘Ambani, Adani Knew of Currency Ban’: BJP MLA Caught on Tapel: The Quint
Video footage of a BJP MLA saying that top businessmen such as the Adanis and the Ambanis knew about demonetisation prior to its implementation, has been doing the rounds on social media. Originally posted by a self-proclaimed Congress supporter, video footage which appears to be shot discreetly, shows Bhawani Singh Rajawat, BJP MLA from Rajasthan, claiming that the top class businessmen had already sorted out their black money.It could have been a step by step move. The govt could have given people some time to get things in order. Adanis and Ambanis already knew about it and sorted their money in advance.Bhawani Singh is not new to controversies. Previously he demanded criminal background check for Bihari students in Kota and adviced bikers not to wear a helmet, arguing that it was uncomfortable and caused baldness.
Day 8: Demonetisation Death Toll Rises To 47
8 days into demonetisation, the death toll has reached 47. These are confirmed deaths reported in the national media. The number of unreported deaths may be higher. While most deaths are of the elderly waiting in long bank queues, there are quite a few suicides, especially of housewives."It was a long queue and he was said to have been waiting for hours," said a govt official on the death of a septuagenarian, Ram Chandra Paswan who died in a bank queue in Palamu, Jharkhand. In Ballia, UP, Suresh Sonar died of a heart attack after failing to exchange currency notes despite spending hours at the bank. In rural Pune, a bank peon, Tukaram Tanpure, 53, died of a massive heart attack. His colleagues said he, like everyone else, was stressed handling large crowds and working 12 hours a day. In Maharashtra's Nanded district, Digambar Kasbe, 60, died after collapsing in a bank queue. He had been standing for hours.Lavkush, 20, died in Jharkhand's Bokaro district because of the economic stress caused by demonetisation. His daily wager father had been unable to get work because of demonetisation. When Lavkush's grandmother Lakshmi, 70, heard of her grandson's death, she died of shock. In Siddipet district of Telangana, Balaiah, a 45-year-old farmer, died after he mixed pesticide in his food. He had been trying to sell his agricultural land but was stressed because its price came down from ₹6-7 lakh per acre to ₹2-3 lakh after demonetisation. He was under debt. In the incident in Siddepet above, Balaiah's 65-year-old father Galaiah also died. Balaiah's wife and son are in hospital. Saud Ur Rehman, 48, died in a bank queue in old Delhi after waiting for hours. It was his second day of trying to exchange old notes. "He would reach the branch around 5am and wait for hours in queue, but by the time his turn would come, either the bank went out of cash or the counters closed," said a family member. Khaliq Hasan, 56, collapsed and died in a bank queue in Bareilly. His family members said he was stressed due to demonetisation.Deepak Shah, 60, died after collapsing in a bank queue in Mumbai. Sanjay Prajapat, 23, collapsed and died after rushing home to fetch his father's Aadhaar card so he could exchange old notes at the bank. Vijaya Lakshmi, 70, died in Krishna district of AP as she entered a bank to exchange her ₹500 notes. Dharani Kanta Bhowmik, a 56-year-old teacher in West Bengal's Cooch Behar district, died after queuing up for 3 consecutive days to exchange currency notes.  Huffington post
Demonetisation: Nearly 50 people dead, but Modi govt views it as 'minor' inconvenience
Bank manager in Rohtak dies in office after spending three days at work
Write-off: Will SBI's play on words help recover loans?
Another set of rules: Govt limits bank exchange from Rs 4,500 to Rs 2,000
Incidents of violence at ATMs, banks in UP
Lucknow: The restive serpentine queues outside banks and ATMs for cash transactions are now becoming a cause of concern for the administration in most parts of UP , with people resorting to vandalism out of frustration.In the past 24 hours, there have been at least a dozen big and small incidents of irate mobs targeting bank property and clashing with police.IANS
Doctor throws Rs 500 note, tells patient to go to PM for treatment, plaint to police
Bhopal: A doctor allegedly threw Rs 500 currency note when it was offered to him by a patient in Gwalior.Besides, he is accused of having asked the patient to go to the PM  Narendra Modi in order to get himself treated.The incident occurred in Shinde Ki Chhaoni locality in Gwalior. Upset, the patient's kin have approached the police.They contend that it is disrespect to Indian currency and action must be taken against the doctor. The complainant, RK Shivhare, had taken his son along for treatment to Dr Mukesh Changulani's clinic.Shivhare alleges that the doctor refused to take Rs 500 currency note (old) and threw it, saying that, 'jao Narendra Modi se ilaj karwa lo' (Go, get PM Modi treat you).NewsBits.in
Modi’s note scapping move could become costly political joke: Chinese media
Legal questions on demonetisation find no answer in SC
Bulandshahr gangrape: Azam Khan offers unconditional apology after SC order
New Delhi: UP Minister and Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan on Thursday offered to tender an unconditional apology to the Bulandshahr gangrape victims for saying it was a political conspiracy. A bench of Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Amitava Roy said Khan would file an affidavit saying that he had never intended to hurt the victims but if they felt hurt or insulted he would offer unconditional apology.IANS
Bulandshahr gangrape case: SC asks Azam Khan to apologise for alleged remarks
UP Polls: There may be no Muslim MLA if you don’t vote for BSP, warns Naseemuddin Siddiqui
Rae Barel: BSP general secretary Naseemuddin Siddiqui on Wednesday cautioned that there may be no Muslim MLA in the state Assembly if the minority community doesn’t support the BSP in the upcoming polls, and implored them to unitedly support BSP candidates. “Behen Mayawatiji had urged you not to waste your votes on Congress or Samajwadi Party in Lok Sabha polls, but you didn’t listen. So, not a single Muslim MP was elected. Now if your votes are divided again this time, it may happen that no Muslim MLA will get elected,” he told a gathering at Muslim-majority Bahai village near Lalganj in Sareni Assembly segment of Rae Bareli. indian express
Traced auto driver who took missing JNU student to Jamia: Police
New Delhi: Delhi Police on Wednesday claimed to have traced an auto rickshaw driver who picked up missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed from the varsity campus and took him to Jamia Millia Islamia."We have traced the driver of the auto-rickshaw who Ahmed hired on Oct.15 from JNU to reach the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia," JCP(Crime) Ravindra Yadav told reporters here.The officer however, refused the share the identity of the auto driver and said that police are questioning him.IANS
Hyderabad: Human Rights Commission issues notice to Commissioner of Police for arresting Muslim youths
Hyderabad: Police registered cases against MBT activists who were protesting against the objectionable post on Social media. Human Rights Commission issued notice to Commissioner of Police of Hyderabad to submit his report before 5th December. This was the result of a representation made by Amjadullah Khan Khalid, spokesman of MBT who made a complaint to HRC. D. Subramanyam, Secretary of HRC issued this notice.In the complaint, it was stated that a group consisting of 500 Muslim youth protested in front of ACP Office, Santosh Nagar and protested against the sub-Inspector of Police of Santosh Nagar, Praveen Kumar for not taking action against the objectionable post on time. Some youths have shouted slogans and pelted stones. Habeeb, an activists of MBT who was not present on this occasion was also arrested. In fact, he was in his house located that Moin Bagh, Riyasat Nagar. In his complaint, Habeeb pointed out the names of South Zone Police Officials and task force officials who registered cases against him at the instance of MIM. In his petition, he mentioned that there is a danger to his life. He has been receiving threatening telephone calls. siaSAT
Union minister cites Mewat riots, seeks RAF centres in region
Rewari:Union minister Rao Inderjeet Singh on Wednesday cited the communal riots in Haryana’s Mewat two years ago while demanding that a training institute for Rapid Action Force  be setup in the region to prevent violence in the future.“Log kehte hain jab BJP sattaseen hoti hai toh Hindu bekabu ho jaata hai.. (People say that whenever BJP comes to power, Hindus commit excesses). But when our party formed the govt (in 2014), within two months Mewat witnessed riots,’’ he said in Rewari in the presence of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar. Indianexpress
2 Muslim outfits of Madrassa teachers & students to support BJP in Assam by-poll: PTI
Guwahati: All Assam Madrassa Teachers Workers Association and All Assam Madrassa Students Union will extend their support to BJP nominees in the Nov.19 by-election to Lakhimpur parliamentary and Baithalangso Assembly seats in the state. The organisations extended their support to BJP in a meeting with the Assam unit of BJP Minority Morcha here today, Morcha’s general secretary Mahiruddin Ahmed said.Both the madrassa organisations thanked CM  Sarbananda Sonowal for the Cabinet decision for solving the issues concerning the madrassa school teachers, a release by the Morcha general secretary said.Madrassa Students Union’s president Kamrul Haq and general secretary Najrul Islam, Teachers Workers Association representatives Suleman Ali Mogul and Abdul Kasim Khan were among those who participated in the meeting, it added.PTI
Arrested suspect lost job due to radical mind: NIA
New Delhi: Abdul Wahid Siddibapa, IM suspect, was forced to leave his job as a driver at a Dubai company due to his "radical mentality", according to the NIA.NIA on Tuesday filed a supplementary chargesheet, along with the statement of Mohammad Ubaid Kola, the owner of Kola Enterprises -- a toy company in Dubai that had hired Siddibapa, and other employees of the company.Kola, whose business is to import toys from China and India and distribute in the local market at Oman, Dubai and other places, in his statement said his father in 2009 offered Siddibapa a job as driver with a salary of 2,500 Dirham."During my conversation with Siddibapa, it appeared to me that he was a radicalised person, as he used to quote certain verses of the holy Quran, which were related to the Jihad in Islam," Kola said in his statement.TCN
Bhopal Exclusive: Questionable Encounter and Now a ‘Fixed’ Report: The Quint report
Trump's team 'discussing plans for Muslim registration system': Independent UK
Donald Trump’s policy advisers are discussing plans to establish a registry for Muslim immigrants in the US, a man believed to be a key member of the President-elect's transition team has revealed.Kris Kobach, the secretary of state for Kansas, said the President-elect’s advisers were looking at how to implement a proposal suggested by the billionaire businessman that would force immigrants from Muslim countries to register on a database. Kobach, who helped devise tough immigration laws in a number of US states and claims to have participated in regular conference calls with Mr Trump’s immigration advisers, also said Trump administration could push ahead rapidly on construction of a US-Mexico border wall without seeking immediate congressional approval.
Saudi warns Trump on blocking oil imports
Saudi Arabia has warned Donald Trump that the incoming US president will risk the health of his country’s economy if he acts on his election promises to block oil imports.In a sign of the difficulties Trump faces over his campaign pledges to create “complete American energy independence” from “our foes and the oil cartels”, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister pointedly reminded the president-elect that the US “benefits more than anybody else from global free trade”, adding, “energy is the lifeblood of the global economy”.“At his heart President-elect Trump will see the benefits and I think the oil industry will also be advising him accordingly that blocking trade in any product is not healthy,” Khalid al-Falih, who is also chairman of Aramco, the state-run oil company, told the Financial Times in Marrakesh, where he is leading Saudi Arabia’s delegation in UN climate talks.Financial Times
Israeli Defence Minister urges agreement with Trump over ‘settlement blocs’
Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman has urged the government to seek an understanding with a Donald Trump administration whereby Israel freezes construction in isolated West Bank settlements, in exchange for unhindered building in so-called settlement blocs.Lieberman said:“We’ve been receiving official messages from Trump’s team. They’re expecting us to act modestly. There are people in his close circle that we know well, they’re telling us ‘wait. Don’t set facts on the ground’.”“I hope that we will have enough common sense to stop with the public jubilation. It causes untold damage,” he added . middleeastmonitor
'Global warming doesn’t care about the election': Nasa scientist warns Trump over interference
A senior Nasa scientist has told Donald Trump he is wrong if he thinks climate change is not happening and warned the President-elect that govt scientists are “not going to stand” for any interference with their work.Trump has described global warming as a “hoax” perpetrated by China, vowed to unratify the landmark Paris Agreement and appointed a renowned climate-change denier to a senior environmental position in his transition team.The science community and environmental campaigners in the US have already begun efforts to persuade Trump that climate change is actually real before he takes office next year. Independent UK
437 hate crime incidents recorded against minorities since Trump’s victory
Israeli bid to turn down mosque prayer calls blocked by ultra-Orthodox Jews
Jerusalem: A govt-backed Israeli bill to limit the volume of calls to prayer at mosques has been blocked by an unlikely source -- the country's ultra-Orthodox Jews. PM  Benjamin Netanyahu had backed the controversial bill, which govt watchdogs had called a threat to religious freedom.It had been due to get its first reading in parliament this week until Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, a member of the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party, stepped in.Litzman appealed the bill Tuesday night, saying it could affect similarly loud Jewish prayers, Israeli media reported.The bill, proposed by members of the far-right Jewish Home party, was adopted by a ministerial committee on Sunday and was due to go through three readings in parliament before becoming law. Bill will now be put on hold until a ministerial committee holds a 2nd vote. AFP
‘Azaan’ in Israeli parliament to protest against ‘anti-Azaan’ bill
Bangladesh SC to hear plea challenging Islam as state religion on Mar 19
The Supreme Court today fixed March 19 next year for hearing an appeal challenging a High Court order that had justified the constitutional provision giving Islam the status of state religion of Bangladesh.A full bench of the Appellate Division of the SC will hold hearing on the appeal filed by SC lawyer Advocate SM Goswami.Chamber Judge of the Appellate Division of the SC Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain set the date after a brief hearing on the appeal. the daily star
Arrest warrant against Khaleda Zia for celebrating ‘birthday’ on August 15
Dhaka:A local court issued an arrest warrant on Thursday against Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chief Khaleda Zia over her controversial birthday celebration on August 15, which is observed as National Mourning Day in the country in memory of the assassination of founding leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members in 1975.Bangladesh PM  Sheikh Hasina is Rahman’s daughter.“(Zia) was summoned by the court but she did not appear during three previous hearings... So the magistrate issued the arrest warrant in line with legal procedure,” a court official told PTI.PTI
Syria war: Aleppo pounded by air strikes for second day
Air strikes and artillery have pounded rebel-held districts of eastern Aleppo for a second day, killing dozens of people, damaging medical facilities and flattening residential buildings.Sources told Al Jazeera on Wednesday that at least 84 people had been killed and dozens wounded in and around Aleppo city over the past 48 hours, as air raids launched by Syrian jets rained down on rebel-held areas amid a new govt offensive.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 21 people, including five children and an emergency worker, were killed on Wednesday in the al-Shaar, al-Sukkari, al-Sakhour and Karam al-Beik neighbourhoods. Aljazeera
HRW slams Houthis for arbitrary detention of civilians
Human Rights Watch has condemned the Houthi rebels for their arbitrary detention of opposition activists this morning.The rights group documented two deaths and 11 cases of alleged forms of ill-treatment by the Houthi militia forces. They also documented the abuse of a child.“The authorities should free those wrongfully held immediately, end detention without access to lawyers or family members, and prosecute officials responsible for mistreatment,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement. middleeastmonitor
Amnesty: Iran executing Sunni men after forced confessions
A major international human rights organisation has accused Iran today of “boasting of mass killing” after the Iranian regime repeatedly broadcast the mass execution of 25 Sunni Kurdish-Iranian men that occurred last August.Amnesty International said that Iranian authorities were “broadcasting injustice” after they put the Kurdish men to death, and forced them to participate in “confession” videos that Amnesty says was designed to “dehumanise” the men. “Iran’s justice system blatantly violated the men’s right to a fair trial, including their rights to access a lawyer, not to be subjected to torture and other ill-treatment, to remain silent, to have their cases heard in public hearings, and to have a meaningful review of their sentences.” Middleeastmonitor
Turkey to scrap PM in new system: Minister
Istanbul: Turkey is to scrap the office of the PM  in a historic switch under a government-backed proposal for a new presidential system, a cabinet minister said on Thursday. Forestry and water affairs minister Veysel Eroglu said there would be one and possibly two vice presidents under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the new format, which is expected to be submitted to a referendum next year.AFP
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