08 November 2017

08 Nov.ND:Demonetisation anniversary: At industrial hub, shut factories, impatient workers/Zakir Naik will be sent back if India requests: Malaysia

08 Nov.2017: 18 Safar 1439:Vol:9, No:42
INDIA: Demonetisation anniversary
Demonetisation anniversary: At industrial hub, shut factories, impatient workers
New Delhi: The men were paid a month’s salary — and then fired.In west Delhi’s Mayapuri industrial hub, the effects of demonetisation, GST rollout and the economic slowdown are still being felt by workers employed at 1,800-odd factories. Indian Express spoke to labourers, contractors and factory owners, and discovered that more than 500 units — involved in manufacturing jeans, servicing cars and exporting goods — have shut in the past one year. The ones that survived increased shift timings from 8 to 12 hours.After last year’s layoffs, hundreds of migrant workers left for home. Those who stayed back spend most days playing cards outside factories, waiting for an owner to hire them. Every now and then, they burn the effigy of the factory owners. Kamla Pati Sharma(50), who had been working at the quality control department of Karan Motors for a decade, was served termination notice two months ago, along with 54 others. “The owner kept telling us there are no jobs. He had not paid our salaries since July, and then they fired us. 150-odd remaining labourers went on strike. I hope the owner takes us back; I have rent to pay and kids to feed,” Sharma said.Many of the factories, trade unionists said, were closed down or reconverted in the last year. Most factories that closed down were shifted to Kundli Industrial area in Manesar. “More than 500 factories closed down following the note ban. Many people who stayed back are landless labourers. Since they don’t have skills required to work in big factories, they have remained unemployed,”claimed Rajesh, trade unionist from International Federation of Trade Unions. Chandra Mohan, a management-level employee at Karan Motors, however, said “workers were terminated because of trade unionism”. “But there are no jobs in the industrial hub. We have somehow paid their salaries, and some of their previous dues remain,” he said.Among those fired from a metal scrap factory, last year, was Gulab Singh, who went on to open a chicken shop in the locality. But the venture never really took off. “I now work on a daily basis in the Mayapuri scrap market, and it earns me Rs 300 per day,” he said.Traders at Mayapuri scrap market said the market suffered a fresh setback after GST was introduced, as they stopped receiving orders for motor parts from UP, Bihar and other states. “Now, only 10% of the work is left,” said the owner of an engine dismantling unit. Squatting outside her house near the railway line, Rumjhum Devi minces no words in calling employers “scoundrels”. “Malik ko sirf suit-boot waali ladki chahiye.” Several women at Mayapuri industrial area said that small-scale factories manufacturing gifts, jeans and other export goods have stopped hiring them, and now only look for workers with skills and an educational qualification.Mohan Devi, who used to make Rs6500 per month at packaging factory, has not found a job since she was fired last year. Indian Express
Demonetisation anniversary: New numbers are in, 1.5 million jobs lost in Jan-April this year
New Delhi:Alongside the problem of bad loans, the issue of job creation remains the biggest challenge for the Govt  as it takes stock of 12 months since demonetisation, with varied data sets pointing to the continuing lack of employment opportunities for India’s rising workforce.Fresh data from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) estimate that about 1.5 million jobs were lost during Jan-April 2017, even as employment figures of leading listed companies show that a majority of them have seen a net decline in their employment numbers in 2016-17 as against that in previous years.While foremost challenge in assessing unemployment problem is lack of comprehensive data, the quarterly Labour Bureau employment survey also reflect a sharp decline in jobs after the Govt  banned old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 on Nov.8 last year. According to CMIE data, the estimated total employment during Jan-April 2017 was 405 million compared to 406.5 million during the preceding four months, Sept-Dec 2016.CMIE data, based on all-India household surveys over a sample size of 161,167 households that included 519,285 adults, also estimated that while the number of persons employed fell by 1.5million during Jan-April 2017 period, number of people who declared themselves unemployed fell much more— by 9.6 million.This lack of job opportunities is mirrored in the data sets for the govt’s flagship skilling scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY). Data for PMKVY scheme until first week of July 2017 has revealed that of total 30.67 lakh candidates who had been trained or were undergoing training across the country, less than a tenth — 2.9 lakh candidates — had received placement offers, according to official data with Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. Employment figures of leading listed companies, examined by Indian Express, show that a majority of them have seen a net decline in their employment numbers in 2016-17 over that in previous years. Job data for 121 companies — excluding IT and financial services sector — that are part of BSE 500, and for whom numbers were available for last 3 years, show a net aggregate decline in headcount for the 2nd consecutive year.indianexpress
80% of people against demonetisation: Survey
Contrary to what PM Narendra Modi and his colleagues claim that the nation supported demonetisation, a new study has found that only 20% were in favour of the move or confused.The rest against it.That demonetization has been a disaster has been acknowledged by all, except by those walk through the corridors of power. But, now there is an additional set of statistics to back the sensible thought. According to a study conducted across 21 states and by 32 organisations, it was found that 80% of those interviewed were against the move and 20 %  were either in favour of the move or confused. This survey which began in the first week of January states that 55% disagreed with PM’s statement that demonetisation had wiped out all the black money. “Only 26.6% of the respondents believed that black money had been wiped out. Interestingly, with rise in age, the disagreement percentage increased,” said Gauhar Raza, one of the authors of the report, Demonetisation – Exorcising the demon at its release on Tuesday. PVS Kumar, Subodh Mohanty and John Dayal co-authored the report along with Raza. Economist Arun Kumar also contributed to the report.  Those interviewed fell within the age group of 16 and 35.“We found that 48.2% of respondents did not believe that demonetisation would have any impact on terror attacks, which was one of the major objectives listed by PM Modi,” added Raza. Intelligently, at least 45.4% of respondents said that they didn’t believe that demonetisation would stop infiltration from Pakistan. Predictably, it continues and there has been a sudden spurt in attacks on the banks. What inevitably happened is that, an overwhelming 50%  lost their trust in the Govt  after the move, and another 47 %  would treat their banks with suspicion, because more than 65 %  of those interviewed did not see any politician or a rich standing in the queue. There was a belief that the rich were given money without having to wait in the queue.During the research, it was found that small traders were the most affected. “Small traders, such as vegetable vendors, hawkers and rickshaw pullers, depend on the daily cycle of commerce to conduct their business.They couldn’t conduct it anymore and most have become daily-wage labourers,” stressed Dayal. Corroborating the images that went viral of snaking queues in front of ATMs and banks during demonetisation, about 30% of those interviewed stated that they had to stand in queues between four and eight hours, while an additional 20%, reported that they spent more than eight hours in the lines. Contrary to the PM’s claim that farmers would not be affected, 60%  disagreed and 44% did not believe that demonetisation would lead to betterment of villages and villagers. Nationalheraldindia
Demonetisation: Opposition observes 'black day'; govt lauds note ban for controlling terror financing
A year after PM Narendra Modi implemented demonetisation , the Opposition stood firm in its stand against the move. While the BJP celebrated 'anti-black money day', the Opposition parties observed 'black day' to mark their protest against the move.Modi shared a short video about the benefits of the move and thanked people for supporting the Govt  in its anti-black money measures.Congress and other parties relentlessly campaigned against demonetisation and took out protest marches.All major Opposition parties, social organisations, farmer groups, mediapersons, NGOs, civil society activists and individuals organised massive protests across Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra on Wednesday, even as the Govt  launched an advertising blitzkrieg lauding its move.Congress in Karnataka also observed black day. "What good did the note ban do, except for bring the country's GDP down," questioned Karnataka Congress head G Parameshwara at gathering. Manmohan Singh blamed demonetisation for rampant job losses and said that the textile sector in Surat alone had to face 21,000 layoffs, News18reported. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi called it a "tragedy" and "thoughtless act". He further said that his party stood with all those people who have suffered due to demonetisation.West Bengal CM  Mamata Banerjee slammed demonetisation as a "devil act" alleging the currency exercise was "only to convert black money into white for vested interests of the political party in power".The displeasure among the public is also apparent because 63 % respondents of a nationwide survey said they witnessed people in "serious problems" due to the Govt 's sudden move announced on 8 November last year, while 65 % said they saw marriages being postponed because of the note ban. firstpost
Demonetisation:Infiltration bids in J&K reach all time high while more security men killed in Naxal attacks this year
New Delhi:Almost a year after demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes, number of infiltration attempts in the valley has reached an all time high while more security personnel were killed in Naxal attacks this year as compared to last year. However a decline of 21 % has been registered in number of incidents in the Left Wing theatre (LWE), while the number of stone pelting incidents came down by over 70 % in Kashmir this year, officials said.In 2016, Centre after scrapping Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes said the move has dented funding of extremist groups. The union home ministry on Tuesday refused to share the exact details regarding its assessment and trends on terrorism and naxalism, a year after demonetisation. Its spokesperson Ashok Prasad when pressed for details said, “All matters related to demonetisation are being coordinated by the Finance Ministry.”The data obtained by Indian Express reveals that there has been rise in number of militants activities in J&K where 301 terrorist incidents were recorded in 2017 as compared to 283 in 2016, the year Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, was gunned down by security forces in an encounter, leading to unrest in the valley.As many as 336 infiltration attempts were recorded this year as compared to 221 last year. While 112 were estimated to be successful in 2016, only 90 were estimated to be successful in 2017. The sharp rise in number of infiltration, officials explained is because of Pakistan’s ISI and Pak based militant groups who are pushing foreign militants from across the border.The number of civilians killed in the valley registered a 3-fold rise as compared to 13 in 2016 to 36 in 2017, according to data. However, with security forces stepping up their operations, number of militants killed rose to 180 this year as compared to 130 last year. The number of security personnel’s who lost their lives in 2017 was 66 as compared to 67 in 2016 in J&K. J&K police in its report to the home ministry also conveyed that they have arrested 73 militants and carried out 112 encounters with security forces in 2017 as compared to 85 last year. In 2017, the number of Naxal related incidents have come down from 887 to 701 and civilians death from 177 to 150. However, the number of security forces killed by Maoist this year has registered a rise leading to death of 70 security personnel in 2017 as compared to 59 last year.indianexpress
One year of demonetisation: Rs 2,000, Rs 500 fakes are now of ‘highest quality’
Mumbai:In the nearly one year since Rs 2,000 and new Rs 500 notes were introduced, their counterfeit versions have improved from easily identifiable in the beginning to “highest quality” in recent times, according to officials who track FICN (fake currency notes) cases. While announcing demonetisation on Nov.8, 2016, PM Narendra Modi had said, “This step will strengthen the hands of the common man in the fight against corruption, black money and fake currency.” The Govt  has repeatedly said demonetisation would curb terror financing and dent the drug trafficking industry as they heavily rely on counterfeit notes. Between August and Oct, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence has seized “high quality” FICN of face value Rs 35 lakh in the two new denominations, in three separate cases in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. These notes have 8 of the 17 security features printed by the Reserve Bank of India.“Notes of Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 seized recently by the DRI are of the highest quality seized till now in the country,” a senior DRI official said.“Currency seized just after demonetisation were of low quality, visible to the naked eye, but the quality of the notes recently seized have improved and a common man now cannot immediately distinguish whether it is fake or genuine. indianexpress
RBI should release documents relating to demonetisation: Chidambaram
Launching a scathing attack on Modi govt on the note ban anniversary, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Wednesday said millions of people “suffered” and no one can deny that lives and jobs were lost due to demonetisation.A year after the demonetisation decision, he said on this “black day, people should read real-life stories and say a prayer for the “millions who suffered“.“Can anyone deny lives were lost, small businesses closed and jobs were lost?,” he said in a series of tweets.Chidambaram claimed cash with the public is ₹15 lakh crore and it is increasing and will soon reach the Nov.2016 level of ₹17 lakh crore.He said how much cash (money supply) there should be, is a decision of the RBI, not the govt. thehindu
We got freedom at midnight in 1947, but we lost freedom on Nov.8 midnight last year: Stalin
Madurai:Demonetisation only brought hardships to the common man, DMK Working President M K Stalin said on Wednesday, while leading the opposition charge against the NDA govt’s note ban move on its first anniversary. Clad in a black shirt, Stalin led a well-attended Black Day protest and raised slogans against the Narendra Modi Govt  over demonetisation.Stalin said following note ban announcement, many people lost their lives while waiting in long queues before banks and ATMs in different parts of the country.PTI
No extradition request from India for Zakir Naik, if requested then Malaysia send him back: Malaysian Dy PM
Kuala Lumpur:Malaysian Govt  did not receive any application from the Indian Govt  seeking the extradition of Dr Zakir Naik for allegedly promoting terrorism in that country, said Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.Deputy PM  and Home Minister said that if the Indian Govt  made such an application on the basis of mutual legal assistance, Malaysia would fulfill the request and send Zakir to his home country.“So far, I have not received any extradition request from the Indian Govt . I had discussed the matter of Zakir when I met with Indian PM  Narendra Modi (during a visit to India several months ago) but there was no extradition request at that time.“But I was informed that the Indian Govt had revoked his international passport, meaning he cannot travel on an Indian passport. He is in Malaysia as a permanent resident,” he said when winding up debate on the Supply Bill 2018 for the Home Ministry in the Dewan Rakyat.Zahid said the Govt  constantly monitored the activities of Zakir in this country or abroad and would take action if he was involved in or promoted terrorism or illegal activities.He said the police had scrutinised every ‘ceramah’ (talk) of Zakir in the country and abroad and did not find any element of promoting terrorism or criticising other religions as alleged by certain quarters."I hope we will not have any misunderstanding over certain quarters, such as Zakir. It could be possible that the matter was taken out of context. Try to listen to his full talk. My officers scrutinised his talks over the Peace TV programme and found no such elements,” he said. During Zahid’s winding-up speech, several opposition MPs intervened and raised the matter of PR (permanent resident) status accorded to Zakir by the Govt .Zahid said Zakir was accorded the status several years ago, and that it was done in accordance with the provisions of the law and the prescribed procedure."No privilege was accorded to Zakir in the matter of the application for PR status or the permit to enter the country. If the application meets the condition, the status is given, just like in the case of any foreign national who wants a PR status in the country,” he said.Zahid said the revocation of Zakir’s international passport by the Indian Govt did not affect his status as a permanent resident in Malaysia, unless he is found to be involved in terrorism and other criminal activities.Bernama
Zakir Naik will be sent back if India requests it: Malaysia
Delhi air pollution Live: Schools closed till Sunday, Kejriwal writes to CMs of Punjab, Haryana
Delhi shut all primary schools on Wednesday as pollution hit 70 times the World Health Organisation’s safe level, prompting doctors in the capital city to warn of a public health emergency. Dense grey smog shrouded the roads of the world’s most polluted capital, where many pedestrians and bikers wore masks or covered their mouths with handkerchiefs and scarves.Doctors on Wednesday issued a health advisory asking people to avoid outdoor activities like jogging and cycling as high levels of air pollution in Delhi and NCR can cause chronic lung and heart diseases and also affect the health of expectant mothers.The smog that has enveloped the region for the past 2 days can cause allergies or aggravate already existing allergies and decrease lung immunity, according to tips shared by Fortis Healthcare.“Delhi’s air quality is getting worse. In this situation, there can be no compromise on children’s health,” Delhi deputy CM Manish Sisodia tweeted, as his Govt  ordered all schools to be closed till Sunday in view of deteriorating air quality in the Capital. hindustantimes
Delhi air pollution: All schools to be closed till Sunday, says Manish Sisodia
Gujarat Polls: People line up for 5 kms to welcome Dalit leader Mevani
Ahmedabad:If crowds in his public meetings and enthusiasm visible in Facebook lives by his team are any indication, Jignesh Mevani is fast emerging as a rallying point for the Dalits in the poll-bound Gujarat.Lawyer by training, Mevani had single-handedly created a Dalit movement in the state last year following the Una incident.Jignesh Mevani is fast emerging as a rallying point for Dalits in the poll-bound Gujarat. He is accompanied by some local and Delhi friends including former JNU Students’ Union chief Mohit K. Panday and social activist Nadeem Khan.His team told Caravan Daily about the mood of the common people and Dalits. Unlike the previous elections, they say, people are openly talking about change and various electoral options.“Earlier when we went to Gujarat during elections, no one was ready to talk about elections and it was next to impossible to think that any other party could come to power by defeating the BJP. Now people openly say that it is too tough for BJP and that Congress could also come back. Common people also say there should be a change as there are lots of problems,” said a member of the Jignesh team .Talking about the support the Dalit leader has been getting on the ground, his old friend and social activist from Delhi, Nadeem Khan said: “5kms before we reached Surendra Nagar, there were people standing along the road. There were many youths on bikes and many were bursting crackers. People seemed to be emotionally charged.”At every programme, Mevani has been taking oath from his supporters that they will not support anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim forces.Caravan Daily
Ulama Council demands BJP, Congress to earmark 18 seats for Muslims
Ahmedabad:Rashtriya Ulama Council (RUC), an UP -based political party, on Tuesday demanded that at least 18 seats be earmarked for the Muslims in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections. Its national president Aamir Rashadi Madni said either the Congress or the BJP should meet this demand. Asked if both parties failed to oblige, Madni said his own party, RUC, would field candidates. However, he did not respond when asked which party would benefit at whose cost, if the Muslim vote breaks up.“The electioneering is revolving round three persons — Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakor and Jignesh Mevani, and no one is talking about the Muslims,” he said.“But, the Muslims are not ready to become scapegoats anymore. They will go with the BJP if it gives them 18 seats,” he said. On the other hand, Madni said the Congress had been doing political exploitation and victimisation of the Muslims for 70 years under a “well-planned conspiracy” for their use as a vote bank. “Why did Rahul Gandhi not go to see Zakia Jafri, the wife of Ahsan Jafri (who was killed in 2002 Gulbarg Society massacre)?,” he asked. indianexpress
Kejriwal Offers Raghuram Rajan Rajya Sabha Nomination
New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal,  personally offered a Rajya Sabha nomination to Raghuram Rajan, former governor of the RBI whose term was not renewed by the Narendra Modi govt.Rajan was hesitant as he did not want to appear politically partisan after his rocky relationship with BJP Govt , but top sources in the AAP say that Kejriwal persuaded him to think about it. His final word to Kejriwal on the offer was that he would “consider it” and let him know.Authoritative sources say that the three Rajya Sabha seats that will come to AAP in January will also be given to “good people” like Rajan selected by Kejriwal. Kejriwal is categorical that no AAP leader will be given a Rajya Sabha seat.According to a senior AAP leader, “This is typical Kejriwal out-of-the-box thinking. He has outmanoeuvred intra-party opposition and rebellion and ensured that some creative thinking is displayed in the bog standard mire of Indian politics. In fact, after Kejriwal’s offer, if Rajan is reluctant, all opposition parties should offer to make him a joint candidate. This might make the prospect of Rajan and his formidable intellect being available to India again and oppose Modi’s ill-thought economic moves.” thewire
Delhi: Kathputli on boil after mosque is demolished, dargah faces same fate
New Delhi: The demolition of a 50-year-old mosque by DDA and the threat to demolish an over 100-year-old dargah kept Kathputli Colony on the boil on Tuesday. To “save” the Dargah Hazrat Syed Bhure Shah Peer, which also has a mosque and madrassa linked to it, Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan had to intervene.While Madina Masjid at Kathputli colony was razed within 15 minutes, a building on its side stood tall, prompting residents to ask why the mosque could not be demolished last — once all of them had been moved out. The imam of the mosque, Hafiz Zahir Sahab, who has been working there for past 32 years, said, “When there are still residents yet to be shifted, why the hurry in bringing the masjid down?”Locals claimed that the mosque, which caters to almost 5,000 people from the colony, was hardly given any time to vacate the premises, so the only things that could be saved were a blue cupboard and the Holy Quran. Some residents also wondered if temples in the area would be brought down next.But what surprised residents further was the plan to demolish “bada masjid”, which technically falls in Pandav Nagar and not under Kathputli Colony. Imam of the dargah, Maulana Abdul Rahim, said that while the land is unauthorised, the religious structure was built more than 100 years ago.“Yesterday, I got a call from the DDA that the masjid will be demolished, and we were asked to vacate. In panic, I called people from our community, and since then we have been guarding it,” said Rahim. Built on 1,000 sq ft, it also has a madrasa which imparts education to 200-250 children.The legend goes that the land where the dargah was built used to be a forest with a swamp and kikar trees growing. It was their saint, Bhure Shah, who filled this swamp land and started teaching children under a pipal tree, whose branches now surround the dargah and the masjid.“We have seen the structure like this since we were kids. We were told that the pipal tree would glow at night, which is how it was decided that a dargah should be built here. How can they demolish it all of a sudden?” said 72-year-old Mohammad Iqbal.MLA Khan assured the structure would not be demolished. DDA’s housing commissioner J P Aggarwal said, “A delegation led by Khan met us and said the structure is very old and not in Kathputli Colony. We told them to give us papers that substantiate their claim. We will get it examined with the competent authority and whatever action will be taken will be as per the law.” indianexpress
Ryan School murder: CBI says class 11 student killed him to postpone exams; absolves conductor of charge
A bus conductor, who was arrested for allegedly murdering a Class 2 student of Gurugram’s Ryan International School in Sept, has been absolved of the charge, the Central Bureau of Investigation said on Wednesday. Agency has also dismissed the earlier theory that the boy was sexually assaulted before being killed, ANI reported. However, CBI will continue to investigate his possible role in destroying evidence, the HT reported. Meanwhile, CBI sought 6-day custody of a Class 11 student who was arrested earlier in the day for the murder. The juvenile studies in the same school where the child was found murdered on Sept.8.CBI said the accused student had allegedly attacked the boy, hoping that the incident would make the school postpone examinations and a parent-teacher meeting, ANI reported. CBI checked his academic performance and found he was not doing well.“After a thorough investigation based on scientific evidence including inspection of the scene of crime, forensic analysis and an analysis of CCTV and call records, CBI apprehended the student,” CBI spokesperson Abhishek Dayal had told ANI after arrest. scroll
There Was No Blood On Him: Father Of Class 11 Student Held For Murder
Gurgaon: Father detained  Class 11 student's for allegedly murdering a Class 2 student of Gurugram’s Ryan International School, told ANI, "My boy is innocent."  He said that his son - whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons- had, in fact, alerted teachers at Ryan International, an expensive private school in Gurgaon, that Pradyuman had been attacked. "CBI questioned him 4 times," the father said, his face mosaicked in the interview. "What happened to the child who died is so wrong, but that another child should go through injustice is also unfair." "Ask anyone at the school...did they see any blood on him? I can tell you there was not a single spot of blood on his clothes," he said.CBI says that four days ago, other students told investigators that the alleged killer had told them that exams would be postponed. While questioning him repeatedly, in part because he had flagged the injured child to school officials at the time of the assault, they determined that he had killed Pradyuman.The detained student will be produced before a Juvenile Justice Board today.NDTV
Ryan school murder: CBI says Class 11 student ‘killed’ Pradyuman because he wanted exams postponed
Plea in SC seeks FIR against Mulayam over 1990 firing on ‘kar sevaks’ in Ayodhya
New Delhi:A Lucknow resident has approached Supreme Court challenging the Allahabad High Court order rejecting his plea seeking an FIR against SP veteran Mulayam Singh Yadav, in connection with the 1990 firing on ‘kar sevaks’ in Ayodhya.The petitioner, Rana Sangram Singh, alleged that many ‘kar sevaks’ were killed in the firing that took place on Oct30, 1990, while taking part in a “peaceful movement” for cnstruction of a Ram Temple there. indianexpress
Junaid lynching: Haryana eats its words on kin seeking Rs 2 cr; father claims it’s bid to malign their image
Chandigarh: Punjab and Haryana high court on Tuesday sought response from the Haryana Govt  on an application moved by the father of Junaid Khan, who was lynched to death by a mob suspecting him of being a “beef eater” aboard a Mathura-bound train in Faridabad district on June 22 this year.The response was sought after Junaid’s father Jalaludin told the court that the Govt ’s claims that he was ready to compromise with the accused in lieu of Rs 2 crore and 3 acres of land were “false and baseless and it was an attempt to malign his image”.The Govt  had made the claim in this regard on Thursday before a high court bench during the hearing of petition filed by Jalaludin who had sought CBI probe into his son’s murder.The allegation is in gross defamation of the family, the petitioner said, adding it is clear from the allegations there was “mala fide intent” on part of the Govt . The purported panchayats on compromise were held illegally. Petitioner did not participate in them despite pressure, he has stated adding that Govt  be asked as to how these panchayats were held in a local Govt  schools.On other hand the formal reply submitted by Haryana Govt  does not find any mention of state’s claims that family demanded Rs 2 crore for settlement.HT
US to give $500,000 to any NGO that promotes religious freedom in India
Washington:US has announced a grant of nearly $500,000 for a non-Govt al organisation to come up with proposals to develop early warning systems for “reducing religiously-motivated violence and discrimination” in India.The US State Department also announced a similar grant for Sri Lanka.The Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, in its notice of funding opportunity, said through its $493,827 India programme, it seeks to “reduce religiously-motivated violence and discrimination in India”.PTI
With Saudi princes dead, arrested, King Fahd's grandson flees kingdom to... Iran: India Today
Saudi royal family - House of Saud - is throwing up one intrigue after another. Hours after the reported death of Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, his nephew and son of late King Fahd's eldest surviving son, Prince Turki bin Mohamed bin Fahd has fled the country. His destination, according to speculation among those who are watching the situation closely, is, wait for it, Iran.If this is true, this may put new strain on Tehran and Riyadh, already at loggerheads for dominance in the restive Middle East region, where Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting, what analysts term, a proxy war in Yemen.What makes Prince Turki bin Mohamed bin Fahd's reported flight to Iran, where he is said to have sought asylum, interesting, apart from his destination, is that it comes at a time when Saudi aviation authorities are said to have been told not to let any of the oil-rich kingdom's many royals fly out of the country.Of course,with the outflow of information from Saudi Arabia particularly restricted right now, all reports of developments on the region must be taken with a pinch of salt.This is the same King Salman whose son Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) is believed to be have orchestrated what many are seeing as a coup by sideling prominent Saudi royals and taking decisions that could win over the country's liberal quarters.Turki bin Mohamed's reported escape to Iran, where he has reportedly sought asylum, comes just a day after two Saudi princes reportedly died in mysterious conditions.Yesterday, there were strong rumours and reports that Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd, the youngest son of late King Fahd, died in a gunbattle with Saudi security forces while resisting arrest.
Saudi purge continues, makes fresh arrests in anti-graft drive: Reuters
Riyadh:Saudi Arabian authorities have made further arrests and frozen more bank accounts in an expanding anti-corruption crackdown on the kingdom’s political and business elite, sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.Dozens of royal family members, officials and business executives have already been held in the purge announced on Saturday. They face allegations of money laundering, bribery, extortion and exploiting public office for personal gain. But the sources, speaking on Wednesday, said a number of other individuals suspected of wrongdoing were detained in an expansion of the crackdown, widely seen as an initiative of the powerful heir to throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Others under scrutiny are being telephoned by investigators about their finances but appear to remain at liberty, one of the sources said, adding that the number of people targeted by the crackdown was expected eventually to rise into the hundreds. The number of domestic bank accounts frozen as a result of the purge is over 1,700 and rising, up from 1,200 reported on Tuesday, banking sources said. A number of those held most recently include individuals with links to the immediate family of the late Crown Prince and defence minister Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz who died in 2011, the sources said.Anti-corruption authorities have also frozen the bank accounts of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, one of the most senior members of the ruling Al Saud, and some of his immediate family members, the sources added.Prince Mohammed, or MbN as he is known, was ousted as Crown Prince in June when King Salman replaced him with the then deputy bin Salman.
Sources:Saudi prince’s helicopter targeted by Bin Salman
The helicopter carrying Saudi Prince Mansour Bin Muqrin and 7 other people was deliberately targeted by state forces because it is believed Bin Muqrin opposed Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s succession to the throne, informed sources told the New Khaleej.According to the sources, Bin Muqrin had recently sent a letter to some 1,000 princes urging them to step away from support for Bin Salman’s succession to the throne, pointing out that the youth must take action.The sources claim attack sends a clear message to others within the royal family that Bin Salman will stop at nothing to silence his critics and those who oppose him. Middleeastmonitor
Saudi arrests could be more about power politics: HRW
Dubai: Saudi Arabia's arrest of prominent royals and businessmen under the banner of battling corruption could, in fact, be more a case of internal power politics, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday."The middle-of-the-night simultaneous establishment of a new corruption body and mass arrests over corruption raise concerns that Saudi authorities detained people en masse and without outlining the basis of the detentions," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at the New York-based HRW."While Saudi media are framing these measures as Mohammed bin Salman's move against corruption, the mass arrests suggest this may be more about internal power politics," she said.AFP
Leak: Israel supported Hariri’s resignation
Israel’s Channel 10 has published a leaked cable sent from the Israeli foreign ministry to all Israeli ambassadors calling on them to support Saudi efforts and rally support for the resignation of Lebanese PM  Saad Hariri.The classified cable urged the diplomats to appeal to the highest officials within their host countries to attempt to expel Hezbollah from the Lebanese Govt  and politics.On Saturday, Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu described Hariri’s resignation as a wake-up call for the international community to take action against what he called “the Iranian enemy”.Meanwhile, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Hariri’s resignation confirms what Israel had warned a year ago, that Hezbollah is occupying Lebanon. “Israeli army is ready to face the threat posed by the Iran-led alliance,” he added.Later,Israeli Minister of Intelligence Yisrael Katz wrote on Twitter: “Hariri’s resignation in Lebanon is a crossroads. Now is the time to press and isolate Hezbollah until it is weakened and disarmed.” middleeastmonitor
‘Saudi summoned Abbas for  Hamas trip to Iran’
Saudi Arabia has “summoned” the Palestinian Authority and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas to Riyadh in response to a visit by Hamas officials to Tehran, ex-Egyptian ambassador Abdullah Al-Ash’al told Quds Press.“Saudis will order Abbas to be inflexible on two issues,” explained the political analyst. “He must not respond to Hamas calls to end the security cooperation with the [Israeli] occupation, and not lift the sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip.” This, he added, will push Hamas to withdraw from the reconciliation deal.According to the Chief Editor of Egypt’s Al-Araby newspaper, Abbas has good relations with the Saudi leadership, and it is expected that he could have passed a joint Egyptian and Jordanian message to the authorities in Riyadh. Middleeastmonitor
Houthis offer Saudi princes political asylum in Yemen
Houthi rebels say they are willing to offer Saudi princes political asylum in Yemen, days after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman carried out the biggest anti-corruption purge in the kingdom's modern history.A source close to the Houthi leadership told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that any Saudi prince or national seeking refuge would be "welcomed" by Yemen, their "brotherly neighbour"."We are ready to offer sanctuary to any member of the Al Saud family or any Saudi national that wants to flee oppression and persecution," said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity.The offer was "100 % genuine" and the Houthis were not interested in gaining any "political mileage" from the situation, the source added. aljazeera
Saudi air strikes kill children in Yemen's Hajjah area
At least 30 Yemenis, including women and children, were killed in a series of Saudi-led air strikes in north Yemen, activists and local media said.Hussain al-Bukhaiti, a pro-Houthi activist, told Al Jazeera at least 16 air strikes targeted the village of Hiran in Hajjah province on Tuesday, killing 30 people, including a family of 10.Quoting local residents, Bukhaiti said the raids started shortly after midnight, targeting home of Sheikh Hamdi, a Houthi loyalist, killing him and his family. Aljazeera
UN: Saudi blockade of Yemen is 'catastrophic' for aid
The UN is warning of a "catastrophic" humanitarian situation in Yemen.Saudi Arabia has blocked all Yemeni air and land routes, as well as seaports, in response to the missile attack from across the border earlier this week.The embargo is driving up the already inflated prices of vital commodities and is also stopping much-needed humanitarian aid that keeps an estimated seven million from the brink of famine. aljazeera
 Bahrain claims right over Qatari land as Gulf crisis boils
A statement issued by Bahraini state media said the nation “has every right to claim what was cut off forcibly from its land and to dispute legitimacy of the Qatari rule”.Bahraini Govt  also accused its neighbour of “usurping” the nation’s “legitimate rights” and “undermining its security” by supporting terrorists. It says its claims are supported by “irrefutable evidence” and “undeniable proof”. The accusations come as tensions are running high in Gulf after several countries, including Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed land, sea and air blockades. Bahrain recently vowed it would boycott a summit of Gulf leaders if Qatar attended, and last week it imposed visa requirements on its neighbour - a move Qatar branded as “unprecedented”.The disputed territory at the centre of the crisis is the Hawar Islands, just off the Qatari coast, and the town of Zubara, on the northern coast of the island of Qatar. Express UK
In recording, Kerry says Israeli govt doesn’t want peace
https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-recording-john-kerry-says-israeli-Govt -doesnt-want-peace/
Former US secretary of state John Kerry blamed the Israeli Govt’s resistance to the establishment of a Palestinian state for harming the prospects of a peace deal, while warning Israel could face a future violent Palestinian uprising if there was no progress in peace talks. In recordings published Tuesday by Channel 10, America’s former top diplomat can be heard praising the Palestinian Authority’s commitment to nonviolence following a wave of terror attacks beginning in the fall of 2015, which he said has been ignored by Israelis due to right-wing configuration of current govt.“Palestinians have done an extraordinary job of remaining committed to nonviolence. And in fact when the [knife] intifada took place they delivered non-violence in West Bank,” Kerry is heard saying in recording. “This is overlooked by the general [Israeli] population because it is not a topic of discussion. Why? Because the majority of the cabinet currently in current Israeli Govt has publicly declared they are not ever for a Palestinian state,” he adds.timesofisrael
Israel plan to ‘annex’ settlements to Jerusalem violates international law: middleeastmonitor
A proposed Israeli law to effectively annex West Bank settlements to Jerusalem municipality violates international humanitarian law, according to legal rights centre Adalah.The bill would annex West Bank settlements Beitar Illit, Ma’ale Adumim, Givat Ze’ev, Gush Etzion, and Efrat to Jerusalem, and impose Israeli civilian rule on territory under military occupation.Adalah has urged the Ministerial Committee for Legislation and Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to oppose “Jerusalem and its Daughters” law, which would annex a ring of West Bank settlements to Israel’s Jerusalem municipality “and impose Israeli civil law in these occupied territories”. Adalah Attorney Suhad Bishara stressed that the bill violates international humanitarian law, describing this “large-scale confiscation of property belonging to a protected population” as “a gross violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention”.
UK minister Patel facing sack over undisclosed talks with Israelis
Britain’s aid minister Priti Patel’s future was in doubt on Wednesday after the Sun newspaper reported she had held two further undisclosed meetings with Israeli politicians.As PM  Theresa May heads towards 2019's Brexit that will shape Britain’s prosperity for generations, her minority Govt  has stumbled into several controversies that risk shattering her dwindling authority.Patel apologised to May on Monday for failing to report she had met senior Israeli officials, including PM Benjamin Netanyahu, during a private holiday.Reuters
UN concerned over mistreatment of Palestinian kids in Israeli jai
New York(PIC)UN expressed concerns over the situation of 500 Palestinian children incarcerated in Israeli jails.UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said during a press conference held at UN HQRS in New York that the number of Palestinian minors held in Israeli lock-ups has hit 500.UN official called on Israel to either work out the legal situation of detained minors and of all Palestinians held with neither charge nor trial in occupation prisons, or to release them immediately.Palestinian children in Israeli penitentiaries have been made to endure dire detention conditions and harsh torture tactics, most notorious among which being strip-searches, heavy beating, verbal assaults, and exhaustive interrogation to force confession.
Barzani: US knew Iraqi forces planned Kirkuk takeover
Masoud Barzani, the ex-president of Kurdish Regional Govt  (KRG) in northern Iraq, has said that a major Iraqi operation last month to take over Kirkuk and other Kurdish-held areas took place with the full knowledge of the US and UK.Iraqi army, backed by Shia militia, captured the entirety of the oil-rich Kirkuk province on Oct.21 after a rapid advance in the wake of a controversial referendum on Kurdish secession that Baghdad had declared illegal."We do believe, yes, that the operation to take over Kirkuk was led by Iranians with the knowledge of the US and British officials," Barzani said.Barzani also said without the contribution of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, ISIL "would not have been rolled back and defeated" in Iraq, including in Mosul, the country's second-largest city."But we were not expecting to see Iraqi forces use weapons - that were given to them by the US to fight ISIS - against their own citizens," he said, using a different name for ISIL. aljazeera
Muslim Canadian groups challenge Quebec's niqab ban
Muslim and civil rights groups challenged a Quebec ban on officials or anyone receiving public services from covering their faces, arguing it infringes on women's and Muslim religious rights.Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and the National Council of Canadian Muslims asked Quebec Superior Court to rule on the constituationality of the law passed last month.They also asked for a stay of its implementation. Marie-Michelle Lacoste, who converted to Islam and wears a niqab, was also listed as a plaintiff in court documents.Ihsaan Gardee of National Council of Canadian Muslims said the law is "discriminatory, unconstitutional and unnecessary."middleeasteye

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