14 November 2017

14 Nov.ND: Saudi takes another step towards 'liberalization', approves yoga as a sports activity; Sunni Board say no legal value of Shia Board claims on Ayodhya pact

14 Nov.2017: 28 Safar 1439:Vol:9, No:47
Saudi takes another step towards 'liberalization', approves yoga as a sports activity:TOI
New Delhi: Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce and Industry has approved the practice of yoga as a sports activity, according to a social media post of Nouf Marwaai, the kingdom's first woman yoga instructor.The approval will enable anyone to get a yoga centre/studio license and start teaching yoga as a sports service under the head of business activity. The news of the approval was made public by Saudi Arabia's first woman yoga instructor, Nouf Marwaai. In a Nov. 10 post on Facebook, she announced that the ministry has granted approval to practice yoga within the country.Alluding India as "the land of the yoga," Marwaai acknowledged the support she received from the Indian Govt , the Consulate General in Saudi Arabia and the people of India.Since catapulting to power with the support of his father, the king, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has pushed forth changes that could usher in a new era for one of the United States' most important allies and swing the kingdom away from decades of ultraconservative dogma and restrictions. He's introduced musical concerts and movies again and is seen as the force behind the king's decision to grant women the right to drive as of next year. "Yoga, which literally means 'union'. A union of individual with ones well being, a body to mind, emotions and soul, nation to globe has officially arrived at the sea shore of Saudi Arabia. It has crossed the boundaries of fundamentalism, MB fanaticism and ideological extremism," Marwaai said in her post. In the end, she urged the people to get their Yoga Studio/Centre license and start teaching yoga to people in Saudi.TOI
Saudi approves Yoga, declares it as sports activity
While Muslims are debating, opposing Yoga, Saudi declares it as 'Sports Activity'
Shia Board claims Ayodhya pact ready, Sunni Central Waqf Board say no legal value
Lucknow:Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad and UP Shia Central Waqf Board claimed that they had worked out a mutually agreeable out-of-court settlement to the Ram Temple-Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya and would submit it to the Supreme Court soon.The SC is all set to commence the final hearing in the dispute from Dec.5.However, Zafaryab Jilani, counsel for UP Sunni Central Waqf Board, one of the parties in title suit pending before the SC, said the so-called agreement had no legal value.“Shia Waqf Board was given no share in the property by the Allahabad High Court in its 2010 judgement (now pending before SC). It’s all media hype, the talks have no meaning,” he said.But Rizvi claimed that a negotiated settlement was on the anvil. Rizvi claimed that Sunni Waqf Board had lost the case of getting the disputed land registered in its name in several courts and now only the Shia Waqf Board had the right to the mosque.Jilani, however, debunked the charge. “ The land in question is still registered with the Sunni Waqf Board. The gazette notification was turned down by the HC as the boundaries of the land were not clearly mentioned in the notification,” he said adding that the same had been rectified.“If they (Shia Waqf Board) had a claim, they should have fought for it at the outset. But they never pleaded their case nor presented any evidence in the trial court nor in the high court. The affidavit (submitted by Rizvi) in the SC has no relevance and that is why we have not even bothered to reply to it,” Zafaryab Jilani said.HT
Advocating construction of Ram temple in Ayodhy, Shia Waqf Board says Mosque can be built in Muslim area
Muslim Personal Law Board rejects Ravi Shankar's offer to mediate in Ayodhya dispute
New Delhi: The Muslim Personal Law Board has rejected the Art of Living Founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's offer to mediate in the long-pending Ayodhya dispute.News18 on Tuesday cited sources as saying that the Muslim Personal Law Board has categorically rejected Sri Sri's Ayodhya outreach.The spiritual leader, who is due to meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh today, had clarified that he was involved as a mediator in the Ram Temple dispute on his own. zeenews
Sri Sri to meet Adityanath, Ayodhya seers as part of ‘mediation mission’
Lucknow:Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s proposed meeting with UP CM  Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday has brought the focus back on the decades-long Babri Masjid-Ram Temple issue before the Supreme Court’s hearing on the land dispute case in Dec.“Final touches are being given to the programme. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will meet the CM  in Lucknow on Wednesday as part of his ‘mediation mission’. He will visit Ayodhya on Thursday to hold talks with seers on the temple issue,” sources said. His meeting with Adityanath assumes significance as it comes in the backdrop of the CM ’s statement welcoming the mediation process.“Efforts at any level are welcome,” Adityanath said in Lucknow on Tuesday before leaving for Ayodhya to launch the BJP’s campaign for the upcoming civic elections.Adityanath, who has paid several visits to Ayodhya after taking over as the CM , has been regularly underlining the importance of the Ram temple in the last few weeks.Ravi Shankar’s visit to Ayodhya is also being viewed as a follow-up exercise to further the mediation process.“Seers from Ayodhya have already met Sri Sri in Bangalore. His visit to Ayodhya will be a follow up of these meetings,” retired IAS officer Surya Pratap Singh, who has been arranging meetings between Ayodhya seers with Art of Living founder, said.Though some seers from Ayodhya and representatives of the Muslim Personal Law Board have met Ravi Shankar, his efforts for mediation have not found many takers.“Ravi Shankar is not a saint. He runs an NGO and should stay happy with it. He should not meddle with the reconciliation process. Such people try to get public attention,” head of Akhara Parishad Mahant Narendra Giri said.HT
Ayodhya verdict: Deadline for parties to submit evidence in English ends
New Delhi :In the run-up to the court hearings in the Ayodhya dispute starting Dec. 5, all parties in the case will now cross-check the English translation of the evidences, running into thousands of pages. In an order dated August 11, 2017, the Supreme Court had asked all respondents and appellants to translate their respective evidences into English within 12 weeks or by Nov 11.The historical evidence presented in court by the parties are in different languages – Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Persian. Some 256 pieces of documentary evidence, running into thousands of pages, have been submitted by the parties in various suits that will be heard by the apex court from Dec. 5. Among other things, the evidence consists of books, gazetteers, revenue records and pleadings and judgments in the first case filed way back in 1885.Meanwhile, senior advocates Kapil Sibal, Rajiv Dhawan and others representing the Sunni Waqf Board (the Muslim side) had sought four months to translate their respective evidences. The court, in its August order, had granted them 12 weeks and made it clear that no adjournment would be granted in case the translated evidence was not submitted in time. business
'Umar borrowed money to buy cows to get milk for kids', says Alwar family as they refuse post-mortem
Alwar: An eerie silence envelops the Ghatmeeka village, about 70 kms from Alwar, when one asks for Umar Mohammad’s home. You don’t have to wait for directions or signboards, or look for a crowd to trace his 100 square feet home, as the mourning cries of his widow and eight children travel can be heard from several miles. Umar (35), a dairy farmer, was shot dead on Friday and later thrown on the railway tracks only to be found in a decapitated state at an Alwar mortuary. The body has now been shifted to the Sawai Man Singh Hospital in Jaipur. It’s been three nights since Umar’s father Sahabuddin Mohammad has slept. And this is not because 80-year-old sits blankly among all his wailing children throughout the day, but because he still cannot fathom why was his son targeted. “Umar never had any cows. His children needed milk for the winters and we had also told him that milk is necessary. He borrowed close to Rs 15,000 from the villagers and took loans from the market to buy cows. We never eat cow meat as it’s the only animal which gives our children the strength they need,” said the old man who can hardly sit straight on a bamboo cot." While Superintendent of Police, Rahul Prakash ruled out the involvement of Gau Rakshaks and hinted it to be a case of robbery, family strongly believes that this was nothing but a case of cow vigilantism. Late on Monday evening, Iliyas, Umar’s uncle and a few members from Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and members of local Mewati councils met at Muslim Musafir Khana to decide whether they should allow post-mortem on Umar. “We have demanded Rs 50 lakh compensation and a govt job for any one of the family members. Till the time these demands are met, we won’t allow a post mortem. Umar hailed from a farmer’s family and we depend on animal milk to feed our children. If they do not allow us to have cows too, then where should we go?” asks Iliyas. “Look at Umar’s body once, he has no head or face left, he has been killed like an animal and the culprits must be hanged unto death.”“Primary demand was that DGP transfers the case to a fair and efficient officer. DGP listened to our demands carefully and promised that the officer charged with police inaction will be removed and that Alwar ASP Anil Beniwal, who is still under training and is a man of proven competence, will lead the investigations,” said Chowdhary Khurshid Ahmed, President of All India Meo Samajik Sangathan, who was present at the meeting with DGP.Ghatmeeka has about 400 huts that mostly belong to Mewati Muslims who engage in dairy farming for a living. The village boasts of over 1000 milching cows, while the children here have never heard of “milk packets available at shops”.Just 3 houses after Umar’s is his younger brother’s house. Javed Khan, their 22-year-old son, who was there in the village when the news of Umar’s disappearance came along, said that “Tahir and Javed did return to the village to inform us about the incident.”“Javed and Tahir somehow saved their lives on Nov.10 and returned to the village to narrate the incident. 2 of them told us that the armed gau rakshaks have captured Umar and they might bring him here for confrontation. We kept waiting for Umar, but there was no response,” said Khan.“We were bringing the cows to our village via Dausa, when suddenly some of these men started firing at us. I believe they were Bajrang Dal members and I started running into the fields and managed to escape with some injuries,” said Tahir. According to a JUH member, Tahir has identified attackers as Rakesh, Bunty Gujjar, Ramlal Gujjar and Ramesh Meena. Shaukat Khan, Sarpanch of Ghatmeeka village, who has been at the helm of village affairs over the past 30 years, spends most of his day in his front yard with his goats and cows. He refuses to believe that Umar could have been involved in “cattle smuggling”. News18
In Rajasthan, family of Muslim man allegedly killed by cow vigilantes demands arrests before autopsy
Alwar killing: Rights Body alleges Rajasthan govt. of failing to protect dairy farmers from gau-rakshaks, demands independent probe
New Delhi: In yet another killing of a dairy farmer Umar Khan by self-styled gau-rakshaks (Cow Vigilantes) near Rajasthan-Haryana border, PUCL demanded an independent probe. Stating that the role of police was “suspicious” in the incident, PUCL also blamed the Rajasthan Govt  led by CM Vasundhara Raje for supporting the culprits.Condemning the incident PUCL said, “Murder of Umar is the complete failure of the Vasundhara Raje Govt  in protecting Muslims in particular dairy farmers from killer gau-rakshaks. In this case it was the bullet of the Ramgarh police that killed him and then the police tried to destroy evidence by throwing his body on the railway track. The present state of his body shows the brutality that the police and the so called gau-rakshaks can indulge in.” indiatomorrow
Alwar : 2 arrested; cow smuggling case against murdered Umar and his associates
Lynchings in the name of cow are criminal, don’t give it communal colour: Naqvi
New Delhi:Incidents of lynching in the name of cow protection are criminal acts and should not be given a communal colour, Union minority affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Tuesday. On the killing of farmer Umar Khan by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan’s Alwar district last week, Naqvi said the Rajasthan Govt  is doing the needful and it is the constitutional duty of the Govt s to protect all sections of society.“There are such people everywhere who try to derail the agenda of development through their destructive agenda... such incidents are sad and unfortunate,” Naqvi said. hindustantimes
Judges bribery case: SC dismisses plea for SIT probe
New Delhi: The Supreme Court (SC) today dismissed a plea asking that a SIT probe bribery charges against judges, saying that senior lawyers made irresponsible allegations.The top court however made sure to say that no one, not even judges, are above law. The case is to do with the CBI's Sept.19 FIR, which named several persons, including former Orissa High Court judge Ishrat Masroor Quddusi, as the accused in an alleged corruption case. It was alleged that Quddusi along with others assured some medical colleges of favourable orders from the top court, reported Doordarshan.A SC bench said+ today that senior lawyers made irresponsible allegations without basic verification of facts from the relevant FIR.TOI
Madras HC quashes IT order against Chidambaram, family
Chennai :In a relief to P Chidambaram, the Madras High Court quashed an order of Income Tax dept seeking payment of tax by the former finance minister and his family on income from a coffee estate owned by them for 2008-09 financial year after re-assessing it.Justice T S Sivagnanam yesterday quashed March 31, 2016 demand notice and the consequential Dec. 30 reassessment order issued by the assistant commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai, seeking payment of about Rs 6 lakh from Chidambaram and others. He was allowing petitions by Chidambaram and his family members challenging the notice and the re-assessment order.PTI
Kerala Women’s Commission denied permission to meet Hadiya
 Kerala State Women’s Commission Chairperson M C Josephine on Tuesday said she was denied permission to meet Hadiya, who is at the centre of a nation-wide controversy after her conversion to Islam and marriage with a Muslim man. The Commission was scheduled to meet the 24-year-old woman at her home in Vaikom in Kottayam district yesterday and the family was informed about it, she told reporters at Thiruvananthapuram. However, her father informed that the family is looking after their daughter well and there is no need for such a visit, the chairperson said.Josephine said the father of the woman cited security reasons to deny their request to meet her.He should explain how can the state Women’s Commission can pose a threat, she said.The aim of the Commission is to “avoid a situation where only those liked by the father are allowed to meet Hadiya”, Josephine said.PTI
UP: Barelvi clerics endorsed peace process for Kashmir
Lucknow: Barelvi clerics endorsed the peace process for Kashmir initiated by PM  Narendra Modi and maintained that the vexed problem could only be settled through peaceful means such as talks. Clerics had gathered in Bareilly, the birth place of the founder of Barelvi sect, Ala Hazrat, on Monday. Barelvi Muslim outfits, which met in Bareilly, were All-India Jamat-e-Raja Mustafa, Tanzeem Ulama-e-Islam and Raza Academy and the meet was presided over by Chairman of Raza Academy (Mumbai) Maulana Sayeed Nori.Stressing that J&K  and Arunchal were integral parts of India, the clerics also said that they would run a campaign against violence and terrorism in Kashmir.On 99th Urs of Ala Hazrat on Monday, Barelvi sect also adopted a resolution and issued an eight-point agenda for Muslims. They said that interference in Muslim personal laws from any quarter was unacceptable to them. A copy of the agenda will also be sent to President of India. The agenda suggested that the Govt  must take effective action to curb violence against Muslims in the name of cow vigilantism and ‘love jihad’. They demanded setting up of Central Madarsa Board comorising Muslims for control and administration of madarsas. It was demanded that there be an end to “false allegations” against madarsas. dailypioneer
Articles 370, 35A ‘unnecessary baggage’ of past: Pandits
Jammu :Kashmiri Pandits on Tuesday termed Article 370 and Article 35A of Indian Constitution an “unnecessary baggage” of the past and demanded that these laws be repealed. Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, president of Panun Kashmir, an organisation representing displaced Kashmiri Pandits, said the laws were in “contravention of the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens of India under the Constitution”.“They should be abrogated…as soon as possible.”Article 370 grants special status to J&K , while Article 35A empowers the state legislature to define permanent citizens.“We would like to make it very clear that Article 370 and Article 35A have become an unnecessary baggage of the past,” Chrungoo told reporters. Pandits today organised a ‘Decade Event’ in Jammu to mark 50-day Kashmir ‘Sankalp Yatra’ organised in 2007 in support of their demands and which covered 11 states.PTI
Slamming ad hoc” implementation of GST, Yashwant Sinha says 700 yrs ago Tuglaq did demonetisation
Ahmedabad :Criticising Finance Minister Arun Jaitley over the “ad hoc” implementation of GST, senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Tuesday said that Jaitley who has been elected to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat is a “burden” on the people of the state.“I want to tell you that I do not consider the finance minister a Gujarati,” said Sinha while interacting with media persons about demonetisation and GST on Tuesday. Sinha is currently on a tour of Gujarat and is expected to speak at public forums in Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara.When pointed out that Jaitley has been elected to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat, Sinha said, “He might have been elected from Gujarat, but he is a burden on you. If he had not been elected from here, then a Gujarati would have got a chance in the Rajya Sabha.” Jaitley has been elected to Rajya Sabha in 2012 and is one of 11 Rajya Sabha MPs representing Gujarat. Jaitley had contested Lok Sabha polls in 2014 from Punjab but had lost.Hitting out at the finance minister for the “ad hoc” manner in which changes are being done to GST, Sinha said that the Jaitley is responsible for all the “anomalies” in the GST. “The finance minister believes in the principle: Heads I win, Tails you lose… He cannot take credit for imposing on the country a deeply flawed tax system. The country and the people of the country are well within their rights to demand that he should lose his job,” BJP leader added. indianexpress
Despite Swachh Bharat, per person disease burden due to unsafe water, sanitation 40 times higher in India
New Delhi :Child and maternal malnutrition remain the single largest risk factor, responsible for 15 %  of the total disease burden of India in 2016. 2 years after Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched, the per person disease burden due to unsafe water and sanitation was 40 times higher in India than in China in 2016. The contribution of air pollution to disease burden remains high, with levels of exposure among the highest in the world, causing cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, and lower respiratory infections.These are some of the findings of the first ever comprehensive spread of diseases study and risk factors across every state of India from 1990 to 2016, utilizing all available data. Study on State-level disease burden was released by the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday.A joint initiative between the Indian Council of Medical Research, Public Health Foundation of India, and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation  in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, it is the first such state-level estimate and trends for each state in India. indianexpress
Fully committed to sustainable development around Taj Mahal: UP tells SC
 New Delhi: UP Govt  on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it was “fully committed” to protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development in and around the iconic Taj Mahal and the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ).TTZ is an area of about 10,400 sq km which is spread over the districts of Agra, Firozabad, Mathura, Hathras and Etah in UP and Bharatpur districts of Rajasthan.The UP Govt  told the court that they were considering a separate micro level plan only limited to due protection and preservation of the monument of Taj Mahal. In an affidavit filed in the top court, the state Govt  said the provisions for protection and preservation of Taj Mahal have been included in the master plan of Agra 2021.“It is respectfully submitted that state is fully committed to protect environment and ensure sustainable development specifically in and around the Taj Trapezium Zone,” the state said in the affidavit.“State further undertakes to follow environmental law and all orders of this court diligently and faithfully to ensure balance of ecosystem of the Taj Trapezium Zone,” it said.The affidavit has been filed by the state in pursuance to the Oct.  27 order of the apex court which had directed it to submit a comprehensive policy on preservation of Taj Mahal and the TTZ.PTI
Dalit Army Leader Chandrashekar’s Health Deteriorates, in Meerut Hospital
New Delhi:The decision of Yogi govt to deny bail to Bhim Army leader Chandrasehkhar and 2 others arrested with him by slapping the National Security Act on them after the High Court had intervened in their favour has created deep worry among individuals and right organisations.A dynamic young leader who had emerged into the national spotlights for stopping a major communal conflagration in Saharanpur, Chandrashekar went underground, re-emerged to address a mammoth rally in Delhi, and surrendered to the police soon after as cases had been slapped on him by Yogi Adityanath’s police. Dalit Army activists were arrested but most are out on bail except Chandrashekhar, Shiv Kumar and Sonu who have been booked under NSA.Dalit army activists have been staging regular protests demanding his release, fearing a conspiracy to kill him in jail. Former police officer S.R.Darapuri has issued several statements expressing concern about deteriorating health of Chandrashekhar, publishing before and after photographs to contrast the healthy images of the young leader when he was working for communal amity to the shell that he has become now in police lock up.Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch, has sent a letter to Chairperson, NHRC today, asking him to intervene in the “serious miscarriage of justice and violation of human rights”. The letter recalls the attack on the homes and properties of Dalits in Shabbirpur village, Saharanpur district but instead of moving against the perpetrators of violence, UP govt had booked Dalits.The Citizen
Spl court asks NIA to reply to terror accused’s plea accepting guilt
Mumbai :A special court Monday took on record the guilty plea filed by 5 terror accused. Last week, five men from Nanded, who were arrested in 2012, had told the court that they wanted to accept their guilt. On Monday, the court directed NIA to file its reply by next week. The men were arrested by the Maharashtra ATS on the allegations of being part of a LeT plot to incite Muslim youth.The prosecution had claimed one of the men had received an amount through Western Union Money Transfer from Saudi Arabia, sent by another accused. It was further alleged that the accused were found with a revolver and live cartridges. indianexpress
Maharashtra Govt , Patanjali to partner in Rs 25,000 crore cow project: indianexpress
Nagpur:Union minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari had on Friday requested Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis to consider providing 1,000 acres of land to Yoga guru Ramdev for a cow-based project in Vidarbha. On Sunday, Gadkari announced that the state Govt  would raise a Rs 25,000-crore project on 800 acres at Heti (Kundi) village in Vidarbha, to be carried forward with the help of Ramdev’s Patanjali group.According to Gadkari, Patanjali will purchase 10,000 cows to develop a breeding centre and to carry out dairy and allied activities at the site.Asked if the CM processed the proposal within 2 days, sources in CMO said, “It hasn’t come to CMO as yet.”Wardha Collector Shailesh Nawal said, “There is already a cow breeding centre of the state animal husbandry dept at Heti (Kundi). There is a proposal to develop it but it has to come through the animal husbandry dept.”
Rape Convict Dera Sacha head  Getting VIP Treatment in Jail? Prisoner Out on Bail Makes Shocking Revelations
New Delhi: Dera Sacha Sauda head Gurmeet Singh enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and accorded VIP treatment even by Govt  agencies during his heydays. The situation hasn’t changed much for him inside jail too.Gurmeet enjoying certain facilities inside Rohtak jail, says a prisoner out on bail. Gurmeet, serving 20-year jail term for raping his disciples, never seen working inside the jail. Visitors allowed to spend hours with Gurmeet inside Rohtak's Sunaria jail.If a Rohtak jail prisoner, who is currently out on bail, is to be believed rape convict Gurmeet is enjoying certain facilities inside the prison.In blatant violation of jail manual, visitors of Gurmeet are allowed to spend hours with him inside the prison. According to rules, prisoners are given just 20 minutes to meet their visitors. India.com
Exclusive: Ahead of elections in Gujarat, political storm over 'X' marks on Muslim houses
New Delhi: Poll-bound Gujarat election campaign took a murky turn on Monday when chilling posters and cross or 'X' signs emerged on walls of houses in Muslim localities of Ahmedabad.The posters created panic among the minority residents, even as BJP cited that the act as a sign of desperation by the opposition parties to portray the non-existent communal tension in Gujarat.The signs, which were seen on walls and houses of Muslim residential areas in Ahmedabad raised an alarm among residents who took up the matter with the local authorities.While the BJP accused the Congress of attempting a plot to malign PM  Modi, Congress claimed that BJP stands to gain more out communal polarisation in Gujarat.AIMIM demanded that the matter needs to be probed to find out who was behind the marks. Times Now
Ahmedabad : ‘red marks’ in Muslim colonies , AMC says we did it for tracking garbage
There was panic in a Muslim neighbourhood of Paldi in Ahmedabad after people found red “cross marks” on the gates of their societies. As a group of residents wrote a letter to the Election Commission and Ahmedabad Police Commissioner expressing fear on Monday, a police team was sent to investigate the marks only to find that they were painted by staff of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) as part of the civic body’s garbage collection project.“There is no need to panic. It is something that we have been doing. It is a part of the waste management project. The idea is to mark point of interests which will then be given stickers. We plan to install GPS systems in those stickers so that we can track the drivers to see if they are collecting garbage or not,” Deputy Health Officer of AMC’s West Zone Chirag Shah said. AMC has halted the entire process. Indianexpress
Triple-talaq row may not translate into deluge of Muslim votes for BJP in Gujarat polls:HT
Vadodara: In Gujarat, the issue of triple talaq may not yield political dividends for the incumbent party in the Muslim community.The party’s efforts are appreciated, but not spoken of in superlatives. Many think there is little evidence to show that the unease and distrust towards the saffron party (which emerged as a consequence of 2002 riots) have dissipated.“The campaign to fight for the rights of Muslim women was well-received within the community, but it is no game changer. While a small section of the Muslims has always voted for BJP, there is no indication that more would join in because of the triple-talaq issue,” said an Ahmedabad-based educationist on the condition of anonymity.Rashida Ben,who works with NGO Adhikar Prapti Kendra in Ahmedabad dismisses triple talaq as an issue where BJP has “interfered with the community’s faith”.“We are not interested (in triple talaq); there are courts for that (to provide justice to women). We are more interested in knowing why the party did not fulfil its promises of providing jobs and depositing money in our accounts,” Rashida Ben says.Meanwhile, news that Maulana Aamir Rashadi Madni-founded Rashtriya Ulema Council (RUC) would be contesting at least 10 seats in the assembly polls has barely created a flutter in the community. Most Muslims do not see the RUC turning into a veritable political force at least this time round.
'Secular Biggest Lie,' says Adityanath,
Raipur: The word "secular" is "the biggest lie", Yogi Adityanath has said, suggesting that the people who propagated it should apologise to the nation, a reference to the Congress party. The Congress' Kapil Sibal has countered the attack by saying that the UP CM's comparison of Modi Govt's rule at Centre to 'Ram Rajya' is the "biggest lie"."Yogi Adityanath says 'secularism is a lie' and compares Modi's Govt  to "Ram Rajya". This "Truth" is perhaps the biggest lie," the senior Congress leader tweeted this morning.He was speaking at a function in Chhattisgarh's Raipur on Monday evening, when he said, "I believe that the word secular is the biggest lie told since Independence. Those that have used this word should apologise to the people of the country. No system can be secular." ndtv
By opposing Hindutva, opposition is objecting to development: UP CM Yogi Adityanath
Anwar-ul-Uloom College  not on waqf land: Telangana State Waqf Board chairman
Hyderabad: Anwar-ul-Uloom College on Monday said it was not a Waqf property as claimed by the Telangana State Waqf Board chairman Mohammed Saleem.Mahboob Alam Khan, chairman, Anwar-ul-Uloom group of educational institutions, told media persons that the college is not located on Waqf Board land. He also demanded a CBI inquiry into the irregularities at the Waqf Board, including the missing files, as well as the existing Waqf Board chairman and the previous Waqf Board chairmen.He also demanded immediate suspension of 2 Waqf Board officers. "I will meet CM  K Chandrasekhar Rao soon with the necessary documents in connection with the Waqf Board and its irregularities," said Khan.However, officials of the Telangana State Waqf Board said that they had met KCR to demand an inquiry into the college for encroaching upon Waqf land. Mohammed Saleem said: "I welcome the move by the CM to seal the records section of the Waqf Board. We were the first one to approach the CM to request an enquiry into the Anwar-ul-Uloom College issue. "The Anwar-ul-Uloom College management did not challenge the ownership of the property in the Wakf Tribunal," added Mannan Farooqui, CEO of SWB.TOI
India’s ICJ nominee gets overwhelming backing in UNGA but not in UNSC
Washington:Dalveer Bhandari, India’s nominee for the last seat the World Court, has received an overwhelming support from the UN General Assembly members who defied permanent members of the Security Council to back him against Britain’s candidate, resulting in a deadlock. The battle between Bhandari and Britain’s Christopher Greenwood for International Court of Justice (ICJ) seat remained deadlocked yesterday as neither could get the requisite numbers of votes in the latest face-off.Bhandari, 70, and Greenwood are seeking re-election at the Hague-based ICJ. One-third of the court’s 15-member bench are elected every three years for a nine-year term, elections for which are held separately but simultaneously in the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council in New York. Last Thursday, four of the six candidates in the fray were elected as per the UN laws, got absolute majority in both the General Assembly and the Security Council.PTI
South China Sea dispute: India supports rules-based security architecture, says PM Modi
Manila: PM  Narendra Modi on Tuesday called for intensifying regional cooperation to effectively deal with terrorism and pitched for a rules-based security architecture for the resource-rich region, seen as a veiled reference to China's expansionist posturing in the Indo-Pacific.In an address at the Asean-India summit here, PM Modi identified terrorism and extremism as the major challenge facing the region and said time has come for the countries of the region to join hands to collectively deal with it."We have individually strived very hard to fight terrorism and violent extremism. It is time that we jointly address this challenge by intensifying cooperation in this crucial area," he said.PTI
ASEAN Summit: China says US, Japan, Australia and India should not target Beijing
Beijing: China on Monday said the US, Japan, India and Australia should not target Beijing, a day after the four met on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit in Manila and decided to work for a "free, open, prosperous and inclusive Indo-Pacific region".China also said the US-brokered proposal of these countries to ensure free and open "Indo-Pacific ... should avoid politicising or excluding some relevant parties"."The relevant proposal should be open and inclusive and should be conducive to the win-win cooperation and avoid politicising or excluding some relevant parties," foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said."From China's persistent foreign policy, we welcome the development of friendly cooperation between the relevant countries and we hope these kind of relations is not directed against any third party and we hope these kind of relations will be conducive to the regional peace and stability." Geng added.IANS
NGT refuses to exempt women, two-wheelers from Odd-even scheme
NEW DELHI: National Green Tribunal today refused to exempt women and two-wheelers from the Delhi government's odd-even scheme and ordered that diesel vehicles over 10 years old be taken off the roads immediately.The green panel has also asked the city government to identify the most polluted areas today itself and sprinkle water.PTI
Saudi’s Crown Prince  MBS tells Abbas to endorse US’ plan or leave resign: Israel media reports
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman has told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he has to back Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace deal or resign. According to Israeli sources Abbas was offered an ultimatum after he was summoned to Riyadh last week for a meeting with Bin Salman days after Us Presidential advisor Jared Kushner made an unannounced visit to the Saudi capital to meet the young crown prince. The two are reported to have thrashed out a plan in which Abbas seems to have had no say.Riyadh had offered to normalise relations with Israel in 2002 on the condition that it agreed to the two-state formula, which more and more Israeli’s, including PM  Benjamin Netanyahu, have rejected.It’s still not clear what peace deal has been offered to Abbas, but Palestinians will be concerned by Bin Salman’s readiness to rally behind the US President who is described by close associates as the most pro-Israeli president in years. Trump is said to be drafting a deal put together by his son-in-law, Kushner, who is a strong advocate of Israel and his support for the country, say critics,  is odd even by American standards. Kushner has given money to Israeli settlements and his family are close friends of Benjamin Netanyahu.The Israeli sources also mentioned that Abbas was instructed to stop any further rapprochement with Hamas; an ultimatum that could jeopardise the reconciliation process between the two main Palestinian rivals. If Israeli sources are to be believed than the ultimatum given by Bin Salman seems to be identical to the one made by Netanyahu who is also strongly opposed to the Palestinian unity Govt .Though Abbas has rejected the claims made by the Israeli Channel 10, details of meeting seems to be in line with Saudi, UAE, Israeli and US vision for the region agreed prior to Trump’s inauguration.It was widely reported that the US gave its backing for the unpredictable young prince while endorsing a regional plan that included unreserved support for Gulf monarchies; revision of the Iran nuclear deal; and a new Israel-Palestine peace plan. middleeastmonitor
Palestinians reject reports of Saudi pressure on Abbas
Palestinian officials have rejected a report by an Israeli news outlet that said Saudi Arabia ordered Mahmoud Abbas to accept a US peace initiative or resign. A spokesperson for Abbas' Fatah party, Osama Qawasmeh, said the report was not true and that the Palestinian president's meeting with Saudi officials had gone well. "We completely reject the Israeli report. This is not true at all. Abbas’ meeting in Saudi was a positive one," Qawasmeh said. aljazeera
Israeli minister welcomes Saudi mufti's anti-Hamas remarks
An Israeli minister on Monday welcomed remarks by a mufti of Saudi Arabia that Palestinian resistance group Hamas is a terror organization."We congratulate Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, as well as the head of Ulema (Islamic scholars) for his fatwa forbidding the fight against the Jews and forbidding to kill them," Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara wrote on his official Twitter.The minister also welcomed the mufti's remarks in which he considered Hamas a terror organization, adding "I invite the mufti to visit Israel; he will be welcomed with a high level of respect."Earlier, the mufti said while answering a question on a television program that fighting against Israel was inappropriate and said Hamas was a "terror organization" in reply to a question regarding last July's anger across the Israeli-occupied West Bank when Israel shut Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is venerated by Muslims and Jews, following a deadly shootout.World Bulletin
Qatar's emir: Siege countries do not want end to crisis
Qatar's emir says neighbouring countries that have imposed a land, sea and air blockade on the Gulf state have no desire to end the crisis in the Gulf.Speaking at a session of Qatar's Consultative Assembly (Shura Council) on Tuesday, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani said that Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have shunned dialogue and do not want to resolve the situation. The blockading countries severed ties with Qatar on June 5, accusing it of supporting "terrorism" and seeking close ties with Iran. Qatar denies the allegations."I am talking to you with all transparency. We mean what we say when we say we are ready for agreements through dialogue based on mutual respect for sovereignty and shared commitments ... but on the other hand, we know that the indications we receive say siege countries don't want a solution," Sheikh said.The emir also said the blockading countries had underestimated the strength of Qatar's people living under the blockade."These countries with this attitude have opened a new stage in the relations between Gulf nations. We have benefited from this experience; it brought out the best from these people, it contributed to shaping Qatar's national identity and reinforced the national unity with the leadership," he added. aljazeera
Erdogan calls on Russia, US to pull troops out of Syria
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has suggested Russia and the US should pull their troops out of war-torn Syria after their leaders - Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump - said there was "no military solution" to the country's long-running conflict."I am having trouble understanding these comments," Erdogan was quoted by reporters as saying on Monday before he flew out to Russia's coastal city of Sochi for talks with Putin."If a military solution [in Syria] is out of the question, then those who say this [Russia and US] should pull their troops out ... and steps for a political solution should be taken," he said.Erdogan's comments came two days after the Kremlin released a statement, issued on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam, in which Putin and Trump agreed there was no military solution to the conflict in Syria.They also called on all parties to take part in Geneva process - diplomatic efforts to end Syria's conflict under the auspices of the UN. aljazeera
Airstrikes kill 53 people  in Syria’s Aleppo
At least 53 people were killed Monday in airstrikes that targeted a marketplace in Syria’s northwestern Aleppo province, according to a Syrian Civil Defense (SCD) team. 3 airstrikes targeted the marketplace, where approximately 100 people were present in the opposition-held town of Atarib, Khalid Al-Khatib, an official of the pro-opposition Syrian civil defense teams (White Helmets), told Anadolu Agency.More than 60 people were also injured in the airstrikes, Al-Khatib said, adding that he fears the death toll may rise.Civil defense teams rushed to the scene to rescue people trapped under the debris and take injured to nearby field hospitals.SCD Chairman Raed Saleh said the attack was so large that additional civil defense units were called in from other regions for search and rescue operations.World Bulletin
Hamas blasts UN envy for 'biased' statements
Palestinian resistance group Hamas on Monday condemned a UN envoy for “holding Palestinian groups accountable for every tension with Israel.”"We strongly condemn the remarks of Mladenov which ignore the crimes of invaders, the threats against our people, and their right of self-defense," Hamas said. Nikolay Mladenov, UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, wrote on Twitter on Sunday:"Reckless actions and statements of militants in Gaza risk a dangerous escalation.""Palestinians have embarked on a course to solve the humanitarian crisis in the [Gaza] Strip and bring back the legitimate authorities. They should not be distracted by extremists," he added.On Monday, Israel arrested a leader of Palestinian group Islamic Jihad in the occupied West Bank.The arrest came after the country threatened that it would respond to a possible attack in response to Israel's destroying a cross-border tunnel two weeks ago, killing 10 of the group’s fighters and two belonging to Hamas.World Bulletin
14 Egyptians sentenced to death for allegedly killing soldier
An Egyptian military court has referred the files of 14 defendants to the country’s top religious authority, the Grand Mufti, seeking his approval of their execution. The defendants have been convicted of violence and allegedly killing a soldier in the northern governorate of Alexandria in 2014 and 2015, according to a legal source.The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that 10 of the defendants were present in the court and the remaining four were sentenced to death in absentia.The military court did not set a date for releasing the verdict of the case, which includes 41 defendants (21 in attendance and 20 in absentia), according to the same source. A referral to the Mufti in Egyptian law is a step towards the death sentence. The Mufti’s opinion is advisory rather than binding for the judge, who can order the execution of the defendant even if the Mufti rejects the sentence.The military prosecutor accused the 41 defendants of joining a group established contrary to the law – in reference to the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood group – killing a soldier, and setting fire to two vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Justice. The defendants denied the accusations. middleeastmonitor
Libya: Lawyers to press ICC to probe Haftar
Several human rights organisations and lawyers for victims of suspected war crimes in Libya have filed a suit at the International Criminal Court, over what they say are ongoing atrocities. They accuse renegade general Khalifa Haftar and forces loyal to him of carrying out mass executions and torture.
Iraqi Kurds accept court decision to ban secession from Baghdad
Iraqi Kurdish authorities said on Tuesday they would accept a court decision prohibiting the region from seceding, signalling a new phase in efforts to restart stalled negotiations over its future. Iraq's Kurds voted overwhelmingly for independence in a referendum in September, defying the central Govt  in Baghdad - which had ruled the ballot illegal - as well as neighbouring Turkey and Iran which have their own Kurdish minorities. Kurdistan Regional Govt (KRG) said on Tuesday it would respect the 6 Nov. ruling by the Supreme Federal Court, which declared that no Iraqi province could secede."We believe that this decision must become a basis for starting an inclusive national dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad to resolve all disputes," the KRG said. middleeasteye
Rescuers search debris after Iran-Iraq quake kills over 530
Rescuers on Tuesday used backhoes and heavy equipment to dig through the debris of buildings toppled by a powerful earthquake on the border between Iran and Iraq that killed over 530 people, with weeping women crying out to God as aid workers found new bodies.The grim work began in earnest again at dawn in the Kurdish town of Sarpol-e-Zahab in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah, which appears to be the hardest hit in the magnitude 7.3 earthquake.Kermanshah, an almost entirely Kurdish province nestled in the Zagros Mountains that run along the border with Iraq, suffered all of Iran’s fatalities from the temblor on Sunday night that shook 14 of the country’s 31 provinces.The quake killed 530 people in Iran and injured 7,460, the state-run IRNA news agency reported Tuesday.AP
Iran's quake death toll rises to 530, more than 8,000 injured: IRNA
Rohingya crisis: Refugee exodus leaves behind unharvested fields, torched villages in Myanmar's Rakhine
Torched villages and unharvested paddy fields stretch to the horizon in Myanmar's violence-gutted Rakhine state, where a dwindling number of Muslim Rohingya remain trapped in limbo after an army crackdown coursed through the region.A rare military-organised trip for foreign media by helicopter to Maungdaw district - the epicentre of a crisis that exploded in late August - showed a landscape devoid of people, with the emerald paddy fields scarred by the blackened patches of destroyed Rohingya villages.Under the watchful eye of an army brigadier and border police, journalists on Sunday were able to speak to some of the several hundred Rohingya camped at the beach near Ale Than Kyaw village, hoping to flee across treacherous waters to neighbouring Bangladesh.While the worst violence appears to have subsided, those left behind say they are trapped - unable to afford the $50 boat fee, but without the means to eke out a living in the region.AFP
'When they began slaughtering us we ran for our lives': Rohingya trapped inside Myanmar
Rights group mocks Myanmar military Rakhine 'cover-up'
A leading rights group on Tuesday derided as “laughable” and “pathetic” the Myanmar military’s claims that there was no evidence of abuses by soldiers in Rakhine state.Human Rights Watch (HRW) said the military’s report into allegations made by a wide range of Govt s, rights groups and the UN was concocted to fit Myanmar’s “manufactured narrative”.A security crackdown launched in the northern part of Rakhine on Aug. 25 has led to more than 617,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh.The refugees have told how the Myanmar military conducted a systematic campaign of murder against Rohingya men, women and children, including babies.The crackdown has been referred to as “ethnic cleansing” by the UN, among others.World Bulletin
Tillerson to meet Myanmar general, stress need to stop violence: State Department official
YANGON; U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will focus on the need to stop the violence and stabilise Rakhine state when he meets with the head of Myanmar’s military on Wednesday, a senior State Department official told journalists in Manila.Tillerson was due to hold talks in with Aung San Suu Kyi, the de facto leader of Myanmar’s less that two year old civilian administration, and the head of the armed forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, in the capital Naypyitaw in a bid to stem the refugee crisis.Reuters
Hate crimes rose by nearly 5 % in 2016: FBI
Incidents of hate crimes in the US went up to 6,121 during 2016, seeing an increase of 4.6 % compared to the previous year, according to data released by FBI on Monday.The crimes committed, particularly against African-Americans, Jews and Muslims, rose for the second consecutive year, with a spike of 10 % from 2014 to 2015. A hate crime is defined by the FBI as a "criminal offence against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity".Corey Saylor, a spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations who focuses on Islamophobia, said the results "confirms everything we've already known ... Hate crimes went up."The report says that about 58 percent of 2016 incidents were racially motivated, with over half of those being directed at the African-American community.Roughly 21 percent of the incidents were religiously motivated, with 54 percent targeting the Jewish community and about 25 percent targeting Muslims. Roughly 18 percent of the hate crimes were based on biases towards sexual orientation.Saylor, who tracks anti-Islamic incidents throughout the US, said he would "argue that it has a lot to do with the irresponsible rhetoric used by some politicians on the campaign trail".The months leading up to the 2016 election saw an increase in white nationalist activity, with fringe white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan seeing an increase in membership.The increase was predicted in data collected by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. Their study (PDF) showed a 4.9 percent increase in hate crime incidents. aljazeera
US appeals court allows Donald Trump’s travel ban to take partial effect
A United States appeals court in California on Monday allowed President Donald Trump’s travel ban to come into effect partially. The court order allows the federal Govt  to bar people with no connections to the US from entering the country, Reuters reported.The three-judge panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco defined connections as family relations and “formal, documented” relationships with US-based entities such as universities and resettlement agencies. Grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins of US citizens cannot be stopped from entering the country, according to the order. scroll
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