02 November 2017

2 Nov.ND: Kamal Haasan says right wing Hindus have started employing terrorism/Zakir Naik finds refuge in Malaysia

2 Nov.2017: 12 Safar 1439:Vol:9, No:36
Kamal Haasan says right wing Hindus have started employing terrorism
Chennai: Actor Kamal Haasan has alleged that right wing Hindus have started employing terrorism to propagate their communal agenda.In his column in a Tamil magazine that hit stands on Thursday, actor said the right-wingers could no longer say "show me a Hindu terrorist if you can." Terrorism has spread into their fold also, he said."Earlier, the right-wing Hindus employed debates, and not force, against people of other religions. Having realised that their attempts are failing, they have started using violence," he wrote."This is not a victory or a sign of progress. If we start believing that force will prevail and not truth, then we will all turn into violent beasts," he wrote.In his column, Kamal was replying to a question posed by Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan who had sought the actor's opinion on "the attempt by Hindutva forces to infiltrate into Tamil Nadu."Kamal wrote: "Only change is permanent. No matter how many forces push it back, Tamil Nadu will once again prevail as the forerunner in social reforms. Kerala is standing as an example today. Congrats for that." Kamal pointed out that Tamil Nadu's Dravidian tradition is thousands of years old and said the social revolution brought on by Ramanujam 1,000 years ago is a landmark.Kamal wrote, "There is no possibility that the attempt by fascists to shift the world towards the right will succeed. The shift towards the right is only a temporary fashion, a cosmetic change. It will not last. The backward old generation, particularly those belonging to the upper castes, which is rattled by the equality evolving in society, is trying to feed their caste-driven, backward ideology to the young generation by sugar coating it and presenting it as a modern idea."Stating that the affinity that human race has towards science and wisdom will draw them towards rationalism despite opposition, Kamal said, " Youth in the state are not waiting for the change to happen. They have stepped into the fray to protect Tamil Nadu." According to him, the conservatives are not stressing on what needs to be learned from the past tradition. "Destroying agriculture for commercial gains and selling mythology as history are evils they have been tirelessly carrying forward for ages," he wrote.TOI
Kamal Haasan says Hindu right wing groups cannot claim there are no ‘Hindu terrorists’
You can't say there is no Hindu terror, writes Kamal Haasan in Tamil Magazine
Zakir Naik finds refuge in Malaysia: Reuters
Kuala Lumpur: Zakir Naik has been given permanent residency in Malaysia, and embraced by top Govt officials. Naik was seen swarmed by fans seeking selfies as he emerged from a prominent Malaysian mosque last month.He was making a public apperance at Putra Mosque in the administrative capital of Malaysia where PM and other cabinet ministers often worship. Naik was seen accompanied by a bodyguard.Officials at Putra Mosque said Naik has been attending Friday prayers there for about a month. He has also been spotted in other mosques,hospitals and restaurants in the administrative capital in recent months, according to witnesses that Reuters spoke to.Malaysian Deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi told parliament on Tuesday that Naik, who obtained permanent residency 5 years ago, was not being given “preferential treatment”.“Over the time spent in this country, he has not broken any laws or regulations. As such, there is no reason from a legal standpoint to detain or arrest him,” Zahid said. Govt has not received any official request from India “related to terrorism allegations involving him”, he added.Zahid and the PM  have both posted photos on Facebook of their meetings with Naik last year in Malaysia. A group of Malaysian activists has filed suit in the High Court to deport Naik, saying he is a threat to public peace in the multi-racial society - about 40 % of Malaysia’s population is non-Muslim.Malaysia’s opposition Islamic Party (PAS), which has defended Naik in the past, last week urged Govt to disregard any potential Indian extradition request, saying the allegations aim “to block his influence and efforts to spread religious awareness among the international community.”
Malaysia yet to receive official word from India for action against Zakir Naik:Reuters
India has largest no.of malnourished kids in world: Report
New Delhi:India is home to the largest number of malnourished children in the world, a report said today, advocating that the country needs to frame policies with a focus on reducing health and social inequities. "Over the decade (2005-15), there has been an overall reduction in the infant mortality rate and under-5 mortality rate in India, yet the country is housing about 50% of undernourished children of the world," said the joint study by Assocham and EY.The report found that towards the end of 2015, 40% of Indian children were undernourished. On the other hand, it pointed out that urban India is faced with the challenge of over nutrition.India is ranked as the third most obese nation in the world after the US and China and also the diabetes capital of the world, with about 69.2 million people living with it as per 2015 data by WHO, said the report. "About 37% of our under-five children are underweight, 39% are stunted (low height-for-age), 21% are wasted (low weight-for-height) and 8% are severely acutely malnourished," said the study.While the percentage of stunted children under five reduced from 48%  in 2005-06 to 39% in 2015-16, the percentage of children who are wasted increased slightly from 19.8% to 21%, according to the report. Moreover, the prevalence of underweight children was higher (38 % ) in rural areas compared to urban cities (29 % ).PTI
 Only SC’s judgment is acceptable: AIMPLB denies meeting with Ravi Shankar
New Delhi: Amidst efforts to settle Babri Masjid dispute outside the Court, All India Muslim Personal law Board has clarified that it sticks to its stand that ‘once a Masjid always a Masjid’. Only Supreme Court judgement will be acceptable in Babri Masjid case. The board unanimously decided that Supreme Court’s judgement will be accepted by the Board.General Secretary Muslim Personal Law Board Maulana Mohammed Vali Rahmani said the reports about his meeting with Hindu spiritual leader Shri Ravi Shankar is false and baseless. It is a hidden conspiracy.It must be noted that Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari had accused some board members of weakening the Babi Masjid case and misleading the community. He asked Muslim Personal Law board to make it clear what was discussed between General Secretary of the Board and Sri Ravi Shankar. He accused some officials of Muslim Personal Law Board for dual stand which has made the mockery of Islamic law due to which Muslims are restless across country.siasat
Shia cleric criticizes Waqf Board chairman for support to Ram temple
Agra: Shia cleric, Maulana Kalbe Jawad, general secretary of Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind has criticised Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi for extending support for construction of Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya and alleged that his statement had issued under pressure. He claimed that Rizvi had given the statement to please BJP, which is on the verge of ordering a CBI inquiry into his shady deals with former SP minister, Azam Khan. He said that Rizvi was extending support to the Ram Temple only to save his skin. Jawad stated this while speaking to the media on the sidelines of an Inter faith conference in Aligarh on Wednesday. On Kashmir issue, Jawad said, "Kashmiri leaders provoke youth in Kashmir and they are responsible for their actions". He said, the government, instead of thrashing them, should talk to them and explain the situations "Thrashing can only increase hatred and not resolve the issue", he said adding that "sayam" (self control) is very important. timesofindia
‘UP  madrasa reforms a plot to target Muslims’
UP govt’s approval to the proposal of introducing NCERT books in madrasas and the push to subjects like Mathematics, Science, Computer, Social Science, Geography and Home Science in their curriculum has attracted both bouquets and brickbats from Muslim ulemas and muftis.While some Muslims have welcomed the move as an effort to make the madrasa students at par with their peers in Govt and private schools, the managers of seminaries have taken it with a pinch of salt. They doubt whether madrasa students would be able to cope with the load of modern subjects as there is a lack of trained teachers in the institutions. However, some maulanas see it as a design of saffron govts at both state and Centre to meddle with the set pattern of madrasa education. While a few clerics of Deoband region opposed the move and rejected it as a conspiracy of the UP Govt to target a particular community and its institutions. “This move smacks of an obstinate approach of the state Govt to impose its thoughts and policies on madrasas.Pushing modern subjects, making madrasa online, issuing madrasa-specific directives on Independence day, are the steps to keep Muslim educational institutions under check,” says a senior ulema of Deoband on the condition of anonymity. There are about 15 lakh students across 16,000 madarsas in UP with just a little over 33,000 teachers. newindianexpress
Gujarat polls: EC finds 3550 defective VVPATs during First Level Checks
 During the First Level Checks (FLCs) conducted across the state, Election Commission has rejected 3,550 VVPATs that were found to be defective. The percentage of VVPAT rejection has been the highest in Jamnagar, Devbhoomi Dwarka and Patan districts, official sources said Wednesday.A total of 70182 VVPATs will be used in the Gujarat polls that will be held in two phases on December 9 and 14. Of these, 46,000 devices are brand new and are coming directly from the Bangalore-based Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) and Hyderabad-based Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL).The rest have been procured from 11 states including Punjab, UP, MP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan,West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Haryana, Goa and Karnataka."The defective pieces will be sent back to the factory. There are some with minor defects and can be repaired," said BB Swain, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), while addressing mediapersons. Another senior EC official said that the rejected VVPATs were found to have malfunctioning sensors, broken plastic parts and errors in connection with the Ballot Unit, which is a visible part of the EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines).Jamnagar district topped the VVPAT rejections with 26 % of the devices found defective. Similarly, the percentage of rejections in Dev Bhoomi Dwarka and Patan stood at 20 and 19 %  respectively. "Currently the FLCs for the 4,000 VVPATs sent to Banaskantha is underway," Swain added.EC has also requested for an additional 4,150 VVPATs to replace the defective ones and to keep some as reserve.This is the first time, VVPATs are being used in all the 182 assembly seats in Gujarat. Apart from the VVPATs, over 5245 Control Units (from a total of 62666 units) and 2907 Ballot Units (from 75000 units) were also found to defective during FLCs and have been returned. Control units were plagued with "clock-erorrs" and some were found to be broken.IndianExpress
Hardik Patel says he has asked the Patidar community to vote the BJP out of power in Gujarat
Patidar movement leader Hardik Patel on Thursday said he had asked members of his community to vote the BJP out of power in Gujarat in the upcoming Assembly elections. His comments come amid reports that he had met Rahul Gandhi last week during the Congress vice president’s visit to the poll-bound state. Patel and his aides, however, have repeatedly denied this.“I have been telling my community that they have to vote BJP out of power,” he told NDTV. “The community is directly supporting the fall of the BJP.”Patel’s statements seem to imply his support for the Congress in the Gujarat polls. “People are intelligent,” he said. “When I tell them to vote BJP out, they know whom to vote for.” scroll
Gujarat polls: With Patidars, OBCs and Dalits moving away, will BJP field Muslim candidates? news nation
BJP ships 250 Muslim workers from Maha to Gujarat
Mumbai: More than a month ahead of the 2017 Gujarat assembly polls, BJP's Muslim wing in Maharashtra is taking a team of over 250 workers to campaign in PM Narendra Modi's home state.Muslims in Gujarat have traditionally backed Congress but BJP is pulling out all stops to wean them away. The first batch of Muslims workers will leave the city for Gujarat on November 4 or 5. "Gujarat has largely been free from communal riots in the last three years or so the party has ruled the Centre. Modi's 'sabka saath sabka vikas' is the biggest plank on which the party is fighting elections. Several schemes of both the Centre and state Govt have benefited the minorities and we will try to convince the Muslim electorate," said Mumbai BJP vice-president Haider Azam. timesofindia
Civil Society, religious communities protest together seeking justice for anti-Sikh riot victims
New Delhi: To keep alive the voices for justice on yet another anniversary of anti-Sikh rights, people belonging to different communities held a joint protest on Wednesday. Besides punishment to the culprits of Sikh massacre, they also demanded justice for the 1992 (Babri Masjid demolition and riot), 2008 (anti-Christian riot in Kandhmal and 2002 (Gujarat riots). Speaking to, Srinivasan Raghwan, President, Lok Raj Sangathan said, "We have been marking this protest every year so people don't forget (the massacre) and it remains in their consciousness.""We are not asking Govt to take any action as Govt itself involved in communal violence. How it will punish itself?" he asked.The protesters were upset as this year they are not allowed to take out a march like previous years due to an order of NGT barring protest gathering at Jantar Mantar citing pollution and asking to hold protests at Ramlila ground. But since Ramlila ground is unaffordable for them, they held protest outside India Law Institute here in New Delhi.Besides him, Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and Adv. N.D. Pancholi were among those who addressed the public gathering."It is shameful that even after 33 years since the anti-Sikh riots no justice has been delivered yet. This was the outcome of same mentality that killed Mahatma Gandhi and triggered several riots in the name of religion," said Salim Engineer."After anti-Sikh riots in 1984, Babri mosque was demolished in 1992 and thereafter Muslims were killed in large number then Christians faced persecution in Kandhmal in 2008. We also can't forget 2002 Gujarat riots, in which culprits have not punished yet. And the conspirators are on high positions in Govt today. But we still believe in our constitution for justice," he said.A dozen of organizations had jointly organized the protest included Lok Raj Sangathan, Sikh Forum, United Sikh Mission, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, APCR, Citizens for Democracy, Hind Noujawan Ekta Sabha, United Muslim Front, ACHRO, Hindustan Communist Ghadar Party and Mazdoor Ekta Committee. IndiaTomorrow
Stop demonising social activists and minority organisations, activists and scholars demanded the govt
On Wednesday, a group of renowned leaders and scholars from different backgrounds demanded the central Govt to protect the freedom of association guaranteed by our constitution to all sections of society and to refrain from targeting any organization or group as part of political agenda.The group demanded to stop demonizing social activists, NGO’s, impartial media, progressive and minority organisations and indian muslims who seek a peaceful and secured life in harmony with their fellow citizens in this country.The statement noted that vilification campaign against organization like Green Peace, Sabrang, Centre for Equity Studies, INSAF, PEACE and Minority organizations like Popular Front of India is an attempt by the present BJP Govt to muzzle the voices of dissent in the country.The signatories in the joint statement include Prashant Bhushanm K Sachidanandan, Maulana Mahmood Madani, VT Rajashekar, Prof. Nivedita Menon, Prof. Apoorvanand, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, Dr. Muhammad Manzoor Alam, Ashok Bharati, Amit Sengupta, Prof. G. Hargopal, Ravi Nair, Vidya Bhushan Rawat, Dr. SQR Ilyas, Prof. A Marx, and Gopal Menon. twocircles
No conversion for money seen in ‘love jihad’ cases: NIA
New Delhi:NIA informed the Supreme Court earlier this week that none of the men and women it examined in cases that emerged while investigating the Kerala ‘love jihad’ case were enticed by monetary benefits to convert to Islam. The agency said there were other methods used to convert them to Islam that included religious propaganda.Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, while addressing a press conference on the issue, claimed on Wednesday that “if anyone voluntarily wants to follow any faith that the Constitution permits it was their right...but inducement, intimidation and allurement (to convert) by money is illegal.”  Prasad also linked the conversions to terror cases. the hindu
Jay Shah case: Gujarat HC refuses to stay gag order against The Wire
New Delhi;The Gujarat High Court on Thursday refused to stay a lower court’s ex-parte order barring The Wire from publishing articles on Jay Shah’s firm.The Wire moved the high court after an Ahmedabad court last month issued a gag order in favour of Jay Shah. Appearing for the Wire, senior lawyer Dushyant Dave said the article published by his client on Jay Shah’s firm wasn’t defamatory in nature and is based on facts and public documents.The court issued a notice to Jay Shah seeking his reply in the case. Next hearing will be held after two weeks.Jay Shah had filed a Rs 100 crore defamation suit against the online portal after it ran a piece claiming that his company’s profits increased multifold since 2014.indian express
UP govt to toughen laws on use of loudspeakers at religious places
Yogi Adityanath Govt has decided to toughen laws regulating use of loudspeakers at religious places. The Govt told this to the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court during the hearing of a plea seeking ban on use of loudspeakers at religious places.  The Govt also sought ten days’ time from the court to work upon its proposal. The petitioner had in the plea cited the Supreme Court’s 17-year-old judgement which banned usages of loudspeakers between 10 pm and 6 am. The High Court asked the state Govt to strictly adhere to the law and soon formulate a law in this regard. The court fixed November 13 as the next date of hearing.The Govt said that law should be equal for everyone and that no discrimination will be allowed on the basis of religion and caste.  Meanwhile, AIMPLB member Zafaryab Jilani said that Govt should think before taking any step to formulate law. He said that if the Govt passes any law, it will not only apply on the Azaan but also affect the usage of loudspeakers in temples and jagrans.
UP NTPC blast: Workers had warned officials in advance about a possible disaster
Did NTPC commission the new 500 MW Unit no 6 at its Unchahaar Thermal Power Plant in a hurry without ensuring and testing safety and security measures? The answer seems to be in the affirmative if one goes by the startling revelations made by the plant engineers and workers.The explosion at NTPC’s Unchahaar Thermal Power is being being termed as the biggest industrial disaster in the history of power plants in India. So far, over 30 workers have died and the toll is likely to increase further. Over 100 workers have sustained severe burn injuries.A General Manager level NTPC official confided to DNA that newly-commissioned Unit no 6 was still under trial. “It takes about 6 months to one year before a new unit is fully operational. During this period, engineers check each and every process and mechanism to ensure that unit is functioning up to its installed capacity as per the safety norms,” he said.A worker from Jharkhand who survived the lava-like ash inferno as he went out to buy a pack of chewing tobacco, claimed that workers had complained to the head of boiler that something was choking the boiler and steam pipes. After getting red signals, workers claim to have also submitted a written complaint requesting to shut the unit and attend to the problem urgently. “We had made a written complaint about four days ago, but no efforts were made to rectify and clean the pipes and check the boiler,”said Ram Kishun(name changed).DNA
NTPC explosion: Death toll rises to 26 at Unchahar plant, NHRC serves notice to UP govt
New Delhi:The death toll in the boiler blast at state-run NTPC Ltd’s Unchahar plant in Raebareli, UP, has risen to 26.NHRC has served a notice to the UP  Govt over the death of more than 20 people in blast, an official said on Thursday. livemint
China blocks US-backed move to sanction Masood Azhar at UN
Beijing: China on Thursday blocked a US-backed resolution to sanction Pakistan-based JeM chief Masood Azhar at the UN Security Council, citing “absence of consensus” among member countries to declare him an international terrorist.The foreign ministry had signalled its intention to block the resolution earlier in the day, saying: “It is a fact that the (UN) committee is yet to reach agreement (on the move).”China, a veto-wielding permanent member of the UN Security Council, has repeatedly blocked moves to sanction Azhar under the Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee since last year.On Monday, the foreign ministry had cited the lack of “solid proof” against Azhar, accused by India of masterminding the terror attack on Pathankot airbase in 2016, as the reason for its stubborn insistence on blocking the move. There was more of the same when the issue was raised at the regular foreign ministry news briefing on Thursday.“We raised a technical hold so as to allow the UNSC committee and all members to deliberate on this matter. But there is still an absence of consensus (among the member countries),” spokesperson Hua Chunying said.“The (the 1267 committee which imposes sanctions on terror organisations) has its rules of procedure and it has yet to reach a consensus, there are still disagreements,” she said.HT
Beijing asks New Delhi to follow ‘historical conventions’, wants India to have ‘normal ties’ with Bhutan:HT
China on Thursday said it stood for “normal ties” between India and Bhutan, a day after President Ram Nath Kovind praised visiting Bhutanese king in New Delhi for the kingdom’s support during the Doklam standoff.In the context of the standoff, China’s foreign ministry reminded India to follow “historical conventions” and maintain peace along the border.Reacting to the visit of Bhutan king Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and his family to India, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said:“We are committed to developing good neighbourly relations with these two countries and we would like to see India and Bhutan developing normal relations.” China and Bhutan have no diplomatic ties and are locked in territorial and border disputes in areas close to India’s borders.
Protest for union polls in Jamia, SIO calls for solidarity
New Delhi: Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India held a press conference today in press club of India to call for a solidarity with the students protesting for union elections in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Participants, which included a several leaders and student activists from various universities said that those who welcome the democratic values, should come forward and support the struggle of the students.Syed Azharuddin, Secretary of SIO, said, “This struggle is after 12 years of blatant silence. Students who broke this dumbness really deserve much applause and credit from the student community across the nation.”Statement issued after the press conference said, “Jamia administration should open its shuttered mouth before the demands of Jamia students forum which comprising many student movements including SIO of India. Jamia admin is beating around the bush instead of coming up with any solid solution for the struggling students’ demands.”Questions were raised on the “behaviour” of JMI administration with the protest and the involved students. “JMI still is trying to hide the strongest struggle of its own students. One of the students is still in hospital after the 7 days long continuous hunger strike. Admin is yet to open its eyes towards the demand for democracy. Instead of Restoration of students’ union polls, JMI trying to laugh at by raising invalid arguments such as it is the matter of sub judice,” said Azharuddin.TCN
Kerala's Sathya Sarani attempted 'Gharvapasi' on Christian converts? timesofindia
Kozhikode: Sathya Sarani, the religious education centre in Manjeri in Malappuram, which is in the thick of controversy over conversions to Islam, tried 'Gharvapasi' in its own style.The website of the institution asserted that "Christian missionaries are targeting the poor Muslims from different parts of the state. They are brainwashed and driven to Christianity, exploiting their poverty and lack of religious awareness." According to the website, Sathya Sarani "could identify such people (Muslims who have been converted to Christianity) and succeed in bringing them back to the faith by way of convincing them the concept of monotheism of Islam."Sathya Sarani is a charitable trust run by those who are at the helms of PFI. Abdurehman Baqavi, the president of Trust and ex-chief of National Development Front (NDF), the earlier incarnation of PFI, however, said the decision to counter conversion was taken at a specific point in time. "There were some problems with one Father Alavi and his institution in Malappuram.What is written on the website refers to these developments. There were other issues related to the conversions of Aminakutty and Dr Sadiq in Malappuram," Baqavi claimed.K K Alavi alias Father Alavi was a Muslim who converted to Christianity in 1970 and established an institute called Markazul ul-Bishara in Manjeri with the aim of 'helping Muslims to find Christ." He had some issues with Muslim organisations over the activities of Bisharah in the early 2000s."Though it was decided to counter Father Alavi's activities, we didn't do anything as the issues were settled. The details in the website remained there as it was not updated," claimed Baqavi.Asked whether the activity was not another kind of 'Gharvapasi', Baqavi said there are no allegations of forcibly taking anyone into custody or wrongful confinement against Sathya Sarani. To a question why the website said Sathya Sarani had succeeded in bringing the converts back, he said no one had returned to Islam as a result of the activities of the institution.Meanwhile, AS Sainaba, national president of National Women's Front (NWF), against whom the charges of 'organised conversion' have been raised, said that a section of the media is engaged in a vilification against her and Sathya Sarani. She said that Sathya Sarani is an educational institute and not a conversion centre.
How did you assume conversion to Islam was legal, Rajasthan HC asks cops
Rajasthan High Court raised questions about a woman converting to Islam and her inter-faith marriage. The court sent the 22 year old woman to a Govt home for a week. The court sought to know from the State if there was any procedure in place to monitor religious conversions and also govern them. The judge further went on to observe that people could not change their faith based on an affidavit. Rajasthan which does not have an anti-conversion law has been given four days time to respond to the questions raised by the High Court. Bench comprising Justices Gopal Krishna Vyas and Manoj Kumar Garg said that they were of the opinion that whether without any procedure or rule, a person can convert to another religion or not is not established and needs to be settled. The court is hearing a plea filed by Chirag Singvi who has alleged that his sister Payal is now known as Aarifa. He also alleged that his sister was converted to Islam under coercion and the marriage papers were forged. The court sought to know from the police how it assumed that the conversion was legal. oneindia
Protests erupt against Muslim-Hindu marriage in Karnataka town
Byadgi: An inter-religious union between a Muslim man and a Hindu woman has unleashed protests in Byadgi, with many alleging that the marriage is a case of 'love jihad.'Imran Bellari of Byadagi and Hirekerura resident Madhu (name changed) started out as Facebook friends two months ago, but soon their relationship turned romantic, and they decided to get married. On October 5, Madhu texted her parents to inform them that the couple had got married. Her parents, who are based in Bengaluru, then filed a 'missing person' complaint at Hebbagodi police station.The next day, the couple applied to get their marriage registered at the local registrar's office, where Madhu explained that the two had been married as per Islamic tradition.Men, you don't need the Blue pill if you do this daily. Madhu's parents and some Hindu organisations have expressed their concern about the relationship, and have demanded that the marriage be annulled.Hindu activists have condemned the relationship, even conducting a silent protest march from Siddeshwara Temple to Registrar office.TOI
Maharashtra ATS deradicalise 120 youth with help of Maulanas, who were about to join ISIS:India TV
Security agencies have successfully managed to deradicalise 120 youth who were on the verge of joining Islamic State. In last few days, ATS had in Maharashtra including in Mumbai identified 120 youth who were radicalised by the ideology of the ISIS and were planning to join the group. The agencies, instead of booking them under the law, chose to look for ways to deradicalise them.According to security agencies, these youth were in regular touch with handlers in Syria. But the prompt action taken by the security agencies, prevented these youth from fleeing.So far, 80 out of 120 youth have joined the mainstream. Agencies said that they contacted the family members of these youth and with the help of Maulanas and Ulemas, they helped these youth get rid of Islamic radicalisation. Agencies said that Maulanas and Ulemas informed these youth about the real meaning of Islam and Jihad. Maulanas and Ulemas also praised the role of security agencies for their timely action to prevent these youth from choosing wrong path in their life. indiatvnews
AAP govt vs Centre: Delhi L-G can’t sit on files, must act in time with reasons, says SC
New Delhi:The Supreme Court said Delhi Lieutenant Governor can’t “scuttle an executive decision by sitting over a file”, as it heard pleas against the L-G being the national capital’s administrative head.The Delhi Govt had challenged a high court verdict that said the L-G had primacy over the elected government.“He (L-G) must exercise his power in reasonable time with reasons,” the court said.A Supreme Court bench had on February 15 referred to the constitution bench the batch of petitions filed by the Delhi Govt over the conflict with the Union government.The Delhi Govt told the Supreme Court on Feb.2 it had exclusive executive powers in relation to matters falling within the purview of the assembly and the Centre, President and Lieutenant Governor could encroach upon them.During the constitution bench’s hearing, justice DY Chandrachud noted that L-G must give reasons for his decisions, which should be taken within reasonable time.The Delhi Govt said that the Centre -- through Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal -- had paralysed its executive functions. hindustantimes
JK Human Rights Commission Directs CM to Set Up Independent Body to Investigate Disappearances
Srinagar: State Human Rights Commission in J&K  has asked the Mehbooba Mufti Govt to set up an independent body to investigate the issue of mass graves, bringing back memories of thousands of victims of enforced disappearance in nearly three decades of turmoil in the state.In it’s latest order, Bilal Nazki, the newly elected chief of the rights body, has ordered the Govt to set up an “independent, representative body” that will go into “all questions regarding unmarked graves and disappeared persons” in the state.Making a slew of recommendations regarding building and preserving a DNA database from those buried in these graves, the order, dated October 24, has asked the state Govt to file it’s compliance report within 6 months.According to independent human rights bodies, like Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) based in Kashmir, more than 8000 persons have been subjected to enforced disappearance since an armed insurgency erupted in early 90s.A report filed by the state Govt before the commission, says there are 2080 unmarked and unidentified graves in Poonch and Rajouri districts while there are other 1351 graves in other parts of the state, some of which were documented by APDP in it’s comprehensive report on the phenomenon of enforced disappearances in J&K.The state Commission has also investigated the issue and confirmed the presence of unmarked and unidentified graves in Kupwara, Baramulla and Bandipora districts. thecitizen
India slips 21 slots on World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap index 2017: thehindu
Geneva: Moves to 108th place, behind neighbours China and Bangladesh, primarily due to less participation of women in the economy and low wages.India slipped 21 places on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap index to 108, behind neighbours China and Bangladesh, primarily due to less participation of women in the economy and low wages. Moreover, India’s latest ranking is 10 notches lower than its reading in 2006 when the WEF started measuring the gender gap.According to the WEF Global Gender Gap Report 2017, India has closed 67% of its gender gap, less than many of its international peers, and some of its neighbours like Bangladesh ranked 47th while China was placed at 100th.
Sohrabuddin case: HC issues fresh notices to IPS officers
Mumbai: Bombay High Court on Thursday issued fresh notices to IPS officers DG Vanzara (retired), Rajkumar Pandiyan, and Dinesh MN seeking their response to pleas challenging their discharge in the alleged fake encounter case of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsiram Prajapati. Justice AM Badar, who was hearing a plea filed by Sohrabuddin’s brother Rubabuddin, also directed CBI to provide to Rubabuddin, the residential and official addresses of the three officials mentioned above to ensure that notices are served to them immediately.Justice Badar was hearing revision applications filed by Rubabuddin challenging the trial court orders issued between Aug.2016 and Aug.2017, discharging the three officials from the case.While Rubabuddin had also sought that the trial in the case against the remaining accused be stayed until his revision pleas were decided upon by HC, Justice Badar on Thursday refused to stay the trial saying that the same would cause prejudice to the remaining accused.He, however, said that the High Court will expedite the hearing on Rubabuddin’s revision pleas as soon as the notices to three officials were served.PTI
Generations of doubtful voters in Assam fight off Bangladeshi tag
Guwahati: Bangladeshi tag is off Kismati Ali’s forehead. It’s now time for his elder brother Yusuf to prove he is Indian.The Alis are from Chhatia village in UP ’s Deoria district. But after more than two years in captivity and thousands of rupees spent on a legal fight to erase his ‘D-voter’ status, Kismat now wishes their father Mukhtar hadn’t come to Assam in the early 1950s to be a truck driver.A D-voter in Assam is a voter whose citizenship is in doubt.Mukhtar, 40, was marked as a D-voter by the Election Commission allegedly without investigation in 2006, the year he cast his first vote. He was served a notice, but failure to turn up for a hearing saw him being declared a ‘foreigner’ via an ex-parte or one-sided — the state, in this case — judgment.On August 12, 2015, he was sent to a detention camp in Goalpara near the Bangladesh border, about 260 km west of his No 1 Sonaghuli village on the Bhutan border, in Udalguri district.Assam, now ruled by a BJP-led coalition, is the only state with a police force dedicated to stopping illegal influx; the force was the result of an agreement signed between the Centre, state and the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), which led a 6-year-old movement against illegal migration, mainly from Bangladesh. Illegal migration is both a sensitive and controversial issue in Assam as many fear that large-scale migration of Bangladeshis is posing a threat to the identity of the indigenous communities.Kismat walked to freedom on October 30 after spending two years two months and 17 days in the detention camp, one of six in Assam housing about 1,100 “foreigners”.HT
ICHR approves research projects on Hindu dynasties ‘ignored’ by scholars
New Delhi: Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) approved a number of research projects centered around regional “Hindu” dynasties, with senior officials contending that historians had ignored such history, especially during the Mughal period.The research project committee of the council approved projects on the Ahom dynasty, which ruled Assam from 13th to the early 19th century; the history of Indian science and technology; and the Karkota dynasty of Kashmir, especially King Lalitaditya Muktapida, among others.
She sold over 500 Girls so they can be made prostitutes for her income; Pinki quietly lived in Delhi’s Geeta Colony
Delhi Police has arrested a couple from Delhi's Geeta Colony for allegedly trafficking over 500 girls and selling many of them in brothels in Delhi and Agra over the past 8 years.Pinki and Radhey, both in their late thirties, were arrested after a series of raids and searches that followed when a 19-year-old girl was rescued from a brothel in Agra.During rescue of the teenage girl, the police had managed to arrest 3 people and in a joint interrogation details about kingpin Pinki were learnt and how she used to traffic girls, mostly from West Bengal.DailyBhaskar
Police Overreach in Arresting 19-yr old for Criticising Modi in Private Facebook Chat, Say Lawyers
New Delhi: 2 years ago, in March 2015, the Supreme Court of India struck down Section 66A of the IT Act because of its vagueness. The application of Section 67, however, seems to be creating similar confusion. On Oct.30,Section – which outlaws publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form – was invoked by Tamil Nadu to arrest a man  in Virudhunagar district for allegedly making abusive comments against PM Narendra Modi – in a private Facebook chat. 19-year-old S. Thirumurugan was picked up based on a complain from BJP district secretary K. Marimuthu, the recipient of the message. He has been booked under Section 67 of the IT Act and Section 505 of IPC.DMK and AIADMK faction led by T.T.V. Dhinakaran criticised the move, saying it was a way to crush dissent, free speech and privacy.Since the news first broke, the police has changed its stance in the case. At first, they said the comment was made on a public Facebook page, later clarifying that it was on a private chat. Chitranshul Sinha, advocate-on-record of the Supreme Court, lawyer Apar Gupta and Delhi-based lawyer Sarim Naved all agreed that the police is overreaching itself by charging Thirumurugan under Section 67 of IT and Section 505 of the IPC and arresting him. THE WIRE
‘Hamas open for relations with all countries regardless of regional differences’
The head of Hamas Political Bureau stressed on Wednesday that his movement is interested in relations with all Arab and Islamic countries regardless of regional differences, Quds Press has reported. Ismail Haniyeh made his comments during two conferences in Gaza and, via video link, Beirut.Haniyeh pointed out that Hamas has “strong” relations with Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Qatar and is seeking to forge “correct” and “strong” relations with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Maghrib countries. He stressed that the Palestinian issue must remain distinct from the polarisation and differences among the Arabs. “Palestinian resistance has accumulated its power and Gaza has become a resistance icon that broke the occupation in three wars,” he added.At the same time, the former Palestinian PM  called for the formation of a united national strategy able to counter the challenges being faced and return the Palestinian cause to its place on the Arab and Islamic agenda.Haniyeh noted that cornerstones of his movement’s strategy are resistance, unity, relations and reinforcing the presence of the Palestinian cause on the international stage to achieve the liberation of Palestine. Middleeastmonitor
We handed over crossings loyally and unconditionally, confirms Haniyeh
Former Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh has confirmed that Hamas has handed over the Gaza border crossings “loyally and unconditionally” while insisting that there is no sense of “retreat” in the reconciliation deal “whatever the price was”. “With the handover of crossings, conceding offices to the Govt and heading to Cairo to start a national Palestinian dialogue, we are starting the time of national agreement,” the head of the Hamas Political Bureau told the inaugural session of a conference on Palestinian National Security. “We completed the first phase of the reconciliation and we hope that we are able to fulfil all of our obligations.” He called upon the Palestinian Authority to fulfil its obligations towards Gaza, but did not specify anything in order not to be misunderstood regarding any conditions. He said that the reconciliation should be “comprehensive” and include all of Palestine. “We want to come together and be strong in order to face the challenges imposed by the occupation,” he pointed out. Middleeastmonitor
Ex-defence minister warns of ‘political murder’ in Israel
Former Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned of “political murder” that could happen at any moment in Israel, blaming “divisive and inciting” Israeli leadership, Ynet News reported.In an interview with the Israeli news outlet on the memorial day of the later Israeli PM  Yitzhak Rabin’s murder, Ya’alon said that the incitement made by Israeli leaders against each other is seen on social media.“There is incitement,” he said, “you can see it on social media. It is absolutely clear political murder could happen at any moment in light of the ongoing incitement. One of our problems is that we still can’t heal the wound from Rabin’s murder.”Rabin “took responsibility” for things that had gone wrong under his leadership, Ya’alon said. middleeastmonitor
Washington approves $1 billion Qatar arms deal despite Gulf crisis: middleeasteye
US Govt has approved a $1.1bn deal to service Qatar's F-15 fighter jets despite the diplomatic stand-off between the Gulf emirate and its neighbours.Qatar, home to one of the largest US military bases in the Middle East, is locked in a bitter dispute with Washington's other Arab allies in the region, led by Saudi Arabia.On Wednesday, the State Dept announced it had approved a $1.1bn contract to service Qatar's F-15QA jets and build them ground facilities and hardened bunkers."Qatar is an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Persian Gulf region," the department said, in a note from its Defence Security Cooperation Agency."Our mutual defence interests anchor our relationship and the Qatar Emiri Air Force plays a predominant role in Qatar's defence."
OIC pushes UN to speak out on Myanmar abuses
UN: Muslim countries led by Saudi Arabia want the UN to denounce serious rights abuses in Myanmar and demand an end to the military campaign against the Rohingya, according to a draft resolution. In one of the worst refugee crises in decades, more than 600,000 Muslim Rohingya have fled an army crackdown in Myanmar’s Rakhine state since late August. The draft resolution, seen by AFP, introduced this week to the General Assembly’s human rights committee said UN member-states were “highly alarmed” by the outbreak of violence and “further alarmed by the disproportionate use of force by the Myanmar forces” against the Rohingya. The non-binding measure is expected to come up for a vote in the committee around Nov.14 and be discussed in the assembly a month later. Drafted by the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the proposed resolution marks the return of Myanmar to the rights agenda at the United Nations after a one-year break.Last year, the European Union decided against presenting a measure criticising Myanmar’s rights record for the first time in 15 years after recognising progress under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi. Together with a separate draft resolution now before the Security Council, the measure reflects growing impatience with Myanmar authorities as the Rohingya continue to flee across the border to Bangladesh. Diplomats, however, say China — a supporter of Myanmar’s former ruling junta — is resisting a push by Britain and France for a council response to the crisis. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who has called for an end to the attacks, is expected to press for action when he joins leaders of the Southeast Asian (ASEAN) bloc at a summit in the Philippines next week. Myanmar’s Govt says its operations are aimed at rooting out Rohingya militants who staged attacks on police posts in late Aug.AFP
Suu Kyi visits Rakhine as Rohingya exodus continues
Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has visited Rakhine state for the first time since hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims began fleeing the country to escape a brutal military operation launched in late August.Al Jazeera's Florence Looi, reporting from Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, said on Thursday that Rakhine state Govt spokesman said she was on the trip to "show there is stability in the region". Myanmar govt, led by Aung San Suu Kyi's party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), has downplayed the deadly ethnic violence in Rakhine state despite reports of continued exodus of Rohingya to neighbouring Bangladesh. aljazeera
1 in 5 Indonesian students support caliphate: survey
Jakarta:Nearly 20 % of high school and university students in Indonesia support the establishment of a caliphate in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country over the current secular government, a new survey showed this week.Indonesia has in recent years seen its long-standing reputation for religious tolerance come under scrutiny as hardline Islamic groups muscle their way into public and political life in the young democracy. The vast majority of Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam and the country has sizeable minorities of Hindus, Christians, and people who adhere to traditional beliefs. Religious diversity is enshrined in its constitution.The survey by a Jakarta-based organization polled over 4,200 Muslim students, mostly in top schools and universities on Java island, home to over half the country’s population.Nearly one in four students said they were, to varying degrees, ready to wage jihad to achieve a caliphate.Reuters
Rights group: 1,000 civilians killed in Syria last month
Some 923 civilians were killed in Syria in October, Syrian Human Rights Network revealed. In its periodic report, the network said it had documented the deaths of 398 civilians at the hands of regime forces, including 78 children, 62 women and 20 people who died of torture.Forces, who are believed to be Russian, killed 221 civilians, including 68 children and 36 women, while the Syrian Kurdish forces killed 15 civilians, including seven women. Middleeastmonitor
Israel strikes facility in Syria's Homs: Report
An Israeli air strike targeted a copper factory south of the Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday, a commander in the pro-Damascus alliance told Reuters.The Syrian army responded by firing a surface-to-air missile in the direction of the aircraft, the commander said.An Israeli military spokeswoman declined to comment. Israel's Channel 10 said no aircraft were hit and they returned safely to base.The strike targeted Hisya, an industrial town 35km south of Homs and 112km north of Damascus, the commander said. He did not give details of any casualties.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based organisation that reports on the war, said the air strike had targeted a military installation. middleeasteye
Kurdish leader concedes power to his nephew
Masoud Barzani, President of the Iraqi Kurdish region, stepped down on Wednesday, leaving his nephew to reconcile with the central Govt in Baghdad, regional neighbours and rival Kurdish parties after a failed referendum on independence, Reuters has reported. Kurdish officials said that Nechirvan Barzani is now the main authority figure in the executive of autonomous region.“PM  will be the key person during this transitional period,” said Hoshyar Zebari, a former Iraqi foreign minister, now advisor to the Kurdish Govt and senior member of the ruling Kurdistan KDP.Masoud Barzani is a 71-year-old veteran guerrilla leader who has run the Kurdish region with a firm hand since 2005. During his time in office it prospered while the rest of Iraq was mired in civil war. However, he announced his resignation on Sunday after a 25 Sept. referendum on independence backfired, prompting the central Govt to send troops to recapture territory held by the Kurds beyond the borders of their autonomous region. middleeastmonitor
Having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy, says New York professor: report
A City University of New York sociology professor reportedly said in a tweetstorm last week that “the white-nuclear family” promotes racism, prompting a backlash on social media. Jessie Daniels, described as an expert on “the Internet manifestations of racism” on her CUNY page, infuriated social media users after reportedly saying that white families promote racism by default.The professor began her argument saying she learned that “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy,” adding that that families “reproducing white children” are “part of the problem” as they facilitate white supremacy in the country, Campus Reform reported.She reportedly tweeted: “I mean, if you’re a white person who says they’re engaged in dismantling white supremacy but … you’re forming a white family (and) reproducing white children that ‘you want the best for’ – how is that helping [and] not part of the problem?"She reportedly ended her arguement suggesting that “white people” should confront their racism and stop perpetuating inequality by leaving their homes for their children.“Until white people are ready to confront their own family's racism (and) participation in systemic white supremacy, it's not getting dismantled,” she wrote. “Beyond just calling out interpersonal racism, white people who want to be engaged in the work need to ask themselves about housing wealth.”fox news
Huge 'monster' planet could challenge scientists' theory of how worlds form:The Independent
A huge "monster" planet that's far too big for its sun could lead scientists to rethink their theories of astronomy.The planet, known as NGTS-1b, is the size of Jupiter, but it orbits around a red dwarf star that's only half the size of its sun.Scientists not only didn't predict that such a massive planet would be able to orbit such a small star, but it contradicts some of the predictions at the heart of their understanding of how planets form. The mysterious, challenging solar system is 600 light years from Earth and the ratio between the star and the planet is the most unusual ever discovered.Dr Daniel Bayliss, from the University of Warwick, who led the team of astronomers, said: "The discovery of NGTS-1b was a complete surprise to us. Such massive planets were not thought to exist around such small stars.
What if Wales had been offered to the Jews as a homeland?Kamel Hawwash
Taj is a Symbol of 1857 Indian Nationalism:Amaresh Mishra
A 'Feminist" Who Destroyed 1000's of Lives While in Govt:JOHN PILGER
Why is a Muslim body backing BJP’s plan to build Ram temple on site of Babri Masjid?Shia sect in has long been aligned with party: Shoaib Daniyal
No Takers For BJP’s ISIS Ploy as Gujarat Reels Under GST, Note Ban:ARATI R JERATH
Dr. Javed Jamil lambastes Pharmaceutical Industry for unimaginably high prices of medicines
Prosecute Vinod Rai for causing irreparable damage to Indian economy with half-truths:Khalid Ehsan
What Balfour means to Jewish critics of Israel:Shafik Mandhai
When an attacker is Muslim, mental health questions rarely seem to get raised:Zaid Jilani, The Intercept
“I May Be Killed Soon, My Father Hits Me”: Hadiya’s Plea on Video
Faith in Islam is between a person and Allah; no mufti can set them apart:Salman Khurshid, HT

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