15 November 2017

15 Nov.ND: Babri Masjid case: Sri Sri meets Yogi Adityanath; Muslim, Hindu outfits reject mediation/ India takes part in first ever military drill with Israel

15 Nov.2017: 25 Safar 1439:Vol:9, No:48
Babri Masjid case: Sri Sri meets Yogi Adityanath; Muslim, Hindu organisations raise objections on mediation
New Delhi: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar met UP CM Yogi Adityanath in Lucknow on Wednesday, ahead of his visit to Ayodhya tomorrow. Art of Living founder who is involved as a mediator in the Ram Mandir- Babri Masjid dispute had earlier said that he has no agenda and that he would meet all the parties involved in the dispute.In the “courtesy meeting” that lasted about 40 minutes at the CM’s residence, Ravi Shankar briefed Adityanath about his plan to bring a mutual consensus over the long-simmering debate. “As far as Ayodhya issue is concerned, Adityanath’s stand is very clear. The state Govt  is not a party. We welcome any settlement and will honour the decision of the court,” a senior state Govt  official told PTI.“I am hopeful… I am not disheartened. No one is opposed to amity. This is just a beginning, we will talk to all,” Ravi Shankar said. He also said that his discussions with the CM  included “everything about how can we bring more peace in the nation, in the country, and the welfare of farmers and cleanliness and many other issues”. He also said that he has got no proposals from any side. “Neither I have given any proposal nor have I got it from anyone,” he said. However, not many are happy with the Ravi Shankar’s involvement in the issue. Various Muslim organizations have expressed their reservations, saying that the spiritual guru should first disclose his plan. “It is being said that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is talking to all the stakeholders in the case but he has not yet contacted the top leadership of the All India Muslims Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) which is leading the Muslim side,” AIMPLB general secretary Maulana Wali Rehmani told PTI. He also claimed, “About 12 years ago, Sri Sri had made a similar move and had concluded that the disputed site be handed over to Hindus…what new formula he has found this time should be disclosed.”The leaders also raised an objection to the statements made by Shia Central Waqf Board chairman Wasim Rizvi. Rejecting Rizvi’s stand that a temple should be built on the site, Rehmani said that the chairman of any board does not have the power to hand over any disputed site to any party. “If Rizvi’s logic is that Mir Baqi, who got the Babri mosque constructed, was a Shia then also it (mosque) was made for all Muslims,” Rehmani said. Shia Personal Law Board spokesman Maulana Yasoob Abbas said his board was with AIMPLB on the matter. Babri Masjid Action Committee convenor Zafaryab Jilani, meanwhile, said that while Rizvi might be the chairman of the Waqf Board, he had no standing in the court of law. He also added that in case Ravi Shankar had any proposal other than rejecting the claim of the Muslim side, the meeting of the executive committee would be convened to discuss it. He also expressed his reservations over the VHP’s objections to the mediation process. VHP spokesman Sharad Sharma ruled out the need for any kind of dialogue over the Ram Temple row saying that archaeological evidence in the matter was in favour of the Hindus and that the courts go by proof. Indianexpress
Ayodhya row: Welcome your efforts but won't give up claim on Babri Masjid land, Muslim bodies to Sri Sri
SC’s verdict in Ram Temple issue will be ‘binding’: UP Governor Ram Naik
Lucknow :UP Governor Ram Naik on Wednesday said that the Supreme Court’s verdict in the impending Ram Temple issue would be binding. He also expressed hope that ongoing efforts to resolve the issue will bear fruits. “This (mediation) kind of effort is being made by those who believe it will help resolve the issue at the earliest. I wish their efforts bear fruit. But the apex court’s final verdict will be binding,” Naik said.The governor made these comments on the meeting between Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and UP CM  Yogi Adityanath. indianexpress
Stakeholders Refuse Sri Sri, Shia Waqf Board's Mediation in Babri Masjid case
Lucknow: The road to mutual consent of stakeholders on the Ayodhya issue seems to have gotten more entangled after mediation initiatives by Spiritual Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Shia Waqf Board Chairman, Waseem Rizvi. There were 21 original stakeholders in the Babri Masjid case, but many have died. The recent initiatives by Sri Sri to initiate a dialogue seems to have aggravated the already prickly topic. Although Sri Sri has stated that his move is not politically motivated, stakeholder Dharmdas remains sceptical. “Hearing in the case is soon going to start, and it will be clear who is doing politics and who is creating obstacles in the construction of Ram Temple,” he said.Ex-BJP MP, Ram Vilas Vedanti, who was associated with the Ram temple movement, has refused to accept the mediation offered by Sri Sri, saying, “Sri Sri’s mediation is not acceptable to us, regardless of what he claims. The fight for Ram Janambhoomi was undertaken by Ram Janambhoomi Nyas and VHP. These 2 parties should be invited for dialogue,” he said.On other hand, All India Akhada Parishad Chief, Mahant Narendra Giri has also come forward to mediate talks for mutual consent of the stakeholders. “Only if the stakeholders are ready to talk, will something work out. Sri Sri is no saint, he runs an NGO and that’s his work. Ram Temple issue is out of question for him. He should concentrate on his NGO work,” Giri said.Reacting sharply to Waseem's statement, Mohammad Iqbal, a party in the issue, said that Rizvi was of no importance as he is not a stakeholder. He further accused Rizvi of politics and entangling the issue further. “Whenever there will be talks, it’ll be between stakeholders. Outsiders, like Waseem Rizvi, should stay and not complicate it further,” said Iqbal.Another stakeholder, Haji Mehboob has also strongly opposed Waseem Rizvi, questioning, “Who is Waseem Rizvi to speak on the issue? What kind of negotiations is he talking about? Why should we or anyone speak to him in this case? Only four to five stakeholders out of original 21 are still alive. Rizvi is just trying to grab media attention.”.News18
Will talk to Sunni board: Akhara chief
Shia body slams Shia Waqf Board, says mediation in Ayodhya dispute a publicity stunt
Lucknow: Shia Personal Law Board clarified that the  Board does not agree to the claims made by the Shia Waqf Board. The Board has said that the recent claims made by Shia Waqf Board Chairman Waseem Rizvi are a publicity stunt.All India Shia Personal Law Board member, Maulana Yasoob Abbas said, “Settlement is good, but how can you say that you are giving up the mosque land? A mosque is the house of Allah and the All India Shia Personal Law Board is certainly not ready to give up the mosque land. Board certainly does not agree to what Waseem Rizvi or Shia Waqf Board has claimed.” Slamming the sudden mediation initiatives from people who are not a party in the case, Shia Personal Law Board Member, Maulana Abbas said,“Whenever Dec.6 approaches, people come up with several formulas out of nowhere and then disappear as quickly.If the matter is not solved by the Supreme Court this time, then again next year people will spring up with new formulas of mediation. It is more of a publicity stunt than a noble initiative.”News18
Indian Commandos Conduct First-ever Joint Drill With Israeli Counterparts:haaretz
Indian Air Force commandos took part in joint exercises with their Israeli counterparts on Monday – including the location and rescue of soldiers who fell behind enemy lines – as part of the ongoing “Blue Flag” drill, the largest air force exercise ever held in Israel.India sent pilots and members of its Garud Commando Force – Indian Air Force’s special forces unit established in 2003 after terror attacks on two airports – to the two-week-long drill. Garud is the Indian equivalent of the Israel Air Force’s Unit 669, which was founded in 1974.As well as locating soldiers, rescuing them under fire and getting them home by helicopter, the two forces also jointly drilled locating a pilot who had ejected over enemy territory, rescuing him under fire and getting him home by helicopter.The Israeli commandos also demonstrated navigation without technology, techniques for survival in hostile territory, and “reading” the terrain during rescue missions. 2 air forces also practiced aerial refueling.  While the pilots were hosted at the Uvda air base in southern Israel, the commandos of the Indian and Israeli forces held their exercises at the Palmahim air base in central Israel. Over 70 aircraft from 7 countries are participating in the Blue Flag drill, which began on Nov.2. Air forces from Italy, France, US, Poland, Germany and Greece are also taking part. This is the first time German or French aircraft have trained in Israeli skies, and also first time India has joined the biannual exercise.
India takes part in first ever military drill with Israel:MEMO
Alwar killing: Police notice triggers tension in Umar Khan’s village
Bharatpur: Even as the family of dairy farmer Umar Khan, who was shot dead in Alwar district last week while transporting cows, is struggling to come to terms with his violent death, a police notice demanding immediate consent for his postmortem has created a fresh spell of fear and hostility in the small village.Situated at the Rajasthan-Haryana border, 95 km from Bharatpur, the Ghatmika village finds itself in the limelight following the murder of its resident, Umar, 35, allegedly by a crowd of cow vigilantes. His two companions, booked by the police in a cow smuggling case, have not returned to the village since the November 10 assault for fear of arrest.A notice served Wednesday by the Govindgarh police station on the family demanded its consent for Umar’s autopsy, failing which the police would get it conducted and bury the body after performing the rituals. A deadlock on the post-mortem has been persisting in Jaipur with Umar’s relatives insisting on the arrest of all culprits and a compensation of Rs.50 lakh.“We are at a loss to decide what to do. My son was murdered for no fault [of his]. He had borrowed ₹15,000 from some acquaintances to buy a milch cow for his children, but was mercilessly killed,”a wailing 80-year-old Shahabuddin, Umar’s father, said. The family had 3 goats and it decided to purchase a cow for its dairy occupation.The poor family has a small land holding of half bigha, which is insufficient to serve its needs. Umar’s cousin Javed Khan said he had settled for a cow instead of a buffalo, as the latter costs Rs.70,000, and the excess milk could be sold after feeding the large family. “We never thought that transport of cows for a bona fide purpose could be given the twist of cow smuggling,” he said. thehindu
Alwar killing: Attackers gau rakshaks, mutilated victim’s body, says police
Jaipur: 2 men arrested for assaulting 3 villagers who were transporting cows in Govindgarh area early on Friday — one of them, Umar died in the attack — have identified themselves as “gau rakshaks” and have confessed to the assault as well as mutilation of Umar’s body, Alwar police said on Tuesday.Police also claimed that Umar and his two companions, Tahir and Javed, were “habitual” cattle smugglers and were using a stolen pick-up truck to transport cows.“We have arrested Ramveer Gujjar and Bhagwan Singh, both in their thirties, who have confessed to the assault. They are residents of villages which are near the village where the assault took place,” said Alwar ASP Mool Singh Rana.“They told us that they had spotted an empty pick-up truck passing through their villages, and suspected that it would return with cows. They planned to waylay it if it returned with cows. When it did, they first threw nails in its path, but the pick-up truck moved on for a few metres,” said Rana.“Gau rakshaks claimed that the people in the pick-up truck first fired at them, and so they returned fire. We have identified their four accomplices and efforts are on to nab them,” said Rana, adding that the duo had confessed that they had mutilated Ummar’s body and left it near the railway tracks “to make it look like an accident.” indian eppress
Dairy Farmers Killing in Alwar: 2 arrested, deceaseds family demands arrest of all culprits, compensation,job
Guj, Raj govts shying away from acting against cow vigilantes:Sachin Pilot
Ahmedabad:Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot accused BJP-led Govt s in his state and Gujarat of shying away from their responsibility to take action against cow vigilantes and said such elements were now terrorising the people. Speaking about a recent incident in Alwar district of Rajasthan, where a man was shot dead allegedly by cow vigilantes, Pilot claimed that Vasundhara Raje, the CM  of the state, was in that district when the incident took place. "Such incidents (involving cow vigilantes) are surfacing on a regular basis, be it in Gujarat or Rajasthan. These incidents are condemnable and I believe that those in the Govt  are shying away from their responsibility," he told mediapersons on his arrival at the airport here today. PTI
Alwar SP protecting Gau Rakshaks by terming ‘Umar lynching’ as Meo Vs Gurjar- PUCL report
FIRs filed against Jamiat Ulema chief; Assam Police examining ‘provocative speech’
Guwahati: As many as 3 FIRs have been lodged in as many police stations in Assam against Maulana Syed Arshad Madani, president of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, for making a statement amounting to “promoting enmity between communities” in backdrop of updating of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in state.Confirming this Assam DGP Mukesh Sahay said the police were examining various evidences including the original audio and video recordings of a speech that Madani had reportedly made in a seminar in New Delhi on Monday, and ‘appropriate action’ would be taken once the allegations were proved true. “We are procuring the audio and video tapes of Madani’s allegedly inflammatory speech,” DGP Sahay said.Reports in several local newspaper and TV news channels here have quoted Jamiat chief Madani as saying that a conspiracy was hatched in Assam to take away the citizenship of Muslims and create another Myanmar.Assam Tribune quoted Madani as saying, “A conspiracy is being hatched to take away the citizenship of the Muslims.” Madani had even warned that one community would retaliate in the event of their names being dropped from NRC, the paper said.The newspaper also quoted Madani as saying that any attempt to sabotage the on-going NRC updating process in Assam will create a situation like Myanmar.While Madani’s reported statement has already triggered off widespread protests across Assam, CM  Sonowal has taken a stand that his Govt  would consider as enemies of the state those trying to derail NRC updation process. AUIDF headed by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal however has said that section of the media had misinterpreted what Madani had said. “I have listened to audio recording of what Madani had said.He spoke in Urdu and a section of the media have misinterpreted it,” AIUDF general secretary Aminul Islam said. indianexpress
Assam mission to detect and deport illegal immigrants ends up harassing Muslim personnel in security forces
Assam's relentless quest to banish illegal citizens from the state has met with many an embarrassment as people belonging to a particular community who have served the country's forces for years together are not even spared. Worse, they are asked to prove their citizenship irrespective of the tenure and organisation they served.As the state shares porous borders with Bangladesh, illegal immigration remains an unsolved problem so far. However, process differentiating actual citizens from the fake ones is quite complex due to various reasons. Although the state has the Foreigners' Tribunal to identify false citizens it is far from being a foolproof one and often runs into controversies.Order notices to Samsul Hoque Ahmed and his wife Nurjahan Ahmed from the Foreigners' Tribunal court in Barpeta asking the addressees to prove citizenship surprised everyone. A shocked Ahmed who is a resident of Balikuri locality under Kalgachia police station in Barpeta district asked, "How a person, who has served IAF for 35 years of life, can be suspected as a foreigner?" firstpost
Around 400 Arakan people take refuge in Mizoram:Minister
No Rohingya Muslim refugee has entered the state till date but around 400 people from conflict-torn Arakan in Myanmar have taken refuge in Mizoram, state home minister R Lalzirliana told the Assembly on Wednesday.Replying to a volley of questions from the opposition party members during the question hour, he said the Govt  has not received any report on Rohingyas entering the state from Myanmar or Bangladesh.PTI
Rajasthan govt to HC: 2008 conversion bill pending with Centre
Jaipur:Rajasthan high court on Tuesday directed the state Govt  to apprise it by Nov.27 on the status of the Rajasthan Freedom of Religion Bill, 2008, which has been sent to the Centre for approval. The bill, passed by the Rajasthan assembly in 2008, aims at checking forceful religious conversions.A division bench of justice G K Vyas and justice Manoj Kumar Garg that was hearing a habeas corpus petition gave the direction after additional advocate general S K Vyas informed court that the state had initiated the process of making a law on religious conversions but the bill was pending before Govt  of India.TOI
Man Hadiya married goes to cops, says he is worried about her safety
Thiruvananthapuram:Muslim man who married 25-year-old Hadiya has approached the police to seek her safety. The young woman, who was born Akhila Ashokan, has been asked to present herself in the Supreme Court in Delhi to give her version of the story. Sheffin Jahan, 26, said he was worried that the journey will take a toll on her health pose a risk to her safety."Latest clips show that Hadiya's health has deteriorated... A train journey to Delhi will take a toll on her and can risk her safety too. I hope some provision for an air travel can be made," Mr Jahan told the media after meeting Kerala's police chief Loknath Behera on Tuesday.NDTV
J&K: Govt removes child protection expert without giving any reason
New Delhi:Only 17 days after J&K Govt hired a child protection expert to calibrate its response to one of its most serious challenges in Kashmir, he was removed without giving any reason. Hilal Bhat had left his job at UNICEF after J&K Govt  approached him to head its Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS). Govt move has upset Social Welfare Minister Sajad Lone, who is in the cabinet in BJP’s quota and has brought new strain in the coalition. “I have no idea. All I know is that it took me months to convince him (Bhat) to leave UNICEF and work for our Govt  at least for 18 months,’’ Lone said. “I was hoping that he would roll out ICPS. And given that he is highly experienced in child rights and protection, it will help us”. Lone said that he understood the importance of addressing the issues linked to children, especially a well organized Govt  effort for their protection. “That’s why we had brought a professional as Mission Director for this project.  Although the law is there since 1998, nothing has been done till now. We are in the process of setting up juvenile justice system and organize programmes specifically aimed at children. The govt is committed to establish a vibrant child rights regime in the State”.When contacted Bhat said: “I am surprised. The State is facing a major challenge vis-a-vis our child. This is why I left a job at UNICEF. I wanted to work here and help develop a system for protection and rights of the children”. A Kashmir Administrative Service officer replaced Bhat. CM  Mehbooba Mufti said that she has been apprised of the matter. “We will sort this out soon,” she said. In fact, the work on child rights and protection has especially become a top priority because of the current situation in Kashmir. According to J&K Health department’s data, 1248 children below the age of 15 years were among 9010 people who were injured in the first four months of the Govt  crackdown to quell the massive protests that were triggered by killing of Burhan Wani.Indian Express
Court frames money laundering charges against Kashmir separatist Shabir Shah, Aslam Wani
New Delhi:A Delhi court on Wednesday framed money laundering charges against Kashmiri separatist leader Shabir Shah and alleged hawala dealer Mohammad Aslam Wani in a 2005 case of alleged terror financing.Additional Sessions Judge Sidharth Sharma framed the charges to which both the accused pleaded not guilty and claimed trial.The charge sheet also named Wani, who is in judicial custody along with Shah.The central probe agency, in the charge sheet filed under sections of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), had furnished Shah’s statements where he has allegedly told the investigators that he has “no source of income of his own” and that he does “not file any Income Tax Return (ITR).” The probe agency had recorded the statement of 36-year old Wani where he allegedly said that he came to Delhi from Srinagar “at the directions of Shah” sometime in April, 2003 and that was the first time he had met him. Wani was arrested by the ED on August 6 from Srinagar. ED alleged that Wani was asked by Shah to “work for him (on a commission basis) in collecting hawala money from Delhi and deliver to him at Srinagar.”
POK is not part of India: Farooq Abdullah reiterates autonomy for Kashmir
New Delhi: Reiterating his earlier stand on Kashmir issue, NC leader Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said that India should give up on the pursuit of acquiring Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and merging it in its territory."For how long will we keep shedding the blood of the innocent people and keep saying that it (PoK) is our part? It is not owned by them (India). Seventy years have passed. That is Pakistan, this is India. They (India) haven't been able to acquire it in 70 years. Today, they say that it is part of their territory," he said while addressing a gathering in Uri.Abdullah has been advocating changing the LoC into an international border and granting more autonomy to both— Kashmir and the POK as part of the solution to the seven-decade old conflict. timesofindia
CBI submits report on missing JNU student Najeeb, seeks in-camera proceedings
New Delhi: CBI has handed the Delhi High Court, in a sealed cover, its status report in the disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmad. Underlining the “sensitive nature” of the matter, the counsel for CBI, Nikhil Goel, requested the court for in-camera proceedings. He also informed the court that the mobile phones of nine people had been seized and sent to CFSL, which was yet to provide its report. The counsel said CBI’s plea seeking consent from 9 people for a polygraph test was listed on Wednesday before a Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court.CBI report was submitted to a bench of Justice S Muralidhar and Justice I S Mehta. The report was then handed to senior advocate Colin Gonsalves, counsel for Najeeb’s mother Fatima Nafees.In its brief order, the bench said, “This court has heard the submission of the learned counsel for the parties. The status report filed reflects the further steps taken by CBI in the matter. Court doesn’t consider it appropriate to discuss the details set out in the status report.” The matter is listed for hearing Dec 21. indianexpress
Encounter Case: Ishrat mother opposes discharge plea; ex-DGP PP Pandey involvement clear
Ahmedabad:Asserting that “she is a poor widow who wants to bring the killers of her daughter to justice”, Shamima Kauser, mother of Ishrat Jahan who was killed in an alleged fake encounter, filed a reply in a special CBI court here on Tuesday, opposing the discharge application moved by accused ex-DGP PP Pandey.Kauser said in reply that “accused has concealed and misrepresented the case against him as disclosed by CBI. The chargesheet dated 3.7.2013 discloses material that shows the clear involvement of Accused No. 2 (Pandey) in the criminal conspiracy that culminated in the fake encounter…”The reply, filed through advocate Salim Saiyed, alleged that “the material in the charge sheet, prima facie, demonstrates that P P Pandey, who was the JCP at the time of the extra-judicial killing, was a key actor in the conspiracy to abduct the present respondent’s daughter, keep her in illegal confinement and kill her.”She added in the reply that her daughter was “falsely projected as…a terrorist” by Ahmedabad DCB. Pandey was then the joint commissioner of police, DCB.  The reply alleged that “the present respondent’s young daughter (Ishrat) was murdered following a conspiracy between high ranking police officers and others holding powerful and influential positions in the state and wielding substantial authority and clout.” “In such a situation, the respondent is naturally fearful that she will be denied justice,” the reply claimed.It further said that even CBI has opposed the discharge plea on the ground that “there is direct and admissible evidence, which reveal(s) the overt role of Accused No. 2 in this case.”  “It is only due to the determination of the present respondent to pursue justice and bring the killers of her daughter to justice, that steps have been taken towards bringing the powerful guilty men to book… It involves her right to complete justice.”Pandey was chargesheeted by the CBI along with 6 others, including retired IPS officer D G Vanzara, IPS officer GL Singhal, SP (retired) NK Amin and DSP (retired) Tarun Barot. All the accused are out on bail. indianexpress
Mumbai attack: Producing Zabiuddin necessary, court tells govt
Mumbai:Special court conducting the trial in Nov.26, 2008, terror attack case has said producing accused Zabiuddin Ansari before court is “necessary”. Ansari, who was arrested in 2012, is lodged in solitary confinement at Arthur Road jail and is produced for trial through  video-conference.On Tuesday, Special Judge Govind A Sanap said the identity of the accused was one of the important issues in the trial. “I personally feel that whenever a witness comes to court to give evidence on identity of the accused, the personal production of the accused is necessary,” the judge said. Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told the court that the Govt  had taken a decision not to produce Ansari in court as he had a threat to his life.“The possibility of serious repercussions and consequences on account of failure of production of the accused in court to prove his identity could be very serious and may arise in the future. In my view, the prosecution and Govt  cannot afford to be very light on the issue. They have to reconsider their decision to the above extent,” the court said.Due to security concerns cited by the Maharashtra govt, Ansari is not physically produced before court. Nikam submitted that Ansari had filed a plea before the Bombay High Court, seeking to be produced before the court, which was rejected. The court, however, said that was at a stage when the trial had not begun against Ansari.On Tuesday, court resumed the trial against Ansari with the deposition of a translator who had helped the Mumbai Police translate documents, including a passport and an identity card belonging to Ansari. Advocate Wahab Khan, who represents Ansari, sought further time to cross-examine the witness, stating that he required to take instructions from him by meeting him in jail. The court said since the translation was provided to the defence on Tuesday, time sought by him could not be rejected, and made further observations on the need to produce him before the court.indian express
Mahatma murder: SC told Apte’s identity mired in doubt
New Delhi: Narayan Dattatraya Apte was hanged for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi along with the main assassin, Nathuram Godse, on Nov.15, 1949.On Wednesday, 68 years after that event, a petition in the Supreme Court claims that the identity of Apte remains mired in doubt and seeks reopening of the investigation into Gandhi’s assassination.Justice J.L. Kapur Commission of Inquiry, set up in 1966 to unearth the entire conspiracy, had reported Apte to have been in Indian Air Force.However, Manohar Parrikar as Defence Minister on Jan.7, 2016, had informed Dr. Pankaj Phadnis, the petitioner in the SC, that “no information related to Narayan Dattatraya Apte being an Air Force officer could be found anywhere.”Dr. Phadnis, a researcher and a trustee of Abhinav Bharat, Mumbai, who has raised questions about the investigation into Gandhi’s murder suggesting whether it was one of the biggest cover-ups in history, has annexed the letter received from Parrikar, now Goa CM, in his petition.The petitioner has contended that such information establishes the involvement of an alleged foreign hand in the assassination of the Father of the Nation on Jan.30, 1948. Parrikar’s letter states: “I have got the matter examined. I have been informed that the matter was referred to various agencies within the Air Force, MoD History Division as well as to AA at HCI, UK with the request to provide any information pertaining to Narayan Dattatraya Apte. All the agencies have confirmed that they have not found any records pertaining to Narayan Dattatraya Apte. History Division of MoD even liased with National Archives, Central Secretariat Library and consulted private papers of Mahatma Gandhi’s murder trial,” it said. The letter also said that Gazettes of India (Air Branch) for the year 1943-46 were also searched but no information related to him being an IAF officer “could be found anywhere.”While seeking reopening of the probe into the Gandhi assassination case, Dr. Phadnis on the basis of the Parrikar’s letter, has submitted to SC that “there is therefore reasonable ground to believe that Apte was an operative of British Force 136, which can be established only after further investigation.” SC has appointed senior advocate Amarender Sharan as amicus curiae in the matter to examine the petition and documents provided by Dr. Phadnis, who has also questioned ‘3-bullet theory’ in the murder of Gandhi. thehindu
There should have been a single GST rate, multiple changes prove Centre’s failure: Yashwant Sinha
BJP leader and former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha criticised the Centre on Tuesday, this time for introducing five different slabs for the GST.“Most countries that adopted the GST have one rate,” he said in an interview with The Hindu. “If that was difficult, then they should have probably fixed two rates, one for State GST and one for Central GST. I don’t know what kind of leadership was provided by Finance Minister [Arun Jaitley] to GST Council that they went for 5 rates plus cesses, which made it very complex.”Sinha accused Jaitley of not “applying his mind” and said the reduction in GST rates for 178 items showed Govt’s failure. “Every rollback is an admission of failure, and a massive rollback where you rollback 178 items at one go only proves the scale of the failure.”He said the Centre’s publicity around its achievements was “unconnected with the reality of what was happening on the ground, for instance the impact of demonetisation and GST”. He added that he was worried about the BJP’s future, and the issues he had raised had to be addressed if the party wanted a bigger mandate in 2019 than it received in 2014 general polls. scroll
Every roll back is admission of failure: Sinha says on GST
Demonetisation has caused a loss of Rs 3.75 lakh crore, economy standing on one leg: Sinha
GST hurt textile industry in election bound Gujarat:traders
Surat:An unusual hush has fallen over the bustling textile markets of Surat. Previously, travellers would find it impossible to negotiate the maze of streets crowded with mini trucks and labourers with bundles heaped on their heads. Now, the textile hub in the heart of Gujarat’s richest city is lackluster even as markets slowly open after a Diwali break.“We used to produce four crore metres of synthetic cloth in Surat every day. It has come down to 2.5 crore metres,” says Sanjay Jagnani who heads the local textile traders association.Jagnani is among thousands of disgruntled textile traders in the economic capital of the western state who say problems in the uniform tax system, GST, hamstrung their business and hurt their profit margins.This resentment is focus of a high-decibel campaign for the assembly elections as BJP tries to placate its traditional vote bank and the Congress tries to cash in on the anger and initial signs of anti-incumbency.Surat is home to around 65,000 traders, mostly Patidars, who have supported the BJP for generations but resorted to violent agitations two years ago to demand quotas in jobs and education.The annual turnover of the textile industry is around ~400 crore and it employs more than a million people. Traders say they were not badly affected by the Govt ’s shock recall of high-value banknotes last year because they mostly deal in credit. It was the problems in GST that hit them hard.Traders say the tax rate of 5% is not the problem but that the process bogs them down. They claim small traders will be the worst hit. There’s an alternative school of thought, though:that before GST, at least some small traders were not paying tax (or at least, all the tax they had to).HT
Stopped my speech when i heard azaan:Gujarat CM
New Delhi: While talking about how BJP's idea of secularism was different from what he called Congress's "politics of appeasement", Gujarat CM  Vijay Rupani revealed that during an election rally earlier this year, he stopped his speech in the middle when he heard the sound of azaan from a nearby mosque. He resumed his speech, Rupani said, when the azaan ended."During Gujarat Gaurav Yatra, I was addressing a rally. When I was giving my speech, I heard the sound of azaan coming from a mosque nearby. I decided to stop my speech in the middle for a bit. I only resumed when the azaan ended. That is the philosophy of BJP – Justice for all, appeasement of none. Congress's idea of secularism is only appeasement. Even Muslims have seen that Congress has done nothing for their benefit. I am certain that Muslim brothers and sisters will vote for BJP in Gujarat like they did in UP Assembly elections," Rupani said.News18
Kerala Minister Chandy resigns over land encroachment charges, third minister to quit Kerala cabinet in over a year
Kochi: After days of speculation, Kerala Transport Minister and NCP leader Thomas Chandy, facing land encroachment charges, has submitted his resignation from the cabinet. Chandy, the richest legislator in the state, is the third minister in CM  Pinarayi Vijayan’s cabinet to step down in the last 16 months.Chandy’s resignation letter was handed over to CM Vijayan by NCP state president TP Peethambaran Master. The letter has been forwarded to Governor P Sathasivam, the CM  told reporters.Chandy, the MLA from Kuttanad in Alappuzha district, is accused of violating wetland rules by encroaching a section of a lake to construct an approach road and parking facilities for the Lake Palace resort, that he owns with a relative. Alappuzha district collector TV Anupama had submitted a report, alleging gross violation of conservation norms, to the revenue department.On Tuesday, a division bench of the Kerala High Court had dismissed Chandy’s petition seeking quashing of the collector’s report. The HC asked Chandy how he could petition against the Govt  when he was a part of the cabinet and told him to approach the collector’s office. indianexpress
Muslim bodies in Rajasthan join ‘ban Padmavati’ call:TOI
Jaipur: Muslim bodies in Rajasthan have extended support to Rajput bodies demanding a ban on the release of 'Padmavati'. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Rajasthan Chapter has said that any attempt to distort history and disrespect religious and historical figures should be dealt with 'treason' charges. "Until Rajput community, who is well versed with the historical narrative of the fall of Chittorgarh in 1303 CE, clears the movie it should not be released," Iqbal Siddiqui, state media secretary, JIH, Rajasthan, said.He drew a parallel by stating that Muslims protesting against the likes of Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen is purely based on the same logic - hurting of sentiments. The most prominent Muslim body of Mewar region (Chittor is part of the Mewar region) Muslim Mahasangh, which has over one lakh members, has already approached the protesting bodies to include them in the protests. "I am not a historian, but I believe that if Rajputs, with whom we are living for 500 years, are objecting then it becomes our moral responsibility to support them. Rani Padmini is a pride of Mewar and like Hakim Khan Suri (military strategist, who attained martyrdom in the battle of Haldighati, we are committed to stand with Rajputs of Mewar for cause," said Multani, convenor of Muslim Mahasangh.The mahasabha considers Maharana Pratap as one of its role models and celebrates his jayanti every year.Muslims on ground zero (Chittor) have also jumped into the bandwagon. A body of Muslim lawyers in Chittorgarh has decided to join the protestors' call for the closing fort on Friday. imesofindia
Saifee Burhani Trust acquires Dawood Ibrahim’s 3 assets auctioned in Mumbai
Mumbai: Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust (SBUT) has acquired all the 3 properties of fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim put up for auction on Tuesday.SBUT, which was among a dozen bidders in the public auction held by the finance ministry under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act (SAFEMA), had placed the highest bids through sealed tenders, sources said.Hindu Mahasabha that had expressed intentions to participate in the bid failed to deposit the earnest money and was disqualified. According to sources, while 2-storey Shabnam Guesthouse in Bhendi Bazar was auctioned for Rs 3.053 crores, Dawood’s ancestral property – Damarwala building at Pakmodia street – was sold for Rs 3.53 crores. Hotel Raunaq Afroz was bid for Rs 4.53 crores.“The highest bidder would now require to deposit 25% of the bidding amount within 30 days and the total amount within 90 days,” said P Selvaganesh, Competent Authority, SAFEMA. indianexpress
Deoband grieves as Maulana Aslam Qasmi is laid to rest
Maulana Qasmi, great-grandson of Maulana Qasim Nanotavi, who was 80 years old, was buried in the Qasmi graveyard near the Deoband. After his demise, Deoband is in great shock. Until his last days, Maulana Qasmi had been working as Nazim in the Darul Uloom Waqf, which was established by his great-grandfather. Born in 1937, Maulana Qasmi always held a high and respectable stature in Deoband fraternity due to his behaviour and dialogue with others.According to those who participated, Qasmi’s funeral  was attended by thousands of people, including non-Muslims who attended Maulana Qasmi’s janaza in heavy numbers. Qasmi was famous for authoring several books, which are still being read in Deoband and other scholarly circles. Having a good command over Arabic and Persian, Maulana Qasmi has a great command of the English language. He used this excellence in his in propagating the idea of Darul Uloom Deoband to western countries.He also travelled to European countries like France, England, Italy, Germany and US as well as Canada with his literature. He was well known to establish an interrelation between Qur’an and Science through his writings.TCN

Zimbabwe army takes control but denies coup: aljazeera
Zimbabwe's military has seized state TV and blocked off access to Govt  offices in the capital Harare.In a televised address early on Wednesday morning, military spokesperson, Major General SB Moyo, said the army was seeking to "pacify a degenerating, social, and economic situation" in the country. Moyo denied that the army was carrying out a coup against President Robert Mugabe's Govt and said the leader and his family were "safe and sound and their safety is guaranteed". "We are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country, in order to bring them to justice" he said, as tanks surrounded parliamentary and presidential buildings.Army spokesperson said that once the military's objectives have been achieved, the situation in the country would return to normal, before urging Zimbabweans to continue with their lives as usual.Moyo also called on political parties to "discourage" their members from turning to violence."To the youth, we call upon you to realise that the future of the country is yours, do not be enticed by the dirty coins of silver, be disciplined and remain committed to the ethos and values of this great nation."Overnight, the Zimbabwean paper The Herald, which leans towards Mugabe, ran with headline: "Zanu-PF unfazed by Chiwenga", referring to the army general leading the takeover.On Nov.14 Zanu-PF accused the army chief of "treasonable conduct" after he challenged Mugabe over the sacking of vice president.Al Jazeera's Haru Mutasa, reporting from Harare, said that while Mugabe has long ruled southern African state, there was precedent for his removal from within the party's history.
Zimbabwean President Mugabe under house arrest as Army seizes power:AFP
Saad Hariri to return to Lebanon in coming days: aljazeera
Saad Hariri, the Lebanese leader at the centre of a diplomatic row in the Middle East over his unexpected resignation as PM , has said he will return from Saudi Arabia in the coming days.The announcement came in the form of a tweet on a day he met the visiting head of Lebanon's Maronite Christian Church in Riyadh, Patriarch Beshara al-Rai.Lebanese officials have said Hariri, a Sunni Muslim politician and longtime ally of Saudi Arabia, is probably under either house arrest or in temporary detention in Riyadh.Rai is the first Lebanese public figure to visit Saudi since Hariri announced his resignation in a televised speech from Riyadh more than a week ago.Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV quoted Rai as saying after the meeting in Riyadh that Hariri would return home as soon as possible.Rai was also quoted as expressing his support for Hariri's reasons for resigning.Besides Hariri, Rai held talks on the second day of his visit to the kingdom with the Saudi King Salman, and the heir apparent, Mohammed bin Salman, at Al-Yamamah Palace in Riyadh.
Turkey's President Erdogan meets Qatar's Emir
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has held talks with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in Doha.During his visit, Erdogan discussed regional developments and bilateral ties with Sheikh Tamim, a month after a meeting between the two leaders in the Turkish capital, Ankara.This is the Turkish leader's second visit to the Gulf country since the start of a major diplomatic crisis in the region more than five months ago.Erdogan arrived in the Qatari capital on Tuesday to attend the third meeting of Turkey-Qatar Supreme Strategic Committee to be held on Wednesday.Accompanied by Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, his wife and Chief of General Staff General Hulusi Akar among other delegates, Erdogan was welcomed at the Hamad International Airport by Qatar's Defence Minister Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, Turkey’s Ambassador to Doha Fikret Ozer and other officials. Aljazeera
ASEAN summit silence on Rohingya 'an absolute travesty'
Manila:After 2 days of ceremonious meetings, Southeast Asian leaders missed bullseye in talks about 2 major human rights issues affecting their region:Myanmar's handling of the Rohingya crisis and Philippines' bloody campaign against illegal drug traffickers. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte spared his Myanmar counterpart, de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, from having to explain or account for the plight of the 600,000 Rohingya who have been forced to flee the country to Bangladesh.Duterte's spokesman said 2 of the 10 ASEAN leaders brought up the Rohingya issue at their plenary meeting on Monday, and that Suu Kyi assured the group that the crisis was being addressed.The spokesman also said that Suu Kyi agreed to accept humanitarian assistance for Rohingya, which Myanmar had earlier been accused of restricting.In the penultimate draft of Duterte's "Chairman’s Statement" - a document issued by the host leader to sum up the results of the group's discussions - ASEAN leaders briefly tackled Rohingya situation as a matter of "disaster resiliency". The document's segment on human rights tackled neither the Rohingya crisis nor the drug war."It's an absolute travesty," Richard Heydarian, a geopolitical analyst from De La Salle University in Manila said of the group's silence on the Rohingya."I think this is the worst thing that could happen to ASEAN because next to Syria, Rohingya crisis is the biggest humanitarian crisis that we're facing right now in the 21st century," he said. aljazeera
50,000 Yemeni children will die by end of the year: NGO
Disease and famine struck Yemen will see some 50,000 Yemeni children dead by the end of the year, NGO Save the Children told the Telegraph.“These deaths are as senseless as they are preventable. They mean more than a hundred mothers grieving for the death of a child, day after day,” Tamer Kirolos, director at Save Children, said.Some 40,000 children are estimated to have already died from malnutrition.The calculations were predicted before the Saudi-led coalition closed air, land and sea ports in Yemen restricting imports to the country. This was in response to a missile executed by the Iranian-backed Houthi armed group towards Riyadh airport early this month. middleeastmonitor
Saudi alliance bombs Sanaa airport, blocking aid access
Yemen's Houthi rebels have accused the Saudi-led coalition of bombing the country's main international airport, destroying a navigation station that is critical to receiving already limited aid shipments.Houthi officials told Al Jazeera 2 air strikes targeted Sanaa's international airport in the rebel-held capital early on Tuesday, making it unusable for aid flights and further complicating humanitarian efforts into the country."This attack is intended to cause maximum damage and deprive millions of Yemenis from receiving life-saving food and medicines," Mohammed, a Houthi official who declined to give his surname, said.Saudi-led coalition forced the closure of Sanaa airport in August 2016 to all but a few UN aid flights. aljazeera
Saudi storms home of detained preacher Salman Al-Ouda
Saudi security forces on Monday stormed the house of preacher, Salman Al-Ouda, who has been detained since 10 Sept.Salman’s son, Abdullah, said on his official Twitter account that security forces entered the house without a court order or legal procedures.Officers searched his father’s office and took two books from Abdullah’s library because “they believed it to be my father’s library”.Saudi authorities have been cracking down on clerics, intellectuals and activists. HRW described the campaign of arrests as part of ongoing human rights abuses in the country.About a month and a half after Al-Ouda was arrested, Saudi authorities prevented his children from leaving the Kingdom. Middle east monitor
Kurdistan govt declares support for ‘united Iraq’
https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20171115-kurdistan-Govt -declares-support-for-united-iraq/
Kurdistan Regional Govt (KRG) announced its respect for the Iraqi Federal Court ruling which stressed Iraq’s unity.“We respect the interpretation of the Supreme Court for Article 1 of the Constitution. At the same time, we affirm our belief that this should be the basis for initiating a comprehensive national dialogue to resolve disputes by applying all constitutional articles,” KRG said.Iraqi Federal Court confirmed last week that there is no provision in the Iraqi Constitution that permits secession of any of the country’s components. The govt added that it is committed to “always seeking to resolve differences between federal and regional authorities in constitutional and legal manners …and welcomes all initiatives in this direction.”
Russian security agency detains 69 members of Tablighi Jamaat
Moscow: Russia's top domestic security agency says it has detained 69 suspected members of an outlawed Islamic group during a raid near Moscow.Federal Security Service (FSB), said the suspects belonged to Tablighi Jamaat, a global Sunni Islamic missionary movement that has been banned in Russia as an extremist group. FSB said it detained the suspected group members during today's raid and confiscated the group's literature.It said natives of formerly Soviet Central Asian nations led the Moscow cell of the group.The raid follows a series of arrests of suspects accused of involvement in radical and extremist Islamic groups in Russia. outlookindia
US Congress told how Russia ‘weaponised’ this photo of ‘Muslim woman’ aftermath Westminster Bridge attack
THE photo was flashed in front of the world’s social media users in the immediate aftermath of the London Westminster Bridge terror attack.It showed a woman with smartphone in hand — and a hijab about her head — striding past a group of civilians attempting to assist a severely wounded victim.It was taken in the moments immediately after Khalid Masood had ploughed his vehicle into pedestrians walking over Westminster Bridge before dashing into the Houses of Parliament where he was shot dead.The text was angry:“Muslim woman pays no mind to the terror attack, casually walks by a dying man while checking phone. #PrayForLondon”.The originating @SouthLoneStar account proudly declared itself to be a patriot of the US and Texas.The tweet was recirculated widely, including by traditional media outlets.But now we know both elements of this social media post were false.Twitter has exposed “Texas Lone Star” as being a Russian bot — one of thousands of accounts designed specifically to seed misinformation and discontent into social media and drive a wedge through Western society.
Russian trolls behind Twitter campaign against Muslim woman caught in Westminster terror attack
Russia posts image as ‘proof’ of US helping IS; It turns out to be a video game:AFP
Moscow: Russia’s defence ministry on Tuesday posted images it said proved the US was aiding the Islamic State in the Middle East, but social media users pointed out they included a still from a video game.The ministry’s official account said the black-and-white images were taken on Nov.9 near the Syria-Iraq border and provided “irrefutable proof that the US is providing cover to IS combat units”.But the monitor Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), along with a number of social media users, was quick to compare one of the images with an identical still from the wargame “AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron”.Other images posted to Twitter appeared to be taken from videos released by Baghdad’s Ministry of Defence in 2016, showing Iraqi Air Force bombing jihadists near Fallujah, CIT said.AFP was able to compare the images in the emailed defence ministry statement with the images of the video game on YouTube and confirm the resemblance.The images were later deleted from the ministry of defence’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the ministry said several hours later that there has been a “mistake”, publishing a different set of pictures, calling them “irrefutable proof” of US aid of IS.“The defence ministry is looking into a civilian employee of one of the departments who attached photos to the defence ministry’s statement by mistake,” a new statement was quoted by Russian agencies as saying. Military stood by its allegations, saying “the refusal of US command to inflict strikes on ISIL convoys on Nov.9 is an established fact recorded in the transcript of conversations”. hindustantimes
Russia used hundreds of fake accounts to tweet about Brexit:data shows
Turkey ‘appalled’ by US stance on Daesh withdrawal from Raqqa
Turkey has said it was appalled by the approach of the US Department of Defense towards an agreement between the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and Daesh to withdraw Daesh militants from the Syrian city of Raqqa.Last month, a YPG militia spokesman said that Syrian Daesh fighters were set to abandon Raqqa in a withdrawal agreed with US-backed Syrian militias.On Sunday, a report by BBC said some 4,000 Daesh militants, including hundreds of foreign nationals, had been evacuated from Raqqa as part of the agreement and spread across Syria and as far as Turkey.“Seeing that statements from the spokespeople of the international coalition against Daesh and US Dept of Defence have not denied the existence of the given agreement, but to the contrary said they ‘respected’ it is appalling,” Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said.The ministry said the withdrawal of Daesh militants from Raqqa was “extremely troubling”, and added that it was a development that “should be noted”. Middleeastmonitor
Iranian General leading anti-Daesh fight in Syria
Commander of Quds Force affiliated with Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, General Qasem Soleimani, is directly supervising military operations which aim at tightening control over the strategic city of Al-Bukamal located in the far east of Syria, sources have said. Sources stated that Soleimani had been in Iraqi-Syrian border region for days, leading the military operations on the south-eastern side of Al-Bukamal. He is still there directly commanding the support operation of the Popular Mobilisation Forces, Fatemiyoun Division and Hezbollah fighters.Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces, which support Syrian Armed Forces in its operations to restore Al-Bukamal, set up a camp on Syrian-Iraqi border and will remain there until the city is liberated from Daesh. middleeastmonitor
US security delegation in Israel to discuss Syria and Iran
A US security delegation arrived in Tel Aviv on Tuesday to discuss issues related to Syria and Iran with Israeli counterparts, Quds Press has reported. The American officials are from the National Security Council.“US Govt  delegations routinely visit Israel to coordinate on a wide range of issues,” a spokesperson for US Embassy in Tel Aviv explained. “During this visit, US officials will meet with Israeli counterparts to discuss regional security issues, including Syria.”According to Quds Press, Israeli Govt  has voiced its objections to the joint US, Russian and Jordanian ceasefire in the south of Syria. It noted Israeli radio reports about Tel Aviv’s “disappointment” at the agreement, which removes militants 20 kilometres from the Golan Heights.Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that the Israeli PM  has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Israel would not be committed to this ceasefire deal. “Israel will continue to look out for its security interests in any situation,” a brief statement declared, without pointing out how and when Netanyahu spoke to Putin. middleeastmonitor
Orthodox Church rejects reasons for sale of Palestinian land to Israel
Orthodox Central Council in Jordan and Palestine rejected all Patriarchal justifications regarding the sale of Palestinian land to the Israeli occupation, and considered that “all lands throughout the Patriarchate in Jordan and historic Palestine are one unit and all of them constitute an endowment which is not entitled to any disposition”.A statement issued by the Orthodox Council said that “all deals and transactions that took place, including the deals of Rahavi, Talbiyeh, Qaysariya, Tiberias, Jaffa, and others are invalid because this causes the loss of land and the displacement of Christians from Jerusalem. This is what the Zionists want.”The announcement came following a church meeting in Amman on Monday in the presence of the president of the Central Council, the president of the Orthodox Association, the heads of National Orthodox Institutions, and members of the Central Council in Jordan. middleeastmonitor
2 more Palestinian schools under threat of destruction by Israeli authorities
2 new Palestinian schools in the occupied West Bank, funded by European govts, are under threat of destruction and seizure, according to Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).An Israeli court has already ordered students not to attend class in one of them, the NGO says.Built over the last year with European funding, the schools in Wadi as-Seeq and Al Muntar serve Palestinian Bedouin communities who have long suffered neglect and discrimination at the hands of Israeli occupation authorities.Many of the families served by the schools have “already suffered destruction of their property over many years”, NRC states. middleeastmonitor
UAE, Turkey sign $20m bomb deal
UAE signed a deal with Turkish Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi (MKE) to purchase MK-82 and MK-84 bombs, an official with the UAE defence ministry said yesterday.The agreement was signed during the third day of the Dubai International Airshow 2017.Major General Ishaq Al-Baloushi, head of Defence Manufacturing and Capabilities Development at the Ministry of Defence, said in a press statement that the deal was worth 74.29 million dirhams ($20.2 million).UAE Defence Ministry said on Monday that the value of its military deals increased to 9.79 billion dirhams ($2.67 billion) on the second day of the Dubai International Airshow. middleeastmonitor
Richest 1% of people now own half the world's wealth
The richest 1 %  of people in the world now own half of the planet's wealth, according to a new report that highlights breathtaking levels of global inequality.The study reveals how the super-rich have profited from the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, seeing their proportion of the world's wealth increase from 42.5 %  in the midst of the crisis to 50.1%  now.According to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, the top 1%  are now worth a total of £106 trillion - around eight times more than the size of the US economy. The wealthiest 10%  of people, meanwhile, own 87.8%  of global wealth."The downward trend reversed after 2008 and the share of the top 1 %  has been on an upward path ever since, passing the 2000 level in 2013 and achieving new peaks every year thereafter," the report says.The Independent
Morsi tells lawyer of threats to his life
Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has told his lawyer of threats to his life, Anadolu reported on Tuesday. Morsi made the disclosure during his lawyer’s secret visit to the prison where the former President is being held.According to Anadolu, Cairo Criminal Court has decided that Morsi should have a monthly medical examination. This is the first time that he has been allowed to have such an examination since he was sentenced. The court also allowed Morsi’s defence team to meet him for the first time in a visit that was kept secret from the media. No details were provided to journalists.In June, reported Anadolu, Morsi is said to have fainted twice and fallen into a full diabetic coma but he did not receive any proper medical treatment. The former President’s son, Ahmed, said that his father had asked for a meeting with his defence team in order to inform them such “threats to his life”.Although Anadolu got no response to its request for a comment from the Egyptian authorities, it noted that govt in Cairo always claims that it offers proper treatment for inmates.middle east monitor
Pak court issues arrest warrant against finance minister in graft case
Islamabad:A Pakistani anti-corruption court today issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against embattled Finance Minister Ishaq Dar after he failed to appear for several court hearings in a graft case linked to the Panama Papers scandal.Dar, who has been charged with amassing wealth beyond his known sources of income, has missed several court hearings conducted by the anti-graft agency NAB, prompting a judge to issue a non-bailable arrest warrant.Accountability Court also dismissed Dar's petition for exemption from hearings.udge Mohammad Bashir asked 67-year-old Dar's guarantor, Ahmad Ali Qudoosi, when the finance minister is expected to appear in court. In response, Qudoosi said Dar will fully recover in three to six weeks and will attend hearing after that. However, the court was not satisfied and issued a non-bailable warrant against him. The hearing was then adjourned until Nov.21. On July 28, a 5-member Supreme Court bench had ordered NAB to file 3 cases against Sharif and one against Dar, on petitions filed by PTI'ss Imran Khan, Jamaat-i-Islami Pakistan's Sirajul Haq and Awami Muslim League s Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.PTI
Bangladesh  Jamaat leaders won’t participate in next polls:Election Commissioner
Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukdar has said that the marked leaders of Bangladesh  Jamaat-e-Islami will not be allowed to participate in the upcoming eleventh parliamentary elections. Election Commissioner said this in response to a question from journalists at his office at Agargaon in the capital on Tuesday afternoon.“The registration of Jamaat-e-Islami has been cancelled due to a High Court order. Many of them have been tried for war crimes. We will not accept those who are marked Jamaat leaders in the elections”, he said.He also said, “If any of the Jamaat  leaders wants to participate in the polls as a separate candidate, then in the meeting of the Election Commission, we will take a decision by analyzing the matter.  All of Jamaat leaders are not marked. Those who are marked will not be allowed to participate in the polls.businessnews24bd
With Chabahar, Afghanistan is no longer dependent on Pakistan: Abdullah
Washington:Afghanistan would no longer depend on Pakistan for transit trade with the opening of the strategic Chabahar Port, a top Afghan leader has said.Chabahar Port, located in the Sistan-Balochistan province on the energy-rich Persian Gulf nation’s southern coast, lies outside the Persian Gulf and is easily accessed from India’s western coast, bypassing Pakistan.The port is likely to ramp up trade between India, Afghanistan and Iran in the wake of Pakistan denying transit access to New Delhi for trade with the two countries.India has been closely working with Afghanistan to create alternate and reliable access routes, bypassing Pakistan.“Afghanistan used to rely only on one transit road, which was through Karachi. That is not case anymore. [Now] its [also] through Chabahar,” Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said.As per the agreement signed between India and Iran in May last year, India is to equip and operate 2 berths in Chabahar Port Phase-I with capital investment of $85.21 million and annual revenue expenditure of $22.95 million on a 10-year lease.PI
Citizens or Aliens? Assam’s Muslim Women Hang by a Gossamer Thread:Chandan Nandy
Monumental failure: Govt in denial, but demonetisation has met none of its stated, and shifting, objectives: Bhalchandra Mungekar ex-MP
NHRC must live up to its mandate in letter and spirit:Mathew Jacob, coordinator of HRDA
9% of Indians under 35 learn they have diabetes every year. Know the early signs: Indian express
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