23 November 2017

23 Nov.ND: 3 Muslim clerics attacked, thrown off moving train 'for covering head' in UP/Union ministers discuss triple talaq legislation

23 Nov.2017: 03 Rabiul Awwal 1439:Vol:9, No:55
3 Muslim clerics attacked, thrown off moving train 'for covering head' in UP's Baghpat
Lucknow:3 Muslims clerics were attacked by unknown assailants and thrown off a moving train in Baghpat district of UP . The clerics, who were returning from Delhi, have suffered injuries and are undergoing treatment at the district hospital.  A case has been registered against unknown persons. 3 men hailing from Aheda village in Baghpat were on their way back after a visit to Markazi Masjid in Delhi, when they were attacked with rods and thrown off the train near Aheda Railway Station. According to one of the victims, the train was about to reach Aheda when they started wearing their shoes to get down and some people locked the doors and windows and started beating them with iron rods and an icepick. There were about 7 men who allegedly attacked them and tried to throw them off the train.“We were sitting on the upper berths and were about to reach our station. When we tried to get down, the people sitting on lower berths locked the doors and windows. When we asked them why they were locking the windows, they said “you will soon get to know” and started beating us,” said Israr, one of the 3 clerics who is a teacher at a madrassa.He added, “Only issue they had with us was the handkerchief covering our head. They kept asking us why we had our head covered with a handkerchief.” Israr also said that the attackers were unknown to them, but he can identify them.  Soon after the incident,Israr informed the villagers, who rushed them to district hospital for treatment. Clerics have sustained some serious injuries on their head, hands and legs. news18
3 Muslim clerics beaten on train in UP, were asked "why wear rumaal?"NDTV
Union ministers discuss triple talaq legislation
New Delhi:A group of Union ministers today closeted for an hour to discuss about a legislation to put an end to instantaneous 'triple talaq'.Centre is planning to bring the legislation in the winter session of Parliament, which is likely to begin from Dec.15.Chaired by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the meeting discussed various issues related to the proposed bill, which is expected to ensure that the instantaneous way of divorce will be a punishable offence, a Govt official said. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Thawar Chand Gehlot, Minister for Minorities Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Attorney General K K Venugopal besides others attended the meeting.No decision was taken in today's meeting and further deliberations will take place in coming days, the official said.The ministers also discussed whether a new legislation should be brought or the existing penal provisions be suitably amended to make the instantaneous triple talaq an offence, the Govt  official said.NDA ministers have been tasked to frame a new law or an amendment bill, he said.outlookindia
From Aadhaar to NCERT, UP Govt’s new policy for Madrasas
http://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/from-aadhaar-to-ncert-yogi-adityanath-Govt s-new-policy-for-up-madrasas/944233/
UP govt is now tightening its norms specified for madrasas in the state. A move that was launched in August by the state govt,that claimed that it is for the purpose to modernise madrasas, prevail transparency and digitisation in the Muslim educational institution, after complaints of irregularities. UP govt had launched a portal of UP Madrasa Board that month for online registration of the over 19,000 recognised and 560 aided madrasas in the state.As per the Indian Express, now students in the 60-year-old three-storeyed Madrasa Ziaul Uloom located in Purana Gorakhpur have been asked to show their aadhaar cards by the madrasa authorities. Hafiz Nazirul Hasan, a teacher in the madrasa said, “for one, we are Muslim, and then we also run a madrasa. What if they link any of our students to terror? There could be false accusations, inspections and raids. We are careful now. We ask for Aadhaar cards and even talk to their homes before admitting students.” Although none of the madrasas in Gorakhpur has been raided since the Yogi government came to power in March, still an underdeveloped fear persists.Apart from anxiety and insecurity, madrasas are also feeling left out under UP govt. As per the report, in Sept.the govt stopped aid to 46 madrasas after a probe that apparently suggested they were not functioning within the required parameters.In Oct.,it announced that NCERT books would be incorporated in the madrasa syllabus. Principal Misbahi of Madrasa Ziaul Uloom said that they are asked about the number of rooms in the madrasa as well as their measurements. As per reports, in September this year, the State had asked madrasas to upload details regarding their classrooms, a number of teachers along with the Aadhaar card numbers and account details of the faculty members on its web portal.Mohammad Iliyas, who works in the Madrasa Ziaul Uloom’s administration says that there is no similar inspection of schools, even where only very few children study, or which lack proper buildings, but it happens in madrasas. “Help us, if you want us to modernise. But you can’t do it by targeting us”, teacher Hafiz Nazirul Hasan was quoted saying by IE. Hasan added that the madrasa needs computers, operators and regular salaries. At least madrasas like ours, where there are regular teaching and students, must not be starved of funds” says Salim Ahmad, who teaches science. financialexpress
Aadhaar to NCERT: Madrasas and the new normal
Movement to Boycott Israeli Industry Hails India’s Decision to Scrap $500m Missile Deal
New Delhi: A global campaign to boycott Israeli industry has hailed the reported cancellation of a $500-million deal with an Israeli military firm for manufacturing Spike, an anti-tank guided missile, as a “huge blow” to the military industry of the West Asian state.In a press release, Jamal Juma, member of Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) national committee secretariat and coordinator of the ‘Stop the Wall’ campaign, said that the cancellation is a “huge blow to the Israeli weapons industry”, which he claimed was “deeply implicated in war crimes against the Palestinian people”.“It is also a major setback for Israel’s propaganda hubris that its technology is indispensable for India’s development and modernisation. As many Indians are recognising, Israel is marketing military and agricultural technologies in India to entrench Indian dependence on Israel,” said Juma.According to Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement, Israel’s “regime of oppression can never be a model for the great Indian nation that once led the non-aligned movement and upheld the right of all nations to self-determination”.He hoped that this was “the beginning of the end of Indian complicity in Israel’s egregious violation of international law and Palestinian human rights”. BDS campaign is a bottom-up movement of activists worldwide that seek the global isolation of Israeli institutions and firms as a means of putting pressure on Tel Aviv to end its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. The cancellation of the order has also got the attention of the Israeli media, with most pointing out that there has not yet been any official intimation of such a move.THE WIRE
India reduces investment in Iran to strengthen Israel ties: reports
India has reduced its investments in the Republic of Iran in favour of Israel, Israel’s Maariv reported today. Hebrew agency added that the officials from India, Greece and Israel have met at the centre of oil exploration in Israel. Indian Govt recently said that its relations with Israel “are a sufficient reason to reduce its ties with Iran.”Early this week, official sources revealed that Netanyahu is slated to travel to India in January for a three-day visit during which he will meet with his Indian counterpart, Narandra Modi, to discuss strengthening trade and economic ties between the 2 countries. middleeastmonitor
Israeli PM to visit India in Jan
Jerusalem: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to India on a 4-day visit in Jan.to meet the country's top leadership, 6 months after his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi made a maiden visit to Israel, informed sources said. Netanyahu would be received by Modi in Ahmedabad on his arrival on Jan. 14, sources said.He would be the second Israeli premier to visit India since diplomatic ties were established between the 2 sides in 1992. Netanyahu would then be holding most of his official meetings in New Delhi on Jan. 15 and 16. "The detailed programme is being still worked out but it will include meetings with top leadership inIndia," informed sources here said.PTI
Pakistan indicates it could take Kashmir issue to ICJ
Islamabad: Pakistan today indicated that it could take the issue of Kashmir to the International Court of Justice following the footsteps of India which took the matter of death row prisoner Kulbhushan Jadhav to the world court. Foreign Office spokesman Mohammad Faisal was asked at the weekly media briefing whether Pakistan would take Kashmir issue to the ICJ. Instead of saying a direct yes or no, he indicated that the issue was being considered by the legal experts. "Regarding taking the matter of Jammu & Kashmir to ICJ, it is a complex legal problem. The Attorney General is working on the matter and may update in due course," he said in response to a question. Faisal said Pakistan was doing its utmost to highlight the issue of Kashmir to the international community. He said Pakistan had offered a meeting between Jadhav and his wife on purely humanitarian grounds and Indian request to allow his mother to meet her son was being considered. "India has requested that the mother may be allowed to accompany the wife. The Indian request is under consideration," the spokesman said.PTI
Tit for tat? Will India grant Baloch leader asylum now that Pakistani court has freed Hafiz Saeed?TOI
New Delhi: On a day that a Pakistani court ordered that Hafiz Saeed be freed, far away Switzerland rejected the asylum application of another Pakistani, who along with his Baloch community, is a victim of human rights abuses by his country's Govt  and army.The bitter coincidence didn't go unnoticed by the Pakistani in Switzerland, Brahumdagh Bugti, who is the leader of the banned Baloch Republican Party (BRP).Bugti has also applied to India for asylum. In Jan., TOI reported that the Indian Govt was delaying acting on that application as it wanted to wait and see how bilateral relations shape up under the then new Pakistan army chief.TOI
Pak involved in Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute: Shia Waqf Board chairman Wasim Rizvi
“When Babri Masjid was demolished (on Dec. 6, 1992), far bigger demonstrations were held in Pakistan than in India. Many temples were also attacked in Pakistan. This shows Pakistan's involvement in the issue,”Shia Waqf Board chairman said.“In 2005, terrorists had attacked the makeshift Ram temple in Ayodhya. This also shows Pakistan's involvement,” he added.Earlier too, Rizvi had alleged that those creating hurdles in the settlement of the Ayodhya land dispute were working at the behest of Pakistan, which was trying to destabilise India by exploiting religious sentiments over the issue.“This (Ayodhya) dispute is not getting addressed because Pakistan has the biggest hand in it. Those representing the Muslim community in the Supreme Court on the issue have direct links with Pakistan and want bloodshed to destabilise the country,” Rizvi had said. timesnownews
Bukhari questions Shia Waqf Board's Ayodhya proposal
Lucknow:Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid Maulana Ahmed Bukhari today questioned the proposal of the UP Shia Waqf Board for resolving Ayodhya dispute saying in which capacity is it coming up with a formula as it is not a party to the case. "There is no point in giving a formula. Earlier too there were some formulae which were presented, but no solution was found. The matter can be resolved only through courts. Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has no formula... As far as the formula of Shia Waqf Board is concerned, Shia community itself does not endorse it..." he told reporters here.PTI
Ram Temple: RSS chief, Adityanath to attend ‘Dharma Sansad’
New Delhi:RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath will attend a three-day ‘Dharma Sansad’ beginning Nov. 24 that will be organised by VHP to discuss the Ram Temple issue. It is being organised at the time when talks of resolving the Ram Temple dispute outside court has gathered momentum.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is trying to resolve the dispute by mediating between different parties.“A large number of sants and sadhus are invited to participate in the Dharma Sansad,” VHP’s international joint general secretary Surendra Kumar Jain said. Both Bhagwat and Adityanath will deliver the keynote address at the event.PTI
SC defers decision on use of panchayat documents as proof for Assam’s National Register of Citizens
The Supreme Court has reserved its judgment on the matter of whether panchayat certificates submitted by applicants trying to enter the rolls of the National Register of Citizens would be accepted as proof of identity.Earlier this year, the Guwahati High Court had said that residency certificates issued by panchayat secretaries were private documents and had no “statutory sanctity”. This had left 48 lakh applicants, who had submitted such certificates, in the lurch. National Register of Citizens is being updated for the first time since 1951 in Assam, an exercise that is meant to root out “illegal immigrants” from Bangladesh. To be counted as a citizen in Assam, applicants had to provide two sets of documents – first, “legacy data” proving they or their ancestors entered the state before the midnight of March 24, 1971, and second, a “link document” proving their relationship with the said ancestor.A large number of married women, who have no other papers linking them to their paternal homes, had submitted panchayat certificates as link documents. These usually named the women concerned, mentioned who her parents were and which village she was going to after marriage.In Oct., Prateek Hajela, state coordinator for the register, had said that of approximately 48 lakh applicants, 17 lakh were “original inhabitants” who would have no trouble making it to the list. Hajela has since clarified that there will be no such nomenclature in the list that is finally published.The two-judge Supreme Court bench, comprising Ranjan Gogoi and Rohinton Fali Nariman, is hearing a clutch of petitions that challenge the Guwahati High Court order and the category of “original inhabitants”. All Assam Minority Students’ Union and the Assam State Jamiat Ulema are among the petitioners.The counsel for the petitioners challenged the HC’s characterisation of panchayat certificates as private documents. scroll
Rohingya get ‘nationality verification’ forms, they call it a grim reminder: indianexpress
New Delhi:A “nationality verification” form sent out by the Delhi Police to Rohingya living in the capital a fortnight ago has caused some discomfiture within the community. The form comes against the backdrop of the Ministry of Home Affairs issuing an advisory on Aug. 8, titled ‘Identification of illegal migrants and monitoring thereof’, which had asked states to “take prompt steps in identifying illegal migrants and initiate deportation processes expeditiously and without delay”.“We have no clarity on which body has asked the police to send us these forms. When we first got the forms, many from the community refused to fill them, fearing that it could lead to us being sent back to Myanmar. We convinced those people and submitted the forms,” said 29-year-old Sabbir, founder of the Rohingya Human Rights Initiative (ROHRIngya).5-page form has questions pertaining to education details, occupation before leaving Myanmar,colour of eyes and hair, Myanmar home address, details of leaving country, place of departure from Myanmar or Bangladesh, mode of transport, passport details and case details of Myanmar nationals arrested.
Thousands of Muslim Students Demonstrate outside Bengal Assembly Demanding a Varsity in Murshidabad
Kolkata: To press for their decades-old demand for having a university established in Murshidabad district comprising around 75 lakh population, thousands of students, mostly Muslims, demonstrated outside the West Bengal Assembly on Tuesday. They had gathered from Murshidabad and other neighbouring areas under the banner of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO). At the end of the demonstration, state Education Minister met a delegation of the students and accepted the need of a university in the district that has the largest Muslim population outside Kashmir. He promised to take up the issue with CM Mamata Banerjee in couple of days. Murshidabad is said to have around 40 colleges but no university.The nearest university is about 200 kms away. Students have been demanding a university for long.“We have been running the campaign for a university for the last 3-4 years in Murshidabad. This time we decided to march towards the state Assembly in Kolkata to press for our demand,” said Usman Ghani, West Bengal president of SIO, while talking to Caravan Daily over phone.He said that Murshidabad has around 75 lakh population but has no university while some districts with 20-50 lakh population, have 2-3 universities. “Nadia district has 50 lakh population and has two universities. Birbhum district has 35 lakh population and there are three universities. But Murshidabad with over 75 lakh population has no university. The nearest university from here is Kalyani University (in Nadia district) that is located at 150 kms from here. The next one is Gourbanga University (in Malda district) and it is 200 kms away,” Ghani said.Caravan Daily
 ‘Say Vande Matram or leave India’: Dalit activist Kancha Ilaiah ‘heckled’
Hyderabad:Right-wing activists attempted to attack Dalit rights campaigner and writer Kancha Ilaiah, who was rescued by Telangana police outside a court in Jagital district’s Korutla town.Ilaiah later told media that the attack was by people belonging to the Arya Vysya community and the Bharatiya Janata Party, who at one point allegedly threatened to “cut him into pieces” and told him to chant “Vande Mataram” if he sought to stay in India.According to police, Ilaiah was getting into his car on Wednesday when a large number of youth holding placards and saffron flags tried to surround him and raised slogans. Some tried to attack him with slippers and others hurled eggs. “However, the police safely got him into the car and whisked him away from the spot,” Korutla police inspector Rajasekhar Babu said.Ilaiah told the media later that the frenzied mob attacked his car with slippers and raised abusive slogans. He said that a day before as well, some people stormed his meeting at Jagitial where he was addressing a farmers’ gathering. hindustantimes
Mumbai: Muslim groups see red over journo’s tweet
Mumbai: Complaints have been filed by Muslim groups against a TV journalist after he tweeted about 'Sexy Durga' film controversy making references to female icons in Islam and Christianity. Complaints were filed against Rohit Sardana at around half a dozen police stations in the city for allegedly hurting religious sentiments. Sardana's tweet on Nov.16 made a reference to women in Islam and Christianity including Prophet Muhammad's wife Ayesha, daughter Fatima and Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.Muslim groups demanded action against Sardana and said his tweet, which has gone viral, was aimed at creating disharmony. "This is another attempt to get cheap publicity. We don't know if he tried to appease some of his political masters or ideological gurus but his words have hurt us deeply and we condemn it," said Mohammed Abbas Rizwan Khan, president of Muslims' Association of Peace and Harmony. Khan added that Muslim groups would protest peacefully on Friday if Sardana was not arrested."By his slander, he (Sardana) has hurt the entire Indian community across religious boundaries," said Anjuman-E-Khadim-E-Hussain Trust in its complaint to Versova police. timesofindia
Major irregularities surfaced in voter list, technical problems in EVMs
Agra: Large number of citizens had to return back to home from polling stations without casting vote due to their name missing in the voter list. Major irregularities surfaced in voter list at different polling centers of the city. At Rahul Nagar polling station in Jagdishpura area, Muslim voters staged protest alleging their names being removed from voter list. Similar complaints were made in Mantola, Bodla and Rambagh area. Besides voting started late at around half a dozen polling centers due to be technical problem in the EVM. In Agra district, polling process took place at 1328 polling booths in 365 centers.In ward 49 (Rahul Nagar) when localities reached to cast their vote they didn’t find their name in voter list. Majority of these voters were of Muslim community. No able exercise their franchise these people staged protest and alleged that their name has been removed from electoral rolls as part of the conspiracy of local BJP leaders. Rahul Vihar is a Muslim dominated area and had 3000 voters belonging to Muslim community. Local resident Bilal Ahmed said “names of around 900 Muslim voters were missing form voter list. We complaint it to officials but no action was taken”. timesofindia
Furore in Meerut after voter presses BSP on EVM, vote goes to BJP
Meerut: Voters at a polling booth in Meerut erupted in loud protests that went on for most part of the day after one of them discovered that an EVM was recording votes only for BJP, irrespective of the button that was being pressed.First phase of civic polls in UP, 8 months after BJP won assembly elections, began in the state on Wednesday.Although officials replaced the "faulty" machine, claiming it was a "malfunction", non-BJP parties alleged that machines had been tampered with. City ADM Mukesh Kumar said,"We replaced the machine, which was malfunctioning, immediately."A video of a voter trying unsuccessfully to cast his vote for the candidate of his choice turned up online soon, leaving officials scrambling to solve the problem. In the video, the voter, Tasleem Ahmad, can be seen trying to vote for BSP."I voted for BSP candidate. I am still holding the pressed button. The machine has recorded my vote as having gone to BJP. I have been waiting here for an hour, but no solution has been provided so far," Ahmad can be heard saying in video.An EVM, after recording a vote, is immediately locked, so that the voter can't choose a different option. The machine is unlocked only for the next voter. On hearing of the matter, BSP supporters and members of other parties descended on the polling booth and created a commotion, after which senior officials arrived.Yogesh Verma, formed BSP MLA, said, "Area in which this problem occurred is dominated by the minority community, and we have a strong presence here. Although officials immediately replaced the machine, it is really disturbing to note that all votes were going to BJP."TOI
Gujarat Phase-I Nomination: Independents swamp Surat, 53 Muslims file nomination
Surat: As many as 99 candidates have filed their nomination as Independents in the 15 Assembly seats in Surat which will go to polls in the first phase on Dec. 9. While most of them are disgruntled leaders from the BJP and the Congress who were denied tickets by their parties, as many as 53 Muslims have filed nomination from eight Assembly seats.Among those who have filed nomination as Independents include Bhimji Patel (BJP), Ajay Chaudhary (BJP), Kunwarji Halpati (BJP), Anup Rajput (Congress) and Paresh Kachhadiya (Congress). On Wednesday, after the scrutiny of the nomination forms, it was found that Limbayat Assembly seat received the maximum number of nomination at 42, of which 17 were Independents and as many as 10 Independent Muslim candidates. In Surat (East) seat also, 17 candidates had filed nomination as Independents. Both the seats have sizable number of Muslim voters. The other seats where Muslim candidates have filed nominations as Independents are Opad, Surat (North), Karanj, Majura, Surat (West), Choryasi and Katargam. Indianexpress
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation adopts PPP model to protect Sidi Sayed mosque
Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is scripting history by weaving together an agreement involving a business group, social organisation, central Govt  and the civic body to protect historic monuments in the walled city.Following Ahmedabad's Unesco's World Heritage City inscription in July and the subsequent visit of Japan PM  Shinzo Abe and PM Narendra Modi to Sidi Sayed mosque, civic body is formulating a PPP agreement for the upkeep of the monument. The agreement will clear the way for all future corporate and people's involvement in adoption and upkeep of monuments. In the case of Sidi Sayed mosque, the hotel group House of MG; ASI; Suni Waqf committee; and AMC are formulating an arrangement for conservation."After PM's visit to the mosque, we were approached by the mosque authorities requesting not to dismantle the lighting arrangement. It was then that a PPP arrangement was thought of," said a senior AMC official.TOI
Naroda Gam riot: SIT court to watch video of sting operation where accused admit to killing Muslims
Ahmedabad: A special SIT court in Ahmedabad which is hearing the 2002 Naroda Gam massacre case will watch the video of a sting operation, carried out by investigative journalist Ashish Khetan and related to the post-Godhra riots.Judge PB Desai said that on Monday, he will watch, in open court, the CD of 'Operation Kalank', a report on which was published by the Tehelka magazine in its 7 Nov.,2002 issue. Footage from the sting operation was also aired by some news channels.The court said it wants to see the video to ascertain which parts of it may be considered as evidence pertaining to the Naroda Gam riot case.The video of the sting operation purportedly shows Babu Bajrangi, a former Bajrang Dal activist and an accused in the Naroda Gam case, stating in gory detail how he and his associates killed Muslim men and women during the riots. Khetan is one of the witnesses in the present case. He has already been examined by the court. PTI
Sohrabuddin case: Trial to begin next week
Mumbai: In Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case, the CBI has submitted a list of witnesses to be examined in the first phase of the trial. The special CBI court has issued summons to the witnesses to remain present as per the dates on which they are expected to depose. During the hearing last week, CBI submitted a list of 26 witnesses they will be examining.The court has framed charges including murder, criminal conspiracy and destruction of evidence against 22 accused. Bombay High Court has restrained the trial court from framing charges against IPS officer Vipul Aggarwal while it hears his appeal against the court’s order rejecting his discharge application.Of the total 38 accused initially named by the CBI, 15 including BJP chief Amit Shah were either discharged or dropped by the court. Indianexpress
‘Boycott of Dalits’: Gujarat HC seeks Mehsana Collector’s reply
Ahmedabad:A Division Bench of the Gujarat High Court, led by Chief Justice R Subhash Reddy, on Wednesday directed the Mehsana Collector to file a reply on a PIL alleging boycott of Dalits by upper caste villagers at Nandali village in the district. According to petition, filed by Babubhai Shankarbhai Senma, a Dalit, the upper caste villagers, mostly Rajputs, have blocked his family and relatives from accessing public water, shops and flour mill among others since April 2016.“Dalits have been meted out with the most loathsome and inhumane treatment from Rajput Darbars, more so because the petitioner even served as Sarpanch of Nandali Miyasna Juth gram panchayat from 2002 to 2007. This assertion of his rights despite being the lower caste has been an irritant to the eyes of the high and the mighty of the village,” the petition stated. Indianexpress
Govt to reintroduce bill to grant National Commission for Backward Classes constitutional status:PTI
New Delhi:Govt  will reintroduce a bill to grant constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes in the Lok Sabha in the forthcoming winter session, top Govt  officials said on Thursday. The move will make NCBC a constitutional body with full powers to safeguard the rights and interests of OBCs, the officials said. “Govt  is committed to ensuring equity and social justice to Other Backward Classes and has decided to take up the bill in the forthcoming session of Parliament,” an official said.The proposed legislation is seen as a major push by BJP to consolidate OBC votes in its favour. Responding to a long-felt demand from all categories of OBCs, Govt had introduced the bill to grant constitutional status to the NCBC – on par with the National Commissions for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes – in the last parliament session, officials said.The proposed Constitutional amendment bill was first introduced and passed in the Lok Sabha.Rajya Sabha then passed the bill but with certain amendments. This resulted in two different versions of the bill being passed by the 2 houses. Therefore, bill will now have to be reintroduced in Lok Sabha.
Maoist papers show how note ban didn’t hurt them
Raipur:While the BJP-led Govt s at the Centre and state have claimed that demonetisation hit Maoist finances, documents recovered from the site of an encounter in Abhujmaad on Nov. 7 show that they successfully exchanged demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes adding up to Rs 2 lakh.D M Awasthi, Special Director General, Anti-Naxal Operations, Chhattisgarh, confirmed to The Indian Express that at least 20 pages of handwritten accounts, spanning several years, were recovered after the encounter in the jungles of Abhujmaad in Narayanpur district on Nov. 7 in which six Maoists were reported to have been killed. A postscript in the ‘balance sheet’, maintained by the Nelnar area janatana sarkar (“local Govt ”), for 2017 states: “Note bandi ke dauran 2 lakh jama kiya manta (Deposited 2 lakh during note ban).” While the year’s total expenditure has been put at Rs 46,720, there is a line which says that a sewing machine worth Rs 16,000 was damaged during an attack by security forces.The handwritten ‘balance sheets’, for 2013 to 2017, include sub-heads like expenditure incurred by the “vikas shakha”, “raksha shakha”, “school sanskriti shakha”, “jan sampark shakha” and so on. There are separate pages on expenditure incurred on “community infrastructure”, such as building of wells and small checkdams as well. Indianexpress
2 students in Kashmir booked for not standing up during National Anthem
Jammu:An FIR has been registered against two students of Badshah University in J&K’s Rajouri district for allegedly disrespecting the national anthemThe two students did not stand up when the National Anthem was being sung at a function at Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University on Wednesday where J&K  Governor NN Vohra was the chief guest, District Magistrate Shahid Iqbal Choudhary told PTI.“We have taken cognisance of the incident of disrespect of the National Anthem by two students of Badshah University yesterday”, he said. “Disciplinary action will follow. Law will take its own course”, he said and added that a report has been sought from university authorities.PTI
1ST time stone pelters: J&K govt starts withdrawing cases
Srinagar:A day after the Centre asked J&K Govt  to withdraw cases against youths found involved in stone pelting for the first time, CM  Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday said her Govt  has started withdrawing the cases. After the killing of Burhan Wani, thousands of cases were registered against stone-pelters across Valley.Earlier also, several cases were registered in connection with stone pelting.Of these, 4,500 cases were registered against those who were found involved in stone pelting or other incidents for first time. indianexpress
Shimla: Army Colonel arrested for raping daughter of junior officer, sent to police custody
Chandigarh:A 56-year-old Army colonel was arrested Wednesday on charges of raping the daughter of a lieutenant colonel posted at the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) in Shimla.The serving Army officer was produced in court today and was remanded to police custody until Nov. 25.A friend of his is also accused of raping her.The victim was allegedly raped at the colonel's residence on Monday. She filed a complaint on the same day, PTI reported. indiatoday
Tripura commandant held, editor says reporter killed for exposing his corruption
Agartala:A day after Sudip Datta Bhowmik (52), a senior reporter with Syandan Patrika, was shot, allegedly by a constable of 2nd Tripura State Rifles (TSR), his editor claimed that he was killed because he had written a series of reports on “financial irregularities and corruption cases” involving TSR Commandant Tapan Debbarma. According to police, Bhowmik had also reported on Debbarma’s “extramarital affair”.“He was called by Tapan Debbarma, 2nd TSR Commandant, and murdered in cold blood. Sudip’s only crime was that he had exposed a number of financial irregularities and corruption cases in which Debbarma was involved,” alleged Subal Kumar Dey, editor and owner of Syandan Patrika. Debbarma, a senior Tripura Police Service (TPS) officer (1998-batch)waiting for an IPS nomination, was arrested on Wednesday morning. He and his personal guard, Nanda Reang, who was arrested on Tuesday, have been sent to 10 days police custody.indianexpress
Discharge from new bio-toilets on Indian trains no better than raw sewage: Study
A new kind of toilet using bacteria to break down human excreta has been deployed in Indian trains over the last four years at a cost of Rs 1,305 crore, but this toilet is no better than a septic tank, the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, has concluded after a two-year long study.As many as 93,537 “bio-digesters” – as the toilets are called – have been installed in mainline express and mail trains by the Indian Railways. These are small-scale sewage-treatment systems beneath the toilet seat: Bacteria in a compost chamber digest human excreta, leaving behind water and methane. Only the water, disinfected later, is let out on the tracks.However, sanitation experts and various studies – including commissioned by the railways – have pointed out that most of the new “bio-toilets” on Indian trains are ineffective or ill maintained and the water discharged no better than raw sewage.“Our tests have found that the organic matter (human waste) collecting in the bio-digesters do not undergo any kind of treatment,” IIT professor Ligy Philip, who headed the latest study, told IndiaSpend. “Like in the septic tanks, these bio-digesters accumulate slush (human excreta mixed with water).”IIT study on bio-toilets, shared exclusively with IndiaSpend, was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and submitted last week to the Union ministry of urban affairs. IndiaSpend/ the wire
Prashant Bhushan’s affidavit in SC makes explosive revelations on CBI’s special director, Rakesh Asthana
Lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Wednesday made stunning revelations around the already questionable integrity of the CBI’s special director, Rakesh Asthana. In his additional affidavit submitted before the Supreme Court, Bhushan said that Asthana’s ‘arbitrary’ appointment as the Special Director to CBI was illegal and ‘in violation of the principle of impeccable integrity and institutional integrity as laid down by this Hon’ble Court.’The affidavit also highlights several new facts that have not existed in the public domain up until now. They include the Special CBI Director’s association with the company, Sterling Biotech, which has been under an investigation by his own agency- CBI- and how its owners, Sandesaras, had hosted a wedding party of Asthana’s daughter in Nov. 2016.Bhushan’s affidavit claimed that certain critical information had come to the ‘possession of the counsel for the petitioner after the instant petition was filed, the petitioner would like to place it on record for the kind consideration of this Hon’ble court since it has a bearing on the issues raised in the instant writ petition, and further substantiates the grounds raised in the writ petition.’It said that the petitioner had opposed the appointment of Asthana as Special Director, CBl since his name appeared in ‘Diary 2011’ that was ‘seized’ by the Income Tax  Department during the raid on Sterling Biotech and Sandesara Group of Companies on 28 June 2011.It said, “In this regard, CBI has already filed 2 FlRs dated 30.08.2017 and 25.10.2017 against officials of the Income Tax Department, owners of Sterling Biotech/ Sandesara Group, their CA and other public servants and private persons. As per FIR dated 30.08.2017, ‘Documents seized revealed that the Sandesara group had been acting as a depository for receiving funds on behalf of persons including public servants and for further delivery to them at the place of convenience. The evidence collected by Income Tax Dept showed corruption of various public servants including three senior IRS officials.’ “jantakareporter
Modi Govt  Cuts Planned Funding for National Health Mission By Almost 20%:Reuters
https://thewire.in/199303/modi-Govt -lowers-planned-funding-national-health-mission-almost-20/
New Delhi: India has approved a three-year budget for its flagship public health programme almost 20% lower than what the health ministry said was needed, according to sources and previously unreported Govt documents reviewed by Reuters. The federal finance ministry in August renewed the National Health Mission with $20 billion of funding between 2017-20, against the health ministry’s estimated requirement of $25 billion, the documents showed.Officials familiar with the plan said the finance ministry reduced planned funding because of other spending priorities and because of state Govt s’ poor track record of spending the health budgets they’ve been allotted in the past.The finance and health ministries did not respond to several requests for comment.National Health Mission is one of the world’s largest health programmes and forms the backbone of public services in India. It provides everything from free drugs to immunisation services to millions of rural poor.PM  Narendra Modi’s Govt  has hiked federal funding for the overall health budget this year as part of a plan to improve care and meet a 2025 goal of raising health expenditure to 2.5% of GDP from the current 1.15%.National Health Mission typically accounts for about half of the federal health budget and officials said the lower spending approval would make achieving the Govt ’s 2025 target more difficult.After focusing on maternal and child health for years, the programme had planned to broaden its priorities to tackle the rising threat of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Faced with the lower funding, the health ministry has reduced its three-year allocation to tackle NCDs such as cancer and diabetes to $1.4 billion, close to half of the estimated need of $2.4 billion, the documents showed.
NHRC notice to UP Govt  on police encounters
http://www.hindustantimes.com/lucknow/nhrc-notice-to-up-Govt -on-police-encounters/story-LJ2uxh8a6JDfsj7EuBUDuI.html
Lucknow: NHRC has sought a reply from the UP Govt  on the recent encounters.Taking suo moto notice of news reports of 19 criminals killed and 89 others injured in 433 police encounters published in newspapers, NHRC has asked the state’s chief secretary Rajive Kumar to send a report on them. NHRC has also objected to alleged statements made by senior politicians of the ruling party and the Govt  saying that criminals would either be behind bars or killed in encounters. HT
AMU scholar receives WHO award for work on mental disorders
Aligarh:  AMU Phd student from the university's Department of Psychology, Faisal Hassan Rizvi has been conferred with a special 'Research-Award' by World Health Organisation (WHO) for his research on 'Psycho-Social impacts of mental disorders in India: Emergent needs of evidence based approach for public health'.Mr Rizvi received the award during 17th Pacific Basin Consortium Conference in New Delhi. The conference was jointly organised by Public Health Foundation of India and East West Centre, Hawaii, USA.Rizvi was awarded after a panel found his research as an important breakthrough towards the intersections of mental health and public health based upon evidences being translated into policy. ndtv
Now, wife of AMU PRO alleges torture by husband
Agra: Close on the heels of registration of cases of harassment under Domestic Violence Act and under Dowry Prohibition Act against an AMU prof Khalid Bin Yusuf Khan, another varsity official, Omar Peerzada, is in the dock, as his wife has accused him of "mentally and physically" harassing him for dowry. Aligarh police is all set to register a case against Peerzada, who works as PRO at AMU, following a complaint of dowry harassment filed by his wife.Saleha Zaini, wife of Peerzada filed a police complaint accusing him of “mentally and physically” tormenting him and deserting her. She also alleged that Peerzada had “deprived” her and their two children of everything and was making life difficult for them. When contacted, Peerzada said, “The matter is at a mediation centre. The issue is private, subjudice, personal and matrimonial. I am not aware of any complaint against me on this." timesofindia
Many in Bihar ready to slit Modi’s throat, chop his hands: Rabri Devi
Rabri Devi has said that many people in Bihar were ready to “slit the throat” and “chop” the hands and fingers of PM  Narendra Modi.Speaking at a public rally on Tuesday, Devi was reacting to Bihar BJP chief Nityanand Rai’s statement that fingers raised at PM  Narendra Modi will either be “broken or chopped off”.“I challenge them to cut (hands), there are many people in Bihar who are ready to cut the hands and fingers of PM Modi and slit his throat,” she said in Hindi. Opposition RJD and Congress had slammed Rai for his remarks and said that the statement has exposed the “mindset” of BJP. thestatesman
Palestinian Fatah, Hamas agree on elections in 2018
Palestinian factions led by Fatah and Hamas have agreed to hold general elections no later than at the end of 2018, as part of the latest round of reconciliation talks held in Cairo.In a statement released after the conclusion of the talks on Wednesday, representatives of the factions urged the Central Election Commission to complete preparations for the presidential and legislative elections by the end of next year.Other major points agreed to were the activation of the now mostly defunct PLO as the true representative body for the Palestinian people, and ending the suffering of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who have been living under a blockade for more than a decade.In addition to the Fatah and Hamas movements, the Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine participated in the two-day Cairo meetings.Fatah's national relations commissioner, Azzam al-Ahmad said that the Palestinian Authority would need regulations to manage the Gaza Strip."Palestinian security forces must be united, and steer clear of names such as 'the weapon of the resistance'," he told Wafa Agency. "We recognise that security is a complex issue and hence we do not discuss it to the media." aljazeera
Arab nations blockading Qatar expand blacklist; 2 Islamic organisations, 11 individuals added to list
2 Islamic organisations and 11 individuals have been added to an existing "terror list" drawn up by 4 Arab nations that are blockading Qatar, claiming the entities and individuals are supported by Doha. State-run Saudi Press Agency issued a joint statement by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE on Thursday, saying the quartet's move was taken "in light of their commitment to fighting terrorism, drying up their sources of funding, combating extremist ideology…and its promotion". The two organisations that were added to the blacklist were the International Union of Muslim Scholars, headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and the International Islamic Council for Da'wah and Relief." 2 listed entities are terrorist organisations working to promote terrorism through the exploitation of Islamic discourse and its use as a cover to facilitate various terrorist activities," the statement read."The Individuals also have carried out various terrorist operations in which they have received direct Qatari support at various levels, including providing them with passports and assigning them to Qatari institutions with a charitable appearance to facilitate their movement," it further read.11 individuals include the director of relief and international development at the Qatar Red Crescent, Khaled Nazem Diab, Bahraini dissident Hassan Ali Mohammed Juma Sultan, and acting general leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Ezzat.It also includes Muslim Brotherhood leader Alaa Ali Al Samahi, and Egyptian dissidents such as Qadri Mohamed Fahmy Mahmoud Sheikh.A Qatari national, Mohammed Suleiman Al-Haydar, is among the new entries, while some of the other additions are from Egypt, Libya and Somalia.The countries said Qatari authorities have not "taken effective action to stop terrorist activity", and reaffirmed their commitment to establish "security in the region".In a separate development on late on Wednesday, Qatari PM  Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani said that the ongoing Gulf crisis' objective was to "intervene" in Qatar's internal affairs. aljazeera
Saudi-led bloc adds scholars’ union to terror list
Egypt imposes entry visas on Qatari citizens
Egypt is reported to be imposing the need for visas to Qatari citizens starting Thursday, official journal says.The decision, which was published in the official journal, was approved by the Egyptian Interior Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry.Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa also ordered the imposition of visas on visitors from Qatar on October 30th.World Bulletin
Report: Detained Saudi princes face prison if they do not give up their wealth
Saudi princes and officials who were arrested in the Kingdom’s mass purge could face trial and jail terms at the Kingdom’s maximum security prison, Al-Ha’ir, if they do not give up their financial assets, the Wall Street Journal quoted a Saudi source as saying.“Some detainees have succumbed to pressure and could be released on probation and imposed house arrest until funds are transferred from their accounts,” the paper said.According to the paper, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman who leads the anti-corruption campaign is personally supervising the negotiations with the detainees and has become a regular visitor to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh where they are being held.“Bin Salman travels with a few trusted advisers and spends several hours in each visit, according to a Saudi official,” paper said. middleeastmonitor
Saudi arrests second richest man in kingdom
Saudi authorities have arrested Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi a duel national with Saudi and Ethiopian citizen and is reportedly the second richest Saudi, after Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. While bin Talal’s arrest has gained most media attention. Al-Amoudi’s arrest is especially important because it could potentially destabilize the economy of an entire country, according to Middle East Eye.Al-Amoudi, who is also known as “the Sheikh”, has invested in almost every sector of Ethiopia’s economy, including hotels, agriculture and astrology.According to a leaked diplomatic cable from 2008 “Sheikh’s influence on Ethiopian economy cannot be underestimated.”middleeastmonitor
Egypt detains 29 suspected Brotherhood members on charges they spied for Turkey
 Cairo: Egyptian prosecutors have ordered the detention for two weeks of 29 suspected members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood on charges they spied for Turkey.A prosecution statement today says the 29 illegally facilitated international calls made by people in Egypt through Turkish-based servers offered at discounted charges.The statement accuses them of then eavesdropping on the calls to gather information on conditions in Egypt that they passed onto Turkish intelligence. The money earned from the calls was allegedly also used to set up media platforms outside Egypt that used the information to spread fake news and rumours to incite Egyptians against their Govt . outlookindia

Russia, Iran and Turkey agree to hold 'Syrian congress'
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his Iranian and Turkish counterparts have supported a proposal to hold a "Syrian people's congress" that will bring together Govt  and opposition figures.The Russian leader on Wednesday hosted Hassan Rouhani and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, just as some Syrian opposition groups met in Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, ahead of UN-sponsored talks in Geneva. "The congress will look at the key questions on Syria's national agenda," Putin told reporters at the summit  in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, sitting alongside Rouhani and Erdogan. "First of all, that is the drawing-up of a framework for the future structure of the state, the adoption of a new constitution, and, on the basis of that, the holding of elections under UN supervision."congress is expected to also take place in Sochi ahead of the next round of Geneva talks on Nov. 28. aljazeera
Syrian opposition in Riyadh: Assad has to go
Syrian opposition groups meeting in Saudi Arabia have renewed their demand for the removal of President Bashar al-Assad in a draft resolution obtained by Al Jazeera. The groups said that a solution to the war in Syria can only be achieved with the departure of Assad at the start of the transitional period - a position held by the Syrian opposition since the start of the war, now in its seventh year."The participants agreed that the goal of the political settlement is to establish a state based on the principle of citizenship, which enables the Syrians to draft their constitution without interference and to choose their leaders through free, fair and transparent elections in which the Syrians participate inside and outside Syria under the supervision of the UN," the draft reads. aljazeera
Myanmar, Bangladesh sign Rohingya return deal
Bangladesh and Myanmar have signed a deal for the return of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees, who have taken shelter in the border town of Cox's Bazar after a brutal crackdown by military.Myanmar's foreign ministry confirmed the signing of the agreement on Thursday, without releasing further details. "We are ready to take them back as soon as possible after Bangladesh sends the forms back to us," said Myint Kyaing, permanent secretary at Myanmar's immigration ministry, referring to registration forms the Rohingya must complete with personal details before repatriation.Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler, reporting from Yangon, said the deal was the result of international pressure on Myanmar, which has been mounting steadily."For Myanmar it's very important because it is showing some progress on this Rohingya crisis," Heidler said.The deal comes after Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi met with Bangladesh's foreign minister to resolve one of the biggest refugee crisis of modern times. aljazeera
Diphtheria in Yemen: More than 100 infected, 14 deaths
With Yemen's hospitals close to collapse and famine imminent, aid agencies are pleading for a complete lifting of Saudi-led coalition's blockade.Yemen is suffering the world's worst cholera epidemic - and now doctors are warning of an outbreak of the potentially fatal diphtheria virus.The WHO says that says the disease is spreading quickly and doctors in Yemen are warning that the blockade is preventing essential medical supplies from entering the country. aljazeera
British man : 'I was out to kill a Muslim'
A British man who tried to find and kill Muslims with a 10-inch knife has been put behind bars for two years and three months, a police statement said Wednesday.The 24-year-old Mickey Sage pleaded guilty to a single count of threatening a person with a knife in a public place and accepted that the incident was religiously aggravated.Sage stopped and asked people with the large knife in his hand if they were Muslim in the early hours of June 7, days before a "terror" attack killed a Muslim worshipper near Finsbury Park. aljazeera
Phillipine, Indian Muslim figures slam terrorism
Istanbul : Terrorist organizations are targeting youth to bring them into their ranks, the chairman of Philippines' Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) said.Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, who leads what was once the largest Muslim rebel group in the southern Philippines, said young people were being tricked into joining groups such as Daesh.Ebrahim, who was in Istanbul last week for a two-day international congress of Muslim communities, also criticized radical groups as extensions of terrorist organizations.Arif Ali Thottancheri, vice president of India's Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said Muslim youths have often been considered potential terrorists in India."In India, eating cow meat and beef is a crime. Muslim youth can be beaten to death just because they consume beef,” Thottancheri said.“We see that the situation is not different from other countries, especially those where Muslims are in minority.” Anadolu agency
After Violence and NSA Charges, Caste Lines Are Deeper Than Ever in Saharanpur: Kabir Agarwal, the wire
UGC’s audit report on AMU demonstrates its ignorance of law: Faizan Mustafa
A shocking silence hangs over allegations about the death of Sohrabuddin case judge: Rohan Venkataramakrishnan
Judge Loya’s Death: 13 Questions That Remain Unanswered:Vakasha Sachdev
New legislation on triple talaq should focus on Muslim women's rights rather than criminalising practice: Deya Bhattacharya
Sadat to Salman: Israel at the expense of Palestine: Marwan Bishara

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