18 November 2017

18 Nov.ND: Moody's rating: Don't be lured into false belief: Manmohan/ Moody's upgrades for India vindicates Modi’s economic policies, rating should have gone 2 notches higher: experts

18 Nov.2017: 28 Safar 1439:Vol:9, No:50
Moody's rating upgrade for India: Don't be lured into false belief: Manmohan
New Delhi: NDA Govt should not be "lured into false belief" that the economy is out of the wood, former PM  Manmohan Singh said today, reacting to the Moody's upgradation of India's sovereign credit rating.US-based agency upped India's rating to Baa2 from Baa3 and changed its rating outlook to 'stable' from 'positive', saying the reforms will help stabilise rising levels of debt."I am glad that Moody's has done what they have done but we must not be, I think, lured into false belief that we are out of the woods," he said, reacting to a query on Moody's rating, here. The economy needed strong purposeful guidance to move forward at the rate which the Govt itself says they want the country to move eight to 10 % , Singh said. His comments came in the wake of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley terming the Moody's upgrading India's sovereign rating after 13 years as "belated recognition" of reforms undertaken.Singh also cautioned that the soaring prices of the crude oil could "hurt the fiscal system" of the country."Now the crude oil prices are USD 62-64 whereas few months ago, they were about 40-45. So it can hurt balance of payment. It can also hurt the fiscal system as well," Singh said.Asked how different he would have implemented GST, Singh said there was "undue haste" in implementing the new taxation system and blamed the bureaucracy for its lack of preparedness."Both in administration and implementation, I think there is much to be desired and the very fact that the council has met so many times, they have now reduced rates of 211 items." That showed that there was undue haste in implementation and bureaucracy had not done its homework, he said.PTI
Moody's Rating Goes Against People's Mood: Kapil Sibal
New Delhi: Congress leader Kapil Sibal said the upgradation of India's rating by US credit rating agency Moody's was not in sync with the "mood of the people"."Contrast the mood at Moody's with the mood of the people. While you bask under their upgrade worry about livelihood millions have lost," Sibal said in a tweet."Moody's talks about sunshine tomorrow. We are worried about the dark clouds today," he said..IANS
Chidambaram mocks govt’s sudden love for Moody’s, says Modi regime had flayed its methodology some months ago
Mumbai:A day after Moody’s upgraded India’s sovereign rating to Baa2 from Baa3 with a stable outlook, former finance minister P Chidambaram on Saturday mocked the Narendra Modi-led central Govt ’s sudden love for the global credit rating agency, saying that the present dispensation had flayed the rating methodology only a few months ago.“Just some months ago, Govt  had said the Moody’s methodology was all wrong… A long letter was written by Shaktikanta Das (ex-economic affairs secretary) questioning Moody’s ratings methodology, saying they’ve to revise their methodology as it’s all wonky,” Chidambaram said.The Congress leader said the same agency and Govt  had projected growth at 6.7 %  for current financial year. “It was 8%  in 2015-16, 7.1%  in 2016-17 and will be 6.7 %  in 2017-18. Is that North or South, you conclude,” he said.
Moody's rating: Yechury slams Modi govt, says country lags behind in various global indices
CPI(M) general-secretary Sitaram Yechury said there was nothing to celebrate about the Moody's upgrading India's sovereign credit rating as the country 'lags' behind in all parameters of other global indices.He also criticised the Narendra Modi-led Govt  for delaying the winter session of the parliament and said these were the 'signs' that it was not willing to face the House." Govt is trying to represent the upgradation of India's ranking by Moody's rating agency as a sign of progress. But what is this rating all about? This rating tells us in which country the industrialists and investors will have more profit," he said at a party programme here.PTI
Moody’s Boost to Modi: What We Should and Shouldn’t Celebrate:A K Bhattacharya
India’s highest credit rating in decades makes Modi’s job harder: Bloomberg
Moody's upgrades for India vindicates Modi’s economic policies, rating should have gone 2 notches higher: experts
Moody’s withdraws Reliance Communications' credit rating after missed payment
Mumbai:Rating agency Moody’s said it has withdrawn its credit rating on Reliance Communications, as it considers the Indian telecom operator to be in default for missing an interest payment on its bonds that was due last week.Debt-laden Reliance Communications posted a fourth straight quarterly loss last week and said it had failed to pay interest on some debentures, sending its shares tumbling.“Moody’s has withdrawn the ratings as a missed scheduled payment of either interest or principal is considered a default under Moody’s definitions,” the rating agency said in a note.Reuters
Reliance Communications and Aircel lash out at rivals for causing them 'irreparable damage' with false advertising
Survey by Pew Research on Modi’s popularity is a ‘con job.’ Here’s how!jantakareporter
On Thursday, a large section of the Indian media went ballistic in carrying stories based on a so-called survey by the US-based Pew Research, which said that 9 out of 10 Indians had favourable opinion of PM  Narendra Modi.Seldom does one see a democratically elected leader enjoying 90% approval rating anywhere in the world unless he or she has followed the path of what General Pervez Musharraf did in Pakistan in 1999 or what General Al-Sisi orchestrated in Egypt in 2013. In both cases, military dictators contested elections after overthrowing their democratically elected Govt s with the help of military and subsequently declared themselves winners by more than 90% vote share.Soon after overthrowing Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif Govt , Musharraf opted for a controversial referendum in 2002. Astonishingly, more than 97% Pakistanis ‘extended’ their support to him. Atleast that’s what Musharraf claimed. Likewise, Al-Sisi too ‘won’ 96.1% vote share in 2014 when he ran for Egypt’s presidency post jailing of his former boss Mohammad Morsi through a coup.Pew Research has sensationally placed Modi into the same league. But should you care about it at all the same way a section of the Indian media – TV channels and newspapers alike- did on Thursday morning? The answer is PLEASE NO. That’s because, as rightly termed by the Trinamool’s Derek O’Brien, the exercise is nothing more than a ‘con job.’Just because PM  Modi has tweeted the ‘survey’ as a badge of honour, it doesn’t mean the fake publicity exercise automatically acquires credence.The imaginary survey by Pew reportedly spoke to just 2,464 respondents in India between 21 February and 10 March this year. At least that’s what the agency claimed when it went berserk on Twitter on Wednesday evening (India time) and posted more than two dozens of tweets highlighting several aspects to illustrate just how popular Modi was ahead of the Gujarat assembly polls.It is simply ludicrous to assume that one can predict the mood of India, a country of 1.25 billion population, by speaking to just 2,464 people. That is, if Pew indeed spoke to even 2,464 people. It looks more like a case of Pew taking the mickey out of an average Indian’s intelligence or the American agency being funded to publish insanely favourable headlines for Modi ahead of Gujarat elections.
India Abstains From Voting on UN Rohingya Resolution
Colombo: India on Thursday abstained from voting on a UN Committee’s resolution on human rights situation in Myanmar in regard to the Rohingya Muslim minority. Among the 26 countries which abstained along with India, were Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Japan.China and the Russian Federation were among ten countries which voted against the resolution. China and the Russian Federation are against any form of UN international intervention directed by the West in the internal affairs of Myanmar and other developing countries. China and Russia are “crusaders” for the cause of “national sovereignty” with the West using human rights as an instrument to intervene in other countries which do not fall in line with its policies. China and Russia want Myanmar and Bangladesh to settle the refugee issue bilaterally rather than bring in third parties to settle the dispute.However, the resolution was carried with 135 voting for. Countries which supported the resolution included Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Maldives and Afghanistan. Bangladesh voted for it obviously because it is bearing the brunt of the Rohingya Muslim refugee problem with 600,000 new entrants since August 25 adding to a backlog 400,000. Pakistan, Maldives and Afghanistan voted for because they are Islamic countries in sympathy with fellow Muslim Rohingyas persecuted Myanmar’s Buddhist majority.Third Committee’s draft resolution, which will be put before the General Assembly in December, called upon Myanmar to end military operations that had "led to the systematic violation and abuse of human rights" of Rohingya Muslims in the country's Rakhine state. It urged Myanmar to grant access to UN fact finding teams and called for full and unhindered humanitarian aid access to Rakhine State. It also asked Myanmar to grant full citizenship rights to the Rohingyas and urged U.N. Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to appoint a Special Envoy to negotiate with Myanmar. thecitizen
Mumbai: Massive protest against new Haj policy, Naqvi accused of working for Private Tour Operators
Mumbai: Accusing Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi of working as “agent” of Private Tour Operators (PTOs), Muslims led by Congress MLA Asif Shaikh on Friday staged a massive protest at Mumbai’s Haj House.Following the protest which started soon after Friday afternoon prayers, Haj Committee of India CEO Maqsood Khan rushed to meet the protestors and promised to address their grievances on priority basis.The protesters however were not convinced and demanded immediate restoration of the earlier Haj policy for Haj 2018.According to the new Haj Policy, draft of which was presented to the govt for consideration in the last month, the Govt  has allowed woman pilgrims without mehram – a male close relative.The new policy has also dropped the exception from Qurrah – draw to select the final list of Haj pilgrims, the applicants who are applying for the last 4 years. In addition to this, the govt has also agreed to increase by 05% the quota of PTOs, the protestors said.“There is no sense or logic in increasing the quota of PTOs when number of people willing to perform Haj through Haj Committee of India exceeds far more than its own quota”, Asif Shaikh, Congress MLA from Malegaon who was leading the protest, said.“It seems Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi is working as agent of PTOs. I smell a large scale corruption behind the decision. There is definitely something in the new Haj Policy which should be probed”, he alleged.Asif Shaikh also demanded immediate restoration of exception granted to those applying consecutively for the last four years. He also demanded from the Haj Committee of India to drop the idea of allowing woman pilgrims without Mehram.“This is against Islamic principles and Shariah, and Govt  has already been informed about this. Despite the reservation stated by the community on the issue, the govt is enforcing such things”, Asif Shaikh said.ummid.com
Idea of nationalism almost non-existent in Islam: Union minister Giriraj
Bhopal:Union minister Giriraj Singh has raked up a controversy saying that the idea of nationalism is almost non-existent in Islam.Addressing a gathering in Bhopal, Singh said that the meaning of nationalism is different in Islam.“When we talk about nationalism we imply patriotism. In Urdu the meaning of nationalism is different and it is termed as Kombiat.As per encyclopedia of Islam the Komb does not relate to nation but people who are of same community. Therefore, in Islam the idea of nationalism is almost non-existent. Many people may not agree with my opinion,” he said.He further urged the future generation to not forget the Indian culture.The Minister pitched for pitched for nationalism while saying, “nationalism is not only about politics or acre of land.”ANI
Babri case: Sri Sri meets AIMPLB's Khalid Rasheed
Lucknow: Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Friday reached Lucknow's Aishbagh Eidgah to meet AIMPLB member Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali. Art of Living founder said, "We both agree that we have to build the bridge between the two communities. We have to create a friendly atmosphere of belongingness and togetherness so that we can solve all the issues of the country."He added that there was really no conflict between these Hindu and Islamic communities as they have been living together for centuries."We have to take forward the idea of brotherhood through the talk. We all respect the law, but the law cannot connect the hearts of people. A law will remain a law and people will have to follow it but what is important is that the feeling of togetherness and harmony has to come from within. That will remain forever," the spiritual guru said.He added that the leaders of both the communities were trying their best to make ends meet."One thing which I can foresee from this discussion is nation's betterment. But we all should have patience as it may take time," Sri Sri said. Khalid Rasheed said the two leaders held discussions on how to bring these two communities together and spread communal harmony in the entire nation."We are thankful to Sri Sri for teaching people to live their lives in an orderly manner. The important thing is to erase internal disputes between these two communities in order to take the nation towards a path of peace and development. I believe if the leaders of these two communities keep on meeting on regular intervals then all the issues will be solved eventually," he added.ANI
Babri Masjid: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar meets Sunni cleric, says "we have to build bridges"
Darul Uloom not willing to meet Ravishankar
Lucknow: Darul Uloom at Deoband has rejected a proposal to meet Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar to find a solution to the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute.According to reports, the Islamic seminary was contacted by PMO to find out if it supported the efforts by Ravishankar to resolve the dispute through negotiations.But the seminary, located in UP 's Saharanpur district, made it clear that it was with the AIMPLB on this issue.A senior cleric of the seminary said that no purpose would be solved by meeting Ravishankar as the stand of the seminary on the Ayodhya issue was the same as that of the AIMPLB."A meeting with Ravishankar at this juncture may send a wrong message and create unnecessary confusion," the cleric added. deccanherald
BJP is using Sri Sri as a 'pawn' in Ram temple dispute: SP's Vidyarthi
Ballia: Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, working to find an amicable solution to the Ram Temple dispute, is being used as a "pawn" by the BJP to polarise the Hindu vote bank, a senior SP leader said on Saturday.With the Supreme Court set to begin the hearing in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute in Ayodhya from 5 December, Ravi Shankar has offered to mediate in the issue."Ravi Shankar is a pawn of the BJP, which has realised that people have come to know the reality of its jugglery on development. They have tried to rake up the Ram temple issue by pushing the spiritual guru in the front to polarise the Hindu vote bank," Samajwadi Party national general secretary Ramashankar Vidyarthi said.PTI
Won’t surrender our claim, say Muslim litigants
Delhi HC seeks Centre's response on plea against title 'Shahi Imam'
Delhi High Court has issued a notice to the Ministry of Minority Affairs after an application was filed seeking to restrain the Waqf Board from using the title 'Shahi Imam' for Jama Masjid's Imam, Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari.A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar also sought the response of Delhi Waqf Board on the plea which sought to stop the practice of referring imams of the other mosques as'Shahi'. The court's direction came after an application, seeking removal of the title 'Shahi Imam', was moved in pending PILs that sought directions to the authorities to declare the historic Mughal-era Jama Masjid here as a protected monument and remove all encroachments in and around it.The plea, filed by Ajay Gautam, also sought to restrain Syed Ahmed Bukhari and other persons from using the title of 'Shahi Imam', working under the control and supervision of the Delhi Wakf Board for any purpose or business."Shahi Imam means an officer appointed by the shah (emperor). Now, the Delhi Waqf Board is neither appointing a Shahi Imam nor maintaining any such record," the application said.Centre sought more time to place the documents regarding its decision that Jama Masjid should not be declared a protected monument.The bench agreed to this but directed the Centre to positively place the documents on the next date of hearing, i.e, Feb 27.DNA india
Jama Masjid Imam’s Shahi title contested as being unconstitutional
Tell Hindu Girls That Muslim Men are ‘Terrorists’, and Other ‘Lessons’ from an RSS-backed ‘Hindu’ Fair
Jaipur: On paper, 5-day fair organised by the Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation (HSSF) which got underway here on Thursday aims to “philosophically explain and practically expound how Hindu spirituality and traditional Hindu lifestyle provide a solution to contemporary challenges – family and human values, women’s honour, patriotism, environment, ecology and pollution”.Judging by some of the “solutions” on offer, however, the event seems to have served as a platform for Hindutva outfits to share their toxic wares on unsuspecting visitors – including lakhs of students from local Govt  schools, for whom attendance was made compulsory.“The orders (for Govt  schools to bring their students) were given so that the students can be exposed to our rich Hindu culture. What else could be the motive?” Ratan Singh, district education officer, told The Wire.Chennai-based HSSF describes itself as an independent organisation. In reality, it is linked to RSS and its affiliate, the Rashtriya Sewa Bharati. RSS and BJP leaders are among those who lead the foundation’s activities in different parts of the country, though most of the Hindus who attend the fairs they organise do so in the belief that it is a religious event rather than one with any political agenda.“HSSF just provides a platform for organisations engaged with Rashtriya Sewa Bharati to impart services to society. Its ideology is the same as that of the RSS, but the 2 are not linked,” Gunwant Singh Kothari, RSS pracharak and HSSF’s national coordinator, told The Wire.At the fair, the Bajrang Dal was openly distributing pamphlets and manuals on ‘love jihad’ to every female passer-by. When a student refused to accept the pamphlet, calling it “rubbish”, coordinator, Chauthmal Gupta murmured, “These youngsters don’t listen these days.” Thewire
After Padmavati, hall owners not to screen movie on Muzaffarnagar riots
Muzaffarnagar: After controversy hit Bollywood movie 'Padmavati', it is the turn of a movie based on Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013 to trigger protests, with cinema hall owners here voluntarily deciding not to screen it in the face of opposition. 'Muzaffarnagar - The Burning Love' was released on Friday. Even though the administration has not made any moves to curb its screening, cinema hall owners have chosen to exercise caution after protests erupted in the city.In June 2016, 'Shorgul', loosely based on the riots, was also not screened by theatres in Muzaffarnagar fearing riots and communal unrest in the area. 'Muzaffarnagar - Burning Love' produced by Manoj Mandi, resident of Morna village in the district, was shot at various locations here in 2016. Mandi had recreated some incidents from the riots for the film, a source said."It is painful for me that a film, which is about Muzaffarnagar, is not being screened in the district. None of the theatre owners have agreed to screen it. I don't know why. I think the owners are being told by the district administration not to screen it. There is no objectionable content in the film," said Mandi.TOI
After Tipu Jayanti, only a matter of time before Siddaramaiah celebrates Kasab Jayanti: Union Minister
New Delhi:Union Minister Anantkumar Hegde attacked Karnataka CM  and Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Saturday, saying that since the latter had celebrated Tipu Jayanti, it was only a matter of time before he started making people celebrate Ajmal Kasab’s Jayanti. In a statement to ANI, Hegde said:“Siddaramaiah did not celebrate Kittur Chennamma festival but he is busy celebrating Tipu Jayanti.”Criticising the Congress leadership in the state, Hegde said Karnataka has become a safe haven for criminals. He also spoke about immigrants in the state, saying, “There 9 lakh Bangladeshis in Bangalore, you’ll find immigrants in Belgaum, Bijapur, Hubli, Dharwad and even in Kittur. Check under your legs, bombs could have been planted.”Hegde had kicked up a controversy in October last month after he asked not to be invited to the celebrations around Tipu Jayanti. In a letter to Karnataka CM ’s Secretariat and Uttara Kannada Deputy Commissioner, the Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship asked them not to include his name on the list of invitees for the programmes for Tipu Jayanti to be held on Nov.10.Karnataka is set to go to polls in April 2018. The current state Assembly’s tenure ends in May 2018.
My husband forcing me to convert to Islam, has married a younger woman: Former model files complaint
Mumbai: In a dramatic accusation, a former model living in Mumbai’s Bandra area, Rashmi Shahbazker, has filed a complaint with Mumbai police against her husband for domestic violence and of forcing her to convert to Islam.The woman, a Hindu by birth, is married to a Muslim. She had earlier told the media that she was married Asif 12 years ago and he physically abused her several times.She has also alleged she was subjected to physical abuse because she refused to convert to Islam.she said, "He pressurises me, saying that if I don't follow Islam I can't be his wife."The former model further alleged that her husband has married another woman and both were trying to evict her from the house."My husband has recently married a Hindu girl who is half his age. He is now trying to evict me from our marital home. I am facing a serious threat to my life, tortured and assaulted too," she said.She also alleged that her husband and his family have brainwashed their child, saying "Since your mom is not Muslim she is 'Shaitan'."Times Now
Right to life stands on higher pedestal than right to religion: Bombay HC
Mumbai:Observing that the right to life contemplated as a fundamental right under the Constitution stands on a “higher pedestal than the right of religion”, the Bombay High Court recently granted the custody of a minor girl child to her maternal grandmother. The father of the child is Muslim while the mother, who was a Hindu, had converted to Islam after marriage.The child’s paternal and maternal grandmothers were contesting for her custody since her mother has died and her father, accused of killing her, was on death row in UAE.“ Right to live with dignity, right to preserve childhood and the human rights of the child are contemplated within the Fundamental Right to Life under Article 21 of the Constitution. Though the Constitution grants Right to Religion under Article 25, under such circumstances, Article 21 stands on a higher pedestal than the Right of Religion. In fact, all the religions have noble principles and thoughts wherein human dignity is revered. No religion teaches that the child be exposed to vices, dishonesty and falsity,” said Justice Mridula Bhatkar. indianexpress
Gujarat Elections: Video ‘spreading hate’ goes viral, complaint filed with Election Commission
BJP's ongoing election blitzkrieg on social media has sparked off a major controversy in Gujarat as a video with communal overtones surfaced. Human rights activists have taken objection to the advertisement, calling it as an attempt to "polarise citizens" ahead of 2017 Assembly polls. A civil rights group has complained to the Election Commission and the police in this regard on Friday.The group, Human Rights Law Network, has taken objection to the offending advertisement, demanding that it be banned. They have also sought action against the people who have made the video that can hurt sentiments of a minority community. HRLN activist and lawyer Govind Parmar sent the complaint to the Election Commission and the Crime Branch through email. "The video shows people of the majority community being terrified of Muslims. The video has been created to spread hatred against Muslims and polarise the society," Parmar says.It adds, "The advertisement should be removed from the all social media platforms and action should be taken against all characters depicted in the video and its makers." Parmar says, "We have asked the Cyber Crime Cell unit of the Crime Branch and the Chief Election Commissioner to investigate the matter as the advertisement showing Muslims in a bad light." 'Communal tactics' The 1.15-minute long video in Gujarati, which has been widely circulated on social media, propagates that women are safe under BJP reign. ahmedabadmirror
Gujarat elections: Fear-the-Muslim video chills in poll heat
UP  BJP Leader Threatens Muslims, Says Vote For BJP Or Face Difficulties
Flanked by two minister of Yogi Adityanath cabinet on a dais, a local BJP leader in UP  reportedly threatened the Muslims to vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming civic body polls or “face difficulties” – a possible model code of conduct violation. Indian Express reported that while addressing a rally in Nawabganj, BJP leader Ranjeet Kumar Srivastava, who is campaigning for his wife for the upcoming civic polls in Barabanki district, threatened Muslims that if they do not vote for her they should be ready to face difficulties.During his address on Nov.13, Srivastava said, "Agar Ranjeet Sahab ki patni ko tumne vote de kar ke chunav nahi jitaya… To yeh doori jo tum banane ja rahe ho, ab agar yeh doori banegi to tumko Samajwadi Party bachane nahi aayegi. BJP ka shashankaal hai. Jo kasht tumko nahi jhelne pade the, woh kasht tumko uthane pad sakte hain,” said Srivastava. (If you don’t vote for Ranjeet Sahab’s wife and get her elected, then you will distance yourselves and Samajwadi Party won’t come to your rescue. This is the BJP’s reign. You may have to face the difficulties which you did not have to undergo earlier). Two other ministers from the Yogi Adityanath cabinet, Dara Singh Chauhan and Ramapati Shastri, were also present on stage when Srivastava made the remarks during the campaign for the civic body polls which will be held in three phases in the state on Nov. 22, 26, and 29.OUTLOOK
'Vote for BJP, or else...': Party leader threatens Muslims to vote for it or face consequences in UP 's Barabanki
Alwar Killing: Minorities Commission Issues Notice to Rajasthan Govt
http://caravandaily.com/portal/alwar-killing-minorities-commission-issues-notice-rajasthan-Govt /
New Delhi; National Commission for Minorities (NCM) has issued notice to Rajasthan Govt over the brutal murder of dairy farmer Ummar Khan. Ummar, 42, was allegedly shot dead by a gang of self-styled Gau Rakshaks on Friday morning in Alwar district.NCM chairman Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi, through the notice, has sought full details about the incident and action taken against the culprit cow vigilantes. Caravan daily
Rajasthan: Day before Ummar’s burial, wife delivers boy
No truck ferrying paralysed cow due to fear, Meerut woman seeks help from PM Modi, Amit Shah
Lucknow: 24-year-old Jyoti Thakur is in an unusual predicament. Her seven-year-old cow is paralysed and has to be taken to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) in Bareilly for treatment. The problem: Fearing attack by cow vigilantes, no truck driver is ready to ferry the cow from Meerut to Bareilly — a distance of over 200 km.Since November 13, Thakur has been seeking help on Twitter from PM  Narendra Modi, CM  Yogi Adityanath, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Textile Minister Smriti Irani and even BJP president Amit Shah. She is yet to receive a response from any of them. Thakur, an MBA who works at a private firm in Bengaluru, is currently at her native Lala Mohammadpur village in Meerut’s Kankarkheda area.“So far, no one has given me any assurance. We are helpless,” said Thakur, adding that due to the situation, she is not being able to return to Bengaluru. Thakur said that her cow, Moni, fell ill on October 28. Initially, a private veterinary doctor treated Moni and her condition improved. But two days later, she suddenly fell.“She was then treated by doctors of Govt  veterinary hospital at home. After a few days, when there was no significant improvement in her health, the doctors advised us to take Moni to the Bareilly IVRI, as they don’t have facilities for X-ray and any specialised unit,” she added. indianexpress
Israeli PM  to be in India for 3-day visit from Jan 14
New Delhi: Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive in India for a three-day visit on January 14 as the two countries work towards a free trade agreement.The two countries are also working on a proposal for the Heron TP, medium-altitude, long-endurance, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to meet multiple mission needs of the Indian armed forces.Upon his arrival, Netanyahu will be received by PM  Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad, like he did China’s Xi Jinping and Japan’s Shinzo Abe.Netanyahu will be in India till January 16, 2018 and from Gujarat he will travel to New Delhi. Agra is another proposed stopover for Netanyahu, the second Israeli PM  to visit India after Ariel Sharon in 2003. hindustantimes
Door-to-door search near Hyderabad palace ahead of Ivanka’s visit
Hyderabad: Anti-Naxal 'Greyhound' and anti-terror 'Octopus' commandos will be deployed to carry out combing operations and for area domination around Falaknuma Palace on November 27 and the day after for the high profile visit of US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and PM  Narendra Modi.Special Protection Group and US Secret Services are working in tandem to decide on deployment of snipers at vantage points to fortify Falaknuma Palace, the venue of the official dinner.Cops will also conduct door-to-door searches in three colonies in vicinity of Falaknuma — Fathima Nagar, Farooqi Nagar and Al Jubail Colony. The proposed visits of Ivanka to Charminar, Laad Bazar and Chowmahalla Palace are yet to get security clearance. Timesofindia
Assam BJP led govt ‘harassing’ intellectuals, showing ‘dictatorial tendencies’: Congress
Guwahati : BJP-led Govt  headed by Sarbananda Sonowal was harassing a section of intellectuals of the state for recently taking part in a meeting where Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind chief Maulana Syed Arshad Madani had made some controversial remarks, Debabrata Saikia, Leader of the Opposition, alleged here on Saturday.“There is no prima facie evidence of the six intellectuals of the state endorsing or even agreeing with maulana Madani’s comments. (Yet) cases have been registered against them in different police stations,” Saikia, senior leader of the Congress party, in a statement said. Saikia said that prompt decision of the police to interrogate them stood out as a glaring example of BJP-led Govt’s “undemocratic  tendencies”, he said.Saikia’s statement came in the wake of registration of at least 3 FIRs against leading Assam intellectual Hiren Gohain by some individuals accusing him of being party to Maulana Madani’s alleged threat last Monday of creating violence in case names of large number of Muslims were left out of National Register of Citizens (NRC) currently under preparation in Assam. indianexpress
In Assam, National Register of Citizens sparks fresh fears among the state’s minorities:Ipsita Chakravarty
Bareilly: 3 days after ‘hunger death’, sacks of ration fill family’s hut
3 days after a 55-year-old woman died in Bareilly, allegedly due to lack of food even as the authorities deny starvation death, one side of the family’s polythene sheet-covered ramshackle hut at Nai Basti, in Fatehganj area of Bareilly, is stacked with sacks. These are sacks of rice and wheat, delivered on Thursday, 2 days after Sakina died — and days after her younger son, Shamshad, was denied ration at the local PDS shop since she was not present to give her biometric registration in the form of thumb impression.Shamshad, 18, said that the shop owner, Ahmed Navi, asked him to get “ammi (mother)” if they were to receive ration for the month. At home, where most of the space is occupied by two rotten cots and the sacks of ration, Sakina’s husband Mohammed Ishaaq said she was paralytic and could not move. While they earlier took her to the ration shop in a hand-drawn cart for thumb impression formality, she was too ill this time to be moved, Ishaaq said. The family gets 35 kg wheat and rice per month for Rs 85 under the Govt ’s Antyodaya Anna Yojana. Shop owner Navi said, “Ishaaq never told me that his wife cannot move, otherwise I would have got her thumb impression at their home…after all, we also have to complete formalities before distributing ration under the scheme.There are 80 beneficiaries under the Yojana here, and they get regular ration.”While the family said Sakina had not eaten for four days before her death, Bareilly District Magistrate R Vikram Singh told Indian Express on Friday, “There is no doubt that the family is very poor but it is hard to believe that she died of starvation. She died early Tuesday morning, and was buried the same evening. Postmortem could not be conducted to establish the truth (cause of death).”Singh also accused the newspaper that first reported Sakina’s death due to starvation of fabrication. “The news is politically motivated to denigrate the Govt ,” he alleged. To illustrate that the family was not in abject poverty, DM said the family’s bank account — in Sakina’s name — has Rs 4,500.Ishaaq showed a bank passbook, with the last transaction of Rs 500 marked on October 8 and the balance at Rs 567. “I could not withdraw rest of the money since the bank employee told me that some amount has to be left. Or else the account will be closed,” Ishaaq said.Indian Express
Regret RBI decision to not pursue Islamic banking: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq
Srinagar: Moderate Hurriyat Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Friday expressed regret over RBI's decision not to pursue the proposal of introducing Islamic banking in the country.“Govt (is) blinded to the benefits that Islamic banking can bring to its people and overall economy. As per the IMF, Islamic finance assets grew at a double-digit growth rate from $200 US billion in 2003 to $1.8 trillion at the end of 2013 that include non-Muslim countries (like) China, Germany, UK & US,” Mirwaiz said in his Twitter post.Mirwaiz said the people of Kashmir have been demanding Islamic banking for a long time now. “Express regret at Govt of India’s rejection to introduce #IslamiBanking due to its politically motivated religious agenda. #Kashmir has been demanding Islamic banking for a long time to accrue of the benefits of banking as per Islamic law and in turn help the economic growth of J&K,” the separatist leader, who is also the chief preacher of Kashmir, said.PTI
Centre’s fresh dialogue process in J&K will promote interest of Muslim Separatism, alleges Panun
Jammu:Panun Kashmir—an amalgam of Kashmiri Pandits-- on Friday warned Centre about the relapse of dialogue process started in the state recently into a device that will eventually promote the interests of Muslim separatism and fundamentalism. ''If the dialogue processes is based on the same premises and political motivations as that guided the previous team of interlocutors lead by Dileep Padgoankar or Working Group on Centre State relations lead by Justice Sageer, we will witness further bleed of national credibility in the state,’’Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Panun Chairman said. He said that Panun Kashmir wants Centre to realize that autonomy politics in the state, right since the accession of J&K , has been a protracted campaign to promote secessionism and Islamisation.'' Autonomy, self-rule, independence have acted as different stages as well as complimentary ventures for the spread of religious fascist separatism in the state,’’ he said and added that to consider them options of retrieving the situation in J&K  has been a long protracted suicide.UNI
'How many more pieces will you cut India into?': Farooq Abdullah slams BJP
New Delhi: In a blistering attack on the ruling BJP, National Conference president Farooq Abdullah censured its anti-Muslim rhetoric and asked when will they cease to divide India along communal lines. "BJP leaders in UP give speeches and threaten Muslims that if you don't vote for us (BJP), we'll show you... India belongs to everyone, be they Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian. And it is their right to freely vote for whoever they want to. You can't force anyone," Abdullah said at a gathering in Jammu. He was alluding to a viral video in which a BJP leader in UP is heard threatening Muslim constituents to vote for his wife in the upcoming civic polls or face dire consequences. Abdullah then said: "You have made one Pakistan, how many more Pakistans will you make? How many more pieces will you cut India into?"Unperturbed by the criticism of his remarks on Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir, the Kashmiri leader reiterated that the disputed territority belongs to Pakistan and the Indian Govt is wrong to take a tough stance along the border in J&K."Yes, I say it (PoK) belongs to them (Pakistan). Are they (Pakistan) wearing bangles? They also have atom bombs! Do you want us to be killed by them? You are sitting in palaces, think about the poor people living in border areas, who are bombed daily," he added. timesofindia
Telangana Muslim group postpones meet for global conclave
Hyderabad: The south zone police has convinced a Muslim group to postpone its public meeting on Nov. 28 in the vicinity of Taj Falaknuma which will house delegates of the GES. A group of local Muslims celebrates Milad-un-Nabi, birthday of Prophet Muhammad, every year at Falaknuma. About 7,000 people attend the meeting where Islamic scholars deliver sermons.“This year, they had applied for the permission and it was accorded. But as soon we came to know about the dinner being hosted by PM  Narendra Modi for Ms. Ivanka Trump and other delegates, we approached the organisers and they agreed to postpone it. We are grateful to them,” said V Satyanarayana, DCP (South). “The huge gathering posed a security threat as any mischief element might mingle with the crowd and spread unrest,” said the official. Syed Saifuddin, one of the organisers of the public meeting, said that Islam spreads the message of peace and harmony. “When the police approached us we readily agreed as we all want peace to prevail,” he said. deccanchronicle
Jamia authorities postpone hostel inauguration as students protest against invitation to Mufti, Rajnath
New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia students on Friday, held a sit-in protest against the invitation extended by University authorities to J&K CM  Mehbooba Mufti and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to inaugurate the J&K hostel. Students holding placards held a sit-in protest against the CM and Home Minister in front of the central canteen.The students said they believed that that conferring of this “honour and magnanimity” to J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti and Rajnath Singh is a “scurrilous” attack on the integrity and culture of the University.They said that their conscience does not allow them to welcome Rajnath Singh and Mufti—a person who “purports” to be a representative of the people of J&K but whose consistent effort has been that the people should change their aspirations and succumb to the demands of the “Indian state”.“For the last seventy years, the political situation in J&K  has been a blot on the democracy in India.Successive Indian Govts have committed mistakes in their quest to control a territory where people have for all these years expressed their desire, through various means possible, to break free from the “idea of India” and imagine a future of their own—but the people of J&K have had to bear the heavy costs of these mistakes,” students said.TCN
Jamia Students Protest against Mehbooba Mufti’s Visit
Rs 9 crore spent in seven years but no candidate cleared UPSC: story of MANUU Residential Coaching Academy
Hyderabad: In 2009-2010 during the UPA regime in an attempt to aid minorities, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and women write various competitive examinations, UGC established 5 Residential Coaching Academies (RCAs) in 5 universities across India to provide coaching to the aspirants with residential facilities.The residential coaching academies were established in AMU, MZNUU,Dr BR Ambedkar University, Jamia Hamdard and Jamia Millia Islamia for providing coaching in UPSC, state PSC, Judicial Services, Public Sector Banks and Insurance and Indian Railway Services examinations.One of the academies and the only one in South India was established at MANUU, Hyderabad. University has received a grant of Rs 8.45 crore from the UGC since 2010 and spent an additional Rs 58 lakh to establish the same. However, as per an RTI filed by TCN, the MANUU Civil Service Examination-Residential Coaching Academy (CSE-RCA), which is providing coaching to students since 2010, has not helped even one student qualify the UPSC exam and less than 15 students have been able to clear any competitive exam.TwoCircles
Sultan Moiuddin tops Maharashtra MBBS finals, wins 14 Gold Medals
Nashik: Sultan Moiuddin Shaukat Ali, a student of Dr Vasant Pawar Medical College Nashik topped the Maharashtra MBBS final exams and bagged 14 Gold Medals in various subjects. In a double delight for Dr Vasant Pawar Medical Colleg, Mansi Mayuri Gujarathi of the same college bagged 07 Gold Medals and came second.Sultan Moiuddin bagged the 09 Gold Medals in various subjects of final years and topped the Mahatarshtra University of Health Sciences. He also bagged 05 medals as consolation prize.He was awarded the medals at the 17th Convocation od MUHS by Maharashtra Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan who was presiding over the gala function.Dr Sultan Moiuddin also received a cash price of Rs.10,000 from Johnson & Johnson Mumbai.Sultan Moiuddin, who hails from Palghar and comes from a humble family background, completed SSC with 93% of marks from Rana English High School. He passed HSC from Azam Campus Pune scoring 94% marks.Ever since his childhood he wanted to become a doctor. But, poor economic condition of his family was the hurdle to fulfill his dream. Hence he took admission in an engineering college.One day he received a phone call from his mother. He said everything is fine but "he is feeling uneasy" and repeated his desire to become a doctor", according to Inquilab.ummid.com
AMU Faculty elected as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry
Dr Asad Ullah Khan, Professor in Biotechnology Unit, AMU, has been elected as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry. The designation FRSC is given to a group of elected Fellows of the society who have made major contributions to chemistry and other interface disciplines such as biological chemistry. The names of Fellows are published each year in The Times (London).The contribution of Prof Asad in the field of drug designing against antibiotic resistant bacteria gained this recognition to his credit. He has been working for a decade on antibiotic resistance in bacteria and trying to develop way to get rid of this global problem. He has discovered many molecules and experimentally proved them as drug candidates against resistant bacteria for future antibiotic development.
Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui dies, buried in Mumbai
Mumbai: Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui, well known writer and one of the founders of IDRAAK and once a close associate of ex MP Syed Shahabuddin, passed away Thursday night after a brief illness, family sources said.His was buried in Bandra Kabrastan, Naupada after Friday prayers , family sources said. Ghulam Muhammed had served in the banking sector in the Gulf countries for a few decades. He was very active in Majlis Mushawart, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and other Muslim platforms and NGOs.IDRAAK and Mashwara Group were outcome of his brainchild and he took head on the challenges posed by the Leftists activists by exposing their dual nature in case of Palestine and also in India, where the cause of the community was sabotaged by nefarious designs by activists with Muslim Names.ummid.com
Mumbai's Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui Saheb is no more: Siraj Wahab, Arab news
Saudi 'swaps assets for freedom' after arrests
Saudi authorities are striking agreements with some of those detained in an alleged anti-corruption crackdown, asking them to hand over assets and cash in return for their freedom, according to sources familiar with the matter.The deals involve separating cash from assets, such as property and shares, and looking at bank accounts to assess cash values, one of the sources told the Reuters news agency.Dozens of princes, senior officials and businessmen, including cabinet ministers and billionaires, have been detained in this month's sweeping crackdown, which is being seen as an attempt to strengthen the power of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.Among those arrested was billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the kingdom's most prominent businessmen.One businessman reportedly had tens of millions of Saudi riyals withdrawn from his account after he signed the deal. In another case, a former senior official consented to hand over ownership of four billion riyals worth of shares, the source said.Saudi Govt  earlier this week moved from freezing accounts to issuing instructions for "expropriation of unencumbered assets" or seizure of assets, said a second source familiar with the situation.US is closely watching the situation in Saudi Arabia, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Friday. aljazeera
Reports: Saudi prisoners to be freed in exchange for 70% of their wealth
Will Saudis impose Qatar-style blockade on Lebanon? Reuters
Some Lebanese politicians and bankers believe Saudi Arabia intends to do to their country what it did to Qatar - corral Arab allies into enforcing an economic blockade unless its demands are met.Unlike Qatar, the world's biggest supplier of liquefied natural gas with a population of 2.7 million, Lebanon has neither the natural nor financial resources to ride it out, and people there are worried.Up to 400,000 Lebanese work in the Gulf region, and remittances flowing back into the country, estimated at between $7-8bn a year, are a vital source of cash to keep the economy afloat and the heavily-indebted Govt  functioning."These are serious threats to the Lebanese economy which is already dire. If they cut the transfer of remittances, that will be a disaster," a senior Lebanese official told Reuters.Those threats came from Lebanon's former PM  Saad Hariri, who resigned on November 4 in a shock broadcast from Riyadh that Lebanese political leaders have ascribed to pressure from the Saudis.
UN chief: Saudi’s war on Yemen is ‘stupid’
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged the Saudi authorities to lift the blockade imposed on Yemen and to reopen the country’s sea, air and ground ports immediately. UN chief’s spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric, said yesterday: “The Secretary-General is very much disappointed we’ve not seen a lifting of the blockade. The Secretary-General and his humanitarian team are heartbroken at the scenes we’re seeing from Yemen.”“This is a man-made crisis,” continued the UN spokesman, adding that Guterres had called it a “stupid war”.During a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York, Dujarric revealed that Guterres had written a letter to Saudi Arabia’s UN envoy Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, regarding the blockade imposed by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen since 6 November. He urged Riyadh to lift the blockade that “is already reversing the impact of humanitarian efforts”. middleeastmonitor
Palestine: Saudi, Egypt using Rafah crossing to pressure us
 Rafah crossing between the besieged Gaza Strip and Egypt is being used a tool to pressure Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to enter into US-backed peace talks with Israel, a Palestinian Authority official has said.“The Rafah crossing has become a tool that Egypt and Saudi Arabia use to pressure Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to accept the entry into a new round of US-backed negotiations with Israel,” the PA official said, warning that “the negotiations could reach results that may affect the rights of the Palestinians.”According to the Cairo agreement which was signed on 12 October, Egypt agreed with Fatah and Hamas to reopen the Rafah border crossing last Tuesday, but the official said that “Saudi Arabia seemed to have pressured Egypt to retreat until the PA approves the two-state solution deal.” middleeastmonitor
UAE and Israel are like ‘brothers’ says senior general
UAE and Israel are like brothers, said one of Abu Dhabi’s senior military general.During an interview with an American news agency Defence & Aerospace Report, Staff Major General, Pilot Abdullah Al-Hashmi, answered questions about UAE military capability.Al-Hashmi said that that US should have no concerns about arming the UAE because the Emirates seeks to become not just an ally but “the strategic ally” of the US. Relations between the two countries is a “win-win situation …. because when you build the UAE capability you are building the USA capability,” he explainedLater in the interview, Al-Hashmi was asked if increasing UAE military capability was a threat to Israel is any way. The General implied that the 2 countries are like brothers and that the USA was like the “older brother” who can oversee any differences the two countries may have.
Israel official interviewed in Saudi paper: Iran is a common threat
Kuwait hosts conference against normalisation with Israel
Conference to Resist Normalisation with Israel in Gulf began in Kuwait today. Organised by the BDS Movement in the Gulf, consisting of BDS and anti-normalisation organisations in the region, the forum will discuss papers addressing the forms of normalisation, criteria for combatting normalisation and the dangers of normalisation. The legal aspects of normalisation and resistance are also on the agenda.Panellists will also discuss strategies for boycott, including the concept and influence. South Africa’s experience will be highlighted along with the student movement in America and the Palestinian issue, and the Zionist violations of the rights of Palestinian workers.Sponsored by the Kuwaiti National Assembly, the conference has received popular and partisan support from numerous organisations in the country.
Amnesty accuses Philippine Govt  forces of war crimes
Manila, Philippines - Diego swam across the chilly waters of Lake Lanao in pitch darkness to make it to the opposite shore before first light.It was August 4, and the young father was fleeing the main battle zone in Marawi, a city on the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, where, for three months, he was held hostage by Maute fighters linked to ISIL.A bloody battle between the fighters and govt forces was raging in Marawi since May, pushing thousands of residents to flee."I was crying all the time. There was always a gun pointed at me," Diego, who used a pseudonym for fear of retribution, told Al Jazeera."I lost count how many times they shot at me and beat me."Diego thought his ordeal was over when, after swimming for 2 straight hours, military officers found him on the other side of the city.Instead, however, he was brought to a university campus where he said he was blindfolded and shackled.Diego's story has now been corroborated by a new report by human rights group Amnesty International, issued nearly four weeks after Philippine authorities declared total victory over the Maute fighters in Marawi. aljazeera
Lanka arrest 19 after Buddhist-Muslim violence; 4 injured
Colombo:Sri Lankan police arrested 19 people after a clash between “extremists” from the majority Buddhist and minority Muslim communities in which four people were injured, a spokesman said on Saturday.Tension has been growing between the two communities this year, with some hardline Buddhist groups accusing Muslims of forcing people to convert to Islam and vandalising Buddhist archaeological sites.Some Buddhists nationalists have also protested against the presence in Sri Lanka of asylum seekers from mostly Buddhist Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority.Reuters

Unmasking Padmavati: How Jaisi’s Anti-Feudal Tale is Twisted to Push a Fascist Narrative:Amaresh Misra
Demonetisation roll-out deeply flawed, introduction of Rs 2000 notes puzzling: Richard Thaler, Nobel Laureate
To Prove Hardik And Nehru Are Womanisers, BJP IT Cell Head Tweets Pictures Of Nehru Embracing..His Sister Vijayalakshmi Pandit
The colour-coded Israeli ID system for Palestinians: Linah Alsaafin

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