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Sunday, 22 December 2019

22 DEC. NEWS :PM Modi contradicts his lieutenant Amit Shah and his party prez Nadda on bringing all-India NRC;'Opposition peddling lies on NRC, CAA to foment unrest': Modi at Delhi rally says NRC, CAA have nothing to do with Muslims/ UP DGP: 879 arrested, 5000 bound down

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*22 DEC. 2019: 24 Rabius Sani 1441: Vol: 12, No: 89*
*india: anti-citizenship act stir*
PM Modi contradicts his lieutenant Amit Shah and his party prez Nadda on bringing all-India NRC
As widely anticipated, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday blamed ‘urban naxals’ and the Congress for misleading the nation on the amended citizenship law and NRC.Addressing a BJP rally in the national capital, the Prime Minister also described as a lie and rumour the detention centres reportedly being built at several places in the country.Contrary to expectations voiced by some quarters, Prime Minister held out no balm or provided any healing touch even as the death toll in the country rose to 24 in the last one week following protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the NRC.He did not spare a word for students who have been blinded, killed and injured by the police but called upon his audience to support policemen, who, he said, were laying down their lives.While Home Minister Amit Shah is on record saying in Parliament that NRC will be rolled out across the country, government spokesmen and ministers have been speaking in different voices on the NRC and have added to the confusion.Reacting to the Prime Minister’s speech, former Union Minister and Congress leader Manish Tewari tweeted: “PM says in the Ramlila ground - there are no detention centres in India. His govt told Rajya Sabha on 27th November that 28 people died in Detention Camps in Assam. Are you correct PM or your Home Minister?”nationalheraldindia
PM Modi counters what Amit Shah, BJP manifesto say on bringing all-India NRC
'Opposition peddling lies on NRC, CAA to foment unrest': Modi at Delhi rally says
NRC, CAA have nothing to do with Muslims
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday kickstarted the Delhi assembly poll campaign by taking credit for giving home ownership rights to people living in the city’s unauthorised colonies and blaming the opposition for fomenting social unrest that has spread over Citizenship (Amendment) Act, across the country.Interestingly, while slamming the opposition for “spreading lies”, he said that NRC which his party leaders, especially Union home minister Amit Shah, have been promising to implement across the country isn’t in the works at all.“NRC has neither been discussed in the parliament nor any rules regarding it have been framed. There are no talks about it at all. It was only when the Supreme Court directed us to implement it in Assam, we had to do it,” he said, spreading further confusion about what the Centre has planned. Only a day ago, Union Ministry of Home Affairs released a document that gives concrete opinions about how NRC will be implemented across the country. Shah had previously also held, in the upper house of the parliament, that an NRC would be “carried out across the country“.PM’s words indicate that the Centre may have been forced to take a step back on NRC issue, amidst widespread agitations against it. However, unlike Shah and other leaders, who kept claiming that CAA and NRC are not associated with each other, Modi did not attempt to delink the two. Rather, he pointed out a difference between them.“There is a simple difference. The undocumented immigrant (who NRC plans to drive out of the country) never lets his identity known, and the persecuted person who seek shelter never hides his identity as a refugee],” he said.He slammed Congress for opposing the CAA and asked why “100-year-old” party did not oppose it when former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former chief minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi or Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot during his previous term advocated giving shelter to refugees.However, he did not answer the question which many protesters have been asking: Why are Muslims being singled out for exclusion under the CAA?Trying to clear the fear that NRC will put all citizens at risk of losing their citizenship, he said that the opposition was peddling such lies only to mislead people. “When my govt launched multiple welfare schemes for the poor, did we ask for documents? In fact, we have done away with all red tapism and bureaucratic hassle.”He said that the opposition forces were not able to digest that Modi won with a heavier margin for the second time, and that is why they were spreading lies to foment an “anarchy-like situation”.He also said that some opposition parties, along with “urban Naxals”, were propagating lies regarding CAA and NRC.thewire
 ‘There Are No Detention Centers In India,’ says PM Modi at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan rally
Govt creating environment of fear, uncertainty: Opposition hits back at Modi
Congress has reacted sharply to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s accusation that the party is misleading people on the new Citizenship Amendment Act by calling it anti-Muslim and asserted the government had created an “environment of fear, uncertainty”.The severe criticism from the Opposition came immediately after Modi delivered an hour-long speech at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan in which he said his government schemes had never discriminated on the basis of religion.Congress leader Anand Sharma said, “Environment of fear, uncertainty created not by us, but by home minister’s statement in both houses that NRC will come.”“Prime Minister should provide healing touch, should call a meeting of National Integration Council to discuss issues such as NRC, CAA,” added Sharma as protests against the new law continues in several parts across the country.Modi drew flak for his speech from various quarters, including Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who accused the PM of misleading the country in his name, PTI reported.Gehlot also took a dig at Amit Shah and said, he was provoking Muslims by announcing that NRC would be implemented in the entire country, despite the fact that it could not be implemented successfully in Assam.West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also hit back at Modi saying the prime minister is publicly contradicting what Home Minister Amit Shah has been saying on nationwide NRC.indianexpress
Modi, Shah ‘hiding behind hate’ to escape anger of youth: Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi :Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah of destroying the future of the country’s youth and said that they are “hiding behind hate” to escape their anger over lack of jobs and state of economy.“Dear Youth of India, Modi & Shah have destroyed your future. They can’t face your anger over the lack of jobs and damage they’ve done to the economy. That’s why they are dividing our beloved India and hiding behind hate.“We can only defeat them by responding with love towards every Indian,” Gandhi said on Twitter.indianexpress
CAA not against Muslim community of India: Nitin Gadkari at pro CAA Nagpur rally
Nagpur :Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday asserted that the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is not against the Muslim community in India.He said by bringing the new law, NDA government was not doing any injustice to Muslims in the country.Gadkari also accused the Congress of spreading “misinformation” over the issue for ‘vote bank politics’.He was addressing a rally here in support of NDA government’s decision to enact a new law CAA. The rally was organised a local body and supported by BJP and RSS."We are not talking about sending Muslims out of the country,” Gadkari said.He said the govt’s only concern was foreign intruders living in the country.PTI
‘What did Congress give Muslims? Scrap shop and tea stall?’ Gadkari at RSS CAA rally
'Goli maaron saalon ko' chants heard in Lok Adhikar Manch rally at Nagpur backing Citizenship Act
 Hundreds of Lok Adhikar Manch workers gathered in Nagpur here on Sunday morning to hold a rally in support of newly-enacted Citizenship (Amendment) Act, which is largely being opposed across the country. Workers of Lok Adhikar Manch held rally from Yashwant Stadium to Samvidhan Chowk here, raising slogans hailing the new citizenship law and showing posters of "Nagpur welcomes CAA". The rally has been organized by Lok Adhikar Manch, BJP, RSS and other organizations.With tricolour and BJP flags in their hands, the protesters were seen shouting, "Desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maaro saalon ko." (Shoot traitors).ANI
Uncertainty over Citizenship Act and NRC may affect India’s neighbours: Bangladesh foreign minister
Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has said the Citizenship Amendment Act and the NRC are India’s “internal issues”, but expressed concern that any uncertainty in Indian was likely to affect its neighbouring countries, PTI reported today.Momen, who cancelled his visit to India earlier this month after protests against the citizenship law erupted in the North East, said he hopes that the situation “cools down” in India and the country “can get out of it”.“ CAB [now Citizenship Amendment Act] and NRC are internal issues of India. Indian government assured us again and again that these are their domestic issues, they are doing it because of legal and other reasons,” Momen told PTI in Dhaka, when asked about the ongoing protests in India.The minister said Bangladesh trusts India. “We are the number one friend of India,” Momen added. “So, if there is uncertainty in India, it is likely to affect its neighbours. When there was an economic downturn in US, it affected many countries because we live in a global world. So our fear is that if there is some uncertainty in India, it might affect its neighbours.”scroll
Threat to Pakistan from India increasing due to anti-CAA protest: Imran Khan
Pakistan PM Imran Khan has expressed apprehension that India could carry out a "false flag operation" against it to divert attention from its domestic situation and warned that it will give a befitting response to any such action. Khan in a series of tweets said that under Modi government, India has been moving towards "Hindu Rashtra" with its "fascist ideology"."...Now with the Citizens Amendment Act, all those Indians who want a pluralist India are beginning to protest & it is becoming a mass movement," Khan said on the massive protests in India against the new citizenship law. Khan said that as the protests in India are increasing, "threat to Pakistan from India is also increasing" and the Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat's remarks on the situation along the Line of Control adds to Pakistan's "concerns of a false flag operation".Khan warned international community that "Pak will have no option but to give a befitting response" to India if New Delhi undertakes any operation against it."I have been warning int community of this for some time &am reiterating again: if India does such an operation to divert attention from its domestic chaos plus whip up war hysteria to mobilise Hindu nationalism, Pak will have no option but to give a befitting response," he tweeted. indiatoday
Sonia Gandhi‘s anti-CAA post retweeted from Nepal PM handle, later deleted after criticism
Kathmandu :A retweet of Congress president Sonia Gandhi‘s video message criticising the Narendra Modi government from Nepal Prime Minister K P Oli’s official Twitter handle was removed after severe criticism on social media, with a top aide of the Nepal PM stating that the account may have been temporarily compromised. Sonia’s 2.37-minute video message, criticising Modi government over attempts to allegedly suppress protests against the new citizenship law with “brute force” and tweeted from the Congress party’s official handle, was retweeted a few minutes later from Oli’s Twitter handle on Friday. Oli’s press adviser Surya Thapa said, “Someone may have abused PM’s password (and misused the Twitter account).” Thapa said the matter is being probe, without giving more details.indianexpress
‘They did not see us’ say Left out by citizenship Act, Lankan Tamil refugees
Till the last moment”, they hoped — that the Citizenship Amendment Act would include them too, that their three-decade wait would end, that their life in a camp would be finally over. But Act passed by Parliament covered refugees from only Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.“They did not see us… We were shattered,” says Saroja Devi, 61, who fled Nuwara Eliya in Central Sri Lanka during the anti-Tamil riots in 1983, and still lives in the Kottapattu refugee camp on the suburbs of Trichy in Tamil Nadu, like 400-odd Sri Lankan families.Married for just four years, Saroja Devi escaped with her husband in July 1983 after a Sinhalese mob torched their home, forcing them first into a hideout on a hilltop and then to take a one-way flight to Thirvananthapuram on an ‘emergency passport’. From Thiruvananthapuram, they rode 500 km on a bus to Trichy. “The same day, we were allotted a single-room house. We continue to live in that house in the hope of an Indian citizenship.”Among the 400 Lankan refugee families at the Kottapattu camp, over 100 have Indian links. Tamil Nadu has 107 camps for Lankan Tamil refugees, housing about 19,000 families or 60,000 inmates, of whom at least 20 per cent are Indian-origin. Almost all the refugees arrived between the early 1980s and 1990s. About 10,000 are children below the age of eight.indianexpress
Next on Modi govt’s agenda is NPR, Cabinet to meet on Tuesday
With the Modi cabinet set to meet on Tuesday, following the Saturday's Council of Ministers' meeting which will be a review exercise, there is a strong possibility that after the CAA move, the Centre may now focus on NPR renewal.The government has been preparing for the National Population Register (NPR) amid the ongoing protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC.Under NPR, a census will be conducted from house to house across the country from April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020.IANS
"2 Effective Ways To Stop....": Prashant Kishor On Citizenship Law, NRC
Amid countrywide protests against the amended Citizenship Act, JDU leader Prashant Kishor today tweeted "ways to stop the implementation" of the new citizenship law and the National Register of Citizens as he attacked the ruling BJP. His consultancy firm Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) has been widely credited for helping BJP to power in 2014. "2 effective ways to stop the implementation of #CAA_NRC are; (1) Keep protesting peacefully by raising your voice on all platforms, & (2) Ensure most if not ALL of 16 Non BJP CMs say NO to NRC in their states. Everything else important as they may is largely tokenism," 42-year-old poll strategist-turned-JDU leader tweeted. His party is an ally of BJP-led NDA at the centre.The remark came days after Kishor, whose wife is from Assam, had openly opposed his party's support for the new citizenship law. After a tense meeting with JDU chief last week, however, he told journalists that Nitish Kumar had assured him there would be no NRC in Bihar.On Saturday, Kishor also launched an attacked on Congress the party's absence "in the citizens' fight against CAA-NRC".ndtv
Over 200 Christian Leaders Condemn CAA, State Violence against Protesters
New Delhi:Over 200 top Christian leaders (among them philosophers, theologians, ex officials, academics and lawyers) from across the country on Saturday condemned the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and the State violence unleashed on youth and civil society activists protesting against the discriminatory legislation. They expressed solidarity with the students and others who have been grievously injured and prayed for their speedy recovery.In a joint statement, they condemned the “brutal repression” by the police and para-military forces on peaceful democratic protests by youth and students of various cities and Universities in India, especially Jamia Millia and AMU.“We express our solidarity with the students and others who have been grievously injured and pray for their speedy recovery,” they said. Signatories of the statement include George Pattery, head of the Jesuits in India, eminent philosopher TK John, human rights activist John Dayal, Evangelical Fellowship of India general secretary Rev Vijayesh Lal, academicians Michael Williams, Annie Koshi, Sunny Jacob, Denzil Fernandez, ex member of Delhi Minorities Commission AC Michael, theologians John Chathanatt, CB Samuel, Rajah Chellamani and lawyers Jose Chiramel, PI Jose and Pramod Singh.caravandaily
Over 1,500 protesters arrested across India during days of protests over Citizenship Law:officials
NEW DELHI:More than 1,500 protesters have been arrested across India in the past 10 days, officials said, as police try to quell sometimes violent demonstrations against a citizenship law that critics say undermines the country’s secular constitution.Additionally, some 4,000 people have been detained and then released, the officials said. Those arrested and detained had been resorting to violence during the protests, said two senior government officials overseeing the country’s internal security who spoke on condition of anonymity.huffingtonpost
48 arrested, 262 booked over violence in Muzaffarnagar during anti-CAA protests
UP Police detain MPs, seal shops, confiscate property of ‘protesters’
Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was reassuring a gathering in Delhi that his government has never discriminated on the basis of religion, Uttar Pradesh Police have sealed hundreds of shops owned by the Muslims, alleging that they were among the protesters and had engaged in violence.In several West UP districts, the administration is said to have sealed even those shops which had their shutters down on Friday. The police sealed 67 shops on Arya Samaj Road and Vikas Bhawan Road near Meenakshi Chowk in Muzaffarnagar.“The fact that the shutters were down indicated their complicity; they must have known about the impending disturbances,” reasoned officials. DM of Lucknow also went on record to say that miscreants had been identified and the exercise to confiscate their property had started.Reports reaching from Muzaffarnagar spoke of Muslims being terrorised and forced to leave for safety. Amidst allegations that policemen vandalised houses and private vehicles, members of the minority community are being forced to hand over statements giving a clean chit to the police, reports held. Pickets have been placed outside Muslim mohallas with heavy police presence in the areas.In a shocking development, the police has booked a few prominent persons of the town who were helping the police in placating the crowds as accused in rioting.The police also lifted prominent Shia cleric Maulana Asad along with others and allegedly tortured the 60-year-old cleric. He is currently hospitalised with multiple injuries and fracture.Reports also came of mobile phone services including voice calls having been totally shut in Muslim majority areas of Khalapar, Khadarwala, Kidwai Nagar, Mallupura and Naddawala, while the phone services, including mobile internet, have been restored in other areas of the town.Meanwhile, 4 TMC MPs- Dinesh Trivedi, Protima Mandal, Nadimul Haq and Adhir Vishwas- Who arrived at Lucknow airport on Sunday to visit the areas affected in the December 19 violence and meet victims’ family, were detained by the police. UP DGP O.P. Singh had already declared that no Opposition MP or delegation would be allowed to visit the affected areas in view of prohibitory orders being in place.In Rampur too Farooq Rahmani, a known Muslim face in Rampur and office-bearer of Ittehad Naujawan Committee was arrested and charged with IPC section 147 (rioting) and 307 (Attempt to murder) when he was trying to placate some Muslim youth in Gher Mohella in old city area.As UP burns in the aftermath of anti-CAA protest the ‘skull cap’, associated with Muslims, has become the target of Uttar Pradesh police. Those who were arrested were booked under different sections for rioting, unlawful assembly, attempt to murder, wrongful confinement, criminal intimidation, criminal assault on public servant etc. They were also booked for alleged criminal conspiracy and under Public Property Damage Act.Allegations have however been levelled that BJP and RSS workers and supporters were engaged in violence and vandalism. Reports named a ABVP leader who allegedly led the attack on police. Similarly, some RSS workers are accused of orchestrating the violence in Gorakhpur – the home turf of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.nationalheraldindia
Video Suggests UP Cop Opened Fire In Kanpur, Contrary To "No Police Firing" Claim
 Police-media nexus? Twitterati incensed after chilling video of Kanpur cop firing at anti-CAA protesters goes viral
Disturbing Videos of Police Action against CAA Protesters in UP Leave Twitterati in Shock
After 5 deaths, anger, unsteady calm in Meerut
As the evening sun went down, the body of Areef was lowered into a grave in the Ahmednagar area. Nearby was an empty grave, waiting for its occupant, who, the locals said, had also been killed in police firing during the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protests in the city on Friday. His body, they said, was being brought in.As hundreds of locals walked down the narrow lanes of the neighbourhood to bury their youth, the mood was taut.Police confirmed that five people had been killed in the violence that erupted on Friday afternoon — apart from Areef, in his early 20s, were 33-year-old Zaheer, 30-year-old Asif and 28-year-old Mohsin, all local youths, and Asif, a 20-year-old resident of Jhilmil Colony in Delhi.Though both police and residents blamed each other for starting the violence, the protesters said no shots were fired from their side, a claim the police contests.At a spot near what is locally called Tiranga Chowk, in front of City Hospital, the earth was ashen, a reminder of the previous day’s violence. Opposite is a lane that leads to a mosque. Locals there said that this was where the police opened fire on the youth who had come to participate in a rally.Salim Ansari, a 57-year old local, said several people from different parts of the city had congregated in the area for the rally, which proceeded to the Gola Kuan Suit Market. It was on the way back, he claimed, that “members of RSS started the violence”. He claimed they had come from the neighbouring Hindu localities and “were wearing jeans and had pistols in their hands”.Ansari asserted that the protesters did not fire any shots, a claim that was supported by about a dozen men standing near him. The men said they want peace and accused the government of trying to create a rift between Hindus and Muslims.Gajender, standing in the crowd, said, “Yeh Hindu-Muslim karwana chahte hain.”On Saturday, city wore a near-deserted look. With Section 144 still in place, there was minimal traffic on the streets and most of the shops in the area were shuttered.indianexpress
Watch: Police raided Muslim home in western UP, threatened to set it on fire, alleges young woman
Both the toilet pan and television set are broken, food canisters lie upturned, the pipe of the cooking gas cylinder has been sliced into two.“Aag laga rahe the. They were setting the house on fire,” said a young woman who lives in the Naiza Sarai locality in Nehtaur, a town in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnore district, 180 km east of Delhi.On Friday afternoon, the police fired tear gas shells and bullets in the neighbourhood soon after Muslim residents emerged from prayers at a mosque. The police claim the residents first threw stones at them, but the residents stoutly deny this.The young woman, who did not want to be identified by name, said her brother, Kamar Ahmed, was unwell. He lay down as soon as he returned from namaz, but the police suddenly broke into their home. She alleged that the police ransacked the house, beat her up and other family members too, cut the pipe of the gas cylinder, which could have led to a fire had she not managed to turn off the regulator in time. “They said we will set the house on fire, and if you make too much noise, izzat utar denge,” she said. “We will dishonour you” – a threat of sexual assault.At the end of the raid, the police took her brother away. His family did not know where he was – when they went to enquire at the Nehtaur police station, they said the police did not disclose anything.When visited the police station on Sunday, we found his name in the list of 10 people arrested in the town. A police official said they had been sent to the Bijnor
879 arrested, 5000 bound down, 135 cases registered, 15 dead : UP DGP
Lucknow: As many as 879 people have been arrested while 5000 were 'bound down' as a preventive measure in Uttar Pradesh, in the wake of the violent protests against Citizenship (Amendment) Act and proposed NRC."Adequate police arrangements have been made in all districts in the wake of protests. Police, Paramilitary, RAF, PAC, Quick Reaction Team (QRTs) are patrolling the areas," said OP Singh, DGP UP."A total of 135 criminal cases have been registered against the miscreants. 15 people have died while 288 police personnel are injured," said the top cop.He said that police officials and civil administration are reaching out to community members and their leaders, requesting them to cooperate in maintaining law and order.ANI
CAA Unrest: Former Teacher Sadaf Jafar Arrested, ‘Brutally Beaten’ in Lucknow
Amid reports of mass detainment of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protesters in Uttar Pradesh, the arrest of UP Congress media spokesperson and a former teacher Sadaf Jafar has attracted attention for the manner in which she was picked up and then allegedly beaten by Police.UP capital Lucknow witnessed huge rallies against CAA on Thursday. Jafar who was also part of one such rally went live on Facebook when some miscreants pelted stones at local police at city's Parivartan Chowk.In fact, she was live on video even when the police arrested her.In one of the videos, she can be seen asking the police why there were complicit and not acting against those being unruly and that the stone pelting incident is a staged one.Sadaf’s niece Ramsha* said, "She has been shifted to Lucknow jail now. She was subjected to severe police brutality." Ramsha* also pointed out that her aunt has been booked on 14 charges that include ‘sabotage,’ ‘attempt to murder,’ and ‘possession of explosives.’ Jafar's sister Shabana* stated, "She has been beaten with a baton on her legs and hands. Police also kicked her on the belly, following which she had internal bleeding."The Quint
CAA: Internet ban hits common people, business in Noida, Ghaziabad
For Bharat, a 22-year-old tea seller in Noida sector 16, the business has not been "as usual" in the past two days. Suspension of internet has affected his business, just like hundred others."They first asked us to upgrade. We switched to e-payment options. The internet is not working for the past two days," he said.When prodded, he said around 90 per cent of his customers were youth. "They have smartphones and make payments through that.They don't carry cash. Now I have to keep the record of money to be collected from them,"he said.IANS
Activists, Muslim Groups Allege Indiscriminate, Mass Arrests; Urge SC Intervention
New Delhi:As several parts of the country witness peaceful demonstrations and shut down in protests against the police excesses and atrocities, a number of social organisations, and political parties and activist groups on Saturday appealed to the Supreme Court of India for immediate intervention to direct the Central and State governments not to use brutal force and firepower against peaceful protesters.  Strongly condemning the killing of innocent people in the police firing, they expressed grave concern over the use of firepower in BJP ruled states.Meanwhile protesting against the Delhi Police’s brutal assault on demonstrators at Daryaganj on Friday evening, old Delhi’s many areas including Jama Masjid, Ballimaran, Chnadni chowk etc observed complete shutdown while parts of the East Delhi, Okhla’s Shaheen Bagh and other localities and Jamia Millia Islamia also witnessed the protest demonstrations.Aslam Qureshi, a journalist from old Delhi, said that police personnel were pelting stones on the peaceful protesters from the roofs of some buildings in Drayaganj area. He alleged that police were resorting to violence and brutal tactics against unarmed civilians and did not even spare minors. A team of lawyers and activists waited outside the Daryaganj police station demanding the release of those detained. Advocate and activist, Suroor Mander told Caravan Daily that the people were picked up from the nearby areas of Jama Masjid and they have still not let any lawyer go in or  not even released the list of detainees.To register their protest against CAA and growing police atrocities on protesters, people from all walks of life gathered at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, at Rajghat in the biting cold Saturday morning. Students, activists, social and religious leaders held silent protest against new citizenship law and police brutalities on the protesters across the country. Rights activists Ravi Nair and Charu Lata, Ashok Bharti, Ayush Jain, Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat president Navaid Hamid, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind leaders Mohammad Salim Engineer, Malik Motasim Khan and Mujtaba Farooq also spoke on the occasion. Deploring the new citizenship law and NRC, Ravi Nair told Caravan Daily that the government and its mentor RSS must see the writing on the wall as the whole country has been erupted against their nefarious designs.Engineer Salim decried the divisive politics alleging that the government is pushing India on Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse’s path. .Welfare party president Dr S Q R Ilyas pointed out that the reports coming in from different BJP ruled states show that they have decided to suppress the peaceful agitations by use of brutal police force including use of fire power.Caravan Daily
Jamia Submits Report to HRD Ministry, Requests Judicial Enquiry Into Police Action
New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia has submitted a fresh report to HRD Ministry requesting a judicial inquiry into the entry of police on the university premises last Sunday. The varsity had earlier submitted reports in the matter on Dec.15-16.In the fresh report submitted to the ministry, Jamia reiterated its request for the initiation of an inquiry committee or a judicial inquiry to the incident.In its report, the varsity mentioned that police used teargas and lathi-charge to disperse protesters gathered on Mathura Road and Julena Road.The protesters while retreating took Maulana Mohd. Ali Jauhar Marg, which passes through the university campus, the varsity said in its report submitted by the registrar of Jamia.It is submitted that no permission to enter the campus or library was given by university authorities.It also requested a probe into the alleged use of “force and infliction of brutal and grievous physical injuries on the students” who were studying inside the reading rooms of the library.On Friday, NHRC visited the campus to probe the incident. The varsity wrote a letter to commission to investigate the matter after the visit.PTI
AMU sets up one-man judicial panel to probe campus violence during anti-CAA protest
AMU has set up a one-man judicial panel to conduct an internal inquiry into violent incidents that rocked the campus early this week."The inquiry into the violent incidents that took place on the campus on Dec.15 and 16 will be conducted by former chief justice of Chattisgarh High Court, Justice VK Gupta," AMU V-C Tariq Mansoor said yesterday."We are glad that Justice Gupta has given his consent for the same," he said.Prof Mansoor said the varsity has decided to get the origin of the violence probed as it is not interested in suppressing any fact."We are not interested in suppressing any fact and that is why we have taken such a prompt decision to ensure speedy justice," he said.The vice chancellor said this internal inquiry would not in anyway undermine any other official probe.PTI
AMU Police Brutality Brings Aligarh’s Muslims, Hindus Closer
CAA protest: 5 days later, tear gas shell in AMU hostel, burnt walls, amputations
Aligarh:5 days after police entered AMU campus, allegedly lobbying tear gas shells inside hostel rooms and dragging students out and beating them, the signs of what happened on the night of December 15 can be seen on the premises. 6 injured students continue to be in hospital, while the right hand of one has had to be amputated at the wrist. Doctors fear two others may have to undergo amputation.indianexpress
Such repression not seen even in colonial period: historian Irfan Habib on police action in AMU
Such repression by the police was not witnessed on the AMU campus even during the time of the British,” says eminent historian Irfan Habib. 88-year-old speaks from his years of experience of campus life in the university town. He recalls an incident which he witnessed on the campus as a child in 1938 when Congress govt was established in the then UP under the Government of India Act.“Students had clashed with the police. SP was an Englishman who had been beaten up by the students. Still the police did not enter the campus. Such was the restraint.”According to him, then Pro-V-C, Sir Shah Sulaiman, who later became the first Indian V-C of AMU, arrived to calm the agitating students, but they refused to listen. Still no action was taken against students. Reacting to AMU V-C Prof Tariq Mansoor’s defence of calling the police to AMU campus on the ground that most of the persons detained by the police were not students, Prof Habib questioned if non-students had no rights and could be bashed up by the police.“By calling the police, the university administration has brought criticism upon itself. They cannot get away with it,” points out Prof Habib.tribuneindia
Anti-CAA protests in Delhi's Nizamuddin, Jantar Mantar, South Delhi
New Delhi, Scores of people took out a march in South Delhi on Sunday in support of Jamia Millia Islamia students and those facing police action for violent protest against the new citizenship law. Holding placards, people shouted ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ and demanded scrapping of the contentious law during the march in Alaknanda area. A group of Jamia students also participated in the protest. One of the placards read ‘Hum kagaz nahi dikhayenge (We will not show documents), reject CAA, NRC’, and another said, “I stand with Jamia”. The national capital has been witnessing a number of protests, some of them violent, against the law for a week. tribuneindia
CAA Protests: Journalists Take Out Rally Against Mistreatment by Law Enforcement
New Delhi: Journalists in Delhi, under the aegis of Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ), on Saturday staged a protest against alleged police brutality on reporters and video journalists covering anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests across the country, particularly in states such as Delhi, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.Kerala Union of Working Journalists Delhi unit president Miji Jose, Delhi Union of Journalists secretary Jigeesh A.M., Indian Women Press Corps former president T.K. Rajalakshmi and Press Club of India Vice President Shahid Abbas addressed the gathering, along with CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury.thewire
Rajasthan CM Gehlot leads massive peaceful march against CAA, NRC in Jaipur, 3 lakh people join him
Jaipur:Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot on Sunday led a massive peaceful march called the 'Samvidhan Bacho rally' against the amended citizenship law and demanded that the centre repeal the act, saying it is against the constitution and an attempt to divide people in the name of religion.Members of different political parties including CPI, CPI(M), AAP, SP, RLD and JD(S), a large number of people from the minority communities and civil society, as well as intellectuals and youths, participated in the 'silent march' which started here from the iconic Albert hall and culminated at Gandhi circle, covering nearly 3 km on JLN road. Jaipur Police Commissioner Anand Srivastava said nearly 3 lakh people attended the march, which took place peacefully.Addressing the huge gathering at the Gandhi circle on the culmination of the march, chief minister criticised BJP, RSS, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for their decisions like CAA and NRC.More than 35 Muslim outfits took out a protest march, which was later merged with the Congress rally led by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot.PTI / deccanherald
Rajasthan will not implement CAA, NRC: Gehlot
Muslims under no threat from CAA: Kalbe Jawad
Lucknow:Amid confusion over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Shia Muslim cleric Kalbe Jawad on Saturday said Muslims were under no threat through this Act.Muslims should not be misled by anyone, the religious scholar here said, adding that the Act provides citizenship and will not snatch that away. Hence, Muslims should not be misguided by anyone and use their intelligence.UNI
Jamaats plan mega meet against Citizenship Act, 1L expected
Bengaluru:  Members of Muslim community in the city are planning to stage a huge public meeting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), tomorrow at Khuddus Saheb Idgah on Miller’s Road, said Syed Shahis Ahmed, general secretary, All India Milli Council (AIMC). “The call for public meeting was given by Ameer-e-Shariat Moulana Sageer Ahmed. We had to postpone it because of prohibitory orders. Around 30 to 35 jamaats (Muslim congregations) have decided to join the meeting,” he added. City police had imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 CrPC from Dec. 19 to Dec.21 midnight.Ahmed said the jamaats, including Jamaat-e-Ulema, AIMC, Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamaat-e-Ahle-Hadis and others, will be participating in the mega rally, in which they are expecting nearly a lakh people.newindianexpress
They killed my father infront of me, says daughter of Mangaluru man killed in CAA protest
Bengaluru:Mangaluru resident Jaleel was just outside his home when a bullet hit his left eye and took his life then and there. He had just dropped his children back home after they were left midway by their school van amid intense protests in Mangaluru -- the family of Jaleel, who died in Mangaluru protests recalls the day that changed their life forever.Jaleel, 42, who worked as a daily wage worker, lived in Bunder area of Mangaluru in Karnataka. He is survived by two children -- Shifani, 14, and Sabil, 10 -- and his wife.Jaleel's daughter blamed the police for killing her father and said, "They killed my father in front of me." The grief-struck teenager could not speak further.Jaleel's family said that he was not even part of the ongoing protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act that turned violent in Mangaluru on Dec19.A family member of Jaleel said that there was no mob of 7,000 to 9,000 people as initially claimed by the police, but only 50 to 100 people. He condemned the police for not being able to manage even a small lot of people.indiatoday
 Mangaluru police firing: Rs 10 lakh compensation to kin of deceased
2 people who died in Mangaluru police firing booked for rioting
 Jaleel was shot near home, had nothing to do with Citizenship Act protests: Mangaluru youth's brother
CAA-NRC: Karnataka begins mapping ‘illegal’ immigrants
Bengaluru,:Amid the collective defiance by many states against the NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 (CAA), Karnataka has caught the attention of the nation by announcing to go ahead with process of screening ‘immigrants’ close on the lines of NRC process in Assam.Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yediyurappa and Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai have reiterated on several occasions that Karnataka will soon implement both NRC and CAA, even as the protests across India are showing no signs of subsiding.Considering that the protests have by and large turned violent in most of the BJP-ruled states, forcing them to focus more on quelling the rebellion, the Karnataka government, despite a similar such situation, has surprised many by preparing itself to put the Act into effect. deccanherald
Assam announces new law to protect ‘indigenous’ land rights amid Citizenship Act protests
Assam govt has announced a number of measures ostensibly to protect the land rights of so-called indigenous people of the state, and preserving Assamese language and culture. This came amid rising protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in which 5 people have died in the state.“In the coming Assembly session, govt will bring in two new laws,” Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said at a press conference in Guwahati. “First one will be for securing land rights of indigenous people. The outlines of the law were discussed in the Cabinet today…After we bring the law, an indigenous person can sell his/her land to an indigenous person only, not to anyone else.”scroll
"Want Peace, Not Migrants": Thousands Of Women Protest Citizenship Act Across Assam
Guwahati: Thousands of women took out protests across Assam on Saturday, a day after Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal assured the people that the Citizenship Amendment Act poses no threat to their indigenous culture, language and land rights.Dressed in traditional clothes, the protesters shouted slogans and reminded the government that they are descendants of historical women icons who had fought the Mughals themselves. "We are descendants of warriors like Mula Gabharu, Kanaklata and Bir Lachit Borphukon. Assam has a history of struggle and injustice, and just like we cannot allow ourselves to be subjected to injustice, we cannot let the CAA happen. It's a straight 'no' from the women of Assam," said Rubi Dutta Baruah, who was protesting in Guwahati's Latashil field.ndtv
 Citizenship law stir: Foreign tourists anxious, Indians prefer overseas destinations
Kolkata:Over the past few days, countries such as US, UK, Canada, UAE and Australia among others have issued advisories, asking travellers to India, especially to the northeast, to be on guard. As protests against the amended Citizenship Act continue to rage in parts of the country, tourism industry has taken a hit this holiday season, with several nations deeming India as an unsafe travel destination.Stakeholders of the country’s tourism industry maintained that many domestic tourists were also looking to spend their winter vacations abroad, in view of the law-and- order situation.“We have been getting apprehensive calls from overseas tourists who wanted to know about the ground situation in the country, having read media reports. There had been no major cancellations or rescheduling as of now,” Jyoti Mayal, president of Travel Agents Association of India, told PTI.The industry, which had not seen a significant rise in the number of visitors earlier this year, is skeptical that the ongoing protests would hit harder.PTI
 Gandhi’s great-grandson joins wave of protest at law isolating India’s Muslims
 25,000 protesters gathered in Mewat, in Indian state of Haryana, to begin the historic 5-mile walk to Ghasera village. It was here, 72 years ago, that Mahatma Gandhi made the same journey during the turmoil of partition, visiting the area with the promise of a dignified life for local Muslims.While millions have retraced Gandhi’s steps before, this time felt different. Against the backdrop of a new Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) passed by the Indian parliament, which many believe is openly discriminatory against Muslims and relegates them to second-class citizens, honouring Gandhi’s words of religious harmony and reconciliation felt like a powerful political statement. “Mewat has witnessed many protests, but this is the biggest in our life,” resident Shahzad Khan told local media. It was no accident that on the same day that protesters marched in Mewat last week, thousands of demonstrators gathered at August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai, the spot from which Gandhi gave his famous “Quit India” speech to the British govt in 1942. Among millions who have taken to the streets defending Gandhi’s inclusive vision of India has been Gandhi’s great-grandson, Tushar Arun Gandhi. “For the first time in independent India,” said Tushar Gandhi, “laws or systems are being attempted to be imposed which discriminate, which differentiate, on the basis of religion.” The Guardian
 'Let them be in delusion': Asaduddin Owaisi slams Muslim clerics supporting Citizenship Act
Hyderabad: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi slammed Muslim clerics for making remarks in support of the new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Owaisi said that they “didn’t care” while the country was protesting against CAA and the proposed all-India NRC. He also condemned the nationwide violence and emphasised the protesters to be peaceful.His comments came as he convened a meeting of United Muslim Action Committee on Friday where several Muslim organisations including Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and others were present.At the meeting, which was called to discuss a strategy against the CAA and NRC, Owaisi said, “We have to oppose this Act strongly, but only after taking police permission and peacefully."“As you know in Lucknow and Delhi, there was police brutality and violence; in Mangaluru, 2 Muslims died. If there is violence, then we will condemn and disassociate ourselves from it,”he added. Newindianexpress
CAA Concerns All Indians, Not Just Muslims: Owaisi
 Jamia students Aysha, Ladeeda attend anti-CAA meet in Hyd, get rousing reception
 CAA stir: Situation peaceful in Bengal; BJP, Jamait ulema-e-Hind to take out rallies in Kolkata
Kolkata:The situation in West Bengal was peaceful on Sunday morning, with no incidents of violence reported from any part of the state, police said.According to sources, police administration has increased vigil and beefed-up arrangements in trouble-torn areas to maintain law and order.The Bengal unit of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind is scheduled to take out a rally from Rani Rashmomi road in the afternoon. Police have stepped up security.The State BJP unit is also set to conduct rallies and marches in various parts of the State in support of the citizenship law.PTI
Elgar arrests wrong, says Pawar, seeks SIT probe, action against Pune police
Pune :Terming arrest of activists in the Elgar Parishad case “wrong” and “vengeful”, NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Saturday said he would ask for a Special Investigation Team to probe the action taken by the Pune Police. NCP is an alliance partner in the coalition government in Maharashtra.“We will ask the Chief Minister for an SIT… to probe the police action. Facts should be verified,” he said, adding that SIT can be headed by a senior serving or retired officer or a sitting or retired judge.Agreeing that there were “very strong opinions expressed in the speeches” at the Elgar, Pawar said, “In a democracy, people take such positions. I have seen this in the past, during the Samyukta Maharashtra movement. But people were not booked for treason then… This entire investigation needs to be looked into. It appears that police misused their powers and we can’t be mute spectators to this… The conduct of the Pune Police Commissioner and some of his aides is highly objectionable. The action of Pune Police is wrong and vengeful.” Pawar also called for the suspension of police officers involved in the arrests.indianexpress
Detention Order Cannot Be Based On 'Stale & Irrelevant' Incidents: SC
The Supreme Court has observed that stale and irrelevant incidents cannot be the basis of an order of detention. The bench of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Hrishikesh Roy observed thus while quashing detention of Khaja Bilal Ahmed under Section 3 of Telangana Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Boot-Leggers, Dacoits, Drug-Offenders, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders Land-Grabbers, Spurious Seed Offenders, Insecticide Offenders, Fertiliser Offenders, Food Adulteration Offenders, Fake Document Offenders, Scheduled Commodities Offenders, Forest Offenders, Gaming Offenders, Sexual Offenders, Explosive Substances Offenders, Arms Offenders, Cyber Crime Offenders and White Collar or Financial Offenders Act 1961. It was considering an appeal against the High Court order that had dismissed the Writ Petition challenging the order of detention.The court noted that the order of detention in the present case contains a reference to fourteen cases which were instituted against the appellant between 2007 and 2016. livelaw
Sahitya Akademi awardee G Nanjundan found dead in Bengaluru apartment
Bengaluru :Renowned translator and Sahitya Akademi awardee Prof. G Nanjundan was found dead in his apartment in Bengaluru on Saturday.According to Bengaluru City Police, Nanjundan had not reported to work at Bangalore University since Wednesday, and his phone had been switched off since.“58-year-old scholar was working as a professor of Statistics in Jananabharathi campus of Bangalore University. He lived close by, in Nagadevanahalli. He was living alone. His wife and son reside in Chennai,” an officer from Kengeri police station said.indianexpress
Pragya Thakur refused to move to non-emergency seat, says SpiceJet after BJP MP files complaint
SpiceJet on Sunday issued a clarification after BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur filed a complaint against the airline for allegedly refusing to let her remain on the seat she had booked on a Delhi to Bhopal flight, PTI reported. Thakur had submitted a complaint with the Bhopal Airport Director on Saturday, and had claimed that the authorities had misbehaved with her.“On this aircraft, the first row is the emergency row seat and is not allocated to passengers on wheelchairs,” the airline’s spokesperson said. “As the BJP MP had come with her own wheelchair and had not booked through the airline, the staff wasn’t aware of this fact that she was a wheelchair passenger. She was requested by the crew to shift to 2A/B [in a non-emergency row] due to safety reasons but she refused.” The incident reportedly led to a 45-minute delay in the flight’s departure.
Muslim nations consider gold, barter trade to beat future sanctions
Kuala Lumpur:Iran, Malaysia, Turkey and Qatar are considering trading among themselves in gold and through a barter system as a hedge against any future economic sanctions on them, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Saturday.At the end of an Islamic summit in Malaysia, Mahathir praised Iran and Qatar for withstanding economic embargoes and said it was important for the Muslim world to be self-reliant to face future threats."With the world witnessing nations making unilateral decisions to impose such punitive measures, Malaysia and other nations must always bear in mind that it can be imposed on any of us," Mahathir said.US-allied Arab states Saudi Arabia,UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic and trade links with Qatar about 2-1/2-years ago over allegations it backs terrorism, a charge Doha denies. Iran, meanwhile, has been hit badly after US reimposed sanctions on it last year."I have suggested that we re-visit the idea of trading using the gold dinar and barter trade among us," Mahathir said, referring to the Islamic medieval gold coin."We are seriously looking into this and we hope that we will be able to find a mechanism to put it into effect." The leaders agreed they needed do more business among themselves and trade in each other's currencies. Without naming any country, Mahathir said there was concern that Muslims in non-Muslim countries were forced to undergo assimilation."We support integration but assimilation to the extent of shedding our religion is unacceptable," he said. At a news conference, he said the summit participants had been told that Uighurs were being detained in China.He called India's new citizenship act unfortunate. Reuters 
Saudi threatened Pak with sanctions: Erdogan at Islamic summit in Malaysia
Pakistan's absence in 4-day summit held in Malaysia to tackle issues related to Islamophobia has irked many participating nations.Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who along with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had been a prime mover behind the summit, made a last-minute decision to skip the meeting.Erdogan has revealed that Pakistan abstained from the Kuala Lumpur Islamic summit because the Saudi Arabian government had threatened economic sanctions against it.Khan, who was slated to speak at the summit, cancelled his trip at the last minute following which his Malaysian counterpart attempted to pacify Saudi Arabia by assuring the Kingdom that summit was open to all Islamic nations.ANI
Afghanistan: Prez Ghani on course for second term; Abdullah Abdullah, Hekmatyar to challenge results                                              
While Afghans have expressed satisfaction over a decision to announce the preliminary election results - delayed by three months - there has been a mixed reaction to President Ashraf Ghani appearing to win a second term.On Sunday, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced that Ghani was leading the race with 50.64 percent of the vote in the September 28 poll, ahead of Abdullah Abdullah (39.52 percent) and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (3.85 percent) of the 1.9 million votes.The results, originally scheduled to be announced on Oct.19, have been repeatedly delayed with IEC officials citing technical issues, allegations of fraud and protests from candidates.Claiming fraud in the election, Chief Executive Abdullah's team, leader of Hezb-i-Islami Hekmatyar and a member of candidate Rahmatullah Nabil's campaign said on Sunday they would challenge the results. The preliminary results come amid year-long peace negotiations between the Taliban and US that could see American troops withdraw from Afghanistan. Abdullah's and Hekmatyar's supporters blocked several election offices across the country, preventing election workers from a ballot recount for over a month.aljazeera
Turkey’s parliament ratifies security accord with Libya
Turkey’s parliament approved on Saturday a security and military cooperation deal signed with Libya’s internationally recognised government last month, state media and Reuters reported, an agreement that could pave the way for military help from Ankara.Turkey has been backing the Libyan government led by Fayez al-Serraj as it fights off a months-long offensive by Khalifa Haftar’s forces based in the east of the country.Ankara has already sent military supplies to Libya in violation of a United Nations arms embargo, according to a report by UN experts seen by Reuters last month.Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey could deploy troops to Libya in support of GNA but no request has yet been made. He said on Friday that Turkey could not remain silent over Russian-backed mercenaries backing Haftar’s forces. MEMO
Haftar naval forces tow ship with Turkish crew off Libya's coast
Forces loyal to Libyan renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar have towed a Grenada-flagged ship with Turkish crew off the Libyan coast, a spokesman said. Saturday's move came hours after Turkish Parliament approved a security and military cooperation deal with Libya.A naval combat vessel belonging to Haftar's self-styled eastern Libyan National Army (LNA) stopped the ship in Libyan territorial waters off the eastern city of Derna and towed it to Ras El Hilal port "for inspection and to verify its cargo", LNA spokesperson Ahmed Mismari said without giving further details.aljazeera
At least 25,000 people fled Syria’s Idlib for Turkey over 2 days
At least 25,000 civilians have fled Syria’s northwestern region of Idlib and headed towards Turkey over the past two days, Turkish state media said on Sunday, as Syrian and Russian forces intensified their bombardment of the region. Turkey currently hosts some 3.7 million Syrian refugees, largest refugee population in the world, and fears another wave from the Idlib region, where up to 3 million Syrians live in the last significant insurgent-held swathe of territory. Ankara has repeatedly asked its allies to support it in hosting refugees.middleeastmonitor
Russia,China block UN plan for cross-border aid to Syria
Russia, backed by China, on Friday cast its 14th UN Security Council veto since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011 to block cross-border aid deliveries from Turkey and Iraq to millions of Syrian civilians, reports Reuters. The resolution, drafted by Belgium, Kuwait and Germany, would have allowed cross-border humanitarian deliveries for a further 12 months from two points in Turkey and one in Iraq. But Syrian ally Russia only wanted to approve the two Turkish crossings for six months and had proposed its own draft text.MEMO
13 people shot at house party in Chicago: Police
Chicago:A shooting at a house party early Sunday on Chicago’s South Side wounded 13 people, four of them critically, Chicago police said.The shooting stemmed from a dispute at a house party that was “given in memorial of a subject slain in April,” Chief of Patrol Fred Waller said. He said shots were first fired just after 12:30 am. The victims range in age between 16 and 48 and suffered “different and various gunshot wounds to their bodies.”Two people are being questioned, Waller said. One of them was arrested with a weapon, he said, while the other was wounded. Waller said police recovered a revolver.AP
Study reveals rising cases of serious harm to children involving strong pain killers
Washington: According to recent research in US, the cases of poisoning among children due to high strength pain killer and their emergency admissions in hospitals have markedly gone up.The results of research reflect that in terms of numbers the cases of poisoning involving the young have gone down since 2005, but their severity has clearly increased.Published in the Journal of Clinical Toxicology, this study analysed more than 200,000 US paediatric cases of pain-relief misuse, abuse or self-harm.ANI
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