25 December 2019

25 DEC. NEWS: NPR not linked to NRC, says Amit Shah; Congress terms it a lie, counters with MHA report; Oppn parties say NPR is 'first step to NRC'/CAA-NRC:Women take lead at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh sit-in ptotest

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NPR not linked to NRC, says Amit Shah; Congress terms it a lie, counters with MHA report
Seeking to put an end to apprehensions about the updation of National Population Register (NPR), Union home minister Amit Shah said that there is no link between NPR exercise and NRC. His statements comes on a day that Union Cabinet approved a proposal to update NPR. In an exclusive interview with ANI, Shah said that that information obtained through NPR cannot be used for NRC which was a separate process. He said the union cabinet has not ever discussed NRC."NPR is register of population, NRC is register of citizens. There is no link between the two and the 2 have different processes," Shah told ANI. He also added that information obtained through NPR cannot be used for NRC which was a separate process.However, the Centre has unequivocally stated in the past that the two processes are linked. For instance, former minister of state for home affairs Kiren Rijiju had stated in a reply to a question in Parliament in May 2015, "It has been decided that NPR should be completed and taken to its logical conclusion, which is creation of National Register of Indian Citizen (NRIC) by verification of citizenship status of every usual resident in NPR and National Identity Cards would be issued to Citizens."Similarly, a PIB release from 26 Nov.2014 stated, "NPR is a register of all the usual residents which include citizens and non-citizens as well. NPR is the first step towards creation of NRIC by verifying the citizenship status of every usual residents."Shah, in his interview on Tuesday, also said that PM Narendra Modi was right in saying that there has been no discussion on a nationwide NRC process "either in Cabinet or Parliament." However, Shah himself had told Rajya Sabha on 20 November that NRC process will be carried out across India.Shah also said that NPR will not affect the nationality status of any citizen of the country. "NPR will not affect anyone's nationality. Even if somebody's name is missing from NPR, then too, his citizenship will not be threatened," the home minister said.Shah asserted that NPR is a continuation of a move started by ex UPA Govt. Soon after Shah's interview, Congress tweeted:"Once again BJP govt is caught in a trap of their own making. 2018-19 Annual Report of Union Home Ministry clearly states NPR is first step to NRC. Also in 2014 ex MoS Home Ministry Kiren Rijiju replied to a question in RS stating the same."firstpost
Amit Shah says no NPR-NRC link, his Govt linked it 9 times in House
Amit Shah’s U-turn on pan-India NRC: ‘PM Modi was right’, no talks on it now
NPR set to be new flashpoint, Congress unsure of its own idea
Oppn questions govt''s motives on NPR

NPR will serve as database for NRC, oppose it: Arundhati Roy
New Delhi:Writer and activist Arundhati Roy today claimed that National Population Register (NPR) will serve as a database for NRC and asked people to oppose it.Addressing a protest gathering at Delhi University, she also claimed that the NRC was targeted against Muslims of the countryShe hit out at PM Narendra Modi, accusing him of "lying" on the NRC issue during a rally at Ramlila ground on Sunday. PTI

Modi lied on NRC as he has support of pliant media': Arundhati Roy slams news channels during protest against CAA at Delhi University
Give your name as Ranga Billa, address 7, Race Course Road to NPR officials: Arundhati to people
'Centre Trying to Fool & Cheat People in Name of NPR': TMC, Oppn Parties Say It Is 'First Step to NRC'
Kolkata:After union cabinet approved NPR, Trinamool Congress said that BJP is trying to "fool and cheat" the people of the country as the population register is the "first step towards NRC".Elaborating, he said BJP is cheating the people as NPR will be carried out alongside the census. This will confuse the innocent people who will think it is the census and not the first step of NRC. To buttress his point, O'Brien said that the Govt had in a written reply in Parliament in 2014 said that NPR by verifying the citizenship status of every usual resident is the first step towards creation of National Register of Indian Citizens.Trinamool Congress, which has been at the forefront of protests against the proposed NRC and the newly amended citizenship law, has already stayed the process of updation of NPR in West Bengal.PTI
CAA-NRC:Women take lead at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh sit-in protest
New Delhi : A sharp voice pierces through the noise of women chatting, girls giggling and infants bawling. The men are mostly on the margins.“Aap logon ko bola tha paanch minute chup rehne ke liye; aap wo bhi nahi kar sakte? (I requested you to keep quiet for five minutes; can’t you even do that?)”A hush descends. Humera Sayed (22) has effortlessly managed to silence a crowd comprising women more than twice her age. “The thing is, when I am on stage, I feel like I own it,” Sayed, pursuing BSc from Delhi University’s Gargi College, says later.The stage is essentially a makeshift tarpaulin and wooden structure pitched on a busy thoroughfare in Shaheen Bagh. And the audience — a mass of women, with children in tow, unruffled by the biting cold.Over the last 10 days, Shaheen Bagh has emerged as the focal point of resistance against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed NRC.While protests at other places such as Mandi House and Jantar Mantar have come and gone in waves, the women of Shaheen Bagh have been unrelenting, having vowed not to withdraw their agitation until CAA is “rolled back” or the Centre “promises not to implement NRC”. From the stage, there are no fiery speeches, loud sloganeering or flag waving. Instead, speakers regale the audience with poetry, songs and plays, while a projector occasionally plays documentaries.“We are not here to oppose anything. We are here to uphold our Constitution, the only holy book, the Constitution of Ambedkar. We are telling people that the book is being tinkered with and we won’t let that happen,” Sayed, who lives in Shaheen Bagh, says. Asked whether the elders, especially men, take offence to her admonishing them, Sayed says, “Instead, people ring me up when I don’t turn up.” Explaining why women are leading the charge here, Adeela, a homemaker, says, “More than anything else, NRC will have a devastating impact on families. We hold our families together. More than the men, women from families with limited means are vulnerable in terms of not having proper documents to establish their identity, let alone descent.”Shakeela Bano says the visuals of Delhi Police assaulting students of Jamia Millia Islamia left many women in the area shaken, drawing them to the protest site. “The women of the families are taking turns. Some come and sit here during the day, some in the evening, and some sit through the night. It’s not easy, but necessary,” she adds.Musarrat, sitting on the staircase of a large garments showroom overlooking the protest, also stresses on “saving families from being torn apart”. “We have relatives in Assam and have heard how flawed the system is. The spelling of my name differs from one identify card to another, which is the case for many in this country. Tomorrow, in the event of an NRC, what do I do? And (Home Minister) Amit Shah has told a channel that even Aadhaar and voter IDs won’t be accepted,” she says.While political faces such as Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad, CPM leader Brinda Karat and former Congress MLA Asif Mohammed Khan have stopped by the gathering, the coordination work is being done by Aasif Mujtaba (30), a PhD scholar at IIT Delhi.Under Mujtaba, around six groups of volunteers take care of the safety of women, preventing the entry of dubious elements, providing medical aid, arranging food and bedding for those staying overnight.At night, when the performances end, the organisers screen films using a projector. On Tuesday, Lion of the Desert, a film set during the reign of Italian dictator Mussolini, was screened.Groups of policemen posted in the area keep an eye on the gathering from a distance. Locals said many shopkeepers have approached the police to clear the road, citing loss of business. The protest has blocked a key stretch —Kalindi Kunj Road— linking the densely populated Shaheen Bagh with the satellite township of Noida for 10 days and 11 nights.
Biryani, bankers and burqas: Inside a sit-in protest on an Indian highway in Shaheen Bagh:Reuters
CAA protest: Shaheen Square soldiers on
CM Kamal Nath refuses to implement CAA in MP; leads march against CAA, NRC
Bhopal:Denouncing controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath Wednesday said the new law was against the society, Constitution and religion and announced it would not be implemented in the state as long as Congress remained in power.“Any law that is anti-people, anti-constitution, anti-society, anti-religion will not be implemented in Madhya Pradesh till Congress is in power,” said Nath after leading a march against CAA in Bhopal. Congress leader cleared his stand on the legislation. “Do Modi ji and Amit Shah ji think we are illiterate? We have read the legislation. We understand their niyat (intention). The question is not what is written but what is unwritten. The question is not how it will be used but how it will be misused,” Nath retorted when asked about PM’s comment that opposition CMs were not informed.Nath said his party also wanted to implement the National Population Register (NPR), however, without the NRC’s association with it.“We also wanted the NPR that they have brought, but there was no NRC associated with it. They are bringing it together, which has made their intentions clear),” PTI quoted Nath as saying after participating in the march.At the outset of the protest march, the CM told the crowd he would fight against the amended Citizenship Act till the end as it was “against the basic structure of the country”.Besides Nath, CMs of Chhattisgarh, Punjab and West Bengal have also announced that they will not implement the new citizenship law.indianexpress
"NRC, CAA Onslaught On Constitution", Says Kamal Nath, Leads Peace March
Owaisi leads Muslims' delegation, urges TRS govt to stay NPR in Telangana, saying no difference between NRC, NPR
Hyderabad:AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi along with representatives of a body of Muslim organisations in Telangana met CM K Chandrasekhar Rao today and requested him to stay the work on updation of NPR on the lines of Kerala.Emerging from the meet, Owaisi described it as 'positive' and said they informed Rao NPR was first step toward NRC. The latter was 'sympathetic' toward their cause and sought two days time to inform the ruling TRS' stand, he said. Hyderabad MP, accompanied by representatives of city-based United Muslim Action Committee in the meeting, said NPR was the first step toward NRC and there was a necessity for all like-minded parties to come together on the issue.NPR is the first step towards NRC. We have informed the CM about it. We urged him to stay implementation of NPR on the lines of Kerala Govt. We gave the order copy of Kerala,' he told reporters here.Owaisi said the CM told them he would hold talks with like-minded political parties on NPR issue and if needed organise a public meeting.He claimed KCR, as Rao is popularly known, asked him to invite leaders of all political parties to MIM's proposed public meeting in Nizamabad on Friday on the issue.We will also invite the Congress, CPM and CPI. TRS will participate. This is an issue to save the country, Owaisi quoted KCR as having said.Showing some documents, MP said according to Govt websites, NPR is the first step towards undertaking the proposed NRC.Addressing a protest meeting against NPR, NRC and CAA at Mahabubnagar late on Tuesday night, he alleged PM Modi and Home MinisterAmit Shah were not telling the truth with regard to NRC and detention centres to house suspected illegal immigrants. Referring to Modi's speech in Ramlila ground in Delhi that there was no discussion on NRC, he said President in his address in Parliament after the NDA Govt was formed had said NRC would be brought. Owaisi also said while PM said no detention centres had been built, a detention centre has come up in Karnataka and a huge such facility was being built in Assam.PTI
Telangana Muslim leaders meet CM over NPR, NRC
Govt contradicting its stance on NPR: Yechury
CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury has hit out at Central Govt over National Population Register (NPR) saying " Govt is contradicting its stance on the same."He said, "They are doing NPR up-gradation and have added additional criteria. They are also asking for information on twenty-one heads. Now it has been said nine times that NPR will be the basis on which NRC will be created. Now, this is something Govt itself had stated. Whatever the PM is claiming on NPR was not discussed with us.""Is there something in the written form which states that NPR will be on the basis of the NRC. What is its final objective?" he asked.ANI
Karnataka opens first detention centre meant to house illegal immigrants
Bengaluru: Amid nation-wide protests over controversial citizenship law, the first detention centre in Karnataka, reportedly meant to lodge illegal immigrants and migrants overstaying in the country, has been opened in Sondekoppa village near here.The facility with several rooms, a kitchen and toilets has been kept ready on the directions of the Govt, a social welfare department official said.However, Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai objected to the term ‘Detention Centre’.Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, he had said, “In qualified terms, it is not a detention centre. There is no purpose per se to detain someone on the issue of citizenship.”PTI
Won’t Allow Detention Centres for NRC in Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray Tells Muslims
Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray has assured Muslim community he would not allow detention centres to be set up in the state under NRC exercise. He has also reportedly scrapped his predecessor Devendra Fadnavis’ decision to build the first such centre for illegal immigrants in Nerul in Navi Mumbai.Thackeray, who met two delegations of Muslim politicians and clerics on Monday, said the community should not fear being asked to leave the state amid widespread protests against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act. The new law excludes Muslims from an expedited process to acquire citizenship and has sparked fears that it would render Muslims stateless when NRC is rolled afterwards. Thackeray told delegation that misinformation is being spread about detention camps. “That is a system is for foreign nationals who have served their sentence for the cases related to drugs or other offences. These foreign nationals are kept in detention camps during the time till they complete their documentation process for deportation. So, there is no need to fear about it.”He added that his Govt would not allow any detention camps in state in connection with NRC and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) when concerns were raised during the meeting. Meanwhile, the Maharashtra CM also scrapped his Devendra Fadnavis’s decision to develop the state’s first detention centre for in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai Mirror reported.news18
Jamaat Urges CMs Not To Implement NRC, NPR Till CAA Is Repealed
New Delhi:Jamaat-e-Islami Hind(JIH) has urged CMs of all the states in the country not to implement the contentious NRC and stop the process of National Population Register (NPR) unless Centre assures that it is rolling back NRC and the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) with immediate effect. JIH president Sadatullah Hussaini, in separate letters sent to all CMs, said, “You are the chief representative of the people of your state. You are duty bound to protect the safety, security and fundamental rights of your people. We, therefore, urge you to disallow the implementation of the proposed NRC in your state. As law and order is a state subject, you are quite within your constitutional rights to ensure the non-implementation of NRC. We also urge you to stop the process of NPR until the Centre assures the nation that it will not implement NRC and shall rollback CAA”. indiatomorrow
Jamaat writes to all CMs not to Implement NRC before CAA revoked
After Bengal and Kerala Rajasthan puts NPR on hold
After Bengal and Kerala, the Rajasthan Govt will put stay order on NPR.Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot told media that in his state NPR will not be implemented.Gehlot also accused Amit Shah and Narendra Modi of polarising the country and spreading enmity among different communities.“They (BJP, Modi and Shah) want to push the country in (an atmosphere of) hatred but we will not let this happen,” sabrangindia.in quoted him as saying. Gehlot also asked the central Govt to repeal Citizenship Act.tdnworld.com
Muslims have 150 countries to live, Hindus have one: Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani
Vadodara :Leading a rally in support of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) at Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said while Muslims have 150 countries where they can go to, “for Hindus there is only one country – Bharat”.BJP on Tuesday took out 62 rallies in different cities of Gujarat in support of the new citizenship law. While Rupani led a rally in Ahmedabad, Deputy CM Nitin Patel led one in Mehsana, among many such pro-CAA marches. Rupani said, “Muslims in India were happy and their population rose from 9% to 14%…because of the secular Constitution they live a dignified life in India.”indianexpress
If even one Jharkhandi is uprooted due to CAA, won’t implement it: Hemant Soren
New Delhi :JMM working president Hemant Soren, who is set to be the CM of Jharkhand, on Tuesday said he will go through the details of the citizenship law and if even one person from his state is uprooted due to the amended legislation, then it will not be implemented. Soren, who led JMM-Congress-RJD alliance to a win in the assembly polls, also said that he had not gone through the details of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the possible NRC and he would make a “holistic review” of them.“I have not gone through the NRC and CAB (now CAA) documents that the Govt of India wants to implement. Citizens are on the roads against these laws. We will go through it and if it uproots even one Jharkhandi from his or her home, then it won’t be implemented,” 44-year-old Soren told PTI in an interview.“NPR has been done today. We will do a holistic review of the entire act and the policy at the state level and I need to be convinced that not a single Jharkhandi is uprooted from his or her home due to this law,” he said when asked about his take on the CAA and NRC with many states ruled by Opposition parties asserting that they will not implement the controversial citizenship law."His remarks came hours after the Union Cabinet approved updating NPR.PTI

CAA won’t impact Goan population, Muslims shouldn’t fear: CM Sawant
Panaji: In view of concerns raised by citizens over the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), CM Pramod Sawant briefed BJP legislature party about the act and asked them to create awareness in their constituencies to do away with misconceptions. BJP has also decided to hold a rally and public meeting on Janu.3 in Panaji in support of CAA. “We welcome CAA and it does not impact the Goan population. Because of CAA, no Goan will lose his or her Indian citizenship or get cancelled,” he said.He also said Goans should not panic and that some forces in the state are trying to create unnecessary issues and instigate them. He also assured the Muslim community that they should not fear CAA as “they are original Goans and it will not have any impact on their nationality”.TOI
KCR must make stand on CAA, NRC clear:Jamat- e-Islami Hind  Telangana
Charminar: Jamat- e-Islami Hind Telangana (JIHT) on Tuesday demanded CM K Chandrasekhar Rao to clear his stand on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC. Citing the example of CMs Jagan Mohan Reddy (Andhra Pradesh), Mamata Banerjee (West Bengal) and other politicians, JIHT president Hamid Mohammed Khan said that it was time KCR broke his silence.“We want our CM to clear his stand on CAA and NRC in the state. A writ petition should be filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of state Govt against the controversial bills and the CM should lead the anti-CAA and NRC movement in the state,’’ the JIHT president said. JIH urged the CM to ensure a passage of resolution in the state assembly against the CAA and NRC. “The lawmakers must take note of Jharkhand’s poll results and realise that voters decide fate of politicians. We want a peaceful life without any hurdles,’’ said Mohammed Abdul Moin, an Old City resident . TOI
CAA-NRC-NPR effect: People queue up to get birth certificate at Municipal office in UP’s Hapur
In the wake of the Citizenship Act, NRC and NPR, Hapur Municipal Corporation is witnessing the swarm of citizens seeking for a birth certificate on Wednesday. Some of these people have birth year of 1948 while some have 1952. According to Executive officer of Hapur Municipal Corporation, the unexpected rush has increased in the past week, he told the ANI, “There has been a sudden rush to get birth certificates made. Some are from 1948, some 1952 etc, the issue we are facing is that we are not able to get info of such old dates,trying to do best we can. I can’t say right now why this unexpected rush."People agonized by the passed bill in the Parliament queuing in the civic body after Modi Govt had announced that the birth or place of birth-related documents is compulsory for the newly introduced Citizenship law.nationalheraldindia
CAA Row Live: Over 5,500 people detained, 925 arrested says UP Police; NHRC issues notice to UP DGP, seeks response on violence, killings
UP Police data till Dec.23 says 5,558 people detained and 925 people arrested. The police has filed 213 FIRs. NHRC has issued a notice to UP DGP and sought a response on violence and killings in the state during the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests in many parts of the state. NHRC has sought a reply within the next four weeks. A total of 16,761 social media posts (7,513 on Twitter, 976 Facebook and 171 YouTube posts) have been found by police to be objectionable. FIRs have been filed against many such posts and these accounts will either be blocked or removed. Apart from these accounts, UP Police is also scanning other objectionable posts related to CAA and NRC.It has come to light that police have issued show notices to 110 people, in which the police claim that they were involved in the violence during anti-CAA protests in Lucknow.India Today
CAA: UP Police Tortured Children Swept Up In Citizenship Law Protests
Nagina:UP police detained at least 5 minors, one of whom is only 13, at the Bijnor Police Cantonment and tortured them over a period of 48 hours before releasing them, HuffPost India can establish based on interviews with the children and their parents, a review of photographs in local papers, and videos from the incident.  These instances of torture have occurred in the context of UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s call for his state Govt to take “revenge” against those protesting against the citizenship law, and the Narendra Modi Govt’s attempts to violently silence any opposition to it. The policemen told the children they were beating them to teach them to never attend a public demonstration again, said the minors who endured the abuse. While HuffPost India has documented the accounts of these 5 children through face-to-face interviews, the total number of minors detained and tortured by the police in Nagina, an urban settlement in Bijnor, could be as high as 22. At least one child is still in police custody, his father and elder brother told HuffPost India. The boy’s name appears in a FIR of the incident filed by the police, but his date of birth printed on his Aadhaar card puts his age at 14 years. The child’s father said that the police insist he is an adult and have refused to listen to them. HuffPost India has reviewed FIR and the child’s Aadhaar card. huffingtonpost
In Bijnor, Children Give Harrowing Accounts of Beating by UP Police After CAA Protest
Report on AMU violence: ‘Cops raised Jai Shri Ram slogans, admin failed in its duty’
A fact-finding report on the violence and police action at AMU last week has alleged that police used stun grenades, “usually used in war-like situations or terror operations”,against AMU students. Based on anonymous testimonies of students, teachers and others present on campus at the time of the incident, the report concluded that there were “unbridled human rights violations” and the university administration failed in their “duty to protect the campus and its residents against brutality by UP Police”.Denying the report’s claims, police have said that students initiated the violence and minimum force was used for self-defence. When contacted, Aligarh (City) SP Abhishek said, “Police personnel might have used stun grenades…In terms of how many stun grenades were used… it can only be concluded after a probe. We have clippings of students throwing back tear gas shells. The stun grenades are non-lethal and only produce sound impact which can be used to disperse crowd.”Ex-IAS officer Harsh Mander, academic Nandini Sundar, rights activist John Dayal and author Natasha Badhwar were part of the 13-member team that issued the report, titled ‘Siege of AMU’, at a press conference here on Tuesday.The report stated that a student, who picked up a stun grenade thinking it was a tear gas shell, lost his hand even as the university administration defended use of the device. “Students spoke of soldiers and police persons raising chilling slogans like Jai Shri Ram while attacking the students and setting ablaze their scooters and vehicles…” the report states. It mentions alleged use of religiously charged terms such as “aatankvadi” (terrorist) by the police.The report says that “V-C claims to have invited forces into the university, but it is unclear why the RAF soldiers then broke down the gates”.indianexpress
The Siege of AMU: A Fact Finding Report
AMU students seek answers from police over use of ‘excessive force’
AMU Students Union Report Calls Police Action a "State Sponsored Terror"
Giving chilling details about police brutality in its fact finding report running into 32 pages, AMU Students Union (AMUSU) has termed the police action on AMU students on Dec.15 as “state sponsored terror”.  Report said that students’ protest against  the controversial Citizenship Bill from Dec.8  till the afternoon of Dec. 15, was completely peaceful. After the news of police crackdown on Jamia Millia Islamia students reached AMU, the students came to the main gate of the university to stage their protest.What happened in the next few hours was "state sponsored terror unleashed on AMU students”, AMUSU report titled “Protest Against Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 & The Unleashing of State Terror in AMU”, said.India Tomorrow
FIR against 1,200 AMU students for carrying out peaceful candlelight march
UP Police on Wednesday filed an FIR against 1,200 AMU students for carrying out a candlelight march. The case has been registered under Sections 188 and 341 of the Indian Penal Code for violating Section 144 of CrPC, which was imposed in the area.The march, carried out by students against CAA on Dec. 23, was peaceful but in violation of the Section in force that disallowed assembly of more than four people.timesnownews
First notices go out in UP to 28 residents: Pay Rs 14 lakh for damage to property in Rampur
Lucknow :Days after 16 people were killed in UP where protests over the citizenship law led to a police crackdown and a warning from CM Yogi Adityanath that “revenge will be taken”, Rampur district administration became the first in the state to initiate the process for recovery of damage to Govt property including police motorcycles, barrier, dandas.In identical notices issued Tuesday to 28 people, including an embroidery worker and a hawker of spices who are already in custody, the administration, while holding them responsible for acts of violence and damage to Govt property, has sought explanation on why recoveries should not be made for damage worth Rs 14.86 lakh.Embroidery worker Zameer’s mother Munni Begum said that she does not even have money to hire a lawyer for her son in custody. “I have not received any recovery notice from the district administration so far. We don’t even have money to arrange a lawyer for Zameer. How can we pay any compensation?”. She said police came to their house in Nai Basti Sunday afternoon and took Zameer with them.Zameer’s neighbour Mehmood, who sold spices on a cart for a living, was also arrested by police on Sunday in connection with the same incident. Mehmood’s brother-in-law Faheem, a daily-wage labour hand, said Mehmood too was home on Saturday. Near Bilaspur Gate in Rampur, Seema, wife of labour hand Pappu, said her husband had been wrongly arrested in a case of arson. She too said her husband was home on Saturday, and that the police came the next day. “No one was ready to listen,” she said. Zameer, Mehmood and Pappu have since been sent to Rampur jail. In the notice, loss of property worth Rs 14,86,500 has been cited. It lists, among others, a police jeep of Bhot police station (Rs 750,000), motorcycle of a sub-inspector (Rs 65,000), motorcycle of City Kotwali police station (Rs 90,000), wireless set, hooter/loudspeaker, 10 dandas, 3 helmets, three body protectors.indianexpress
SP MP Azam Khan’s close aide among 150 identified for vandalism in Rampur
Cops barged into our homes at night, smashed everything,snatched cash, jewellery:Muzaffarnagar’s Muslim Families
Muzaffarnagar:There is a broken clock on the wall of Haji Hamid Hassan’s room. The hands of the clock are stuck at three minutes to 11. “That’s when they came,” says the 72-year-old. “They (police) smashed this clock first and it has been stuck since then.”Hassan says he was in his room at 10:57 PM with his 14-year-old grandson Ahmed when the cops stormed into his house and started smashing everything up.The family, based in the Muslim-majority neighbourhood of Sarwat, had been saving for years for the wedding of Hassan’s two granddaughters in Feb. The house, which bore a festive look before Friday, now looks like a tornado has been through it.Refrigerators, washing machines and cupboards, which haven’t even been unpacked, are smashed and broken. The family has four scooters, all of which have been broken. Ruqaiyya, the 21-year-old bride-to-be, is in the hospital with a head wound. Five other members of the family, including 14-year-old Ahmed, have sustained injuries.“We agree that burning buses is wrong, but why hurt us? What did I do? I am 72-years-old, I wasn’t even at the protest,” he says.Locals in Muzaffarnagar allege that upwardly mobile Muslim families of means have been made the target of a police crackdown.News18
Posters of ‘wanted’ men come up in Meerut where 5 killed in violence during CAA protests
Meerut: Days after five men were killed in Meerut in the violence that erupted in the wake of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, walls of the city are dotted with posters of “wanted” men.The posters have come up outside police stations and other areas, featuring photographs of men who allegedly perpetrated the violence last Friday. The informers will be given appropriate reward, say the posters put up by the local police.The Meerut police said they would stop at nothing to catch them.As many as 15 FIRs have already been filed, naming 172 people. As many as 43 of them have been arrested so far, the police said.theprint
Meerut Police say 24-year-old’s death not linked to violence, kin say cops shot him
Meerut :While 6 people died in Meerut on Friday following protests against the citizenship law, police have officially linked five of these deaths to the agitation. According to a report prepared by senior police officers in the district, they are yet to associate the killing of 24-year-old Aleem, previously mis-identified as Areef, to the violence around the protests.The report states that “someone left him at the hospital” on Friday, where he was declared brought dead. The police have stated in a report that he “was not found to have been involved in any incident” related to the violence that day. Police sources said that nobody has come forward to state that Aleem was involved in any of the incidents.However, Aleem’s family strongly protested the police version and alleged that Aleem was shot by the police.indianexpress
UP Police Arrest Muslim Lawyer Offering Legal Aid to Protestors, Claim Militant Links
Jaipur: UP police has arrested Mohammad Faizal, a Rajasthan based 24-year-old Muslim advocate who had gone to Shamli to offer legal aid to protestors who had been arrested during an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protest in UP. UP police has registered an FIR against Faizal. The police have identified Faizal as a member of the PFI.“Faizal along with three other men was involved in inciting violence and distributing objectional pamphlets. We have also recovered data from his phone as proof that he is a PFI member,” Dharmendra Yadav, a police officer at Shamli police station told The Wire.However, the family of the advocate has denied any links to the PFI. They claim that the UP police had registered false cases against him.Advocates have requested the Kairana Bar association to intervene in the matter.“Advocates from across the country are travelling to UP to assist the arrested protestors. Faizal is a part of National Confederation of Human Rights organisations (NCHRO) and he was asked by NCHRO to go to UP to offer legal aid but the police arrested him along with a few relatives of the protestors who were seeking help from Faizal,” Ansar Indori, a human rights advocate told The Wire.“The police is falsely labelling him as PFI member. NHRC has written to the Kairana Bar association to intervene but unfortunately, there has been no response,” he added.thewire
Filmmaker Bhardwaj on UP Police vandalism: Will there be a judicial inquiry?
Filmmaker and music composer Vishal Bhardwaj said he was "disgusted" with reports of vandalism by the UP Police during violent protests against the amended Citizenship Act last week.The filmmaker also asked whether a "judicial inquiry" will be ordered after reports of police allegedly indulging in vandalism emerged. "Disgusting to see what UP police is doing. Breaking CC TVs and Ransacking. Damaging public property. Now what? Will there be a judicial inquiry? (sic)" Bhardwaj wrote on Twitter Tuesday night.PTI
Stop State Repression and Police Violence in UP:Activists
NEW DELHI: While condemning the alleged police brutalities in the BJP-ruled UP, civil society groups, political leaders and activists on Tuesday quoted sources to say that as many as 27 persons including an 8-year-child were killed in police firings on CAA protesters and related incidents in the state alone.They condemned UP deputy CM and the police for dragging the name of PFI for the violence. Addressing a joint press conference here, they said the police atrocity reports coming from India’s largest state should have been of grave concern to all, and the police unleashed a reign of terror in the state.Quoting different sources, they said at least 27 people have been killed so far, most of them due to police gunshots, in the state alone.Videos and other evidenced showed the police indulged in vandalism and used indiscriminate violence against peaceful protesters.“An atmosphere of terror and fear is being created by Yogi Adithyanath Govt with the ulterior motive of crushing the agitations and taking revenge on the minorities”, they said.Shrinivas Raghavan, president of Lok Raj Sanghatan, said UP Police is targeting PFI to divert attention of the public from its alleged crimes and violence. Front leader Parvez Ahmad said PFI was working openly in some parts of UP under an ad-hoc committee and there was no record of any subversive activity about them so far. The state convener of PFI, Wasim Ahmed and members Qari Ashfaque and Mohammed Nadeem, who were arrested earlier from Lucknow, were later charged under serious provisions and depicted before the media as the masterminds of the violence. Bhai Tej Singh, president of Ambedkar Samaj Party said the ongoing movement against the CAA was a secular struggle but the BJP was trying to give it a communal colour. Among others, Bhanu Partap Singh and  Adv. Mahmood Pracha, also addressed the media.Caravan Daily
Will oppose any law dividing the country: BHU student refuses degree in protest against CAA
A Banaras Hindu University (BHU) student has refused to accept his degree in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and said he will oppose any law dividing the country.Rajat Singh refused to accept his Masters (History of Arts) degree at the University's annual convocation programme in solidarity with students who were arrested for protesting against CAA.Singh said he opposes the arrest of students protesting against CAA and also the law itself. "I oppose the arrest of students, I oppose this communal law, I oppose any law that attempts to divide the country," he said.indiatoday
Shock in Varanasi as 56 social activists charged with violent rioting – after a peaceful protest
UP police have arrested more than 700 people over the last week for protesting against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. Most of the arrests have taken place in working-class Muslim neighbourhoods where residents allege the police turned violent, fired bullets without warning and ransacked homes.However, in Varanasi, even social activists among the educated middle class have not been spared. Scroll.in found that as many as 69 activists were arrested on Dec. 19, after they staged a peaceful demonstration. 56  them have been charged with grievous crimes such as violent rioting. Many of those arrested are long-time social activists in Varanasi. Others are young scholars – for instance, Divakar Singh, a research scholar at BHU, who has a one-month old child. Two other activists arrested, Ravi Kumar and Ekta, have a one-year old child. Many others are students.scroll
Sadaf Jafar from jail: ‘Whether I get bail or not, fight against CAA must continue’
Showing exceptional fighting spirit, social activist Sadaf Jafar – who was badly beaten up by the UP police and who has been lodged behind bars in this numbing chill for taking part in anti-CAA protest in Lucknow – has reiterated her resolve to fight against discriminatory CAA.Delivering her message to the countrymen through her lawyers and friends who met her in Hazratganj jail, Lucknow, Jafar conveyed: “Whether I get bail or not, fight against CAA must continue.” Jafar was arrested on Dec. 19 from Parivartan Chowk, Lucknow where she reached to protest against the CAA that, for the first time, seeks to make religion a test for citizenship of India. She was live on Facebook when male cops reportedly thrashed her.nationalheraldindia
Yediyurappa does U-turn on compensation to Mangaluru firing victims; says none will be paid until investigation proves them innocent
Mangaluru:CM BS Yediyurappa today reversed his earlier announcement that the kin of those killed in police firing last week would be paid a compensation of ₹10 lakh each.He said that  compensation could not be paid until investigation into the violent incidents prove that the two are innocent. Govt has announced a CID as well as Magisterial inquiry into the violence. Yediyurappa on Sunday had announced a compensation of ₹10 lakh each to the kin of the 2 victims of police firing. Nausin, 23, and Jalil Kudroli, 49, were killed on Thursday during a protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the proposed National Register of Citizens.While the family and eye witnesses have claimed that the two were uninvolved in the agitation and were bystanders, the police have named them as accused in FIR. Terming Dec.19 Mangaluru violence as a premeditated conspiracy, Yediyurappa today said those directly involved in the violence will be arrested immediately and dealt with as per law. the hindu
HRW, Amnesty call for immediate stop on crackdown against peaceful protesters, express concern on large-scale killings of protesters
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty India have called on the Indian authorities to desist from using lethal force against demonstrators protesting against the recently amended anti-Muslim Citizenship Act. Human Rights Watch’s South Asia Director Meenakshi Ganguly said, “Indian police, in many areas, have been cracking down on anti-citizenship law protests with force, including unnecessary deadly force…The authorities should prosecute violent protesters, but they also need to hold police officers to account for using excessive force.” Several videos of police brutalities against protesters have surfaced on social media platforms. All killings have occurred in states ruled by PM Narendra Modi’s political party, BJP. Among those killed include 18 in UP, 5 in Assam, and 2 in Karnataka. Most of those killed are Muslims including one 8-year-old boy. According to police, many of its personnel too have sustained injuries. Amnesty India’s Executive Director Avinash Kumar too termed CAA a bigoted law, which legitimises discrimination on the basis of religion. “CAA is a bigoted law that legitimises discrimination on the basis of religion. The people of the country have the right to protest against this law peacefully and express their views. The right to freedom of peaceful assembly does not only facilitate freedom of expression, but also allows public debate. However, rather than respecting, protecting and promoting this right, Central Govt in Delhi and various state Govts are clamping down on protestors by using repressive laws”, Kumar was quoted as saying.jantakareporter
Jadavpur University Gold Medalist Tears Copy Of CAA, Pledges ‘Hum Kagaz Nahin Dikhaenge’
People are finding different ways to protests against the controversial Citizenship Act. There are some who opt for street protests, while some are pretty much active of social media to debate the relevance of the newly formed Act by Modi Govt. And then, there are some who are bravely making strong statement by choosing university convocations as the cite of protest. After what happened at Pondicherry University earlier this week, a gold medalist from Jadavpur University tore a copy of the Act to shreds while receiving her degree at the convocation ceremony at the university. The name of the student is Debasmita Chowdhury, who was from the department of international relations. She went up to the dice to receive her degree along with a copy of the controversial act. She then faced the gathering and addressed loudly: “Hum Kagaz Nahin Dikhayenge” (I will not show my papers). indiatimes
Kerala's Al-Jamia graduates reject CAA, NRC during convocation
 Kerala:The convocation ceremony of Al-Jamia Al-Islamiya Santhapuram concluded here recently, expressing its solidarity with the ongoing nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC. It urged the central Govt to withdraw the draconian laws.A total of 358 students including 111 girls received their degrees from prominent scholars and academics during the ceremony, which included a musical drama highlighting the bravery of Malabar Muslims in confronting British colonial forces during the freedom struggle.Earlier, students wearing graduation gowns gathered in Al-Jamia grounds and raised slogans against NRC and CAA. They denounced police brutalities against protesters.Addressing a cultural session, T. Arifali, secretary-general of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, called for the continuation of the agitation until the BJP Govt trash the two laws that differentiate citizens on the basis of religion and violates India's secular an democratic principles.“I believe it will take decades to restore India’s democracy and secularism as BJP Govt has demolished these basic pillars that united the people of India despite their religious, racial and linguistic differences," Arifali said.The convocation ceremony was inaugurated by Dr. Ahmed Al-Raissouni, president of International Union of Muslim Scholars.saudigazette
Assam govt warns staff against political posts on social media amid CAA protests
Assam Govt has warned its employees of disciplinary action for “indulging and participating in political activities” on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.The warning follows the cease-work by some 4 lakh Assam Govt employees on Dec.22 to protest the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.  Teachers and students have been at the forefront of the agitation against the CAA in Assam, which began violently, leading to the death of 4 people in police firing. 2 others were burnt alive by mobs.One of Assam’s oldest churches has curtailed Christmas celebrations as a mark of protest against CAA.All India Bengali Organisation (AIBO) has demanded indigenous status for Bengali speakers of Assam while slamming CAA as a design to convert Hindu Bengali citizens into refugees by Modi Govt. thehindu
After Naga party sends notice to MPs who voted for CAB, RS member quits party post
Rajya Sabha MP from Nagaland K G Kenye has resigned as secretary-general of NPF after party sent him and its Lok Sabha MP from Outer Manipur, Lorho S Pfoze, showcauses notices for having voted in favour of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Parliament.The notices were sent on Dec.17 by the party’s disciplinary committee, former Nagaland CM and Leader of the Opposition TR Zeliang said.Kenye, who quit the party post on Dec.20, said: “I have resigned as party secretary-general. I have not resigned from the party itself. I will continue to be a member of NPF. I resigned to save my party from any embarrassment.”Not indicating whether any further action will be taken against either MP, Zeliang said:“…NPF has always opposed the Bill. We have had several meetings and passed several resolutions against this Bill. They needed to consult the party before the vote.”indianexpress
Madurai:Denied cops’ nod for anti-CAA rally, DMK, Muslim outfits to move court
Madurai: The city police on Tuesday denied permission for a rally planned by various Muslim outfits along with DMK allies through the city roads on Dec.31 to register their opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act. The organizers have now decided to knock on the doors of the court for permission.Leaders of opposition parties in Madurai district led by DMK urban district secretary G Thalapathi along with representatives of various Muslim outfits approached city police commissioner S Davidson Devasirvatham in the morning and handed over a petition seeking permission. However, commissioner denied it citing sensitivity of issue.TOI
"I am scared about NRC, can't deny it," AIADMK Minister Nilofer Kafeel to TNM
A video of AIADMK Labour Minister Nilofer Kafeel addressing members of her community in Dharmapuri district, was shared widely on social media. As residents of the state threw a volley of worried questions at her, Minister attempted to assuage their fears regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act and the NRC.One Muslim resident asks Minister- "Those who are poor don't have records or documents. If Govt asks, how will they prove anything? "thenewsminute
After Delhi police denial, Students, PG owners confirm police asked to close PGs and coaching centres
A video has gone viral on social media of Delhi Police officials asking students in Mukherjee Nagar to vacate their hostels from today to Jan.2 and return home. Delhi police have termed the video as fake According to a report in Times Now, residents and owner of coaching institutes confirmed that some police officials has asked them to close coaching centres and vacate hostels. Residents stated that police have cited it as a safety measure and also in view of protest against the CAA.Some students took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask for help.In the viral video, ACP, Model Town, Ajay Kumar can be seen instructing students to vacate the area citing law and order situation.Towards the end of the video, Kumar also said that action will be taken if no one is found complying with the order.However, Delhi Police is claiming that the video and photos are fake and doctored.nationalheraldindia
Daryaganj Violence: Court Seeks Delhi Police Response on Bail Pleas of 6 Accused
New Delhi: A court on Tuesday sought response of Delhi Police on bail pleas filed by six arrested in connection with a violent Anti-CAA protest at Daryaganj.Additional Sessions Judge Satish Kumar has asked the police to file reply by Dec. 28.A magistrate court had on Monday rejected the bail pleas of all the 15 arrested in the case and sent then to 14 days judicial custody.PTI
Amid CAA protests, Tripura royal scion forms ‘apolitical outfit’ to protect tribal rights
Amid rising protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Tripura, ex state Congress president and royal scion Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma Wednesday announced the formation of a new ‘apolitical party’ for indigenous welfare activism, including protests against the citizenship law.The party, named ‘Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance’ or TIPRA, aims to work towards protecting the rights of indigenous people of Tripura, Pradyot said in a social media post.indianexpress
Missing from India's citizenship law: 100,000 Sri Lankan refugees
Nearly 100,000 Sri Lankan refugees living in India are not eligible for citizenship under a new law, sparking concerns they may be forced to return to the island nation they fled during a decades-long civil war, many with no homes to return to.India's Citizenship Act (CAA) aims to fast-track citizenship for persecuted Hindus, Parsis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Christians who arrived in India before Dec.31, 2014, from Muslim-majority Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.The law excludes nearly 100,000 Sri Lankan Tamils, an ethnic minority living in India, including about 60,000 in camps in southern Tamil Nadu state, according to the home department.Most of these refugees are Hindu or Christian whose forefathers were born in India, said S Velayutham, an advocacy officer at the non-profit Organisation for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation in the southern city of Chennai."Many were sent by the British as indentured labourers on Sri Lankan tea plantations, and hoped for a better life in India when they came here during the war," he said."Some 25,000 children were also born in the camps. They do not know any country but India, but now they may have no choice but to go to Sri Lanka," he told Reuters.aljazeera
‘Sign of Weakness’: US Congresswoman Jayapal hits back after Jaishankar refuses to meet her, also targets citizenship act, NRC
US Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on Tuesday wrote in The Washington Post that Indian Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar’s decision to pull out of a meeting with American legislators because of her invitation to the event was surprising. She also expressed concern about Citizenship Amendment Act and the proposed nationwide NRC.Jayapal – who introduced a bipartisan resolution in the House of Representatives a few months back asking India to uphold human rights in Jammu and Kashmir – said it was “wholly inappropriate” for a foreign Govt to try and dictate which members of Congress can participate in meetings. “It is also a sign of weakness for any great democracy to refuse to allow those who have some criticisms to participate in a meeting – a giant missed opportunity for two countries that value dialogue and dissent.”Jayapal said she had “raised the issues of religious freedom in India to PM Narendra Modi directly” during a congressional visit in 2017.Jaishankar also participated in that meeting, she added.“Unfortunately, the situation in India has gotten far worse since that visit. There has been a spike in attacks against religious minorities throughout India,” she added. “Indian Govt’s imposition of a media blackout in Kashmir is now the longest-running Internet shutdown ever to occur in a democracy. While some landlines have been restored, millions still have no access to mobile services or the Internet.”Jayapal said foreign journalists had largely been kept out of the region “and even Indian members of Parliament have been unable to visit the area”. She pointed out that hospitals had been unable to get supplies, and emergency health services were severely disrupted.She said Citizenship Amendment Act was “an unprecedented break from India’s secular constitution”. She pointed out that along with NRC, the amended law “could be used to prevent Muslim migrants from becoming citizens and voting”. caravandaily
Home Ministry orders withdrawal of 7,000 paramilitary troops from J&K
New Delhi :Following a high-level review meeting on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, which was attended by Home Minister Amit Shah and NSA Ajit Doval, the Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday said 72 companies of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) would be withdrawn from the Union Territory with immediate effect.MHA has ordered the withdrawal of over 7,000 paramilitary troops from Kashmir, officials were quoted as saying by PTI. One such company has about 100 personnel. As per the order, 24 companies of CRPF, 12 each of BSF, CISF, ITBP and SSB are being sent back. The meeting was chaired by Ajit Doval and attended among others by Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir G C Murmu, Union Home Secretary Ajay K Bhalla, senior security adviser in MHA on the UT K Vijay Kumar among others, PTI reported.indianexpress
"India's Great Slowdown": Arvind Subramanian
New Delhi: What the country faces today is "not an ordinary economic slowdown", Arvind Subramanian - former chief economic adviser to Modi govt - told NDTV's Dr Prannoy Roy today. Subramanian, who earlier this year claimed that India's GDP growth between 2011 and 2016 had been overestimated by 2.5 percentage points, also cautioned against believing GDP data as absolute indicators of an economy's prosperity, saying it was now "globally accepted that GDP numbers need some looking at carefully".In an in-depth, hour-long interview Subramanian, suggested data like (non-oil) import and export rates (down to 6 per cent and -1 per cent, respectively), capital goods industry growth (down 10 per cent) and consumer goods production growth rate (from 5 per cent two years ago to 1 per cent now) might be better indicators."...this is not an ordinary slowdown... it is India's great slowdown," Subramanian said.ndtv
Cabinet okays downsizing of Railway Board, merger of 8 services
New Delhi: Union cabinet, chaired by PM Narendra Modi, has given the green signal for an organisational restructuring of Indian Railways, including merging eight different services into one and creating Railway Board leaner in a major revamp to downsize the 150-year-old national transporter that runs approximately 22,000 trains every day. Announcing this after Cabinet meeting, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said: “Today’s historic decision to restructure the Railway Board has set the path for Indian Railways to move on a very high-growth trajectory as it would be a unified organisation that will work single-mindedly.” After the restructuring, Indian Railways will now have only one cadre Indian Railway Management Service that will replace the existing eight Group A services.timesnownews
‘Worked for 19 yrs to get Kartarpur Corridor opened….my name not cleared by police for visit’
Amritsar:SAD (Taksali) leader Jasbir Singh Zaffarwal, who claims to have spent 19 years lobbying for Kartarpur Corridor, has been denied permission to visit Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib due to Punjab Police not giving him security clearance for visit.While Zaffarwal had visited Pakistan twice on visa to lobby for Kartarpur Corridor in 2006 and 2008, police now say that he is on ‘hideout list’ which classifies him as someone who is suspected of sheltering persons of criminal background. “Jasbir Singh Zaffarwal’s name is mentioned on the ‘hideouts list’. It means he is suspected for being a threat to national security. He is suspected of sheltering the persons with criminal background. indianexpress
Partition migrant who made teaching Urdu his life’s purpose
Ludhiana :With these words, Prem Singh Bajaj, would scribble the date in Urdu on the blackboard and then explain the beauty of the language he loved teaching to a motley group of students huddled in small classroom inside Ludhiana’s Punjabi Bhavan. The groups always comprised of lovers of Urdu — young and old — with some wanting to pick it up early in life and others trying to learn the language after retirement.For nearly 24 years, Bajaj (88), a retired principal of Lajpat Rai DAV College in Jagraon, taught the language at a classroom housed inside the Punjabi Bhavan. The class was part of a 6-month certificate course in Urdu run by Punjab’s Department of Languages.After his retirement from the college, Bajaj also served as director of Punjab Sahit Akademi’s reference library for over two decades and took its collection of books from 7,000 to 62,000. The collection now boasts of 3,000 rare Urdu books.On Tuesday, Bajaj passed away at his residence in Vikas Nagar of Ludhiana after a brief illness.indianexpress
Delhi: Shazia Ilmi says being sidelined at BJP events
Delhi BJP vice-president Shazia Ilmi has raised the issue of state leadership displaying a bias against her during party gatherings, including at PM Narendra Modi’s rally at Ramlila Ground Sunday.In the party’s internal WhatsApp group for state office-bearers, Ilmi is learnt to have raised the matter of differential treatment being meted out to her by denying her an all-access pass — a facility provided to other senior office-bearers.Ilmi said, “I never wanted to raise this through the media, but someone has leaked the internal WhatsApp group chat.” She said this wasn’t the first time she has faced such bias, so she raised the issue in the group. “Central leadership has taken strict cognizance of the issue,” she said.indianexpress
Jharkhand Governor invites Soren to form Govt: JMM
Ranchi:JMM today said Governor Droupadi Murmu has invited its working president and CM-designate Hemant Soren to form Govt.The governor’s invitation comes a day after Mr. Soren called on the govenor at Raj Bhavan to stake claim to form Govt, submitting a letter of support of 50 MLAs to her. A Raj Bhavan source said the swearing-in ceremony will be held on Dec. 29 at Mohrabadi ground.PTI
A day after his deputy Sheikh Imran is removed, no-confidence motion against Srinagar mayor
Srinagar:The crisis in the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) deepened on Tuesday as 40 corporators moved a no-confidence motion against its Mayor Junaid Mattu— a day after a similar motion was submitted against his deputy. Fresh no-confidence motion moved by independent corporators was supported by BJP.The deputy mayor of the SMC, Sheikh Imran, was removed from his post on Monday after a majority of corporators passed a no-confidence motion against him.“BJP has supported the no-confidence motion against the SMC Mayor moved by independent corporators,” Kashmir BJP media incharge Manzoor Bhat told reporters here.Bhat said the mayor and his deputy had “failed” to carry out develoPMental work in the city and had lost the confidence of the corporators.PTI
Mangaluru: Forum promotes mosque visits
Growing Islamophobia in many quarters has spurred Highland Islamic Forum (HIF), a city-based youth organisation, to join hands with Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JeH) to come up with a unique move that seeks to demystify myths surrounding the religion. As part of this initiative, HIF and JeH are now facilitating unannounced visits by members of other faiths to mosques, to see and understand for themselves, first-hand, what transpires there.Having rolled out this initiative in July this year, the JeH with local Muslim organisations in different locations and HIF here,has facilitated mosque visits in Basavakalyan, Kalaburagi, Koppal, Raichur and Mysuru. Spurred by the response, JeH now plans to extend it to Udupi, Shivamogga and Sagar and gradually across Karnataka, Mohammad Kunhi, secretary, state unit of JeH, said. “We are bringing mosque management committees on board for this initiative,”Kunhi said. Noting that many of those who visited the mosques became emotional, Kunhi told TOI this was due to some of their misconceptions about their place of worship being debunked.“They were taken aback by the simplicity of mosques, of these being structures where the devout prayed,” he said. TOI
Karnataka man who wanted Ram Mandir in Mecca arrested in Saudi Arabia
Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia has intervened in an alleged case against a Karnataka man working in Saudi who was arrested for posting blasphemous posts on Facebook and insulting members of the Saudi royal family on social media. The man, identified as Harish Bangera from Kundapur in Karnataka, was working with a Dammam based Saudi company as an air conditioner mechanic, reported The News Minute.A post on Bangera’s Facebook account suggested that Ram Mandir should be built at Mecca, the holy place of Muslims. Post has been brought down since Monday. In another post, Bangera has also abused members of the Saudi royal family. Although, a video is also being passed on social media in which Bangera can be heard apologizing to his Muslim brothers.Karnataka Govt have informed that the Ministry of External Affairs has been alerted and is looking into the matter. freepressjournal
Hyderabad Rape & Murder: AIIMS Docs Submit Clipping, Brief Report on Second Autopsy of 4 Accused to HC
Hyderabad: Video footage and a brief report on second autopsy on the four slain accused in the brutal rape and murder of a woman veterinarian was submitted to the Telangana High Court.A team of forensic experts from the AIIMS, Delhi, conducted the autopsy at a hospital here on Monday, following which the bodies were handed over to their families, a top official said.news18
Chhattisgarh urban body polls: Congress wins in 1283 wards
Congress has emerged on top in the Chhattisgarh urban body elections, the results of which are still coming in. The counting continued all day on Tuesday but the final picture will emerge late on Wednesday.Unlike in the Lok Sabha elections six months ago, the voters have backed Congress. The party has won 1,283 out of 2840 councillors' posts in 151 bodies of the state. BJP is far behind in terms of numbers. It had dominated the civic bodies in the past 15 years.This time around BJP has won in 1,131 wards. Former CM Ajit Jogi's outfit Jan Congress of Chhattisgarh has ended up on the margins with 36 councillors, while Independents with 364 councillors hold the key in many councils and corporations.PTI
Office Boy Of A Prominent Student Outfit Missing For 4 Days, Police Complaint Lodged
New Delhi:21-year-old Abudrrahman Saifi, an office boy at the headquarters of Students Islamic Organisation of India(SIO) in Okhla’s Abul Fazal Enclave in Delhi, has been missing under mysterious circumstances for the last four days. SIO secretary Haider SK has lodged a missing complaint at Shaheen Bagh Police Station. According to the complaint, he was last seen at Falahi Chowk, near SIO office, at 3 p.m. on Dec. 22.Haider told India Tomorrow that he was sent to get some documents photocopied from a nearby photocopier centre.  He was employed as a daily wage worker. “However, when he did not return till late evening, we began search for him. He had also left his cellphone behind in office and hence, no communication could be established with him. We contacted his family members in Lucknow but he has also not reached there”, said Haider. He was very active on social media and because of this, he was called a journalist by people in his circle. India Tomorrow
30,000 Women Got Uterus Removed To Avoid Wage Loss: Congress Leader
Nagpur:Congress leader Nitin Raut, who is chairman of the party's scheduled caste department on Wednesday, wrote a letter to Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray urging him to take some significant steps to help the women working in the sugarcane fields of the state.Raut informed Thackeray, that there are around 30,000 poor women who underwent a hysterectomy, a surgery to remove a woman's uterus, as they could not work during their menstrual cycle and were not getting paid.ANI
RSS activists attacked Bengaluru office, set motorcycle on fire:CPI
RSS activists attacked the office of the CPI in Bengaluru on Wednesday, setting a motorcycle on fire besides damaging property, CPI has alleged.A FIR has been registered by the party cadre in this regard.D Raja, General Secretary of CPI, issued a statement, saying, “CPI strongly condemns growing intolerance and sheer desperation resulting into attack on party state HQRS in Bengaluru as well as continuing detention of party leaders especially in Manipur and UP.”“What happened in Bengaluru in the wee hours today, that is 1.40 a.m., is utter violation of all decency and unleashing of brutal attack on the property of Opposition parties, their leaders and cadres,” he added.nationalheraldindia
Delhi Police restricts powers of arrest
Delhi Police has issued a standing order regarding arrest of any persons with regard to offences punishable by up to 7 years in jail or less. The order was issued on Monday by the office of Commissioner of Delhi Police. Section 41 of CrPC authorises powers of arrest to police with or without a warrant from a magistrate. The section was modified in an amendment to minimise abuse of the power. Many police officers were unaware of the amendment. The order reads that no arrest can be made just because it is lawful for the police officer to do so. “The existence of the power to arrest is one thing... The justification for the exercise of it is quite another. The police officer must be able to justify the arrest apart from his power to do so. Arrest and detention in police lock-up of a person can cause incalculable harm to the reputation and self-esteem of a person,” read the order copy.the hindu
Israel army admits 'mistakes' over attack that killed 9 members of a family in Gaza
An attack in Gaza that killed 9 members of the same family was due to faulty assessment of the risk to civilians, Israeli army has said as it admitted "mistakes". Air attacks on November 14 targeted the home of Rasmi Abu Malhous, Palestinian Authority (PA) employee in Gaza, and his brother Mohamed.Nine members of the Sawarka family were killed by four attacks over their home in Deir al-Balah. Five victims were children.The air raids killed Rasmi, his second wife Maryam, 45, and three of his 11 children- 3-year-old Salim, Mohannad, 12, and 3-month-old Firas.The bombing also killed Mohamed's wife Yousra, 39, and 2 of their sons, Moaaz, 7, and Waseem, 13. Mohamed died on November 22 as a result of his wounds.Israeli army claimed it targeted the house of a military commander belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad armed group, an allegation rejected by victims' family.Mohamad Awad, a member of the Sawarka Bedouin tribe and a neighbour of the family, told Al Jazeera the Israeli bombing was a "war crime" because Rasmi and his brother Mohamed were civilians and had nothing to do with any armed groups.Awad denied the Israeli army's claim that Rasmi was a member of Islamic Jihad, and said he was an employee of the Ramallah-based PA Govt.aljazeera
Khashoggi's fiancee says execution of those convicted would conceal truth
Ankara: The fiancee of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi described the sentencing of five people to death in relation to the killing as unfair and invalid, adding that their execution would further conceal the truth.Khashoggi disappeared after going to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, to obtain documents for his planned wedding. His body was reportedly dismembered and removed from the building and his remains have not been found. A Saudi court on Monday sentenced five people to death and three to jail over the murder, while dismissing charges against three others, finding them not guilty.A UN investigator accused Riyadh of making a “mockery” of justice by exonerating senior figures who may have ordered the killing.Reuters
Saudi foreign minister to visit pakistan to address Imran's concerns post malaysia summit pull-out
 Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan will pay a one-day visit to Pakistan on Thursday in what appears to be a damage control exercise by Riyadh to address the growing criticism against it in Islamabad, triggered after PM Imran Khan pulled out of the key Kuala Lumpur summit, a media report said on Wednesday. Pakistan faced huge domestic and international embarrassment after PM Khan refused to attend the summit in Malaysia which is seen as an attempt to create a new bloc in the Muslim world that could become an alternative to the dysfunctional Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) led by the Saudis.Khan had accepted Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad’s invitation to the summit which was held from Dec. 18 to 21, but pulled out of it at the eleventh hour reportedly due to Saudi pressure.PTI
Pakistan rejects US report calling it a violator of religious freedom, points at India instead
Pakistan has cited US’ move to list the country as a violator of religious freedom, Dawn reported. US had on Dec. 18 retained Pakistan among countries that tolerate religious discrimination, along with Myanmar, China, Erit­r­­ea, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkm­enistan, and called them “Countries of Particular Concern”. Pakistan Foreign Office said in a strongly-worded statement on Tuesday that the US report “is not only detached from the ground realities of Pakistan but also raises questions about the credibility and transparency of the entire exercise”. Foreign Office also questioned India’s omission from the list, alleging that New Delhi was the “biggest violator of religious freedom”. Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said that Pakistan’s designation in the list reflects “selective targeting” of countries. Targeting India, Pak Foreign Office said: “In today’s India, people belonging to minority communities are being lynched, persecuted and killed with impunity. NRC and the recently adopted Citizenship act are the latest examples of the Indian Govt’s actions to discriminate against people and evidently pave the way towards cleansing of society on the basis of religion.”scroll
Ethiopian Muslims protest after several mosques burned
Several thousand Muslims across Ethiopia in recent days have protested the burning of four mosques in the Amhara region. The Dec. 20 attacks in Motta town also targeted Muslim-owned businesses. Muslims have called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.PM Abiy Ahmed has called the attacks ``attempts by extremists to break down our rich history of religious tolerance and coexistence.'' Recent ethnic-based unrest in some parts of the country has at times taken religious form.Prominent Muslim scholar Kamil Shemsu on Tuesday told AP there are ``political actors who want to pit one religious group against another'' and blamed the negative role of activists and videos circulated online.AP
kids  among 8 killed in Syria as missile hits school
At least eight people, including five children, were killed on Tuesday as missiles hit a school in northwest Syria sheltering displaced civilians, a monitor and opposition activists said.The strikes targeted the village of Jobas near the town of Saraqeb in southern Idlib province, the last rebel stronghold in the war-torn country.Syrian Govt troops also besieged a Turkish observation post in the area but have not attacked it so far, opposition activists said.aljazeera
Afghan official says Taliban abducted dozens of peace activists
Taliban fighters have kidnapped more than 2 dozen activists, whose convoy was going village-to-village to rally for peace, in Afghanistan's western Farah province, local officials said. Massoud Bakhtawar, the deputy governor of Farah, said the activists were travelling with six cars from Herat to neighbouring Farah on Tuesday evening when their convoy was stopped by the Taliban. Bakhtawar said 27 activists were taken to an unknown location. Another official put the number abducted at 26.
Burkina Faso mourns dozens of victims after double attack
An attack in Burkina Faso has killed 35 civilians, almost all of them women, in one of the deadliest assaults to hit the West African country in nearly five years of violence.Seven soldiers and 80 armed fighters were also killed in Tuesday's double attack on a military base and Arbinda town in Soum province, in the country's north, according to the military. Burkina Faso, bordering Mali and Niger, has seen regular attacks - hundreds have been killed since the start of 2015 when violence began to spread across the Sahel region.aljazeeraThe Taliban have previously accused the activists of being financed by the Kabul Govt among others, which the group have denied.aljazeera
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