23 December 2019

23 DEC. NEWS: JMM-Congress unseats BJP in Jharkhand: Hemant Soren set to be CM; Raghubar Das resigns as CM; Soren sees JMM’s Biggest-Ever Tally as Mandate on CAA, NRC/‘Absolutely Illegal’: Activists, rights defenders among those detained in mass crackdown in UP

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*23 DEC. 2019: 25 Rabius Sani 1441: Vol: 12, No: 90*
JMM-Congress unseats BJP in Jharkhand:  Hemant Soren set to be CM; Raghubar Das resigns as CM
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM)-Congress alliance headed for a decisive victory in Jharkhand as votes were counted today, leaving the BJP with another big state loss this year. BJP conceded defeat, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeting his "best wishes" to the JMM-led alliance. JMM has won 23 seats and the Congress 10. The alliance is ahead in 14 other seats while BJP is trailing with 25. Alliance managed to take a lead in 47 seats in Jharkhand. The magic number to form the assembly is 41. Trumping BJP, JMM has emerged as the single-largest party with party leader Hemant Soren set to stake claim to powe. Adding insult to injury, outgoing chief minister Raghubar Das is trailing from Jamshedpur East. JMM leader Hemant Soren has won Barhait seat and is leading from Dumka as well. Meanwhile, BJP leader and Chief Minister Raghubar Das submitted his resignation to Governor Draupadi Murmu at Raj Bhavan. Indian express/news18/ndtv
'Jharkhand has spoken': Soren sees JMM’s Biggest-Ever Tally as Mandate on CAA, NRC
Hemant Soren, after leading JMM to its best-ever poll performance on Monday, tore into BJP on the issue of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and nationwide NRC, which have sparked unrest in the entire country. Calling the election result a victory of the people of Jharkhand, he asked in a statement if BJP wanted people to stand in queues to prove if they are Indians, as he drew a parallel to what had happened after demonetisation. The same comparison has also been made Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.“In a country where 18 crore people are wage laborers and landless farmers, how can they expect them to have legacy documents,” Soren asked as trends showed that JMM has emerged as the single largest party in the state with 31 seats. Pointing to the election result, he said that BJP tried to polarize the state and campaigned on issues like NRC and mandir-masjid, but people voted for development. “Jharkhand has spoken out,” he said.He said the entire debate on the contentious citizenship law was meant to confuse the people. “Why are so many people on roads? … Should poorest of poor be searching for work to earn daily bread or hunt for legacy documents,” he asked as he demanded answers from the BJP on the condition of the economy.Asserting that BJP owes an answer to people, he said that they are instead using “brute force and power of lathi to impose ill-planned laws on them”. “If BJP’s intentions are good, why is Internet shut in many parts of India?” he asked.news18
Jharkhand results are verdict against CAA, NRC: Kejriwal
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has congratulated Hemant Soren, opposition alliance face in Jharkhand as the assembly election results showed them leading in the trend, saying the state seems to have given a verdict against the CAA and NRC.  Kejriwal said the arrogance can be seen in BJP across the nation."People want to vote in the name of work. It is obvious that they have not done any work. Also, people have seemed to have given their verdict against CAA and NRC and the arrogance of BJP," Kejriwal said.Kejriwal said in the last two phases of the elections, the revolt of the people against the CAA and NRC was visible, while BJP leaders had praised it during their rallies in the state.IANS
Jharkhand polls: Oppn parties link to CAA, NRC; BJP says local issues
BJP’s shrinking footprint: Saffron area on India’s political map reduced to half in less than 2 yrs
New Delhi: With another state slipping out of its hands, the footprint of BJP on the political map of India shrank further on Monday as it lost power in the tribal state of Jharkhand where the opposition alliance led by the Jharkhand Mukti Mocha looks all set to form the next Govt with a comfortable majority.In March 2018, BJP was in power in 13 states across the country on its own while it ruled 6 other states in alliance with other parties. After its loss on Monday, BJP now rules 8 states on its own while it is part of the ruling coalition in an equal number of other states.However, the bigger loss has been in terms of area as the BJP, either on its own or in alliance with other parties, ruled nearly 70 per cent of the total geographical area of the country in March 2018. This now has come down to 34 per cent.news18
After Maharashtra and Haryana, Jharkhand Verdict Consolidates a Trend That Must Worry BJP
*anti-citizenship act stir*
25 people killed during Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests
New Delhi: 25 people have reportedly lost their lives in the ongoing protests against the recently passed Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA) and the proposed nationwide National Register of Citizens. Most of the deaths have been reported in UP after police allegedly fired on protestors. Though protests have been organised in almost all states across the country, deaths have been reported in only BJP-ruled states. Activists allege that huge gatherings in other states have been peaceful and without any incidents of violence, accusing BJP of disproportionate police action on protestors.5 people succumbed to bullet injuries in Assam after the police reportedly opened fire on protesters who had taken to streets defying Section 144, imposed in the state after parliament passed the disputed CAA. Those who succumbed to bullet injuries include Sam Stafford, a 17-year-old boy, and 19-year-old Dipanjal Das, who was declared the “first martyr” of the anti-CAA movement in Assam. Abdul Amin (23) and Ishwar Nayak (25) are two others who succumbed to injuries sustained during the protests in the state. Amin took a bullet to his abdomen and Nayak was hit on his waist.Azizul Hoque (45), a resident of Muslim Ghota in Sipajhar, also lost his life but not due to police violence. “Azizul was warned by his relatives not to venture out with a fuel truck, as the protests were peaking in Mangaldoi and Darrang district. Azizul, however, stepped out and some miscreants burning tyres for a roadblock burnt his truck near Orang while he was inside it,” Saddam Hussain, a local student leader said. 2 people, Jaleel Kudroli (49) and Nausheen Bengre (23), died of bullet injuries in the protests against CAA and NRC last Thursday in Mangalore, News Minute reported. Major protest demonstrations broke out across UP on Thursday. While India Today says 18 people died in UP in the last 4 days, Indian Express puts the number at 16. Mohammad Sageer, an 8-year-old boy, is among those who died in the state. Sageer had sustained injuries in a stampede in Varanasi’s Bhelupur area as the police tried to disperse the protestors. Indian Express has published the named of those who died due to bullet injuries in UP – Mohammed Wakeel (32) in Lucknow; Aftab Alam (22) and Mohammad Saif (25) in Kanpur; Anas (21) and Suleman (35) in Bijnor; Bilal (24) and Mohammad Shehroz (23) in Sambhal; Jaheer (33), Mohsin (28), Asif (20) and Areef (20) in Meerut; Nabi Jahan (24) in Firozabad; and, Faiz Khan (24) in Rampur. Faiz Khan was reportedly shot in abdomen, his brother Faraz Khan said. Jaheer, Mohsin, Asif, and Areef succumbed to firearm injuries on Friday.the wire
‘Absolutely Illegal’: Activists, rights defenders among those detained in mass crackdown in UP
Lucknow; Police in UP have effected massive arrests in the state, detaining activists and protesters in their thousands with a view to taking the steam out of the anti-CAA-NRC protests in state. At least 17 persons were killed in protests since Thursday. According to a team of lawyers in Lucknow, over 200 person have been detained there so far.“There is no evidence to cite against those detained in Lucknow to prove they are guilty in any way,” said Ishita Yadu, a lawyer associated with Indian Civil Liberties Union (IUCL). “These detentions are absolutely illegal. The police detained even the relatives who went to police stations to check about those in custody,” she said.IUCL is offering free legal aid to those arrested or detained in the crackdown against protesters in the past two weeks. However, Yadav said most of the clients were not willing to file the habeas corpus petitions due to fear of reprisal from police. Mohammad Shoib, a human rights lawyer based in Lucknow and runs the Rihaee Manch, was detained. “Ahead of his detention, he was placed under house arrest for two days,” one of his family members said. The organisation said the police also conducted a raid on the house of SR Darapuri, a former police officer-turned human rights defender.Caravan Daily
‘They killed my UPSC aspirant son’ — mother of man killed in Bijnor anti-CAA violence
Bijnor: Palpable fear, anxiety and despair enveloped the Bijnor district in western UP Sunday, 2 days after 2 men in their early twenties were killed and 131 arrested by the police in violence that erupted after Friday prayers against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Anas, 21, and Mohammed Suleiman, 20, were allegedly shot at by police in Nehtaur, epicentre of the violence. Bijnor’s SP Sanjeev Tyagi said that of 131 persons arrested in district, 70 are from Nehtaur.The family of Suleiman, one of the 2 men killed, called policemen “terrorists”. “They aren’t police officers. They are terrorists. They are zaalim,” said Sheeba, his older sister. Suleiman’s mother, Akbari Khatoon, added that her son was a UPSC aspirant.theprint
Lucknow resident refutes UP police's claims of Malda PFI, SIMI links in violence
UP police have claimed that violence in Lucknow was committed by “rioters who belonged to Malda” in Bengal but sources said the parents of the six arrested suspects had migrated to the north Indian state 3 decades ago. “We have nabbed people and collected evidence from the violence site that prove that some of the rioters belonged to Malda,” OP Singh, UP DGP, told reporters in Lucknow on Sunday.Lucknow incident had claimed one life. UP deputy chief minister Dinesh Sharma said: “There is involvement of Popular Front of India. They have a connection with SIMI.6 people from Malda have been arrested.”However, a resident of Lucknow West, where the six suspects live, said they worked there as labourers.“6 youths, in their 20s, were born in Lucknow. Their parents had arrived from Malda 3 decades ago and settled here with the help of a BJP leader. He had given them ration cards. They used to vote for the BJP leader. These youths did not participate in the protest. The police picked them up from their homes on Thursday night,”resident said.Some officials suggested that the police were flagging “Bengal link”, however tenuous it might be, to please their political masters who are miffed with Mamata Banerjee for sending a delegation of MPs to UP after the violence. They were detained at Lucknow airport on Sunday. Asked whether outsiders had sneaked into the protests at other places, a police source said: “No, at other places local people were committing violence.”telegraphindia
UP police surrounded us as if we were terrorists: TMC MPs
CAA protests: UP govt claims role of SIMI, PFI in violence
2 UP districts,2 deaths:‘Police just stood & watched’
Priyanka visits UP, meets kin of youth killed in stir
Congress party opened another front against the Citizenship Act on Sunday, even as civil society activists formed a platform to resist the new legislation.Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra made a sudden trip to UP, where nearly 20 people have been killed in violence related to NRC protests.Ms Gandhi Vadra, who is the general secretary in-charge of UP for Congress, went to Bijnor and met families of two persons, killed in recent violence over the amended citizenship law.Meanwhile, activists have decided to come together and form a united front under the name “Alliance against CAA and NRC”.It also decided to appeal to the state Govts to challenge the CAA by invoking Article 131 of the Constitution and resolved to support the peaceful protests being currently organised all over India in around three dozen universities.Among those who are part of the alliance include Ravi Nair, chairman, South Asia HR Doc Centre, Mujtaba Farooq, general secretary, AIMMM, Ambarish Rai, educational activist, Maulana Tauqir Raza, chairman, Ittehaad e Millat Council, Jaiwant Patankar, advocate and Maulana Mohd Wali Rahmani.ASIAN AGE
Civil Society Organisations, Activists Demand Inquiry into Police Action on Jamia, AMU Students
Delhi: An alliance of civil society organisations and activists on Monday demanded a high-level judicial inquiry into the "police excesses" against students of Jamia Millia Islamia and AMU.Addressing a press conference here, members of the alliance also demanded that all cases registered against those protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act be unconditionally withdrawn and those arrested be immediately released."We have taken stock of the situation in a meeting. We are not looking for amendments, we want scrapping of CAA lock, stock and barrel," Ravi Nair, a member of the alliance, said.Nair said it was good that some state Govt's were reconsidering their stand on the issue, adding that they should challenge the controversial law through relevant constitutional provisions.The alliance also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for "defending police excesses" and "not uttering a word on the deaths of protesters in various parts of the country".It claimed that people were being "identified through their clothes and harassed".The alliance said it had set up legal cells in every district to help those who have been detained unlawfully by police.PTI
CAA protests Live: Maharashtra will not implement new citizenship law, says minister Balasaheb Thorat
Maharashtra's Congress minister Balasaheb Thorat says the coalition Govt in Maharashtra will not implement CAA. "Any legislation which divide people on religious lines is unethical and illegal. India's strength lies in its diversity and CAA violates the basic principle of the Constitution. Hence our govt will not allow the bill to be implemented in Maharashtra," says Thorat.A number of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) rallies are scheduled on Monday as the situation continues to remain tense across the country. While at least 18 people have died in UP due to violence during protests, around a thousand have been arrested and many others booked. In the wake of violent protests, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to calm the situation by assuring that the CAA will not affect a single India citizen irrespective of religion. Despite PM Modi's message, however, protests continue across the country in full swing. On Monday, 3 mega rallies, two anti-CAA rallies and one demonstration in favour of the Act, are scheduled. Rahul Gandhi will lead one anti-CAA protest at Delhi's Rajghat while DMK has organised another from CMDA office to Rajarathinam Stadium. Meanwhile, BJP's JP Nadda will hold a counter-rally supporting CAA in Kolkata. indiatoday
Indian Americans Want UP CM Yogi Sacked Over Brutal Police Repression of CAA Protests
e Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), an umbrella organisation of diverse South Asian groups across the US Sunday gave voice to the outrage within the Indian diaspora over police repression of protests against the draconian Citizenship Amendment Act, as well as escalating anti-Muslim violence across the state of UP. The coalition has called for the resignation of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and urged the Supreme Court to take suo motu cognizance of the killings, mass arrests and inhuman blockade imposed in various parts of the state. The situation is similar in several other BJP ruled states with the police playing the role of Hindutva  foot soldiers.caravandaily
India at risk of new Emergency: Financial Times, UK
London: India “is at risk of sliding into a second Emergency,” the Financial Times, which is an influential voice in the business world, has warned. Commenting on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the paper said in an editorial “repressive tactics against protesters imperil core democratic rights”. It is likely to influence British govt and intelligentsia thinking on India, In its leader comment, the FT said: “At a party rally this year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked of creating a naya Bharat, or ‘New India’. Many citizens are deeply worried about the direction this new India is taking.“Protests have spread across the country in response to a citizenship law that discriminates against Muslims. The Govt’s response echoes the path Indira Gandhi took nearly 35 years ago, declaring a state of emergency. Mr Modi should reverse his position or risk vindicating his critics.” It argued that the countrywide demonstrations “show that Indian citizens do care about secularism, despite the attempts of Modi’s BJP’s attempts to denigrate it.The citizenship law is only one manifestation of its Hindu nationalism.“In August, it passed a law to revoke J&K’s special status and statehood. Communications in what was formerly the country’s only Muslim-majority state are still limited today. BJP plans to build a national citizenship registry, which would disqualify those without documentation.Coupled with the citizenship amendment, this could mean statelessness and potential detention for millions — many of them Muslims.”It warned: “Govt itself should recognise that putting pressure on civil liberties undermines its claims to be world’s largest democracy. Banning the assembly of more than 4 people and attempting to shut down communications are not the hallmarks of a progressive society. Home affairs minister Amit Shah’s dismissal of the fast-expanding unrest as ‘some difficulties’ on the way to greatness grossly underestimates the gravity of the situation.”The paper compared the present with India’s recent dark past: “There are parallels with the early stages of the Emergency of 1975 to 1977.""Mr Modi seems to be resorting to similar means to control opposition" it added.telegraphindia
Detention centre for illegal immigrants near Bengaluru gets finishing touches
Bengaluru :The security towers at 2 corners and barbed wires on the walls suggest that the green compound and building at Sondekoppa village, around 30 km from Bengaluru, is a secure facility.Inside is an L-shaped building with 7 rooms, a kitchen and bathrooms. There are 15 beds in the facility, where finishing touches are being applied.A policeman stands guard at gate and a few workers from Karnataka social welfare department walk around the main building and an under-construction staff quarters.The facility is a detention centre for illegal immigrants readied by the Karnataka Govt on the basis of an MHA manual issued to state Govts in Jan. It is set to open on Jan.1.The state Govt last month issued orders for Bengaluru police to take custody of the building, which was earlier a hostel run by the social welfare department for students from backward classes, to convert it into a “foreigners’ movement restriction centre’’. The state issued orders on Dec.9 to make the facility fully operational by 2020. “We are expecting the centre to be ready to take people in from Jan.1. We need to install CCTV cameras and complete the staff quarters. The kitchen and rooms are ready, power and water supply are in place and staff have been allocated,’ an official of social welfare dept said. Police have allocated staff for security at centre and the social welfare department has appointed warden and assistant warden, a cook, a clerk and other staff for operating the centre.The push for early operation comes as a result of a case involving 15 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who were arrested in Aug.2018 — a judge of Karnataka HC has nudged the state Govt to open the facility soon. The setting up of the centre was expedited by the state’s new BJP govt espousing an exercise to prepare a NRC. indianexpress
OIC voices concern over Ayodhya verdict and CAA; says closely watching developments affecting Muslims in India
Riyadh: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has said it was "closely" following the recent developments "affecting" Muslims in India as it voiced concern over the Citizenship Amendment Act and the verdict in the Ayodhya case.OIC is a 57-member grouping of Muslim majority nations, including Pakistan. The body has usually been supportive of Pakistan and often sided with Islamabad in its disputes with India."General Secretariat of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has been closely following recent developments affecting Muslim minority in India,” the OIC said in a brief statement.The body "expresses its concern over the recent developments pertaining to both the issue of citizenship rights and Babri Masjid case," the statement said. The Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed by the Parliament and signed into law by the President this month.OIC urged the Indian Govt to ensure the safety of the Muslim minority and the protection of their religious sites.It "reaffirms the crucial importance of upholding the principles and obligations enshrined in Charter of UN and relevant international covenants that guarantee the rights of minorities without any discrimination," the statement said.It also cautioned that "any action, contrary to these principles and obligations, may lead to further tensions and may have serious implications on peace and security across the region."PTI
Indian-Americans protest against CAA, NRC in front of Gandhi statue in Washington
Washington:Advocating “one India, one people and nation”, a large number of Indian-Americans gathered around the statue of Mahatma Gandhi installed in front of the Indian Embassy here and held a peaceful demonstration against the amended Citizenship Act and proposed NRC.“We are here for only a single purpose. That purpose is civil rights and religious freedom and nothing more than that,” Indian-American Mike Ghouse from the Washington-based NGO Centre for Pluralism told the gathering, which included women, children and students. Organised by American-Indian Muslims in association with over a dozen of similar bodies, peaceful protestors from in and around the Greater Washington Area on Sunday shouted slogans in favour of India’s unity and displayed posters and banners alleging that the country was headed in a direction that was not secular in nature and violated the ethos of the Constitution.The protesters also passed a resolution requesting the Indian Govt to withdraw both the CAA and the NRC.“All we want the (Indian govt) is to repeal the laws that have been enacted recently, so that we all can be one India, one people and nation under god so that we can work together, live together and not worry and not have any tensions about who is who one people,” Ghouse said.According to the resolution passed by Indian-American protesters, both CAA and NRC are likely to push India backward as a nation. “We therefore resolve that India’s BJP Govt should withdraw both of these legislations at the earliest,” said the resolution, which was submitted to Indian Embassy.PTI
US college students write open letter over CAA, NRC, says 'condemn Hindutva ideology, Modi govt's fascist treatment of Indian Muslims'
College students in US have written an open letter to US Congress demanding targeted sanctions on Indian Govt officials until Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC are repealed and invited American universities and student groups to mark #HoliAgainstHindutva in March 2020. The letter, expressing solidarity with the civil disobedience protests in India and condemning the treatment of Indian Muslims by the Govt of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was penned by Yale South Asian Society political chair Shreeya Singh and edited by Yale Muslim Student Association member Ziad Ahmed. The letter was signed by students and members of around two dozen associations, including the Yale College South Asian Society, Harvard College US-India Initiative, Columbia University South Asian Law Students Association and Cornell University South Asian Law Students Association, among others.The open letter to US Congress began: "On Dec.11th, the world’s largest democracy passed the CAA, an illegal and unconstitutional law aimed at excluding Muslims from Indian citizenship. By dividing Indians into Muslims and non-Muslims, the bill explicitly enshrines religious discrimination into law."The open letter further alleged that since Modi's election as Prime Minister in 2014, he and right-wing BJP have "championed a hardline and revisionist brand of Hindu nationalism, known as Hindutva". "We, concerned students: Condemn Hindutva ideology and the Modi Govt’s fascist and exclusionary treatment of Indian Muslims. Ask the American House of Representatives to immediately pass House Resolution 745, urging Republic of India to end restrictions on communications in J&K and preserve religious freedom for all residents. Call on US Congress to formally express disapproval through targeted sanctions on Modi Govt officials until the CAA and NRC are repealed, and urge UN to take action against India on the basis of its undemocratic and unconstitutional treatment of Muslims," the students said in the letter.firstpost
CAA Protests: Indian Students Worldwide Raise Voices in Solidarity
Defend Indian Constitution, Hundreds Stage Anti-CAA Protest: New Zealand
Auckland: The peaceful protest, called with a message to ‘Defend the Indian Constitution’, brought together a number of Ex-students of AMU and UNO, New Zealand who chanted slogans of “Azadi” and waved the Indian Tricolour and placards calling for a withdrawal of the CAA and the NRC. Hundreds of students and other groups gathered around the Aotea Square, Auckland on Saturday to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed NRC in India.The peaceful protest, called with a message to “Defend the Indian Constitution”, brought together a number of Ex-students of AMU and UNO who chanted slogans of “Azadi” and waved the Indian Tricolour and placards calling for a withdrawal of the CAA and NRC.siasat
Citizenship Act: 15 accused in Daryaganj violence case denied bail by Delhi court
A local court on Monday refused to give bail to 15 people accused in connection with last Friday’s violence in Old Delhi’s Daryaganj area, Live Law reported. The accused were sent to judicial custody for 2 weeks, according to PTI. Tis Hazari Metropolitan Magistrate Kapil Kumar dismissed the bail applications saying allegations were serious and investigation was still under way. “Such kind of incidents create panic in society,” the court said, adding that “violence for any reason is not justified”. Defence counsel Rebecca M John argued that the police had not been able to show how they had identified those arrested. She noted that the complaint mentioned there was a “raging crowd”, and accused the police of selectively arresting people.The court asked police whether they had used CCTV footage to identify the accused, to which public prosecutor said they were arrested as they were aggressive and at the forefront during stone-pelting.scroll.in
Did Delhi Police Give Jamia Protests a Political Twist in FIRs?
Anti-CAA protests: 104 held, over 12,000 booked in Parbhani, Hingli and Beed districts of Maharashtra
Aurangabad: More than 100 people have been arrested and over 12,000 booked in 3 districts of Marathwada in connection with violence during protests against the amended Citizenship Act in the central Maharashtra region last week, officials said on Monday.The anti-CAA protests on Friday were marred by stone pelting and damage to public and private property in the districts of Parbhani, Hingoli and Beed.More than 12,200 cases have been registered against agitators in these three districts, where 104 people have been arrested till now, they said.Most of the cases, nearly 12,000, have been registered in Parbhani district, the officials said.PTI
Men Chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ Assault Anti-CAA Protesters in Kolkata
Shortly after 10 pm on Sunday, a group of 7 to 8 men with lathis in hand and faces hidden with kerchiefs attacked around a dozen anti-CAA protesters in Kolkata’s Bagha Jatin area. According to the protesters, the assailants were chanting “Jai Shri Ram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” while attacking them.Most of the protesters in the group that came under attack were women, and belong to the group ‘Feminists in Resistance’.Darshana, one of the protesters, recounts to The Quint, “They were all shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’, they all had sticks and were aiming for our heads.”The other protesters added, “The attackers threatened us saying, 'You can’t protest against NRC.’ They charged at one of us, who was filming all of this, and damaged her camera as well.”Meanwhile, 2 FIRs have been filed by the protesters who were assaulted.thequint
Calling PM's 'Bluff' Modi, Owaisi says will move privilege motion against Amit Shah's NRC comment in LS  Govt implementing NRC via NPR
Hyderabad:Flaying Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the NRC issue, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Monday alleged that BJP Govt had already started work to make a national registry through the National Population Register. MP also demanded that Modi clarify whether Union Home Minister Amit Shah had lied when he informed Parliament that NRC would be implemented. “When a nationwide NRC is done, every Indian would be in trouble. Not even five per cent of the people in India have passports. Can you imagine a hundred crore people standing in lines, for what... to prove my citizenship and who will decide that?” The Prime Minister should also say. Owaisi said he was challenging the BJP to prove him wrong that the work on the NRC had already started through National Population Register. Any lower level official, Owaisi said, could make a mistake in NPR, which would ultimately be carried forward to NRC. "Let BJP prove me wrong,” he said. Owaisi said he would move a privilege motion against Amit Shah in the Parliament if Modi said that home minister gave a wrong statement on NRC in the House. He claimed that the Prime Minister had also told a news channel that NRC would be implemented throughout the country. "I don't know why Prime Minister is misleading the nation. It does not befit his office," he said. He sought to know whether it was the BJP'S strategy to "fool" the public and create divergent views on NRC.PTI /news18
Day after PM attempts to allay NRC fears, Shivraj Chouhan says pan-India exercise will be implemented only after 'detailed discussions'
Jaipur: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought to allay apprehensions on NRC, a senior BJP leader on Monday said a nationwide NRC will be implemented but only after “detailed discussions”. At a press conference in Jaipur, BJP national vice president Shivraj Singh Chouhan said “Discussions about the NRC are going on and suggestions have been sought but confusion is being created. NRC will also be implemented but after detailed discussions.” PTI
If no India-wide NRC, Assam will go to SC for revised list: Assam minister Himanta Biswa
Guwahati:Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma Monday said that if a nation-wide NRC is not implemented, Govt of Assam would take the Supreme Court route to seek revision of the current NRC in the state. Sarma said a Govt of Assam petition and several other pleas seeking re-verification of citizens are already pending in the SC.The Assam minister added that the detention centres in the state are due to a Gauhati HC order, and not because of any decision taken by the Centre.indianexpress
Modi’s speech in Delhi full of untruths and misleading statements: Yechury
Prime Minister’s election campaign speech in Delhi on Sunday was “full of untruths, half-truths and misleading statements”,CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said, demanding that the Govt cancel NRC and withdraw the contentious amendments to the citizenship law.“PM’s election campaign speech in Delhi today is full of untruths, half-truths and misleading statements. Whether it be NRC, CAA or detention camps, the facts are to the contrary,” Yechury said.PTI
Hell, not detention centre: Assam ‘foreigner’ after PM remark
Guwahati:Mohammed Sanaullah, a Guwahati-based retired Army officer, smiled wryly as he watched Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi.His “ears laughed” when Modi said: “No Indian Muslims are being sent to detention centres and neither are there any detention centres in this country.”The Gauhati High Court had on June 8 released Sanaullah on bail from Goalpara central jail, one of six in Assam that also serve as detention centres for people declared non-citizens by 100 functional Foreigners’ Tribunals (FTs). He was lodged in the Goalpara centre on May 28.“So what is that place where I spent 11 horrific days called? If I had not been sent to a detention centre by the State machinery, maybe I am not a Muslim too,” he told The Hindu.thehindu
"AP Will Not Support NRC Under Any Circumstances": CM Jagan Mohan Reddy
Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh's Jagan Mohan Reddy has become the latest to join the growing queue of state Chief Ministers saying "no" to the centre's citizenship law and NRC amid massive countrywide protests. Jagan Reddy's about-turn comes after his MPs backed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in both houses of parliament."I was asked by my minority brothers to make a statement on NRC. I want to make it clear that we will oppose the NRC and there is no way Andhra Pradesh will support it," Jagan Reddy said in Kadapa, where he launched several projects today.ndtv
CAA, NRC will lead to persecution of Muslim community:legal fraternity
New Delhi:Over 500 members of the legal fraternity, who are alumni of the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, have issued a signed statement expressing opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) of 2019, saying the CAA coupled with NRC would lead to the persecution of several segments of the population, most notably the Muslim community excluded from the new citizenship law.The university is one of the leading national law schools in the country. The alumni petition, the statement said, was framed after discussions among lawyers with diverse backgrounds, from those in law firms, academia, policy and litigation.It called for an investigation into the police brutalities across the country especially in UP and Delhi. “As Indian citizens and members of the legal fraternity, we feel compelled to put forth this statement in opposition of the CAA and the atrocities that have been perpetrated post its enactment,” the petition said.
Thousands take to streets in Bengaluru, Chennai against the Citizenship Act
Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act continued on Monday, with thousands of people showing up at rallies in Bengaluru and Chennai.In Bengaluru, one of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act was organised at 11 am at the Hazarath Khazi Mohammed Abdul Khuddus Sahib Eidgah on Miller Road, News Minute reported. The rally was called by around 35 organisations under the banner of Joint Action Committee of Bengaluru, PTI reported. Bengaluru traffic police cordoned off roads leading to the protest site and put in place traffic diversions and alternative route arrangements. In Chennai, the protests were mainly organised by leading Opposition party MK Stalin-led DMK, which said that the demonstrations will not stop until CAA is repealed. Congress leader P Chidambaram and MDMK’s Vaiko along with Left leaders also joined the protests. The rally ended at Rajarathinam stadium.On Sunday, Madras High Court had dismissed a petition seeking a stay on Monday’s DMK-led protest rally. The court had allowed the police to use drones to monitor the rally./scroll.in
DMK’s mega rally in Chennai: More than 25,000 people pour out against CAA
‘Illiterate ignorant mass’ — Bar Council’s description of anti-CAA protesters draws flak
New Delhi: Condemning the acts of violence that have taken place in the wake of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Bar Council of India (BCI) has passed a resolution appealing to the people to maintain peace and harmony.The resolution, passed Sunday, asked lawyers and leaders of the BCI to help dispel confusion regarding the CAA and defuse “disturbances and violence in the country”.It has, however, drawn criticism too as it called a section of the protesters “illiterate ignorant mass” who need to be convinced that “the matter with regard to CAA is under consideration of the Supreme Court”.The resolution signed by BCI chairman Manan Kumar Mishra said the “illiterate ignorant mass” were being “misled by so-called leaders (for serving their own political ambitions)”. Criticising the BCI’s statement, Chitranshul Sinha, an advocate and author, said, “BCI does not speak for me. I think it’s high time that Mishra  resigns.”theprint
AMU students, teachers 'expel' V-C, Registrar for allowing police on varsity campus during CAA protests
Lucknow: The teachers, students and non-teaching staff of AMU in an unprecedented move “expelled” the varsity’s V-C and Registrar. Just as internet services resumed on Sunday, students issued the statement expelling V-C Tariq Mansoor and Registrar S Abdul Hamid.The statement said that V-C and Registrar are requested to vacate the V-C lodge and Registrar lodge by Jan.5, when the university opens.The notice said the university administration will be boycotted by teachers and students until the two resign and leave the campus.The students and teachers are pained by administration’s decision to allow police on the campus of the university. A group of students also threatened to not allow the university to function properly till Mansoor and Hamid tender their resignations.The development comes days after the alleged police crackdown on university students over Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC. After the police action, hostels at AMU were evacuated overnight with 9,500 out of 11,500 students leaving for home, university officials said.TOI
‘Stop all anti-Citizenship Act campaigns,’ Calcutta High Court directs Trinamool Govt
Calcutta High Court today told the West Bengal Govt to suspend its media campaigns against the Citizenship Amendment Act, PTI reported.A division bench of Chief Justice TBN Radhakrishnan and Arijit Banerjee also sought TMC Govt’s detailed reply to the petitioners’ claim that taxpayers’ money was used for the campaigns, and posted it for hearing on Jan.9. The court also heard pleas regarding the disruption of law and order in the state during recent protests against the law, and damage to the railway property. The judges sought a detailed report from Indian Railways on the action taken to prevent the loss of public property, and monetary compensation for the damage caused during violent protests. Advocate General Kishore Dutta contended that the state’s law-and-order situation was under control and internet services had resumed.scroll
‘Go back’ chants, black flags shown to WB Guv Dhankhar at Jadavpur Univ
West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar was shown black flags today, by students at Jadavpur University where he went to attend a meeting as its chancellor.  The students surrounded his car and shouted slogans, with placards ‘BJP Activist Dhankhar Go Back.’Amid the fracas, Dhankhar was stuck for around 45 minutes after which he was escorted to the court meeting venue by security men.THE QUINT
Kerala: 3 labourers attacked for taking part in anti-CAA protests in Kozhikode
3 migrant labourers hailing from West Bengal were assaulted by some unidentified people for taking in protests againt the new citizenship law that took place near Kerala's Kozhikode on Sunday night, PTI quoted the police as saying.'We have registered a case against four unidentified persons based on the complaint of the migrant labourers. The complaint says around four suspects came to their rented house and started beating them with sticks and bricks,' PTI quoted the police as saying.The labourers also claimed that the assailants donned saffron shawls and asked them why they took part in the anti-CAA protest in Kerala, the police said. 'They threatened us and said that this was just a warning,' PTI quoted one of the labourers as saying.
Hindu-Muslim colour given to anti-CAA stir: Northeastern protesters at Delhi's Jantar Mantar
New Delhi: People from the north-east gathered at Jantar Mantar here on Sunday, claiming that the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) were given a Hindu-Muslim colour and voices from the region fighting for the rights of indigenous people ignored. The protesters, including students and civil society members, said they were deeply hurt and distressed by the police "brutality" on those against the CAA, but "our protest is about our rights".PTI
Top Congress Leaders Sit on 'Satyagraha for Unity' Against CAA, NRC at Rajghat
New Delhi: The top Congress leadership, led by party chief Sonia Gandhi, sat on a "Satyagraha for Unity" at Mahatma Gandhi's memorial Rajghat here on Monday, demanding protection of the rights of people as enshrined in the Constitution.Top Congress leaders, including former prime minister Manmohan Singh, former party chief Rahul Gandhi, and general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, participated in the "Satyagraha", which was also meant to express solidarity with the youth and students protesting against the amended Citizenship Act and the proposed countrywide NRC as well as against the police "atrocities" on them.Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi read out the Preamble to the Constitution of India as part of the "Satyagraha" protest. The party members also observed a one-minute silence in support of their cause and against the BJP-led Govt's policies.PTI
Peaceful Protests Held Across India Against Citizenship Law: 10 Points
J&K: NC passes resolution condemning CAA
Srinagar:National Conference  held its provincial-level meeting here on Monday and passed 2 resolutions condemning the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and demanding immediate release of the detained political leaders and civil society members in Kashmir.The meeting was held at NC HQRS, Nawa-i-Subah, and the party's provincial body of Kashmir and the youth and women's wing attended it, NC spokesperson Imran Dar told PTI.PTI
Police violence on journalists ‘throttles’ voice of democracy: Editors Guild
Editors Guild of India on Monday condemned the "violence and brutality" on journalists during ongoing protests in Karnataka and UP and said such actions "throttle" the voice of democracy.Several journalists were detained in both UP and Karnataka while they were covering the protests against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act. This included Omar Rashid, a correspondent for The Hindu newspaper who was detained in Lucknow.PTI
Indian Medical Association Condemns Police Action Inside Hospitals
New Delhi: Indian Medical Association (IMA) issued a statement on Sunday condemning police action inside hospitals, calling it “a new low in the civic life of the nation”.IMA is a national voluntary organisation of Indian doctors. It’s the same body whose president, Santanu Sen, had written to the editor of the influential medical journal The Lancet, condemning the latter’s denouncement of Govt action in Kashmir.IMA’s current statement is based on reports that police was forcefully entering hospitals to attack people injured during recent protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, (CAA) and a nationwide NRC. IMA has called the reports “disturbing”.thewire
Centre refuses to reveal details of Indians’ Swiss bank accounts in response to RTI query
Ministry of Finance has refused to share details of Swiss bank accounts of Indians, saying such disclosures are prohibited under “confidentiality provisions” of a tax treaty signed between the two countries, PTI reported on Monday. The ministry, in its response to a Right to Information query of a PTI journalist, also refused to disclose black money-related information received from other countries. “Information exchanged under such tax agreements is covered under confidentiality provisions of respective agreements,” the ministry added. “Thus, disclosure of tax related information and information sought/obtained from foreign Govts is exempted under section 8 [1] [a] and 8 [1] [f] of RTI Act.”scroll
Indian economy faces liquidity shortage, needs quick decisions:Union minister Gadkari
Union minister Nitin Gadkari has said the country’s economy was facing a challenge and that decisions related to it would have to be taken swiftly, News18 reported. The remarks came at a time when Centre has been facing criticisms for an economic slowdown as India reported that its GDP had contracted to 4.5% in the July-Sept quarter – the slowest growth rate in more than six years, and the sixth straight quarter of slowdown. The growth rate in April-June was 5%. Core sectors such as automobiles and manufacturing have also slowed down gradually due to weakened consumer demand and dearth of investments. Wholesale price inflation rose to 0.58% in November from 0.16% the month before.scroll
Indian citizens need not declare religion for opening bank account: Finance Ministry
New Delhi: Central Govt has dispelled rumours claiming that Indian citizens will need to disclose their religion in their bank's KYC forms."There is no requirement for the Indian citizens to declare their religion for opening/existing bank account or for KYC," Rajeev Kumar, Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, tweeted. "Do not fall for baseless rumours about any such move by banks," he added. This clarification comes after media reports stated banks may soon seek details of client's and depositor's religion in KYC form following changes in FEMA Act regulations while opening an NRO (non resident ordinary) account.newindianexpress
Pondicherry University woman student refuses to remove hijab, denied permission to attend convocation till President Kovind left
Puducherry: Rabeeha Abdurehim, a gold medallist in postgraduate degree in mass communication at Pondicherry University, was not permitted to attend 27th convocation of the institute on Monday while President Ram Nath Kovind was present at the venue probably because she wore a ‘scarf in a different way.’She was allowed to participate in the ceremony only after Kovind left the university after presenting gold medals and certificates to a few students.“I don’t know why I was sent out (from venue). But I learnt that when the students inside asked police they said, ‘may be, she is wearing her scarf in a different way.’ That is also a reason I feel that they have sent me out, may be. But nobody told blatantly on my face that this is why we kicked you out. They have not given me any reason,” Rabeeha said.Rabeeha, MA (mass communication) of the university, who secured the first rank in the batch, rejected her medal to register her protest against denying her permission to attend the convocation while the President was present as well as against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), NCR and NPR. Rabeeha reached the convocation venue, Jawaharlal Nehru Auditorium, wearing a hijab. A few minutes before the President arrival, a police officer asked her to come out to have a word.She was not permitted to attend the ceremony when the President was present. She was permitted to attend the ceremony only after President left.The other dignitaries continued to present the medals and certificates to the students. When Rabeeha was called to collect her medal and certificate, she politely refused medal but collected the certificate.TOI
Senior J&K Jamaat-e-Islami Activist Dies In Allahabad
SRINAGAR: Massive crackdown against Jammu and Kashmir Jamaat-e-Islami has claimed first casualty when its 65-year-old activist died in Naini Jail in Praygraj, formerly Allahabad.Ghulam Mohammad Bhat of Handwara in North Kashmir’s Kupwara district was arrested on July 10, 26 days before Centre scrapped special status of Jammu and Kashmir and divided the state into two union territories – Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. Later, he was booked under stringent PSA and shifted to Naini Jail in Prayagraj district.Bhat, according to family members, was suffering from different ailments. For some time now, Bhat was not keeping well in the Jail. On Friday night, he breathed his last following prolonged illness.  Family sources said his PSA term was likely to end on January 9.“Bhat is the first Kashmiri political detainee to have died in a jail outside Kashmir. Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has blood on its hands and must be held accountable”, said Iltija Mufti, on her mother Mehbooba Mufti’s twitter handle.Family members of Bhat said they were informed by the police on Saturday about his death. His body was flown to Srinagar wherefrom he was taken to his ancestral village for final rites. Bhat is among hundreds of Jamaat activists who were rounded up after Centre slapped ban on the outfit in February this year. Jamaat-e-Islami, J&K Ameer, Dr Fayaz too has been arrested and lodged in a jail outside Jammu and Kashmir.indiatomorrow
First Death of Political Detainee from Kashmir in UP
BJP MP, his son booked over OBC certificate
Bhopal :An FIR has been registered against BJP MP from Guna KP Yadav and his son for allegedly procuring a OBC certificate by concealing his  income. Yadav had defeated former union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia in the general election.FIR was registered under sections 420, 120 b, 181 and 182 of IPC at Kotwali Police Station in Ashok Nagar district. Inspector P P Mudgal said that the police have started investigation.Last week, Ashok Nagar administration had cancelled OBC certificate of Yadav and his son, after it emerged that his income was in excess of Rs 8 lakh.SDM Brijbihari Srivastava said that an OBC certificate is issued only to applicants whose income is less than Rs 8 lakh. MP’s son was issued the certificate because the parliamentarian gave a declaration that his annual income is Rs 5 lakh. He said the certificate was cancelled after a complainant submitted details of Yadav’s income.
9 killed after fire breaks out in Delhi’s Kirari area
New Delhi: A massive fire ripped through a 3-storey residential-cum-commercial building in outer Delhi’s Kirari area, killing at least nine people, including 3 children, Delhi Fire Services (DFS) said today. In Kirari fire incident, three people were rescued. Pooja (24) and her daughters Saumya (10) and three-year-old Aaradhya jumped to an adjacent building to escape the blaze, a police official said.Those killed were identified as Ram Chandra Jha (65), the building’s owner, Sudariya Devi (58), Sanju Jha (36), Guddan and Uday Chaudhary (33) and his wife Muskan (26), their children Anjali (10), Adarsh (7) and six-month-old Tulsi, the fire services official said.Due to a cylinder blast on the second floor, a part of the building collapsed, an official said.PTI
Hanukkah: PM Modi greets Israel, Netanyahu on festival of lights
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today wished Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 8-day Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Hanukkah festival will be celebrated across the Jewish state from Dec. 22 to Dec.30.“Chag Hanukkah Sameach to the people of Israel. The festivals of Hanukkah and Diwali depict yet another cultural affinity shared by India and Israel, celebrating light and the victory of good over evil,” PM Modi tweeted, tagging Netanyahu in his post.Hanukkah commemorates Jewish uprising, known as the Maccabean Revolt, against Greek-Syrian kingdom, which tried to force its culture on Jews and desecrated their temple in Jerusalem. Since it is celebrated through lighting of Hanukkah lamps, the festival bears similarities with Diwali. Like Indian festival, Hanukkah propagates the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.indianexpress

Due to internet ban, 'Save Heart Kashmir' WhatsApp initiative remains defunct with over 1,000 doctors disconnected
Srinagar: In Jammu and Kashmir, a major lifeline meant to save cardiac emergencies, 'Save Heart Kashmir' — an initiative using social networking application WhatsApp, has been lying defunct with doctors facing trouble to get exact updates about patients facing heart attacks. Heart attacks double in winter months in Kashmir, a Himalayan zone.As per doctors, managing cardiac emergencies has been an exhausting task as the internet remains blocked since 5 Aug.Save Heart Kashmir initiative was started by 3 doctors in 2017. Now, it includes a network of over 1,000 doctors who are saving patients suffering cardiac emergencies especially in the peripheries. It achieved milestone status over the past 3 years by handling life-threatening cardiac emergencies, but is now defunct due to the internet gag. The last message on WhatsApp group posted on 4 August was about an ECG report of a patient. Since communications were suspended, it has become difficult to trace cardiologists who could give advice and suggestions in some complicated cases.firstpost
40-yr-old mosque in Srinagar to be demolished for new bridge
Locals agreed to let go of a 40-year-old mosque in Srinagar’s Rampora area for a new bridge over River Jhelum connecting Qamarwari to Noorbagh, officials said.The demolition of the mosque began on Saturday, a day after the signing of an agreement between Srinagar District Development Commissioner Shahid Iqbal Choudhary and Managing Committee of Masjid Abu Turab at Qamarwari's Rampora area, officials said.The demolition project of mosque, Masjid Abu Turab, and several other structures, including commercial and residential buildings, has been pending since 2002, TOI reported. The project could not be completed so far because of issues surrounding land acquisition and removal of bottlenecks, but a series of meetings between the mosque committee executives, Qamarwari residents and Srinagar district DC Chowdhary paved way for the demolition, the report said.thequint
40 Indian journalists killed, nearly 200 faced serious attacks since 2014: Study
A study on attacks on journalists in India has recorded nearly 200 such “serious instances” and 40 killings since 2014. Of these 40 deaths, 21 were directly linked to their professional work, the study showed. Only 3 convictions have taken place in journalists’ murder cases since 2010, it said. Attacks were allegedly committed by Govt agencies, security forces, members of political parties, religious sects, student groups, criminal gangs and local mafias, the report said. 3 convictions took place in the cases of journalists Jyotirmoy Dey, Rajesh Mishra and Tarun Acharya. In all other cases, FIRs were filed or trials have begun but “we are nowhere near justice”, the study said.The research was published amidst protests against amendments to the Citizenship Act, during which more such attacks took place. The study said that during these protests, journalists in at least four states were reported as “detained, assaulted, their camera equipment snatched and even banished into a neighbouring state”. At least 36 of 198 “serious” attacks on journalists since 2014 took place this year itself, including the ones during protests against the Citizenship Act.scroll
Saudi:5 sentenced to death over Khashoggi murder
Saudi Arabia's public prosecutor said on Monday 5 people had been sentenced to death over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in Oct.last year, but two top figures investigated over the killing have been exonerated."The court issued death sentences on 5 men who directly took part in the killing," the prosecutor, Shalaan al-Shalaan, said.Saudi prosecutors had said deputy intelligence chief Ahmed al-Assiri oversaw the Washington Post columnist's killing in the kingdom's Istanbul consulate in Oct.2018 and that he was advised by royal court's media czar Saud al-Qahtani. However, al-Qahtani was investigated but not indicted "due to insufficient evidence" and al-Assiri was investigated and charged but eventually acquitted on the same grounds, the statement said. The court also ruled that the Saudi consul-general in Istanbul at the time, Mohammed al-Otaibi, was not guilty. He was released from prison after the verdicts were announced, according to state TV.Of the 11 unnamed individuals indicted in the case, five were sentenced to death, while three face jail terms totalling 24 years, and the others were acquitted. All can appeal the verdicts.aljazeera
Algerian army chief Ahmed Gaid Salah dies
Algeria's powerful army chief General Ahmed Gaid Salah has died, state TV reported. lgerian Govt radio said he died on Monday morning in an Algiers military hospital after a heart attack.Gaid Salah, 79, was seen as Algeria's de facto strongman since a pro-democracy movement with his backing pushed out the country's longtime President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in April.He played a key role pushing through the Dec.12 presidential elections in the face of stiff opposition on the streets. Gaid Salah was present at the inauguration of this gas-rich country's new president last week.The new president, Abdelmajid Tabboune, declared an exceptional full week of mourning, in an indication of Gaid Salah's importance. President Tebboune announced that the head of land forces, General Said Chengriha, would take over as acting chief of staff of the armed forces.aljazeera
Egypt's ex-chief of staff released after nearly 2 years in prison
Egypt's former military chief-of-staff Sami Anan has been released from detention almost two years after his arrest following his plans to compete in the 2018 presidential election, his office manager said on Twitter.Anan, now at home according to the manager, Mustafa Elshall, was held in a military prison until he suffered a stroke in July 2018 and was then moved to a military hospital in Cairo's Maadi suburb, where he remained until his release on Sunday. His health has improved, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters. The reason for his release is still unclear.Anan, seen as President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's main challenger in that election, was arrested and halted his presidential bid after the military accused him of running for office without permission, which it said was a breach of military law. Anan's spokesman denied he broke any laws.aljazeera
Palestinians paying thousands of dollars in bribes to leave Gaza
 For residents of the besieged Gaza Strip, there are 2 ways to leave and neither is easy. The first route is via the Erez crossing on the eastern edge of the territory into Israel, while the second option is to travel south to Egypt via Rafah.Erez route requires obtaining permission from the Israeli authorities. The permits are extremely difficult to acquire and limited to those who fit into several categories, including some pre-approved businessmen and medical cases. The route through the Israeli-controlled crossing also brings the risk of being pressured to spy for Israeli intelligence agencies, Hamas officials told Al Jazeera.On the other hand, exiting via Rafah means the prospect of waiting for months to obtain travel documents from the Hamas Govt in Gaza.However, there is a way to expedite the process which involves spending hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars in bribes to jump queue. aljazeera
Calling app ToTok used as 'spying tool' by UAE: Report
A chat and voice calling app is being used as a "spying tool" by UAE, a New York Times (NYT) investigation has revealed. ToTok, an app released earlier this year, is tracking "every conversation, movement, relationship, appointment, sound and image of those who install it on their phones," NYT investigators and American officials familiar with classified intelligence claimed in the report on Sunday.Breej Holdings, the company behind ToTok, is likely to be a front company for cyber intelligence and hacking firm Dark Matter, NYT claimed, and is currently under investigation for cybercrimes by FBI. aljazeera
Libya: Khalifa Haftar's forces release ship with Turkish crew
Forces of Libyan renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar have released a vessel with Turkish crew members seized over the weekend in the Mediterranean Sea.Ahmad al-Masmari, a spokesman for Haftar's self-styled Libyan National Army, said today they found no weapons on the vessel flying a Grenada flag, which was carrying a shipment of flour from Malta to the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria.The vessel's seizure came amid tensions between LNA and Turkey, which backs Libya's UN-supported Govt of National Accord (GNA), based in the country's capital of Tripoli.aljazeera
Russian airstrikes kill 9 civilians in Idlib, Syria
At least 9 civilians were killed in Russian airstrikes in Idlib, northwestern Syria, where acts of violence are prohibited, a local civil defense agency said on Monday, Anadolu reports.Syrian opposition aircraft monitors said Russian warplanes hit the district of Maarat al-Numan, as well as a number of villages overnight.MEMO
War monitor: 3 pro-regime fighters killed in Israel strikes on Syria
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said today that at least 3 non-Syrian fighters were killed in an Israeli strike on southern Damascus.The observatory explained that 3 fighters are believed to have been Iranians, adding that they were killed when an Israeli missile hit the area between Sayyida Zeinab and Aqraba, south of the capital Damascus last evening.According to the body, at least 2 rockets landed on sites belonging to Syrian regime forces and Iranian militias near Aqraba suburb in Damascus countryside. Syrian regime air defences were able to down at least one missile, SOHR reported.MEMO
Syria: Saudi troops deployed to protect Aramco experts at oil field
Saudi Arabia has deployed “dozens” of soldiers to a major oil field in eastern Syria’s Deir Ez-Zor in an  apparent effort to protect group of Saudi and Egyptian Aramco experts who arrived in the area the previous week, reports have said.According to the Arabic service of the Anadolu Agency, local sources said that the Saudi soldiers arrived at Al-Omar oil field aboard helicopters. The source also added that this coincided with arrival of about 30 trucks carrying drilling and digging equipment, which entered Syrian territory from northern Iraq.MEMO
Israel starts to implement ‘racist’ Jewish Nation-State Law
Israeli Ministry of Education has started to implement the terms of Jewish Nation-State Law, which was adopted by the Knesset (parliament) in 2018 and has been described as “racist” by critics, Quds Press reported on Monday. The ministry ordered civil studies teachers to impress on students that Hebrew is the only official language in Israel.AN official with responsibility for the subject, published a document last week breaking down the answers for general secondary school examinations this year and providing model answers. One of the questions asked about the status of Hebrew, and that confused the students.“The model answer was made prior to ratifying the nation-state law,” explained the official, “but according to the basic law, the answer in the next exam will be that Hebrew is the only official language in Israel.”middleeastmonitor
Data: Only 14% of new immigrants to Israel given citizenship
First woman dies in Egypt prison
An Egyptian woman died in Qanater Prison in Egypt today after her health deteriorated, making her the first female fatality in an Egyptian jail.Some 900 women have being detained in Egypt since the 2013 coup, 70 are still in prison and are being subjected to serious physical and psychological violations, amounting to torture and even sexual assault, according to human rights organisations.Maryam Salem, 32, had given birth to Abdul Rahman inside Qanater Prison in Cairo. Her son was taken from her and placed in an orphanage after his second birthday. Maryam two terms; one for ten years and the other for 15.Female detainees have repeatedly warned that they are being badly treated in detention and a number, including Israa Abdelfattah and Aisha Al-Shater, have launched hunger strikes in protest against the injustice they are suffering.middleeastmonitor
Indian-origin Head of S Africa's Largest Independent TV News Channel Sacked over Racist Remarks
Johannesburg: An Indian-origin head of a news channel in South Africa has been sacked by the broadcaster following an uproar over his alleged racist remarks to a resigning employee. Kanthan Pillay, head of South Africa's largest independent TV news channel eNCA, had called journalist Samkelo Maseko, a rat heading for a sinking ship after the latter opted to work for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).PTI
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