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Friday, 20 December 2019

Alliance against CAA and NRC formed to support protest


Alliance against CAA and NRC formed to support protest

New Delhi, 20 Dec: A meeting of civil society organizations and volunteers was held on Dec 18, 2019 at India International Centre in New Delhi Alliance to take stock of the current situation across India in the wake of protests against the enactment of the unconstitutional Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) and the proposal to initiate a National Register of Citizens (NRC). It was decided to come together and form a united front under the name “Alliance against CAA and NRC”.

The participants unanimously resolved as follows:

1.  The Alliance against CAA and NRC decided to support the widespread public disapproval of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 recently passed by Parliament with a slender majority, which was cobbled up with engineered abstentions during voting. The Alliance noted with concern that the Act violates the basic secular structure of the Constitution of India as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other United Nations Covenants and Declarations.

2. The Alliance discerned the diabolical motive of resorting to faith based discrimination as the propelling force behind the CAA. It bails out non-Muslims who are not included in the NRC. Muslims alone are rendered stateless - ready to be consigned to detention centers.   

3.  The Alliance decided to appeal to the state governments to challenge the CAA by invoking Article 131 of the Constitution.

4. The Alliance resolved to support the peaceful protests being currently organized all over India in around three dozen universities.

5. The Alliance decided to organize protest dharnas nationwide.

6. The Alliance specifically expressed sympathy and solidarity with the students of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) who recently were victims of unprovoked and excessive use of force by the personnel of the local Police and the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF). The Alliance demanded punitive action against those responsible based on the findings of a high level judicial enquiry that need to be constituted into these unjustified attacks on students.

7. The Alliance called upon the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia to quickly pursue the decision announced by her to get the unauthorized entry made by Delhi Police in the University premises on 14 December 2019 and unjustified use of lathis and teargas shells against peacefully protesting students expeditiously investigated.

8. The Alliance expressed its displeasure that the AMU administration allowed the UP Police to enter the campus on 13 and 15 December 2019 after which they committed excesses against the unsuspecting students. The Alliance demanded similar enquiry and punitive action as in the case of JMI as demanded above.

9. The Alliance demanded from the Union Ministries of HRD and Home Affairs that both the enquiries be concluded within a month from now and the guilty be suitably punished without delay.

10. The Alliance demanded that all cases instituted against protestors and more particularly students be unconditionally withdrawn.

11. The Alliance called upon all Indians to observe Shaheed Diwas (30 January) and Ambedkar Jayanti (14 April) as ‘Save Constitution Day’.

12. The Alliance decided that a Peoples Inquiry Committee be constituted headed by no less than a retired judge of the Supreme Court to go into Police excesses committed against the students of JMI and AMU and other protesters.

13. The Alliance unanimously elected Ravi Nair and Mujtaba Farooq to be its Convener and Co-Convener respectively. They were also requested to constitute a Steering Committee and Sub-Committees for Media, Research, Documentation and other specific matters as required.

Those who attended the meeting include:

  Ravi Nair, Chairman, South Asia HR Doc Center.
  Mujtaba Farooq, General Secretary, AIMMM
  Ambarish Rai, Educational Activist
  Maulana Tauqir Raza, Chairman, Ittehaad e Millat Council
  Jaiwant Patankar, Advocate
  Maulana Mohd Wali Rahmani, Imarate Sharia
  Rajiv Ranjan, RTE Forum
  Syed Sadatullah Hussaini, Ameer, Jamaat e Islami Hind
  Prof Apoorvanand Jha, Delhi University
  Maulana Mahmood Asad Madani, General Secretary, Jamiat Ulema e Hind
  Prof Ratan Lal, Delhi University
  Mualana Mohsin Taqvi, Majlis Ulema Hind
  Mufti Mohd Mukarram, Shahi Imam, Fatehpuri Masjid
  Anil Chamaria, Media
  Wakil Parvez, Jamiat Ahle Hadees
  Dr Narendra Nagarwala, Delhi University
  Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, Convener, Watan ki Fikr
  Umesh Kumar, Media
  Kamal Farooqui, ex-Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission
  Sanjeev Sinha, RTE Activist
  Dr SQR Ilyas, Member, Advisory Council, JIH
  Mitra Ranjan, RTE Activist
  Shakil Ahmad Syed, Advocate, Supreme Court
  Bharat Seth,
  Lt Gen Zamiruddin Shah, ex VC, AMU
  Ms B. K. Sucharita,
  Ziya us Salam, Media
  Ms Bihu Chamadia,
  Maulana Ataur Rahman Qasmi, Shah Waliullah Foundation
  Ms Aatreya Sen, RTE Activist
  E. M. Abdur Rahman, PFI
  Prashant Tandon, Media
  Prof Hasina Hashiya, Milli Council
  Dr Sonu Bharadwaj, Samvidhan Bachao Sanstha
  Prof Ghazala Jamil, JNU
  Dr Aparajita Sharma, Council for Social Development
  Ms Sahba Rumnong, Advocate
  Ms Saira Shah Halim, Media Activist
  Dr Poorva Bharadwaj, Women’s Rights Activist
  Sanam Wazir, Amnesty Int’l
  Kishore Lal, ex bureaucrat
  Wasiq N. Khan, United Against Hate
  Rev Fr Dr P. Samuel, Henry Martin Institute
  Mashkoor Usmani, ex President, AMUSU
  P. R. Rahanamol, Bhim Army
  Umar Khalid, Activist
  A. C. Michael, Delhi Catholic Church
  Wasim Tyagi, Bhim Army
  Anas Tanvir,
  Birju Nayak, Lok Raj Sangathan
  Maulana Niyaz A. Farooqui, JUH
  Dr Tariq Ayubi, AMU
  A. U. Asif, Media
  Engr Mohd Salim, VP, JIH
 Sharfuddin Ahmad, Advocate
  Anas Tanvir, Advocate
  Owais Sultan, Advocate

Ravi Nair, Chairman
Mujtaba Farooq



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