16 December 2019

A first person account of Police brutality at Jamia: What we faced inside the library on dark Sunday night?

A first person account of Police brutality at Jamia Millia Islamia


What we faced inside the library at Jamia on dark Sunday night?


Written by: Mohammad Alamullah (JMI research scholar)

Few Media channel has reported the brutality of Delhi Police against JMI's faculty and students, but it's nothing to as compared to what happened inside the Campus, from the forced entrance of police to their unprofessional behaviour and utter brutality and the plan to defame the students by affiliating them with violence. Since I was inside the campus at the time of this episode, I want to show the world what I witnessed.
It is necessary to understand that the student's protest was winded up the afternoon. Afterwards, we were busy studying in the library, when we heard the sound of yelling and firing. We went out to find that the police has been firing tear gas. The inhumane behaviour of the police was witnessed when the switched off the lights of Jamia, allowing them to abuse and assault the students including girls.
The campus faced an outrush, a sense of fear spread, we were all blank. Few students took shelter in Masjid, others went to the library. Students were bare handed, accompanying nothing but saltwater from the canteen for their defence.
When the situation went worse, a library designed to accommodate two hundred people was occupied by ample of students, making it difficult to breathe, let alone move. We had switched off the lights of library and pushed shelves and chairs against windows and doors.
The complete episode was damn horrific, amidst the sound of firing, yelling of female students, blood drops on the floor, wounding of hands, legs fractured. The place was all chaotic.
Few students were outside the reading section of the library. Due to tear gas being fired in the library, we were suffocating, not able to breathe properly. We were forced to see each other helplessly, many of us were girls, praying for each other.
Death was near to us. Soon, we heard banging of doors, girls started shouting. Few moments passed and we saw that CRPF personnel had broken the door, allowing them to enter the library. Laptops and books were scattered on the floor. Water and blood were making the floor slippery and the event horrific. CRPF personnel started flashing the light on our eyes, their hands beating us with sticks. Few students hid beneath the tables. Afterwards, we were rudely told to stand still and raise our hands. They evacuated us from the library with our hands raised. Outside was the darkness of night and the region was occupied by CRPF. They told us to walk continously and were swearing and using abusive language while we walked. They were hitting the sticks on the floor claiming that we were the stone platers, although stones were pelted by the police, students were not involved in it. Their faces were mirroring how much they loathe us.
They left us in Jolina, on the road. Surrounding was the curfew-like situation. Police personnel were scattering the broken bricks on road, to accuse students of stone-pelting in front of media. The sound of firing was still audible to us. We moved outside only to find that the metro has been shut down. Helplessly, walking we reached Haji colony. We were also accompanied by female students. Dropping them home was a critical task, nevertheless, we dropped them safely.
We reached home at midnight. What we saw is not easy to put in words. Police also had attacked mosque, the students inside it worshipping were assaulted. Windows were broken. Mosque was itself explaining what it suffered. Few shocking videos of the mosque are viral in social media. Annoyed by people, Police took the rage on Jamia's students. In a single evening, the Jamia was completely changed.
At least,100 of tear gas shells has been fired in Jamia. Many rounds of firing were done. Guards on gate were beaten up badly fracturing their hands. Mosque inside Jamia was narrating its story with broken glass doors and windows. The Sala Timer was broken, blood drops were visible on Musallahs (Mat to offer namaz on).
The behaviour of the police with Jamia's students was unbelievably inhumane. The hours we suffered this, were utterly horrific. Our hope of life was declining. The police with ferocious moves were against bare-handed armless students. We will not be able to forget the trauma we faced. After the storm of fear came down, we were informed that many of our fellow students have been detained by the police, which is not ready to inform the whereabouts of students. May Almighty protect them.

Translation from Urdu to English A.Q.Bilal. Source : Writer's FACEBOOK account.


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