21 December 2019

21 DEC. NEWS: In 10 days, 22 dead in protests against India’s Citizenship Act; net remains shut in several places; In UP 16 killed, net clampdown in over 20 districts/ As Anti-CAA pressure builds, BJP govt goes discernibly on backfoot

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*21 DEC. 2019: 23 Rabius Sani 1441: Vol: 12, No: 88*
*india: anti-citizenship act stir*
In 10 days, 22 dead in protests against India’s Citizenship Act; net remains shut in several places
22 people have been killed in India since anti-Citizenship Act protests erupted last week. 5 people have died in Assam, which was the initial epicentre of the protests, when the police opened fire on protestors on Dec. 17. 2 people were killed in police firing in the coastal city of Mangaluru in Karnataka on Dec.19. The highest number of deaths have been reported from UP, where 15 people were killed since Dec.19. Over the last week, internet was suspended in the whole of UP and in several districts of the states, with bans imposed on public gatherings under Section 144 of Code of Criminal Procedure in at least 9 states. Thousands of protestors were detained across the country, with 3,000 detentions in the state of Assam alone, where 329 people were arrested. On a single day– Dec.19–authorities confirmed 1,200 people had been detained in Delhi.scroll
Anti-CAA stir: 15 dead, 705 people arrested, 263 policemen injured since Dec 10, says UP top cop
Fresh cases of stone pelting took place in UP's Kanpur and Rampur on Saturday against the Citizenship Amendment Act, while 15 people, including an 8-year-old boy, were killed since Thursday in violent agitations in different parts of the state. UP Inspector General (Law and Order) said that anti-Citizenshi Amendment Act (CAA) clashes in the state, since Dec. 10, have claimed lives of 15 people so far.IG Praveen Kumar said that 4,500 people have been released after preventive arrest."In protest against Citizenship Amendment Act since Dec. 10 in state, 705 people were arrested and around 4,500 people were released after preventive arrest. 15 casualties have happened and 263 police personnel were injured of which 57 personnel received fire arm injuries," UP IG said."All deaths that took place have been in cross firing and this will become clear in postmortem examination," DGP told reporters."We are clear and transparent in this. If anyone died due to our fire we will conduct a judicial enquiry and take action. But nothing happened from our side,"DGP stressed.On Friday, four deaths were reported from Meerut district and two each in Kanpur and Bijnor. An eight-year-old boy was killed in a stampede in Varanasi when a violent mob was being chased by policemen. Besides, violence claimed a life each in Sambhal and Firozabad.While, three persons died in Firozabad, SP Sachindra Patel said.On Thursday, one person was killed in Lucknow during clashes, officials said, adding so far 218 people have been arrested in the state capital.indiatoday
UP Police claims it Did Not Open Fire During Anti-CAA Protests Which Killed several
Citizenship Act Protests: Violence in UP’s Rampur, Kanpur; several people, including cops, injured
Anti-CAA stir: 2 boys shot dead by the police in Muzaffarnagar on Friday, lawyers demand inquiry
Deploring the death of two young boys in police firing on Friday, both shot in the head, a group of lawyers have demanded an inquiry into the police firing and the role of BJP MP Sanjeev Baliyan.One of the lawyers told NH that according to his information, both the boys were shot from point-blank range. While a 17-year old youth was killed on the spot, another youth who was shot, died on the way to th hospital.The lawyers, who plan to file a petition before the Allahabad High Court, informed over the phone that the police opened fire on the peaceful protestors after the BJP leader arrived from New Delhi around 4 pm.One hundred thousand people, they claimed, had gathered in the Khalapar area to protest against the amended citizenship law and the proposed NRC. But late in the afternoon, police went on a rampage, they alleged, at instigation of BJP leader.The lawyers claimed that police repression continued throughout Friday night and on Saturday. Internet shutdown and shutdown of mobile networks, they added, were not allowing information to filter out. They claimed: "At least 200 vehicles, mostly owned by Muslims, were damaged by the police at midnight. Scores of houses and gates of Muslim residents close to the GT Road were also damaged at night.Two mosques were also damaged. Over 200 people were detained or arrested by the police. The car of former MP Saiduzzaman was set on fire in daylight hours. Videos have surfaced of policemen assaulting women."nationalheraldindia
Another killed in Rampur’s anti-CAA protests, death toll climbs to 16 in UP
A man died in UP’s Rampur town in renewed protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on Saturday, police said, lifting to 15 death toll after Friday’s violence in several parts of the state.Protesters in Rampur clashed with police on Saturday as they pelted stones and resorted to arson during the violence, which lasted for 2 hours, according to officials.HT
Internet clampdown in 21 districts of UP
Meerut: In the wake of massive violence in various parts of UP during protests against Citizenship Amendment Act, the state Govt has suspended internet services in at least 22 districts of the state. According to sources in the telecom industry, internet access over mobile phones was suspended in major towns of UP including Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Agra, Aligarh, Ghaziabad, Varanasi, Mathura, Meerut, Moradabad, Muzaffarnagar, Bareilly, Firozabad, Pilibhit, Rampur, Saharanpur, Shamli, Sambhal, Amroha, Mau and Azamgarh based on orders from the state Govt. Broadband internet services were also suspended in some cities, including Lucknow and Ghaziabad. timesofindia
CAA protests: Lucknow lawyer Shoaib detained by police at unknown location, say colleagues
Lucknow Police detained senior lawyer and president of human rights group Rihai Manch, Mohammad Shoaib, on Thursday night, a day after he was put under house arrest. The police also detained former IPS officer, SR Darapuri, on Friday afternoon. While Darapuri’s family was told he had been taken to Hazratganj police station, it is still not clear where Shoaib is being held.On Friday evening, activists Meera Sanghamitra, Madhavi Kuckreja and Arundhati Dhuru were detained at Hazratganj police station when they went to enquire about Shoaib’s whereabouts.scroll
From housewives to hijabi students, women take centre stage in protests
New Delhi;As a crowd of protesters swelled around them under the watchful eyes of dozens of policemen in riot gear, a cluster of young female students in burqas stood outside their university in New Delhi shouting anti-Govt slogans.“What is happening in the country is wrong,” Shabana, a 21-year-old student at Jamia Millia Islamia, said through the veil covering her face. Jamia is a major public university in the capital where a large number of Muslims study. “They can’t suppress our voices.”As protests in India against a new citizenship law that critics say targets Muslims grow by the day, they have drawn many women and girls – some housewives, some students with hijabs covering their hair, and others in full-length burqa robes – in a rare sign of public anger against the Govt. The women can be seen painting graffiti on university walls, organising rallies and gathering funds for posters and food for protesters.Reuters
As Anti-CAA pressure builds, BJP govt goes discernibly on backfoot
New Delhi: As mass democratic upsurges against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act and proposed implementation of NRC continue to escalate across the country, the responses of BJP leaders over the last 2 days indicate that the saffron party-led Union Govt has been caught on the backfoot.Over Friday, Union home ministry attempted hard to allay the deep fears regarding the CAA and NRC among a large section of the Indian population. Speaking to Indian Express, Union minority affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that there “has so far been no discussion on (NRC) matter at any level of Govt” as of now and that there is “no plan for a nationwide NRC” yet.“NRC is limited to Assam. There is no plan of NRC in any other part of the country. You are talking about an unborn baby…Spreading rumours about it.”“Who is NRC for? It is for Indian nationals. Does it say it is only about Indian Muslims? No, it does not. NRC, if it at all happens…no Govt can do it surreptitiously. That is why the Govt has clarified, issued advertisements and said that there is no process on that yet, no discussion at any level in the Govt so far on a nationwide NRC.”As protesters see a clear link between CAA and NRC, the Union home ministry in a series of tweets has sought to debunk the claim. Thewire
There is no plan of NRC in any other part of the country: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
'Govt Failed to Convince, Oppn's Rumours Paid Off': Amid Mounting Pressure, BJP Allies Skeptical Over Citizenship Act
New Delhi: Facing an internal rift over the Citizenship Amendment Act, BJP ally Janata Dal United has now demanded that NDA convene a meeting of all constituents to forge a consensus on the contentious legislation that has triggered country-wide protests. JDU spokesperson KC Tyagi said PM Narendra Modi should take the initiative to take the NDA allies into confidence after which the Govt must reach out to opposition members and protesters. He also said the PM must assure the people of the country that NRC — which is more contentious an issue compared to CAA — will not be implemented.Another BJP ally, the Lok Janshakti Party, too said the Govt had erred on the issue of the citizenship law since it was unable to convince people about the Act while the opposition succeeded in spreading rumours.news18
Not Just CAA, Indian banks and visa penalty rules discriminate against foreign Muslims
RBI and the Modi Govt have tweaked multiple rules over the last 20 months to make life easier for “minority community” citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who reside in India.These new regulations – which govern everything from overstaying on a visa to opening bank accounts and buying residential property – appear to go out of their way to exclude Muslims who are citizens of the 3 countries and are legal residents of India.Indeed, the modified rules explicitly state that they only apply to people from the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, Jain, Parsi and Christian communities.Senior bankers and corporate lawyers who The Wire spoke to described them as puzzling and certainly open to judicial challenge for violatiing Article 14 of the Indian constitution which says that “the State shall not deny to any person equality before the law.”The Hindu, which first reported about one instance of a change in rules, quoted a RBI source as saying they had carried out the changes on the instructions of the Centre, which had asked if there was anything that can be done to help people who had been “residing in the country for a long time”. thewire
Citizenship Act: Student groups write to US Congress, seek sanctions against Modi Govt
Student organisations in US wrote a letter to US Congress today  against the Citizenship Amendment Act passed by the Indian Parliament. They called the Act “illegal and unconstitutional” and said it was aimed at explicitly enshrining religious discrimination into law. They asked for sanctions against officials of the Modi-led Govt.Some of the student organisations that signed the letter were the Yale College South Asian Society, Columbia University South Asian Organization, Sikhs at Yale University, Brown University Muslim Students Association and Claremont College Committee for South Asian Voices. However, some members of organisations like the Harvard College South Asian Association and Princeton University’s Asian American Students Association did not sign the letter.  The signatories condemned the “police brutality” against protestors demonstrating against the Citizenship Amendment Act, and said they would back the “civil disobedience movement” against the Act. The signatories demanded that US  House of Representatives to pass Resolution 745 urging India to end restrictions on communications in Jammu and Kashmir.scroll
Malaysian PM Mahathir raises citizenship law, India hits back
New Delhi :Malaysia’s PM Mahathir Mohamad has spoken out against the amended citizenship law, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, saying “people are dying” because of this law. New Delhi was quick to reject the comments as “factually inaccurate”, and called upon Malaysia to refrain from commenting on internal developments in India. Malaysian PM said, “I am sorry to see that India, which claims to be a secular state, is now taking action to deprive some Muslims of their citizenship.” “If we do that here, you know what will happen. There will be chaos, there will be instability and everyone will suffer,” he said. “Already people are dying because of this law, so why is there a necessity to do this when all this while, for 70 years almost, they have lived together as citizens without any problems.” Mahathir added that Malaysia has granted citizenships to people from the Chinese and Indian communities. Reacting to these comments, Ministry of External Affairs said in New Delhi in a statement, “PM of Malaysia has yet again remarked on a matter that is entirely internal to India.”indianexpress
Modi govt warns Indian media against broadcasting images of anti-citizenship law protests
India’s federal Govt has warned television stations not to broadcast images of protests against a new religion-based citizenship law, as it intensifies attempts to quell growing anger over what demonstrators say is an attack on the country’s secular constitution. PM Narendra Modi wants broadcasters to “abstain” from showing content that’s “against the maintenance of law and order or which promotes anti-national attitudes,” according to a Ministry of Information and Broadcasting letter tweeted by the country’s biggest media group, Times of India. The nationwide unrest poses the biggest challenge to Modi in his six-year reign.theprint
Alliance against CAA and NRC to support protests
New Delhi:An umbrella alliance of various civil society organisations and volunteers have formed under the banner of “Alliance against CAA and NRC” to spearhead protests against the enactment of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) and the proposal to initiate a NRC.Calling the moves “unconstitutional”, the Alliance called upon people to observe Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary on Janu.30 (Shaheed Diwas) and Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14 as ‘Save Constitution Day’.It has also decided to support the widespread public disapproval of CAA alleging it violates the basic secular structure of the Constitution of India as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other United Nations Covenants and Declarations.Accusing the Govt of having “diabolical motive” of resorting to faith-based discrimination as the propelling force behind the CAA, the Alliance has decided to appeal to state Govts to challenge the CAA by invoking Article 131 of the Constitution.The Alliance not only resolved to support the peaceful protests being currently organised all over India in around three dozen universities but has also decided to organise protests nationwide while expressing solidarity with the students of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) and AMU. It has sought a high-level judicial enquiry into the violence outside Jamia campus, besides separate enquiries to probe police excesses against students in AMU and Jamia that should be concluded within a month.The Alliance demanded that all cases instituted against protestors and more particularly students be unconditionally withdrawn.deccanherald
Alliance against CAA and NRC: ''Peoples inquiry committee'' to probe Jamia, AMU violence
'Alliance Against CAA and NRC' to launch nationwide protests against citizenship law, NRC
Mumbai: After August Kranti gathering, students to come together for protest on Dec 27
Mumbai :A day after nationwide protests against Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), as part of which the city’s August Kranti Maidan saw an overwhelming outpour of protesters, students of various educational institutions on Friday decided to come together under one banner to protest against the law.Students of TISS, IIT-Bombay, Mumbai University and other educational institutions, along with representatives of political parties, have now come together under the banner Joint Action Committee for Social Justice. They plan to hold a protest on Dec.27, which will start from Byculla around 2 pm and end at CSMT. The members of the committee will meet at Ambedkar Bhavan in Dadar East on Saturday evening to discuss the new law.“We will take to the streets like we had done after Rohith Vemula passed away. We don’t want any speeches.This rally will be dominated by students,” said student activist Fahad Ahmed. Meanwhile, a few members of ABVP held a demonstration at MU’s Kalina campus in support of CAA.indianexpress
Appeal to not spread false propaganda…Bill not against interest of anybody in India: Ram Madhav on CAA
BJP general secretary Ram Madhav speaks on why Citizenship (Amendment) Act is not against interests of any citizen and why it is premature to talk about NRC now. He said, "Right now, the focus is on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. NRC is a proposed activity the Home Minister has announced to be taken up in 2021. No details have been made available to us. It is premature to talk about it."indianexpress
Aadhaar, voter ID card, passport not proof of citizenship: Govt officials
Top Govt officials on Friday clarified that Aadhaar, voter ID card and passport are not citizenship documents.The officials were asked about documents required to prove citizenship for NRC.The clarification comes a day after a “Govt document” emerged on social media, indicating that voter IDs be treated as proof of citizenship.The document, reportedly attributed to Govt sources, lists 13 questions and answers to clear air around Citizenship Amendment Act and possible countrywide NRC and is titled, “Here are the real facts on Citizenship Amendment Act”.A top Govt official said that it was “pre-mature” to talk about NRC but added that documents like voter ID, Aadhaar and passport do not prove citizenship.“These are either travel documents or documents to show residency in India,” the official said.  Later, the Union Home Ministry put out tweets aimed at dispelling doubts aout CAA.MHA spokesperson said, “Citizenship of India may be proved by giving any document relating to the date of birth or place of birth or both. Such a list is likely to include a lot of common documents to ensure that no citizen is unduly harassed or put to inconvenience.” Another tweet said illiterate citizens not having any documents, will be allowed to produce witnesses or local proofs supported by members of the community.“A well laid out procedure will be followed. #CAA2019,” the tweet said.Earlier in the day, Govt official said the Home Ministry in consultation with the Law Ministry is preparing the rules for implementation of CAA. newindianexpress
Govt issues note to clarify: Those born here before 1987 are Indians
New Delhi:Seeking to quell the ongoing protests against amended citizenship law, the Govt on Friday clarified that anyone born in India before 1987 or whose parents were born in India before 1987, are bona fide Indian citizens according to law and don’t need to worry about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, or the proposed pan-India NRC.Additionally, the Govt clarified that in the event of a countrywide NRC, “for pre-1971 genealogy, you do not have to submit any type of identity card or any documents like the birth certificate of parents/ ancestors. It was valid only for Assam NRC, based on ‘Assam Accord’ and the directive ofHonourable Supreme Court. For the rest of the country, NRC process is completely different and under The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003.” indianexpress
National Population Register updation: Centre to seek info on date and place of parents’ birth
States have no powers to refuse implementation of Citizenship Act and NPR: Official
NEW DELHI: State Govts have no powers to reject the implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act as the legislation was enacted under the List of the 7th Schedule of the Constitution, and National Population Register which is to be carried out next year, a top official said on Friday.PTI
Pak-based terror groups can target Modi at Delhi's Ramlila ground tomorrow: Intelligence agencies
New Delhi: Pakistan-based terror groups plan "to target PM Narendra Modi at the Ramlila ground on Dec.22" where he is scheduled to address a mega rally organised by BJP on the issue of the Centre's move to regularise unauthorised colonies in Delhi, the Intelligence agencies have informed the Special Protection Group and Delhi Police. The central agencies have directed the security establishments to fully implement "instruction contained in Blue Book for the protection of PM while making security arrangements. The agencies said they have fresh inputs that "terror organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed operatives have been mobilised in India to hit PM at Ramlila ground, where a huge gathering and presence of media persons in huge numbers are expected". Modi along with various NDA CMs and cabinet ministers will be present at the rally. The agencies have also flagged: "The recent enactment of CAA, Ram Janmabhoomi verdict and abrogation of Article 370, besides pre-emptive air strikes on non military targets inside Pakistan by Indian Air Force have added fresh dimensions to the threat scenario.IANS
US Aligarh Alumni Association lambast AMU V-C’s behaviour; call for his resignation
Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA), on behalf of its member associations across US, strongly condemn the use of force against AMU student demonstrators.It is appalling that V-C asked the police in writing to enter the campus and forcibly drag students out of their hostel rooms. Police beat the students without any mercy for merely exercising their constitutional rights to demonstrate against the enactment of the patently discriminatory Act. (i.e. Citizenship Amendment Act). It is shameful that AMU administration has closed the university without any regards to students’ well-being- especially to the poor and out of state students who may not have resources to leave or places to go within hours’ notice.TwoCircles
Over half of Chhattisgarh people won’t be able to prove citizenship if NRC rolled out: CM Baghel
Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel today echoed the Opposition’s dissent over the implementation of NRC, saying that its rollout seems impractical as over half the population in his state will not be able to prove their citizenship as they neither have land nor land records. “In Chhattisgarh, there are 2.80 crore people and more than half of them will not be able to prove their citizenship. They neither have land records nor land. Their forefathers were illiterate. Most of them migrated to other villages or states. From where they will bring 50-100 years old documents,” Baghel said.indianexpress
NRC, CAA ploys to divert people’s attention from eco slump: Raj Thackeray
Pune:MNS president Raj Thackeray on Saturday virtually dubbed the new citizenship law and proposed NRC as ploys by the Centre to divert the attention of people from the “economic crisis”.Thackeray also raised questions over the proposed “influx” of immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to India under the recently-passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).“There is a riot-like situation in the country due to the violence over CAA and NRC. I wonder how many people have understood these two decisions. There are different aspects to these two issues,” he told reporters.“If you can cast your vote showing Aadhaar card as proof then why can’t that document prove your citizenship? Why were people made to undergo biometric screening?” he asked.indian express
Sharad Pawar: Maharashtra won’t implement CAA, NRC; BJP using it to divert attention from economy
NCP chief Sharad Pawar today asserted that Maharashtra will not implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the proposed nationwide NRC saying they’ve been introduced with a strategy to destabilise the religious and social harmony in the country. Pawar said it has been done to divert the attention of people from the slowdown in the Indian economy. “CAA and NRC have been brought in by BJP Govt with a calculated strategy to adversely affect the religious and social harmony in the country. They are using it to divert attention from economic issues,” he said.“8 states in total including Bihar which as a BJP alliance Govt,have announced that they won’t implement NRC. I think it would be appropriate for the Maharashtra Govt to take a similar stance,”he added. indian express
After Bengal, Kerala govt puts NPR on hold
CPI(M)-LED Govt in Kerala on Friday ordered a “stay (on) all the activities connected with the updation of National Population Register (NPR) in the state forthwith”.Earlier this week, TMC Govt in West Bengal had put on hold NPR updation process amid fears that it was the “first step” to NRC.indianexpress
NRC process will be smooth: Prakash Javadekar
Union minister Prakash Javadekar on Friday said NRC process, when it commences, “will happen smoothly’’, and Indian citizens should not worry about being left out of list.When asked what documents would be required to prove citizenship, the minister pointed to the Aadhaar card as proof. “Everybody has an Aadhaar card now. This is enough. There is no need for any Indian citizen to worry about being left out,’’ he said.indianexpress
Opposition draws NRC-note ban parallel, says it’ll hurt poor most
New Delhi :As protests against the new citizenship law and the proposed nationwide NRC showed no signs of abating, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Friday drew a parallel between NRC and demonetisation and said the “poor and vulnerable” will be particularly “hurt” as they will be forced to stand in queues to prove their citizenship and face hardships similar to what they endured three years ago.Sonia’s remarks were echoed by AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who visited a protest at India Gate.CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury said the NRC will unleash hardships on millions of poor and marginalised Indians.indianexpress
Govt wants people to stand in queue to prove citizenship, like note ban: Priyanka
Cop said he would tear out my beard, Lucknow journalist Omar Rashid says after held amid CAA protests
It didn't matter that Omar Rashid, a correspondent for The Hindu newspaper, told the cops again and again that he was a journalist.He says his repeated mentions of his profession didn't stop the Lucknow Police from detaining him without an explanation, accusing him of taking part of a violent protest against the amended Citizenship Act, threatening to beat him and tear his beard out, and asking him to "keep my journalism to myself, in abusive Hindi".Omar Rashid says he was released -- and that apologies replaced abuse -- only when UP CMO found out about his detention.When the police let him go, they said he'd been picked up because of a "confusion", Rashid said in an interview."They knew my identity. I revealed to them at the very beginning who I was, and I gave them all the ID cards I had. They're saying after that there's confusion. I don't understand," he said. In fact, a constable who knew him was present during his detention and had seen him earlier in the day at a mortuary, he said.Rashid said the Lucknow Police repeatedly brought up his Kashmiri background, accused him of hiding Kashmiris and asked him to reveal their whereabouts.An activist who had been picked up with him was repeatedly beaten, he said.One officer "said he would tear out all my beard and thrash me if I didn't answer his questions as per his liking. Since I didn't have my phone, I could not note down the long list of expletives used against me," Omar Rashid said."If this is how policing works in BJP-run UP, we may as well subtract that state from India’s democracy!" tweeted Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.India Today
After daylong peaceful protests at Jama Masjid, violence erupts in Old Delhi
New Delhi:At least 45 people, including 13 police officers, were injured as Walled City protests that had largely remained peaceful till 5 pm turned violent on Friday evening — a turn of events police have attributed to over 1,000 people coming to the protest site at Delhi Gate from Seelampur more than 15 km away. Around 6 pm, a constable’s car parked outside Darya Ganj police station was set on fire, and as stone pelting started, police used lathi-charge and a water cannon to disperse the crowd.A total of 32 people were detained, apart from several minors who were apprehended and remained inside Darya Ganj police station premises till late Friday night. Outside, several lawyers had gathered after receiving panicked WhatsApp messages from civil rights activists.According to the nearby Lok Nayak hospital, the injuries ranged from fractures to bruises and lacerations on the head. Around 11 pm, an impromptu protest started outside the old Delhi Police HQRS at ITO, with people demanding the release of those detained in Darya Ganj, 2 km away.indianexpress
Anti-CAA protests in Delhi: 26 violence accused sent to judicial custody
New Delhi:15 people, who were arrested on Friday in connection with the violence in Daryaganj in Old Delhi during a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, have been sent to judicial custody for two days. The bail plea of the accused in the Daryaganj violence will be heard on Monday.The accused have been identified as Ashfaq, Irfauddin, Abbas, Athar, Atif, Shabbir Ahmad, Danish Malik, Rehan Khan, Haider Ali, Zaid, Furkan, Danish, Shamsher Shan, Mohd Ali, and Aamir. Meanwhile, Karkardooma Court has also sent the 11 accused in the Seemapuri violence to judicial custody for 14 days. Rejecting the bail pleas of the accused, the court said that serious sections, including Section 307 (attempt to murder), are involved in the Seemapuri violence case. The accused in Daryaganj violence case on Friday were produced before the Tis Hazari Court on Saturday. During the hearing of the case, a lawyer appearing for the accused protesters asked for a copy of the remand application which, the lawyer said, was not shared with him.During the arguments, the lawyer said, "Even assuming that any of these men had anything to do with the incident, the allegation is that a car parked on the side of the road was set on fire."The lawyers objected to the accusations and said "FIR itself says only one car damaged". "SHO himself is the complainant in the case," the lawyers said.indiatoday
Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad Sent To Jail For 14 Days Over Citizenship Protests
New Delhi: Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad was sent to 14 days' judicial custody on Saturday, a day after he led a massive protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Old Delhi.A Tis Hazari court, where he was produced in the evening, dismissed the Bhim Army chief's bail plea before sending him to jail. He was accused by the Delhi police of "inciting" thousands to take up a protest march that eventually descended into violence on Friday. 31-year-old Bhim Army chief was not produced in court along with them, sparking concerns from defence advocates who wondered "whether he was even alive or not".On Friday, the Delhi Police had denied Chandrashekhar Azad permission to take out a protest march against the Citizenship Amendment Act from Jama Masjid to Jantar Mantar in the heart of the city. He defied ban, doing just that. "My name is Chandrashekhar Azad. Police cannot hold me captive. I wore a cap and a shawl and entered the masjid easily," he told PTI at the time.Even as he was being arrested by the Delhi Police near Jama Masjid today morning. Chandrashekhar Azad had said that the agitation against the controversial law should not be allowed to weaken.ndtv
“Orders have come from higher ups”: How police detained a bus of anti-CAA protestors
Citizenship law: Protests on, stone-pelting in central Maharashtra
Mumbai:Protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act took a violent turn in Beed, Parbhani, Nanded and Hingoli districts of Marathawada region on Friday, with at least a dozen persons injured in stone pelting.At Ambajogai in Beed district, protesters pelted stones at a state transport bus. Another bus was damaged in stone pelting in Basheergunj area of Beed city following a protest march in the afternoon, SP Harsh Poddar said. “The march was taken out from Basheergunj to Beed collector’s office. Around 3.30 pm, miscreants pelted stones at an ST bus and some shops in Basheergunj area,” he added. 6 policemen received minor injuries in stone-pelting, he said.In Nagpur, where Winter Session of the Maharashtra legislature is underway, around 40,000 people on Friday marched against the law to the House. The procession, which began from Chitnis Park, was supported by Bhim Panther, Shetkari Sanghatana, Bahujan Sangharsh, Jamaat-e-Ulema and Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Similar protests were also organised in many cities and towns of Vidarbha.indian express
Nagpur: Anti-CAA protesters organise massive march towards Maharashtra Legislature
CAA protests in malegaon: ‘Time for making documents over, now is time to protest’
Malegaon :A day after more than 60,000 people took to the streets of Malegaon to protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and NRC, prominent religious and political leaders said the time for Muslims to get their identification documents in order was over.“Since the past one month, we have stopped telling residents to concentrate on putting together their documents. After the citizenship bill became an Act, we have been appealing to people instead to come out on the streets,” said Maulana Umrain Mahfooz Rahmani, secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and founder of Dastoor Bachao Committee. Malegaon Central MLA Mufti Mohamad Ismail said the town’s Muslim residents have been going to extreme lengths in preparing for NRC. Maulana Rahmani, however, said that citizens are wasting their time queuing outside the civic body. “We need to put pressure on the Govt to make changes to the Act and ensure that NRC is not implemented… In the days to come, if the Govt does not amend CAA, Malegaon’s Muslims will no longer be applying for documents, they might have to take steps like blocking National Highway 3 (Mumbai-Agra Highway).”Like Maulana Rahmani, MLA Mufti Ismail also agrees on the need to step up protests if the Union Govt implements NRC nationwide.indianexpress
Anti-CAA bandh called by RJD rocks Bihar; rail, road traffic disrupted
Thousands of RJD supporters fanned out across Bihar on Saturday, disrupting rail and road traffic while trying to enforce a statewide shutdown in protest against the new citizenship law and the proposed NRC.In the state capital, hundreds of party supporters - among whom children could also be seen - stormed railway stations and bus stands carrying sticks and party flags but they were chased away by police personnel.In Nawada, bandh supporters staged a demonstration on national highway 31 where they burnt tires on the road causing disruption in the movement of vehicles while agitators protested at Zero Mile Chowk in Muzaffarpur.There were reports of bandh supporters squatting on railway tracks in Araria and East Champaran districts.PTI
CAA protest LIVE: 11 injured in violence during Bihar bandh against CAA, NRC
Yediyurappa govt decides to not implement NRC in Karnataka
BS Yediyurappa-led Govt in Karnataka has decided to not implement NRC in the state, sources have said. The Govt has, however, decided to create a database of the immigrants who have been living in Karnataka.The database will have the names of all the immigrants and foreign nationals who have been overstaying their visa. The database will be created without the documents of the immigrants and the foreign nationals in Karnataka, sources said.The report of the Karnataka Govt not implementing NRC in the state has come a fortnight after state Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai announced that NRC would be implemented in the state.
Caught on camera: Mangaluru hospital tear gassed as cops look for protesters
Mangaluru: When protesters opposing the new citizenship law clashed with policemen in Mangaluru on Thursday, CCTV cameras at the city’s Highland Hospital caught policemen attacking the hospital to target protesters.Soon after police firing occurred in the Bunder region of the city, nine people were rushed to the hospital. Two people — Abdul Jaleel (49) and Naushin K (24) — were brought dead with bullet wounds in the eye and back respectively, 2 others were seriously injured by bullets and others had injuries from police beatings or stone pelting, hospital officials said.“Soon after news spread of the victims from the protests being at the hospital, a small crowd gathered near the hospital. As a precaution and given the situation, we alerted the police and sought security. We called the police for security but they ended up firing three tear gas shells in the hospital and scaring patients and staff by barging in and trying to find protesters in the hospital rooms,’’ a senior Highland Hospital official, who did not want to be named, said.  CCTV footage at the Highlands Hospital shows a group of youths entering the hospital premises shouting slogans at 6.06 pm on Thursday – an hour after the dead and injured were brought in. indianexpress
Kerala journalists, crew detained by Karnataka cops
7 media persons from Kerala were on Friday taken into custody by the Karnataka police, detained for 7 hours and handed over to the Kerala police at an inter-state-border near Mangaluru.The media persons, from various TV channels, had gone to Mangaluru to cover the developments in that city a day after two men were shot dead in police firing during a protest over the amended citizenship Act.Their detention triggered outrage in Kerala, invited the intervention of CM Pinarayi Vijayan, DGP Loknath Behera and veteran journalists in the morning itself. But, the Karnataka Govt freed the seven in the evening.The journalists were taken into custody from the premises of a hospital where the bodies of the firing victims were taken for post-mortem. The 7 were later moved to a local police station. In the evening, after the bodies were handed over to their families, police took the journalists to the Kerala border in Kasaragod and handed them over to Kerala police.indianexpress
Ramachandra Guha demands immediate withdrawal of CAA, NRC
Bengaluru: Noted historian Ramachandra Guha on Saturday demanded the withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC to heal the nation."To make two things absolutely clear. Immediate withdrawal of NRC is a necessary first step to restore trust and heal the nation," tweeted Guha.Branding the CAA immoral and against the spirit of the Constitution, Guha admonished that a wise and just Govt would withdraw it too.The historian said PM Narendra Modi must immediately announce that there is going to be no NRC."That simple (removing NRC) and single announcement will do more to restore peace and trust than anything else. The country needs a healing touch and from the top," said Guha.He took an active part in anti-CAA protests in Bengaluru and was detained. IANS
Students, Chandigarh residents join forces against Citizenship Act
Chandigarh:Hundreds of people, including students of Panjab University and city residents, participated in Chandigarh’s first major protest march against Citizenship (Amendment) Act.The call for protest march was given by an amalgam of student organisations of Panjab University(PU), including Students For Society (SFS), NSUI, AISA, Ambedkar Students Association (ASA), Panjab Students Union, Lalkaar, among others. They were supported by various citizen groups.HT
500 protesters detained in Chennai during stir against Citizenship Act
CHENNAI: Around 500 protesters were detained in the city for protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act on Saturday. This included 200 protesters who gathered near the Raj Bhavan in Guindy. They were physically dragged away by the cops who also took pictures of the ID cards of a few journalists at the spot, leading to unrest for a short time.The protesters were mostly from student bodies such as All India Students Federation and Students Federation of India, besides some members of the public. newindianexpress
Over 1,000 academicians release statement in support of CAA
New Delhi:As many as 1,100 academicians and research scholars from various universities across India and abroad as well as prominent persons released a statement in support of the amended Citizenship Act on Saturday. The signatories to the statement include Rajya Sabha member Swapan Dasgupta, Shishir Bajoria, Chairman, IIM Shillong, Sunaina Singh, Vice Chancellor, Nalanda University, JNU professor Ainul Hasan, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, Senior Fellow, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies and journalist Kanchan Gupta.The statement comes in the midst of countrywide protests against the new citizenship law. Students from various universities have also joined the agitation.Two weeks ago, over 1,000 scientists and scholars had signed a petition demanding that the Citizenship Amendment Bill in its current form be withdrawn, with noted academician Pratap Bhanu Mehta saying the legislation will transform India into an “unconstitutional ethnocracy”. Later, 600 artistes, writers, academicians, former judges and former bureaucrats had urged the Govt to withdraw CAB, terming it as “discriminatory, divisive” and violative of the secular principles enshrined in the Constitution.PTI
RSS to start door-to-door campaign to explain CAA
New Delhi: Amid the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests across the country, RSS came forward to spread awareness about the new citizenship law among the people on Friday during a pro CAA march in the inner circle of Connaught Place here."We will bring back harmony and peace in the country within 3-4 days," said Bharat Sharma, head of Delhi chappter of RSS, adding, "Each of us will go door-to-door and explain CAA to at least 10 people and debunk the myths about this act. A campaign to reach the youth will also be initiated."IANS
CAA protests: Pondicherry University students' council to boycott convocation presided over by President Kovind
 Pondicherry University students' council has decided to boycott the convocation ceremony of the university on Dec. 23 in which President Ram Nath Kovind will participate and award degrees to students.In a joint statement on Friday, council secretary V Kuralanban and president Parichay Yadav said the boycott was meant to register the council's dissent against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC and to express their solidarity with the students facing repression across the nation while protesting the implementation of the legislation in a peaceful manner.They said the university administration had approached the council to facilitate a smooth conduct of the convocation. "But, in the light of the ongoing protests against the CAA and the NRC all over the nation, the council refused to facilitate and decided to boycott the event," they said.TOI
73% Muslims feel CAA will hike population, economic burden
New Delhi: Just over 47 per cent of Indians feel that the Indian Constitution had been violated by the recently-passed Citizenship Amendment Act but nearly the same number differs on this issue, according to an IANS-CVoter survey.As many as 47.1 per cent of people across the country said that the law was a violation of the Constitution of India while 47.4 per cent of people did not feel so while 5.5 percent of people did not know or did not want to comment.The snap poll, carried out between Dec. 17-19, has a sample size of over 3,000 all over India plus a booster sample of 500 each in Assam, the northeast and among Muslims.IANS
Delhi Waqf Board to give ₹5.5 lakh each to kin of those killed during anti-CAA protests
Delhi Waqf Board today announced that it will give a financial assistance of ₹5.5 lakh each to the families of those killed during violent protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.Board chairman Amanatullah Khan, also an AAP MLA, in a Facebook post claimed that several people were killed in UP and Karnataka's Mangaluru during protests against the CAA and NRC, due to "police bullets".He sought details of the people killed in the protests, saying their "sacrifices" will not be futile.PTI
CAA protest: Uddhav Thackeray assures Muslims, there won't be any eviction in the state
 Maharashtra CM and Shiv Sena patriarch Uddhav Thackeray on Friday asserted that the Muslims need not fear eviction and the state will not allow violation of the rights of any citizens on communal grounds.“Those who want to protest can do so peacefully, there should not be a blot on the name of the state. Citizens need not fear that they will be thrown out of the country after the implementation of the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA),” said Uddhav.freepressjournal
Top Democratic senator Kamala Harris slams Jaishankar's Decision to not meet Congresswoman Jayapal over J&K resolution
Washington: Top Democratic Senator Kamala Harris has come out in support of her fellow Indian American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, with whom External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar refused to meet during his visit to the country early this week."It's wrong for any foreign Govt to tell Congress what members are allowed in meetings on Capitol Hill," Harris, who dropped out of the Democratic presidential race early this month said in a tweet. The first US Senator of Indian origin, Harris said she stands with Jayapal. “I'm glad her colleagues in the House did too," she said responding to a news report in The Washington Post which said that Jaishankar refused to attend a meeting of House Foreign Affairs Committee, because Jayapal was also scheduled to be present in that meeting along with other lawmakers.Earlier in the day, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and a leading Democratic presidential candidate came out in support of Jayapal. “US and India have an important partnership but our partnership can only succeed if it is rooted in honest dialogue and shared respect for religious pluralism, democracy, and human rights," she tweeted. Warren said the "efforts to silence" Jayapal "are deeply troubling". She retweeted a report by The Washington Post which said Jaishankar refused to attend a meeting of House Foreign Affairs Committee members that included Jayapal.Jayapal, first Indian American women to be elected to the House of Representatives, has introduced a resolution in the House on Kashmir. The pending resolution on Kashmir introduced by Jayapal in House is not a fair characterisation of the situation in J&K, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar told a group of Indian reporters on Thursday.Jayapal thanked Senators Harris and Warren for their support. “We're rapidly entering a world where it's not only acceptable but encouraged for foreign Govts to shun the president's domestic political opponents. This isn't a situation in which a coherent foreign policy can be developed," she said in another tweet on Friday. Congressman Jim McGovern also came out in her support. "No foreign Govt should dictate who is or isn't allowed into meetings on Capitol Hill," he said. "I stand with" Jayapal and "applaud" Congressman Eliot Engel, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee "and others for doing the same," he said. "Partnership between US and India must be grounded in open, honest conversation between friends," McGovern said.news18
US presidential candidates Sanders, Elizabeth Warren come out in support of Pramila Jayapal

Jaishankar to embark on 2-day visit to Iran from Sunday
External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar will embark on a two-day visit to Iran from Sunday, where he will co-chair 19th Joint Commission Meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Javed Zarif.Jaishankar is also expected to call upon Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, External Affairs Ministry said on Saturday. The meeting comes days after US provided a rare exemption to India from sanctions on the Chabahar port in Iran as Washington said it recognised that the strategic project was a lifeline for war-torn Afghanistan to get humanitarian supplies from India.Jaishankar will also be visiting Oman from Dec.23 to 25 at invitation of Omani Foreign Minister, EAM said in another statement.indianexpress
J&K: Communication blockade affects counter-terror ops
Srinagar;The unprecedented communications shutdown in Kashmir has hit Govt’s counter-militancy operations, according to top J&K Police officials. A total of 82 operations took place in J&K so far this year, including two in Jammu region, down from 97 anti-militancy operations conducted in 2018.Data accessed by Indian Express shows this year’s figures for the number of militants killed are at a three-year low.Since the beginning of the year, 155 militants have been killed in the Valley in these 82 operations, a sharp decline from last year’s figure of 246. A majority of these 155 militants — approximately 120 — were killed up to the end of July, before the lockdown began on August 5 with the announcement of scrapping of the state’s special status under Article 370.indianexpress
Friday prayers held at historic Jamia Masjid in Kashmir, first time after August 5
Srinagar :Congregational Friday prayers were held for the first time at the historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar’s old city area since August 5 — the day the state’s special status was revoked. There have been no prayers for 19 consecutive Fridays at the mosque. A protest was held later, by some of those who had come to pray. Police said the situation remained peaceful.Authorities started allowing prayers at the mosque since Wednesday. Hurriyat Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who delivers the sermon at the mosque, however, continued to remain under detention at his home and was not allowed to go to mosque on Friday.On Friday afternoon, less than 1,000 people, mostly from nearby areas offered prayers at the mosque. indian express
Jharkhand voting ends, most exit polls predict defeat for ruling BJP
Ranchi :Exit polls for Assembly elections in Jharkhand have predicted a lead for the JMM-Congress-RJD alliance in the 81-member House. While the India Today-Axis survey has predicted that the Opposition alliance is likely to form the next Govt, the IANS-C Voter-ABP poll has predicted a hung Assembly.The ruling BJP currently has a clear majority in the House. Assembly polls in the state were held in five phases — the last on Friday. The final and fifth phase saw 71.69 per cent polling across 16 seats. The counting of votes will take place on Dec.23. India Today-Axis survey predicted 38-50 seats for the Opposition alliance and gave 22-32 seats to the BJP. The majority mark in the 81-member Assembly is 41. IANS-C Voter-ABP poll, on the other hand, predicted that the BJP would win between 28 and 36 seats and the Opposition alliance would get between 31 and 39 seats. indianexpress
4 sentenced to death in 2008 Jaipur blasts case
Jaipur :A special court has sentenced 4 persons to death in connection with 2008 Jaipur bomb blasts which killed 71 people.Ajay Kumar Sharma, special judge for Jaipur bomb blast cases, sentenced Mohammad Saif alias Carryon, 32, Mohammad Sarwar Azmi alias Rajhans Yadav, 34, Saifur alias Saif ur Rehman Ansari, 32, and Mohammad Salman, 26, to death. All 4 are residents of Azamgarh in UP. While convicting the 4, the court had acquitted Shahbaz Hussain, 42, a resident of Lucknow. Advocate Paker Farooq, amicus curiae for the four held guilty, said, “This is the first such case where death penalty has been awarded solely on the basis of circumstantial evidence. I cross examined all the witnesses and not a single one of them could point out and say that yes, one of these four had planted the bomb on a bicycle.”Farooq claimed that there are several loopholes in the prosecution story. “They presented bills of purchase of bicycles which they claimed were used in the blasts. However, the frame number of the bicycles — as given in those bills — is different from the frame number of bicycles used in the blasts. Moreover, they deliberately did not cite strong evidence such as CCTV footage from around the locations, since this would have exonerated the four.”“Jaipur bomb blasts were unfortunate and many innocents died. However, since day one, we have been stating that these men were falsely implicated. We will definitely appeal against their acquittal in the High Court,” Farooq said.indianexpress
2 Sentenced To Life For Bombings In UP's Faizabad
Faizabad:A special anti-terror court has sentenced 2 people to life imprisonment for their involvement in 2 explosions in Nov.2007 on a court premises in UP's Faizabad that killed 5 and left 24 injured."The special court sentenced 2 persons to life imprisonment and acquitted one on Friday in the 2007 district court serial blast case," Faizabad Bar Association president Vijay Bahadur Singh said today. 2 convicts are Tariq Quasim and Mohammad Akhtar. A third accused, Sajjad Ur Rahman, was acquitted due to lack of evidence. A fourth accused, Khalid Mujahid, died in police custody.PTI
Expelled BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar gets life sentence in Unnao rape case
Expelled BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar was sentenced to life imprisonment till the remainder of his biological life for the rape of a minor girl in Unnao by a Delhi court.District Judge Dharmesh Sharma said that Sengar was a public servant and people reposed faith in him and he betrayed that trust. “All possible coercive measures were employed against the family. There was pain to the family and efforts were made to threaten harm,” he Judge said.The court also imposed a fine of Rs 25 lakh on Sengar, out of which Rs 10 lakh will be given to the victim and Rs 15 lakh to UP Govt for the costs incurred during prosecuting Sengar.indianexpress
Hyderabad veterinarian Disha case: Telangana HC orders second autopsy of four accused
Telangana High Court has ordered another post-mortem examination of the bodies of the four accused in rape and murder of veterinarian Disha at Shadnagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad on November 27.thehindu
NSA Ajit Doval, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi hold boundary talks
New Delhi:NSA Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks on decades-old Sino-India boundary issue on Dec. 21 under the framework of Special Representatives dialogue. Wang arrived in New Delhi on Dec. 20 night for the talks.Officials said various dimensions of the boundary issue were discussed at the talks while both sides resolved to maintain peace and tranquillity along the around 3,500-km border.PTI

After Google, Twitter warns Indian users about data breach: IANS
In an extremely stressful year for Internet users, Twitter on Saturday admitted a malicious code was inserted into its app by a bad actor that may have compromised some users’ information worldwide, including in India, as people woke up to an email from Twitter, warning them to update the app for Android. Vulnerability within Twitter for Android could allow the bad actor to see non-public account information or to control your account (send Tweets or Direct Messages),said an apologetic Twitter.
Indian govt trying to stop Reliance Industries from selling assets to Saudi Aramco, says report
New Delhi: The Indian Govt is trying to stop Reliance Industries Ltd. from paring its assets including a plan to sell a 20% stake to Saudi Aramco, TOI reported.The demand was made in an ongoing court case against Reliance Industries and British Gas, the paper said. The Govt has sought to prevent the two companies from selling their assets, and honoring a $4.5 billion international arbitration award in a production-sharing dispute over Panna-Mukta and Tapti fields, it said.India has asked Reliance directors to file an affidavit disclosing the company’s assets. Delhi High Court will next hear the case on Feb.6, report said.theprint/TOI
Modi govt dumps ‘liberal’ in favour of ‘holistic’ in its new draft of education policy
In the latest draft of its new National Education Policy (NEP), the Modi Govt has replaced the word ‘liberal’ with ‘holistic’ under the higher education section, ThePrint has learnt. Union HRD Ministry had put out the draft NEP 2019 in May. It had a section titled “Towards a More Liberal Education”. The latest draft has amended that to “Towards a More Holistic Education”.Sources told ThePrint that the change was made at the insistence of HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal.RSS also had certain reservations over the term “liberal” which it conveyed to the ministry, added the sources.According to a senior HRD official, in the latest draft, the section heading has been changed to “Towards a More Holistic Education”. Most of the previous references to the word ‘liberal’ have also been removed from the section.theprint
Karnataka: School behind Babri Masjid show caters to Sangh supporters, is run by RSS strongman
Bangalore :This was like no other school sports day. Instead of running races and high jumps, the students of this school in Dakshina Kannada’s Kalladka trained their efforts to re-enact the demolition of Babri Masjid. Clips of the so called play went viral on social media.But such controversies are not new to the school or the Sri Rama Vidyakendra Trust that runs it. RSS functionary Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat who heads trust is one of the most polarising figures in this part of coastal Karnataka. RSS strongman is known for his provocative speeches and open support for acts of moral policing.This March, Bhat was booked after in one speech he accused the then food minister UT Khader of visiting a temple and sought an explanation on how a Muslim minister was allowed to enter temples. “Has the priest lost his mind that he welcomed him with a ceremonial reception with betel leaves on a platter,” asked Bhat, seeking cleansing of the temple.indianexpress
Elgar Parishad case: In letters to kin from jail, a slice of life of detainees
New Delhi : 7 of 9 incarcerated activists, academics and lawyers in the Bhima-Koregaon-Elgar Parishad matter have written letters from the prison to their family members, which Indian Express has accessed. They reveal a slice of their lives behind bars. indianexpress
Tens of thousands flee Syria's Idlib as deadly bombings intensify
Tens of thousands of civilians have fledSyria's Idlib province to Turkish border, after an increase in bombings by Russia-backed Govt forces, creating a new humanitarian challenge as the winter season arrives. UN observers said on Friday that at least 18,000 people have been displaced in Idlib in just 24 hours, as the deadly bombardments continue.On Friday morning, at least seven more people were reported killed, after at least 19 civilians were killed on Thursday.In the last five days, at least 80,000 Syrians have already fled near Turkey's border, according to reports quoting Syria's Response Coordination Group.aljazeera
Muslims urged to boycott Chinese products over Uighur 'abuses'
Muslim countries should initiate a boycott of Chinese products, an influential Malaysian preacher has said, calling for an end to the detention of ethnic Uighurs, at least a million of whom are reportedly held against their will in China's Xinjiang province.Mohd Asri bin Zainul Abidin, the top Islamic jurist in Malaysia's Perlis state, said political and religious leaders from the Muslim world should exert more economic and diplomatic pressure on Beijing for its treatment and alleged human rights abuse of the minority Muslim group living in its westernmost province."We need to go to the extent of boycotting China's products. They know the strength of our purchasing power," Mohd Asri told Al Jazeera on the sidelines of a summit of Muslim-majority countries in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.aljazeera
Confusion continues: Dates for new trials of Al-Ouda and Al-Qarni
A Saudi court decided to initiate a new series of hearings against prominent sheikhs, Salman Al-Ouda and Awad Al-Qarni.Son of Muslim cleric, Abdullah Al-Ouda, announced on Thursday that after the Specialised Criminal Court in Riyadh “previously decided to adjourn the sessions of my father’s secret trial in order to issue the verdict, it surprised us today by beginning a new series of hearings.”He posted on his Twitter account that the decision came: “At the request of the prosecution, within a general confused situation,” noting that “my father is still in solitary confinement, and the next hearing will be held on Tuesday.”Prisoners of Conscience posted on their Twitter account, stating that the Specialised Criminal Court in Riyadh has set 24 Dec. as the date for a new hearing for Al-Ouda, and 26 Dec. as the date for a new hearing for Al-Qarni.middleeastmonitor
Algerian popular movement continues for 44th Friday with disobedience
Demonstrations broke out in several Algerian cities, demanding radical change for 44th Friday of the popular movement, as a result of inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who announced his commitment to respond to the demands of the public.Thousands of Algerians took to the streets of several cities after Friday prayers, in a movement that has maintained its momentum since its launch on 22 February. Protestors stressed on the same demands for change, holding the belief that Tebboune is a relic of the Algerian regime of ousted president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.MEMO
Uzbekistan set to hold parliamentary elections lacking opposition
Uzbekistan is set to hold parliamentary elections on Sunday against a backdrop of reforms that set the country on path towards development.Since President Islam Karimov's death in late 2016, the central Asian country gradually started shifting towards better economic and social freedoms.Under President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's rule, significant improvements in freedom of media and speech as well as in relations with the outside world were made. Mirziyoyev has also released more than 50 political prisoners.aljazeera
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