02 December 2019

2 DEC. NEWS : SC rewarded Hindus for destroying Babri Masjid': First review petition filed in Ayodhya Case / Amit Shah sets pan-India NRC deadline: Will drive out illegal immigrants before 2024 / Fadnavis oath meant to send Rs 40,000 crore back to Centre: BJP MP Hegde

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*02 DEC. 2019: 04 Rabius Sani 1441: Vol: 12, No: 72*
SC rewarded Hindus for destroying Babri Masjid': First review petition filed in Ayodhya Case
New Delhi: The first review petition filed by the Muslim side in the Supreme Court has stated that giving the disputed land in Ayodhya to Hindus tantamount to rewarding them for destruction of Babri Masjid. The review petition, filed by Maulana Syed Ashhad Rashidi, legal heir of original litigant M Siddiq and UP President of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, sought review of the verdict on 14 counts. It has claimed that the verdict by the top court suffers from grave errors, requiring its reconsideration. “This Hon’ble Court erred in granting a relief which virtually amounts to a mandamus to destroy Babri Masjid. This Hon’ble Court erred in rewarding the crimes committed in 1934, 1949 and 1992, by giving title to the Hindu parties, when it had already ruled that the said acts were illegal," stated 217-page petition filed through advocate Ejaz Maqbool.It questioned as to how the five-judge bench could rule in favour of Hindus after recording their illegal acts of destroying the domes in 1934 leading up to destruction of the Babri Masjid in 1992."This court erred in disregarding the basic principle that no person can derive benefit out of an illegality while granting title to the Hindu parties... a tainted cause of action cannot be sustained or decreed in a civil suit," maintained the plea.The petition claimed that the Muslims were always in exclusive possession of the disputed land but the bench opted to give priority to oral testimonies by Hindus over documentary evidence laid down by them. It added that reliance by the court on archaeological evidence and travelogues was also misplaced.The court, the petition stated, had also erred in equating wanton acts of destruction and trespass committed by the Hindu parties to acts of assertion of claim over the disputed site.news18
Ayodhya case: Jamiat files first review plea in SC
Ayodhya Judgment rewards illegal acts' : Muslim Parties Seek Review
Review petition another bid to stall temple construction: Nyas, VHP
Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas(RJN) and VHP have described the review petition filed against the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict ‘as another attempt by Muslim outfits to obstruct construction of Ram temple’.Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, head of Nyas, said, “The review petition will have no impact on the Ayodhya verdict. It was a unanimous decision by 5-judge constitution bench of the SC based on facts.”He also said: “The entire country has accepted the court verdict willingly. This petition will create disharmony between Hindu and Muslims.”VHP’s spokesperson Sharad Sharma said, “This review petition is yet another attempt by Muslim organisations to obstruct construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya despite the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in favour of Ram temple.”“The review petition is an insult to all those Muslims who have accepted the Supreme Court’s decision. When negotiations were going on for an out-of court settlement of the issue (Ayodhya title suit), Muslim organisations insisted on a court verdict,” Sharma added.“Now, when the court has given its verdict, their doublespeak is before everyone,” he said.HT
Maoists call ‘Bharat Bandh’ against Babri verdict
Nagpur: The banned CPI (Maoists) has upped its ante against the government by calling for a nationwide strike on December 8 to protest the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Babri Masjid case. Abhay, spokesperson of Maoists’ central committee (CC), issued a statement stating that the party has decided to protest the verdict on Dec.6 and 7 before going for ‘Bharat Bandh’. The reds have also appealed to secular, democratic and other forces to join them in the agitation.The latest call for the agitation against the government may turn out to be a grave security concern as the Maoists have appealed to all like-minded forces to join them in the ‘military struggle’ instead of the just extending solidarity.Following the Maoists’ call, security agencies are on their toes with the thought that the antigovernment forces may join hands to trigger sabotage activities across the country in both urban or reds-affected hinterlands. The protest and ‘Bharat Bandh’ will coincide with the commemoration of 19th raising day ceremony of Maoists’ Peoples’ Liberation of Guerrilla Army(PLGA), posing an additional challenge to security forces through the weeklong events (Dec 2-8). SP Gadchiroli Shailesh Balkawade said the operations are under way. “Just like the election period, security forces would go strongly against the cadres. We will also allow space for anyone who is eager to surrender,” he said. Maoists have also claimed in the press communication that their stance on Babri Masjid verdict is unique compared to political parties.Apart from protesting the verdict, Maoists have also sought assistance from other outfits to rebuild the mosque at the same place where it existed before being demolished, trashing the supreme court's verdict of shifting it elsewhere on a government earmarked 5-acre land. The rebels’ think tank body, CC, through the press note, also chose to come down heavily on the SC judgement which they claim is based on ‘belief and sentiments’. The reds also questioned the judgement stating that such a verdict on ‘beliefs and sentiments’ will also set a precedent that such grounds too will now become admissible before the court..TOI
BJP leader  Swamy asks centre to acquire land for Kashi, Mathura
Varanasi: Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has asked the Centre to acquire land for “renovation” of Kashi Vishwanath temple and Krishna Janmabhoomi in Mathura. 2 days ago, Swamy wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking an amendment to Places of Worship Act, 1991 which provides for maintaining the “religious character” of holy structures as it existed on Aug.15, 1947. The law also prohibits the conversion of any temple into a mosque and vice versa. Swamy urged Prime Minister to give directions to the Ministry of Law to make amendments to Act, specifically section 4, which he claimed was “offensive and ultra virus of my fundamental rights” to freedom of worship.“This Act was enacted by Congress government headed by Narasimha Rao,” Swamy said in his letter.  He said that after the Supreme Court verdict that favoured the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, people are now anxiously waiting for the expansion of Kashi Vishwanath temple and Krishna Janmabhoomi. Both these shrines are located adjacent to Muslim sites. While Kashi Vishwanath temple is adjacent to Gyanvapi mosque that even shares its boundary with the temple, Krishna Janmabhoomi is next to the Eidgah in Mathura. Swamy said: “These are issues that religion is a matter of fact and after Ayodhya, people are looking towards Kashi and Mathura. RSS and VHP are already prepared to launch campaigns for these shrines and we should take steps at the earliest.” Senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, who was also present at the function, approved of Swamy’s demand.IANS
Forced conversions a myth; there is no mention of temple being demolished when Babar, Abu’l Fazl wrote about Ayodhya:Historian Harbans Mukhia
Historian Harbans Mukhia has said, "there is a certain image of Medieval India which has been around since 19th century, drawn from a vision of history, which sees it in terms of ‘Hindu period’ and ‘Muslim period’.”In an interview Mukhia said, “ Medieval India is seen as Muslim period. This classification was brought here by the colonial historian John Stuart Mill, who was contemptuous of both Islam and Hinduism and for whom, real history began when the British came. Everything before that, according to him, was determined by religious identity of rulers. Interestingly, he didn’t classify British period as Christian." Over Narendra Modi remarks that “1200 years of slavery” being erased when he stepped into Parliament in 2014, Mukhia reacted, "he was reflecting RSS notion. RSS might be surprised to know that in Medieval India, there were great Sanskrit scholars. Sanskrit was being patronised by Mughal court from Akbar to Shah Jahan. Eminent Sanskrit scholars of the time described Akbar as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was also praised in Jain texts of that period." He said,"American historian Richard Eaton has documented that between 1200 and 1760, ie, in 560 years, 80 temples were demolished. Before RSS classifies him as a Marxist historian, let me tell you that he was a member of Peace Corps set up to fight Communism. Temples in Kashi and Mathura were demolished, but not in Ayodhya. Babar and the historian Abu’l Fazl both write about Ayodhya, but there is no mention of a temple being demolished to build a mosque. Even the Supreme Court has said that there is no evidence of this having happened. Interestingly, in the Mughal period, there is evidence of mosques being demolished too. Under Muslim kings, Hindus were demolishing mosques and building temples over them."Over propaganda of mass conversions of Hindus, Mukhia stated, "Let’s look at the subcontinent, which has the largest population of Muslims in the world. Where is the density of Muslim population? In Kashmir, Malabar, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the 4 peripheral regions of the subcontinent. In the heartland of Muslim rule — UP, Bihar,Delhi and East Punjab — Muslims never exceeded 15-16 per cent of the population. Muslim rule never reached Kerala where the first conversions to Islam in India took place. By the time Akbar reached Kashmir, in 1586, it had already been converted. In West Punjab, the imperial authority was there, but it was constantly being threatened by local tribesmen – a problem Pakistan faces even today. And East Bengal was never under the Delhi Sultans or Mughals. So are we to believe that the “Muslim State” was converting people on a mass scale where its authority never existed, or where its power was the weakest? The last census before the Partition in 1941 put Muslims at 25 per cent of the population. In 1830s, Bishop Hebar visiting India wrote that one in every 6 Indians was a Muslim. So 50 per cent rise in Muslim population in 110 years took place when British were ruling. This myth of forced mass conversions is a deliberate falsification of history for political reasons." He added, "there was not a single riot between common Hindus and Muslims in whole of Medieval India till 1714 in Ahmedabad, 7 years after Aurangzeb’s death. So for 500 years they lived with an enormous amount of interaction." mumbaimirror
Ayodhya's Muslim apologises in mosque for chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' at havan :Times Now
Ayodhya: A Muslim man has been targeted in Ayodhya for raising the slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’ during a havan programme. Haji Saeed had raised the slogan during a havan performed by saints in Ayodhya on Sept.1 to pray for the early construction of Ram Temple.However, the move did not go down well with clerics and Haji Saeed was forced to apologise at a mosque. As per details available, an imam made Haji Saeed apologise inside the mosque, for saying ‘Jai Shri Ram’. He was also made to do tauba (regret) and made to swear against a repetition of the incident."I had gone to the event organised by RSS. I said 'Jai Shri Ram' and something about Ayodhya temple. My community members became angry with me over it. I had to leave the town for a while. When I returned, I started getting threats. One day, whenI came out after offering namaz at Wazeerganj mosque, two people came and asked me not to come to the mosque to pray. I walked away quietly. Then at another place some people pointed at me and kept saying 'he was the one'. They were ready to pick a fight but I left,” Haji Saeed said.Times Now
Amit Shah sets pan-India NRC deadline: Will drive out illegal immigrants before 2024
New Delhi :Setting a deadline for first time for a nation-wide implementation of NRC,  Union Home Minister Amit Shah Monday said the government would drive out all “illegal immigrants” before 2024 Lok Sabha elections.“I assure you NRC will be implemented across the country and all infiltrators identified and expelled before 2024 polls,” Amit Shah said at a rally in Jharkhand ahead of second phase elections.Hitting out at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi for opposing NRC, Shah asked if Gandhi has “relatives” among the infiltrators. “Rahul asks why we are implementing NRC, why we are expelling infiltrators, where will they go. Are these infiltrators his relatives? BJP government will drive out each and every infiltrator from the country by 2024.” Shah has aggressively advocated for implementing NRC across the country, once saying “name itself is National Register of Citizens, not National Register of Assam.” Amit Shah on Monday urged the people of Jharkhand to exercise franchise in favour of his party, contending that their votes would determine if the state walked on the path of development or Naxalism.indianexpress
CAB row: Majoritarian rule will not work in India, says UDP as party reiterates stand on bill
United Democratic Party (UDP) has reiterated its decision to “vehemently” oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) while stating that majoritarian rule in the country will not work in the present context unless the views, voices and apprehension of the other diverse groups are taken into consideration.“If we talk about majoritarian rule in the country this will not work. In the present context and situation, it is only when the other diverse groups whichever religion caste, race or colour are taken into consideration,” said senior UDP leader and  General Secretary, Jemino Mawthoh.Raising question over the eagerness of the Centre to re-table CAB in the Parliament, Mawthoh said “We feel that the government should take some time… there should be wider consultation as CAB is concerned as we need to understand a little bit deeper as far as the context of NE is concerned”.thenortheasttoday
Fadnavis oath meant to send Rs 40,000 crore back to Centre: Ex- Union Minister and BJP MP Hegde
New Delhi:The surprise swearing-in of Devendra Fadnavis as Maharashtra Chief Minister despite lacking a clear majority was a planned “drama” to “protect Rs 40,000 crore central funds, BJP MP Ananthkumar Hegde has claimed. Giving a new twist to Maharashtra drama, ex Union Minister Hegde also alleged that it took 15 hours for Fadnavis to ensure that the money “reaches where it had to”.Calling the purported act of Fadnavis as treachery, Sena MP Sanjay Raut said Fadnavis and BJP were “criminals” of people of Maharashtra. The state Chief Secretary and CM Uddhav Thackeray will clarify on the issue, Raut said.Fadnavis, however, rejected Hegde’s claim, saying no such major policy decision was taken by him.Addressing a gathering in bypoll-bound Yellapur in Uttara Kannada district on Saturday, Hegde said in Kannada, “It was entirely planned earlier itself. Once we got to know (about 3 parties forming government) it was decided that a drama has to be played out. So, adjustments were made and oath was taken (by Fadnavis as CM), after oath within 15 hours Fadnavis systematically ensured that it (money) reaches where it had to and protected it”.“You all know that recently in Maharashtra for just 80 hours our person was Chief Minister, but soon Fadnavis resigned. Why did we have to do this drama? Didn’t we know- despite knowing we don’t have the majority, why did he become CM? This is the question commonly every one asks,” Hegde had said.indianexpress
Fadnavis must explain why he handed over Rs 40,000 crore meant for farmers to Centre: minister Raut
Maharashtra cabinet minister Nitin Raut today responded to Devendra Fadnavis’s statement that the government should give farmers Rs 25,000 per hectare, saying the BJP leader should first explain if he returned Rs40,000 crore state funds to Centre.Fadnavis Sunday said in the Assembly that during campaigning, Uddhav Thackeray had demanded Rs 25,000 per hectare for farmers who had suffered crop damage, and he should now ensure the relief.Raut said: “Fadnavis should first explain the remark by his party’s senior leader and MP Anant Hegde, that he became the CM for 3 days only to return Rs 40,000 crore to the Centre. The state has been put under a debt burden of Rs 6. 71 lakh crore by the previous government. We are not against aid to farmers, but the BJP should explain how Fadnavis handed over Rs 40,000 crore meant for farmers to the Centre.”When pointed out that Fadnavis had dismissed Hegde’s claims, Raut said, “Since the statement was made by a senior BJP leader, I suspect daal me kuchh kala hai (there’s something amiss). Fadnavis should take responsibility.”Congress leader said the government would show how it could pull the state out of the debt burden through a white paper, as detailed by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.indianexpress
Congress, Shiv Sena, NCP hit out at BJP over MP Ananth Kumar Hegde’s remark about Fadnavis
Congress on Monday demanded an answer from Prime Minister Narendra Modi over BJP MP Ananth Kumar Hegde's claim that Devendra Fadnavis was made Maharashtra chief minister despite lacking majority to 'protect' ₹40,000 crore central funds under CM's control from being 'misused'. nationalheraldindia
Pankaja Munde removes ‘BJP’ from Twitter bio, party dismisses quitting rumours
New Delhi :After BJP leader Pankaja Munde’s recent social media post fuelled speculation about her next political move, Maharashtra BJP chief Chandrakant Patil on Monday said she was not leaving the party.Munde, who lost the Assembly polls to her cousin and NCP rival Dhananjay Munde in a bitter contest from Parli seat, wrote she needs time to introspect and will speak to supporters on Dec.12 – birth anniversary of her father and former state deputy chief minister Gopinath Munde who died in a car accident in 2014. She also removed her party’s name from her Twitter bio. “BJP leaders are in touch with Pankaja Munde. She is introspecting after her defeat but it does not mean she is leaving BJP,” Patil told reporters.In a Facebook post on Sunday, Munde said her future journey needs to be decided against the backdrop of current political changes. “Looking at the changed political scenario in the state, there is a need to think and decide the way ahead. I need time for some 8-10 days to communicate with myself.”indianexpress
Day after Rahul Bajaj spoke up, BJP and ministers hit back
New Delhi :The day after Bajaj Group chairman Rahul Bajaj expressed concern over the lack of confidence among corporates to criticise the central government, several BJP ministers scrambled to respond to what one of them claimed were attempts to “weave fake narratives” over remarks.While Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that seeking an answer was better than “spreading one’s own impressions”, Urban Affairs and Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that the fact that Bajaj could “express himself & instigate others to join” was “what democracy is all about”.Commerce and Rail Minister Piyush Goyal referred to Home Minister Amit Shah’s response to Bajaj’s remarks, that there was no need for any fear.Bajaj’s remarks came Saturday in presence of Shah, Sitharaman and Goyal at an event organised by Economic Times in Mumbai, where the industrialist also expressed concern over the absence of effective action against lynchings, and the remark of Bhopal  MP Pragya Singh Thakur  praising Nathuram Godse in Parliament last week.indianexpress
Lok Sabha passes Bill to effect corporate tax reduction
New Delhi: Lok Sabha on Monday passed a Bill to replace an Ordinance for effecting reduction of corporate tax rates.Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019, will amend Income Tax Act 1961 and Finance (No 2) Act 2019. It replace the Ordinance which was Promulgated by the President in Sept.In the biggest reduction in 28 years, the government in September slashed corporate tax rates up to 10 percentage points as it looked to pull the economy out of a six-year low growth with a Rs 1.45 lakh crore tax break.Base corporate tax for existing companies has been reduced to 22 per cent from 30 per cent, and to 15 per cent from 25 per cent for new manufacturing firms incorporated after October 1, 2019, and starting operations before March 31, 2023.indiatoday
Major 'Make in India' defence projects non-starters for 6 Yrs
None of the major ‘Make in India’ projects in defence manufacturing have actually taken off in the last 6 years, according to a report in TOI.Most of the projects currently pending include new-generation stealth submarines, minesweepers and light utility helicopters, as well as infantry combat vehicles, transport aircraft and fighter jets. They are collectively worth over Rs 3.5 lakh crore. However, these projects are still stuck in the pipeline and the final contracts to launch production have still not been inked.According to the report, the relatively new project to jointly produce Kalashnikov AK 203 assault rifles at a factory in Amethi, is poised to kick off first.Since 2017, 6 major Make in India projects have been stuck in bureaucratic bottlenecks and long-winded procedures that have prevented their launch.thewire
MHRD data shows only 10% of educational loans went to SC, ST students
Centre’s latest data shows a wide disparity in the disbursal of educational loans between students of the Scheduled Castes(ST), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and OBC – and those of the general category.According to data Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) collected between 2016-2017 and 2018-2019, and submitted to Lok Sabha on Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Educational Loans(CGFSEL) – a surety scheme for students seeking loans from public sector banks – 4.7 lakh students benefitted from it. Twenty-nine banks participate in the CGFSEL scheme.Of those, 67%, around 3.15 lakh students, belonged to the general category while 23% were from OBC. Only 7% of SC students and 3% of ST students benefited from scheme. Average loan amount granted to a general category student was Rs 3.54 lakh, followed by Rs 3.24 lakh for SC students, Rs. 2.17 lakh for ST students and Rs 2.91 lakh for OBC students.In other words, of the total Rs 13,797 lakh covered as loans under scheme, Rs. 9,730 lakh went to general category students, and a dismal 2.8% and 6.7% of total went to ST and SC categories. Data, which MHRD supplied in Parliament in response to a question by MP S. Venkatesan (Madurai), also indicated that 80% of loans provided under the scheme were small in nature, i.e.Rs.4 lakh or less.thewire
 Truth behind police distributing ‘tasbih’ to Muslims in Maharashtra
New Delhi:Shiv Sena, along with NCP and Congress, has managed to cobble together a coalition government in Maharashtra over the last week. Though many social media users have termed the arrangement opportunistic and attacked the Sena for backstabbing its 30-year-old partner BJP, some have given a communal twist to unrelated events and linked them with government formation.On Twitter, a video is going viral showing policemen distributing tasbih’ (a string of beads) to Muslims on a street. Taking a dig at Uddhav Thackeray government, political commentator Madhu Purnima Kishwar tweeted the video along with a caption in Hindi, which translates to, Secularism starts. Wave of secularism sweeps Maharashtra soon after swearing-in. Police are calling people and distributing tasbih after Friday prayers outside Kausa masjid in Mumbra. Jai Maharashtra. India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found the claim to be misleading. The event seen in the video is part of Qaumi Ekta Saptah’ (National Integration Week) which is conducted every year in the country to encourage communal harmony. It is wrong to say that the event took place only after the new government was formed in Maharashtra. when reached out to senior inspector of Mumbra police station MS Kad to find out the truth behind the claim. He confirmed that the video is indeed from Mumbra and this annual event has nothing to do with the new government.indiatoday
Editor of MP paper that carried reports on honey trap case raided: Indian express
Bhopal :Days after Sanjha Lokswami, an Indore-based eveninger, carried reports and photographs regarding ‘honey trap’ case and uploaded at least one video and transcripts of audio conversations on its website, police raided its office and other establishments owned by its editor Jitendra Soni.The raids, including on Soni’s home, a hotel, a restaurant and a night club. While Soni is missing, his son Amit, also an accused, has been detained. After publishing stories on ex BJP minister and a powerful bureaucrat in Shivraj Singh Chouhan govt, the eveninger had in the past 3 days carried reports on the honey trap case complainant, Harbhajan Singh, and announced that more articles would follow, suggesting it was in possession of other videos of politicians and bureaucrats.In Sept, based on Singh’s complaint, Indore police had arrested 5 women and a driver in what came to be known as the honey trap case.Singh had alleged that women were blackmailing him, threatening to circulate videos showing him in a compromising position if he did not pay up Rs 3 crore. One of the reports published by Sanjha Lokswami had photographs of Singh with 2 of the women. It alleged that Singh was himself involved in scam but was forced to file a complaint to allow police to raid the premises owned by the women and take possession of electronic and other evidence and data from them to save the reputation of people who had been blackmailed in the past.
Ending Article 370 was blunder: Farooq Abdullah’s sister   Khalida Shah
The eldest daughter of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and Awami National Conference President Khalida Shah has said the Government of India has made a big blunder by abrogating Article 370. She said it was an assault on the dignity of people to enslave the Kashmiris.In an interview, she said India has control over it because of the gun and there was no point taking part in Assembly elections in a Union Territory and those advocating Article 371 for Kashmir are traitors. Rejecting BJP's claim that Article 370 was a hindrance for the development of Kashmir, she  said, "I have seen the development of Kashmir for the past 70 years, we have free education here, land to tiller was implemented which nobody can think in dreams even in today's era in any state or country, in Kashmir lot of infrastructure was created, roads, schools, etc."IANS
J&K schools demand fees from parents despite 4-months shutdown
After a long blockade, the Kashmir Valley is trying to limp back to normal life. Schools and other educational institutes are slowly opening. But this has posed another challenge to already bogged down locals. The schools, upon opening, are demanding the bus and transportation fees even for period the schools remained completely shut.In March this year, Basharat Ahmad had enrolled his 4-year-old son at a local private school in Srinagar. His son went to school for barely six months when the government shut off all the educational institutes across Valley since August 5.A couple of weeks ago, Ahmad met with the management of the school to enquire about the resumption of routine class work. While Ahmad was provided with no definite information on it, the management instead asked him to deposit the tuition and bus fee since August.Like Ahmad, thousands of parents in the Valley got agitated when private schools started demanding the tuition and bus fee from them. Mohammad Altaf, a  local cab driver said that he was asked by school management to deposit ₹12000 as last 4 month's  tuition fee for his 3 children.nationalheraldindia
Jailed for sedition after Pulwama, PM scholarship student struggles to put his life back together
Bengaluru: Feb.14, 2019, is an important marker in Haris Manzoor’s life. In the 9 months since that day, Manzoor has become a changed man. He is religious and prays five times a day. He rarely steps out of his home. And, unusually for a 20-year-old, he’s no longer on any social networking sites.“My faith has taught me patience to cope with what happened,”says Manzoor, a Kashmiri nursing student in Bengaluru from Dahama village in Kupwara and a recipient of PM’s Special Scholarship Scheme. On Feb.16, two days after the attack in Pulwama, Manzoor was arrested on charges of sedition along with 2 of his friends, Gowhar Mushtaq and Zakir Maqbool, for an argument on Facebook with a classmate over incident. After spending 7 months in Bengaluru’s Central Jail, Manzoor was released on bail on Sept.20, and is struggling to get his life back.He remains suspended from Spurthy College of Nursing, and his PM’s scholarship has stopped. And, in between writing to govt to restore his scholarship and pleading with the college to revoke his suspension and marking attendance at a police station, Manzoor attends court hearings to prove he isn’t guilty of sedition.Indianexpress
Lynching, death penalty, castration: Voices from Parliament on Hyderabad vet’s rape
New Delhi :Lynching the rapists, death penalty and castration of the accused were some of the suggestions that Parliamentarians proposed on Monday as they expressed outrage over 26-year-old veterinarian’s rape in Hyderabad. Union Minister Rajnath Singh, meanwhile, said that Centre is “ready for discussions to curb such crimes”.Leading the chorus of angry parliamentarians, Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan Monday said rapists should be “brought out in public and lynched.” “I think it is time… whether Nirbhaya or Kathua or what happened in Telangana…I think the people now want the government to give a proper and definite answer,” she said in Rajya Sabha. She also added that the security personnel in charge of the area where the crime took place be held accountable and questions be asked. “I think these people need to be shamed in front of the entire country.”DMK’s P Wilson suggested castration to keep a check on the repeat offenders. The court should be empowered to surgically and chemically castrate convicted rapists before they are released from jails and the cost of such a procedure should be recovered from the accused by selling his assets, he said. He also added that a list of sexual offenders should also be made public.Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said the society will have to tackle this problem at its root. The guilty should be given stringent punishment without any discrimination of religion or caste, he said, adding that no government or leader would want that such incident occurs in their state. Sanjay Singh of AAP said stringent action in all cases of sexual assault on women should be taken after a trial in fast track court and punishment given within a timeframe. Amar Patnaik of BJD demanded death for such heinous crimes.indianexpress
Jamaat, SIO Condemn Hyderabad Incident
The issue of gangrape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinarian on the outskirts of Hyderabad reverberated in Parliament today.  Socio-cultural organization Jamaat-e-Islami Hind(JIH) and Students Organisation of India (SIO) also strongly condemned the incident, describing it a heinous crime and said that exemplary punishment be given to the accused to teach a lesson so that such incidents were not repeated in future.JIH vice-president Engineer Mohammad Salim said that apart from giving severe punishment to the accused in rape cases, an awareness drive be also launched by various socio-cultural, religious as also political organisations about crime against women.Demanding swift justice against the accused in the case, SIO president Labeed Shafi said that steps must be initiated to change the criminal mentality of such people and only then safety and security of women could be ensured. SIO also held demonstrations at different places in the country against the incident.indiatomorrow
Maharashtra: Observer removed after protest over hijab at MUHS exam centre
Nagpur: A university observer was removed from the entire winter exam on Thursday after around 100 irate parents and BHMS students staged a protest over dress code at Sakkardara-based Government Ayurved College and Hospital (GACH) premises.Backed by Girls Students Islamic Organization (GIO) and Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO), the protesters alleged that around 8 to 10 second-year BHMS girls were stopped from entering the exam centre — GACH — with their ‘hijabs’ and head scarves on during their first paper on Tuesday.Dr Vijay Patrikar, who is holding GACH dean’s charge, told TOI that the observer belongs to other college and had been deputed by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS). “The aggrieved students are from a Dhaba college. The protesters complained that the observer behaved rudely with them. The observer told us he was only following NEET dress code for examinees,” he said.Women activists alleged that the girls were frisked by men at the exam centre while the observer asked them to remove not just the hijabs and head scarves but also the ‘dupatta’.Patrikar said following complaints and discussion with parents, he wrote to MUHS which removed the observer from all exam works.Parents said they have demanded a re-exam as some girls couldn’t tolerate the sudden diktat and failed to perform well.A parent said some girls had reached late at the exam centre. “Girls were in a shock after being told to remove their hijabs, head scarves and dupattas. A couple of them fainted in the exam hall as they couldn’t take the pressure,” the parent said.TOI
In SC, Kerala govt accused of ‘harassing’ women going to Sabarimala
New Delhi:A woman alleged in the Supreme Court on Monday that the Kerala government was giving a “free hand” to unlawful elements to harass and attack women between 10 and 50 years of age en route to worship at the Sabarimala temple.Bindu Ammini noted that the Supreme Court judgment has not been stayed in review. She said Kerala was acting in gross contempt of the court's decision to allow entry of women of menstruating age. Bindu, represented by advocate Prashant Padmanabhan and in a petition settled by senior advocate Indira Jaising, narrated her own experience, saying she was attacked en route and even confined in a hospital.Ms. Bindu urged the court to direct Kerala to ensure safe passage to women to the Sabarimala temple, regardless of their age or religion.thehindu
SC to take up plea against polygamy, halala next month
New Delhi:A petition challenging practices of polygamy and halala prevalent will be heard by Supreme Court early next year. A bench headed by CJI SA Bobde agreed to list the matter immediately after winter break when it was mentioned by petitioner Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay on Monday.While the practice of polygamy is outlawed in India, an exemption has been made for the Muslim community under Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937. The Act provides for application of Muslim personal law in matters relating to marriage, succession etc among Muslim parties.Upadhyay submitted that polygamy violates Section 494 of IPC which prohibits bigamy and nikah halala amounts to rape under Section 375 of IPC.When the matter was mentioned today, Justice Bobde queried on the antiquity of the practice asking whether it has been practised for over 1,000 years.He then said that it will be listed immediately after (winter) vacation. The SC closes on Dec. 19 and reopens on Jan. 6. HT
India first country to make entire Haj process digital: Minority Affairs Minister Naqvi
Jeddah:India has become the first country to make the entire process for pilgrims going on Haj completely digital, Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Sunday after signing the bilateral agreement for next year's pilgrimage with Saudi Haj Minister in Jeddah.An online application, e-visa, Haj mobile app, "e-MASIHA" health facility, "e-luggage pre-tagging" providing all information in India itself regarding accommodation and transportation in Mecca and Madina will be provided to 2 lakh Indian Muslims going for Haj in 2020, he said.Naqvi made the remarks after signing the bilateral annual Haj 2020 agreement between India and Saudi Arabia with Haj and Umrah Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Saleh bin Taher Benten.He said for the first time facilities were provided for digital pre-tagging of pilgrims' baggage.This will ensure the Indian pilgrims will get information in India itself about the building and the room allotted to them as well as the transportation details for travel after reaching the airport in Saudi Arabia, Naqvi was quoted as saying in a statement issued from his office.Even the mobile phone SIM card has been linked to mobile App which will ensure pilgrims immediately get all the latest information regarding Haj in Mecca and Madina on their mobile phones.This year, a 100-line information centre has been established at Haj House, Mumbai for providing information regarding the entire Haj process."A portal of HGOs http://haj.nic. in/pto/  has been developed which contains all the details of HGOs and their packages," the minister said. The last date of submission of Haj application is Dec. 5, 2019.PTI
Manoj Tiwari suggests including Gita in syllabus of school, says 'Muslim children should also read'
Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, on Sunday, suggested that Bhagvad Gita should be included in the syllabus of schools, adding Muslim children should also read the holy book."Gita should be included in the syllabus of schools. People have been talking about this subject for a long time now," Tiwari was quoted as saying by ANI."Muslim children also read the Gita, which is translated into Urdu," he further said.The president of BJP’s Delhi unit was speaking during an event, Gita Mahotsav organised here by spiritual Guru Swami Gyananand.The programme was attended by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Union Minister Smriti Irani, Congress leader Janardan Dwivedi, among other religious and spiritual leaders.Times Now
Creamy layer’s exclusion from SC/ST quota: Centre seeks 7-judge bench review of 2018 verdict
New Delhi :The Supreme Court Monday agreed to hear Centre’s petition to review its 2018 Supreme Court verdict that excluded creamy layer within Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribes communities from reservation benefits. Appearing for Centre in the apex court, Attorney General KK Venugopal said SC/ST quota matter be referred to a 7-judge Constitution bench. The matter will be taken up for hearing after two weeks. A 5-judge Constitution Bench in 2018 had held that the well-off members of the SC/ST communities, who are also termed creamy layer, cannot be granted the benefits of reservation in college admissions and government jobs. Applying the creamy layer principle to promotions for SCs/STs in government jobs, the apex court had declined to refer to a larger bench its 2006 verdict on the matter. It ruled that states no longer need to collect quantifiable data on the backwardness of SCs and STs in granting quota in promotions, but will have to back it with data to show their inadequate representation in the cadre.indian express
SC Dismisses Plea for Permission to Demonstrate that EVMS can be Tampered with
The Supreme Court of India on Monday dismissed a petition that sought directions to the Election Commission to allow permission to demonstrate that EVMs can be tampered with. The petition was filed by Tamil actor-turned politician Mansoor Ali Khan, who had contested and lost Lok Sabha election from Dindigul constituency in Tamil Nadu in May 2019. He wanted to demonstrate his claim under the supervision of retired judges that EVMs can be tampered with. India Tomorrow
Muslim youth beaten to death in UP village
Lucknow: A Muslim youth was beaten to death in Maraucha village of Ambedkarnagar district late on Friday night, reportedly over his reltionship with a Hindu girl. Abdul Baari, 26, was beaten with sticks and his motorcycle site on fire. He was taken to a local hospital but succumbed to his injuries. 3 people were arrested Sunday, while 5 others named in FIR are on the run.Baari’s uncle Israr Ahmad, who lodged the complaint, however, said murder had “no Hindu-Muslim angle” and that Baari was not on his way to meet the Dalit girl when killed, as registered in FIR. He blamed the murder on personal enmity.District SP Virendra Kumar Mishra said it was “not a case of lynching”, or “a case of Hindu-Muslim enmity”, “but of murder in a love-related matter”. “Youth was in relationship with a girl and had gone to meet her around 11 pm in Maraucha. Locals saw him and attacked him, following an argument. A police team reached the spot soon after. The body was sent for postmortem. An FIR has been registered against 8 accused and all would be arrested soon,” he said. FIR says Baari, who belonged to Hathinaraj village, had gone to neighbouring Maraucha late on Friday night on his motorcycle, along with his help Abhishek. When the attack happened, Abhishek managed to escape and told the family what had happened. ASP Avanish Mishra said Ahmad rushed to the spot and took Baari to hospital, where he died a few hours later. Abhishek has reportedly identified 8 accused as Manoj, Pawan, Shivratan, Budhram, Raghuveer, Jawahir, Sher Bahadur and Ram Kewal, all residents of Maraucha village. Budhram, Raghveer and Ram Kewal have been arrested. Ahmad said that the murder was the result of personal enmity. Asked why he had said in FIR that his nephew was killed when on way to meet a girl, he said the report was registered based on what Abhishek had told them.Claiming he did not know why Abhishek had given a “different angle”, Ahmad said, “Talking to several persons I got to know that accused Sher Bahadur has enmity with one Thakur Sahab in his village and Abdul used to talk to Thakur Sahab. On some occasions he even helped him. I have also been told that Abdul had some argument with Bahadur recently.”indian express
Israel to build new Jewish settlement in divided Hebron's 'ghost' street
Israel's new hard-right defence minister on Sunday ordered officials to start planning a new Israeli settlement in the heart of the divided West Bank city of Hebron. The announcement came as the prospects of a third snap election since April loomed larger, with Defence Minister Naftali Bennett's New Right party leaning heavily on settlers for support at the polls.The defence ministry said Bennett had instructed the departments responsible for the Israeli-occupied West Bank "to notify the Hebron municipality of planning a new Jewish neighbourhood in the wholesale market complex", according to AFP.The market area is on Hebron's Shuhada Street. Once a bustling thoroughfare leading to a holy site where the biblical Abraham is believed to have been buried, the area is now known as a "ghost town" off limits to Palestinians, with the exception of those who live in close proximity to Israeli settlers. Hebron Palestinians have long demanded that Shuhada Street be reopened to traffic, calls that have gone unanswered by Israeli authorities.While the Oslo Accords granted sovereignity over major Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank to Palestinian Authority, Hebron represents a unique case.alaraby.co.uk
Israel approves $11.5m in extra funding for West Bank settlements
Israel approved an extra 40 million shekels ($11.5 million) for settlements in occupied West Bank , reported Haaretz. The majority of the funding allocation approved by the cabinet – 34.5 million shekels ($9.9 million) – is reportedly a one-time grant for “security needs” of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.The remaining 5.5 million shekels ($1.6 million) is “for the construction of first aid stations”, reported Haaretz.News of the funding was initially made public by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office on Thursday, after the embattled premier had met with senior settler leaders, who ended the meeting by expressing support for Netanyahu “and appreciation for his leadership of the country at present”.middleeastmonitor
ICC under pressure to open investigation into Israel war crimes
International Criminal Court is coming under pressure from a group led by former ministers and professors of international law to open an investigation into possible Israeli war crimes in Occupied Palestinian Territories. Known as Rights Forum, the group founded in 2009 by former Dutch Prime Minister Andreas van Agt, will hand-deliver this demand to the ICC on 10 Dec on behalf of a coalition of organisations.Their demand will coincide with International Human Rights Day, which marks the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights . It is also the date on which Dries van Agt founded the Rights Forum, exactly a decade ago this year.middleeastmonitor
Libya’s Haftar hopes to have normal relations with Israel
Libyan Renegade General Khalifa Haftar hopes to have normal relations with Israel if the Palestinian issue is resolved, Maariv reported at the weekend. This was confirmed by Haftar’s de facto foreign minister, Abdul Hadi Al-Howeej, in an interview with the Hebrew paper.“We are a member state of Arab League and are committed to its decisions, as well as those of UN,” explained Al-Howeej. “We support rights of the people, including all of the rights of the Palestinian people. But we support regional peace, oppose terrorism and fight it in Libya as well.”Al-Howeej added that Haftar’s nominal govt in Libya enjoys the support of Russia, France, Egypt, Britain, Saudi Arabia and others.MEMO
Israel delegation in UAE to check preparations for Expo 2020
Israel’s Foreign Ministry has said that an official Israeli delegation is visiting Dubai to attend a preparatory meeting for participation in Expo 2020, Quds Press said. The ministry said in a statement posted on its Facebook page that meeting which took place over the weekend aimed to inform Israel of the ongoing preparations for the fair.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a cabinet meeting held last month that Israel would participate in Dubai EXPO 2020, this, he added, is “another expression of Israel’s rising status in the world and the region.”Foreign Ministry said: “Expos are meeting places where people all over the world come together and take advantage of each other’s talents to face joint challenges and advance society.”First Expo was held in London in 1851. The last was held in Milano in 2015, the Japanese city of Osaka in due to host the event in 2025.middleeastmonitor
Calls for Tunisia minister Trabelsi  to be sacked for urging normalised ties with Israel
Tunisian politicians, journalists and activists called for the country’s Tourism Minister Roni Trabelsi to be sacked after he was accused of attempting to normalise ties with Israel.These calls came following his call to grant travel paper for Jewish pilgrims from Israel who are of Tunisian origins, causing controversy among locals. Speaking to German news agency, he said that 90 per cent of Jewish pilgrims from Israel who visit Tunis are of Tunisian origins and they have the right to return to their country and have their entry facilitated. Anadolu / MEMO
Haniyeh to leave Gaza on foreign tour to Arab countries, Russia
The head of Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh is expected to leave Gaza Strip on Monday on a foreign tour to several Arab countries as well as Russia, Arabi21 news site reported.An unnamed official source in Hamas told the news site that Haniyeh will hold talks with senior Egyptian intelligence officials in Cairo.Source pointed out that there are positive signs that Egypt will allow Haniyeh to conduct a foreign tour to Russia, Qatar and Turkey.A senior delegation from Hamas, including Khalil al-Hayya and Rawhi Mushtaha, has recently left on a foreign tour that so far included Turkey and Lebanon. MEMO
Over dozen Pakistanis killed in Jordan Valley farm fire
At least 13 Pakistanis have died when a fire swept through their makeshift residences on a farming estate in the Jordan Valley, officials said.Middle Eastern country's civil defence said in a statement that the fire broke out early on Monday in a dwelling where two Pakistani families lived in the village of al-Shuna al-Janobia.The village sits along Jordan Valley, south of the confluence of the Yarmouk and Jordan rivers.Thousands of foreign labourers live in wretched conditions on private farms in Jordan Valley, a fertile area.aljazeera
Saudi: released 11 people questioned over 'foreign ties'
Saudi Arabia claims it has released 11 citizens who were detained last month "for questioning over suspected links to foreign entities", Reuters reported. The kingdom launched a renewed campaign of "arbitrary" arrests of at least 12 people, including writers and academics, at the end of Nov. A Saudi official told Reuters that detainees were questioned over their ties with foreign groups and that none have been indicted. The case remains open, however, and charges could still be issued. Prisoners of Conscience, a campaign group that tracks Saudi prisoners, said on 24 Nov.that the kingdom had detained a number of "academics, Twitter activists, and even women".The detentions were also noted on Monday by ALQST, a UK-based Saudi human rights organisation which confirmed the arrests of at least nine writers and journalists.Neither group has confirmed the release of all the detainees.The kingdom became first Arab nation to take over G20 presidency Sunday as it continues to face strong criticism over a crackdown on dissent and the murder last year of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.Bader Al-Rashed, Suleiman Al-Nasser, Waad Al-Mohaya, Musaab Fouad Abd al-Kareem and Abdul Majid al-Balawi were arrested after their homes in Riyadh were raided on 16 November, ALQST said in a statement issued last week.The detentions were followed by the arrests of writer Abdul Aziz al-Hais in the northwestern city of Hail, writer Abdul Rahman al-Shahri in the southern city of Abha and activist and blogger Fouad al-Farhan in the coastal city of Jeddah last week, the organisation said.alaraby
Report: South Yemen separatists reject Riyadh Agreement, resume call for independence
Southern Transitional Council (STC) stated that it is “no longer bound to implement the Riyadh agreement, especially after Hadi’s government renounced its obligations under the agreement”. According to a report by Houthi-affiliated site, Uprising Today, In rejecting the power-sharing deal, overseen by Saudis, between the government of exiled President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and UAE-supported STC, the latter has reaffirmed its determination in establishing a revived independent South Yemen state, which existed from 1967 until the unification of the country in 1990. President of the STC, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi is said to have confirmed during a meeting with council members that the southern state “has become a reality”, calling for official recognition by the international community. middleeastmonitor
Corbyn says Labour would halt UK's arms sales to Saudi over Yemen war crimes
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he would stop British arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen if elected next week.Corbyn, who will face off with incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson in UK general election next Thursday, has previously backed an end to Saudi arms sales for use in Yemen, telling parliament earlier this year there was "overwhelming evidence" that Saudi forces had committed war crimes in the war-torn country."Labour will stop arms sales to Saudi for use in Yemen and work to end the war there, not actively support it as the Conservative govt has done," Labour party leader said in a speech on Sunday. alaraby.co.uk
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar accuses Egyptian regime of oppression
Egypt’s Grand Imam of Al- Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb said the largest religious establishment is subjected to an unprecedented campaign of persecution and media blockade by the state-run newspapers and media outlets.Al-Tayeb explained during a pre-recorded interview broadcasted on Channel One, on Saturday that it is only with great difficulty that al- Azhar is allowed to publish an article in response to an article that insults it.“It is very difficult for us to get only one second to speak in the media. There is a campaign against al-Azhar and this campaign would only serve the philosophy of Daesh” he warned.Al- Tayeb had previously criticised the rule of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, indirectly, when he warned of the severe repercussions of injustice.Over the past few years, the number of civilians appearing before military courts have significantly increased, as well as the number of death sentences handed down by military courts.Under the rule of President, Abdul Fattah al- Sisi, Egyptian authorities have executed at least 179 people from 2014 to May 2019.middleeastmonitor
10 civilians killed after Syria regime bombers targeted packed vegetable market
Syrian regime bombing of a packed marketplace in Idlib on Monday killed 10 civilians and injured more than a dozen shoppers, a monitor has reported, adding to the mounting casualties in opposition province.The attacks on the vegetable market in Maarat al-Numan happened after fierce clashes had taken place between regime and rebel forces in northwest Syria.It was some of the most intense fighting between the two sides in months, with a ceasefire covering Idlib rapidly disintegrating following massive Russian and regime airstrikes on towns in the northwest Syrian province. Syrian regime have frequently targeted markets in opposition areas during the war with devastating affect.alaraby
Six European countries join sanctions-busting system for Iran oil trade
"As founding shareholders of the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX), France, Germany and the United Kingdom warmly welcome the decision taken by the governments of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, to join INSTEX as shareholders," the three said in a joint statement.Paris-based INSTEX functions as a clearing house allowing Iran to continue to sell oil and import other products or services in exchange.The system has not yet enabled any transactions.Washington in 2018 unilaterally withdrew from the international agreement governing Iran's nuclear programme and reinstated heavy sanctions against Tehran.alaraby
Uncertainty remains as Iraq parliament accepts PM's resignation
Iraqi legislators approved PM Adel Abdul Mahdi's resignation on Sunday during a parliament session held in Baghdad amid weeks of deadly anti-govt protests.An embattled Abdul Mahdi had announced on Friday he would quit, after 50 demonstrators were killed the previous day by security forces in Baghdad and Iraq's mainly Shia southern cities of Nasiriya and Najaf.The prime minister also faced criticism from Iraq's top Shia leader, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who condemned the use of lethal force against the protesters and called for a new government.aljazeera
Heavy gunfire erupts as DR Congo's anti-UN protests continue
Gunfire rang out in DR Congo town of Beni on Monday as protesters demanding the United Nations' withdrawal from the city again marched towards UN HQRS. Security forces blocked hundreds of demonstrators attempting to get close to the UN compound housed inside the airport near Beni, one of two UN bases in the area."We still have heavy gunfire here and local sources are confirming the deaths of two people, including a young boy and a woman," said Al Jazeera's Alain Uaykani, reporting from Beni, quoting officials from the hospital where the bodies were taken. "They are saying they don't feel safe and the UN has to leave. They say they will not stop protesting until UN leaves this area," Uaykani said.aljazeera
Tunisia bus accident death toll rises as public denounce 'roads of death'
The death toll from a bus accident in the northwest of Tunisia has increased to 26, officials said on Monday. The health ministry said 17 people were also injured when their bus careered into a ravine in a mountainous region popular with Tunisian tourists.The disaster was one of the most deadly accidents in a country whose poor road safety record has sparked criticism of officials.President Kais Saied and outgoing Prime Minister Youssef Chahed later visited the site.alaraby
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