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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

07 Aug. 2016: 03 Dzulqa'dah 37:Vol:7, No:131
Some people want tension in society in the name of cow protection: PM Modi
New Delhi: A day after breaking his silence on the recent incidents of violence by cow vigilantes, PM Narendra Modi on Sunday once again called for stringent action against fake cow protectors. Speaking at the inauguration function of Bhagirath scheme in Telangana, PM urged the people and all the state govt s to be wary of people he termed 'fake cow protectors'. "I request the state govt s to make a list of such fake vigilantes and take stringent action against them. These people do not care about protection of cows. They just want to create tension in society in the name of cow protection," PM Modi said. On Saturday, PM Modi had spoken about such self-proclaimed 'Gau Rakshaks' at his townhall-style meet in New Delhi. "I feel very angry at this Gau Raksha( cow protection) business. Some people indulge in anti-social activities in night and turn 'Gau Rakshaks' during the day. They have opened "shops" in name of cow protection. All states should take stern action against these people," the PM said while addressing the event at the Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi. In his address in Telangana, he also urged the 'true cow protectors' to identify these people with vested interests because a handful of fake cow protectors are giving a bad name to the entire community of people who truly care and worship cows. PM 's comments come at a time when his govt  and the BJP are facing a lot of flak over incidents of violence against Dalits and Muslims by cow vigilantes in various states including UP , Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.TOI
PM Modi Hits Out At Cow Vigilantes, Says 'Gau Rakshak Business Makes Me Angry'
Fake cow protectors should be exposed, severely punished: PM Modi reiterates in Telangana
Modi denounces cow vigilantes, wants them exposed, punished
Modi slams attack on dalits: If you want to shoot,shoot me
Anti socials by night turn gau rakshaks by day: PM
Modi's rap for gau rakshaks means little for Dalits till vigilantes are banned
Cow vigilantes ‘anti-social’: Modi breaks his silence
In Telangana, PM Modi Says Fake Cow Vigilantes Dividing Nation, Punish Them
PM Modi’s remark on cow vigilantes ‘objectionable’: Shakaracharya of Kashi Sumeru Peeth
Varanasi: Condemning PM  Narendra Modi’s statement on cow vigilantes, the Shakaracharya of Kashi Sumeru Peeth, Swami Narendranand Saraswati on Sunday said it encouraged the killing of cows and financially benefitted them.“PM’s statement has somewhere financially benefitted the persons who kill cows. Can’t the PM  see that cow meat is being sold in the five-star hotels of Delhi? VHP, Gau Samvardhan Parishad and the Sangh talked the most about cow protection….So, are the VHP, RSS and the Bajrang Dal running shops all these while?” Saraswati told ANI.Saraswati requested the PM to seize the licenses of such cow protectors.ANI
Opposition terms PM Modi's remarks against cow vigilantes as 'absolutely humbug'
New Delhi: Opposition on Sunday termed PM  Narendra Modi's statement against cow vigilantes as "absolutely humbug", alleging that his ideological co-travellers were perpetrating "terror" in the name of cow protection.Congress leader Manish Tewari questioned Modi's "silence" on the Dadri lynching incident last year and alleged that the PM was selective in his outreach. "..why does he not prevail upon RSS to disband the VHP, why does he not take action against the office bearers of Bajrang Dal? Echoing similar sentiments, JD(U) leader Pavan Verma said had the PM given a stern message earlier, the "menace" of gau rakshaks could have been prevented.CPI leader D Raja also crticised the ruling dispensation stating there were issues on which people expect the PM to speak, including, increasing atrocities on dalits. "Why has the PM not uttered a single word against the atrocities committed in his own state Gujarat?" he asked.
By speaking against ‘gau rakshaks’, Modi trying to save BJP in Gujarat: Congress
Translate words into action : Asaduddin Owaisi to PM
Mayawati attacks PM Modi over his statement that anti-social elements turn into 'Gau rakshak'
Lucknow: Taking strong exception of PM  Narendra Modi statement that 80% of `Gau rakshak' were essentially `anti-social elements', BSP chief Mayawati on Sunday said that if that was the case then most these anti-social elements were in BJP ruled states only. Mayawati also questioned the PM as to why such a statement was issued outside Parliament where there was no scope for `cross-questioning' by MPs. Mayawati said that the PM has not only been maintaining a discreet silence over the issue but did not give necessary instructions to get the so called `anti-social' elements arrested.Mayawati also reacted strongly to Apna Dal leader and minister of state, Anupriya Patel statement that `reservation policy needed an introspection'. Mayawati said that such statement came just like the one issued by RSS just before assembly elections in Bihar where BJP lost. BSP chief reiterated that such stance only generates apprehension that the reservation policy may be scrapped soon. She said that the NDA govt has already rendered the reservation policy ineffective by getting works done through private agencies.
'Scared' PM Modi indulging in drama: BSP
BJP worships cows but does not protect them: Sheila Dikshit
Attacks by cow vigilantes higher in BJP-led states: AAP
8,122 cows died since Jan at Hingonia gaushala: Rajasthan govt
Mass beef eating fest held in Mysuru to protest Una incident; cops detain two
Bengaluru: Mysuru Police on Sunday detained two persons for allegedly carrying beef to the 'beef fest' organized in Mysuru on Sunday. Mysuru Dalit Welfare Trust today organised a mass beef eating event at Town Hall to protest against the public flogging of Dalits in Una, Gujarat last month. The trust said that they would have a dish made of cow-meat, and not that of any other bovine.However, as per ANI, no permission was granted for beef festival to be organised by Dalit organisations condemning Una's Dalit beating incident. Mysuru Police detained 2 people for carrying beef to Town Hall. zeenews
Mysuru beef festival loses steam, two protesters arrested
Sanand Dalits slap Rs 5,000 fine for clearing carcasses
Ahmedabad: The call given by Dalit rights activists in Gujarat to boycott disposing of cattle carcasses is beginning to be heeded by the community in the wake of the Una incident. Dalit Samaj in Sanand passed a resolution on Friday prohibiting its community members from clearing carcasses. Those who violate the ban will have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000.When asked about livelihood options, the body's president Manubhai Solanki told TOI, "If people agree to give up this job, we expect the state govt to come up with a solution." He said if the govt  does not respond, the community will think of one. "But this practice has to end. The imposition of penalty will work as a deterrent," he said.Meanwhile, on its second day, Dalit Asmita Yatra moved further on its route towards Una. The marchers began from Dholka and halted for the night in Koth town with people turning up in huge numbers to greet them by garlanding them. The marchers halted at 10 villages.
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind condemns attacks on Dalits
New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has expressed deep concern over victimization and persecution of Dalits and condemned recent incidents in Una, Gujarat and other place where Dalits were publicly thrashed. “The gruesome incident of Una is not an isolated one. Many similar brutalities are committed in various parts of the country. In Ahmednagar, Maharashtra a Dalit girl was assaulted. Former CM  of UP and prominent Dalit leader Mayawatiwas verbally abused and faced derogatory remarks by a leader belonging to the ruling party”, jamaat said in a statement adding that these incidents reflect the deep racial prejudices prevalent in Indian society. “Ever since the NDA govt took power at the Center, these racial chauvinists and anti-social elements have become emboldened and belligerent. The silence of our PM  too has not helped matters”. Jamaat emphasized that all human beings are born equal and hold equal status. Racial superiority and racial supremacy is a scourge to society and must be eliminated at all costs. All human beings should be respected and unity of mankind should be promoted.Jamaat  calls for an effective check on atrocities against Dalits. The guilty should be punished in accordance with the law and the administration and police should be made accountable.Indian Awaaz
Attack on Dalits is attack on Constitution, Democracy: Jamaat
Jamaat condemns violence against Dalits and minorities, blames govt  for deteriorating law and order situation -for-deteriorating-law-and-order-situation/
When Sants came marching: RSS deploys 70 seers to appease Gujarat Dalits
Dalit cauldron in Gujarat's Hindutva laboratory continues to simmer even as the RSS has started to make a desperate effort to use religion as a tool to address the issue of caste.The agitating Dalits will now be taking part in a 350 km-long march from Ahmedabad to Una in Gir Somnath district to raise the issues of social justice. The 10-day march, called the Dalit Asmita Yatra, will culminate on 15 August, Independence Day, in Una - where cow vigilantes flogged several Dalit youths for skinning a dead cow. Catchnews
Rs 200 per cow — the rate to let a truck through in Punjab
Jagraon: Across Punjab, cattle traders are complaining of an organised extortion racket operated by gau rakshaks running their business to ground.A cattle-breeder for three decades, of village Chimna in Jagraon, Amarjeet Singh Deol says he recently paid Rs 2 lakh to a “Hindu Shiv Sena leader” to ensure their trucks weren’t stopped by any gau rakshak on any route across Punjab.Deol says the rates are fixed — Rs 200 per cow, or Rs 2,000 per truck (10 cows in a truck). Lately, there is another offer, of a lump sum payment of Rs 3.80 lakh, “valid for six months”, which trucker unions come together and pay, he says. Once payment is made, their truck registration numbers are passed along to ensure smooth passage. indianexpress
Applying cow dung on the back of cell phone will save you from its radiations: RSS ideologue
RSS ideologue Shankar Lal also said that they make pregnant women eat cow dung and urine paste to ensure a normal delivery.If you have been wondering about how to prevent the harms of cellphone radiations, look no further. RSS's Akhil Bharatiya Gau Sewa leader seems to have the answer - apply cow dung on the back of the phone.Shankar Lal, has cow dung on the back of his phone to safeguard himself its harmful radiations, according to The Indian Express interview."Believe me, it works," he says when probed about the 'gobar' on his phone. report comes amidst incidents of violence by cow vigilantes in the country against people for allegedly carrying beef or for cow slaughter.DNA india
Cellphones suck energy, just put some cow dung: RSS ideologue
Gujarat CM change fails to impress, Dalits say nothing will change
Ahmedabad: Vijay Rupani will be sworn in as the new CM of Gujarat on Sunday, almost a week after Anandiben Patel stepped down to give way to a “younger leader”.Rupani’s task is cut out to revive the plummeting popularity of the party among its key vote banks following the Patidar agitation for OBC status and Dalit outrage over flogging by cow vigilantes. But both the affected sections have expressed little hope from the change brought in by BJP before the crucial 2017 assembly elections.“Change of the CM would hardly make any difference to the family of Una victims in particular and Dalits in general,” said Keval Rathod, a relative of the Una victims and also Gujarat convener of Samajik Jagruti Ekta Mission. ht
Vijay Rupani is an RSS member since school days
In bid to divide BSP's Muslim-Dalit bloc, BJP to seek SC quota in AMU
Meerut: In a move evidently aimed at breaking the Muslim-Dalit bonhomie that could benefit Mayawati's BSP in the 2017 assembly polls, BJP has decided to step up calls for SC quota in Aligarh Muslim University. A senior BJP member said that Dalits were being denied what was "rightfully theirs" since AMU was a central university."Over the past few weeks, Bahujan Samaj Party has left no stone unturned in trying to paint us as enemies of Dalits and other backward sections. That could not be further from the truth. In the next few days, our focus will be to portray a pro-Dalit image of PM Narendra Modi and party pre- sident Amit Shah. Modiji is from a humble background so he understands the pain of the downtrodden," said a senior BJP functionary talking to TOI from Jhansi, where the party's state executive meeting is under way.He added, "Mayawati has been working to create a combined Muslim-Dalit vote bank but she will fail. Everybody knows that she has done nothing for them. One issue that we will raise is the matter of SC reservations in AMU. It is a common misconception that AMU is an Islamic university. It is, in fact, a central university. AMU should adhere to the same norms and regulations that Delhi University or Jawaharlal Nehru University follow. If DU and JNU can have quotas for SC students then why can't AMU? Dalits are being denied something that is rightfully theirs."TOI
No more skinning of dead cows, say Dalits marching from Ahmedabad to Una
Ahmedabad, Post Una: Dalit, Muslim Women Have Some Answers: SYEDA HAMEED,/Post/Una:/Dalit,/Muslim/Women/Have/Some/Answers
Muslim groups to unite against uniform code
Hyderabad: Muslim leaders representing various sects, schools of thoughts, organisations and political parties, joined hands to express their opposition to Uniform Civil Code.“The uniform civil code is not acceptable under any circumstances. We will not tolerate any kind of intrusion in the Muslim personal law and we will do everything to fight against interference in Shariat,” said Tahreek Muslim Shabban head Mohammed Mushtaq Mallik, while addressing the first meeting of reception committee for all India Tahafuz-e-Shariyat conference. Meeting witnessed the participation of nearly 200 Muslim leaders, including those from different districts of Telangana.All leaders condemned govt for asking the law commission to examine the possibilities of introducing uniform civil code. deccanherald
Bihar: Chhapra in grip of communal tension, cop hurt
Patna: Chhapra town in Bihar is the grip of communal tension for the past 24 hours after Hindu groups enforced a bandh in the area Friday to protest against spread of alleged defamatory videos and messages on Hindu deities on WhatsApp. Content was allegedly circulated by a man from Maker near Chhapra town, but now lives in Bengaluru.A Special Auxiliary Police official was injured and over 2 dozen shops were either gutted or vandalised as right-wing groups tried to enforce the bandh. Police have deployed additional forces in the area. indianexpress
Communal tension in Chapra, scores of shops damaged
MP: Tension in Raisen town after Bajrang Dal men assault teen: HT
Bhopal: A group of Bajrang Dal members beat a 15-year-old Muslim boy unconscious accusing him of trying to elope with a Dalit girl in Raisen’s Salamatpur on Saturday, leading to communal tension in the area.Following the assault, police booked boy under sections for sexual assault and Dalit atrocities before any of his assailants were booked.The teenager denied that he was trying to elope with the girl and said that he was merely talking to her at the bus stand where he was beaten up. According to witnesses, the attack on him continued in the presence of policemen. He eventually fell unconscious and was taken to a police station by the attackers. “We’ve lodged a case of assault, obscenity, criminal intimidation and crime with common intent against three Bajrang Dal activists, including Gopal Rathore, Anup Agrawal and Sanjiv Shejwar. We’re making attempts to track them down,” said Salamatpur police station in-charge MP Yadav. The boy was eventually sent to a juvenile reform centre in Bhopal.Following the teenager’s detention, there was tension in Salamatpur area prompting the police to deploy in strength.
Govt to SC: mosques, social media used to incite youth in Kashmir
New Delhi: The public address systems of “some local mosques were used to raise pro-freedom slogans and incite the youth to indulge in stone pelting/protests” while social media was extensively utilised to fuel the violence in Kashmir that followed the killing of militant Burhan Wani, according to a report submitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Supreme Court.Placed on Friday before a bench led by Chief Justice of India TS Thakur, the report also stated that 42 civilians and 2 armed forces personnel were killed in the violence, and more than 2,650 people admitted in hospitals after sustaining injuries, with 470 of them undergoing major surgeries. Further, it stated, 240 people suffered eye injuries after reportedly being hit by pellets fired by armed forces, of which at least one-fourth had to undergo major surgery to save their vision.As on July 30, the report said, 51 protesters were still in hospitals with eye injuries while four others had been flown to AIIMS in New Delhi for specialised retina treatment. At least 48 high-end retinal surgeries were also conducted in the Valley over a period of three days in July by a team of expert doctors from Mumbai. indianexpress
Govt to SC: Mosques, Social Media Used to Incite Kashmir Violence
J&K: Visiting Islamic scholars from Malaysia meet Mehbooba Mufti
Srinagar: A delegation of Islamic scholars from Malaysia, currently visiting J&K, Saturday called on CM  Mehbooba Mufti  and discussed about avenues for collaboration in education and tourism.The delegation, led by ‘Pertubuhan Rahmatan Lil Aalmin’ organisation founder Sheikh Ismail Bin Kassim, exchanged views on the contemporary Islamic world and new challenges, besides avenues for collaboration in education and tourism, said an official spokesman.He said the purpose of the visit of the delegation is to promote, through education, the values of harmony, welfare, compassion and love for human beings which are the foundation of a just society and the real values of Islam, and also to highlight the close relationship between Malaysia and India.The delegation, comprising Sheikh Muhammad Favzi Bin Kassim, Khadijah Md Jadi, Harish ManHakim, Zainurah Abdul Karim, Hafiza Ali and Abdul Kader Chand Pasha, has already visited Jammu and Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University in Rajouri, said the spokesman.PTI
Delhi utilizing all its might to suppress Kashmiris: J&K Jamaat
Srinagar: Jamaat-e-Islami J&K on Saturday  said that Delhi is utilizing its might to suppress the just voice of Kashmiris ignoring the fact that by strangling one’s throat, one’s conscience cannot be suppressed. In a statement here the Jamaat spokesman Advcoate Zahid Ali said, “Delhi has been employing various tactics and gimmicks since 1947 to make people here forget their birth right of self-determination promised to them through UN resolutions for passing of which India played a leading role. But with the passage of only a few years, Delhi distracted from its promises though the resolutions are still alive in the relevant records and India has to abide by its pledge today or tomorrow. Now GoI is bent upon turning its control into a permanent form quite against all moral and diplomatic etiquettes by dint of force.” Greater Kashmir
Curfew, separatist shutdown cripple Kashmir for 30th day
Srinagar: The curfew and separatist-called shutdown in Kashmir entered its thirtieth day on Sunday with the Valley remaining tense a day after at least 70 people were injured, one of them critically, in clashes with security forces.More than 56 people have died and at least 5,000 injured in month-long unrest following July 8 encounter death of Burhan Wani in south Kashmir.As reports of clashes came in from several parts of the Valley, protests erupted on Saturday in Wagoora area of Sopore in Baramulla district during the funeral of Danish Rasool, who was killed in firing a day earlier.Protesters torched an abandoned police post and threw stones at security men who fired tear gas shells, reports said.With five civilians dead, the week has been turbulent, pushing the region back on the edge just when it was limping back to normalcy.The separatists have intensified their protests, extending the shutdown to Aug.12. HT
Burhan Wani's father new face of stir, offers daughter to 'struggle'
Lost in Paradise: Violence has cast a long shadow on children of the Valley
Those practising communal politics didn’t let us settle Ayodhya dispute amicably: Mahant Gyan Das
Lucknow: In a politically significant move on Saturday, a large contingent of seers from Ayodhya led by Jagadguru Sridharacharya and Mahant Gyan Das came out in support of CM  Akhilesh Yadav for delivering more for Ayodhya than the "outfits who do politics in the name of religion."On the one hand, while Jagadguru Sridharacharya lauded Akhilesh for undertaking the largest tree plantation drive and referred to him as "Sakshat Shri Krishna ka roop", chief priest of Ayodhya's Hanuman Garhi, Mahant Gyan Das said, "Aap accha kaam kar rahey hain, aap ko hum sadhu log aashirwaad denge." (You are doing good work. The seer community's will bless you.) Referring to Akhilesh and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar as the only two CM s who were praised for their work, Gyan Das lauded Akhilesh's "working style" and said the SP had kept Sanskrit and Sanskrit scholarship alive. Making a pointed attack at the BJP leadership in the same breath, Gyan Das alleged BJP followed a use-and-throw policy towards the seer community of Ayodhya and also towards Sanskrit scholarship. TOI
RSS Leader Jagdish Gagneja Shot At In Punjab, Critical
Jalandhar:Senior RSS leader Brig (retd) Jagdish Gagneja was yesterday night shot at by some bike-borne persons at Jyoti Chowk area, police said.Jalandhar Commissioner of Police Arpit Shukla said Gagneja, Sah-sarsangh chalak of RSS's Punjab unit, was shot at around 9 PM near Makhdumpura colony.He was rushed to a private hospital where his condition is stated to be critical.PTI
Allahabad school bans Jan Gan Man as Bharat is not ‘Bhagya Vidhata’ for Muslim parents
Agra: In a bizarre order, a private school in Allahabad has banned playing of National Anthem, ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Saraswati vandana’ on Independence Day celebrations after ‘objections from Muslims parents’. Annoyed with the orders, as many as 8 teachers left the job, along with the Principal. The order was passed by Mohammad Zia-ul Haq, Manager of MA Convent School in Sadiabad locality of Allahabad. Situated in the densely populated Muslim dominated locality, the school has a total of 330 students.“The school has 200 Hindu students while remaining 130 are Muslims. How can he ban things like Vande Mataram and national anthem citing stupid religious reasons. I left the school as soon as I heard about this. Seven more teacher have also left the job as this is not acceptable at all,” said the Principal of the school who didn’t wished to be named. Talking to The Indian Express, school manager, Mohd Zialul Haq said the orders were passed when some Muslim parents objected that their children will not sing songs which are against their religion.“National anthem has a line ‘Bharat bhagya vidhata’ which is against Islam as Allah is our bhagya vidhata. How can we say Bharat has made our destiny,” he questioned, adding that “In the national anthem, the country has been described as being bigger and more important than ‘mazhab’ (religion) and ‘khuda’ (god) which would be unacceptable to any true Muslim.”“Even Supreme court says that you cannot force anyone to do anything which is against their religion,” he said. Haq further added that this wasn’t the first time when national anthem, Vande Mataram and Saraswati vandama have been banned in the school. The practice is being followed for years. “National anthem had never been sung on the school campus, and could not be allowed as it was “un-Islamic”. I run a school and have to abide the parents. Teachers left the job as they had some other issues with the management,” added the manager. Meanwhile, the principal has said she was contemplating legal action against the school manager as his stand on the issue was tantamount to being anti-national.District Magistrate Allahabad, Sanjay Kumar said that the school doesn’t even have any recognition and they are running the institution till class VIII. “I am going to take strict action against the school management. But we will give them an opportunity to be heard as well,” added the DM. Indian Express
Principal, teachers of Allahabad school quit after being denied permission to sing national anthem
Allahabad school bans National Anthem; manager says 'Bharat Bhagya Vidhata' line is against Islam
UP govt orders FIR against school for ban on national anthem
Sri Rama Sene protest: School decides to suspend Arabic, Urdu classes
Mangaluru:The management of St Thomas Aided Higher Primary School at Padu Bandanthila near Mangaluru on Saturday decided to suspend classes teaching Arabic and Urdu languages following protest by Sri Rama Sene activists on July 30.About 50 activists of Sri Rama Sene had barged into the school after locals complained about students being taught Arabic and Urdu “forcibly”. They had questioned the school authorities about “forcibly” teaching these languages to students of sixth and seventh standards between 9.15 AM and 10 AM every Saturday. indianexpress
Charges of ‘irregularities’: President Pranab Mukherjee orders inquiry against Jamia V-C
New Delhi:President Pranab Mukherjee has ordered a formal inquiry into allegations of administrative and financial irregularities against Jamia Millia Islamia V-C Talat Ahmad, including the alleged expenditure of more than Rs 26 lakh on an inspection visit by a team from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).President’s Office apprised the complainant, Professor Obaid Siddiqui, of the “visitorial inquiry” in response to a RTI application filed by him.The move comes in the wake of the Delhi High Court ordering the govt  to look into complaints by Siddiqui, who is the ex director of the Mass Communication Research Centre at JMI. HRD Ministry had sought a response from Ahmad on the allegations made in the complaint.IndianExpress
Andhra Minorities panel launches campaign against IS
Hyderabad: Minorities Commission of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on Saturday launched a campaign against IS by roping in imams of mosques to create awareness among Muslim youth about the terrorist organisation.The campaign, said to be the first by any state minorities commission in the country, comes in the wake of recent arrests of seven Muslim youth in Hyderabad, allegedly owing allegiance to the IS.IANS
New madrasa syllabi sought to fight Islamic State
Shafi Armar is Islamic State media chief: NIA
New Delhi: Shafi Armar, a resident of Bhatkal in Karnataka, has a dozen pseudonyms and operates across web platforms to recruit youth. NIA has said Shafi Armar, a resident of Bhatkal, has been elevated as the “media chief” of the IS, not only for recruitments in India but worldwide.As per the NIA’s charge sheet, Armar operates with over hundred pseudo identities like Anjan Bhai, Gumnam and Chote Maula on over two dozen web-based platforms like Nimbuzz, Surespot, Telegram, We Chat, Kik and Trillian.the hindu
Kuwait man held for funding Indian IS sympathisers
New Delhi: A 32-year-old man who allegedly funded Islamic State (IS) sympathisers in India has been arrested in Kuwait, based on a tip off by the NIA, an officer said on Saturday.An NIA officer told IANS that Abdullah Hadi Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi was arrested by Kuwait authorities for sending $1,000 to alleged IS recruit Areeb Majeed and his 3 associates while they were staying in Iraq in May 2014.IANS
NIA to seek custody of arrested Kuwaiti national
Maharashtra Police will use modern gadgets to keep tight vigil on terror groups: DGP
Nagpur: Under its new DGP, Maharashtra Police is working on a two-pronged strategy of improving intelligence gathering about terror groups and connecting better with citizens.ATS is also being equipped with modern gadgets and a strategy is being firmed up to effectively counter propaganda from outfits like ISIS, said Satish Mathur, who took over as DGP.PTI
Muslim couple kicked off US-bound flight for ‘sweating’, saying ‘Allah’
Chicago: A Pakistani-American couple has claimed that they were removed from a US-bound flight as an on board crew member felt “uncomfortable” after noticing that they were “sweating”, saying “Allah” and texting.Nazia and Faisal Ali have accused Delta Air Lines of Islamophobia for throwing them off their flight from Paris to Cincinnati, Ohio.Nazia, 34, had removed her sneakers, finished sending a text message to her parents and was putting on headphones and settling into her seat for the nine-hour flight from Paris to Cincinnati when a Delta Air Lines crew member approached her and husband, Faisal.A flight crew member had complained to the pilot that she was uncomfortable with the Muslim couple, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.The woman was wearing a head scarf and using a phone, and the man was sweating, she allegedly told the pilot. The flight attendant also claimed that Faisal tried to hide his cell phone and that she had heard the couple use the word ‘Allah’.The pilot contacted the ground crew and would not take off until couple was removed.“We had been in our seats for 45 minutes,” Nazia said on Thursday, in the Cincinnati area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).PTI
To maintain ‘neutral environment’, Muslim woman fired from work for wearing hijab in US
Washington: In a case of alleged discrimination in the United States, a young Muslim woman was fired from her job at a dental clinic for wearing a hijab as her employer wanted to keep a “neutral environment” in office.Najaf Khan, who was hired as a dental assistant at Fair Oaks Dental Care in Fairfax County, Virginia, said she was fired from the new job because she wore a Muslim head scarf to work.“I was really upset. The day that it happened, I was devastated,” Ms. Khan told NBC Washington. She did not wear the hijab for her interview or on the first two days of employment.PTI
British MPs to face parliament drinking ban due to Islamic bond scheme
London: Come 2020 British MPs will have to move out of their Palace of Westminster Parliament building as it is renovated and face a drinking ban in their temporary premises nearby because it has been leased for an Islamic bond scheme, a media report said on Saturday.The Times claims to have seen a leaked report which claims that MPs will be relocated to the Department of Health offices in Whitehall while a multi-billion-pound refurbishment of the House of Commons and House of Lords begins in 2020.Lords' peers will be transferred across Parliament Square to the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.As the new temporary home for MPs, Richmond House, is held under an Islamic bond scheme, it forbids the sale of alcohol.A Department of Health source told the newspaper that staff was getting ready to move out of Richmond House next year.That will give authorities three years to transform the property into a functioning parliament. It is thought that the debating chamber will possibly be housed there.PTI
Pak arrests US man who was deported for 'spying'
New Delhi: In a strong echo of the Raymond Davis case, Islamabad said yesterday that it arrested a US citizen - who had been deported for spying, years ago - who managed to fly into Islamabad despite being blacklisted.The American, an Alabama native called Mathew Craig Barrett, was previously arrested in May 2011 in the Fateh Jang area near a highly secretive military research facility, the Associated Press said. It is a commonly-held 'secret' that Fateh Jung is one of the areas where Pakistan has a nuclear facility. timesofindia
Iran confirms execution of nuke scientist Shahram Amiri 
Tehran: Media reports confirm that Iran has executed a nuclear scientist who gave the US intelligence about the country’s contested nuclear program.Sunday report quotes a spokesman for the Iranian judiciary, Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejehi, as confirming the execution of Shahram Amiri. thehindu
Air strikes kill 10 in hospital in Syria's Idlib
At least 10 people, including 3 children and four women, have been killed in air strikes on a hospital in northwestern Syria's rebel-held Idlib province.Al Jazeera's Adham Abu Hossam, reporting from the site of the attack in Meles, a town about 15km from Idlib city, said Saturday's raids had also left many in critical condition."Destruction is everywhere.
Syrian opposition breaks Aleppo regime siege
Syrian women welcome ISIS-free society, burn burqas to celebrate victory: deccanchronicle
Erdogan, Putin talks to 'prioritize Syria, economy'
Millions gather in Istanbul for mass democracy rally
Istanbul: Crowds began gathering in Istanbul on Sunday ahead of a cross-party Democracy and Martyrs’ Rally called to protest the defeated July 15 coup launched by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).People have started to gather hours before the mass rally in the city’s Yenikapi district, many carrying national flags.Participants are going through security checks before entering the rally area. Only Turkish national flags have been permitted, not those of political parties.Smaller rallies will take place in every Turkish province. The public gatherings are expected to attract people from across the political spectrum. Anadolu agency
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Compiled and edited by Anwarulhaq (Released at: 9:00 PM)

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