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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

08 Oct. 2016: 06 Muharram 1438: Vol:8, No:05
INDIA: Talaq & uniform civil code
Law Commission seeks public opinion on Uniform Code
New Delhi: Law Commission on Friday sought public opinion on the exercise of revising and reforming family laws of all religions in the context of Article 44 of the Constitution, which talks of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for all citizens. The Commission has appealed to members of religious, minority and social groups, non-govt  organisations, political parties and govt  agencies, to present their views through a questionnaire on a range of issues, including the practice of triple talaq and the right to property for a woman citizen.“The objective behind this endeavour is to address discrimination against vulnerable groups and harmonise the various cultural practices. The panel invites suggestions on all possible models and templates of a common civil code,” said the Commission in its appeal. The responses can be sent within 45 days, either through post or email.“Commission hopes to begin a healthy conversation about the viability of a UCC and will focus on family laws of all religions and the diversity of customary practices, to address social injustice rather than the plurality of laws…the Commission will consider the opinions of all stakeholders and the general public for ensuring that the norms of no one class, group of community dominate the tone or tenor of family law reforms,” it said.In its questionnaire, the panel has sought public opinion on issues like these: whether UCC should include all of some of the subjects, including marriage, divorce, adoption, guardianship and child custody, maintenance, successions and inheritance; whether the existing personal laws and customary practices need codification; whether codification can ensure gender equality; and whether UCC should be optional. Views on issues pertaining to the denial of maintenance or insufficient maintenance, compulsory registration of marriages, protection of couples who enter into inter-religion and inter-caste marriages, and the legal validity of UCC vis-à-vis the individual right to freedom of religion, have been asked.Responses on whether polygamy, polyandry and other customary practices like ‘ maitri-karaar ’ (friendship deed) should be banned or regulated, and whether the practice of triple talaq should be abolished in toto, retained, or retained with suitable amendments, have also been invited. the hindu
Law panel seeks public views on uniform code, talaq, polygamy, maintenance: PTI
Will take people vote on uniform code: Law panel head
The Law Commission is asking the people of India to give their opinion on the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code in the country. The Commission plans to release a questionnaire that anybody can fill out and send back within 45 days. The referendum of sorts could ruffle the feathers of many religious groups.Law Commission Chairman Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan talks to’s Debayan Roy on application of personal law in India and other issues surrounding the judiciary. Responding to question on Civil Code and Muslim personal, he said, "No, we have not taken the Portuguese Civil Code in consideration in particular. We are just studying it and we have collected vast material. Muslim personal law needs special attention. We are studying what triple talaq is, what the law governing inheritance is among other issues. Even in Pakistan and Bangladesh, they do not permit more than one wife. Hence, we are at a very preliminary stage.Now, we have to make a questionnaire and put it up on our website. Whoever wants to reply can do so. The questionnaire will take into consideration all the complaints and suggestions received by us. It will be translated into regional languages. Many people have approached us on this issue. I keep getting postcards every day stating that it is a bad idea and must be scrapped. The questionnaire will give us a perspective on how people react. Replying to a question that do you think Muslim women have most of their fundamental rights violated on the pretext of the application of the personal law?, he said, "The court has held that it does not. After the Shah Bano judgment, The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act 1986 came into force. Then it was stated that the Act does not violate any fundamental right. But now, I see a change with so many educated women coming forth. Hence, we are basing our future course of action on the response to the questionnaire. Many mullahs have come to us and discussed these issues as well. They have expressed their objections and we have heard them out. We are even discussing their apprehensions with our legal experts." news 18
Abolish triple talaq and polygamy, Centre tells SC: ET
New Delhi: Centre told the Supreme Court on Friday to abolish `triple talaq' and polygamy, calling them unconstitutional customs hurting gender equality and women's dignity. However, the Centre refrained from linking its stand to the demand for uniform civil code. Responding to the SC's notice on several petitions challenging the validity of triple talaq, additional secretary in the legislative department Mukulita Vijayawargiya said,"Gender equality and dignity of women are non-negotiable overarching constitutional values and can brook no compromise." Invoking secular practices, Centre said one section of women in society could never be worse off than the other, and gave the example of several Islamic nations-Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt and Iran which had reformed their laws to give women equal rights in matrimony. "Fact that Muslim countries where Islam is the state religion have undergone extensive reform goes to show that the practices in question cannot be regarded as integral to the practice of Islam or essential religious practices," Centre said. Contrary to the estimate of many that it might use the op position from Muslim women to triple talaq to revive its advocacy for the contentious UCC, BJP-led govt located its stand in the non-controversial themes of gender justice and equality before law. "In considering the issue of validity of triple talaq, nikah halala and polygamy which mainly concern the issue of gender justice and overriding principle of nondiscrimination, dignity and equality, any plea pertaining to uniform civil code is not relevant," the Centre said. However, Modi govt did take a veiled dig at its predecessors for not moving to reform Muslim personal law.
Centre opposes triple talaq, polygamy in SC; calls gender equality non-negotiable
Triple talaq, polygamy not integral to Islamic practices, Centre tells SC : IANS
Triple Talaq: ‘Secular’ India can’t let women suffer under a derogatory system, says Modi govt
Muslim women in Islamic countries enjoy more equality than in India: Maneka Gandhi
Muslim women in Islamic countries enjoy more equality than in India, union Minister Maneka Gandhi said reacting to the Centre's reply in Supreme Court on triple talaq where it favoured a relook on the law on constitutional grounds. "Centre's stand on triple talaq is right.We should be thinking about rights of women.Practice is not prevalent in other Muslim countries where they have more equality,"she said.PTI
Not in favour of uniform civil code, want codification of Muslim Personal Law: Noor Jahan, petitioner against unilateral & arbitrary Talaq
Strengthen existing law says Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan on Uniform Civil Code: PTI
Women's group fighting triple talaq welcomes govt
Raza Academy condemns Centre's take on triple talaq, says will defend the 'faith' if challenged: indiatoday 
Mumbai: Raza Academy, a muslim NGO, called meeting of Ulemas on Saturday to condemn affidavit filed by Centre in the Supreme Court saying polygamy and triple talaq are not acceptable. In the gathering organised to discuss the future action the cleric came down heavily against the govt's attempt to introduce Uniform Civil Code (UCC)."Dr Ambedkar was told that Muslims would never accept a common civil code.He [Ambedkar] knew that only a mad man would introduce UCC. He therefore clarified that it is not mandatory." Those who are enemies of the country will impose a UCC," said Maulan Mohammed Raza of Raza Academy.Asserting that Muslims will come to defend the "faith" if it is challenged, another cleric, said that any move to interfere in Muslim personal laws will not be tolerated. Slogans of Jaan Denge, Maal Denge were raised at the gathering, "We will give every effort to stop UCC which impinges of our personal rights," said Maulana Khaleelureham.
Hindu son can divorce wife if she tries to separate him from parents: SC
New Delhi: A Hindu son can divorce his wife for the cruelty of trying to pry him away from his “pious obligation” to live with his aged parents and provide shelter to them, the Supreme Court has held.A woman becomes a part of the husband’s family and cannot seek to separate him from his parents for the sole reason that she wants to entirely enjoy his income, a Bench of Justices Anil R. Dave and L. Nageshwara Rao observed in a judgment. Insisting her husband to live separately from his parents is a western thought alien to our culture and ethos, Justice Dave, who wrote the judgment, said.“It is not a common practice or desirable culture for a Hindu son in India to get separated from his parents on getting married at the instance of the wife, especially when the son is the only earning member in the family. A son, brought up and given education by his parents, has a moral and legal obligation to take care and maintain the parents, when they become old and when they have either no income or have a meagre income,”Justice Dave wrote.the hindu   
Chidambaram interview dropped as NDTV censors news that ‘compromises national security’: the wire
Indian soldiers who attacked terror targets in PoK may have returned home without any fatalities on their side but there is one casualty that the surgical strike did cause on our side of the border: Indian journalism has been left grievously injured. Marching right behind the special forces who crossed the LoC to deliver “5 slaps” on Pakistan – to use defence minister Manohar Parrikar’s phrase – most news channels have crossed the line that separates journalism from PR and worse. If one channel is trying to get its anchors to end their bulletins with a ‘Jai Hind’ sign-off, another has created a ‘war room’  for its staff to play soldier – complete with an anchor wearing an imitation ‘flak jacket’ to shield him from enemy fire as he plans his own surgical strikes on Pakistan.Even before the army operation, NewsX declared via its editor-in-chief that the channel would no longer be referring to Pakistan as ‘Pakistan’ on its prime time show but as ‘Terror State of Pakistan’. On its part, Times Now has led the charge against the presence of Pakistani artistes in India and has even demanded that diplomatic relations with Islamabad be downgraded.It’s too early to tell what this surge of nationalist reporting has done for the ratings of these channels but the aggressive manner in which they have led the charge against analysts and opposition politicians who suggested the govt provide more information on the surgical strikes has drawn praise from Amit Shah, president of the BJP.BJP’s position is that it was the army which decided to go public with the news about the strikes and that asking for more information would lower the morale of the army and undermine national security. As a news organisation that always kept its head when others around them lost theirs, NDTV was one of few channels willing to discuss the strikes rationally –with several of its studio guests making a case for the govt to release more information. But in a dramatic turnaround which suggests the channel has bought into the BJP’s arguments about the danger of asking questions, NDTV has now declared that it would no longer air “any remarks that risk security for political advantage.”On Oct.6, channel decided not to telecast an interview with Congress leader P. Chidambaram – because he was critical of the Modi govt’s political handling of the surgical strikes the Indian army had conducted across the LoC in Kashmir last week.The full interview, which Chidambaram had recorded with NDTV’s star anchor Barkha Dutt,would be broadcast in the evening, viewers were told.Except that it wasn’t.Dropping Chidambaram’s interview wasn’t the only act of censorship at the channel that day.Editors were instructed that Rahul Gandhi’s statement in UP about Modi trading in the blood of Indian soldiers was not to be run on the channel either.In an email on Oct.6 to all of the channel’s journalists across the country, NDTV’s editorial director Sonia Singh explained the new editorial policy.
PM Modi hiding behind the blood of soldiers, doing ‘dalali’ of their sacrifices: Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi: Days after Sanjay Nirupam called fake the surgical strikes by Indian Army in the PoK, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has accused PM Narendra Modi of pandering blood of jawans. Gandhi’s comment may trigger a major controversy as his party has supported the govt over surgical strikes.“Our jawans who sacrificed their lives, who did surgical strikes, you are hiding behind them. Pandering their blood,” said Gandhi. “Indian army has done its job for the country, you do yours,” the Congress Vice President said, attacking Modi.  “Indian army has done its job for the country, you do yours,” Gandhi said, attacking Modi.He also accused Modi of making false promises to the people of the country. indian Express
Who created Jaish-e-Mohammed? BJP did: Kapil Sibal
New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal launched a scathing attack on the govt for “politicising” the Army’s surgical strikes along the LoC. “Those who have murder cases against them, have been to jail, are in no position to question Rahul Gandhi,” said Sibal in a reference to BJP president Amit Shah, who had earlier criticised the Congress for associating itself with the disappointment of Pakistan. Upping the offensive further, the Congress leader said the relations between India and Pakistan wouldn’t have been so strained if the BJP during its time in the govt hadn’t released the JeM chief Masood Azhar. “Who created JeM? BJP did,” he said. indian express
Amit Shah has criminal history, should not issue certificate of patriotism: AAP
New Delhi: War of words over the surgical strikes intensified on Friday with AAP hitting back at BJP chief Amit Shah, saying a man whose “criminal history is known to the entire country” is now issuing “certificates of patriotism”. AAP also said the BJP President is “not capable” of standing beside Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on the issue of nationalism. Indianexpress
Muslim organisations hail surgical strikes, urge political parties to unite 
New Delhi: India's political parties may be divided on the question of the surgical strikes conducted on Sept.29, there is however, a near unanimity of views amongst the parties and organisations from within the minority community. Parties like the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), All India Muslim Mashewarat, and All India Milli Council and organisations like the Mumbai-based Raza Academy. All India Ulama Board has not just condemned the Uri attack but also lauded the Army's counter strike." There should be no politics and no two opinions on this issue. Our motherland comes first. We wholeheartedly support whatever action the govt  has taken for protecting the country," said Kamal Farooqui, member AIMPLB.Prominent amongst the organisations that have called on political parties to stop the bickering around the surgical strikes are Jamiat, AIMMM, All India Milli Council and Jamiat Ahle Hadees. indiatoday
J-K witnesses biggest crackdown in 2 decades, over 446 arrested in a week
Srinagar: According to official figures of the state govt, a total of 446 people have been arrested across J&K  in a week. Even as the state govt struggles to contain the protests in the Valley even after 90 days of lock down, the longest in Kashmir’s history, it has launched the biggest crackdown in more than two decades, conducting nocturnal raids across Kashmir. Since the killing of Burhan Wani, J-K police have arrested close to 7000 people in the valley while more than 450 people have been booked under the PSA, the highest number-ever in the Valley. J-K police sources say that in addition to these figures, 1500 others are under detention in different police stations across Kashmir without any charges and their detention doesn’t reflect in the official records. Official figures show that in the four districts of south Kashmir – Anantnag, Kulgam, Shopian and Pulwama – the epicenter of current protests, more than 1821 civilians have been arrested and more than 500 detained under preventive detention. In central Kashmir – Srinagar, Budgam and Ganderbal districts – police have arrested close to 1700 persons and put more than 350 people under preventive detention. The number of arrests and preventive detentions in north Kashmir’s three districts – Baramulla, Kupwara and Bandipore – is 1130 and 178 respectively. The highest number of arrests have been made in Srinagar where more than a thousand people have been arrested and 129 put under preventive detention. indianexpress
Hurriyat seeks UN intervention on Kashmir issue
Srinagar: Separatist Hurriyat Conference on Friday asked the United Nations to intervene on the Kashmir issue by prevailing upon India to “shun violence” and initiate process for granting right to self determination to the people of J&K.“Since we believe and understand that Kashmir dispute remains at the centre of the regional conflict, we appeal you to challenge the behaviour of Indian State in J&K  and urge it to stop this reign of terror,” they said.“In the interests of regional peace and global justice we once again implore you to intervene and prevail upon the Indian state to shun violence and initiate processes for granting universally recognised Right to Self Determination to the people of J&K ,” the separatists said in a memorandum addressed to the UN.PTI
J&K: 12-year-old boy succumbs to pellet injuries, death toll rises to 89
Srinagar: A 12-year-old boy who was hit by pellets fired by security forces in Eidgah area of Srinagar on Friday afternoon succumbed to his injuries at a Srinagar hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning. Junaid Ahmad, a resident of Saidapora area of Eidgah Srinagar went into coma after being hit by pellets in the head and chest.The boy was declared dead by doctors at SKIMS on Saturday. Latest civilian killing of the schoolboy has sparked fresh protests in Srinagar. Valley has witnessed continuous protests for the past three months during which 89 civilians have been killed. A senior doctor at SKIMS, who did no wish to be named, said Junaid had suffered subdural haematoma – a deadly head injury – and was declared dead during the night.“He had multiple pellets in brain leading to multiple contusions,” he said.J-K govt imposed curfew in several areas of Srinagar following his death.Normal life remained affected for the 92nd consecutive day. indianexpress
Curfew in parts of Srinagar after boy’s death in pellet-firing
World can’t remain indifferent to Kashmir issue: NATO
Chairman Military Committee NATO, General Peter Pavel has said the world cannot remain indifferent to Kashmir issue. In a meeting here, General Pavel told Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif, “I have listened to your yesterday’s speech in the Parliament where you eloquently expressed the issue of Kashmir. Kashmir issue has to be addressed as two nuclear powers are party to it and the world cannot remain indifferent and must be concerned. World and UN have to be consistent on principles and rules.” PM said that India was creating problems and has resorted to double standards on the issue of Kashmir. PM said that India unfairly blamed Pakistan for Uri attack without investigating into the incident.Greater Kashmir
Pak Senate panel recommends targeting 'Modi and his RSS ideology of Hindutva,' an Express Tribune report says
New Delhi: A panel of the Pakistan Senate has recommended policy guidelines such as targeting PM Narendra Modi "and his RSS ideology of Hindutva," and raking up "alienated" religious and caste groups, and Naxalite insurgencies, the Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune reported on Saturday.According to the report, Raja Zafarul Haq - the panel chairman's and also the Leader of the House - presented a 7-page report containing 22 policy guidelines to the Senate yesterday. TOI
China again defends blocking UN ban on Masood Azhar
Beijing: China defended on Saturday its second technical hold to prevent a UN ban on Pakistan-based JeM chief Masood Azhar saying there were “different views” on India’s application and that Beijing’s move will allow more time for the “relevant parties” to have consultations. Reacting to India’s criticism that its second hold on attempts to ban Azhar sends a dangerous message, the Chinese foreign ministry said that the listing application member states submitted to the 1267 Committee of UN “must comply” with specific requirements of relevant resolutions of UN Security Council (UNSC).PTI
‘Different views’: China’s excuse for blocking ban on terrorist Masood Azhar
Sri Lanka insists it did not pull out of SAARC summit
Colombo: Sri Lanka did not pull out of the SAARC summit, the country only expressed regret that the prevailing environment in the region was not conducive to hold the event, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told the parliament on Friday.His response comes in the wake of media reports interpreting Sri Lanka’s statement as a decision to “pull out” of the summit or “boycott it.” thehindu
Shut up on Balochistan or we raise Maoist, NE unrest: Pak envoys in US
Washington: 2 Pakistani special envoys tasked with drumming up support for its position on the Kashmir issue in the US continued to play hardball on India amid sharp questioning in Washington DC about the country's unceasing support for terror groups, its provocative nuclear posture, and its general failure as a nation-state.After threatening to decamp+ to a purported "China-Russia-Iran" axis if the US did not intervene in the Kashmir issue, the duo on Thursday made peace in Afghanistan hostage to resolution of the Kashmir issue, implicitly warning that Pakistan can undermine US and Indian efforts to stabilize Afghanistan, a country that by many accounts has been ravaged by Pakistani depredations.TOI
Muslim families leave Dadri's Bishahra amid tension
Bishahra: At the same spot in the village where they had lynched Akhlaque a year ago, thousands of residents of Bishahra in Dadri, sat on a dharna on Thursday, demanding immediate release of all the 17 accused who are in jail on charges of killing him over rumours about beef. Villagers were protesting after Ravi Sisodia, one of 18 residents of Bishahra arrested on charges of killing Akhlaque, died of respiratory and renal failure in LNJP hospital in judicial custody on Tuesday. The casket carrying his body was draped in the national flag and he was hailed as a “martyr” by the villagers, who alleged that he was killed by the jail staff. Messages being circulated on social media platforms and WhatsApp, hailed him as “veer sher (brave lion) of Bishahra.”His family members maintained that he had been “in perfect health”, a claim contradicted by their application submitted in the court on Ravi’s behalf on September 30 that he was suffering from chikungunya and that he be transferred to Gautam Buddh Nagar district hospital for better treatment.The protesters who were also demanding Rs. 1 crore compensation to his family, refused to accept the State govt’s offer of Rs. 10 lakh. Village continued to be extremely tense with the UP  police allowing several Hindutva groups and VHP leaders from outside Dadri. thehindu
Dadri accused body cremated after family,govt strike deal -strike-a-deal-3071382/
Bisara: 3 days after Ravin Sisodia died in a Delhi hospital due to “multi-organ failure of kidney and lungs”, his family and residents of Dadri’s Bisara village cremated his body on Friday evening after arriving at a compromise with the local administration on their demands. One of the 18 accused in the killing of Akhlaq on suspicion of consuming beef in Bisara last year, Sisodia’s body had been kept in a deep-freezer casket draped with Tricolour.His family members and residents had blocked cremation, demanding Rs 1 crore as compensation, a CBI probe into the death, a job for a family member, action against jail officials and an inquiry against Akhlaq’s brother Jaan Mohammad on charges of cow slaughter. Indianexpress
Dadri lynching accused cremated, UP govt hikes compensation to Rs 20 lakh -hikes-compensation-to-rs-20-lakh-1543809/
Songeet Som, Mahesh Sharma try to pacify Bisara villagers, as speakers on same dais engage in hate speech
In Dadri, a man accused of murder, martyred by a fever, is revered like a soldier: Anjali Mody
From Beef Vigilantism to Flag Nationalism, Indian Politics Hits a New Low: SIDHARTH BHATIA
Bisada witnesses the misuse of Indian flag and communal politics: HT
20 injured, after clashes in Muzaffarnagar over children 'studying in a mosque': Viju Cherian,
Muzaffarnagar: 20 people were injured in a clash between two groups of the same community caused by a dispute over children studying in a mosque at Khatoli town here, police said on Saturday.A case has has been registered against 22 people, seven of whom have been arrested, SP (crime) Pradeep Gupta said.The incident occurred when some people had allegedly raised objections over children studying in a local mosque. In the clash that followed, stones were pelted between 2 groups of people, leaving 20 injured.PTI
Muslim woman accuses MP cops of forcing her into having 'unnatural sex' with her son
In a horrific tell-all, a Muslim woman in MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s home district Sehore has alleged that Siddiqganj police in Ashta forced her son to molest her and made them drink each other’s urine in the custody. Woman Shabnam (name changed) in an affidavit alleged that police detained her, her husband, son and 4 other minor children and brutally thrashed them and made all of them to drink each other’s urine in a bid to force them to confess to the ‘murder’ of their missing daughter-in-law.She also alleged that police also forced them to perform unnatural sex on each other, says a report in DB Post. Shabnam, 40, also said that Siddiqganj police station in-charge Rakesh Sharma is threatening the family with serious consequences and false case if she pursued the case further. Shabnam, a resident of Singerchauri, said that her daughter-in-law went missing from home and the girl’s brother filed a habeas corpus and a missing complaint was filed in Siddiqganj police. Shabnam’s family was detained by police for 15 days following the complaint and were allegedly tortured by the cops at the police station. Her lawyer Virendra Parmar said that his client’s son confessed to the murder under duress and led them to local graveyard.“ Police exhumed 3 bodies at the graveyard but none of them were of the identified as the missing daughter-in-law’s body,” Parmar said.Pradesh18
Woman accuses MP cops of forcing her into fornicating with her son
Cops forced me, family to drink each other’s urine: woman
I am a Dalit and my son was a Dalit, asserts Rohith Vemula’s mother in Lucknow
Lucknow: Radhika, mother of Hyderabad university research scholar Rohith Vemula, rejected the conclusions of the inquiry conducted by the one-man judicial commission set up by the HRD Ministry on Jan. 28 this year, 11 days after Vemula killed himself in his hostel room. Radhika who was in Lucknow said, “I am a Dalit and my son was a Dalit.” indianexpress
SC stays HC order allowing women in Haji Ali 
New Delhi: Supreme Court on Friday stayed the high court order after the Haji Ali dargah management said that it will come out with a progressive stand in two weeks."Dargah needs to do some secular introspection and come out with a progressive stand on women's entry into Haji Ali," SC bench said. "Be it Islam or Hinduism, we need to look progressively at customs," the SC observed, adding that similar problem, a ban on entry of women in inner sanctorum of the temple, exists in Sabarimala in Kerala too.On Oct. 4, Haji Ali Dargah Trust moved SC challenging the Bombay high court order lifting the ban on women from entering the sanctum sanctorum of the renowned Muslim shrine in south Bombay. timesofindia
Removed by LG, Waqf head, AAP MLA Amanatullah says ‘will go to court if necessary’ 
New Delhi: As soon as he took over as chairman of the Delhi Waqf Board, Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan had said that recovering Waqf properties, which had been taken over by encroachers, would be his top priority. He then named DDA as “the biggest encroacher” of Waqf properties in the capital. “We have nearly 2,000 properties in Delhi. Of that, 70% are in our possession and as much as 30% have been encroached by govt  agencies, primarily the DDA,” Khan told in April. Prior to his appointment, the Board didn’t have a chairperson for over a year. Refuting all allegations of illegalities — as mentioned in a statement issued by the LG Friday — Khan lashed out at Jung, saying “he is functioning as if there is no elected govt in the city. We have all the requisite approvals from the govt concerning all appointments.” AAP MLA said, “If need be, we will go to court against the decision,” but added, “It will be difficult for the Board to defend itself, with its offices sealed and in the lack of any documents or paperwork.” Indian express
L-G dissolves Waqf Board, Khan to challenge order in court: PTI 
LG Jung vs AAP continues: Delhi Waqf Board superseded, CBI probe ordered

Dalit beheaded in Uttarakhand for using flour mill, accused of being ‘impure’
Dehradun: A 35-year-old Dalit man was beheaded allegedly by a primary school teacher who accused him of rendering “impure” a flour mill by using it before the upper caste villagers in Uttarakhand’s Bageshwar district, a senior police officer said . Sohan Ram died when he was assaulted with a sickle by Lalit Karnatak after he protested an insulting remark against his caste, Bageshwar SP Sukhbir Singh told PTI on phone.The accused was arrested yesterday and sent to Almora jail this morning, the SP said. Incident occurred on Tuesday evening in Kadaria village of Bageshwar bordering Pithoragarh. PTI
Mangaluru: Saffron goons thrashed youth for sharing bus seat with a Hindu girl
Mangaluru: A group of miscreants belonging to a Hindtuva fringe group attacked a Muslim youth for sharing a seat with a girl belonging to Hindu community.The incident took place on Monday night at KSRTC bus stand in Madikeri.It so happened when Mohammed Anees, the victim and the girl, belonging to same locality but didn’t know each other shared seat on board a Bengaluru-bound KSRTC bus, reports CD network.siasat
Forced Out Of Ramlila Show, Nawazuddin Siddiqui Says 'Childhood Dream' Crushed
Budhana (UP): In a video he posted, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui tosses out animated, high-pitched dialogue while rehearsing a scene from the Ramlila. He is also seen in full costume.The actor, however, did not make it to the stage in his hometown Budhana in UP. He was getting ready in the green room when local activists, allegedly of the Shiv Sena, stormed in and started shouting.The actor quietly left. Ndtv
Hindu man files plaint against VHP for sprinkling cow urine at garba venues to keep away Muslims
After Marathas, Muslims hit the streets in Maha for quota
Mumbai: In the wake of more than 18 silent rallies organised by the Maratha community across the State, Muslim community on Friday took out peaceful rallies in Mumbra and Malegaon in Nashik district to demand a 5% reservation in education and jobs.Organised with the backing of the Muslim Kranti Morcha, a committee formed last week to spearhead the agitation, rally from Darul Falah Masjid in Mumbra to Mumbra railway station saw a turnout of over 5,000 people. thehindu
Muslim stage silent protest in Mumbra for quota
QED president Afzal Ansari meets Mulayam, announces joint rally
Kerala HC sets woman 'IS suicide bomber' free
Kochi: The Kerala high court has set at liberty a woman who was allegedly converted and recruited to become a suicide bomber for Islamic State in Syria. The court issued the order after police informed that she doesn't possess a passport and there is nothing to indicate that she is likely to be taken to Syria.A division bench of the court issued the order on September 27th after the father of the 23-year-old woman from Vaikom alleged in a petition (WP-Crl 297/2016) that she has been recruited for IS activities in Syria. On August 18th, the court had directed police to prevent her from flying abroad.While the court allowed the woman to stay at a place of her choice, she has informed the court that she doesn't want to go to her own home and live with her parents as they are not willing to accept her as a Muslim. She has instead chosen to go and live with a woman at Malappuram. Further, she alleged that the petition to the high court was filed by her father at the instance of his lawyer.It was while doing a BHMS course at a homeopathic medical college at Salem in Tamil Nadu that the woman converted to Islam. She had two 'fanatic' Muslim sisters as her roommates and she was allegedly converted by them. From Salem, the woman went to an institution named 'Sathyasarani', which is allegedly operated by a Muslim organization named PFI, and is kept under illegal detention there, the father had alleged in the petition.The father had also alleged in the petition that his daughter disclosed that she is planning to go to Syria for sheep rearing while talking over phone on July 11th. Taking new converts to Syria for terrorist training and for joining the IS to make them suicide bombers is a well-known tactic of Islamic extremist organizations of Kerala, the petition had stated. Kerala high court has set at liberty a woman who was allegedly converted and recruited to become a suicide bomber for Islamic State in Syria. timesofindia
Kerala High court 'liberates' woman IS sympathizer
IS links: 4 picked up for questioning in Coimbatore
Coimbatore: 4 persons with suspected links to Daesh have been picked up by NIA and are being questioned to probe their alleged association with another suspect arrested from Kannur in the south Indian Kerala state.They were picked up by NIA late on Friday night after their names were found in the contact list of Abu Basheer, one of the six arrested from Kannur recently, police said.Basheer, hailing from Tamil Nadu, was among the six held for being part of Daesh inspired module who allegedly conspired to carry out terrorist acts.NIA has so far questioned 11 persons from the city, who were in the Facebook and telephone contact list of Basheer and seized laptops, mobile phones and some electronic gadgets from them.All of them were later let off.PTI
Chargesheet filed against five IS suspects: TOI
Aurangabad: Maharashtra ATS on Friday filed a 3,632-page chargesheet against five suspects of the IS module that was busted in Parbhani in July.Those named in the chargesheet include four arrested accused and their handler, who has been shown as absconding. A senior ATS officer said the handler in this case is suspected to be Shafi Armar.In a discreet operation lasting about 3 months, the state ATS officials first nabbed 31-year-old Naser alias Qadir Bin Abu-bakr Yafai Chaush from Parbhani district, about 187km from here on July 14, for his alleged IS connection.The arrest turned out to be major. It was followed by the arrest of three more suspects, including a zilla parishad teacher working with a Hingoli-based school. The other three arrested accused include Iqbal Ahmed Kabir Ahmed, Mohammed Raisuddin and Shahed Khan.
Maharashtra ATS files chargesheet in Parbhani ISIS case
TN youth who had returned after fighting for ISIS is now helping Indian agencies: report
A Tamil Nadu youth who was recently arrested after he returned from his stint with the Islamic State in Iraq is now helping Indian agencies in investigation.31-year-old Subahani Haja Moideen is coordinating with NIA in helping them understand everything about Islamic State, ranging from their training methods and religious courses to funding, reports TOI.Moideen, who is originally from Kerala, was arrested from Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) a few days back. He had fought with the IS between April and 2015. However, he couldn't tolerate the violence committed by the IS fighters. He later suffered a serious knee injury and after serving a 40-day imprisonment,was allowed to return to India. scoopwhoop
Back from fighting for ISIS, Tamil Nadu man sings: TOI
Bihar police probe Dhaka attack's Munger connection
Case against Kochi school for teaching 'exhorting students to give lives for Islam': PTI 
Thiruvananthapuram: A case has been registered against a school in Kochi for allegedly teaching students objectionable content and exhorting them to lay down their lives for Islam, with police suspecting that the curriculum has been drafted with persons close to Zakir Naik. Peace International School at Thammanam in Ernakulam is run by a trust headed by some “influential local businessmen”.Police have registered a case under Sect 153A and 34 IPC against the school principal, administrator and three trustees, police sources told PTI. The case was registered on the basis of a report filed by the Ernakulam District Education Officer, stating that “what was being taught was not secular”.“The case was registered for teaching students objectionable content in the syllabus… what was not secular. Islamic curriculum was being followed and students were being exhorted to lay down their lives for Islam”, the sources said. The school has classes from the LKG to eighth standard.“We suspect that this school’s curriculum has been drafted with persons close to Zakir Naik, of Mumbai based Islamic International School,” the sources said.
Kerala school exhorting students to give lives for Islam
Muslims must unite in defense of Aleppo: Al-Qaradawi
Istanbul: Muslims around the world should come to the aid of their brothers and sisters in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo, Sheikh Yusuf al- Qaradawi, head of the Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars, told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.Al-Qaradawi spoke to Anadolu Agency during his recent visit to the Turkish city of Istanbul, where he participated in 26th session of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. He called on Muslims worldwide to "close ranks with a view to defending Aleppo" from what he described as the "ferocity" of the Syrian regime and its allies."Ummah [the worldwide Muslim community] cannot be broken up," he said. "As Muslims, we all share the same fate.""Aleppo, which is suffering and will continue to suffer, is the most important cause of our times," he added. "It is being targeted from all sides by Islam’s enemies."Muslims, the scholar went on to stress, "do not like violence and bloodshed, and refrain from showing hostility except to those who attack them".Anadolu
Syria's war: John Kerry wants war crimes probe
Syrian govt troops are advancing gradually against opposition fighters inside Aleppo, even as the US secretary of state calls for Russia and Syria to face a war-crimes investigation for alleged attacks on Syrian civilians.2-week assault by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces has led to a global outcry after air strikes on hospitals and a UN aid convoy.The assault on rebel-held districts of Aleppo has elicited a warning from Staffan de Mistura, the UN envoy, that eastern Aleppo could be "totally destroyed" by the year's end.For their part, rebels in Aleppo said on Friday that they had killed at least 23 pro-govt  fighters, injured dozens and captured at least 6 Iraqi Shia militia members deployed on behalf of the Assad govt. Thousands of Iraqi Shia militia members and members of Lebanon's Hezbollah are fighting alongside govt  forces in Aleppo against primarily Sunni rebel forces.More than 1,000 Iraqi Shia fighters have travelled to Aleppo from Iraq since early September, joining the ranks of another 4,000 already on the ground in the area, militia leaders and Syrian rebels told the Wall Street Journal earlier this week.Al Jazeera
UN envoy warns east Aleppo faces 'total destruction'
Rebels in Aleppo reject UN envoy’s call to leave the city
Germany: Syrian children attacked by right-wing youths
3 Syrian refugee children have been hit and threatened with a knife by a gang of right-wing youths in eastern Germany, according to police. Boys, aged 5, 8 and 11, were getting out of a bus in the town of Sebnitz, around 40km east of Dresden, when they came under attack, police said on Friday. aljazeera
Horrors left by Hurricane become clear in Haiti; toll 900
Full scale of devastation in rural parts of storm-hit Haiti became clear as death toll soared to nearly 900 3-day after Hurricane Matthew levelled huge swaths of the country's south. aljazeera
Piece of carved wood suggests Persian taught maths in Japan 1,000 years ago: independent
Archaeologists have unearthed a piece of wood revealing ancient Japan was a “cosmopolitan” nation “where foreigners were treated equally”, including details of one Persian man teaching maths more than a millennium ago.Scientists analysed carvings on wood using infrared imaging technology, which appeared to name a Persian lecturer who worked at a facility where govt  ministers were trained in ex-Japanese capital of Nara.Previous discoveries have revealed Japan had direct trade links with Persia as early as 600AD, but this is the first time it has been suggested a Middle Eastern official may have been employed in the country at that time. Akirhiro Watanabe of Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, who led the survey, suggested the man was likely to have taught mathematics due to Persia’s renowned expertise in subject.“Although earlier studies have suggested there were exchanges with Persia as early as the 7th century, this is the first time a person as far away as Persia was known to have worked in Japan,” he said. Throughout 17th  century, thousands of Persian merchants were known to travel to the city of Nagasaki for the purposes of trade, but it is now believed the ties between the 2 countries date back far earlier.
Muslim leaders warn Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa 'is in danger'
Istanbul: More than 500 Muslim leaders and clerics from 30 countries met in Istanbul on Friday to warn that Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam's third holiest site that is located in Jerusalem, was in danger. The religious and political leaders, representing at least 50 civil society organizations and political parties in their countries assembled at the 8th Islamic Countries’ Opinion Leaders Forum, titled "Al-Aqsa is in Danger" in Istanbul, organized by Arab-Turkish Relations Center. Anadolu
EU calls on Israel to halt settlement expansion in W. Bank
Muslim and Christian make new Quran translation to show the two religions' similarities: Independent UK
A Muslim and a Christian have made a new translation of the Quran to underline the similarities between their two religions. Authors, who are also friends, said they hoped the text would provide “a tool of reconciliation” between Christians and Muslims. Some 3,000 parallels between the Bible and Quran are demonstrated in the book, which has a split-page format. Safi Kaskas, the Muslim co-author of the new book, said in a statement: “Most of the tension that exists in the West in the post-9/11 era is because Christians fear Muslims and their book, the Quran."This new translation was designed to be a tool of reconciliation between Muslims and the followers of other Abrahamic religions [Christianity and Judaism].
Britain's view of its history 'dangerous', ex-museum head 
Banhladesh Jamaat Islami getting crushed in the ‘Battle of Begums’: Syed Nooruzzaman for
Ruling Morocco's Islamic PJD party wins par. polls
Rabat:Morocco's Islamic Justice and Development Party (PJD) has emerged as the winner after the country voted for its 10th parliament since independence in 1956, according to official results. PJD, which has been running a coalition govt  since 2011, won 125 seats, while opposition PAM came second, with 102 seats, the interior ministry said on Saturday after all ballots were counted. aljazeera

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