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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Eid al Adha Sermon: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami here to read more

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017


26 Sept. 2017: 05 Muharram 1439:Vol:9, No:04

Kerala's yoga centre holds captive converted persons, forces them to abandon conversion or inter faith marriage, exposes Hindu woman, who tortured for 22 days after marrying a Christian
"They tortured me for 22 days, locked me inside the centre, mentally and physically harassed me until I promised to do whatever they ask me to," says 28-year-old Swetha, a native of Kerala's Thrissur district. Swetha, a Hindu woman, says she was forcefully confined in a ‘yoga centre’ in Ernakulam for 22 days, where the staff, paid by her family, had one agenda: To force her to abandon her husband, a Christian.She says that the yoga centre is actually an anti-conversion clinic for women who married outside their faith or converted to Christianity or Islam to marry a man of their choice. She says that the staff at centre subjected her two days of ‘counselling’, asking her to either abandon her husband, or convince him to embrace Hinduism. She further alleges that there are several more people locked up in the anti-conversion clinic - and one of the inmates she saw there was Athira, a woman who converted back to Hinduism from Islam recently.Swetha, a native of Kannur district, is an ayurveda doctor.She was in a relationship with Rinto Isac, a photographer who resides in Thrissur district. Rinto is a practicing Christian and Swetha's family objected to their wedding.After being in a relationship for 3 years, Swetha left home on Nov.8, 2016 and the duo got married in a private temple ceremony in Peechi in Thrissur. Rinto's parents accepted their relationship and the couple began living together in Thrissur. After a few months, they registered their marriage under the Special Marriages Act."For 10 months after our wedding, we lived happily," Swetha says. Meanwhile, Swetha's parents began speaking to the couple.On July 28, Swetha went to her sister's house in Moovattupuzha, for the sister's house-warming ceremony.Their parents had come down from Kannur for the ceremony. Things took a horrific turn on July 31, Swetha says. "My parents, my sister and her husband told me that we were going to Lulu mall. After going there, they told me that my sister wanted to join yoga classes and went to this particular centre. Once inside, a counsellor named Sujith spoke to all of us. When he began talking, I understood that we hadn't gone there for any yoga class, but the matter was my marriage to a Christian man. The counselor told me that inter-religious marriages are complicated and that such couples have to face many problems," Swetha says. A second round of ‘counselling’ was given to Swetha and her mother. Following this, the counsellor spoke to her in private. "Then, his tone completely changed. He began threatening me to leave my husband, or get him to convert to Hinduism if we wanted to live together. He asked me what religion our children would follow, and I said that I didn’t mind if they embraced Christianity. He threatened me saying he will kill my husband and that they won't let our kids follow Christianity," Swetha says.While Swetha tried running away from the place, all the doors were shut, she says."Initially my parents had put me there for a 3-day counselling course, but then they convinced my parents that I needed to stay there longer," Swetha says. Siva Sakthi Yoga Centre functions out of a house in Kandanadu. Swetha alleges that the 2-storey house had about 65 inmates, 59 women and 6 men, who either converted to other religions or married outside their religion. 15 staff members of the centre, too, lived in the house. The inmates were barred from going to the first floor. On the ground floor where they were kept, there were two large rooms that doubled up as dormitories for the inmates to sleep. They slept on the floor.Their day would begin at 4.15 every morning, Swetha explains. If they failed to wake up, the staff would pour water into their ears, she alleges. The rest of the day was spent doing yoga and prayers, and attending classes on religion. These classes would explain the different religious teachings to the inmates, but Swetha says there were also ‘private’ sessions, where the instructors would demonise the Bible and the Quran.She says that the inmates were barred from interacting with each other and that the staff had threatened them saying that the whole building was under CCTV surveillance and there were voice recorders installed. “There, I also met Athira, the girl from Kasargod who converted to Islam and recently returned to Hinduism after she underwent a course at Aarsha Vidya Samajam,” she claims. “Staff members used to beat me when I questioned them about religion and their ways of teaching," Swetha alleges.She says that the bathrooms at the centre didn't have any locks, as the staff claimed that it was a precautionary measure, since many girls had attempted to kill themselves in the past.For the initial 3-day counselling, Swetha says that her parents paid Rs 15,000. When her mother left after the third day, she paid an additional Rs 5000.Meanwhile, for her husband Rinto, repeated efforts to contact Swetha went in vain. Her mobile phone was found to be switched off and her parents only told him that Swetha had gone for a counselling course.“The last time I spoke to her, she had told me that they were going to Lulu mall the next day. After that, I was not able to contact her at all. When her parents failed to give convincing replies, I knew something was wrong,” Rinto says.On Aug.10, still unable to speak to his wife, Rinto filed a habeas corpus petition, but the petition was only heard by the court on Tuesday, Sept.26, after Swetha had come back home. "On Aug.21, they finally let me go," says Swetha.This was only after Swetha promised that she would convince her husband to convert."By then I knew that there was no way out for me if I didn't oblige to their demands. So I acted as if I am convinced by whatever they told me.That's how they let me go," Swetha says.Once she returned home, Swetha filed a complaint with the Udayamperoor police, and a team visited the yoga/anti-conversion centre on Monday and issued a stop memo. According to reports, the police have booked Manoj, the director of yoga centre, Sujith belonging to Perumbalam, and Smitha, Lekshmi and Sreejesh. thenewsminute
Kerala Hindu girl: Yoga centre allegedly teaching evils of ‘Christianity & Islam”, torturing Hindu girls
Kerala shocker! Woman claims torture by religious centre for marrying Christian, says 65 others incarcerated
Malegaon blast: HC grants bail to retired Major Upadhyay
Mumbai: Bombay High Court has granted bail to retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay, an accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case. Accepting Upadhyay’s plea on the ground of parity — since the other prime accused in the case have been granted bail by the high court and the apex court — a bench of Justices Ranjit More and Sadhna Jadhav granted him bail against a personal bond of Rs 1 lakh.While the NIA counsel Sandesh Patil opposed the bail plea, the HC said its hands were tied in view of the apex court’s directions on parity.The court also asked if Upadhyay’s role in the blasts was larger than that of prime accused Shrikant Purohit.Upadhyay’s counsel, however, denied the same and said, “The apex court had recently granted bail to Purohit and that the trial court in Mumbai had also let out two other accused persons in the case, Sudhakar Chaturvedi and Sudhakar Dhar Dwivedi. Thus, Upadhyay too must be granted bail.”NIA, in its charge sheet, had cited transcripts of phone conversations between Upadhyay and Purohit as prime evidence against the former.PTI
Karnataka HC Judge who ordered CBI probe in Ishrat Jahan case quits
Bengaluru:The senior most judge of the Karnataka High Court Justice Jayant M Patel has resigned close on the heels of the Supreme Court collegium ordering his transfer to the Allahabad high court. The resignation is perceived to be a result as an attempt to prevent Justice Patel from becoming the acting chief justice of Karnataka when the incumbent Justice S K Mukherjee retires on Oct.9. Office of Justice at the Karnataka HC confirmed that the judge had sent in his resignation. Justice Patel is best known as the judge who ordered a CBI probe into the killing of Ishrat Jahan and 3 others in Gujarat when Narendra Modi was the CM .He is considered an upright judge by lawyers who have presented arguments in his court. “This decision to resign is clearly because of the way he has been treated. Knowing Justice Patel it is a serious decision that he has taken and is unlikely to now change his mind. He seems to have chosen to go on his own terms,’’ a senior advocate in the Karnataka High Court said. indianexpress
Maharashtra madrassas come under scanner, govt to study religious institutions' functioning: Zee news
Mumbai: The Devendra Fadnavis Govt has set up a committee to study whether madrassas in Maharashtra are functioning as per the parameters set by Govt. Muslim religious institutions have been using funds allotted by the state Govt to impart modern education apart from religious teachings to its students. The committee, set up by the Govt , will scrutinize the Govt  grants and funds being utilised by these religious institutions. As per reports, the initiative has, however, irked a section of people and a political furore on the matter is expected anytime soon. zeenews
Madrassa students should not pay heed to external calls of jihad from wahabis: Syrian official head cleric
Lucknow: Indians should steer clear of mercenaries and infiltrators and stay unified against extremism, while madrassa students should not pay heed to external calls of jihad from wahabis, said Syrian Arab Republic's general mufti Ahmad Badr Eddine Hassoun. Hassoun is on a 2-day visit to the city.  He said there should be a meeting of all religious heads to safeguard India."Syrian crisis is not sectarian or religious. It is political interference of the western world, especially US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who want to destroy Arab countries. The situation is widely misrepresented by these forces who don't want the world to know the truth and this is why we have come here to share the truth with not just our Muslim brethren but all Indians," said Hassoun.The mufti was accompanied by Syrian envoy to India Riyadh Abbas and his political adviser Mazen Nasri. He compared India and Syria and cautioned madrassa students here against extremism and terrorism.Their visit was organised by the ministry of external affairs.TOI
BHU violence: NHRC issue notices to UP govt, V-C on inaction over eve-teasing complaint
Following violence on BHU campus, NHRC issued notices to UP Govt and BHU V-C on inaction over eve-teasing complaint and harsh police action against students. In a statement to the media, NHRC said: “Suo motu cognizance taken in subsequent use of unwarranted manhandling and thrashing of agitating students, mostly women, by UP police. Notices issued to Chief Secy, DGP UP and BHU VC calling for a detailed report in the matter. The response is expected within 4 weeks.”
It was molestation at BHU and not ‘eve-teasing’: Mind your language, Mr V-C: Zehra Kazmi
BHU admin did not handle situation well: Commissioner’s report
Varanasi Commissioner Nitin Gokarn has submitted a report in connection with lathi-charge on protesting students in BHU and blamed the university administration for the violence. Gokarn has in the report, sent to Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar, said that BHU did not deal with the victim’s complaint in a sensitive manner and did not handle the situation on time, said a senior administrative official.IANS
If we listen to every girl, we can’t run the university: BHU V-C Girish Chandra Tripathi
About 50 Academicians, activists demand judicial probe into BHU incident
New Delhi: About 50 academicians and rights activists have written to President Ram Nath Kovind and PM  Narendra Modi demanding a judicial probe into the police lathi charge on the students of BHU.They also demanded that accountability of the BHU authorities should also be fixed, saying the V-C Girish Chandra Tripathi has completely failed to ensure protection of the students “and their rights to free speech.”“We demand immediate action be taken against the police for the brutal act, suspension of SP/DIG, judicial inquiry of the event and meeting the demands of the students and ensure their treatment and safety. We demand accountability of the University authorities as students are living and studying within the BHU premises and their safety has to be guaranteed by the head of the institution,” they stated in a letter addressed to the President and the PM .Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey, Harsh Mander are among the rights activists who have signed the letters addressed to the President and the PM. Satish Deshpande and Apoorva Anand from Delhi University; Ayesha Kidwai and Nivedita Menon from JNU are among the academicians who have signed the letters. Meanwhile,Amnesty International India also demanded that University authorities “must not” turn a blind eye to complaints of sexual  harassment. deccanherald
BHU Violence: Academicians, Activists write to President, PM, demand immediate action
UP govt. orders judicial probe into BHU violence
A number of students, including women, and two journalists were injured in a lathi charge by the police on the campus after a protest turned violent.UP Govt  on Tuesday ordered a judicial inquiry into the violence on the campus of the BHU.A number of students, including women, and two journalists were injured in a lathi charge by the police whwn a protest on Saturday night against an alleged eve-teasing incident turned violent.“A judicial inquiry has been ordered into the incidents,” Govt  spokesperson and Minister Srikant Sharma said in Lucknow. He was speaking to journalists after a meeting of the Cabinet chaired by CM Yogi Adityanath.Sharma, however, did not elaborate as to whether the probe would be conducted by a retired or a sitting judge. PTI
Hyderabad police continue crackdown on 'child brides' nexus, arrest qazi and Omani broker
Hyderabad police continued its crackdown on Arab sheikhs visiting the city in search of minor brides, by announcing the arrest of chief accused qazi Ali Abdullah Rifai on Tuesday, along with three more Omani nationals. Announcing the qazi's arrest, the police said in a press release, "Instead of restricting himself to his legitimate duties, he indulged in providing girls to foreign nationals by maintaining a network of middlemen and women to search for the girls and keep them 'ready' as per the requirement," "In this case, the accused Al Sheyadi Sulaman Khamis Salim (60), along with his son and an Omani agent approached the qazi on September 13 and requested him to provide a girl between the age of 15 and 17," the police added.As per the regular practice, the accused qazi informed his sources and brought some girls but they were rejected. They were searching for another minor when they learned about the police investigation and the qazi absconded.  He was tracked down later and arrested by a special team of the Hyderabad police from an undisclosed locationThe police also arrested one Nayab Qazi Ibrahim Shareef for facilitating the marriages and helping the chief qazi in his operations.The police said that he would lure young girls by 'misguiding' them about a bright future in the Gulf countries."He also helped with notary work and other paperwork for the Arab nationals for the marriages," the police said. The police also announced the arrest of an Omani broker, identified as Al Shayadi Mohammed Khaifan Mohammed who would allegedly visit India along with the Omani nationals and was an acquaintance of the tainted qazi.The broker and the qazi were said to be constantly in contact with each other via WhatsApp, and the police are also analysing their call records, to determine their other victims. Besides that, an Omani national, Al Awdi Yasir Abdullah Hamdan was also arrested for his close ties to the qazi, and for marrying a girl from Talabkatta in Hyderabad. thenewsminute
Hyderabad qazi arrested in child bride ring
Gujarati woman behind 'blasphemous' anti-Islam viral video gives Hyd police the slip
History-sheeter Sonu Dangar, who allegedly made derogatory comments on Prophet Mohammed and Islam in a viral social media video, proved elusive for a team of the Hyderabad police on Monday.A 3-member team of Charminar police had been sent to Rajkot to arrest her, even as the Gujarat police is also on the lookout for her.TOI reported that police team searched her house at Akshara Nagar, and suspected that she fled to UP .“With the help of Gujarat police, our teams are making efforts to trace the accused.We have certain information on her movement and she will be tracked soon,"ACP Charminar K Ashok Chakravarthy said. A massive protest was organised in Hyderabad's last week, and several Muslim organisations conducted a rally from Charminar to the office of the South Zone DCP.Groups were protesting against alleged derogatory comments made on Prophet Mohammed by Gujarati woman on social media, which went viral over the last two weeks. A police officer who watched the video, told TNM earlier, that the video took several derogatory digs at Muslims.  thenewsminute
Honeypreet's bail plea: Delhi High court reserves order, asks her to surrender
Delhi High Court has reserved its order on the anticipatory bail plea of Honeypreet Insan, who is wanted by the Haryana Police in connection with incidents of violence following conviction of Dera Sacha Sauda chief, saying the "easiest way out" for her would be to surrender. Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal, after hearing arguments on behalf of Honeypreet and the police of Delhi and Haryana, said she would pass an order on it. The order is likely to be pronounced later today.TOI
Burqa-clad woman caught on CCTV, cops probe if she's Honeypreet
Bare-Chested Girls In Madurai Temple Ritual, 'Worshipped' Like 'Goddesses': NDTV
Madurai: Young girls forced to live bare-chested at a temple in Tamil Nadu's Madurai as part of a bizarre ritual have been spared more indignity after the administration ordered today that they must be allowed to cover their bodies.7 girls decked up like goddesses, with only jewellery to cover their chest, spend 15 days in the care of a male priest as part of the annual ritual. Only girls who haven't reached puberty are sent to the temple."It is an ancient custom. Parents send their girls voluntarily," said Madurai collector K Veera Raghava Rao, who ordered clothes for the girls to ensure they were not harassed or abused."We informed the villages that the girls have to be properly clothed. They can wear jewellery over their clothes," he added.Rao asserted, however, that a team of officials investigated and found no abuse of children at the temple. ""They treat them as goddesses," he said.More than 60 villages that participate in the ritual worship the girls like goddesses. A video recorded by online portal The Covai Post reveals bare chested girls walking into the temple with offerings. Another show the girls playfully taking a shower taking water from a small tank inside the temple area.NDTV
Refugees in Delhi: Living in India a struggle but Myanmar is a threat to our existence, say Chin migrants
In Myanmar, largest minorities are Shan (9%) and Karen (7%). Other indigenous minority groups include Mon, Rakhine, Chin, Kachin, Kayan, Danu, Akha, Kokang, Lahu, Rohingya, Tavoyan, and Wa. Replying to a query posed by Firstpost earlier in the year, UNHCR had said, "There are around 5,000 Chin refugees and asylum seekers from Myanmar registered with the UNHCR in India. Chin community lives mainly in West Delhi and many of them have been in India for a long time. While the financial condition of many Chin refugees is weak, most of them are working in the informal sector to support themselves and their families,""Many Chin refugees have also been issued long-term visas which are expected to ease their access to higher education and employment opportunities in the formal sector." It should be noted that UNHCR identification card given to refugees in India has no legal validity, which is why employment in the formal sector or booking train tickets or even acquiring phone numbers becomes nearly impossible for them.To separate truth from conjecture, Firstpost visited the refugees in their homes at Janak Puri, Vikas Puri, Sitapuri and Bindapur – nondescript postal codes in West Delhi where a large number of homes are carelessly constructed and often threaten to collapse; small shops selling cell phone batteries, bags and groceries pop up randomly, anywhere. Firstpost
Not Only Rohingyas, Myanmar Has A History Of Deporting Thousands Of Indians Too, Here's The Story
Don't deport Rohingya, writes Varun Gandhi; Modi minister says statement against national interest
New Delhi:Shortly after BJP's Lok Sabha MP Varun Gandhi wrote a piece in a national newspaper slamming the Govt's policy of deporting the Rohingya refugees, a senior minister from the Narendra Modi cabinet hit back, saying the statement is against national interest.In his column, Gandhi, a Member of Parliament from Sultanpur in UP , has asked the Govt  to keep in mind not just international agreements India is a signatory to, but also "the rich Indian tradition" of helping refugees. "4 crore people have sought refuge in India since independence," he wrote in Navbharat Times today and later shared the piece with his 56,000-plus followers on Twitter. Gandhi also called for a national refugee policy, which differentiates between people fleeing a country following persecution as opposed to those fleeing poverty.The Govt , which has decided to deport nearly 40,000 Rohingya Muslims, is furious. "Anybody who has the national interest in mind will not make such a statement," Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir said. Ahir added that the Govt  is using full force to stop the Rohingya from settling in India since they are a security threat.IndiaToday
Govt should take stern steps for displacing Rohingyas:VHP leader Prachi -should-take-stern-steps-for-displacing-Rohingyas,-says-Dr-Prachi.aspx
In outreach effort, RSS invites Dalit, Muslim as guests
Nagpur:A Muslim homeopath doctor was invited to be the chief guest at the RSS's annual Shastra Puja function on Sunday by the organisation's children's wing. The outreach to minorities would get further bolstered on Dussehra, when RSS mega function addressed by its chief Mohan Bhagwat will have a Dalit religious leader Nirmal Das Maharaj from Punjab's Jalandhar district as the chief guest.Neither Das nor Munnawar Yusuf have any links to RSS. Yusuf runs his medical practice at Shanti Nagar, a locality dominated by Shias with whom the Sangh parivar has better relations among Muslim sects.Das heads Siriguru Sadhu Ravidas Sampradai in Punjab, working among Dalits. Yusuf said that some RSS activists, including its former deputy chief Laxmanrao Pardhi, were his friends.Asked if he subscribed to the RSS ideology, the doctor Yusuf said that wasn't a consideration since it was a kids' function. He said he faced no opposition from his community.TOI
No extension for ex-judge Odisha HC judge Quddusi’s CBI remand
New Delhi: A special court Monday rejected CBI’s application seeking retired Odisha High Court Judge Ishrat Masroor Quddusi’s further remand in a medical scam case on the ground that the agency had not been able to “give any plausible, convincing and justifiable ground” for seeking the extension.CBI sought 3 days remand of three accused — Quddusi, BP Yadav and Vishwanath Agarwala — saying that they “showed non-coperation” and that Quddusi “obtained installment of gratification” from one of the accused. The judge sent all 6 accused to judicial custody.Special Judge Manoj Jain said: “I am of the view that CBI has not been able to give any plausible, convincing, justifiable ground for extension of police custody remand. The remand has been given for four days earlier and admittedly all accused remained in Delhi and were not taken outside Delhi, and therefore the CBI had a sufficient period” for interrogating them.The defence submitted to the court that the accused have the right to maintain silence and they don’t have any further statements to make. The defence also submitted that all accused had extended full co-operation and voice samples were given by them to CBI. The defence said there was “no reason, much less a cogent one” to extend the police remand.CBI had arrested six accused and the case against Justice Quddusi and others relates to a UP-based private medical college, Prasad Institute of Medical Sciences, which was among the medical institutes barred by the Govt  from admitting new students because of shortcomings in infrastructure. The issue was challenged in the Supreme Court by the college. The court directed Govt to consider the material on record afresh and B P Yadav, who runs the college along with Palash Yadav, got in touch with Justice Quddusi and Bhawana Pandey and they allegedly “entered into a conspiracy for getting the matter settled”. indianexpress
Ex-vice Prez of AMUSU Nadeem Ansari attacked, injured
Aligarh: Ex-vice president of the AMU students’ union was shot at and stabbed by two assailants, leaving him seriously injured, the police said today. According to University Proctor Prof Mohsin Khan, incident took place in Dodhpur locality, adjoining the AMU campus in Civil Lines area yesterday night. Nadeem Ansari was rushed to the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College where doctors said that he was “stable” and out of danger. Police said Ansari was shot at and stabbed by two armed assailants who forced him to stop while he was heading to his home in a two-wheeler.“The bullet missed his vital organs and passed through his shoulders. The miscreants then stabbed him but by then locals rushed to his rescue. The attackers then sped away,” Prof Khan said Tuesday. In his statement to police, Ansari has named two former students of the University – Salman and Arman – both resident of Badaun district.PTI
Hizb commander Abdul Qayoom Najar killed in Baramulla
New Delhi:The security forces on Tuesday gunned down Hizbul Mujahideen commander Abdul Qayoom Najar in an encounter in Baramulla, J&K  Police said. Najar carried a reward of Rs 10,00000 on his head. According to reports, Najar, the oldest surviving militant and top commander, was gunned killed while infiltrating into Valley in Uri. This comes hours after security forces foiled an infiltration bid by Pakistan’s Border Action Team in Kupwara.Earlier this month, Army gunned down the mastermind of Amarnath Yatra attack Abu Ismail is an encounter in Nowgam. indianexpress
Protest against NIA ‘high-handedness’: Traders’ strike shuts down parts of Valley
Srinagar:A shutdown was observed in several parts of Srinagar on Monday as separatist leaders, traders and transporters called a strike against alleged “high-handedness” of NIA. Separatist leaders had on Sunday extended support to the shutdown called by traders and transporters’ associations against NIA’s decision to summon Yasin Khan, president of Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation.On Monday, restrictions were imposed in areas under the jurisdiction of five police stations: Maharaj Gunj, Rainawari, Khanyar, Safa Kadal and Nowhatta. “The decision was taken in view of the strike called by the traders and transporters and supported by the separatist leaders”, a police official said.Most shops remained closed in the business hub of Lal Chowk and public transport was off roads. Schools across Kashmir remained closed and train services were suspended as a precautionary measure. Many traders staged a sit-in at Pratap Park in central Srinagar to protest the NIA summons for Khan. Indianexpress
Mehbooba Mufti sees shoots of peace “sprouting” in Kashmir
SRINAGAR:Shoots of peace are “sprouting” in the terrorism-hit Jammu and Kashmir and the government is working towards making people lead a dignified life, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has said.In an interview to PTI, the 58-year-old Ms. Mufti welcomed the recent attempts by the Centre and the ruling party to reach out to Kashmiris, starting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech where he asked the countrymen to embrace Kashmiris.PTI
No Indian troops in Afghanistan, says Sitharaman after talks with US defence secy James Mattis
New Delhi: India on Tuesday ruled out deploying its troops in Afghanistan but will expand its development activities to help stabilize the war-torn country.“There shall not be any (Indian) boots on the ground in Afghanistan,” defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman said after talks with visiting US Defence Secretary James Mattis here.She said there was a growing convergence between India and the US over the issue of terrorism in the region and condemnation of those who use terror as an instrument of state policy. hindustantimes
India, US should go for pre-emptive strikes, destroy Pak's N-assets: Ex-US senator
Mumbai: Suggesting that both India and the US conduct pre-emptive strikes inside Pakistan to destroy its nuclear sites (where weapons have either already been stored or are being made), former US Senator Larry Pressler said that Donald Trump may turn out to be the best American president yet for India as he had recently put Pakistan on notice for harbouring terrorists.But for this to happen, Trump would have to get around the Pentagon, which always encouraged Pakistan, he said. Such encouragement emboldened Pakistan to attack India as "the mother of terrorism" and "predator" at UN general assembly session on Sunday, he added. Trump's description of the Pentagon as "a swamp" was a good sign, he noted, hoping US president would drain it soon (as he'd promised). A 3-term Senator and twice a member of the House of Representatives, Pressler (75) authored the famous Pressler Amendment which in 1990 blocked US military aid to Pakistan when the then US President George H W Bush could not certify Pakistan was not developing nukes.As the delivery of close to 30 F-16 aircraft to Islamabad was barred, Pressler, then a Republican and head of the Senate's arms control subcommittee, became something of a hero in India and, in his own words, "a devil in Pakistan." His new book, Neighbours in Arms, engagingly tells the story of the amendment and of the US foreign policy that enabled Pakistan to develop nuclear weapons and casts a severe spotlight on the culture of lobbying in Washington and the grip of the military-industrial state ("the Octopus") inside the US. timesofindia
'India hiding behind a photo' says Pak, after its UN ambassador shows a fake photo in General Assembly
New Delhi: After India demolished Pakistan at UN for waving around a fake photo of alleged atrocities in Kashmir, Pakistan said India is "seeking to hide behind a photograph". "Raking up (a) picture can't hide India's war crimes in occupied Kashmir," said Tipu Usman, a counsellor at Pakistan's permanent mission to the UN, to the UN General Assembly on Monday. He tweeted parts of his address and posted a summary of it on Facebook."India who kills and tortures innocent Kashmiris is seeking to hide behind a photograph. This shows its desperation and a vain effort to conceal its guilt," said Usman.He also spoke at length about injuries sustained by Kashmiris after security forces used pellet guns. Again without mentioning that Pakistan lied about the photo, Usman said there are "thousands of" pictures of injured Kashmiris for everyone to see. He alleged that that India was using "diversionary tactics" in bringing to the UNGA's attention that Pakistan lied about the photo"India's diversionary tactics will not change the situation on ground. It is the situation on ground that India has to answer for," said Usman.Then, Usman said again that India was "raking up" the issue of the photo."Raking up debate on pictures has backfired. Your own people do not buy your argument," said Usman.TOI
Chinese daily chides Sushma over UN speech against Pak
Beijing:A Chinese daily has slammed India's Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj for her strong criticism of Pakistan for harbouring terrorists, saying it is "politically imbecilic and unsophisticated" to think that Islamabad exports terrorism.The editorial in state-run Global Times defending Pakistan against its failure to flush out terrorists is not surprising as China has always lavished praise on its "all-weather ally" for being at the "forefront" of tackling terrorism.The paper, run by Communist Party, said Sushma Swaraj's speech at the UN reflected India's arrogance and "bigotry" towards Pakistan. The newspaper said, "India's bigotry toward Pakistan doesn't match its much-vaunted ambition to be a world power. By inflaming nationalism in the Indian public, Indians become more determined to make India first than even US President Donald Trump's 'America First'.With the smooth development of its economy and foreign relations in recent years, an arrogant India has looked down on Pakistan and assumed a haughty air with China."IANS

Army chief warns Pak: 2nd surgical strike if it is required
New Delhi:Stating that the surgical strikes in PoK last year were meant to send a message to Pakistan, Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Monday warned that similar strikes can occur again if the neighbouring country “does not behave”.“Surgical strikes were a message that we wanted to communicate, and I think they understand that,”General Rawat said after releasing the book India’s Most Fearless: True Stories of Modern Military Heroes by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh. “If required, and if the adversary does not behave, then we have to continue with these kind of activities.”“But there are also other ways of doing these things and (they may) not take the same form,” he said. Indianexpress
Fuel rates up 8% since daily price regime, says ICRA
Petrol and diesel prices have jumped 8% since daily price revision was implemented in mid-June, credit rating agency ICRA said on Tuesday, warning that a sustained price hike can hit demand growth and create inflationary pressures.PTI
More inter-caste marriages happen when groom's mother is educated, finds study
It’s an open secret in India that no matter how progressive Indian families claim to be, most would prefer their children to marry within their caste and community. The institution of endogamy - which is custom of marrying only within the limits of one’s caste or community - reinforces the caste system. The popular perception remains that better education leads to more liberal outlook which counters caste biases and is welcoming of inter-caste marriages, especially in urban, financially stable households.However, a study has found something quite surprising.Whose Education Matters?An Analysis Of Inter-Caste Marriages In India by researchers Tridip Ray, Arka Roy Chaudhuri and Komal Sahai found that education of the couple has very little to do with the likelihood of the marriage being an inter-caste one. The most prominent variable which influences the rate of inter-caste marriages is the education of the groom’s mother, the study found.In fact, the study says that an increase in the groom’s mother’s education by 10 years would increase the probability of an inter-caste marriage by 1.86%. The researchers have used data from the Indian Human Development Survey(IHDS).It is a “nationally representative household panel survey conducted in 384 districts, composed of 1420 villages and 1042 urban neighborhoods across all states and union territories of India.” thenewsminute
Initial results shown 93% voters support Iraqi Kurdistan independence: electoral commission
Baghdad:Electoral commission supervising the independence referendum said Tuesday that initial results have shown that 93% of Iraqi Kurds support Kurdistan independence from Iraq, Alsumaria News reported.It quoted the independent commission as saying that while vote counting was still running, initial results show that 93% of voters support independence, compared to 6.71% objecting.Those are the results achieved after counting 282,000 ballots, according to the commission. A representative of the commission said, however, that results can still change as the counting continues, with results slated for announcement on Thursday.It said nearly 3.3 million voters, out of 5.2 eligibles, took part in the polls, putting turnout at an estimated 72.16 percent.Xinhua
Vote count under way after large turnout for Kurdish independence referendum
Iraqi Kurds count referendum votes
Kurdistan: Erdogan says Iraqi Kurds risk ‘ethnic war’ and threatens military response to vote
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that the referendum on support for independence for Iraqi Kurdistan next door risks sparking an "ethnic war" in the region. In a speech at the presidential palace in Ankara on Tuesday, Erdogan reiterated that all options, including the military, are on the table to protect Turkey's security.He also repeated his Monday threat to cut off the pipeline which exports the autonomous Kurdish KRG of Iraq's oil across Turkish border. "Until the very last moment, we weren't expecting Barzani to make such a mistake as holding the referendum. Apparently we were wrong," Erdogan said, referring to KRG President Masoud Barzani."This referendum decision, which has been taken without any consultation, is treachery."Iraq's Kurds would starve, he added, if Turkey decided to close its long border with northern Iraq, warning that economic and military action were both options on the table for Ankara. While it has been met with enthusiasm by the Kurdish diaspora all over the world, Baghdad and Iraq's Arab population have expressed their concerns that areas voting in the referendum include Kirkuk, an ethnically mixed and oil-rich province. Increasing unrest there in recent days has led to worries that the likely "yes" result could lead to Arab-Kurdish violence. The Independent
Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish vote
Iraq, Turkey forces in joint drills after Kurdish vote
Iraq's army has paired with Turkish forces to conduct joint military drills on the two nations’ shared border, military officials said. Iraqi soldiers arrived in Turkey late on Monday ahead of exercises due to be carried out on Tuesday in Habur, near Turkey's southeastern border with Iraq, a Turkish military statement said.The joint drills come after Iraqi Kurds held a referendum on independence in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq on Monday, in defiance of the Turkish and Iraqi govt. Tuesday's drills will conclude Turkey's military exercises in its southeastern region, which began on Sept.18, a week before Monday's vote. aljazeera
Iraq refuses talks with Kurds about referendum results
Iraqi Govt will not hold talks with Kurdistan KRG about the results of Monday's "unconstitutional" referendum on independence in northern Iraq, Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi said. "We are not ready to discuss or have a dialogue about the results of the referendum because it is unconstitutional," Abadi said in a speech broadcast on state TV on Monday night."Most of the problems of the [Kurdish] region are internal ones, not with Baghdad, and will be increased with the calls for separation," Abadi said, adding: "The economic and financial problems the region is suffering from are the result of corruption and mis-administration," the PM  said. aljazeera
PKK/PYD forces Arabs to fight Daesh in Syria: Witnesses
Raqqah, Syria: PKK/PYD terror group is forcing young Arabs to fight Daesh terrorist group in Raqqah province in northeastern Syria, according to eyewitnesses. Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Tuesday, a 25-year-old said he was forced to join the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to fight Daesh. "After a brief training, Arab youth are sent to the front,” he said. “They are either killed by Daesh during combats or by PKK/PYD if they withdraw”. "More than 500 people fled from PKK/PYD and took shelter in their villages,” he claimed. “Many of them, however, were recaptured by PKK/PYD during raids.” Recruit recalled the killing of ten Arabs by Daesh after they were deployed in al-Mashfa al-Jadeed district in Raqqah in mid-Sep. "Those who survived the combat demanded backup force but this was rejected by PKK/PYD, forcing them to retreat,” he said."PKK/PYD opened fire on them over their retreat, killing five while five others were imprisoned.” Another Arab recruit, 22, from town of Tel Abyad, said ten Arabs, led by a PKK/PYD commander from Mt. Qandil, were sent to al-Manteqa al-Senaya district in Raqqah late August. "Arabs were killed during the fight, while the commander was handed over to PKK/PYD under an agreement between the group and Daesh,” he claimed. Anadolu Agency
Iranian Kurds march in support of independence vote in northern Iraq
LONDON;Thousands of Iranian Kurds marched in the streets to show their support for an independence referendum staged by Kurdish authorities in neighboring Iraq, defying a show of power by Tehran which flew fighter jets over their areas.Iranian officials and media have denounced Monday’s vote as a threat to regional stability, adding to pressure from Baghdad, threats from Iran and Turkey, and international warnings that it may ignite yet more conflict in the Mideast.Reuters
Iraq hangs 42 Sunni militants convicted of terrorism:Reuters
Baghdad: Iraq on Sunday executed 42 Sunni Muslim militants convicted on terrorism charges ranging from killing members of security forces to detonating car bombs.The biggest mass execution this year in Iraq came after Sunni suicide attacks killed at least 60 people near the southern city of Nassiriya, a Shi`ite area, on Sept. 14, prompting Shi`ite demands for tougher judicial action.Amnesty International criticised the move, saying on Monday that "mass execution is a shocking display of the Iraqi authorities` resort to the death penalty to try to show they are responding to security threats".
US-led strikes killed 84 civilians near IS group's Syrian stronghold Raqa: Report
Beirut: US-led coalition strikes near the Islamic State group's Syrian stronghold Raqa in March killed at least 84 civilians, including dozens of children, Human Rights Watch alleged on Monday. The group said the strikes hit 2 sites:a school housing displaced families in the town of Mansourah, and a market and bakery in the town of Tabqa.It said witnesses acknowledged IS fighters had been present at both sites, but that large number of civilians were also there. "These attacks killed dozens of civilians, including children, who had sought shelter in a school or were lining up to buy bread at a bakery,"HRW deputy emergencies director Ole Solvang said."If coalition forces did not know that there were civilians at these sites, they need to take a long, hard look at the intelligence they are using to verify its targets because it clearly was not good enough."AFP
3 Israelis shot dead in West Bank settlement
3 Israelis have been shot and killed, and a fourth wounded, in a settlement in the occupied West Bank, Israeli army radio reported.The station interviewed a resident of Har Adar, an illegal settlement near Jerusalem, who said gunman had arrived with a group of Palestinian labourers and opened fire on paramilitary Israeli police guards.Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from Jerusalem, said the gunman was shot dead after the attack."He was identified as a 37-year-old father of four from the nearby village of Beit Surik. The man, who reportedly carried a work permit for the settlement, approached the checkpoint at the entrance to Har Adar, when he opened fire on the guards," Fawcett said. Har Adar is an upscale settlement west of Jerusalem, on the border between the West Bank and Israel. aljazeera
EU boycotts Israel’s 50th occupation anniversary celebration
European Union Ambassador to Israel, Emanuele Giaufret, said yesterday that he won’t attend an Israeli national celebration that will be held to mark 50 years of the Israeli occupation and settlement activities in the West Bank. According to the Israel’s Channel 7, the event, entitled “The Jubilee Celebration of the Liberation of Judea, Samaria [the West Bank], the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights,” will be held on Wednesday in West Bank.Ceremony will be attended by various senior foreign diplomats, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, ministers and Knesset members.“We declined the invitation in line with long-standing EU policy not to attend official events in occupied territory,” head of the political and press section at EU, Mark Gallagher, said. middleeastmonitor
Interpol to vote for PA membership despite Israel lobbying
International law enforcement agency Interpol is set to vote on Palestinian Authority (PA) membership despite intensive Israeli and US lobbying against it, news agencies reported.Board of directors of the international police organisation, which is currently meeting in Beijing, is voting on whether to accept or deny the PA’s police force as members today.Israeli news website i24 said that “Israel is concerned that Interpol membership would enable the Palestinian Police to request ‘red notices’ against Israeli citizens, asking the General Secretariat to assist foreign police forces in locating them with a view to seeking their arrest or extradition”.According to the Israeli news outlet, an Israeli official reported Israeli expectations that the PA would be accepted “despite narrowly losing a membership vote in 2016”. middleeastmonitor
Palestinian PM to hold rare Gaza cabinet meeting
Palestinian PM  Rami Hamdallah will make a rare trip to the blockaded Gaza Strip next week to hold his weekly cabinet meeting, a sign of progress after recent unity talks sponsored by Egypt, the official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported Monday.Hamdallah's decision followed last week's announcement by Hamas, who controls the Gaza Strip, that it was dissolving a contentious committee set up earlier this year to organize their governing of the enclave in order to advance reconciliation between the group and its rival Fatah movement. On his return from Egypt-sponsored unity talks in Cairo, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told reporters last week that Hamas had made steps towards reconciliation and was awaiting a response from Fatah, the dominant Palestinian faction led by President Mahmoud Abbas. World Bulletin
Egypt court sentences former presidential candidate Khaled Ali to prison
An Egyptian misdemeanours court sentenced prominent human rights lawyer and former presidential candidate Khaled Ali to three months in prison yesterday for “violating public decency,” which could disqualify him from running in the upcoming presidential election. In a press statement issued Amnesty International described the court ruling as “politically motivated”. Ali’s lawyer Nour Fahmy told Reuters that the sentence could prevent Ali from running in the presidential election, expected to be held in 2018, if the ruling is affirmed by a misdemeanour appellate court.Ali will file an appeal against Monday’s ruling, his lawyer added. Middleeastmonitor
Egypt gov’t to decide on Morsi’s citizenship: Official
CAIRO :An Egyptian official said Tuesday revoking citizenship of former President Mohamed Morsi will be subject to a Govt  decision. Last week, the cabinet approved an amendment that would allow Egyptian citizenship to be taken away from a person belonging to an entity “seeking to undermine public order of the state.” The amendment also allows stripping citizenship from individuals convicted of crimes related to state security. The new amendment must be approved by parliament and ratified by the president. “Revoking Morsi’s citizenship will be subject to a decision from the cabinet in light of recent amendments,” assistant interior minister Ahmed al-Anwar told the local daily Al-Akhbar.He said the amendments target “terrorist entities in light of…attempts aimed to undermine security and stability”.Anadolu Agency
Nawaz Sharif appears before anti-corruption court
Overthrown Pakistani PM  Nawaz Sharif has appeared before an anti-corruption court in the capital Islamabad, putting to rest the possibility of political unrest if he boycotted proceedings. Sharif appeared before the court briefly on Tuesday morning, amid tight security and a number of supporters chanting slogans outside the court complex. Speaking to the press following his appearance in court, a defiant Sharif said he would continue to face the anti-corruption trial, but that he considered the process biased against him. aljazeera
HRW: Myanmar committing 'crimes against humanity'
HRW has decried Myanmar's military crackdown on Rohingya in Rakhine State, accusing security forces of committing "crimes against humanity". The international rights group said on Tuesday that Myanmar's security forces have committed "serious violations" that include rape and other sexual violence, murder, forced deportation and persecution of the Rohingya."Burmese [Myanmar] military is brutally expelling the Rohingya from northern Rakhine State," James Ross, legal and policy director at Human Rights Watch, told Reuters. "The massacres of villagers and mass arson driving people from their homes are all crimes against humanity," he said. In the past, HRW has also accused Buddhist monks in the area, as well as Myanmar security forces of "crimes against humanity". Aljazeera
North Korea: All options on the table for leadership
North Korea's foreign minister says President Donald Trump had declared war on his country and that Pyongyang reserves the right to take countermeasures, including shooting down US bombers even if they are not in its airspace.The increasingly heated rhetoric between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is raising fears of a risk of a miscalculation by one side or the other that could have massive repercussions."The whole world should clearly remember it was the US who first declared war on our country," Ri Yong-ho said in New York City on Monday. aljazeera
US rejects North Korea war allegations as 'absurd'
US has dismissed North Korea's accusation that President Donald Trump has declared war against the country, calling it "absurd". The comments come as South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) said that Pyongyang had moved to bolster its coastal defences by relocating its warplanes along the east coast. aljazeera
Swedish mosque gutted in suspected arson attack
A mosque in the southern Swedish city of Orebro has been completely destroyed in a suspected arson attack, a fire department official said on Tuesday.Firefighters arrived at the site at 2 a.m. local time but the mosque was completely gutted, according to Orebro fire chief Ulf Jacobsen.No one was injured in the blaze, Jacobsen said, adding that evidence pointed to it being an arson attack. Orebro mosque -- which has a capacity for 250 people -- was built in 2007 in the Vivalla neighborhood, home to Muslims from various countries.World Bulletin
HRW: Saudi Arabia hate speech still targets minorities
A report by the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) titled They are not our brothers: Hate Speech by Saudi Officials, released on Tuesday,says Saudi Arabia has permitted government-appointed religious scholars to refer to religious minorities in "derogatory terms or demonise them in official documents and religious rulings" that influence government decision-making."Saudi has relentlessly promoted a reform narrative in recent years, yet it allows government-affiliated clerics and textbooks to openly demonise religious minorities such as Shia," Sarah Leah Whitson, a Middle East director at HRW, said.HRW cautions that this hate speech prolongs the systematic discrimination against the Shia minority and is employed by violent groups who attack them. Aljazeera
Human shield in Kashmir: How the Indian Army let itself down: Karan Thapar
Arun Jaitley blaming big borrowers for NPA (non-performing assets) hides a bit of frustration, but solution isn’t far to seek Business: S Murlidharan

How police action against BHU girls serves larger political, social goal:Seema Chishti

Who was Muhammad Mahdi Akef? Azzam Tamimi
Where are the sanctions against Myanmar?Aijaz Zaka Syed
60 women from inter-faith marriages held captive at centre
Over 60 Hindu women held captive at Kerala yoga centre for marrying outside faith, claims petition
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