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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Eid al Adha Sermon: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami here to read more

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

27 Aug. 2017: 04 Zilhajja 1438:Vol:8, No:266
A majority triple Talaq verdict without support of reasons of majority judges: Advocate Shamshad
MR Shamshad, an Advocate on Record, in the Supreme Court, who also has assisted senior Advocate Kapil Sibal appearing for the triple talaq matter on behalf of AIMPLB, said, "The majority view of the 5-judge bench of the Supreme Court is that triple talaq, pronounced in one sitting coming into effect instantaneously, is “set aside”. Out of these 3 judges, 2 (Justice Rohinton F. Nariman and Justice Uday U. Lalit) also held that this form of talaq was violative of fundamental right mentioned in Article 14, not on the ground of equality within the meaning of discrimination. They stated: “We do not find the need to go into the ground of discrimination in these cases.” Advocate Shamshad said, "These two judges have one limited ground to invalidate this form of talaq, which is the test of ‘manifest arbitrariness’ as ‘the marital tie can be broken capriciously and whimsically by Muslim man without any attempt at reconciliation so as to save it’. This arbitrary action would be a ground to invalidate legislation as well as subordinate legislation under Article 14 relying upon the earlier 5-judge judgment. They do not clearly overrule nor uphold Shamim Ara (2002) judgment, which had introduced the concept of reasonable cause and reconciliation from the Quran. The third judge (Justice Kurian Joseph) finds two grounds to invalidate this form of talaq because it “is against the basic tenets of the Holy Quran and consequently, it violates Shariat” and hence, not an integral part of the religious practice of Islam itself. Second, the violation of the principle laid down in Shamim Ara case. Hence, it shall be a majority verdict without the support of reasons of majority judges. It is similar situation where, in Babri Masjid-Ram Janm Bhoomi title dispute case, majority of two judges reached on the same conclusion to divide the land into three parts, but for different reasons. The third judge wrote completely different judgment with different conclusion. But the way it has been put to general public, largely in the electronic media, that triple talaq in this form has been held to be ‘unconstitutional’, as it is against the concept of ‘gender justice’, is incorrect. It can only be read into the judgment of two judges, which shall be minority view."  Advocate Shamshad  further stated, "The interesting part is that Justice Joseph holds that the Central Law of 1937 referring to talaq is ‘not legislation regulating Talaq’ and he has agreed on this with two other Judges (Chief Justice Khehar and Justice SA Abdul Nazeer). Consequently, the majority view is that this form of Talaq-e-Biddat remains part of personal law. If there is no legislation, Part III of the Constitution i.e., Fundamental Rights, shall not be invoked to invalidate personal law. This can be read as majority view of 3 judges. Minority of 2 judges held that the 1937 Act would also be read to recognise and enforce triple talaq and shall be understood as “law in force” and proceeded to invoke the arbitrariness principle emanating from Article 14. To fit in the concept of arbitrariness as a ground, a judgment was cited, which was argued by (Justice Nariman while being senior counsel) for setting  aside of an amending Act relating to manufacture and production of liquor in Andhra Pradesh (as reacted at page 356 of the judgement), but the same was rejected by the then three judges. In terms of the present judgment, Justice Nariman (with Justice Lalit) held that this judgment of three judges was ‘no longer good law’ in view of the earlier 5-judge judgment in Ajay Hasia case of 1981 where it was held that arbitrary and unreasonable action of “an authority” under Article 12 would be violative under Article 14. The Ajay Hasia case was regarding the procedure of admission in educational institution." livelaw
Khehar will come back in new avatar:Attorney-General
New Delhi: Attorney-General of India K.K. Venugopal on Friday commended CJI JS Khehar for his initiative to hold the triple talaq hearings during the summer vacations and indicated that the top judge will, after his retirement, make a comeback in a new ‘avatar’.The revelation by the country’s top Govt law officer was made during the farewell ceremony held for Chief Justice Khehar, who is retiring on Aug27.The post of the top anti-corruption ombudsman, Lokpal, which a former Chief Justice of India is eligible to occupy, has been lying vacant. Lokpal law has been in limbo for the past few years. thehindu
Triple talaq verdict to speed up Uniform Civil Code report
New Delhi:The Supreme Court's recent judgment banning instant triple talaq  is set to become one of the main reference texts for the Law Commission which is in the process of compiling public opinion on the contentious Uniform Civil Code (UCC)."Yes we will closely study the judgment. It will form one of the basis (of report). The Supreme Court has done its bit and now we will do the remaining work", Law Commission Chairman Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan told Mail Today when asked about the impact of the SC judgment.He was speaking on the sidelines of the farewell function of outgoing Chief Justice JS Khehar.Justice Chauhan said the focus is on family laws of all religions and the diversity of customary practices, and to address social injustice and gender inequality rather than the plurality of laws."Under UCC, all personal laws based on scriptures and customs of every religion will be replaced with a common law governing every citizen.Mail Today
Why Govt must now hasten to enact Uniform Civil Code:GR Gopinath
Centre urged to enact law against triple talaq
Justice Misra to hear SIMI ban case on day 1 as CJI; earlier he delivered famous order that all cine-goers should stand during playing national anthem
The causelist uploaded on the Supreme Court website shows that Chief Justice Misra will be sharing the bench with justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud. The bench headed by CJI Misra will be hearing 72 cases on Monday, including the SIMI ban case. As CJI, Misra will hold office for the next 13 months, till 2 Oct. 2018. Justice Misra is also famous as the judge who issued the controversial order that all cine-goers should stand in attention when the national anthem is played before a movie. It is he who is issuing periodic orders in a PIL for gradual blocking of pornographic sites. He has his work cut out – filing up judicial vacancies, dealing with contentious cases such as Ayodhya, Cauvery and women’s right to enter the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. He also gets the contentious MOP (Memorandum of Procedure of appointment of judges) issue in legacy from Khehar. The collegium hasn’t agreed to the security clause which would allow the Govt to veto superior court appointments. That will be a tough one. Justice Misra was also among the 3 judges who were up all night in July 2015, giving a historic hearing to decide on Yakub Memon’s last-minute appeal against his hanging. It was Justice Misra who announced the court’s decision at 5 am: “Stay of death warrant would be a travesty of justice. The plea is dismissed,” he said. Memon was hanged 2 hours later. livelaw
Mukul Rohatgi confirms Ravi Shankar Prasad wasn’t being truthful on right to privacy
Mukul Rohatgi, who recently quit as Attorney General in Modi Govt has implied that the Supreme Court’s verdict declaring right to privacy as a fundamental right was a setback to Centre.He told Indian Express that if he would have conceded it as a defeat had he still been in job as AG. He said, “If I was there (as Attorney General), I would have said we have lost the case. As lawyers, we are used to winning and losing cases. Because the fact is, we haven’t won this case. 8-judge bench has been overruled (an 8-judge bench had ruled in 1954 that the right to privacy cannot be a fundamental right) and the Aadhaar issue has been left unresolved. So where is the question of winning?’’Rohatgi said that Modi govt should not have diluted its stand on privacy in the Supreme Court.He said, “govt should not have diluted their stand in court because the inclusion or exclusion of fundamental rights is only the proviso of Parliament…Here, the judiciary is taking over the functions of Parliament and it is a very unsatisfactory resolution of the dispute.” jantakareporter
If I were still A-G, I would have said we lost privacy case: Mukul Rohatgi
Mann Ki Baat: Modi hails Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind's volunteering efforts during Gujarat floods
New Delhi: PM  Narendra Modi on Sunday hailed Muslim organisation Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind, saying its volunteers had recently cleaned 22 temples and 2 mosques affected by floods in Gujarat, setting a "fine" and "inspiring" example of unity. He noted that India is a land of diversities which are not limited to cuisine, lifestyle and attire but can be seen in every walk of life. "Gujarat saw devastating floods recently. Many people lost their lives. When the waters receded, there was so much filth everywhere."That is when, in Dhanera in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, volunteers of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind cleaned 22 affected temples and two mosques in a phased manner," Modi said in his monthly radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat'.He said the Jamiat volunteers came together and toiled collectively. "The volunteers of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind set a fine, inspiring example of unity for cleanliness. If this committed effort towards cleanliness become inherent to us, our country will certainly take our nation to greater heights," PM underlined.In his broadcast, he pointed out that India has a rich cultural heritage, spanning thousands of years, and in this context, talked about the festivals which are replete with diversity.In this series of festivals, Eid-ul-Zuha will be celebrated in a few days from now. Heartiest felicitations and best wishes to all countrymen on the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha," the PM  said.PTI
Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi praises Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind for cleaning temples in Banaskantha after Gujarat floods
When PM Modi Praised Jamiat Ulema in Mann Ki Baat
'Pan-India Grand Alliance': Sharad Yadav Vows At Lalu Yadav's Big Rally
Patna: From the platform of Lalu Prasad's grand anti-BJP rally in Patna today, Sharad Yadav today promised a pan-India Grand Alliance that would take on the BJP at the next general election. But the promised mega-platform of the opposition at Patna's Gandhi Maidan had shrunk, with some of the key opposition leaders, including Congress's Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Dalit powerhouse Mayawati giving it a miss.Sharad Yadav shared stage today with Lalu, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and Samajwadi leader Akhilesh Yadav. The leader, who is staring at an expulsion from the JD(U) for defying orders to skip the rally, was greeted warmly by Lalu with an embrace on the dais."I say here today a gathbandhan will be made in entire India," Sharad Yadav said, addressing the crowds at the "Desh Bachao, BJP Bhagao" rally. "Here on this stage, the maha gathbandhan was made. Attempts were made for a coalition in Delhi, it was unsuccessful. But it was successful here."Lalu Yadav, took spoke against his former ally, who junked the Grand Alliance last month to join hands with old ally BJP. "I knew Nitish was not the right person, but the situation was such that I had to do it (enter the Grand Alliance) keeping in mind the state of affairs in the country," he said. "I never agreed to Nitish being CM." Congress was represented by Ghulam Nabi Azad and party general secretary CP Joshi. Before coming to attend the rally, Sharad Yadav told the media that he was with the Grand Alliance and his faction was the real JD(U). "Let's wait for one or 2 months. I will publicly prove it that the JD-U is our party," he said. ndtv
Will form another Grand Alliance at national level:Sharad
Rebel JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav on Sunday pledged to form another 'Mahagathbandhan' (Grand Alliance) at the national level to defeat and oust BJP-led NDA in the next general election."Hindustan bhar mein Gathbandhan banega ab," Sharad Yadav roared to applause from the large gathering at a rally here organised by RJD chief CM  Lalu Prasad.
Lakhs gather in Patna at call of Lalu against Nitish-BJP alliance
Won’t sleep or breathe till I tear BJP apart: Tej Yadav
RJD rally highlights: Sharad Yadav calls for Grand Alliance at national level, Lalu says Nitish envy of Tejashwi’s popularity
No Action on Previous Incidents of Mob Violence Main Reason for Mass Violence in Haryana: Jamaat
New Delhi: One of the main reasons for the mass violence in Haryana is the climate of hate and violence created in the country in recent years, said Jamaat-e-Islami Hind while condemning the deadly violence in Panchkula and other parts of Haryana on Friday following the conviction of self-styled saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim in a 2002 rape case."One of the underlying reasons for this rampant violence (in Haryana) is the climate of hate and violence that has been created in the country by some anti-social elements without any step taken by those in authority to counter it. The state and central governments remained a mute spectator to lawless mobs who committed violence in broad daylight. The police and administrative machinery appeared to be paralyzed in front of these lawless mobs as they knew that the anti-social elements enjoyed patronage of the ruling party," said Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General of Jamaat." Central Govt must learn lessons from this episode (of Haryana) and understand that going soft on criminals will lead to anarchy and this will be a great loss to our country," he said.Jamaat leader condemned the Haryana violence and attack on media persons there by the supporters of the rape convict saint. IndiaTomorrow
Caught Holding Gurmeet Ram Rahim's Bag, Haryana Deputy Attorney General Fired
Chandigarh: Haryana has sacked one of its top lawyers, Deputy Advocate General Gurdass Singh Salwara, who was caught on camera holding self-styled spiritual leader Gurmeet Singh's bag after his conviction in a rape case. Salwara, the state's number 2 lawyer, is seen in his court robes as he rushes to help Ram Rahim with a bright orange suitcase. Ram Rahim, the chief of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect, was outside the court in Panchkula where he had been held guilty of raping two women at his ashram in 2002.In the video, Dera chief is seen in white, standing with a woman he calls his adopted daughter, Honeypreet, who is also holding a bag. Salwara reportedly accompanied the convicted Dera chief claiming to be his relative.Guru was taken to a special jail in Rohtak.
"For Modi colonisation began with Muslim rule, not British"
PM  Narendra Modi, colonisation of India did not begin with the British, but with the Muslim rulers, Congress lawmaker Shashi Tharoor said. He was speaking at the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival in Bhutan's capital Thimpu. "History has become contestant territory in our country. We have seen this starting with the Ram Janmabhoomi movement which was the first major nationwide effort to essentially take revenge upon history. You can't undo what was done centuries ago and simply create new wrongs and injustices against people who are innocent of the old wrong doings," Tharoor said.PM  Modi Today battles are about the present and history is being used as a battle axe. When I speak of 200 hundred years of foreign rule, our PM speaks of 1,200 years of foreign rule," lawmaker from Kerala also said. oneindia
Killings for cow continue; 2 Muslim youths lynched by mob in W.Bengal in suspicion of stealing cow
In yet another murder for cow, two Muslim youths were lynched by villagers in West Bengal for transporting cow on Sunday. Hafizul Sheik and Anwar Hussain were beaten to death in Dhupguri of Jalpaiguri district in the suspicion of stealing cows.Sheik hailed from Assam while Hussain is Coochbehar resident. This comes just a month after three Muslim youths were killed in Chopra, North Dinajpur of West Bengal by a group of self styled cow vigilantes.Police said the incident took place at around 3 am in Dadon 2 village.A senior police officer of Jalpaiguri district said that a probe into the case has begun.“The bodies have been sent for post mortem and we have started an investigation",a police officer said.According to reports, villagers blocked the vehicle in which victims were transporting seven cows in the suspicion that they were stealing it.When villagers tried to stop them, youths denied to stop the vehicle by speeding it up leading another group into blocking the road.Driver of the vehicle managed to flee while the two others were beaten to death after being questioned by the mob. Though the duo was taken into local hospital by the police, they were declared brought dead. Police, meanwhile, said that it is still unclear whether they were stealing the cow or transporting it after they bought it from the market. southlive
10 held after clashes over cow carcass in Bulandshahr village
Noida:After a cow carcass was spotted at a pond in Bulandshahr’s Adauli village on Friday, leading to clashes, stone-pelting and communal tension, police on Saturday arrested 10 people from 2 different communities. While no injuries were reported, police registered 3 cases. Soon after police took the carcass away, members from two communities gathered in the village, which has a population of around 10,000. In the hours that followed, stones were pelted from both sides and some people entered two local mosques, breaking the doors and windows, police said. According to police no one was injured. 3 FIRs against 59 named persons and several unknown persons were registered. “One FIR has been registered under UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act against 4 persons. 2 other FIRs, based on complaints filed by 2 communities, have been filed under IPC sections 147, 148, 149 (rioting), 395 and 295. Of 10 arrested, one is an accused in the cow slaughter case,” Muniraj G, SSP, Bulandshahr said. Police, however, maintained there is no evidence so far against those accused of cow slaughter.In the aftermath of the incident, a video started doing the rounds purportedly showing a group of men climbing a minaret at a mosque and hoisting the tricolour. While some reports stated the video was related to Friday’s incident in Adauli, the allegations were denied by senior police officers.“Video which is being circulated is not associated with yesterday’s incident. It took place in another village in the district at least 4-5 months ago,”SSP said. Meanwhile,PAC battalion, officers from two police stations and around 20 constables have been deployed in the village. A peace committee meeting, called by the district administration, is expected to take place within two days. indianexpress
Hindu Yuva Vahini goons climb atop place of worship in Bulandshahr to hoist tricolour, chant Vande Matram:report
Gau ke Naam: Gau Rakshaks' Terror Brings Down Asia's Largest Leather Market in Hapur
In this episode of Gau ke Naam, NewsClick travelled to Hapur where Asia's largest raw leather market is situated. Those who bring raw hides from dead  animals here for sale and those who buy it for tanning say their business has gone down to just 20 percent. They blame cow vigilantes and the ban on sale of cattle for slaughter.Newsclick
‘We don’t have data’: Kerala DGP denies confirming ‘love jihad’ in state
Amidst allegations about prevalence of ‘love jihad’ in Kerala, the state police chief has said there was no data “till now” to confirm its existence. DGP Loknath Behera said this while denying reports in a section of the media which quoted him as having confirmed the prevalence of ‘love jihad’ in the state.However, he said the police were “keeping an eye on allegations” from various quarters in this regard.In a section of the media, it had been stated that the state police chief had confirmed that ‘love jihad’ was there in Kerala which is “not correct and has been totally misunderstood”, Behera said in a statement here.“What I have said is that we are keeping an eye on allegations from various quarters that there is radicalisation through conversion using various means taking place in Kerala,” he said.PTI
National Register of Citizens Told to Segregate ‘Original Assam Inhabitants’ From Among 48 Lakh Applicants
New Delhi: The Supreme Court has asked the office of the Assam state coordinator for the National Register of Citizens (NRC) – presently updating the 1951 list under the supervision of the apex court to detect undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh – to file a report within six weeks on how many of the 48 lakh applicants who had submitted only a panchayat certificate to prove their Indian citizenship, were “original inhabitants” of the state.The apex court also directed the state coordinator for NRC, Prateek Hajela, present in the hearing on August 24, to ready “a partial” draft NRC by December 31 “till the issue of these 48 lakh is decided.”A two-judge bench of the Supreme Court, comprising Justices Ranjan Gogoi and Navin Sinha, was hearing a bunch of special leave petitions, filed against the February 28 Gauhati high court order, which rejected the submission of panchayat secretary-issued residency certificates as “link documents” by 48 lakh applicants as “unconstitutional” as it had “no statutory sanctity”. thewire
Gorakhpur doctor Kafeel Khan claims innocence
Lucknow: Kafeel Khan, a doctor suspended and booked with 4 others after the child deaths at the Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur, has purportedly released a video claiming innocence and saying he has gone into hiding after "being targeted".Khan's mobile phone was switched off but a cousin, Ammar Islam, confirmed the video's authenticity to reporters today.Chief secretary Rajiv Kumar's probe report has charged Khan with negligence of duty - that is, failing to inform superiors and taking steps about the oxygen crisis - running a private nursing home and using medical college equipment at the nursing home, Govt sources said.Khan has purportedly claimed in the video, circulating in the social media since Aug.19, that he had informed almost every officer in the Gorakhpur district administration and the medical education dept in Lucknow about the oxygen crisis. "I'm forced to live in hiding because some people are targeting me," a figure that local journalists have confirmed as resembling Khan says in the video without elaborating.
Wrong arm of the law: 12 yrs in jail for Muslim youths for terror crimes not committed
11 years, 222 days. Mohammad Abdul Kaleem remembers, to a day, the time he has spent behind bars for a crime he did not commit, as the courts recently underlined. “Imagine sitting in a room like this, even for 3 days,” he says, gesturing to the narrow sitting room of his friend’s house in the by-lanes of Moosarambagh in Hyderabad. “We were inside for over 11 years, seeing only walls and bars for 24 hours. Having a cup of tea whenever I want, like we are doing now, feels like a luxury.” Kaleem was 23 when he, a welder, was sent to prison. Now he is 34 and unemployed, with a prison record. His friend and co-accused, Mohammad Abdul Zahed, nods. “We were undertrials but everyone labelled us ISI agents, in jail and outside, even the media.” On Aug.10, around 10 days before the Malegaon terror blasts accused Lieutenant Colonel Shrikant Purohit was granted bail for the first time, a Hyderabad sessions court exonerated Kaleem, Zahed and 8 others of terror charges. They had been tried for conspiracy in a case where a suicide bomber, allegedly a Bangladeshi, had blown himself up at the office of the special task force in Begumpet, killing himself and another guard, on Oct.12, 2005, the day of Dussehra. The police named Zahed’s brother, Abdul Shahid alias Bilal, as the main accused and said he, along with others, had planned, trained and sent the Bangladeshi to Hyderabad, as part of a plot to attack several targets in the city. Another brother, Abdul Majeed, was also named in the charge sheet which accused 20 people of the crime. Both brothers are now presumed dead — killed in Pakistan, according to reports quoting the police, and shot dead by the police in Delhi, according to Zahed and his family. The brothers, they said, had been missing for years and had had no connection with the family. The court declared the accused to be innocent in a 65-page judgment that picked several holes in the prosecution’s case, from unreliable witnesses to the lack of evidence of a link between the bomber and the other accused. Economictimes
India’s new tax system hit by severe teething pains: Millions of businesses miss July payment after introduction of GST
New Delhi:Millions of Indian businesses have not paid their tax for July as the country’s new system struggles to cope with the weight of demand from companies trying to use it for the first time. Taxpayers have reported a range of problems with the online platform for the country’s national goods and services tax, including poor connectivity, insufficient space to file invoices and payments not being registered. The complaints are the latest set of teething problems with the system, which was rolled out in July after a decade of political debate but with just three months of detailed planning.It has replaced local levies and taxes, turning India into a single market for the first time. Financial times
India facing problem of severe under-employment:Niti Aayog
New Delhi:Making a case for promoting highly productive and well paid jobs, Niti Aayog has said that not unemployment but a “severe under-employment” is the main problem facing the country. The Govt think-tank in its 3-year action plan, released last week, has said that a focus on the domestic market through an import-substitution strategy would give rise to a group of relatively small firms behind a high wall of protection. “Contrary to some assertions that India’s growth has been ’jobless’, Employment Unemployment Surveys (EUS) of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) has consistently reported low and stable rates of unemployment over more than three decades.“Indeed, unemployment is the lesser of India’s problems. The more serious problem, instead, is severe underemployment,” Aayog said in 3-Year Action Agenda for 2017-18 to 2019-20.PTI
Maharashtra education department wants for-profit firms, individuals to run schools
Mumbai: Soon, individuals and organisations could be allowed to manage schools and earn a profit from their services. Currently, only public trusts and Govt and charitable organisations run schools. However, a proposal from the state school education department to the state cabinet could change this. The cabinet, however, decided to only let firms formed under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 — to promote arts, commerce, science, education, religion or charity — to establish and manage schools.The state Govt is now seeking amendments to Maharashtra Self-financed Schools (Establishment and Regulation) Act, 2012, to implement its decision. Such a move will require the approval of the state legislature. According to an official at the department, the move is aimed at promoting competition among schools and enhancing the quality of primary and secondary education. “Schools are unable to hike fees owing to the state’s restrictions. Many of the budget primary schools are not performing well,” he said.The decision comes after parents’ protests against Maharashtra schools’ decision to hike fees. The state also relaxed a key infrastructural norm for setting up schools. In urban areas, schools can now be set up on a 500-sq-m plot, reduced from the earlier requirement of a one-acre plot. Organisations can also register their schools online throughout the years.However, some activists said the decision will lead to privatisation of school education. “By introducing corporations to the education sector, the Govt is trying to absolve itself of its responsibility of providing education to children. Besides, the corporations will focus more on producing employees for industries, rather than students with a social sense,” said Nadeem Rasoul, zonal education secretary, Students Islamic Organisation of India. hindustantimes
Sushma discusses welfare of Indian workers with Qatar Foreign Minister
New Delhi:External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Saturday met Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani in New Delhi and discussed bilateral relations and welfare of Indian workers in the gas-rich Gulf nation.“EAM @SushmaSwaraj welcomes Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Foreign Minister of Qatar on his visit to India,” External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar tweeted along with a picture of the two leaders.“Bilateral issues, including welfare of Indian workers in Qatar were discussed,” he said. There are around 630,000 expatriate Indians in Qatar, many of whom are blue collar workers in the country’s construction sector.ANI
China trying to change status quo, more Doklam-like incidents likely: Army chief
China is attempting to “change the status quo” on its border with India and incidents like the ongoing stand-off in the Doklam area are likely to “increase” in future, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said on Saturday.“The recent stand-off in the Doklam plateau by the Chinese side attempting to change the status quo are issues which we need to be wary about, and I think such kind of incidents are likely to increase in the future,” Rawat said.He was delivering the General BC Joshi Memorial Lecture on ‘India’s Challenges in the Current Geo-Strategic Construct’ organised by the Dept of Defence and Strategic Studies of Savitribai Phule Pune University here this evening.“Pockets of dispute and contested claims to the territory continue to exist. These are due to differing perceptions on the alignments of the LAC.PTI
Tracing the life of a ‘half widow’: Muslim director, Kashmiri pandit writer join hands for a film
Kashmir has often attracted filmmakers for the beauty and conflict that the valley brings but an upcoming film will now showcase a Kashmiri perspective. Based on the lives of Kashmir’s ‘half widows’, the movie is generating a lot of buzz for something every native has yearned for – an insider’s view. Interestingly, the director, dialogue writer, actors and singers of the film are all Kashmiris – both Muslims and Pandits – and depict one of the most painful aspects of Kashmir conflict.The film christened Half Widow shows the struggle of one Kashmiri woman, Neela, whose husband was suddenly taken away one night, according to its director Danish Renzu (30). “It is the plight of a woman who lost her husband. It is her journey as a half-widow not knowing whether he was dead or alive. And it is also about her survival and her empowerment,” said Renzu, who has also co-produced the film with Gaya Bhola.HT
After SC privacy ruling, petitioners hope beef ban will now be reversed
After the Supreme Court upheld privacy as a “fundamental right”, petitioners from Maharashtra who have challenged the state govt’s beef ban believe that their case has been strengthened. The ban, which has been challenged in the SC, is scheduled to come up for hearing on Sept.4. Sadiq Qureshi, Western Maharashtra head of All India Jamiatul Quresh (an all-India organisation representing the traditional community which deals with animal slaughter and meat trade), said they had moved the court immediately after the state Govt banned the slaughter and trade of animals belonging to cow progeny. The community had earlier challenged the beef ban in Bombay High Court, which had led to a reading down of the Act. Qureshi said they have challenged the ban in the Supreme Court and they are fighting for a complete removal of the ban. The body claims to be fighting for lakhs from their community members who have been thrown in the chasms of penury. “We are hopeful the Supreme Court will hear our pleas positively,” Qureshi said. In Bombay HC, Qureshi said their case resulted in the dilution of the ban and, armed with the recent judgment on privacy, they are confident of overthrowing the ban completely.“Almost 50% of our community have been rendered unemployed because of the ban,” he said. indianexpress
Myanmar unrest: Death toll rises to 98; govt evacuates 4,000 non-Muslim villagers as violence flares
Yangon: Myanmar Govt has evacuated at least 4,000 non-Muslim villagers amid ongoing clashes in northwestern Rakhine state, the Govt said, while thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled across the border to Bangladesh.The death toll from the violence that erupted on Friday with coordinated attacks by Rohingya insurgents has climbed to 98, including some 80 insurgents and 12 members of the security forces, the Govt said. The clashes, the worst since at least October, have prompted the Govt to evacuate staff and thousands of non-Muslim villagers from the area.Fighting involving the military and hundreds of Rohingya across northwestern Rakhine continued on Saturday with the fiercest clashes taking place on the outskirts of the major town of Maungdaw, according to residents and the government.The attacks marked a dramatic escalation of a conflict that has simmered in the region since last October, when a similar but much smaller Rohingya attack prompted a brutal military operation beset by allegations of serious human rights abuses.Win Myat Aye, Myanmar’s minister for social welfare, relief and resettlement, told Reuters late on Saturday that 4,000 “ethnic villagers” who had fled their villages had been evacuated, referring to non-Muslim residents of the area.The ministry is arranging facilities for non-Muslims in places including Buddhist monasteries, Govt offices and local police stations in major cities. He was unable to describe the government’s plans to help Rohingya civilians.Reuters
Bangladesh sends back 90 Rohingya despite violence
Cox’s Bazar: Bangladesh has detained and forcibly returned 90 Rohingya migrants to Myanmar, police said Sunday, just hours after Myanmarese troops on the other side of the border had opened fire on people fleeing the country.Police intercepted a group of 70 Rohingya late Saturday after they crossed the “zero line” border zone, where Myanmar soldiers earlier fired mortars and machine guns at villagers making the dangerous dash from the northern state of Rakhine into Bangladesh. Another 20 Rohingya were caught Sunday and sent back after crossing the Naf river, a natural border between Myanmar and Bangladesh, according to Ariful Islam, a commander with Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).AFP
Pope Francis laments persecution of Rohingya Muslims, prays God 'saves them'
Pope Francis decried the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmarand prayed that they receive “full rights” on Sunday.The pontiff said there was “sad news about the persecution of the religious minority of our Rohingya brothers.”Francis asked the faithful in St Peter's Square to pray that God “saves them” and they receive help.AP
Israeli parliament to hold vote on controversial ‘Jewish State bill’ next month
Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is expected to advance the so-called “Jewish State bill” — also referred to as the “Nationality” or “Nation State bill” — next month according to Israeli media, amid ongoing controversies over the bill’s discrimination of Palestinian citizens of Israel.Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Friday that a committee established to promote the bill would be given two consecutive sessions next month, despite the Knesset being in recess during that time.The bill declares that Israel is “the national home of the Jewish people,” and that “the right to realize self-determination in Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”It would also revoke Arabic’s status as an official state language, despite 20 % of Israeli citizens being Palestinians, and downgrading it to “special status in the state.” According to Haaretz, Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu had wanted to put the bill up for a vote at the Knesset last month. However, its details have remained controversial and further discussions would necessitate “compromises” on the bill’s scope. middleeastmonitor
8-yr-old Palestinian girl dies after being struck by Israeli settler car
An 8-year-old Palestinian girl who was run over by an Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank was buried on Sunday.Aseel Abu Oun was killed a day earlier by a settler who drove his car near where she lived in the Foroush Beit Dajan village, in the Nablus district.She was leaving a supermarket around noon with a friend when she was struck.Haaretz,Israeli daily newspaper, reported that police detained the driver of the vehicle for questioning.Police said they opened an investigation, Haaretz reported, but did not specify whether the settler had been released.However, members of Aseel's family said the announcement of a police investigation was simply an attempt by the Israeli govt to quell public anger."We are used to the Israeli police and their ways of dealing with settler aggression or attacks on Palestinians," Jawdat Abu Oun, a relative of Aseel's, told Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera
Lebanon, Syria declare ceasefires in fight against ISIL
Lebanon's army has announced a ceasefire in its offensive against ISIL fighters at the country's northeast border with Syria.The ceasefire took effect at 7am local time on Sunday in order to determine the fate of Lebanese soldiers who are in ISIL captivity, military statement said.Reporting from Beirut, Al Jazeera's Mohammed Jamjoom said that the ceasefire was a significant development in Lebanon, given that "the army seemed very confident just a couple of days ago that they were going to rid those areas of the last remnants of ISIL fighters". "Now the Lebanese Govt is sending out a message that they care for their soldiers, and are trying to ensure that these soldiers can be released as quickly as possible," he said.The fate of 9 soldiers that ISIL took captive then remains unknown. Shortly after, the Lebanese group Hezbollah and the Syrian army, which are engaged in another offensive against ISIL on the other side of the frontier in Syria along the border with Lebanon, announced a ceasefire that took effect at the same time.A Hezbollah military media unit said the ceasefire took place "under a full agreement to end the battle in west Qalamoun against [ISIL]".At the time of writing,there were no reports of ISIL fighters failing to respect submit to both ceasefires. Hezbollah's Al Manar TV reported that the armed group has received the bodies of 5 of its fighters who were held by ISIL. Bodies will be identified by DNA testing later. aljazeera
Ceasefire begins in Islamic State pocket at Syria-Lebanon border, reports Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV:Reuters
UNICEF: Syria orphanages targeted in ongoing war
UN children's agency, UNICEF, estimates that six million children have been affected by the war in Syria.An unknown number have been made orphans in the conflict.UNICEF says orphanages across the country are struggling to cope and have been targeted in the fighting. Aljazeera
5 feared dead in Hurricane Harvey as floods wash over Texas, residents
Five people were reported dead on Sunday as the Hurricane Harvey death toll climbed.Three people are feared dead in Aransas County and another two are thought to have died in Houston as 130mph winds and thrashing rain lashed the region.The Category 4 hurricane, dubbed the worst in 12 years, made landfall late on Friday, battering the coast.It has since been downgraded to a tropical storm and is making its way inland, bringing with it a torrent of heavy rain and further concern for emergency authorities who fear it will trigger some of the worst flooding on record in the state. dailymail
Floods kill over 1,200 in India, Nepal and Bangladesh
The death toll from monsoon floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal has climbed above 1,200, as rescue workers scramble to provide aid to millions of people stranded by the worst such disaster in years.All three countries suffer frequent flooding during the June-September monsoon season, but international aid agencies say things are worse this year with thousands of villages cut off and people deprived of food and clean water for days.Indian PM  Narendra Modi conducted an aerial survey of flood-hit Bihar state on Saturday and has pledged a relief fund of $78m.Govt officials in India's eastern state of Bihar told Reuters news agency on Friday that at least 379 people had been killed over the past few days, with thousands sheltered in relief camps away from their inundated homes."This year farming has collapsed due to floods and we will witness a sharp rise in unemployment," said Anirudh Kumar, a disaster management official in Patna - capital of poor Bihar known for mass migration to cities in search of jobs.In neighbouring UP, at least 88 people were killed when floods swamped nearly half of the vast state of 220 million people. aljazeera
DR Congo violence displaces 3.8 million: UN
The number of people displaced by conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has nearly doubled in the past six months to 3.8 million, according to a UN official.George Okoth-Obbo, the number two official at the UNHCR, said food and clothing was needed for the 1.4 million in the volatile Kasai region who have fled their homes in violence that has killed more than 3,000 people."Immediate protection" was required, he told AFP on the last day of a 3-day visit to the country, in particular for children "who are sleeping in conditions that are difficult to imagine".In the southeastern province of Tanganyika, clashes between rival groups have also forced thousands to flee, as has the long-running violence in the Kivu region, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council, an NGO. aljazeera
At least 19 people including American Journalist killed in S Sudan fighting
At least 19 people have been killed in South Sudan, including an American freelance journalist, after fighting broke out between Govt troops and rebel forces in the southern part of the country, rebel leaders and the military said.Christopher Allen, who worked with various news outlets, including Al Jazeera in the past, was killed in heavy fighting in the town of Kaya in Yei River State on Saturday. "On the ground, about 16 [bodies] have been found around the defensive position of the SPLA including this white man," military spokesman Santo Domic Chol told Reuters, referring to SPLA national army.3 Govt soldiers were also killed, he said. aljazeera
Saudi-led coalition says Yemen civilians including children killed in an air strike was by mistake:AFP
Riyadh:Saudi-led Arab military coalition on Saturday admitted responsibility for an air strike the previous day in the Yemeni capital that killed 14 civilians, describing it as a “technical mistake”. The attack was the latest in a wave of deadly raids on residential areas of Yemen blamed on the coalition, drawing strong international condemnation.
WHO: Cholera has killed 2,018 people in Yemen
A total of 2,018 people have been killed by a cholera epidemic in war-torn Yemen since late April, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said Saturday.In a statement, the WHO said 565,041 suspected cases of cholera have been recorded in the country since April 27. middleeastmonitor
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