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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

23 May 2017: 26 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:199
UP: After Dalits, now Thakurs threaten to convert to Islam
Aligarh:Retaliating to the threat of religious conversions by Dalits of a village in Aligarh, local Thakurs have threatened to embrace Islam if their issues are not resolved. They have accused Dalits of giving a casteist colour to "minor disputes" and victimising Thakurs in the process. On Sunday, some 2,000-odd Dalits from Keshopur Jhopri village, while accusing upper caste Thakurs of persecuting them, had immersed posters of Hindu gods in a rivulet, symbolising their resolve to bid farewell to Hinduism. However, their gesture has not gone down well with Thakurs, who have now threatened to convert to Islam unless their issues with the Dalits are sorted out. Lakhan Singh, a Thakur leader from the village, said Dalits were unnecessarily giving a casteist angle to minor disputes and even the police and the administration were supporting them. Countering the claims made by Dalits, Singh said, "On the contrary, people from our community were beaten up and even our women are not safe here."A dispute over laying of a drain pipeline from Thakur households had triggered the clash on May 16. Dalits had allegedly pulled out the pipes claiming that they drained out near the site where they proposed to build a temple dedicated to Bhairav Baba. FIRs were lodged by both sides and 11 people belonging to both communities were arrested. Lakhan Singh, who teaches at a self-financed degree college, claimed that police have booked 6 Thakurs under section 307 of the IPC and provisions of the SC/ST Act on a complaint by Dalits and this was not acceptable. He denied that the drains had been dug up to thwart Dalits from building the temple on the site of a dried well."Dalits are only staging a drama. If changing their religion can resolve the issue, then we are also ready to do it," said Singh, adding that those who were arrested were respectable people with a clean record.Another Thakur, Prince Chauhan, said, "We belong to educated families and are not goons. Dalits are taking advantage of the law to get the upper hand over us."TOI
Dalits ‘threaten’ to convert to Islam over construction of drain in Aligarh village
Dalits In UP Village Threaten To Convert To Islam After Being Allegedly Targeted By Police
Saharanpur sample of BJP caste politics as Thakurs emboldened by UP CM from community take on Dalits
Saharanpur:Saharanpur caste clashes, which are being seen as the Yogi Adityanath Govt 's first major law and order challenge, had political undercurrents, claim leaders of the Dalit and Thakur communities that were locked in a bloody conflict which also sucked Muslims into it. Spiral of violence started from Shabbirpur village, home to around 600 Dalits and over 900 Thakurs.Dalit victims of the clashes say upper caste Thakurs prevented them from installing a statue of BR Ambedkar on the premises of Ravidas temple in the village. Jatav Dalits in the village say Thakurs bottled their feelings up till "Behenji (Mayawati) was in power, but things have changed now"."With Yogi Adityanath, a Thakur, at the helm of the govt, members of his community are asserting their authority."During BSP rule, they used to say 'do not even touch Dalits. They are high-voltage power lines'. Now, they have unleashed carnage. This Govt  is barely two months old, five years is a long time," says 62-year-old Dal Singh, who is nursing his injuries at the district hospital in Saharanpur.Shyam Singh (55), whose house was torched in the clashes, alleges, "BJP is trying to consolidate its Thakur vote bank through violence as the local bodies polls are close.""BJP tried to pit Dalits against Muslims in Sadak Dudhli village, where clashes had erupted in April during a rally organised to mark Ambedkar Jayanti. They are eyeing Dalit votes," alleges Swapnil Bhaskar, another victim of the clashes. Rajya Sabha MP PL Punia, who recently visited Saharanpur to meet those injured in the clashes, says, "There is an Ambedkar statue at the residence of the village head. But the other group made a big deal about installing a bust on the temple's premises.""Kshatriyas inflicted atrocities on Dalits and the administration was complicit in the deed. BJP leaders enacted a drama of leading an Ambedkar rally in Sadak Dudhli. The party is openly supporting Thakurs," Punia claims.BJP activists, led by local MP Raghav Lakhanpal Sharma, had on April 20 taken out a march in Sadak Dudhli without the administration's approval to mark Ambedkar Jayanti, which Dalits celebrated on April 14. Its participants clashed with the Muslim residents.Jignesh Mewani, the face of last year's Dalit agitation in Gujarat, says, "Fascist forces have broken loose ever since Yogi Adityanath became the UP  CM . They feel encouraged. Earlier, there were no rallies on the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap. This time, they broke with tradition.""Dalits in the village alerted the police when the situation took a turn for the worse. According to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, the administration is required to take preemptive measures in such a case, but it did absolutely nothing. It shows someone else was pulling the strings,"Mewani, who is a lawyer, alleges."A pregnant woman was attacked with a sword and an attempt was made to immolate a child. What happened to the policy of 'sabka sath sabka vikas'?" he asks.PTI 
Bhim Army’s efforts to woo Dalits put on test, BJP alleges its rivals were behind Dalit rally: indianexpress
New Delhi:Bhim Army’s huge rally in the national capital having served as a show of strength, BJP leaders have acknowledged it as a challenge to its own efforts to consolidate support among Dalits but stressed that the party will handle the situation “ideologically.”BJP leaders feel that the Bhim Army is trying to take up the space seen as being ceded by a weakening BSP.“Bhim Army is a socially regressive organisation; it asks people who failed class X to join them. Besides, their protests are sponsored by outsiders,” said Bizay Sonkar Shastri, ex-MP and BJP leader from UP.He claimed Christian missionaries have been “eyeing” the community that forms the core support of Bhim Army for last 175 years. “Several books, including GW Briggs’s The Chamars, give evidence that Christian missionaries had urged Jatavs to join them as they were ignored by Hindus.Many leaders have used the same tactics to keep the community with them. Now Bhim Army too is being sponsored by outsiders,”Shastri said. Thousand attended Sunday’s rally where Bhim Army founder Chandrashekhar and other leaders highlighted attacks by Thakurs on Dalits in Saharanpur. BJP sources conceded that they were concerned following the success of the rally. “Nowadays, one cannot write off such a development as isolated, so the party is watching closely. Public rallies and outbursts against the BJP and its ideology could inspire or influence other groups too,” agreed a party leader. “This is also like agitation that happened in Gujarat [against cow vigilantes] and Maharashtra [a silent protest by Marathas against reservation].” Recent uprisings of this kind have given rise to leaders such as Jignesh Mewani and Hardik Patel, he noted.
6 injured in fresh clash in Saharanpur village as caste tension flared again
Lucknow: At least 6 persons were injured, one of them from gunshots, as caste tension flared again in Shabbirpur village and surrounding areas in Saharanpur district after BSP supremo Mayawati's visit. Members of two communities again fought a pitched battle in which many were injured, soon after the Dalit leader concluded her visit and drove back to New Delhi after accusing the ruling BJP of stirring the caste cauldron in the state.Some Dalits pelted stones at houses of members of the Rajput community and set one house on fire before the ex- CM's visit. Rajputs retaliated and both clashed in Chandrapura village, neighbouring Shabbirpur, of UP.One person sustained gunshot injuries. 5 others were injured by swords, two of them with critically, an official said. Additional police force was rushed to the scene of clashes.IANS
Dalit rally a warning to all parties first, govt next:Congress
Head of Congress Scheduled Caste wing K Raja has said rally at Jantar Mantar is a turning point in Dalit movement, needs to be taken seriously. Raja said, "I have spent a lot of time with the victims of the Saharanpur violence and the people there. What is becoming clear is that it was a case of the administration conniving with those who have committed those atrocities or the administration remaining silent. The police were there but they did not stop [the attacks]. So, this is one of a series of such incidents happening in the country in the last 3 years. The anger among Dalits is building up. Earlier they used to look up to a political party to come to their rescue but now… the kind of voluntary mobilisation that has happened from across many states… that really shows that Dalits want to assert themselves.They want to make their voice heard without having to come under the umbrella of any political party. It is a kind of turning point in the Dalit movement where, within a short time, they are able to connect with a large number of Dalits through social media and telephones. So if the govts at the Centre and in the states…if they don’t take it seriously, if they don’t demonstrate that they are committed to protecting their rights… they will be in for serious problems." He added, "I would say it is a warning bell to the Govt in power that they can no longer tolerate these kinds of atrocities." Raja said, "It is a warning bell to all political parties in the first instance and then to the Govt. That is the sense I also got." indianexpress
CPM too agrees: Emerging Dalit movement is a message to all political parties
New Delhi:A day after young Dalit leader Chandrashekhar’s call for a struggle from Jantar Mantar, the Left parties agreed emerging movement is a message for the entire political class. CPM leader Brinda Karat said there is anger against dominant political parties “who have done their politics in the name of Dalits and have betrayed the community”.“Their anger is against saffron terror and those leaders who have used Dalit name to further their politics and not addressed any of the real issues which are both economic and social,” she said.indianexpress
MP: 10 booked for trying to convert 71 tribal children to Christianity
Madhya Pradesh Police today arrested 10 people for allegedly trying to convert tribal children of Jhabau and Alirapur region to Christianity. All the 71 children have been rescued and the arrested have been booked under Section 3/4-4 of the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act 1968.Out of the 71 children, 60 minors--32 boys and 28 girls-- were rescued by the Ratlam GRP and the other 11 minors--including 7 boys and 4 girls--were rescued from around the Choti Gwaltoli police station in Indore.Bibles have been recovered from the minors who are claiming that they have been reading the holy book for a long time.The parents of the minors in Jhabua and Alirapur have been summoned by the Ratlam GRP and Indore police. Parents claim that the children were being taken to Nagpur with their consent and that they too were practising Christians. The state Govt  however is treating this as a case of religious conversion. india today
Yogi effect: RSS men convert 43 Muslims in UP to Hinduism
With Adityanath’s elevation as the CM of UP creating a climate of uncertainty among the state’s minorities, activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh are finding greater success in their programme to persuade Muslims to convert to Hinduism. Over the past month, at least 2 instances of Muslims being converted to Hinduism have been recorded in Faizabad. Hindutva outfits refer to the conversions of members of minority communities as “ghar wapasi” – home coming.19 Muslims were converted on April 23, while 24 more were converted on May 20. Both sets of conversions took place in a temple in Faizabad, even though all the converts were from Ambedkar Nagar, said Surendra Kumar, an RSS worker in Ambedkar Nagar district, who helped organise the ceremony. Himanshu Tripathi, the manager of Arya Samaj Mandir where the conversions took place, said that he was in contact with nearly 100 Muslims who would be converted to Hinduism “in due course”.“We have successfully accomplished two events of ghar wapasi after Yogiji became the CM,” Tripathi said. “I am in touch with about 100 more Muslims who have shown inclination to get back to Hinduism. You will hear of more such cases in the time to come.”“We organised ghar wapasi because they expressed their desire to become Hindus.”Kumar belongs to the Nat caste, which is listed as a scheduled caste in UP. While one section of this caste follows Hinduism, another practises Islam. All new converts belonged to the Nat community. “As I myself belong to this caste, I could easily explain to Muslim members of the community about the risk of continuing to follow Islam,” Kumar said, “and the benefits they might get by becoming Hindus.”
Jharkhand lynching: 2 officers,30 cops watched 4 murders
Rajnagar (jharkhand): It was not just a mob that witnessed the lynching of 4 men in a village near Jamshedpur for nearly five hours early on May 18, following rumours of child-lifters being present in the area. Present at the spot were also a Deputy Superintendent of Police, a Circle Inspector, 2 Assistant Sub-Inspectors and at least 30 policemen, including those from the local station in Rajnagar. The Indian Express tracked down 2 of the policemen who are seen speaking to the mob in videos of the incident and spoke to several eyewitnesses to piece together the sequence of events that ended with the deaths in Shobhapur of Naim (35), Sheikh Sajju (25), Sheikh Siraj (26) and Sheikh Halim (28).It’s not a story of policemen looking the other way. Here, they were watching the lynching unfold in front of their eyes. On the night of May 17, Naim, Sajju, Siraj and Halim, all residents of Haldipokhar, reached Shobhapur, 15 km away, to visit Halim’s brother-in-law Sheikh Murtaza.
3 years of Modi govt: Job-creation promise falls short as unemployment rate up
India’s unemployment rate has registered a slight increase since the BJP Govt  began its term in May 2014, despite the Govt ’s professed emphasis on job creation, according to an analysis of Govt  data.The unemployment rate in 2015-16 was 5% of the labour force, up from 4.9% in 2013-14, the year before the BJP assumed power.As the BJP Govt  completes three years in office this week, IndiaSpend is analysing five of its key electoral promises–on employment, Swachh Bharat, roads, access to electricity and terrorism. In the first part, we look at how the Govt  has performed on job creation.“The country has been dragged through 10 years of Jobless Growth by the Congress-led UPA Govt,” BJP had said in its manifesto for the 2014 general election, “Under the broader economic revival, BJP will accord high priority to job creation and opportunities for entrepreneurship.” At a rally in Agra in 2013, Narendra Modi, then campaigning for the position of PM , had said the BJP would create 10 million jobs: “If BJP comes to power, it will provide one crore jobs which UPA govt could not do despite announcing it before the last Lok Sabha polls,” the paper DNA had quoted Modi in a Nov.2013 story.Yet, the 2016-17 Economic Survey, based on data from the labour ministry, stated:“Employment growth has been sluggish.”Based on ‘Usual Principal Status’–according to which those who have spent a major part (183 days or more) of the preceding 365 days before a survey on economic activity are counted as having been part of the labour force–the labour ministry’s report on Fifth Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey (2015-16) said unemployment was 5%.The figure for 2013-14 was marginally lower, at 4.9%, according to labour ministry data.The survey includes workers in both formal and informal parts of the economy, as well as those working as casual workers in public works programmes.Further, Economic Survey pointed to a shift in the pattern of employment from permanent jobs to casual and contract employment. The increasingly “temporary” nature of work, it said, has an “adverse effect” on the level of wages, stability of employment, and employees’ social security. hindustantimes
Still a jumla govt, 3 years later? Study finds Modi govt has fulfilled only 9% of promises
Yogi Govt’s ‘honeymoon’ comes under shadow as crimes soar: thequint s-honeymoon-comes-under-shadow-as-crimes-soar
2 months is not a long time in politics to fall from grace, especially when a landslide of public support has propelled you to power.But in U , honeymoon period of the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP Govt  seems to have been spiked by a series of incidents of heinous crimes and law and order issues. Serious crime figures have seen a sharp increase – in many cases going up manifold.Having come to power in March with a three-fourths majority, riding on anti-incumbency and promising a turnaround in the law and order situation, which BJP said had collapsed during the Samajwadi Party (SP) regime, the situation, in less than two months, has turned against the ruling party.From murders to rapes to dacoities to caste conflicts and communal tensions, the Govt  seems to be tottering in the face of soaring crime and shaken public confidence. The situation has come to such a pass that Allahabad High Court last Saturday expressed concern over the crime situation in UP.
BJP govt's 'honeymoon' comes under shadow as crimes soar: Mohit Dubey, IANS s-honeymoon-comes-under-shadow-as-crimes-soar?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=emailemail&
After a string of murders in UP, Adityanath’s claim on tackling crime questioned
UP meat traders warn of statewide stir during Ramzan over ban on slaughter houses
Varanasi: All India Quraishi Vikas Manch and Al-Quraish Welfare Society have warned the UP  Govt  of an indefinite sit-in at all the district headquarters in the state over the ban on slaughter houses.They claim that check on buffalo meat trade due to ban on slaughter houses has caused starvation like situation among the butchers and their families, they said, adding, if the state Govt  fails to find out any solution to their problem before the commencement of holy month of Ramzan, they would start the indefinite sit-in.Leaders and members of AIQVM and AQWS along with activists of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) carried out a procession and staged a massive demonstration at district headquarters on Monday. They also submitted a memorandum to the district magistrate to forward it to the CM . timesofindia
‘Human shield’ case: Brother of man on jeep terms cruel to awarding Major; NC calls it slap on Kashmir face
Srinagar: Appalled by Army decision to award a commendation certificate to Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi, the officer who allegedly ordered his troops to tie Farooq Ahmad Dar to a jeep bonnet and had him paraded as a ‘human shield’ against stone-pelters, Dar’s family called it a “mockery” while Valley parties reacted with fury. National Conference called it “a slap across the face of the mainstream in Kashmir”.Ghulam Qadir, elder brother of Farooq, questioned the award to the officer who is under probe: “Is this justice? It is a mockery in the name of an inquiry. This is cruel, not justice.’’ He said the family was hoping justice would be done. “My brother was tied to a jeep and taken to dozens of villages, without being at fault. He was not a stone-pelter, nor involved in anything subversive. His phone has not been returned till date.’’He said Farooq has been “in depression” ever since the April incident. “He is not able to concentrate on his embroidery work. He has confined himself to his room. Had this kind of an incident taken place elsewhere, then justice would have been done,” Ghulam Qadir said. The mainstream parties face reacted with dismay and anger on the award to the officer. National Conference spokesman Junaid Mattu wrote on Twitter: “Major Gogoi being honoured is a slap across the face of the mainstream in Kashmir.Feel ashamed, disgusted and hopeless. What a travesty!” J&K Congress president Ghulam Ahmad Mir said: “This type of an incident happened for the first time since the country got independence. And I want to ask CM Mehbooba Mufti: What happened to the inquiry she had initiated on the incident? They should speak whether this is right or wrong.’’ J&K PDP youth wing president Waheed Rehman Parra said: “The time has come when Delhi needs to understand it is time to win the youth of Kashmir rather than defeat them. And this (award to the officer) doesn’t communicate the message that the youth here want to listen.’’ indianexpress
Outrage at India award for 'human shield' soldier:Aljazeera
Was I an animal, asks Farooq Dar who was tied to a jeep by Major Gogoi: hindustantimes
Srinagar: Which law in the country makes use of human shield legal, That’s the only question Farooq Dar, the weaver from Chill village in central Kashmir’s Budgam district who was tied to a jeep by army on election day in April, has for those supporting Major Leetul Gogoi’s action.“If it was legal under any Indian law, what can I possibly say,” he asked. “I can’t pick up a stick and go and fight with those honouring the officer,” a disheartened Dar told HT. Dar however has a very stern question to what he calls humanity.“I want to ask only one thing, was I an animal that I was tied and exhibited,” he asked. “Kya mein koi bhains ya bail tha”,” (Was I a buffalo or a bull?”.
FIR against army Major for ‘tying’ Kashmiri youth to jeep not quashed: IGP Kashmir
Srinagar:FIR lodged against an army Major for allegedly using a Kashmiri youth as a human shield against stone pelters has not been quashed and the investigations will continue, a police officer said. IGP Kashmir zone Muneer Khan said, “FIR stands and investigations into the case will continue.”IANS
Kashmir situation critical, award to Major Gogoi can escalate tension: Sharad Yadav
New Delhi: JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav on Tuesday said the decision to award Army officer Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi, who tied a Kashmiri man to the bonnet of his jeep and took him around to deter stone pelting at his troops and election staff, will lead to escalation of tension in the Valley, news agency ANI reported. Major Gogoi was awarded a commendation certificate by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat “for sustained efforts on counter-insurgency”. indianexpress
J-K: Inspection finds half of Rajouri’s 1,200 anganwadi centres shut
Jammu: A recent inspection in Rajouri, J&K , found 50 %  of the anganwadi centres in the district shut. These centres are run under centrally sponsored Integrated Child Development Scheme.The inspection found a number of the centres had been shut for nearly a year but monthly salaries — Rs 3,600 for an anganwadi worker and Rs 1,850 for a helper — were being drawn regularly. At many places, anganwadi centres and state Govt -run schools were found with the same children registered on their rolls, indicating rations were being drawn under both ICDS and Sarb Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), sources said.The surprise inspection last Wednesday covered over 1,200 anganwadi centres across Rajouri district, barring those in Nowshera and Qilla Darhal tehsils. indianexpress
Protesting students in J-K’s Pulwama beat up cop, torch his motorcycle
Srinagar:Protesting students on Tuesday beat up a cop and torched his motorcycle in J&K ’s Pulwama town.Students of the local higher secondary school took to the streets and started pelting stones at the security forces demanding the release of their fellow students arrested for stone pelting by the police.Tear smoke shells were used to quell the protests.A policeman who was in civvies was stopped by the protesting students.“The protesting students severely beat the policeman and later torched his motorcycle. He has been admitted to hospital for treatment,” a police officer said.IANS
Indian Army destroys Pak forward post in Noushera sector
New Delhi: In response to the recent infiltration bids from the Pakistan side of LoC, Indian Army struck a Pakistani forward post in Naushera sector.Calling for proactive counter-terrorism operations in order to maintain peace and stability in J&K, Major General Ashok Narula, briefing the media on Tuesday, said that infiltration activities must be curbed as they might negatively influence the youth in the area.“Pak Army has been providing support to armed infiltrators by engaging our forward troops from their weapon emplacements and pill-boxes closer to LoC. At times they have not even hesitated to target villages in the proximity of LoC,” Narula said.Saying that the Indian Army has been proactively dominating the LoC region, Narula added that locations aiding infiltration of terrorists have been identified and destroyed. “Infiltrations are likely to increase to with melting of snow and opening of passes,” he said.indianexpress
9 booked for ‘kidnapping and religious conversion’ in MP
Bhopal: 9 persons were booked for under the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act on Tuesday by Ratlam Govt Railway Police while they were taking 60 tribal children to Nagpur. GRP said the accused, including two women, were detained at Ratlam railway station by the Railway Protection Force after they reportedly received complaints about suspicious movement of the tribal children. The rescued children have been sent to shelter homes in Ratlam and Jaora.GRP Police Station in-charge, Abhishek Gautam, said that police teams had been sent to Nagpur and Jhabua for verification after the accused claimed that the children were being taken to attend a summer camp. “Parents were under the impression that their children were going to attend a camp but the actual purpose of the Nagpur visit was to read the Bible. There was a mismatch in the statements given by the accused,” GRP SP Krishnaveni Desavatu said . Till late on Monday, GRP had said there was no evidence to back the allegation of forced religious conversion.This comes after arrest of two persons from Indore on similar charges for taking 11 children to Nagpur. In all, 11 persons have been taken into custody and 71 tribal children rescued from Ratlam and Indore so far.Indian Express
Court directs UP govt to compensate PhD scholar acquitted in Sabarmati Express blast case -to-compensate-phd-scholar-acquitted-in-sabarmati-express-blast-case-4670060/
New Delhi: UP Govt  has been directed by a Barabanki court to compensate former AMU scholar Gulzar Ahmed Wani, who was acquitted of terror charges after 16 years of incarceration in the 2000 Sabarmati Express blast case. The court directed the Yogi Adityanath-led Govt  to pay compensation to Wani in terms of the average income in accordance with his educational qualification for the time he spent in jail, saying he was a victim of “negligence” of officials in probing the case.The court held the UP Govt  responsible for the damage caused by its officials to the state exchequer for their negligence in probing the case leading to financial loss. It said the officials had not obtained sanction to prosecute the accused and a charge sheet was filed in dereliction of their duty, violating Wani’s physical independence and also harming him physically and mentally.Additional Sessions Judge M.A. Khan, in his judgement written in Hindi, said if the Govt  feels, it can recover the compensation amount from the concerned police officials. It said if the Govt  failed to pay the compensation, Wani would be at liberty to approach the Allahabad High Court.His counsel MS Khan said “an intellectual person’s life has been spoilt. There is an irreparable damage to his career. He was such an educated person and would have excelled in his life. The erring police officials should be punished and they must be taught a tough a lesson.”While reprimanding the police officials for their lapses in investigation, the court said neither did they try, nor did they gather any evidence in support of the charge of criminal conspiracy against the accused. The judge said it was the duty of senior police officers to check the charge sheet, remove the defects and file it in the court, but they showed negligence in their duty which also harmed the Govt . The court directed the Govt  to take appropriate action against the erring police officials and said that a copy of the judgement be sent to the district magistrate, Barabanki, and the Home Secretary of the state govt.
Acquitted in blast case, ex-AMU scholar still has 7 cases against him
Lucknow: Gulzar Ahmed Wani, the terror suspect who was lodged in jail for 16 years before being acquitted in a terror case in a Barabanki court in UP, still has 7 cases pending against him in Nagpur and Kashmir. Since there no cases pending against him in UP, arrangements are being made to shift Wani to Nagpur from Lucknow district jail, where he was since 2010. On Saturday, Barabanki court acquitted Wani, an AMU researcher, along with Abdul Mobeen in the Sabarmati Express blast case. Both were acquitted for lack of evidence.“A letter requesting arrangement of a police force to send Gulzar Ahmed Wani to Nagpur has been sent to SSP Lucknow. As per jail records, there is no case pending against him in UP but there are 7 cases pending against him — 4 in Nagpur and 3 in J&K,” said Shashi Kant Mishra, Superintendent, Lucknow district jail. Mohammad Shoaib, who represented Wani in the Lucknow blast case, said he was not aware of the details of the cases in Nagpur and J&K. “No one had told me about cases against him in J&K,”he said. indianexpress
'Surprised' at their language, HC issues contempt notice to 3 AMU profs
Agra: Allahabad high court has issued contempt notices to three professors of AMU for "violating" its order on a writ petition and for using unsuitable language while responding to it. The writ petition had been filed by AMU fine arts faculty member Madhu Rani, challenging the promotion of a colleague, Zeba Hasan. Issuing the contempt notice, Justice Amreshwar Pratap Sahi and Justice Daya Shankar Tripathi stated, "The court is amazed at the language employed in the impugned office memo dated March 31, 2017, where a three-member committee constituted by the university had made recommendations that the university will proceed to consider the matter in the light of rules and regulations 'uninfluenced' by the orders of the high court."Issuing the notice, the judges further stated, "We are surprised at this understanding of the law by persons of the rank of university professors. In our opinion, they have not only used contemptuous language but have willfully disobeyed the order of the high court dated April 7, 2016 as affirmed by the SC." timesofindia
Cow vigilantes not above law, says Athawale
Aurangabad:Cow vigilantes are not above the law and if they came across any illegal activity they should report the same to police, said Union minister Ramdas Athawale on Tuesday. “No one, including the gau rakshak (cow vigilante), is above the law. So if anybody feels that some illegal act is going on, he should report the matter to police instead of taking the law into his own hands,” he said. The minister of state for social justice and empowerment was talking to the media in Aurangabad on Tuesday afternoon.In reply to a query, the Dalit leader said it is unfortunate that people are beaten up mercilessly for skinning dead cows as part of their livelihood. Speaking about political scenario in his home state Maharashtra, RPI (A) leader, whose party is an ally of BJP, said he is confident Fadnavis-led coalition Govt  will complete its term (which ends in 2019).PTI
AIMPLB's u-turn on Triple Talaq victory for Muslim women: BJP
New Delhi:Expressing contentment over the affidavit submitted by the All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) in the Supreme Court, the BJP on Tuesday said the board has realised its mistake and has thus taken a u-turn.BJP leader Shazia Ilmi said many facts have come to fore proving that Triple Talaq neither comes within the boundaries of Islam, nor the Constitution or humanity."AIMPLB has taken a u-turn. This is because the large number in which the Muslim women have approached the Supreme Court. This is victory of all women who want to be freed from Triple Talalq. AIMPLB has realised its mistake and thus taken a u-turn," Ilmi told ANI.Another BJP Shaina NC hoped that the board would also be welcoming of a legislation to do away with the 'regressive act.'"If Qazis can advise bridegrooms not to resort to Triple Talaq, surely they should be welcoming of a legislation to do away with a regressive act which has been done away in all Islamic countries," Shaina told ANI.ANI
AIMPLB has realised the need to take action on Triple Talaq, says Congress: ANI
While hoping for a positive change following an affidavit submitted by AIMPLB stating to advise brides and grooms not to resort to triple talaq in one sitting, the Congress Party on Tuesday said it signifies the board?s realisation to take some action in regard to the issue.Congress leader Meem Afzal suggested that a better thing would be the groom giving an affidavit stating that he would never give triple talaq, but would give divorce by the right means as mentioned in the Quran. This advice has been given since a long time.The affidavit shows that the Muslim Law Personal Board is realising that action has to be taken on issue considering its seriousness, Afzal said.Another Congress leader Shobha Oza said that it is good if the society awakens and does not let injustice take place with the Muslim women.Many Muslims are against Triple Talaq. It is good that the society awakens and does not let this injustice happen with even one daughter. Good if the change comes from within the society, Oza said.
New rules bar instant triple talaq push for patch-up, set 3-month window: Muslim Personal Law Board's affidavit
Of the 8-point guidelines in the affidavit submitted by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, the most noteworthy is the last.It says clearly that those pronouncing triple talaq, instantaneously, should be boycotted, socially.The Guidelines stipulate that couples must try and overlook each other’s shortcomings and not rush to dissolve their marriage. It urges families to step in if there is a marital dispute, try and save the marriage and also calls for setting up of an arbitrator from each side.In case of a relationship breaking down irreconcilably, it reiterates three methods of divorce it sees as Islamic and adviseable. The first is if the husband pronounces Talaq, he must do so at a time when the woman is not menstruating, what is termed the “purity period”.The jurisprudence behind this being that it is a time of discomfort for the woman at any rate and this must not be added on to her troubles. The “waiting time” (iddat), is traditionally of three months and must be waited out.In case there is no reconciliation, then the couple may be deemed divorced and free to lead separate lives. In case the wife is pregnant then the “waiting period” will extend to the time that the child is born, with all expenses to be paid by the husband and the dower too paid immediately if not paid earlier (the dower or meher is part of the nikah-nama, a pre-settled amount to be paid by the husband in case of divorce). The second method prescribed is when in three successive months (when again, the wife is not menstruating) the husband has to pronounce divorce once each month.In case, before the pronouncement of the third talaq, a reconciliation takes place, the marriage holds. If it does not, then the couple are deemed to be divorced and free to lead independent lives.The third method is of Khula, where a woman, if she does not want to live with her husband can divorce him. indian express
May approach court to speak at Mecca Masjid: Rao, Hindu member of TRS
Hyderabad: A doctor, who is also a TRS member, has said that he would have no option but to approach the court if permission was not given to him to speak at Mecca Masjid. "If need be, I will also quit the TRS. All I want to do is to express myself," AS Rao, who also runs a nursing home, told TOI.Rao, who did his medicine from Osmania Medical College, said he had promised in his representation to the authorities that he would not speak anything that would "damage the sanctity of Mecca Masjid". Asked why he was so particular to speak at a masjid, he said that was because the MIM was being allowed to speak after the namaz.Rao has sought permission to speak on the third Friday of the month of Ramzan, which falls on June 16.The 47-year-old is also quite open about his political ambitions. "I intend to contest from Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat in the next elections in 2019," he said.He said he had tried for the seat from in 2014 but did not succeed."Even if I am denied a ticket this time, I will still go ahead and contest," he said.In response to a question on why he was keen on using Mecca Masjid as a platform to speak, he said in no other masjid in the country , political speeches were allowed."In any case, I do not wish to speak about politics, but about the lack of development in Old City ," he said.Rao is furious that minorities welfare secretary Omer Jaleel has not responded to his request for permission to speak at Mecca Masjid. City Police Commissioner, too, has been approached but he has not got a response from there as well. Allowing Rao to speak would be a `sensitive issue', but he is willing to follow any condition that is laid down to allow him to speak.TOI
Hyderabad-based rights group seeks justice for Makkah Masjid Blast victims
Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based human rights organisation, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has expressed grave concern over the delay in providing justice to the victims of police firing following the Makkah Masjid bomb blast in Hyderabad.Makkah Masjid blast completed 10 years on May 18th, 2017.After the RSS-backed Govt  came into power, says CLMC,  investigative agencies have given clean chit to the Hindutva ‘terrorists’ who were in jail under the charges of bomb blasts.TwoCircles
 Friday namaz in sign language at Kerala mosque:TOI
 The austere beauty of azan or Muslim call to prayer might still elude them but a new mosque, specially designed to cater to differently-abled believers, will enable those who are hearing impaired to appreciate finer points of a Friday sermon. Inaugurated on Monday, Masjid Al-Rahma at Pulikkal in Malappuram, built on a serene 5-acre campus, has facilities whereby speeches during Friday namaz  will be rendered in sign language, the first mosque to do so in the country. Similarly, sermons at every prayer meet in the mosque will avail the services of a sign language specialist and will be displayed on LCD screens installed on walls of the mosque.
The word ‘industry’ comes from Indus: VHP leader
When the British came to India and saw how advanced it was, they coined the word “industry” after the river Indus, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s joint general secretary Swami Vigyananand said on Saturday. According to the Times of India, Vigyananand was addressing a summit in Bengaluru organised by the World Hindu Economic Forum, which he heads, when he made the statement. "I am telling you the 'industry' word has come from us – Indus. We were very industrialised...that is why they used the word,” he said.WHEF brings together Hindu members of the business, banking, trading and related industries so they can “cooperate and collaborate globally” to “generate surplus wealth and make society prosperous”. It was set up in 2012, and often reflects on the economic contributions of Hindus through the ages.
UP: Nahid Hasan MLA booked for stoking communal passion
Meerut: Samajwadi Party's Kairana MLA Nahid Hasan was on Sunday booked for allegedly trying to disturb communal harmony in Jhinjhiana area here.Police registered a case against MLA under sections 153 and 504 of IPC. The case was registered 2 day after Hasan allegedly used several mosques of the area to make public announcements against one Neeraj Kashyap, who had allegedly uploaded derogatory comments against a community on social media sites.Hasan was demanding slapping of stringent NSA against Kashyap. Kashyap was booked 2 days ago, soon after the controversial post was put on the social media. He was also sent to jail, police said.After Kashyap's arrest, Hasan had been demanding slapping of NSA against him and had also called a panchayat to mobilise support in Kairana.However, police stepped in and did not allow the panchayat. TOI
Indian held in Pakistan may have had links with SIMI: ATS
After an Indian national was arrested from F-8 area of Islamabad on Sunday over allegedly possessing inadequate travel documents, the Maharashtra ATS got in touch with the Centre to probe if the 'Nabi', who figured in the interrogation, is the same 'Nabi', who had connections with the (SIMI) in 2005-06.Meanwhile, a case has been filed against Sheikh Nabi Ahmed, the Indian national who was caught in Pakistan, under Article 14 of the Foreign Act and has been sent to 14-day judicial remand.A copy of the FIR read "Indian citizen named Sheikh Nabi Ahmed arrested in Sector 8 Islamabad; Police on May 19 found incomplete documents with Ahmed; He was also unable to provide his biodata to police upon inquiry; He has been arrested under Section 14 of the Foreign Act and has been sent to a judicial remand. ANI
In Malegaon, BJP Muslim faces contradict party
Malegaon: Jamal Siddiqui, chairman of the Maharashtra BJP’s minority wing, passionately stresses the need for Muslims to join the BJP in large numbers so that they can go on to influence Govt  policies for the welfare of the community.Sitting in a bylane of Malda in Malegaon, Siddiqui is interrupted by Shaikh Akhtar, 32, a powerloom owner and a BJP candidate in the upcoming municipal elections.“Triple talaq is a fundamental right of Muslims. Even if the Supreme Court gives a judgment against triple talaq, we will not accept it,” says Akhtar, whose 249 votes in the last municipal elections, in 2012, had made him the highest vote winner among the BJP’s then Muslim candidates.Akhtar is soon hushed up by Jamal, but their debate is reflective of the contradictions facing the BJP as it tries to make an aggressive electoral foray into Malegaon. One of India’s most densely populated Muslim areas, Malegaon is where two blasts, in 2006 and 2008, had brought terror attacks by alleged Hindu groups into the public discourse. indianexpress
BJP leader Syed Zafar Islam appointed non-official director of Air India
New Delhi: BJP's national spokesperson Syed Zafar Islam was today appointed a non-official independent director of Air India. Appointments Committee of the Cabinet headed by PM  Narendra Modi has approved his appointment to the post for three years, an order issued by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said. Islam, ex investment banker, joined the BJP on April 5, 2014. economictimes
Bihar CBI court issues production warrant against Shahabuddin in scribe murder case
Muzaffarpur: A CBI special court, at the north Bihar district headquarters town of Muzaffarpur, on Monday, issued a production warrant against former Siwan MP and senior RJD leader Md Shahabuddin, in a case pertaining to the murder of journalist Rajdeo Ranjan, at Siwan in north Bihar, in May last year. Hearing a petition for production warrant, filed by a DSP rank investigating officer, court of special CBI judge Anupam Kumari granted the prayer and asked CBI officials to produce the former MP through video conferencing, on May 26.HT
Delhi MCD bypolls: Congress wins Sarai Pipal, AAP takes Maujpur ward
New Delhi: Congress bagged one seat and the AAP another in the by-elections to 2 municipal wards in Delhi, the results of which were announced on Tuesday.Mukesh Goel of Congress won Sarai Pipal Thala ward of North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) and AAP's Reshma emerged victorious in Maujpur ward of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). Goel, who was Leader of Opposition in NDMC House, defeated BJP's Mangat Ram Sharma by a margin of 2,743 votes. Congress leader polled 10,946 votes.Reshma of AAP defeated Congress' Rekha Sharma. PTI
Trump Proclaims ‘Reach For Peace’ In Key Mideast Speech; but offers no new details to achieve goal
President Donald Trump used his centerpiece Holy Land speech on Tuesday to reaffirm his commitment to peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but he offered no new details on how to achieve a goal that has eluded US leaders for decades.Rounding out a 28-hour stay in Jerusalem, Trump praised Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas alike, saying both were ready for peace. But he avoided any mention of a Palestinian state and did not address a campaign promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something Netanyahu yearns for.“I had a meeting this morning with President Abbas and can tell you that the Palestinians are ready to reach for peace,” Trump said in a speech at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.“In my meeting with my very good friend Benjamin, I can tell you also that he is reaching for peace. He wants peace,” he said. “Making peace, however, will not be easy. We all know that. Both sides will face tough decisions. But with determination, compromise, and the belief that peace is possible, Israelis and Palestinians can make a deal.”While Trump has spoken frequently in the months since taking office of his desire to achieve what he has dubbed the “ultimate deal,” he has not fleshed out any strategy that he or his administration might have towards achieving it.During his time in the region, part of a nine-day foreign trip that has taken in Saudi Arabia and will be followed by the Vatican, Italy and Belgium, Trump spent barely an hour with the Palestinians. He traveled 8 km south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, to see Abbas. Reuters/
Remarks by President Trump and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in Joint Statements
Trump envisions Israeli-Palestinian peace after talks with Abbas, Netanyahu
Trump: Palestinian, Israeli leaders ready to ‘reach for peace’
 Trump condemned in pro-prisoner march in Bethlehem
Bethlehem;Dozens of Palestinian protesters marching in solidarity with the hunger-striking prisoners in Israeli jails on Monday evening in Bethlehem city chanted slogans condemning US and the visit of its president, Donald Trump, to the region.One protest chant described the US as “the head of the snake.”Participants marched from al-Deheisheh refugee camp, south of Bethlehem, to the prisoner solidarity tent in Manger Square outside the Church of Nativity. Earlier, violent clashes broke out between young protesters and soldiers from the Palestinian Authority security apparatuses in Bethlehem after the latter attacked the march they staged in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Israeli prisons.PIC
Medicines in such short supply in Gaza, treatments will stop
Medication supplies in the Gaza Strip have reached dangerously low levels after the decision was made to stop providing hospital and health centres in the southern municipalities with the required items, a senior official in the Ministry of Health warned today.Munir Al-Barsh, General Director of Pharmacy in the in Gaza, stressed during a press conference that as of April, there were 170 types of medications that are not available and the deficit rate has reached 35 per cent, while the number of medical supplies that are unavailable reached 270. This indicates the seriousness of the consequences for the patients with chronic diseases, cancer and those on dialysis.He also noted that the shortages in basic services, such as cancer medication, infant formula, dialysis services, emergency services, surgery, intensive care and specialised units of patients with hepatitis, cystic fibrosis, cardiac catheterization and open heart services suggest a health catastrophe that will negatively impact the lives of the patients. Treatments will stop as a result of the shortages, he warned. middleeastmonitor
Ariana Grande concert: 22 killed in Manchester blast
UK police say they have arrested a 23-year old man in connection with a suicide bomb attack in Manchester which killed 23 people, including the attacker, and wounded dozens at a concert by US pop singer Ariana Grande."With regards to last night's incident at the Manchester Arena, we can confirm we have arrested a 23-year-old man in South Manchester," Greater Manchester Police said on Twitter on Tuesday.An improvised explosive device went off late on Monday as thousands of - mostly young - fans streamed out of Manchester Arena in the northern English city at the end of Grande's performance, police said.The deadly explosion, which caused scenes of chaos and panic, sending screaming families and children fleeing, also wounded at least 59 concert-goers, many of whom are in critical condition.Ian Hopkins,chief constable for Great Manchester, said children were among those confirmed dead. The attack came ahead of a June 8 general election. aljazeera
UK: 19 dead, 50 injured at Manchester concert blast
Manchester Arena attack: Muslim leaders condemn ‘horrific’ suicide bombing
10 Afghan soldiers killed in Kandahar army base attack
At least 10 Afghan soldiers have been killed in an attack on an army base in the southern province of Kandahar, according to defence officials.The assault at Camp Achakzai in Shawali Kowt late on Monday came just a day after 20 Afghan policemen were killed when Taliban fighters stormed their outposts in the neighbouring province of Zabul.No group has so far claimed responsibility for the Kandahar attack."Ten brave army soldiers were martyred and nine others wounded. The wounded soldiers were taken to hospital and they are in stable condition," the ministry said in a statement. Dawlat Waziri, defence ministry spokesman, told the Reuters that at least 12 attackers had been killed by Govt  troops after several hours of fighting. Aljazeera
Daesh caliphate days are ‘numbered’ in Iraq, says head of UN Assistance Mission for Iraq
“The days of the so-called Daesh caliphate in Iraq are numbered” and discussions on how to rebuild the country have begun, reported Jan Kubis, head of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI). In a briefing to the UN Security Council, Kubis announced that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently received the long-awaited submission of the Iraqi Forces Coalition’s vision of a national settlement.
13 pro-govt fighters killed in Iraq's Mosul
Nineveh:At least 13 pro-government fighters were killed in the fight to capture the center of al-Qayrawan district in western Iraq's Mosul city from Daesh on Monday night, according to a militia commander on Tuesday. The Hashd al-Shaabi militia wrestled control of the district’s center from Daesh early Tuesday following an overnight offensive.“13 fighters were killed and nine others injured in the operation,” Mohammad Reda al-Hassani told Anadolu Agency.He said 41 Daesh militants had also been killed in the fight.Anadolu Agency.
Military probe into Myanmar abuses against Rohingya Muslims clears troops
YANGON:The military on Tuesday cleared soldiers of carrying out widespread human rights abuses against Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar despite evidence from the UN and rights groups. The investigation into allegations in a UN report of killings, rapes, beatings and disappearances during a military operation in Rakhine state’s Maungdaw district found three soldiers guilty of relatively minor offenses.The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) had said crimes committed against the Muslim minority by soldiers and police could have amounted to crimes against humanity. Anadolu Agency

Jharkhand lynching: Vigilante justice serves only to uphold anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim majoritarian pride:  Arnav Das Sharma

Saharanpur Protests Herald a New Phase in Dalit Politics: The Wire

New generation: Dalit politics is being reshaped by young leaders like Chandrashekhar Azad and Jignesh Mevani: TOI Editorial

Welcome to Everyday Life of a Muslim in Times of Lynch Mob:Nazia Erum

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