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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Monday, 10 July 2017

‘Hindu’ LeT militant arrested from UP, planned attacks on army, police, also accused in killing 6 cops in Kashmir
Srinagar: J&K  police said on Monday they arrested an UP man who allegedly helped Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) attack army convoys, snatch weapons and loot lakhs of rupees.This is likely the first such arrest of an Indian LeT operative outside the Kashmir Valley. Most of the group’s members come from the Valley, Pakistan and PoK, police say. Police said Sandeep Kumar Sharma moved to Kashmir in 2012 for work and would travel to Punjab during winter for alternative employment.But he returned in Jan.with plans to rob ATMs, and made contact with LeT militants through local informants and allegedly became an associate of notorious LeT militant Bashir Lashkari, police added.He allegedly planned at least 5 cases of ATM loot worth lakhs of rupees earlier this year. He was also allegedly a part of LeT teams that attacked an army convoy in Qazigund, snatched weapons in Anantnag and attacked a police party at Achabal in which 6 cops including a SHO, were killed, J&K police chief Muneer Khan said. Valley’s police have reached out to their counterparts in UP  for further probe.“Of course, he (Sharma) is a militant. Criminal elements are now joining the militants for their own goals…. terrorists of Lashkar used him very frequently in carrying out nefarious activities,” Khan told a packed audience in Srinagar on Monday morning.Police said Sharma – who was presented for photographs with a black cloth covering his face -- used an alias of Adil and had the advantage of not being from the state and his car having UP-registration number plates. Along with Sharma, police also arrested one Muneeb Shah of Kulgam, a part of the same Lashkar module.“Certainly it’s a challenge. It’s a new scenario…We have to be careful about all workers coming into Kashmir from other parts of India. In most cases, characters or antecedents are not known, so we have to go for in-depth verification,” added Khan. Police said they first came across Sharma during a July 1 encounter in Dialgam during a 4-hour operation to rescue 17 civilians taken hostage by militants. Khan said the police then questioned him to find out what he was doing there.“On further inquiry by police, it was revealed that Sharma along with other individuals hatched a criminal conspiracy leading to providing shelter, ferrying of terrorists from one place to other for terror strikes and actively participating in terrorist activities,” the police press note added.
J-K police arrest UP man Sandeep Sharma, part of LeT module that killed 6 cops in Kashmir

10 July 2017: 15 Shawwal 1438: Vol: 8, No:233
3rd country's army' could enter Kashmir at Pak's request: Chinese Media
 A "third country's" Army could enter Kashmir at Pakistan's request, using the "same logic" the Indian Army used to stop the Chinese military from constructing a road in the Doklam area in the Sikkim sector on behalf of Bhutan, an analyst at a Chinese think tank said. "Even if India were requested to defend Bhutan's territory, this could only be limited to its established territory, not the disputed area," Long Xingchun, Director at the Centre for Indian Studies at China West Normal University, said in the article he wrote in the Global Times. "Otherwise, under India's logic, if the Pakistani Govt  requests, a third country's Army can enter the area disputed by India and Pakistan," the article said.The Chinese state media have carried a barrage of critical articles on the Doklam standoff criticising India, but this was the first time Pakistan and Kashmir have been brought into the narrative."Indian troops invaded China's Doklam area in the name of helping Bhutan, but in fact the invasion was intended to help India by making use of Bhutan," it said, referring to June 30 statement issued by India's External Affairs Ministry."For a long time, India has been talking about international equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of others, but it has pursued hegemonic diplomacy in South Asia, seriously violating the UN Charter and undermining the basic norms of international relations," it said."Through mass immigration to Sikkim, ultimately leading to control of the Sikkim parliament, India annexed Sikkim as one of its states," it alleged."This incursion reflects that India fears China can quickly separate mainland India from northeast India through military means, dividing India into two pieces," it said."In this case, northeast India might take the opportunity to become independent. India has interpreted China's infrastructure construction in Tibet as having a geopolitical intention against India. India itself is unable to do the same for its northeastern part, so it is trying to stop China's road construction," it said."India's incursion, based on its own strategic judgment, is a clear violation of international law," the article said, claiming that the western countries will not unconditionally support India as they have a wide range of "common interests" with China."As for the territorial dispute between China and Bhutan, it should be resolved by both sides and India must respect Bhutan's sovereignty," it said. PTI/ndtv
Chinese expert warns of troops entering Kashmir
India has exposed itself to Beijing’s interference in J-K by sending troops to Donglang: Chinese state media
India shouldn’t involve in two-front conflict with China, Pak: Chinese media
India will burn itself if it uses Dalai Lama card during standoff: Chinese media
India will “burn” itself if it uses the “Tibet card” to exert pressure on China amid the military standoff in the Sikkim sector, Chinese state media said on Monday while referring to the hoisting of Tibetan flag on the shore of a lake in Ladakh. Quoting Indian media, Chinese media said “Tibetan national flag, a pro-independence symbol adopted by the Tibetan Govt -in-exile”, was unfurled on the shore of Bangong lake, known as Pangong lake in India, near the Sino-India border. HT
India must withdraw troops to avoid 'serious consequences': Chinese state media
New Delhi: India should rectify its mistakes and "show sincerity to avoid an even more serious situation creating more significant consequences", China's state-owned Xinhua has said.China has every right to build the road within its sovereign territory. Over the past few years it is actually India that has been sneaking around the Sikkim section of the China-India border, the agency said.The agency also said in the name of defending its "ally" Bhutan, India had deployed its troops on Chinese territory, and sought to remind India of the consensus in the international community to respect borders. Timesofindia
Modi, Xi Jinping ‘did not have a bilateral meeting’ at G20 summit in Germany: China
Beijing:China on Monday appeared to play down a brief conversation Indian PM  Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping had on the sidelines of the recent G20 summit, saying the two “did not have a bilateral meeting”.Technically, China is correct but the fact is the Indian side didn’t claim the two leaders held a bilateral meeting, which is usually a structured and previously agreed engagement.“I can tell you there was no bilateral meet between President Xi and PM Modi in Germany,” foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said at a regular media briefing when asked about the meeting.HT
125 crore Indians support Free Tibet: BJP leader on China's Kashmir barb
Agra:Veteran BJP leader and ex Uttarakhand CM  Bhagat Singh Koshyari has raised the issue of independence of Tibet from China saying "every Indian" is in support of the idea. An old RSS hand, Koshyari is an avid supporter of Tibetan independence from China.Koshiyari's remark has come a day after a Chinese strategic expert advocated that China should prepare for military intervention in J&K  on the behalf of Pakistan as response to what China considers as India's illegal presence in Bhutan in Doklam region.Koshiyari said, 125 crore people of India are one with the people of Tibet in their struggle for freedom from Chinese oppression and will support them for as long as it takes for Tibet to become independent."indiatoday
After denials, Congress accepts Rahul met Chinese envoy
New Delhi: Congress on Monday accepted its vice president Rahul Gandhi met the Chinese envoy, hours after the opposition party denied that the leader met ambassador Luo Zhaohui 2 days ago. Gandhi met both Chinese ambassador, Bhutanese envoy and ex-NSA Shiv Shankar Menon, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said.It was Surjewala who had tweeted the denial in the morning.“A wanting to be ‘Bhakt’ channel will not question 3 Union Ministers visiting China or PM’s bonhomie & praise at G20 yet run fake news!,” he said.“Before MEA & IB sources plant news with ‘Bhakts’, they should reverify that we still have diplomatic relations with all our neighbours.”A media report had said Gandhi and the Chinese envoy discussed the bilateral relations in the context of the ongoing stand-off between two armies along the Sikkim border.Various ambassadors and envoys keep meeting Congress president and vice-president from time to time on courtesy basis, Surjewala said.Chinese embassy said the two met but then removed the statement from its website.“On July 8, Ambassador Luo Zhaohui met with Rahul Gandhi, vice-president of the Congress party. 2 sides exchanged views on current China-India relations and other business. Counsellor Zhou Yuyun attended the meeting,”Chinese statement read.HT
Sikkim standoff: Rahul Gandhi defends meet with Chinese envoy, says it is his job to be ‘informed on critical issues’
Amid India-China standoff, New Delhi holds naval exercises with US, Japan
New Delhi:India began holding naval exercises with the United States and Japan off its south coast on Monday, seeking to forge closer military ties to counter growing Chinese influence in the region. The exercises come as Indian and Chinese troops face off in a remote and strategically sensitive part of the Himalayas where India, China and Bhutan meet.India has a longstanding territorial dispute with its northern neighbour, which is also expanding its naval presence in the region.It is the fourth consecutive year Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force (MSDF) has taken part in the Malabar Exercise, conducted annually by the US and India in the Bay of Bengal since 1992.US navy is fielding the USS Nimitz, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, for the drills which go on til July 17.HT
‘Pak wants to resolve all issues with India through talks’
Pakistan wants to hold dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding issues, including Kashmir, so that peace can be restored in the region, Sartaj Aziz, PM  Nawaz Sharif’s adviser on foreign affairs, has said.Aziz’s remarks came amid escalating tension between India and Pakistan along LoC. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said on Monday she was yet to hear from Aziz on a letter asking for a visa for the mother of Kulbhushan Jadhav .Aziz also accused India of increasing the tension on LoC to divert attention from the human rights violations in Kashmir.PTI
‘Hindu’ LeT militant arrested from UP, planned attacks on army, police, also accused in killing 6 cops in Kashmir
Srinagar: J&K  police said on Monday they arrested an UP man who allegedly helped Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) attack army convoys, snatch weapons and loot lakhs of rupees.This is likely the first such arrest of an Indian LeT operative outside the Kashmir Valley. Most of the group’s members come from the Valley, Pakistan and PoK, police say. Police said Sandeep Kumar Sharma moved to Kashmir in 2012 for work and would travel to Punjab during winter for alternative employment.But he returned in Jan.with plans to rob ATMs, and made contact with LeT militants through local informants and allegedly became an associate of notorious LeT militant Bashir Lashkari, police added.He allegedly planned at least 5 cases of ATM loot worth lakhs of rupees earlier this year. He was also allegedly a part of LeT teams that attacked an army convoy in Qazigund, snatched weapons in Anantnag and attacked a police party at Achabal in which 6 cops including a SHO, were killed, J&K police chief Muneer Khan said. Valley’s police have reached out to their counterparts in UP  for further probe.“Of course, he (Sharma) is a militant. Criminal elements are now joining the militants for their own goals…. terrorists of Lashkar used him very frequently in carrying out nefarious activities,” Khan told a packed audience in Srinagar on Monday morning.Police said Sharma – who was presented for photographs with a black cloth covering his face -- used an alias of Adil and had the advantage of not being from the state and his car having UP-registration number plates. Along with Sharma, police also arrested one Muneeb Shah of Kulgam, a part of the same Lashkar module.“Certainly it’s a challenge. It’s a new scenario…We have to be careful about all workers coming into Kashmir from other parts of India. In most cases, characters or antecedents are not known, so we have to go for in-depth verification,” added Khan. Police said they first came across Sharma during a July 1 encounter in Dialgam during a 4-hour operation to rescue 17 civilians taken hostage by militants. Khan said the police then questioned him to find out what he was doing there.“On further inquiry by police, it was revealed that Sharma along with other individuals hatched a criminal conspiracy leading to providing shelter, ferrying of terrorists from one place to other for terror strikes and actively participating in terrorist activities,” the police press note added.
J-K police arrest UP man Sandeep Sharma, part of LeT module that killed 6 cops in Kashmir
J&K: Human Rights Commission directs state govt to pay Rs 10L to human shield victim in Kashmir
New Delhi: J&K  State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) on Monday directed the state Govt  to provide Rs 10 lakh as "compensation" to the civilian allegedly used as a human shield by the Army earlier this year."I have asked the state Govt  to compensate Farooq Ahmad Dar for endangering his life and dignity," Justice Bilal Nazki,Chairman SHRC, said."TOI
NIA notices to mosque, school linked to Mirwaiz
Srinagar: NIA has sent notices to Srinagar’s Jamia Masjid and the Islamia School, both old Valley institutions of religion and education and both linked to the family of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. The notices have been sent days after separatist leaders were questioned on alleged terror funding from Pakistan. Mirwaiz presides over Friday prayers at the mosque in Srinagar and the Islamia School was founded by his family over a century ago.NIA’s notices, asking for an appearance at its office in New Delhi, have been sent to Mohammad Hussain Khan, who manages the accounts of the Auqaf of Jamia Masjid, and Mohammad Ibraheem Shah, the general secretary of Anjuman Nusrat-ul-Islam that runs institution. Mirwaiz has said the move was a sign of persecution by the state. “Now NIA sends notice to #IslamiaSchool & JamaMasjid, exposes level of persecution State can go to against those it can’t defeat politically!” he tweeted.“Both, Anjuman Nusratul Islam and Auqaf Jamia Masjid, are apolitical educational and social organisations which have a great history of serving the people of the state selflessly for decades,” a Hurriyat statement said. “Subjecting its members to harassment and intimidation for the sole reason of being part of institutions headed by the Mirwaiz, to put pressure on the Mirwaiz is deplorable,” it added. The Hurriyat said although the NIA has an office in Srinagar, it has deliberately asked the Masjid and school officials to come to Delhi to “further harass and trouble them”. indian express
Kashmir may soon have a de-radicalisation dept
Srinagar: BJP, which is part of J&K ’s ruling coalition led by the PDP, plans to set up a department in the state to counter radicalisation of youth, which the party says is the root cause of the current political situation in the valley.BJP spokesperson and J&K  Project Construction Corporation vice chairman Khalid Jehangir said he was surveying various de-radicalisation models operational in different countries and would soon submit a proposal on it to CM  Mehbooba Mufti and Union home minister Rajnath Singh.ET
Argument started over honking: Muslim man assaulted by mob that called him ‘cattle thief’ in Delhi
New Delhi:A 22-year-old man, who works as a technical assistant at a Delhi Metro construction site, was allegedly beaten up by a mob after an argument over honking turned ugly in southeast Delhi’s Sunlight Colony area. The victim has alleged that the mob hurled communal slurs at him and accused him of being a ‘cattle thief’.The incident took place on July 7, but police lodged an FIR on Sunday after they received a complaint from him. The victim has, in his complaint, alleged that the mob passed communal slurs, but police said they will add fresh charges only after investigation.Around 2.10 am on July 7, the Sarai Kale Khan police post received a PCR call — the caller said a buffalo thief had been apprehended. Head constable Yazuvender reached the spot and found that Iftikaar Alam had been held hostage by local residents. The residents told the policeman that three buffaloes were tied and Alam was found standing near them with a tempo. “After an enquiry, police came to know about his identity and realised that they have caught him mistakenly. He had been beaten up by the public. Later, matter was settled amicably. Alam refused to undergo a medical examination, but was later admitted to Jeewan Hospital,”police sources said.DCP Romil Baaniya said the complainant, Iftikaar Alam, had a fight with a group of people, in which he suffered injuries. But, he settled the matter and left after signing a compromise paper.“Now, on his behalf, one Ehsan Alam filed a complaint on Sunday at Sunlight Colony police station. The complainant has alleged that he was illegally restrained as well. A case has been registered and a probe is on. The reports of his medical examination states it is a simple injury,” he added.The victim’s brother, Ehsan Alam, a student of AMU, said,“A concrete mixer truck was standing in front of Alam’s vehicle. Three buffaloes were tied there, and suddenly 8-10 people gathered there and held him hostage.” “They took him to Yamuna Khadar and started beating him up with sticks. Communal slurs were also hurled at him,” the complaint states. While Ehsan has alleged that his brother has tried to register a police complaint several times, Baaniya said, “There was no complaint from him earlier.” indian express
Man dubbed cattle thief, thrashed in Ghazipur
'Mob assaulting me,asked my name, continued assault’
Communal tension in MP's Sehore: 20 houses of Muslims set afire after girl ‘elopes’ with youth
Bhopal:At least 20 houses of Muslims were set afire on Saturday night after a minor Rajput girl went missing in Sehore district of MP.A 16-year-old Rajput girl of Chhipaner village of Sehore went missing after her school on July 4. Later, villagers registered a complaint at the local police station alleging that a Muslim youth had kidnapped her, sparking communal tension in the village.On Saturday evening, people of Hindu community allegedly attacked the houses and torched 20 houses in Chhipaner and neighbouring Narayanpur villages, police sources said.While minor injuries were reported from victims, most of them fled their houses to save their lives, police said. A heavy police force was deployed in the area after the incident.A resident of the village, Akbar Khan said, “There was tension in the area for the past 4 days. They attacked our houses and set them on fire. We somehow managed to escape safely but we are scared of returning to our homes.” A resident, requesting anonymity, alleged that the girl has eloped with the youth, “but the family is making it a prestige issue and creating trouble for Muslim families residing in the area”.SP, Sehore, Manish Kapuriya said the situation was under control now.A case has been registered against 50 people and 12 of them have been identified by the police. HT
Mob attacks, torches dozens of houses of minority community in Sehore, police force
Cattle traders beaten up in Delhi: ‘We were only 6 & they were 60-70, we thought we will die’
His hand tied with a rope and body pinned to the ground, 25-year-old Shokin Ali begged for two hours to be let off.But the mob of suspected cow vigilantes were in no mood to relent and kept beating him and five other cattle traders, who were transporting buffalo calves in Jharoda village in southwest Delhi.Those two hours on a pitch dark Friday night will be etched in his memory forever as the night when he almost lost his life.“At one point, I felt as if we will all be dead. We were only six and they were 60-70. They tied our hands and beat us with belts, sticks and whatever they could find. After two hours, the police came and rescued us. Some policemen were also roughed up but it is because of them that we are alive today,” he said.Shokin, along with his 22-year-old brother and a 15-year-old nephew, had bought 17 buffalo calves from Jhajjar, Haryana earlier in the day. They were going to take the cattle to Ghazipur to sell them.That night Shokin and others took a detour and avoided the main road to save money as policemen allegedly asked for bribes for letting let them through.Selling cattle is something Ali has been doing since childhood. Ali’s father and grandfather did the same job for decades.“I did the job for 30 years and my son has been doing it for many years now. But we have never faced this problem. I don’t understand why this is happening now,” said Shokin’s father Ali Jaan, who doesn’t remember his exact age.Recalling the horror of the night, Shokin said his vehicle was still stopped by a policeman on a bike, who asked him for some money for letting him pass.“By the time some people gathered there. I told the policeman to take us to the thana (police station) and not leave us there with the mob as I was scared. But he left,” Shokin alleged. Shokin’s teenage nephew distinctly remembers the expletives hurled at him and his elder brothers. “Woh log chilla rahe the ki ye mulleh hai, paapi hai inko maaro (They were shouting that these are Muslims and sinners, beat them),” he said. But Shokin and his family maintain that they only transport buffalo or its calves which are sold by villagers in Haryana.“How is it a sin? If people don’t sell these animals to us, then we won’t buy them. People selling buffaloes to us are both Hindus and Muslims,” said Ali Jaan.HT
Honour people who murdered cow killer: Chhattisgarh Sanskrit Board chairman Swami Parmatamanand
Raipur: People who killed the gau hathyara (cow killer) in Rajasthan should be honoured, Chhattisgarh’s Sanskrit Board chairman — a post deemed as equivalent to cabinet minister rank — has been heard saying in a video that has gone viral.  Swami Parmatamanand reportedly made the statement at an event titled Virat Hindu Sammelan in Ambikapur district on Sunday, but he did not name Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer who was assaulted in Alwar on April 1 and died two days later. Parmatamanand could not be immediately reached for comment on his speech during which he is heard saying, “It is written in Vedas that those who kill cows should be killed. Those who killed the cow killer in Rajasthan should be invited to Chhattisgarh and honoured.”He is also heard questioning PM Modi’s statement that killing people in the name of “gau bhakti” is unacceptable. Parmatamanand is heard saying,“How can PM say that gau rakhshaks are criminals? How can the PM  say that cow protectors are criminals? It is possible that a few are goons... but our Bajrang Dal and all those who serve cows are not.”He is also heard saying that English schools should be banned in the country.“(I would close all English schools if made PM  for a day.” HT
Deputy SP’s Ayub lynching case cracked, 14 held: Police
Srinagar: Poilice  has claimed to have cracked the case of lynching of Deputy Superintendent of Police Ayub Bhat. The officer was killed in the premises of Srinagar’s Jamia Masjid on Shab-e-Qadr. Sources said the police have arrested 14 people, who were allegedly present on the spot when the officer was killed. “We have almost managed to crack the case and arrested around 14-15 people. This is a high-profile case and we are investigating all aspects to build a water tight case,” said a senior police officer. Soon after the killing, the police had constituted a team of senior officials to investigate the case. They arrested three people who were injured in firing by Bhat while he was being chased by the mob. indian express
Dalits join Muslims in protest against lynchings
AHMEDABAD: Gujarat chapter of Jamiat Ulma-i-Hind on Sunday took out a protest demonstration against lynching incidents carried out by self-styled gau rakshaks across the country. The demonstration was organised at Sardar Baugh in Lal Darwaja area of the city. Members of dalit communities also participated to show solidarity with their Muslim brethren facing persecution in the garb of cow protection.Hundreds of protesters stood on both sides of Nehru bridge with placards carrying various messages, including: 'NotInMyName', 'Why So Silent', 'PM break the silence', 'Gaay Bano Surakshit Raho (be a cow and remain safe)' and 'I wish I were a cow'.Children and youth were among the protesters wearing caps with the message, 'I am Junaid'. It may be recalled that a teenager named, Junaid Khan, was allegedly lynched on June 22 in an EMU train going from Ghaziabad to Mathura.Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri of Jamiat said that the protest was not about ensuring safety to one particular community but it was an attempt to save the Indian Constitution in a situation where law and order is deteriorating each passing day.TOI
Protest at Delhi Police HQ Against Rise in Mob Violence
New Delhi: Against the rise in incidents of mob violence in the country's capital, people from different walks of life held a protest demonstration at the Delhi Police headquarters here on Monday. In the past three days alone, two incidents of mob violence have occurred in Delhi.Students, social activists and academicians, holding placards in their hands, were shouting slogans against mob lynching and mob violence.Students from JNU, Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia were also among the protestors.Some students groups including AISA, SFI besides JNU Students Union had given a joint call for the protest. On 7th July midnight, a young Muslim professional, attached with a construction project of Delhi Metro, was brutally assaulted by a mob initially in an apparent case of road rage in the Sarai Kale Khan area. But when the attackers got to know about Iftekhar Alam's name, they hurled communal slurs at him and again assaulted him.Alam's brother Ehsan Alam also took part in protest. Meanwhile, NCRB, central Govt  agency authorised to collect and analyse data on crimes in the country, has indicated that they would create a database on lynchings in the country. IndiaTomorrow
Goa: Over 100 holy crosses and graves in Christian cemetery vandalised
Panaji:Over 100 gravestones in a Christian cemetery in Curchorem town of South Goa were allegedly vandalised by unidentified persons, police said on Monday.According to Curchorem Police Inspector Shivram Vaingankar, the incident took place last night.“Several gravestones were damaged by miscreants last night at the Guardian Angel Cemetery. CCTV camera which was installed at the gate of the cemetery was also found broken,” he told PTI on Monday.Police are yet to arrest anyone in connection with cemetery attack. Vaingankar said one of the locals had seen a man running out of cemetery at around 4.30 am. “We are working on various leads,” he said. Goa has witnessed a spate of attacks on religious symbols since the beginning of this month. At least 9 Holy crosses and a temple have been defiled since July 1 leading to heightened police presence in several areas of South Goa district. HT
Uttarakhand violence: Muslim Minor sent to juvenile home over offensive FB pic
Dehradun:A 16-year-old Muslim boy, whose allegedly offensive Facebook post triggered communal violence in Uttarakhand, has been sent to a juvenile home for 14 days. The decision was taken by the juvenile board at Pauri Garhwal on Monday, police said.Police said there had been no overnight violence in Satpuli, a quaint town in the Pauri Garhwal district, and warned social media users to not spread rumours or inflammatory messages. “Police have been deployed in the town and so far the situation is under control. The minor was held and was produced before juvenile board which has sent him to juvenile home for 14 days”Jagat Ram Joshi, SP Pauri Garhwal said.HT
Basirhat violence: Internet services resumed, schools, banks, markets open today
Kolkata:After spending a week in the grip of communal violence, Basirhat seemed to be returned to the rhythm of normal life from Monday. Schools, banks and markets opened for business while the Govt  allowed the resumption of Internet services in the area.To stop the spread of rumours and panic following the communal flare-up on the night of July 2 over a blasphemous Facebook post by a class 11 student, Mamata govt ordered suspension of Internet services in the subdivision from the night of July 3.However, the administration decided to continue with section 144 of CrPC prohibiting the assembly of more than four persons at a spot. HT
Delhi BJP leader shared Guj riots photo as from Bengal
NewDelhi:Delhi BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma came under fire from Twitter users for allegedly passing off a picture of the 2002 Gujarat riots as that of the violence in West Bengal's Basirhat."Since trolls spent a sleepless night covering-up Basirhat violence, sharing media pics of the riots. Hope they report this to @WBPolice too,"Ms Sharma posted on the micro- blogging site and attached an image of charred vehicles along with it.The twiterrati, however, pointed out to her that the image was from 2002 and accused her of spreading a rumour.Ms Sharma, in a defiant tone, said the photo reflected the reality of Bengal, irrespective of the place. "I received a flyer from organisers of Save Bengal protests and I put it out. This has woken up the people in Lutyen's Delhi who have maintained a stoic silence on Bengal till now," added the leader. "PTI
W. Bengal's Basirhat violence: Nobel laureate Amartya Sen concerned over communal flare-up
Muslim doctor, Hindu compounder spread message of peace in violence-hit Basirhat
Basirhat:Patients coming out of doctor Kaseed Ali’s chamber in violence-hit Trimohini area of Basirhat town are carrying, apart from the medical prescription, advice on communal harmony. Ali and his compounder Deboprasad Boiragi are working together for nearly 35 years. Ali has made it a point to tell each of his patients that Boiragi has been no less than a family member and any loss to him would have been a personal loss to Ali family.“Over the last five days, I was always tense about his family’s security. I told the local leaders from my community to ensure his safety. Fortunately, since I have been practising here for the past 45 years, leaders took my advice seriously and Debu’s family is safe,”Ali said.“I find no difference between Debu and my 2 sons. I consider his wife as my own daughter-in-law and his kids as my own grandchildren,”Ali says. HT
Bilkis Bano rape and murder case: SC dismisses appeals of accused cops, doctors
New Delhi:The Supreme Court has dismissed appeals of 2 doctors and 4 policemen including an IPS officer challenging their conviction by the Bombay High Court in the sensational 2002 Bilkis Bano case, saying there was "clear-cut evidence" against them.The HC while rejecting their appeals, said the trial court had unreasonably acquitted them."You all have been unreasonably acquitted by the trial court in the case despite there being clear-cut evidence against you," bench said while dismissing three appeals. IPS officer RS Bhagora, currently serving in Gujarat, was recently convicted along with four other policemen by the High Court, overturning the trial court order acquitting them. HC had on May 4 reversed the trial court verdict acquitting Bhagora and others and upheld the conviction of 11 people (one convict is dead) in Bilkis Bano gang rape and murder case. One policeman Idris Abdul Sayed has not appealed against his conviction.Counsel for Bhagora said he was unnecessarily caught in the web of circumstances and had no direct role in the incident.The bench, however, refused to go into matter saying Bhagora was the supervising officer in the case and everything happened under his nose. Advocate Shobha, appearing for Bano, opposed the appeals of the convicts.PTI
2002 Gujarat riots: No relief for Teesta Setalvad from Supreme Court in illegal exhumation of victim bodies
New Delhi:Social activist Teesta Setalvad on Monday failed to get any relief from the Supreme Court in the Pandarwada grave digging case in which she and her husband Javed Anand are accused of being part of the illegal exhumation of bodies of the 2002 Gujarat riots victims.A bench, comprising Justices Arun Mishra and Amitava Roy, said it would not be necessary to adjudicate on merits the plea filed by her against the Gujarat High Court order refusing to quash the FIR lodged against her at a police station in Panchmahal district, PTI reported. “When chargesheet is there, can’t you go and raise all these questions before the trial court,” the bench asked senior counsel Kapil Sibal, appearing for Setalvad.indianexpress
GST: Bhiwandi loom owners stare at unsold stock, workers at uncertainty as 5 lakh powerlooms in lying idle
Mumbai:ON friday, Shahida Rafiq Sheikh reached her workplace at 9am. By the end of the day, the lone breadwinner for a family of six, and her 149 coworkers at FT Textiles Pvt Ltd in Bhiwandi, were asked not to come to work from Monday. “I have over 10 lakh metres of unsold cloth in storage. I don’t have more space. Moreover, there is no yarn available amid the chaos around GST. We have been forced to close operations,” said Fayyaz Ahmed, owner of FT Textiles, which runs 5,000 powerlooms.Shahida, a senior tester and mender, had been working with the firm for the past seven years. She earned Rs14,000 a month. With the job gone, she doesn’t know how to pay her children’s school fees or meet her ailing husband’s medical expenses. Her despair is shared by lakhs of textile workers in Bhiwandi, one of India’s largest textile hubs. An entire ecosystem of textile workers — weavers, technicians, daily wagers and labourers — has been hit hard by the implementation of GST. The industry, which had always been exempt, is reeling from the impact of being brought under the new tax regime.Textile merchants have been protesting against a 5% GST on fabric. Due to this, there is no one to buy fabric. Burdened by unsold stock, weavers have stopped operations. Over the past 20 days, around 5 lakh powerlooms are idle in Bhiwandi, said owners. The growing protest by textile merchants in Gujarat will lead to further shutdowns, they say. Ahmed said, “On the one hand, GST promises to eliminate middlemen. That is a big advantage for us. But on the other, it will increase manufacturing costs.”  Indian express
Textile Traders in Ahmedabad on Indefinite Strike, Mass Rally Held in Surat Against GST
Textile traders in Ahmedabad began an indefinite strike on Monday in order to mount pressure on the Centre to roll back the GST on cloth.According to a release issued by traders associated with three major textile markets in the city – Maskati Cloth Market Association, New Cloth Market and Panchkuva Cloth Market – the 5% GST imposed by the Centre on fabrics is “not acceptable to anyone who is in the textile business.”In Surat, textile traders have been on an indefinite strike for over one week, with thousands taking part in a mass rally on Saturday, July 8, to protest against the new tax regime.Holding banners and placards, and shouting slogans, thousands of textile traders in Surat walked for 3 km  through the city’s main textile market in a mammoth rally led by Hitesh Sanklecha – a textile trader who has been on a hunger strike since July 1, TOIreported.Meanwhile, lakhs of labourers working in powerlooms and processing units have been rendered jobless due to shutdown of mills for over a week due to the ongoing strike. Textile industry – the second largest employment sector of the country – including weavers, technicians, daily wagers and labourers, has been badly hit by the implementation of GST.Lakhs of labourers working in powerlooms and processing units have been rendered jobless due to the shutdown of mills due to the ongoing strike.
Cloth merchants in Ahmedabad go on indefinite strike against GST
Strike to abolish GST on textiles enters 5th day; retail shops, power looms remain shut in protest
There Are ‘Good RSS People’ in the Congress: Khurshid
New Delhi: Ex- Union Minister Salman Khurshid rued an infiltration of the RSS into the Congress, saying they are "very good RSS people" by instinct but even they do not know it. “Funny thing is that they do not even know that they are RSS. They are good RSS people by instinct but they do not know. The first time we got an idea was after the Babri demolition when some leaders began saying that we should not use the word ‘secular’ because it sent out a wrong message,” Khurshid said. Ex-minister claims that he had singled out the people who would join BJP 3 years ago. “I had named Jagadambika Pal, the Bahugunas etc but I was silenced. I was told they were good party workers. I should not bring personal differences to the table,” he added.Congress leader said the minorities had accused UPA Govt  of not doing enough for them but haven’t said anything to the present NDA
Voting not a fundamental duty, can’t be made compulsory: Centre to SC
New Delhi: Exercising one’s franchise is the fundamental right of every citizen but not a duty, the NDA Govt  has told the Supreme Court, ruling out the possibility of making voting compulsory in the country.Centre said this on Friday in response to a 2015 petition filed by one Satyaprakash, who wanted mandatory voting to be enforced in India – as is the case in Argentina, Belgium and Brazil. He cited the example of Gujarat, the only state in the country to introduce this concept, in support of his plea.Union ministry of law and justice’s affidavit, which relied on the law commission’s report to counter the petitioner’s demand, stated that making voting compulsory would be undemocratic. The country’s election law provides citizens not only with the right to vote but also to refrain from voting during electoral exercises, it added.Election Commission had taken a similar stand in court. “Freedom of expression means not only providing voters the right to vote but also the right to not vote,” the poll body told the court. HT
Air India stops serving meat to economy class passengers on short-haul flights
New Delhi:National carrier Air India will only serve vegetarian meals to passengers on flights lasting up to 90 minutes, according to a report in The Hindu. The airline’s move is aimed at cutting costs and avoiding a mix-up of meals.“We have decided to serve vegetarian meals in our economy-class seats on domestic flights,” said Air India Chairman and MD Ashwani Lohani in the report.The airline will continue to serve non-vegetarian meals in its business class and executive class seats on all domestic and international flights. It will also continue to give vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options to economy fliers on flights of over 90-minute duration.The Hindu
No non-veg food for economy class passengers on Air India domestic flights
‘Inter caste marriages can reduce attacks on Dalits’
New Delhi: While referring to increasing attacks on Dalits and the casteism menace, especially in UP, Union minister of state for social justice and empowerment Ramdas Athawale on Sunday suggested a formula to end the issues. Athawale said he would write to all CMs to promote inter-caste marriages in their states.“I am suggesting that states could announce a scheme to give Rs 25 crore from their budget to the district promoting maximum inter-caste marriages,” he said. An inter-caste couple will be paid Rs 5 lakh and a Govt  job will be given to one of them by the state to help reduce the divide between castes and bring them together, Athawale said in Gurgaon, where he visited party worker and Food Corporation of India member Risha Bashistha.At present, the Centre gives Rs 2.5 lakh for inter-caste marriages. States have their own figures ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh.HT
‘Quota for upper caste poor would stop attacks on Dalits’
Voluntary marriage not love jihad: man’s plea against Kerala HC ruling
New Delhi:It is not ‘love jihad’ if an adult Hindu woman, on her own volition, converts to Islam and marries a Muslim man according to Islamic rites, Shafin Jahan from Kerala told the Supreme Court. The woman in question was a homeopathy student when she converted to Islam and changed her name. Jahan had met her with his family in Aug 2016 in response to her advertisement on a marriage website.The couple got married last Dec.Jahan, represented by advocate Haris Beeran, filed a habeas corpus plea for her production in the Supreme Court. He challenged a Kerala High Court decision of May 24 to annul their marriage. HC had sent the woman back to stay with her parents, while calling the marriage a product of ‘love jihad’ and radicalisation.Jahan said he suspected that woman was being “illegally confined”. His letters to her have remained unanswered. In its order, which Jahan said had “unnecessary religious overtones”, the HC said the identity of a woman was strictly associated with her parents, in this case, “strictly Hindu”. the hindu
‘Stones brought to Ayodhya meant not for Ram, but for BJP,’ says chief priest of makeshift temple
BJP’s victory in the UP  Assembly polls earlier this year has injected new energy into a workshop related to the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya that has seen long periods of inactivity in the 27 years since it was first set up.The arrival of 2 successive consignments of sandstone, at the workshop at the VHP’s HQRS of Karsevakpuram, after at least 17 months of quiet, has created a buzz around the site where artisans carve the stones and pillars intended to be fitted into the temple the Sangh Parivar hopes to construct at the spot 464-year-old Babri Masjid stood before it was demolished by kar sevaks on Dec.6, 1992. 18 blocks of sandstone from Rajasthan arrived on July 5, and 4 blocks a week earlier.The growing bustle at Karsevakpuram has led to bafflement among a section of Ayodhya’s sadhus as Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi case is still pending before the Supreme Court, which has ordered that status quo be maintained at the disputed site.Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of the makeshift Ram temple that stands on the site of the Babri Masjid, said that the arrival of the stones is intended to help the BJP in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
Tejaswi will not resign as Deputy CM , says RJD
Patna:After a legislature party meeting in Patna, RJD asserted that Tejaswi Yadav, younger son of party chief Lalu Prasad, will not resign from the post of Bihar Deputy CM .On Friday last, CBI filed an FIR against Yadav and conducted a raid at 10 Circular Road in Patna, where he lives with his father and mother, ex-CM  Rabri Devi. thehindu
Can provide outside support to Nitish if he quits ruling alliance: Bihar BJP
 In an interesting twist to the developments in Bihar, the state BJP has said it is ready to offer outside support to JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar if he decides to leave the ruling Grand Alliance. However, state unit has made it clear that a final decision in this regard will be made by the BJP central leadership."Bihar BJP chief Nityanand Rai has said that the party is ready to provide outside support to JD(U) to form a Govt  in the interest of the state, if Nitish Kumar decides to walk out of the Grand Alliance," said state BJP vice-president Devesh Kumar.TOI
Nitish not to attend Opposition meet over VP candidate
New Delhi:Bihar CM  Nitish Kumar will not attend Opposition meeting on Tuesday, called to shortlist a candidate for the upcoming Vice-Presidential elections, reported NDTV on Monday. The meeting, which will be chaired by Congress president Sonia Gandhi, will see members of 17 Opposition parties in attendance. Kumar, instead, is likely to attend a JDU conclave in Patna tomorrow called in the wake of the cracks within the ruling Grand Alliance.indian express
Honour killing in UP: Man kills daughter, lover in Sambhal
Sambhal:In a case of honour killing, a man allegedly killed his daughter and her lover in Ginnaur area at Sambhal, police said. Achhan Qureishi woke up Sunday to find his 16-year-old daughter missing from home. He later found his daughter in a compromising position with her lover Salman (18) near their house. In a fit of anger, he strangulated his daughter and stabbed Salman, SP, Ravishankar Chhavi said. indianexpress
Humanitarian situation dire in 'liberated' Mosul
Aid agencies have voiced concern over the dire humanitarian situation in Mosul, as Iraq's PM  Haider al-Abadi congratulated his troops for driving ISIL out of most of the city.  As the operation nears its end, the intense fighting in the Old City neighbourhood near Tigris River has taken a heavy toll on the thousands of civilians still trapped in the area. "Humanitarian situation is absolutely dire," said Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford, reporting from Erbil in northern Iraq. "Level of destruction in the Old City is almost total," he said. "Virtually every single building is either completely or partially reduced to rubble."According to the Iraqi military, about 15,000 civilians are still in the area of the Old City, with many of them being used as human shields by ISIL.The Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration said that 750,000 have been displaced since the offensive on western Mosul began in Feb. Michael Boyce, humanitarian policy adviser from Oxfam in Iraq, said the battle for Mosul has already been a massive crisis, displacing about a million people, and that it will take a long time before life can resume to normal in the city.He said that the last pocket of the city that has been under attack for the last few weeks is extremely dense to move around in, with a high risk of civilians being killed."A lot of people are stuck inside the city with very little access to food, water and medical care," Boyce told Al Jazeera from Erbil. "They have literally been through hell."Al Jazeera
Iraq assures cooperation in locating 39 missing Indians: MEA
Iraqi authorities have assured India of all cooperation in locating 39 Indian nationals reportedly in captivity in Mosul, the External Affairs Ministry said on Monday.Iraq declared victory against the IS group in Mosul after months-long campaign. MEA said Union Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh will travel to Erbil in Iraq later on Monday.PTI
Iraq declares victory in Mosul, but no word on 39 hostages
Over  200,000 children married in US over last 15 yrs
More than 200,000 children were married in the US over the past 15 years, new figures have revealed. Three 10-year-old girls and an 11-year-old boy were among the youngest to wed, under legal loopholes which allow minors to marry in certain circumstances.The minimum age for marriage across most of US is 18, but every state has exemptions – such as parental consent or pregnancy – which allow younger children to tie the knot.In May, the high-profile Republican governor for New Jersey declined to sign into law a measure that would have made his state the first to ban child marriage without exception. Chris Christie claimed it would conflict with religious customs. At least 207,468 minors married in the US between 2000 and 2015, according to data compiled by Unchained At Last, a group campaigning to abolish child marriage, and investigative documentary series Frontline.The Independent
Book Nawaz Sharif and sons for corruptionJIT
Karachi: A 6-member Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which is probing the assets of Pakistan PM  Nawaz Sharif and his family, has recommended the registration of a corruption case against him and his sons, Hussain and Hassan Nawaz, in the Panama Papers case.The team submitted a report to the Supreme Court after 60 days of investigation. “Failure on the part of all respondents [Sharif and his children] to produce the requisite information confirming ‘known sources of income’ is prima facie tantamount to not being able to justify assets and means of income,” said the report.Meanwhile, the Supreme Court ordered an FIR against the chief of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Zafar Hijazi, for tampering with records of Sharif's family business.The court slapped a contempt notice on the printer-publisher and reporter of largest media group Jang for misreporting on the facts of the JIT probe and contacting a judge on his report. Opposition parties alleged that the Jang group has printed several factually incorrect stories in favour of the Govt . thehindu
Pak sets rules for banks wanting to be fully sharia compliant
Pakistan's central bank has issued guidelines covering how banks that want to be fully-fledged sharia compliant can achieve that status, setting a three-year time frame for applicants to complete the process.The rules aim to accelerate the growth of Islamic banking in the Muslim-majority country. The sector enjoys double-digit growth but lags conventional banks in terms of size and profitability.Islamic banks follows religious principles such as bans on interest and pure monetary speculation, ruling out the use of interest-based financial instruments such as bonds and treasury bills.Eligible applicants must have existing Islamic finance operations and the conversion process must start within 6 months of approval, the central bank said in a circular. Reuters
Arab ambassador apologises to Israel for UNESCO vote
An Arab UNESCO envoy has apologised to his Israeli counterpart Carmel Shama-Hacohen for being unable to vote against a Palestinian motion in favour of Hebron’s Old City becoming a Palestinian World Heritage Site, Israeli website Ynet News revealed.On Friday 12 UNESCO members voted in favour of the motion to award the city endangered status and recognise it as a Palestinian area and 3 voted against. There were 6 abstentions.Israel is furious with the decision. Following vote Shama-Hacohen questioned why the committee did not conduct a secret ballot before declaring:“There is a huge problem with my toilet and it is much more important than the decision you just adopted.” Arab ambassador was unable to vote against the motion because the vote was not secret – a condition of his yes vote – reported Ynet News, adding that it was likely the unidentified envoy had promised his Israeli counterpart to vote against the motion. middleeastmonitor
ICC prosecutor voices regret over anti-Qatar blockade
The International Criminal Court's (ICC) chief prosecutor has expressed regret over the blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia and three other Arab states against Qatar.On Sunday, ICC's Fatou Bensouda met Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in Doha and discussed the violations of international accords as well as human rights abuses committed by the four blockading countries. QNA, Qatar's state news agency, reported that Bensouda praised Doha's mature handling of the crisis. The meeting also dealt with fields of cooperation between Qatar and the ICC, QNA reported.Earlier on Sunday, Bensouda also met with Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani. aljazeera
US Secretary  heads to Gulf to help resolve GCC row
Qatar envoy to Gaza pledges continued support
Qatar’s ambassador to Gaza has pledged continued support to the besieged coastal enclave on his first visit since the start of the Gulf crisis early last month.Mohammed al-Emadi arrived in Gaza along with his deputy head Khaled al-Hardan..Al Jazeera
UK court rejects bid to halt Saudi arms sales: aljazeera
London's High Court has ruled that Britain's multi-billion-pound arms sales to its ally Saudi Arabia is lawful. Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) had sought an order to block the export licences for British-made bombs, fighter jets and other munitions. The campaigners argued they were being used by the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen in violation of international humanitarian law. But on Monday, the High Court said "the claimant's claim for judicial review is dismissed".The court ruled there had been extensive political and military engagement with Saudi Arabia regarding the conduct of operations in Yemen and the Saudis had "sought positively to address concerns about international humanitarian law".
Former Yemen president incites fight against Saudi
Ex-President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh has called on people to rise up against the Saudi-led coalition which is strikes targets linked to forces allied to him and the Iranian-backed Houthis, Saba News reported.Saleh told tribal leaders in Baydah province yesterday that Yemen needs to be steadfast against the Saudi coalition’s attacks which began two years. Saleh encouraged the tribal leaders to continue to fight for the sake of the revolution, republic and unity.middleeastmonitor
Govt report: Harsh conditions inside Israel’s prisons -report-harsh-conditions-inside-israels-prisons/
Prisoners being held in Israeli jails and detention centres are subjected to harsh conditions, a report by the country’s Public Defender’s Office said.According to Quds Press, Israeli papers said the report examined 24 Israeli prison facilities and 10 detention centres last year.The report found that there is a big gap between the detention conditions inside Israeli jails and in prisons in the West, noting that Israeli prisons have cramped cells, are unclean, there are no rehabilitation programmes, and there is a shortage of basic prison equipment. Middleeastmonitor
Trump’s Son, son-in-law Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clinton
President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton before agreeing to meet with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign, according to three advisers to the White House briefed on the meeting and two others with knowledge of it. The meeting was also attended by the president’s campaign chairman at the time, Paul J. Manafort, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  Manafort and Kushner recently disclosed the meeting, though not its content, in confidential Govt  documents described to New York Times.NYT reported the existence of the meeting on Saturday. But in subsequent interviews, the advisers and others revealed the motivation behind it.The meeting — at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016, 2 weeks after Donald J. Trump clinched Republican nomination — points to the central question in federal investigations of the Kremlin’s meddling in the presidential election: whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. The accounts of the meeting represent the first public indication that at least some in the campaign were willing to accept Russian help.NYT
Liberals stifled criticism of Islam, allowed Trump supporters to hijack debate about religion :Atheist Muslim'
Rallies in Istanbul against Turkey’s post-coup crackdown
Turkey’s main opposition leader told a huge protest rally on Sunday that the country was living under dictatorship and pledged to keep challenging the crackdown launched by the authorities after last year’s failed military coup.Addressing hundreds of thousands of people waving Turkish flags and banners demanding justice, Kemal Kilicdaroglu said his 25-day march from Ankara to Istanbul – culminating in Sunday’s rally in Istanbul – was the first stage of a long campaign.“We will be breaking down the walls of fear,” he told the crowd who gathered to welcome him at the end of his 425 km  trek from the Turkish capital.Kilicdaroglu’s protest march drew only modest support in its early days, but as more people joined him it grew into the biggest protest yet against the year-long, post-coup crackdown launched by President Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AK Party.  About 50,000 people have been arrested and 150,000 state workers including teachers, judges and soldiers, have been suspended. middleeastmonitor

BJP leaders fail to delete fake news posts about Bengal riots, despite images being discredited
BJP Once Tried to Destroy the Ahmedabad Heritage It Is Now Celebrating: The Wire
‘Golwalkar’s Vision Is Terrifying Because It Has No Place for Modern Democratic Politics’:The Wire
Modi Was Ill-Advised to Visit Israel. Worse, to Make It a Love Fest:Gopalkrishna Gandhi
प्रोपेगैंडा तय करता है कि ख़ून का दाग़ भीड़ पर लगे और नेता निर्दोष नज़र आएं:रवीश कुमार
Modi Has Opted For A Definite Anti-Palestine Policy — Amulya Ganguli, Caravan Daily
When TV Anchors Become BJP Spokespersons To Spread Fake News: Mahua Moitra
Why stopping India's vigilante killings will not be easy:Soutik Biswas, BBC
Anti-Muslim violence in India is notable because of processes engendering it:Praveen Swami -million-tyrannies-4743271/
Issue is not if triple talaq is an essential practice of Islam, but if it is an essential practice of Hanafi school:Faizan Mustafa
Maharashtra Board-approved history video for Class IX shows Aksai, Arunachal as 'disputed region'
Cow slaughter ban can cost India dearly; Vikas Rawal
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