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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Eid al Adha Sermon: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami here to read more

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

03 Nov. 2016: 02 Safar 1438: Vol: 8, No:27
Most widely cited statistic of Muslim Mahila Andolan On Triple Talaq is totally inaccurate: Huffington Post
In the debate over reforming personal law, one data point about Muslim women has been widely cited by every mainstream news organizations (TOI, Indian Express, NDTV, Zee News, DNA ). Unfortunately, it is bad data. Mumbai-based Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, an advocacy group for Muslim women, published a survey in 2015 which among other things found that 92.1% of Muslim women wanted a ban on triple talaq, the oral unilateral divorce that Muslim personal law currently allows men to use to divorce their wives. By any standard of credible data though, neither that number nor the rest of the survey are of much use in the national debate. Mumbai-based Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan published a survey in 2015 which among other things found that 92.1%of Muslim women wanted a ban on triple talaq.The first and most important feature of a survey is whether its sample is representative of the universe it is drawn from or seeks to speak of, in this case all Indian Muslim women. In every possible way, the BMMA survey does not fit the bill.This should have been clear by looking at the sample, which the BMMA describes in its report. BMMA interviewed 4710 women in ten states. More than 35 % of respondents were from Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Dindigul (Tamil Nadu) and Cuttack (Odisha). Actual share of these three cities to the country's female Muslim population is 0.65% put together. What pollsters would do to smooth such issues out would be to weight the responses proportionately (although this would be too big an issue to smooth); the BMMA did not.Secondly, 11.1% of the adult women they surveyed were divorced, while Census 2011 data shows that even while the rates of divorce among Muslim women are higher than those for women from other religious communities, just 0.4% of adult Muslim women are divorced. The sample of women the BMMA surveyed was atypical, and not representative of Indian Muslim women. And there's a very good reason why this happened.All of which goes to say that the sample of women the BMMA surveyed was atypical, and not representative of Indian Muslim women. And there's a very good reason why this happened. BMMA contacted women they knew or women from communities in which they already worked. This is a frequent problem with surveys conducted by advocacy groups - polling the atypical communities they work with instead of representative samples. Some older, better quality polling of Muslim women's attitudes to marriage and divorce do exist. 60%  Muslim women told CSDS in its 2006 State of Nation survey (Muslim women all-India sample size: 540) that they fully agreed with the statement that triple talaq at one go was wrong (quite different from wanting a ban). An additional 13.7% said that they "somewhat agreed" that triple talaq was wrong. An even larger proportion was opposed to polygamy. But over half (52 % ) of Muslim women respondents in their 2008 State of the Nation study said that even if a husband and wife were incompatible, they must stay together.
Don't bring politics in debate on Uniform Civil Code, 'triple talaq, one of small parts of entire exercise on UCC: Law commission chief
New Delhi: Politics should not be brought into the Law Commission's exercise to make recommendations regarding framing of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) to achieve the goals of gender equality and dignity for women, commission's chairman Justice BS Chauhan said on Thursday. "We are merely an advisory body. We are not going to make the law. People should not mix politics in it. We are an advisory body and not a law making authority. "I have no involvement with politics. We, in Law Commission, are working on the reference received from the government," Chauhan said. Maintaining that the law panel was carrying out a larger debate on the issue without any "prejudice or bias" to arrive at an objective as per the constitutional norms, Chauhan cautioned against bringing politics into the debate saying the entire exercise was being undertaken due to the growing awareness in the society. "We will make the recommendations and Parliament will debate threadbare on them. After due scrutiny by both the houses, the legislature will take a call," the former Supreme Court judge said. He was of the opinion that a lot of 'hue and cry' has been made on the contentious issue of 'triple talaq' which, he said, was "one of the small parts of the entire exercise" of the Law Commission on the UCC.PTI 
Tipu Sultan monarch, not freedom fighter: Karnataka HC asks govt’s logic behind celebrating Tipu Jayanti
Bengaluru:Karnataka High Court has questioned the state govt’s logic behind celebrating the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan, observing he wasn’t a freedom fighter but a monarch who fought to safeguard his interests.“What is the logic behind celebrating Tipu Jayanti? Tipu was not a freedom fighter, but a monarch who fought the opponents to safeguard his interests,” Chief Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee, presiding over the division bench, observed. Justice RB Budhihal is the other member of the bench. The observation was made by the Chief Justice during a hearing on a PIL filed by South Kodagu-based KP Manjunatha, challenging govt ’s move to celebrate Tipu Jayanti.Justice Mukherjee also questioned the logic behind celebrating Tipu Jayanti amid fears of communal tension escalating in Kodagu district and other parts of the state. However, public counsel MR Naik defended the celebrations, saying Tipu was a great warrior who fought against the British. HC Today disposed of a PIL challenging celebration of "Tipu Jayanti" by state govt but directed the petitioner to make a representation to the state chief secretary to consider the objections raised against the event by him. The order came a day after it questioned the govt  on the logic behind celebrating 'Tipu Jayanti' observing that he wasn't a freedom fighter, but monarch who fought to safeguard his interests.PTI
HC dismisses PIL challenging celebration of Tipu Jayanti
Govt to ask NDTV India to go off air for a day over Pathankot coverage
New Delhi: An Inter-ministerial committee of the I&B ministry has recommended that a leading Hindi news channel be taken off air for a day after it concluded that the broadcaster had revealed “strategically-sensitive” details while covering the Pathankot attack. The ministry may now ask the channel NDTV India to be taken off air for a day on Nov.9, according to sources, in what would be the first order against a broadcaster over its coverage of terrorist attacks. Efforts to reach the channel for its comments could not fructify.The matter pertains to the coverage of the Pathankot attack by the channel where the committee felt that “such crucial information” could have been readily picked by terrorist handlers and had the potential to “cause massive harm not only to the national security, but also to lives of civilians and defence personnel.”When the operation was on in January this year, it allegedly revealed information on the ammunition stockpiled in airbase, MIGs, fighter-planes, rocket-launchers, mortars, helicopters, fuel-tanks etc. “which was likely to be used by the terrorists or their handlers to cause massive harm, sources said.Official sources said that as content appeared to be violative of the programming norms, a show cause notice was issued to the channel. While a show cause notice was issued to the channel, NDTV India replied stating that it was a case of “subjective interpretation” and the information that had been broadcast was already in the public domain. indian express/thenewsminutes
Pathankot attack coverage: Take NDTV India off air for a day, says I&B  panel
NDTV India to be taken off air for a day
Sr journalist Akshaya Mukul refuses to receive Ramnath Goenka award from Modi
Senior journalist Akshaya Mukul has reportedly refused to accept the Ramnath Goenka Award from PM  Narendra Modi. Speaking to Catch, Mukul said, "I am extremely honoured to get the award. But I have problem in receiving the award from Modi. Krishan Chopra, publisher and chief editor at HarperCollins India, the publishers of Mukul's book, received the award on his behalf.Mukul, a journalist with Times of India, was awarded Ramnath Goenka Award for his book Gita Press and the Making of Hindu India. The book recieved, which received critical acclaim from various corners, has also the Tata Literature Live! Book of the Year Award, and the Atta Galatta-Bangalore Literature Festival Book Prize for best non-fiction work in English.News of Mukul boycotting the award ceremony started doing rounds early in the day. Speaking to The Caravan, the senior journalist said, "I cannot live with the idea of Modi and me in the same frame, smiling at the camera even as he hands over the award to me."According to reports, management's decision to invite the PM has irked some of top editors of The Indian Express as well.Mukul was reportedly under a lot of pressure to attend the ceremony from his peers and the management at the Indian Express. catch news
I cannot live with idea of modi & me in same frame”: Akshaya Mukul Boycotts Ramnath Goenka Awards
Meet the Journos Who Rebuffed Modi at the Ramnath Goenka Awards
RNG Awards: Need to reflect on Emergency so that no leader dares to repeat it, says PM Modi
Kejriwal, Karat, Tharoor join protest over missing JNU student Najeeb
Students at JNU on Thursday staged a protest over missing student Najeeb Ahmed and were joined by political bigwigs like Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Congress MP Shashi Traroor and senior CPI leader Prakash Karat. About 150-200 students gathered at the administrative block inside the campus and voiced their concern about Ahmed's safety, who continues to remain untraced for nearly 20 days. The students urged university officials to bring those who allegedly attacked him to book. Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar, Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia and JD(U) MP KC Tyagi also joined the students.Speaking at the venue, Kejriwal said that the issue needs to be taken out of JNU campus."Najeeb will only come back with the power of people. We need to take this power outside the campus," the CM said. He added, "We are not doing a favor by fighting for Najeeb. I am here because even my son can go missing tomorrow." india tv news
JNU: Kejriwal speaks on missing Najeeb Ahmad, says BJP members don’t belong to Hindus or even to own fathers
Bhopal encounter: Madhya Pradesh HC directs ATS to submit report in two weeks
Jabalpur:Madhya Pradesh high court today issued notices to the govt  advocate and ATS seeking a detailed report on 'encounter' of 8 suspected SIMI men. Bail applications of some of them who got killed in the alleged encounter were scheduled for hearing before the Jabalpur bench of high court headed by Justice C B Sirpurkar on Thursday."We have informed court about the encounter killing. Many bail applications were pending before the court, and there are common names. So we had petitioned for a detailed report about the encounter including their autopsy papers," said Naeem Khan, counsel for several alleged SIMI members. Next hearing has been posted after 2 weeks. timesofindia
SIMI activists' encounter: MP govt's offer money to eyewitnesses:
Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced a distribution of cash reward of Rs 40 lakh among many residents of Acharpura, the hamlet near the site of SIMI operatives’ encounter — a statement that has drawn criticism.This statement has been questioned by local leaders who termed it an attempt to shut eyewitnesses’ mouth and affect the probe into the encounter.“CM has announced this reward to those residents who helped police during the encounter. The money would be equally distributed among the citizens”, said an MP govt official press release. Local leaders said that when probe into the jailbreak hasn’t even taken off, such an announcement is wrong and would affect the inquiry. All India Milli Council state chief Arif Masood has also condemned the announcement of cash reward. “This is clearly planned with the motive to savethemselves from uncomfortable situation”, said Masood, who is also a senior Congress leader. Meanwhile, Masood has also said that preparations have been made and a petition is being filed in High Court. firstpost
'Sabko nipta do': Senior police official heard giving orders to kill 8 men on audio recording
New Delhi:In what could be the most revealing piece of information, with regards to the shootout of the 8 suspected SIMI operatives, audio clips believed to be from Madhya Pradesh Police’s control room suggest that the cops had no intention of arresting the now deceased men, who had allegedly escaped Bhopal Central Jail on Monday morning. A senior police officer can be heard on the radio ordering his subordinates engaged in action to kill all 8 men, ‘Sabko nipta do.’ It is imperative to mention that the order to allegedly kill the men comes before the police control room is informed that the men have fired upon the cops in action. The audio clip not only contradicts claims of the MP police that the alleged encounter lasted an hour, officials heard during the recording also seem to be resistant to the idea of calling ambulances to the encounter site. The argument for resisting calling ambulances is that authorities would have to spend money on the treatment of accused men in case anyone survives the shootout.Even more revealing portions come towards the end of the clips wherein a superior police official, while giving orders to his subordinates, directs them not to allow anyone near the encounter site in case another "farzi (fake) operation needs to be done".In another part of the same conversation, male voice is heard saying that the cops should at least leave one of the escapees alive. Interestingly, in the clips, the officials are heard saying that the suspects were returning fire even though the anti-terrorism unit of MP as well as govt said the opposite. DNA
Bhopal 'encounter': Over 2,000 Muslim women protest, seek probe
Ujjain (MP): Alleging "persecution" of Muslims, over 2,000 women and girls from the community took to streets at Mahidpur locality near here today, demanding a probe into the controversial encounter of eight SIMI activists on Monday. Clad in veil, they raised slogans like "We want justice... We want an inquiry into the fake encounter."The protesters included the wife and mother of SIMI activist Abdul Majid, a local resident of Mahidpur, who was among those gunned down by police in the alleged encounter on Oct.31. The protesters also expressed apprehension over safety of remaining SIMI members currently lodged in the Bhopal jail. Later, they handed over a memorandum, addressed to Mahidpur Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), seeking a probe into the encounter and "persecution" of Muslims, to Tehsildar Sarita Lal. "We sported burqas to ensure that the law enforcers cannot recognise us. Our menfolk can't protest because they will be picked up by police and NIA and thereafter hounded by them," a woman said. PTI
Majeed had been mentioning that officials had threatened to kill him in a fake encounter: kin
Mahidpur (Ujjain): Zulekha Bee was to meet her brother Abdul Majeed on the festival of “Bhaidooj”. but he was gunned down in an “encounter”, along with 7 others, near Bhopal on Monday. She got the news that Majeed and the others were shot dead by the Madhya Pradesh policel.“Majeed kept mentioning to his wife and me that some officers were threatening to eliminate him in a fake encounter,” Ms. Zulekha told The Hindu on Wednesday. No one in his family, however, is willing to buy the “escape” story.“It was in January 2013 that Majeed got to know that he was wanted for carrying explosives. The police did not arrest him; he surrendered in court. An accused who surrendered is hardly likely to escape,” said Shabbir Hussain, Majeed’s brother-in-law.His family sees only “conspiracies” in the entire “escape and encounter” story. “Whenever we would visit the jail, we would have so many CCTV cameras staring at us. Jail staff would point out the cameras that were fixed on walls, open grounds, bushes, and everywhere. How come the cameras suddenly stopped working,” questioned Majeed’s older brother Abdul Rashid.They also want to know what happened to Majeed’s long beard. “He had been sporting a chest-length beard after being jailed. He had a beard when I met him last month. Do the police want us to believe that he shaved them off at night after his ‘escape’,” said Ms. Zulekha.“We will fight with the pen and the law. We won’t give the police an excuse to jail more of our youths and frame them under false charges,” said Shakeeluddin Nagori, a local doctor.When Majeed’s body was brought to his town on Tuesday, around 3,000 people attended his funeral. thehindu
We were taken, told to confess:Relatives of SIMI activists
Khandwa: A day after 8 alleged SIMI operatives were killed in an alleged encounter, bodies of Amjad Khan, Zakir Hussain, Mohammad Salik, Sheikh Mehboob and Akeel Khilji who came from Khandwa were buried at Bada cemetery here on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, advocate Javed Chouhan, lawyer for 4 of the slain suspects from Khandwa, said they are yet to receive the postmortem reports from police.“They should be with us in 2 days. We have video-recorded the bodies before burial – to ensure we can submit the video in case of apprehension that the autopsy reports are tampered with,” Chouhan said.On Wednesday, relatives of two slain operatives claimed that hours before the encounter they were “blindfolded and handcuffed” early Monday morning and taken to an undisclosed location near Indore, and asked to make allegedly false confessions.Mohammed Jaleel, 22, son of Akeel Khilji, claimed that “plainclothed men” came to their house around 4.30 am and asked him to join them. He claimed he was not told about the jailbreak, or why he was being detained. “I was blindfolded, handcuffed and put into a car. I was neither allowed to speak with my lawyer nor produced before a magistrate,” he claimed.Jaleel claimed he was detained for nearly 10 hours. “At 10.30pm, I was informed about my father’s encounter killing, and was asked to leave…to perform the last rites,”he claimed. According to Jaleel, he was repeatedly questioned what “ek baari usko use karna, usko fek dena, aur darna mat (use it once, then discard it, and don’t be afraid)” meant. “They said this was some code words I had apparently used when I met my father in jail…. I have never said anything like this,” he claimed. “Why should I say what they want me to say?”Mehmood Feroze, 28, a scrap dealer and brother-in-law of another deceased, Amjad Khan, claimed that he was also “picked up, blindfolded and handcuffed” after morning prayers and taken to an “undisclosed” location. “They were men from the ATS,” he claimed. “They only said I am a sympathiser of Amjad, and that is why they were detaining me.” indianexpress

How can CM felicitate cops for encounter before probe begins? Muslim organisations
Bhopal: Several Muslims organizations has raised questions as to how CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan felicitated the police officers for eliminating the eight SIMI activists even before the investigations began.Chouhan had honoured police personnel at the MP Foundation Day programme on Tuesday and announced a reward of Rs 40 lakh for the villagers who alerted the police about the movement of the SIMI operatives. “We don’t understand as to how the CM can reward someone even before the probe began,”HaJi Haroon, president of the MP chapter of Jamiat-ulema-e-Hind said, adding that the felicitation of the police personnel has now cast a doubt on the govt ’s intentions. Award to village is just an attempt to ensure that the locals don’t spill the beans’“We are not sure as to why the CM or his govt  would be in a hurry to honour the police personnel and the villagers,” Sajid Ali, a senior lawyer said, adding that the “award” of Rs 40 lakh to the village is just an attempt to ensure that the local people don’t spill the beans.”“After the jailbreak, why do you think that all of them would have huddled together? Ideally after the jailbreak they all should have gone to eight different directions,” Masood Ahmed Khan, secretary of the Coordination Committee of Indian Muslims, said. Prof. Mateen Ahmed Siddiqui, president of Madhya Pradesh chapter of All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat, alleged that the state govt  is trying to confuse everyone. HT
Concerned after encounter: SIMI activists in Central Jail launch hunger strike
Bhopal: After the 8 men gunned down in an encounter, the remaining others in Central Jail staged a sit-in and hunger strike demanding better security and safety for them. There were 29 alleged members of SIMI in Central Jail and after elimination of 8 there are still 21 SIMI men including Abu Faizal who was awarded  life term by the then ADJ BS Bhadauria in Nov. 2015. Remaining are gripped by tension after the encounter due to which they are demonstrating in the central jail. Advocate Pervez Alam said, “SIMI operatives staged a sit-in demanding safety and security in jail after the murder of head constable Ramashankar Yadav and the consequent encounter. They have demanded security measures for the better safety for them. The remaining SIMI operatives are very terrorised and are in tensed.”He said, “We demand from jail administration to allow counsel to meet SIMI men with security and to take stock of the situation under which others escaped so that we can put up our stand in High Court. After permission, we will visit central jail as we have to file petition in the High Court for judicial probe.” freepressjournal
Encounter killings: 1 death every second day in India
1,654 shot dead in encounters between 2004-2014
Bhopal Killings: Fake Encounters Should Be Punishable By Death: Markandey Katju 
Bhopal Killings Are a Reminder of India’s Failure to Act on Extrajudicial Executions: RAVI NAIR
Aligarh Muslim University Students' Union Demand Judicial Probe Into Bhopal Encounter
UP has highest number of convicts, over 55% of undertrials are Muslims and Dalits: NCRB
Share of Muslims in jail bigger than in population:NCRB  
Undertrial Muslim prisoners unsafe in Indian jails: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee
India-China In New Confrontation At Border In Ladakh Over Canal Project
Leh/New Delhi: Chinese and Indian soldiers are engaged in a major stand-off in Ladakh after Chinese troops yesterday stopped work on the construction of an irrigation canal being built under the rural development or MNREGA scheme, sources told NDTV.The incident took place yesterday in the Demchok sector, located 250 km east of Leh, where a project is underway to link a village with a hot spring. Demchok in the south eastern tip of Ladakh was also the location of a major incursion by China two years ago which resulted in a spike in tension between the two countries. ndtv
India, China stand-off in Demchok
Pakistan names 8 Indian mission officials as 'undercover agents'
Islamabad: Pakistan on Thursday named eight officials of the Indian High Commission who it alleged were involved in "subversive activities", a day after six Pakistani officials of the high commission in New Delhi were called back.Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria, in his weekly press briefing, said, "a number of Indian diplomats and staff belonging to Indian intelligence agencies RAW and IB have been found involved in coordinating terrorist and subversive activities in Pakistan under the garb of diplomatic assignments."IANS 
Kashmiri poet’s letter to PM Modi goes viral; pleads for an India where Muslims don’t have to be scared 
New Delhi: Kashmir was once called the ‘heaven on earth’ by Amir Khusro, the iconic Sufi musician and poet, and rightfully so. Kashmir’s beautiful lakes, temples, and valleys are nothing less than figments of heaven. But that is not what sadly, the state has been in the news for lately.After killing of militant Burhan Wani in an encounter, the place has witnessed constant unrest leading to the death of over 80 people. Though the country erupted with joy after India’s surgical strikes on Pakistan’s terror launch pads, evidently the tension in the region has continued.In the light of this serious issue, a Kashmiri poet has written to PM Narendra Modi to address the Kashmir problem in all truthfulness because India is the safest option that Kashmir has. Liaqat Jafri, who is a poet and a professor from J&K’s Poonch district has written a letter in Hindi addressing the PM, which has since then, gone viral. Letter was shared by Justice Markandey Katju on his Facebook page. indian express
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to visit India in Mid-Nov
Jerusalem:Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will lead a high-profile delegation on a 6-day visit to India in mid-Nov. to boost cooperation in the field of security, education, cyber, energy, water and agriculture. Informed sources said Rivlin will meet President Pranab Mukherjee, PM Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan among others during his visit. Rivlin would be only the second Israeli President to visit India since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries in 1992 and his visit comes almost after a gap of 20 years since former President Ezer Weizmann visited India in 1996-97.Speculation is rife that the Israeli President’s visit would pave the way for Modi’s visit to Jerusalem, the first by an Indian PM ,and is likely to take place next year when the two countries celebrate 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.PTI
Evolve mechanism from within to curb triple talaq: Muslim scholars
New Delhi:There should be an internal mechanism to curb triple talaq, like naming and shaming the man who arbitrarily divorces his wife, Muslim scholars have said, emphasising that the govt  must stay out of the community’s personal laws.They termed the govt ’s raking up the issue at this time as an election gimmick, and pointed out that there were several misconceptions about triple talaq, or talaq-e-bidat. Notwithstanding their dogmatic differences, Muslim scholars IANS spoke to — from Hanafis to Ahle Hadith and from Deobandis to Barelvis and even Shias — categorically decried any interference by the govt  in matters “which are purely religious”, calling any such attempt “unconstitutional”. However, they agreed that there must be a mechanism to protect women against the arbitrary behaviour of men who are prone to pronounce talaq “without valid reasons”.“Such men must be punished, and the community should evolve a mechanism, including boycotting them socially. Nobody should get his daughter married to that man ever again,” Maulana Abdul Hameed Naumani of the Jamiat Ulema Hind, told IANS.A Barelvi cleric, Maulana Ansar Raza, too, agreed there should be some checks against men divorcing their wives without legitimate reasons. “But triple talaq cannot be wished away. You cannot alter the law of Allah,” he added. Milli Council General Secretary Manzoor Alam, however, spoke in favour of triple talaq. “What if a man finds his wife in a compromising position with another man, or gets evidence of her extramarital affair? Generally, a person would be enraged in such a situation and may take the extreme step. So, instead of killing the woman or killing oneself, there is the easy way out of marriage through triple talaq,” Alam argued.Kamal Farooqui, a vocal Muslim and member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said that he is not surprised at the Modi govt  trying to politicise the issue of talaq in the garb of social reform.Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Sadiq echoed Farooqui’s stand. “In Shia jurisprudence, there is no concept of triple talaq. But in sections of Muslim society where this practice is prevalent, the ulema should sit together and decide what they can do to curb it,” Kalbe Sadiq said.However, he added, there is “no scope for govt’s interference” in the matter.Ahle Hadith cleric Maulana Asghar Ali Salafi, too, agreed with Kalbe Sadiq. “There is no concept of triple talaq in our jurisprudence. But those practising it are doing so according to their belief system and their interpretation of the Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence).IANS
TMC plans to oppose ban on triple talaq, UCC in house debate
For the last few days, Trinamool Congress MP and vice-president Sultan Ahmed has been organising several programmes to drum up support against Narendra Modi govt’s efforts to implement a ban on triple talaq, which he fears is a precursor to implement the Uniform Civil Code. At the end of his roadshows, Ahmed will host a 3-day conference on Muslim Personal Law Board and the ‘negative effects’of Uniform Civil Code, if implemented. With the Trinamool MP hosting such an event scheduled on Nov.20 in Kolkata, the Modi govt  may see a stormy winter session in November. TMC stood by Modi for the imposition of GST but now might lead the debate protesting against Uniform Civil Code and triple talaq. Uniform Civil Code is an unfeasible and impossible idea for a nation like India, Sultan Ahmed told ET’s Madhuparna Das in an exclusive interview. Economictimes
Women seek triple talaq right
New Delhi: Women activists today demanded the right to invoke triple talaq in exactly the same manner in which men use it to end a marriage.While throwing in their lot with the women battling "instant triple talaq" in court, activists under the banner of the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) said this was a piecemeal approach."The banning of triple talaq in one sitting should be accompanied by allowing khula to women and abolishing the practice of halala," said Noor Zaheer, the NFIW's Delhi state secretary. telegraphindia
In caste-riven Uttarakhand region, Muslims ally with Dalits to seek rights
Dehradun: Across India, dalits have been increasingly allying with Muslims, both in states heading to polls, and elsewhere. Uttarakhand's Jaunsar-Bawar is the state's most caste conflict-prone area, and was in the news earlier this year for violence over dalit entry into a temple. Now, accusing district officials of denying them education, health and other services, Muslims have joined hands with dalits, demanding access to these facilities.In Jaunsar-Bawar, Chakrata Cantt area, Mohna, Janglaat Chowki, Maath Kangra, Kalsi Byas Neri and Haripur gram sabha together have a Muslim population of over 1,500. Leaders of community allege that ever since Independence, they had been following the directions of upper caste residents of the area, but it was unacceptable to them now.
UP: Dispute between children at fair snowballs into communal clash, 18 injured:PTI
Pratapgarh: At least 18 persons were injured in a clash between the members of two communities at Veerpura Bazar in Fatanpur area in Pratapgarh, police said on Wednesday. Incident took place late on Tuesday night when members of two communities clashed during a fair over some dispute involving their children, they said. Both the factions resorted to brick batting, firing and tried to torch huts, resulting in injuries to over 18 persons, superintendent of police SP Verma said. Police is probing the matter and elaborate force has been deployed in the area to check any untoward incident, he said.
Article in RSS monthly: ‘Deendayal Upadhyaya was against Hindu-Muslim unity’
Lucknow : In the middle of a raging debate over the ‘climate of intolerance’ in the country, an article in RSS mouthpiece Rashtra Dharma has claimed that Sangh ideologue Deendayal Upadhyaya was against ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’ and believed that issue of ‘unity’ was ‘irrelevant’ and appeasement of the Muslims. Titled “Muslim Samasya: Deendayal Ji Ki Drishti Mein”, the write-up appeared in a special edition of the Rashtra Dharma, which was released by Union Minister Kalraj Mishra in Lucknow on Sunday.This special issue of the monthly magazine is dedicated to Upadhyaya and carries articles about him and his views.Written by Dr Mahesh Chandra Sharma, the article even claimed that Upadhyaya said that “a person turns an enemy of the nation after becoming a Muslim”.According to the article, Upadhyaya also believed that while a Muslim may be good individually, he in “bad in a group”, and further a Hindu – who may be bad individually — is “good as part of a group”. The author said that the difference in the nature of the groups must be understood.About the article on Muslims, Mishra said, “I agree with the facts given in the article. This is true that the Muslims could not unite with the Hindus. Muslims even fight among themselves and with other communities like the Sikhs and Parsis. Ram Manohar Lohia also agreed with Upadhyaya’s views. It is necessary to learn from history to improve our present and future.” Indian express
Veteran RSS leader Govindacharya pitches for overarching legislation to ban cow slaughter
New Delhi:Claiming cow protection laws enacted by states have loopholes or are not being implemented properly, an umbrella body of organisations working in the field today pitched for an overarching legislation to ban cow slaughter and treating the crime on a par with homicide. Bhartiya Goseva Sankalp Samiti also demanded that govt treat cow trafficking equivalent to human trafficking. Samiti urged that the word ‘beef’ be defined only as cow meat “as it means world over”. This,it said, should be done to ensure cow meat is not exported in the name of buffalo meat from the country. “States have cow protection acts. But there are loopholes in it or are not being implemented calling for framing an overarching law centrally,” ex-BJP leader KN Govindacharya said on behalf of Samiti.PTI
Rajasthan: Uncertainty looms over Jamiat Ulema meet
Jaipur: The proposed 33rd general session of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUH) in Ajmer is facing uncertainty due to opposition from an Ajmer-based Sufi Sunni group. Both bodies hold diverse views on Islamic theology.JUH believes worshipping Sufi shrines is not Islamic, while the latter believes in worshipping Sufi shrines.The session was cancelled by the district administration last week citing that the venue at Kayad village is not sufficient to accommodate 5 lakh people, who as claimed by the JUH, were to attend the meet. However, JUH had filed a 'revised application' requesting for a meet for 40, 000 people.This application is pending before district administration. meeting is to be held in Ajmer on Nov.12-13.TOI
Ram Kishan Grewal’s death and OROP issues: General VK Singh is acting as Modi ji’s disciple, says Congress
Bhiwani:Congress Party on Thursday accused PM  Narendra Modi of lying to the nation on the implementation of ‘One Rank One Pension’ and asked the BJP-led NDA Govt  to apologise the Indian Armed Forces and ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal’s family for questioning his mental state.Criticising PM  Modi, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “Our country’s PM  Narendra Modi is lying and speaking lies has become part of his personality. If OROP had been granted then why did Grewal committed suicide? And if OROP had been granted then how come our soldiers are protesting from 607 days at the Jantar Mantar. If OROP had been granted then how come they are crying for justice? This in itself signifies that Modiji is lying.”ANI
Ram Kishan Grewal won Sarpanch election on Congress ticket, suicide unfortunate: VK Singh
Shaheed are those who die at border, not commit suicide: Manohar Lal Khattar
'I froze, realising I'd stepped on a body': Syrian journalists in their own words:
The human cost of Syrias brutal and protracted civil war goes way beyond the number of reported casualties.Millions have fled in search of refuge and the residents of Aleppo in the north-west of the country have been living under siege, with Syrian and Russian airstrikes destroying their homes, hospitals and food supplies.Meanwhile journalists in the city the people we rely on to be the eyes and ears on the frontlines of conflict – risk being kidnapped, tortured and murdered in the line of duty.According to the Committee to Protect Journalists Syria is the most dangerous place in the world to be a journalist. And while the number of journalist deaths have fallen since war broke out in 2011, it is not because attacks stopped but because there are fewer left to be killed.So what happens to reporters who stick their heads above the parapet? And is it ever possible to provide balanced reporting from a civil war? Five journalists, now living in exile in Turkey, share their experiences in their own words. Theguardian
Rebels reject Russian demand to leave Syria's Aleppo
Syrian opposition fighters have rejected Russian demands that they withdraw from the northern city of Aleppo by Friday evening, according to an official in one rebel faction."This is completely out of the question. We will not give up the city of Aleppo to the Russians and we won't surrender," Zakaria Malahifji, of the Fastaqim rebel group, told Reuters news agency on Wednesday. Aljazeera
US and Turkey discuss seizure of Raqqa
US is continuing to talk with ally Turkey on the role it will play in the operation to seize the city of Raqqa, Daesh’s main stronghold in Syria, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said on Wednesday. Carter’s comments, made during a news conference, come days after Turkey said it wants the Raqqa operation to start after Mosul and Euphrates Shield operations have been completed.“We’ll continue to talk with Turkey about its role in the eventual seizure of Raqqa, but we’re proceeding now with the operation according to our plan,” Carter said. Carter said last week that Washington expected the Raqqa operation to overlap with the battle to retake Mosul from Daesh.“We intend to go there soon with the force that is capable of doing that and enveloping the city of Raqqa… the final seizure of Raqqa, we continue to talk to Turkey about that and a possible role for Turkey in that further down the road,” Carter said. Kurdish YPG militia fighters will be included as a part of the force to isolate the Daesh-held Syrian city, the top US military commander in Iraq has said. middleeastmonitor
ISIL leader Baghdadi confident of Mosul battle victory
ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has expressed confidence in victory, in his first message after US-backed Iraqi forces started an offensive to take back Mosul, the last major city under control of his group in Iraq.He also called on ISIL fighters to invade Turkey."This raging battle and total war, and the great jihad that the state of Islam is fighting today only increases our firm belief, God willing, and our conviction that all this is a prelude to victory," he said in an audio recording released online by supporters on Thursday.Al Jazeera could not verify the authenticity of the 31-minute-long recording. Sherifa Zuhur, a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, told Al Jazeera that with this recording Baghdadi is sending a message to supporters of ISIL to fight to the death."It's a call to martyrdom that says: if you stand in front of the coalition, just stand firm and say 'God is enough for us'," she said."On the other hand, it is a statement that ISIL is going to lose its physical territory, for now, and will go back to the condition that it was in in 2010. It is also a call to those he feels have betrayed the cause of ISIL, a reference to other Sunnis in different groups."Zuhur said the latest recording was made within the last 10 days.Baghdadi, an Iraqi whose real name is Ibrahim al-Samarrai, called on the population of Iraq's Nineveh province "not to weaken in the jihad" against the "enemies of God".He also called on the group's suicide fighters to "turn the nights of the unbelievers into days, to wreak havoc in their land and make their blood flow as rivers".The battle that started on Oct.17 with air and ground support from a US-led coalition is shaping up as the largest in Iraq since the invasion of 2003. Baghdadi told ISIL's fighters to "unleash the fire of their anger" on Turkish troops fighting them in Syria, and to take the battle into Turkey. "Turkey today entered your range of action and the aim of your jihad ...invade it and turn its safety into fear."Baghadi told his followers to launch "attack after attack" in Saudi Arabia, targeting security forces, govt  officials, members of the ruling Al Saud family and media outlets, for "siding with the infidel nations in the war on Islam and the Sunna in Iraq and Syria". Aljazeera
Philippine president meets Muslim rebel leader after arrest warrant lifted: Reuters
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte held talks with a wanted Muslim rebel leader at the presidential palace on Thursday, immediately after a court suspended a warrant for his arrest, in an effort to bolster his nationwide peace process.Nur Misuari had been on the run since September 2013 and charged with leading a bloody rebellion, but Duterte welcomed him and the two discussed how to put an end to nearly five decades of insurgency in the south. Misuari founded the Moro National Liberation Front in 1969.He was flown to the presidential palace from his base on Jolo island, home to the al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf militants who run a lucrative kidnapping business and have beheaded foreign and Philippine captives. Though the MNLF and Abu Sayyaf are not linked, Misuari has recently facilitated with negotiations to secure the release of several hostages."I cannot reject his invitation because I respect him," Misuari said of Duterte."He restored my liberty."
Myanmar arms non-Muslim civilians in Rakhine
Authorities in Myanmar say security forces have begun arming and training non-Muslim residents in the north of Rakhine state to counter an allegedly growing threat from fighters belonging to the ethnic Rohingya minority group.Human rights advocates say the move could lead to more conflict and abuses against civilians in Rakhine.Colonel Sein Lwin, Rakhine police chief, told Reuters news agency on Wednesday that his force had started recruiting new "regional police" from among Buddhist Rakhine and other non-Muslim ethnic minorities in the border town of Maungdaw.Candidates who did not meet the educational attainment standards, or criteria such as minimum height, required for recruitment by the regular police would be accepted for the scheme, he said."But they have to be the residents," said Sein Lwin. "They will have to serve at their own places." Aljazeera
Israeli draft law legalises Jewish settlements in West Bank
Political groups which form Israels coalition proposed a new bill to retroactively legalise illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, Quds Press reported yesterday.Reporting the Israeli TV Channel 7, Quds Press said that a number of members of the ruling coalition, including Likuds David Bitan and Jewish Homes Betzalel Smotrich, proposed the bill to be discussed on Sunday.The bill called for retroactively legalising the settlement of Amona by allowing the Israeli govt  to pay Palestinian landowners large sums of money and give them new property in exchange for their land.In addition, the Israeli channel said, the bill aims to resolve the problems of the settlements which were built with good intention by settlers without prior planning or those permitted by the govt  without knowing that the lands were private property or were not sold or conceded by their Palestinian owners. middleeastmonitor
Israeli soldiers shot an unarmed, suicidal 12-year-old child
Israeli occupation forces shot an unarmed and suicidal” 12-year-old girl in an incident initially reported by the Israeli media as a failed stabbing attack.According to Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCIP), Bara Esawi was shot three times in the leg “for failing to halt at Eliyahu checkpoint near Qalqilya, northwest of Ramallah in the West Bank, on Sept.21.”Esawi was only carrying school books in her backpack when she was shot, and told DCIP that “she missed her aunt whom Israeli soldiers shot dead at the same checkpoint in November 2015 after she allegedly brandished a knife, and wanted to ‘join her’.”As she approached the checkpoint, “Bara said she became afraid and wanted to return, but the soldiers aimed their weapons at her and spoke to her in Hebrew.” middleeastmonitor
UNESCO must go one step further with a cultural boycott of Israel: Dr Daud Abdullah
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