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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Eid al Adha Sermon: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami here to read more

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

10 May 2017: 13 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:187
INDIA : Muslim Personal Law & Community leadership
PM Modi asks Muslim leaders not to politicise triple talaq issue, urges them to initiate reform
Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has said that Muslim community shouldn't allow issue of triple talaq to be politicised.At the same time, he urged them to take responsibility for initiating reform. PM made the comments when a delegation of leaders from the Muslim community, under the umbrella of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind met him. After meeting him, Maulana M Madani said, "His (PM Modi) attitude on all issues was reasonable and satisfactory. We are leaving with lot of hopes," as per ANI.Yesterday, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's nationwide had in a statement - "India's top Muslim clerics have unequivocally asserted that shariat (personal laws) is divine and hence, no Govt or court has the right to make any changes in it."The clerics observed in the meeting of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's nationwide Muslim personal law awareness campaign that Muslim disputes over family matters are reaching courts because of "ignorance or deliberate" misuse of shariat provisions and so the personal laws cannot be held responsible for it."Instead, there is a strong need to educate Muslim masses about shariat to impress upon them to follow it honestly and to open counselling centres and shariat panchayats to resolve any dispute over family matters," the statement had added. JIH's national president Syed Jalaluddin Umari, All India Muslim Personal Law Board secretaries Khalid Saifullah Rahmani and Maulana Fazlurrehman Mujaddidi and Islamic scholar Zafarul Islam Khan and others had taken part in the meeting in the national capital.Mujaddidi had said that the recent "hue and cry" over the practices of 'triple talaq' and polygamy were "part of a global conspiracy" to target social and family system of Islam.The meeting was culmination of JIH's awareness campaign held between April 23 and May 7. Zee news
Mahmood Madani led Muslim delegation meets Modi "to establish closer interaction" between govt. and Muslims
New Delhi: With a declared purpose of establishing "closer interaction between the Govt and the Muslim Community on issues of larger national interest", a high-level delegation of Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind met PM Narendra Modi here on Tuesday. It was Jamiat's first meeting with PM Modi since he assumed the highest office in May 2014 after the landslide victory in the General Elections.The basic objective of the meeting was "to establish closer interaction between the Govt  and the Muslim Community on issues of larger national interest which has been highlighted by the Honorable PM  himself through the slogans like ‘Sab ka Sath Sab ka Vikas and'", said the delegation, led by Jamiat's president Maulana Qari Syed Usman Mansoorpuri and general secretary and exMP Maulana Mahmood Madani."We are of the opinion that most important national issues can be solved through mutual dialogue," they told the PM who was accompanied by NSA Ajit Doval.The leaders highlighted the recent murderous attacks on Muslims in the name of cow. They told PM that these "incidents of manslaughter on the pretext of cow slaughter have sent shockwaves of terror and fear through Muslim, Dalit and the weakest sections of the society." "We are afraid that the fear and despondent if unchecked could prove highly counterproductive," said the delegation which also had some eminent personalities from outside Jamiat fold, including Pune-based edupreneur Prof. PA Inamdar and ex-faculty of Jamia Millia Islmia Prof. Akhtarul Wasey. Outside the PMO, Jamiat leader Mahmood Madani said: We have emerged very hopeful out of this meeting, hope things will be seen on the ground also."While appreciating PM's last year reprimand to cow vigilantes, the Muslim leaders said that much has to be done on the ground. Jamiat leaders also said that the issue of terrorism should not be communalized or politicized. Muslim delegation told the PM that India's largest religious minority has some issues and grievances and they should be solved amicably."We had sought appointment to meet PM . On 6the April this year, Jamiat's Working Committee had decided to meet PM and CM s of various states over the current situation in the country," said Azeemullah Siddiqui Qasmi, press in-charge of Jamiat. India tomorrow
Muslim will never allow any conspiracy against India: Muslim Leaders to PM$largeimg09_May_2017_204047237.jpg
Muslim leaders praise PM Modi's stand on Triple Talaq
Our Govt  not prejudiced on basis of religion:PM Modi
Jamiat's Mahmood Madani group meets Modi, breaks Muslim ranks: milligazette
PM Modi: Muslim community should not allow triple talaq issue to be politicised
Modi asks Muslim leaders to initiate reform on triple talaq
Triple talaq issue blown out of proportion, says Arshad Madani, demands  to make cow Indian national animal
New Delhi: The Govt should accord national animal status to the cow, Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind president Maulana Syed Arshad Madani said on Wednesday while expressing concern at the “atmosphere of fear” following violence by ‘gau rakshaks’. “The Govt  should give national animal status to the cow and we will support it,”Madani, who heads the influential body that represents a large number of Islamic scholars in the country, said at a press conference.An “atmosphere of fear” prevails in the country due to incidents of violence, that included even murder, by cow vigilantes, he said. “These young gau rakshaks are exploiting religion to loot and murder people and taking law into their own hands. We respect the religious sentiments of our Hindu brethren but no one can be allowed to take law and order into their own hands,” he said.Referring to the issue of triple talaq that is likely to come up in the Supreme Court tomorrow, he said it was a religious matter and could have only a religious solution. “If the Supreme Court comes out with such an acceptable solution, we will welcome it,” Madani said. The SC, he added, should ask the ulemas, or Islamic scholars, to discuss its objections and come out with solutions before direct intervention in the matter.“… the court should give a chance to the ulemas to discuss and sort out its objections over triple talaq. Then they (SC) may consider those solutions and give judgement. Such a judgement based on religious interpretation will be acceptable to us,” he said. The matter was being “blown out of proportion” by the media and now even the Supreme Court was inclined to intervene in it, Madani said.“The way triple talaq is being talked about these days, it appears as though there are divorced women in every household and each Muslim man has 4 wives.” Islamic law gives 14 rights to a married woman who can seek talaq if she feels any of these rights are infringed by her husband. He also referred to the Guwahati High Court order on citizenship in Assam. It had created a situation where 48 lakh married women in the state stood to lose their citizenship, he said. Jamiat has challenged the HC order on residency certificates in the SC, he added.PTI
SC to commence hearing on triple talaq from tomorrow
New Delhi: The Supreme Court will commence hearing from tomorrow on a batch of pleas challenging the constitutional validity of 'triple talaq', 'nikah halala' and polygamy practices among Muslims.A five-judge Constitution bench headed by Chief Justice J Khehar will commence hearing on seven petitions, including five separate writ petitions filed by Muslim women challenging the practice of triple talaq prevalent in the community and terming it unconstitutional.The bench, also comprising Justices Kurian Joseph, R F Nariman, U U Lalit and Abdul Nazeer, will also take up the main matter on its own as a petition titled "Muslim Women's quest for equality".The members of the bench are from different religious communities including Sikh, Christian, Parsee, Hindu and Muslim.PTI
Abandoned after TripleTalaq,women see hope in SC:NDTV
New Delhi: When his daughter, who had been harassed for dowry and even tortured, was divorced by her husband uttering the word talaq thrice, Ghaziabad-based carpenter Sabir this week decided to reach out to the most powerful person he could think of - the local MLA.On the MLA Atul Garg's advice, an FIR was lodged against Sabir's son-in-law. Garg told Sabir that security too could be provided if his daughter, who has a 2-year-old son, moved court. But any intervention beyond this was not possible, said Garg, who is also a minister in the UP  Govt.After all, triple talaq was valid under the Muslim personal law in India, and Govt can do nothing until the law changes, Garg said.Among those supporting triple talaq are the dominant Muslim Personal Law Board, and the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.At a meeting, Jamaat posed a rhetorical question: When Prophet himself did not have the right to make changes to Shariat, how could Muslims allow Govt s or courts to do so?
Yogi govt to file affidavit on triple talaq in SC
Lucknow: Just 2 days before the beginning of final hearing on triple talaq in Supreme Court, the Yogi Aditynath-led BJP Govt  in UP  on Tuesday announced to place its viewpoint on the contentious issue before the apex court.Law and Justice Minister Brajesh Pathak said a committee formed by the state Govt  has submitted its report and the Govt  will place the report and its recommendations before the SC during the course of the hearing on triple talaq.Though the UP Govt  is not a party in the ongoing case the state Govt  decided to file an impleadment application if required, and place on record its view. Pathak said the practice of triple talaq was against fundamental rights of Muslim women, make them suffer and lower their dignity in the society. "Time has come that either the lawmakers or the Supreme Court intervene and address the issue for once and all," he said.DNA 
Most Muslim thinkers say there’s no such thing as triple talaq: Salman Khurshid
The senior Congress leader talks Pakistan, triple talaq, Indian Muslims. From tomorrow, ex-Foreign Minister and lawyer Salman Khurshid will be appearing in the Supreme Court as amicus curiae in the triple talaq case. In a wide-ranging conversation, he talks about triple talaq issue, what it means to be a Muslim in Narendra Modi’s India, the need in the Congress party for a new narrative, and the problem with the Govt’s Pakistan policy. He, “There are High Court rulings and one specifically from Delhi of Justice Badar Ahmed which is very explicit: the ruling doesn’t say we will overrule triple talaq, it says there is no such thing as triple talaq. The world over, the majority view of Muslim thinkers is that there is no such thing as triple talaq. Even if you say talaq 3 times, it amounts to talaq being said only once.So we have to look at texts more closely and then come to a conclusion.” Responding to the question, is triple talaq really a big issue for Muslim women? Khurshid said, “It is not an issue at all, but anyone who feels the threat of adversity would like to stand up against it. But for the BJP to assume that Muslim women think only it can save them from this adversity is completely wrong. There are systems within Islam, and an understanding within the Muslim community that does not favour triple talaq. In fact, triple talaq is largely a propagation and promotion of Hindi movies.” thehindu
Allahabad HC observation on triple talaq, personal law draw sharp reaction from Muslim leaders
Lucknow: Allahabad High Court’s observation that triple talaq was a violation of the Constitution, drew a sharp reaction from Muslim religious leaders who said the matter was part of religious law and courts could not intervene in it. Senior Muslim scholar Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali told IANS that the matter was within the shariat rules and laws of Islam and nobody had the right to interpret it in their own way."The matter is of personal belief and if the courts feel that this breaches the constitution it should do way with the provisions enshrined in the constitution which allows us to follow personal law in such matters," he added.Wali Farooqui, another senior voice in the Muslim community, said that the matter of triple talaaq was "khalis mazhabi masla (a purely religious matter" which needed no meddling by anyone.Charging the people raking up the matter with wanting to intimidate the minority community, he also urged the courts to at least tell what should be the process if the husband and wife want to separate. IANS
Mumbai Muslim clerics support ban on triple talaq, polygamy, claims Muslims for Secular Democracy
Mumbai: Ulemas from the state have extended support to the Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) campaign on the ban of triple talaq, polygamy and halala. IMSD started a campaign to support the petition of individual women victims of triple talaq filed in the Supreme Court (SC). Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salafi Firdausi, Chairman, Athar Blood Bank, Sholapur who supported IMSD's campaign, said,"Instant divorce by uttering talaq thrice is a mockery of Islam and an act of cruelty against the daughters of Islam. Halala is like dacoity on the dignity of Muslim women and a brutal assault on their honour and self-esteem." Group also claims that Ulemas in the country have shared the view to support the campaign and will soon be making their views public in the coming days. Javed Anand, Convener, said,"2 top functionaries of an all India organisation of Ulema will happily welcome SC's verdict declaring triple talaq and halala to be both unconstitutional. It is a shameful practice done in the name of Islam." dnaindia
Triple talaq, halala marriage is cruelty to women: Maulana Salafi Firdausi
Telangana : Govt-appointed & traditional qazis locked in bitter turf war
Charminar: According to sources from the Telangana state waqf board, Govt -appointed qazis and hereditary qazis have been at loggerheads over issues pertaining to jurisdiction. "The qazis came to meet with the Telangana state waqf board chairman Mohammed Saleem. It was during the meeting they flagged the issue about jurisdiction.One of the qazis was Mohammed Zaheeruddin. He is a go vernment-appointee," said a source . He pointed out that it was the Golconda zone which was discussed at the meeting. Board chairman Mohammed Saleem confirmed the development. "I have been told that qazis from different camps are arriving at the same wedding to perform the nikah. I have spoken to both groups and we will soon have a system in place," he said. Saleem added that qazis fee is likely to be revised. timesofindia
Triple talaq be treated as court’s contempt, uniform code is constitutional obligation of Govt: Arif Mohammad Khan
New Delhi: Former minister Arif Mohammad Khan said that he would suggest to the Supreme Court that until a law is framed on the subject of triple talaq, the act of triple talaq should be treated as contempt of court and invite prison term of at least three months — the period a couple is supposed to stay together before final separation.He said the uniform civil code is a constitutional obligation of the Govt , which has to come forward with a draft. Indian express
Kulbhushan Jadhav death sentence stays by International Court of Justice: Pak says it will review ICJ’s jurisdiction
Islamabad: Pakistan said on Wednesday it is reviewing the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the case of Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav, whose death sentence for alleged involvement in espionage has been stayed by the Hague-based institution.Sartaj Aziz, adviser on foreign affairs to PM  Nawaz Sharif, told reporters in Islamabad the Govt  is examining India’s move to approach the Hague-based ICJ regarding Jadhav’s case and an appropriate decision will be taken in the matter.Pakistan is reviewing India’s application and the ICJ’s jurisdiction in the case, he said. The Foreign Office will issue a statement about any decision taken in the matter in the next few days, he added. Earlier, defence minister Khawaja Asif contended India was using Jadhav’s death sentence to “divert” attention from “state-sponsored” terrorism in Pakistan.Asif’s remarks came a day after the ICJ stayed the execution of 46-year-old Jadhav in response to an application from India.“Indian letter to ICJ attempt to divert attention from state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan. Kulbhushan convicted of offences against national security,” Asif tweeted.Pakistani media outlets rejected India’s stance regarding the ICJ’s order. Geo News channel said the ICJ had no jurisdiction over Pakistan as it can only take cognizance of matters with the consent of both parties. The website of Dawn newspaper did not report on the ICJ’s stay order. The Express Tribune, in its report on the issue, did not mention the stay.India, in its application to the ICJ, accused Pakistan of “egregious” violations of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and said Jadhav was kidnapped from Iran, where he was involved in business activities after retiring from the Indian Navy. It added that it learnt about the death sentence from a press release.India has initiated the process of formally appealing against Jadhav’s death sentence after more than a dozen requests for consular access were rejected by Pakistan. It has also asked Pakistan to issue visas to Jadhav’s parents so that they can visit him. hindustantimes
ICJ requests Pakistan to keep Kulbhushan Jadhav’s execution on hold, Harish Salve to appear for India
India using Jadhav’s conviction as diversionary tactic:Pak
Pak raises Kashmir issue with UN chief, OIC envoys
Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Maleeha Lodhi has raised the Kashmir issue with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and OIC envoys at a meeting in New York, according to a source briefed on the proceedings.At their meeting on Monday, she appealed to Guterres and the OIC to make it a priority to push for a “peaceful solution” of the Kashmir issue saying that the rising tensions threatened regional stability, the sourcesaid. Attempts by Lodhi and PM Nawaz Sharif to involve Guterres in the Kashmir issue have been unsuccessful. Guterres has not made any open attempts to get involved in the issue. His spokespersons have said that he was following the situation but would not go beyond saying that he wanted the neighbours to enter into a dialogue to find a peaceful solution. Lodhi said that it was acknowledged by UN and also OIC in its communiques that Kashmir issue need attention, according to source.IANS
Army officer Ummer Fayaz killed in Kashmir was a sports enthusiast
New Delhi/Srinagar: Lt Ummer Fayaz, whose body was found with two bullets marks in Shopian district of J&K on Wednesday morning, would have turned 23 on June 8. Hailing from Kulgam in south Kashmir, young officer was in Shopian for his cousin’s wedding. He was abducted by militants at around 10pm on Tuesday, army sources said. Police, too, said Fayaz could have been taken away by militants but the family did not inform the authorities. “They must have thought he would be released,” they said.Posted in J&K ’s Akhnoor sector, the officer trained at the National Defence Academy near Pune and Indian Military Academy in Dehradun before being commissioned on Dec.10, 2016.Fayaz was part of the hockey team at the defence academy and also enjoyed volleyball.HT
BJP’s alliance agenda envisages reaching out to separatists, Pakistan: PDP leader
Srinagar: A day after BJP’s J&K unit chief disfavoured talks with separatists, senior leader of ally PDP voiced disagreement saying the agenda of alliance between the two parties had envisaged reaching out to everyone including Pakistan PDP vice president Mohammad Sartaj Madni asked BJP leaders to draw a leaf from the Vajpayee era while expressing hope that PM  Narendra Modi would set in a discourse of peace afresh to lead the state out of the present morass.The very idea of closing the doors of reconciliation and understanding on vital political issues undermines the process of peace which does not serve the peoples interest, Madni said. Referring to Agenda of Alliance (AoA) between PDP and BJP, Madni said it envisaged an agenda of hope and promise to reach out to everyone including separatists and Pakistan.PTI
Will go for shutdown if ban on Islamic channels not revoked: Cable operators in Kashmir
Srinagar: Fearing a huge public backlash against banning of 34 TV channels in Kashmir, cable operators on Tuesday said implementing or ignoring the ban order by them will either ways have an adverse impact on their day-to-day operations. Senior member of Kashmir Cable Operators Association, Khateeb Hussain told Greater Kashmir that a massive public demand for the banned channels, particularly the religious channels, has put the operators in a tight spot.“More than business loss, this ban will curb popular viewer choices. People will question our credibility once the Islamic channels go off-air especially since Ramdan is approaching fast. On one side we face the Govt  directive and on other hand strong public demand for these channels puts us in a catch-22 situation,” said Hussain.Hussain said this ban is an anti-trade decision which will bring down the cable TV business in Kashmir. "We fear that people will stop subscribing to cable TV as the channels which attract them won't be available anymore," Hussain said.Several members of cable operators association met Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar, Dr Farooq Ahmad Lone on Monday and informed him about their issues. “The only reasoning we are being given by authorities is that these (banned) channels don’t have down-link permission in India. The matter of fact is these channels are being presently aired in Kerala and Hyderabad and many other places as well,” Hussain said.Hussain said cable operators are mulling to go for a complete shutdown of operations in case authorities don’t revoke the ban. greaterkashmir
Banned Pak channels, cultural programmes continue to run on Kashmir cable networks:HT
State vitiating educational atmosphere: J&K Jamaat
Srinagar:  Jamaat Islami (JeI) J&K has condemned use of force upon students of Women's College MA Road and other institutions in and outside the city by  “Use of force on students who were peacefully protesting against the state atrocities is unjustified. It is an organised attempt to disturb the smooth educational atmosphere and create a terror like situation in the valley,” its spokesperson Adv.Zahid Ali said. Greaterkashmir
Muslims had agreed to temple on Babri site: Vishnu Hari Dalmia, ex-VHP chief
Ex-VHP chief Vishnu Hari Dalmia said Muslims had at one point of time agreed that if it is proved that the mosque was constructed on the debris of the temple, then they will withdraw their claim on that property."In the matter of Ram Janmabhoomi...Muslims had at one time agreed that if it is proved that the masjid was constructed after demolishing the temple, which existed there, then they will withdraw their claim on that property," he said."This commitment of the Muslims is also contained in the White Paper issued by the then Govt . So, where is the need now to start fresh negotiations with them?" he said. Citing a judgement of the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court, Dalmia said that the court had made it amply clear after full investigations that a temple existed on the site of the Babri mosque, which was demolished.He said in the light of this verdict, "there is no need for any further discussion with the Muslims now.""It is now only for the Govt  to take action according to the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court that if it is established that a temple already existed there and it was demolished, then they will side with the Hindus to construct Ram Temple and if it was not so, then they will side with the Muslims to reconstruct the mosque at the same place," he said.IANS
‘No need of fresh talks with Muslims on Ayodhya issue’

Assam to disband Madrasa and Sanskrit boards, ‘mainstream’ them: Assam Education Minister Himanta
Guwahati: BJP-led Govt  in Assam will soon disband the State Madrasa Board and hand over the academic part of it to the Board of Secondary Education. The Sanskrit Board will also be dissolved, state Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted late Tuesday. “To mainstream Madrasa education, we are disbanding the Madrasa Education directorate and making it part of the Secondary Education directorate,” Sarma tweeted. “Madrasa Board too will be dissolved and academic part will be handed over to the Board of Secondary Education,” he said another tweet.In a post on Facebook, in which he repeated the two sentences, Sarma said, “We are restructuring to reform.” Sarma’s announcement came a little over five months after he had asked madrasas to stop remaining shut on Fridays and shift their weekly off-day uniformly with other educational institutions to Sunday.In Dec., as he made that announcement, Sarma had also drawn flak for saying that madrasas remain closed on Fridays in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and not in India.Earlier in the day, Sarma told the Assembly that the state Govt  wanted to “mainstream” madrasas and Sanskrit tols and introduce modern learning like computers in these institutions. Assam had set up the Madrasa Education Board in 1934, with 9 schools under it. After Independence, it was renamed as State Madrasa Education Board, Assam, and has over 700 madrasas under it.indianexpress
Caste violence: In Saharanpur’s ghost villages, fear looms large among Dalits
Shabbirpur (Saharanpur): The rubble of a row of damaged Dalit houses tells the story of fear and arson that had engulfed Shabbirpur and turned it into a ghost village.The men have either fled to safer places or are attending injured family members at Saharanpur’s district hospital while the women are left to pick the broken pieces of their lives.5 days after a Thakur youth was killed and over 25 Dalit houses torched in caste clashes, Shabbirpur village, 25 kms from Sahranpur city, wore a desolate look on Wednesday.Relatives of affected Dalit families are now pondering their future course of action amid fear of more attacks after the terror allegedly unleashed by the Thakur community following a procession to honour Rajput ruler Maharana Pratap that triggered the clash last Friday.Survivors talk about a pregnant woman Meenakshi who was hit in her head, a 4-year-old Badal who is battling for life at the hospital and men, mostly labourers, who have not come back home since May 5.“Only women, who could manage to escape the wrath on that day are living in these ransacked houses. Most of the men have fled to safer places due to the fear,” said Nafe Singh at the house of his relatives Dal Singh and Kamla Devi, both of whom are undergoing treatment with their son Badal. 25 Dalit houses and five shops, including a medical store, in this Thakur dominated village were seemingly attacked one by one. The strewn grocery, cattle with burn injuries, damaged motorcycles, remains of utensils and other furniture still lie around in the half-burnt homes.Ratan, 55, one of the eyewitnesses recalled how “a mob of over a 1000 youths on two-wheelers armed with swords and rods wreaked havoc and vandalised everything that came in their way till the row of Thakur houses started”. All this, he alleged, in broad day light and amidst police presence.“Most of the houses were locked as men and women were out for work,” he said as smoke billowed from a haystack nearby.HT
Dalits attack policemen after cops ban mahapanchayat
In riot affected Dhulagarh, Hindus & Muslims celebrate Tagore’s birth anniversary together
On Tuesday, members from Hindu and Muslim communities of Dhulagarh, West Bengal together celebrated the birth anniversary of poet Rabindranath Tagore by tying threads of unity and harmony on each other’s wrists.The unique birthday celebration of the Nobel Laureate, who had championed the causes of Hindu-Muslim unity, was organised under the banner of ‘Bangla Sanskriti Manch’ to celebrate the spirit of unity, fraternity and communal harmony in the state in which several civil society members from Kolkata also went to participate.A cultural programme was also organised on the occasion in a hall in Dhulagarh around 11.00 AM, where social activists from the city as well as some villagers sent out a message of peace and harmony. They later tied Rakhi to each other. This ritual was followed on streets as well and local villagers responded spontaneously and positively.Prominent civil society members who participated in the event included social activist and writer, Prof Miratun Nahar, journalists Millin Dutta and Bisawit Ray, human rights activist Ashim Giri, general secretary of Forum for Artists and cultural activist Dillip Chakrabraty, among others.
Police officers among 4 injured as communal violence breaks out in Jharkhand’s Chaibasa
Jamshedpur: At least 4 people, including two police officers, sustained injuries as communal clashes broke out in Jharkhand’s Chaibasa town on Monday late evening.Police said two youths received bullet injuries in the clash while officer-in-charge of Mufassil police station Digvijay Singh and assistant sub inspector Nagendra Kumar Singh were hit by stones.To prevent further flare up, West Singhbhum district administration clamped section 144 in the town, prohibiting assembly of more than four people in the area.Police also detained unspecified number of people on charges of rioting.Trouble started when two groups of youth from Hindu and Muslim communities had a heated argument over parking of bikes in Gawalapatti area of the town a couple of days ago, sparking tension in the area. The situation, took an ugly turn on Monday evening when a youth from the minority community allegedly hit a biker belonging to the majority community.Soon people from both communities assembled near Yasoda Talkiz roundabout of the town and started pelting stones. In the melee, a youth opened fire causing injuries to two youths identified as Md Javed and Md Arshad. hindustantimes
Ministerial-level delegation to meet MHRD, UGC over AMU Malappuram development issues
A ministerial-level delegation led by CM  Pinarayi Vijayan will meet MHRD and UGC authorities seeking steps to set up a higher secondary school with AMU Malappuram centre. The decision was taken at a meeting held in Thiruvananthapuram. Meeting was convened by the speaker to discuss development woes of AMU Malappuram centre. The move is aimed at increasing the representation of Keralite students in the centre.“Once AMU schools become functional, students from Kerala will be given more chances. As per the present rules, 50% of the total seats in graduation and post graduation programmes of AMU and its centres is reserved for pass outs of AMU school,” said centre director KM Abdul Rasheed.TCN
BSP's Muslim face Naseemuddin Siddiqui, son expelled
Naseemudin Siddiqui, BSP's Muslim face, and his son were today expelled from the party for carrying out anti-party activities."Siddiqui and his son Afzal have been expelled from the party. He has a partnership in a number of slaughter houses and 'benami' properties in his name. He also took money during assembly polls due to which party had to suffer defeat", said BSP General Secretary and Rajya Sabha member Satish Chandra Mishra.Siddiqui, who hails from Banda, was earlier removed as the party in-charge of UP  and was appointed as the the MP unit in-charge after the assembly poll debacle.Mishra also alleged that Nasimuddin used to accept money from people in return for work and added that the BSP will not tolerate such indiscipline.BSP supremo Mayawati had carried out a major organisational rejig after the assembly polls, and launched her brother Anand Kumar in active politics making him the party's vice-president.With a view to revamp her party, Mayawati had also dissolved the existing team of zonal, divisional and district coordinators and brotherhood committees set up to woo different castes and communities like Brahmins, Thakur and Muslims.IndiaToday
Any Muslim who joins RSS or BJP will be beaten up: Tipu Sultan Mosque Shah Imam
Maulana Nurur Rehman Barkati, the Shahi Imam of the Tipu Sultan Mosque, on Tuesday, issed a warning which said that if any member of the Muslim community joined or worked for the RSS or BJP, they would be thrown out of the community and beaten up. Maulana, however, did not clarify if such an act could be called a fatwa, Indian Express reported. Barkati also said that any Muslim, who used the chants of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ were “Hijras”(eunuchs). Barkati accused RSS and BJP of causing problems in West Bengal, just ahead of the Shab-e-Barat. Imam said, “If any Muslim joins or works for RSS and BJP then we will punish them. We will severely beat them up and out them from Islam. They can work for other parties but not for RSS and BJP. If BJP distances itself from RSS then they can work for BJP. Since BJP is working with RSS, any association with them by a Muslim will attract punishment.” Imam also urged the secular Hindus to come forwards and come together to face RSS and BJP. financialexpress
Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque issues fatwa to Muslims supporting RSS, BJP; calls RSS men eunuchs
Babar, Akbar were intruders; Shivaji, Guru Govind real heroes: Yogi Adityanath
Lucknow: CM  Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday said all problems prevailing in the country will begin to end once people accept that Mughal rulers such as Babar and Akbar were “intruders”, and had no relation to India. He further said that the state and community which has no time to conserve its history cannot protect its geography. Adityanath also said Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji and Guru Govind Singh are the “real” heroes of the country, and should be honoured.He said when people start studying and taking inspiration from the “real” history, there will be no need to fear ISI, ISIS and other such elements. indianexpress
UP: Police ask man to remove communally sensitive poster
Lucknow: Accusing members of a community in the neighbourhood of harassment, a resident of Kachcha Haata in Aminabad has put up a poster outside his house that reads, " Hindu pariwar palayan ko majboor". When TOI spoke to other Hindu Families in the vicinity, however, they said they had never experienced any communal discord.The area is mostly commercial and families of different communities have been living together from more than 80 years.Rahul Garg, who has alleged he is being harassed by his neighbours from the minority community for the past six months, said he was being pressurised to sell his house where his family has been living for 70 years. Officer in charge of Aminabad police station Ashwini Pandey said Garg created unnecessary sensation in the locality on Saturday evening. TOI
Meat seized from Jaipur hotel after vigilante attack not beef: Forensic lab
Jaipur: Meat seized from a Jaipur hotel that was sealed after cow protector vigilantes attacked it 2 months ago was not beef as alleged by the Hindu mob, police told HT on Tuesday. Forensic Science Laboratory that was examining samples seized from the Hayat Rabbani hotel ruled out any possibility that the meat was from a cow or its progeny, police officers added.“From the very first day, I have been saying that it was chicken but no one from the administration listened to me. The report confirms all allegations leveled on us were false,” said Naeem Rabbani, owner of the hotel.On March 19, more than 100 cow vigilantes surrounded the Rabbani hotel in the heart of Jaipur around midnight and protested in front of it for six hours, alleging that the establishment sold beef, which is banned in Rajasthan. Fiery chants of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Modi Zindabad’ rang out from the protesters, who had been unable to explain how they knew beef was served. “We sent the meat samples taken from the hotel to the forensic science laboratory (FSL) for testing. The reports have revealed that the meat was not beef,” deputy commissioner of police (west) Ashok Gupta told HT.Within hours of the attack, hotel was sealed by Jaipur Municipal Corporation  under the supervision of local councilor Nirmala Sharma, and hasn’t opened since despite a court order.“I have incurred loss of lakhs of rupees and in the past one and a half month and the people who worked in the hotel are also jobless as it is sealed even today,” said Rabbani.He added that the district and sessions court in Jaipur had issued an order on April 29 ordering the JMC to open the hotel within seven days and submit a compliance report in the court. “It’s been more than seven days now but the JMC hasn’t opened the seal,” Rabbani told HT.HT
Kanpur youth alleges ‘harassment’ by NIA in letters to SC, NHRC, Rajnath : indianexpress
Lucknow: A youth from Kanpur has written to Chief Justices of Supreme Court and Allahabad High Court, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, NHRC and the UP DGP, accusing the NIA of “harassing” him for close to 2 months. He has alleged that the agency summons him to its Lucknow office every three days, making him sit there all day on the “pretext” of questioning him over “links with terror suspects”.In his complaint,Mohammad Atif wrote that NIA would be responsible if “anything happens to him or his family.” His brother Mohammad Aquib claimed Atif last visited the agency’s office on May 5.Sources in NIA said Atif was suspected of having links with the group of terror suspects arrested for their alleged involvement in Bhopal-Ujjain train blast, which took place on March 7. He was also questioned to verify if he accompanied one of the arrested suspects — Atif Muzaffar — to Lucknow where the latter allegedly planted a bomb near a Ramlila ground during Dussehra celebrations, attended by PM  Modi, on Oct.11 last year.Muzaffar, Danish Akhtar and Syed Mir Hussain had been arrested by Madhya Pradesh police soon after the train blast. One of their associates, Saifullah, was killed in an encounter with UP ATS in Lucknow the same day.
How can SC issue gag order… I am like Ambedkar’s adopted son, says Justice Karnan
Chennai:Less than an hour after the Supreme Court sentenced him to jail for 6 months, Calcutta High Court Judge CS Karnan announced that he had issued an order setting aside the apex court’s order against him.“ SC issued the order at 11am. At 11.20am, I issued an order setting aside the Supreme Court’s order. How can they issue such a gag order to media against publishing my statements,” he said, speaking to mediapersons in his room at the Chepauk Govt  guesthouse here.Asked if he was afraid of going to jail, he said: “I am like Napoleon, an adopted son of Dr Ambedkar… They say I am insane. If I am insane, how can I be sent to prison?” indian express
RSS pivotal to Modi’s political fortunes:Chinese scholar
Beijing: Steeled by the firepower provided by RSS, BJP, led by PM  Narendra Modi is on a roll, notwithstanding latent internal tensions, says a leading Chinese scholar.In a detailed analysis posted on Chinese website on the prospects of the BJP, Mao Keji, has focused on pracharak-based organisational core of RSS as the foundation for the national rise of the BJP under Modi. Mao highlights that Modi’s slogan of developmentalism, echoing “Gujarat model” strongly reinforced the bond between BJP and RSS, yielding tangible political benefits. thehindu
Sharing note ban process details will affect India’s economic interests: RBI
New Delhi: 6 months after announcement of demonetisation by PM  Narendra Modi, the RBI has declined to share details of the note ban process, saying it would be detrimental to the country’s economic interests.Replying to an RTI query, the central bank said disclosing such details may impede future economic or fiscal policies of Govt  of India.PTI
AAP plans stir outside EC office over EVMs
New Delhi: AAP will take its fight against EVMs to the doorstep of the Election Commission on Thursday, demanding that VVPAT-equipped voting machines be used in all future elections. Casting aside the poll panel's assertion that EVMs cannot be manipulated, the party claimed that its MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj's "live demonstration" in Delhi assembly on Tuesday had "conclusively proven" that EVMs can be rigged.The party announced that its Delhi MLAs and senior leaders will lead a protest rally — 'Save Democracy Movement' — in front of the ECI office in Central Delhi around 11am on Thursday.PTI
About time EC brings in VVPAT machines: Bhushan
EVM tampering issue: Doubts on integrity of electoral process should be erased, says Congress
‘Not 25 still’: Azam son’s election challenged in HC
New Delhi: BSP candidate who lost to Samajwadi Party’s Abdullah Azam, son of SP leader Azam Khan, has filed an election petition in Allahabad High Court challenging Abdullah’s election from Suar constituency of UP.In his petition, Kazim Ali Khan, the titular nawab of Rampur and 4-time MLA from the constituency, has claimed that the SP legislator was born on Jan.1, 1993.indian express
BJP mass contact drive to focus on Muslims
Lucknow: In its 15-day mass contact programme that starts from Wednesday, BJP will not stop at anything to reach out to citizens in every category. In all the districts, focus is on influential Muslim men and women.After drawing flak from all quarters for ignoring the minorities and not giving ticket to a single Muslim during Lok Sabha 2014 and Vidhan Sabha 2017 elections, talking to influential personalities from the community is aimed at winning them over. Gurudwaras and Jain temples are on the list too in the drive to woo voters from other religious groups. Saints and seers, maths, temples and Baudh vihars will also be visited by party `Vistaraks' during the drive.In an effort to emerge as a party catering to all sections, BJP also plans to contact poets, writers, folk singers and artists and sportspersons. To reach out to the deprived, workers will also meet differently abled citizens. Timesofindia
Indian Catholic priest abducted by IS in Yemen makes emotional plea for help
New Delhi: Father Thomas Uzhunnalil, a Catholic priest abducted from an old people’s home in Yemen by the Islamic State last year, has made an emotional appeal to the Indian Govt  to step up efforts for his release in a video posted by a Yemeni news website.The video, lasting less than two minutes, shows a frail-looking Uzhunnalil with a long white beard. A small piece of cardboard on his lap shows the numerals “15-4-2017”, suggesting the video was shot on April 15.Uzhunnalil, 58, complains that the response to his abductors’ demands from the Indian Govt  and the Bishop of Abu Dhabi has been “very, very poor” and “not encouraging”. He does not name his abductors though officials have acknowledged in the past that he was kidnapped by the Islamic State.“They (the kidnappers) are treating me well to the extent that they are able. My health condition is deteriorating quickly and I require hospitalisation as early as possible,” he says, speaking slowly in English. Uzhunnalil suggests the abductors have contacted the Indian govt “several times” and that he has seen the response from the authorities. “It is a poor response and I’m sad about that,” he says in the video carried by Aden Time website.HT
US to arm Syrian Kurds fighting IS despite Turkey's ire: Reuters
Vilnius: Despite fierce opposition from NATO ally Turkey, US President Donald Trump has approved supplying arms to Kurdish YPG fighters to support an operation to retake the Syrian city of Raqqa from Islamic State, US officials said on Tuesday.Ankara views the Kurdish YPG militia, fighting within a larger US-backed coalition, as the Syrian extension of the Kurdish PKK militant group, which has fought an insurgency in southeastern Turkey since 1984.There was no immediate reaction from Turkey, whose president, Tayyip Erdogan, is expected to meet Trump in Washington next week. Pentagon immediately sought to stress that it saw arming the Kurdish forces "as necessary to ensure a clear victory" in Raqqa, Islamic State's de facto capital in Syria and a hub for planning the group's attacks against the West."We are keenly aware of the security concerns of our coalition partner Turkey," Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said in a statement as she travelled in Lithuania with defence secretary Jim Mattis. "We want to reassure people and Govt  of Turkey that the US is committed to preventing additional security risks and protecting our NATO ally," White said.US has long directly supplied arms to Arab components of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, which include YPG fighters. White said Washington would still prioritize supplying those Arab fighters within the SDF. US alliance with Turkey has proven decisive in the battle against Islamic State in Syria, providing the coalition with access to Turkey's Incirlik air base to wage strikes against the militants, officials say.
Turkey slams US for arming Kurdish Syria fighters
Istanbul: Turkey on Wednesday slammed as “unacceptable” a US announcement that Washington would supply arms and military equipment to Kurdish fighters battling Daesh militants in Syria. “The supply of arms to the YPG [Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units] is unacceptable,” Deputy PM  Nurettin Canikli told A Haber television channel. “Such a policy will benefit nobody.”“We expect that this mistake is to be rectified,” he said, days ahead of a crunch meeting in Washington between President Tayyip Erdogan and US counterpart, Donald Trump.US announcement came just ahead of Erdogan’s visit to Washington next week for talks with Trump, the first time the two men will meet as heads of state.A Turkish high level delegation made up of Chief of Staff General Hulusi Akar, presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin and Turkey’s spy chief Hakan Fidan have already been in the US to lay the groundwork for the visit.AFP
Turkey to US: ‘You can’t be in the same sack as terrorists’

Battle for Mosul: 400k Iraqis displaced in 2 months
More than 400,000 people have been displaced from western Mosul about two months into the Iraqi army's battle against ISIL, according to the UN.UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said, citing the Iraqi Govt , that 434,775 people have fled ISIL's last stronghold in Iraq since Iraqi forces launched the western Mosul operation on Feb19.This brings the number of internally displaced people, since the Mosul operation started in Oct, to a total of 615,150 Iraqis. According to OCHA, about 30,000 civilians have returned to their homes in western Mosul since the end of April - meaning that the number of internally displaced people from western Mosul stands at 403,490 people. UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, announced on Tuesday the opening of a new camp in eastern Mosul for citizens displaced from the west.Hasansham U2 camp has a capacity of 9,000. aljazeera
Russia denies one of its servicemen executed in Syria by IS
Russia's defence ministry denied on Tuesday that a Russian serviceman had been captured and executed by the Islamic State group in Syria, Russian news agencies reported.US-based SITE monitoring website reported on Tuesday that Islamic State had issued a video showing the beheading of someone it described as a Russian intelligence officer captured in Syria.Reuters
Egypt overturns Badie’s life sentence
Egypt’s Court of Cassation has overturned a life sentence previously issued by a lower court against the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie, and various prison sentences against 49 other defendants, according to the Anadolu.The defendants had been handed down various prison sentences by the Port Said Criminal Court in Aug 2015 in a case in which they were convicted of violent offences and of attempting to launch an assault on a police station in the city on 16 August 2013. The defendants have always denied the charges.The Court of Cassation accepted the defendants’ appeal and ordered a retrial, Anadolu reported, citing an anonymous judicial source. The defendants include prominent Brotherhood member Mohamed Al-Beltagi. middleeastmonitor
Pizza Hut under fire after mocking Palestinian hunger-strikers
A Pizza Hut advertisement mocking the leader of Palestinian hunger-strikers imprisoned by Israel, Marwan Al-Barghouti, has backfired, various news agencies reported on Tuesday. The backlash has pushed the global brand to apologise.The company’s franchisee in Israel posted an ad on Facebook which included an image of a prisoner eating secretly. The image itself was released by Israeli police early this week with the claim that it is Al-Barghouti, in an effort to discredit the hugely-respected Fatah activist. According to AFP, the caption read: “Barghouti, if you are going to break your [hunger] strike, is not pizza the better choice?” A pizza delivery box was Photoshopped onto the original image by the ad agency.Al-Barghouti and around 1,600 other Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike for 24 days, calling for the Israeli authorities to improve their conditions in detention.Responding to the ad, Palestinian, Arab and foreign activists launched a campaign on social media calling for a boycott of the company. “Pizza Hut’s mockery of the leaders of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for freedom and dignity simply adds insult to deep injury,” said Mahmoud Nawajaa of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.“We support grassroots Palestinian calls for a worldwide boycott of Pizza Hut, especially in the Arab world,” he told AFP. Pizza Hut has removed the advert and apologised to the Palestinians and the hunger-strikers. The contract with the advertising agency in Israel which used the offensive imagery has been terminated, it said. middleeastmonitor
Israel grabs even more Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley
Israeli occupation authorities have ordered the expropriation of thousands of acres of Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley, Quds Press reported on Tuesday.According to activist Mutaz Bsharat, Israeli forces raided the area and handed out written orders to the residents informing them that their land upon which illegal settlements are built has been designated as a military zone. “The new Israeli decision swallows thousands of acres of agriculture land in favour of Israeli settlement outposts,” he said. “This undermines Palestinian farmers’ access to their farmland.”Meanwhile, he added, agriculture equipment was confiscated from Al-Beqeia in the Jordan Valley and moved to an Israeli army camp. middleeastmonitor
Israeli Education Ministry incites students to kill Palestinians
O.Jerusalem(PIC):The website of Hebrew TV Channel 2 published on Tuesday a video that contains a simulation showing Israeli officers shooting and killing a Palestinian who was described as a “terrorist”.According to the website, the simulation took place during an annual event organized by the Ministry of Education in the presence of hundreds of elementary school students.The website said that some parents of the students expressed their shock at the use of violence and incitement to kill a human being even if he was a Palestinian, as they put it.This blatant incitement to kill Palestinians comes alongside Israeli claims that the Palestinian Ministry of Education teaches curriculum that incites violence against Israel.
US teacher rips off 8-year-old girl's hijab, fired
NEW YORK: A teacher at a US school has been fired after he allegedly ripped the hijab off an 8-year-old girl's head for "misbehaving" in class.Oghenetega Edah, 31, demanded that the girl at the Bennington School, Bronx, take off her religious scarf, police said.The girl was misbehaving in class and sitting in the teacher's chair without his permission. So the teacher tapped her on her arm to get her to move, The New York Post reported.When she did not comply, Edah, a subsitute, threatened to take the scarf."I'm taking it off," he said as he pulled the hijab off her head, causing an injury to her right eye, according to police.PTI
Our own Animal Farm: Cow vigilantism is a tragedy in many parts — a rousing, a lynching, a reflection of change: Pamela Philipose, senior journalist
Bilateral silence: Hype around war gets a new life in India, Pakistan, increasing public support for the armed forces: Ayesha Siddiqa, Pakistani military scientist, commentator
‘To whom do we complain?’: Massive search operation in South Kashmir has left scars, broken windows:
‘People will accept triple talaq out of fear of God’: Legal expert Faizan Mustafa
RSS-backed Think Tank Plans 'Nanaji Thali' for Nutrition With Nationalism
Kashmir unrest: Hurriyat fears religion may overrun struggle as militants seek Islamic caliphate: firstpost
Techie Vinit Shah held for sending hoax terror alerts
Child sexual abuse: More than half of the victims are boys

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