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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

14 May 2017: 17 Shaban 1438: Vol: 8, No:191
50 Dalits convert to Islam in Moradabad; blame Yogi Govt torturing them; say over 500 persons will be converting
New Delhi: In a surprising incident, 50 Dalits from Moradabad, UP  have decided to adopt Islam as their religion. These people allege that Dalits are being “ignored” and “tortured” under Yogi Govt  rule. As per the allegations, BJP workers “mistreated” Dalits in violence hit Saharanpur and Sambhal which recently faced massive clashes between two groups; post which “they lost their faith in Hinduism”. This group of 50 people has also fluxed the Hindu idols they had in their houses in rivers. The group of people claims that they had very high aspirations from Yogi and Modi Govt, but they have been disappointed and have declared the Govt as ‘Anti-Dalit’. As per reports, after hearing about this group of people; a bunch from Bajrang Dal approached them and tried to convince them for not changing their religion, but the Dali group was not ready to relent.  According to TOI a report, dozens of members of the Valmiki community took out a procession here on Saturday, carrying idols of Rama, Ganesha and other Hindu gods. They took the idols to the Ramganga and immersed them in the river in what they said was a symbolic farewell to Hinduism. The Valmikis said that because of continuous atrocities against Dalits in the state, in places such as Saharanpur and elsewhere, more than 500 members of their community would be converting to Islam. The protesters also declared that they would re-build the Babri mosque in Ayodhya.Bhartiya Valmiki Dharam Samaj's national president Lalla Babu Dravid said, "Incidents of attacks on Dalits have increased after Yogi Adityanath became UP CM." ABP LIVE  /TOI
Video: Disappointed with Yogi raj, Bajrang Dal’s Valmiki members break idols, affirm to join Islam
Amid 'threat', Valmikis bid Hinduism 'farewell': TOI
Ambedkarite army enters caste wars of UP: The Quint
On 5 May, it was a Thakur rally passing through a Dalit neighbourhood in UP’s Saharanpur that sparked off clashes between the 2 communities.Based out of his village of Chhutmalpur in Saharanpur, 29-year-old Chandrashekhar Azad helms a group of young Dalit volunteers. They call themselves the Bhim Army. It is an organisation that has come to play a key role in the region’s caste conflict since the clashes in Shabbirpur.On 9 May, when the police denied permission for a Dalit mahapanchayat in the district, clashes erupted between the cops and Dalit protesters in 10 different localities of Saharanpur.The protesters went on to burn down a police chowki,numerous vehicles and a memorial for Maharana Pratap that was being built by upper caste Thakurs. At least 11 police personnel and a SDM were injured in stone-pelting. Despite his army of Ambedkarites being blamed for the arson and violence on 9 May, Vinay Ratan Singh is unapologetic and even defensive about the actions of the mob.Founded in July 2015, the Bhim Army is yet to complete even 2 years of its existence. But it’s already caught the eye, and ire, of many in UP.Rural Saharanpur’s new SP, Vidya Sagar Mishra, admits that the Bhim Army is on his radar too. The Quint
Attacks on Dalits in UP: People protest against Yogi govt
New Delhi: In probably first protest against Yogi Adityanath since he became CM  of UP  in mid-March this year, people demonstrated at the UP  Bhawan here on Saturday shouting slogans against the Yogi Govt  over the recent attacks on Dalit community in India's largest state.They were shouting slogans against the BJP Govt  of the state over attacks on Dalits in Saharanpur district earlier this week."Many houses and shops have been burnt down by the dominant caste in the area. BJP Govt , UP police and administration still have not taken any action," alleged the protesters.They demanded justice and proper compensation for the affected people.Many students and student leaders from JNU had joined the protest.The protesters warned that if their demands were not met by 21st May, they will take out a march towards PMO. Gathering was addressed by Gujarat Dalit youth icon Jignesh Mewani, JNU student leaders Mohit Panday and Umar Khalid, social activist Nadeem Khan and DU professor Ratan Lal.IndiaTomorrow
Over 50% Dalits landless, 40% of people displaced for ‘development’ are Adivasis:CES annual report
New Delhi: Even as NDA Govt  completes 3 years in power amid tall claims of development, the India Exclusion Report 2016 released by Centre for Equity Studies(CES) has presented a dismal picture of the condition of historically disadvantaged groups in terms of exclusion with respect to four public goods. The report was released on Friday in New Delhi. This is the third edition of the annual flagship publication of CES. India Exclusion Report reviews exclusion with respect to four public goods, one each in the areas of the social sector; infrastructure; land- labour, natural resources and legal justice. For 2016 Indian Exclusion Report, the topics chosen were, pensions for the elderly, digital access, agricultural land, and legal justice for under-trials.The report termed Dalits, Tribals, Muslims, and Elderly and Disabled as worst hit by continuous exclusion from the 4 chosen fundamental public services.“The headline of this and indeed every exclusion report so far has been that the evidence is consistent that for virtually every public good that we examine, it is always the same sets of peoples who are excluded,” writes Harsh Mander, who has edited the report in its introduction.“These are the historically oppressed group of women, Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims, persons with disabilities and casual informal workers and the poor. This report only confirms these findings, and illuminates the multiple ways in which even the democratic state in the Indian republic has failed these oppressed peoples and not assured them equitable access to the public goods essential for them to lead lives of dignity,” he writes.“The rate of landlessness was highest among Dalits at 57.3%. Among Muslims, it was 52.6%, and 56.8% of women-headed households were landless. Around 40% of all those displaced by “development activity” were Adivasis,” reads the report.“Land reform efforts have not benefited Dalits, women or Muslims significantly. Land allotments to SC/ST households were often only on paper, as allottees were forcefully evicted or not allowed to take possession,” the report further adds.According to Navaid Hamid, President, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, the findings of report aren’t surprising.He said, “The Govt  of India which usually calls for sabka-saath and sabka-vikas should spell out the reasons why there is still such exclusion of Muslim in provision of public goods.”TwoCircles
Dalit family faces social boycott for 8 months in Karnataka village
Mysuru: The family of a man who was allegedly involved in a murder has been facing social boycott for the last eight monthsin Hommaragalli village in HD Kote taluk.The family of Doddaiah, an agriculture labourer, has been denied access to water, public health services and employment. The village elders, who are also dalits, imposed the social boycott after Doddaiah’s 2 nephews who live next door allegedly murdered a man of the same village.The assailants surrendered to the police soon after, but the village elders were not satisfied. They called a meeting and imposed a fine of `5 lakh on Doddaiah’s family to be paid to the kin of the deceased.When Doddaiah expressed his inability to pay the huge sum, it was lowered to `3.5 lakh and declared that until it is paid they will be socially boycotted from the village.
Dalits barred from yajna in Bhopal
Bhopal: Right under the nose of the Govt, upper caste people are allegedly preventing over 200 Dalits from participating in a yajna at Kolukhedi locality on the outskirts of Bhopal. The yajna started on May 12 and Dalits say they were threatened with dire consequences if they dared visit the holy site. A group of them who want to participate in the yajna approached the district administration for help but in vain.'Panch Kundaliya Shri Vishnu Mahayajna' is being held near a temple in Kolukhedi in Berasia tehsil and will end on May 16, 2017. timesofindia
RSS outfit wants Manusmriti reworked
New Delhi: RSS’s cultural affiliate Sanskar Bharti is planning to tie up with the Union Ministry of Culture to promote activities that will “correct the lies that people have been fed” about ancient Hindu scriptures being “anti-Dalit and anti-woman”, starting with the Manusmriti, a senior office-bearer of the organisation said.According to Amir Chand, joint organisational secretary, Sanskar Bharti, the Sangh outfit believes that people should be educated about “the acceptance that our scriptures teach” through performing arts and awareness activities, such as seminars.“We are debating the removal of portions from the Manusmriti, which are anti-Dalit and anti-woman and often quoted in arguments against Hindu scriptures,” he said.“There are some references in Manusmriti where some objectionable things have been mentioned. It should be deleted. We do not support them. We have to see Manusmriti in today’s context. We will suggest to the Govt  that they look into this,” said Chand. When contacted by the paper, Union Minister of Culture,Mahesh Sharma said, “We have not received any such proposal. We will take cognizance once we get it.”Manusmriti is a compilation of rules and regulations prepared by Manu meant for the conduct of a varnashrama, or a social system based on caste. Scholars date the codification by Manu to 200 CE, though claims are made for a much earlier date.According to Chand, fresh research should be commissioned on Manusmriti.Chand said that the scriptures never “promoted anti-Dalit or anti-woman sentiments” and described such interpretations as “propaganda” and the result of “ignorance”. “Many did not know that Rigveda has 47 richayen (hymns) written by a woman. How can such vedas be anti-woman? It is ignorance about our own scriptures that lead many to criticise them. I can understand that Manusmriti has something wrong, but that can be removed after thorough research into who wrote it,” said Chand. indianexpress
UP minister says Muslim exodus 'shameful' act, orders probe
Rampur: UP minorities affairs minister Baldev Singh Aulakh has sought a detailed report from the Sambhal district administration about the exodus of Muslim families from Nandrauli village after they were attacked and their houses burnt down.Aulakh said that CM Yogi Adityanth has told authorities that the exodus of any community should not take place in any part of the state. "The culprits should be punished, because the exodus of the minority community from the village is a shameful act. Govt will take all necessary action after it gets the report," he added. timesofindia
Communal tension in UP village leads to minority exodus
Who decides whether to sanction prosecution of Yogi Adityanath? Why, Yogi himself: scroll
UP govt’s decision to refuse sanction for the prosecution of CM  Aditynanath and others named in a FIR for allegedly inciting communal violence in Gorakhpur in 2007 has prompted a vital question. Is it legitimate for the state’s Home department to deliberate on the request of UP  Police, which comes under this very dept that is seeking sanction to prosecute the CM , who also happens to be the home minister of UP? Parvez Parvaz, complainant in one of the FIRs lodged after the 2007 incident, spoke to over phone: “That is the most disturbing thing about the state govt’s decision, which was conveyed to the Allahabad High Court by state Chief Secretary Rahul Bhatnagar through an affidavit filed on May 11.”Calling it “a subversion of constitutional scheme of things” and a clear case of “clash of interest”, Parvez, Gorakhpur-based journalist and activist, asked who should decide whether Adityanath should be prosecuted. “How can Adityanath, who has kept the Home portfolio to himself, reject or accept a request of state police seeking his ministry’s sanction to prosecute him? Isn’t it like an accused sitting on a judge’s chair?” The request has been pending with the Home dept since July 10, 2015, when Crime Branch-CID, after completing its investigation of Adityanath’s alleged hate speech on Jan.27, 2007, which resulted in riots in Gorakhpur and nearby areas, sought the state Govt’s permission against him and four others.
Hindu man Malviya beaten up in Ujjain for allegedly hurting cows by ‘cow vigilantes’, 2 arrested
Ujjain: A group of self-proclaimed ‘cow vigilantes’ allegedly thrashed a man on the suspicion that he had cut the tail of a cow, with the video of the incident going viral. 2 of the accused have been arrested, a police official said.The incident took place on May 13, 2017, near a temple in Peeplinaka area in Ujjain district. In a video of the incident the accused were seen beating the man with a belt, and kicking and punching him while alleging that he had cut the tail of a cow. However, Jiwajiganj police station in-charge OP Mishra said the accused had a dispute with the victim over money and therefore, they thrashed him.A case was registered based on a complaint of the victim, identified as Apuda Malviya, he said. The accused, identified as Chetan Sankhla, Vikas alias Bhura, Nilesh Sankhla and Shubham, have been booked under IPC sections pertaining to voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation, Mishra said.Police had on Sunday arrested Chetan and  Vikas while the others are absconding, the official said.Further investigation was on in the incident, he said.PTI
‘Gau Rakshaks’ brutally thrash man in Ujjain; video
 Cow vigilantes brutally assault man in Ujjain; 2 arrested
'Gau Rakshaks' brutally thrash man in Ujjain for allegedly hurting cows
Pehlu Khan’s case transferred from Alwar to Jaipur following family’s request
6 cases related to the alleged cow smuggling and subsequent mob-lynching of Pehlu Khan in April were transferred from Alwar to Jaipur on May 11, keeping in mind the assertion made by Khan’s family that the local police is too close to Alwar’s political leadership – considered to be patronising the cow protection groups in the area.Against this backdrop, political and human rights activists welcomed the Rajasthan govt’s decision to transfer the case out of Alwar.The survivors of the deadly attack – Irshad and Arif, along with Azmat and Rafiq – and a few prominent activists in Rajasthan met the IGO (Jaipur range), Hemant Priyadarshi, who will now supervise all 6 FIRs related to the case. Priyadarshi informed the family that a new investigative officer Ram Swaroop, additional superintendent of police, Kotputli, will be the new IO investigating the cases.“IG has assured us that the cases will be investigated independent of the political powers who may try to influence the case,” Sumitra Chopra of CPI (M) said.the wire
Pehlu Khan’s family meets IG, seeks immediate arrest
Gujarat: Riot over petty issue in Vasad, 17 booked
Vadodara/ Anand: 17 persons were booked for rioting by Vasad police on Friday night. The rioting between members of Patel and Darbar community in Vasad town of Anand district had left two persons injured.According to police, the rioting started over a petty issue of driving a car in reverse. Groups from the two communities first entered into heated argument in the stretch between Parshnath complex and Sardar Patel High School.Later, members of both the communities started pelting stones at each other which damaged glasses of three cars parked in the area. The situation was brought under control only when teams of Vasad and Anand police rushed to the spot and dispersed the crowd. TOI
UP: With new govt at helm, Peda riots main accused and BJP leader shifted back to Bijnor jail from Maharajganj
Bijnor:In a relief of sorts for BJP leader and 2016 Peda riots main accused Aishwarya Chaudhary, the UP  Govt  has now decided to shift him back to a prison in his home district here, almost 6 months after the erstwhile Samajwadi Party(SP) regime had sent him to Maharajganj prison, almost 800 kms from here.The order was issued by Surya Prakash Singh Saingar, joint secretary, UP govt. A copy of the Govt  order is with TOI.Chaudhary was accused of inciting mobs in Peda village that led to the killing of 4 persons and left at least a dozen injured in September last year.While Chaudhary was in jail, his wife Suchi Chaudhary was given a BJP ticket from Bijnor city, from where she won.The head of BJP-affiliated Adhivakta Sangh, Chaudhary was initially lodged in Bijnor jail. However, on Oct.30, 2016 UP Govt  had ordered to shift him to Maharajganj jail. He was shifted on February 8 this year. TOI
SOUTH ASIA & Kashmir
India skips China's Silk Road summit, warns of 'unsustainable' debt:Reuters
New Delhi: India has not sent an official delegation to attend the "Belt and Road Forum" in Beijing and instead criticised China's global initiative, warning of an "unsustainable debt burden" for countries involved.Chinese President Xi Jinping is hosting dozens of world leaders and senior officials on Sunday for the country's biggest diplomatic showcase of the year, touting his vision of a new "Silk Road" that opens trade routes across the globe.Govt  officials from New Delhi did not travel, Indian officials said, although scholars from Indian think-tanks have flown to Beijing to attend some of the meetings at the forum.Indian foreign ministry spokesman Gopal Baglay, asked whether New Delhi was participating in the summit, said India could not accept a project that compromised its sovereignty.India is incensed that one of the key Belt and Road projects passes through Kashmir and Pakistan. The nuclear-armed rivals have fought two of their three wars over the disputed region."No country can accept a project that ignores its core concerns on sovereignty and territorial integrity," Baglay said.He also warned of the danger of debt. One of the criticisms of the Silk Road plan is that host countries may struggle to pay back loans for huge infrastructure projects being carried out and funded by Chinese companies and banks."Connectivity initiatives must follow principles of financial responsibility to avoid projects that would create unsustainable debt burden for communities," Baglay said.New Delhi's criticism of the Belt and Road initiative came as Xi pledged $124 billion to the plan, and called for the abandonment of old models based on rivalry and diplomatic power games.Leaders from 29 countries and ministerial delegates from many more are attending the forum in Beijing, including India's smaller neighbours - not just Pakistan, but also Sri Lanka and Nepal. As well as the corridor through Pakistan, India is worried more broadly about China's economic and diplomatic expansion through Asia, and in particular across countries and waterways that it considers to be its sphere of influence.
India boycotts China’s B&R meet, mounts diplomatic pressure against CPEC
India's absence from Belt and Road forum is likely to displease China
Chinese Prez pledges billions for new Silk Road, snubs India
Beijing:Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday pledged $14.5 billion to the Silk Road Fund as he described his signature foreign policy push as inclusive, one that should not be held hostage to old rivalries and power games.China is hosting at least 29 heads of state, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pakistan PM  Nawaz, Sharif, for a two-day “Belt and Road” conference which India has chosen to give a miss.“We should build an open platform of cooperation and uphold and grow an open world economy,” Xi said in his inaugural address to the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) as he also highlighted the importance of China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC), reason New Delhi has stayed away from Beijing’s most important diplomatic event of the year.Chinese President, who is positioning himself as a global leader and chief advocate for free trade, seemed to have snubbed India when he said the belt and road initiative respected “territorial integrity”.“All countries should respect each other’s sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity, each other’s development paths and social systems, and each other’s core interests and major concerns,” Xi told the gathering at the sprawling China Convention Centre.A part of the One Belt, One Road plan, or Belt Road Initiative (BRI), that aims to build a new Silk Route, CPEC is a cluster of road, rail and energy projects that will connect Pakistan’s southern Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea and Kashgar in China’s western Xinjiang region.India has reservation about the project as it passes through PoK, which New Delhi says challenges its sovereignty by lending legitimacy to Pakistan’s claim over the territory. hindustantimes
Behind China’s $1 trillion plan to shake up the economic order: New York Times

Sharif, Modi may meet, back channel links on
Islamabad: PM s Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan and Narendra Modi of India might meet in Kazakhstan, a top Pakistani official has said, amid reports of back channel contacts.Sartaj Azia, advisor to Sharif, said that a meeting between the two leaders cannot be ruled out on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit next month in Kazakhstan. But it was too early to speak about such a meeting, the Nation newspaper quoted him as saying on Wednesday. “Pakistan could consider the meeting if interest was shown from the other side”.Aziz said SCO Summit was important as Pakistan would become a permanent member of the organisation.The report said there was widespread speculation about a possible Sharif-Modi meeting after the Pakistani PM  recently met Indian business tycoon Sajjan Jindal, who “reportedly conveyed a message of the Indian premier to the Pakistani leader”.IANS
Pak says ‘misadventure’ by India at LoC could lead to ‘unintended consequences’
Islamabad:Pakistan said any “misadventure” by the India Army at the LoCcould lead to “unintended consequences” as the two neighbours accused each other of violating a fragile ceasefire along the LoC in J&K .While New Delhi said two civilians – a father and daughter – were killed in Rajouri district in Jammu by mortars fire by Pakistan, Islamabad said “3 to 8” people were killed on its territory in shelling by Indian troops. Pakistan also summoned India’s deputy high commissioner JP Singh to protest the firing by Indian forces along the LoC, the foreign office said in a statement.“(The) Indian army has been targeting innocent civilians on both sides of line of Control in recent past. Any misadventure by Indian Army across Line of Control will be a miscalculation, shall be responded with full force and could lead to unintended consequences,” the Pakistani army’s media arm said in a statement.Local media reported that as many as 8 people, including five women, were injured in Azad J&K  in Indian shelling. hindustantimes
Pakistan tells UN that India is 'converting Kashmir's Muslim majority to minority'
New Delhi: Pakistan yesterday wrote to the UN again, this time claiming that India is attempting to "change Kashmir's demographic", Pakistani media reported.India's efforts, Pakistan's letter alleged, are "to convert the Muslim majority" in Kashmir "into a minority, to pre-empt the results of a UN-administered plebiscite", according to The Express Tribune which quoted a Govt  statement from yesterday. Pakistan writes to the UN often, urging it to interfere in Kashmir.This letter also alleged that in Kashmir, India has issued permanent residence certificates to non-residents, alloted land to retired Indian army personnel and non-Kashmiris and established separate townships for Kashmiri pundits and "West Pakistan refugees", reported the Tribune. The letter was written by Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan PM  Nawaz Sharif's foreign affairs adviser. The letter was delivered to the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs in New York by Pakistan's ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi, GeoTv reported.Aziz also told the UN in his letter that the "non-implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions is leading to a grave human tragedy in the Valley", Pakistani media reported."It is only by the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions that we will be able to end the immense sufferings of millions of Kashmiris in J&K  and bring peace and stability to South Asia," the letter added. timesofindia
Voters of Kashmir: Gujjars come out to vote disregarding separatist call: indian express
When the Srinagar parliamentary constituency registered 7.1% polling, a new low, its Kangan Assembly segment saw the highest voting. Most of that was driven by its Gujjars. Like they do every time Kashmir goes to polls, the Gujjars came out in droves to vote, again disregarding the separatist call.That has earned them the tag of “gaddars (traitors)”. However, as the Gujjars of Kangan explain, casting a vote for them is like a nazrana (offering) to their peer. Their loyalty is not to a political party but their “spiritual leader”, Mian Altaf, who is the sitting National Conference MLA from Kangan. Altaf holds the title that is held by his family.Unlike the Bakarwals, J&K’s other nomadic tribe, most of the Gujjars now live a settled life, including the ones in Kangan.“For us, casting a vote for the Mian is a kind of obligation,” says Ghulam Nabi Bejard, 76, who was among the first Gujjars to do his matriculation in Kangan. “It has never been a question of development for us either.”However, Bejard also admits that it may not remain the case for long. In 2014 Assembly polls, less than 1,400 votes separated Altaf and his non-Gujjar rival, fielded by the PDP. Farooq Ahmad Bejard, 31, a teacher at Chariwani govt school, says it is mostly the old Gujjars who now vote. “The youth remain away. We can’t remain secluded to what is happening in Kashmir. We have friends there.” The memory of last year’s incident in Saroore near Bari Brahmana, in Jammu region, where Gujjars were attacked by alleged Sangh activists also remains fresh. Reasi attack on a nomadic family by “cow vigilantes” is confirming some of those fears. Almost one in 2 Gujjars in Kangan has relatives in areas of Jammu. They say every time they receive calls for them, they find “there is a sense of apprehension”among them.Adds Mohammad Yaqoob of Wangat village, “We are being treated like a football. Here in Kashmir, we are Hindustanis, in Jammu, we are Pakistanis, and for Delhi, we are Kashmiris. They are forgetting that we are jungle people, who only want to live in peace.”
Ex-army man's wife sends 56-inch blouse to Modi
A former soldier's wife, shaken by recent attacks on Indian troops by Pakistan, has sent a 56-inch blouse to PM  Narendra Modi in an apparent reference to claims that he had a 56-inch chest, largely seen as a symbol of courage.In a letter to PM ,Suman Singh, wife of ex-armyman Dharamvir Singh, reminded Modi that the BJP had before the 2014 Lok Sabha polls claimed if it came to power, Pakistan would not "dare" attack Indian soldiers."But the situation is even worse now," she wrote.Her husband told reporters here that the letter addressed to the PM , along with the blouse, had been submitted to Zila Sainik Board in Fatehabad.Dharamvir said he had served in the Army from Dec. 1991 to 2007 and retired as a havaldar. Being an ex-army man's wife, he said, Suman had expressed anguish at the recent spate of killings."She told me that women send their sons, brothers, husbands to the border to defend their motherland and not to get beheaded and get pelted with stones. Where has the 56-inch chest gone now, she asked," the Fatehabad resident said.PTI
No extradition request with Ministry of External Affairs for Dawood, Hafiz Saeed, reveals RTI
New Delhi: Ministry of External Affairs has said that it has not received any request so far to extradite Hafiz Saeed and 1993 Mumbai bombings accused Dawood Ibrahim from the agencies probing them. Ministry was responding to an RTI query seeking to know the action taken by the Govt to bring back fugitive gangster Ibrahim and Saeed.PTI
Muslim Personal Law
Separation more common than divorce in all religions, Census data reveals: TOI
While there is no denying that the regressive practice of triple talaq+ needs to end, just how prevalent is it in the Muslim community and how are divorce and separation handled in other religious communities? The share of divorced women is indeed high among Muslims — 5 for every 1,000 ever married women, according to Census 2011.This is twice the rate among Hindus, but almost the same as Christians and less than that among Buddhists.But a different picture emerges when one looks at separation, another common way in which legally married couples split up. This may or may not be followed by divorce. In our male-dominated society, it often means abandonment by the husband.The share of separated women among Muslims is 6.7 per 1,000 ever married women. This is less than the rate among Hindu women (6.9) and almost half the rate for Christian and Buddhist women. Combined, separated and divorced women make up 9.1 of every 1,000 ever married women among Hindus and 11.7 among Muslims.This gap has shrunk as it appears that among Hindus, separation is more easily embraced and socially acceptable than a complicated legal battle. For those concerned about injustice to women, this too needs to be considered.Among Christians and Buddhists, the combined rate of separation and divorce is 16.6 and 17.6 — almost 50% more than Hindus and Muslims. Among the 6 major religious communities in India, Jain and Sikh women have the lowest separation or divorce rates at 6.3 per 1,000 ever married women.This could be because of higher educational levels and better income among families of these two communities, or it could be the result of more social control.Comparing 2011 with 2001 shows that in Buddhist communities, the increase in share of separated and divorced women is the least at 34%, followed closely by Muslims with 39% and then Hindus at 40%.The most dramatic rise is shown in the Sikh community (108%), possibly due to breakdown or abandonment after marriages with partners settled abroad. TOI
Male Muslims cannot universally dissolve marriage: Najma
Manipur: Hailing Supreme Court’s decision of examining whether the practice of triple talaq is ‘is fundamental to religion’ and whether ‘it falls in the category of enforceable fundamental rights, Manipur Governor, Najma Heptullah on Saturday dubbed it a right move. Heptullah told ANI, “I am pretty delighted that the Supreme Court has ultimately taken this decision and has made a right move. Marriages amongst Muslims is a contract which entails the names of the bride and the groom along with their parents. There is a statement as well which says the person has been accepted ‘qabool’ as their lawfully wedded partner in the presence of three witnesses. Nowhere is it penned that the groom can unilaterally dissolve a marriage.”“I assume there should be a provision where both men and women should have the liberty to seek divorce on rational premises. In our country, Parliament makes laws, but who decides their implementation? NGO’s can engender the pressure on the system to comply with the laws but, cannot grant the punishment if laws are abrogated,”she added.ANI
Sufis join the chorus against triple talaq in single sitting
Lucknow: Triple talaq in one sitting is not just un-Islamic but also un-Quranic and the unlawful practice of 'Halala' is nothing but forced punishment on women, said Sufi cleric Maulana Syed Hasnain Baqai in the city on Saturday.Successor of the Khanqah Baqaiyah Safipur Sharif in Unnao district, the Sufi cleric blamed the AIMPLB for creating uncalled for controversy around the issue while the Quran has laid out clear ways of pronouncing divorce spread out in 3 months. timesofindia
Islamic scholars: Triple talaq an unfortunate act:TOI
New Delhi: As the debate over triple talaq takes centrestage with the Supreme Court taking up the matter, delving into past records of the comments of eminent Islamic scholars reveals that they had all weighed in with their criticism of the controversial practice. From recommending the ideal circumstances of divorce to clarifying the sharia stand on the subject, the experts were united in condemning its misuse. Terming triple talaq a sin, Maulana Abul Ala Maududi, founder of Jamaat-e-Islami had said, "If people knew that triple divorce is superfluous and even a single talaq would dissolve the marriage, of course, leaving room for revocation during the next 3 months and remarriage thereafter, innumerable families could have been saved from disruption."Renowned graduate from Darul Uloom Deoband, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi had recommended the Quranic method of talaq. "A man pronounces a revocable talaq. He reconciles and resumes cohabitation. A few years later under some provocation he pronounces a revocable talaq again.On recovering from provocation he resumes cohabit-ation again. Now two talaqs are over. Thereafter whenever he pronounces a talaq it will be counted as the third talaq which will dissolve the marriage forthwith," he said. Describing instant triple talaq as accidental, ex- president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Mujahidul Islam Qasmi, said it was an unfortunate act that should not happen. "If one talaq is given out of three, both parties will have time to reconsider. The meaning of triple talaq is that it is final talaq. Its misuse has destroyed many homes. Poor and weak women suffer the most," he said.
Ex-Gujarat Univ prof says papers 'cleared' by Modi were not on curriculum
A fresh controversy seems to be brewing over PM Narendra Modi's MA degree from the Gujarat university.An Ex- professor of the university has said that the subjects Modi is said to have taken for the course were not offered in the curriculum at the time. Professor Jayanibhai Patel in a Facebook post has quoting a media statement by the university VC, pointing out some glaring inaccurcies.The Facebook post reads: "The breakup of marks in second year MA shows that Modi obtained 64 marks in political science, 62 marks in European and social political thoughts, 69 marks in modern India/political analysis, and 67 marks in political psychology," he said."However, there seems something wrong with the names of the papers, to my knowledge, there were no such papers offered in part-2 to internal or external students. I was on faculty of department of Political Science and used to teach there, during 1969 - 1993 June." Professor also recalls that Modi was irregular in the classes for MA Part 1 course, and was therefore advised to appear for the exams as an external student.The Gujarat University however has rubbished professor Patel's claims. Media reports quote university registrar Dr Mahesh Patel as saying "The mark-sheet which is being shown was prepared 30 years ago. The subjects mentioned in that are those which were offered at that time." Professor Patel has stood by his Facebook post, and said that he has nothing more to add.TOI
Foreign secy Jaishankar to visit Tel Aviv next week ahead of PM Modi’s Israel trip
New Delhi:Foreign secretary S Jaishankar is embarking on a two-day trip to Tel Aviv next Thursday to finalise the July visit of PM  Narendra Modi that will bring the 25-year relationship totally above board with a focus on agriculture, desalination of sea water for drinking purposes and sanitation.Jaishankar is expected in Israel on May 18-19 for meetings with his counterpart Yuval Rotem and PM  Benyamin Netanyahu. The Foreign secretary and his Israeli counterparts will discuss the agreement expected to be signed during Modi’s visit.HT
Lucknow court begins scanning of Babri demolition files
Lucknow : Lucknow sessions court office has begun scanning files received from the Rae Bareli court in connection with the Babri Masjid demolition case after the Supreme Court ordered the case transfer last month.Earlier, the Lucknow court was hearing a case against kar sevaks for the demolition. A separate case, for allegedly instigating the mob, was filed against senior BJP leaders, including Union Minister Uma Bharti, LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, in the Rae Bareli court.The Supreme Court, on April 19, ordered that the case be transferred and heard on a day-to-day basis in Lucknow and a verdict be delivered within 2 years. indianexpress
Ram Mandir in Ayodhya by next year: Swamy
BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Sunday claimed that the Ram temple will be constructed at Ayodhya by next year.Speaking at Narad Samman Samaroh organized by the Vishwa Samwad Kendra – an affiliate of BJP’s ideological mentor RSS, Swami hoped that ongoing hearing in the Ram temple–Babri Masjid case in the Supreme Court should be over by November this year paving way for the constructing of Ram temple.“I hope by next year Ram Mandir will be constructed at Ayodhya” he said in the presence of Uttarakhand CM  Trivendra Singh Rawat.In March this year, Swamy had said that the temple would be constructed by 2024 .The fiery BJP leader while addressing small gathering of RSS cadre and journalists raised the issue of uniform civil code which the Central Govt  wants implement in the country.HT
Indira most acceptable ruler, PM, of a democratic country even today, says President Mukherjee: indianexpress
New Delhi:Indira Gandhi is the “most acceptable ruler, PM , of a democratic country even today,”President Pranab Mukherjee said on Saturday, hailing Indira as “one of the most remarkable personalities of the 20th century”. The former PM had raised her voice “against communal and sectarian forces”, and courage, conviction and fearlessness were hallmarks of her functioning, both nationally and internationally, he said.
To control Siddiqui damage, BSP gets new Muslim faces
Lucknow : With the exit of Naseemuddin Siddiqui from BSP, the party has started inducting new leaders from the Muslim community. Ex-BSP minister and Congress leader Anees Ahmed Khan, alias Phool Babu, told mediapersons in Lucknow on Saturday that he has rejoined the party and will work towards bring Muslims into the party fold. “Naseemuddin did not let any Muslim leader grow in the BSP. He got me sacked twice. It was my demand that he should be removed from the party. Now that he has been removed, I have rejoined the party. This should have happened a long time ago,” he said. Before Siddiqui was expelled, ex-Union minister and SP leader Rasheed Masood had joined BSP on May 4. On Saturday, party chief Mayawati announced names of 3 leaders, including two Muslims, as BSP’s official media panelists — the first such move by BSP, which has never had an official spokesperson. Mayawati said that MH Khan, Faizan and Ummed Singh will put forth their views on behalf of the BSP in media discussions on all matters. Notwithstanding these moves, Siddiqui’s expulsion and his decision to take on Mayawati head-on is likely to hit BSP’s attempts to woo the minority community, which constitutes more than 18% of the state’s population. It could play a significant role in the outcome of upcoming urban local bodies’ elections, which BSP will contest on its symbol for the first time. Dozens of Muslim leaders, including candidates of UP polls and functionaries of the party’s Muslim brotherhood committees, have shown solidarity with Siddiqui, who had been BSP’s most prominent Muslim face for over 2 decades. He was the only Muslim among BSP’s national office-bearers. Afzal Ansari, ex-MP and brother of BSP MLA Mukhtar Ansari, said Siddiqui was “a big leader” in BSP “but his exit will not affect party’s Muslim outreach…He never raised any issues affecting Muslims….actually worked like a barrier in the party; he was scared someone else will take his position.” indianexpress
After expelling BSP’s Muslim face, does Mayawati now plan to woo UP’s Brahmins?
Mosque board sacks Kolkata’s Imam Barkati
Kolkata: Days after his controversial comments regarding the use of red beacon on his vehicle, the influential cleric of Kolkata, Moulana Syed Noorur Rahman Barkati, the Shahi Imam of the Tipu Sultan Mosque here was removed from his post by the Mmosques’s Board of Trustees.Speaking to The Hindu on Saturday, the head of the Board, Shahezada Anwar Ali Shah said Barkati was removed “from the post of the Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque for his anti-national comments.” Barkati could not be reached for his response.The development comes on a day when Barkati was asked to remove the red beacon from his vehicle by the civil administration. However, he claimed that he has done so “voluntarily”.Observers termed Barkati’s removal “a kind of a coup” by State administration to oust the most powerful cleric of the city, who was often seen in public with the CM . the hindu
Rohtak gang rape: Woman’s skull shattered, sharp objects inserted into private parts
Rohtak: More gory details in the gang rape and murder of a Dalit woman from Sonipat emerged on Sunday, even as her family alleged that their plea seeking help from the police prior to the killing went unheeded.A 20-year-old woman was allegedly gang raped and killed in Haryana’s Rohtak by her jilted lover and his friend, who smashed her face with a brick and crushed the body under the wheels of their car to conceal her identity.An autopsy of the victim showed the bones of the woman’s skull were shattered into pieces and “some sharp-edged objects may have been inserted in her private parts”.“The findings suggest that it was a brutal rape and murder,” said Dr SK Dhatterwal, head of the department of forensic medicine at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) in Rohtak, who conducted the post-mortem examination.Two people, including the main accused Sumit, who is a Dalit, have been arrested by the Haryana police which has formed a SIT to probe the case.The police have arrested 24-year-old Sumit and 28-year- old Vikas on the charges of rape, murder and abduction.PTI
Inflated girl child numbers behind Haryana’s ‘remarkable’ improvement in sex ratio, finds audit: The Wire
A Beti Bachao Beti Padhao audit has discovered the truth behind how Haryana achieved a massive improvement in its notoriously low sex ratio.Notorious for having the worst sex ratio in India, Haryana recently reported that it had made massive improvements, raising the number of girls in the state by leaps and bounds. In 2011, according to the nationwide census, India’s sex ratio stood at 919 girls for every 1000 boys. For Haryana, this number was 834, according to a TOI report. Surprisingly, it reached 900 at the end of 2016, galloped its way to 935 in the first quarter of 2017, and by March 2017, this number had touched 950, according to several media reports, including NDTV. Celebratory news? Everyone thought so, until the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign became suspicious of these numbers and decided to do an audit, TOI reported.The investigating campaign team found that there had been widespread and systematic inflation to achieve these ‘remarkable’ numbers, Outlook reported. TOI reports that out of ten states, eight are guilty of misreporting or, in some way, fudging the numbers. The probe, which began in April, found that Panipat, which in March seemed to have reached a sex ratio of 1007:1000, had overshot the reality by 135, bringing the actual number to 872. Narnaul, which reported the birth of 968 girls, was revealed as having only 841. Similarly, the district of Jhajjar (949) is now down to 845, Sonipat (948) came down to 870, Kaithal (939) is now 890 and Faridabad (926) was lowered to 872, according to the Times of India report.The audit found that in some cases, these numbers were inflated, while in others, the staff were ordered to register the birth of girls on a priority basis and leave the boys for the next quarter, creating a manipulated outcome. “On priority, staff registered all girls born, which delayed the registration of boys. This reflected in the sex ratio and it appeared there has been a tremendous improvement. But it would have eventually been corrected because the boys too are being registered, although a little late,” an unnamed official told TOI. Other inflations may be owing to clerical errors, as Hisar showed – its reported a ratio of 933 which has been corrected to 932. State coordinator of the campaign has claimed that they will ensure infallible recording by the end of the year and has also said that the annual data has indeed been showing marked improvements.
In meeting with PM, Badruddin Ajmal raises citizenship issues of Assam residents
New Delhi: In a recent meeting with PM Narendra Modi, Member of Parliament from Assam and national president of AIUDF, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal has raised 3 major issues of citizenship of Assamese Muslims."We told him (Modi) that names of 48 lakh women have been removed from the voter list. This should not be done. Their names should be reinstated in the NRC (National Register of Citizens). We urged the PM to order an enquiry into it," Ajmal, 2-time Lok Sabha MP from Dhubri," told India Tomorrow outside PMO.He was part of a high-level delegation of Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind that met PM Modi here on Tuesday. "Another issue that I raised was about list of D-voters.  The D-voter list has been prepared in an improper way. Hindu computer operators wrote Muslim names wrongly, and now those names do not match with documents due to incorrect spelling. And thus people were declared as Bangladeshi. This is injustice, and it should be probed and list should be rechecked," said he."Besides, girls have been kept with criminals in jails, rather than in detention camps. Action should also be taken in this regard."He said that PM has assured him of action into all issues."PM has noted everything and assured us to look into all 3 major issues," said Ajmal, whose AIUDF has 13 MLAs in Assa.IndiaTomorrow
Tales of horror from Minors’ observation home in Pune: ‘Officials ignored sexual assault complaints, forced boys to clean toilets, watch porn’
Pune: Minor residents of an observation home in the Pune city were forced to watch blue films in “E-learning” hall by officials and staffers of the home, according to a complaint registered with the Pune city police. The complaint also lists other horrific details: it says the authorities not only ignored complaints of sexual assault made by some of the minor boys, against other boys living at the same observation home, they encouraged the latter to continue to assault the victims.As per the complaint, observation home authorities also forced the minor boys to clean the toilets and drainage lines.Vilas Pandare (42), secretary and manager of an orphanage, lodged a FIR at the Ghodegaon police station in Pune rural on May 11. indianexpress
Head of Algeria’s Islamic party threatens to resign
The head of Algeria’s largest Islamic party has threatened to resign if his movement decided to join the new Govt .“I will quit my post if the [party] voted in favour of joining the Govt ,” Abdul-Razzaq al-Maqri, the head of the Movement of Society for Peace, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday. Last week, the movement said it has received an offer from President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to join the new Govt .Maqri said the Shura Council, the party’s decision-making body, will take a final decision on the offer during its coming meeting, which is expected to be held on Friday.The movement came third in the May 4 parliamentary elections with 33 seats.Bouteflika’s ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) clinched 164 out of 462 seats in the assembly, while the National Democratic Rally – a coalition partner of the FLN – came in second with 97 seats.
Founder of Islamic movement Sk Darwish  in Israel dies
Arab-Israeli religious leaders have paid tribute to the founder of the influential Islamic Movement in Israel, who died Sunday morning at the age of 68.The organisation said, in a statement, that Sheikh Abdullah Nimar Darwish was being mourned “by the entire Palestinian people and our Arab and Islamic nation” and would be buried Sunday in the northern town of Kufr Qasem.Darwish founded the organisation in 1971 with the intention of reviving Islamic sentiment among Arab citizens of Israel with a focus on providing social services, in line with the founding principles of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.
Israel arrests prominent Palestinian writer , 13 others
Israeli forces have carried out raids on homes across the occupied West Bank and detained at least 14 Palestinians on Sunday, among them a prominent intellectual and former political prisoner.Suha Barghouti, the wife of Ahmad Qatamesh, said "a large force" of Israeli soldiers arrived at their home in the West Bank city of al-Bireh at 4:30 am local time and detained her husband."Until now, we don't know what is going on or where he is," she told Al Jazeera by telephone on Sunday morning, explaining that Israeli soldiers also searched her brother-in-law's nearby home. aljazeera
Islami Bank Bangladesh transfers executive in a move to curb Jamaat Islami's control
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has removed the head of its human resource division amid a tug-of-war between the 'old guard' belonging to Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and newly-appointed executives over control of the largest bank of the country. The removed executive, Md Mahboob Alam, is also an executive vice president of the bank.The bank's board of directors took the decision to remove him from the division on Saturday.The heads of public relations division and corporate social responsibility division will also be removed as per the board's decision, 2 of the directors confirmed They said Mahboob was given charge of another department and the same would happen to the two others.The new leadership of the bank are fighting for control of the bank with Jamaat supporters after taking charge five months ago.In Saturday's meeting, the board also decided to give Tk 4.5 billion Zakat money to the PM's Zakat fund, instead of distributing the money directly itself.It will distribute Tk 130 million of Iftar fund among the people through the social welfare ministry.Islami Bank, accused of having links with Jamaat leaders, went through a major shake-up in its top brass in Jan. Former secretary Arastoo Khan was made the chairman of the bank, while Parvez was reassigned as its vice-chairman after the bank ousted the old guard and recast the board of
Woman kicked out of bank in US for wearing hijab
New York: A Muslim-American woman was allegedly kicked out of a bank in the US for ‘wearing a hijab’ — with staff threatening to call police if she did not ‘remove her hood’. Jamela Mohamed had gone into a branch of Sound Credit Union in Washington state on Friday to make a car payment. Jamela, an American and a member of the credit union, recorded part of the incident on her mobile phone, claiming it shows blatant ‘discrimination’She said she had been wearing a sweater and had the hood up because it was a Friday, which is when Muslims offer weekly prayers in the afternoon. The teller asked Jamela, to take off her hood.PTI
Rebels to leave Qaboun as army advances in Damascus
Syrian Govt forces and armed opposition groups have reached an agreement to evacuate rebel fighters and residents from the Qaboun neighbourhood of Damascus, as the Syrian army and its allies continue to advance in areas in and around the capital. The evacuation, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, will see rebels and civilians move to Idlib, an opposition stronghold in northwestern Syria. Syria's state news agency, Sana, reported on Saturday that the deal had been reached after rebels surrendered following intense clashes in Qaboun. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that Govt forces have taken back most of the neighbourhood, leaving around 20 % still under the control of rebel groups Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and Rahman Corps. Aljazeera
cyber-attacks hit 200000 victims in 150 countries:aljazeera
Friday's wave of cyber-attacks has hit 200,000 targets in at least 150 countries, head of the EU's police agency said, adding he feared that number would grow when many people return to work on Monday.Europol Director Rob Wainwright told ITV's Peston on Sunday programme that the attack was indiscriminate. Rob called the fast-spreading hack "unique" because the ransomware was being used in combination with a worm, meaning that the infection of one computer could automatically spread it through an entire network.
Ambedkarite 2.0: Saharanpur's Bhim Army signals the rise of a new, aggressive Dalit politics: Shoaib Daniyal
How Kejriwal averted a midnight coup within AAP:TheWire
Who’s behind the fake news site What is the secret of its popularity? Pratik Sinha,
Fifth Column: A media lynching: Arnab Goswami is breaking a journalistic rule that is definitely etched in stone: Tavleen Singh
Irfan Habib on majority communalism: Ajaz Ashraf
Why are only Opp parties being torn apart by the media while BJP’s scams are ignored? CHARU KARTIKEYA
Schedule Tribe across Tamil Nadu except for one district: The curious case of Erode Malayalis: Amit Kumar, TCN
Acquitted in Mumbai blasts case, Abdul Wahid Sheikh pens book on 9 years in prison
Left behind, but not left out: How women in Birbhum took to handlooms to earn a living and become independent
Beef, triple talaq, Article 370,Ram temple are issues raised by parties, they can’t be govt policy: Ram Vilas Paswan
France’s Macron dumps parliamentary candidate after Israel lobby pressure: electronicintifada
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