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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Eid al Adha Sermon: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami here to read more

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Monday, 29 May 2017

29 May 2017: 02 Ramazan 1438: Vol: 8, No:203
Centre may modify cattle trade rules: Buffaloes likely to be removed from govt’s ‘no slaughter’ list after protests
New Delhi: Centre is understood to be having a rethink on its order restricting the sale of animals, including cows and buffaloes, for slaughter following the stiff opposition from some states, including Kerala. Govt is likely to exempt buffaloes from the ‘no slaughter’ list, an official said on Monday.“We have received some representations over the list of animals included (in the new cattle slaughter rules). We are working on it,” AN Jha, secretary in the union environment ministry said. The environment ministry, on May 26, modified the rules to prevent cruelty to animals, making it mandatory to ensure that cattle are not bought or sold for slaughtering. The list of animals that cannot be bought or sold for slaughter through cattle markets includes cows, bulls, buffaloes, heifers, calves and camels. However, a day after notifying the modifications, the ministry said that the animals for the purpose of slaughtering could be procured directly from the farmers at their respective farms. After notifying the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules-2017, the ministry clarified that the aim was to regulate the animal market and prevent cruelty to animals.To ensure the rules are implemented, undertakings would have to be taken in the market by the ‘District Animal Market Monitoring Committee’ at the district level and the ‘Animal Market Committee’ at the local level.Ever since the notification of the modified rules, there have been widespread protests against the new norms in various states, especially Kerala. Youth Congress activists took to the streets in the state,but caused outrage by publicly slaughtering an ox during one such protest.The state’s ruling CPI-M held over 300 “beef festivals” across Kerala where cooked beef was served.IANS
Centre to modify regulation on cattle slaughter, may exempt buffalo
Centre will examine representations regarding controversial Rules relating to sale of cattle
Cattle trade ban to halt beef exports, lead to job losses
New Delhi: Govt’s ban on the trade of cattle for slaughter threatens $4 billion in annual beef exports and millions of jobs if the Govt  does not revoke the stoppage decreed last week, according to two industry officials.In the latest setback to the Muslim-dominated meat industry, PM Modi’s Govt  decreed animal markets will only be able to trade cattle for agricultural purposes such as ploughing and dairy production. The ban is likely to further alienate Muslims, who make up 14 % of India’s 1.3 billion people, and raise communal and religious tensions. Hindu hardliners and cow vigilante groups have been increasingly asserting themselves since Modi’s Hindu nationalist Govt  came to power in 2014.Most of India’s beef comes from water buffalo rather than cows, which are considered holy by Hindus, but local cattle traders and slaughterhouses have repeatedly come under attacks from activist groups that oppose the meat trade.“In the garb of the order that prohibits the trading of cattle at organised markets, the Govt  has tried to impose a ban on the meat industry,” Abdul Faheem Qureshi, head of the Muslim All India Jamiatul Quresh Action Committee, told Reuters. Reuters
Cattle slaughter economy: How ban on sale of cattle for killing may affect industry, employment
Cattle ban to put Meat Products of India in crisis:director
Kochi: Amid a public outcry over the Centre's notification banning sale of cattle for slaughter, a PSU in Kerala fears that its business will be badly hit for want of raw materials. Meat Products of India Ltd (MPI), a meat and meat products manufacturing company in Ernakulam district, sources materials mainly from AP, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and if the rule is strictly implemented, there would be no movement of livestock including buffaloes, said one of its top officials. Ironically, Centre's move has come when MPI enhanced the capacity of its plant spending Rs 31.5 crore, Shaju Jacob, one of the directors of MPI said."The new rule will put MPI in a crisis. Sourcing livestock will be a big problem," Jacob said.PTI
New rules on cattle trade: Centre handed over death certificate, say leather exporters
Kolkata: Leather exporters here on Sunday said the Centre’s decision to ban sale of cattle from animal markets for slaughter will adversely affect the industry. Representatives of Council of Leather Exports, CLA Tanners Association and Indian Leather Products Association also threatened to move court if the decision was either not revoked or amended.“If the Centre does not immediately withdraw or amend the notification then we will approach the court,” said Imran Ahmed Khan, general secretary of CLA Tanners Association. The exporters also threatened to hit the streets and informed that they would approach CM Mamata Banerjee over the issue. According to data provided by the leather exporters, the centre’s decision would hit close to 35 million people involved in the leather sector and also hit 22 million people involved with the meat industry. Exports to decline by 50% from USD 7 billion to USD 3.5 billion and will cripple the leather industry because of such a decision of the Centre. indianexpress
New cattle slaughter rules are 'anti-farmer', will hurt economy: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind$largeimg29_May_2017_155931037.jpg
New Delhi:Criticising the new cattle slaughter rules, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) termed it ‘anti-farmer’ and said it will ‘damage the country’s economy’.JIH Secretary General Muhammad Salim Engineer said, 'We feel that the new rules for cattle slaughter are completely anti-farmer, anti-people and will hurt India’s economy. Govt is surreptitiously trying to impose a countrywide ban on the slaughter of cattle by issuing the order via Ministry of Environment as it knows that it cannot impose a total ban on beef consumption directly.By equating slaughter with cruelty and criminalising the natural process of culling of old, infirm and unproductive cattle and buffaloes, the Govt has hit the dairy farming industry as according to experts, nearly 40% of their income is through the sale of unproductive cows. Another important aspect that is being ignored is that only 30% of slaughtered cattle is used for meat consumption.’ UNI
New cattle slaughter rules anti-farmer,to hurt economy:JIH
New Cattle Slaughter Rules Are Anti-Farmer, Will Hurt Economy: Jamaat-e-Islami
Mamata challenges Modi Govt's cattle slaughter ban, calls it unconstitutional
West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has challenged the new legislation brought by Central Govt  to implement ban on cattle slaughter.In a press conference in Kolkata, West Bengal CM said that Centre's move is unconstitutional. She said that West Bengal will neither accept it nor are they bound by it. She said it is a move by Modi Govt to demoralize and destroy the federal structure of the county. She branded it as direct encroachment to federal structure. According to Mamata Banerjee, it is unnecessarily bulldozing and imposing of Centre's writ on the state. Mamata Banerjee said that the law is very clear as per constitution and the Centre has no right to dictate terms to states with respect to List 2 of 7th Schedule. She said that they will challenge the law constitutionally.dnaindia
New cattle slaughter rule can destroy federal structure:CM
Kerala cow slaughter: Congress distances itself, Rahul Gandhi says it’s ‘barbaric, thoughtless’
New Delhi: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi condemned on Sunday the slaughter of a cow by his party’s youth activists in Kerala, terming the incident “barbaric and completely unacceptable” in the wake of a political tug-of-war.Youth groups of the state’s ruling CPI(M)-led LDF and Congress-headed UDF opposition killed the animal in Kannur in public view on Saturday evening, cooked its meat and distributed it during a “Beef Fest” to protest against the BJP-led central Govt ’s new rules on cattle trade that ban the sale of cows and buffaloes for slaughter through animal markets. Congress and other Opposition parties have been fierce critics of the Centre’s NDA Govt over self-styled cow protectors, but Gandhi’s condemnation made it clear that his party was distancing itself from the incident. Kannur Police in north Kerala booked some Youth Congress activists, who were charged under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.But Youth Congress worker Rijil Makulti, accused of the cattle slaughter, said: “We don’t regret our act. This was done as part of our protest.”Kerala govt, for its part, suggested it could bring in a law to counter the central Govt  rules. hindustantimes
Why are seculars silent on Kerala beef festivals: UP CM
IIT Madras students organise beef fest inside campus to protest Centre’s new rules on cattle slaughter
New Delhi : Around 50 students of IIT Madras participated in a ‘beef fest’ inside the campus to protest the Centre’s recent decision to ban trade of cattle for slaughter in animal markets, news agency ANI reported. indianexpress
DMK leader Stalin to lead protest in Chennai against Centre’s new rules on cattle slaughter
New Delhi: DMK working president M K Stalin will lead a protest on Wednesday in Chennai against the Centre’s recent decision to ban trade of cattle for slaughter in animal markets, news agency ANI reported. Earlier, the DMK scion had called for repealing the beef ban law, saying it infringes on the right of every citizen to make their food choices. He had also asked the BJP Govt  to recuse itself from “endangering the pluralism by instituting monolithic laws”. indianexpress
New cattle trade rules whimsical, will impact livelihood: Bengal Congress
Terming Centre’s new cattle trade rules “whimsical”, the West Bengal Pradesh Congress on Monday said it will adversely impact the livelihood of millions associated with meat industry and allied sectors.“We think that by suddenly coming up with such rules, the Centre is hampering the livelihood of millions of poor Indians. It will also adversely impact the country’s meat industry of approximately Rs 1 lakh crore,” Congress state unit President Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said.IANS
Meghalaya BJP leader promises cheaper beef, debate rages over cattle trade ban
Guwahati: A BJP leader from Meghalaya has said the party would make beef cheaper if voted to power in the northeastern state which is a due for assembly election next year.Bernard Marak’s promise comes at the time when BJP-led union Govt is facing severe criticism for its recent directive banning sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter. “Consumption of beef is a routine thing among Garo people, most of who are Christians. But the prices are very high as there is no regularisation. If elected, our party will regularise sale, which will bring prices down,”Marak said. There would be no ban on consumption of beef in the state, said Marak, who is the president of the party’s Tura city unit in Garo Hills.Marak’s views on bringing down the price were his own and not those of the party, state BJP chief Shibun Lyngdoh said. HT
RSS' Muslim affiliate to campaign against cattle slaughter in Bengal
Kolkata: RSS affiliate Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) is, for the first time in Bengal, launching awareness campaigns to make the community aware of cattle slaughter.There are nearly 300 MRM workers active in Bengal and all of them have decided to become part of this campaign to save cows during iftars in June at Muslim dominated districts including Murshidabad, Malda, North and South Dinajpur. Idea to start a campaign was talked about at a RSS meeting in Haridwar, after which RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar, who also mentors MRM, started planning the
Cow-Politics of BJP Govt is Not Acceptable to Nagas: Nagaland's NPCC
 BJP Govt  imposing nationwide ban on sale of cow/cattle for slaughter by taking shelter under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 is a blatant display of their communal and divisive agenda which is not acceptable to Nagas, according to a statement issued by the Media Cell of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC).“Giving legal cover to their divisive agenda is fraught with dangerous ramifications. The rise of cow vigilantism and violence against beef consuming people has created huge fault lines within the society like never before”, the statement said.NPCC haS alleged that “BJP-RSS indulging in cow politics is just a ploy to cover up their failures after promising acche din to the people. Three years into power, PM Modi and his bhakts are still behaving like opposition. Other than cow politics, BJP is only busy in celebrating and inaugurating Congress led UPA projects nationwide”. northeasttoday
Ban on cattle slaughter insult to Christians, Muslims: Manipur Cong
Shillong: Manipur Congress has said Centre’s ban on sale of cattle for slaughtering was a direct attack on Christians and Muslims.The ban of cattle slaughter was against Muslims and Christians and a challenge to the two communities by the BJP-led NDA Govt  at the Centre, said Congress spokesperson and sitting MLA Md Fajur Rehman. nagalandpost
Cattle trade rules go against 1960 law as Animals Act does not impose curbs on sale of cattle for slaughter or sacrifices
‘Isn’t this our country?’ Why Indian Muslims feel shaken and ‘harassed’: HT spl report
Kishanganj/Bareilly/Deoband: Anam Nisha is a first-year student in the department of chemical engineering at the Rohilkhand University in Bareilly. The daughter of a mechanic, her parents battled hostile relatives, uncomfortable with sending a girl to college, and decided to educate her— she will become the first engineer in her family. Nisha has made friends with her classmates, a majority of Hindus. But something changed during the 2017 elections in UP.“I did not feel this earlier. But in this election, among our friends, this feeling of being Hindu and Muslim sharpened. In discussions, our friends made us feel we were different.” She says the BJP had created this ‘division’.Mohammed Tanweer, a final year student from Gorakhpur, nods. “When the PM came and said kabristan and shamshanghat, we felt uncomfortable. Look at issues being raised everyday. It makes us sometimes ask — do we have the wrong name?” No generalisation about a community as large and diverse as Indian Muslims can be entirely accurate. Yet, in the course of meeting dozens of young Muslims, from west UP to the eastern most edge of Bihar, it became clear that Nisha and Tanweer are not exceptions. Muslims are shaken, disturbed, and worried. Firoze Ahmad is an assistant professor in the AMU’s campus in Kishanganj, in Bihar’s Seemanchal. “Muslims have begun avoiding public gatherings because anything you say can be misconstrued. On social media, as soon as you say something, you are immediately branded anti-national, terrorist, and of course Pakistani,” he says. A survey conducted by the well-regarded Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in 4 states — Gujarat, Haryana, Odisha and Karnataka — gives a clue into the mindset that leads to these labels. Only 13% of Hindus saw Muslims as ‘highly patriotic’, even though 77% Muslims saw themselves as ‘highly patriotic’.When asked what, specifically, was bothering him, Firoze Ahmad says, “Look at the hate campaigns. When they say love jehad, raise triple talaq, talk of gau raksha, want ghar wapsi, who are they targeting? There is a common pattern. They want to ignite new debates with Muslims as the target group.” Shadab Khan is pursuing an MBA in the campus. “This nationalism discourse has created a gulf. If I say I love Barcelona, I am a nationalist. But if I say I love Pakistani player Shahid Afridi, I become an anti-national. This has percolated down to every college, every street, every social media conversation.”Across age groups and regions, most Muslims blamed BJP and the Sangh parivar, but they were as critical of the media. Back in Bareilly, Heeba Roshan, a second year student of chemical engineering, noted, with a laugh, “There would have been far more peace, and so much less insecurity, if we all stopped TV news.”  And all of this is leading to a question that Khan — the Kishanganj student — asks bluntly, “I have always felt Indian. But today, I am being forced to ask myself — is this my country?”HT
UP: 3 Muslim youths attacked while returning from “taraweeh”, 1 died
Gonda: In Sahibganj area of Gonda district in UP , a violent incident occurred yesterday when 3 Muslim youths who were returning after offering “Taraweeh” prayer were attacked by miscreants with sharp weapons.One of the victims died and others were rushed to hospital. According to the preliminary report, the victims are identified as Pappu Mistry, Arman and another Muslim. During the attack by miscreants, all the three received serious injuries.They were rushed to hospital immediately. However, Pappu Mistry succumbed to injuries while the condition of the other two youths is very serious.After the incident, a large crowd gathered at hospital and the area became tense. SP, Umesh Kumar Singh and other police officials reached the hospital.It may be mentioned that this incident took place after the visit of CM. siasat
Malegaon: Cow vigilantes thrash meat traders on suspicion of possessing beef
New Delhi: A group of cow vigilantes thrashed two meat traders in Malegaon area on suspicion of possessing beef. The incident that happened on Friday saw the men assaulting and abusing them. The whole incident was captured on mobile camera and made available by news agency ANI. In the video, one of the assailants was seen slapping the victim and demanding him to say “jai Sri Ram”. They were later heard talking about taking the victims to the police station.In Maharashtra, it is illegal to slaughter bulls and bullocks after the state Govt  introduced a ban in 2015. However, it is not illegal to possess meat from the animals. Indian express
Don’t take Allah’s name, say Jai Shri Ram instead: Hindutva terrorists to Muslims traders: Janta ka reporter
In yet another shocking incident of Hindutva terrorists traumatising Muslim victims, a group of right-wing goons have mercilessly thrashed a Muslim boy for allegedly possessing beef in Maharashtra. Video of the incident has now gone viral on social media platforms.In the video, which was reportedly shot in Maharashtra’s Malegaon district on 26 May, a group of Hindutva terrorists are seen mercilessly thrashing a young man for allegedly possessing beef, which can be seen lying on the floor. The victim defends himself by clarifying that the meat on the floor is of buffalo, but to no avail.Attackers also get enraged on victim pronouncing Allah’sname in desperation.
Saharanpur caste violence: Too scared to work for Thakurs, Dalits get squeezed for jobs
Saharanpur: Not so long ago, Om Veer, a Dalit labourer and Amarpal Singh, a Thakur landlord were dependent on each other for work. But today, these two residents of Shabbirpur village do not want to even meet each other.Two clashes in twenty days have widened the caste fault lines between the 2 communities in Shabbirpur -- the epicentre of the Thakur-Dalit clashes in Saharanpur district of western UP .“We used to work for Thakurs in the farms. Now, we are too scared to even venture near their houses. Even they will not give us work,” said Om Veer, 30.Unwilling to work for Thakurs, Dalits, like Veer have lost jobs. Upper caste Thakurs like Amar Pal don’t want to hire them anymore. Prior to strife, the Thakur landlords would easily employ Dalit labourers from the village itself. Today, they struggle to hire outsiders.“We don’t even look at them, forget giving them work” Veer’s employer Amar Pal said.  “Our men used to work in their fields for the longest of time. But, divide has widened, the hatred intensified. We may be attacked again,” said Kamla Devi, 55 one of the affected Dailt woman inside her half-burnt house. She was discharged from hospital after 15-day treatment this week.Villagers said the situation had started returning to normalcy between two arsons on May 5 and May 23.“We had started mingling with them (Dalits) before May 23. But everything has changed now. Working with them seems out of question,”said irrigation dept employee Ashok Kumar, a Thakur alleging Dalits torched his cow shed that day.The village adopted by Saharanpur’s BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal is home to 4000 people comprising 40% Dalits and an equal proportion of Thakurs .Amid uneasy calm, fear looms large among the Dalits who are picking up the broken pieces of their lives. Thakurs, it seems, have found reason to further establish their supremacy.HT
Bridge over Yamuna river breaks internet barrier in riot-hit Saharanpur
Modi Govt  only ‘inaugurated, renamed’ projects of UPA : Shiv Sena -only-inaugurated-renamed-projects-of-upa-shiv-sena-4679014/
Mumbail: The Shiv Sena, a key ally of the BJP, today said the Narendra Modi Govt  only “inaugurated and renamed” the projects started by the previous UPA dispensation and nothing new, barring demonetisation, has been achieved in its three years in office.The Sena, a constituent of the NDA Govt , also asked if the common man and farmers, who were among the worst hit by demonetisation, were part of its third anniversary celebrations.Apart from the note ban, nothing new has been done by the Govt , the Sena said in an editorial in party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’. “Some important and big projects were started by the previous Govt  and they were just being inaugurated and renamed with vigour,” it said, citing the examples of the Bhupen Hazarika Dhola–Sadiya bridge in Assam and the Chenani-Nashri tunnel in J&K .PTI
Hoardings in Kanpur depict Modi as ‘modern day Dhritarashtra’ of Mahabharata
Kanpur: Hoardings projecting PM  Narendra Modi as ‘modern day Dhritarashtra’ have been put up in Kanpur wherein Congress has targeted the BJP Govt  at the Centre on its third anniversary.In the epic Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra is the blind king who ignored the follies of his sons which lead to the destruction of his clan, Kaurava by the Pandavas.“Modi sarkar, teen saal bemisaal, janta pooch rahi sawaal,” read one such hoarding, with 10 questions addressed to the NDA-led BJP Govt .In the billboard, PM Modi is seen sitting on a throne with a lotus. On the other side of the poster, CM Yogi is portrayed as a Hindu saint, sitting cross-legged on the floor and carrying a staff with lotus flower attached to its upper end.PTI
Haryana Archaeologists Discover: ‘Bones from cooked meat found at Harappan site’
Chandigarh : Archaeologists from Haryana Govt  have claimed to have found bones from cooked meat at an ongoing excavation in one of the oldest “Harappan sites” in Kunal, which they say could provide clues to the dietary habits of that time. Bone samples are yet to be tested, but the archaeologists involved in the excavation say they may belong to Nilgai or breeds of cattle, including buffalo.”Examination of the samples will reveal clues to what type of animals the people of that era used to keep at their homes, and what their food habits were,” said a senior official of Haryana Archaeology and Museums Department.“We found burnt bones at the spot. It appears that people at this site were non-vegetarian. But the question that needs to be answered is whether they used to eat the meat of domestic or wild animals,” said the official. Sumita Mishra, principal secretary, Haryana Archaeology and Museums Dept, said they have decided to send 3 types of samples — soil, bones and charcoal — from the site for testing.Indian Express
Opposition slams Army Chief’s ‘dirty war’ comment on Kashmir
New Delhi: Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s remarks defending the use of human shield in Kashmir evoked on Monday strong reaction from opposition parties but a CPM MP drew flak for doubting the “capability” of General.Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu, however, defended Rawat and said he “totally agreed” with his statements and that the army should take any possible action as is the demand of the situation. Opposition parties criticised Army Chief’s statement that his men were fighting a “dirty war” which needed “innovative methods” to combat it. They said he should refrain from making political statements on internal matters.CPI leader D. Raja said it was “unfortunate” that Army Chief had become a subject matter of a political controversy. “Why is the army chief talking about the Kashmir situation,” Raja told IANS. “It is not a law and order or a security issue; it is not an issue where the army can find a solution. About Rawat’s remarks, CPM leader Mohammad Salim said it was not the “voice” of the Indian Army which he had been hearing since his childhood. “This is not the voice which we can defend as Indians,” Salim said. But Salim himself came under attack when he said that if the Indian Army chief had termed the use of human shield as innovative, then “his capacity and understanding of the Indian society and his definition of innovativeness were questionable”. JDU leader KC Tyagi asked General Rawat to “refrain from making political statements on internal matters”.He said that while it was fine if the army did not engage with separatist organisations like the Hurriyat, it should not shy away from establishing a dialogue with the people of Kashmir.Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha said the “Kashmir problem” could not be seen “singularly from the prism of law and order” but required continuous dialogue and a “human touch” with the disconnected youth.“When young students in their teenage years become stone-pelters, then the problem is much larger than branding them as potential threats.IANS
The new hardline in the Valley: South Kashmir their roots, new militants tap into local anger: Muzamil Jaleel's story
Redwani (south Kashmir):Most parts of the Valley wore a deserted look Sunday as authorities imposed restrictions while a large crowd turned up in Tral in south Kashmir for the funeral of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Sabzar Bhat, killed in a gunbattle Saturday.It is here in south Kashmir where the seeds of the new local crop of militancy that has been spreading across the Valley lie scattered across a cluster of villages. J&K Police records reveal that among the 282 militants active in the Valley, 112 are from south Kashmir. And 99 of these 112 militants here are “local”. Local estimates say there are at least 20 more in the “local” count, with some yet to declare their affiliation and new recruitment reported almost every week. These local militants fall into three broad categories: young protesters who take up arms after being jailed; militants before the 2008 summer unrest who returned to the fold after prison terms; and, those motivated by religion who see Kashmir as part of the global jihad. For the first two groups, the goal is political, the motivation is to “make Kashmir part of Pakistan”. It’s the third group, whose numbers are not known, which has emerged as a shadow force since the killing of Burhan Wani last July —22-year-old was from Tral in Pulwama. Following the lead of Zakir Rashid alias Moosa, the Hizbul Mujahideen commander who replaced Wani after his killing before renouncing the outfit recently, the third group has taken positions contrary to those of the United Jihad Council (UJC), the militant leadership in Pakistan, and the separatist Hurriyat in Srinagar.On April 7, more than a month before Moosa threatened separatists with death, a follower of this ideology asked villagers near the grave of a militant in Pulwama not to wave “un-Islamic” Pakistani flags. He described the “struggle” in Kashmir as “a fight for Islam” and asked villagers to raise slogans in favour of Taliban. Official sources say he was one of 2 new recruits from Srinagar not affiliated to Hizb or LeT.There are, however, several common links that connect this new band of militants:* They operate jointly across outfits without ideological differences coming in the way.* They do not possess formal arms training, and arrange weapons and finances locally.* Their actions are driven by local issues, they are prepared to die.*They announce their entry into militancy by posing for a picture with gun and make it public.Indianexpress
Curfew in Kashmir valley amidst shutdown call
Srinagar; Curfew, restrictions and a call for shutdown by separatists crippled normal life in Kashmir on Monday, two days after popular Hizbul Mujahedeen militant Sabzar Bhat was killed in an encounter in south Kashmir.Officials said curfew was imposed under police station areas in Srinagar city and restrictions were imposed in several other parts of districts like Shopian, Kulgam, Pulwama, Badgam, Ganderbal, Bandipora, Kupwara and Baramulla.Valley’s joint separatist leadership had called for a shutdown on Monday due to which most shops and business establishments remained shut while public transport stayed out of roads.Separatists have called for a March to Tral on Tuesday. hindustantimes
3 Kashmiri separatists questioned by NIA:PTI
New Delhi; 3 Kashmiri separatists have appeared before NIA here for questioning in connection with a case related to the funding of terror and subversive activities in J&K.NIA sources said Farooq Ahmad Dar alias ‘Bitta Karate’, Nayeem Khan and Javed Ahmed Baba alias ‘Gazi’ of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat have arrived here for questioning by NIA sleuths. Dar, Ahmed and Khan were asked to bring certain bank and property documents,besides other papers, before NIA team that had questioned them here for4 consecutive days earlier this month.
Kashmiris demanding right to self determination stage demonstration in front of White House
Washington: On Saturday, hundreds of Kashmiri diaspora took out a protest rally in Washington and protested outside White House demanding UN– assured “right of self-determination” for the conflict-ridden region in India and Pakistan.Raising slogans of: “Kashmiri Lives Matter Too” “Kashmir in Pain: India in Shame” “Indian Forces: Out of Kashmir” “Demilitarize Kashmir” “UN Implement Resolutions on Kashmir” “Stop Forced Disappearances and Torture in Kashmir,” the marchers held candle light vigil on the sidewalks of White House.TwoCircles
Did Operation Parakram provide safe passage to Osama from Afghanistan?DNA India
New Delhi: Was the Indian military mobilisation between 2001 and 2002, otherwise known as 'Operation Parakram', a distraction to allow the besieged Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden to run away from the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan? Two British authors, Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark, known for their specialisation in investigative work have made startling claims in their forthcoming book The Exile. They say the attack was choreographed to incite India to create a war-like situation. They have also detailed, hitherto, unknown contacts between the hardcore Sunni Al Qaeda leaders and the Shiate Iran.In an exclusive interview with DNA, Levy says his investigation revealed that the US paid the Pakistani Army to assist in closing the back door of Tora Bora — a plan devised by Bob Grenier, the CIA station chief in Islamabad. "Only a war or war-like state could have seen these six battalions redeployed," he said. While confirming Indian intelligence claims that the JeM attack on Parliament was a planned sortie, conducted with the logistical assistance of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the author said prior to the attack, complex secret negotiations were on between Al Qaida and US officials. Till Dec.11, both sides were in talks over a surrender deal through Ibn Sheikh al-Libi, a Libyan commander who had been with Bin Laden from the start, opening Khaldan, one of the first Mujahideen training camps set up with the CIA during the 1980s. He asked for an extension to the deal in a communication on Dec.11 and 12, but on Dec.13, the day Indian Parliament was attacked, there was no word from the caves. In a few days, all 6,000 Pakistan troops moved out, leaving the anvil wide open. Soon, there was no trace of the Al Qaeda chief and his commanders. According to an estimate, the military build-up cost India US$3.4 billion and Pakistan US $1.4 billion. Even without fighting an actual war, India lost 789 soldiers while laying mines and exchanging gunfire.
Shashi Tharoor defamation case: ‘Bring down the rhetoric’, Delhi HC tells Arnab Goswami
New Delhi:Delhi High Court has issued notice to journalist Arnab Goswami and his newly-launched channel Republic TV over Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s defamation plea. “Bring down the rhetoric. You can put out your story, you can put out the facts. You cannot call him names. That is uncalled for,” Justice Manmohan said while issuing notice. The court also sought their replies by Aug16, the next date of hearing.On Friday, MP had filed a civil defamation suit against Goswami and the TV channel, seeking damages and compensation of Rs 2 crore for allegedly making defamatory remarks against him during a news broadcast related to the death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar. indianexpress
ICSE results 2017: Pune’s Muskan Pathan tops Class 10th exam, aspires to become a doctor: indian express
Pune: Pune girl Muskan Abdullah Pathan who emerged as the national topper at Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE) Class 10 examinations says the news has taken her by complete surprise. Unable to come to terms with the fact that she has grabbed All India Ranker number one rank by scoring 99.4%, the girl said she scoured all available websites to confirm if she indeed is the top ranker.An aspiring medical student whose mother Shakira Pathan is a doctor and father Abdullah is a software engineer, she has already enrolled in a tutorial for preparation of NEET entrance which is 2 years later.
W.Bengal Madhyamik results: 5 Muslim students feature in Top 10 list
In an extremely positive news for the Muslim community in West Bengal and the country, 5 Muslim students feature in the Top 10 list of the West Bengal Madhyamik Examination for 2017, which were released on Saturday. The students, who come from modest backgrounds, secured their positions among over 10 lakh students(4.73 lakh male, 5.87 female students) who appeared this year.Mozammel Haque from Parpur village of Bankura district and a student of Bankura Zilla School secured the joint second rank in the exams. after he scored 689 out of 700.TwoCircles
CBI takes custody of Shahabuddin over journalist’s murder
New Delhi: CBI on Monday took custody of former RJD MP Mohammed Shahabuddin in connection with murder of Bihar-based journalist Rajdeo Ranjan, an official said.Shahabuddin is now lodged in the Tihar Jail in New Delhi.Ex-MP was, on May 26, named one of the 10 accused in the murder of Ranjan, who hailed from Bihar’s Siwan district, by the Central Bureau of Investigation.BI is preparing to file a chargesheet on the basis of evidence collected by it, official sources said. hindustantimes
Safdar Nagori, 9 others permanently shifted to Bhopal jail
Ahmedabad:In compliance with the order of a special CBI court in Bhopal that had sentenced Safdar Nagori and 9 others currently lodged in Sabarmati Central Jail to life imprisonment in Feb.2017, jail authorities have shifted the convicts to Bhopal. Special CBI court had also sentenced another person in the same case, but he was already in Bhopal jail.In the Bhopal case, Nagori and 10 others were found guilty of waging war against the nation."They were sentenced for collecting arms, ammunition, explosives with the intention of waging war against the nation," said a senior police official. "Munroz, the 11th accused sentenced to life imprisonment by the court is already in Bhopal jail in connection with a case," said a crime branch official.Nagori, the son of a police officer, is known to be a member of the banned outfit SIMI, and is an accused in the 2008 serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad. Crime branch sources said the suspects have been shifted to Bhopal as they have been sentenced there. "Here they are undertrials, and will be brought whenever required in the court," said a police officer. The nine others who have been shifted to Bhopal from Sabarmati Central Jail include Safdar's brother Kamruddin Nagori, Hafiz Hussain, Shivli and his brother Shaduli, Amil Parvez, Karnataka doctor Ahmed Baig, Kerala-based Ansar and Khandva-based Kamran.TOI
Bhopal: Security in tizzy as SIMI chief, 9 other members shifted to Bhopal jail
No automatic denial of bail for terror accused: Law Panel
 There should be no "automatic denial" of bail to a person accused of being involved in terror acts, Law Commission has cautioned indicating that evidence should be given priority. In its report on 'Provisions relating to bail', the panel has warned that "mere classification of an act as an act of terrorism should not result in the automatic denial of bail or reversal of the burden of proof". The report, submitted to the law ministry last week, pointed to the provisions in UAPA wherein the period of detention without bail can be extended.It indicated that evidence against the accused should play an important role and people against whom there is shaky evidence should be granted bail before charges are pressed.PTI
1993 Mumbai blasts case: final verdict against 7 accused on June 16
Mumbai: A special designated TADA court, presided by Justice G.A. Sanap, on Monday said it would give the final judgment involving seven persons for their involvement in 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case, on June 16.The accused are Abu Salem, Mustafa Dossa, Karimullah Sheikh, Tahir Merchant alias Tahir Taklya, Abdul Qayyum, Firoz Abdul Rashid Khan, and Riyaz Siddiqui. On March 12, 1993, 12 bombs went off at several locations in the city, killing 257 people, and injuring 713, while destroying property worth Rs. 27 crore. A single charge sheet was filed against 129 persons, out of which 100 were convicted. In Sept.2006, 20 were awarded the life sentence, while a further 12 were awarded the capital punishment. In 2013, 10 of 12 who were awarded capital punishment, had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment. Abu Salem, extradited from Portugal, is accused of transporting and distributing arms and ammunitions. thehindu
Mumbai blasts: Verdict against Abu Salem on June 16
Allahabad HC issues notice to BJP minister Satya Pal Singh Baghel  over fake caste certificate case
Allahabad: Allahabad High Court has issued notice to UP minister Satya Pal Singh Baghel on a petition alleging that he got elected from an assembly constituency reserved for Scheduled Castes though he belonged to Other Backward Classes. A single judge bench of Justice Mahesh Chandra Tripathi passed the order on the petition of Rakesh Babu, who has challenged Baghel’s election from Tundla Assembly segment of Firozabad district.Babu was the BSP candidate and a two-time MLA from Tundla, who lost to Baghel by a huge margin of more than 50,000 votes. In his petition, Babu has pointed out that Baghel was formerly heading the BJP’s OBC front in UP and alleged that he had contested from Tundla by submitting a fake caste certificate to claim SC status.PTI
Rampur molestation case: 4 prime accused arrested, search on for others
New Delhi: 4 prime accused in Rampur molestation case have been arrested, ANI reported Monday. “All 4 prime accused have been arrested, three were arrested last night, search is on to catch the other accused,” said Rampur SP Vipin Tanda.That incident took place on May 22 in UP’s Rampur district when a group of men accosted two women on a deserted road. The incident was caught in a video which went viral The shows a man pulling the dupatta of one of the women and picking her up. It shows the other men also molesting the woman. The second woman pleads the men to let them go but they refuse to do so.Police claimed to have identified 14 people from the video. On Sunday first prime accused Shehnawaz, 20, was arrested from the district in Kuwakhera village. Shehnawaz was sent to judicial custody by court. All the others were also residents of the same village.indianexpress
BJP-RSS new enemies of Naxalite movement, say leaders
Kolkata:They have failed to establish a class-less society and their rousing slogan “China’s chairman is our chairman” is no longer heard, but the ideals and the struggle of the Naxalites are still relevant, prominent Naxalite leaders say. Only the character of the enemy has changed – from feudal lords to BJP-RSS, so insist former Naxalites like Vervara Rao and Santosh Rana as well as present-day leaders like Dipankar Bhattacharya.They said that 50 years might have passed since the uprising began, but their ideals still remained relevant  when the BJP-RSS Govt  was bent on “dividing the country and society on religious lines”. “We had fought against feudal lords and a bourgeois system to create a class-less society. We did not achieve success, but our objectives are more relevant in the present context when a BJP-RSS Govt  is trying to divide the country and society on religious lines,” former Naxal leader Vervara Rao said.PTI
Amroha Muslims barred from own mosque, threatened with demolition, ‘war’
Amroha: Muslims in an Amroha village were allegedly prevented from praying at a mosque by local authorities following objections raised by the majority community. After the leader of an RSS-affiliated farmers' organization turned up and warned both police and Muslims not to step into the mosque or there would be violence, all 500 Muslims of the village, their leaders said, have now decided to move somewhere else.Sakatpur village under Saidnagli police station has been simmering over the structure for the past three days. Amroha superintendent of police (SP) Santosh Mishra told TOI that, according to land records, no mosque existed in the village till 2016, when one Noor Mohammad built a structure. "Outsiders started religious studies. Over time, it became a mosque and people started gathering there for prayers, to which those of the majority community has objected," he said.After a panchayat on Thursday, the administration announced that local Muslims were not to pray at the mosque  On the evening of the same day, according to officials, information was received that RSS-affiliated farmers' group Bharatiya Kisan Sangh's (BKS) leaders Sukram Pal Rana and Madan Pal had arrived from Baghpat and with their supporters had warned the district administration that if the Muslims were not prevented from offering Friday prayers at the mosque, the majority community would convene a mahapanchayat and "declare war" on the Muslims."Rana also threatened that the majority community would demolish the mosque, and if anyone, whether it is police or the minority community, tried to stop the mob, they would be cut into pieces. The speeches and slogans of Rana were spread on social media in villages around here, and the law and order situation deteriorated over the last two days," said SHO of Saidnagli police station Rakesh Kumar Singh.Police have registered an FIR under sections related to attempted murder, assault or criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging their duty and promoting enmity between communities against Rana, Madan Pal and 17 village residents, including 12 unidentitied persons.Despite the increased presence of police personnel in the village, Muslims of Sakatpur are now thinking of leaving."We have not been allowed to enter the mosque by the police. Now in the month of Ramzan, where will we offer prayers?"Amroha SP Mishra said Muslims earlier used to pray at the mosque in Ujhari village, 6 km away."We had earlier requested that only Muslims from the village be allowed to pray at the mosque here in Sakatpur. This was rejected. Now we have been warned of bloodshed if we step into the mosque. So we have decided to emigrate from the village. We have been openly warned to leave here and go to Pakistan," said Rahmat Ali, another resident. timesofindia
Offering namaz at Amroha village:  UP police book 5  Muslims for promoting hatred
5 persons, including 3 women, were booked in Amroha district on Saturday evening for allegedly promoting enmity between religious communities through their “false” statements about harassment at Sakatpur village. FIR was lodged at Sadnagli police station against Ahmed Ali, his brother Rehmat Ali, Tahiba, Zareena and Sahjahan — all residents of Sakatpur village — under IPC section 153-A. No one has been arrested so far. Over the last 2 weeks, police said, there were some tense moments in the village with some objecting to Muslims offering prayers in a hall, owned by Ali and once a school for religious studies, that was not recognised as a mosque. An inquiry into the matter by the district administration and police found no mention of a mosque in the village in its revenue records. Thereafter, Ahmed Ali, was told to not allow anyone other than his family to offer namaz there. indianexpress
Construction of Ram temple important for existence of Hindus: Subramanian Swamy
Hyderabad:BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Sunday said the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya was a matter of faith for Hindus and that there could be no compromise on this issue. He was addressing a public talk on ‘Building Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya Through Legal Framework’ organised by Virat Hindustan Sangam here.“The Ram temple issue is very important for our (Hindus) existence and identity and there can be no compromise on this. I would like to tell you that Ram Mandir will be built at any cost and it will be built at the place where he (Lord Ram) was born and where ‘pran prathistha puja’ (consecration) has taken place. “In a petition filed in the Supreme Court, I had said it was my fundamental right to pray to Ram. It is our faith that Ram was born there and hence the ‘mandir’ (temple) will come up only at that place…no one can question it,” said Swamy.PTI
Those close to PM Modi are working against UP CM Yogi Adityanath, alleges AAP
Lucknow:Attacking BJP Govt  in UP  over the law and order situation, AAP alleged that those “close to” PM  Narendra Modi were working against CM  Yogi Adityanath. AAP’s broadside alleging that Aditynath was unable to rein in his own party MPs came as it made clear its intention to fight the upcoming civic polls in the state. The party, which did not contest the recent Assembly polls in UP, is reeling under a string of setbacks, including defeat in Delhi civic polls, its “disappointing” performance in Punjab and Goa elections and revolt by senior leader Kapil Mishra.“Yogi Govt  has proved to be a failure on law and order front. Murder, loot, dacoity and rape have increased fourfold. If he (Yogi) wants to maintain law and order, he should control BJP leaders,”AAP national spokesman Sanjay Singh said.“There is a common talk within the BJP that those close to Modi are running a ‘non-cooperation movement’ against Yogi Govt ,” he told PTI.PTI
Was there a 2nd assassin of Gandhi: PIL in SC questions
New Delhi :Was there a second assassin of Mahatma Gandhi? Though the police went by the theory that three bullets were fired upon him, was there a fourth bullet also which was fired by someone apart from Nathuram Godse? These questions are among several which have been raised in a petition before the Supreme Court with a plea that there is a compelling need to uncover the larger conspiracy behind the murder of Mahatma by constituting a new Commission of Inquiry.The petition also raises questions about the investigation into Gandhi’s murder suggesting whether it was one of the biggest cover-up in history and also whether there was any basis to blame Vinayak Damodar Savarkar for his death? The petition by Dr Pankaj Phadnis, a researcher and a trustee of Abhinav Bharat, Mumbai, has claimed that Justice JL Kapur Commission of Inquiry set up in 1966 had not been able to unearth the entire conspiracy that culminated in the killing of Gandhi.Phadnis has also questioned the three bullet theory relied upon by various courts of law to hold the conviction of accused, including Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte,who were hanged to death on Nov.15,1949, while Savarkar was given benefit of doubt due to lack of evidence. indianexpress
Delhi: Kotla Mubarakapur, a piece of history that lies uncared for:DNA
As one walks in the dingy lanes close to one of the city's posh areas, garbage can be seen strewn across the streets as well as a crumbling structure which was once revered by the Sultan Muizuddin Mubarak Shah Sayyid of Sayyid Dynasty royalty. The tomb and the mosque built in 15th century are among the oldest structures in the city, but like a majority of the heritage structures, these also stand neglected. They are surrounded by heaps of garbage and have visible graffiti marks drawn by visitors. The original architecture on the walls and the inside of the tomb are still intact, however, houses have now cropped up and the population in the area has ruined the structure, marks of which are quite evident on the walls."We moved here decades ago. But, nobody comes here so we use the space inside and around it," said a local on the condition of anonymity. "It is a good space to play cards and smoke some hookah," added another.Every day a group of men play cards inside the monument, they sip tea and pass the hookah pipe among them. While they discard tea cups and biscuit wrappers in the premises, one of the gates is used to dry clothes. DNA also found a huge pile of fevicol and gum tubes dumped inside.
Najma Heptulla appointed new Jamia Chancellor
New Delhi: Manipur Governor and former minority affairs minister Najma Heptulla has been appointed as the chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia.Jamia V-C Talat Ahmad confirmed the development, saying she has been appointed for a term of 5 years. Heptulla succeeds Lt Gen (Retd) MA Zaki who completes his 5-year term this month. Heptulla, who has been a five-time member of the Rajya Sabha and its deputy chairman for sixteen years, served as the minister of minority affairs in PM  Narendra Modi's Cabinet before being appointed as the governor of Manipur.PTI
If parliament doesn’t bring Uniform Civil Code, judiciary should. India is ready: Jurist NR Madhava Menon
At a time when the country is awaiting the verdict in Triple Talaq case from the Supreme Court, prominent jurist Professor N. R. Madhava Menon has called for Universal Civil Code, saying that personal laws are not beyond constitutional scrutiny as they are subject to Fundamental Rights of individuals. Menon, a former member of the law commission who is regarded as father of modern legal education in India, tells News18’s Debayan Roy that if the Parliament does not do its bit to bring UCC, the judiciary should do it on a case by case basis.
Millions of Yemenis face hunger during Ramadan
While Muslims worldwide celebrate Ramadan with special meals and tasty treats, millions of Yemenis are suffering from an acute lack of food as the country's 2-year war rages on. According to aid agencies, 17 million people do not have enough to eat, in what UN calls the "largest humanitarian crisis in the world".Typically, people shop throughout Ramadan, but Yemeni storekeepers have nothing to celebrate."Sales are the lowest from years past. Every year is worse than before," Yahya Hubar, a shopkeeper in Hodeidah, a coastal city in western Yemen, told Al Jazeera.More than two million children are acutely malnourished in Yemen, where a child under five dies every 10 minutes of preventable diseases, according a report by UNICEF published in December.In addition, the country is facing a cholera outbreak, which so far has infected more than 29,000 people. As many are scrambling to get their hands on food necessities, no longer are people talking about the special foods prepared and enjoyed during the festive Ramadan month."Our situation is very hard. We haven't been paid for several months. Essential needs are hard to get and the prices are high. We're looking at goods we can't buy," Nabil Ibrahim, another Hodeidah resident, told Al Jazeera. AlJazeera
'US-led air strikes' kill civilians in Syria's Raqqa
At least 13 people have been killed in suspected US-led coalition air strikes on ISIL-held city of Raqqa and suspected rocket attacks fired by a Kurdish group fighting ISIL, a monitoring group has said. Some of the deaths in the northern city on Sunday evening resulted from air strikes blamed on the US-led coalition, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday.The death toll also included civilians killed in rocket attacks by the Ghadab al-Furat group on Sunday, the Observatory said. aljazeera
Descendants of Saudi Wahhabism founder distance themselves from Qatar:Reuters
Descendents of the founding father of Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi brand of Islam have sought to distance themselves from Qatar's ruling family, according to a statement published on Sunday, in a further sign of a rift among Gulf Arab states.In the front-page statement, Saudi Arabia's Okaz newspaper said that 200 descendents of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab demanded the renaming of a Qatar mosque named after the 18th-century cleric even though most Qataris practice Wahhabism. The demands come after Qatari state media last week published purported remarks by the emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, criticising Gulf rhetoric against Iran and US foreign policy.Qatar denied making the comments, saying its news agency had been hacked, but Saudi Arabia and UAE allowed their state-backed media to continue running the story, angering Doha.Although the statement in Okaz did not mention Qatar by name, the statement referred to "the emir of one of the Gulf states" who had built a mosque named after Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, claiming that the cleric was his great grandfather. Qatar's state mosque, opened in 2011, is known as Sheikh Mohammed ibn Abd al-Wahhab mosque."We,therefore, demand that the name of the mosque be changed for it does not carry its true Salafi path," the statement said, according to Okaz.Other Saudi papers have carried similar reports.Qatar's ruling al-Thani family traces its history to Najd, the central and northern part of Saudi Arabia where Ibn Abd al-Wahhab was from, but it is not clear whether there is a direct family link to him. Rift has also prompted authorities in Saudi Arabia and the UAE to block the main website of Qatar-based al Jazeera TV, which Riyadh and Abu Dhabi see as critical of their govts.
UAE minister warns Gulf alliance faces a major crisis
Israeli cabinet meets in tunnel beneath Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli cabinet held its weekly meeting yesterday in a tunnel underneath Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, local media have reported. PM  Benjamin Netanyahu said that the meeting was held in the tunnel “to mark the liberation and unification of Jerusalem.”He described the tunnel as being underneath the Western Wall, known to Palestinians and Muslims as Buraq Wall.Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 war during which Israel took control of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Posting pictures of the cabinet meeting on his Twitter account, Netanyahu said that “important decisions” would be taken by the Govt .“The budgets allocated for the development of Jerusalem will be increased,” he announced. middleeastmonitor
Israel approves new settlement in West Bank
Israel’s Civil Administration’s High Planning Committee approved on Sunday the building of a new settlement in the occupied Palestinian West Bank for the evacuees of the Amona settlement, Quds Press quoted Israeli media. Amona was an unauthorised Jewish Israeli settlement near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Owners of the land on which the settlement was built won a battle in Israeli courts that led the occupation Govt  to evacuate it 3 months ago. Middleeastmonitor
Head Palestinian Islamic courts bans divorce during Ramadan
The head of Palestinian Islamic courts on Sunday told judges not to grant divorces over Ramadan, fearing the month-long fast could spark rash words that would be regretted later.Judge Mahmud Habash said he based his ruling on "the experience of previous years" when he found that the dawn-to-dusk fast and ban on cigarettes, which began on Saturday, tended to lead to frayed tempers and sharp tongues."Some, because they have not eaten and not smoked, create problems" in their marriages, he said in a statement, and they can make "quick and ill-considered decisions". According to the Palestinian Authority, 50,000 weddings were celebrated in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 2015, but more than 8,000 divorces were also registered.Endemic unemployment and poverty are said to be major contributing factors.There is no civil marriage or divorce in the Palestinian territories, where only religious courts have those powers. aljazeera
Copts blame Sisi for deadly attacks
In the wake of Friday’s deadly attack that claimed the lives of 23 Copts and wounded more than 50 others in the Upper Egypt city of Al-Minya, Egypt’s Christians have blamed President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for not making enough effort to protect them, reported on Sunday.A number of factions and public figures issued a statement on Saturday accusing the Sisi regime of not taking pre-emptive measures to protect the Coptic community. “The ruling regime is a partner in the massacre of the Monastery of Saint Samuel,” they alleged. The signatories accepted that terrorism is a global phenomenon unacceptable to everyone, but noted that other countries take pre-emptive steps to try to prevent such attacks, whereas Egypt does not.Meanwhile, the Director of the Egyptian Union Organisation for Human Rights, Najib Gabriel, blamed the governor of Al-Minya for the attack and called for Sisi to intervene immediately to stop such attacks against the Copts. “The killing of more than 100 Copts in less than five months is unbearable,” he insisted. middleeastmonitor
Egypt blocks financial newspaper website, widening media blackout: Reuters
Egypt has blocked the website of one of its most prominent financial papers, paper's owner said, expanding a media blackout initiated last week to curb what authorities called support for terrorism and fake news. Egypt blocked access to a number of news websites including Al-Jazeera and Huffington Post Arabic on Wednesday after similar actions by its Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and the UAE.The censorship of Al-Borsa, a widely read financial newspaper that generally steers clear of politics and reflects the views of a largely pro-state business community, suggests a more expansive attempt to control private media coverage.The website of Al-Boursa's sister publication, English Daily News Egypt, was also blocked, a statement by parent company Business News said."These  papers express their strong condemnation for the ongoing Govt campaign to restrict them," it said.
Pak SC rejects petition of Nawaz Sharif's son against Panamagate JIT
Pakistan's Supreme Court has rejected PM  Nawaz Sharif's son Hussain Nawaz's petition against two members of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) tasked to probe the Sharif family's offshore assets. 3-member bench, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, heard Hussain Nawaz's petition against the alleged bias of Amer Aziz and Bilal Rasool, who represent the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), respectively, in the six-member JIT, Geo News reported.ANI
Hardliner Raisi claims voter fraud in Iranian presidential polls: Reuters
Defeated hardline candidate Ebrahim Raisi has complained of voter fraud in Iran's presidential election and called on the judiciary and the election watchdog to investigate, the semi-official Fars news agency said on Monday. Allegations, likely to stoke up Raisi's conservative supporters,were among his strongest since losing the bitterly contested May 19 vote to incumbent Hassan Rouhani by a margin of 57% to 38. "Tampering with the numbers of people's participation is inappropriate. Not sending ballots to centers where the Govt's opponent has a chance of getting votes is very inappropriate," Raisi was quoted as saying. dnaindia
Nearly 85,000 flee region under Philippines martial law
Zamboanga City: Around 85,000 people have been forced to leave their homes as an ongoing military operation against Daesh-linked terrorists in Marawi City entered seventh day.The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Govt ’s crisis management center recorded a total of 84,460 internally displaced persons.They are either staying at designated evacuation centers or at their relative’s houses in nearby towns, Humanitarian and Emergency Action and Response Team’s focal person Myrna Jo Henry told Anadolu Agency.He said there are at least 3,717 stranded individuals in the city, while 59 persons have gone missing.According to ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman, the incursion of the local terror group Maute and some elements of the Abu Sayyaf into Marawi has inflicted immense sufferings to residents in the city.
Unusual attention being devoted to triple talaq is politically motivated & waste of resources:Abusaleh Shariff, Syed Khalid
How Savarkar Escaped Conviction For Gandhi’s Assassination: Pavan Kulkarni
Kashmir human shield debate: General has it wrong: HT editorial
Man killed for objecting to public urination: The lynch mob has lost control: Angshukanta Chakraborty
Govt  wants you to believe its cattle slaughter rules are about cruelty. They aren’t: Rohan Venkataramakrishnan -wants-you-to-believe-its-cattle-slaughter-ban-is-about-cruelty-it-isnt

Why A Uniform Civil Code Will Be A Disaster For India: Ajaz Siddiqui

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