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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Monday, 5 June 2017

05 June 2017: 09 Ramazan 1438: Vol: 8, No:209
Gulf states’ diplomatic crisis
Saudi, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen cut diplomatic relations wuth Qatar: aljazeera
Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and the Maldives say they are severing diplomatic with Qatar. Saudi kingdom made the announcement via its state-run Saudi Press Agency early on Monday, saying it was taking action for what it called the protection of national security. The news agency released a statement in which it accused Qatar of "harbouring a multitude of terrorist and sectarian groups that aim to create instability in the region". 3 Gulf states gave Qatari visitors and residents two weeks to leave their countries, Reuters reported.Saudi also closed the border and halted air and sea traffic with Qatar, urging "all brotherly countries and companies to do the same".The statement appeared to be timed in concert with an earlier announcement by Bahrain, which was similarly cutting ties and halting air and sea traffic between the two countries.  Bahrain's foreign ministry issued a statement saying it would withdraw its diplomatic mission from the Qatari capital, Doha, within 48 hours and that all Qatari diplomats should leave Bahrain within the same period. UAE said in a statement it was cutting off all ties with Qatar. It also ordered Qatari citizens to leave te country within 14 days and banned its citizens from travelling to Qatar.A Saudi-led coalition which for more than two years has been fighting Iran-backed rebels in Yemen separately announced that Qatar was no longer welcome in the alliance.Yemen's internationally recognised Govt  also cut ties with Qatar, accusing it of working with its enemies in the Iran-aligned Houthi movement, state news agency Saba reported.A senior Iranian official said the measures by the Arab nations would not help end the crisis in the Middle East."Era of cutting diplomatic ties and closing borders ... is not a way to resolve crisis ... As I said before, aggression and occupation will have no result but instability," Hamid Aboutalebi, deputy chief of staff of Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, tweeted, referring to the coalition's involvement in Yemen.Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey's foreign minister, also called for dialogue to resolve the dispute."We see the stability in the Gulf region as our own unity and solidarity," Cavusoglu told a news conference. The dispute between Qatar and the Gulf's Arab countries escalated after a recent hack of Qatar's state-run news agency. It has spiralled since. Following the hacking on Tuesday, comments falsely attributed to Qatar's emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, were broadcast in Qatar. Qatar's govt categorically denied that the comments, in which the country's leader expressed support for Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and Israel - while suggesting that Donald Trump may not last in power, were ever made.
UAE cuts ties with Qatar over support for MB:sputniknews
Gulf states round on Qatar over support for Hamas:Jewish Chronicle
Qatar: 'No justification' for cutting diplomatic ties
Qatar said there is "no legitimate justification" for several nations cutting diplomatic ties after Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen and Maldives announced they would suspend relations with the Gulf state.Reacting to the fallout, Qatar explained that the decision was in "violation of its sovereignty," vowing to its citizens and the hundreds of thousands of residents that the measures would not affect them." Measures are unjustified and are based on claims and allegations that have no basis in fact," the statement said, adding that the decisions would "not affect the normal lives of citizens and residents"."The aim is clear, and it is to impose guardianship on the state. This by itself is a violation of its (Qatar's) sovereignty as a state," it added. Libya's out of mandate PM  Abdullah al-Thinni later joined the Arab nations in saying they too would cut ties.As part of the measures, Saudi Arabia said it would pull Qatari support from the Yemen war. aljazeera
5 Arab countries sever diplomatic ties with Qatar
Turkey wants Qatar row resolved peacefully:minister
Leaked emails show depth of anti-Qatar campaign: Emails reveals strong relationship between UAE and think-tanks closely allied to Israel:GulfTimes
Hackers have released the first series of emails taken from the inbox of UAE's ambassador to the US, Yousef al-Otaiba.The Intercept website reported on Saturday that the emails, released by a group called "Global Leaks", show a close relationship between al-Otaiba and a pro-Israel, neoconservative think-tank - the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). The hacked emails, some of which date back to 2014, reveal a high level of back-channel cooperation between the FDD, which is funded by pro-Israel billionaire Sheldon Adelson, and UAE. They also appear to show clear collaboration between FDD and the UAE on a campaign to downgrade the image and importance of Qatar as a regional and global power, including collusion with journalists who have published articles accusing Qatar and Kuwait of supporting "terrorism". Zaid Jilani, one of the authors of The Intercept report, told Al Jazeera the emails support previous allegations "that there is a growing axis between some of the Gulf countries, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and Israel". David Hearst, the Editor in Chief of Middle East Eye, told Al Jazeera the emails laid bare the "mechanism" behind "a very high stakes campaign that is being launched against Qatar". Al-Otaiba is a well-known figure in US national security circles - he has been called "the most charming man in Washington" - and has participated in Pentagon strategy meetings at the invitation of defence officials.The release of the leaked emails comes a week after a cyber attack on Qatar's official news agency, during which fake remarks critical of US foreign policy were posted and attributed to HH the Emir.Saturday's email leak includes an exchange in which FDD senior counsellor John Hannah - a former deputy national security advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney - complains to al-Otaiba that Qatar is hosting a meeting of Hamas at an Emirati-owned hotel. Al-Otaiba responds that the UAE is not at fault and that the real problem lies with the US military base in Qatar. Leak also includes a proposed agenda for an upcoming meeting between the FDD and UAE govt scheduled for June 11-14. The agenda includes in-depth discussions specifically on Qatar, including Qatar-based Al Jazeera, and its links to the Muslim Brotherhood. One item on the agenda is: "Al Jazeera as an instrument of regional instability"."They actually discussed recasting Al Jazeera as a disruptive network, a network that is causing instability and chaos, rather than recognised good journalism," The Intercept's Jilani told Al Jazeera. Attendees set to take part in the June meeting include former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Mark Dubowitz, CEO of FDD.Other FDD emails ask for meetings with high-ranking figures including Mohammed bin Zayed - the crown prince who runs the UAE's armed forces - as well as Mohammed Dahlan, a former strongman of the Palestinian Fatah group who now lives in Abu Dhabi.Hearst, of the Middle East Eye, told Al Jazeera he believed the leaked emails showed a clear "agenda" by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.They have "seized" on Donald Trump's presidency in the US, "and now they're using him as a way of getting the job done, which includes getting rid of Al Jazeera... and also muffling Qatar".Gulf Times
Analysts:Leaks could threaten UAE diplomacy:aljazeera
Leaked emails: UAE diplomat worked to denigrate Qatar and Kuwait: aljazeera
Hacked emails of UAE ambassador to US reveal alleged role in Turkey coup attempt: Daily Sabah
Leaked emails: UAE, pro-Israel think tank plan meeting on Qatar, Al Jazeera: Middle East Eye
Qatar-Gulf conflict is not good news for India: HT
New Delhi: India would hope that the differences between Qatar and Gulf countries, which are home to 8 million Indians and vital to India’s energy supply, are sorted out amicably and as soon as possible.The coordinated move dramatically escalates a simmering dispute over Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s oldest Islamist movement, and adds accusations that Doha even backs the agenda of regional arch-rival Iran.Indians are the largest expatriate community in Qatar, the same way they are in Saudi Arabia and the UAE—the two key countries who are in the opposite camp. And, the immediate worry is the trouble Indians would face as measures to isolate Qatar would hit them there in terms of their travel.“The best case scenario for India is the issue being sorted soon, considering a large number of Indians work there,” strategic affairs expert MK Bhadrakumar said.
As neighbours shun Qatar,what is in store for India?
India won’t be impacted by Qatar-Gulf Arab nations conflict, says Sushma Swaraj
New Delhi:India will not be impacted by some Gulf countries cutting off diplomatic ties with Qatar, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said on Monday.“There is no challenge arising out of this for us. This is an internal matter of GCC. Our only concern is about Indians there. We are trying to find out if any Indians are stuck there,” she told reporters.Reuters
Pak urged to exit Saudi-led military alliance; anti-Iran stance harmful for Islamabad
A leading Pakistani paper has urged the Govt  to pull out of the Saudi-led military alliance, saying its anti-Iran stance was harmful to Islamabad’s interests. The Dawn said in an editorial that Pakistan’s decision to participate in the Islamic Military Alliance or IMA and to allow former Army chief General Raheel Sharif to accept a Saudi offer to militarily head it “appear to have been taken in haste”. Alliance “may have some counter-militancy aims but it is also increasingly clear that it has been conceived by the kingdom as an anti-Iran alliance”, the Dawn said.The editorial said the Muslim world did need leadership and coordination in the fight against militancy, terrorism and extremism and theoretically the IMA could be a meaningful platform. But it should have involved the entire Islamic world.“IMA is plainly the anti-thesis of that, and, therefore, a potentially dangerous and destabilizing alliance.IANS
CBI raids Prannoy Roy's premises. NDTV calls it a witchhunt
CBI has raided several premises connected to NDTV promoters Prannoy and Radhika Roy, prompting the company to call it a "witch-hunt".The raids came after the CBI registered a loan default case against the channel. The media house said it would fight the charges tirelessly.CBI searched several places in New Delhi and Dehradun, including Roy’s residence in Greater Kailash I, related to a case of loan default by RRPL holdings, a company said to be owned by the Roys.The company, which holds a stake in NDTV, borrowed around Rs 396 crore from ICICI Bank in 2008. Some reports suggest that the company defaulted on Rs 48 crore and that the CBI raids are part of a bigger crackdown on loan defaulters.This is not the first time that this ICICI loan has caught attention. It was first reported by a newspaper in 2010, where it was claimed that the loan was a conspiracy between RRPL and ICICI. The report claimed that company's shares were pledged at Rs 439 each at a time when their actual value was a mere Rs 99. Roys had, at the time, pressed defamation charges against the newspaper."This morning, the CBI stepped up the concerted harassment of NDTV and its promoters based on the same old endless false accusations.NDTV and its promoters will fight tirelessly against this witch-hunt by multiple agencies. We will not succumb to these attempts to blatantly undermine democracy and free speech in India.We have one message to those who are trying to destroy the institutions of India and everything it stands for: we will fight for our country and overcome these forces."
Ndtv Prannoy Roy raided days after Nidhi Razdan told BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to leave her show
Opposition flays raids on NDTV promoter Prannoy Roy, govt says law taking its course
Opposition parties flayed the CBI raids on the office and homes of NDTV news channel promoters Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika in connection with a bank fraud, while the central Govt  defended the action.“Dissent can never be silenced through intimidation. Power to ask questions & demand answers is the greatest gift of Democracy #RightToDissent,” the Congress tweeted. Party spokesperson Randeep S Surjewala in a separate tweet said ‘autocracy’ will not be able to “defeat democracy” and truth shall prevail.Another party leader Sharmistha Mukherjee posed whether the raids were mere coincidence as it comes just two days after a BJP spokesperson was thrown out of a show by an NDTV anchor.She was referring to anchor Nidhi Razdan’s on-air altercation with BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra after the latter accused the channel of pursuing an agenda. Arvind Kejriwal in a tweet described the raids as an attempt to “silence independent and anti-establishment voices.” AAP accused the Modi-led Govt  of using various central agencies in the last three years to target NGOs, activists and now a section of the media -- those who did not toe the govt’s line.Mamata Banerjee termed the CBI action a disturbing trend. hindustantimes
NDTV Decries Attack on Free Speech as CBI Searches Prannoy Roy’s Premises
Muslim leaders flay Modi Govt for implicating Dr Naik in ‘false’ cases: Caravan Daily
New Delhi: Coming out in full support of world-renowned Islamic preacher and scholar Dr Zakir Naik, prominent Muslim organizations, leaders and scholars have flayed the Modi Govt  and ‘Hindutva’ influenced  media for mounting “false cases” and the vilifying campaign against Dr. Naik. Calling it dangerous trend, they said the Modi Govt  has even no little concern about Lalit Modi and Vijaya Mallaya who ran away from the country after looting Indian money and living cozy life in abroad.Reacting to Dr Naik’s latest interview, they said Dr Naik has taken right decision of not returning to India as the country is in the grip of “mad Hindutva vigilantism” and cautioned that “if he returns, he would be turned into a broke”. Ex- President of All India Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat, Dr Zafarul Islam Khan said the purpose of the whole episode is to humiliate Dr Naik and thereby humiliate Indian Muslims. Dr Khan said in the current wave of mad Hindutva vigilantism, Dr Naik is correct not to return to India as he will be thrown into the hell that is the Indian prisons.“I watched this whole interview earlier. Dr Zakir Naik was very eloquent, candid and relaxed. Dr Naik, in fact, supported my earlier analysis, which I said and wrote that he mistook the freedom of speech and religion in India. These freedoms, especially the freedom of religion, do not apply to Muslims. The only operative freedom of religion in India for the last 2-3 decades is to convert Muslims and Christians to Hinduism.”Dr Khan further underlined that when the Indian authorities found that terrorism charge will not stick to Dr Naik in a court of law, they changed the tack and started accusing him of money-launching and tax evasion.“This Govt  is least concerned about the likes of Lalit Modi and Mallaya who are enjoying life in foreign countries after looting Indian money”, he said and adding that the same Govt  is so much concerned about Dr Naik although he has looted no Indian money and the charges against him will fall by the wayside in a court of law. Pointing towards the “malice” in the criminal justice system, Dr Khan justified Dr Naik’s stay in abroad stating that “by the time he comes out exonerated he will be turned into a broke which is what the present Govt  wants to make out of him a lesson for others who dare to convert Hindus to Islam”.Concurring his views, the SDPI President A Sayeed told Caravan Daily it is a conspiracy hatched up by the saffron brigade supported by its cohorts in the media to malign Dr. Naik because he gives evidential references from Vedas and compares the present day followings with what is written in their scriptures. But it seems like RSS wants to keep Hindus away from gaining knowledge of Vedas and Upanishads so they do not open their mind and think.Noted scholar Dr Javid Jamil described the whole episode as is a very dangerous trend. Since the ascendancy of Hindutva groups with their fanatical ideology, Muslim scholars, social activists,   and politicians are being hounded by them so as they cannot do their work freely, he added. Another Muslim leader Dr Tasleem Rehmani said in the garb of Dr Naik, a section of media and some of Govt agencies are actually targeting the Article 25 of the Constitution which gives right to every citizen to practice and preach his or her religion, faith. He said that he became an ardent supporter of Dr Naik after he has been projected as “hate or terror preacher in a section of Indian media”. Dr Prem Singh, who is the head of Socialist Party, said that Dr Naik claims in the interview that “he has a huge following, if it is so, he should not abandon his followers and must stood with them in times of crisis.
Zakir Naik accuses India’s Hindu leaders of hypocrisy
Govt takes serious note of phone tapping of Muslims
New Delhi:Govt has taken a serious note of alleged interception of conversations purportedly of prominent Muslims, during the UPA dispensation, on extending legal assistance to accused from the community in various terror-related cases. The intercepted conversations were recently aired by a TV channel.It is learnt that law officers are being roped in for their opinion on taking possible legal action against those responsible for intercepting the conversations since the view in Govt  circles is that these are in contravention of the statute. A senior Govt  law officer said prima facie it appears that appropriate procedure was not followed with regard to the interception of the conversations, which were believed to be between some prominent Muslim personalities, including a well-known actress. The officer, an additional solicitor general, said that recording is permissible only under special circumstances with the nod of the Union home ministry.  He said if the required procedures were not followed, then the Govt can ask as to under what circumstances the previous dispensation was snooping on the prominent Muslims and initiate legal action. The law officer was giving his comments in the wake of reports that the previous UPA Govt  was snooping on prominent Muslim personalities, including the actress and a prominent writer. Eminent lyricist Javed Akhtar had filed a PIL, along with late journalist BG Verghese, in the Supreme Court seeking an independent probe into the encounter killings which had showed an alleged pattern of Muslims being targeted. The SC has appointed a committee headed by its retired judge H S Bedi which is enquiring into the alleged encounter killings in Gujarat between 2002 and 2006. actress had reportedly asked the businessman for his help in taking services of some advocates and journalists for keeping a track on the developments and giving assistance to the accused. The Muslim personalities had actively worked towards extending legal assistance to the accused from the community. PTI
1000 cows die every year in Lucknow after eating polythene
Lucknow: 'Gau raksha' or cow protection has been an issue of core importance in the present political scenario but few talk about a major for the 'holy' animal's undignified death.Nearly 1,000 cows die a painful death each year in the city due to feeding on polythene, according to the state veterinary dept and animal welfare organizations.Of the total number of fatalities caused by polythene, in 90% cases, the animal dies due to failure of multiple organs, a condition caused due to excessive accumulation of plastic in the stomach. Secretary of shelter home Jeev Aashray Yatendra Trivedi said that close to 50 cows die every month at the home. In their postmortem report, 55-60 kg of polythene is found in their stomach. "Clusters of polythene are taken out in rock solid state from their rumens. Often, young cows die just because they have been feeding on polythene," he said.Chief veterinary officer of Lucknow Tej Singh Yadav said postmortem is conducted for 20-25 animals found dead on streets every month. In most cases, excessive intake of polythene is the killer. timesofindia
Pak can't take Kashmir to ICJ, it can only be resolved bilaterally: Sushma Swaraj
New Delhi: India today said Pakistan cannot take Kashmir to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and asserted that the issue must be resolved bilaterally. India wants to settle all issues with Pakistan through dialogue, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said, but also made it amply clear that talks and terror cannot go together. Swaraj was addressing a press conference on completion of three years of the Govt. The minister said there was no flip-flop on part of the Govt in handling Pakistan. "Pakistan cannot take Kashmir issue to International Court of Justice. Kashmir issue can only be resolved bilaterally," she said. She was replying to a question on reported remarks of Pakistani law officer that Islamabad will take the Kashmir issue to ICJ."We want to resolve all issues with Pakistan bilaterally but talks and terror cannot go together," the minister said.PTI
Mirwaiz, Yasin Malik detained ahead of Hurriyat meeting
J&K  Police have detained two Kashmiri separatists ahead of a Monday meeting called to discuss the NIA raids on the homes of Hurriyat leaders.JKLF chairman Yasin Malik was taken into preventive custody on Monday, a night after Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who heads the moderate faction of the separatist Hurriyat Conference, was put under house arrest.The 2 were to attend a meeting at the home of Syed Ali Shah Geelani in downtown Srinagar.NIA on Saturday and Sunday searched the homes and offices of separatists as part of an investigation into charges of funds from Pakistan being used to stoke violent street protests in the Valley.“Anti-Kashmiri state resorted to its usual tactic of curbing the leadership through force, once again showing that Kashmir is ruled by the forces might,’’ a Hurriyat spokesman said on Monday. NIA searched the homes of hardline Hurriyat spokesperson Ayaz Akbar, Geelani’s son-in-law Altaf Fatoosh and Mirwaiz faction’s spokesperson Shahidul Islam. The separatist have described the raids as a witch hunt. In a joint statement on Sunday evening, Hurriyat leaders accused the Govt  of targeting the business community to cripple Kashmir’s economy.“All top Hurriyat leaders including chairman of its hardline faction Syed Ali Shah Geelani will be summoned for questioning and they will be confronted with each other and the evidence brought out during the raids to take the probe further,” an NIA official had told HT.
4 militants killed by security forces as they attack CRPF camp in Bandipora
Srinagar:Security forces killed 4 militants as they foiled a pre-dawn fidayeen attack on a CRPF camp in J&K  on Monday.A police spokesperson said the militants were killed while attempting a suicide attack at the 45Bn headquarters of the CRPF at Sumbal in Bandipora district around 4.10am.The four tried to storm the camp hurling grenades and resorting to heavy firing, he said. But their attempt was foiled by alert sentries, who immediately retaliated resulting in a gun battle which lasted over an hour.HT
China refuses to back India’s entry into NSG, says matter now ‘more complicated’
Beijing: China on Monday said India’s bid to join the NSG had become “more complicated”, effectively ruling out any immediate backing for New Delhi’s application to enter the bloc that controls trade in nuclear technology and know-how. Beijing’s refusal to back New Delhi’s NSG application has been one of the key reasons for recent strains in bilateral ties. The new description of India’s application by China’s assistant foreign minister Li Huilai came within weeks of New Delhi boycotting the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing.Li commented about the NSG issue at a media briefing on Monday morning, days ahead of a possible meeting between PM  Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Astana during June 8-9.HT
Sushma Swaraj slams Trump's charge, says India did not sign Paris Climate deal for benefits
Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Monday said that India signed the Paris Climate Agreement because of commitment and not for monetary benefits or under pressure. Swaraj rejected US President Donald Trump's concern over India getting "billions of dollars" for meeting its commitment under the 2015 PCA. "What Trump said is not the reality. India has not signed PCA under duress or any other reason, but solely for the environment," she said. firstpost
Punjab: 3 ISI-linked Khalistani militants arrested
Chandigarh: 2 days after the a pressure cooker bomb making unit was discovered in Patiala, the Punjab Police on Sunday claimed to have busted a terror module by arresting three men from two different locations in the state.The three men, believed to be members of the banned International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) have been identified as Gurdial Singh, Jagroop Sigh and Satwinder Singh. The police said the trio were trained by Pakistan based ISYF Chief  Lakhbir Rode and Harmeet Singh lias Happy or PHD."They were trained to carry out terror attacks and to target religious leaders and politicians," a Punjab Police spokesperson told India Today.
 UP Police announce bounty on Bhim Army founder
Meerut: UP  Police have announced a bounty of Rs 12,000 for information leading to the arrest of Bhim Army founder, Chandrashekhar alias Rawan, accused of inciting caste clashes in different areas of Saharanpur.The award was announced by KS Emanuel, DIG of police, Saharanpur range on Sunday.“Chandrashekher and his men had been charged with setting police check post and many vehicles on fire during violence on May 9. He mobilised his men to gather for a mahapanchayat and when the district administration refused permission, the men went on a rampage, triggering widespread violence in the district,” SSP Babloo Kumar said confirming the announcement.Chandrashekhar had also been spreading hatred among people by misusing social media and evading his arrest for almost a month, he said. HT
NIA’s most wanted Farmullah Ansari arrested in Bihar
Motihari: The police in East Champaran district of north Bihar, on Saturday , arrested  Farmullah Ansari, a Nepal-based alleged supplier of fake Indian currency notes (FICN) and drugs smuggler, who is believed to have close ties with Pakistan’s ISI. Confirming this, East Champaran SP Jitendra Rana, said Farmalluh , who carried a reward of Rs 50,000 on  his head and was  on the ‘most wanted’ list of NIA, was nabbed from Islampur locality in Raxaul town of East Champaran, following a tip-off.A police team led by Raxaul deputy superintendent of police, Rakesh Kumar, when he had entered Indian territory to meet a contact..A resident of Hariharpur village in Bara district of Nepal, Farmullah was a close aide of his co-villager, Md Abi Ansari, who was arrested in the first week of May. HT
Rahul Gandhi says he is ‘reading Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita’ to take on RSS, BJP
Chennai: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said he was reading Upanishads and the Bhagwad Gita to take on the RSS and BJP.“Nowadays I study the Upanishads and the Gita since I am fighting the RSS and BJP,” he said addressing party functionaries in Chennai.“I ask them (RSS men), my friend, you are doing this, you are oppressing people, but it is written in the Upanishad that all people are the same and how come you are contradicting what your own religion says,” party sources quoted him as having told them. He alleged that BJP does not fundamentally “understand India,” and “understand only Nagpur” -- the headquarter of the RSS.
Half of India's under 18 population lives in poverty: Study
: At least half of India's under 18 population lives in acute poverty, reveals a "deeply disturbing" study from Oxford University.Across the 103 low and middle income countries surveyed, children were found to constitute 34%  of the total population, but 48 %  of the poor, based on a measure that assesses a range of deprivations in health, education and living standards.The international definition of a child, used in the study, was anyone less than 18 years of age.IANS
UP: 24 killed after bus collides with truck in Bareilly
Bareilly: At least 24 people were charred to death and several others were injured when a passenger bus caught fire after colliding with a truck on NH 24 in Bareilly at around 1am on Monday.The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals. Most of them are said to be in a critical state. The bus belongs to UPSRTC and was heading from New Delhi to Gonda depot in central UP.The accident occurred on an under-construction stretch of highway between Bareilly and Shahjahanpur.
Asma Zehra condemns atrocities on Muslim women in UP
Hyderabad: Dr. Asma Zehra, President, Muttahida Tahafuz-e-Shariat Committee for Women told that during the past two weeks, Muslim women were subjected to atrocities in UP. She strongly condemned these incidents and said that in all the four cases, the miscreants deliberately attacked Muslim girls and women. She further told that after Yogi took over as CM of UP, atrocities on minorities have increased by 40%. Govt. of UP is blacking out all such important news items on TV channels and in newspapers. Gang rape and throwing acid for residing in Hindu area and injuring seriously, throwing a burqa-clad Muslim woman by CRPF constable from the running train in Bijnor in the state of fasting and after gang rape, causing woman unconscious are all the incidents of atrocities on Muslim women.Police and administration are not allowing any relatives to meet the victims. Even the activists of Human Rights Organization are not allowed to meet them. In all these cases, Govt. is destroying important evidences and proofs.She also told that police and administration are engaged in saving the culprits as they did in Bilkis Bano case. She requested Muslim leaders and organizations to raise their voice against these atrocities, otherwise there is an apprehension that during the regime of Yogi, atrocities on Muslim women would increase. She also appealed to Women’s Commission to take immediate steps for eradicating such atrocities.Siasat
Jewar case: ‘gang-rape’ victims attempt suicide
 4 women who were allegedly gang-raped by a group of 6 dacoits on Jewar-Bulandshahr Road on May 25 in Jewar, attempted suicide on Sunday after accusing the police of dragging their feet in solving the case.“Around 10 am, 3 of them poured kerosene on themselves while crying uncontrollably about what had happened to the family over the past few days and that no action had been taken by the police,” 32-year-old brother of the man who was shot dead in the May 25 incident said.The Hindu
Hamas leader heads to Egypt to hold official talks
Gaza:Palestinian resistance group Hamas leadership on Sunday left Gaza from Rafah crossing and headed to Cairo to hold talks with Egyptian officials, said a Hamas official. "The delegation is chaired by Yahya al-Senwar, the chief of the group in Gaza, and made up of Rawhi Mushtaha and Tawfiq Abu Naim, head of the security services in Gaza," Hazem Qassem, Gaza-based spokesman for Hamas, said. Qassem said that the delegation would discuss relations with Egypt, blockade imposed on Gaza and Palestine's political issues. During the visit, which will be the first for al-Senwar since his Feb.leadership victory,Hamas officials are also expected to meet Egyptian intelligence officials. Anadolu
In Jerusalem, Palestinians mourn 50 yrs of 'humiliation'
Jerusalem: His left hand extended to lean on a tree outside East Jerusalem's Damascus Gate, Muhammad stands perfectly still as two Israeli border guards, hands on rifles, face him down. They study his face intently, ready to react to any movement, as another officer studies his papers. He fixes his gaze beyond them, avoiding direct eye contact. Muhammad, from the West Bank city of Bethlehem, gets cleared to pass, stuffs his papers into his pocket and ambles away from the checkpoint, down the famous stairs leading towards the Old City's entrance. 27-year-old, on his way to pray in the flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, is ambivalent about the search. "It's humiliating [but] it's well-known, it's not something strange for us. We're used to it," Muhammad, who would not give his second name, said. He considers it part and parcel of his trip to Jerusalem.The image of young Palestinians being searched in and around the Old City and elsewhere in occupied East Jerusalem is repeated daily. Palestinians call it a daily humiliation but many Israelis consider it a necessary security precaution. Anadolu  agency
Egypt: Morsi’s family visit him in prison for 1st time in 4yrs
Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s family was allowed to visit him in jail for the first time in four years.In a statement released by the family yesterday, Morsi said he remains steadfast in his rejection of the coup and called for prayers for Egypt.Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Ali Mahmou, his daughter Shaimaa and his lawyer, Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud, visited him and spent around an hour with him in the Tora prison.They noted that the former president is in good health condition. In their statement, Naglaa described their visit as “successful”. President Morsi’s stance is constant and has not changed. He rejects all procedures taken since 3 July, 2013. “Morsi sent his greetings to all those asking about him, reassuring them that he is in good health and high morale, and that his trust in God is limitless.”The family also said that the former president urges everyone to pray for Egypt. “I am only here out of love for my religion and my homeland.”Egyptian authorities approved the visit specifying that only Morsi’s wife and daughter would be permitted to enter the jail.Abdel Maqsoud told the Anadolu that the visit was “a good start” and that they hope such visits would continue. middleeastmonitor
Myanmar must move to protect Muslims:Rights group
A leading human rights group on Monday called on Myanmar to move immediately to protect Muslims facing threats to their rights to free exercise of religion. Police are charging 3 Muslim men who last week organized a street prayer in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, to protest the closure of two religious schools, reducing the number of places of worship for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. Local administrative authorities also warned Muslims not to hold such prayers, claiming they threaten stability and the rule of law. Anadolu
Several IS commanders killed in Pak raid:HT
Islamabad: Several key commanders of the Islamic State group have reportedly been killed in a major counterterrorism operation in Balochistan prompted by intelligence reports that the group were holding two kidnapped Chinese nationals.The three-day raid took place near the hilly Mastung area of Balochistan province, local media reported on Sunday, quoting security officials.So far, the army’s publicity wing has not confirmed details of the operation, which is being described as one of the biggest against IS supporters in Pakistan.The influential Dawn daily revealed the operation was prompted by intelligence reports that two Chinese nationals, who had been kidnapped in May from capital Quetta, were believed to be in the vicinity and being kept in one of the caves there.HT

In new book, a side of Aurangzeb India is not familiar with: "Aurangzeb protected more Hindu temples than he destroyed. He employed more Hindus in his administration than any prior Mughal ruler":Adrija Roychowdhury
How a ‘fake’ speech led to unprecedented tensions between Qatar and Saudi:Rohan Venkataramakrishnan
7 points about Qatar blockade that could trigger one of the worst rifts in Arab world
Tensions rise as Qatar asks its citizens in the UAE to leave the country within 14 days
IAS Officers Are Refusing to Work in Kejriwal Govt?TheWire

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