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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Eid al Adha Sermon: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami here to read more

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

20 Nov. 2016: 19 Safar 1438: Vol: 8, No:40
Sharia banking: RBI proposes interest-free ‘Islamic window’ in banks
New Delhi:RBI has proposed opening of “Islamic window” in conventional banks for “gradual” introduction of Sharia-compliant or interest-free banking in the country.Both the Centre and RBI are exploring the possibility of introduction of Islamic banking for long to ensure financial inclusion of those sections of the society that remain excluded due to religious reasons.“In our considered opinion, given the complexities of Islamic finance and various regulatory and supervisory challenges involved in the matter and also due to the fact that Indian banks have no experience in this field, Islamic banking may be introduced in India in a gradual manner.“Initially, a few simple products which are similar to conventional banking products may be considered for introduction through Islamic window of the conventional banks after necessary notification by the govt .“Introduction of full-fledged Islamic banking with profit-loss sharing complex products may be considered at a later stage on the basis of experience gained in course of time,” the RBI has told Finance Ministry in a letter, a copy of which was received in response to an RTI query filed by PTI.   “It is also our understanding that interest-free banking for financial inclusion will require a proper process of the product being certified as Sharia compliant will be required both on the asset and liability side and the funds received under the interest-free banking could not be mingled with other funds and therefore, this banking will have to be conducted under a separate window,” it said.The central bank’s proposal is based on examination of legal, technical and regulatory issues regarding feasibility of introducing Islamic banking in India on the basis of recommendation of the Inter Departmental Group (IDG).RBI has also prepared a technical analysis report which has been sent to the Finance Ministry.“In case it is decided to introduce Islamic banking product in India as suggested, RBI would require to undertake further work to put in place the operational and regulatory framework to facilitate introduction of such products by banks in India,” the letter said.PTI
RBI planning interest free Islamic banking windows
‘Fatal political error’ not to bring Babri Masjid under Centre’s control: Chidambaram
Mumbai:Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Sunday said it was a “fatal political error” on the part of the Narasimha Rao govt  not to bring Babri Masjid under the Centre’s control despite mounting evidence that it was under threat. The former Finance Minister said he would not brush aside the incident as a mere judgemental error and that as a result of the incident, PM  Rao lost the trust of the rank and file of the party.“A lot of people had warned Narasimha Rao… mosque was under threat. Our govt had issued a statement that under no circumstances would we allow the mosque to be demolished. If necessary, we would station the military, the paramilitary forces,” he said during a panel discussion on ‘Narasimha Rao: he Forgotten Hero’ at the Tata Literature Live festival in Mumbai. He said the threat to the mosque was not sudden and neither was it a spontaneous action on part of ‘karsevaks’.“Stones were being carried from as far as Rameshwaram and they were travelling by trains. Whole trains were being booked. Everybody knew that lakhs of people would assemble. Threat to Babri Masjid was a real threat which had been there from at least 1987-88,” he said. Chidambaram said that Rao should have moved the paramilitary forces and the army and should have made it absolutely clear that the Babri Masjid area was under control of the Central govt .“But the failure to position the paramilitary and (failure) to say that the area was under the control of the Central govt was a fatal political error, and the consequences since then for the country have been disastrous,” he said.PTI
JNU proctorial inquiry finds ABVP member guilty of assaulting Najeeb
New Delhi:A proctorial inquiry by JNU has found ABVP member Vikrant Kumar guilty of assaulting Najeeb Ahmed during a brawl following which the latter went missing over a month ago. Najeeb (27), a student of School of Biotechnology and a native of Badaun in UP , went missing on Oct.15 following an on-campus scuffle allegedly with the members of ABVP, including Vikrant, night before.JNU had ordered a proctorial inquiry into the incident. “In the proctorial inquiry, Vikrant Kumar has been found to be involved in hitting Najeeb and using derogatory language with provocative behaviour on Oct.14. This is an act of indiscipline and misconduct,” an official order read.Vikrant has been asked to explain why disciplinary action should not be initiated against him. ABVP has, meanwhile, come out in Vikrant’s support and accused the university administration of being “biased” in conducting the inquiry. “Proctor has taken deposition of those students into account who were not even present there. Not only the inquiry is biased but even the administration is siding with the left-dominated students union,” Saurabh Sharma, ABVP member and ex-JNUSU member said.JNU students and teachers have been agitating against the university administration and Delhi Police for their failure to locate the missing student. PTI
ABVP's Vikrant Kumar assaulted Najeeb Ahmed before he went missing: JNU probe
JNU missing student row: Hidden agendas in student politics have eclipsed Najeeb: Saurabh Sharma
Protesters take up missing JNU student’s cause
Najeeb not spotted in here: Aligarh police
‘Sender’ of letter on JNU student does not know how to read or write
Over 115 killed, over 200 injured as Patna-Indore express train derails in Kanpur
New Delhi: Over 115 passengers were killed and more than 200 injured, nearly half of them grievously, in the worst train accident in recent years when 14 coaches of the Indore-Patna Express derailed here in Kanpur rural area in the wee hours today due to suspected rail fracture. The disaster took place just a little after 0300 hrs when the passengers were jolted out of their sleep as the Patna-bound train jumped the tracks, badly damaging four ordinary sleeper coaches in which hundreds were trapped. As railway personnel assisted by those of army, NDRF and state police carried out the search and rescue operation, the number of casualties kept on increasing by the hour. By evening, 110 bodies were recovered and taken to Mati mortuary in Kanpur rural. PTI
Bank account violators to face 7-yrs jail: IT dept
New Delhi: Warning people against depositing their unaccounted old currency in someone else's bank account, the tax department has decided to slap charges under the newly enforced Benami Transactions Act against violators that carries a penalty, prosecution and rigorous jail term of a maximum 7 years. In a related development, official sources said that the department has detected over Rs 200 crore in undisclosed income after it conducted over 80 surveys and about 30 searches in cases of suspicious usage of the scrapped currency. About Rs 50 crore has also been seized in these operations since November 8, they said, across various states. "Already some instances have been reported in this regard and the department is set to issue notices under the Benami Act," the sources told PTI. "Such an arrangement where a person deposits old currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in the bank account of another person with an understanding that the account holder shall return his money in new currency, the transaction shall be regarded as benami transaction under the said Act. "The person who deposits old currency in the bank account shall be treated as beneficial owner and the person in whose bank account the old currency has been deposited shall be categorised under this law as a benamidar," a senior official explained. Benami Act, the official said, provides that the benamidar, the beneficial owner and any other person who abets or induces the Benami transaction, shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment for a period ranging from 1-7 years. "The benami amount in the bank account deposited post de-monetisation will be seized and confiscated and the accused will also be liable to fine which extends upto 25 % of the fair market value of the benami property," official said. PTI
Depositing unaccounted cash: Income Tax department warns violators will face max 7 year jail
Demonetisation: I-T dept turns heat on NGOs, firms for deposits over 2.5 lakh
Surgical strike again: Modi govt begins survey of benami properties -begins-survey-of-benami-properties-448873
New Delhi: BJP govt has begun the survey of benami sampatti (anonymous property) in the country.Those found guilty may get jail term for 7 years, plus their property may also get confiscated.To track anonymous properties, govt  is scanning lands near major highways, properties in VIP areas, industrial plots, commercial flats and shops.ABP News
Cash up to Rs 2.5 lakh for 'Shaadis' only next week; can't swipe debit cards at 17,500 petrol pumps
New Delhi/Mumbai: 2 recent measures announced by the Modi govt to ease cash flow failed to have the desired effect because of rollout hurdles. For those with weddings planned in the family, Thursday's decision to allow a one-time cash withdrawal of Rs 2.5 lakh was supposed to come as a breather but now it is clear that this will kick in only next week as the rules for implementing this measure are yet to reach lenders. The move to allow debit cards to be swiped at select petrol pumps to get Rs 2,000 has also run into implementation hurdles. PNB DM Usha Ananthasubramanian said on Saturday that wedding disbursals would have to wait till RBI specified rules. "In absence of operational guidelines from RBI, we are unable to allow withdrawal of Rs 2.5 lakh for marriage purposes," she said. It's the wedding season and the delay has hit many families hard. As for the move to allow pumps to dispense cash, the problem is that only 3,000 pumps across the country have card swipe machines from SBI that also allow for cash withdrawals.  The remaining 17,500 pumps that were to extend the cash withdrawal service have card swipe machines from HDFC, ICICI Bank and Citi Bank. These banks will take time to upgrade the software in their machines to offer a 'cash' option for disbursal. If these banks speed up the upgrade, it can help increased supply of cash. Of course, there has to be enough cash for them to dispense. The other issue is that the number of pumps that are supposed to offer the cash-dispensing service is too small — roughly a third of 56,190 fuel stations in the country — to meet the huge demand. ET
Only 3% against demonetisation; 51% say implementation good, claims a survey: India Today -implementation-good/1/814750.html
New Delhi:In a survey conducted by a citizen engagement social platform, only 3% people opposed the very idea of demonetisation of high value currency to fight black money. Others were not against the govt  move.Survey was conducted by LocalCircles, citizen engagement social platform,which sought responses from over 9,000 people from across 200 cities of the country.Around 51% of respondents in survey found the implementation of demonetisation measure a good step. About 24% people explicitly termed it poor. Another 25% called implementation average. According to LocalCircles survey,79% people said that they wouldn't mind inconvenience caused by demonetisation move.Another 18% said that though govt decision caused pain but they still supported it. Only 3% said that they were against this step of govt.
'Come See Our Villages, Then You Will Know': Angry Farmers On Notes Ban
Exports fell by 45% despite Modi's 30 foreign trips: Cong
New Delhi: Congress today sought to take the sheen out of PM Narendra Modi's frequent foreign tours, alleging India's exports have dropped by a whopping 45% despite him completing 30 foreign visits during his 18-month tenure. PTI
Keep Rs 5 cr cash ready to pay our staff: LS, RS Secretariats to bank
Currency Ban Is Not Backed by the Law: Indira Jaising
At Azadpur mandi, wealthy agents getting coolies to double up as cash mules to exchange old notes
Demonetisation effect: Unbanked villages, small businesses badly hit as currency crisis continues
Demonetisation effect: Massive layoffs, Tamil Nadu construction workers have no cash or food
Rs 11 lakh collected for liver transplant become pieces of paper
Bhopal: An amount of Rs 11 lakh collected by a man from his relatives and friends for liver transplant has turned into just pieces of papers as a Delhi hospital has refused to accept the sum in the old currency notes following demonetisation. Hari Krishna Gupta, BJP head, Lidhora town in Tikamgarh district said he is a victim of his own party's decision. "If the transplant doesn't take in next 5 days, I will die", he said with great difficulty in speaking. timesofindia
Modi's demonetisation of old 1000 and 500 rupee notes, a blunder in every imaginable way: Amit Varma
Cash deposits by housewives, workers too will face tax scrutiny: Finance ministry
Across the Aisle: Demonetising notes or demonising cash? P Chidambaram
Families with weddings left in lurch as banks refuse Rs 2.5 lakh withdrawal
Demonetisation may not end black money:Kanishka Singh

AIMPLB forms women wing; to launch all-India Muslim women helpline toll free call centre in 8 languages to counsel women on family disputes
Kolkata: In a first, All India Muslim Personal Law Board today decided to form a womens wing to look into burning issues such as talaq, even as it passed a resolution in favour of triple talaq. The resolution passed at the AIMPLBs 3-day convention, which concluded today, stated that govt was infringing into the personal laws of Muslims. Women wing would also deal with other issues like family disputes and education, AIMPLB secretary Zafaryab Jellani told a press conference after the convention. It decided to launch an all-India Muslim women helpline, a toll free call centre in Urdu, English and 8 regional languages to counsel and guide Muslim women on family disputes to go to the Darul-Qaza. "It has been decided for the first time that we will form a women wing to go into issues concerning Muslim women and an all-India Muslim women helpline, a toll-free call centre in Urdu English and 8 regional language," Kamal Farooqi, a member of AIMPLB said."It seems that the govt  is bringing up this isssue of Triple Talaq and Uniform Civil Code ahead of UP polls in order to communally polarise people and reap political dividends," he said.PTI
Now, app to help respond to law panel
Hyderabad: A city-based techie has developed a smartphone app for AIMPLB. Called simply ` AIMPLB', the app was in built a single sitting and has reportedly been downloaded 10,000 times in the 2 days since launch.According to app developer Syed Khalid Saifullah, who met Maulana Rahmani in Delhi and floated the idea earlier this week, the facility enables users to take photos of signed proformas relating to `triple talaq' which can be sent to Law Commission of India.The move to a digital platform comes after lakhs of Muslims in the city expressed support for board's decision to boycott the law commission's questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code."Access to app servers in Hyderabad has been given to AIMPLB officials in New Delhi.The app is available for Android phones only , not on Apple devices as of now," Saifullah said.Talking of the process, he said that once a photograph of the signed proforma is taken, it reaches AIMPLB office in New Delhi. The board will then send it to the President, PM, Law Ministry and Law Commission of India. timesofindia
Bengal govt against uniform civil code: Minister -against-uniform-civil-code--Minister.html
Kolkata: Accusing PM Narendra Modi of trying to interfere in the religious rights of the Muslims, West Bengal Minister for Mass Education Siddiqullah Chowdhury today said that the state govt was opposed to uniform civil code."A few days ago during our party's meeting at CM Mamata Banerjee's residence, she said that she had received a letter from the central govt seeking state govt's opinion on Uniform Civil Code. "She had immediately replied to the central govt  stating that Bengal will never implement the Uniform civil Code in the state," Chowdhury said while addressing a rally by AIMPLB.PTI
TMC with Muslim clerics on talaq:TOI
Uniform code pushed for the love of majoritarianism: Gopalkrishna Gandhi
Chennai: The push for uniform civil code by the Hindu rightists stems neither from the love of uniformity nor equality but from the love of majoritarianism, said Gopalkrishna Gandhi, ex-Governor of W. Bengal at a seminar. newindianexpress
Reforming Islamic law possible if Ulema is taken on board:  Faizan Mustafa V-C of NALSAR
Chennai: Faizan Mustafa, V-C of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, said on Saturday that since the Quran is a source of law — and not the law itself — it offers the possibility of liberal interpretations by Ulema, thereby providing scope for reform.Professor Mustafa was speaking at a national seminar on ‘Muslim Personal Law in the Present Context’, organised at the JBAS College for Women, Teynampet. The programme was organised by the Southern India Education Trust, Islamic Forum for the Promotion of Moderate Thought and Majlis Legal Centre for Women & Children.“If something is based on human speculation, there are chances of providing it a liberal interpretation. There are chances of making it consistent with constitutional morality and constitutional doctrines of equality,” said Prof. Mustafa.Several speakers at the event pointed out that the Quran does not describe triple talaq, but a 3-step process that involves reconciliation efforts. Divorce, if given, will take up to a year.Prof. Mustafa went on to say that even if the Supreme Court holds an instance of divorce through triple talaq invalid, whereas Ulema and the families concerned consider it valid, it will not serve the purpose. “That’s why, for any reform in personal law, we need to take the Ulema on board. We have to tell the Ulema that they have the power to give liberal interpretations (of the Quran),” he said.Speakers at the event included Justice Akbar Ali, Retired Judge of the Madras HC, Magsaysay Award winner TM Krishna; novelist Ms. Salma, Prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali, A. Faizur Rahman, Secretary General of Islamic Forum and I.S. Parveen Sultana, Assistant Professor at JBAS College. Flavia Agnes, Director of Majlis, said that the Hindu code bills have led to the institutionalisation of brahmanical rituals like the kanyadaan, which can be imposed on other Hindu castes. She asserted that the Uniform Civil Code will not end social evils, adding that Muslim women should be able to approach the courts to fight for their rights. the hindu
Uniform Civil Code: Naga Baptist church says no
Dimapur: Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has made it clear to the Law commission that Nagaland will stand in total opposition to the proposed uniform Civil Code for natural reasons that such a code will only create ‘further animosities.’ NBCC issued a statement on Saturday stating that the uniform Civil Code seeks to impose a universal civil code by codifying the cultures and religious practices of the majority. It amounts to violation of the fundamental rights of the marginalized minority peoples, the NBCC stated. easternmirrornagaland
NBCC oposses uniform civil code
NIA finds data on Peace TV's links with UAE firm:TOI
NIA, which raided offices and residences in Mumbai linked to Zakir Naik, has collected data going back several years showing financial transactions between a UAE firm and a local programming house which made content for his channel Peace TV. "Recovered documents relate to various activities including financial transactions and property details of Naik and IRF," said an NIA release.According to sources, a lot of content was seized during raids at office of the programming firm, Harmony Media Pvt Ltd, which an NIA officer said would be examined over time. The official indicated that some IRF office-bearers and associates may be arrested in days to come, depending on the outcome of the investigations. "However, no immediate arrests are expected in connection with Saturday's raids," he stated. Sources said though chances of Naik coming back to India were slim, in the event of his refusing to cooperate in the inquiry, there is always the option of getting the court to declare him a proclaimed offender. "Once he is declared a proclaimed offender, his properties in India can be attached," said an officer.Fund flow of Rs 54 crore was noticed during an MHA inspection of IRF in 2014, from Naik's UAE-based Global Broadcasting Corporation to Harmony Media Pvt Ltd, over seven years. There were payments for content creation for Peace TV too, which is broadcast from UAE. timesofindia
IRF Ban: Govt notice based on conjecture not evidence
Mumbai: Ministry of Home Affairs, govt  of India issued notification to ban Dr. Zakir Naik founded IRF with immediate effect shows decision is taken more so due to apprehension of influencing youths towards radicalization than on the basis of any hard evidences of any such influence. 4-page notification cites 5 cases - 2 recent cases registered under sections of UAPA against Arshi Qureshi, office bearer of IRF and 3 FIRs registers against Naik in 2012 under section 153- A of IPC. However, notification lacks any case against Dr Naik under UAPA. The present cases cited against him arises out of one purported posting on his Facebook account that allegedly was in derogatory in nature. Such case cannot in itself amount to attract ban on the organization that he heads.On the contrary, there are many people of other NGOs who have more stringent cases registered against them than these but they continue to enjoy favour of the govt. One such example for instance is VHP leader Vinay Katiyar.What notification specifically says is the 'apprehension' that the govt  has of youth getting radicalized if IRF is not banned with immediate effect. To satisfy its strong apprehension, notification mentions some out of context quotes of Dr Naik, which he has clarified multiple times, from his long speeches. One of the lawyer having decade-old experience in handling UAPA cases says on the condition of maintaining anonymity, "this is the weakest ground that the govt used for banning any organization. No organization can be banned on the basis of apprehension but strong evidences are needed to prove that its continuation is a threat to the country, which in this case is absilolutely not there. This ban will not stand before tribunal if IRF challenges."TCN
IRF says their schools are being targeted
People flock markets in Kashmir Valley as separatists suspend agitation:PTI
Markets in Kashmir were abuzz with activity for the second consecutive day on Sunday as the separatists have suspended their agitation for the weekend after more than four months of continuous shutdown. Shops, business establishments and fuel stations were open and markets witnessed huge rush.People thronged the weekly flea market, locally called the Sunday market. Public transport was plying normally, while inter-district connectivity also improved, officials said.PTI
Team of journalists visits Kashmir, to release report on situation
Srinagar:A 4-member delegation of Delhi-based journalists, which was in Kashmir to assess the situation in the aftermath of the unrest following the killing of Burhan Wani in July, today concluded its visit and will release a report next month. “Four of us have come here as an independent group of journalists. This is not a political mission. This is not for any kind of mediation between New Delhi and Srinagar. We thought of trying and bringing out a comprehensive report by speaking not so much to those in authority, but more to the people of Srinagar,” senior journalist Seema Mustafa said.Mustafa, who is the Director of the Centre for Policy Analysis, headed the delegation. She said the delegation met a cross-section of people, including Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and held detailed discussions with them on the situation in the Valley.PTI
J&K: violence giving rise to psychiatric disorders
Dowry death presumption must be backed by cruelty proof, says Supreme Court: PTI
New Delhi:The presumption of culpability against an accused in a dowry death case under the Evidence Act would be “activated” only when there is a proof that a deceased woman had been subjected to cruelty for demand of dowry, the Supreme Court has ruled.The provision to secure convictions in dowry death cases was inserted in Evidence Act,which provides that instead of presumption of innocence, the accused would be presumed prima facie guilty in such homicides if a woman dies within 7 years of marriage and there is proof of cruelty.
Muslims hold key to electoral outcome in UP
Lucknow: Muslim voters, who account for nearly 20% of UP’s population, can make or mar the electoral prospects of key political parties vying for the top slot in the upcoming Assembly elections. While divided Muslim votes translate to gains for BJP, consolidation will change the poll arithmetic as minorities play a crucial role in at least 125 of 403 constituencies, which will go to polls in early 2017.Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav’s decision to revoke expulsion of his estranged cousin and senior party leader Ram Gopal Yadav might once again bring the political spotlight back on BSP.PTI
More lives lost in the name of religion than political ideology: SC Judge
New Delhi: Supreme Court judge, Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, on Sunday, said he had wanted to write a children's book on the “gems” from each religious faith practised in India. “As a lawyer, I found there were many misgivings felt by communities about each other. I wanted to write a book on the gems of each faith and get it to the children. Children ask questions at home, they are inquisitive... I felt at least they should learn about each other's faith for a better tomorrow,” Justice Nariman, only the fifth judge in the history of the country to be directly made a Supreme Court judge from the Bar, said.Justice Nariman said he contacted the NCERT, which was unenthusiastic about the idea.“How will there be unity among us unless we first learn to fraternise? Fraternity is a cardinal value of our Constitution. There will be fraternity only if we know something about the other person... Only fraternity will lead to unity,” Justice Nariman said. the hindu
My religion is nobody else's business:CJI TS Thakur
“Why would he come to India if he was a terrorist?” asks family of ISIS suspect arrested in Sikar
On Nov.16, Jameel Ahmed was arrested by ATS from Sikar on charges of helping the Islamic State raise funds for their terror activities. His family spoke with and narrated their versionTwo months ago, Zubair Tinara, a 46-year-old resident of Fatehpur, noticed something curious. 2 men had enquired about the location of Jameel Ahmed, his wife’s brother, at a local shop. They claimed to be his school friends. That was not the curious part; but the same people asked the same question to a different shopkeeper later in the day, claiming to be from a local police station. Worried, Zubair went to local police station to check if there was an issue.“Nothing like that.No complaints against Jameel,” he was informed. Zubair nevertheless thought it was best to check with Jameel, who had been living in Dubai for the past twelve years.“Are you sure Jameel? Is everything okay? Is there any issue, please tell me,” asked Zubair.TCN
To wipe out ‘terror tag’, slain SIMI men’s lawyer wants trial to go on
Bhopal:Lawyer for 7 of the 8 suspected SIMI men killed in a controversial encounter following their alleged jailbreak in Madhya Pradesh wants to keep his dead clients alive before the court.Lawyer Parvez Alam wants the trials to continue to prove that his clients were not “terrorists”. In normal course, trial is closed against an accused after death. Alam will request a Bhopal court not to close the trial against 3 of his clients in a case which was in an advanced stage. He intends to take the same route in other cases against his clients, whose killing by the police on Oct.31 was questioned by opposition and activists after the emergence of purported encounter videos. HT
Probe encounter deaths: Petition
Mumbai: Mehmooda Bi, mother of Khalid Ahmed, one of the under trials killed in Bhopal encounter, filed a petition in Jabalpur high court seeking SIT probe into the encounter. Ms Bi has said she does not have faith in state machinery as several Supreme Court guidelines have already been violated as far as the Bhopal encounter is concerned. ASIAN AGE
NIA washes hands of SIMI jailbreak probe
NIA has quietly washed its hands of controversial Bhopal jailbreak case, saying the state govt has already launched ‘too many inquires and probes’ into incident. “We have told Union home ministry that since state govt has already ordered too many probes and judicial inquiries, there was no need to involve the NIA in the matter. We have, in fact, listed all these inquiries while tendering our opinion to the home ministry,” said NIA official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.HT
W.Bengal: Undertrial dies during treatment at SSKM, kin allege ‘police excesses’
Kolkata: Family of an undertrial who died during treatment at SSKM hospital early Saturday raised a protest, alleging that police excesses were the reason for the death. According to sources, Fardeen Khan (19) was arrested by New Alipore police on Nov.7 under Section 379 of IPC .indian express
Modi is right to support Balochis:Afghan ex-prez Karzai
New Delhi:Narendra Modi is right to support the aspirations and issues of the people of Balochistan, said Hamid Karzai, former president of Afghanistan.HT
Increased chance of Pakistan using nukes against India: Ex-NSA Shivshankar Menon
New Delhi:Painting a bleak picture, ex-NSA Shivshankar Menon has said the likelihood of tactical nuclear weapons being used by Pakistan against India has increased.Menon told India Today TV that Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons will be devolved to lower ranking officers at the battlefield level. “These are younger officers in an army that is increasingly religiously motivated and less and less professional and that has consistently produced rogue officers and staged coups against its own leaders, which means that the likelihood of such tactical nuclear weapons being used against India has increased,” he said.indian express
Don't use law to ban beef consumption, says Goa CM
Panaji: Goa CM Laxmikant Parsekar has said that if beef is part of someone's cuisine, the law should not be used to ban its consumption, adding that as the political head of the state he respected the sentiments of the minorities on the issue. He said the BJP will come around to accepting this view in the days to come, adding that the cultural and culinary habits should not be meddled with.Even RSS in Goa did not contradict his views on the subject, CM said while speaking during 'Walk the Talk', a popular talk show broadcast on Saturday."If one thing is a part of his (someone's) cuisine, I should not oppose it. Finally, it is his discretion. He is not compelling me. He is not forcing me... when it is a part of somebody's cuisine, I cannot use law against it. I will not do that," Parsekar said on beef controversy. Asked how he tackled the beef issue as CM of Goa, where Christian and Muslims account for more than 30% of the state's population, he said it was natural for him to respect the sentiments of the minorities."It was just natural for me. I did not tackle it in a political manner. My feeling was: We (should) respect each other's sentiments, each other's feelings, "he said.Asked if BJP should accept and acknowledge his views on tolerance vis-a-vis beef-eating at the national level, he said: "In the days to come.""My view has not been contradicted by any RSS volunteer or official (so far)," he said. IANS
Conflict of interest? Trump meeting with Indian businessmen raises questions
New Delhi: President-elect Donald Trump last week met three Indian real-estate investors who are constructing a luxury apartment complex in South Mumbai under the Trump brand. The meeting took place at Trump Towers in Manhattan, New York. He took time out from planning his transition to the Oval office to meet with the businessmen. A spokeswoman for Trump said it was a routine courtesy call and the three flew from India to congratulate Trump on his victory. “It was not a formal meeting of any kind,” Breanna Butler, a spokeswoman for Trump Organization, told Washington Post.Sagar Chordia, Atul Chordia, and Kalpesh Mehta are building a Trump-branded luxury apartment in south Mumbai and their meeting has now raised doubts over Trump’s ability to separate his business interests from the White House. Indianexpress
Indian-American woman’s car attacked after miscreants mistook her bandana for hijab
San Francisco:A 41-year-old Indian-American woman has been racially attacked in the US state of California after a bandana on her head was mistaken as a hijab, the latest in a series of assaults following Donald Trump’s win. Nicki Pancholy was on her ‘peace walk’ when on return she found her car window shattered, her purse gone and a note calling her a “Hijab wearing b****,”and asking her to “get the f— out.”Pancholy is not Muslim, nor does she wear a hijab. She is a Rajasthani and has been battling Lupus, which caused hair loss, and put the bandanna on her head as protection from the sun. PTI
Planning Commission former official Syeda Hameed denied UK visa

Urdu not on PMO’s website, is it another attempt to do away with anything Muslim: Janta Ka Reporter
Urdu not on PMO’s website, is it another attempt to do away with anything Muslim
Battle for Aleppo: 'All hospitals are destroyed'
All medical facilities in Syria's rebel-held Aleppo have been destroyed, health officials and opposition activists have told Al Jazeera, as another day of ferocious govt  bombardment on the besieged city left dozens of people dead.Air raids, barrel bombs and artillery fire killed at least 56 people on Saturday, volunteers with the White Helmets group told Al Jazeera. The rescuers, who operate in rebel-held parts of Syria, said they had been pulling bodies, including those of children, out of the rubble. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,group monitoring the war, reported a lower death toll of 27 civilians. aljazeera
Aleppo family of 6 killed in 'chemical attack': CNN
French foreign minister calls for renewed Syria talks
Regime kills dozens in brutal Aleppo bombardment
UN says civilian casualties in Mosul ‘overwhelming’
Mosul:  Mounting civilian casualties from fighting in eastern Mosul between Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Daesh are overwhelming the capacity of the govt and international aid groups, UN said.Nearly 200 wounded civilians and military personnel were transferred to hospital last week, the highest level since the campaign to push the extremists out of their last major stronghold in Iraq began on 17 Oct.said Lise Grande, UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq. middleeastmonitor
9 Iraqi troops killed in Mosul clashes
Nineveh: 9 Iraqi forces were killed on Sunday in clashes with Daesh militants amid an ongoing offensive to recapture Mosul, according to an Iraqi officer. The casualties occurred when Iraqi forces advanced into Adan neighborhood, a Daesh bastion in eastern Mosul, caption Azzam al-Obeidi, an officer in Iraq’s anti-terrorism forces, told Anadolu Agency. “Govt  forces were met with fierce resistance from the militants, who used car-bombs and snipers to hinder the advancing forces,” he said. According to al-Obeidi, 9 govt forces were killed and 21 others in deadly clashes with Daesh. Anadolu Agency
Iraqi troops face stiff resistance from IS in eastern Mosul
Sri Lankan Muslim body objects to Minister’s statement about local Muslims joining ISIS
Colombo: Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL) has strongly objected to the statement made by Minister of Justice Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe in Parliament on Friday, saying that 32 Sri Lankan Muslims had left the country to join the ISIS in Syria.MCSL President NM Ameen said the Minister's statement implied that 32 Muslims had joined the ISIS recently, when actually he was only repeating a story which had appeared more than a year ago in July 2015. "We strongly object to this misplaced statement. The facts given by the Minister were reported in the media more than a year ago when a Sri Lankan combatant died fighting with ISIS," Ameen said.“There have been no new reports of any others getting involved since this was reported last year," he pointed out. Newindianexpress
Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Trump Now Exceeds 1.5 Million Votes
It's been nearly 2 weeks since the Nov.8 general election, but the results have not remained static as ballots continue to be counted. While the number of votes for both president-elect Donald Trump and his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton continue to increase, the gap is widening, with Clinton expanding her popular vote lead over Trump.According to new figures released by AP on Saturday, Clinton received more than 1.5 million votes than her Republican rival.As of Saturday, Clinton had received 63,390,669 votes, while Trump received 61,820,845 votes -- a difference of 1,569,824, according to AP. Rounded off to whole numbers, that translates to 48 % vs. 47 percent.A day earlier, on Friday, the vote difference was less, with Clinton getting 62,894,931 and Trump getting 61,580,333 -- a difference of 1,314,598, according to AP. ABC news
Israel's Muezzin Bill seeks 'Judaisation of Jerusalem'
Nazareth - Palestinian politicians in Israel have found an unexpected ally inside the government against a new bill banning mosques from using loudspeakers to broadcast the call to prayer.The so-called Muezzin Bill - named after the person who calls Muslims to prayer - was approved by a ministerial committee on Sunday, on the grounds that it is needed to reduce "noise pollution" from mosques.A first vote in the Israeli parliament on the legislation - due on Wednesday - had to be delayed, however, after a small Jewish religious party raised objections.Yaakov Litzman, the health minister, was reported to be concerned that the legislation's current wording, which refers simply to "houses of worship", might also cover synagogues. Sirens are often used to announce the start and end of the Sabbath. Palestinian leaders in Israel fear the setback will prove short-lived. The bill has widespread support from within the government, including from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."This bill is the ugly product of Islamophobia that has come to dominate Israel," said Thabet Abu Ras, of the Abraham Fund, which promotes better relations between Israel's Jewish and Palestinian citizens."Now the government will try to reframe the bill to satisfy the Jewish religious parties so that it can proceed." Aljazeera
Israel plays with fire by anti-Adhan bill: Hamas chief
Muslim prayer call ban blasted as 'an attempt to erase the religion'
Australian Christian church hosts Muslim prayers
 A West Australian church may be the first in the nation to include Muslim parishioners in its community.A search for somewhere convenient for Friday prayers has led to an unusual joining of two communities.Every Friday, St Paul’s Anglican church in Beaconsfield, just outside Western Australia’s port city of Fremantle, hosts Muslim prayers in its community hall. Fittingly, hall was the original church.The enterprise began shortly after Imam Faizel Chothia knocked on door of Reverend Peter Humphries.Chothia said he had been trying to find somewhere convenient for Muslim workers to pray in the Fremantle area with little success. sbs
Egypt’s Brotherhood says no reconciliation with Sisi
Egypt’s embattled Muslim Brotherhood group has rejected any reconciliation with the regime of President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.In a Sunday statement, the Brotherhood said it will not give up legitimacy – in reference to president Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted by Sisi, a former army chief, in a 2013 coup.“There is no compromise on the rights of the martyrs and injured, the detainees’ right to freedom and the people’s right to honorable life,” it said.The statement was released one day after the Brotherhood’s deputy supreme guide, Ibrahim Munir, said Saturday the group was ready “to hear all viewpoints” from people of wisdom for reaching reconciliation “that includes Morsi and takes into consideration the crimes committed by the coup”.World Bulletin
Egypt jails 3 anti-coup TV presenters for ‘false news’
An Egyptian court on Saturday slapped three anti-coup TV presenters with a 3-year jail term each in absentia for spreading false news.Egyptian authorities accuse Mohamed Naser, a presenter at the Mekameleen satellite channel, and two other colleagues of incitement and spreading false news.The presenters, for their part, say they expose human rights abuses committed by Egypt’s military-backed authorities.World Bulletin

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