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Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammad Salim Engineer's Message on "Islamic New Year" -Hijri 1439

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Dr. Rafat talks on establishment of Islam (Iqamate Deen) and answering objections of present time

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"Instant Triple Talaq and Supreme Court of India" Adv.M.R.Shamshad[Representative of AIMPLB in SC]

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Eid al Adha Sermon: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami here to read more

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

22  April 2017: 24 Rajab 1438: Vol: 8, No:171
INDIA: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind's Muslim personal law campaign
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind to launch nationwide awareness campaign on Muslim personal laws
New Delhi, Lucknow: After strong censure of triple talaq in one sitting by the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board, another Muslim religious body –Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has decided to launch a campaign to remove misconceptions about Islamic laws. JIH will kick off the 2-week long countrywide initiative titled ‘Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign’ (MPLAC) from New Delhi on April 23.“There is a need to educate, uplift and morally reform the Muslim society as a whole. A primary reason for violation of Shari’ah (Islamic laws) is lack of awareness among the Muslims. A large segment of Muslim society does not even know the basics of Islam. Many Muslims do not know the rules and instructions to follow in matters of marriage, divorce and inheritance,” said convener of MPLAC Mohammad Jafar.“Since Independence, Muslims of India have been saying that they reject the idea of Uniform Civil Code. They have opposed attempts by courts or legislative bodies to interfere in Muslim personal law but they have not been equally vigilant on the internal front,” said Jafar. The organisation will hold seminars and interactive sessions in all the states during its fortnight-long campaign to make Muslims aware of the rights guaranteed to them under the Shariat Application Act, 1937.“Courts will not interfere in personal laws if Muslims follow it sincerely in letter and spirit. They should resolve their disputes through Shariat courts and counselling centres rather than turning to the courts which may act contrary to the Islamic law,” he said.From May 13, the apex court will start day-to-day hearing of a case on a PIL petition filed by some Muslim women challenging the practice. Hindustan times
'Triple talaq' not the only issue affecting Muslims: Maulana Syed Jalaluddin
New Delhi: The govt  is seemingly focused only on the issue of 'triple talaq' when it comes to Muslims, while ignoring their other concerns, the Jamaat-e- Islami Hind (JIH) alleged today. The JIH also announced a campaign to enlighten Muslims across the country on personal laws, contending that large sections of the community "lack knowledge" about the same. The religious body said it will hold the campaign from April 23 to May 7, aiming to reach out to 5 crore Muslims across the country. "Such an atmosphere has been created as if it (triple talaq) is leading to injustice to women. Such a situation has emerged that it seems the govt  is focused on only this issue and that there is no other issue troubling Muslims," JIH chief Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari told reporters here.Umari, also vice president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), said that no one endorses 'triple talaq in one sitting', but stressed that there is no provision in the personal laws which leads to exploitation of women. "Last year, 5 crore Muslims, including women mostly, made submission to the Law Commission saying there is no problem with personal laws."They told the commission about their other problems. But despite that it appears the govt  is focusing on only this issue (of triple talaq)," he added.He said there were several misconceptions about Muslim personal laws.To a question, Umari sought to suggest the percentage of Muslims seeking divorce in proportion with their populace is lesser than that of other religions. He, however, did not elaborate on that point.The JIH also released a booklet titled 'Muslim Personal Law: Moral and Legal Issues' during the briefing and announced launch of a mobile application 'Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign' (MPLAC). The application will help enlighten community members, it said.PTI /DNA
Triple talaq not the only issue affecting Muslims, says  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind: greaterkashmir/pti
JIH to campaign to spread awareness on Muslim Personal Law: IANS
Jamaat to launch campaign to dispel myth about Talaq, Halala: Indian Awaaz
Soon, Shariah Panchayats to be set up for Muslim Personal Law related disputes: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has said it will set up Shariah Panchayats across the country to deal with disputes related to Muslim Personal Laws.The announcement was made by Muhammad Jafar, vice president of the organisation, during the launch of the Muslim Personal Law Campaign on Friday.The organization has claimed that it has support of the AIMPLB and other Muslim organizations. The organization has also launched an android app named 'Muslim personal Law Campaign' to reach out to the youths."The panchayats will be established in all towns and villages. Muslim Personal Law disputes need not be settled in court and for this Shariah Panchayats will help. These Panchayats will consist of one or two alims (scholars), 2 or more advocates and a few members of the village panchayat to aid speedy disposal of the issue," said Jafar, who is also the convener of the Muslim Personal Law Campaign from April 23 to May
Jamaat launches app, countrywide campaign to aware Muslims about Muslim Personal Law: okhlatimes
Why don’t champions of muslim women come forward to help Pehlu Khan’s widow: Jamaat women wing chief
New Delhi: “Where are the champions of Muslim women? Why they did not come forward to help the widow of Phelu Khan who was brutally killed by cow vigilantes?” The question was posed by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s women wing chief Atiya Siddiqua at a press conference at the Press Club of India here Friday in which the Jamaat leadership announced a nationwide mass awareness campaign on Muslim Personal Law.Taking a dig at the ongoing debate on triple talaq, Ms. Siddiqua said it has taken absurd proportion with a clear-cut political undertone. “It is as if if the Muslims stopped pronouncing triple talaq, all the problems of the country will be solved; inflation and gas cylinder’s prices will crash down and other malaise affecting the society etc will come to an end,” she said on a lighter note. Caravan Daily
Hyderabad: Jamaat to clear air on Muslim Personal law
Hyderabad: A fortnight long campaign on awareness about Muslim Personal Law, triple talaq and other religious issues will be organised by the Jaamat-e-Islami Hind in the city from April 23.  Hamed Mohammed Khan, president of Jaamat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Telangana and Odisha, said that the campaign will focus on creating awareness in the community and other target groups on various aspects of Muslim Personal Law including triple talaq, polygamy and nikah amongst others. The inaugural programme will be held at Numaish grounds on Sunday wherein the JIH president Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri will participate. Jamaat will be expanding its counseling centers opened recently for resolving petty issues and disputes in line with Sharia law. Two such centres are already functioning in the city. “If one is not satisfied with the decision of the counseling centre, they can approach the higher levels like Shariath Panchayath and Darul Qaza. These bodies will include women members too,” said Naseera Khanum, head, JIH women’s wing in Telangana & Odisha. telanganatoday
Court should not interfere with Muslim personal laws: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, West Bengal
Kolkata: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, West Bengal, on Friday spoke in favour of Muslim personal laws and said the court should not interfere with the fundamental rights of the community. The outfit also opposed the idea of Uniform Civil Code and supported the stand taken by AIMPLB on triple talaq.“Following the Sharia law is our fundamental right and we should be permitted to exercise those rights. We appeal to the court not to interfere with the Muslim personal law,” said the group’s state president Md Nooruddin.Commenting on the idea of banning triple talaq, he said, “We think the option of talaq should be available to people. Sometimes separation is necessary if the relationship between couples is not working out. Separation is a social issue and it must be resolved socially. If the court interferes with such issues concerning the family then families would be ruined.”The outfit’s secretary Masihur Rahman said that they would launch a campaign from April 23 to May 7 across the country to raise awareness about Muslim personal laws. Indianexpress
Bengal: Jamaat bats for Muslim personal law as 'fundamental right': IANS
Jamaat bats for Muslim personal law as ‘fundamental right’: TCN /IANS
JIH to campaign to spread awareness on Muslim Personal Law: twocircles/ IANS
Court should not interfere with Muslim personal laws, says Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, West Bengal:
Jamaat kicks off campaign to educate Muslims, fellow countrymen about Muslim Personal Law: indiatomorrow
Jamaat bats for Muslim personal law as 'fundamental right': theweekendleader
‘Triple talaq’ not the only issue affecting Muslims, says JIH: easternmirrornagaland
पर्सनल लॉ पर जागरुकता के लिए जमात चलाएगी अभियान, APP का लेगी सहारा: Aaj tak
 तीन तलाक’ मुसलमानों को प्रभावित करने वाला एकमात्र कारण नहीं : जमात: abpnews
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind launches countrywide Muslim Personal Law awareness campaign: milligazette
Jamaat bats for Muslim personal law as 'fundamental right': business-standard
'Triple talaq' not the only issue affecting Muslims, says JIH: outlookindia
'Triple talaq' not the only issue affecting Muslims, says JIH: millenniumpost
Delhi HC refuses to hear plea to stop triple talaq on Hindu women married to Muslim men
New Delhi:Delhi high court on Friday refused to entertain a petition seeking a directive that the “triple talaq” or polygamy should not be applicable to Hindu women married to Muslim men. Acting chief justice Gita Mittal and justice Anu Malhotra said the matter relating to triple talaq is pending before a constitutional bench of the Supreme Court and as such the high court can’t entertain the plea.The petitioner, a Delhi based advocate, argued that matter pending before the top court on triple ‘talaq’ is pertaining to Muslim women and not to Hindu women married to Muslim men.“Irrespective of religion women are entitled to equal protection,” the bench remarked. Advocate Vijay Kumar Shukla withdrew the plea and said he would approach the apex court.PIL filed by Shukla had also sought directions for making registration of inter-caste marriages compulsory under the Special Marriage Act or Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act with a clause for imposition of penalty for non-registration.The petitioner argued that since the ‘nikahnaama’ (marriage contract) is written in Urdu, Hindu women fail to understand provisions related to triple ‘talaq’ or polygamy.Muslim cleric should explain the provisions of the ‘nikahnaama’ pertaining to summary divorce and polygamy to the Hindu women in their mother tongue, said the plea.HT
Uniform Civil Code: Law panel looks to SC before dealing with issue
New Delhi: With a 5-judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court set to start a hearing on the constitutional validity of instantaneous triple talaq (talaq-e-bidat) in May, the Law Commission has decided to hold in abeyance its own report on the matter till the apex court gives its final orders. Law Commission chairperson Justice BS Chauhan, however, has said that the Commission would be definitely looking at the issue of Uniform Civil Code.“We are looking at the Uniform Civil Code, that is our reference, to look into what is possible within the framework of the Constitution,” Chauhan told The Indian Express. He added that the Commission is taking its time to tabulate the 40,000-odd responses and will only take up the issue in another two months or so, after the matter is settled in the court. Based on a directive from the Law Ministry, the Law Commission had issued its questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code on October 7, the day on which the Modi govt  filed its affidavit in the apex court supporting Shayara Bano’s plea for ban on talaq-e-bidat. Back then, the Law Commission had maintained that it was looking at reform of personal laws across religions and not just a Uniform Civil Code.“Once the matter is argued before the Supreme Court, many issues of Constitutional or religious nature will be raised and that may help us, so we are going slow. If the court holds that you cannot interfere in religious matters, it will be binding on us. We do not want a situation where we take a view and the Supreme Court takes a contrary view,” Chauhan said. He added that while several political parties have already written to the Law Commission, many others that were silent in view of the UP elections are now expected to write in. indianexpress
I was forced to say so: Muslim woman on viral video threaten to adopt Hinduism over triple talaq
New Delhi: A Muslim woman from Uttarakhand whose recent comments on slamming triple talaq went viral on social media has retracted her statement saying she “was forced to make those remarks’. Muslim woman earlier lauded PM  Narendra Modi and UP  CM Yogi Adityanath's efforts to bring change for the sufferers of the practice. The woman said it was better to convert and adopt Hinduism than to face injustice due to `triple talaq` system.However, on Friday woman apologized for making such comments and said she was a Muslim and was ashamed to have made such statements. “I apologise for the comments I made to people of my community. I am a Muslim and I am ashamed of myself. I was tensed and angry because of which I uttered those words,”she said.“I was pressurised to make those comments,” she replied to a question. abplive
Muslim board’s campaign to build awareness on triple talaq runs out of steam: HT report
Lucknow/New Delhi: It was supposed to be a day of spreading awareness and starting discussions on triple talaq across thousands of mosques in India to prevent misuse of the controversial Islamic divorce practice.Instead, the publicity campaign ran out of steam on its opening day with hardly any mention of triple talaq before Friday prayers across cities. Clerics pinned the blame on the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) that had announced the initiative, saying it didn’t print and circulate a two-page booklet containing the code of conduct for Muslims on marriage and divorce.The body had distributed the document with much fanfare during its executive committee meeting in Lucknow on April 16.HT
Imams fail to follow AIMPLB appeal during Friday 'namaz':PTI
AMU students protest Mahasabha’s attempts to hold triple talaq debate with VC on campus
Agra: Members of the AMU Students' Union (AMUSU) said on Friday that they thwarted attempts of the Hindu Mahasabha to hold discussions on the issue of triple talaq with the vice-chancellor in the university campus.Faced with vociferous protests from the students' body, V-C  Lt Gen (retd) Zameer Uddin Shah was forced to hold deliberations with representatives of the right-wing organization at PWD guesthouse outside campus.Though the Mahasabha leaders claimed that the VC had agreed to hold "open discussions" on the issue in the campus at a later date, AMUSU president Faizul Hasan said they would not allow religious matters being discussed and debated in the university.Accusing the VC of trying to please the Hindu organization by portraying himself as "secular" in order to "gain favours from higher-ups," Hasan said they would not allow any "outside" interference in their religious matters. "They will not be allowed on our campus to discuss this issue," he said. Taking a dig at the Mahasabha, Hasan said if these leaders are really interested in issues concerning society, they should hold open debates on live-in relationships, abortions and child labour. timesofindia
Refrain from announcements, fatwas hurting people: West Bengal unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
Kolkata: Md. Nooruddin, President of the West Bengal unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), on Friday said all communities should refrain from issuing "fatwas" or "announcements" that talk about hurting people or demeaning them socially. "Giving fatwas about hurting people or defaming them is a form of intolerance. There should not be fatwas like this against political leaders or eminent personalities. Such fatwas should not be issued by any community," the JIH Bengal chief told IANS. He was responding to questions about cleric Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi's recent announcement of a Rs 10 lakh bounty for anyone shaving Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam's head, as well as Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque Maulana Noor-ur Rahman Barkati, who had in January issued a fatwa against PM Narendra Modi over "harassment" of people following demonetisation. "He (Quaderi) has made a mistake by making those statements. If azaan is causing disturbance to someone, then it has to be seen why that is happening. Fatwas cannot be issued just like that on such issues. It is generally issued for bigger matters," Nooruddin said. IANS
Woman should cover herself for own safety, biggest pollution for society are bepurdah  women, says  Atiya Siddiqua : DNA report
New Delhi: A Muslim woman cleric on Friday said that women who wear tightly-fitted clothes are like pollutants who cause harm to the society. The cleric went on to blame ‘such women’ for increased incidents of rape in the country and said that such women are as dangerous to the society as is the disease of AIDS.Head of the women wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Atiya Siddiqua made the remarks at the sidelines of a function held for removing misconcepts about Islam. Responding to a jourrnalist’s question on why Muslim women are supposed to cover themselves while there was no such condition for men, Siddiqua said purdah is in the best interest of women. “A woman should cover herself for her own safety because we don’t know with what intentions men may look at us. Bepurdah (uncovered) women are polluting the environment. There is concern in about air pollution, water pollution but the biggest pollution for the society are bepurdah (uncovered) women. It is these women who are polluting the enivironment...The disease of AIDS is spreading, rape incidents are increasing on this account. Women who wear chust (tight) clothes pollute the enviornment.” Siddiqua also went to state that women should roam out only when it is essential. “Mard baahar ghoomte hain. Aajkal aurtein bhi baahar ghoomti hain. Bacche kahaan jayenge phir agar dono baahar rahein. Aurton ko sirf basic needs ke lie nikalna chahie. Ye chhezein Bhartiya sabhyata ke bhi khilaaf hai (Men go out. These days women are also out all the time. In such a scenario, where will the children go? Women should come out of homes only for their basic needs. These things are against Indian culture.)” dnaindia
Hoarding against Kashmir students: UP cops out to nab outfit chief
Teams of police and crime branch are conducting raids to nab Amit Jani, president of UP Navnirman Sena, after the organisation displayed about 8-10 controversial hoardings in the city asking Kashmiris to leave the state. As the news spread, the hoardings were pulled down and a complaint accusing Jani of spreading hatred was lodged at Partapur police station on Thursday night. Soon after, Jani disappeared and a decision was taken to send out teams to locate and arrest him.“His last locations were in Delhi and the NCR. Teams are constantly following him through surveillance and intelligence inputs. Everything possible is being done to arrest him,” said SP (city) Alok Priyadarshi. Meanwhile, to reassure Kashmiri students, district magistrate Sameer Verma and SSP J Ravindra Gaur visited Subharti university and interacted with the students there. The officials assured them that the administration would keep them safe and secure. They also provided the students with their telephone numbers. A few students expressed concern regarding travelling in vehicles bearing J&K number plates. Both the DM  and the SSP also directed the university officials to reach out to authorities if they sensed any trouble concerning the security of Kashmiri students. Subharti university has over 150 Kashmiri students. It first shot into limelight in 2014 when a group of Kashmiri students allegedly celebrated the victory of Pakistan over India in a T-20 cricket match. It triggered a clash between the Kashmiri and the local students, and a case was registered against 67 people. At that time, the Kashmiri students were sent back to their native places to ensure their safety.It may be recalled that one of the hoardings threatening Kashmiris was displayed near Subharti university. hindustantimes
Mehbooba Mufti to meet PM Modi as threat of Governor's rule looms
Jammu/Srinagar: As the war of attrition between allies BJP and PDP over the handling of the situation in Kashmir heats up, is the troubled state heading for another spell of Governor's rule? CM  Mehbooba Mufti is expected to discuss the current crisis when she meets PM  Narendra Modi on April 23 -- against the backdrop of the April 19 meeting of the BJP core group that reviewed the law and order situation in Kashmir Valley and is believed to have discussed the option of Central rule.Later, the PM  chaired another meeting that was attended, among others, by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the army chief, General Bipin Rawat.Quite understandably, the whispers of Governor's rule have upset the PDP."This is not good. We were elected on a joint plank and it would have preferable for the BJP to talk to us directly instead of through the media. Hopefully, the air will clear after the meeting between the CM  and the PM ," a senior PDP leader told IANS on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation.While Mehbooba will be in New Delhi for a meeting of the CM s of the states where the BJP is in power or in a coalition, she is learnt to have sought a one-on-one with Modi to discuss the Kashmir imbroglio.IANS
J&K : No teaching work in colleges for fifth day
Srinagar:Classes in colleges across Kashmir Valley remained suspended for the fifth day on the trot as a precautionary measure in the wake of protests by students earlier this week against alleged high-handedness of security forces. Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Baseer Khan, had on Friday issued orders to suspend the teaching work for the fifth day at a meeting wherein he reviewed the functioning of educational institutions in the Valley.PTI
5 including 9-yr-old girl attacked by cow vigilantes in J&K
Srinagar: 5 members of a family including a 9-year-old girl have been injured in an attack by 'gau rakshaks' or self-styled cow vigilantes in the Reasi district of J&K . The incident took place on Friday evening when a nomad family was moving with their livestock near the Talwara area. They were intercepted by a large group of gau rakshaks and beaten up with iron rods.The victims say the attackers took away their entire flock including goats, sheep and cows. Injured, 9-year-old Sammi, who have suffered multiple fractures have been shifted to hospital.The police said they have filed an FIR and action will be taken against the attackers. "We have registered an FIR. I have asked DIG of Udhampur range to visit the area. Strict action will be taken against these goons," said J&K police chief SP Vaid said.Police in Reasi said they have identified five of the attackers but no one has been arrested so far. "We are investigating the case and culprits will be brought to book," said a police officer in Reasi. ndtv
Mob attacks nomadic family over suspicions of cattle smuggling in Jammu’s Reasi
Will crack down on gau rakshaks, have CM Adityanath’s backing: New UP DGP Sulkhan Singh
Lucknow: New UP  police chief Sulkhan Singh on Saturday vowed to take action against “anyone indulging in vigilantism in the name of gau raksha” and said he has the backing of CM  Yogi Adityanath to crack down on lawbreakers.Singh took charge as the DGP on Saturday, a day after the Adityanath govt  transferred former police chief Javeed Ahmed and posted him as director general of the Provincial Armed Constabulary. Singh’s appointment came in the backdrop of mounting criticism of the force’s alleged moral policing in the name of cracking down on people accused of stalking women. There were also allegations of police laxity in tackling growing incidence of vigilantism by self-styled cow protectors.“Action will be taken on anyone indulging in vigilantism in the name of gau raksha or anything else, no one has the right to intervene,” Singh, a 1980 batch IPS officer, told reporters. hindustantimes
UP DGP Javeed Ahmed shunted out, 12 IPS officers transferred
Lucknow: UP  Police chief Javeed Ahmed was on Friday shunted out by the Yogi Adityanath govt , which transferred 12 IPS officers in the first big reshuffle in the top police hierarchy after the BJP stormed to power in the state. hindustantimes
In Yogi Adityanath's Law And Order Reshuffle, Police Chief Javeed Ahmed Moved Out
Saharanpur communal clash: BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal, several others booked by UP Police
Saharanpur: BJP MP from Saharanpur, Raghav Lakhanpal, has been booked by the UP  police for instigating a mob of rioters. Love Kumar, the Saharanpur SSP, confirmed about the FIR been registered against Lakhanpal, along with 500 identified and unidentified individuals. They have been charged with violence, vandalism and attack on the house the  Senior Superintendent of Police and the DM office.While speaking to NDTV, the Saharanpur SSP confirmed the registration of FIR against the BJP MP. “Due action would be followed. Law would take its own course. We have to take all steps necessary to maintain law and order,” he said, further adding that his family members were present at his residence when Lakhanpal arrived along with supporters at his residence. Lakhanpal, along with his supporters, encircled the residence of Love Kumar, as he denied giving them permission to carry out the ‘shobh yatra’ from Sadak Dudhli village, which is a Muslim dominated area. The shobh yatra was planned by the BJP MP, along with local groups, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar.
BJP MP’s march triggers clashes in Saharanpur
“Not only Muslims 70% Indians don’t vote” for BJP, Ravi Shankar Prasad condemned for his comments
Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday said that Muslims did not vote for the BJP, but the govt  had given them “proper sanctity”.“We have got 13 CM s of our own. We are ruling the country. Have we victimised any Muslim gentleman working in the industry or service? Have we dismissed them? We don’t get Muslim votes. I acknowledge very clearly, but have we given them proper sanctity or not?” Prasad had said while speaking at a conclave.He was responding to a question related to development having an impact on culture and diversity.“We salute diversity and culture of India. There are two ways of looking at it. Let me be very frank today. There has been campaign against us for a very long time, but today we are here because of blessings of people of India,” Prasad said.As expected, Prasad received plenty of flak for his comment both from his political adversaries and social media users. Prasad was reminded about many high-profile Muslims who were part of the BJP. CPI-M general secretary, Sitaram Yechury, said, “Is he doing a charity by providing sanctity to Muslims? Let him not speak in such tone. His comments are unbecoming of a minister.”AIMIM president, Asaduddin Owaisi said, “Sir not you but Constitution gave us rights are you threatening Muslims or patronising them… He’s the minister for law. He should stop using the word ‘we.’ This is India’s democracy and not Saddam Hussain’s or North Korea’s.” Congress’s Shakil Ahmed said, ” Ravi Shankar Prasad must be asked as to why Shahnawaz Hussain, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and other Muslim leaders are in their party? This statement has clearly exposed the BJP.” jantakareporter
Ravi Shankar Prasad: We don’t get Muslim votes… but have we given them sanctity or not?
Muslims' 'proper sanctity' remark: Khurshid, Yechury, Owaisi slam Prasad
Record witness statements on threat to Najeeb by ABVP students: HC to police
New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Friday asked Delhi Police to record the statement of witnesses present at the time of an altercation between JNU student Najeeb Ahmed and nine students of ABVP 6 months ago, about the “nature of threat” given to him.A division bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Deepa Sharma asked why the statements of witnesses were not recorded by Delhi Police after Ahmed went missing in October last year after the altercation.“What is the nature of threat? What words were used for threatening?,” asked the bench, directing the police to record statements of persons present during the altercation. IANS
HC unhappy on initial delay in probe into missing JNU student
Islamic Relief Committee plea, SC reserves verdict on funds for religious sites damaged in Gujarat riots
The Supreme Court today said it will pass order on the issue whether a court can direct the state to fund restoration of places of worship damaged due to its failure to maintain law and order, as it happened during the 2002 Gujarat riots.A bench of Justices Dipak Misra and PC Pant while reserving its verdict asked the parties to file written submissions in the matter but clarified that "it should not be on communal lines".It took on record the written submissions filed by Gujarat govt  and asked the counsel for NGO, Islamic Relief Committee of Gujarat (IRCG), to file their written submission by May 1.The bench was hearing a petition filed by the Gujarat Govt  challenging the 2012 order of the High Court directing it to pay compensation to over 500 shrines damged during the post-Godhra riots.The High Court had issued an interim direction for computation of actual damages to the places of worship to be made by 'special officers' who were District Judges.While Gujarat Govt  had sought quashing of the High Court order contending that it was neither manageable, enforceable or capable of execution as per law, the IRCG had said the state govt  is liable to compensate those who suffered damages.PTI
Govt. focused on Triple Talaq, SC rebukes it for not caring for widows of India
New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India on Friday handed a harsh rebuke to the BJP-led central govt  for not caring for the widows in the country. As per Census 2011, some 4.6% of the country's total population or 5.6 crore are widowed - a huge majority of them are women."You do not care about the widows of India. You file an affidavit and say you are not concerned with the widows of India. You have done nothing... This is complete helplessness. Govt does not want to do anything," the court was quoted as saying by the PTI.The court was angry because despite making an assurance to it to hold a meeting and come up with relief and rehabilitation measures, the govt  did not do anything.The SC imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the govt  for not coming out with a promised plan to improve the condition of destitute widows.A petition was filed in the apex court in 2007 highlighting the pathetic condition of widows in the welfare homes in Vrindavan and Mathura of UP .
 BFor past several months, the govt  of PM  Narendra Modi has been giving much attention to the issue of Triple Talaq - much more than it deserves according to the Muslim community. Besides his colleagues, PM Modi himself has raised the issue in ‘sympathetic' tone more than once at public platforms. indiatomorrow
‘You do not care about the widows of India,’ SC tells govt /story-IkB1MDQ7wspcPxyaA6iw5J.html
How can you make Aadhaar mandatory for PAN despite our ruling : SC asks Centre
New Delhi: Pulling up the Centre for defying its order, the Supreme Court has asked the Govt  how can it made Aadhaar must for getting PAN card filing income tax returns, reports said.“How can you make Aadhaar card mandatory when we have passed an order to make it optional,”  a Bench of Justices A K Sikri and Ashok Bhushan asked the Centre. IBNS
Erdogan to start new diplomatic blitz with India visit
New Delhi: Fresh after narrowly winning a referendum that gives him more powers in his current post, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to launch a new foreign policy initiative starting with a visit to India at the end of this month.  Erdogan, accompanied by the Turkish economy and trade ministers, will visit New Delhi on April 30 where he is expected to hold talks with his Indian counterpart Pranab Mukherjee, Hurriyet Daily News reported. "Erdogan will participate in Turkey-India Business Forum and will hold political talks with Indian leaders, particularly President Pranab Mukherjee," the report said. "The agenda during the meeting is expected to be dominated by an improvement of bilateral economic and trade ties." His talks with PM  Narendra Modi is expected to be crucial in view of the crisis in Syria that includes the refugee problem and support for India's membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group. IANS
SIO handed over a cow to Pehlu Khan’s family
New Delhi: SIO delegation visited Pehlu Khan’s residence at Mewat, Haryana and handed over a milch cow as they had promised so.Earlier this month, Pehlu khan was stopped by cow vigilantes in Alwar area of Rajasthan and beaten to death while he was transporting cows. Father of eight children, Pehlu had a dairy farm as the only source of livelihood.Even though they had owned proper “Jaipur Nagar Nigam” papers for carrying cows, cow vigilantes began to lynch them and some of them were trying to get the diesel from vehicle to burn them alive, according to Amzad. Family members of Pehlu Khan said to Thauseef Ahmed, Secretary, SIO of India, “Policemen had asked him 1 lakh to meet his brother and others, and they snatched 5000 rupees which he had with him. Shockingly, a case is also filed against the victims for stealing cow.” twocircles
 SIO hands over cow to Pehlu Khan’s family: okhlatimes
Babri Masjid row: BJP’s Vinay Katiyar targets CBI over conspiracy, dubs it a ‘bull’
BJP leader Vinay Katiyar targeted the CBI over the Babri Masjid issue on Friday. A couple of days after the Supreme Court, on the appeal filed by CBI, restored the criminal conspiracy charges against senior BJP leaders including Lal Krishna Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti in the Babri Masjid Demolition case, Katiyar mocked the agency. He said CBI has created a conspiracy in the issue (His words: CBI ne rachi hai sazish,wo khula chhoota saand hai. Kam se kam humari sarkar mein toh khula saand ho gya hai CBI).
Police halt Muslim kar sevaks
Ayodhya: Police refused to allow a group of people claiming to be Muslim kar sevaks from entering the shrine of Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya. The group said they had come to help construct Ram temple at the disputed site.The group of 20-25 under the banner of Rashtriya Muslim Morcha reached Ayodhya on Thursday with a truckload of bricks. SSP of Faizabad, Kuldeep Narain, said, "We took them to the police station and asked them to leave Ayodhya."Ayodhya Kotwali SHO Arvind Pandey said the group had people from Gorakhpur, Basti, Deoria and Lucknow. It was led by Azam Khan, who hit headlines for releasing posters in Lucknow demanding a Ram temple in Ayodhya. indiatimes
RSS-backed Muslim outfit backs Ram temple in Ayodhya
'Not Advani, I Incited Mob To Raze Babri Mosque': Ex-BJP Lawmaker Vedanti
Lucknow: Senior BJP leaders such as Lal Krishna Advani to be tried on the Supreme Court's orders for conspiracy to demolish Babri Masjid nearly 25 years ago did not incite the mob of kar sevaks (volunteers) to raze the structure, former BJP lawmaker Ram Vilas Vedanti has said. "He had no role in this incident...I brought it down and ensured that it went down," the lawmaker told the media on Friday.Vedanti said it was he, not Advani or other senior BJP leaders, who provoked the thousands of volunteers who had gathered near the 16th century mosque at Ayodhya on 6 Dec.1992. The Hindu religious leader, who was the BJP's lawmaker from Pratapgarh in UP  in 1998, said he, along with late Ashok Singhal and Mahant Avaidyanath of Gorakhnath Temple exhorted the VHP activists to ensure that the structure was pulled down.Vedanti is one of the 13 people accused by the CBI in the conspiracy to commit the crime that this week's Supreme Court judgment says had "shaken the secular fabric of the Constitution of India". ndtv
Modi govt  firm on Muslim outreach, plans 100 meets -firm-on-muslim-outreach-plans-100-meets-2411354
New Delhi: PM  Narendra Modi's words that his govt's OBC outreach would benefit backwards among Muslims will echo on the ground when his govt  holds conferences across the country to create awareness about it among minorities.The minority affairs ministry, which is spearheading the exercise, is planning around 100 such conferences, including a mega one in Delhi after the MCD polls."A large number of backwards among Muslims are not even aware of the benefits they are entitled to... We want to inform and empower them about their rights," Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told a group of reporters. dnaindia
Court allows Aseemanand to travel out of Hyd till May 17
A court here today granted permission till May 17 to Swami Aseemanand, an accused in the 2007 Mecca Masjid bomb blast case, to travel out of Hyderabad.On April 13, Aseemanand filed a petition in the court of the additional metropolitan sessions judge seeking the permission to appear in a court in Panchakula on April 28 in connection with a case pending against him there.PTI
2,000 madrassas, mosques in UP under security scanner
Bijnor/Meerut: A day after five youths were held for allegedly being involved in a terror plot+ that would have targeted Delhi and UP - while one, the imam of a local mosque called Mohd Faizan, has been arrested, the rest were let off after questioning on Friday - senior police officers told TOI that "some 2,000 mosques and madrassas in and around Bijnor are now under a security scanner".Since most of those who were detained "were impressionable students who studied in different madrassas", the attention of law enforcement agencies is now squarely on the madrassas and mosques dotting this swathe of UP, police said. According to data accessed from the minority affairs department, there are around 500 madrassas out of which 15 are degree level and 55 high school level. There are close to 1,500 mosques in the area under police lens.SP, Bijnor, Ajay Sahani said, "Police and other security agencies will keep a strict vigil over religious institutions across Bijnor and neighbouring areas and also keep track of outsiders in their premises. We will also seek the help of responsible citizens and members of civil society to frequently visit these institutions and places and keep sensitising youngsters in order to prevent them from falling into the radicalisation trap." timesofindia
UP on alert: MP police warn of attacks by ‘ISI-trained sadhus’
Lucknow/New Delhi: UP police tightened security in all districts on Saturday following intelligence inputs that “anti-national elements” dressed like Hindu saints were planning to carry out “spectacular” attacks at prominent religious sites and public places in the state.The inputs, provided by MP police, said the 17-18 men had been trained by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence in Hindu religious practices and shlokas, and might try to blend into the local populace before carrying out strikes. “A group of 17-18 anti-national elements, trained in Hindu rituals, is planning a spectacular incident at prominent religious sites and other sensitive spots in the guise of sadhus,” the letter issued by additional director general of MP police read. The alert comes roughly a month after Hindu hardline leader Yogi Adityanath took over as CM  of the state, and two days after UP’s ATS busted a suspected terror module along with sleuths from five other states. hindustantimes
Saffron clad terrorists may target religious places, shopping malls in UP: indiatvnews
He's 17, what terror can he plot? asks father of IS suspect
Meerut: “He is just a 17-yearold boy , what terror activity could he be involved in? I am stunned at the thought of his involvement in any such plot, because he hardly left the city,“ said a teary-eyed Raees Ahmed, father of Abdur Raheman, who was held by a team of UP ATS from his house in Shamli's Jhinjhana early on Thursday morning. While the family said Raheman is just a teenager, and show his Aadhaar card as proof, police claimed that he is in his early twenties.  A copy of the boy's Aadhaar card, with TOI, shows that his date of birth is Jan.1, 2000. He was held by a team of UP ATS with the help of local police from a mosque in Jhinjhana at 6am on Thurs day morning. “He was at the mosque to offer namaz early in the morning, when police picked him up from there and brought him home. Police also checked our house and not only took Abdur but also some Urdu books and all the cellphones that we had at home ­ five in number,“ said Ahmed, who has a small ration shop in Shamli. economictimes
UP ATS arrests: Life revolved around mosque, Faizan rarely left town, says family
Bijnor: Zainab had last spoken to her husband Faizan past 10 on Wednesday night. Tired from nursing their 22-day-old child, she had told him she was going to sleep. He had promised to be home after morning prayers. 6 hours later, Faizan, or Mufti Faizan as he is known in Badapur where he is the imam in a masjid, was one of four people arrested by the UP  ATS for allegedly planning anti-national activities.The arrests were the result of a joint operation. Faizan was arrested outside the masjid for allegedly being involved in arranging for arms and inciting communal sentiments. It was common for Faizan to visit his family once a week in Alipurajat village. The rest of the time he managed the masjid and lived on the premises, 20 km away in Badapur, and drew a monthly salary of Rs 4,500. Every night, he and Zainab would chat over the phone about his 2 daughters, the family said. indianexpress
UP ATS arrests: Faizan came under radar after Islamic scholar’s arrest last year
7 years' jail for 2 in first Islamic State-related conviction
In the first Islamic State (IS)-related conviction, 2 youths were on Friday sentenced to seven years' imprisonment after they pleaded guilty to conspiring and acting as a "frontier group" of the banned outfit. 2 confessed that they incited, motivated, invited and facilitated people of different nationalities to join the terrorist organisation.District and Sessions Judge Amar Nath convicted Sheikh Azhar Ul Islam from J&K  and Farhan Shaikh from Maharashtra after they submitted in the court that "they repented their acts". The trial of third accused, Adnan Hassan, is continuing before the same court.Naziya Natekar, maternal aunt of Shaikh, said "We never suspected that he was involved in terror activities when he lived with us. We came to know about it only after he was deported from Dubai and arrested in New Delhi. He did not tell us why he is leaving the country, and it was only after a team of police officers came to our residence did we learn that he has been arrested for IS activities. We have lost all hopes of saving him," she said.As far as Azhar is concerned, no one in his family, except his brother, knows that he has been convicted. "He is innocent. He has been framed. He has no criminal record. They have done the verification. He was pursing B.Ed and had even completed teaching practice," said Sheikh Zubair, his brother. dnaindia
2 men plead guilty to working for IS in India, sentenced to 7 years in jail:PTI
Pollution from Europe behind one of India’s worst droughts: UK university study finds
London: Air pollution from Europe contributed to one of the worst ever droughts in India, which affected over 130 million people in the country in 2000, a new study has found. Researchers at Imperial College London in the UK calculated the effect of sulphur dioxide emissions on rainfall in India in the year 2000.PTI
Now, Tamil Nadu farmers to drink urine, eat faeces at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar
Delhi:The protest by Tamil Nadu farmers at Jantar Mantar is set to go from curious to revolting as the protesters vowed to drink their urine on Saturday if the govt  did not pay heed to their demands. Determined to get heard, they also said that if they are still ignored by the Centre, they will be forced to eat human faeces on Sunday.The farmers have been grabbing headlines for their unique, and sometimes bizarre, methods of protest since they arrived in Delhi over 38 days ago. Armed with skulls, which they claimed to be of farmers who had committed suicide, they have stripped naked, bitten mice and snake, conducted mock funerals and even been flogged. They are now sitting at Jantar Mantar with urine collected in plastic bottles, awaiting a response from the govt . hindustantimes
Delhi Police stop farmers from drinking urine, protesters to meet Tamil Nadu CM on Sunday
'Present govt  doesn't allow free media to grow' -doesn-t-allow-free-media-to-grow-117042200491_1.html
New Delhi: The current govt  is not letting the "alternate media" -- organisations run by 'liberal' media persons -- grow, as they are critical of the establishment and stand by the marginalised, eminent journalists said here on Friday.Speaking at the Jamia Milia Islamia's event 'Ainaa 2017', themed "Other Side", veteran journalists spoke about the differences between working for "corporate" media houses and the free media spaces.Senior journalist and political editor of The Caravan magazine, Hartosh Singh Bal, said: "Alternate media is getting into a resource crunch. This govt  is not going to allow its sustainability. Neither are the entrepreneurs looking into this sector.""One cannot be a journalist and work in the corporate or mainstream media, which is a disheartening situation. We all have grown very scared of the word 'liberal'."Seema Mustafa, founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Citizen, an online news portal, also spoke on the same lines and said journalists of the present times will have to face many challenges.IANS

Afghan base attack: Death toll of soldiers rises to 140, officials say number could go up
Afghanistan: As many 140 Afghan soldiers were killed on Friday by Taliban attackers apparently disguised in military uniforms in what would be the deadliest attack ever on an Afghan military base, officials said. One official in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, where the attack occurred, said on Saturday at least 140 soldiers were killed and many others wounded. Other officials said the toll was likely to be even higher. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the govt  has yet to release official casualty figures. A US official in Washington on Friday had put the toll at more than 50 killed and wounded.As many as 10 Taliban fighters, dressed in Afghan army uniforms and driving military vehicles, talked their way onto the base and opened fire on soldiers eating dinner and leaving a mosque after Friday prayers, according to officials. The attackers used rocket-propelled grenades and rifles, they said.Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement on Saturday the attack was retribution for the recent killing of several senior Taliban leaders in northern Afghanistan. hindustantimes
Taliban fighters attack Afghan army base, 'killing 140'
Over 400 militants belong to Balochistan's separatist groups surrender
Quetta: As many as 434 militants belonging to different banned outfits have surrendered in Pakistan's restive Balochistan province. Militants, who handed over their arms to authorities here on Friday, belong to the Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and other separatist groups alleged to have carried out attacks on security installations and personnel in the troubled province.Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Amir Riaz said on the occasion that those wanting to return to normal life were welcome to do so after surrendering. "Anyone laying down their arms would be welcomed," he said. Militants pledged their allegiance to the state of Pakistan at the ceremony, which was also attended by the provincial CM . Pakistan has been battling insurgency in mineral-rich Balochistan since 2004, with hundreds of soldiers and militants killed in the fighting. timesofindia
Nawaz Sharif corruption case: Sirajul haq says will consult lawyers over review petition regarding JIT
Rawalpindi: Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan chief Sirajul Haq said on Friday that he would consult with his party lawyers over filing a review petition regarding the joint investigation team.Speaking to media after having a meeting with Awami Muslim League leader Shaikh Rashid at Laal Haveli here, Sirajul Haq said that the PM should resign after the Panama verdict.He went on to say that the PM  had received an ‘interim baisal’ in the Panama case.On the occasion, thenews

US military pays Syrian rebels up to $400 per month: Pentagon
 Syrian rebels receiving US military training to battle Islamic State militants are being paid $250 to $400 per month, depending on their skills, performance and leadership position, the Pentagon said.It was not immediately clear how many Syrian rebels were currently being paid. Reuters
Qatari royals among 26 hostages released in a population swap with Syria:AP
Baghdad:Qatar has secured the release of 26 hostages after nearly a year and a half in captivity, including members of its ruling family, in what became possibly the region’s most complex and sensitive hostage negotiation deal in recent years.Several people with knowledge of the talks and a person involved in the negotiations said the hostage deal was linked to one of the largest population transfers in Syria’s 6-year-long civil war, and was delayed for several days due to an explosion one week ago that killed at least 130 people, most of them children and govt  supporters, waiting to be transferred.The transfer of thousands of Syrian civilians was also tied to another deal involving 750 political prisoners to be released by the Syrian govt . The complexity of the talks highlights Qatar’s role as an experienced and shrewd facilitator in hostage negotiations this time involving members of the Gulf Arab state’s ruling family.It also raised allegations that the tiny energy rich nation paid millions of dollars to an al-Qaida-linked group to facilitate the population transfer in Syria that led to the hostages’ release in Iraq on Friday.
Iran election campaign kicks off after barred Ahmadinejad from contesting: AFP
Tehran: Campaigning began on Friday for Iran’s presidential election with incumbent Hassan Rouhani facing a tough battle against hard-liners, though not from ex President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was barred from standing. Ahmadinejad’s disqualification by the conservative-run Guardian Council was no surprise — he had been advised not to run by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who said it would “polarize” the nation. “Once the supreme leader had told him not to stand, it became impossible for him to be cleared by the Guardian Council,” said Clement Therme, research fellow for Iran at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.“By his second term, (Ahmadinejad) was even challenging the clerics. He was not useful anymore for the system.”The mood in Tehran has been subdued — many are disillusioned with Rouhani’s failure to kick-start the economy despite broad support for his efforts to rebuild ties with the West, notably through a nuclear deal with world powers that eased sanctions. arabnews
Rouhani to run in Iran’s Prz poll, Ahmadinejad barred
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran can be better managed

Israel crushes marches supporting hunger strikers in W. Bank
9  Palestinians and an Israeli activist were wounded across the West Bank on Friday during an Israeli crackdown on marches in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers inside Israeli jails, Quds Press reported.In the neighbourhoods of the West Bank city of Nablus, Quds Press reporters monitored clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian activists.The reporters said that the Israelis violently dispersed a march by firing large numbers of tear gas canisters at the demonstrators in several places, causing many to suffer from breathing problems. Meanwhile, in Qalqiliya, Quds Press reporter said that 9 Palestinians were wounded, including an Israeli journalist and activist. Israeli forces opened fire at the demonstrators and then extremist Jewish settlers beat them with batons and threw stones at them. middleeastmonitor
8,000 Jewish settlers raid historical sites in the West Bank
Around 8,000 Israeli Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli forces, raided the village of Kifil Haris in the central West Bank city of Salfit and performed Talmudic rituals in an attempt to provoke the local Muslim population, Quds Press reported on Friday.Israeli TV Channel 7 said that among these settlers there were 250 who have recently migrated from France and were planning to settle in the West Bank. Immigration and settlements on Palestinian land is recognised as illegal under international law. middleeastmonitor
HRW: Egypt’s allies cannot claim ignorance about extrajudicial killings
Egyptian military forces in the northern Sinai Peninsula executed at least two and as many as eight unarmed detainees and covered up the killings to make it appear that the victims were armed “terrorists” shot to death in a raid, Human Rights Watch said today. Video of the killings aired by an opposition television channel based in Turkey on April 20, 2017, appears to show a man in a camouflage uniform executing the two men, one after the other, with an assault rifle.Two Sinai sources identified the executioner as a well-known member of a local militia that works at the behest of the Egyptian military. The video also appears to show a member of Egypt’s military intelligence service observing and directing the first execution and that the soldiers used Humvee vehicles supplied by the United States to transport the detainees. Other videos and photographs HRW reviewed corroborate the incident. middleeastmonitor
Sorting Through the Paper Trail of Fake Encounters in Manipur; ANOO BHUYAN
Love in the time of triple talaq: BJP’s new love for Muslim women is based on an unrealistic fantasy: Ajaz Ashraf
Indian media’s new pastime, to question Muslims for what they eat, who they date and how they divorce: Adil Rashid
How VHP’s Bajrang Dal makes money by running a protection racket in Mangalore: Dhirendra K Jha
Erdogan Turns Ataturk’s Turkey Upside Down, Set to Meet PM Modi in Delhi: SAEED NAQVI
Muslim women do not need saving: Afrin Firdaus Idris & Heba Ahmad
Babri demolition case may bring out skeletons in BJP's closet:Amulya Ganguli
Salvaging Aurangzeb’s reputation; Review of Aurangzeb by Audrey Truschke; Shaikh Mujibur Rehman
Beyond the backwardness cap: Quota for Muslims beyond the 50% ceiling in Telangana is justified:  Faizan Mustafa
Depriving JNU: Harsh Mander
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