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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

31 Oct.ND: Claim Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya temple palace is ‘concocted’, ‘self-built’: Centre tells court/UP Govt to introduce NCERT books in madrasas

31 Oct.2017: 10 Safar 1439:Vol:9, No:34
Claim Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya temple palace is ‘concocted’, ‘self-built’: Centre tells Agra court
The central Govt  in its response to a suit filed in an Agra court has stated that the claim Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya Temple palace is “concocted” and “self-built,” according to a report by Bar&Bench. Centre’s statement in response to a suit filed in 2015 by 6 lawyers in the Court of Civil Judge, Agra, has come amidst a heated campaign by hardline nationalists against the Mughal monument.The suit filed by the 6 lawyers had contended that Taj Mahal is a temple palace ‘Tejo Mahalaya’ and seat of Lord Agreshwar Mahadev Naagnatheshwar. It also claimed that the property belonged to the deity.6 lawyers had said that the suit is being filed to assert the right of ‘Darshan’, ‘Pooja’ and performance of all the rituals at Taj Mahal. They had also opposed Muslims offering Namaz within the property. They claimed that Mughal ruler Shah Jahan had usurped the said Tejo Mahalaya’ palace from ‘Raja Jai Singh’ for converting the same into a memorial of his late wife, Mumtaz.However, the Centre called the plaintiff’s version a “concocted, self-built” story attempting to let down the image of the nation and public at large.Govt  also asserted that Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Arjumand Bano Begum known by the name Mumtaz.Centre also said that as per the records available, the said property was taken “in lieu/ exchange” of other properties given to Raja in turn.It also stated that Muslims are offering Namaz in a mosque nearby which is separate from Taj Mahal.Meanwhile, Special Task Force today arrested UP  Navnirman Sena leader Amit Jani and his associate for allegedly outraging religious feelings by posting on WhatsApp a photoshopped picture of the Taj Mahal with saffron flags atop its pinnacle and minarets. Outlook
Yogi Govt to introduce NCERT books in madrasas; Science, Maths Compulsory -set-to-introduce-ncert-books-in-madrasas-4914711/
Lucknow:Yogi Adityanath Govt has decided to introduce NCERT books and make math and science compulsory subjects at the higher secondary level in madrasas. The move comes after the state Govt recently started the process of online registration of madrasas, apart from asking them to provide details of teachers, number of students and management committee members.“UP Madrasa Board is working on the proposal, which has been given the initial go ahead. We will not touch religious curriculum, and instead have planned to introduce additional steps to make madrasa education more effective and job-oriented,” state Minority Affairs Minister, Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary said.“The idea is to not only make subjects like math and science compulsory, but also introduce vocational education so that students coming out of madrasas in the state can compete with other schools as well,” he added. Chaudhary said the proposal is still in its initial stages and the department is working on giving it final shape. He further said, “State Govt is working on the lines of introducing visible changes in the curriculum to ensure that students coming from madrasas can complete with others in professions like medical as well as engineering.”Earlier in the day, Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma had also tweeted, “NCERT books will also be incorporated for study in madrasas, the madrasa board is making preparations…math and science will be made compulsory at the Alia level…After permission from the Govt , board is making preparations.”Subjects like math, home science, science, general studies, logic and philosophy were introduced to madrasa curriculum at the higher secondary level a few years ago as part of the modernisation initiative. However, these subjects are optional. The compulsory subjects include Arabic and Persian literature, Urdu literature, Theology (Shia/Sunni), General English etc.“Madrasa education is in two parts. One is Dinayat or Islamiyat, the other is general education. While we are not making any changes in the Dinayat part, we are just trying to ensure that the curriculum is divided classwise as per the age and aptitude of the child. As far as the second part — general education — is concerned, we are trying to standardise it according to modern trends and global point of view,” said Rahul Gupta, registrar of UP Board of Madrasa Education.Gupta further said that NCERT already has science, maths and social science books in Urdu and the board is working on a draft to introduce modern education so that students can compete with those of any other board. He also said that after completion, the draft will first be cleared by the board and then sent to Govt  for final approval.
Yogi's saffron agenda pushed into madarsas with new schoolbook:Mail Today
NCERT books in madrassas will increase pressure on students: Clerics
Bareilly: After UP Govt cleared a proposal to introduce NCERT books in approximately 19,000 madrasas across the state, clerics and madrassa managers opposed the move, claiming "it will create unnecessary pressure on students who also have to study at least eight religious books in Arabic and Persian". They also claimed that the move might affect the future of these students as "they will not be able to gain specialisation in either of religious or modern education due to work overload". Mufti Mohammed Salim Noori, spokesperson of Dargah Aala Hazrat, said, "New modern syllabus should be designed after consulting experienced madrassa teachers. The future of madrassa students will hang in balance after they are made to study NCERT books because they will have half-baked knowledge of both modern and religious education. If parents want their children to study NCERT books, they will enrol their kids in a school rather than sending them to madrassas." He also added, "Why is Govt not introducing NCERT books in Sanskrit schools? Instead of focusing on the development of state, UP Govt is concentrating on regularly introducing new directives for madrassas."Maulana Shahbudin Razvi, general secretary of Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa and head of Madrassa Razviya Nurool Uloom, said, "Before introduction of NCERT books, the focus of the Govt should be on enhancing the basic infrastructure of madrassas. Madrassas need experienced teachers for this purpose."Barelvi cleric Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan who also runs a madrassa said that they already have been teaching modern education in madrassas. Mufti Mohammed Miya Qasmi, founder of Madrassa Arabia Kashif Uloom, said, "We have no objection if students are taught English, computer science and other subjects along with religious education. However, if the same format of schools is introduced in madrassas, it will defeat the purpose of setting up madrassas whose aim is to specialise students in Quran and Hadith. NCERT textbooks will divert the attention of students from religious education." timesofindia
Congress hails Yogi Govt's decision to introduce NCERT books in Madrasas
New Delhi; Congress hailed UP Govt's decision to introduce NCERT books in Madrasas across the state. Congress leader Salman Khurshid said, "I think nothing is wrong in that. I think madrasas have been teaching modern education other than their own religious teachings. These books should be made available. I am sure Madrasas will be happy to comply with it. It will make the people, who come out from madrasas employable. They can't just become priest and go to the mosque. So, I think this is good decision."BJP also welcomed UP Govt's initiative and lauded Yogi Adityanath for implementing Narendra Modi's vision.ANI
Dalit, Muslim groups in Bengal unite to mark Babri demolition and Ambedkar death anniversary
Kolkata : A number of Muslim and dalit organisations have come together to hold a mega public gathering in Kolkata on Dec.6 to mourn the demolition of Babri masjid and observe death anniversary of B R Ambedkar simultaneously.This is the first time an initiative of this kind has been taken in the state. The motto, organisers say, is “to fight manuvadi and brahminical fascism.”In Bengal, people belonging to scheduled caste (23%) and Muslim (27%) communities comprise nearly half the population.“Earlier, dalits used to observe Ambedkar’s death anniversary while Muslims mourned the demolition of Babri masjid.This year, we have decided to bring all programmes under one banner and hold a single event on Dec. 6,” said Sukriti Ranjan Biswas, president of Samya, Shanti, Sampriti Mancha (forum for equality, peace and harmony), an amalgamation of dalit and Muslim organisations founded in late 2016.Around 3 dozen dalit and Muslim organisations based in various parts of Bengal are coming together to make the initiative successful.Biswas - a dalit leader who mostly works among refugees from Bangladesh - alleged that politicians have always used dalits against Muslims for electoral gains. “We will foil their plan,” he said. Organisers believe that the event will become a major step towards forging a dalit-Muslim unity in Bengal against BJP and saffron organisations.BJP has been in the crosshairs of Dalit and Muslim groups across India after attacks were perpetrated by cow vigilantes groups.“Initial steps towards dalit-Muslim unity were taken last year to maintain peace and harmony and defeat divisive campaign by Brahminical fascist forces. With the Dec. 6 rally, we hope to strengthen this unity,” Mohammad Kamrujjaman, general secretary of Mancha, said. Incidentally, several organisations set to participate in the event earlier came together and took out a rally in Kolkata in support of the Rohingya Muslims. Thousands marched in the city protesting the Centre’s stand on the refugees from Myanmar.HT
Ayodhya issue: UP Shia Waqf Board chief meets Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; supports temple at the site
Lucknow: Amid reports of mediation talks by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the Ayodhya issue, UP Shia Central Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi met the Art of Living founder in Bengaluru today and apprised him of the Board’s stand that a Ram temple should be built at the site.“I met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and apprised him of the (Shia) Board’s stand that a Ram temple should be constructed at the Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya. I have met all seers and mahants contesting the case for the construction of a temple in court. All of them are ready for talks,” Rizvi told PTI over the phone.Shia Waqf Board is drafting the terms and conditions of a mutual agreement, he said.“Shia Central Waqf Board does not want any mosque to be constructed at Ram’s birth place. Instead it should be constructed elsewhere in a Muslim populated area,” he said. Rizvi said that the number of mosques in Ayodhya were sufficient for the Muslims residing there. There is no need for a new mosque, he said. He claimed that those demanding the construction of a mosque at Ram’s birthplace, or near it, only wanted to linger the dispute.“The demolished mosque belonged to the Shia Waqf and the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has no right to decide on it. Only the Shia board has the right to decide,” Rizvi claimed.I have conveyed my intentions to Ravi Shankar, he said, adding that the initiative would strengthen Hindu-Muslim brotherhood.PTI
Ayodhya snub for 'outsider'
'Compulsory Aadhar threat to national security. I Am Sure SC will strike it down': Subramanian Swamy
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday said that he will write a letter to PM  Narendra Modi, emphasising on how "compulsory Aadhar" is a threat to the national security."I am writing a letter soon to PM detailing how compulsory Aadhar is a threat to our national security. SC will I am sure strike it down," Swamy tweeted.Swamy's tweet comes after the Supreme Court on Monday issued notice to the Centre on a petition challenging mandatory linking of Aadhaar number with mobile connections.The top court has asked the Central Govt  to file response within the next 4 weeks.OUTLOOK
Plea seeking minority status for Hindus in 8 states filed in SC
New Delhi:A pleas seeking minority status for Hindus in eight state was filed in Supreme Court on Monday. The petitioner sought a court directive to announce the community in the states that including J&K. The plea was filed BJP leader and advocate Ashwini Upadhyay.The petitioner wrote in the plea that the National Minority Commission was formed by passing the Act in 1992– it was implemented in 1993 in all the states excluding J&K. According to the law, communities that would be given the status of a minority by the state Govt will be considered minorities. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsi communities were identified as minorities. in 2014, Jains were also included in the list. But Hindus were not included despite being a minority in eight states.Dainik Jagran reported that the plea said Hindus were minority in 8 states– Lakshadweep (2.5%), Mizoram (2.7% ), Nagaland (8.75%), Meghalaya (11.53% ), J&K  (28.44 % ), Arunachal Pradesh (29% ), Manipur (31.39% ) and Punjab (38.40% ). In these states, majority communities are enjoying the benefits meant for minorities. Hindus in these states are not being extended the benefits of being a minority community.
Kashmiri separatists won’t talk to interlocutor, say appointment ‘a new tactic’
Srinagar:Kashmiri separatist leaders on Tuesday said they won’t have any talks with the central Govt ’s interlocutor for J&K , calling his appointment “a new tactic” by New Delhi.Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL),conglomerate of senior separatist leaders, rejected any possibility of engaging in parleys with former Intelligence Bureau chief Dineshwar Sharma.The statement was issued by JRL leaders Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Yasin Malik.“To be part of this so-called dialogue process would be a futile exercise for any Kashmiri since this new tactic has been adopted by the Indian Govt  after its failure to crush the aspirations of the freedom loving people through military repression,”they said.The statement added: “In principle we have always advocated and supported sincere and productive dialogue as a means to resolve the conflict in J&K .“Our stand on dialogue requires the basic acknowledgment that there is a dispute that has to be resolved.“Indian Govt  has continuously refused to accept this basic premise and the reality on the ground.”Reacting to the opposition to Congress leader P Chidambaram’s demand for greater autonomy for J&K , the statement said: “Even the assertion by their own leaders on restoration of autonomy to the state has been rejected by the Indian Govt  although the same is guaranteed by their own constitution.”leaders took strong exception to Sharma’s statement that J&K  has to be saved from becoming another Syria.The statement said: “To compare the internationally recognized 70-year-old political and humanitarian issue of Kashmir to that of the sectarian war and power struggle in Syria is deception and propaganda as there is no relation between the two situations.”IANS
2 months after his arrest by NIA, J-K photojournalist’s family waits for answers
Pulwama: Tahab village’s Rubeena Akhtar takes out old newspapers she keeps in a gunny sack.“Kashmir Times, Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Uzma,” she murmurs as she takes the papers out one by one, and shows the photographs in them. “Look. In all of them, you will find pictures he has taken.” The credit line reads ‘Kamran Yousuf/Pulwama’. Akhtar’s son, 20-year-old photojournalist was arrested by NIA on Sep. 4, for allegedly colluding with stone-throwing protesters. Nearly two months later, his family asks for evidence that they have found against him.“They have alleged he was taking money,” says Akhtar,42, when Indian Express meets them earlier this month. “Kamran had three bank accounts — 2 of them were closed long back because of no transactions. The only operational bank account has Rs 1,900 in it.”Pulwama SSP Mohammad Aslam admits there is no FIR against him. “But there are certain FIRs registered against others where we are trying to establish if he had any role. That is being verified.” Pressed about a specific case against Kamran, Aslam said they were investigating a video uploaded by him of a Tricolour being burnt by protesters in Karimabad village.NIA PRO Alok Mittal, however, says Kamran was arrested as “his name surfaced in the investigation of a terror-funding case”. “We came to know later that he is also working as a photojournalist.”With his mother a single parent, Kamran started working early. At the time of his arrest,he was working as a freelance photojournalist for several local dailies and as a reporter and stringer for 2 Urdu channels, Gulistan News and Musnif TV. “You can check it yourself,” says Kamran’s maternal grandfather Yousuf Ganai as he spreads out several documents and identity cards on the floor.The documents include an identity card from the ECI authorising him to cover the parliamentary bypolls for Srinagar and Anantnag constituencies, a card from Gulistan News showing him as its reporter, and an identity card from Munsif TV identifying him as its stringer. Indian Express
MP ‘forcible conversion’:HC handsover children to parents
Indore: A week after 7 Christian children were made to deboard a train at the railway station here by Hindu Dharm Jagran Manch activists, Madhya Pradesh High Court on Monday handed over the children to their parents.A habeas corpus petition had been filed before the Indore bench by the parents who contended that the children were going to Mumbai to attend a Bible-reading session with their consent but were illegally detained and kept at a secret location.On Oct.23, Anita Joseph, a resident of Christian Quarters in Scheme No 78, was to board Avantika Express with the seven children, who live near her house, and her 19-year-old old daughter to Mumbai. Before the train started, some right-wing activists reached the station and accused her and one Amrit Kumar Matera, who had come to drop off the children, of taking the children forcibly to Mumbai and later to Kerala for conversion, and beat them up.Based on a complaint by activists of the Jagran Manch, GRP booked Anita and Amrit for alleged kidnapping and under the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, and sent the children to a shelter. Sophie, Anita’s daughter, was asked to go home because she is an adult. The two were remanded in police custody. A day later, Amrit was booked under POCSO, allegedly under pressure from the activists.When the habeas corpus case came up on Monday, the bench of Justices S C Sharma and Alok Verma asked the prosecution to produce the children. The parents said they were concerned about the safety of their wards and that despite requests the police did not release them. They alleged that the sequence of events was politically motivated.“Constitutional rights of the petitioners have been imperiled by illegal detention of their children without any reason,” the petition said.Dennis Micheal, who filed the petition on behalf of the parents, said he was severely beaten when he reached the police station after hearing the news. He said the activists beat and abused the children and their relatives but the police did not act against them.The petition alleged that respondent No 6, Vinod Sharma, a right-wing activist who led the group to the station, was threatening the petitioners. The petition also sought registration of FIR against Mishra and others. indianexpress
Faridabad lynching: Junaid Khan case judge says senior law officer helping accused, seeks action
Chandigarh:The judge of the trial court hearing Junaid Khan murder case has sought action against a senior Govt  lawyer for allegedly helping persons charged with killing the 15-year-old. In an interim order on Oct.25, Additional District and Sessions Judge, Faridabad, YS Rathore said that Additional Advocate General Naveen Kaushik was assisting the counsel of the main accused, Naresh Kumar, in cross-examination of prosecution witnesses. As per court records, the judge said Kaushik was “suggesting questions to be put to the witnesses” at 2 hearings, on Oct.24 and 25.“This act of Naveen Kaushik, Additional Advocate General Haryana amounts to professional misconduct and is against legal ethics and highly unbecoming of an Advocate, particularly because he is a Law Officer in the office of Advocate General, Haryana,” Judge Rathore said on Oct.25.Stating that it is a sensitive case in which “according to prosecution case, one boy of minority community was killed during the quarrel in a train over sharing of seats with passengers of majority community after the deceased was allegedly abused on religious lines”,Judge said in case Kaushik appears along with the defence counsel, “it will send a wrong signal and will also create a feeling of insecurity amongst the victim party and will adversely effect the aim of the court to conduct free and fair trial”.Judge Rathore added, “Accordingly, a letter be written to Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh for taking up matter with State Govt, Office of Advocate General,Haryana and Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh for taking necessary action against him.”According to Judge Rathore’s order, when the court told Kaushik that he could not appear along with defence counsel in the case, being a law officer of Govt , Kaushik said he had “come only to watch the court proceedings”, and that “on being confronted, Naveen Kaushik has left court room”.IndianExpress
Junaid Khan lynching: Haryana law officer ticked off by trial court linked to RSS outfit
Pehlu Khan died of heart attack, said hospital owned by BJP leader:TCN
Mob-lynching in India is neither new nor specific to certain regions of the country. However, over the past few years, the nature of such has changed from mere angry mobs to targeted attacks on individuals belonging to certain communities, especially Muslims. And Pehlu Khan happened to one such Muslim whose life ended at the hands of the so-called cow vigilantes. He was beaten to death in full public view, the ghastly event was recorded and circulated in public, the media went berserk (for some time at least), and yet there are ‘debates’ over who, or what killed him.When Rajasthan Police exonerated 6 people accused of murdering Khan, a number of people were shocked.But for Rajasthan Police and Govt, this was the result of meticulous cover-ups and planning. And the role of Dr Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of State for Culture, Environment, Forests and Climate Change and his hospital shows the levels at which justice for Pehlu Khan was denied. Sharma as part of Kailash Healthcare Limited which runs Kailash Hospital, where Khan was brought after the attack. But before we get into what the doctors at Kailash Hospital did, let us go back to what conducted by a medical board of three Govt  doctors from Community Health Centre (CHC), Behror, revealed. In their findings, Govt doctors wrote: “After careful examination of dead body by medical board, the fact[s] reveal that cause of death is shock brought as a result of antemortem thoraco-abdominal injuries mention[ed] in PMR [post-mortem] report sufficient to cause of death as ordinary course of nature.” And yet, the police and the prosecution are trying to negate the report with statements from doctors at the private Kailash Hospital in Behror where Khan had passed away.TCN
A year after Bhopal jail break, encounter deaths of 8 SIMI activists, loopholes remain in probe: lawyers
A year after 8 SIMI activists escaped from Bhopal Central Jail and were killed in subsequent encounter, lawyers representing kin of those killed have said that several questions surrounding the encounter still remain unanswered. They said that they will take the next step of legal recourse after they receive the official report of inquiry commission."The commission didn't allow cross-examination of the prosecution's witnesses and (cross-examination of) the articles that were presented before the panel," said Deepchand Yadav, senior lawyer on Monday. "Neither keys that were supposedly made by toothbrushes to open the locks of ISO certified high-security jail, were shown before commission, nor the sheets that were used to make ladders and scale the walls were presented. We were not even taken along by the panel during spot examination", he added. Senior lawyer Syed Sajid Ali said that there were grievances with the administration, as facts were suppressed and even the commission didn't leave scope for equal opportunity."There are hundreds of locks in jail that are changed daily on rotation basis and entries are made in registers. The prisoners have no idea which lock would be installed in which cell or barrack, yet, keys were made."Casting doubts on the police theory,Ali said, "In (Bhopal) Central Jail, it is not possible to open a lock from inside the cell. But as per the account of the police, eight persons made keys, opened the locks, came out of cells, managed to break out of barrack too,walked passed all security with no camera functioning that day, and scaled the walls." Raising further questions on the encounter, Ali wondered how the 8 men allegedly killed one guard while leaving the other unharmed and then dressed up, shaved and covered just 10 kms in eight hours after which they were shot dead."We have come to know through the media that the probe by justice (retired) SK Pandey Commission has given a clean-chit to administration. Once the report is tabled in the Assembly and we get it, we can challenge it in the high court", he said. The lawyers have claimed that there are many loopholes in the investigation — ranging from contradictions in versions given by officials of the escapees being armed or unarmed and on the recovery of weapons. "After the encounter, media persons had reached spot but no weapon was to be found, yet later in the evening the police had suddenly claimed that weapons were found on the spot." huffingtonpost
Year after jailbreak and encounter of 8 ‘SIMI men’, kin have no hope of getting justice:HT
China denies report of plan to build 1,000-km tunnel to divert Brahmaputra waters to Xinjiang
Beijing: China denied as “false” a news report that it plans to build a 1,000-km tunnel to divert water from the Brahmaputra river at a site close to the India border to arid Xinjiang in the country’s northwest.Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post had reported on Monday that more than 100 Chinese engineers were involved in testing techniques that could be used to build the tunnel, which would be the world’s longest. “This is a false report,” foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a regular ministry briefing when she was asked about the report. “China will continue to attach great importance to cross-border river cooperation,” she added.HT
Jaipur Municipal Corporation staff begins day with national anthem, ends with national song
Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) on Tuesday began the practice of playing the national anthem at start of day and the national song in the evening at its headquarters. It directed all its staffers to be present.By the end of this month, the national anthem and song would be played at all zonal offices and fire stations, Mayor Ashok Lahoti said. He said the first stanza of the national song would be played on speakers and the employees can then go home.“This is to develop a positive work culture in the office. The national anthem will be played at 9.50 am and national song at 5.55 pm and all the staff will be present and pay respect,” Lahoti said.The anthem and song would be played on speakers in the entire office premises and the staff do not need to assemble at one place, the mayor said.“Wherever we are in the office premises, we will stand and pay respect when the national anthem and national song are played,” he told PTI.
Agra alleged gangrape of Hindu girl case: CCTV shows victim went to meet accused on her own, say Police
Agra:These revelations will upset radical elements who are trying to plunge Agra into communal tension over an alleged gangrape of a Hindu girl by some Muslim guys. Agra police has come up with a CCTV footage that could throw out the kidnap-gangrape theory making it apparent that the girl had herself gone to meet the guy.SSP Agra Amit Pathak said that the girl, a resident of Shahganj police station area in Agra had allegedly been abducted by a Muslim youth named Tahir alias Johnny who is a resident of Sarai Khwaja. Girl's parents had alleged that Tahir took their daughter to Dholpur with him on the pretext of marrying her and then raped her along with 8-10 of his friends. When the girl became seriously injured and became unconscious, Tahir called the parents of the girl and informed them that she has had an accident. The parents reached the spot where Tahir had called them and brought their daughter to Agra, where she was admitted to SN Medical College.SSP said that while the girl was in the hospital, she regained consciousness for some time and told her parents that she had been raped by 8-10 guys including Johnny. The parents filed an FIR of kidnapping and rape in Shahganj police station against Johnny and 8-10 unknown youth and the police has arrested Johnny. The girl's medical test has not yet been conducted as the police is waiting for her to regain full consciousness and register her statement before a magistrate. However, he said, after checking CCTV footage from the Sadar police station gate as well as the Saiyyan Toll Booth on Agra-Gwalior highway, it is clear that the girl had gone to meet Tahir voluntarily, riding her own scooter. Whether she met with an accident or was indeed raped, will be clear after the medical test is conducted.India Today
NIA submits status report on Kerala conversions
New Delhi:In a status report filed before the Supreme Court on Monday, NIA said they have examined 5 women and a man, who claimed that they were lured to convert to Islam and a “common thread” ran through all the cases. 70-page report in a sealed cover was filed by the agency pertaining to the ongoing investigation in the case where Asokan, father of a 25-year-old Hindu woman, has alleged that his daughter was forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man.As reported by The Hindu, NIA told the SC that it was not able to question Akhila alias Hadiya even once as her father said she was not in “right frame of mind.” NIA said its officers had examined nine such cases of conversion to Islam. In at least four cases, the involvement of members of PFI was established. NIA said it had examined a woman named Sainaba, an activist of SDPI —political arm of PFI — would question her again. thehindu
All passport holders in Deoband will have to get papers verified by Saharanpur cops
Saharanpur Police will conduct a passport verification drive in Deoband and other areas of the city amid reports of terror modules hiding in the area and neighbouring regions. 2 suspected  Bangladeshi terrorist had recently managed to get Indian passports on Deoband addresses.This move comes after UP’s ATS arrested Abdullah, a Bangladeshi national, in August for allegedly preparing fake identity cards, especially for those from his country, and helping them with safe hideouts in India. He is also accused of being a member of the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), a militant outfit.“Keeping in mind several incidents, direction is issued to conduct address verification of passports holders residing in 6 different police station areas, including Deoband. These are areas where several people from outside Saharanpur district have settled. Police team of concerned police station will assist officials of LIU in the drive, “ said Babloo Kumar,SP, Saharanpur. An enquiry into Abdullah’s passport is still underway, he added. business-standard
YC Modi,who probe Gujarat riots,takes charge as NIA chief
 New Delhi:Senior IPS officer YC Modi, who was part of a Supreme Court-appointed team that probed the 2002 Gujarat riots cases, on Monday took over as NIA chief, succeeding Sharad Kumar. In an official statement, the probe agency said, Yogesh Chander Modi, a 1984 batch IPS officer of Assam-Meghalaya cadre, took over as DG of NIA.He succeeded Sharad Kumar, a 1979 batch IPS officer of Haryana Cadre, who completed his tenure.Modi was part of the SIT that probed the Gujarat riots cases in Aug.2010 and remained part of the team till July 2012.SIT had cleared Narendra Modi, who at that time was Gujarat CM, in Gulbarg Society massacre case.HT
Rajnath attributes IS failure in India to communal harmony
Hyderabad:Attributing the failure of IS-backed terror outfits in radicalising Indian youth to communal harmony, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said a few youth in India were influenced by such ideology.Singh said that IS and its network, however, succeeded in setting up recruiting cells elsewhere in other countries and have carried out several operations."India has not been unaffected by these global developments but compared to other countries, only a small number in India is influenced by the radical ideology of IS," said Singh.deccanherald
Secret SID report warns Maha govt of Muslim unrest while CM terms report as baseless: TOI report
State Govt  policies like the beef ban, the clean chit to Malegaon blasts accused Sadhvi Pragya and the education policy that treats madrasas students as ‘out of school children’ has been causing some heat burn among the Muslim community in the state says a secret report by the state intelligence department.6-page report, that was accessed by TOI, cautioned Maharashtra Govt about unrest among Muslims.The report by SID that was submitted to state home dept in Aug.just before Eid and Ganeshotsav, urged that the Govt  to take precautions as both festivals would be celebrated in the same week. Ganeshotsav festivities went on from Aug.25 to Sept. 5, Bakri-Eid was on Sept.2.According to SID finding, TOI reports that, discontent among the community was a result of Govt  policies like the beef ban and delay in rolling out educational quotas for Muslims. Education dept's policy, which treats students studying in madrasas as `out-of-school children' (outside the formal education system), was causing a heartburn to some sections of the community, the findings revealed.The report by TOI goes on to say that Intelligence officials had notified the state Govt  that some religious groups were using the execution of Yakub Memon and the clean chit given to Malegaon blasts accused Sadhvi Pragya to portray the state govt as anti-Muslim. Moreover, the arrest of some Muslim youngsters for suspected "ISIS sympathies" by ATS had angered the community furthermore. The recent increase of ‘violence’ by gaurakshaks against Muslims and Dalits has only made matters worse. CM Devendra Fadnavis, however, has rubbished the claims and termed the report as baseless. "No such report has been submitted.If you have any such report, then it must be fabricated," he told TOI.
Arrest of IS suspects: ATS questions Imam of a Gujarat's mosque
Surat: Following the arrest of two suspected IS operatives from Surat, Gujarat ATS officials on Monday picked up a maulana (Imam) of the Botawala mosque in Surat. ATS also carried out search operations at residences of the arrested operatives. Maulana Ishaq of Botawala mosque was picked up near Makkai pool bridge in Nanpura. However, he was released after a round of interrogations. Maulana has been instructed to not leave the city till the time investigations are over.SP of the Gujarat ATS K K Patel said, “We have interrogated Maulana Ishaq and took his statements. We have told him not to leave the city till investigations ends. We have seized the CPU of the computer which Kasim was using at the hospital. We have also seized Jamaica work permit letters from his residence. Both the seized items have been sent to FSL for further analyses. We have also taken statements from Kasim’s friends and family members.” Indianexpress
Muslim Outfits including Mushawarat, Jamaat, seek political say:‘Why is Muslim missing from poll narrative of BJP, Cong?’ Indian express report
Ahmedabad: Representatives of 4 Muslim organisations have expressed concern that the community is missing from the poll narrative of both the BJP and the Congress. At a press meet of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Insaf Trust, Hamaari Awaaz, Gujarat Unit of Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, a view was expressed that both the Congress and the ruling BJP were either “ignoring Muslims or avoiding” the community’s core problems like their demand for due representation in polls and discriminating against them in all the spheres of life.“Congress asking Muslims to abandon their religious attire and yet wanting their votes is a dangerous trend if it spreads to other parts of the country,” said Kaleem Siddiqui of Insaf Trust. He was referring to a report about a Congress party meeting reportedly making a suggestion that Muslims should keep a low profile during voting. Chairman of Congress Committee’s Minority Cell, Khurshid Ahmed Saiyed said, “A meeting of Gujarat Congress minority leaders was held on Sunday at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan. There was no such advice given to Muslims. But knowing that BJP is master of polarisation by showing fake videos or photographs of Hindus clad in Islamic dresses in wrong context… a party worker was telling his colleagues that Muslims should be wary of such things and keep a low profile”. Mohammed Shafi Madni head of Gujarat unit of Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat said that Muslims constitute 10% population, and in 21 Assembly seats where they constitute 20% population, Muslim candidates should be fielded. He also said the Govt should not keep representation of Muslims limited to Waqf Board or Haj Committee, they should hold stake in all Govt  bodies.Social worker Umar Vohra said that Muslims had no social space in the State as avenues of inter community interaction. He said that Muslims were not demanding reservation in jobs but they must be given reservation in education. They said that the Disturbed Areas Act that came into being in 1986 was the biggest reason for ghettoisation of Muslims, which must be abolished or injustice to Muslims in the name of this law must be stopped at the earliest.“But no party was talking about this,” he added. The community leaders alleged that BJP Govt was effectively discriminating against the Muslims by denying allotment of homes under affordable housing schemes. They also demanded Govt must stop denial of benefits to the community in the name of appeasement on the one hand and giving same benefits to other communities. They said this discrimination must be stopped immediately.
Bajrang Dal’s ‘reminder’ about cow protection law, a sign for BJP govt to stay on course
New Delhi:At the end of its 3-day national convention in Bhopal on Sunday, Bajrang Dal blamed the Govt  for failing to bring in a central law to protect cows and vilifying Hindutva groups who revere the bovine. Bajrang Dal passed 3 resolutions, which included one on ‘commitment to cow protection’.These ‘reminders’ from the Dal about a cow protection law, the need to hasten the construction of a Ram Temple at Ayodhya, the call for scrapping Article 370 in J&K  and the reiteration of all Indians being Hindus, are messages to Govt  to stay the course and consolidate the majority vote. hindustantimes
Ahmedabad infant deaths: Panel gives clean chit to hospital, says did its best, facilities all well
Ahmedabad : The committee set up by the Gujarat Health Dept to probe 18 newborn deaths at the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad on Monday gave the hospital a clean chit, stating that it had “done its best in dealing with the nine cases”, and that the facilities there are in “good condition”.Death of 9 infants on Saturday at hospital — the state’s biggest medical institution — had sparked protests, leading CM  Vijay Rupani to direct an immediate investigation. indianexpress
AAP revokes Amanatullah’s suspension, Vishwas fumes
New Delhi:AAP has revoked the suspension of Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan, three days before the party’s annual national council meeting, inviting a stinging backlash from its founder member Kumar Vishwas. The move is expected to further alienate Vishwas within the party. Khan’s suspension in May had capped a bitter spat within the party following a string of poll upsets. The MLA had called Vishwas an “agent of the BJP” while accusing him of plotting to split the AAP.The party had formed a 3-member committee comprising Ashutosh, Atishi Marlena and Pankaj Gupta to look into Khan’s issue. However, it was largely seen as an exercise to mollify Vishwas and prevent a split. “Ashutosh called me yesterday and told me that the party has decided to revoke the suspension. I think my services are required in the upcoming polls in Gujarat,” Khan said. However, Vishwas lashed out at the decision, suggesting that the party was merely trying to provoke him into reacting so that he can be thrown out in the guise of disciplinary action.PTI
Halt to selective targeting of NGOs, activists demanded
New Delhi : A group of leaders and scholars from different backgrounds on Monday urged the central Govt  to "refrain from targeting any organisation or group as part of its political agenda" so as to ensure their freedom.The group includes senior lawyer Prashant Bushan, writers K. Sachidanand and Nivedida Menon and film producer Gopal Menon.In a joint statement, they demanded a halt on "demonising social activists, NGOs, the impartial media, the progressive and minority organisations and Muslims" who seek a peaceful and secure life in harmony with their fellow citizens."While hate-mongers and extremist outfits connected with Hindutva politics roam free by dividing people and instigating violence on religious minorities and progressive sections, the central Govt  and state Govt s under its control remain passive without fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities," the statement said. The signatories to the statement also included representatives of the Delhi State Minorities Commission, All India Milli Council, Rashtriya Dalit Mahasabha, South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre, WPI, Alliance for Justice and Peace, Dalit Voice, Jamiathul Ulama- and the National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations. ANS
Gujarat polls: Muslims queue up for BJP tickets
AHMEDABAD: Muslims had turned up in large numbers in 2011 when then CM  Narendra Modi tried an image makeover and launched Sadbhavna Mission to attract the minorities.A year later, however, the "sadbhavna" failed to translate into reality with the saffron party not fielding any Muslim candidate in the 2012 Gujarat assembly elections. This, even after the BJP offered tickets to Muslims in the local body polls in 2010 and many of them emerging winners.Five years down the line, Muslims leaders are seeking some "real sadbhavna" and hoping that BJP — that has since 1980 fielded only one candidate in assembly elections in year 1998 — to turn a new leaf politically and field minority candidates for making greater inroads into the community.BJP Minority Morcha has demanded several seats in the upcoming elections. Mehboob Ali Chisti, BJP Minority Morcha in-charge believes that since there are around 350 Muslims who secured seats for BJP in local body polls in urban areas in 2015, Muslims could win assembly polls for BJP in certain constituencies. "During the recent Parliamentary Board meeting, many Muslim community leaders have requested for party ticket. Representations have been made for Jamalpur-Khadia, Vejalpur, Vagra, Wankaner, Bhuj and Abdasa seats," Chishti said.
UK should mark Balfour centenary by recognising Palestine: Labour
Labour Party has made a powerful appeal to British PM Theresa May to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration by formally recognising the Palestinian state.Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry told Middle East Eye that the time was now right to do this. “I don’t think we celebrate the Balfour Declaration but I think we have to mark it because I think it was a turning point in the history of that area and I think the most important way of marking it is to recognise Palestine.British Govt have said they will do, it's just a question of when the time is right and it seems to me this is the time,” Thornberry said. Thornberry will be attending an official dinner at which the Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu will be present. She will be going in place of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who was invited but will not attend. Thornberry said she feared that Israel had "lost its way" and was heading for a one-state reality.“And in that way they are letting down the Israeli people because you cannot have a democratic, Jewish one state in that area. So they will have to choose.”She acknowledged that Lord Balfour's letter had been a "turning point in the history” of the region, but that today Britain should measure all of its actions and statements on Israel by the standard of whether they will secure two viable states.Asked whether she felt uneasy that no Palestinian representatives had been invited to the official dinner, Thornberry said she would be attending a Balfour meeting with Palestinians as well.
7 Palestinians killed as Israel strikes Gaza tunnel:aljazeera
At least 7 Palestinians have been killed after Israeli forces destroyed a tunnel in a southern town of the Gaza Strip, in an attack described by besieged enclave's rulers as a dangerous escalation. Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said that nine others were also wounded in the Khan Younis area and were taken to the nearby al-Aqsa Hospital for treatment.The ministry officially identified five of those killed as members of al-Quds Brigades, military wing of Islamic Jihad:Brigade Commander Arafat Marshood, Deputy Commander Hasan Abu Hasanein, Ahmad Khalil Abu Armaneh, 25, Omar Nassar Al-Falit, 27 and Jihad al-Samiri.
Gaza vows to respond to Israeli air strikes
Singapore bans Mufti Menk from entering country
Singapore has banned Mufti Ismail Menk, a renowned preacher, from entering city-state, with Govt  contending that his views promote religious discord.Menk, a Zimbabwean preacher with more than two million followers on Twitter, and Haslin bin Baharim, a Malaysian scholar, were barred from entering Singapore to give lectures on a religious-themed cruise scheduled for late Nov.Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs said that its decision to reject Menk's application for a short-term work pass stemmed from his "segregationist and divisive teachings", while Baharim promoted "disharmony between Muslims and non-Muslims". The ministry claimed that Menk said Muslims were not allowed to greet people of other faiths on their religious festivals.It also accused Baharim of holding views that promote friction between Muslims and non-Muslims, whom he allegedly described as "deviant." aljazeera
Kurdish Peshmerga helped IS members flee Hawija, say Iraqi officers: middleeasteye
Iraqi commanders in the battle for Hawija have claimed Kurdish Peshmerga forces helped hundreds of Islamic State (IS) group militants to escape the group’s final stronghold in northern Iraq. “IS fighters have escaped Hawija via Peshmerga positions and [before the Hawija battle began] the Peshmerga received 160 IS leaders,” said Mahdi Taki, commander of the Hashd al-Shaabi’s 52 Brigade. "We are getting this information directly from our Peshmerga contacts.There are some bad Peshmerga who love money more than patriotism, and they are taking bribes from IS.” Hawija was deserted on 5 Oct. after a 2-day battle to liberate the town.'There are some bad Peshmerga who love money more than patriotism, and they are taking bribes from IS'.Beyond extensively-mined roads and premises rigged with IEDs, ground forces had found resistance stripped to a bare minimum of snipers and militants left to man mortar positions or carry out suicide attacks against advancing soldiers.Before military reached the town, many hundreds of IS militants and commanders had reportedly fled Hawija, and effectively vanished.With area surrounded by Iraq’s combined military forces, the final escape route for IS members was across scrubland towards static Peshmerga positions lining disputed borders then controlled by the Kurdish Regional Govt. Peshmerga was only Iraqi force not to participate in the Hawija offensive, despite having made claims the land is historically Kurdish.Some 1000 IS militants reportedly surrendered to Peshmerga forces, Kurdish security officials have reported, while Iraqi forces continued to liberate Hawija and the surrounding areas.Hawija’s IS governor had told militants to surrender to the Peshmerga rather than risk being killed by the advancing Iraqi forces, one IS militant held by Peshmerga at a screening centre in the border town of Dibis told NYT. But Iraqi commanders leading Hawija front lines told MEE that many more IS leaders, fighters and families had bribed the Peshmerga to be allowed to pass freely into Iraqi Kurdistan.
Syrian opposition 'hopeful' for breakthrough at Astana                          
Representatives of some of Syria's armed opposition groups attending talks in the Kazakh capital, Astana, say they are hopeful of achieving a lasting ceasefire agreement in eight of the country's 14 war-ravaged provinces.Ayman al-Asemi, a member of the Free Syrian Army's military council attending the talks, said while the meetings would not produce a final settlement to the war, they could see a final agreement to the set-up of four so-called "de-escalation zones."The Astana talks are aimed at finalising a plan for four de-escalation zones, which will include certain areas of Idlib, Latakia, Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Eastern Ghouta, Deraa and al-Quneitra.The closed-door meetings are also seeing discussions on the release of detainees held by the Govt  of President Bashar al-Assad and food and aid deliveries to besieged areas."This war is far from over," al-Asemi told Al Jazeera. Aljazeera
NGO: Over 100,000 people detained in Syria since 2011
More than 100,000 people have been detained inside war-torn Syria since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011, according to a London-based NGO.In a statement on Monday, Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said some 106,727 people have been held since March 2011.It said Syrian regime was responsible for the sweeping majority of detentions in the war-ravaged country. NGO said 13,104 people were tortured to death since March 2011, including 166 children and 57 women. “Syrian regime is responsible for torturing 12,986 people to death,” it added.The report was released as a new round of peace talks aimed at ending the Syrian conflict began in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana on Monday. middleeastmonitor
17 Civilians killed in air strike on Libyan city of Derna
At least 17 people have been killed and more than 30 wounded in an air strike in Libya's eastern city of Derna, a medical official has told Anadolu agency.An official at Al-Huraish State Hospital in Derna, who declined to be named, said on Monday that a "state of emergency" was declared at the medical facility and a call for blood donations was made as the dead and wounded were rushed to the hospital.It is not clear which country or group was behind the deadly attack.The US has carried out at least 4 known air strikes in Libya since 2015. UK and France have also Special Forces operating under a cloud of secrecy in the country. aljazeera
'150,000 Americans couldn’t beat us': Taliban fighters defiant in Afghanistan
quatting on the floor, a brown shawl draped over his shoulders, the Taliban commander and his bodyguard swiped on their phones through attack footage edited to look like video games, with computerised crosshairs hovering over targets. “Allahu Akbar,” they said every time a Govt Humvee hit a landmine. Mullah Abdul Saeed, who met the Guardian in the barren backcountry of Logar province where he leads 150 Taliban militants, has fought foreign soldiers and their Afghan allies since US-led coalition invaded Afghanistan when he was 14. Taliban now controls its largest territory since being forced from power, and seems to have no shortage of recruits.By prolonging and expanding its military presence in Afghanistan, the US aims to coerce the Taliban to lay down arms, but risks hardening insurgents who have always demanded withdrawal of foreign troops before peace talks.In interviews with rank-and-file Taliban fighters in Logar and another of Afghanistan’s embattled provinces, Wardak, The Guardian found a fragmented but resilient movement, united in resistance against foreign intervention.Referring to Barack Obama’s surge, Saeed said:“150,000 Americans couldn’t beat us.” And an extra 4,000 US soldiers, as Donald Trump will deploy, “will not change the morale of our mujahideen,” he said. “Americans were walking in our villages, and we pushed them out.” For the Taliban to consider peace, he said, “foreigners must leave, and the constitution must be changed to sharia.”Active Taliban footsoldiers rarely agree to meet western reporters. Men such as Saeed, who spoke without leadership permission, provide valuable insight into a movement that after 16 years in armed opposition remains largely an enigma.the guardian
Bahrain to boycott summits attended by Qatar: king
King of Bahrain has said his country will not take part in any summit or meeting attended by Qatar unless Doha "corrects its approach", as a major diplomatic crisis in the Gulf nears its five-month mark.Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on Monday said that Qatar had shown that it did not respect the treaties and charters that Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) was founded upon, according to BNA, official news agency."As long as Qatar continues this approach, Kingdom of Bahrain cannot participate in any GCC Summit or meeting attended by Qatar unless it corrects its approach, comes to its senses, and responds to the demands of the countries that suffered so much from its policies," he said during his weekly cabinet meeting in the capital, Manama. aljazeera
Freeze shares of Nawaz’s sons in 6 companies:court -2017/freeze-shares-of-nawaz’s-sons-in-six-companies%28com%29-orders-accountability-court
Islamabad: The accountability court on Tuesday ordered that shares of former PM nawaz Sharif’s sons, Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz, in 6 companies be frozen.Hearing a case against the 2, the court ordered Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to freeze the shares of Hassan and Hussain in 6 companies.On Tuesday, a NAB prosecutor, Afzal Qureshi, submitted a report pertaining to the shares of Hassan and Hussain in 6 companies. The case was adjourned till Nov.14. Samaa
In light of Hadiya case, freedom to marry who you want must be a fundamental right:Tahir Mahmood
Land of Hindus? Bhagwat, Modi, Sangh Parivar are using ‘Hindustan’ all wrong:Shoaib Daniyal
Deendayal Upadhyaya, Bigoted ‘Guiding Force’ of a Hindu Rashtra:Pavan Kulkarni
Claim that statue of Swami Vivekananda was ‘beheaded’ by Muslims in Bhadohi, UP, is fake news: Alt News
Fact-check: Did Ahmed Patel resign as a trustee well before an alleged ISIS operative was arrested: Alt News
Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan accused of rape by three French women; 'slander campaign launched by adversaries', says academic
Tipu Jayanti: Few have divided state as tiger of Mysore has. Is he a demon as portrayed?Bangalore Mirror

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